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File: 2eb6bc8dca4db96⋯.jpg (32.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, RWA shift.jpg)

8d2f2e  No.12977909

As a WN atheist in the United States, I can see how Christianity is holding whites back.

Sometimes I see Christians whine like the snowflakes they oppose when leftist atheists tease them about religion.

I myself come from a Christian background, and I know how important it is too many, but we have to change.

We ought to ditch Christianity and pick up RWA. Keep up with the times.

Also, Christianity has enabled the kikes to assume total control over the Republican Party and the right-wing. Making the U.S. fight Israel's wars.

It is ridiculous that the proud whites of the right be bent over for the kikes.

Western Europe has done a good job, being much more secular than the U.S.. But they embrace feminists too fucking much. Meanwhile Eastern Europe is still stuck in their Orthodox ditch.

Fuck Jews, Fuck Islam, Fuck Christianity, Fuck Non-whites, Fuck Leftists, Death to Homos, embrace RWA.

733f33  No.12977919


No it didn't lol, GG and the alt-right was a microcosm of this happening. What happened is that the majority of them became leftist because there was no standard to uphold.

a3a45c  No.12977931

>Keep up with the times


8d2f2e  No.12977932


No, more and more atheists are shifting to the right.

784758  No.12977973

Christianity has been subverted heavily in the last century with stuff like the Scofield Refrence bible and Vatican 2, but I don’t think throwing out the baby with the bath water is the solution. I was raised nonreligously and found that I’ve become very Christian as time has gone on. The fact that our enemies push so hard against Christianity is a sign that there is still power in the faith waiting for us to harness it.

Also, 8chan is a Christian image board

87cf8d  No.12977977


The real redpill is to embrace occultism

46fed6  No.12977981

File: 5ca87a5ceb747da⋯.jpg (260.22 KB, 570x558, 95:93, bullshitbutibelieveit.jpg)


Im a right wing atheist and Im totally cool with Christians.

I would probably enjoy a few beers or something.

b8fe5f  No.12977983



6df31f  No.12977992

File: 135a1ef91c9eef0⋯.png (11.81 KB, 533x622, 533:622, 1432905384607-2.png)




dc6b51  No.12977997


this but those types of spirituality are just for a few

8d2f2e  No.12977999


We don't need the Kike texts or Jesus.

They attack Christianity because they want to push their leftist dogma.

RWA however, has already been shown to be a much harder target to attack.

8d2f2e  No.12978008


Lol, I've always written like this, I don't wanna make that wall of text which is difficult to read.

ba61ff  No.12978017

If you are Christian towelheads will use it as a weapon against you since both religions are equally backwards in many aspects and therefore their shitty behaviour will be justified whereas against atheists the only argument they ever use is "muh lack of morals" and "muh heaven/hell".Don't be a Christcuck and embrace secularism.

fa0f13  No.12978020

File: 38c99265c758db4⋯.png (11.61 KB, 309x398, 309:398, PR_14.07.16_religiousFeeli….png)

Atheism/Paganism = White faith

Abrahamic religions = Shitskin faith

733f33  No.12978024


Ethno-religion hybrids seem to work effectively in preserving demographics. Take a look at Israel's relationship with Judaism and the middle east's relationship with Islam. There's some who identify as atheists, but they have a stronghold.


That is also bad, most people won't adopt a fringe religion off the bat. It has to be something mainstream as Christianity.

87cf8d  No.12978044


>That is also bad, most people won't adopt a fringe religion off the bat. It has to be something mainstream as Christianity.

Christianity is fundamentally kiked beyond prepare and doesn’t care for the blood or race.

d91908  No.12978062


>RWA however, has already been shown to be a much harder target to attack.

Because it's like attacking leprechauns.

d91908  No.12978076


Jew worship itself is very common among whites. No need for Christ or God - just worship the kikes themselves like you do.

8d2f2e  No.12978082


Every culture had a polytheistic pagan faith before the Kikes and their one true god.

But those are also primitive faiths, we need to embrace the right-wing on principle.

Scientific with the scientific biological superiority of the White Race

3dcb2d  No.12978109


I'm a RWA as well but you're not going to force Christians into atheism for good youth optics. You have to work with Christian's and try to get them to argue for our values from a non religious lens or push hard to make RWA be the spokespeople for our values and not evangelicals that want to give Israel 300 gorillion murica bux.

2bcaae  No.12978116

This dumb spouting of verbal diarrhea isn't worth a post. A thread died for this shit. Reported for being a religion thread.

8d2f2e  No.12978126


Don't be such a snowflake

7b95ea  No.12978129


9e7321  No.12978149

Religion is valid for manipulating the masses with fear mongering lol, but to become better it's just good to get rid of it, most placed that are strictly religious are know to be fucking trash, of course, some places that are religion-free were "decent" til refuges with their religion came in and fucked over it.

6f6f46  No.12978154

File: 4af180a72983216⋯.png (28.99 KB, 571x618, 571:618, Reddit Inoperable.png)


>reddit spacing


456af9  No.12978181


Agree, the strongest asset of the right is logic. Christianity opens us up to easy criticism.

6596f8  No.12978201

File: 812d614d8e89a0d⋯.png (8.58 KB, 480x400, 6:5, natsoc_current.png)

File: 926debedf51ba55⋯.png (14.81 KB, 480x400, 6:5, natsoc_progress.png)

6d2193  No.12978531


Fuck off to cuckchan or reddit

000000  No.12978564

Scientific atheism that focuses on natural law, and the evolution of our bloodline.

This atheism is not "Fedora" atheism, where we are obsessed with debates about it. This is a simple call for "Evolutionism," or "Bloodism," where we focus on our ancestors, their beliefs, and our current knowledge.

This ensures that we can respect our Christian and Pagan ancestors in full, as well as those who believe or disbelieve today.

The focus is on blood and soil. This must be a passive atheism that does not seek to "convert." It is just the simple knowledge that Pagan belief is unrealistic, and Christianity is a Jewish virus cult deliberately devised to destroy empires and make the people into slaves.

Thus, with the knowledge of evolution at hand, we know very well that our blood and genetic code has been very carefully, meticulously forged in the mists of time, and upon the soil of Europe, the USA, and the other countries that we have successfully taken and held for 200+ years.

There is no reason to protest, as although our movement is now atheist in nature, there is no need to push our Christians or Pagans. I welcome Christians because they hold true to the more recent faith of our ancestors, and I welcome pagans because they hold true to the ancient faith of our ancestors.

But I do not wish for either of those factions to take the lead.

It is best to ensure that scientific progress and glorious invention is willfully chosen by our people, rather than a religious path.

If the Indians will have their polytheistic pagan religion, and the Jews, Christians, and Muslims will have their Abrahamic religion, then we shall dive directly into the truest mysteries of reality, without any obfuscation caused by a religion or mere faith.

8d2f2e  No.12978607


you are a Christian-Judeo Cuck

8d2f2e  No.12978637


It is the simple fact that the white race has advanced much further from our animal roots than the others.

000000  No.12978670

Remember that a Christian or Muslim will say literally ANYTHING to convert you! They are infected with a cult virus, a memetic virus that's deliberately crafted to not only make a person into an obedient sheep-slave, but it's also meant to be CONTAGIOUS.

Muslims will say things like, "The Quran contains miraculous scientific and mathematical truths that were told to us by Allah and Muhammad himself!"

But you know, that's where this "flat earth" meme is coming from. Muslims are the ones saying that space isn't real, and that the Earth is flat. That's the scientific "truth" that is contained within not only their Quran, but also the Bible and the Jewish book as well. The firmament is first told of in the Jewish books, and so it's also in the Bible and Quran.

No matter if what they say is true or false, they are saying it to CONVERT you. That is their reason for existence. They are told to obey, and so they do, and they are told to convert, and so they do.

So beware. If you are one of them, fight it.

Do not let Christianity or Islam take over your mind or will.

Fight back against the virus and join us as True Humanity.

819ee4  No.12978722


You can only go ahead and call yourself a true christian if you participated in the 10th crusade like St. Brenton.

Go ahead, I am waiting christcuck.

03cb89  No.12979011




Pagan or Atheist, I don't care. but chr*stcucks deserve anal rape

da77dd  No.12979039

Atheism/Paganism > (((kike religion)))

ffc684  No.12979112

just a bunch of white trash pussies… this is why you fuckstains try and kill the unarmed, because you're weak… you cunts lost the us civil war and the second world war, get over them, little beta bitch cucks… just white trash

7e5a6f  No.12979194


The average pagan is a fag-loving, pedophile fat, crypto-atheist. It's always you people arguing for fucking kids and homosexuality, with Grindr Greg Johnson and the rest of the homo-pagan gang. Get AIDS and kys, Common Filth was right.

d2d0e7  No.12979289

Religion is highly correlated with

>high birthrates

>societal cohesion


…so it is empirically an advantageous practice.

The main issues with Christianity are

1. the moral code at the basis of and inseparable from Christianity

2. greater allegiance to Christianity than to one's folk

These are basically irresolvable issues, so despite the advantages of Christianity (and religion in general) listed above, there can be no future for us with Christianity.

There also isn't a good replacement for it right now. Something like worship of one's people or worship of virtues are along the right track, but again they run the risk of succumbing to diety worship or mysticism. Something like a "way of living" would be ideal, and the basics for this are already pretty much laid out by on the /sig/ and /homesteading/ and /diy/ threads - respect for nature, hard work, beauty, strength, wisdom, folk and family.

7194eb  No.12979846

File: ef0c0e30ee4a4c5⋯.jpg (108.76 KB, 944x425, 944:425, mason.jpg)


>The real redpill is to embrace occultism

I'm on 8chan, why am I surprised.

acb1ae  No.12979929


European religion > Christianity > Atheism > Judaism

dd55a0  No.12980811



>reddit spacing

8d2f2e  No.12983116


Pagan atheism? What?

8d2f2e  No.12983125


Judeo-Christianity, let's not forget.

Paganism just isn't true, the pagan gods don't exist.

c07423  No.12983149

White Christians tend to have more children than white atheists. As long as they aren't jew-loving brainwashed evangelicals then it's fine.

8d2f2e  No.12983167


you can't beat the evangelicals. the only way is to walk away

I'd love for the white race to be the chosen people of some true god(s), but that's just not the case

9c43ec  No.12983316


de35d7  No.12983333

File: 5befcaf1b0b8277⋯.png (212.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, amerimutt.png)

>amerimutt evangelicals


Pick one

a583d6  No.12983543


I'd prefer Right Wing Agnosticism/Deism and Stoicism+Ancestry Rites. We need to bring back the concept of family honor. Confucianism seems to prevent cuckery and give people strong family ties and individual morality so I think we can develop something like it.

a3af41  No.12983592


Agreed anon. True Christians take up the sword to defend family and faith, but aren't mouth-foaming retards like some of the folks here.

a3af41  No.12983604


>Christians will say anything to convert you

We have no taqiyya, retard. Tip harder.

140791  No.12983630


Christianity has subverted the West over 2000 years… overthrowing the noble class, empowering the rabble (democracy), leading to modern nihilism and the desire for "equality" and so on…. Christianity has been a tool of Jewish subversion from the beginning and is not the answer.

/pol/ is a National Socialist board.

c515ca  No.12983657


Everyone "Brenton Tarrant" shoots at covers their face to protect their identity. Only their faces.

They censor the internet so that you don't pay attention to the little (((weird))) Building 7 fuckups on their part.

Resist demoralization. kikes will be removed from America.

922731  No.12984199

File: fe9de7cdc5ade68⋯.jpg (72.73 KB, 580x580, 1:1, 170116-2017-votez-loup-lec….jpg)

File: 60110bcca74b08b⋯.jpg (164.74 KB, 550x717, 550:717, CupFehxWgAA2_TE.jpg large.jpg)

File: 717f7e0a19f9f60⋯.jpg (176.67 KB, 1234x1234, 1:1, b60c0411-7b62-4108-8267-99….jpg)

a213cb  No.12984274


Avoiding the pitfalls of formal religion is one thing, atheism (and materialism) on the other hand, have the disadvantage of being wrong, and so congenial to lower minds. Maybe the footsolders will be “RWA” though who can tell ?

a213cb  No.12984286


The risk of mysticism ? LOL ok atheist.

1c166d  No.12984353


atheists disgust me, you people are never more than 2 steps away from drinking blood and raping children and being cowards and begging the enemy for mercy.

Why wouldnt you beg to stay alive? It's all you have, according to atheism. You are weak, by definition and this is why no atheist society has ever nor will ever exist.

a4bca8  No.12984741

No, it will doom it. Damn, you anti-christians are now digging up Atheism's dead corpse after the faggot failure of Paganism.

How desperate and lolcowy can you get?

7a1c71  No.12984912

holy crap is this serious?

atheism is a Marxist/Judaic invention, namely a belief in a cosmological constant and unchanging laws of physics

atheism is a death cult

the best white men can do is return to the beliefs of their ancestors–in Odin and Dyeus Phter

6f5642  No.12984947


I don't believe in god, but I go to church every sunday and tell my kids god is real. Quit being a faggot. Christian values are what built the west.

b25782  No.12984966


Fuck religion. We don't need religion to defend our countries, we don't need something irrational for that. We need science to dominate all other races.

acb1ae  No.12984967


>Paganism just isn't true, the pagan gods don't exist.

Bro, they're personifications of higher concepts. That's all they ever were, but the masses are stupid and come up with all kinds of crazy ideas, and that's fine in many regards.

Besides, as an atheist, you have to recognize that due to the sheer size of the Universe, humanity's capacity to process data makes any position outside agnosticism lacking in academic, at very least, integrity. As a result, I consider myself a deist, just on the basis of statistical probability and grasp of Terran perceptive capacity.

You ask me, if you want to hold the 'principled' stance of 'truth-seeking', you can't hold an atheistic stance anymore than a deistic stance, as you can't meaningfully justify either in context.

>"the presence/absence of belief in the existence of deities"


>"a man shall not say he knows or believes that which he has no scientific grounds for professing to know or believe"

as it were, and the latter seems far wiser than the former, far more open-minded and non-restrictive given the scale of Universal existence and pitiful Terran gains in perceptive access.

I think that I think that the ancient European powers were real, ARE real, that belief in a reality on behalf organisms exhibiting highly developed organ-systems, particularly in large number, may well have a tangible effect on physical reality as to represent the capacity for quantum coagulation into a sapient, or at least sentient, divinity-equivalent (local?) function.

IOW, that which Men believe in has an impact on reality in ways that Men themselves are not, even at present, be able to meaningfully perceive or interpret.

bd664e  No.12984968

File: f9ad12424f1ea98⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 875x387, 875:387, quadrilogy.jpg)


>Christian values are what built the west

How's that workin out for you?

If you need to be told that the sand nigger religion is not for you white man, then you have a long ways to go.

acb1ae  No.12984982


>everyone who opposes Abrahamic universalist monotheism is the same person

Talk about desperate.

acb1ae  No.12984992

File: 0079440bff77cf0⋯.png (278.89 KB, 550x825, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>Christian values are what built the west.

Really? I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

acb1ae  No.12985013

File: 2d76c283475292c⋯.png (854.74 KB, 971x1181, 971:1181, ClipboardImage.png)

acb1ae  No.12985024

File: 3250b8553e9172f⋯.png (647.37 KB, 750x900, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)

4a0bc0  No.12985165

Most atheists I've met are order-hating nihilists. I really don't care what someone believes metaphisucally as long as he conducts himself in the proper way in society and follows the code of honour.

4a0bc0  No.12985171


Christianity was a race-denialist philosophical wreck long before the 20th century. Christcucks were going around in Africa trying to bring niggers to our culutral level (since of course they believe that Christianity is responsible for that as well as not believing in Europe but rather Christendom). It has literally always been a torture for the most talanted race of humans to waste away under the degenerating influences of this desert slave religion.

4a0bc0  No.12985174


Don't drink beer you degenerate! Bring your quality as a unit within the race up!

d91908  No.12985176


America reeks.

d91908  No.12985180



Rome fell, and would have been forgotten like all the previous civilizations. Romans were quite adept at rewriting history themselves.

Noli turbare circulos meos!

Christian values built the west, jewish / atheist antivalues destroy it.

4a0bc0  No.12985181


>That is also bad, most people won't adopt a fringe religion off the bat. It has to be something mainstream as Christianity.

Or you could just adopt a belief system which does not make confident statements about things it has no idea about, doesn't pretend to be about metaphysics while in reality being nothing more than a social doctrine and is not a bunch of supersticious sand-nigger garbage.

d91908  No.12985183


>Christianity was a race-denialist

<From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.

No it's not. It's not sex-denialist either. You're just a brainlet on an idiocracy crusade.

574e49  No.12985201

OP is an (((Athiesm+))) operative.

5c9470  No.12985209



No-one's a bigger Rome fan than me, but 99.99% chance you'd be a slave right now if the Romans were still bossing it… probably being made to breed with a nigger so you can work harder on some Martian colony.

b25782  No.12985221


This is bullshit. As nietzsche proved, christian values = Weakness. Fuck God, glory to the white race and science.

d91908  No.12985230

File: 76be392df34035f⋯.png (28.99 KB, 1430x260, 11:2, Ressentiment Scheler.png)

File: 77ba1840a88efb6⋯.jpg (12.84 KB, 194x260, 97:130, 1550608999078.jpg)

File: b74dc36e5cc2f3b⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 480x567, 160:189, Friendly neighborhood dent….jpg)


>nietzsche proved

Neetzche didn't prove a thing. He merely asserted things. In fact, he got quite devastated by the suffering of a horse.

8a9323  No.12985259

I'm not opposed to all forms of Christianity, some of their beliefs are very virtuous and admirable like self-sacrifice and kindness. Unfortunately there are certain sects that are absolutely hypocritical, disgusting and a lot are simply frauds and manipulators whom take advantage of people's weakness, low confidence and the confusion of traumatized people. The worst of them are the ones who promote mass immigration and gun control because they are retarded. "slap me harder on the other cheek because I'm a little bitch and suffering is good for you." Or think that its good to invite third worlders in because they are usually more religious and being spiritual is good according to them.

b4de6b  No.12985266


As a pagan I tolerate the Christian because it was forced on them so long ago it has become tradition. But eventually the European man will be unable to ignore his instinctual proclivity towards paganism. It is an expression of your blood.

For now though our blood and stock is more important, and it binds us tighter than christianity, paganism or atheism. And we have semites of many sorts to fight, together.

ca5fd3  No.12985479


OP you are right. You can find elements of proto-Marxism within religious texts. In the book of enoch it is painfully obvious the Jew's resentment of the watchers of the heavens. That's astronomy cultures in general. They also have a resentment for cultures with metalergy, medicine, etc. It's very clear they hate people who are better than them.

Later on in Rome there is the same kind of sentiment towards sex. You need sex for reproduction so any sex is better than no sex and chaining it up is a not a good look.

All throughout the bible there are elements of things that look like critical theory. Christianity is basically communism.

56d8b9  No.12985530




>reddit spacing

>Christianity has enabled the kikes to assume total control over the Republican Party and the right-wing

Like clockwork.

220b41  No.12985557

File: 1c45aee6b95195a⋯.gif (564.96 KB, 1541x1158, 1541:1158, rome christianity.gif)


>Rome fell

I wonder fucking why; it's almost like changing your state religion to one of suicidal empathy has negative consequences.

c993ef  No.12985799

shut up gaytheist

c58876  No.12985826

File: 6deb18a47321d0e⋯.png (41.07 KB, 1462x286, 731:143, Capture2.PNG)


This. I'm not a Christian but it has traditionally been an anti semetic religion. Pope Gregory IX banned Jews from having political power in Christian countries from 1250 until 1800's. Jews were massacred during the Crusades. It has only in the last 150 years or so turned into a pro jew religion due to the Scofield Study Bible and such.

You can yell at normie Christians until you're blue in the face, but they aren't going to drop their religion because you called them a christcuck. It is possible however to redpill them on how their religion has been subverted and turn them into anti-semites.

Arnold Murray from Shepherd's Chapel, Martin Luther, events like pic related, the history behind the Scofield Reference Bible and dispensationalism, and that marching to zion nigger lover preacher are all good sources of material to turn Christians against the Jew and Israel

c993ef  No.12985864


based and redpilled

what faggots here like to forget that the crusades were also established to PURGE the Jews from modern Israel and to conquer Jerusalem.



>Jews fought side-by-side with Muslim soldiers to defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders.[4] Saint Louis University Professor Thomas F. Madden, author of A Concise History of the Crusades, claims the "Jewish Defenders" of the city knew the rules of warfare and retreated to their synagogue to "prepare for death" since the Crusaders had breached the outer walls.[5] According to the Muslim chronicle of Ibn al-Qalanisi, "The Jews assembled in their synagogue, and the Franks burned it over their heads."[6] One modern-day source even claims the Crusaders "[circled] the screaming, flame-tortured humanity singing 'Christ We Adore Thee!' with their Crusader crosses held high."[7] However, a contemporary Jewish communication does not corroborate the report that Jews were actually inside of the Synagogue when it was set fire.[8] This letter was discovered among the Cairo Geniza collection in 1975 by historian Shelomo Dov Goitein.[9] Historians believe that it was written just two weeks after the siege, making it "the earliest account on the conquest in any language."[9] However, all sources agree that a synagogue was indeed burned during the siege.

dfd0a7  No.12986069

Good lord Colorado people are stuck up.

edd8ac  No.12986446


Rome was already in heavy decline when Christianity was adopted. The pagan religion symbolized complete degeneracy and debauchery, and it was the reason of the decline, not christianity.

1cbb49  No.12986448


fucking off yourself

shit thread

065f45  No.12986515

This thread is so fake. Don’t you people ever get tired of lying? Science is the story of the wonders of truth.

GamerGate started from the left. Abusive dishonest leftists screamed it rightwards, harassing anyone who tried to protect the left from the consequences of sacred abuse, while opportunistic liars on the right worked to take over and harvest information from the people who dared try to defend the left’s integrity. It was a shitshow of liars on both sides - people’s unwillingness to acknowledge inconvenient truths lead to substantial political regressions and great miseries.

People who obey anything that makes them abuse others, even if they claim to be obeying only their own self, are obeying something that agonizes them and shatters back their causes.

Proclaiming bigotry as though it were real - I tried to join in with that strain of leftism, and I’m sorry. I do still want to end the white race, but I’m sorry I used bigotry to try to end it. A better end would be the voluntary technological replacement that I’ve always favored, even though regressive leftists tried to abuse the world out of technological potentials that threatened to help their opponents.

e919c0  No.12986525




065f45  No.12986546

Fundamentally, the death of every race is embodied in whoever protects that race. Racism protects sociopathy like every other hardcore tribalism. That path saves serial killers. Honest people must be disloyal.

