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File: 6ef51888e42a559⋯.jpg (67.99 KB, 600x631, 600:631, 1467043699416.jpg)

72eb77  No.13026763



Alright guys, was a honor to shitpost with you all, but sadly the EU has finally sold itself completely to the NWO. Today at about 12 pm UTC the EU parliament will vote for the new copyright directive, which effectively places every single website under the obligation to implement upload filters.

They did it, they finally did it, they are going to destroy the internet we all love and will censor our opinions. The European part of 4chan is going to die.

I will miss you, and to all you Britbongs, leave the EU as fast as you can, save yourselves, we might live on through you.



000000  No.13026772


There already is a thread you faggot

72eb77  No.13026774


a shill thread to make it not stand out and be memoryholed, fuck you shill

3ddc76  No.13026783

File: ecab2b846ef5aaf⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 521x406, 521:406, 6ffd0789771653deacaaa5ce62….jpg)

> EU is gone from chans

you say it like it's a bad things

72eb77  No.13026817


D&C shill

000000  No.13026821


Settle down you hysterical faggot. What's done is done. Just use tor.

000000  No.13026825




mosons neva changes

72eb77  No.13026830


>Settle down you hysterical faggot. What's done is done. Just use tor.

Do you not fucking understand what this intails

000000  No.13026833


Well how about you stop squawking like a hysterical retard and shed some light on it?

72eb77  No.13026841


>shed some light on it?

It means 8chan and 4chan will be blocked by every ISP in all of the EU.

It means no release valve, it means war

000000  No.13026844


>It means 8chan and 4chan will be blocked by every ISP in all of the EU.

And how would that prevent you from using tor to circumvent it, like I suggested?

db508d  No.13026845

File: 4693ad21b0de04a⋯.jpg (479.94 KB, 1242x1077, 414:359, Yoda_no_one_cares.jpg)

ok retard

b93b3e  No.13026846


You can still check where the synagogues are on google, anon.

43ac1c  No.13026850


Now you have a reason to stop shitposting and get off your ass and do something

909bf7  No.13026852


And? It will take at least a decade to get the national legislators to transform it into national law and at least another half a decade to get the structures into place to enforce it. Letting alone being able to efficiently enforce it

0dc5a1  No.13026853

File: ceb69ae13180c38⋯.jpg (447.65 KB, 600x1018, 300:509, confus.jpg)


>It means no release valve, it means war

You say that like it's a bad thing.

a92c9c  No.13026876

File: acf0288904787ce⋯.png (83.93 KB, 1114x719, 1114:719, tumblr_nzuqcyjTbR1u1l5qso1….png)

>the EU has finally sold itself completely to the NWO


>saying NWO instead of (((NWO))) or kikes

>literally flipping shit over Article 13 like a facebook libertarian

Cool, pray for war and slaughter.

Hate to bLaCkPilL some of you but this MOST LIKELY won't act as a catalyst to anything. Too many docile whites who'll be moved to slacktivism at most. It'll take a concentrated number of Brentons targeting infrastructure in central Europe for shit to hit the fan.

Strap in boys, or, alternatively, strap homemade explosive devices to large scale power grids in minecraft.

a38c4e  No.13026877


The message from chan has been clear. Live as self providing as possible.

Raise as much white children as possible.

Heil to our ancestors and Heil to our children who will Hail us.

a5878d  No.13026879

The internet was better before Yuropoors flooded it anyways

000000  No.13026884


>do something


2af383  No.13026885


Who gives a shit? Modern day europeans are fucking retarded. I've play a lot of online games and its always the europeans who are causing problems and picking fights with people. I have had ZERO positive interactions with europeans over the course of the past 5 years and I am starting to see a pattern.

America is the only hope left for the white race.

000000  No.13026892



And here come the D&C kikes.

c8d161  No.13026895


>a country where whites are almost a minority is the only hope left for whites

Hungary, Ukraine and Iceland seem like better options.

>modern day europeans (WHITES) are fucking retarded

Your nose grows like pinnochio kike.

000000  No.13026897


same shit nigga

11e028  No.13026902

File: 3c1df94dee4e75b⋯.png (365.84 KB, 593x580, 593:580, 1532862230391.png)


>Northern Brazil is the only hope left for the white race

df58ec  No.13026903

If the only way to funz is vpn, everyone will be on vpn.

This is a good thing. No more boomers, only those young enough to figure it out will have access.

000000  No.13026906





Grexit etc.

43ac1c  No.13026908

File: 7be8bb7d92913d6⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 850x718, 425:359, 76431768943.jpg)


>Modern day europeans are fucking retarded

>America is the only hope left for the white race

a5878d  No.13026912


Oh shut the fuck up TOR fag, we had more fun before Yurotrash started flooding the internet with their faggot cuck shit and garbage memes

000000  No.13026916


I ain't buying it, Mordecai.

000000  No.13026918



you said it moshe

c8d161  No.13026920


>no more euro's on chans

Wouldn't it just mean they can't post copywrited material? Wouldn't this basically mean they can only post text rather than be completely barred from the site? There's no way they can make viewing copywrited material illegal because then literally everything is illegal to look at.

f7fa2e  No.13026923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'll miss y'all boys.

a5878d  No.13026924


Only kikes here are you Yurofags, all you retards do is mock America all day long like it's a national past time meanwhile your own countries are dying. Worry about your own shit you faggots

216a3c  No.13026928

Who cares, the EU will collapse anyway

c8d161  No.13026929


>tells a kike to not commit D&C

>accuses me of being a kike for supporting a country where communist political parties were made illegal and whites are a supermajority

>inb4 you're actually going to pull "are slavs white" D&C


000000  No.13026934


I'm Australian, you stupid faggot.

a5878d  No.13026935


Notice sudden influx of TOR fags lately

a5878d  No.13026940

File: 051d93e79bfee47⋯.jpg (162.86 KB, 975x353, 975:353, Washington.jpg)



Good for you nigger, what do you want a fucking cookie or something

ec6235  No.13026942

I don't know how they're going to implement their article but I know for sure that it's main priority is to place constraints on the material we publish

>Future quality of our Euro memes: https://youtu.be/z2_dhUv_CrI

e859bb  No.13026948

inb4 ten more brentons arise because of this

000000  No.13026951



torbrowser is default browser.

000000  No.13026952


Make it two. Though you're still a faggot.

ec313e  No.13026960

Is this site going to block the EU

5cf3ce  No.13026965

f4153e  No.13026967


We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when

But I know we'll meet again

One bloody day

eff230  No.13026969

So the EU wants to become like Worst Korea.

< Don’t let your children ride on ferries.

000000  No.13026980


>The European part of 4chan is going to die.

fuck off whence you came cuckchan

000000  No.13026981

>will censor our opinions


I already showed you how censorship is impossible yet you still use it not.

1b3355  No.13026986

File: eb4e21975940c87⋯.gif (252.01 KB, 357x479, 357:479, Nervous Hissing.gif)

I'm still hoping for Polexit

fb2503  No.13026995


I thought the censorship shit was all about copyright content? Basically, all it could ever affect would be meme's, which by itself is moronic because they don't have any "legal" copyright holder, in practice at least.

But the point is, how does it affect free speech? Did I miss something?

c1a20d  No.13026996

Realistically, what will this do?

72eb77  No.13026997


Snivel you fucking kike, this will could more of a backlash than you anticipate

72eb77  No.13027001


Block you from viewing 4chan and 8chan, and ANY site the government wants too

811a46  No.13027010


They're already coming out with shit like:

Oh yeah now that we've forced companies to implemented automatic content filtering everywhere, we should also start filtering ebil nazi terrorist content (aka stuff the state doesn't like).

E.g. some cunt already talked about how automatic content filtering could have prevented the Christchurch shooting, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but who cares.

72eb77  No.13027015


Are you fucking retarded or just a bot that can't figure out simple misttakes

6ad49a  No.13027016


VPN companies are now rubbing their hands together at the speed of light.

c1a20d  No.13027019


Very possible.


They will use the copyright stuff to shut down bad goy videos like With Open Gates and other sites. All they have to do is have one of theirs post a certain file here and they can censor it.

811a46  No.13027027

File: db62fe992d5f374⋯.png (241.32 KB, 936x868, 234:217, ClipboardImage.png)



(german article)

0dc5a1  No.13027042


Haha these imbeciles are doing exactly what St. Brenton wanted them to do. So predictable. They are tying their own nooses as we speak.

194806  No.13027045

Of course they did it. Surprised only that they didn't do it earlier.

000000  No.13027053


where do you think tor nodes are? The people supporting tor are glowniggers and socjus liberals.

Do you think the cartels in South America are going to set up nodes for you? All of my nodes route THROUGH EUROPE and I don't even live there.

909bf7  No.13027067


what did they do. Vote on an unenforceable "law". The concern shilling is off the charts. The only ones who should be concerned are those running platforms JewSA intelligence and are about to lose every credible data from inhabitants of a member states of the eu, IF any member state manages to build structures and laws able to enforce the "law"

000000  No.13027069



>non-english on english board

>no sauce

nothing of value was lost

237511  No.13027076

Spew your 56 percent memes while you still can

72eb77  No.13027081


i never once said i was a brit the entire time i have been posting here, you fucking D&C kike

000000  No.13027082


>All of my nodes route THROUGH EUROPE

>what is encrypted traffic?

>what is mesh net?

>what is hamnet?

bye edgelord

000000  No.13027084


It's only exit nodes that would matter (not entry or intermediate), and you can specify any country (or set of countries) as exit nodes in your config.

