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File: e5515510ab2e79c⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 581x481, 581:481, graph-1-1.jpg)

File: 6bdbe1435eadd74⋯.jpg (32.72 KB, 240x375, 16:25, 240px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_18….jpg)

File: 9f78c21980c10db⋯.gif (5.42 KB, 449x307, 449:307, image11.gif)

File: 4b5041565cb3cf6⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 310x480, 31:48, 1935-hitler-is-building-so….jpg)

2b7096  No.13005572

Trying to dip my fingers into economics and trying to figure out if there's superior economic systems from capitalism and socialism.

What caught my eye was Nazi Germany's economic policies which turned it from a hyper-inflated, wartorn backwater state like some of the post-Communist Eastern European countries to an industrialized powerhouse but what was the cause of it? Can anyone explain the economic policies of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany. How they tackled unemployment, the inflation, private property and markets and could there be any benefits of it being applied today?

d2d773  No.13005592

You could've asked in questions that dont deserve their own threads.



ecd678  No.13005601


They backed currency with something that created value from effort, effectively solving the problems commies and capitalists have with parasitic proliferation.

168f76  No.13005632

They had a mostly self sufficient economy, and did not trade their currency in international markets. Because they did not hold much foreign currency, it was challenging for them to purchase/import goods from foreign countries.

The shortages in some key raw materials during the war forced them to innovate, and they successfully created synthetic rubber and oil

a4d6bb  No.13005795

File: f7c40000f164e94⋯.png (91.04 KB, 500x446, 250:223, read a book.png)


He could've also read any of Feder's books.

2b7096  No.13005860


How effective was it?


Interesting, how did wages work then? Similar to how they are now or?


Thanks, I'll check it out when I find the time.

e76bc7  No.13005882

File: 475560f981e64f7⋯.pdf (833.99 KB, german-economic-policy.pdf)


168f76  No.13005927


I think wages were similar or comparable to how they are now…only difference was you couldn’t really use the RM outside the country or to purchase foreign currency.

The one interesting thing they did was take over labor unions and replace them with trade guilds

c5ab92  No.13006024

Public works projects for the unemployed (such as expanding and improving the Reichsautobahn), to stimulate the economy. These projects provided workers with money to buy things (which enabled businesses to make money in turn) and also assisted workers in finding jobs elsewhere.

Also, they severely neglected the military budget, since they were not anticipating war with any major powers, and Hitler hoped desperately to avoid it. Poland's government and its murderous collaborators fucked that up for everyone, although Ribbentrop had assured Hitler the British would not intervene. Until war did break out, this meant there was a vastly reduced strain on Germany's budget as far as military expenditures went, while the British and French were both busy breaking the Treaty of Versailles and steadily expanding their militaries, which cost them a lot of money that they could have put towards economic growth instead. Military expenditure does help your economy a bit since you're buying stuff from your arms manufacturers, but doesn't provide secondary benefits like building a road does (ie, the road itself which can then be used) plus a lot of the money is just going into executives' pockets where it'll sit in a bank instead of being spent.

d2d773  No.13006083


No problem op.

I rather keep the thread up for interesting discussions.

5c5b03  No.13006118

File: 0d27c6ca2626421⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 636x401, 636:401, 77723.jpg)

File: d418afde16c67e0⋯.jpg (147.92 KB, 828x651, 276:217, 777625.jpg)

I wonder if this had anything to do with the situation

d2d773  No.13006166


That also helped too.

d2d773  No.13006266


>TL; DR the market crashed and hitler needed a war to stimulate the economy sorta like bush with and the dot-com crash then 9/11 and iraq war

Nice ally propaganda war was declared on him not the other way around.

f2c6f4  No.13006283


The entire focus on money is retarded. Money is a social construct. Ideally money would be created at every desired transaction and deleted when the credit extension was completed. This is actually feasible now but difficult to implement. Second best solution is create money in proportion to labor. You can create unlimited money so long as it's backed up by useful (STRESS USEFUL) labor. That means the government can always fund infrastructure and public works projects so long as a unemployed labor force remains. The idea that the government can't do this is deliberate retardation spread by jews to maintain their banking cartels.

c5ab92  No.13006291



>claims Germany started war that they tried to avoid

>claims the war stimulated Germany when Germany's recovery was complete long before WW2 started


d2d773  No.13006315


Obvious bait is obvious

a28e3c  No.13006330


Reported. You're not even trying.

c5ab92  No.13006333


So when a country declares war on you, you don't invade it? That's kinda how you wage war... you invade. Otherwise you can't really do anything.

d2d773  No.13006360


0/10 effort.