This is so true that to this day I have been struggling to get abusive people to quit faking their opposition’s bigotry. Retarded strategists decided screaming everyone into misery was the only way forward. I hate leftists who scream of white racism because they are the only living allies of dipshits who scream white racism itself - and guarded by their unquestioningly loyal tribe of the supposedly virtuous, they recognize this and play both sides. As I did, but was purged for protesting.

8f8e04  No.12986567

File: 34a55351fcb8292⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 640x443, 640:443, 1547425422194.jpg)

>ditch Christianity, keep up with the times


Come talk Bible at >>>/christianity/

065f45  No.12986574

The society that lied about GamerGate’s supposed hatefulness and couldn’t tolerate a world in which the anti-harassment patrol, the visible women project, and other nonpartisan gestures were sincere…

was a workd that ended a certain famous comedian, I bet

and a few other people too, whose demises were blamed on a distant outgroup, and somehow never was considered eho their actual social groups were

065f45  No.12986600

Also, atheism is just everywhere. Atheists aren’t special anymore. God is a fiction. If he exists, he favors atheists, who fter all are the oeople most attentive to That Which Is.

749409  No.12986612

File: d359cce8c4f2277⋯.png (154.19 KB, 799x233, 799:233, WCDEthnicity_800_233.png)


>>Abrahamic religions = Shitskin faith


e60aeb  No.12986641


Keep attacking Christianity, it will surely work for us this time :^)

b7ad82  No.12986657

*tips fedora*

e60aeb  No.12986687

File: d298eb29fd99b9b⋯.jpeg (115.62 KB, 508x600, 127:150, 652BD45F-4078-472C-A9BC-C….jpeg)

>tfw you realize Christianity is the white man’s religion and every other race that has converted to it is people the white man had conquered

Yes goyim, Christianity is anti-white!

b22725  No.12986716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a7d0ff  No.12986785

File: 05a4e78592e0f4e⋯.png (485.73 KB, 614x1042, 307:521, 1506159454447.png)



Atheists have traditionally been more Libertarian which makes them more likely to adopt right-wing solutions.

Atheism, when it's not about r / atheism LARPing, is pragmatic.

Atheism is a reductionist, pragmatic approach to the world.



Natural right-wing intellectual ground.

>muh Lefty atheists

These are less intelligent Atheists who just adopted Leftism as a religion in the absence of another religion.

What happens is people actively oppose Religion (r/atheism), and don't effectively look at the world.

Someone who just says "I am not a believer in God anymore" but hasn't considered how fundamental a religious viewpoint is to every single approach to life, has not really adopted Atheism.

They have just dropped an adoption to a god.

So in the interim, Leftism infection seeps in, the actual Meme that Richard Dawkins speaks of. Leftism provides a paradigm-violating viewpoint of the world that humans NEED to function healthily if they do not understand what they're doing.

What do I mean by this?

Religion violates specific totems in the world. A virgin birth. A night where the spirits can break through from the Other Side. Speak to dead ancestors. These things are impossibilities but are compelling 'magical' events. They are special.

You can summarize a great deal of information, information that would normally bog us down or overwhelm us, by assigning it to Religion.

>the river god is angry

>the volcano god must be fed

>God has a plan for me of suffering on Earth but reward in the afterlife

This 'summation' of information is healthy, good for you.

When you LOSE this summation, you are in ill-health, and overburdened by an overwhelming Universe.

Now Leftism steps in. It has convenient summations for the world, it is followed by many people, it fits together snugly enough to be interally consistent.

>it is unfair that some people are dumb therefore all people are equal and it is the nurture and environment that counts.

That is a specifically violating precept, in opposition with objective reality.

>men and women are equal it is a Patriarchal hierarchy that makes them different

Again, direct violation of what can be biologically observed and predictive in a laboratory setting.

>humans are an infection of the Earth and all human constructions are artificial

More violation. Atheists know that humans rose from a puddle of muck, just like the frogs, birds, bacteria, and trees. Our powerful constructions can harm our environment, just like cane toads can ruin the Land of the Shitposters. But we are natural, part of the Environment, and can exist with it even with our mighty machines and smokes.

So an Atheist who is UNCONSIDERED, not INTROSPECTIVE, and IGNORANT, is left with simply opposing Religion, and will probably adopt the next most convenient religious trope, which happens to be Leftism at the moment.


154881  No.12986792


All semetic religions need to be wiped out.

9624e4  No.12986835


ding ding ding

a7d0ff  No.12986878

File: 9cf2fc965a97afe⋯.png (21.96 KB, 393x400, 393:400, 1f6c5a8dafabd44af0ed153084….png)


A considered Atheist will most likely begin to adopt right-wing attitudes, even as they may be Democrat voting professors.

We know that many Democrats or Liberals are not actually 'Leftist', in the way we oppose Cultural Marxist Leftist cancer.

They just vote Left because their family, colleagues, and cultural leaders do.

Because Atheism is reductionist, the adoption of Occam's Razor as a bedrock philosophy, one continuing on the a-theistic journey will encounter data which more accurately, but less conveniently, explains the world.

>IQ is genetic

>IQ can be tested with an extreme degree of consistency

>IQ is the most predictive human metric known to Science

>Different races have different basal IQs

Now, one can stop here. One may reject this idea if one is too reductionist.

>why not just kill all nogs and browns if they're too stupid anyway?

That thought will creep in for mid-level Atheists, because it is a practical, reductionist thought. Why mess about with social welfare, prisons, and education for certain races if we can simply Eugenics them out of existence, or more rapidly, exterminate them in a camp?

People recoil from those thoughts as they have been trained to do. So some intelligent Atheists remain Leftist in the absence of a more humane and balanced view of how to deal with society and different humans.

Yet being too reductionist is itself a fault. IQ does not measure the total value of a human being. Is it not just as fulfilling to get a Trade Skill, have a community, and raise a family, as it is to work out the circuitry of a triple-redundant airplane control system?

I and many other Conservatives believe it is. IQ, then, is not the total value of human worth, therefore eliminating low IQs would be a disproportionate response to this information, therefore one need not be Genocidal to acknowledge that IQ is important, and it varies broadly between races.

Now we are beginning to fully mature into an A-Theist. We have human compassion, laid upon the knowledge that the Universe is a zero-sum Entropic game, and Entropy will always win.

There is value in the ideas of Christ. Even fallen women are not valueless. Even the Samaritan has value. Even children have value (for once children under the age where they could carry a bucket of water had little more value than a pig or chicken, perhaps less in lean times).

So Religion can teach us, we must be vigilant if we are Atheists to not become infected with just another Religion, and we should approach intractable problems with all the humanity and intellect and heart that Christ, Buddha, or Mohammed supposedly did.

We should understand we are INCOMPLETE if we fail to adopt a God, in the same way that not directly hunting for our food every week makes us INCOMPLETE human men. In the same way that not living with intergenerational extended tribal families makes us INCOMPLETE and leaves us forlorn and empty in many ways, a condition most often ameliorated with religion itself.

That's all I have to say, hopefully someone will digest this.


5c924a  No.12986922

Who cares We are too ugly and small.

cfa3c6  No.12986938


Agnostic Front reporting in.

bcb36d  No.12986976

Dude I have been blacklisted by every woman in this town. I honestly don't give a shit what they think.

a7d0ff  No.12986984

File: 3feecde32debc1a⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 402x414, 67:69, 3feecde32debc1a9ed39cad804….jpg)




I want to continue on this post because it did not explain why A-theism and Right Wing viewpoints are a natural symbiosis and the next step in human intellectual evolution.


I pointed out earlier that absence of many of the instinctive and tribal behaviors that humans are evolved to conduct leaves an emptiness inside, the ennui so much spoken of and examined by Art, Science, Culture, and made us of by Politics, our concern here.

We are tribal. It is accepted as a Fundamental Human Right that we have access to the benefits of our tribe.

Whites have been shorn of this gift by advanced Western Civilization. We won't get many postings from more rural areas or even more Eastern European countries, because human tribal system still obtain for most of those people. Now, this is not to say that Dystopic Moscow hasn't thrust White Men into the sad and lonely world away from our tribal support system, because it has. But your rural shit-eating Romanian has many of his atavistic needs fulfilled by obligations to Bunica and family.

The rest of us don't. When White Supremacy reigned during the Industrial Revolution, we had already been ripped from the bosom of the tribe and cast into cold-water row-houses, there to labor 12 hours a day and drink our sorrows away, or adopt Religion to provide succor.

But we moderns are largely past that. Yet we still feel that profound Tribal need, a need that we Right-Wingers know can never, ever be fulfilled by a Comicbook Universe or even close connection with Middle Earth.

We modern Atheists understand that stripping our tribe away and reducing us to a huddled mass of faceless cattle, what the Leftists have in mind for us, is perhaps the most monstrous crime perpetrated against human beings in recorded history.

To cast the gifts of our ancestors as a 'White Privilege' which must be stripped not only from us but from our children, is a diabolical sin.

As an A-theist (there, reddit), I have no problem using the language of Relgion because it more aptly describes why an A-theist will eventually, if they be so brave, mature into a Reactionary Right Wing neckbeard.


a7d0ff  No.12987064

File: 8caead74aa925a2⋯.png (336.8 KB, 1144x888, 143:111, 8caead74aa925a29665c8ea260….png)

File: e5a493c66454a5d⋯.png (52.51 KB, 498x446, 249:223, childbarefoot.png)

File: 734eee0bf8be2b2⋯.jpg (52.74 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, sleepy4.jpg)

File: 7c148265234ac82⋯.jpg (143.87 KB, 1453x962, 1453:962, brb47cff-1414150418.jpg)


Western Civilization is it. There IS no god to bestow upon us the gifts of comfort, safety, and leisure. Indeed most sincere Relgionists acknowledge that too many comforts are degenerate, and have led us to senescence.

We A-theists understand this as well. But we can't throw out the baby with the water, to go live in innawoods and bomb Computer Engineers.

Our ancestors had brothers, and those brothers died in factories. They got chewed up in a line shaft because the feet of small boys fit more conveniently between active loom spindles.

Our ancestors got shot down at the Homestead Strike (and don't the Leftists want to take credit for the whole Labor movement? Of course they do), they were shot down in the Mine Wars, they got inspected in their own homes by Henry Ford.

They died in the rendering vats of the Packing Plants, and they were discarded, or escaped, apostates to the modern world as Jack London sought his fortune after living an old man's lifetime by the age of 15 in the plants.

We created a modern world, the Mind of Man, not a god. The Mind of Man said children should not labor unknown, babies should not be quieted with Laudanum because mother has a 12-hour shift tomorrow. That we should have a police force, a school, a credible recognition of professional competency. That we should have a Representative government, serving our needs, not theirs.

Human came up with that. And if one is honest, the A-theist will understand that white, largely Gentile, humans came up with that. And fought and died for it.

And it is our right. It is our right to have it. To take it from us, because a comfortable professor or ambitious Indian whore with political ambitions thinks they should, is a Crime Against Humanity.

To deprive Whites, as they are now being deprived by the Fentanyl, the meth, the dispossession, the balloon mortgage, and the Immigrant, of our birthright, is a Crime Against Humanity, it is specifically Ethnic Cleansing, and most specifically it is Genocide.

To even STATE that Whites do not have a right to the precious flower of Civilization, which wasn't a gift but a hard-fought-for RIGHT, is Ethnic Cleansing.

That is the state we're at now. A-theists are even MORE appreciative of the fruits of Civilization BECAUSE they were not bestowed by some wispy god. We understand that there IS nothing else, there is NO safety net, and NO salvation.

This is it. There is nothing else. It's being taken from us, and we're frightened and angry about it.

Atheism makes one appreciate ethno-centric Right Wing ideas even more.

We are the next step in this rapidly evolving political machine.


000000  No.12987968

There is nothing more true than evolution.

It is the ultimate law of nature, and the ultimate spiral upwards.

From simple organisms, to simple animals, to simple humans, to true people, we have marched. And then onwards towards glorious civilization and technological proficiency, on our path towards the stars.

But now it has gone dark. People do not remember their ancestors and how they fought, so they condemn "white privilege" as if it was a bad thing. As if having a secure life, noble ancestors, and knowing that our future will be good, is bad.

But it is NOT bad. It is GOOD to have a tribe.

However, I ask you this: Where are you now, brothers? And sisters?

Of course men can make the leap, but where are the women?

Who is brainwashing our girls into being workers and feminists? We all know that women ought to be wives. That's the most obvious thing. Of course having a family is a normal thing. It's good and normal and decent. It is a duty, but it is actually a joyous, wonderful duty, unlike war, unlike hard labor, unlike depressive loneliness.

But why are the women not joining us? Why are they not angry?

Who is placating women with petty trinkets like money or feminist pride, instead of encouraging them to do the only thing that truly matters in the grand scheme of all things?

Nothing is more important than being an intelligent person with a loving family in a strong community.

If we do not have that, then we might as well die.

And if we might as well miserably die, then we might as well FIGHT for it before we die. Each moment we wait is another moment closer to the grave. Do not waste your precious life. Ensure that there is a way to make a family AT ANY COST.



No matter your religion,

Christianity: Go forth and multiply.

Paganism: Create strong sons and noble daughters for your people.

Atheism: Be the strongest, smartest, most adaptable and procreate to prove that you are an evolutionary being.

No matter your religion, your creed, your political ideology, it all comes together in a simple way: Have a family.

Family is the ultimate goal that you must have.

But for the purpose of political ideology, atheism without the fedora is best. Atheism that welcomes Christians and Pagans, but makes sure that the Christians don't kill their own brothers again, and that the Pagans keep up with technological progress, is the way forward.

4e9a71  No.12988077


>christianity is bad because it's jewish

>but muh atheism though

Nice bait. 10/10.

000000  No.12988275


You're mistaking atheism the movement for atheism the philosophical position.

Atheism the movement is leftist in nature, and a dark blight upon our culture. It is nearly a cult in itself.

But atheism the philosophical position is enlightened and will work to unify white people. Christians keep splitting into different sects and having brother wars, while Pagans are just too primitive to work with, at least as an actual religion to take seriously.

I'd be happy to make Christianity dominant, but the issue is that they are hostile towards atheists, if not now, then in the future.

And here is the damning doom that will occur: Christianity is not actually true. All religions are made up and not actually real, so teenagers in this technological information society will always end up reading enough material to figure out that it's not actually true, and they'll always end up atheist, meaning that parents will always end up looking like backwards fools to their children.

This severs the familial bond that is NECESSARY for a tribe to continue.

327432  No.12988300

File: a4e47aeb4f132ce⋯.jpg (142.27 KB, 1169x1600, 1169:1600, himmlerwralda.jpg)


Back to Reddit!

329f40  No.12988365

File: 7986b6ac2a0594f⋯.jpg (62.94 KB, 680x451, 680:451, 1511089056519.jpg)


this. im pretty sure the entire board is against ditching tradition just to "keep up with the times."

324974  No.12988796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

God is essential to maintain proper and right authority in any nation or race.

Men are fallible, weak and tribal. Identity cults die within generations but God cults can live forever and wage war through cultural conversion.

Orthodox Christianity (and not the heretical religions running around after the foreign Pope schism'd the Church. Aka Lutherans, Catholics, Baptists etc.) is the only real way to save the white race.

It's traditionalism is enshrined in 2,000 years of doctrine and arguments. Founded on the backs of thousands of martys, holy men and the living God, Jesus Christ. It's power conquered the world through the self-given sacrifice of God's human form.

Atheists, once they run out of space documentaries, ultimately feel small and depressed. There is no authority or guidance in their lives. The autistics do fine, lost in thier little hobbies, sins and deviances. But they do well in all vice-filled lands.

But the normal man? The normal woman? Remove God's authority and you will have abortions, public homosexuality, feminism, the destruction of families.

Religion is the only real thing tying us back to our root traditions. It is the psycho-spiritual manifestation of what our ancestors truly valued. To lose that is to forget. Those that forget will be lost. The lost are easily lead astray.

0c39ca  No.12993113


Who are we if we are against everyone. Against God, against jews, against this that. If our enemy would disappear who would we be ? Hmm?

You can't define something by telling what it is not, that's just liying.

A white atheist society is a distopia.

I love how you are loving your jewish psyop this much.

If there is no God the morals of the society will be undermined for special interest.

4a8b76  No.12993124

If you legalize prostitution people who can’t handke sex without hurting people will become infamous to brothels and hated by everyone. I wonder how many people hate prostitution because they know it would be the ringing of the final bell, dividing their sex life from all the world? A legal prostitute will tolerate all kinds of ugliness, but choke her and she’ll call the cops.

0e3921  No.12998026

As an atheist myself, I believe that all three of /pol/'s religious demographics, christian, pagan, and atheist, are useful to the cause and are able to work together towards our common goals.

I propose that we stop identifying any of these three as being a part of the enemy, as they exist in significant numbers on both sides of this great conflict.

Atheist right wingers could have disrupted the total victory that the liberals received from the "god wars" that took place on the internet, even today people expect us to all be religious zealots, so when they meet one of us and we are atheistic, and yet not only share the same positions as our crusaderkin brethren, but also have completely non-religious reasons for holing them, the outsiders are taken in for a loop, because at that point, we are more ideologically diverse than their own side is, and they begin to notice that they are caught within a cult.

This is the contribution of the atheist brothers at your side.

what we need to do is stop giving a shit about religion, pagans, atheists, and christians who agree politically need one another, an religion is irrelevant to our political goals, we all want to save the white race from extinction, we all want a white homeland where our people are truly sovereign and autonomous in terms of political representation, ideally an ethnostate with a white supermajority or complete racial homogeneity, we want an end to the white submission to jewish control, and we also potentially want a reclamation of all lands in which whites were the first peoples to inhabit them, this means all of the middle east, north africa, and central europe, with arabs and jews being driven into sub-saharan africa and forced to live among the niggers, for starters.


Yes, Atheism was promoted as means to undermine the white race in the past, but Christianity was used by the jews for the same purpose before then, both were chosen for the same reasons, to undermine traditionalism by introducing a new religion, and thereby disrupting the traditions that had become integrated into said religion.

The traditions themselves had grown out of our genetics and into the religion we practiced at the time, it could have been any religion, it could have been no religion at all, and the genetics would ensure that same result would come about.

christianity had begun it's presence as being followed by the completely degenerate, sin and corruption was everywhere both in the church and among the churchgoers, there was no honor, the debauchery was everywhere, and the jews maintained complete control over all of it.

But over time christianity became honorable and strongly traditional (just as paganism had).

After a religious background became traditional, it was no longer a detriment to the believers, and so it needed to be swapped, after the grand attempt to swap it for Islam had failed, there was nothing left to swap it for but atheism, and among the attempts was the rise of communism, as well as the enlightenment before it.

If atheism becomes the future religious status of the white race, it's adherents will become less degenerate as we learn the same lessons alive again, and we will become traditionalist by virtue of our ancestor's genetic legacy in our veins.

It comes from our intelligence and long-term preference over short-term, and therefore our ability to learn from the consequences of actions to sort out which courses of action are most beneficial in the long-term, and which are dangerous over the same period, the result being the conclusions that the traditional path is the path of greatest payoff.

There's more too it, but this is a basic summary of how traditions formed and stayed around.


You can be traditionalist and atheistic, atheist traditionalists have solid science and philosophy to base their positions on, the jews have sold religious change and traditional upheaval as a package deal, they tell a lie when they claim that if you become atheist, you have to become a sodomite-loving pro-choice refugee-welcoming liberal.

Being atheist does not mean being against religion, it might mean being secular, but not to the point where you deny religions the right to be practiced publicly or privately.

0e3921  No.12998028


, many of us have no problem with denying a faggot the right to get a cake baked for him for any reason, business owners do not own their business if they cannot deny service to anyone and for any reason.

I would have done the same thing because I think fags are dangerous and mentally ill freaks, and that marriage should ether be a private contract or reserved for heterosexual couples, a fag wedding is degenerate, and for good secular reasons too*.

*reasons related to GRIDS, child molestation, the prevalence of personality disorders, violent crimes, pedophilia, promiscuity, sexual deviancy, and scatological fetishes among faggots, that homosexuality should be classified as being a mental illness, and there is more as well.

I believe in life beginning at conception, and I believe that no business relating to souls need be used to justify a pro-life position of this kind, a human sperm and egg are just cells, but once united, they become the beginnings of a human being, it is the start of the life-cycle and denying the chance to develop into a baby is the same to me as if killing the resultant infant, women are not choosing if they have been subjected to suggestion as strongly as so many of them have been, and there is also the fact that abortions typically occur without the consent of the father or even against the father's wishes, but the main argument is that it's a fucking act of murder, you are aborting a human life-cycle, there is no going around it, that's murder.


1a43f4  No.12998041

Only intelligent leadership will save the White race! I the Great Genius am that leader.

afe090  No.12998114


>Right Wing Atheism

To be fair Right Wing Skepticism/Agnosticism is far more based because instead of putting your energy to Theology or agianst Theology, instead you could be grounded in philosophy but also in the real world and nature.

I've never been religious, I always thought that prasing the Bible was the same as prasing Harry Potter. Not to say the stories and morals in the bible are not great standards to live by but it's not super-natural. What ever god is, he is and what he isn't, he isn't. The greatest insult to god is to assume his character and his state of existence.

Atheism is also equally as retarded because it's not like you're Areligious but you're Anti-religious. Instead of spending your time trying to counter stories from a book many people like, how about you do something to protect the state of western civilization? How about just not caring about religion and simply letting things be in terms of the question of religion.

c0f2c5  No.12998216

I consider myself a God-believer. I believe in God and in some type of higher power, though I just can't call myself a religious nor Christian. With that being said, Christianity is the only religion that should be allowed in the West and should not disappear completely. We need to stop with this Christian vs pagan vs atheist vs agnostic. We are all redpilled on race and the JQ and that's all that matters

000000  No.12998230


82dde9  No.12998231


I agree to an extent for the scholarly type, but the esoteric is too confusing for profane normalniggers that see symbols and words as mundane.

It's like expecting every video gamer to know how a full stack interacts with their hardware before they can play. They don't care about that nerd shit, they want to play video games.

Whites need a spiritual rebirth and to create an exoteric religion that is easy enough to understand for the majority. A religion that isn't just sentimentality, that improves our well-being, that walks with the spirit of truth and doesn't encourages the worship of alien extra-dimensional beings that demand us to sacrifice our children.

