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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f1862f  No.13013109



BLM is out on a Saturday night screeching about Austin Shuffield after he slapped some nigger because she wouldn't move her car



096bce  No.13013151


Disappointing lack of nigger chimpout.

9be9d3  No.13013154

I thought BLM was kill

ff721c  No.13013161

based lives matter

f1862f  No.13013163


The night's young and it's a Saturday. Stay optimistic

f1862f  No.13013167

here's a twitter thread about it


9d129f  No.13013168

>tfw chimpouts no longer do it for ya

9be9d3  No.13013173


we need a kikeout

c1945c  No.13013179

File: dc7dd682ddc2f1a⋯.jpg (285.71 KB, 3150x2075, 126:83, 6fd03d2b139c8adb8a1234fa7d….jpg)


Yea, Brenton Tarrant, king of /pol/, really upped the bar on what we expect in terms of quality.

2d6b80  No.13013186


>has nothing to do with brenton

it's literally nothing, just another night in chimpmerica

2d6b80  No.13013190


FUCK, not THAT is OC, Anon!!!

2d6b80  No.13013193

2d6b80  No.13013200


Get this non-happening off our board nigger. This is literally non-news. At the minimum, we require a truck bombing and apparently a Fourcucks Anon is gonna deliver tomorrow. But this is garbage.

6c311a  No.13013201

File: 33fc00fd767e9bd⋯.png (555.83 KB, 881x507, 881:507, 33fc00fd767e9bd70fa0bbcabd….png)


Do it again Dallas apes.

Dispense the nigger redpills.

000000  No.13013211


Killing niggers is always a good thing to do.

c1945c  No.13013216


They blew that fucking nigger up didn't they? Haha. It was a distraction for Clinton's emails, but blowing up the nigger was worth it.

ec8249  No.13013221

Niggers are detestable, but at least fight the men. Fighting women, even if they're negresses is pretty beta.

a7d875  No.13013239

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pistol whipping a woman. cringe.

9d129f  No.13013241

395c0c  No.13013248

File: da8c4483dca35f0⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1395x1047, 465:349, Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet ….png)


Holy shit, that's fuckin' rad.

395c0c  No.13013257


Also, some 4chinner said to watch for a happening on the 25th, but it was probably a larp.

d93926  No.13013258



Lol I've seen some negresses that would probably beat your asses

2d6b80  No.13013264


Hopefully not

055a7d  No.13013271

All those Ferguson protest organizers are dropping like flies. They should be careful because they DON'T have Obumers money backing them anymore. Night Night.

82aefa  No.13013282

Niggers gonna nig

5a03bf  No.13013288


Your mom?

4ee799  No.13013290

File: e18f0aa59a01600⋯.jpg (74.15 KB, 618x412, 3:2, LeslieJonesSNL.jpg)

c36975  No.13013292


Whew and just like that you brought anime back.

d93926  No.13013304


Fuck around with that tranny trying to be all a real man never hits a woman and all you might get ktfo.

I love all of you my brothers, but some of you have zero experience in fights/violence

98c2b9  No.13013305

At this point I just want to see a bunch whites killed by niggers. That's all that wakes white men up, they don't care if niggers chimp on somebody's property. TX might as well be Europe to us up here, and nobody cares if they steal a bunch of korean electronics or walmarx food.

4ee799  No.13013306


BLM criticized zionism… and for that no more gibs.. and maybe a few assassinations.


5f444f  No.13013309

File: 4260716fdd2de3f⋯.png (629.7 KB, 561x1287, 17:39, bishop.png)

98c2b9  No.13013313

File: 69b5ea4f3e0087c⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 355x366, 355:366, tumblr_o1u966QMA61qav8l5o2….gif)


>no experience

Show me your boobs.

415fd4  No.13013319

d93926  No.13013321


Someone should ask the good bishop how he feels about the Knoxville Massacre, or how the MSM swept it under the rug while flooding us about Trayvon Martin & Mike Brown 2 thugs who were not victims at all for 2 years straight


>falcon knee

That's funny

If you want I can show you a pic of my cock

ebd2ab  No.13013328

File: 8b4493b9a7ec159⋯.png (687.88 KB, 893x1400, 893:1400, 015_1486588470.png)


>niggress tries to chimp

>expects white man to act like a nigger and back down

>get's it's ass whooped

98c2b9  No.13013333


>viscious white supremacist

<puppies and smiles brah

>he supports Trump!