000000  No.13027086

how soon can a t.o.r. ban in europe?

237511  No.13027088


I dodmt target the OP hence why i said your in a general post and no a directed one

909bf7  No.13027089



72eb77  No.13027092


Speak some fucking sense, or has you're google AI mind fried already shillbot?

1ac566  No.13027094


Germany already started a few days ago

237511  No.13027111


See how i tagged your post? This message is to you.

If i didnt tag you it means its not directed at you but it is a general statement.

237511  No.13027123

File: b1dacb585c10d92⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 232x273, 232:273, 57bf716b9ebd2441cd5ae90d2a….jpg)



>eurofags mock my country with the 56 percent meme

>not shills

>i mock them for article 13

>get called a shill

000000  No.13027137


It hasn't become law yet, according to /tech/.


909bf7  No.13027142


it will most likely never really become law in 2/3 of all member states

df58ec  No.13027172


Hi Zog. Muslims are better targets.


Can has translation?


When tor is outlawed, only outlaws will have tor. German anons, download tails now.

30a375  No.13027200

Use tor or vpn to download tails. The website is mostlikely monitored.

aae98e  No.13027207



And nothing of value was lost.

bd1d60  No.13027209

This could be a good thing though, as we could easily circumvent any "upload filter" that (((Google))) and others implement to upload modified images of fucking Mickey Mouse getting rammed by Stalin and cause them to waste precious resources on deleting them or getting ass raped by (((EU))) fines. Alternatively, you could "anonymously" have a homemade picture uploaded on a major tech server and then demand shekels for having your publication hosted somewhere without monetization to waste even more resources.

Also if the average (((Facebook))) user loses access to whatever shit source he uses for ebin maymays he'll get angry and hate the people that caused this shit. Meanwhile anyone with half a brain will just bypass all the cancer by using a VPN or TOR or whatever.

Be sure to fan any flames of anger in your normalfag and watch this escalate in time.

>All hypothetically of course because this post is a work of fiction, and copyrighted by me, David Davidson. :^)

2dcafd  No.13027210


pretty sure VPN's will be illegal in the EUSSR.

e29614  No.13027251


faggot found

a6a95b  No.13027261

File: cbf1d03c606f1b7⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 330x309, 110:103, 1471281488776.jpg)

If any of you cunts had read the article instead of listening to what (((the media))) says, then you'd know it's not a big deal. It's the equivalent of the Fair Use law in the US.

3ca63a  No.13027262

in practical application what does this mean and what is going to happen to the internet?

3ca63a  No.13027265


>i always have to post a meme so they dont call me a kike

7078e4  No.13027272


>Upload filters could have prevented St. Brenton Tarrant's crusade

>t. German politician

72eb77  No.13027274


exactly the same as what new zealand has done, 8chan is entirely blocked by kiwis now

now the EU has passed a law in which they can takedown 4chan & 8chan in the ENTIRE EU and possibly they will put this into the UK split and force this on them too

this is the beginning of the rope my friend

a6a95b  No.13027277

File: 450e6fe41c19679⋯.png (271.09 KB, 1562x1056, 71:48, cace7c6b10fe632d2342412783….png)


>disregarding everything that I said because I posted an unrelated pic

You're an actual retard.

57bc16  No.13027282


Censoring of hateful websites for EU member states. Post being removed in a more persistent fashion on other platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter and facing legal action under the ISP's location within the EU.

909bf7  No.13027288


nothing. Platforms have to decide if they will keep serving eu citizen under the threat of being sued to the ground if somebody uploads another Saint Brenton stream. The users are save. Don't fall for the concern shills. The law has in addition be translated in 27 different national laws, which can take decades

000000  No.13027289


>Upload filters

>to brain memetic implant

ec4a8c  No.13027300


People use VPNs to connect to their jobs, numbnuts.

72eb77  No.13027311


>Don't worry about it goy, it's only going to happen later rather than sooner


ec4a8c  No.13027318

File: da03ab804a7f96a⋯.png (8.43 KB, 800x500, 8:5, qodem_x11_kermit.png)


Maybe it means the end of centralized servers and websites, neither of which I particularly care about. I was posting on Usenet from a SunOS shell account (dialed in from a DOS computer running QModemPro) before the web shit got popularized and then inevitably subverted.

909bf7  No.13027320



Żyd krzyczy z bólu, kiedy cię uderza.

a6a95b  No.13027322


>they can takedown 4chan & 8chan in the ENTIRE EU

Sauce? What part of the article states this?

d21d3e  No.13027340

File: ee06f8a48dd5690⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 850x1300, 17:26, 1203280633.jpg)

so if they block access to chans, would it be illegal to browse thru tor or vpn?

6dba70  No.13027341

Those watching the official announcement can already notice these things:

>Now, each European country can choose to accept it or not, which means we'll probably see it in the countries which wanted it to pass (so mostly France and Germany)

>Even should it pass, it needs two years to be considered as inplemented in said countries, and EU will probably die or fall during these two years

>Funny enough, the main targets are social networks and Google

Watch it fail. Watch it fail hard and laugh.

541a01  No.13027349











7078e4  No.13027354

Are these >>13027349 posters agents? our guys? both?

c8c85e  No.13027355


Agreed. Even without these stupid directives all corporate-run centralized portals are dying. Between DMCA-like of filter based copyright censorship all over the world, content id, and libtards putting pressure to remove anything and deplatform anyone that can remotely be considered offensive, it is only a matter of time.

57bc16  No.13027365


If you need to ask….

72eb77  No.13027368

Mark my words kikes there will be consequences

c8d161  No.13027369


>is DHYAFTB glow in the dark? our guys? both?

Go back to reddit faggot

e3244e  No.13027370

Yuro here. Can anyone give me a tl;dr or what does it mean for me from now on? Every yuro source i find is praising it, claiming it's like putting laws on "the wild west" and how good it is for the movie industry.

d21d3e  No.13027372

is 8ch even for-profit? I don't understand what you fags moaning about

6da583  No.13027376

File: 3803efc7b157bd5⋯.png (106.06 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 103978904-The_meme_formerl….png)


So rare Pepe's are going to be really rare.

541a01  No.13027377


I'm not getting paid, but if I am unable to shitpost soon, I will take myself up on my previous post.

72eb77  No.13027378


You will be arrested for it

57bc16  No.13027385


Read the thread you fucking retard. I'm glad morons like you will stop posting here soon.

see >>13027282

f6e9a9  No.13027388

File: 118dafb78a41424⋯.png (56.75 KB, 800x1124, 200:281, white_bible_k&r.png)


return of unix skills being sexy instead of barely understood by coffeeshop JS hipsters. The web is not the internet.

e3244e  No.13027393


tl;dr of that post please?

72eb77  No.13027394

a6a95b  No.13027399


Nothing will fucking happen.

541a01  No.13027408

File: 8319bf03033a704⋯.png (17.55 KB, 161x204, 161:204, OP.png)

This is OC, I made this. I, anon 541a01, claim full ownership of the Grug derivative Gurg.

Two bux to repost it, my fellow yuros :^)

08ea40  No.13027413


lole just stole it

11e028  No.13027419

But how exactly does it work when it comes to content not hosted on EU territory?

000000  No.13027421


Nice, can we start a class action against companies that use memes in advertising?

909bf7  No.13027432


Nothing will happen

The EU has no executive to enforce anything and the member countries for the most part ignore the EU

541a01  No.13027433


Why are my palms so sweaty reading this, the mere thought of suing advertisers curls my hair and my voice is a whole octave lighter in my reply: ZEHER MESHUGGENEH YES YES YES!

1bd497  No.13027437


After (if it ever actually happens in the next 20 years) Brexit can the UK just not have anything to do with Article 13?

In the mean time what will it really do? I mean it just stops uploads that hit some sort of trigger in a filter right? So I should still be able to access 8ch and shitpost right?

I am aware there is a porn filter coming in to effect soon in the UK, is that to do with Article 13?

Are there ways around it?

909bf7  No.13027439


>reddit spacing extreme

schu schu

755049  No.13027442


is there a subsection of this article related to toothbrushes. Buttertoof nation!!!

a6a95b  No.13027446


I think it will be the same as content posted in Europe, which means that everything will probably stay the same.

d21d3e  No.13027447

File: e08ed8b2ec68cf2⋯.png (39.65 KB, 598x460, 13:10, Capture1.PNG)



I might also be charged for sharing this link

1bd497  No.13027449


WTF is reddit spacing? Am I supposed to just not have spaces between lines?

1bd497  No.13027454


OH so they are basically forcing original content? About fucking time, there only so many times I can be bothered to sift through 300 WEBMs to find the 5 new posts ever couple of days.

407d71  No.13027455

About time Politicans do something about that free opinion.

It's time 8chan introduces the new European Uploadfilter "Neusprech" in it's official version 1.9.84

909bf7  No.13027458


>reddit spacing


>unarchived link to zog

>random non reply post

Schu schu discord tranny

501af7  No.13027462

Accelerationism works, but only for populations that have balls, and EUpoors these days have none.

You deserve everything that comes because of this, you retarded muzzie cum guzzlers.

909bf7  No.13027465

File: 7ea260a91719388⋯.jpg (112.53 KB, 504x577, 504:577, 1552864939354.jpg)

000000  No.13027467


Listen here cucks, this means now social media platforms are publishers, they are responsible for what users posts


If 8ch and GAB is responsible for mass shooters, now youtube and facebook and twitter are responsible too.


For anyone crying about this, you bought in the shilling down in the style of net neutrality by corporations. This article is good.

