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File: e182b528c7c3a22⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a519a2  No.13034541

ITT we post guides and ideas on how to get active by yourself. Note: /pol/ is a board of peace, so don't post stuff like the Anarchist Cookbook etc.

Possible topics:

Guerilla street activism


<color jars



<safety guidelines

Internet ativism

<how and where to spread info

<mirroring videos




I will start with some effortposts.

a519a2  No.13034575

File: a0f861c76a4ef2b⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, biometriescanner.jpg)

Safety guidelines for guerilla street activism

1. Mobile phones

To prevent spooks from knowing anything about your political work, you should leave your mobile phone at home, especially when you are discussing details of it with comrades. Mobile phones are mobile bugs, which can be accessed by spooks if they deem it necessary. Read the Snowden files for more details on this.

There is also the possibility of feds tracking your location over the SIM-Card using IMSI-Catchers, so don't take your phones with you when you get active, otherwise the data could be used against you.

Do not use jewish platforms such as Whatsapp or Facebook to talk about any political work! Secure alternatives are encrypted messengers like Riot or Wire.

In the pic you can see a police surveillance vehicle used at a German right-winger rally. It has a biometrics scanner, a camera, an infrared-light for making footage at night as well as the aforementioned IMSI-Catcher.

7dfcf5  No.13034579

File: 001788bf938746c⋯.png (601.14 KB, 700x524, 175:131, 13.png)

File: f8a4f3b40bdbe8a⋯.png (680.91 KB, 600x546, 100:91, 32.png)

File: d193ed37b62c416⋯.png (738.86 KB, 600x623, 600:623, 21.png)

File: cda018b215644cd⋯.png (839.01 KB, 600x713, 600:713, 22.png)


Ah, this thread again.

I'll share my own wisdom.

Disseminating pro-White posters

Back when I was in university, I used to disseminate pro-White posters throughout the city I lived in and in the surrounding towns and then even further away to other cities.

This year I returned to the place and low and behold, one of my posters is STILL up despite being near a leftist shithole university and being a very rainy, snowy, windy place. Also, it's been 2 years since I graduated.

How to flypost;

>Tacky Glue

>a large paintbrush

>plastic bags

>a folder

>your posters

>plastic gloves

1. Print out your design on any old paper using a LASER printer. Not ink. LASER. The reason for this is to prevent your ink running when it gets wet.

2. Mix Tacky Glue and warm water on the night of your fly-posting operation at a 50/50 ratio.

3. Using your paint-brush, paint over the surface that you want to affix your poster to.

4. Place your poster on the surface

5. Paint over the poster to smooth it out and make it waterproof.


You ought to scout out the area beforehand searching for highly visible, high up places. The higher, the better.

Use large font and as few words as possible.

I used to go out around 3 AM and never encountered any trouble.

Any questions?

7dfcf5  No.13034585

File: 53fceada7ffe59f⋯.png (94.47 KB, 1700x1100, 17:11, animation2.png)

File: 9a4235a6892b1f1⋯.png (97.85 KB, 2346x1912, 1173:956, Criminalprosecutiongraph.png)

File: aa05e0c20ad3862⋯.png (64.02 KB, 2346x1912, 1173:956, Criminalprosecutiongraphgr….png)

Here are some designs for easy printing.

7dfcf5  No.13034592

Hmm. That's odd.

Some of my poster design files are already here on another thread.

Glad to see that my work is appreciated.

73bfbe  No.13034597


Why so paranoid? I assume you're in a liberal democracy with freedom of speech. The Gestapo isn't going against you.

4a72f1  No.13034599

1. get a gopro

2. get a gun


c79bff  No.13034613

File: 604bf456c69ebc9⋯.png (1.08 MB, 768x1408, 6:11, ClipboardImage.png)

I'll add some comms stuff from /k/:

>Get a Baofeng Handheld Transceiver

High value radios with models to choose from (try to only use genuine units and accessories)

>License free band considerations:

"Lowest bandwidth and power settings possible"

No repeater use, antenna height and length restrictions


>MURS Ch3 151.940Mhz

US, Good from rural to urbanized locales

>FRS Ch3 462.6125MHz

US, Better for cities with tall buildings

>FREENET VHF Ch3 149.050Mhz

EU, use sparingly before SHTF as only fully legal in Germany

>PMR446 Ch3 446.03125MHz

EU, Basically FRS for Eubros.

>CB Ch3 26.985Mhz

HF freq, almost guaranteed daytime long range comms with proper setup.

>Get into /hamradio/ and get licensed. www.arrl.org

Getting at least a tech license will remove the aforementioned limitations and allow for some HF, repeater use, and data tx

>Get to know radio operators in your area, check/callout channel 3s at 9pm local

>develop callsigns and challenges for meetups/ops


Ability to save local GZD, 100km^2 grid, and 2/4 digit maps, just set to MGRS/US Grid for printing/distributing

>Learn a martial art or join a local sparring club like a boxing/mma gym

>Join or establish a militia or "survival clubs" depending on legality

aim for #s if can't into guns

a519a2  No.13034618

File: cb3eb90a2596fc9⋯.jpg (160.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, risk.jpg)

File: 66d1c33e071f5a0⋯.png (272.49 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, ClipboardImage.png)

Safety guidelines for guerilla street activism

2. Risk

Whenever you do guerilla street activism, there is a chance of encountering leftist scum, other political enemies or law enforcement who could try to disrupt your work or harm you in any way. Be aware of the risk and be physically and mentally prepared for a confrontation.

How do i protect myself?

- Use the night as cover. The ideal times for guerilla street activism are from midnight to 4 am.

- Wear dark clothing.