Its a shame he wasn't a white nationalist before, but he definitely is one now.

d93926  No.13013337


>expects white man to act like a nigger and back down

More like it expected a whiteman to act like a typical whiteman

We've been far too civilized for too long a period.

372fc8  No.13013341

File: dabf1c65900ec45⋯.webm (5.53 MB, 1656x924, 138:77, Polygon rejected from Ocu….webm)

File: e99e25511d64fae⋯.webm (706.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ETUUUuuuUUU.webm)


I haven't seen OC that great since the quark threads on /v/ back in 2015.

395c0c  No.13013347


Quads confirm that if he wasn't before, he is certainly a WN now.


90f8dd  No.13013355


You motherfuckers are really making me reconsider shooting up my local synagogue. Goddamn it, why bother if I'm just going to get anime-girl lewded?

d2f6ee  No.13013360


Anon, that's awesome. Holy shit.

999204  No.13013361

A post died for this reddit tier shit.

Did Austin Shuffield pull out a gun and blow the nigger's head off? If not then it's bullshit.

6cb1a9  No.13013367

File: cecddb0bee9c9df⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 833x503, 833:503, real AWMs.gif)




>muh pussy pass

This is fifth wave feminism.


>not fanning the flames

You're disappointing.

d93926  No.13013375


>muh pussy pass

>This is fifth wave feminism.

I think you misread my post friend. I'm all for punching the shit out of a bitch.

d93926  No.13013376

ebd2ab  No.13013378

File: f950849efc123de⋯.webm (7.65 MB, 178x320, 89:160, sheboon.webm)

File: 2bf3f62448993a7⋯.mp4 (2.31 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Sims_%u200F_@AustinSims22_….mp4)


Niggers more than whites parrot: you don't hit a woman

This is largely in part to the matriarchal structure of nigger culture.

>but muh niggas

The wealth of niggers is concentrated around their women in times of instability.

Their women get welfare, child support, whoring money, pity cash, and foreign aid.

When a nigger buck is in prison, where does his cantina money come from? It isn't coming from his crew, it's coming from his baby mamas.

When a nigger buck doesn't have street game, where does he get food and the latest bling? One of his sows.

When the po po is trying to hate on his game, another sow is hiding him.

When a young buck is being raised, he's surrounded by women, not men.

This matriarchal influence is seen in the music and art.


Melanin queens

Fixation on pussy and ass

Playing tough to get that pussy and ass

ebd2ab  No.13013395

File: fdf68a744ea3a98⋯.webm (6.71 MB, 480x360, 4:3, social construct.webm)

File: 6e1f27cc5ec0b35⋯.webm (4.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, stay_down.webm)


Pay attention to who is in charge in this altercation.

This is not an isolated incident.

cd102c  No.13013404

File: 557488ddc1ac430⋯.png (13.5 KB, 619x170, 619:170, d638210422540eee0fef41549b….png)

Another manufactured outrage brewing?

d93926  No.13013405


>time for nigger-experience battle

<niggers also claim SNITCHES GET STITCHES but go back on that as well, all the time

<niggers are constantly belting one of their loud ass women

<how many times have you seen a nigger jump in and suckerpunch some bitch who is getting the better of one of his bitches, kicking off a riot and melee

Do I have to cite WUUURLDSTARRRRR of any of the Hood Life movies?

999204  No.13013419


Looks like every day in Niggermerica.

898724  No.13013456

File: 8343fc5bf2edde6⋯.jpg (173.86 KB, 1080x1915, 216:383, sndyhook.jpg)



getting this message – "Not Found (yet?)"

have been getting server errors when i try to save pages on .fo and .is. i'm in USA, not fucking NZ. WTF is going on?

7d3670  No.13013538

File: a4d07eb90169653⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 571x355, 571:355, 325752k8poh7npzv.jpg)


fe2584  No.13013652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b8624d  No.13013663

Why is it a hate crime to slap a black but not a hate crime to shoot a black for wearing red or blue clothes?

686ddf  No.13013680


It's not a hate crime either way it's just trash disposal

2b9453  No.13013746


Just niggers being niggers I guess.

737efc  No.13013753


>why bother if I'm just going to get anime-girl lewded?

It's no different than Warhammer-style Space Marine pictures really; it's a form of flattery for someone who actually had the balls to do something and the talent to actually do it good.

