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File: 80faaacbb03f0f5⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, iStock-673388396.jpg)

227626  No.12994224

Today, newfags, I will show you our Nationalist Masterplan to Victory.

1. Stopping immigration

Target Muslims so they will go back home. Getting bombed to shreds in your home country by whites and living in poverty there is scary, but nothing is scarier than a Nationalist shooting up a few people every decade, so Muslims will leave by themselves. Muslims might believe they will go to heaven when they take out infidels, but we believe we will go to Valhalla if we take out lots of Muslims. This is much better.

2. Overthrowing ZOG

After we have sent our strongest and bravest to jail or to their deaths with actions like Brenton's, the remaining and weaker Nationalists who never found the guts to do anything will naturally rise up, take on the government's forces (which the stronger Nationalists refused to do because they preferred easy targets) and overthrow the ZOG. Jewish banks will naturally collapse, and so will the Jewish media.

3. Freedom, and new government

Then, finally, we will unleash our Masterplan to govern our nations, the pearl of years-long planning of think tanks and great thinkers….. National Socialism. This, of course, will be accepted by all whites because all whites love National Socialism, and, after generations of government, they will want nothing else than a new government shoving legislation down their throats.

4. The Final Battle

After we have conquered Europe with our Masterplan, it is time for our secret plan -> Taking back Jerusalem.

Yes, because what most of you newfags don't understand, is that most of us hardcore Nationalists glorify the old Crusaders. This means we will take Jerusalem because we focus on our own Nation, and of course Jerusalem is part of that.

5. Peace on Earth

After we have taken back our land with nothing but violence, we will naturally feel peaceful, and let the other Nations live in peace. Because Nationalists are people of peace, like how /pol/ is a board of peace.

Whites live long and happily ever after. Mission Accomplished.

1e5eeb  No.12994232


A ZOG shill creating a fake plan

227626  No.12994239


It's a solid plan, Nationalists are solid planners

6f8fe5  No.12994247


This is the most MOSSAD thread on this board

227626  No.12994249

File: d38e87f742f174a⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 645x320, 129:64, american-activist-nazism-z….jpg)

5c7a1b  No.12994252

Nah, I'm nuking Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Mecca, Riyadh and the Vatican. Oh and London. Gotta nuke London.

6f8fe5  No.12994271


No it's not

408388  No.12994275


Hail Tarrant. Nuke israel and mecca.

1e5eeb  No.12994283


>Nationalist Masterplan to Victory


What part of this is a plan?

This is a LARP, and these "steps of the plan" are goals, not steps.

What we need to be doing is breaking Tarrant out of jail

eaedd5  No.12994286

227626  No.12994295


Its our plan, and it's solid. It has taken us many years on 8chan to formulate this wonderful plan of accelerationism

227626  No.12994303



Exactly, it's not about Europe. It's about world domination.

285d7d  No.12994307

No one sees this thread is satire and



6f8fe5  No.12994308


>It has taken us many years on 8chan to formulate this wonderful plan of accelerationism

By "us" you mean JIDF

227626  No.12994310


fuck off kike :)

d85fb8  No.12994312

Oy vey goyim!

227626  No.12994314


8chan = JIDF, that is correct

751569  No.12994347

Why stop at Jerusalem? Afrika & Arabia for Whites. Negroids & Muslims can make themselfs useful as fertilizer on the fields. Afterall, they always claim they have such a good fertility.

Our plants will love that.

227626  No.12994352


Exactly, why stop with freeing our Nations? We are Nationalists dammit, which means try to take over the world.

9a2fa4  No.12994353


We are no invaders

22ccf1  No.12994357

We will lose a fight with the Muslims right now. Most Western men are extremely effeminized now. The average Muslim is an exaggerated specimen of masculinity. They will go to fisticuffs at the drop of a hat, and they keep their women in place. Their foundation is much stronger than ours. We need to get our house in order and stave off the fight until we roll back the extensive damage that the sexual revolution and the federal reserve have done to us.

t. lives in refugee dumping area

It's probably too late and we should all get out of the big cities and hunker down for the conquering.

df31a3  No.12994358


nice bait fagboi

227626  No.12994365


Don't worry about that, we need to fight "now" before there are too many muslims here, they might want to overthrow the ZOG as well

227626  No.12994371


Keep in mind, Muslims want to be here, they have been trying to take over Europe for ages.