- Use a hood and a mask, to prevent your identification through the enemy.

- Scout the area of operation in daylight.

- Check the area for surveillance cameras.

- Use side streets rather than main streets. (Be prepared of unrelated threats though!)

- Do not remain in one place for too long.

- Leave your phone at home.

- Carry a pepper spray or a different weapon for self-defense.

- Wear gloves to not leave finger prints. If you wear rubber gloves, use at least two layers! Gloves are also important so paint or glue doesn't stick to your fingers, which could be evidence used against you.

aa0acd  No.13034630

"Put Semtex in a toaster" - anarchists cookbook

a519a2  No.13034632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice. I have been using this video made by a leftist as a reference on how to make posters.

He creates his own glue inside a water bottle and then just smears it on the surface with rubber gloves.

The advantage here is that it takes a lot less time and less gear, you just pull out the gloves, smear the glue on the surface, stick on the posters and then discard all the evidence.

a519a2  No.13034635


On how to apply posters*

aa0acd  No.13034640

"Wrap pastry around a stick of dynamite so as it looks like a sausage roll" - anarchists cookbook.

a4142f  No.13034642



I really admire what you're doing, so please only take this as constructive criticism, or discard, your call.

IMHO, the word genocide is too loaded. It makes it sound like you are grossly exaggerating the situation.

>Wow, are they actually killing whites in gas chambers, or stopping white people from marrying one another and having kids?

The goal should be to change minds, and on the surface that is too alarmist and easy to dismiss.

Everything else is great. The "anti-white" meme in particular is powerful.

aa0acd  No.13034653

"Mix spices into your TATP so as to disguise the TATP from sniffer dogs" - anarchists cookbook.

f50a6f  No.13034667

Gas yourself

Not doing your dirty work, Mossad

a519a2  No.13034673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is another video by the leftist, he demonstrates how to make paint jars.

Paint jars can be used to carry paint along with you to paint your friends garden fence. Or they could be thrown at the buildings of traitorous institutions to cause damage to the facade, forcing them to repaint it, while sending a strong message of civil discontent.

a519a2  No.13034680


You are quite literally doing the dirty work of Mossad since you're a paid shill. Filtered.

a9a7c2  No.13034683

Any dropboxes or megas with jpg tutorials on how to craft certain items and tools? I know a couple floated around a while ago but can't find them and sourcing every recipe myself is turning out to be rather difficult.

7dfcf5  No.13034709

File: 508f86b21d040db⋯.png (854.19 KB, 600x626, 300:313, 35.png)

File: 92521989e3ec622⋯.png (1.24 MB, 700x937, 700:937, 23.png)

File: a2fc9af922a8ba9⋯.png (652.21 KB, 700x422, 350:211, 27.png)

File: a4051765ba81460⋯.png (1007.94 KB, 700x677, 700:677, 43.png)


Thanks for the advice, but White Genocide is a term that we've been meming for a decade now and it is really paying off. More and more people are talking openly about White Genocide (which is true) and even more have adopted the term "anti-White" to refer to anti-Whites.

White Genocide is intentionally inflammatory. For more information on my word choices and memes, please look up Bob Whitaker and the Mantra.

At first you will be confused and skeptical. But please, try it out IRL on a liberal. I kidd you not, it shuts them down like you hit them in their sneering faces.

For more information, listen to the first 5 or so podcasts here https://whiterabbitradio.net/podcast-2

1b5695  No.13034714


you might be able to get away with dropping pamphlets from drones if you were autistic enough to get it work. now what to put in the pamphlets, i have no idea. le 13% meme?

aa0acd  No.13034716

"A pressure cooker is a useful as it enables you to cook way from him" - anarchists cookbook

526d4a  No.13034724


bd8533  No.13034781



no one needs a bunch of fucking toys shitting up the place with your lousy blotchy stencils, what the hell is your interest anyway? any and every wall with graff a swastika is the 2nd or third thing to appear, you faggots are better getting a case of plain black on white stickers of "its okay to be white" for $.03 from alibaba or makeshift ditto printing it on a bunch of US postal stickers

a519a2  No.13034805

File: c91ac48f1f061c2⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 500x345, 100:69, schwarz-weiß-rot.jpg)

File: 5e98c6645c827d2⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, sticker.jpg)

File: 3bf39ad4082d102⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, qr.jpg)

File: d82f306be4c84a1⋯.png (614.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Stickers can be ordered on many nationalist websites and are an easy method of distributing propaganda in public places. They can be carried in your pockets and are easily and inconspiciously applied. Under certain circumstances you should still follow the safety guidelines while doing so though, especially if its your goal to disseminate lots of stickers over a larger area all at once.

Selfmade Stickers

There is also the possibility of making stickers yourself. For this purpose, you can order sticker paper and print a motif of your choice on it.The disadvantage is, that these stickers are usually not very rain resistant. A possible motif that should be considered is a QR-Code. Such codes can be generated with a free QR-Code generator and then connected to online material, such as a Youtube-Video, a website or a blogpost. Next, the QR-Code is printed multiple times unto the sticker paper, which is then cut to size. The finished QR-Code stickers can be scanned by every smartphone-owner which allows for a highly efficient distribution of redpills. The inside of public toilet doors, but also enemy propaganda or windows are recommendable application surfaces.

"Tuning" Stickers

The clear disadvantage of stickers is that leftist scum will immidiately try to remove them if they encounter them. To prevent or at least complicate this, there is the possibility of using spray- or powerglue to make the stickers more durable.