68a15c  No.13006396


Read "Wealth, Virtual wealth, and debt" and "The role of money" by Soddy Frederick. The first edition can be freely found on the internet.

This will give you a good base.

a28e3c  No.13006430


Reported. You're not even trying. All of your posts are lies. Zero effort was put into your shit. Tell your boss to fire you.

c5ab92  No.13006443


>oh no, the goy saw through my bullshit!

>better just change the topic

a28e3c  No.13006445


Reported. You're not even trying. All of your posts are lies. Zero effort was put into your shit. Tell your boss to fire you.

3509b7  No.13006448

File: d5ab7a34664b1e2⋯.jpg (61.17 KB, 640x960, 2:3, economist.jpg)


>They backed currency with something that created value from effort

>people keep confusing ideology with policy

It's like you forget Hjalmar Schacht, a banker so orthodox he spoke Hebrew, ran the German economy for most of the pre-war years and even some years before Hitler came to power. Hitler's basic economics were simple and simply Keynesian, to the extent that Keynes called it the purest application of his theories.

Hitler expanded the money supply and circulated the new money through public works, which produced more growth than inflation because of the previous under-utilization of industrial capacity and resources, which was a consequence of the Great Depression. It was also very much the monetary policy of the last Weimar government, hardly surprising since Schacht remained in the position they appointed him to. Although people here talk a lot about Gottfried Feder, the reality is his ideas were far too radical for the delicate economic and political situations, of Germany and the NSDAP respectively, at the time.


I was waiting for this dogma to show up. German economic malaise ended in 1935, before the rearmament programs began in earnest. The German economy wasn't centrally planned, but centrally directed like in Fascist (and for a long time post-war) Japan, the German government did not set production quotas, prices, worker allocations, etc. but did implement mild price controls and directed public and private investment towards industries they wanted to grow, for strategic or ideological reasons. Along with various policies specific for the times, for example, to preserve the small farmer by streamlining the supply chain for output to reach markets, mandatory minimum prices paid by the middlemen to keep farmers in business, and legislating that farms were not divisible in inheritance, to prevent them from shrinking to such a size over time that they were not commercially viable.

>the market crashed and hitler needed a war to stimulate the economy

Wrong on two counts. The first is because Hitler both wanted an earlier war with Czechoslovakia over a year before the war with Poland, and yet the Germany economy failed to meltdown after the Munich Conference, then when war came with Poland and "appeasers" in Britain tried to achieve peace behind Churchill's back in the first days, Hitler was receptive, proving again that he did not require war for economic purposes. Finally, before the Soviets decisively alienated themselves from Germany with Molotov's demands that the Germans respect Soviet "interests" in Rumania and Bulgaria, i.e. to encircle the Rumanian oil fields and to gain a beachhead into the Mediterranean, Hitler was demobilizing men!

Second, and probably more importantly, Libertarian "economists" point at the national debt of NS Germany without ever questioning who they owed the debt to, i.e. who owned the bonds. I'll give you a hint, it was the same people and entities who were paid in MEFO bills - the big (German) corporations who were in bed with the state. Unlike for foreign currency speculators, calling into question the theoretical capacity of the government to service or repay its debts would cause an economic panic which effect their bottom-lines. One could look at this either patriotically or cynically, but the fact remains that industry magnates were not going to look a gift horse in the mouth any more than Japanese zaibatsu and pension funds would today, despite Japan having a debt-to-GDP ratio of about 250%. Finally, Germany secured itself from speculators forcing such an (((economic correction))) by forbidding the trade in RM abroad and more realistically, conducting its foreign trade in kind (e.g. goods for goods or services), preventing (((bankers))) from indirectly blockading Germany by saying "X Reichsmarks are worth Y tons of gold" and making it impossible for Germany to acquire sufficient economic materials.

a28e3c  No.13006455



c5ab92  No.13006472


You know Germany tried repeatedly to negotiate a white peace with Britain, right? Britain adamantly refused. They did not want peace. They wanted Germany destroyed.

2b7096  No.13007555


Can never have a decent discussion without shills, can we?