22ccf1  No.12994395


Yes, the barbarians have been rattling the gates for over a thousand years. We aren't going to fall because of them, but because our own weaknesses. Our civilization is showing every symptom of implosion.

afff98  No.12994398


No, jew. We won’t.

These posts are allowed to remain up.

b4466c  No.12994405

File: d7c7b60934bb063⋯.jpg (142.57 KB, 600x458, 300:229, fbi.jpg)

>>12994224 Hi FBI

000000  No.12994409

Just delete this mockery of a thread.

1e5eeb  No.12994415







5732a3  No.12994422



Even if it was, my people is a hell of a lot stronger and smarter than kikes, building civilisations and not just destroying them. Victory is mine.

22ccf1  No.12994427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5732a3  No.12994432


>living in shit every day

>tell people to clean up their shit

>"What shit?"

Accelerating to doom works because our people are blind to the devastation that surrounds them. Once they find themselves standing amidst the rubble of what was once a glorious civilisation, the achievement of the collective effort of our peoples, then we can move forward. They will beg me to save them from the marxist hell they brought upon themselves.

afff98  No.12994448


No, you're powerless.

22ccf1  No.12994454

File: 8d453d33a771e36⋯.jpg (110.56 KB, 414x750, 69:125, LjyUJYp.jpg)

afff98  No.12994460


>doing what jews want works

Suicide now.

eb2586  No.12994498


Tries to red text a title


yeah jew iq is a myth

3304ac  No.12994508

File: b26590648c16033⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 790x444, 395:222, Islamic-Centre-of-Victoria….jpg)


I mostly agree, but seriously, fuck Jerusalem and Israel, we need to ditch the semitic religion to rebuild something better.

The important thing is that what Saint Tarrant has accomplished had unexpected consequences in the western world.

I see people I considered "moderate" actually supporting the attack, even if they won't publicly admit it.

We must act fast, while it's still a hot topic, others will join.

On a side note, I wonder if we can meme some immigrants back in their countries of origin. We can infiltrate and shill social medias while keeping constant pressure to intimate a climate of fear.

Make them feel safer in their shitholes where Sharia is actually applied.

227626  No.12994565


Did I do anything wrong? This is our plan, isn't it?

227626  No.12994579


Yeah I forgot to put it in the comment section. I guess I was distracted by reading my Talmud during my break at the FBI

000000  No.12994604

Yes, Brenton did very good, thanks Brenton, good boy

afff98  No.12994609

227626  No.12994621


>i dont have any arguments

8e8664  No.12994629

Wow, I never would have known these things!! Luckily it’s so easy to do!

afff98  No.12994637


Yes, you don't. This thread has no purpose. You think you're going to get any help or organization from here? /pol/ died 3 years ago. There's nothing left.

227626  No.12994639


How fucking blind to satire are you? Im here to troll nazis faggot

227626  No.12994644


You Nazis are so fucking dumb lol

751569  No.12994656


Our Lands are from Norway to Southafrica.

227626  No.12995573

Excellent thread :)

688e69  No.12996012

File: 7a7ed5401e5774f⋯.png (4.43 KB, 151x255, 151:255, 78d30d8e789eb4c9924109836a….png)


Shouldn't we do a crusade to take back Europe before jeruselum?

d09e9b  No.12996153

File: a6ee1a51d5be5ef⋯.mp4 (1.79 MB, 648x360, 9:5, 99283498234.mp4)

The key to victory is the total eradication of the enemy who are the Jews, Muslims, and those within the governments who aid and support their agenda. Send the Jewish and Islamic desert rats back to the desert where they belong or simply send them to Hell.

22421d  No.12998910


Wew look at all these shills spreading disinfo (when it doesn't work nor has it make a dent).


22421d  No.12998921




Lets see volspam lazy kike shilld spamming

>muh ebil natzees

Thinking that will convince people and the concerned shill.

ae5503  No.12998940

>taking back Jew-ruse-a-bum

How about we make Egypt White/Aryan again and establish a new Pharaoh dynasty?

df4af2  No.13000532

File: 2c374d42f5ca37d⋯.jpeg (29.89 KB, 488x368, 61:46, serveimage.jpeg)

These are all tippity toppity ideas OP. I love National Socializionism

34daac  No.13000673

Good plan OP.


000000  No.13002371


>a Nationalist shooting up a few people every decade

Make it every day. Literally. We will keep killing our enemies every single day. As some are already doing it, without being found or reported. There is nothing that can stop us.

>Taking back Jerusalem

No. Nuke Jerusalem. Nuke Israel. Kill all jews and all their symbols and everything sacred to them.