67f163  No.13027469

File: a265a69ad9d7a6d⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 661x668, 661:668, 1374501468422.jpg)

>tfw they are actually forcing us internet dwellers to step out into meatspace


d4582a  No.13027470

File: c7478120d4a61f2⋯.png (37.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FEUD.png)

We have to show our disobidience, massively start creating our own OC and abandon whatever was licenced by big corp that pushed that fucking directive down our throats.

Start with spreading a licence that introduces the guarant system - if we spread and force this wide enough, we might make platforms such as YT consider an option of submitting a content as a guarant that takes responsibility for the content's licence, like it was before the directive.

Spread this shit if you care about the internet independence.


909bf7  No.13027471


no they aren't. Nobody exists to enforce it reddit spacer

909bf7  No.13027475


Pedophile detected

f05667  No.13027479

File: 5394102334c9ee6⋯.jpg (57 KB, 600x396, 50:33, 7 proxies.jpg)

but how does this affect bongs? porn passes are coming soon and a few other censorship shit. but cant we just negate this by using a VPN?


This, if people cant shitpost or normalfags on social media cant post copyrighted material then people will just go outside

000000  No.13027481


This will mainly affect big social media sites with EU offices.

541a01  No.13027482


Yeah the positives to this, is corporate shilling will become harder from Europe, or if you see shilling done with copyrighted memes or products (boomer + monster drink, unreleased movies or movies in theaters now) you know it's a corporate shill.

Atleast they don't get free advertising from Yuropoors. But those filters could be so very oopsiedoopsied to include symbols, phrases, words, certain people and so on.

The good does not outweigh the terrible by a long shot in this.

000000  No.13027484



909bf7  No.13027486


nope it will mostl likely not


the eu has no executive

000000  No.13027487


That's not how it works. Now if you make a drawing let's say of a red frog with big eyes, you own the copyright to that image.

Only corporations and parasites are against this.

d4582a  No.13027490


You fucking moron, google didn't pay for this, but corps managing rights over movies/songs/pictures/etc. supported this.

909bf7  No.13027491


reddit spacing…

407d71  No.13027493


Europol operates 38.000 Officers only for fighting cybercrime. Cybercrime is everything from Fakeshops to Insult people online.

Article 13 is all about censorships 1st Step.

909bf7  No.13027494


Europol has nothing to do with it

000000  No.13027495


You fucking retard, google had a fucking special logo day against it.

407d71  No.13027501


It will soon, just wait for it.

a6a95b  No.13027504

File: 7024eb5809bb812⋯.png (23.93 KB, 1029x127, 1029:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4d573caa29df644⋯.png (46.13 KB, 1853x165, 1853:165, ClipboardImage.png)


Except that's not how it works, nigger. Pic related are actual amendments in article 13 which say that memes are allowed, along with links and other shit. I invite every single crying cuckchanner in this thread to read the article, then you'll realize that it's fucking nothing. Article 13 mainly fucks over big corporations, and the biggest change is the introduction of a Fair Use system in the EU, which doesn't actually change a lot of how things work.

000000  No.13027514


Spend less time on reddit. This is about copyright. DIGITAL SINGLE MARKET you know.

909bf7  No.13027515


>J-just wait

<overly nervous eu marketing employee for the xt time today

d4582a  No.13027516


I just fucking said it that google didn't support this, you retard

541a01  No.13027517


I thought it was already that way, if you could prove you created it (first)

That is going to be one hell of a thing to keep track of though.

d21d3e  No.13027518


that's what I think as well, it's essentially to get google & facebook to pay tax if they host euro content

000000  No.13027519


You said google didn't pay for it. They paid to shill against it.

35d37d  No.13027523


seems more like an anti-clickbait law passed for sites like faceberg

d4582a  No.13027526


They didn't pay for it means they didn't pay for it being passed. How fucking autistic are you

35d37d  No.13027534

I wonder how this will affect those in the United States, for example, when they are searching for news in, lets say, Germany…

ec4a8c  No.13027544


They're enforcing censorship of wrongthink, under the guise of copyright protection. Putting the censorship system into place is the first step. Then it can be used to block rare pepe memes, or porn, or other things entirely like bad goy videos (even if those abide by the copyright laws). Once the system is in place, they'll do wtf they want with it.

1bd497  No.13027545

So people can't, for example, make memes about hillary shitting her pants because someone can claim they have copyright of the footage and still images. But what if some drawfag can just recreate a crude drawing and posts that? And is 'fair use', still not an actual thing?

000000  No.13027555


That's not how it works. Rare memes to be taken would need to be claimed by someone.

>Once the system is in place, they'll do wtf they want with it.

Implying social media doesn't censor already bad goy content..

1bd497  No.13027556


Well then we just meme things like coca-cola and mcdonalds, snake foods etc into being symbols of extremism and start getting adverts aimed at making people fat and diabetic banned outright by the filter system.

f05667  No.13027560



Everytime someone says this shit goes bad real quick and fucks over everyone.

093755  No.13027562

File: 060d6aa777b91b1⋯.jpg (739.45 KB, 2796x2010, 466:335, THE_BATTLE_OF_COPYRIGHT.jpg)

Now is the time to learn about solidarity if you haven't yet.

c5d946  No.13027564

Considering that /pol/ mods are banning anons for daring to query the latest jewish mossad psyop in NZ, just like they were doing during the Trumpstein scam

What value does 8ch offer to pol/acks when the only voices permitted to direct conversation are jewish?

It's basically just like the MSM only with even more focus on voting for jews and killing isreal's enemies

1bd497  No.13027565


Does it mean places like reddit, 9gag etc are fucked because about 99% of the shit on there is someone else's content that some 12yr old stole and posted.

000000  No.13027567


It's mostly for songs and videos and text stories. Pictures by press are already copyrighted. If you create a drawing you will own the copyright.

fb59b4  No.13027571


>America is the only hope left for the white race.

America is like 45% white, Europe is maybe 80%

ca462c  No.13027573

File: f7f1f1b33a0666d⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, aryanpredator.jpg)

File: 8e17ba61397d2ec⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 604x413, 604:413, WhiteRevolution.jpg)


73fef2  No.13027579

File: fd410cc2ff2728d⋯.png (182.73 KB, 500x500, 1:1, glow.png)

72eb77  No.13027583


It's a shill reply to ad hominun, ignore them

000000  No.13027584


Memes will be treated just like remixed songs. If you take a photo of your grandma and post it on instagram, would you like some little shit from reddit to have the right to take your photo and upload it on reddit with a caption and make a meme out of it? If that happens now you can issue a copyright take down of the image or depending of the site, ask for money for it's use.

ca462c  No.13027587

File: ec5fbea3bd68fc4⋯.jpg (421.21 KB, 1078x1317, 1078:1317, SwastikaSalvation.jpg)

File: e03b0df267f43a6⋯.jpg (278.72 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, swastikapath.jpg)

File: 1d8e0cae4a36848⋯.png (261.11 KB, 645x599, 645:599, AussieRage.png)


d4582a  No.13027588


That's the king of thing only a jew would be happy about

909bf7  No.13027590


unenforceable to stop the little shithead

no piece of paper nor more debt can change that

72eb77  No.13027597


Exactly this!

778658  No.13027598


<doesn't recognize the meme

Guess we should join our local GOP and pledge ourselves to israel.

09e466  No.13027603

File: ec53d21d2130e30⋯.jpg (98.34 KB, 1024x661, 1024:661, 89237846238742749382.jpg)

Yet another act by the EU that will drive yet more anti-EU sentiment. The EU only knows how to make enemies and piss off its own people while importing millions from the 3rd world with terrible mass immigration policies.

ec4a8c  No.13027621


Right now they're using DMCA takedowns, which is not at all efficient. Upload filters means they can put whatever in the filter and the websites automatically block it. There's no bureaucratic hoops to jump through, it's automatically censored (whatever "it" may be).

1bd497  No.13027627

And who pays for all this? Lets say I see a picture I have copyright to on 9gag or whatever and want it taken down, I just contact 9gag and fill in some online form and they just take it down? Do I have to prove it 1st? What of the person who stole it says I'm just a copyright troll?

000000  No.13027633



muh memes arguments is the same type of argument that was used to psyop the cucks on reddit who were crying that net neutrality will make their netflix stream slower…

no one will come after your shitty memes


censorship is already used against right wingers by corporations without anyone forcing them, now corporations are also responsible for left wing shit they promote

000000  No.13027641


Good. For example reddit already got a blacklist of "wrong think" right wing websites which are sent to spam automatically.

d4582a  No.13027653


>censorship is already used against right wingers by corporations without anyone forcing them, now corporations are also responsible for left wing shit they promote

You fucking idiot, the directive tells corps to FILTER the input before it even gets published. This is outright automatic censorship, a mechanism that will be used to induce automatic total control over speech on major media platforms.

You're a fucking idiot with muh platfurm, right now you get fucked by personal intervention, after this directive you won't even be able to post a comment

866cfd  No.13027655

Old perverts that actually molest underage girls telling me I am too old for legal women in the 20's.

Shits hilarious if you're a retard.

cb49a9  No.13027661

Feels good to be a favela monkey. Also, I seriously think it might be 4D chess to destroy the EU and initialize a civil war.

30a375  No.13027667


Example: if I write something here and add a drawing OC. A msm uses it in article. Msm breaks law? Would stop them from lurking

492799  No.13027668


000000  No.13027670


No one pays if the copyrighted content is not sold directly. If the site makes money over it like how a song is used on youtube and ads run over it, you can claim copyright and gain a percent of the income made for the ads showing over the copyrighted content.