0e3921  No.12998268


I'm an atheist in that I reject belief in the supernatural, I do so because I have no reason to believe, if I could be convinced that something like god or heaven existed I would believe in that, but it must be by the standards of evidence that you would accept as proof of something like the Jewish conspiracy to genocide White people, evidence that is empirical, rational, and logical, not evidence that is emotional, anecdotal, or armchair philosophy (ironically, the kinds of evidence that convince people of leftism).

As for being anti-god, if god was proven to me to exist, I would believe in him, but that is no guarantee that I would agree with him or even like him, I'd have a lot of questions for him, that would be for sure, weather I would hate him depends on what response my questions receive.

I've invested my energy into advocating for white interests, I'd argue against belief in god the same way I'd argue against any unfounded or false belief, I see it as a part of the package with my pro-white positions due to how it's all based upon promoting beliefs backed by evidence over unfounded claims like god, homeopathy, and white privilege.

I've not come into conflict with anyone who argued for god, it's mostly anti-whites now.

That being said, atheism simply means a lack of belief in god, it dos not mean being against belief in god, you can be atheistic and not be anti-theistic, and agnosticism means that position that you cannot know if god exists.

82dde9  No.12998286

File: 1a24b7c656c8b6b⋯.jpg (59.59 KB, 624x728, 6:7, 1v1crow.jpg)


I think White should have their own countries.

000000  No.12998427

I think that the only faction that is radically hostile to others are the Christians. They seem incredibly volatile and cruel to others. Not always, of course, but more so than atheists or pagans. Christians seem to be very dangerous, and I'd love to have them part of the movement, but I wouldn't want to think that they have power over the scientifics or the pagans.

Yes, let's eliminate the word "atheist" here, and use "scientific" instead.

I am scientific. I will not speak of gods or supernatural, as that is the domain of the theologians or shamanic class.

000000  No.12998517

A simple atheistic religion that's compatible with NatSoc is just evolution taken to a more inspiring direction:

Find the most beautiful girl and make her your lover, for her beauty is a sign of her strength and health. A girl must find the smartest, strongest man, for he will protect and provide for you, and allow you to produce the most wonderful children.

Beyond just that, it is simple to comprehend life in the tribal sense, as we already do. The law of nature and NatSoc IS our religion, in that case.

Let us forget Christianity, atheism, and paganism, and simply adopt NatSoc, where the Christians accept Hitler as the second coming, the pagans see him as one who has communed with the spirit of Odin, and the atheists understand him on the grounds that he sees his people as his tribe, his race, his species, and we are to do our best to protect our people, our nation, and our families.

363dac  No.12998662


This is a pretty interesting write up as it seems to describe my journey toward pro white politics in general pretty well. Although I no longer consider myself an atheist tbh, some aspects of paganism resonate with me, especially the upholding of honor and connect with ancestors. Nevertheless 10/10 analysis.

3ad5fc  No.12998677


Yes, we know jews hate christians.

3ad5fc  No.12998685


You're jidf. A europe under christendom is the only thing the jew fears. Hitler was a Christian and so was natsoc germany.

0e3921  No.12999710


Hilter also loved muslims, integrated shitskins into his army, etc. He also decided to intern the Jews and Gypsies who had brought Germany to it's knees during the war instead of killing them before the war had even started, finally, his beliefs regarding race were wacky and false as well.

Hitler did a lot right, taking germany for the people, breaking the jewish banks, rebuilding the german economy, restoring german pride and german power, naming the jew and the communist, etc.

But he also did a lot wrong, he was a human being, not a perfect and unquestionable god.


The three /po/ack religious demographics should not fall into conflict with one another, the enemy has no religious status and neither do we, atheists, christians, and pagans who align politically should stop labeling each other as being with the enemy, all three of us are with the cause, and none of us are with the opposition, all three belief systems can be interpreted in a way that favors ourselves and our adversaries, and so all three have adherents on both sides of this conflict.

This three-way religious conflict is simply the result of divide and conquer tactics from the outside, when you tell atheists that we belong with the enemy, you weaken yourself, when pagans tell christians that they belong with the enemy, they weaken themselves, and when anyone puts down paganism, they weaken themselves as well.

it's pro-white atheists, christians, and pagans against anti-white atheists, christians and pagans.

atheists fall on both sides of the conflict, as do the other two, so if you are to draw lines, make it pro-white vs. anti-white, and keep religion out of it.

except when it comes to judaism, islam, scientology, or satanism, 'cause seriously, fuck those guys with a wooden stake.

0c82df  No.12999929

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Right-wing atheism

We already have that. It’s called the skeptic community. They hijacked every promising new anti-SJW movement. They always turn out to be no better than the leftists they mock.

6130db  No.12999964


Himmler was a twink. Hitler and Hess are where it's at.

e527c7  No.13000049


>Christians are hostile to others





000000  No.13001163


Don't be naive.

Christians seem to have a general thought towards this timeline:

Let us destroy the enemies of white people.

Great, we've won. Now let us convert or destroy the atheists and pagans.

And that's about it. That's what I see. You want to win this war using the support of pagans and atheists, and then quite likely turn around and call yourself the king, and subjugate your own brothers.

That's all I can see. Is this untrue? Do Christians truly wish to live peacefully with pagans and atheists, and give us our rightful power in the new government?

0e3921  No.13001692


I know the type, they are a joke and an enemy, gatekeepers and controlled opposition.

but there are always one pagan hippie/wiccan, and two christian zionists/racemixers for every atheist "skeptic". All three "communities" have been infested and brought to ideological conformity by the kikes.

But even before atheism was pozzed, there were those who espoused racial realism, the JQ, anti-degeneracy (incl. being anti-LGBT), anti-global warming, anti-infanticide (aka murder, vaxxing, circumcision, anti-natalism, and anti-feminism), pro-traditionalism (of the secular sort), ethno-nationalism, and more of the position commonly associated with /pol/, what's more, they came to those positions via the ideas most promoted within atheism, and this was also long before the migrant crisis, when they had pressure on them to "join the winning team", because then, our "team" didn't exist.

We know atheists support /pol/, and that we have always been here, turning us away is turning against your own allies, stop demanding religious authority, because blinding you with your zealotry in order to slay your own brothers is something jews have done with all three of /pool/ religious demographics, they turned pagans on the christians, christians on the pagans, and atheists on the christians, and every time, they got away scot free as we fought one another, what's more, they controlled the conflict from behind the shadows.

Stop thinking that atheists are united, they aren't, not any more than christians or pagans, who also occupy gatekeeper and controlled opposition roles.

In all three, the amount of people who will be against us will always amount the number who are with us, religion amounts to jack squat here, politics is the measure of a man here, and dividing based on religion by tying it to politics even when the two don't predict each other is classic d+c.

if we agree politically, it doesn't matter if we disagree religiously, religion must remain a private matter, no state atheism, no state christianity, no state paganism, all three of these ideologies have always been jewish in origin, atheists, christians, and pagans of /pol/ can co-exist and fight as one, united by race and nationalism.

I'm an atheist /pol/ack, I've made valuable contributions to this board and it's operations, and I've been here since before gamergate as well, it was the beliefs most atheists claim to revere that brought me to pro-white nationalism, I am your brother in the struggle against the jews and their plan of white replacement genocide.

I am atheist and also pro-life, anti-circumcision, pro-traditionalism, anti-LGBT, pro-white, etc. what's more I became this way via the values of atheist communities; the values of science, philosophy, open-mindedness tempered with a skeptical judgement.

We atheists are here, have always been here, and will always support the cause, if you turn against us, there is a shadow behind you, clasping his hands in hook-nosed joy.

We are not the "skeptics".

a7d0ff  No.13001750


>Being atheist does not mean being against religion, it might mean being secular, but not to the point where you deny religions the right to be practiced publicly or privately.

Before the expansion of the Federal Government in the mid-20th century, the US was a patchwork of ethnostates. That is, geographically there were pockets of white mini-States. There were a variety of these; sometimes they were actual State boundaries, sometimes neighborhoods, but also cultural ethnostates. Northeast Pennsylvania was a unique ethnostate. Certain areas of New England, downeast Yankees, were an ethnostate. Parts of the Coastal Pacific Northwest functioned together across State-lines as an ethnostate.

There were also minority ethnostates. Travelling the Jim Crow South in the age of Segregation produced a de facto ethnic Superstate for Blacks. The Harlem Renaissance was a black ethnostate in uptown Manhattan.

Within the white Ethnostates, a patchwork of religions, and non-religious belief, existed. Catholics, Orthodox, Methodists, Presbyterians, and a variety of other belief systems functioned together, for the most part peacefully.

Atheists and Agnostics were a large part of those mini-states. We lived, worked, and even 'worshipped' alongside the Religious, because the Church was a de facto social club for neighborhoods and ethnicities.

This is one of the instances of an Ideal America, when religion was important for the majority of people, as it will surely be, but no so bracing that it stifled everyone's access to social and economic success.

You could be religious in America, alongside other denominations, without stirring conflict with them. The overly-religious were still a vocal minority, and people just humored them for the most part. But Atheists would donate to the local Boy's Home, which was almost surely church-run, or host Church social functions in their homes if they were prominent.

The Religious accepted this condition because the tradeoff was, Atheists were not going about demanding the removal of religious iconography from the landscape, or stamping every last shred of Christianity out of any institution which brushed up against the Government.

We're all aware of who has led the legal effort to persecute Cultural Christianity in modern times. Indeed it's one of the conditions which leads many to Atheism. If Christianity is unwilling to stand up and put real money and social effort into preserving that cross that some Missionary put on a hill in 1842 from being torn down because a bunch of lawyers 3000 miles away in Brooklyn want it torn down, what good is Christianity providing anyway?

Modern ecological concerns are in large part prompting a return to Paganism. It is our need as humans to function in the Environment, but we must re-cast our relationship to it after the devastation of the High Industrial Age. A secular approach to the environment, rationally pursued, indicates we must have heavy industry and even coal-smoke, but that we have to be aware and accomodate the consequences. Indeed we are tied closely to the Earth, and paganism reflects the genetic tidal pull we feel to express our symbiosis with it.

So for the cohesion, charity, and stalwart morality of our race, Atheists should and do value Christianity, and the contributions it has made before being hijacked into a degenerate force.

For the recognition of our need to exist with the Earth, to express the sanctity of the connection to the natural world, and for a productive harnassing of our wild instincts, the Atheist should and does esteem the Pagan. Their beliefs arose as an expression of our genetic link to the world from which it rose.

The Atheist, for our ability to discern common factors separate from rigid belief systems, for our pragmatism, for the reduction of factors, should be esteemed by the Religious and Pagan as a valuable tool in future expressions of whatever ethnostate we may achieve.

4256c9  No.13001792


no cares sperg

4256c9  No.13001803

File: 4edbbf27a5c67db⋯.png (21.55 KB, 598x338, 23:13, adse.PNG)

e527c7  No.13002144


Living peacefully with those who don't share your moral views is just begging for inner turmoil better to crush it before it gets out of hand.

0e3921  No.13002518


But we do share moral views, that's the fucking point, atheists, christians and pagans of /pol/ are here precisely because our moral compasses all point the exact same way.

were do you find a moral difference between us? atheist, christian, or pagan, we all want, at the very least, the survival and prosperity of the white race, potentially through the creation and maintenance of a traditionalistic white race-nation, that's a common goal to work towards.

We also oppose all of the same things as well, and for the same reason, that the things we oppose are the things which produce negative results for our stated goal(s).

I believe there is not enough evidence to believe in the supernatural, christians and pagans believe there is, none of this shit has anything to do with our moral or political positions, it can only possibly provide yet another reason for us to hold the positions we do.

But even without those reasons, we already have countless significant non-supernatural reasons to desire the survival and dominance of the white race, the founding of the ethnostate(s), and the cultivation of traditional values.

atheists, christians, and pagans who try to denounce the other two as agents of the enemy, or try to exclude the other two from the cause on other grounds, are creating a false division where there is none, and this does not help us out in the least.

all of us are with the enemy, all of us are with the cause, all three ideologies can be used to justify standing on either side of this conflict, and it is likely that there will be more of each of them standing with the enemy than with the side of good and truth.

The three of us are the same, we are compatible, and what divides /pol/ from the outside is politics, religious differences be damned!

And fuck the jews in tis thread trying to turn us against one another, the divide us on religion, they divide us on ethnicity, they then divide us by purity-spiraling us until only the most unmarketable minority element of us remains, and that element will be what is selected for by the kikes who chose what grounds constitutes "impurity".

We fight each other over outside matters irrelevant to politics, and we do their work for them, we do it for free.

475e28  No.13002525


Paid shill thread.

0e3921  No.13002561


We can build a world where all three of us can prosper together, we keep religion out of politics, rejecting state atheism, state paganism, and state christianity, such that all three can gather and participate in activities related to their beliefs, and return to a greater public state where we are united by political beliefs and racial solidarity.

I don't give a shit about nativity scenes in government buildings, nor a display commemorating yule or saturnalia, even an atheists like me can find it festive and pleasing to look at.

I may oppose belief in christianity or paganism, but only on the grounds that I oppose any unsupported beliefs, unlike ideas such as white priviledge, these two religions are completely harmless, and I'm not autistic enough to freak out whenever someone is wrong, I tolerate wrongness, as I encounter it every day on countless trivial issues (such as best raifu), and to me, religion is a trivial issue that can be left alone.

Only a kike, commie, autist, or shitskin thinks religion is something to be fought over, and this is coming from a guy who's been diagnosed with autism.

0e3921  No.13002573


agreed, only intended to cause infighting over religion, a pointless matter to /pol/.

atheists, christians, and pagans of /pol/ agree on important matters, so we should stop the demonization of each other on the grounds of unimportant ones.

All three have been here since the founding of the board, all three are united under a single people, a single cause, I'm done with posting D+C threads like these (I say that, but I keep getting drawn into arguing with kikes and the suckers they've persuaded).

5f1cd0  No.13002579


A nonpreferential Secular State bound by Constitutionally-protected separation of Church and State and protection of religious liberty would seem to be the solution.

5f1cd0  No.13002591



>reject State Christianity

>accept nativity scenes in government buildings

Pick one. Unless everyone can have their own religious imagery on government property, nobody can. Otherwise you will have the State Religion you opposed.

d91908  No.13002603


>The Atheist, for our ability to discern common factors separate from rigid belief systems

You have one of the most rigid belief systems there are, however.

d5d028  No.13002607

I truly hope you are eliminated from this planet because of your views on white supremacy

475e28  No.13002609


No one cares what a paid shill thinks.

5f1cd0  No.13002630


Smells like projection. A-theism is just as much a belief system as not collecting stamps is a hobby.

37adce  No.13002667

So long as a man puts the race first and foremost, I care not what his religion is. These kinds of arguments, if they must be had, can wait until the future of the race is secure. Anything other than that can be dealt with later.

a7d0ff  No.13002755

File: c48e164c1959aa1⋯.jpg (203.87 KB, 1028x1303, 1028:1303, 1530383232300.jpg)


>You have one of the most rigid belief systems there are, however.

r/atheism is a shill subreddit, and you shouldn't be on reddit anyway listening to the Chinese try to bust up western society.

That's the only place you could have gotten the idea.

A-theism is an evidence based viewpoint on the world, and you clearly ignored the bulk of my posts to go with muh mean ACLU.

You're either a tranny, shill, or ignorant, but at least this gives a chance to air the viewpoint.


What's missing from this viewpoint is the de facto White Supremacy which derives from the white supermajority that made it possible for Methodist, Catholics, and Baptists to live in the same town without slaughtering each other like some desert lizards.

The 1st Amendment is genius in a white, largely Christian nation.

The 1st Amendment breaks down, OF COURSE, when it is used to d&c us.

The reaction should be against the forces trying to d&c not the tool they use

>it's the murderer not the gun

same argument.


Well put, but atheism demands we look at practical matters like what works and what does not work. Things like a non-religious government works, but that government in a shit-stew of every fucking belief system on the planet is paralyzed.

So it's not just an absence of a god. There must be some pursuit of a moral foundation, and the written history of Man provides it, even that history recorded in religious documents like the Bible.

However, your base point of Atheism not itself being a religion, depending on hatred of other belief systems, is right on the money.

I attempted to address that in my first two posts in the thread. Tween Atheism, you might call it, a part of the process.


Each According to his Own Way only works within a white ethno-centric supermajority.


a4c30a  No.13003022

why do people call this reddit spacing they taught me to double space in 9th grade, I just didn't stick with it because it's fucking ugly.

13ec7e  No.13003067

File: 44ab3b4f85cd9f6⋯.png (173.59 KB, 332x326, 166:163, 44ab3b4f85cd9f6564c5207814….png)

>tfw literally right in the goddamn middle of the political compass while I yearn only for DOTR

ba24cd  No.13003086


You’re forgetting something very important, pagan faiths and pagan gods served to explain nature, to provide a sort of collective understanding for the newborn to take on, no pagan god is all knowing, gods had purposes, no pagan god sets “morality”, morality is set by the natural interactions that come from humans living together and trying to understand the natural world around them.

Christianity and monotheistic religions are simply a form of mass control and serve no purpose other than produce serfs, which are needed for industrial society to work, which is exactly why all civilizations adopt monotheism are one point or another.

Paganism is infinitely more connectable and synchronizable with atheism and evolutionary psychology than any other religion

e527c7  No.13003088


Atheists place no value on the soul they believe that we are all nothing but a clump of molecules to them this shouldn't even matter looking at things from their perspective. In the perspective of pagans they believe the strong survive and the weak perish. While christians believe that the strong should boost up the weak who should do all the work in the state while the strong defend their countries. It's not what we currently believe in that is the issue its future generations that is the issue.


Look at things on here though pagans and atheists are actively hostile to christians and their are like 3 seperate threads that are attacking christianity on the catalog. Meanwhile christians at maximum defend themselves or take minimal jabs during threads. Also don't point to >>>/papist/ for an example of christians being unreasonable because they also are unreasonable towards protestants. I myself am non denominational.

1022f5  No.13003093

Gaytheists lol

5fdcb9  No.13004642


Any pro-white who attacks other pro-whites is dividing us against one another, at worst they are shills, ignore them.

Point me towards them and i will do my best to convince these shills that christians and christianity are not their enemy.

There are only these new anti-christian threads now because of the influx of newfriends, atheists tend to come here every time a happening occurs, eventually they will stop being the type of atheist who thinks they are an edgy rebel for their atheism, they will still be atheists, but no longer antireligious, they will realize that religious conflict is another manipulation of the jew and become proper /pol/acks.

Besides, this is how the board is now, not how it always is, i can remember when there was multiple threads that were anti-atheist, and that there is no shortage of anti-atheist pics floating around /pol/'s archives.

Why was /christian/ created?

Pagans are typicaly more chill with us, but hostile to christians to the point where any anti-christian post is assumed to be of pagan origin.

As for morality, atheists can have both of the moralities you mentioned, we can be social darwinists like the pagans, or altruists like the christians, or if a variety of other moral positions.

I also see that you assume that it is only the soul that gives anything moral importance, I do not beleive that, as you assume I must.

Please explain how an aryan child without a ghost inside of him us suddenly as morally vital as a piece of garbage?

You should think more before you speak.

I'd say that child is valuable because he comes from the human species and the aryan race, and is a living being of terran origin.

Because the world is better with him in it, and worse without him.

But he doesn't have a ghost in him, a ghost which does fuck all but continue to exist in some place inaccessible to our perception after he dies, but which is the basis of his entire worth.

Does the soul carry memories? Or us that the domain of the brain? To what extent does the soul resemble the person they used to inhabit? If a lot, why not simply value the person? If a little, why does it have any importance to the moral value of the person?

Why does a soul create moral importance in your opinion?

ba0ce0  No.13006764

File: 8620cd214a068b0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1056x816, 22:17, Cannibal Vampires.png)

03dc60  No.13006851


This, as the quote goes, a nation has the spiritual semites it deserves.

d29bba  No.13006905


>Any pro-white who attacks other pro-whites is dividing us against one another, at worst they are shills, ignore them.

pro-white is encompasses a great deal, they are dividing themselves.

It's the same spirit which advocates for balkanization.

240873  No.13006937

Let me put it to you this way. Atheism has never conquered anything. When shit hits the fan all you dirty atheists will come running back to Christianity. And some of you will convert to Islam. In God we trust.

000000  No.13006989


Would you like to play Pong?

bc4abc  No.13007002


**We have a single young man, 28 years old, a “physical trainer” with tons of inherited money, who travels the world, photographs everything, is loved by everyone, then mysteriously goes on a personal murder rampage.

What we really have is a trained assassin, 42 years old, from a Jewish family, who trained against Palestinians and served in Southern Syria and in Idlib with al Qaeda, transiting in and out of Turkey.**


Do the math


5a4b3f  No.13007017


>embrace s/feminists/jew scheme/ too fucking much.

fail. at all.

5a4b3f  No.13007022



No, skeptic is a particular thing.

62c7eb  No.13007026

File: 1f631ac9d8afe0c⋯.png (10.03 KB, 255x154, 255:154, e93338153129e63a14e1e66ec9….png)


<8chan is a Christian board

>8chan only created a christcunt board to get christniggers the fuck out of /pol/

>pic related from this /pol/ not even a year ago

You quintupleniggers can't even get into Positive Christianity let alone National Socialism. What are you going to do when RWDS start giving churches the #subscribetoPewDiePie treatment? It's coming after synagogues and mosques, you traitorous non-existent kike-loving faggots.

4d99f8  No.13007029


>Christian values built the west, jewish / atheist antivalues destroy it.

Christian values = Jewish values.

Christianity is a Jewish religion, based on Semitic religious texts, worshiping the Jewish god YHWH, and deifying the radical leftist Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef.

Christianity has been the downfall of the West.

62c7eb  No.13007091


Niggerfaggot, if you were here for more than a year let alone the once required 2 years of lurking you'd know that your faggot messiah is kike bullshit that /pol/ seeks to destroy, plebbit spacing is gay you should an hero for this alone, and you're on the chopping list behind kikes and shitskins.


111246  No.13007181


>in Gospel of John, Jesus repeatedly says that Jews who don't accept him are basically beyond saving

>Jews in John use lawfair, subversion, and manipulation of the Roman authorities to apprehend and execute Jesus

>modern Christians now apparently smarter than Jesus in determining modern-day Jews are of no threat, have equal spiritual footing in the hereafter

I guess that with everything being read in translation, and that the gospels take place in Palestine, people (Christians and atheists alike) are fooled into believing that the gospels and/or other NT texts have semitic origin. Whereas I don't think any of the NT texts is believed by scholars to have been written in Palestine.