000000  No.13002374


It is literally ok when white people do it. We can do whatever we want.

2137d3  No.13002513

905108  No.13002529


Please, no nazi-faggots again.

c6b678  No.13002616


You are in the wrong neighborhood, nigger.

a762b3  No.13002638



Reported for not even trying.

a762b3  No.13002639


Reminder that these users are allowed to post here.

52a4dc  No.13002703


>he believes there will be world peace

what an absolute cuck

905108  No.13002707


Ok, you got me. I'm a german nigger, just here to share my crude jewish-masonic beliefs. It's only this what keeps me arguing with gay-nazis, not because they are also just a bunch of socialists who make every private sector political.

a762b3  No.13002750





Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

67505c  No.13002759

File: 6a027ae36c01294⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 213x236, 213:236, IMG_2102.JPG)


Based Turner Diaries reader

a762b3  No.13002778


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13002808


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13002825


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13002855



a762b3  No.13002871


>admits to being banned

Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13002891


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13002904


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

905108  No.13002916


You're such a good socialist. <3

a762b3  No.13002924


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13002925


Hi, IP hopper.

a762b3  No.13002987


>That's someone else moron.

That's what I said, you brain damaged faggot.


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

a762b3  No.13003044


Reported. You don't have the right to post here. You have every other website on the internet. This place is not for you.

22106c  No.13003223


We're all very proud of you.

4324ac  No.13003233


Mostly becausw you have nothing of worth to say.

5e0b17  No.13003238

File: 5a595f11e38af6a⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 800x735, 160:147, smoke.jpg)


d0baa7  No.13003248

File: f28870ca8a14414⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 443x443, 1:1, cg75N1Pu.jpg)

Here is better idea.

>be White

>make money

>share house with friends who are similar to you politically

>save up money

>put said money to political acts that actually work

>bring more Whites similar to you in the area and have them do the same

>get even more money

>Whites around Europe and America catch on and copy

>bypasses leftist globalist government and is completely legal

>higher chance of finding decent work through shared information between Whites

>more money from sharing and splitting the bills and food

>literally Nation building but on a housing scale

Why haven't we been doing this shit already?

a4d09e  No.13003267

File: 85435c2590dd99b⋯.png (457.73 KB, 1200x1202, 600:601, 1200px-US-AlcoholTobaccoFi….png)

File: 1e74108c8724776⋯.jpg (296.84 KB, 1054x774, 527:387, Mountcarmelfire04-19-93-n.jpg)

File: 4863d4a145d52d8⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Waco.jpg)

File: aa4101c494799f8⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 220x178, 110:89, 220px-Branch_Davidian_Comp….jpg)

File: 20e3e1d8df80b54⋯.jpg (168.56 KB, 1190x926, 595:463, o97mufqi8jo01.jpg)


>What is Waco

ATF says hi

5e0b17  No.13003275


Everyone on /pol/ should be shilling this. I believe we can combine small scale nation building with accelerationism, as the world outside grows dark we will become stronger and safer together in our communities. Ideally we would have hundreds of these communities around the U.S. each being an example for the next one, and each one that fails will have been completely worth it(unlike what countersignalers will say) because it will teach the others what to do/not to do.

The quicker we start real world action the better.

c0f238  No.13003280


That wouldn't be a Great Plan though. To be a Great Plan it has to be an absurdly shitty plan that benefits Jews. That's what real Nationalists like.

500339  No.13003285

What makes you think people want violence? Once you start there is no turning back.

5e0b17  No.13003293

File: 917e8ec3598b5e7⋯.gif (6.88 KB, 307x362, 307:362, jew.gif)


What if there wasn't just one Waco? What if there were Waco-esque communities all around the country at the same time? What if when the ATF tried this shit again it blows up in their face and encourages more dissent. What if Waco was done deliberately to discourage people of the near future from attempting the same thing? What if you are pic related?

28c906  No.13003333

Imagine how World of Warcraft would be if a nationalist would do a truck of peace attack and kill 50 mudslimes/mexicants/jews etc every few weeks?

c6b678  No.13003370


You see, after Waco, kike-slaves in the government did their best to make off-the-grid, self-sustaining communities illegal. In some states, you are not allowed to drill wells, in others, you can't collect rainwater, in a few others you can't have solar panels that are not connected to the grid, etc. And if you are farming or raising livestock, prepare for Fed enforcers to barge into your farms and enclosures and burn everything down for not complying with some bullshit fineprint regulation. They made an example out of Waco and then did all they could to disincentivise everyone else.