88f28b  No.13007565

Selling off the bloated government corporations into private hands and then reinvesting the money into public works worked wonders.

d2d773  No.13007573


Quit replying to it.

e5cd7d  No.13007648

can shillfags explain why germany did not experience inflation during the war period but france, the uk and the usssr came out of it broke as fuck?

d2d773  No.13007661


>WEll you see germany was getting poor because they got buttfucked by the soviets. :^)

41b07e  No.13007726

File: 80082fc4e52ea8e⋯.png (455.33 KB, 750x562, 375:281, ohmygod_youre_fuckingretar….png)


deff25  No.13007751


Economics is not what you think it is, if you think that it will provide you with the answer to “which system is best?”

Read “Macroeconomics” and “Microeconomics” my Mankiw. It will give you an idea of how a working system actually functions. Then read “The Creature From Jeckyll Island” to see how the elites put Theory into practice.

000000  No.13007805


The main problem lies in the ability to punish (preferably, kill) those parasites who leech from the system.

Implementing means to make it easy to eliminate the parasites, and enforcing it to the point that the whole society sees it as common practice, are what will protect the economic system from those parasites.

People must kill opportunistic parasites as frequently as they show up, and see this as mundane and essential as breathing.

No system can survive parasites. You can have the perfect economic system, and it will still be ruined if parasites are allowed to live.

93cb40  No.13008019




Recovery was necessary for re-armament to happen at all. That some would claim re-armament drove the German economy demonstrates they are either simple-minded or (((deliberately deceptive))).

Albeit claimed, Hitler did not want war over Czechoslovakia, hence Munich. Did not want war with Poland, hence months negociating prior to September 39. By October 1939, the only plans for Case Yellow were an updated version of the 1914 plan and it changed several times before May 1940. Whilea war was believed to happen in the future by early 1939, like that (Plan Z?) naval built up plan showed, this shows there was little preparations for war against the Anglo-French alliance in the 39-40 period.

Prior to July 1937, half of the German trade was with the ROC. This came to an end with the second Sino-Japanese war. 2 years, 2 years and 2 months later, the Anglo-French declaration of war was not expected and Germany suffered as a result of trade being shut down.

The Soviet demands were military bases in Bulgaria, very close to Ploesti. The decision was made in late 1940.

ht tps://en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Stalin%27s_Missed_Chance

Also, regarding 1941, this.

Economic demobilization and halting of military researchs taht would not pay off within 18 months already happened in June 1940, following the victory over France.


Correct, no need to argue with shills, just point out to their obvious dishonesty.

93cb40  No.13008032

Currency not backed by gold, (((democracy))) meant that Germany didn't have that by the time Hitler took power but by labor.

German workers worked, they received credit.

Notice how the trade practices bypassed the value of money banker tricks.


Not economic matters but check this out.

5dd425  No.13010351


>hitler printed moneys just liek the fed

Every government prints money to get out of recession, you mod-protected cretin. Again, the reason hyperinflation didn't occur in Germany was because the economy was not operating at maximum capacity, and so the growth promoted by public works projects, such as the Autobahn used to integrate the regional economies of Germany, was able to outpace the inflation caused by the increase of the money supply.

5b8728  No.13010384

File: f1c3a5c3cc43799⋯.png (116.11 KB, 715x798, 715:798, you.png)

File: e45c6b0ba2bf3df⋯.png (1.07 MB, 880x759, 80:69, 1459096619567.png)


To add to this, Hitler conducted Overheating on all branches. The government was borrowing huge amounts of money for rearmament, creating a massive increase in the national debt. (And for the record, most of that money was paid to private industry, and was very profitable for them. Nazi Germany had a state-regulated economy, even when they allowed industries to remain running.)

Normally this would lead to inflation, but that was kept in check by strict price and wage controls. Instead, the falling value of money meant that goods disappeared from the store shelves; except for the black market as suppliers no longer found it economic to produce and sell their goods at the low prices enforced by the government.

Another factor in this was the strict import and export controls imposed by the government. Nazi economic theory (such as it was) promoted autarky; the country should be self-sufficient as far as possible, to reduce its vulnerability to a blockade when war came, Raw material for industry was the priority: consumer goods were not.

