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File: d0d3304438b3ad8⋯.jpg (28.09 KB, 625x294, 625:294, us-migration-trends.jpg)

075987  No.13028064

Given that Article 13 just passed in the European Union, I can only imagine for protests to escalate further. Europe is on verge of civil war that will ultimately send millions of Europeans to the United States, creating another trend in our migration history.

The midwest is about to speak german again, thoughts?

c22c70  No.13028073

Why would anyone move from one failing multi-culti hellhole to another failed multi-culti hellhole?

0e1894  No.13028076


I don't think America will allow white heterosexual potential terrorists in do you?

075987  No.13028080


Because our hellholes are mostly condensed to specific urban areas. The Europeans dont have land like we do

000000  No.13028087

yeah no, 3 neckbeards from reddit won't do anything

1cb4aa  No.13028103


Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan…all attacked at the same time by jews. It's a war and you have to fight, because the color of your skin is their target. There is no flight this time.

297224  No.13028136


Escape a hellhole of muslims to jump in a hellhole of niggers and spics

we running out of "flight" my bros.


7629f6  No.13028140


>There are no areas free of niggers and mud in

all of europe.

To get trump as a president, no thanks and

thanks for the laugh.

9c78c5  No.13028144

Sorry we only take poor huddled masses of sandniggers these days

21f6dc  No.13028151

No there wont. Do you not understand the current immigration laws? It's practically anti-European. Besides gun ownership America is far worse than Europe. Europe has a cultural feeling that America just doesn't have.

db85ba  No.13028162

Too bad they're not of the same quality they used to be. Instead of Wernher Von Braun and friends, it Mohammed and his 7 sons 1000 times over.

2b9948  No.13028172


article what?

2b9948  No.13028177



literally the trash no one wanted(see the jews)

c3a9e2  No.13028184


Europe will be a less violent place than N. America. Europeans won't move here. They'll be afraid of our guns - and with good reason. America is no place for cowards.

db85ba  No.13028187


Come on, I get that you have to shill this place but you can't be dumb as well.

90fae1  No.13028189


Europe is bigger than the USA dipshit. Sure, per country most of the European nations are more populated terms of area, urbanization etc.

a379a4  No.13028197


But the EU is smaller than the USA.

Which I think is more relevant when you are talking about dystopian EU laws.

2b0a4c  No.13028209

File: ef4668ddca08476⋯.jpg (43.26 KB, 512x375, 512:375, oldassmeme.jpg)

Fuck off faggot, there is already a thread about this bullshit. Reported for sliding.

2b9948  No.13028214


>They'll be afraid of our gun

People are getting limbs blown off in France and their are still dumbass mutts who come here to shitpost about their guns that only ever get used on schools.


How can you retards still show your faces around here after you voted that pro gun grab president in?

Just stop ffs.

79f9a7  No.13028221


From (((Europe))) to (((the United States))).

No, better migrate to Eastern Europe and turn it into a last bastion of white civilization.

4dd356  No.13028224


>America is no place for cowards

It's for lazy rootless slobs whose usage of guns is limited to decoration and shooting watermelons for (((youtube))) clicks

2b9948  No.13028232

No mexico, you can't absorb more whites into your hive-mind of Nintendo and McDonalds.

f25984  No.13028244

Nowhere in Hell will I go to a State (USA) that is run by jews, had a negro president already and where SJW is totally outta control.

db85ba  No.13028249


And how does that relate to WWII scientists? Let me just write you off as retarded so we don't have to waste any more time.

2b9948  No.13028256

File: a6fae37cdf3b723⋯.jpg (659.17 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, kjhij.jpg)


>WWII scientists

Fuck off, you fluoride drinking schizoid.

1bdfcf  No.13028268

File: e95c0c0e3ef75a2⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 600x450, 4:3, absolument dégoûtant.jpg)

I'd rather go east.

000000  No.13028269

Doubt its white Euros who will be fleeing, but filthy jews back to palestine. Besides, when we ask what are some good places to move in such and such European country, they just say "stay away amerifat. If you can't protect your own country, you won't protect ours." If Eurolards do move, they better flood minority and jewnigger hell holes, so we can take back out fucking state capitals.

aedb78  No.13028284


Are you black?