Even before this, each european country had it's own laws. In some you could contact the site and demand the picture to be taken down, other countries protected the site and said the image was fair use.

000000  No.13027674



> Věra Jourová

>German politician

The state of retardation on pigchan

000000  No.13027677


IRRELEVANT. This already happened. All right wing content is censored already by some trannie faggot. That some AI will do it now it makes no different.

f05667  No.13027683


>image of a communist provo with a swastika

>claiming a white revolution despite them bringing in the most amount of niggers and pakis ever

e32fc6  No.13027685

i find it strange when YouTube made a video about they are against Article 13 while YouTube censors and takedown any videos or channel they don't like.


Maybe the Article 13 is a good thing all along…very strange how majority of us are against it while other big corps use us to make the Article 13 look bad………………..my mind is blown.

b23560  No.13027694


>random people

Actual ISIS members had been radicalized there you 'tard.



Tarrent did something. Instead of whining about his target, go do what you think would be better.

000000  No.13027696


The picture can still be used in a news report if it's some news about how on 8ch board some troll made an evil nazi drawing bu they can't use it for example as a piece of art to present an article.

If you make the drawing and some trannie uploads it to tumblr to get likes for your work, you can issue take down. Most important is where you upload first your original content, some sites will offer greater tools to prove that you own that image.

b66b15  No.13027706


These mechanisms don't exit. It's legislature made by people who have no idea how the internet works.

d5440c  No.13027707

File: 18b44cca447320b⋯.png (132.79 KB, 961x462, 961:462, Kill yourself you disgusti….png)

000000  No.13027708


As I said, it's the same shill tactic that was used against net neutrality. They used an example of something any NPC will freak over: 'oy vey goy EU comes after your memes'

No. Now these social media sites will be responsible for the content that is uploaded on their platforms.

1bd497  No.13027712


So can original content posted to 8chan by 8chan users be then sent to all other companies to add to their filters so it's exclusive to 8ch and will just get auto blocked if anyone tries to upload it elsewhere?

34f844  No.13027718


The fucking problem is that NONE of the amendments for the actual Article 13 passed, you fucking faggot. Article 13 passed in its raw form without any modification.

8226ce  No.13027732

Daily reminder nu/pol/ supports and endorses this cancer as proven by how many times threads about this were sagebombed and spammed for as little as the OP formatting not being exactly to the shitty meme template's specifications.

8204fb  No.13027744

If anything this will ramp up the shitposting. This censorship bill should be seen as nothing less than an act of tyranny perpetrated by governments weaponized against the governed.

I see a few things happening because of this.

1.) This is going to piss off a lot of hackers. Websites are going to get defaced and shitposting will be ramped up. Remember what happened they shut down TPB. Now there are thousands of torrent sites. They thing a couple of pictureboards are bad, wait until every major website has been defaced by hackers and people are still laughing at memes.

2.) It's amazing how short of attention spans people have. When Egypt shut down the internet it was the beginning of the End for the Egyptian government. This kind of thing never goes unchecked.

3.) If Europeans cuck to the government's tytranny, it's not going to be good. The internet is basically the only vehicle of truth that we have.

I would be fair turnabout if Yellow Vests burned every radio station, TV studio, and newspaper to the ground in retaliation. It's like nobody remembers when Egypt shut down the internet. Two weeks later the regime is was finished by tyrannical acts don't go unchecked.

I'm willing to bet France is about two weeks from a regime change.

909bf7  No.13027745


no. You can file a complaint with the court of an eu member state of which the individual posting your copyrighted meme is from. Because of the law, if it ever get implemented, the court would have to involve the owners of the platform on which it got posted and you have hopefully 7 figures ready to pay for a decade long case about 50 cents

b66b15  No.13027748

This whole retarded piece of legislation raises the very real question of whether or not Tarrant should get money every time his Christchurch video is shared, by the way.

909bf7  No.13027751


reddit spacing

not read

filtered id

d21d3e  No.13027761

File: c70b0ede7111242⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 143x192, 143:192, 1324780874096.jpg)


>mama merkel stops russian shilling AND funds EU army by overtaxing US companies in one fell swoop


8204fb  No.13027770


It's not because of reddit spacing faggot. It's because my post is longer than a tweet and and has some information in it and you probably just look at the pictures you fucking child.

000000  No.13027777


This mostly affects big websites that make a profit from original content.

>So can original content posted to 8chan by 8chan users be then sent to all other companies to add to their filters so it's exclusive to 8ch and will just get auto blocked if anyone tries to upload it elsewhere?

Not really. You will have to use a more commercial site. If someone wanted 8ch content blocked from other websites, what would stop your from uploading content from others which will be added by some AI and blocked automatically on other websites?

You won't be able to prove that you own the rights to the content using 8ch unless they implement a better system.

It's more about commercial use, not censorship. It could be used to censor things but it would be difficult.

>Article 13 replaces the "mere conduit" exemption from copyright infringement from for-profit "online content sharing service providers" with a new, conditional exemption to liability. These conditions are a claimed implementation of "effective and proportionate measures" to "prevent the availability of specific [unlicensed] works identified by rightsholders", acting "expeditiously" to remove them, and demonstrating that "best efforts" have been made to prevent their future availability. The article also extends any licenses granted to content hosts to their users, as long as those users are not acting "on a commercial basis".

>Article 13b requires websites which "automatically reproduce or refer to significant amounts of copyright-protected visual works" to "conclude fair and balanced licensing agreements with any requesting rightholders"

0706e8  No.13027789

File: 64ed7950bc63ffe⋯.png (115.64 KB, 289x299, 289:299, thisisyourleader.PNG)

8204fb  No.13027803


Texas tried to do something like this where they were trying to ban deep links. It was some dumb old people who didn't understand how the internet works.

490896  No.13027811

File: 035c0bb2096258c⋯.png (60.38 KB, 450x216, 25:12, 450px-BerserkMozgusDoNotAv….png)

Correct me if I am wrong, but could this be a good thing for us?

Don't get me wrong, they are still niggerkikes for doing this, and it would've been better id=f they didn't do it, but the whole thing might act as a filter against the less tech savvy EUsers, and those that know how to use different browsers will continue going here. inb4 shill

But anyways:


000000  No.13027821



You know how this will affect the average user? The same way net neutrality did. In no fucking way.

909bf7  No.13027822


>and those that know how to use different browsers

you are just a retard but ultimately it is another weapon against jewish owned social media platforms

>Ups I dropped gigabytes of copyrighted material

>better clean up janni or emi will sue you

000000  No.13027831


>after this directive you won't even be able to post a comment

not the other guy but that's reality on any german site for like … ever since. it won't save them.

d21d3e  No.13027835


ultron you mean?

000000  No.13027839




1bd497  No.13027840


So it's kind of just an extension or revision of existing law which will make it easier for individuals or companies to have their content removed more promptly from the likes of youtube.

Would a reasonable example be a small company that makes crime shows for TV similar to 48 hours investigates would have an easier time and swifter response into having that content removed from youtube?

Or someone that has the rights to certain WW2 images could have any video featuring their image removed?

Is that it, is it literally not going to affect pretty much anything for normal people and chan'ers?

579c46  No.13027844

tbh its probably a good thing, euros might stop browsing this retarded mongolian throatsinging site to fulfill their fantasies of an ethnostate and actually organise irl

93b039  No.13027846


>America is the only hope left for the white race.

There's at least four different dimensions of irony in this statement.

000000  No.13027854

Quote from the rapporteur, Axel Voss (EPP, DE)

“This directive is an important step towards correcting a situation which has allowed a few companies to earn huge sums of money without properly remunerating the thousands of creatives and journalists whose work they depend on.

At the same time, the adopted text contains numerous provisions that will guarantee that the internet remains a space for free expression. These provisions were not in themselves necessary, because the directive will not be creating any new rights for rights holders. Yet we listened to the concerns raised and chose to doubly guarantee the freedom of expression. The ‘meme’, the ‘gif’, the ‘snippet’ are now protected more than ever before.

I am also glad that the text agreed today shelters start-ups in particular. Tomorrow’s leading companies are the start-ups of today and diversity depends on a deep pool of innovative, dynamic, young companies.

This is a directive which protects people’s living, safeguards democracy by defending a diverse media landscape, entrenches freedom of expression, and encourages start-ups and technological development. It helps make the internet ready for the future, a space which benefits everyone, not only a powerful few.”

ec4a8c  No.13027860


It sounds more like the filters will be deployed to all social media sites, but those sites' admins won't be the ones actually administering those filters. Instead they will be global filters administered by some EU officials.

000000  No.13027871


> Or someone that has the rights to certain WW2 images could have any video featuring their image removed?

It doesn't affect that. Content for educational purposes is not affected as long as the company that made the documentary is non-profit and not some movie studio selling the documentary on netflix.

000000  No.13027874


>It's more about commercial use, not censorship.

It is only about censorship.

The EU Commissar did say this straight: "Article 13 would have prevented ISIS and Tarrant by censoring radicalizing content" >>13027027

Even "comercial use" would me censorship only, or how do you think they would defend their not "original content"?

It is to silence dissidents and unwelcome competitors.

bc976c  No.13027875


>global filters administered by some EU officials.

no. EU law requires national administrators to execute law.

8204fb  No.13027876


At any rate more torrent sites should go up because of this. Piracy hurts Jews. LOL.

2af383  No.13027877

File: 345478a9ebbd4b4⋯.jpg (285.48 KB, 803x774, 803:774, 0dd0cdf80536324938b71b9c7e….jpg)

Imagine getting upset over the shit google tells you to be upset about.