Firstly, the powerglue should be applied to the stickers corners in little drops. both not for longer than a second). The sticker is then pressed to the surface so that no bubbles or folds are left. Finally, the top of the sticker is also quickly covered in spray glue. This will, depending on the material of the sticker itself, drive the leftist scum trying to remove it mad.

a519a2  No.13034813


What are you ranting about, retard? If you do not see the purpose of activism then just go and shit up a different thread.

4c5ec0  No.13034829

use regular plain condensed milk in sprayer or brush etc to WELD regular paper printed flyers to any hard surface.

once the milk dries something happens and proteins turn into epoxy like substance.

Yeah, I guess it needs to fully dry for few hours and not stay wet with dew, etc.

Probably best done around colleges on Sunday morn when no one is around.

bbc880  No.13034836

bump good thread people need to know they are not alone

a519a2  No.13034839


Something got cut out there.

"Firstly, the powerglue should be applied to the stickers corners in little drops. THEN, the designated surface and the stickers backside are sprayed with the sprayglue (both not for longer than a second.)"

8463fd  No.13034843


Murder police officers with their own guns

a240e3  No.13034848


I think he's just autistic honestly, but the point about postal service stickers is great. They're easy to get and free.

8463fd  No.13034855


Just print them yourself. You can get a stack of like 50 glossy A4 pages off Jewmazon.

4c5ec0  No.13034860


how about:

"White People have a right to exist,

Israel has NO right to US Tax Dollars"

bbc880  No.13034869


yeah the jew needs to be named not just white genocide

7dfcf5  No.13034876

File: cf77f4716d9b182⋯.png (34.33 KB, 1122x794, 561:397, WhoRulesUs2.png)


Aha, I don't mix messages.

The more wordy your poster, the less people will read it.

4c5ec0  No.13034878

what is the downlow on Secret Printer ID codes?

if my $75 Amazon Brother ink-jet has been hooked up to my PCs, which in turn of course have my Gmail, etc, can that be used to trace me?

Do I need to buy a dot matrix off Craigslist for cash?

How about inkjet from BestBuy with cash, while wearing a hoodie and fake beard?

7d3545  No.13034884

147563  No.13034887


Ham operator here. Nice to see this info. Thanks, brother

4c5ec0  No.13034888


I'm thinking I'd put "right" in Italics or something, since Jews are always saying "Israel has a right to exist" but that really means a "right" to US Tax Dollars.

The "message" is really about what "rights" are valid.

4c5ec0  No.13034965


I've had some friendly talks with Mexicans who bluster about how they are "taking over" etc.

But when I tell them that when they do that can only mean it will be just like Mexico, and they will want to leave for exact same reasons, but I don't think 20 Mexicans for each 1 Canadian would work too well….they suddenly become quiet and sort of scared.

Like an chronic alcoholic eyeing the last couple swigs in the bottle knowing once those are gone its only matter of time before the DT shakes set in.

I've also got "good results" explaining to Mexicans that "open borders" for USA means Mexicans will be in about 6th or 7th place behind Arabs, Africans, Flips, Hindus, Chinese, other Beaners, Indonesians (do you even know where that is, Senior?)

I'd like to make a Spanish Lang flyer explaining that.

4c5ec0  No.13035002

"US Senate voted 100-0 for Israel…..

then US Senate voted 0-57 against the New Green Deal for USA"

One side of poster is IDF attacking little kids and big ugly Jewish banker, other side is a bunch of American college kids planting trees, and wind farm.

(don't worry about that the NGD is "flawed", it was actually much like a typical pro-Jew senate vote in that it was general "in support of" without any actual laws or budget etc)

a519a2  No.13035008

File: 3c600902e2849bd⋯.pdf (257.43 KB, Schnipselblatt-Hooton-Plan.pdf)


Throwing snippets are small pieces of paper with QR-Codes or internet adresses on them. Their small size and the little effort it takes to produce them make them one of the easiest forms of propaganda distribution. There is a multitude of methods to distribute them:

- Throw a stack of throwing snippets from a building into a crowd.Through the large number of throwing snippets, this will attract lots of attention.

- Put them into mail boxes.

- Leave them in lockers, on tables, on the bus, etc.

- Distribute them on rallies, to give comrades access to information (or to redpill civcucks etc.)

- Stick them to walls with a drop of powerglue.

Be creative!

PDF related is a German example for a stack of throwing snippets. It can be easily recreated in Word.

063ddd  No.13035037


Removable batteries. Get an iphone but leave it around the house to use as a decoy / funkspiel.

4c5ec0  No.13035061

"Whites are Good People….

White People support Boycotts to fight for justice for Other People:

(then list and show all the virtue signalling White supported boycotts starting with Negro Civil Rights, maybe even Bernie's arrest, Farm Workers UFW , South Africa, Viet Nam (Bank of America), Nestle (infant formula in 3rd world), Japan and whaling, etc, and end with Whites boycotting Israel today)."

Prior boycotts are among the most cherished memories of White People.

4c5ec0  No.13035064


>White People support Boycotts to fight for justice for Other People:

PS-include an "and even people that aren't people" (whales, animal testing of cosmetics on rabbits, caged chickens, etc)

42498c  No.13035066


To touch on this, only use encrypted applications (like Signal). Text messages are not encrypted otherwise.

4f648e  No.13035085


>Disseminating pro-White posters


c7951e  No.13035086

File: b9164cfb0fe4264⋯.jpg (18.31 KB, 236x301, 236:301, 9a14c9da7c53c393e143cd992a….jpg)

Posted this in another thread but I'll do it here too.

Thoughts on false flagging mosques as La Raza? Tagging them with threats in Spanish and Catholic/Santa Muerta imagery?