The repeated "upside": the Nazi government did succeed in bringing in full employment partly through increased public spending on weaponry and projects such as the autobahns, partly by recruiting several million young men into the army, and partly by make-work schemes. They also used a combination of financial incentives, propaganda and discriminatory laws to push women out of the workforce, so they wouldn’t show up in the unemployment statistics anymore. Jews were also banned from many jobs, or had their property confiscated and were forced to emigrate; which opened up new jobs for unscrupulous Aryans taking their places.

All this meant that ordinary people had money in their pocket from wages, but there was little in the shops for them to spend it on. For several years they invested it instead in government bonds, which is how the Nazi government was able to borrow so much money in 1933?38. However, by late 1938 the bond issues were bringing in less and less money as people‘s savings were already fully committed, and many of the loans were coming due; which is why Germany was hovering on the edge of bankruptcy by 1939 unless it could plunder the wealth from its conquests.

To outsiders, who saw only the full employment, the booming munitions factories, and the budget figures which cunningly concealed exactly how much debt the government was running up, German economic policy in 1933-39 ;looked like a great success. But it was a pretty mask covering a rotting body.

e797f1  No.13010398


>could there be any benefits of it being applied today?

<could there be any benefits in instituting an economic system that was so effective and embarrassing to kosher international financier interests that Communists teamed up with Capitalists to destroy it in desperation

Nah, it probably sucked bro.

e797f1  No.13010407










Compare these posts to the posts in this thread.


See if you can put the pieces together.

4d5fd1  No.13010423

File: 27dde2c3609dd14⋯.png (454.73 KB, 1489x1423, 1489:1423, hitler peace proposal.png)


>yeah cuz he wouldnt gib france bek…

I know this is a shill but posting this for austerity.

5dd425  No.13010430


We've all seen the "arguments" of Wages of Destruction before. We've also seen, or rather failed to see, any actual evidence for those claims.

>many of the loans were coming due

>concealed exactly how much debt the government was running up

Hey, it's like that's the one thing that has any basis in fact and yet is still completely wrong. Read the last paragraph


again and again, until you like it. The German government owed its debt to the same people whose financial wellbeing was dependent on that of the German government. "Calling in" the debt owed offered no benefit whatsoever so long as the government continued to be able to service the debt.

e797f1  No.13010433


>i know

Would you like to know more?


1ec812  No.13010436


debt to whom?

e797f1  No.13010450


Hitler invaded France after they declared war on Germany.


Stalin and Hitler did have an alliance. What about it?

Stalin was probably so upset because he knew he couldn't defeat Germany on his own.


>see where all that tough guy shit got hitler??

Capitalists and Communists allying with one another to attack National Socialist Germany? Wow, sounds like the whole world was against Germany.

Who could be behind that?

Daily Reminder

World War II started with the creation of World War I-style Anglo-Franco-Polish military alliance.

The alliance's nominal existence was for the purpose of protecting Polish sovereignty.

When Germany invaded Poland, UK and France declared war on Germany.

After the war, at Yalta, the UK gave Poland - the country over whose sovereignty they declared war on Germany - in-entirety to the Soviet Union.

Anyone claiming Germany started WW2 is a kosher agent. ;)

0d4861  No.13010451


>Wtf you don't believe my weak appeals to propaganda I can't even back up - you must be brainwashed

Lmao you're a fucking retard

5b8728  No.13010468

File: 219d57b000cc66a⋯.jpg (162.58 KB, 1116x544, 279:136, 219d57b000cc66a21055f9139e….jpg)


>Who were the Balkan states?

>Who were The British colonies?

>Who were The Danes, Nords, and French colonies?

<The instances where Romania stopped trading raw materials with NEETsocs because they learned that they would never paid back the full worth DOESN'T COUNT because HITLER

Posters like you is why all the other boards are calling your bullshit, and realizing you're a vessel for foreign influences to undermine host nations.

5dd425  No.13010492

File: f67af9a5fb84386⋯.png (424.5 KB, 894x763, 894:763, born to baka.png)


/liberty/, /leftypol/ and a bunch of deviant porn boards does not "all the other boards" make, newfag-kun.

7ef9ab  No.13010512


well said, even a brainlet such as myself could give the USA Nazi-tier gains just from "correcting" various parasitic drags on the economy, for at least as many years as Germany enjoyed. I've got confidence that after they get over the shock, in less than a year all the Blacks and Mexicans infesting inner-city public housing lounging around year after year, generation after generation, would be happy I put them out on plantations with something useful to do.