2b9948  No.13028291


>so we can take back the largest outdoor Walmart

Dis is a americar, we iz make thing big and free speed.

take pep-pills you screwy cunt

2b9948  No.13028299


Why? Did one steal your macbook-gay?

1a33b6  No.13028336

this such a fucking thread, this OP is fucking stupid

no, nobody is coming to the US but a bunch of mud people from third world shitholes

000000  No.13028355

000000  No.13028360


die in a fire jew, this country is beautiful

46a0d2  No.13028373

>Given that Article 13 just passed in the European Union, I can only imagine for protests to escalate further.

You do not understand the ordinary European man and woman at all.

They were brainwashed from birth. They do not care about Article 13. Your predictions are a crock of shit.

2f2f2a  No.13028380


Shlomo set things up that no mere mortal goy from europoor can enter the US but lets be real here - there are no well paid jobs anyway for lesser educated goys and rural muricans are struggling hard without welfare succumbing to opiods and meth while being surrounded by nogs and south american indigenous scum.

2b9948  No.13028400

What the fuck is an article 13?

2b9948  No.13028423

Blah blah blah, oh no in ten years a dumb law designed to be a sticking plaster may work its way through the euroshit bureaucracy. At which point, I will not be able to view images on euroshit servers.

It will be as bad as that time the UK banned porn and movie torrenting. Now I only watch Netflix and cum to store bought interracial.

e7152f  No.13029316


I don't want my children to be slavs, so no.

000000  No.13030747


>a cultural feeling that America just doesn't have

You can hear the call to prayer as you walk past a Mc Donald's on your way to the Auschwitz Museum?

0bd720  No.13030764

Feels good living in European country not being in EU (still full ZOG though)

15b51e  No.13030787


>Europe is on verge of civil war

Really? What makes you think that?

a85036  No.13030836


What if it's goes the other way?

eb372c  No.13030910

File: 83972c087af5606⋯.mp4 (869.14 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 83972c087af560625d2a44185f….mp4)


Get out and stay out. You fucked up Europe and now you wanna come here and do the same? You Eurocucks can die for all I care.

d8f5b7  No.13031005


Maybe, but see >>13028073

Europe is still 90-95% european, oddly, given that it is europe and therefore should be 100% european, surely. Like being surprised that japan is nearly 100% japanese, and that china is nearly 100% chinese and so on and so on.

If there isn't a massive shift and serious continent-wide actions within the next 5-10 years, then maybe the europeans will abandon their entire fucking continent to escape the apocalypse level biological weapons that are the deliberately imported third worlders, designed by 'foreign elements' to reduce europe to an easily controllable slave population.

US won't notice if even 50 million came over though, because by that time it will only change the demographics of the US slightly, and most likely the real americans will still be complaining about all those "foreigners" from europe coming over, given that they don't know the difference between a south american cannibal crossbreed, and a person from Spain in Europe.

The real answer is to turn the tide, as has happened just lately in Italy, as has been demonstrated in Poland, and as has been shown through some new laws and decisions in the netherlands, denmark and so on.

Reminder to the 300 million europeans in europe, that your people are what matters, more than your land or anything else. Everything else can be rebuilt, but the people and the bloodlines are utterly irreplaceable. Therefore, if the time comes, leave and preserve your people, rather than throwing your lives away on land that has been poisoned.

d8f5b7  No.13031014


Check the size of europe, that's an incredibly stupid statement. The population density of the two places is almost the same.

d8f5b7  No.13031040



Europe is filled with countries that have huge empires spanning the world, have fought amongst other european countries for thousands of years, have lost 100s of millions in wars within the last 120 years.

Meanwhile, the US has only ever attacked tiny, defenseless countries and almost always from a distance, and never has it been invaded apart from by haha mexico.

US attacks another desert shithole from 10,000 miles away that has no army or way of defending itself - FUCKING HEROS FUCK YEAH!!!!

Cowardice is the american way.