Imagine being nigger cattle that google can manipulate at will.

000000  No.13027878



It's about commercial rights, not censorship.


490896  No.13027880

File: 11b844206cd66cf⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 719x478, 719:478, 11b844206cd66cfcadbced860f….jpg)


Hello Kike

b66b15  No.13027883

European presstitues are jumping on this whole thing because in theory it grants them automatic copyright to every line of text they write. Meaning you can't quote a newspaper article on your blog unless you're willing to pay for it. Meaning private citizens can't cite sources anymore.

000000  No.13027886


Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to new copyright rules which also contain safeguards on freedom of expression.

MEPs adopted the directive in plenary by 348 votes in favour, 274 against and 36 abstentions. This marks the end of the legislative process for the European Parliament that began in 2016. It will now be down to member states to approve Parliament’s decision in the coming weeks. If the member states accept the text adopted by the European Parliament, it will take effect after publication in the official journal and then member states will have 2 years to implement it.

The directive aims to ensure that the longstanding rights and obligations of copyright law also apply to the internet. YouTube, Facebook and Google News are some of the internet household names that will be most directly affected by this legislation.

A press conference with the rapporteur Axel Voss and MEPs Helga Trupel and Sajjad Karim will be held at 15.00 and can be viewed here.

The directive aims to enhance rights holders’ chances, notably musicians, performers and script authors, (creatives) as well as news publishers, to negotiate better remuneration deals for the use of their works when these feature on internet platforms. It does this by making internet platforms directly liable for content uploaded to their site and by automatically giving the right to news publishers to negotiate deals on behalf of its journalists for news stories used by news aggregators.

Numerous provisions are specifically designed to ensure the internet remains a space for freedom of expression.

As sharing snippets of news articles is specifically excluded from the scope of the directive, it can continue exactly as before. However, the directive also contains provisions to avoid news aggregators abusing this. The ‘snippet’ can therefore continue to appear in a Google News newsfeeds, for example, or when an article is shared on Facebook, provided it is “very short”.

Uploading protected works for quotation, criticism, review, caricature, parody or pastiche has been protected even more than it was before, ensuring that memes and Gifs will continue to be available and shareable on online platforms.

Many online platforms will not be affected

The text also specifies that uploading works to online encyclopedias in a non-commercial way, such as Wikipedia, or open source software platforms, such as GitHub, will automatically be excluded from the scope of this directive. Start-up platforms will be subject to lighter obligations than more established ones.

Authors and performers will be able to claim additional remuneration from the distributor exploiting their rights when the remuneration originally agreed is disproportionately low when compared to the benefits derived by the distributer.

The directive aims to make it easier for copyrighted material to be used freely through text and data mining, thereby removing a significant competitive disadvantage that European researchers currently face. It also stipulates that copyright restrictions will not apply to content used for teaching or illustration.

Finally, the directive also allows copyrighted material to be used free-of-charge to preserve cultural heritage. Out-of-commerce works can be used where no collective management organisation exists that can issue a license.

Currently, internet companies have little incentive to sign fair licensing agreements with rights holders, because they are not considered liable for the content that their users upload. They are only obliged to remove infringing content when a rights holder asks them to do so. However, this is cumbersome for rights holders and does not guarantee them a fair revenue. Making internet companies liable will enhance rights holders’ chances (notably musicians, performers and script authors, as well as news publishers and journalists) to secure fair licensing agreements, thereby obtaining fairer remuneration for the use of their works exploited digitally.

Quote from the rapporteur, Axel Voss (EPP, DE)

“This directive is an important step towards correcting a situation which has allowed a few companies to earn huge sums of money without properly remunerating the thousands of creatives and journalists whose work they depend on.

At the same time, the adopted text contains numerous provisions that will guarantee that the internet remains a space for free expression. These provisions were not in themselves necessary, because the directive will not be creating any new rights for rights holders. Yet we listened to the concerns raised and chose to doubly guarantee the freedom of expression. The ‘meme’, the ‘gif’, the ‘snippet’ are now protected more than ever before.

64df96  No.13027888


Sounds good to me 😂

9c1284  No.13027891

see you all in the meatzone lads. time for real life shitposting

72eb77  No.13027894



What has this place become

bc976c  No.13027897


B-but jewgle isn't evil, they would never spread false narratives to protect themselves against the possibility of Billions of lawsuits heading their way.

64df96  No.13027901

Thank u torposter

000000  No.13027902


>It's more about commercial use, not censorship.

Dream on dude, financial losses through ripped off content is actually peanuts for them. Nothing compared to what they waste elsewhere. And do you really think they would ever say hey we gonna police the internet like China; just forget it. this is only about control and power and they just built the legal base for the next step on the ladder to their orwellian surveilance rstate.

000000  No.13027904


Works both ways.

64df96  No.13027908


My dearest friend

Every place i post

Goes to shit

In the end🤡

000000  No.13027915


For 100th time, right wing content was already censored by corporations without any government pressure needed.

bc976c  No.13027918

File: b775977e6ad0fc8⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1683x836, 153:76, dead clown.png)

d21d3e  No.13027929


>actually quoting a fucking politician

seriously though it's about money

2af383  No.13027933


>low-IQ brittish faggot

1bd497  No.13027935



From what I'm reading then it seems to be blown all out of proportion my misinformed people. At this stage I don't really see any issues with it, but the EU being as they are will eventually corrupt it from its original purpose to try and control the flow of information, especially around election times.

a6a95b  No.13027936


Where your source, cunt?

000000  No.13027944


>European presstitues are jumping on this whole thing because in theory it grants them automatic copyright to every line of text they write. Meaning you can't quote a newspaper article on your blog unless you're willing to pay for it

Exactly, and it prevents archiving, makes it more easy to disappear inconvenient facts into the memory hole. Rewriting history will be so much easier.

490896  No.13027946


I think at this point it is not important is it about money or censorship probably both, but that it is happening

000000  No.13027947

fucking kikes

(((We have to protect those poor musicians and artists)))

bc976c  No.13027948


take your meds shizo

000000  No.13027958



>Actual ISIS members had been radicalized there you 'tard.

That can't be because the EU said that happened on the chans and we need therefore upload filter, but mosques are very much OK

4d8a60  No.13027961

You should dare the government to come after you. Spread as much copyrighted material with minor edits as possible. Ignore court summons. Kill police sent after you. Get a few hundred to act like this and they wont have the power to do shit. But I'm guessing Euros are whipped little pussies and wont.

ec4a8c  No.13027965


And you think this is some kind of big hurdle? It just means they have one more bureaucrat per country, so it's more tax money to pay.


That's how they sell it to you, yes. And there is even some truth to it. But it's far from the only reason, and maybe not even the primary reason.

c7b482  No.13027966


>incriminate yourself goy!

your post is absolutely glowing my man

000000  No.13027972


yeah, I said so, though I guess its hard to keep track fellow torfag. Anyways, now every corporation is legally obliged to act. this is fundamentally different from doing something on their own and no, this will not end with big corps, they will turn the screw everyday a little tighter until nothing is left of what little freedom of speech we had. mark my words

bc976c  No.13027982


>Upload edited copyrighted material

>Contact IP owner about platform breaking law

>Clog up courts

>Force platform owners to implement methods that makes them less attractive

>Jew loses shekel and data


bc976c  No.13028005


>And you think this is some kind of big hurdle?

I simply know it, EU "law" is never perfectly implemented and it always ends with 27 different ways, and as it is no supranational pillar it is prohibited to have a centralized Brussels controlled agency

fbce32  No.13028009

I feel like being a european should be considered an insult of the highest degree considered how they are treated as cattle with bar codes and tags behind the ear.

I'm yuropoor, save me please.

fb1083  No.13028016

thank god i can finally feel safe while the government is doing in controlling my life

000000  No.13028018


You're thinking about the UK

bc976c  No.13028028

>That discord posting

Fiverr shills are shit

2af383  No.13028034


>I feel like being a european should be considered an insult of the highest degree considered how they are treated as cattle with bar codes and tags behind the ear.

It really is kind of embarassing when you consider that white Americans came from there. Europe is so broken and defeated. They are absolute cuckholds when it comes to rights and standing up for yourself.

Europe is the ultimate blackpill.

000000  No.13028042


If they would go harder after corporations and protect the fucking borders against niggers it would be fine.

ec4a8c  No.13028050


Why then was it so easy for them to flood us with millions of migrants (except for Hungary and Poland)? It seems like you underestimate the EU.

bc976c  No.13028054


>Them flooding us

Off topic

635b3d  No.13028068


The fact that the guy who actually killed michael jackson got a lesser sentence than some faggot who uploaded an mp3 is enough for me to want to see the RIAA abolished.

b79a54  No.13028113

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>hello fellow 8channers, get mad about this very bad thing which kikepedia and jewgle are also mad about!

>Your free speech is in danger, this is totally not about shekels!


635b3d  No.13028154


>kikepedia and jewgle are also mad about

No they are not.

6ebf1c  No.13028174

Anyone into starting a anti-articel13-campaign?

b79a54  No.13028195


Kikepedia literally shut off access to the platform as protest retard

3e7ef3  No.13028203

File: e98ae12cc75b9b0⋯.png (787.43 KB, 880x3244, 220:811, (((EU study))) says that p….png)

Can anyone explain to me why the hell did the EU pull this move when a year & a half ago they had a study that said piracy does not harm the sales of any media at all? Are they THAT stupid? At least when the US government tried pass SOPA & PIPA, they never made a government study of whether piracy harming the sales of media or not before the burgers made SOPA & PIPA.

bc976c  No.13028210

>Discord posting intensifies


cd530c  No.13028252


Censorship. The EU itself in hanging by a fine, thin, fragile thread, and popular opinion is turning against them fast. Too fast in fact for such bureaucratic behemoth to react effectively, the larger your bureaucracy and size, slower your reactions, the same applies to corporations, and most business.