111246  No.13007248


>reddit spacing


>conclusive statements offered without supporting argument

>doesn't appear to know what language NT was written in

Tips fedora.

c2d9c0  No.13007658


Atheism is an enlightenment-era value. It's literally the religion of liberalism

Shut the fuck up retard

7248ee  No.13011545


Fuck off kike, you are just as bad as the (((OP))).

pro-white Atheists, pro-white Christians, and pro-white Pagans need to work together against those Atheists, Christians, and Pagans that are anti-white and who also constitute the majority among all three religious demographics.

>Atheism is an enlightenment-era value. It's literally the religion of liberalism

And Christianity was the religion of the fall of the classical world, we've all sinned in the way of falling for the religious upheavals being promoted by the kikes.

the Jews turned us against one another, they were behind the rise of the Christians and the rise of Atheism, and did these things to destabilize and destroy great white empires.

This is not a religious war, if you are Christian, the Atheists and Pagans are your brothers in race and in politics, and we all share the same morality as well, even if the foundations may differ slightly in ways that will have no effect whatsoever on how we think, act, or speak with regards to morality or politics, we will always support the same things politically and ethically, heaven can wait, right now it is the earth that demands our attentions.

Since we all want the same things, we should not fall for this religiously-based infighting that has caused Europeans to spill the blood of their own so many times in the past.

Our conflict is a conflict between our enemy and us, who oppose the Jews, their control, and their lies, who believe whites exist and must continue to exist, have the right to govern themselves according to their nature, as well as to prosper according to their own standards of prosperity.

Both we and the enemy have Atheists, Christians, and Pagans on both sides, most among all three will be with the enemy, those who stand at our side are your brothers, regardless of their religious status, there is nothing to be gained by striking at your brothers-in-arms, but everything to lose, this is what the enemy wants from you, and you fall for it just like our ancestors had.

This hate towards your brothers has been manufactured by the Jew, to them religion is irrelevant outside of the fact that religious upheaval allows them to create enough chaos for them to inflict their corruption within white society.

If you aren't a shill, stop working for the enemy.

end these Atheism vs. Christianity vs. Paganism threads, stop making them, ignore any that have been made, and insist that all pro-whites are brothers, regardless of religious status and the grievances of the past the Jews keep riling up to turn us against each other.

3a5a49  No.13011592

atheism is gay too and the sooner you realize the truth in hermeticism the better

df8c4c  No.13011631

File: 3d09ddbaf8bb9ac⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 28538536.jpg)

File: 235a87de4f56a8e⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 615x345, 41:23, 235764536.jpg)

File: eb54e7666997eb6⋯.jpg (113.4 KB, 681x808, 681:808, 253674468.JPG)


>right-wing (((atheism)))

let me guess, you'll be pushing "right wing" marxism in about two weeks

7248ee  No.13011634


There are only one set of values observed by the White man - the values that rise up from our genetics.

White values, which are observed by Christians, Pagans and Atheists alike, regardless of the religion, regardless of it's origin, regardless of what is written within the foundational texts.

Over time, the practice of any religion will be shaped by the genetics of it's white believers, and the religion's values will align to the values shaped by those genetics.

Even Islam is no exception to the rule, the discoveries of the Islamic empires were not originated from arabs, they were made by the whites who occupied a majority, a half, and then a minority of the population, as the percentage and influence of whites fell, and the percentage and influence of arabs grew, the region went into a decline from which it has never recovered, and the modern practices of mudslimes emerged and worsened, as they came into line with the genetics of these sandniggers that are currently raping and killing their way across our streets.

Genetics takes priority over Religion, Genetics shapes Religion, Genetics, not Religion, is what shapes a Society, it's Morals, and it's Politics.

It's for this reason that religion is irrelevant to us as a movement, and fighting over which is best is impotent in the best case, and divisive in the worst, it creates chaos, which is a wound in any community through which the enemy can infect and destroy the host.

Christians are you brothers, they pose no threat to you, end the kinslaying, please.

000000  No.13011656


Our aryan blood is our god!

Odin gave us his brath to create us.

Therefore Odin lives in us.

To protect and further aryan blood is our religion.

0dd7b3  No.13011673

People who declare themselves atheist are faggots. If you don't believe there is no reason the discuss.

7248ee  No.13011849


This is wjhy I prefer the term "Pro-White Atheism",."Anti-Jewish Atheism", "NatSoc Atheism", or simply "/pol/ack Atheism" or "/pol Atheism".

Most of the time I describe my self as being a /pol/anon.

I'm Traditionalist and Nationalist, Pro-White and Anti-Jewish.

I'm Pro-Life (Life begins at conception, abortion is infanticide), anti-circumcision (it's a sex crime of pointless sexual mutilation for the purpose of causing sexual issues in the child's future), anti-Vaccination (government-assisted mass poisoning), and even anti-contraception (intended to promote habits of sexual irresponsibility by creating the illusion of removing consequences).

I'm also anti-LGBT (They are Mentally Ill and dangerous), anti-pedophile (the pedophile "conspiracies" are real and the elites are complicit), anti-furry ("Yiff" in Hell you animal-fucking furfaggots), anti-fetish (especially cuckoldry, BDSM, beast, necro, guro, vore, inflation, footfaggotry, and anything to do with human bodily waste and the associated functions), and anti-degeneracy in general (sluttiness, hook-up culture, and sexual promiscuity, casual sex, dressing up like strippers and whores, actual stripping and prostitution, THOTery in general, etc.).

I think that climate change is a lie, that Jews were behind the apparent "ineptitude" that allowed 9/11 to happen (at the very least), and that they were also behind all of the wars destabilizing the middle east (in order to facilitate the great replacement of our race)

In short, most of my beliefs tend to align perfectly with that of /pol/'s, except perhaps for the fact that I'm also an Atheist.

I rarely mention that I'm Atheist, so you may have inadvertently agreed with me on something in another thread, even on something that has been considered to be a religious issue, such as that of abortion or the LGBT.

7248ee  No.13011864


The reason is that you make threads that say we are the enemy, and saying that we, the atheists on /pol/, are marxists when we are very much not.

7caad3  No.13011897


>Fight back against the virus and join us as True Humanity.

The fucking irony.

a58149  No.13012615

File: 6914bc286096e1d⋯.jpg (50.61 KB, 770x514, 385:257, 910979861345762971236715.jpg)


I'm thinkin' it's more likely what saves the White race would be something like a catalyst for Tay-Sachs disease, packaged in a parvovirus perhaps.

Just sayin'.

883593  No.13013011

>uptick presence on /pol/

>all the old divide and conquer tactics are flooding back again for the 6 millionth time

What a surprise, how was spring vacation desk monkeys? Did you sitting in your 10x10 cuck sheds with your measly allotment of shekels? Ah well, back to the cuck cubicle again.

499bac  No.13014952

File: 8bcdf5c0f952a79⋯.jpg (105.35 KB, 640x502, 320:251, Icon 16.JPG)

You talk about Christianity like it's just some political identity that people can shrug off. Why do Atheists have this idea that getting rid of religion will solve all the worlds ills? The Soviets tried that already retard, look how that worked out for them.

499bac  No.13014959

File: aeefa83434f5a86⋯.jpg (139.45 KB, 814x814, 1:1, i have seen the dubs.jpg)


cuck cubicle. "cuckible" "cubicuck"

also, checked the most outrageous dubs ever

eaa7b3  No.13014964


>uptick presence on /pol/

>all the old divide and conquer tactics are flooding back again

Was about to say that, who the fuck takes OP serious with that pic? Might as well start the post with "as a jew"

c9d634  No.13014965


I was raised strongly Christian as well, but the more I think about it, the less bond I feel towards it. Not necessarily in a defiant, satanic manner, more just that I know there's a lot I don't know.

5f1cd0  No.13014966


The Soviets weren't about getting rid of all religion, they just wanted to force everyone to join the religion of Communism with the State as the new God.

499bac  No.13014972

File: 59f9a66bdb5010e⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 460x307, 460:307, Communists are jerks.jpg)


Like op wants everyone to join the religion of RWA with white, right wing identity as the new God? Still retarded

c9d634  No.13014975


Whites won the Civil War and both World Wars.

5f1cd0  No.13014997


White Identity is leagues ahead of race-denying Communism. Or even Christianity in most cases.

c9d634  No.13015006


By strength of arms and valorw, anyway. As far as long term wellbeing, we defeated ourselves.

499bac  No.13015050

File: 089be1539889fa2⋯.jpg (299.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Icon 11.jpg)


White identity and Communism are equally retarded. Repent and receive eternal life in Christ and His Church

c9d634  No.13015071


If your God cares more for blind, submissive, passive loyalty than blood, what good is he?

4085a5  No.13015099

File: 5494738eb8d50ba⋯.jpg (251.15 KB, 1280x709, 1280:709, publius decius devotio.jpg)

The alternative is not between (((atheism))) and (((muttstianity))).

Westerners deeply need a spiritual basis for their lives and for a restoration of cosmos over chaos, atheism is not the answer, even traditional middle ages catholicism would be a better alternative, as anti-christian as I am.

499bac  No.13015107

File: ab5c25be1c0ee62⋯.jpg (507.98 KB, 1600x1068, 400:267, HolyEucharist.jpg)


He cares a lot about blood. In fact, He gave us His blood so we could become part of His eternal race and partake of His divine nature through grace. The Kingdom of Heaven is the only nation that matters.

859cfc  No.13015393


A man that bases his life on the scientific method can't believe or disbelieve in anything, thus he lacks belief in deities because he lacks belief in anything else.

That is why both of the terms, atheist and agnostic, are cucked. The first one includes those people who disbelieve in deities, which is actually also a belief with a negative sign. The second one is cucked because it includes the word "belief" at all when only the words about knowlege, lack of knowlege, and speculation shoud've been included. And also reading the history of the term I speculate that with a 99% chance it was made by soyboy cucks because they were scared to offend the believers with the first A-word.

That is why am hesitant to use the word atheist when someone asks me "do you believe in god," because if I use it believers immediately assume that I either disbelieve in deities, or that I disbelieve/lck a belief in deities, but believe in science. So I usually answer that "I don't believe or disbelieve in anything". That makes most believers overload though and think I am crazy.

So while you chose to believe something based on your tales of collective minds influencing reality, I just see them as a speculation on your part, and the same value as other people's speculations about God, Allah, or a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

6bb74d  No.13015683


The number of anti christian (((hello fellow WN))) threads on this board is disturbing.

You really think anyone here is falling for that shit.

5e78eb  No.13015719


GamerGate was always a "those other guys are the REAL racists" nonsense thing.

d91908  No.13015725


They want the newfags to bite.


>still not understanding the role of (((public education))) in making all whites passive

a7d0ff  No.13016360

File: 23fa4a3a4f27fe4⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 610x436, 305:218, drafthorses.jpg)



It's because you foreigners and shills don't understand the US or how Christianity operates.

You think it's imperative that everyone is the same type of Christian because you have no concept of the West.

Therefore you believe that pushing ethno-centrism as specifically Christian, you can D&C.

In fact, Christians lived alongside each other and atheists for centuries in the US.

You betray yourselves. You can't understand pic related without blood feud.

8d7fb2  No.13016503

So you found out Jesus was black 😏about time

d188d5  No.13016763


I'm an atheist National Socialist, I actually only arrived at my current worldview because I radically applied the principles of evolution the human species. I followed the reasons for why individuals evolved into social creatures and by doing so overcame the individualist worldview that most atheists hold. My interest is the interest of my genes, a white society and world dominated by whites is in the interest of my genes, since they are most closely related to me and also most likely to support my direct descendants. Every sacrifice I have to make to continue my genetic linage is worth making, if I have to die to ensure a future for my descendants, I am willing to do sacrifice myself. This is very close to what the SS soldiers believed btw. Himmler talked about very similar ideas. The issue is though, it takes a certain amount of intelligence and probably autism to really understand all the aspects that are necessary to be this type of atheist. It's not really applicable to the masses, they need more mythical and simplified ways to guide them. The National Socialists had started to converge from Christianity into a type of religion that has the Volk and race at it's center, something like that would be ideal. The more intellectual people can get deeper into the exact details and more rational aspects of it.

409630  No.13016810


>wanting to turn the far-right into another athiesm+

There's a reason why your movement fell apart and devoleved into degeneracy.

409630  No.13016828


>ironically using the word snowflake

>"hehe look how based I am when I made fun of islam 5 years later "

409630  No.13016848


Shush don't tell them that anon because they seem to believe that we have forgotten all the shit they've done for decades.

1151d8  No.13016859


>Niggers and spics hate atheists

Good enough for me

409630  No.13016861


>mid 2000s atheist memes

You have to go back

000000  No.13016866


Jesus always wins. We will kill all anti-christians.

1151d8  No.13016930


>the proper way

>the code of honour

Your way is wrong, though.

You can't even spell honor correctly.

1151d8  No.13016943


>Jesus was black

That must be why God wanted him dead

12ab35  No.13018123


> Christian values are what built the west.

Things that were right according to Christians:



>torture of suspects to get confession and confession only thing needed for prosecution

>divine rule of the kings

>domestic rape

>no women rights

>domestic violence against women and children

Christians would to try to memory hole their past "values"/

1efc20  No.13018670

This is the devolution of /pol/

>Back in the day countless esoteric Hitlerism threads hitting bump limit

>Now side by side an Aryan spirituality thread promoting an honorary freemason (Manly P Hall) sputing the words of a fraudulant woman worshipped by kikes, promoting white genocide who was proven plagiarizing papers and being a fraud and this autism wasing together a proper movement with atheist dogs with no moral

a3af41  No.13018703


Christian, right-wing, not a pussy ass bitch and willing to fight for my rights. The ability to say "hurr durr no sky daddy" does not make you intelligent. God bless, and remain eternally butthurt ;)

99ab9c  No.13018709


They don't rail against christianity because of anything the religion puts forth. They hate it because it's whites that are mostly christian. That's what everyone needs to understand when they attack christianity, because if we were worshipping our old gods they would be attacking that spirituality with equal fervor.

9c0ddb  No.13034136




c053f4  No.13034161

File: 8e66cdb0c3993b7⋯.jpg (26.66 KB, 350x466, 175:233, 20c.jpg)


<Caring about religion instead of political program & race

<Not separating church and state

<Not believing in freedom of non subversive religion

<This same cringejew D&C


08f5ae  No.13034216

b79531  No.13034232


>abrahamism sucks

>become atheist goy

how about you fuck off

d91908  No.13034412



We banned it, though. First we banned selling European slaves to Muslims, then we banned European slaves altogether.

>divine rule of the kings


>domestic rape

Varied by country and era, really. Though I don't think domestic rape exists.

>no women rights

No sexual liberation either! No abortion, no moors, no Turks. No human rights either, just the moral law and law. No egalitarianism.


Are you referring to bishops practicing pedastry or the young marriage age? Pedastry has always been viewed as sinful/illegal and it has always correlated with high corruption. Young marriage age (13-14 for girls) isn't wrong imo. Women are practically speaking retarded unless they get fundamentally broken, and that's not something I want to see happen.

#Pizzagate is a thing in today's secular society. Seems like pedophilia is something inherent to psychopaths.

d91908  No.13034419


>torture of suspects to get confession and confession only thing needed for prosecution

Forgot this one, but you may want to see the 800 years of Spanish vs Moslem-Jewish alliance that colored this event.

It's not like the secular USA doesn't do the same, either, and it's not like Romans didn't use literal rape and maneater animals on criminals.

c3d631  No.13034519


>third image

>Implying they weren't right on 2/4

>feeling down? You're probably a woman in a mans body


cfa3c2  No.13038701

atheism is a tool of the jews

be ANYTHING but atheist

Religions binds cultures

5ea7fa  No.13038719


Roman empire founded by pagans - Ruined by kike christians

Bulgarian Empire founded by pagans - Ruined by kike christians

Vikings establishments founded by pagans - ruined by cucks

These abrahamitic religions are infecting everything they will create the doom for the white race.

You make your pick: jesus or the white race, you can't have both.

124dc2  No.13038842

Give into your hate young Skywalker. Your hate of backwards unevolved religious swine. All Gods should bow before you Lord Vader…..

3c8ad2  No.13038858


Eliminating Christianity would only work if political solutions were still viable. We also don't have time to eliminate Christianity. Trying to take Christianity down is pointless now.

6bbab8  No.13038873


well, then go ahead and see everything get cucked into shit. As it seems now, every single christian country is getting cucked into nigger oblivion

124dc2  No.13038923

Eliminating Christianity is not necessary. You only need to ignore them and what they want. Unlike Judiasm and Islam, Christianity is based on pacifism. Basically a cucked religion. It has no real power. The whole text is about some guy with dillusions of grandeur being royally bitch slapped and pranked. Not a difficult thing to rid.

d91908  No.13038933


>well, then go ahead and see everything get cucked into shit

Christians are the largest voterbase of the racist bigoted political parties. Kys for accelerationism, I say.

d91908  No.13038943

File: c38ece5ee3a3737⋯.png (399.45 KB, 602x419, 602:419, Mary.png)


>dillusions of grandeur

>dillusions of grandeur

>Christianity is based on pacifism. Basically a cucked religion. It has no real power.

I was going to retort that your stance is only possible because you've only ever read the English printed version and never sought deeper understanding, but only one of those applies.

234852  No.13038952

sure but first can you explain to me whats the white race? are white Hispanics part of the white race if not doesnt that make all of you not part of the white race since none are pure.

000000  No.13038962


This is essentially exactly how I feel too.

There's something incredibly mysterious about genetic code. DNA.

I think that Christians use the wrong word: They say "Eternal soul."

But what they really mean is "Ancient genetic legacy."

A legacy that stretches back to the beginning of life, a legacy that has had to survive many dreadful things.

So essentially, Christians aren't the enemy. I just think that their religion is wrong, due to how it makes them into obedient slaves of the jews.

be08c1  No.13039867


>in fact, Christians lived alongside each other and atheists for centuries in the US.

they also lived alongside blacks and mexicans. that's because America is a business where you put aside religious distractions

df8c4c  No.13040177


This is false because Christianity is the only religion on earth that both names them and explains away their psychotic behavior. From the endless rebellion against God and child sacrifice in the OT during their covenant, to the beheading of John the Baptist, to the Pharisees plotting to kill Jesus to the (((money changers))) being whipped and thrown out of the temple, to them chimping out and screaming at Pontius Pilate to go through with the crucifixion, to the second to last chapter of the bible that names calls the jews "antichrist" to the final chapter of the bible that literally names them the "Synagogue of Satan." Whereas all Islam has to say about the kikes is that they are "people of the book," there is only one religion on earth that so thoroughly explains away their sadistic psychopathic behavior and outright marks them as the demonic element that they are.

My first real redpill on the jew came when that Mel Gibson movie came out and a jewish woman I knew was kvetching about it. I said "what's wrong it's just a movie," she said "don't you know, every time there were passion plays in Europe how badly we were persecuted afterwards, haven't you heard of the pogroms?" They are obsessed with their hatred for Christianity. There are plenty of white atheists in many European countries right now, you won't find a word of critcism from the jews about their atheistic beliefs.

4d99f8  No.13061996


Christianity is a religion that literally tells its followers to bow down and worship a Jewish Rabbi as their god.

Christianity is blue-pilled and cucked.

883593  No.13062033

I don't care what your religion or philosophy on life is as long as you uphold the 14 words. Bickering over pointless shit when there is a physical war going on for the survival of our people is simply a divide and conquer strategy. That's always what these slide threads are. A reminder for all the newfags that have joined us recently.

000000  No.13062050

Hans, get the helicopter!

883593  No.13062091

File: 42614ff5ccc0868⋯.jpg (317.74 KB, 1150x1150, 1:1, DNA_chart_Eurasians_eur_ru….jpg)


Sure thing (1) and done feign-concern bot.

ebac7d  No.13066649

File: 93b31e1900257dc⋯.jpg (91.72 KB, 960x956, 240:239, 1549487875139.jpg)

It is wrong to slander one of your own people.

50d983  No.13066719


>tells its followers to bow down and worship a Jewish Rabbi as their god.

idoltry is a sin retard

64071a  No.13069449

The /pol/ack's atheism of the scientific and philosophical methods.


The left-wing atheism of the talmud and marx.

Both of these are completely different things aside from sharing atheism in common:

The first is free of any dogma aside from commitment to scientific and philosophical thought, the second forms a cult with central dogmas that they would violate the methods of both science and philosophy for, they claim to "fucking love science", but that only amounts to worshiping the idols of pop-science and treating everything coming out of the (((scientific community))) as gospel, they don't love science, they love liberal politics, and when the two clash, they show their preference.

The first truly disbelieves in pseudoscience and the supernatural, while the second claims to reject these two things, then goes on to espouse belief in blatantly supernaturalist or pseudoscientific claims in line with liberal dogma.

One believes in examining many ideas and perspectives, especially taboo ones, and in debating with those arguing for unpopular opinions, while maintaining adherence to the rules of debate.

the other wants free speech for those they agree with, but not for anyone else, and will tolerate logical fallacies from their side as legitimate argumentation in the event that they do find themselves in a debate with those who disagree with themselves.

one sees christianity as harmless and islam as fucking evil, meanwhile the other seems to see the two as the reverse, but claims that they see them both as the same.

and of course we differ in being 14/88, that is pro-white and anti-jew, but we also differ in other places, such as being pro-trad, anti-LGBT, pro-life, anti-feminism, and other things that go with being /pol/ack, if you are a /pol/ack, then whether you are a christian or pagan, we are your allies, and we want to work with you, we just ask that you do the same.

a lot of us came out of new atheism, it was the values this movement of atheism espoused that drew us in, and it was those values that led us to /pol/ in the first place, though I was frustrated when I found that others only cared about being a part of a movement, the values were just lip-service buzzwords and slogans to them.

This is just three of many things that separate the two from each other, I'm sure you can find so much more examples if you looked.

88a752  No.13070055

File: 590096a04f78377⋯.png (3.22 MB, 2058x1646, 1029:823, what-men-want.png)

We need fewer Ned Flanders Christians and more warrior Christians. Pic related.

bae694  No.13070459

Have you read the bible? Do you understand how slight mis-translations can drastically change the meaning of words? I had hold-ups about Christianity for many years until I found out such errors are proliferated from corrupt churches and bible translations. I mainly distrusted how cucked it seemed. It turned out the bible wasn't cucked, it's the institution that is ruined.

>the meek shall inherit the Earth

>thou shall not kill

Is actually different from our modern English or ignores the context. It's actually meant as thou shall not murder as far as I know it.

>The meek, who are strong, with hand on sword are ready to fight yet wise enough to avoid conflict

Kinda reminiscent of Gandalf telling Frodo about Gollum. In the end Gollum ends his own misery and banished the ring to mount doom.