5839b7  No.13031075

If Europeans leave Europe for a mongrel shit hole, it's over.

3c79ed  No.13031119

File: 20069697e12b412⋯.jpg (786.08 KB, 1439x1909, 1439:1909, DeepFryer_20190326_194516.jpg)

This could actually be good for us, because the europeans will populate the rural areas, feel free to reproduce, and learn how to American. We could even actually rival (((their))) forces and basically kill any sandnigger coming in.

95ac8e  No.13031174

Haha what the fuck are you even talking about you fucking idiot. No one wants to go to your shit country. You think article 13 is going to change anything? Haha "on the verge of civil war". Were not monkey niggers that bounce around with machetes when we're not satisfied. The only "major"change would be that people will start using vpn alot more and teens will probably complain a little. If you have a vpn you can upload and watch whatever the fuck you want. No one is going to migrate to your fat ass country that we ourselves even built for you, because we can't watch pewdiepie meme review or whatever. You're not that special.

f1ca2e  No.13031245

They're just gonna do like the Chinese and use a VPN. This changes little.

4455ad  No.13031278


>and learn how to American

This has never been a good thing. Even before the non-white immigration you were a society based on (((enlightenment))) values and ground zero for consumerism and degeneracy.

5aafa3  No.13031313


You remember awhile back when one of the femicunts that pushed the multicult invasion of muds into europe, when she tried to say "i goofed" and wanted to move to poland or something where there were less muslims and far more opposition to immigration from non-europeans?

Yeah, THOSE are the kinds of fucksticks who flee their homelands, the very ones who fucked it up in the first place. And just like the commies from the west coast who move out to the rest of the nation, they'll bring their failed ideas with them, spread them to their kids and the communities they move to, vote for commies just like before, indoctrinate their children to vote for commies, and the cycle will escalate.

People worth saving, dont leave their homes, they fight for them. The rest, their boats deserve to sink, their genetics are a dead end, they're failures who have dragged down an entire continent with them, and now they're trying to flee the sinking ship so they can sink whatever ship picks them up.

On the plus side, the anti-european/anti-white policies that all but forbid people from moving to the US from europe? Yeah, those policies fuck the rats as well, because its based on skin color, and whelp, they wanted anti-white policies AS whites, now their traitorous policies will be their undoing.

its poetic justice if you ask me. They all deserve to hang anyway. Let them die and there will be no one left voting in leftists and commies for positions of power, and we'll be able to correct the damage. If commies just had to stay and live in the shitholes THEY created… they're all so weak that they'll die quickly, then theres no one left to ideologically support those systems and things can be righted very quickly

a2bbf7  No.13031368

<he thinks a European migration is the same as a white migration

5aafa3  No.13031374


>just use a vpn nigger, like wtf

You realize its only going to be a matter of time, probably not very much time mind you, before vpns start getting banned as well… right? I mean, all that requires is another bit of legislation requiring ISPs to block those sites because "they allow people to circumvent the law."

You niggers already cant even post your opinions online without the police knocking at your door, you really think they're going to just let you get around their new laws? No, their intent is to destroy freespech on the internet, and they've already taken massive strides all over the place in order to crack down on it. So you REALLY think they're just going to let your vpns go and ignore it? How fucking dumb are you?

No, what you don't realize, is they just silenced huge swaths of your populace, made it effectively impossible to provide you with content services..even fucking youtube is basically trying to figure out if they're just going to outright ban EUROPE, the whole fucking place, from uploading at all, because following the law as it stands is going to be fucking impossible, but they'll be legally/financially responsible for NOT enforcing it, ergo the only solution is to carpet bomb the whole thing.