0d3ac2  No.13003412


>the most obvious shill of all time

>90 replies anyway instead of swift banning, or at least ignoring

d0baa7  No.13003484

File: f49f91d7e6a3682⋯.jpg (138.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, f49f91d7e6a36827c08acb34c0….jpg)

>>13003333 (checked)

But wouldn't the moderators of the game just try to send in enemies (like police and military) to stop the group from winning in World of Warcraft?

28c906  No.13003526


There's literally no way to anticipate or guard against a truck of peace, sure you can put a guards in the capital cities but mods can't put barricades on every street. It's literally impossible.

a762b3  No.13003542



d0baa7  No.13003543

File: 2285448c34a7406⋯.jpg (340.67 KB, 2150x1320, 215:132, 62dfed5766df72c55e33d09e43….jpg)


What if Whites didn't declare what they were doing? How would ATF know? What if Whites all over did this?


I will go along with accelaration IF Whites also begin building bridges between each other as things get worse. Say if me and you knew each other and had the same views. Wouldn't it be better to irl shitpost without worry while both having jobs and having a place to call home with others? And what happens then when we have people within a 10 mile radius doing the same? It would take one year and we would have a community that is legal and decentralised with the obvious intent of helping each other out. We can still use the internet but irl is more important and besides I want something to wake up for and something to do even if it is wagecucking. At least I am saving up money to build up my community.


>it has to be off-grid

Where did I say that, you utte retard? You can do this anywhere. It's the fucking point. Take pic related minus the tits. If we can get to the stage of getting back to the office, warehouse, technology start ups again and do it with peace in mind, then we are back onto the winning path. We need to be able to conduct ourselves without fear and to do that we need ourselves back in the game.

Think about it.

0d3ac2  No.13003579


>the most obvious shill of all time

>proceeds to make himself more obvious yet by getting mad at being called out

c6b678  No.13003604


>I'm having fun here

Sure looks like it, bub. I can smell your red-hot ass from over here.

c6b678  No.13003720


You sicken me.

0d3ac2  No.13003755


>can't even into IDs

>b-but I'm not mad

c6b678  No.13003861


Aye, I wonder if you'll be just as much of a smartass with a noose around your neck.

c6b678  No.13003867

Also, summoning the goreposter to clear this thread of plebbitards.

0d3ac2  No.13003885


>still mad

28c906  No.13003889

File: e9826e77ae9ea4b⋯.jpg (420.87 KB, 583x800, 583:800, 4d771dd13341439fbfb77bf6cc….jpg)


The time for this option is long gone, maaaaaybe this could've worked if done right after WW2. Maybe in the Whitest of countries like Poland or Hungary this could happen, but remember that Whites defending their existence is considered a super-crime equivalent to treason back in the day. Not only is forced integration law in most Western nations like that village in Austria with like 2000 people (that was deemed "too White" because it was completely homogeneous) that they dumped over 1k rapefugees and made the people of that pure village a minority overnight.

We don't have time for options that take decades, in almost every White nation, if it becomes 50.000001% non-White then the political power of Whites is completely negated even if there isn't a single shabbos goy that votes against his race's interest. Nations like France and Britain are almost less than 50% White under age 18… so even if ALL immigration stopped… the ticking timebomb of racial replacement will go off and make the democratic route completely impossible.

Literally, the ONLY option we have left in many countries is VIOLENCE.

28c906  No.13003996


You don't even understand what third positionism is, you're just repeating lines written by kike movies and kike college professors. When we come marching in, the average White person won't identify it as NAAAAAZI because they were trained to consider that to be nothing but pure evil. Most Italians probably didn't like the Spartan Tyrants and Roman Empire but threw flowers at Mussolini when him and his blackshirts marched on Rome.

0d3ac2  No.13004003


>still mad

>still posting

d0baa7  No.13004034


You have your opinion and I have mine. But you talk about violence yet you are still here? Seem like a bullshitter to me. Everyone hypes up muh violence and you hear nothing for decades. At least my option can be exercised by any Whites who are aware.

>democratic route

I don't remember talking about "democratic routes"..? What my idea is, is Whites just bringing resources together in a fashion like they used to pre-2009. Regaining a foothold back into society and begin working together again. Violence will just fuck everything up.

If enough Whites partake in my idea on their own volition, then it's game over for the jews. How can they actively shut down what is decentralised and not revealing itself?