I didn't have the patience to listen through it all. There were videos on youtube about how the kikes infiltrated the catholic church. This extends to all mainstream churches. I've seen how cucked they are, even Pastor Andersson, the Mormons and Jehovah's witness accept racial mixing, when in the bible the first 5 books of Moses talk about nations of people and genocide and how the Lord blessed a man who piked a race traitor and his woman as the lay together. There are women acting as priests when the bible says that a man shall teach his woman an family and not be taught by a woman, the man can even over ride her words to the Lord if he sees fit, though the Lord will forgive her if her man was incorrect in doing so. Women are emotional, men are logical. There is an absolute corruption of the word, I recommend researching an accurate translation bible and reading it for yourself, don't let me or anyone else like a preacher tell you what's in the book, that's how lies and deception begin, cherry picking verses to suit an agenda. I listen to men who follow both NT and OT, no they aren't jews if they accept Jesus, they should explain these things well enough but I won't shill anyone in particular.

One problem with the prevalence of White atheism are the accompanying suicides, addiction, hedonism, low birth rates and non existent community. The time of atheism will be surpassed by higher birthing religions. Paganism is basically atheism, the only pagans who unironically believe in the stories are spergs, but the typical pagan who isn't larpagan understands the meanings of the stories are lessons. Basically what Varg says.

>sharing what little I know.

There is also the possibility that Jesus was Aryan and not shitskin, since we know that demographics have been shifting negatively on Whites over a long period of time. And there is that part where he btfo's a bunch of satanic kikes in the synagogue. churchianity will never talk about how the Lord loved his warriors. They will never preach to the White man to actually do the Lords word because the whole jew system would be burnt down. But idk fam I just want to help increase understanding among Whites, regardless of faith or lack thereof. Speaking as an agnostic and Pagan for most of my life.

9bfd1d  No.13090744

Trump isn't even going to win Texas.

62d3c6  No.13090876

File: 7cebf1679f8b073⋯.jpg (186.74 KB, 618x618, 1:1, 7cebf1679f8b073f4bb8f068e3….jpg)

5f1cd0  No.13090902


Too bad. You aren't getting either one and instead you get a stinking heap of godly Christian niggers and spics and assorted mudbeard shitskins wearing crosses. They're already a majority of your religion.

2129db  No.13091513


>the eternal kingdom is the only one that matters

This time of shit is why I’m an atheist, because every time Christians Larp as “right-wing” they expose themselves eventually as just turncoat missionaries. Fuck your religion, fuck your pacifism, and fuck you puss

62d3c6  No.13091865


This too. All of this "turn the other cheek and forgive" chickenshit is the reason everyone's such a cuntstain. The time for mercy was over when these filthy rats raped Europe the first time.

9a263c  No.13091878


5c29be  No.13091892

File: b4243370c6ffda7⋯.jpg (126.37 KB, 562x469, 562:469, LUKEWARM CHURCH.jpg)


most christians are lukewarm jew swine, let them burn. It's not true christianity however which is what many people fail to understand.

cdc78a  No.13091945


Atheism doesn't mean moral relativism. The thing that lets you think "everything is a clump of molecules" is itself a clump of molecules that creates the entire experience we get to enjoy.


The only atheists who are anti-christian are jewish atheists and atheists molested by their priests.

551d2a  No.13091970


Far better than lukewarm "National Socialists" who are to scared to meet each other IRL.

62d3c6  No.13091977


>clump of molecules

>not an aetheric flux

Godwads and sciencecunts are both wrong.

5c29be  No.13092009

File: 4a20a32b56a8fcd⋯.png (93.9 KB, 195x189, 65:63, 1554537657434.png)


you make a good point

7069eb  No.13092022

File: 0d6c0362f3c8760⋯.jpg (146.04 KB, 564x847, 564:847, a4862ba503ab6dce2c9aead166….jpg)

Christianity is international in nature, it transcends racial and cultural bounds for a religious identity, therefore I reject it wholeheartedly.

I want those who have faith in our people to populate the next generation, not those appealing to vast delusions. The only faith Europeans should have is the faith in our people, in the triumph of our people.

f6ff43  No.13092032

OP is a soulless faggot who likes letting nigger tonge his anus

5c29be  No.13092321

File: f64ce049605ec73⋯.jpg (498.02 KB, 1583x2048, 1583:2048, e.jpg)


The strategy of our enemy is to mix the races and produce what the Bible calls "bastards". The Hebrew word for bastard is "mamzer" and means a mongrel or half-breed. "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord" Deut. 23:2.


4e82bb  No.13092496


>Atheism has never conquered anything

It’s conquering your religion among the only people who matter (whites)

d61d1b  No.13092514

As I said in the other thread

>Reject the common Godheads

>Decide athiesm is the answer

The Cult of Reason was degenerate. Look to Revolutionary France to see a true Athiestic State. The Cult of the Supreme Being, made in response to it was better and Napoleon should have made it the state religion instead of returning France to Holy Rome.

5c29be  No.13092536



62d3c6  No.13092549

Attributing some form of "self" to God is hubris of the highest order. God has no need to be any one particular being. God is the law and foundation upon which all things are built. God is not some entity, God is every scrap of matter, energy, and everything in between. This is part of why christcucks are just as wrong as the rest of the crowd. Every individual thing is only one facet of the impossibly complex gem that is God.

This doesn't preclude morality either. Consider that if everything is a facet of this "Source", then poisoning/brainwashing/raping/murdering others is fucking heresy, akin to murdering one's own siblings. Kikes are evil and this is why. They reject the All/God/Monas/etc. and instead choose to supplant it with their own selfish ends sourced from their own lack of anything resembling a soul.

d61d1b  No.13092624

File: af91c14253eacf2⋯.jpg (61.45 KB, 177x320, 177:320, amcl164.jpg)

File: 0711f9a3341f43f⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 219x284, 219:284, amcl170.jpg)

File: 6b75feb95b211a1⋯.jpg (13.5 KB, 179x294, 179:294, amcl172.jpg)

File: ea349cec87ec868⋯.jpg (11.43 KB, 248x180, 62:45, amcl173.jpg)

File: d72297a16799317⋯.jpg (85.08 KB, 475x639, 475:639, 475px-Thoout _Thoth_Deux_f….jpg)

There is a solution you guys aren't seeing.

62d3c6  No.13092629


Now you're speaking my language.

d61d1b  No.13092633

File: 7ee4750e8807ace⋯.png (56.19 KB, 1024x1219, 1024:1219, 1024px-Caduceus.svg.png)


Embrace this arcane TRUTH proven by SCIENCE

89721c  No.13092639


yeah, they said the same thing but with communism in the 40s

fuck off and die.

b28266  No.13092773

>oh look, someone made an agreeable thread title

>first thing he does is attack christians

my fuck atheists are retarded and short sighted

admit secularism has done what it has done to people or continue being a fucking idiot

"my ideology is superior" and yet when you give it to masses of people they start larping as toads and 7 year old schoolgirls as their new identity

religion is an inescapable, natural phenomenon to the human experience – people who claim to escape religion themselves do so by creating a new religion

b28266  No.13092840


And just so it does not get misunderstood - I'm not against "right-wing-atheism" or "WN atheists" as if to consider them some enemy of mine politically. They'd be the best of allies if they weren't massive fucking brainlets the moment they start speaking about religions and religious people - incompatible with literally anything that's different.

07e4ee  No.13092923

File: 06f439517e1258f⋯.jpg (922.72 KB, 2159x2832, 2159:2832, e45a455fb2197b9164a0df580a….jpg)

Western Civilization has lost its spirituality, and Christianity has lost the European spiritual foundation upon which it was built. As it spread throughout the Third World during the 20th century, it has become a secular, hollow shield. This diversification of Christianity has caused the death of its soul, which was rooted in the old European pagan religions. Its European ethos has died, replaced by a movement seeking a universal creed of “social justice.” As Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, has become more multicultural and multiracial, it has incorporated the pagan religious beliefs and customs of the various races and nations of the Third World, causing a schism to appear that has resulted in the fractionalization and transformation of Christianity. The result so far, has been the decline of Christianity in Europe and North America. While small militant groups of Europeans and North Americans are returning to a highly traditional variation of Christianity, in an attempt to turn back the march of history toward a time when Christianity was a vibrant and aggressive expression of the will of European man, their numbers are insignificant.

The previous age was one in which the Gods of our ancestors spoke to us through the facade of an alien creed. They existed in a semi-comatose state,because we had adopted a facade between us and them. That facade was the alien creed of Christianity. But now that Christianity is fading, and the old Gods are beginning to yawn awake once more, they are readying themselves to throw off the yoke of the foreign garb of a false identity, and speak to us once more in their true form. Our people have passed through two ages. In the first, they were born but were scattered and separated into different nations, ethnic groups and even civilizations. The Gods of our ancestors soon took on different names and were worshiped in various ways depending on the environment in which they chose to settle. Thus, the old Gods took on many different guises and names. Our ancestors tried to give order to the many different interpretations of their Gods, but eventually the confusion grew worse, until finally, a creed completely alien won out over this confusion of faiths. Because they were weakened and divided, they succumbed to the alien creed. But the Life Force of the Gods that gave birth to our people could not be denied, and soon the alien creed was transformed by the spirit of the old Gods. The Gods that gave birth to us still spoke to us, but instead of speaking to us in a confused matter, through various identities, they now spoke to us through a single, but alien identity. But even this would not last, and that alien creed is now fading away. We are no longer divided into various nations and tribes. Within America, we have come together as one people. Even in Europe, there is a coming together of the many different nations and nationalities of our Folk.A time of unification is dawning and the opportunity for the Gods of our ancestors to speak to us once more in their true form, is upon us. And this time, they will speak with one voice to all our people.

46c9e3  No.13093022


Is there any scientific reason not to extend the orange line just a little to include Ashkenazi Jews? They look like they're in the same clump as the other Europeans in the chart.

Remember, /pol/ is a natsoc board and always will be

True National Socialists are against kikery, not against Jews. They had to fake the Holohoax because Hitler had no plans to kill Jews and in fact acommodated them and wanted to build a state for them. Mouthbreathers screaming "kill the Jews" want your political movement to become unviable by calling others "optics cucks" to handwave away the importance of optics.

46c9e3  No.13093033


>The Jewish religion tells Jews not to racemix

>Thus (((Christianity))) is BASTE and GOOD FOR WHITES

>t. Kaufman Greenberg Sheckelstein


8da246  No.13093045

Probably not. That's like expecting homos to be honest.

0566ec  No.13093054


>I repeat things only jews say

>I am totally not a jew, goyim

>do what jews want you to do now


c731bd  No.13093055


>True National Socialists are against kikery, not against Jews.

LOL what?

d61d1b  No.13093059


"Oy vey, fellow goyim. If you remove the act of kikery, the kikes will surrely be white Aryan overman just like you… I mean us!"

Go glow somewhere else

c731bd  No.13093060


>do what jews want you to do

You mean becoming a christian?

8da246  No.13093079


Go be a shitskin criminal in your own shithole.

7e0141  No.13093090

The calendar is all mainstream churches of any confession care about, and its mostly pagan. Yule and Eostre are the biggest observances and everyone participates. That's the point of paganism, not mere doctrine or belief, but the observance and participation in. You can believe its all nonsense, as long as you join in the festivals and observe the sacrifices. So there's absolutely no reason to throw out all of christianity, because the crux of it is pagan. Clean out the priesthood, get rid of the gangly rabbi, institute Roman or Greek rites, and speak up for your race again. Then the church is in it's rightful place again as the cultus of the White Empire. You can borrow from Vedic sources where Roman or German fail.

0566ec  No.13093098


>not even trying now

Switch IP; you blew that one.

46c9e3  No.13093119


>Jews are always Kikes

(((You))) are subverting true NatSoc ideas

It's Kikery, not Jewish genes, that is the enemy. Mischlingen were treated as German citizens and some were even declared Aryans.


1fff96  No.13093161


>/pol/ is a jesusnigger board


bae694  No.13093195


The third Reich does not hold a monopoly on what policies and ideals are 'true NatSoc'. National Socialism can change to suit a nations needs, each nation having its own particular set of needs in its situation. protecting racial mutts because the Germans protected mischling rights does not mean that must be so for all National Socialist states to come. there should be a concentrated effort put into studying race and maintaining and advancing the original stock to be biologically and culturally stronger, capturing the ideals of European man. If a person inhabiting the country is mishling, yet prominently European in stock and virtue, we should extensively study the long term consequences to that tainted blood and whether or not it has a place to continue on as a formal citizen with full rights. The most expedient issue we face on this topic is the slippery slope of "If there were mischlings, then that means my non-white genes can be washed away over generations, please gibs blonde waifu now please, accept me" There is an easier divide deciding line between those persons who are already basically biological members of that nation and letting them continue as healthy members of the nation of blood, and those persons inhabiting within a nation, who is of non-white stock themselves, and allowing these persons to further miscegenate the nation people surrounding them.

517ddc  No.13093196


Atheism, Paganism, and Christianity all had their purposes for the white race but I believe only the core idea is important. Aryan spirituality, the way of, and the creation of, the overman. Religion serves the unenlightened masses well but if we want to progress beyond that we must create a new code that is strictly built upon the fundamental laws of nature as we understand it.

5c29be  No.13093253


isrealite tribes have nothing to do with modern jews, scyths and other groups have connections with isrealites while jews are the mongrel products of babylon

8da246  No.13093265

Jews didn't come from Babylon.

I keep seeing these white whores with wiggers. We are talking about rich white girls. What the fuck is wrong with their parents? Yet I het called a nigger because I won't turn gay or deal drugs. The fuck is wrong with leftists?

5c29be  No.13093291

File: 9f801ee62b10b10⋯.jpg (86.4 KB, 750x445, 150:89, scythians00.jpg)


early Babylonians were Kazzites. Nebuchadnezzar was a Kazzite from Tyre. The Khazarian Jews wrote the Babylonian Talmud in Babylon.

My research is just beginning as this is a fairly new topic to me but I can provide some more sources.

926348  No.13093299


Atheism is what got us in this mess in the first place. So you can keep your atheism. It won't change anything.

4471d9  No.13093323


>Atheism is what got us in this mess in the first place

You have a VERY funny way of spelling 'jews'

5f1cd0  No.13093364


>snivelling jewish thieves were able to create such glory as Babylon

wtf is wrong with you?

5f1cd0  No.13093368


(((he)))'s a paid shill here to deflect blame from the jews at any cost.

f77f20  No.13093417



I flirted with atheism for a while, and I think I ended up understanding the JQ in both religious and secular/racial terms because of it. Personally, I don't have a problem with pro-White Christians, as long as they don't overly proselytize, and as long as they have friendly relations with White Pagans.

a63d42  No.13093449

File: 1402f6921617682⋯.jpg (75.38 KB, 850x400, 17:8, martin.jpg)


Jesus Christ was a Christian not a Jew. He opposed the Jews who are the multicultural Edomites (Genesis 36:2&3) living in Judea called the Ioudameans. The Jews are the multicultural Hebrews. There are 3 groups of Jews today. 1. The Sephardic Jews from Edom to the south of Israel who lived next to the Arabs (Ishmaelites) in where E-Sau di Arabia is today. 2 The Babylonian Kazzites who are the Ashkenazi Jews from Russia and 3. those who were expelled by Ezra and lived in Damascus. These three groups contributed to the Talmud their own books. 1. The Sephardic Jews put the Kabbalah into the Talmud 2. The Ashkenazi Jews brought the Babylonian Talmud (without Kabbalah) 3. The exiles from Damascus brought the Torah. The Jews are the Edomites - who are the multicultural Jews (Genesis 35:2 & 3) - and say so in their own literature: “Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41. not of Israel or Judah. “ Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew”or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.” Jewish Almanac 1980, p. 3. “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol. 10:23

The Bible records a time when Jesus Christ, God incarnate, was angry. Very angry. After making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem with crowds cheering and palm branches waving, Jesus "went into the temple and began to drive out those who bought and sold in it, saying to them, ‘It is written, "My house is a house of prayer," but you have made it a "den of thieves" ' " (Luke 19:45-46).

5f1cd0  No.13093468



Stopped reading there. Esau was an honorable, self-sufficient man who continued to love his thieving brother even after his inheritance was stolen - and jew lovers like you have the audacity to demonize him? Whatever afterlife you're signed up for, count me out. I don't want to spend eternity with pernicious WE WUZ'ing Christians.

a63d42  No.13093518

File: a500adec473dc02⋯.png (11.29 KB, 372x440, 93:110, 1554535762740.png)


It is a new topic to me, one that I am just beginning to study in. If there is any counteracting evidence I would gladly accept. Ill start first by looking into real genetic evidence.

Scythians bear the haplogroup R1a which arose on the north and east coasts of the Caspian sea. Their closest living relatives are the Iranic people still living there. The second closest are slavic and Iranian people. They probably don't share a similar origin with Jewish people for a very very long time. 20-30,000 years minimum. Palestinians and Arabs are the closest relatives to Jewish people. 

5f1cd0  No.13093538



Read the Bible.

a63d42  No.13093812

File: 1b89b75c81397a5⋯.jpg (40.98 KB, 768x276, 64:23, Slide1-1-e1495770779781.jpg)


35-43% of all Jewish men belong to the J haplogroup and its sub haplogroups. 15 to 30% of all Jewish men belong to E1b1b (E-M35.). The non-Jewish DNA in both groups are generally from southern Europeans, meaning the Greeks.

R1b haplogroup originates from ancient Isreal and is present in many of the Isrealite tribes. Also is present in many northern groups such as Brits, 75% in such a case.

And Isaac his father answered and said unto him, Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above. – Genesis 27:39

06d996  No.13093860



7fe8ee  No.13093864


We must return to our Vedantic Roots. Indra will Fight for us.

a63d42  No.13093866

File: a4761cd972b7179⋯.jpg (85.04 KB, 842x725, 842:725, 1554532027439.jpg)


this x1000000000000000000000000000000000

f034a2  No.13093874


Jesus Christ is Lord, and Christian Identity is the one true faith

7fe8ee  No.13093877


The Rig Veda was written in modern day Russia by Slavic Aryans, some lines from the Rug-Veda.

Hitler did not go far enough into the Aryan Spirit, Evola and Devi explored it further, but now some are going even further.

3.34.9 "He [Indra] gained possession of the Sun and Horses, Indra obtained the Cow who feedeth many. Treasure of gold he won; he smote the Dasyus [mlecchas], and gave protection to the Āryan colour."

1.103.3 "Armed with his bolt and trusting in his prowess he wandered shattering the forts of Dāsas [mlecchas]. Cast thy dart, knowing, Thunderer, at the Dasyu; increase the Ārya's might and glory, Indra."

1.104.2 "These men have come to Indra for assistance: shall he not quickly come upon these pathways? May the Gods quell the fury of the Dāsa, and may they lead our folk to happy fortune."

7fe8ee  No.13093885


7fe8ee  No.13093897


>Jesus Christ is Lord, and Christian Identity is the one true faith

What of His Father?

3be8c8  No.13094633

File: 0abdd9d24de0f49⋯.png (308.73 KB, 1080x1656, 15:23, 0abdd9d24de0f4921cae162e69….png)

File: ee4aa8b455294c9⋯.gif (137.04 KB, 885x808, 885:808, 99338ca8985f657524d36b0861….gif)


They hate every non-Jew. You christards and your persecution complex aren't special. Most Europeans nowadays are non-Christian. That hasn't stopped the kikes, has it? Do you think if every christard just stopped being a christard the Jews would leave us alone? This is why we find you fags at /christian/ so annoying. Go back to your containment board.

Or maybe educate yourself on the history of your Jew religion. The fastest way to drop it is to learn about it. Even after learning the ins and outs of Christian apologetics and learning about Christian doctrine and theology, it still wasn't enough to explain away all the errors and discrepancies. Eventually I just had to leave. It quickly becomes apparent that it's just Jew enslavement for the soul.

3be8c8  No.13094670




The answer lies somewhere along these lines. The Truth shall set us free.

23571a  No.13094683

Resorting to Atheism is a common practice when you naturally feel inclined to reject a foreign religion but you have no way to connect to your previous traditions and costumes. This is much more evident in America than in Europe, of course.


>Jesus Christ was a Christian not a Jew.

Nope, he was a jew.


This is why you don't debate paganism with Americucks, they have zero idea what they are talking about. Remember fags, it's BLOOD AND SOIL. Now fuck off with your gatekeepers.


>Religion is highly correlated with

>>high birthrates

Yes, in Brazil and Congo.

23571a  No.13094690

File: e6ca9a89bf973ea⋯.jpg (138.85 KB, 960x960, 1:1, asdfadsfadsf.jpg)

File: 0cb355338c55785⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 720x445, 144:89, fdsfasdf.jpg)

File: 3e5d8c162538540⋯.jpg (216.21 KB, 1600x1058, 800:529, christendomUnitedEurope.jpg)

23571a  No.13094700


> Indeed Barbero summarizes the scale of jewish influence at Charlemagne's court as follows:

>'Jewish merchants prospered under Charlemagne and even more under Louis the Pious, by supplying the court with wine, spices, and textiles, and they enjoyed wide-ranging privileges. These included the right to be tried only in accordance with their own law, to have Christian employees, and to practice their religion even within the Imperial palace.' (17)

>In other words Charlemagne, and his son Louis the Pious, allowed themselves to be bribed by jewish merchants with luxury goods such as wine, spices and textiles in order to grant the later special rights and privileges (just as had occurred in the Roman Empire of Julius Caesar and Augustus).

>These included effective legal immunity from prosecution (as they would be tried based on halakhah [jewish religious law] which takes an extremely dim view of gentiles [for example non-jewish witnesses don't count for much in it]) (18) not by secular or Church law as well as endangering the faith of the Christian flock by putting jews in positions of direct authority over them where they could force/lure them into Judaising (an old and persistent worry of the Christian clergy). (19) This was in addition to allowing the practice of a religion that regards Jesus Christ as, well, whore-scum in his own palace. (20)

6d656c  No.13094712

File: d4b8eed22c82955⋯.png (686.56 KB, 1000x783, 1000:783, cultural christianity shor….png)

File: 847843b5545aff7⋯.jpg (503.07 KB, 2048x1601, 2048:1601, 88mrgjb6qzfx.jpg)



What exactly is there in Christianity?

What are the core values?

Every conservative christian literally contradicts Jesus and the bible and tries to twist the words of Jesus into the crap he believes in.

What is there to Christianity?

>Love your enemies


>If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.

Try to find Christians who obey this.

If Muslims steal from you give them more.

Truly toxic garbage.