Lets start with something even young people with no exp in work/business can understand. At your school everyone will name the exact same teachers as 'best teacher' and 'worst teacher' but they get paid same and 'worst' is more likely to remain until they retire. At same time you know some older kid or neighbor who has functioned as a great teacher, and has good personality, energy, etc.

e797f1  No.13010548

File: 4922c1a6766ef8b⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 1864x7104, 233:888, How the Allies Started WW2.jpg)


You're such a loser man.

5b8728  No.13011386

File: cb21b896beded3a⋯.jpg (61.68 KB, 720x391, 720:391, 43751624f3.jpg)



<Still believing that Europeans didn't engineer massive problems for themselves before America came in to stop the madhouse from burning down the white institute.

<Resorting to ad-hominem, and one-line cover-ups before retreating back to their bubble

All I'm hearing is a bunch of basic bitches who can't let go of their bitters addiction!

5dd425  No.13011579

File: 97af428ec25b826⋯.jpg (5.82 KB, 230x230, 1:1, not_an_argument_man.jpg)

d083f3  No.13015980

This is a good thread but lets get back on topic about economics.

f524ef  No.13016241

File: 0308b3fa3d5ed7d⋯.webm (10.09 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Banking.webm)


Simplified basics:

1.All economy is based on productive labour.

2.In return for productive labour you receive a 'receipt' that represents the labour you performed as economic value. In simple terms: perform X amount of work, generate X amount of economic value, get X amount of receipts.

3.These receipt are tokens that can be exchanged for other peoples productive labour ie. goods and services.

4.The name of these receipts/economic value tokens is money

5a.If i print off some money in my shed and spend it i will initially boost the local economy but will increase inflation.

5b.If i destroy all the money in the area i will reduce inflation but harm business by reducing disposable income.

6.By artificially increasing or decreasing the amount of money in the local economy i effectively control it without performing any productive labour myself. I am counter fitting economic value ie.counter fitting Labour.

7.This is exactly what (((central banks))) have been doing for over a century. Pulling the strings of economy and thus labour (jobs, businesses), government (that the (((central bank))) lends our currency to at interest) and through them manipulating society and our Nations.

8.Economic chaos, massive debt and subsequent massive taxation ensues. Dancingjews.wav


1.Slaughter every single jew without exception and abolish their system of capitalist control.

2.The government issues the Nations currency without borrowing it and issues it without charging interest.

3.The amount of economic value tokens thats money to you, bucko issued is directly related to gross domestic product (GDP) with the sole purpose of enabling the productive labour it represents to be exchanged by your people for other goods and services.





f524ef  No.13016298


They didn’t need to borrow money. They just needed productive labour and the ability to issue tokens that represented that labour (Money). See >>13016241

f524ef  No.13016306

File: 571a83d4b55ae0a⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 474x301, 474:301, a91aa230d9622984fa8b775e66….jpg)


Sure, I'll vote for a Democrat who wants me to work in an Amazon cage forever. Bring it faget

f524ef  No.13016310


Explain this, anon.

4e7aa4  No.13026097


No shit?

d2d773  No.13032033




The nsdap would hate the democrats and actually purge them.

d2d773  No.13041234

Would germany economic system work today?

ae738b  No.13042981

aa5ccd  No.13043255


>You can create unlimited money so long as it's backed up by useful (STRESS USEFUL) labor.

>The idea that the government can't do this is deliberate retardation spread by jews to maintain their banking cartels.

underrated. Government should issue money in compensation to workers for labor. That money then becomes the currency in circulation.

no usury

encourage home ownership and high birth rates

657d00  No.13044378

File: 0663a49c657abd4⋯.jpg (424.03 KB, 782x1073, 782:1073, IMG_3708.JPG)

I'm definitely looking for threads like this one. I'm trying to look further into the economic part of the Third Reich, are there anymore screencaps or archives to look into?

e728a7  No.13044418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


subscribe to cultured-thug

Here is his video on nazi economy. His channel keeps getting deleted so recommend downloading all that interest you potentially

dc6e92  No.13044907

I'll try and tl;dr it.

>Printing money isn't automatically inflationary, as long as there are goods and services being created to match that money.

>This means it's perfectly fine to "deficit spend" to put everyone in the country to work, and develop infrastructure.

>Trade Unions are more tolerable without having to deal with class-war and elections.