4f648e  No.13035089


Anything coming from a Stormtards is anti White.

a96dbb  No.13035092

File: 809a81b373cc094⋯.png (9.63 MB, 3000x3527, 3000:3527, 9827486234.png)

Littering and defacing public property with signs or spraypaint will gain you no supporters and neither will doxxing activist and spreading what your enemy labels as "hate propaganda".

The removal of the enemy is the only solution as government, law enforcement the government controls, media and other influential corporations, and the hordes of sub human garbage apart of the general population that eat up everything the government and media feed them is the only solution.

7dfcf5  No.13035097



Even for anti-White shills, you're pretty pathetic. Try a different approach.

55d937  No.13035099


>philosoraptor in current year

no one will take that seriously

7dfcf5  No.13035101


>I've also got "good results" explaining to Mexicans that "open borders" for USA means Mexicans will be in about 6th or 7th place behind Arabs, Africans, Flips, Hindus, Chinese, other Beaners, Indonesians (do you even know where that is, Senior?)

They just forget what you said in a day.

Focus on our own race.


>Can't read

Learn to read

843913  No.13035104


>tfw someone else uses your oc

4f648e  No.13035116



4c5ec0  No.13035120


>They just forget what you said in a day.


>Focus on our own race.

thats why the posted flyer.

Mexicans do have the ability to semi-organize for selfish reasons, and going from #1 in line for gibs to 8th in line would be a reason and IMO could get "traction"

e74825  No.13035121



Brenton Tarrant style attacks only are effective.

2f702c  No.13035125

Join the 100 handers. They have guides on printing stickers

a519a2  No.13035126

File: 19e2e43a73a711f⋯.jpg (35.54 KB, 720x541, 720:541, rule for life.jpg)


Thoughts on wire and riot? Unsafe?


Thanks for motivating me to do more activism, kike shill. Pic related. Also, everyone else, just filter these kikes.


>Littering and defacing public property

You're a statist cuck. I can see it from your choice of words.

>with signs or spraypaint will gain you no supporters

It will certainly remind the public that there are political forces opposing the system and the status quo in their direct vicinity, creating psychological pressure for the enemy and helping to break the consensus among the normalfags. Its also a show of force, a metapolitical form of taking back your direct urban surroundings. And yes, there is the possibility that it will actually lead to people getting to know about certain topics they would otherwise never heard of. Guess why every mainstream political party still uses flyers and posters?

>and neither will doxxing activist

You misspelled "the enemy". And this isn't meant to gather supporters, but to strike fear into the enemy and make clear to them that their behavior has consequences.

>and spreading what your enemy labels as "hate propaganda".

What a fucking cuck you are. Muh optics. Get the fuck out.

4c5ec0  No.13035127


posting political flyers on public property is OK if the property is not "special"

street light poles, mail boxes, backs of STOP signs, etc are all morally OK.

1adcb6  No.13035129


>if you put up a scary neo-nazi poster whites will literally be machine-gunned into mass graves in reprisal

Things aren't THAT bad yet.

4c5ec0  No.13035134


>100 handers


a519a2  No.13035137


Its also morally okay if its the villa of a traitorous politician, an "integration centre" or a leftist indoctrination institution etc. Stop caring about the enemy, stop caring about material thinks. The struggle for our race is divine and far more important than some statist traitor fag having to pay to repaint his house.

a519a2  No.13035142


Factually incorrect.

ce9156  No.13035148

File: 1c5e086685cf69a⋯.png (175.06 KB, 500x250, 2:1, pop pop watching niggas dr….png)


>Guides on lone wolf activism

The only activity that is going to make a difference at this stage is actively purging all kikes, niggers, shitskins, politicians, leftists, faggots, degenerates, boomers, halfbreeds, and traitors.

42498c  No.13035153

File: f1feb5b43efda88⋯.png (14.17 KB, 200x197, 200:197, wojak.png)


I've only ever used Signal, so I can't really speak on the effectiveness of Wire or Riot.

Ultimately I wouldn't trust anything other than PGP encryption, tbh. But then again I'm just a faceless glow-in-the-dark spook so ymmv

4c5ec0  No.13035154


IMO best time is 3am to 30min before sunrise.

Cops and drunks and lots of people still active at midnight. By 3am cops are all hiding in donut shop filling out reports on drunks they beat up at bar closing. Anyone out at 5-6am is heading to work chugging coffee and trying not to be late and don't give a fuck if someone is putting up a "lost dog" poster.

840133  No.13035155


Those suck, how about print up the news article screen cap where it shows a 100% African Black Panther movie getting called 100% diverse.

The problem with bashing Diversity outright is that a ton of people are obsessed with the term and refuse to say anything bad about it or believe anything bad about it. Shatter that illusion.

a519a2  No.13035176

File: 3ef06c1a821a731⋯.png (43.7 KB, 952x412, 238:103, Brentonactivism.png)


While i do not disavow doing that in fortnite, there is definitely a place for this type of activism. The cumulated efforts of a thousand lone wolfs will definitely make kikes kvetch. Even Brenton did see the purpose in it. Pic related.

a519a2  No.13035185


Yeah 3 am is best, i agree. You could also go for the "official" look with a yellow vest and work clothes and put up posters at around 5 am.

d1a71b  No.13035188

File: f763a8d829105ef⋯.pdf (3.53 MB, George Hayduke - Silent bu….pdf)

File: ece4a3b2ccb822e⋯.pdf (2.98 MB, Professor Parabellum - The….pdf)

File: c2f122a4d7cfdda⋯.pdf (4.33 MB, George Dmitrieff - Poor Ma….pdf)

File: 1e06de3f102af40⋯.pdf (1.11 MB, George Dmitrieff - How to ….pdf)


Here's some Guerrilla activism for you.

4f648e  No.13035207


Any activism from White Nationalists is helping the Jews.