The only way to extend their life is by censorship, and try to fix all the main problems, but it won't matter, the economy will go to shit pretty fucking soon. The EU project is finished, this is the last tantrum of Brussels retarded elite. Whenever you analyze any problem, remember brother, whatever they say they are tackling is smokes and mirrors, the real reason always lies deeper.

b9b682  No.13028267


Bongs will have similar laws passed apparently, but it's regulated by their own government and for the time being are off the hook, not that it matters any since they get controlled for fucking everything already.



This is pretty much the same situation the USSR found itself before Gorbachev stepped in. Pretty much every part of the EU is clamoring for more autonomy, so they're trying to speed up the process of getting more countries in before they lose any.

c7b482  No.13028273


>does not harm the sales of any media at all

Your own article says it hurts movie sales by a good amount (40%), but besides that no other media form is hurt at all by this. It's solely about censorship and taxation, steal more money by throwing in BS commie taxation clauses and censor bad goy opinions in one fell swoop. It will only backfire on them as civil unrest grows and countries that are against the EU already begin to resent them even more.

1d5b6f  No.13028283

We need to use this against them.

Meanwhile have some p2p clients backed up if we ever need to exchange blocked content with others, and extra tools like Tor and I2P that could possibly bypass any censorship.

000000  No.13028287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13028309

3e7ef3  No.13028312



Yea yea, it's always about power hungry faggots but the research paper published by the EU themselves make them the biggest hypocrites ever.


I was only implying about any media outside of movies, anon. I know that from the study said the movies do get a dent from any illegal download from the web.

bc976c  No.13028313


meds, take them shizo

a5878d  No.13028314


Yuropoor found

b71443  No.13028318


>I have had ZERO positive interactions with europeans over the course of the past 5 years

Maybe you're just an asshole.

811c33  No.13028321

Oh no, Europisses will have to actual get off their ass and do something, or cuck out eternally, which is more likely.

d7b462  No.13028369

>Article 13 gets passed

>Suddenly /pol/ is flooded with anti-Europa shills

A coincidence, I'm sure of it.

1475dd  No.13028385


and nothing of value would be lost. fuck you and your stupid edgy memes.

cd530c  No.13028390


Yes, of course, elites have been the biggest hypocrites since, well, ever in recorded history. They always behave the same way, they always give birth to the same problems, they always try to solve by doing the exact same choices.

And in the end, the empire falls. The reason they pay for research is to get confirmation bias and control the population who in it's majority doesn't think critically, and that is why the study as suppressed.

Not only you need to watch the propaganda to brainwash you, they want you to pay for it. Elites everyone.

000000  No.13028427


>When tor is outlawed, only outlaws will have tor. German anons, download tails now.



000000  No.13028431

>>all idiots

<use Tor instead


8226ce  No.13028441

TOR is compromised and was created by alphabet agencies, shill.

9eb761  No.13028460


>hay gaiz isnt it graet that americans won't have access to info happenin in europe? that way we wont know whats going on including further rapes by niggers and mudslimes and wont therefore have more info for our cause!

anon, are you being ironically retarded? shitposting is still shitposting.

e83336  No.13028464

File: c3a5ec42251ee5a⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 604x377, 604:377, c3a5ec42251ee5aaacee70db4b….jpg)

>implying anyone besides germs, frogs, bongs and swedes will follow this

81d328  No.13028472


>mass rapes

>online bread & circuses

000000  No.13028474


Use Tor, maybe pwnt by alphabets.

Use clearnet, pwnt by everyone from ISP to Facebook and Doubleclick.

Please don't muh VPN/proxy in reply.



643f2c  No.13028512


>"Just give up, filthy goyim."

I am going to personally put each one of your kind to the blade, down to the individual.

3cce76  No.13028513



Good. The quicker this shitweb 2.0 goes down, the quicker the Race War starts.

c7b482  No.13028520


>oy vey goy its hopeless just give up and accept things


>J-just give up, y-y-y-y-you d-d-dont wanna be like those f-f-frogs right?


183044  No.13028534

File: 95128b3221d7e2a⋯.jpg (467.82 KB, 700x2488, 175:622, Europe_6290a9_2179111.jpg)

Feel sorry for the people of europe.

88176d  No.13028541

File: 00a53fa11c85100⋯.png (132.66 KB, 1130x406, 565:203, ClipboardImage.png)


Screw you

000000  No.13028543

Start fucking populate the decentralized networks like:

I2p -> https://geti2p.net/en/

Freenet Project -> https://freenetproject.org/

Ipfs -> https://ipfs.io/

Beaker Browser → https://beakerbrowser.com/

Ipfs -> https://orion.siderus.io/

Ipfs -> https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop

Zeronet -> https://zeronet.io/

Retroshare -> https://retroshare.cc/ (on retroshare are full of 8ch boards just need 5-10 friends)

8ch board over ipfs -> https://ipfs.io/ipns/boards.ydns.eu/#/

dat/ -> https://datproject.org/

List of goodies → https://github.com/gdamdam/awesome-decentralized-web

e83336  No.13028553

File: 40a09c4ee11e513⋯.gif (1013.3 KB, 320x291, 320:291, 40a09c4ee11e51314f631ac202….gif)


This doesnt even work as a nitpick because half the shit on the right side are better.

aa237b  No.13028555

File: d2d262f22119104⋯.jpg (937.3 KB, 4288x2865, 4288:2865, 04b55d81fbebc883e558d35116….jpg)

File: 5b3f6ee3ae45c6c⋯.png (2.73 MB, 7200x7200, 1:1, 5b3f6ee3ae45c6cd9b8c7c0f53….png)

File: 8268a346ef4cb9c⋯.png (4.38 MB, 7768x7768, 1:1, 8268a346ef4cb9c6c76c559953….png)

File: f178b0e33090814⋯.png (373.61 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, b5ac65c6b72bd93ca22ac0d0c5….png)

File: 4be2bc42b3f0741⋯.gif (20.28 KB, 216x385, 216:385, 4be2bc42b3f074132b84a040c8….gif)

635b3d  No.13028556


at this point both sides have both good and bad equally.

c7b482  No.13028559


>its just a minority goy

>almost half the country approving of violence doesnt mean anything

>im gonna pretend that 40% of a population removing the elites means that 60% of the population will actively fight them off rather than let them do as they please

>the yellow vest movement is dead goy, nevermind the frogs who actively go out and tell us about the media blackout over the still ongoing protests


2b15ab  No.13028567

op is an idiot, it changes nothing

4c9b71  No.13028569

Well shit does this mean I can't use European proxies now to access 8chan?

Fuck there's a lot of different countries now that can't access 8chan.

Good thing Asian and African proxies seem to all work still but fuck.

000000  No.13028574

Sorry to post again, I didn`t write in my previous post, I would not recomend to use Tor, with new Guard system for Tor it is super easy for law forces to find you, because tor guards is the first server in the tor network to where your REAL IP get connect, tor guards are stable servers and it will stay same tor guard for 3 months, I talk to tor devs and they told me that tor guards log you, everything you do this tor guards will log you. tor guards ip adress is public and who know the ip adress to tor guards know what the fuck you do on tor. Tor is funded by usa gov it is public, search the internet use https://www.searx.me

good luck

4c9b71  No.13028581



e83336  No.13028582


The point is that that image is a nitpick yet somehow right(which is supposed to be the "bad" side) doesnt look worse.

635b3d  No.13028585


Its also an old as dirt image that has somehow found the light of day again.

7bd332  No.13028588


It seems the best way to communicate about the truth again is in person,.. paradoxically.

c6e135  No.13028589


>Maybe you're just an asshole.

>ignoring that euros, especially eastern, can just be as cunty

The fucking irony

cdb51b  No.13028594

Just use website -


And Input this link -


The word onion makes it work .

The link it sends you too you can get to the homepage from there

000000  No.13028596


Thanks for the links, Tor-kun.

18586a  No.13028615


what's actually wrong with VPNs? I don't know much about computers but I was considering getting one since people on here speak highly of them regarding accessing banned content and having their identity concealed

000000  No.13028626


You have to trust them.

They may log despite telling you that they don't (IPVanish).

They may hand over your IP and your payment information.

They are easily monitored.

000000  No.13028630


They may also be honeypots.

7bd332  No.13028632


I thought of this to, but the problem now is that Eurofags can't host their servers in the EU anymore, because they will be taken down if they don't comply with the (((EU)))

18586a  No.13028638


what about using a VPN + Tor + Tails? I already use Tor, only lightly familiar with VPNs and only learned about Tails in this thread.


surely there's a way? As I already said I'm not too informed on computers but we can't just let the EU kike us like this

7e2cab  No.13028639


Hoping for decentralised internet hosting

000000  No.13028640

63cbaf  No.13028655


>EU has finally sold itself completely to the NWO

EU is NWO.

7bd332  No.13028660


>but we can't just let the EU kike us like this

Oh, but they are,.. repeatedly. All we do is post angry posts while they continue raping us. Next time, we should go with Postal Service


I don't know too much about decentralized internet tbh.