You think your ISPs aren't ALSO going to start getting targeted for "allowing users access to content that doesnt follow the rules?" It'll start small with them being muscled into blocking VPNs which most people don't use. But eventually them viewing content from the US and such that "violates the articles" will become their next big thing to go after, and they'll start muscling those same providers to restrict access to those sites, or rather they'll want them to monitor who watches/sees what so they can properly charge users for access to those materials, and the ISPs can't handle that sort of a burden, so they'll just start blanket banning access to those sites

You're going to end up with an internet where you can view your own nations major media outlets, the government sites, and thatll be fucking it. You won't be able to use VPNs, you wont be able to even watch youtube or go to facebook because you might see some "protected" material, and you wont be able to come to sites like this to even voice your anger about it

Face it, you're fucked. And you can claim I'm being over dramatic or some shit, but for all your protesting "it wont happen," 11 and 13 just fucking passed, you thought they wouldnt, but they did, on TOP of all the other orwellian shit that goes on in your nations. You REALLY think they aren't going to complete their crack down on the internet for your nations? You REALLY think they'll just stop here? You really think that after the miles and miles and miles they've already taken, that they're just going to stop at this last inch and not take the last mile? Get a fucking clue.

Enjoy your dystopia where the only content you're allowed to see is state approved propaganda, and you can't even go anywhere and voice your disagreement with it.

db6677  No.13031411

File: ea13ba120b199c4⋯.jpg (115.25 KB, 804x644, 201:161, bucawk.jpg)

Fuck off ahmed, we're full.

69a954  No.13031832


>Europe is bigger than the USA


Barely, dickshit.


Area: 10,180,000 km2 (3,930,000sqmi)

Population: 741,447,158

Population Density: 72.9/km2 (188/sqmi)

America (US)

Area: 9,833,520 km2 (3,796,742sqmi)

Population: 327,167,434

Population Density: 32.8/km2 (85/sqmi)


>The U.S. has:

>3% less land

>56% less people

>55% the population density

The U.S. also has 'The Bill of Rights'. No other country or union of countries has that. Faggots.

643ba0  No.13032836

File: 651c1627970b9e3⋯.jpg (207.75 KB, 775x960, 155:192, b47ff874399ff115c8ccaf4af8….jpg)









You are really bad at your job, please ask your employer for a class on how to shill properly because I could spot your long nose before I even entered the thread lol

You are 2 braincells short of fooling anyone on /pol/, do consider asking your boss for that class

e76eb6  No.13032839

File: b4cb135bcc37300⋯.jpg (217.62 KB, 985x1380, 197:276, b4cb135bcc37300758223b3a19….jpg)


Imagine how dumb an Amerimutt has to be to think any White European would ever want to move to your anti-white shithole of a country. America is the cause of everything evil in the world.

36b7ee  No.13032856

As long as they're English like before

0d1853  No.13032885

Fuck off, we're full. Only Asian women are allowed.

8fde12  No.13037525


Lmao fuck no, US are the most degenerate place on this planet

9c098f  No.13037678

America literally was founded after a revolution against Europe and was created to oppose Europe. It can NEVER be anything other than anti-white.

e92a19  No.13037899


na. it was founded to be a good business. but it ran out of cheap labor from Europe so it's had to look elsewhere. the chickens have come home to roost.

25a08e  No.13038003

Kek at burgers always pointing to Europe as if our problems are worse than those of the U.S.


>more than 90% white

>few kikes


>less than 60% white

>kikes are 2% of the entire population

38a6ca  No.13038208

I've been here since 1992. Can't find a decent chick here so I'm just gonna accumulate wealth and get some college age girl to make waifu from the motherland

>t. hohol

000000  No.13058832

migration when

000000  No.13058844


>say "migration is destroying Europe"

>go to jail

Yeah, Eurofags sure have it better. Lel.

<but we have funs

<you gotta have a loicense and registrayshun and give them your addy

<but we got funs

Top lel.

d50216  No.13058903

If you only knew how bad things are

2b9948  No.13058956


>say "muh free speed"

>turn into mexico 2.0

Things that matter in reality vs. fox news.

db6677  No.13059166

File: 36425e0df62b055⋯.jpg (607.76 KB, 1869x1104, 623:368, White Wolf.jpg)


>few kikes

You are so full of shit moshe it's coming our your nose.

84a3b5  No.13059404


>license and registration

Not in my state, bucko. And they'll have your address anyway since you need to go through an FBI background check before owning a firearm. Once you pass that, you can have all the unregistered guns you want.