Get it?

93e9ce  No.13035211

File: 151af7c36b889f0⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 666x360, 37:20, His Name Was Pepe.jpg)

2b4197  No.13035283


ok kike

neck yourself

a519a2  No.13035329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A video guide on how to make a stencil has been attached. When making the stencil, check to see if the bag you are going to transport in is large enough. Also, remember to carry it in a plastic bag since its going to be covered in paint when you're done using it, and you don't want the paint to ruin your bag.

You can use simple cheap acrylic spraypaint, it will get the job done just as much as professional variants. Do not spray too close to the stencil and don't spray in one spot for longer than half a second, otherwise the paint will leak under the carton of the stencil. Make quick movements and spray from around 10 cm distance with one hand while pressing the cardboard to the wall with the other hand for a good result.

a519a2  No.13035358

File: 09eb658a976a37f⋯.png (56.67 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f7390470c300b0c⋯.png (6.08 KB, 917x1024, 917:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4acbe721f680b59⋯.png (6.88 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Easy stencil motifs + stenciled fonts


8266e5  No.13035363

File: e06df4a4e87a606⋯.png (148.33 KB, 309x662, 309:662, Postering Tips 1.png)

File: aa627a077652d9a⋯.png (96.58 KB, 660x606, 110:101, Postering Tips 2.png)

File: f12ea54a8b9c017⋯.png (82.99 KB, 705x573, 235:191, Postering Tips 3.png)

File: 3060fa5b87ef938⋯.jpg (178.48 KB, 782x1024, 391:512, Postering Tips 4.jpg)

File: f8f28a1dc6a8ea2⋯.png (327.73 KB, 1867x1044, 1867:1044, Postering Tips 5.png)


>Why so paranoid?

I'd call his advice useful caution rather than paranoia. There is no reason why an anon on a postering effort would need to take an electronic device with him anyway, and many of the poster efforts here could be considered minor crimes. Given how the book is thrown at anyone who is conducting wrongthink anymore, it's a prudent measure to not take any unnecessary risks like wandering around with your phone.


>Paint jars can be used to carry paint along with you to paint your friends garden fence.

I know it's a joke, but I do like the idea of being friendly neighborhood painters helping out people repaint their stuff. Would really reap a lot of goodwill as long as that was what the people wanted who got their fences and sidings painted nicely.


>Put them into mail boxes.

I like the idea of snippets, but non-postage workers putting non-stamped materials into mail boxes is a federal crime. Don't do that. Other methods of distribution are good ideas though.


>Thoughts on false flagging mosques as La Raza?

Don't. False flags are unnecessary when you have the truth on your side. They also tend to fail spectacularly when exposed and turn whites against whomever perpetrated it.


>Littering and defacing public property with signs or spraypaint will gain you no supporters

It alters the social environment, which can allow different conversations to be had. It's no coincidence than many revolutions in history are heralded by graffiti and other forms of public propaganda. They effect may be subtle, but it is an important effect.

>The removal of the enemy is the only solution

And "removal" requires force, and force requires power. To obtain power you must convince people to lend you their support, and to do that you must communicate effectively and convince them to support you.

a519a2  No.13035371

File: 613f4805f20988d⋯.png (11.42 KB, 687x768, 229:256, algiz.png)


>Blank image

a519a2  No.13035382


>I like the idea of snippets, but non-postage workers putting non-stamped materials into mail boxes is a federal crime.

Wew. In my country its fine unless the mail box has a sticker on it that says "No advertisements".

2a24e8  No.13035395



522450  No.13035405

What is this useless hippie bullshit ?

6d6e52  No.13035411


a519a2  No.13035430


I too would always add a message to it, but maybe you should refer to a local nationalist organization or a website like metapedia to awaken more interest. 8ch.net doesn't create an immidiate image in the mind of the reader.




b2cb71  No.13035449

File: a7ba95561688cfd⋯.jpg (48.71 KB, 1093x615, 1093:615, comped.jpg)


>video w/ nigger complaint-rap as backing

Are these people so unaware of the state of the world? The niggers in the states who complain about police can be flown to disease- and death-ridden Africa for a fraction of the cost it takes to maintain their lives and the accompanying crimes here.

The jews who give these uppity subhumans a public mic are ultimately to blame but, that acknowledged, the complete lack of self awareness in the black community is striking and telling.

Fuck clownworld. Gas gas gas.

6d6e52  No.13035462



It's for the best I suppose, wouldn't want productive lone wolf activism.

825f45  No.13035463



7dfcf5  No.13035476


>the truth sucks

>stating a fact that EVERYONE knows sucks

>Do something needlessly complex instead

Opinion discarded.

7dfcf5  No.13035483



Opinion discarded.


Spics will never organize for us. They hate us.

b2cb71  No.13035485


Tbh I'm surprised that they admit to having so much self-awareness. I guess they rationalize it by expressing the truth that they are, individually, better served by being a parasite in a dying, first-word nation than by living amongst their own third worlders.

In other words: they are entropy incarnate. Conscious of their destructive nature yet unwilling to live with their kin. They seek personal order via large scale destruction.


a519a2  No.13035486


Paste powder, wood glue and a water bottle. The wood glue is just an extra to make it stick even better, its not absolutely necessary.

cde0c6  No.13035488




Use XMPP for encrypted chat

>Pick a server and register


>Install a client


0a5f98  No.13035492

File: e58db2b7d293a17⋯.jpg (103.62 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, 1200px-228blank.jpg)

There's a commie around me who uses post office mailing labels and prints retarded shit like "fox news kills children" on them.

They stick really well, dont fade in the rain and they're big enough for a short message. I'm sure the cuck steals a stack from the local post office.