>Sell Everything You Have

You find me 1 christian who did this

>Don't plan for the future

>Matthew 6:25-34

Guidelines for retards, totally wrong.

What exactly are you following as a christian?

Because all that remains are other words like:

>Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send [or bring] peace, but a sword

Nice contradiction to the verses before, however its only 1 verse VS all the pacifist shit from Jesus.

>Luke 14:26

>Hate your mother and father

So what is Christianity actually?

The book is full of suicidal shit that most of Christians ignore this is why their clown circus is empty and void with nothing outside of the empty and meaningless chanting of

>We believe in Jesus

>He is our lord

While totally contradicting his teachings.

Christianity like everything from the axial age is toxic pacifist garbage.

Leftism grew out of christian thinking, leftists are more followers of Christ then the rest of you LARPing christian fags. And what is the main problems leftists have with the bible?

>RRRRReeeee You are not accepting more GAYYYSSSS


Leftists are truly closer to what the bible orders you to do then any christian

Sell everything you have and turn the other cheek at its best, outclass every christian.

33ae48  No.13094744


>cherry picking, the post.

You don’t even mention the violence within the Bible, you saracen

Is that the only talking points they provided you with? Read the whole thing, nigger. Don’t you even act like you know my religion and Savior if you haven’t read the whole book.

b5abf3  No.13094772


While I'm not an atheist, I'll throw you a bone, OP. I do believe leftism to be more the product of ignorance than of atheism. If one thinks things through and actually becomes learned in virtue and philosophy, as well as truly understanding of science (as opposed to the Marxist indoctrination most of us suffer through the pseudo-education we receive), then he will be right-wing. It is only because internet atheists nowadays are only doing it for the sake of being anti-theist, as you have said. They only pretend to be intellectuals when truly they haven't actually read or learned any of the things they claim to know. They only feign knowledge, but are in fact ignorant.

However, it is also the case that communism is inherently atheistic, even though atheism is not inherently communistic (e.g. Nietzsche), so it's understandable to see atheists in that light, since the majority today are leftists, as are the self-professed pagans who aren't truly pagan. I find it to be the case that most people simply accept labels without embracing everything the label entails or going to its logical conclusion. This is true of every group, including christcucks, which is why they cry "not true christian" whenever we point out how degenerare most christians today are, or how pro-Israel they are (which does in fact conform with their scriptures even if they deny it); amusing they don't allow others the same luxury. Often the worst or dumbest members of a group make the whole lot look bad.

6d656c  No.13094781


>You don’t even mention the violence within the Bible

What are you on?

Do you expect me to be a leftist who will scream like a retard




or what?

Because there is literally nothing wrong with wars in the bible or the real world.

> Don’t you even act like you know my religion

I understand the bible better then any christian and this is a simple fact.

So can you answer my question?

>What exactly is there in Christianity?

>What are the core values?

And go you have free rains to educate me or show me what a total idiot I am.

However you posted some nonsense that is not even coherent.

Religiousness must be a form of insanity, mental virus insanity.

You know that burning feeling at the back of your mind? When I say these facts you know are facts? This feeling is your rationality screaming at you that I'm right. And the panic you feel is the christian mind virus trying to stay in you. You are indoctrinated yet you can not provide anything to even say what Christianity is.

Once more:

What exactly is there in Christianity?

What are the core values?

One day you realize to give up this nonsense of calling yourself a christian despite literally ignoring everything in the book of the bible and being damned to burn in hell for your hypocrisy.

Have a bible quote

Matthew 7:21

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

You are the word champions of LARPING even people who literally worship the fictional religion in skyrim are less larping then you because they at least obey their religion not like you.

b5abf3  No.13094822


You have no savior, only a (((master))) who has enslaved you, and you are proud of it. Take a look how, for example, Saul refers to himself as a "slave" of Jesus. This is someone you want to emulate, for whatever reason. That's the saddest part: you've been manipulated into thinking you need "saving" from some fictitious concept called sin. You'd rather psychologically damage every person alive, including yourself and your children if you have any, by telling them they're fallen, defective, having to plead forgiveness to some tyrant Jewish war god

(who can't even overcome iron chariots) for being born broken and having to apologize for even existing because they're "sinful", rather than letting them know that they're descendants from a long line of survivors who have made their share of mistakes and have still emerged from them victorious, and have learned about the world around them and seek to understand more.

Looking at the collection of Jewish fables, it quickly becomes obvious to any honest person that the books therein were not authored or inspired by a superior being, let alone the supreme one.

6d656c  No.13094851


While I agree with the goal I totally disagree with your message and methods.

You seam to spout empty atheist accusations like:

> it quickly becomes obvious to any honest person that the books therein were not authored or inspired by a superior being, let alone the supreme one.

Like what? Exactly?

You throw out this accusation yet you have no argumentation to back it up and it only smells of a appeal to ridicule.

Your obsession over the OT is also strange since the NT is the most important and the NT manages to be a record holder in saying nothing of substance.

And all the commandments and direct orders are ignored by all Christians. Really strange and makes you think.

6d656c  No.13094917

File: 7f016974bdc9b21⋯.jpg (63.28 KB, 394x379, 394:379, sir-oswald-mosley.jpg)


>I'd love for the white race to be the chosen people of some true god(s), but that's just not the case

Why? God/Gods are ancient superstition. God/Gods simply don't exist.

Its tame to face the future, its better this way.

c99112  No.13094929


So let me guess who your heroes are:

(((Sam Harris)))

(((Bill Maher)))

(((Lawrence Krauss)))

(((Christopher Hitchens)))

(((Stephen J. Gould)))

(((Carl Sagan)))


The NSDAP didn't tolerate (((Atheism))), and we won't either.



c99112  No.13094955


Very few Christians ever say this.

Atheists and Pagans project this 'victim status-seeking' onto others when they are the greatest perpetrators.

Kind of like Jews, really.

And I am more than happy to work with Pro-White Pagans, as are nearly all Christians I've ever known.


6d656c  No.13095033

File: 1e42d4ef9c6b263⋯.png (142.35 KB, 438x439, 438:439, The-descent-into-atheism.png)

File: e245c7ad573585e⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 345345345345.png)

File: d6cb140e9670de1⋯.png (171.74 KB, 500x522, 250:261, do-you-drink-water-so-did-….png)



You keep using this word yet do you really think anyone you are talking to actually says he is an "Atheist"?

Atheism like Deism and Pantheism are only transitional periods of an infantile and childish mind.


By the definition of Atheist themselves most of them are kooks idiots and all sorts of morons with nothing.

You need a little more to be considered in my ranks you need a realistic way to accept reality, a character and knowledge.

This isn't your atheist club or christian club where you need to say a formula that magically makes you an Christian or and Atheist.

No to join the priesthood. You need to learn from a Priest and be selected by him to be made into a Priest.

However unlike university degrees Priestly titles are not given out like candy.

I'm not opposing temples I actually say we need to build temples to preach to the layman and show them the wisdom of the Priestly class the Emeroldians.

Temples and Priests yet only reality, no fiction and nonsense.

For example you seam to obsess that I don't believe in one of your specific superstitions.

And you roll in your inability to think in other areas, this is why you actually need to have a title that shows you are even capable of thinking let me demonstrate.

>So let me guess who your heroes are

And you are self ridiculing yourself.

You know what these JEWS also say? That drinking water is good for you. WOW You better stop drinking this water don't fall for this jewish trick.

You have 2 options here literally do the opposite of what jews are telling you (something someone realizes is stupid because anyone with intelligence will start using reverse psychology at this point) or realize that the world is more complex then what your simplistic childish nonsense tells you.

Daily reminder that you are the mirror equivalent of the idiot who says

>Hitler did X stop doing X or you are literally Hitter

6d656c  No.13095080


>I don't believe in god, but I go to church every sunday and tell my kids god is real. Quit being a faggot. Christian values are what built the west.

>I don't believe in god,


>, but I go to church every sunday


>and tell my kids god is real.

Why do you lie to your children? Are you obsessed with lies? Do you want to lie?

Its funny is it not. One side has the truth and reality and facts and the other is full of lies.

>Christian values are what built the west.

Name 3 without directly contradicting the bible and Jesus.

Its impossible.

This is what should be preached in temples not some stupid songs to Odin or Jesus or whatever. The ability to think, to better one self I give you this teaching for free.

This reminds me of a bible quote:


>You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Ironic is it not?

360991  No.13095100


The History of the creation of Control:

1. Ownership - Guy has an apple, another wants it. Violence happens.

2. Leadership - I'm your boss, gimme that apple. Violence happens.

3. Law - The law says you have to give me that apple. Violence happens.

4. Law Enforcement - Gimme that apple because it's the law, otherwise that guy is going to kick your ass. Violence happens.

Intermission…Mankind has to overcome violence, otherwise the benefits of control and the repercussions of violent response doesn't add up. We have to make them BELIEVE that what we're doing must not have to be answered with violence.

5. Religion - So the deity speaketh "share the apples freely, become a better man and get as many imaginary things as you want" Amen.

In short…all abrahamic religions are population control. They created the laws of men, which are manipulative lies to control the human race. The only fundamental truth is the law of nature, and they are masquerading them. The few control the many.

33ae48  No.13095162


>I know I speak facts because I say so


33ae48  No.13095170


Jesus died on a cross to forgive me for not being like him you retard. Christianity is about accepting this.

6d656c  No.13095187

File: 9a8a8f4eff8427d⋯.jpg (61.29 KB, 189x248, 189:248, waN6kB6l3L28fKLlPcsVCrytMP….jpg)


I find your lack of consistency and facts disturbing.

I recommend you watch a documentary about African villages


Things to get out of this its basically a scam to control the village by the elders.

Its like the wizard of OZ meats Santa clause.

>The spirits build this bridge mkey

>This proves them mkey

>Now we the elder will inspect this bridge mkey

>Now the spirits will rebuild it mkey

>only all of you plebs must stay in your houses and not look because you will die if the spirits work mkey

>Oh and we will be out there with the spirits mkey

>only all of you plebs must stay in your houses and not look because you will die if the spirits work mkey

Literally don't mind the man behind the curtain.


>Me putting on this mask and doing some lame dance or walking on rooftops 100% proves I'm channeling the spirits mkey

For more direct control see Mambo Jambo

>Mumbo Jumbo: A strange bugbear employed by the Pagan Mandingos for the purpose of keeping their women in subjection. Polygamy being allowed among these people, every man marries as many wives as he can conveniently maintain; and the consequence is, that family quarrels sometimes rise to such a height, that the husband's authority is not sufficient to restore peace among the ladies. On these occasions, the interposition of Mumbo Jumbo is called in; and it is always decisive. This strange minister of justice, who is either the husband himself, or some person instructed by him, disguised in a sort of masquerade habit, made of the bark of trees, and armed with the rod of public authority, announces his coming by loud and dismal screams in the woods near the town. He begins his pantomime at the approach of night; and as soon as it is dark, he enters the town, and proceeds to the Bentung or market-place, at which all the inhabitants immediately assemble…..the ceremony commences with songs and dances, which continue till midnight, about which time Mumbo fixes on the offender. This unfortunate victim being thereupon immediately seized, is stripped naked, tied to a post, and severely scourged with Mumbo's rod, amidst the shouts and derision of the whole assembly; and it is remarkable, that the rest of the women are the loudest in their exclamations on this occasion against their unhappy sister. Daylight puts an end to this indecent and unmanly revel….That the women are deluded seems evident; for Mr. Park assures us, that the dress of Mumbo is suffered to hang from a tree at the entrance of each town; which would hardly be the case if the women were not persuaded that it is the dress of some supernatural being.


Social scam to keep woman in place.

Christianity on the other hand was a simple scam to take money sell all you have and give was a instruction to give to the church. Something that is crystal clear in the story of "Ananias and Sapphira" if you don't give all the money to the church you will magically die(in reality the cult leaders killed them and told everyone it was god magic).

This is why the bible is so obsessed with you selling all you have and not thinking about the future. And then thinking that god will magically give you food out of nowhere.

Christianity was a extremely self destructive money grabbing scam and you can read all of it in acts. Then a Roman emperor made it illegal not to be a christian and the self destructive scam of Christianity was transformed into a more sustainable way of permanent money extraction.

You are literally worshiping and thinking a money grabbing scam turned sustainable scam of a government created and forced religion is real.

6d656c  No.13095195

File: 24a2447e59fa9ff⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 343x400, 343:400, 873858883.jpg)


Hey how about instead of shitposting at me, you present the best case for Christianity?

Pleas tell everyone:

What exactly is there in Christianity?

What are the core values?

Present them plz.

Everyone is waiting.

6d656c  No.13095286

File: 7712356843ba9be⋯.png (167.4 KB, 556x553, 556:553, mental gimnasticks world c….png)

File: 331c81150066cee⋯.jpg (94.14 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 39891-HolyBible-Bible-read….jpg)


>"slap me harder on the other cheek because I'm a little bitch and suffering is good for you."

Are the direct teachings of Jesus.

Or do you have some super magical Bible that does not have these passages?

You see how self disproving you people are? The bible is your greatest enemy and yet you must worship it every moment.

How are these people " absolutely hypocritical" where did Jesus say to defend yourself? Can you give me bible passages?

Jesus even instructed Peter not to defend Jesus.


>Jesus commanded Peter, "Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?"

You are in the wrong here, pacifists are true Christians or want to interpret these passages in your theology?

>Love your enemies


>If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.

You understand how self disproving you *warrior Christians* are?

6d656c  No.13095334

File: ca3b0b980c10e75⋯.png (24.93 KB, 391x306, 23:18, nC6lsBa.png)


>shut up gaytheist

Are you LARPING a retarded christian or are all of you walking self parodies? Because i did not make the post you did.

360991  No.13095363


Are you sure you wanted to address me with this post, because all your examples reaffirm what I said? It's the very same principle of the few who control the many.

>You are literally worshiping and thinking a money grabbing scam turned sustainable scam of a government created and forced religion is real.

What I wrote disproves religion.

d15fd6  No.13095387


lmao what a cuck, christcuck really is a fitting name after all

e9e871  No.13095406


Christians are not smart enough to understand this

e9e871  No.13095411

File: 4c452237f7b7067⋯.jpg (110.93 KB, 488x652, 122:163, christin.jpg)


>christianity isn't subversive

9b895a  No.13095430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6d656c  No.13095446


>What I wrote disproves religion.

Sorry I was talking to the Christians not you exactly.

>Are you sure you wanted to address me with this post


>because all your examples reaffirm what I said


Only there is a difference between you simply saying something is a scam or used for control without evidence (this is bad and makes our side look bad) or even not hinting about what you are talking about.

And me showing how other religions function (tribal religions) and then showing how even the bible indicates that Christianity was a money grabbing scam from the start(this is a good thing).I mean they refined it later with indulgences however the idea was for the scam artists to get all your money while keeping the plebs in ignorance and misery with stories of how evil and sinful they are and how they must repent and give money to the church.

I mean the bible makes little to no sense after all.

I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what even is

What exactly is there in Christianity?

What are the core values?

I mean its a simple thing to do only everything these Christians believe contradicts Jesus and the bible.

Yet they can not.

This speaks volumes how trash and stupid the NT is.

6d656c  No.13095483


Thank you for this.

It really sums up the state we so often find ourselves in.

I laughed so hard with the power rangers sword used there.

d15fd6  No.13095508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


what about what he said was untrue? that's literally the way they think. of course, i don't think he's going to convince anyone like that (i used to be a christcuck myself, so i understand their mentality), but he was right about everything he said.

>like what?

that's the issue, it's too much to rehash all at once, and that becomes a problem. christcucks are very much indoctrinated and emotionally invested in their beliefs, and they'll find any excuse to cling to their delusion. any apologetic excuse or rationalization will do, no matter how far-fetched, as long as they can keep believing what they want. it doesn't matter that their books aren't historically or scientifically accurate, they'll just find a way to interpret them so that they're still passable.

>the NT is more important

while it's true most of their doctrine is derived from there, you can't separate it from its roots and its source material. the NT stands or falls with the OT. if the OT is false, so is the NT.

some of the things that made me realize it was all a load of bullshit are how the OT is mostly written long after the events took place, with most of the events recorded being either fabricated or stolen from other pagan myths. my awakening developed further from there. then it became obvious that the NT was fabricated nonsense (e.g. all of the later additions and interpolations, such as the story of the adultress that jesus saved from being stoned, or the story of jesus saying "father forgive them", among others). additionally, nothing in the bible has any scientific value whatsoever, and much of it contradicts science directly (e.g. ecclesiastes 1:5 says the sun revolves around the earth). it's all a matter of research. i could provide links, but they'd probably just be dismissed anyway. here's one vid i find especially interesting, especially given this audience.



this, 100%.

9b895a  No.13095530


me two bro

360991  No.13095545


Well, it's child's play at this point to deconstruct religion. Problem is the believers don't listen. Same with communism and all the other indoctrination. The question is…how to sell the laws of nature?

33ae48  No.13095567


Ok, CIA-kun

The difference between Christianity and Atheism is one accepts Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive their sins and the other does not.

bae694  No.13095574

I'm reading the KJV for myself, not knowing what the book was about, I was pleased to find it ran contrary to mainstream churches, including the Mormons, JW's, and orthodox. What I'm finding is what we can call 'Churchianity' and the bibles different translations share a complex relationship where Alexandrian perversions have meddled with the word to suit their jew corrupted agendas. I researched the alternative churches in my area, who you would expect to be 'le based deus-vulters', only to find they have likely been subverted or forced to stop preaching what's told in the bible in its entirety. These priests have to go to a seminary college and be taught what to teach it's flock. This opens the word of the bible to be twisted for agendas, since most men do not read the bible free of Alexandrian perversions on their own, without outside jew institutions telling them the meaning, or outright discouraging reading and self interpreting because they know how much violence against the jews would erupt if men took the book seriously. Yet still I have not found a mainstream church, alternate denomination or even renegades on the internet who talk about the meaning of the 'nations' and 'seed' and all the genocide that occurs and why God seems to actively support this racist ethnic conflict when a nation has shown itself valuable and righteous to God. God ethnically cleanses entire swaths of land for the sons/nation of Israel, look him up. These weaklings who call themselves Christians deny the OT, and cherry-pick the cucked parts from verses jumping across the bible to suit their jew subversives agenda. As I mentioned the translations and changing language meanings over time have altered the meaning of the original word. In my best broken knowledge so far, the division between the NT and OT is merely a single blank page, the word of God does not change, God's mind doesn't change over time. I have yet to find an uncucked Christian institution, though I haven't looked into Christian identity as of yet. Men ought to read the bible on their own and teach their women and children. I would like to finish by stressing that churchianity is a perversion of the word of God and many "Chirstians" think they can show up at church and get good with Jesus 1 day/week while being a hedonists and playing into the hands of the jew the other 6 out of 7 days of the week. They've never read the bible or have mental gymnast'd themselves in to thinking the NT cancels the OT while cherry-picking verses to please their jew masters.

ca33dd  No.13095602


i believe you have to be somewhat religious to be a white nationalist. only an act of god can revive the global european population which is sinking 25% per generation currently. a divine intellectual retribution for the destruction of the axis powers is also very fucking apparent to me.

christianity is was a subversive greek cult used to dismantle the roman empire in their favor. than it was an ideological weapon against 'heathens' of northern europe like my ancestors. those are it's actual roots sans belief in it's godliness or morals.

6d656c  No.13095617

File: 1d4ab52cc4dd971⋯.jpg (112.37 KB, 800x433, 800:433, 2013_010.jpg)


>i don't think he's going to convince anyone like that

I know no one ever converts after some words.

However these facts give them mental distress.

And they know they are facts because of what they feel if I did say things that are not true they can laugh them off and simply quote bible verses to prove me wrong.

Yet they can not.

I hope one day they realize and admit that truth is more important then their fanboyism for some religion because this is what it is fanboyism.

One day they look and think and remember people telling them all these things they know are true and finally realize the mental virus of Christianity is only them being stupid fanboys.

>no matter how far-fetched,

I want to know other peoples feedback. I know they need entire branches of spin doctors to make their folklore beliefs plausible using out of context or plain stupid idiocies to try to make the bible not directly contradict them.

However as someone who was one of these Christians do you think all of them feel discomfort and on some level understand

"All of this apologetic is total bullshit"

>if the OT is false

FALSE! the NT makes shit loads of the OT non-canon. Especially the laws concerning, actually practically all of the laws.

I wish they make a version of the bible where all the non-canon trash is simply crossed out with a side note "made non-canon later" you be surprised how much of the OT is made obsolete.

You know all the books about animal sacrifice and the super specific rules of what to eat or what clothing you can have.

I mean for starters Christians are instructed that the sabbath is no longer to be observers.

There is little to the OT at all the NT really does not require the OT. I mean there are no prophecies in the OT and the "prophecies" are literally on the level of me saying

Behold I'm BOB the GOD-man and me walking into this city is the fulfillment of the prophecies talked about by the prophets like you all know it was told

>For we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard!

And everyone knows its total bullshit because this is not even a prophecy or anything. And its so vapid and empty.

Its a shit show with Christians.

I once more give the invitation to all Christians tell everyone:

What exactly is there in Christianity?

What are the core values?

This is a open challenge and they fail on this fundamental task because they don't know, the bible directly opposes them and their joke of a practice is only them singing songs or saying phrases. The Christians have no idea what they even are supposed to do.

Only empty songs and slogan saying about

>Jesus is my lord, Jesus is my lord

So what about it? What did he say you must do?

Its a hollow and empty experience devoid of any meaning.

0566ec  No.13095628


>20 days ago

d15fd6  No.13095643


i would at least agree that it's not too difficult to deconstruct the abrahamic ones, as long as you're looking honestly. you are right, believers just don't listen. ever tried arguing with a muslim? the quran and the hadith are even worse than the bible and they still don't care. the christcucks that infest our movement are the problem, though. they don't care that they worship a jew or that their religion is jewish, they just say jesus tossed some merchants out of the (jewish) temple and called jews that didn't believe he was the messiah (since he didn't do any of the stuff the messiah was supposed to do) the "synagogue of satan" (basically jewish in-fighting), then everything is all hunky-dory, suddenly christianity is an "aryan religion!!" that will "save the white race!!" and "calls out the kikes!!" when it was literally founded by kikes and everything about it is jewish, all of jesus's followers were jews, jesus said he came only for the "children of israel" and calls gentiles dogs, etc. none of that matters as long as they can believe what they want, they'll just continue to read whatever they want into the bible.

bart ehrman is a good place to start with this, for anyone curious. former christian who's now agnostic from studying the new testament, probably one of the leading experts on it today.


that's because the other doesn't even believe sin exists, that's just something you assume is true without proof or backing.