0d3ac2  No.13004054

File: 4db833f15a43b41⋯.jpg (490.86 KB, 893x1920, 893:1920, hitler on arguing with jew….jpg)


I would post a rational rebuttal except we have a far better one here. The proof of it is his post count.

c6b678  No.13004065


>If you don't want to be labeled a Nazi then you might wanna stop going on and on about Hitler and National Socialism.

Get a load of this faggot. Do you really think anyone here is afraid of LABELS? We are praying for war day and night. Where the fuck do you think you are, you twig-armed, soy-chugging abortion?

0d3ac2  No.13004112


>still here

c6b678  No.13004136

File: b2308d5aff0bedd⋯.jpg (98.71 KB, 1225x953, 1225:953, 1332955125217.jpg)


d0baa7  No.13004165


I agree, but I am hoping there are actually decent Whites on here who will lurk and take this idea to real life. I don't know why it hasn't been discussed more. You need money regardless of it being kikes paper. It gets you food and pays the bills and if you have enough of it you can secure yourself some freedom from work enough to do shit in the day that is beneficial to your people.

0d3ac2  No.13004180

File: 643d88370819b4a⋯.jpg (501.08 KB, 1386x1746, 77:97, jewish genetic diseases.jpg)


>yes goy, let your enemies who have proven to have only bed intentions speak freely against you

>else you're sucking jewish dick by banning jews

0d3ac2  No.13004240


And yet you go unbanned and free to shout your D&C.

Free speech works when whites with good intentions are the participants. Not when kikes who only want to shill post.

22421d  No.13004297


>Which Nazis are, pretty common knowledge to anyone who doesnt think like a cult-member

You mean the other way around?

4c55a9  No.13004310

My country doesn't allow guns,how can I fuck up towelheads without them? Should I destroy mosques at night? Are those places patrolled?

c6b678  No.13004324


There isn't a single mosque or a synagogue around that a jerrycan of petrol and a box of matches can't fix.

0d3ac2  No.13004344



I'm not saying it's free speech. I'm saying you don't deserve free speech.


Molotov cocktails and the like are piss easy to make and easier to find guides for. The old guide for the crystals should also serve well if you have it and can figure out a way to get CO2 into the mix without blowing it in like a literal retard.

0d3ac2  No.13004376


>kike already replied

22421d  No.13004385



Stop responding to the jew

d0baa7  No.13004386


Yeah, I am getting close to it. Give it another year I can start my own business and even employ Whites local to me. Stay strong and keep teaching these faggots what the score is. They only complain and have done since 2013 (when I got into this mess lol).

9d65ea  No.13004743


>getting bombed to shreds in your home country by whites and living in poverty there is scary, but nothing is scarier than a Nationalist shooting up a few people every decade, so Muslims will leave by themselves

I think you may be retarded

28c906  No.13004985

File: c38c1a11e8aa3d4⋯.jpg (81.74 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Road-Freight.jpg)


I bet trucks are legal, there's literally no way to stop a truck of peace. Wait until mosque is out and mow down 50-100 sandniggers, easy.

28c906  No.13004999


>we've heard no violence in years

There was literally a very successful attack in New Zealand recently, you triple nigger.

db649b  No.13005269


OP isn't even inciting violence. You yids have really bad reading comprehension skills.

0d3ac2  No.13006369


OP is a jewish shill and he makes it clear as he posts. You can't fit in so easily here, JIDF.

33b2b1  No.13023000

Bump for interest

5a439c  No.13023073

File: b36949510a842b0⋯.jpg (75.35 KB, 604x452, 151:113, c5a1cb4ba62be4f9e038729779….jpg)


Yeah I am liking th..


Stopped reading. Fuck off Levi.

Yes we absolutely glorify heroic Crusaders struggle against the Muslim horded but their fight is not our fight. Nuke Israel

023880  No.13023114

I think niggers were more empowered to overthrow any government with BLM than a person or group of persons on this website, 'cept of cours Jews

68812e  No.13023435


this guy gets it.

I've been citing the Hegelian dialectic the entire time for many years.

a380d9  No.13023455


remember to sage and report jewish kvetch threads

22421d  No.13024147


Anywhere I can read his works?

d63318  No.13035062

File: 51c462871feba5c⋯.jpg (247.23 KB, 3000x1685, 600:337, March (1) (1) (1).jpg)


If any of you guys are actually serious about fighting for the survival of our people instead of listening to this obvious shill faggot

I found this post on half chan in a thread that got killed off pretty quick by their fucked algorithm




>AUGUST 28th

Our movement has sat on our ass long enough to figure out that NO ONE is going to hand us the pro-white policies we voted for in 2016.