Don't forget to make sure that your message isn't retarded. You're trying to convince a normie. Stick with things like "It's ok to be white" and "Israel gets a wall, why cant we?"

a519a2  No.13035498

File: c0086662a5a9bff⋯.jpg (36.94 KB, 640x480, 4:3, jewsrapekids.jpg)


>Stick with things like "It's ok to be white" and "Israel gets a wall, why cant we?"

Or you could go all out. Pic related. Lel

825f45  No.13035501



2a24e8  No.13035532

Go into a gay s/m club, get on stage, place a stick of dynamite in your ass, lite fuse and yell Heil Hitler!

a519a2  No.13035542



2a24e8  No.13035550

ab9a17  No.13035566

Well for starters don't ever tell anyone ever anywhere whatsoever what you're doing unless you want an early ride in the party van, nothing you do in this world is safe from prying eyes

4c7137  No.13035585

Can I join if I am Hispanic white? I am light brown.

698905  No.13035591


When you came to in the alley behind the cop bar was your butt all sore and sticky or did they give you a ride home?

fb1c12  No.13035594


I have probably 5000 of some offbrand labels,

They are indeed very sticky and are hard to remove. Apply a transparent resin spray over the top for a bit more hang time on the wall.

db0310  No.13035604


>Guerilla street activism

Cringe. This is lefty tier faggotry. I hate cunts that nigger up my neighborhood with their “street art” and if I caught someone vandalizing my property I’d kneecap him. This isn’t who we are. We are white men, not niggers, we don’t paint on the walls of our towns and cities. We clean streets and make them safe for white children. Sage this art fag.

6187dc  No.13035609

Incendiaries and explosives

Simple Gas Bomb

https://archive.org/details/KurtSaxonVideotapeSpecialVol.2 @ 0:06:15

Nitrogen Triiodide contact explosive

https://archive.org/details/KurtSaxonVideotapeSpecialVol.I @ 1:25:08

Small Molotov Cocktails

https://archive.org/details/KurtSaxonVideotapeSpecialVol.I @ 1:41:15

TM 31-210 - Improvised Munitions Handbook


TM 31-201-1 - Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques: Incendiaries


The Poor Man's James Bond series









Nicotine fang

https://archive.org/details/KurtSaxonVideotapeSpecialVol.2 @ 16:05


Have in mind automatic weapons are illegal in the US and possessing them is a federal crime (and in most other countries it's illegal too).

You will need a secluded location to test these because most of these require lots of tweaking to get them working.

Accuracy makes them useless for >100m but for close range self defense, shooting unarmed people or stealing weapons from the enemy they work just fine. These kinds of weapons were known to be used by in the Chechen War. https://wethearmed.com/general-firearms-discussion/chechen-homemade-weapons/

How an Open Bolt Action works


Sheet metal gun designs with blueprints


Here's one example


Here's another actually being fired with home-made ammo too (it was later confiscated by police)


3D printing files (be careful with those torrents, the feds are probably catching IPs)


db0310  No.13035614


No. Go open a decent Mexican restaurant.

efe397  No.13035626

File: 3be0f91cf19d956⋯.jpg (153.3 KB, 1232x1080, 154:135, 1552957340133.jpg)


Any one have advice for a real effort shitposting without ending up in the party van? Were it not for the high likelihood of a bad ending the ranks may swell.

4c7137  No.13035627


i hate commies but atleast they accept me im going back to them

a519a2  No.13035630

File: 7a2e2a7fbcb1abe⋯.png (212.79 KB, 600x636, 50:53, kikecolored.png)


>This isn’t who we are. We are white men

Kill yourself, kike. Go try your inaction shilling on cuckchan.

>If i caught someone vandalizing my property i'd kneecap him

Be prepared for a blade in your neck if you try to confront me in the middle at night while i'm beautifying your cuckshed, faggot.

a519a2  No.13035633

db0310  No.13035641


Good esé

db0310  No.13035651


Your faggy box cutter is no match for my 12 gauge you absolute pozzed queer. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, just put you dickless in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Fuck off with your art project.

08fbee  No.13035662


German police are antifa with a real budget.

6187dc  No.13035670


What the fuck are YOU doing to "keep white children safe"? At least he's engaging in propaganda and morale boosting. You on the other hand are probably a boomer cuck burying your head in the sand and pretending the CIA and the Army are going to make things right again any day now.

db0310  No.13035701


Good question. I have 3 young children and I work in law enforcement. How old are you? 12? Nobody wants see shitty wheat pasted crap on their property. Doing it on public property is even worse. This is nigger tier shit. It doesn’t boost moral. You know who does shit like this? Lefties. They love putting up their message in coffee shops, on telephone poles, etc. LOOKS LIKE SHIT. Be the opposite. Be the guy who cleans up the neighborhood, not he nigger who trashes it. Fucking think.

6187dc  No.13035706


>and I work in law enforcement

Oh, so you work for the jews. That explains your shilling then.

4c7137  No.13035712

I may not be pure white but i know how to ensure the safety of the white race you need to retake an island and fill it with only whites an example is:

São Tomé and Príncipe



a519a2  No.13035716

File: 0f26e10ed76c4c2⋯.jpg (116.24 KB, 576x991, 576:991, cleaninginprogress.jpg)



See you at 12 yards, cuck. I will slit your throat and then that of your wife and kids. Or maybe simply light your house on fire and wait for you at the entrance.


Dude that guy is just one of the resident paid kike shills. Don't even take him seriously.

a519a2  No.13035723


Great post, Pablo.