>Run a "war-time economy" during peacetime, so that you can achieve goals like if you were fighting a war.

>Have a government agency that can set minimum wages and fix prices. That way you don't get $15 an hour for burger flipping, nor do you get companies spending below market price to drive competition out of business.

7ce807  No.13044938


He made massive debts from jews to finance his "economic wonder".

000000  No.13046409


>Hitler expanded the money supply and circulated the new money through public works, which produced more growth than inflation because of the previous under-utilization of industrial capacity and resources, which was a consequence of the Great Depression.

We can insist on that. Contrary to popular belief, an increase of money supply will not destroy an economy by drowning it with said supply if it is absolutely warranted. The amount of money was therefore a requirement of an industrial potential.

You'll occasionally see your regular libtard/JIDF shill harp about how Hitler's government was producing inflation and debt ad nauseam.

000000  No.13046431





d2d773  No.13046740



Read and watch… Best way to get your info.

02e475  No.13047212


>(((adam tooze)))

d2d773  No.13050365


T.seething jew.

0e8d17  No.13050376


based blacks

4bd7bf  No.13060527


Is there a way to successfully implement this into the United States? Or is a full reset on the American economy needed? Can companies form based on this economic model?

f1600c  No.13060630

The German government needed to spend a large amount of money to fund the Depression-era reconstruction of its heavy industry based economy and, ultimately, its re-armament industry. However, it faced two problems. First, rearmament was illegal under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, and secondly there was a legal interest rate limit of 4.5%.

The government would normally borrow extra funds on the money market by offering a higher interest rate. However, because of the limit it was unable to do so. Additionally, a large, visible government deficit would have attracted attention. Hjalmar Schacht formed the limited liability company Metallurgische Forschungsgesellschaft, m.b.H., or "MEFO" for short. The company's "Mefo bills" served as bills of exchange, convertible into Reichsmark upon demand. MEFO had no actual existence or operations and was solely a balance sheet entity. The bills were mainly issued as payment to armaments manufacturers.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mefo_bills

In 1932, Öffa bills were created by the second cabinet under chancellor Heinrich Brüning after consultation with the then President of the Reichsbank, Hans Luther. The bills were issued by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für öffentliche Arbeiten AG (English: German Society for Public Works AG), founded 1 August 1930, and rediscounted by the Reichsbank. With the capital thus raised, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für öffentliche Arbeiten AG financed public building initiatives. It was a shell company without sufficient shareholders' equity. Nevertheless, the bills were discounted by the Reichsbank. This way, the Reichsbank financed public building projects.

In the wake of the Great Depression, this hidden money creation stimulated the German economy. The German Deutsche Gesellschaft für öffentliche Arbeiten AG brought into circulation Öffa bills worth 1.26 billion Reichsmark. In general, the duration of a bill was three months but it could be prolonged to five years.[3]

Economically, this meant an expansion of the money supply. As this would tend towards increasing inflation, Hans Luther agreed to only a small volume. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oeffa_bills


3 reich printed money. reich bank could not print money directly so they created shell company.

f1600c  No.13060643


>Or is a full reset on the American economy needed?

full reset with new operating system. it is not needed. it is mathematical inevitability. i mean reset..not new operating system. new operating system would be advisable. there is no point in repeating same mistakes over and over again.

d2d773  No.13067378

Any other books recommended for economics?

e797f1  No.13067382




I came to this thread to offer a friendly reminder that despite having been reported repeatedly, these posts remain here and have remained here for days.

Anyone claiming nu/pol/ isn't real hasn't been paying attention.

0cb93c  No.13067469

File: 9b95dd67d82f002⋯.pdf (2.09 MB, Social-Credit-by-Major-Cli….pdf)

File: 1cd9c9717576bd1⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 225x382, 225:382, 225px-C_H_Douglas.jpg)

File: f1e5a7d4be69ba1⋯.jpeg (130.5 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, july-31-1964-w-a-c-bennet….jpeg)

Social Credit


It works fantastic; they tried it between 1930 and 1970 in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec and there's only one problem with it. It works so well and the country gets rich so fast that it acts as a magnet for parasites and jew commies that want to suck off that wealth and fuck it all up. You become swamped with losers and lowlifes.

e4c196  No.13067601

File: 65522f8212150f1⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 733.69 KB, 410x258, 205:129, ffd8b51f52b4faa594865f401a….gif)


>Is there a way

Yes, anon. Yes there is.

d2d773  No.13076297


There is always a way

d2d773  No.13081843


Jews were always going to subvert.