>inb4 you equivocate immorality with sin

that's not all it entails, there are things that were called sin in the bible that weren't immoral at all, things that christians don't even practice anymore.

360991  No.13095648


What if I'm an Inuit and never heard of Christianity? What gives you the right to call me an atheist, an unbeliever? Who taught you to attack people who don't care for what's going on in your head? Is a Buddhist or a Muslim an atheist, because they don't believe in Christianity? If not, then that means that you are somehow extremely judgemental against anyone who doesn't follow your doctrine or any other. So you believe in religious superiority? Are you a religious supremacist? I thought religions are about peace and morality and community…sounds more like aggressive, invasive indoctrination that targets anyone who is different.

9e8ef8  No.13095653


It's actually Nationalistic. Yes, that means racist to the Left.

It's antidysgenic. It opposes homosexuality, and sex is for procreation.

It's profamily, which ties into the Nationalist portion.

It's antiPharisee, which means antiJew.

It's directly opposed to Democracy. Divine Right means everything.

It's proCharity, which means we don't outcast fellow Europeans, even if they are heretics.

bae694  No.13095663


sage for double post

God loses favour with a nation when they abandon God, I don't know yet about the seed of Israel, but for other nations, God favours them and destroys them if they turn on him. I'm not a well researched reader of the word, but I don't see how God maintains favour with these nations if they rejected Jesus and thus God and became satanic jews. Greater Israel fell when they lost their conviction to God, and the dark hordes overcame them in their lands, replacing the nation folk(sounds like Europe). Why should God recognize the jews who act like….jews. And the return of Greater Israel today seems like a perversion, where the jews jewed other nations to do their dirty work, but back in the days of Moses, God himself gave victory to the sons of Israel who would fight for themselves in war and cleanse the lands for them. Jews are kikes, people calling Jesus a jew and an arab is ridiculous.

f3a00c  No.13095668


interesting conversation, this is my approach essentially, my dad was a contractor so we moved all over the world and the us when i was growing up, went to a lot of different churches, the vast majority of them conflicted each other in their interpretation of the scripture…and don't get me wrong, i understand that the scripture is meant to be able to be interpreted in different ways in order to draw the most from it, many things can be learned from the same story, they operate on many levels all at once…but they shouldn't conflict and that's what i was seeing happening….i was also an adrenaline junky growing up and had a lot of close calls,where by all rights i should have been dead, i don't know, i've just seen god in my life on a lot of different levels, so i ended up rejecting religion, not god, i have basically developed my own personal relationship with god and the bible,we have our own understanding and i find it works.

…and if you think about it, for most people this was probably how things were for them, things used to be sparse and remote, a very large portion of people would only go to population centers where churches were built maybe once a season, going to town was a big freaking deal for a large portion of human history, most people had to develop their own personal relationship with god because of this, the bible itself speaks of knowing god on a personal level…but at the same time you do need to attend church on occasion, just to check yourself and gain another perspective and maybe some insight on the scripture….there most certainly is a point where you need to talk to other people of your faith…but ultimately we are all human and we are all fallible, we all suffer from the same sin and can, will and do fail in the same ways, many pastors and church goers become far to arrogant and vain in their perspective and interpretation…i've literally had pastors tell me it is better to die to an attacker than to fight back and defend yourself as an example….that they close their minds off to any other possible meaning to the story being told….anyways, churches have a purpose but they should be treated as basically a comments section, listen to reason and logic but reject the ridiculous stuff like prostrating yourself to an assailant.

6d656c  No.13095677

File: b9357dedae80933⋯.jpg (81.37 KB, 540x720, 3:4, hollow.jpg)


Empty and void words.

So what is expected of you in the world?

Try answering this, you did repeat a meaningless collection of words your pastors tell you.

Empty and hollow.

Also you have no idea about anything

>The difference between Christianity and Atheism is one accepts Jesus Christ

WRONG! Unless you want to define literally anyone who disbelieves in Christianity to be an Atheist.

So are Muslims Atheists?

<insert your answer here>

> one accepts Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive their sins and the other does not.

Muslims don't accept this so are they Atheists?

You painted yourself into a corner however you can twist yourself into a pretzel by to try to redefine words and get out of this.

Or you accept you did say bullshit because this is not how anyone defines Atheism.

PS: Why are you obsessed with Atheists? I know they are your best friends and validate your superstition however try being less obsessed with christianities best friend atheism.

I'm no Atheist and the realization can blow your mind.

However you can think of me in this way since for the uninitiated it looks this way, try igtheism however I'm far beyond that.

360991  No.13095699

File: 241bd976f481c4e⋯.jpg (80.91 KB, 500x437, 500:437, optimism.jpg)


>I'm hoping happens by mid-week

1d7a77  No.13095703

I want a god that can do lines of coke, shots of tequila and standup comedy while tearing the heads off random annoying people.

33ae48  No.13095704


If you are an inuit, you aren’t white

Races who adopt Christianity are races the white man has conquered

6d656c  No.13095710



You are starting to get it.

To paint it plainly Atheists must accept that theism is a valid concept.

Atheists by accepting that theism is even a valid concept still operate within a christian created framework.

Atheists in this regard are no different from this:

>You christian are theists this is bullshit I will be an Atheist (NOT-theist)! AHAHAHAHAHA Check out my Atheism!

Analogs to

>You Christians worship Jesus and Hate Satan? I will be an Satanist and worship SATAN! AHAHAHAHAHA Check out my Satan worship!

For more info you can look into real life Satanism its basically is Atheism only with Satan worship and screaming "HAIL Satan" for no reason whatsoever. Like Satanists operate in the framework of Christianity so do Atheists by accepting the framework of theism.

No one would know the word or concept of Atheism if Christians did not spam it all over the place with their self contradictory concept of theism.

The truth is there is no theism you are only morons who sit in the corner and talk bullshit like some brain damaged idiot. From a realistic perspective you are simply stupid. This is realism.

All the other crap like Liberal Christianity(I can do whatever and I still get to go to heaven) and Pantheism and Deism(there is some creator thing somewhere however we don't worship it) are only detox steps of people who don't want to let go of the social inertia they where born into.

So is Atheism.

33ae48  No.13095718


>Liberal Christianity

>when the Bible explicitly tells a story about a criminal on a cross next to Jesus going to Heaven

Read a book, nigger

360991  No.13095734


So only whites can be atheists, because Christianity is based on the "white"race, even when it came out of judaism, which is a little bit of absolutely everything? Meanwhile Muslims don't give a shit about racial barriers and call everyone an infidel, while islam also originated out of judaism. And finally we have judaism itself, calling everyone a goy, which has nothing to do with either race or religion, but is instead based on the "jewish" bloodline. Totally makes sense…in clown world.

d15fd6  No.13095737


i'd still have to disagree on the old testament; while the new testament does claim to "abrogate" a lot of the teachings in the old (in order to be more appealing to non-jews), the new testament quotes numerous times from the old, in an authoritative sense. supposed messianic prophecy, for example, is often quoted in the gospels (although it's obvious most of that is fabricated after the fact, such as the virgin birth, since the hebrew word in isaiah doesn't necessitate virginity; the reason the NT authors made up the virgin birth was because they were reading from the septuagint, which mistranslated the word as "virgin"). many doctrines such as the concept of sin and the need for a messiah all come from the various interpretations of the old testament.

christcucks view the bible as one whole work. they determine their interpretations through speculation and formulating wild ideas by shifting from literal readings to metaphorical ones and back with no apparent reason. one verse in one book can be taken to refer to a whole other topic than the rest of the chapter just because it looks similar to something in another book. so what something in a book actually says is seldom what it really means, since they connect the dots between discordant verses in unrelated books by different authors separated by decades or sometimes centures talking about different things that aren't actually connected, but for some reason christians think it's all somehow intentionally orchestrated, and any evidence to the contrary is just dismissed.

also worth pointing out that there are books that no longer exist or that aren't considered canonical that are quoted in the NT.


you need to demonstrate the truth of your religion or the validity of your god before you can make any of these claims, you can't just assume they're true and expect us to buy them too.

d15fd6  No.13095768


>it's nationalistic

nope, it isn't. not even close.

<every people, tribe, tongue, and nation

it doesn't discriminate. that was the point, it's about subversion.


nope, also wrong. nowhere is this taught.

>opposes homosexuality, sex is for procreation

this one is true, at least. the only thing christians get right is sexuality.


sort of, they had their disagreements. but jesus still said to obey their teachings (matthew 23:1-3), just that he called them hypocrites because they didn't practice what they preached.


wrong, it is entirely jewish, every founding member was a jew, it's based on judaism.


this one is also true in a sense, although you're wrong about the "don't outcast fellow europeans, even if they are heretics", since that's exactly what they did once they gained political power, as all abrahamic religions do once they get any form of power. they forcefully converted them, destroyed their holy sights, and slaughtered all their priests and the ones that didn't want to convert. that's the only reason christianity even exists today, because of constantine.

6d656c  No.13095771

File: 111ad512774513c⋯.jpg (84.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>It's antidysgenic. It opposes homosexuality, and sex is for procreation.

See: >>13094712

And what is the main problems leftists have with the bible?

>RRRRReeeee You are not accepting more GAYYYSSSS


I'm not going to debate the lefts obsession with gay worship and them saying you don't worship gays therefore there is no god.

The rest are empty words, don't you feel the deafening emptiness of your faith? I mean the emptiness must be crushing. You posted vapid words who mean little to nothing once you step in the realm of some attempt at some requirements you contradict Jesus and the Bible.

>It's actually Nationalistic

Name a NT passage talking about this (want to play the comedy routine of trying to quote the OT with the requirements of JEWS having a nation? And you having this in your bible? Because it says JEWS are the chosen people and the JEWISH nation is chosen, not nationalism of all people only JEW supremacy).

>It's profamily,

Name anything in the NT or Jesus saying its pro family. I leave these quotes for you here:


>"If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.


>For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law

>a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.'

Family values everyone.

>It's proCharity, which means we don't outcast fellow Europeans, even if they are heretics.

You realize you literally confirmed you need to be a cuck to be a christian?

What idiot will not cast away a traitor?

> we don't outcast fellow Europeans,


>Oh yes look at this leftists we can not throw him out of this country

You realize what this means? So do you in your day to day life obey this and support all your white leftists?

What you did say is suicidal.

>and sex is for procreation.

Meanwhile in the bible


>Here is my advice for people who have never been married and for widows. You should stay single, just as I am. 9 But if you don’t have enough self-control, then go ahead and get married. After all, it is better to marry than to burn with desire

Translation marriage is only for these filthy sinners not for great Christians who are above procreation.

Family values! Sanctity of marriage! Everyone!

Only virgins are great sex is filthy.

bae694  No.13095773


yes, as someone who is reading the word and feels touched by it, I can not yet reconcile what happened to your ancestors and Europe at large. My ancestors are the same as yours, and I find it troubling. If the word of God was truly followed then we would have seen the Nordics who took up Christianity would have practiced as the word told them to, yet they didn't, they largely held on to paganism in the background, like the Romans, and were ethnically replaced by non-white nations in the South-East, while the Baltics were genocided by Charlemagne and suffered demographically as they were ethnically displaced further and further into the North-West corner. I wouldn't guess Christendom was a Greek cult, not in the slightest, though the Greeks didn't seem to translate it most accurately, we can find translations direct to English from the original books and they are quite similar to the KJV. Christianity is to follow the whole bible and accept Jesus, little to do with Greeks in origin, and if it was designed to destroy the Romans by the Greeks, why then did the Greeks, with the full word of God in their knowledge, seek to destroy a nation much the same as theirs while accepting Christianity themselves? No one seems to talk about the word of the 'nation' within the bible seriously, if they had then we wouldn't see christian nations cucking and ethnically replacing themselves. The books of Moses are about racial extermination, genocide and following God to preserve your race and its land. So why were the Greek and Roman Christians fucking their slaves and ruining their nations? They obviously didn't have this knowledge, thus why I have critically looked at the churches and found them entirely lacking of the word of God in a serious way. I have a lot of questions, Anon, but I feel like the only person talking about the racial aspects of the bible.

d15fd6  No.13095775


whoops, meant "antidysgenic" there, not dysgenic.

360991  No.13095780



That term is a loaded trap. It is based on the natural trait superstition, which means believing in something you can't explain. The controllers behind religion use it as a roadblock to prevent followers from looking behind the curtain, by telling them that it's the ultimate answer. That's why every argument with a believer will end with "you have to believe". Under the laws of nature on the other hand superstition is not the answer, it's the beginning of a question, because superstition leads to curiosity, which leads to knowledge.

>screaming "HAIL Satan" for no reason whatsoever

There is a reason. The actions of atheists is based on the indoctrination of abrahamic religions. You cannot have billions of believers following a doctrine for many thousand years, without passing the indoctrination around. Atheists fall for the same kind of symbolism and false idol worshiping, but instead of following a known doctrine, they think they can rebel against these doctrines by seeking outside stimuli. Thereby running headlong into materialism aka capitalism, which has all the idolatry one can think of. And this kind of religion is even more destructive, because it's 100% hedonism.

bae694  No.13095839


>Forsake not the gathering of people.

I know but we shouldn't want to be surrounded by other nations of people when God seems to want individual nations to exterminate non believer nations, that we should pray for victory because of the wickedness of our opponents.

>Believe this and go to church and sit in room with non-whites as the deceiver preacher sings about hippy jesus and how we all just need to be more accepting of the way things are changing

>preacher is a woman

>Unironic den of enemies deceiving your fellow White man away from the word of God

6d656c  No.13095843

File: 1c136a3229fe8e2⋯.jpg (56.34 KB, 806x640, 403:320, infierno-wallpaper-4k-3d-h….jpg)


Fun fact hell is basically not in the bible.

All of the hell crap was invented later as a better way to control people.

I mean Jesus screamed at everyone left and right



There is no talk of some afterlife with torture only meaningless words about some kingdom of god whatever the fuck this is supposed to mean.

I mean its so devoid of any meaning, I'm surprised that Christians don't collapse from the crushing emptiness of their faith and the empty book who has nothing in it.

once you understand the bible you see what a peace of shit it is. no explanation of hell no explanation of anything only stupid one liners and confusion.

And yes understand not read the difference is this

>Hallelujah! I'm reading the words in the bible yet I don't understand what they mean! Its a miracle brothers and sisters Hallelujah!

Or reading to many only English and not knowing what the book is even about to many thoustsestes and himstheth.

Shit videos however they point out the problem of not having practically nothing about hell in the bible.


bae694  No.13095881


>(it's nationalistic)

>nope, it isn't. not even close.

see my other posts, I've been talking about the books of Moses, it is non stop nationalistic the whole way through. Try to not confuse jew corrupted churchianity with what the bible says. It's right there in the first five books. And it's due, as far as I can tell, to the Alexandrian mis-translations and jew corrupted churches that the focus is shifted away from such subjects. Most "Christians" today have been taught under such deception to forsake the OT, even though Jesus was fulfilling the OT, and God does not say something and then decide you can ignore what he said earlier. There is no new covenant that replaces a previous covenant. Christians believe the whole bible and accept Jesus.

6d656c  No.13095934

File: a44926e48398966⋯.jpg (82.04 KB, 1024x803, 1024:803, JAM7cJF.jpg)


>That term is a loaded trap.

Theism is simply nonsense the idea itself is corrupt.

I see you don't understand what I'm saying and this is not surprising its like talking to a Satanists who is surprised after I tell him to simply stop screaming


Every word or so.

And then you start the debate where the satanist simply will not get it.

>Sure I'm a satanist I don't worship gods

What makes you think this is the definition of the word satanist?

Satan is a figure from christian mythology

>OH My now look Satanism akwhualy means the rejection of god clams

No it doesn't its a christian concept and documentation proves this.

Stop screaming HAIL SATAN ok.

>But I'm a satanist how can I not believe in god without screaming HAIL SATAN ?

These concepts are extremely linked there are only a handful of satanist now the smart ones realized screaming HAIL SATAN is simply stupid and simply name themselves Atheists.

However they are still trapped in the cultural Christianity theism and atheism are concepts christian theologians invented.

Saying you are an Atheists makes as much senses saying you are a satanist. And some of these atheists start to kind of get it with words like "in a sane world no one would say they are atheists because there are no god propositions so atheism would be the default"

Look into igtheism however igtheism still must consider that theism is a valid concept it is not. its Literally the next step.

Natural /super natural are invalid concepts there is no natural or super natural.

Gods are invalid concepts, what is a god? Exactly?

Religion is a false concept unless you want to redefine it to be any believe where the practitioners act crazy and believe in nonsense for no reason whatsoever.

6d656c  No.13095941


>it's nationalistic

See: >>13095771

>It's actually Nationalistic

Name a NT passage talking about this (want to play the comedy routine of trying to quote the OT with the requirements of JEWS having a nation? And you having this in your bible? Because it says JEWS are the chosen people and the JEWISH nation is chosen, not nationalism of all people only JEW supremacy).

Try engaging with me.

d15fd6  No.13095974


so the stuff about jews forming israel and being set apart from other nations in the old testament is applicable to christians somehow?

how do you explain all of the abrogation in the new testament then? do you still refrain from eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics, or from working on the sabbath? so how come it says in the new testament that those practices are non-applicable to christians? and why do most christcucks today not do the things in the old testament, and try to explain them away whenever someone points them out? why does galatians say there is no jew or greek (which is to say, racial identity doesn't matter; "greek" at the time meant any non-jew)? and why is christianity supposed to be preached to every people, tribe, tongue, and nation?

yahweh sure changes his mind often for a god that's supposed to be perfect. as a sidenote, in the west, i've noticed we've come to equivocate yahweh (a jewish tribal war god) with the philosophical concept of an absolute being, with no justification for it whatsoever. yahweh and "God" are not the same thing.

6d656c  No.13096027

File: caadcdd0e96aded⋯.jpg (124.71 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pork.jpg)


>do you still refrain from eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics, or from working on the sabbath?

Do you have a meme picture for this I think people are taking them down and they are nice to post.

This is also why you need a priestly class because laymen often say things that are not correct.

Its not a serious question however it shows

1) Christians don't know anything about the bible.

2) Insane shit loads of laws did get abolished some apostle(Peter) simply did say he got a vision saying all of the old law is abolished.

The bible is a real shit show.

All this revisionism is incredibly stupid.

Can we finally get the final edition of gods holly book not the passages who are a wast of paper because later on they get abolished?

7d98a6  No.13096034


>eastern europe still stuck in orthodoxy

who's been the bulwark of ottoman invasions since the medieval times? The only thing white atheist countries have done was give in to social justice and import coloreds for "diversity", and they're making it illegal to think otherwise: aka they're destroying their own traditions and keeping it that way. Meanwhile people "stuck" in their traditions(who've been a monumental help against the thought process of 'diversity') are more white and care more about their own people then the atheist ones.

I'm sorry, you're either a brainlet stormfag or a jew trying to convince christian white nationalists to abandon their traditions. Why would a white nationalist want whites to abandon their traditions?

my guess is a (((white))) with a pretty big nose


16857a  No.13096066


Why did you skip my natural explanation? Superstition is a natural occurrence, the starting point in the quest for knowledge. Theism is sold as a man made lie, but it is in reality a deliberate misinterpretation of natural law, to use a deity as an end to all inquiry. They sold humans a god, and created the laws of men, to keep the laws of nature a secret. Why? Because the laws of nature are fundamental, while the laws of men are exploitable. This is why every way the jews manipulate humanity, is in a way that is the opposite of natural. They just flipped the script on the foundation of life, by setting up another set of rules on top of it, which they control.

>Atheists makes as much senses saying you are a satanist

Yes, the terms are illogical, but the non believer has the same corrupted, instinctual upbringing than the believer. It's a corruption of the mind to pass lies down for many generations. You believing in Christianity and you believing in Capitalism is based on the same corruption of your natural traits superstition, faith and morality. Instead of god, crucifix and bible it's about money, brands and consumerism. It's the same worshiping of false idols, and it's the same group of controllers benefiting from it.

d15fd6  No.13096082


unfortunately, no, i don't.

6d656c  No.13096107

File: 9e9e270ea985288⋯.jpg (14.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, A History of God .jpg)



Did you know the biblical god is a editing and merging and editing out all the polytheistic gods of the jews into one god?

Because if you read the bible with monotheism in mind you have god talking to himself in genesis. And interesting interpretations of god being a hermaphrodite "male and female like us".



Asherah is the wife of Yahweh. She who was with him in genesis.

He was talking to her "male and female like us" or god has a vagina and a penis at the same time.

Or on what member of the holy trinity do you want to place the vagina?


>So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

5b6b03  No.13096121

File: e0671e56fb64626⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 465x357, 155:119, crosses.jpg)



>not a fundamentalist Protestant

come on goys, WTF are you doing?

064af8  No.13096157


My understanding is that Jesus came to redeem the Jews, as Jews were the same kind of subversive faggots they are now. Naturally they rejected him and had him killed. Gentiles/pagans were never supposed to follow Jesus. That was invented by (((Saul))).

7e0141  No.13096160


Corinthians, and you're a joke. No, I won't look up the passage for you dumbass. You're supposed to know the bible so well, you tell me which passage I'm talking about without the fucking internet to help you find your answer.


You must be joking too.

0d6150  No.13096181

File: 760647ccdc74b10⋯.jpg (241.76 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, martin_luther_cranach_1050….jpg)


I have no idea what you are trying to communicate.


WEW LAD this is a good one.

Arguably the most fake religion on earth.

They must literally believe that Luther is their god and not their god at the same time every day.

>Hey look I'm Luther we will only obey the bible and never alter it or fake it.

>We will precisely read it

>Hey look you guyz you see I have my fruity ideas what I want the bible to say and there are these bible verses who contradict me…

>So you see lets take the original bible(73 books) and throw all these books who contradict me out of the bible and create a new bible(66 books) with less books despite the fact that the original one from the very beginning did have more(73 books).

>You see my FeeFees about what I feel is inspired will dictate your life forever.

What a shit show.

most protestants don't know this however its easy to look up, all the other Christians don't have a bible with falls books in it. They have the original version before Luther decided to throw out books out of his nu-bible(66 books).

Inspired book from god my ass! Luther threw out books who contradicted him and his bullshit ideas what it means to be a christian.

5c29be  No.13096218


well sure the papacy within the roman catholic church was formed from a melding with roman pagan traditions and female diety worship; it indeed was a big jew.

2c743d  No.13096272

Religious people are just ignorant people, we need to work like society to educate that people.