4c7137  No.13035728


after you bob

698905  No.13035733


Unionized child molesters won't go fast.

db0310  No.13035744


Ha ha ha! Not an argument. You’re not gonna do anything except dry hump your body pillow. You’re a white nationalist who talks about killing white children. What a confused clown. You seem triggered, did mommy forget your tendies? Let’s get to the point Mary: you think you’re going to win white normies to the cause by niggering up their neighborhoods with your autistic collection NSDAP LARP? God, only a millennial could be so stupid.

f5570e  No.13035754


Feds will go after him.




>anarchist's cookbook

None of the recipes work. It was written by a dumb edgelord. If you want real ingredients, look up:


db0310  No.13035756


Everyone who thinks you’re an idiot is a “shill” or an incognito Jew. Employ Occam’s Razor here: is it a conspiracy or are you just retarded?

6d6e52  No.13035767


You just don't understand, time is better spent virtue signaling than improving your own situation while denying jews and their bioweapons your wealth. >>13035411

5d1a40  No.13035772


Also, remove hands and mouth from fellow Nazi’s dick. You’ll need them to apply firm pressure on your wounds

db0310  No.13035773


We all work for the Jews. You missed day one of the red pill lecture.

698905  No.13035784



Pigs kill & rape more white kids than nigs.

db0310  No.13035798


The fuck does any of that have to do with literally acting like a nigger, trashing up your neighborhood, and shitting where you eat? You want to save our race? Go to the gym, not LARP as a freedom fighter. You want change? Change will happen when we ALL (or most) do it. Until then saints like Tarrant will go to jail. Prepare yourself for the day of the rope and starve the Jew of his money.

a519a2  No.13035799


>Ha ha ha!

There is so much blood coming out of your absolutely annihilated ass that one could almost mistake you for a bitch at that time of the month.

>white children

Your little half-semite-quarter-negro-quarter-hispanic creaturas will have to die as a warning to the next guy, dear paid shill. Its not pleasant but race war is serious business.

0834f3  No.13035800

File: 1052c4f64197fd7⋯.pdf (7.39 MB, [Gerard_Metral]_Do-It-Your….pdf)

File: d8fcf5700225cc3⋯.pdf (5.7 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)

Heres some guides, now get


Remember to prepare before doing any activity bringing the proper equipment and maintaining their high standard.

db0310  No.13035803


Sorry, where is your argument? U MAD BRO?

5d1a40  No.13035804


Full retard

698905  No.13035807


Zogs suck off nogs.

Pigs suck off nigs.

Coppers slobber cut knobbers.

5d1a40  No.13035810

White people need to go.

8326d9  No.13035816


No real revolution was composed of a single, lone wolf.

One neckbeard has limited reach and power.

Networking with people in the real world and not on the computer is a lost art, especially to those who shitpost 24/7 and barely leave their homes for more than groceries and lubricant.

My humble suggestion, would be to start looking on survivalist forums, for like minded people, who are close by, and actually go and learn something from them in real life. Go on a hike. Go fishing. Get out of your comfort zone and go camping. Some of you can simply stop at this point, because, lets be honest, without the internet claptraps screaming about this or that, being outside, making new friends, and doing something other than jacking off, will probably drastically increase your quality of life to the point that "activism" seems overrated. To those who seek more, go to more militant sites, like those of your local militia. Every state has a state militia. Usually, these are filled with retired military and a few feds. Take the good with the bad, and learn more outdoor skills, go to the gun range, join a gun club, etc. Now, that you're more active, and have real life interactions and friends, you might find a renewed interest in your self. Go to the gym. Work out. Take that new found personality, and start talking to women. Perhaps, once you achieve this, get a girlfriend, or maybe even a wife, you'll have even more reason to want to fight. Get your wife involved, if you can. Learn new skills together. Have fun. If none of this has stopped you on your way to being an anarchist shit, and you developed into a well balanced family man, with something to protect, and a real reason to love your country, and not see it destroyed, then use all of your newfound training, experience, charisma, and perhaps bring some of your trusted friends in. Go on weekend excursions, practicing SHTF scenarios. Practice anti terrorist tactics. Get good with every weapon you have. Train and teach your kids and wife. Now, you are a transformed man, ready for action, with purpose and morals, ready for any next steps on your journey.

6d6e52  No.13035820


Well, you're fitting the low intelligent police stereotype, that was sarcasm.

a519a2  No.13035829

File: 30f3da45784bd05⋯.png (874.2 KB, 736x1110, 368:555, evola.png)



You and your colleague right here >>13035810

will face a cruel death once the regime change has happened and your former activities are found out.

>don't do anything, goy

>just… go to the gym

By the way, paid shill - i am going to the gym 4 times a week. Mainly so i can stomp out my enemies if they're dumb enough to attack me in the streets, but also as a preparation for the merciless slaughter of your kind that is to come.

a519a2  No.13035839


>practice anti-terrorist tactics

You shills are so obvious. Newsflash:

We are the terrorists.

db0310  No.13035845


Sorry, again, where is your argument? (You’re going to the gym to look at other men, be honest).

db0310  No.13035853

8326d9  No.13035855


Trained military personnel, who will be in any state militia, will train you on anti-terrorist tactics. If you read what I was saying, instead of being a little shit, you'd realize that door breaching, and other tactical maneuvers learned from actual combat vets, in the real world, would be far superior than reading a PDF file and thinking you were a warrior.

db0310  No.13035860

f057a7  No.13035865


Tf is powerglue? You mean super glue?

8326d9  No.13035871


I'm seriously wondering how many ignorant fuckers here are going to read a PDF file and think they instantly became Rambo at this point.

8326d9  No.13035890


Well Rambo mixed with a machinist, and chemist.

db0310  No.13035892


I appreciate the intention, the enthusiasm. When the day of the rope comes it will be myself and others that would instruct.