93cb40  No.13090917


"Overheating! Economic success is actually a problem!"

Economy doesn't work like an engine, reddit.

"Jews were also banned from many jobs,"

About 500 000 out of 66 millions.

"Ordinary peoples savings…"

People that were dead broke when Hitler came to power. The reason why Hitler was able to take power in the first place.

"unless it could plunder the wealth from its conquests."

Case Yellow planning was only started in response to the Anglo-French declaration of war, that caught Germany unprepared and shut down a sizable amount of trade. Hitler sought to negociate with the Polish gov for months over the Dantzig status and Poland was pretty damn poor already. As Operation Z indicated, building of massive battleships, pre-war planning was that a future war would happen around 1945 at least. Even in April 1940, there were expectations that the Anglo-French would be catastrophically defeated the way it happened…

"Muh military budget!"

… as France had the upper hand in terms of armament save aircrafts and radios at the time. Including better armored tanks and better combat-trained tank crews.

This effectively demonstrate that you have no good enough knowledge of what Hitler and his gov sought out at the time. You also lack te capability of accurate analyzing the bigger picture.

"It was all an illusion!"


"The government was borrowing huge amounts of money for rearmament,"

From fucking whom? Germany didn't even have gold reserves when Hitler came to power + opposition from international banking cartels, why the heck would anyone borrow em money? Not even the US could loan that much because of the great depression, that affected much of the world at the time.

Only reason China lend to the US in the Current Year is because the US have massive amounts of natural ressources. Ain't the case for Germany in the 1930s.

Your BS doesn't even make sense.-D


< Borrowing from 1930s balkans states, Denmark and Anglo-French colonies, my fellow anons!



Part of what Pol is for. -)


Wonder if something like this could be done with digital currencies…

d2d773  No.13098246


Jews are desperately trying to find a way to influence a digital currency.

3aed78  No.13098329


Go look at the board now, it's obvious the mods are the ones shitting up the place, 50% of /pol/ right now is being shilled

afab4e  No.13100595


So how do taxes work under this system where the currency is based on performing x amount of work? How is the government supposed to fund projects and sectors?

c4b4c7  No.13100598


They created them, you fucking dumbass. Holy christ, you're too retarded to not be paid.

3e67f9  No.13113306


Good video

3e67f9  No.13113311


Proof that they did?

27ae91  No.13113878


The biggest issue is defining useful.

Most people think their work is useful , even drag queen book readers

8d54e4  No.13114092


Meh, you cam generally let market forces determine that in the case of more niche goods and services. The peoples basic needs and the productive labour required to fulfil them are pretty obvious.

8d54e4  No.13114125

File: 6846f46bb143e05⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 300x360, 5:6, oy vey the musical.mp4)


What? A currency entirely divorced from any productive labour under the issuance of fuck knows being used to buy children on the internet?

Idk, anon. Eskimos?

27ae91  No.13114815


or just people who dont want to lick the boots of cuturally marxist western goverment. Freedom is a double edged sword.

2d02da  No.13115083


Useful work


Scientists (of the more creation kind like biologists and eugenicists)

Factory workers

Factory owners

Owners of natural resources


Construction workers

Add anything if I missed them

0603f6  No.13133818

Any good dovumentaries on the evonomy?

8d54e4  No.13134406




de86c5  No.13134553

File: a9c502d9f5442ce⋯.jpg (100.48 KB, 500x706, 250:353, poster-german-student.jpg)


If you're interested in the mainstream historical view of the Third Reich economy, then I would recommend Adam Tooze's The Wages of Destruction.

Yes the author is highly critical of Nazi economic policy, he challenges the very notion that there even was an economic turnaround lead by Hitler. In effect, he argues that there was no Nazi economic "miracle". Weimar Germany was recovering on its own and would've continued to do so, but then Nazis came to power and fucked it all up. Adolf Hitler ran Germany in a manner that was so unsustainable that the spoils of conquest were necessary to keep everything going, thus damning German people to the fate of perpetual and unwinnable war.

I actually agree with all of the above, except that I don't believe it was unwinnable.