Not the democrats

not the GOP

and not Trump

Not unless we make them

So on August 28th we are going to March on Washington in protest of affirmative action, open borders, and chain migration.

The same day martin luther king gave his "I have a dream" speech.

22421d  No.13035417


Depending if you can give a good speech or not.

881583  No.13035436


Can we ask a jew to write our speech like Martin Looter Kang?

22421d  No.13041239


No you gotta speak from the heart like hitler.

04cc0f  No.13046844


Speak from the soul.

28fbde  No.13046876


dubs checked


i wish a new white dynasty to uncover and upkeep the treasures left behind – the muslims simply wrecked the place

da2b4b  No.13050414


The shitkins will destroy everything.

2137d3  No.13065713

Bump for interest

aeafa5  No.13065977


If your first step isn't creating segregated white communities, you're probably a jew.

4a9eb2  No.13076347



fbb175  No.13080833


<before i do anything i ask myself "What would a jew do?"

Imagine being this pathetic.

50a811  No.13080947

File: 94c51f2be4ca114⋯.jpeg (21.64 KB, 236x293, 236:293, B1878285-E419-4F81-81CF-1….jpeg)

File: 714ca2a7adb42ef⋯.png (323.53 KB, 550x800, 11:16, 29417954-967B-4C9D-9D57-81….png)

Some of the whites shall head north and make a safe haven breeding ground, self reliant, and have white childrens and start forming the basis of the ethno state

Other whites should head south to the front lines and bring war to their door step— however they see fit

aee3ba  No.13080952


bcedc5  No.13081483

22421d  No.13081912


Nigger… Try to embbed the video.

5a92d7  No.13088757

File: 25c0cc6bcd0bbab⋯.png (11.99 KB, 180x186, 30:31, download.png)


DEUS VULT - 1488

4a9eb2  No.13098314


Hail victory.

d60234  No.13098362

File: e2afe4ed7e8f796⋯.jpg (5.27 KB, 225x225, 1:1, holy fuck.jpg)

Thank you OP for the nice kek, the "masterplan" where there is no plan beyond "just win and install Natsoc, trust me guys every white loves and accepts Natsoc".

2137d3  No.13113799



There not going to accept natsoc right off the bat.

416d55  No.13114251

And how do we get to Jerusalem?

Through the Bosphorus. Constantinople must be reclaimed, I think everyone can agree.

4911b1  No.13114358


It's not a choice, chuckles.

150198  No.13114432

nice thread, MOSSAD.

consult the ATF, or FBI for better tactics, they're far ahead of you.

although, you're smart enough to click the options button in the top right of the page and learn how formatting works here, so props for that.

also, pirate photoshop you faggots. GIMP is for freetards. does israel really use loonix?

ba0fc4  No.13114840

Taking back Jeruserlem is a good idea but not to please the Zio jews.There is alot to do. Kill all brown fags but also get rid of the Jewish bankers. We can only hope that there is another Tarrant otherwise we can just sit back and watch the west become a clown world

792ced  No.13114886


british births are 70% white (60% are of british origin, the rest are slavs, romanians, irish etc)

4911b1  No.13116890


When I first saw this, it turned my stomach just a little. Now I feel a small, warm fire rising in my heart every time it makes a showing.

f4635a  No.13116929


We must win. We must.

0298b3  No.13116973


Communism is globalism and capitalism, so what?

a40ccd  No.13121051

You know what's really amazing?

Most anons fell for this obvious troll-thread.

I wish people here were a little bit less stupid. But that's the hand we've been dealt with. Somehow we're going to need to resist the complete domination of zionist power with a few thousand gullible idiots.

At least most White people are already quite pissed off at the regime.

468f1d  No.13123449


National Socialism is nationalist, not supremacist

319d95  No.13124650


Now this is JIDF at its finest

OP LARP is redeemed.

The same democracy that has facilitated white genocide will never redirect policies in favour of it. Whites must segregate and set in their own institutions crafted specifically to counter subversion, espionage and infiltration while maintaining a strong military and healthy family/high birth rate oriented culture

550ba2  No.13143413

Bump for interest.

2f7463  No.13143531


>Most anons fell for this obvious troll-thread.

I was actually surprised, holy shit.

Even cuckchan wouldn't have fallen for this.

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