0d6150  No.13096296

File: 57c6e24ef37c467⋯.jpg (117.64 KB, 720x481, 720:481, can-we-believe-the-bible.jpg)

File: 2b6d2ae602813a3⋯.png (280.97 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 2017-07-14-823_Demon-Attac….png)


>No, I won't look up the passage for you dumbass. You're supposed to know the bible so well, you tell me which passage I'm talking about without the fucking internet to help you find your answer.

Did others encounter this also?

Christians who hate the bible like they fear (oh the irony) the bible like the devil fears holly water.

The scene of evil atheists [sic] running to Christians to quote bible verses and talk about the bible and Christians yelling and in mental pain like atheists are casting demons out of them.

Is quite funny.

However its true did others also encounter the hatred Christians have for the bible? like if all bibles magically vanished forever Christians would not need to constantly be confronted with the facts how they are violating the bible?

If you are talking to a protestant this becomes exponentially more comical.

>No, I won't look up

You know one side uses facts and precision while the other is full of screaming idiots who only shitpost. And you are not in the factual side.

In a intelligent conversation it is required that you at least try to prove your points so post the verses you are talking about.

Try to not humiliate yourself in these conversations.

Where are all these bible verse talking Christians today? To ashamed of what is in their holy book? Why do Christians run away and don't want ot read and talk of what is in the bible?


>Somewhere in there

Is not an acceptable answer you have google you can fast find the verse you wanted to quote even if you semi remember it.

i mean I can sense the mental torment you are in now and all the anger its incredible.

I mean you are the one with a ridicules (by its own standards) book with no answers and the book contradicts practically every action you make.

How can you live like this? s it not frustrating? You are torn between 2 forces 1 is your intelligence and the other is the indoctrination that your religion is not a steaming pile of self contradictory garbage. I hope you realize that you should go with your intelligence.


d15fd6  No.13096335


probably referring to when saul tells people they can eat meat from animals used in pagan rituals that were then sold in markets. not sure what that has to do with the abrogation of levitical law, but ok, mr. bible expert. you have actual passages you could have quoted, not sure why you chose one relating to a completely different topic. maybe it's because he already inb4'd the one about peter's vision in acts? who knows.

d15fd6  No.13096354


yes, that's what i was alluding to in some of my other posts. that's one of the many reasons why christianity is full of shit.

0d6150  No.13096368

File: 0d6a65475a6b21a⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 728x546, 4:3, aid5562737-v4-728px-Presen….jpg)

File: d70d6f8ac58301b⋯.png (116.97 KB, 424x283, 424:283, itchy-eyes-waking-up.png)


Want to say anything for your point?

What exactly is there in Christianity?

What are the core values?

Try to answer this, present yourself in the best light you can in your own words.

You have the stage friend.

Oh and before you start don't contradict Jesus or the Bible on the subject of Christianity.

If you can not do this you have nothing literally nothing and you are talking about nothing.

Like our other Christian here a depressed angry individual who says nothing and only lives in his depressing misery.

I mean if I asked people about star wars or star wars fans about the movies all of them can tell me what is in the story. If I started saying ridicules things like "the death star never exploded" you can prove this wrong with clips from the films. And If I challenge some crazies saying that "Darth Vader was totally riding a unicorn and entered the talking mushroom dimension" they can show me clips where this happens.

This is normal debate about some work or what is in it.

However if Christians can not do the same or even present anything about Christianity (because they know how hard the bible disproves them) then they have nothing other then their anger and bitterness. Christianity is nothingness its a dream time to wake up, once you start thinking about it you realize it.


I agree.

Wake up Christians.

0d6150  No.13096380


And Judaism never forget they have the same abortion teleporter accident of a god in their holy texts.

03dc60  No.13096688


>I don't have a problem with pro-White Christians, as long as they don't overly proselytize, and as long as they have friendly relations with White Pagans.

Very few of those around.

c6bb61  No.13096791


WTF does that mean?

d91908  No.13096804


Atheism lacks ability to unite large groups of people to do great feats. Atheism is good only for slow social decay in your enemies' lands.

d15fd6  No.13096836


perhaps as an ideology (since they don't have a common deity to worship or common spirituality) however there are other ways to ground a people or group together. that's what ethnonationalism is about, uniting a people by their common blood and soil. it also makes sense from a darwinian point of view, in the sense of survival of a population. as for social decay, i'd the most effective way to combat this is through education in virtues and ethics (a more philosophically-minded populace). an unthinking population is destined for destruction, regardless of creed.

489171  No.13097725


I really can't help but wonder why they even care if they think the world is just gonma end anyway and their Jew on a stick is gonna return and make it all better. What does it matter? Why does white genocide matter? Why does anything in this life even matter?

>Just wait for all the good stuff in the afterlife, don't worry about what happens here goy.

>Love your enemies and shit, it's good for you to be a cuck.

And before he can return the kikes conveniently need to get everything they want, they need Israel restored, they need their temple rebuilt, etc. So not only do they have no justification whatsoever for ethnonationalism or race realism according to their scriptures, their (((prophecies))) also require them to be pro-Israel and be against everything we stand for.

4ff139  No.13097750


if you dont believe yourself why are you trying to tell them what they believe

bae694  No.13098893



>Luke 14:26

This is taken out of context, and again shows the strength of changing language over time. According to the King's English 'hate' has a second common usage: for liked less than another. Knowing this we can see in Luke 14-26 Jesus is asking his disciples to love God above all else, none of the worldly persons and things shall come before your love of God if you will follow him. Also, conveniently ignoring the whole lesson on humility and humbling yourself to gain exhaltation rather than exhalting yourself and then being humbled by Jesus. Jesus shot down the ego of the self important people and opened his arms to the most destitute, low classe persons of society. See: Genesis 29:31,33. Leah was HATED and thus made to bear the sons of Israel by God. It's quite clear that Israel didn't hate Leah, but liked her less than his beloved. Jesus didn't want you to hate yourself, he wanted you to love God before all else.

>Matthew 10:36

>For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law

>a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.'

Try bringing up the name of Jesus at your next family gathering and see what happens. If you love God before all else your friends and family may try to sway you from the word of God, even if God is speaking to you directly, you can be misdirected by your closest brothers otherwise. Being a Christian isn't easy, it can easily land you on a cross.

704beb  No.13099053


Kek at the colorblind jew.

9c7a73  No.13099468

File: a7eaf211934c7d0⋯.jpg (288.68 KB, 988x1532, 247:383, Unicron Cover 04.jpg)

File: 0fcebaafe0934e0⋯.jpg (538.84 KB, 1600x1033, 1600:1033, ink comparison.jpg)

File: f42f4e071a31d30⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 320x320, 1:1, TransporterAccident_scan_l….jpg)


>WTF does that mean?

See the picture(of transporter accidents, its a Star Trek thing) this is basically how the Abraham god of monotheism looks.

Transporter accident fused together multiple gods into one.

Based on these facts:



Watch it. The Monotheistic Yahweh is the editing together of all the gods of jewish polytheism and pretending like all of them are the same deity.

Yet there are remnants of polytheism in the text and you get absurdities like the text suggesting that other gods are real or Yahweh talking to himself or the question since god made man and woman in his own image is god a hermaphrodite with a vagina?

You know the earlier text did have Yahweh talking to his wife Asherah humans where created in the image of the gods and like gods are male and female so are humans.

Then they edited together Asherah and Yahweh to create monotheism. Once more does god have a vagina and a penis? Is god male and female at the same time?

Remember to laugh at jewish absurdities since jews have the same crap in their mythology who is nothing more then the editing and changing of texts based on political ideas of humans.

9c7a73  No.13099502

File: a1c2cf30ba9148d⋯.jpg (94.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2018-04-23.jpg)

File: 127f1f38f740943⋯.jpg (115.78 KB, 595x404, 595:404, the-rapture-3.jpg)


>Why does white genocide matter? Why does anything in this life even matter

You are starting to understand why Christianity is so dangerous.

Christians are a time bomb holding these dangerous ideas and I recommend you talk and debate Christians.

Because this is basically every Jehovah's witness.

Its basically:

>I don't vote or engage in politics

>I'm a pacifist and let the police state beat the shit out of me

>I don't give a shit! Jebus is returning any minute now and he will teleport me to heaven(rapture) and destroy the evil people and everything will be super magically great forever

And this is the danger of Christianity. Not the atheistic sperging about not having faster internet with super gay porn everywhere because Christians retarded their progress.

I mean what exactly is the difference between an atheistic leftist and an christian?

I mean they agree practically on everything, both are suicidal ideologies. Both are pacifists.

e5a93e  No.13099519

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

54e02e  No.13099534

File: 48999c9f2e00549⋯.jpg (162.7 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1504428403981.jpg)

File: 89c0e281fa60498⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 618x396, 103:66, swastika-dawn-618x396.jpg)

I agree with almost all you said, but atheism is the product of an unhealthy brain. We should at least worship those forces that permeated the existance of human life itself! That's not just about ideas that individuals hold, that's about LIFE!

Aryans have had great insights on nature and life!

Humans do exhibit "religious" behaviour naturally. The thing is: "religion" as in "abrahamic cults" are anomalies and a pretty modern thing.

Kike theology is another form of kike bait, and the kike's survival strategies are all about hacking and exploiting specific features of our psiche.

000000  No.13099547




Christianity is a viral meme, just like judaism, Islam, and Communism. However, Christianity is not at fault for the flat earthers. I think this guy is just trying to derail the thread.

f77f20  No.13099550


There were atheists in the NSDAP, though. They just weren't the subversive kike-serving kind, and fully supported Hitler.

9c7a73  No.13099609

File: 6dd0ec54a908a77⋯.png (394.96 KB, 1207x634, 1207:634, Leah and Rachel.png)


>This is taken out of context

No its totally in context.

>It's quite clear that Israel didn't hate Leah

This goes into the christian cringe compilation as the most retarded thing ever written.

So people in the OT did not hate? They did not hate their wife's? And your entire god interpretation is based on what Jacob did feel for his wife?

> Genesis 29

Do you even know what you posted?


Yes because Jacob totally did not hate the woman he was tricked into getting.

For people with ADHD or inability to read have this in video form.


You realize I myself would hate the woman who was forced onto me and was a trick since I wanted to get the other woman.

Yes scam marriage woman, Leah.

Worked 7 years to be scammed in the end and given not what was promised.

Fucken scammer he scammed me with everything, scammed me with his goats yet I scammed him back by using my stick magic to genetically modify the goats.


(on the level of puss in the boots or Loki stories, muh moral foundations)

PS: in genesis its Jacob not Israel, however its cool the bible and got itself are confused about this in the bible. I'm only saying what the texts reads.

>According to the King's English 'hate' has a second common usage

Let me stop you right here you think you are the bible expert who somehow mastered all the old languages and are here to educate other people? Why are practically no bible scholars translating this into love less? You think you are smarter then all experts, all christian experts?

4838f9  No.13099710


>Rome fell

Just like all civilizations before it did, and all the ones after it eventually will too.

It's almost like there's a cycle of rebirth and decay or something, and that nothing is immune to it.

9c7a73  No.13100146

File: df6af44f812fbd5⋯.jpg (156.62 KB, 660x598, 330:299, medieval-art2.jpg)



>White identity and Communism are equally retarded. Repent and receive eternal life in Christ and His Church

Check this out full christian doctrine right here.

No christian is my friend all they are poisonous snakes and traitors they can fuck of and cuck for the muslim invaders like Christ told them with their leftists friends.

Screen shot this and if some infiltrator tries to play the

>Stop the hate! Accept Christians in your ranks.

Crap you can show what treasonous peaces of shit Christians are.

All Christians are leftists at hart don't accept Trojan horse traitors.


>Jesus always wins. We will kill all anti-christians.

Never forget.

9c7a73  No.13101473


Pen wow what a cuck.

This is your brain on leftism everyone.

All muslims must follow Islam the followers of Islam are muslims. What you are thinking about you degenerate leftist cuck Pen are Arabs.

Arabs are the race Muslims are the people of the religion of Islam.

And yes every Muslim is evil because every Muslim must obey the religion of Islam.

I don't give a shit that you can show crazy heretics named liberal muslims. These are heretics and the Islamic State establishes what a true muslim is.

The fact that you can not talk about this in a normal way you leftist degenerate filth speaks volumes. You can not talk about Islam/Muslims and Arabs seperatly. You combine these words and cower in the corner from the fear of the word Islamophobic.

This is your brain on leftism.

What a pathetic idiot, the word Islamophobia is equally silly like homophobia and all the other leftist words.

I can only laugh and ironically call myself this. Its like plastering myself to be a god hater.

These words have no influence over me.

>You are not allowed to hate people for their ideas

Simply epic levels of self contradiction.

Yes you are you pacifist degenerate!

What is your opinion on Nazis? Or White Supremacy? Oh look you can fantastically hate people for their ideas. And you leftists do only you are brain damaged or insane or your ideology is mentally crippling you or something to realize how deeply you contradict yourself.

Whatever the reason you are incapable of even talking without self contradicting yourself.

Leftism is insanity.

>Uuummm My ideas change because Ummm

If your next words are not

<We need to bomb every Muslim country and forcefully destroy Islam and its worship forever. In a way that makes the USSRs state atheism look like the best religious freedom ever

You are a self babbling idiot.

And everyone can see how you roll in your own filth and stupidity and self created hell.

My position is to ignore their suffering because I don't give a shit their countries are hell holes, altruism is a mental disorder. See the axial age is complete cancer.

Want to save them Pen? Bomb their countries, conquer them and force atheism on all the Arabs. Make being Muslim illegal, make Islam illegal.

Or shut up.

You chose none of these options. And you live in your mixed nonsense of a worldview that creates mental anguish in you.

a5333c  No.13102376


<hurr durr we hate kikes not Jews

>implying there's a difference

Not only do you glow in the dark brighter than the moon, you're also a massive cuck and a faggot. Fuck off somewhere else, this place isn't for you. Try /christian/, they love worshipping Jews there.

a5333c  No.13102408


Exactly, no Abrahamic faith is on our side. They are all on their own side, and pretend to be on on ours to recruit people to their cults. They are against everything we stand for. Never trust any of them. They don't care about white identity or white genocide, they only want to worship their Jew god.

9528d9  No.13102419

>Fuck Jews, Fuck Islam, Fuck Christianity, Fuck Non-whites, Fuck Leftists

since you're a Godless nigtard you probably would, OP

398634  No.13102470


Hellfire is eternal!

Atheists will suffer excruciating torment in the hellfire for all eternity!


9c7a73  No.13102589


Did you know?

Anders Behring Breivik wrote in his ass long manifesto

"We Christians must work with pagans and racist and atheists to fight back the Muslims however after its all over we will discard them and back stab them since we only care about Christ "

The more you know.

9c7a73  No.13102625

File: 9ca7ca1ff9d5eb6⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 806x640, 403:320, 1c136a3229fe8e2fbd81b4d3c4….jpg)


>Hellfire is eternal!

Tell me about it. Lets open a bible and show me where it exactly and what it exactly says about hell.

You idiots are comical!

See this video (Shit videos however they point out the problem):


Why do you Christians hate the bible and never want to show where you are getting this crap about hell from.

Practically not in the bible!

5902dc  No.13102665

>thread still up

9c7a73  No.13102784


Fucken debate me on this faggot! I'm itching I got my bible opened and shit.

Hell here we go are you so terrified of the fact that your fan fiction version of hell is literally not in the bible?

>will suffer excruciating torment in the hellfire for all eternity!

Literally not in the bible.

Lets fucken go! Its bible reading time!

9c7a73  No.13103097

File: 58d7529cf4a6db5⋯.png (247.24 KB, 760x400, 19:10, clients-from-hell-760x400.png)



fucken Christians drive by postings never show up.


FYI the bible argues that the damned will be destroyed.

The retard preacher manages to distract from this by starting to talk about other bible passages however its crystal as day:



>The lake of fire is the second death

>Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

So you die. Where is my eternal torture bro?! I was promised eternal ever lasting torture not annihilation! WTF Bro! Where is my torture BRO!


>Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Whoops. B-b-b-b-b-b muh immortal soul. B-b-b-b-b-b muh ever lasting torture in hell.

Apparently the bible says someone can destroy souls whoever this is supposed to be is never told (in classic bible shit writing style) however we are supposed to fear this guy.


Not(really or the way you think about it) in the fucken Bible!

bae694  No.13103340


Jacob is Israel. Israel is a man, his original name was Jacob. I'm not talking about all people, and I'm not saying that hatred in our terms did not exist in the OT. Jacob liked Leah less than Rachel, that's why he picked Rachel first. If he hated her he wouldn't have had children with her, he could divorce her. The youtube link shows Leah and Racheal being two different races when in reality they would have looked similar and changed over the seven years from when he first saw the girls.

>being this rude and condescending

>thinks Anon is retarded for saying Israel and Jacob interchangeably

Anon, Jacob became Israel. It's his new name.

13abd0  No.13103653


Just for the sake of it, lets bring up an eu prospetcive on the matter, and plesae do not be grammar nazi, i'm not english you see. So, most atheist I know, myself included, are not some anti-order radical fanatics, just because atheism is pretty much normal. So if we leave apart the catholic ultraright, there is not (and shouldn't be either) much of a correlation religiousity-political ideology. I'm also pretty sure most atheists don't ever have a real onthological or metsphisical doctrine to back up the horror of the absence of god, because it's not percieved as an horror you see. I for myself quite have a really convoluted pseudo-mystical solypsistic onthological worldview and am sure people figure out their personal very convoluted onthologies, but these have no reason whatsoever to have relevance in the actual (I mean, material) life

2ff7c3  No.13104354


I was still in that lower left corner too when that shit went down. I'd say most of have shifted in a particular direction away from that.

1a30ad  No.13104434


>Shitload of vidya playing faggots

>All lefties and comfortable with their programming

>They fucked with vidya

>Caused the fourth reich

This is what we will tell our grandchildren

c8a8f3  No.13104451

KEK. People who fight in the name of a religion/God will sacrifice themselves knowing theres something after death. Atheists won't because its a selfish belief system.

c8a8f3  No.13104485


>And this is the danger of Christianity

The danger with Christianity is it united whites with a common purpose: Kikes killed Jesus.

Now its been so fractured and cucked that's its beyond useless as a lightning rod.

559a09  No.13123493


>it united whites with a common purpose: kikes killed Jesus

No… No it did not. Never in history has this been the case. It divided whites more than anything. Christians probably killed more Europeans than any other group in history. The ones that killed Jesus aren't even relevant since that isn't even the point of the religion (it was the Romans, btw, the guys that did the crucifying).

5f1cd0  No.13123541


And yet atheist soldiers fight and die with no problem. Why? Because if this life is the only one a person gets, then the best course of action is to make the greatest contribution you can so your memory will outlive you. A perfectly reasonable line of thought, and you pretend it doesn't happen.

f96624  No.13123563

File: 3bab49e1442f939⋯.jpg (517.68 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Ara_pacis_fregio_lato_oves….JPG)

"Right wing" atheism is an oxymoron if one tries to stick to the originally and still ultimately deepest understanding of the fracture between right and left.

Atheism, materialism, a mechanic and atomized view of reality, these are all phenomena that historically belong in large part to the left.

Needless to say, this hardly means christianity is the only alternative, especially given its current embarrassingly decadent state, especially of its elites, who essentially failed to be that 'axis mundi', pole of reference which is the most basic function of any religious organization. It is indeed unfortunate that christianity, whose greatest miracle is by far managing to submit Europeans to it, with its twilight left a void which is hard to replenish and in itself is probably one of the largest causes for this rampant nihilism and philosophical impotency. "European" individuals don't know who they are anymore.

But if western man doesn't regain its spirit, which is what ultimately gives form to his struggle against the forces of chaos and disintegration of the left, there is no hope.

92339e  No.13123595

Can we stop with this useless D&C and just fight the real problem already?

5f1cd0  No.13123652


"Left vs. Right" is a false dynamic. Get that Kikenvermin propaganda out of your head.

83ed13  No.13123713


Righteous brother of the right wing persuasion.

LOKI fucking admires you motherfucker,

Carry On.


b88946  No.13123870


We're getting there, anon. But these are issues that will still need to be addressed after we've won the war.

c6c3e4  No.13123944

File: 81a88942be377ce⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 81a88942be377ced16273af695….jpg)



GTFO redditard nigger with your oxymoron. Atheism is nihilist, materialist or at best naturalist. Right-wing is idealist or classic.The only reason why some atheist seems more fascsit (anti-egalitarism etc) it's because they are a bunch of edgelords who like too masturbate about how they are "muh am dissident". At the end of the day, they are the kind of cunt who thinks Church of Satan is funny and clever.

b08b4f  No.13123956


Frankly, if God is too much of a coward to step up and take responsibility for his actions and his followers are more than happy to enable his reckless behaviour under the common argument "muh free will exonerates God", why should I, or anyone, even bother following the impotent retard?

I see now why the kikes laugh at Christianity. It's a joke religion predicated entirely behind 'Heaven on a Stick,' don't mess up or you're going to suffer for eternity! This farce is unnecessary.

I spit on god.

Really just think about it. If your son murdered his brother then of course he should be punished. But wouldn't you contemplate your failures as a father?

God isn't infallible, so why would I follow him?

f913ad  No.13124305


Materialism is right wing.

A focus on the material means to value ownership, land and blood.

f3307f  No.13124449



Christianity is anything but universalist. In fact, according to the NT, you're on your way to hell right now. Enjoy!

d52f74  No.13124555


The weakness of Christianity has been the targeted subversion of its teachings on universal morality. Christianity needs to be militarized, and refitted with its militant pagan roots in defence of the homogenous racial family and society. Christian Universalism is inherently Semitic and needs to be destroyed within the denominations

d52f74  No.13124561


The Christ teachings are about universal love and harmony but of course as Semitic teachings can be subverted by jewish designs european christians especially have been told they must love everyone, even those that wish their extermination before even loving themselves.

99ab9c  No.13124777

We need an alternative to christianity, but mass atheism would destroy us. Materialism is only but one part of our understanding of the universe but it would be foolish to think of it as the sole aspect of it. You could make the case for Europeans being a race of explorers, pioneers, and conquerors as the result of evolutionary theory, and it would be correct somewhat in the assessment, however one cannot ignore that the faustian spirit of Europeans is independent of mere material conditions coalescing into the development of our race. Material and metaphysical working in tandem with one another is the key to a healthy race, going too far to one extreme of spirituality and neglecting the physical (christianity) is bad as well as neglecting the spiritual in favor for the physical (atheism).

Personally I think the most favorable outcome for Europeans is to reclaim our aryan metaphysical understanding of life and the universe in favor over the watered down metaphysics with semite spirituality mixed in.

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