Adolf Hitler believed that anything other than complete and total economic self-sufficiency meant subservience to international Jewish finance, and the eventual slow destruction of the German people. Everything he did was directed towards attaining the space and resources that would've guaranteed the future independence and prosperity of the German people. Had he succeeded all the modern economic metrics by which we judge him would've been irrelevant.

9a7886  No.13134560


The Nazi economy was build to collapse, it couldn't have outlasted the war by much.

42d107  No.13134570


Owning natural resources isn't work at all much less useful work.

6a3b22  No.13147580


>built to collapse

>doesn’t read thread. see: >>13016241


The standard model was for the state to fund itself almost like a company by charging for public transport etc…

In practice taxation, so far as i am aware, was levied at a low rate to fund costs.

c6889f  No.13147620

Nazi German economic miracle:

"Fuck war reparations. Fuck worker unions too"

6a3b22  No.13148020


They replaced unions with guilds.

3e67f9  No.13148226


Huh could've knew it was that simple.


Lurk moar you retard.

025f6a  No.13148276


It's stupidly simple. Money isn't wealth. Stocks aren't wealth. Hordes of metal bullion isn't wealth.


Tie money creation to labor and inject it at the point of labor creation, you solve the whole problem.

8be3e9  No.13148315


Depends on the project s for all of those. Building another set of condos that will only be occupied half the year isn't going to be useful.

400b73  No.13148902


>Hitler expanded the money supply and circulated the new money through public works, which produced more growth than inflation because of the previous under-utilization of industrial capacity and resources

Well this is unrealistic today.

000000  No.13149732


453eb1  No.13156562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Honest work will set you free.

1176ab  No.13157376


Hitler's economic policy was basically almost exactly the same as the "new and revolutionary" MMT theory that leftists have totally just invented relatively recently.

He very short version if the idea is that the government supposedly can print money pretty heavily, but each dollar pribted must be used to buy a product or service. That hyper inflation only occurs when you print this more money that day for widgets than the factory can produce widgets in a normal working day. So the secret is just to purchase less than the productivity limit of your economy.

How you determine where the limit is and avoid the pitfalls of corruption that can easily occur, I have no idea. But I'd you somehow learn the average productivity limits of each business and factory, and have a government restrained enough to keep within those limits, then everything should work out.

000000  No.13158478


So… new taste?

d2d773  No.13159342


No he replaced it with something better.

407cdb  No.13161461

> Nazis are communists

Please I need infographics to refute that

702674  No.13172517

So anons, answer me this: how do companies form and flourish under this model? Do they have control over the goods they sell? Is it almost like a soft form of Capitalism or an entirely different system with Capitalistic influences?

000000  No.13177021





e13cb8  No.13177031


Communism is an entire world view encompassing class warfare, trans humanism, materialism, anti-racism, sexual """freedom""", and aethism. National Socialists are strictly against these views. They are and we're Socialists, however. Just now Marxist Socialist.

7b701a  No.13182191

What about the European economic union that Hitler supposedly envisioned? Was it a sure thing or just an idea not set in stone? I know that in the "Life in Nazi Germany" or whatever it was called that guy mentioned it as an example for freedom of speech in the newspapers - that arguments were being discussed for and against it.

Also, sure, Hitler took power and kicked the jews out, great job. He reformed the money system, alright. But where did he get resources from? You know, factories, stuff needed for said factories to function, materials to build and so on. If Germany was so poor before Hitler, how did they suddenly acquire all the stuff they needed to rebuild? Isn't Germany relatively poor in natural resources - i.e. they basically only have coal and that's it? I know they eventually figured out how to make other stuff from their coal and they built this gigantic factory for extracting iron from the piss-poor iron ore they had, but that doesn't explain how they got off the ground when they were at absolute zero, supposedly. Or did they already have all the infrastructure needed pre-built but just poorly managed and exploited?

I've heard some answers to this - that he was initially funded by foreign capitalists before they realized what was actually going on, that it was actually all the Weimar republic's deeds, or that he was exploiting other territories for their resources because he needed them.

Please explain in better detail what Hitler's gov already had to work with and what the problem really was with the previous ones.

8f69ff  No.13182206


>waaagh spoonfeed me!

If it's not obvious to you then lurk more

65ef9a  No.13182394


These economics were called Third Position, and here's a fine British gentleman and prolific troll who advocates for this exact economic position, believe it or not, from a Monarchist position:


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