811c33  No.13028667

>tfw superior Americans will be the only ones able to post

Good. Europe isn't even white so a lot of shitskins will be removed.

e2f279  No.13028676


What? The people who decided to leave the great stinking dump that is the EU but who are being betrayed by their politicians over it? They have awoken Torfag and they are angry. The same as in France.

d21d3e  No.13028682


that's schizo setup mate, tarrant posted on this board a week ago and proceeded to commit mass murder ffs

1e728e  No.13028686


000000  No.13028692


>surely there's a way

The way is a wave of X-exits, possibly sparked by another European debt crisis, possibly led by "PIIGS" that to sell assets for bailouts, leading to the collapse of the unsustainable Eurozone and undemocratic EU parliament.

000000  No.13028694


It is good to ban from the internet hysterical soyboys like you.

>The European part of 4chan is going to die.


d02824  No.13028712

make a telegram group

63cbaf  No.13028723


Article 13 would not and will not do any such thing. They would have to shutdown all news and poke out people's eyes to blind everyone of jews White genocide agenda. Commentary in the chans and elsewhere isn't the source of the outrage, it's the venting of it. Everyone is still going to see everything, just won't be able to talk about it.

dd9dae  No.13028730


think for yourself faggot

f05667  No.13028732


Learn morse code

000000  No.13028745



e7f5e0  No.13028748


the encrypted messaging app, retard. not a telegraph.

7bd332  No.13028749


-.– — ..- / .- .-. . / .- / ..-. .- –. –. — -

0a307c  No.13028753


Stop using the internet and make paper flyers / notes instead

Schedule meetings in advance and make it a point to attend on time


82bc01  No.13028757


I am looking at one of your goblins now. Come collect your trash.

7bd332  No.13028764


I expect hope Western Society to turn away from the Internet in the next 15 years.

0f6410  No.13028767


>sent from my circumcised dick

0f6410  No.13028775

Companies are going to suffer from article 13, not users. I don't give a shit if some faggot YouTuber can't make more money from reposting stuff from the Chans or wtv.

b8774f  No.13028782


>what is TOR?

>what is VPN?

000000  No.13028790


so what about all the tor nodes in eu?

b8774f  No.13028794

>copyright shit

they already don't allow image reposts here anyways. It can be easily passed by changing one pixel

f05667  No.13028796


>using a mobile device

may aswell let the jews implant a GPS chip into your skin while your at it for more accurate tracking


-.– — ..- .- .-. . .- -. .. –. –. . .-.

18fb5a  No.13028810


8ch is no longer blocked in NZ.

a40b74  No.13028835


It shocks to me to read that 8chan was blocked in New-Zealand in the first place. Why would the New Zealandian authorities do that?

1cbd3a  No.13028842


Thinks they can't track him to HIS FUCKING HOUSE like a retard.

f26a54  No.13028845


I agree, I'm so fuckin happy to not talk to euroniggers ever again

70e33d  No.13028859

File: 5f3cd14a8c8cf78⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 5f3cd14a8c8cf787868f88493….webm)

I see this thread has turned into a Euro vs. USA d&c shit fest. Typical shit really…

2dd627  No.13028867

File: 57345d235f499de⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, w.jpg)


>Nigger artists/athletes good

>National Socialism bad

>Modern architecture/art good

691f53  No.13028890


boomers gonna boom

d21d3e  No.13028898


that's because key points of the directive and article 13 have already been explained. it's latefags schizoing over their memes like old people.

000000  No.13028904


>properly remunerating the thousands of (((creatives))) and (((journalists))) whose work they depend on.

Hopefully the unintended consequence is those retards wither on the vine when nobody wants to pay to link to their bullshit and their site traffic dwindles to nothing.

000000  No.13028917

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


19e9a0  No.13028945


It would be slow because they know how to boil frogs

I think however that SJeW's will put pressure on them to speed up,especialy with 2020 elections coming

f05667  No.13028949


they cant if he isnt a nigger and learns how to be a white man around computers, why would you even use your phone inside your house?

46290d  No.13029018

File: 9ff8a64b3c64d5c⋯.png (1 MB, 820x1200, 41:60, Banned Memes.png)

62c20c  No.13029063

what are ways around this? tor + vpn?

b6be16  No.13029074

my take is they are hiding censorship and forcing others to shut down a lot of the WWW under the PRETEXT of "creators need to get paid".

Why can't some nerds invent an Open Source distributed "file sharing" based system to replace Big Tech "platforms" like Facebook, Twitter, and even the Chans? So what if it entails a 4 second delay in downloading memes or something.

What I don't get about tech monopoly (besides Google that actually does something) is why if these firms spring up so fast and take market from each other, why some more hip Open Source distributed thingy can't replace them, with the added hip-ness of being free and not all Corp, etc.

I just like to quote the EU’s claim from the FAQ page

Are the new copyright rules* limiting users and their freedom online?

The Copyright Directive* does not limit online freedom, nor does it target users and their behaviour online, including the possibility for them to upload and share content. Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights recognised by the European Union, as is the protection of intellectual property.

To take one example: the new rules* applicable to the use of press publications online will only apply to commercial services such as news aggregators, not to users. This means that internet users will continue to be able to share such content on social media and link to online newspapers.

The new provisions* on user-uploaded platforms will facilitate the conclusion of licences between commercial players and will contribute to improve the remuneration of creators. These rules do not target internet users. Users will benefit from a wide range of common rules applicable to them everywhere in the EU, which will safeguard their freedom of expression when they upload copyrighted content on online platforms. They will also benefit from a robust redress and complaints mechanism to challenge unjustified removal of their content from online platforms.

Will the Copyright Directive* prevent users from expressing themselves on internet in the same way as now? Will memes and GIFs be banned?

No. On the contrary, according to the political agreement, uploading memes and other content generated by users for purposes of quotation, criticism, review, caricature, parody and pastiche (like GIFs or similar) will be specifically allowed. Users will be able to continue to upload such content online, but the new rules* will bring clarity in this respect and will apply in all EU Member States.

Until now, copyright exceptions allowing these uses were only optional and Member States were free not to implement them. Under the new Copyright Directive*, this will no longer be the case: once the Directive* is approved, Member States will be obliged to allow these uses. This is a particularly important step for the freedom of expression online.

Is the new Copyright Directive*creating a “hyperlink tax”?

No, the Directive* will not create a hyperlink tax.

Acts of hyperlinking are explicitly excluded from the scope of the new Directive*, which means that any user will continue to be free to link to any website, including to online newspapers.

b6be16  No.13029076


With the new rules*, will the use of “snippets” be forbidden?

No. During the legislative negotiations, the co-legislators have explicitly excluded “individual words and very short extracts” of press publications, in the public debate sometimes also referred to as “snippets”, from the scope of the Directive. This means that they can be used without any authorisation and for free. Moreover, the new rules* will only apply to online uses by commercial services, such as news aggregators, and uses of press publications by individual users are explicitly excluded.

Even the UK government supported the directive in response to the petition.

We support Articles 11 and 13, which seek to ensure creators and producers are rewarded when their works are used online, but agree they must include safeguards for freedom of expression.

The EU Copyright Directive is still being negotiated and the UK is a full and active participant in these negotiations as part of the Council of the EU. The Council and the European Parliament are between them negotiating the final version of the text.

The Government supports the aims of the Directive, including Article 11 – a new right for press publishers – and Article 13 – new rules to ensure copyright owners can claim payment when their content is uploaded to platforms like YouTube without their permission.

However, it is important to the Government that these proposals are balanced, take into account the need to protect freedom of expression, and avoid placing unreasonable burdens on businesses and internet users.

Because of this the Government has actively sought safeguards for freedom of expression, such as rules which will protect people’s ability to use third party content for the purpose of quotation, parody, and similar purposes which are currently allowed under UK law.

The Government’s support for the Directive, and its position on implementing and maintaining these provisions following the UK’s exit from the EU, will depend on the outcome of the negotiations on the Directive. The Government will continue to engage in these negotiations to ensure the best outcome for the UK.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1cbd3a  No.13029106


Why would you take your laptop and expect to be able to serious work in public?

000000  No.13029116


lol which one of you made the donations

2b15ab  No.13029151

File: d6fae3a4d2315fd⋯.jpg (67.47 KB, 633x421, 633:421, a.jpg)

0ecf9b  No.13029192

File: 5a27edff06ec144⋯.png (240.65 KB, 648x360, 9:5, bsckol0001.png)

f05667  No.13029216

File: bd8ebc8a3b61dec⋯.jpg (9.4 KB, 245x184, 245:184, Sticky Bandits.jpg)


>owning a laptop

>being a wage slave

000000  No.13029244

>eurocucks being cucked

Nothing new. I just hope (((UN))) dont follow the steps of its pimp and and apply this absurdity to America.

But if they do, be sure that the streets of America will bleed.

c08b90  No.13029246



>not pointing out the fucking 9gag at the bottom of; >>13028534

Come on, shape up those looking skills.

87428f  No.13029282

Goodbye EU. I won't miss you.

000000  No.13029308

Imagine thinking you took the red pill but failing for the "EU13 is bad goy" bait.

b8774f  No.13029322

LMAO nothing will happen. Mark my words

93d273  No.13029329

File: 254bec5fc9392d8⋯.jpeg (171.52 KB, 1024x799, 1024:799, xlarge.jpeg)

I honestly don't get what the problem is. ALL you have to do is base your memes on public domain and Creative Commons shit. Here, it's not that hard:

ec6848  No.13029339


>Implying racism is bad

Fuck, this board truly is gone to fucking reddit and 4cuck.

8e0ac7  No.13029364


Please don't. It makes it 1000x harder to track you and we're already $10 mil over budget. Just stay here and keep being racist so that we can get you fired from your job or contact a private investigator and tell them how terrible you really are so that you can't get hired anywhere. Maybe we'll finally have the funds next year to lock you all up but until then I'm content with intercepting all of your personal communications and laughing at you.