044307  No.13059458

Yes, White man! Leave your ancestral lands!

fdaf6f  No.13059461

There will be no more white flight. It will be a watershed moment in history as racially conscious government finally takes hold.

36b7ee  No.13059480





>Europe being invaded by kikes and muzzies

>Europoors have 0 freedom

>Europoors constantly shit up the world with their faggotry

Naw, we're better off without you

44463f  No.13059491


europe is smaller than texas you dumb nigger

ff7099  No.13059494


>There will be another European migration to the United States

Sorry but whites are not welcome in USA. Jewish masters want only non whites. Gun meme is not worth if you have to be around niggers and spics.

ff7099  No.13059498


>europe is smaller than texas you dumb nigger

That is why nobody take burgers seriously.

fdaf6f  No.13059499


Smaller than Washington DC actually.

fdaf6f  No.13059505


And instead of speaking European we now speak Arabic. Fuck.

44463f  No.13059518

File: f900f8c0def2b5d⋯.png (766.96 KB, 3708x3904, 927:976, ClipboardImage.png)

8e2778  No.13059536


>he thinks Europe is bigger than Kentucky


fdaf6f  No.13059542

File: 4607559faed2114⋯.png (254.95 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, texqs.png)

44463f  No.13059544


To be fair, I'd say they are roughly the same size.

44463f  No.13059551

File: 7bb8050babf063e⋯.png (915.98 KB, 3141x3904, 3141:3904, ClipboardImage.png)

630763  No.13059554




07acde  No.13059763

File: c5a02e379274046⋯.png (58.05 KB, 497x544, 497:544, density.png)


Yeah, okay. Not even close. Even if you break it down by arable land or habitable land you'll still find America to be much more sparsely populated.

000000  No.13059817


Take a time to focus on Brazil. The jews are openly calling Brazil "the next USA", promoting (((economy))) while paying communists to attack President Bolsonaro, to create the illusion of 2 sides fighting.

It is guaranteed that jews will move assets, money and valuables from USA to Brazil, to try to recover and mount a new base of operations in the Americas.

You must act quickly, to ensure that as many top influential and rich jews are killed, and their fortunes are taken away from them. Stop their move while you can, before they turn Brazil into a proxy of Israel that will be used to directly and openly destroy America.

36b7ee  No.13059821


>implying anyone takes Europoors seriously


42a433  No.13060187

Maybe if you could still get a job over there with minimal education but now i imagine its college this and university that, maybe if it was the 50s i just dont see a reason to move to america and flip burgers, id be a debt slave before i can afford a AR if theire even still legal over there.

c6b909  No.13060309

File: d32bc29ac8ee3b7⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 467x478, 467:478, BeCarefulAnons.jpg)

<So many ignorant normalfaggots, decelerationist fedniggers, and D&C kikes in this shill slide bread.


This whole (((unnatural))) pissing contest is counterproductive and degenerate. Whites worldwide will be forced to step up to the plate or die on their knees. We haven't the time left for this shit, quit acting like catty fucking niggers; if you faggots don't want to fry eggs or prank darkies yet, at least go flier or anything else at least seemingly productive to ending white plight instead of bickering over miniscule inane things in clown world today.

6953f5  No.13060389


yeah, half of america is either a desert or cultivated

2a48e5  No.13060535

File: 98e7b55e0e905d8⋯.gif (666.13 KB, 320x240, 4:3, (((Classic Merchant))).gif)


They shoot plenty of deer and what have you too, just not any useful targets despite all the internet LARPing.

cfc9f9  No.13060583



Daily reminder that you're both d&c kikes and no one cares.

95bfcb  No.13060644

Fuck no assholes. If anybody from Europe comes to the USA you better drop that Muslim culture. Savages

000000  No.13074928


Checked for Europe is full fo savages.

54f819  No.13074947


I have no idea I think people are just larping, nowhere in Europe has demographics as shit as the US

54f819  No.13074950


The largest mosque in the western world is in the US

54f819  No.13074958


Actually its the opposite you don't hear about things like mollie tibbetts in rural Europa buts its a pretty common occurrence in the US because of the Mexican farm labors

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