Also shoot up your law office if you're going to kill a jew center at all.

d93926  No.13013770


cuz whitey be oppressun us and shieeet

830fc0  No.13013776


>he gives a shit about a subhuman, uncivil, filthy niggress

>he thinks /pol/ does too

2a0847  No.13013794

File: 5c7cb720c2e27f4⋯.mp4 (1.08 MB, 202x360, 101:180, fb739d8ce20255f3b4bcf1e5ce….mp4)

2a0847  No.13013796

File: 7404aec30f8d93c⋯.mp4 (2.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, sheboons attack store lady.mp4)

File: b2a6963b02fa048⋯.mp4 (1.91 MB, 720x360, 2:1, Sheboon Gets Shot Trash Ta….mp4)

File: 2d74ff10fa35543⋯.mp4 (6.19 MB, 406x720, 203:360, sheboons fighting over hoo….mp4)

File: 584f39fcb0ba7be⋯.mp4 (972.32 KB, 202x360, 101:180, sheboon head shot car Live….mp4)

22ff52  No.13013801

whose streets?Auschwitz!

c1945c  No.13013804


The nigger that got shot in the head in the final video actually lived. I saw it on /b/.

c1945c  No.13013845


Texanon here, I am thinking of buying land up north. I don't want my family to be smack dab in the middle of the coming race war.

513420  No.13013888


>he knocked her phone away & beat her mercilessly


a29fce  No.13013890

Happening ? Wew . I bet if whites join forces every time a nigger Nigged this Shit wouldn't happen

513420  No.13013898




a7d875  No.13013926

File: 02059eec35af657⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 684x385, 684:385, bike.webm)

9187e0  No.13013928


Monkey sure can take a punch. She should have just moved her car out of the exit instead of running her mouth and the dude should have shot her.

a7d875  No.13013933

File: 09e62cce90228b8⋯.webm (620.03 KB, 339x269, 339:269, street attack.webm)

File: 5549b19959aab99⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, thugs.webm)

a7d875  No.13013937

File: 2a38766ce105494⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 576x720, 4:5, white girl.webm)

a7d875  No.13013939

File: ff877c20ace6435⋯.webm (458.78 KB, 476x476, 1:1, lunch with niggs.webm)

a7d875  No.13013947

File: d55d23cfd1aa4b2⋯.webm (714.95 KB, 400x226, 200:113, 1513721662674.webm)

585db1  No.13013952

File: 9ca82cbc4ee1d31⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 334x225, 334:225, clint eastwood.gif)


Based and redpilled

9d129f  No.13013953


>that webm

>no hammertime audio

8ecb78  No.13014024


Why are those Groids attacking that lass?

ff721c  No.13014171


she said "nigga" , thats a hate crime

ff721c  No.13014196


or if we just didnt have jews then eveyrthing would have been ok


the whites that let the jews in are idiots

3b394c  No.13014261

File: 46b1cc89fbedc98⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


this. creates sense of false power.

Supreme power in a small cultures/communities/groups/circles makes one think that this power can be wielded everywhere else. This is why Jerry Springe-Maury Povich like nonsense is rampant; rioting, raging, yelling, fighting, partying, etc. in certain cultures/communities/groups/circles.


When said person uses false power in civilized society, they get a reality check.

559fb7  No.13014396


did they get the niggers that jumped the couple? and wtf happend anyways?

583301  No.13014415

What's the purpose of this thread? Cheering for another lone nut? Lone nuts never founded empires.

3fb44a  No.13014447


Not with that attitude.

175187  No.13014466


can we have more of these. im almost there…

1d06c6  No.13014495


Why part of two people fighting over a parking spot merits a response from the White House?

Nobody really gives a single fuck about two idiots fighting over a parking spot, regardless of the amount of times they screamed nigger or white devil at each other.

559fb7  No.13014519


In Hillary's America, any White on Black crime would get full national attention and Transgender friendly National Guard troops will swarm out to hunt down the White culprit. Teaching him some tolerance with pitchforks & fire.

7d3670  No.13014636

File: 3bda625104266f3⋯.jpeg (109.64 KB, 338x402, 169:201, 6E05AC94-6D1A-4F2B-84A5-0….jpeg)

bd0de8  No.13014651

Only a nog would be stupid enough to slap someone holding a handgun

e5de60  No.13014793

File: 64a5f714cb10d24⋯.png (24.65 KB, 634x446, 317:223, F21731B60E8046748941622626….png)


>I'm a massive pussy

So that is how my state when to shit.

096bce  No.13014930


literally or metaphorically

I can see the value of both

096bce  No.13014936


Gone are the days of the Texas Rangers (My ancestors) when we used to administer a fucking pounding and death to all who stepped out of line.

513420  No.13016467



only steers and queers come from texas.

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