000000  No.13029377


>Why can't some nerds invent an Open Source distributed "file sharing" based system to replace Big Tech "platforms" like Facebook, Twitter, and even the Chans? So what if it entails a 4 second delay in downloading memes or something.

>What I don't get about tech monopoly (besides Google that actually does something) is why if these firms spring up so fast and take market from each other, why some more hip Open Source distributed thingy can't replace them, with the added hip-ness of being free and not all Corp, etc.

mastodon (twitter alternative)

pleroma (twitter alternative)

GNU social

PeerTube (jewtube alternative)

PixelFed (instagram alternative)

diaspora (faceberg alternative)

searx (metasearch engine)

yacy (p2p search engine)

the tools are already there, you retards just need to stop sucking jewgle's dick and migrate

most of these can even federate with each other through ActivityPub (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActivityPub)

see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fediverse

000000  No.13029383


more here https://switching.social/

stop sucking big corp dick and migrate

000000  No.13029394


most PeerTube instances even have the uncensored brenton tarrant shooting videos in the trending list

it's impossible to take them down

c7129f  No.13029400

Good, people who make fun of Americans don't deserve internet access. Bye bye EUmutts.


45da3f  No.13029409


>I'm Australian, you stupid faggot.

excellent, digger, how's about you fly to New Zealand and slaughter a bunch of Christians so we can see if the useless cunt running this country crucifies herself on a cross in solidarity just like she did with the sandniggers hijab.

a45f92  No.13029442

File: b571a3b362b05a4⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 400x242, 200:121, b57.gif)


>EU becomes USSR-tier censorship nightmare

>Right-wing Europeans flee to USA

>US becomes 90% White again overnight

45da3f  No.13029453


this is humourous because of the deliberate selection of some of Europes shittier gifts to humanity and the fact some of the American selections point to vast quantities of melanin in creator of OC.

ignore this post, anons, I'm just leaving myself a bread crumb to explain what I'm looking at so my stoned self knows how to parse it later.

72eb77  No.13029454


I honestly cannot believe this attitude, you are applauding more than half the white race into dark ages and misinformation.

You are forcing our hand either into rebellion or total capitulation and you are applauding in your safe place with an ocean between us

22d636  No.13029491


Tokenism. you were born yesterday.

22d636  No.13029493


<when your enemies defeat you, you win!

22d636  No.13029501


This has nothing to do with business, boomer retard.

07ff49  No.13029510


This D&C my country is less shit than yours mindset is retarded. If you aren't a shill you should really think on why you think it's a good idea that (((Western))) governments are solidifying their power

17a08b  No.13029540


>So rare Pepe's are going to be really rare.

Oi You got A Pepe Loicense For that mate?!?

c9fa17  No.13029541

File: 46223fbcf479326⋯.jpg (318.4 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 13055658_1271102729570018_….jpg)


that sad shill is hilarious, nice nitpick u filthy jew.

000000  No.13029548



a19544  No.13030043

File: 7ab1b1e1ebebe21⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 1551726472774.jpg)


Probably not gonna happen, if we're in the EU we're effectively unsanctionable, when voting to sanction a country every country within the EU has to agree on it, but Poland and Hungary can keep vetoing the vote against ourselves meaning it'll never pass. It's pretty funny because the same sort of retarded system (liberum veto) contributed to the fall of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, now it's saving our asses

Another thing, it would be a stupid business decision to sell all our assets to join the EU just so we would quit later (and get sanctioned) , Norway isn't even a member and the EU bullies them out of ~ €890 million a year for EU programmes and countries, the EU would absolutely rape us financially to make an example out of us

c531cc  No.13030067

File: 7f428837c1fda79⋯.png (242.59 KB, 619x453, 619:453, ClipboardImage.png)

I do not want eurobros to leave.

4f0281  No.13030103

File: ccf8bbec9adb1df⋯.jpg (950.04 KB, 1814x748, 907:374, __rockhopper_penguin_humbo….jpg)


Then help start the revolution in France.


70ab36  No.13030154



70ab36  No.13030169

File: b36ceccbba41f1c⋯.mp4 (2.12 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 5d547009.mp4)


>they are going to destroy the internet we all love and will censor our opinions.



3cd1c9  No.13030208


You see, THIS is the problem with the average western emptyhead… Rather than stand up and fight, and say, "F*CK OFF! THIS WILL NOT STAND!", you merely cower in the corner, and find "workarounds" – like Tor – which will ALSO inevitably soon be relegated to the shit-bin. It's always the same.

You know what? F*ck you, and all f*ck all those like you.

I loathe jews (who are, as we ALL know, behind this crap, as always) on levels many of you can't even comprehend … But I loathe apathetic, cowardly, gentiles even more. The world is full of you useless goddamned invertebrates.

And you deserve EVERYTHING you get from the jew, precisely because YOU DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO PREVENT IT.

Corneliu Codreanu once stated, "A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our


Yeah – that pretty much sums it up. Go have a look in the mirror at the sad sacks of shit you have all become.

885a59  No.13031965

So basically Europe just became r9k?

65b41b  No.13031985


Cry me a river. Internet witouth normalfags is a good thing. Besides. Europeans don't have guns so there never was anything they could have done to prevent the natural progression of democracy.

18586a  No.13031994


Europe is largely disarmed, still brainwashed and isn't organised enough

Though I hope that being unable to access the chans drives people into acting IRL, I feel that we still need this place as a useful tool for redpilling and organising

a1793a  No.13032007

File: 0f0c008cb1cb52f⋯.jpg (122.81 KB, 754x1200, 377:600, 0f0c008cb1cb52f2e1cfc8ea0b….jpg)


Watch as they shut down the internet and all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps it's time for an internet version of 1776

6c1e0b  No.13032029

File: 136182b053cc714⋯.png (126.9 KB, 328x329, 328:329, Lmao.png)



01d3cc  No.13032058

File: 2ff768a030d28b5⋯.jpg (174.2 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, hyperborea.jpg)


Pray that the gods adhere to the Holy Trinity dubs.

086c6e  No.13033032

File: 39fbe1bcb202f12⋯.png (18.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AF3B878A-0D7C-4B3E-B94C-2E….png)

97dec3  No.13033081


The Article 13 law will only get worsen over time. VPNs will be illegal, tor will be illegal too. Article 13 is basically a wall garden. But I know EU bros will find a way hopefully, or they will rebel and do what the "nice friendly neighbor refugees" did to european countries until something's done.

705c80  No.13033098


>EU has finally sold itself completely to the NWO

>the NWO has sold itself to the NWO


97dec3  No.13033137


Probably later down the years. but the law hasn't been implemented yet as I've heard others have said so gives you time to fight back this law.

ec4a8c  No.13033270


People are already protesting in France, so whatever. It's not like this is any more significant than all the other shit everyone is pissed off at Macron and the EU for.

3d69eb  No.13033302


I do. What good have they done us or themselves? None.

ec4a8c  No.13033309


And what have you done for us exactly?

d8be00  No.13033312

Reddit is down. Faggots complaining on Twitter

75b94d  No.13033611

File: 00a7734e4207196⋯.png (370.33 KB, 621x589, 621:589, CHECK EM, WACO.png)


>War, soon.

70ab7c  No.13033692

I2P -> https://geti2p.net/en/

Tor Project -> https://www.torproject.org/

Freenet Project -> https://freenetproject.org/

Beaker Browser → https://beakerbrowser.com/

IPFS -> https://ipfs.io/ | https://orion.siderus.io/

IPFS Desktop -> https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop

Zeronet -> https://zeronet.io/

Tribler -> https://www.tribler.org/

Soulseek -> https://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/1

Ares -> https://www.ares.com/

Ares Galaxy -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/aresgalaxy/

Retroshare -> https://retroshare.cc/ (retroshare is full of decentralized image boards)

OpenBazaar -> https://openbazaar.org/features/ (p2p web with a crypto market place)

qBittorrent -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/qbittorrent/

Quazaa -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/quazaa/

Anomos -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/anomos/

GNUnet -> https://gnunet.org/en/

Usenet -> https://torrentfreak.com/how-to-use-usenet/ | https://archive.fo/e1HXH

Image boards over ipfs:// -> https://ipfs.io/ipns/boards.ydns.eu/#/

dat:// protocol -> https://datproject.org/

List of goodies → https://github.com/gdamdam/awesome-decentralized-web

70ab7c  No.13033706


They need to stop burning random crap in the streets, and start bring gasoline and matches to their parliaments and local bureaucracies. ONLY THEN WILL THEY LISTEN.

6b1783  No.13038366

I still can't believe that the entire EU is fucked because those Swedish delegates pressed the wrong button.

The absolute stage

000000  No.13040005




they can't really react if they don't know


>free speech? Did I miss something?

yes, you missed something. that there's no free speech in europe

000000  No.13040029


exit nodes are forced too through europe

if you're not aware of the config options, you think it's normal

>some may want to look into vpn

is openVPN good too?

bfaa8d  No.13065471

The EU is the NWO

f97051  No.13065556


america killed hitler u nigger

a5878d  No.13065566


No, that was Yurofags who dragged us into a war we never wanted to get involved with

f68650  No.13086663

Honk honk

7e5a23  No.13088037


This is a good thing. I hope the kikes make every cracker on Earth miserable because then maybe some of you faggots will not only act, but receive support for acting.

7e5a23  No.13088044


What's the matter? You can't say


you faggot?

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