The best thing young men can do now is treat their bodies and minds as temples. To get married, have some white babies, buy gun, go to the range, go to the gym. STARVE THE JEW. It’s totally unproductive to LARP.

76b2fd  No.13035893

File: 1a5f26c70db167f⋯.jpg (37.37 KB, 478x359, 478:359, Captain_Midnight_HBO.jpg)

File: 014349ab2699c92⋯.jpg (27.27 KB, 446x301, 446:301, Max_Headroom_broadcast_sig….jpg)

The act of signal jamming is a patriot's right. It was pirate television stations that led to the fall of the Soviet Union. The act of signal jamming is a wonderful form of civil disobedience and an ultimate form of message transfer.

Find information at https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Ham_Radio and https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Software-defined_Radio

76b2fd  No.13035894

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a519a2  No.13035895

File: e87ddda26252018⋯.png (5.33 MB, 4252x2835, 4252:2835, ClipboardImage.png)


>(You’re going to the gym to look at other men, be honest).

Pic related

Also, i don't see any reason to make any argument. You and your shill friends popped up in this thread roughly at the same time, so its quite obvious that you are among the many paid prostitutes of the system posting on this board. You subhumans are trying to argue for inaction, veiling it behind a bunch of meaningless rhetoric (Just go to the gym, dude…) as if self-improvement or connecting with other fascists and lone wolf activism were mutually exclusive.

Your larping as fellow white fascists is shallow and transparent, you are threatening people who go out there and act and one of you is even making clear anti-white posts >>13035810.

You are scum. Rest assured that i wouldn't hesitate to slaughter you in a cruel manner given the chance.

db0310  No.13035899


Still not an argument. You are you learning disabled? Yes, we are ALL shills! You caught us! Get some medication.

a519a2  No.13035900


>STARVE THE JEW. It’s totally unproductive to LARP.

Here everyone can see exactly what i mean. Activism is larp, just do anything as long as you're not harming the system, goy…

There is no doubt in my mind that the alphabets sent this scum here in the light of the events surrounding Saint Brenton to conduct damage control shilling.

Friendly reminder:




are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand in hand.

db0310  No.13035902



>It was pirate television stations that led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

Imagine actually thinking this. No, no it wasn’t. What lead to the fall of the USSR was very simple fact that communism doesn’t work.

a519a2  No.13035904


An argument for what? Activism? These arguments have been made already above and should be clear to anyone who isn't a double digit IQ retard or a deluded coward.

a519a2  No.13035907


Nice, i haven't heard of this so far. I'm gonna check it out.

76b2fd  No.13035913


It accelerated the decline, and was at least responsible for the downfall of the Berlin Wall. Pirate Radio and TV Stations became such an epidemic in Soviet Russia that a federal hotline was established to report them.



They had a large barge with a radio antenna on top of it that they would routinely charge and discharge

Pirate TV, Pirate Radio. It is the right of every citizen to rebel against his government and to share his own grievances with it. The freedom of the man to share his own opinion shall not be censored by criminal communist organizations such as the FCC!

a519a2  No.13035915

db0310  No.13035916


Finally some argument. Activism is fine. Niggering up a neighborhood with flyers, stencils, and graffiti is a shitty tactic as it will only piss off good white people who respect law and order and don’t want their neighborhoods trashed up with flyers.

Next, NO ONE makes real change as an individual, you need a group working in concert. Going rogue means going to jail.

I was here WELL before the bases and beautiful Tarrant took out that terrorist cell.

0834f3  No.13035928

File: 78af4dc67d1c9be⋯.pdf (5.17 MB, Bill_Holmes_AR15.pdf)


if you know how counter terrorists operate you can easily make their tactics less effective or useless, you think they dont study terrorism "because they're not terrorists". thats why they're the best at anti-terrorism, they study it to hell and back even going so far as commiting terrorism themselves

76b2fd  No.13035929


The radio pirate is a patriot. He aligns himself with the last line of free, unadulterated communication. He has the power of content. He has the pure power of criticism and comment.


db0310  No.13035934



> responsible for the downfall of the Berlin Wall.

No, it wasn’t. Television was a major factor, not radio. Germans living in the east could pickup TV stations from west Germany and seeking the radically different lifestyle did a lot to undermine Erich Honecker. It was not the only factor. What killed Communism was simple debt.

76b2fd  No.13035937

File: 4ca1656b88e74cd⋯.pdf (3.95 MB, Steal this Book.pdf)


Steal this Book by Abbie Hoffman is a somewhat dated book, but it is a wonderful book giving numerous tips on how to create guerrilla media. Samizdat, Pirate transmissions, free shit, counterfeit shit.

0834f3  No.13035940


i can believe that pirate stations caused a huge effect in a country like the soviet union where the news is tightly controlled, allowing people to share information with others with no state censorship kills anything quite effectivley. do people still use radios nowadays? seems to me only old people and workers use radio

76b2fd  No.13035947


I agree, it was a contributing factor but not the only factor. I still believe it was a large-ass factor. Watch the documentary How The Beatles Rocked the Kremlin to see how significant western piracy into the Soviet east was though.

By 1989, there were hundreds of pirate radio stations in East Berlin alone.

a519a2  No.13035950

File: 4297e774c04fe06⋯.jpg (294.66 KB, 800x519, 800:519, 9_0.jpg)


>Niggering up a neighborhood with flyers, stencils, and graffiti is a shitty tactic as it will only piss off good white people

I don't give a shit about "good white people". If they're so good they would be happy that finally someone is putting the truth out there. No, i want those "good white people" to be pissed off, to feel uncomfortable, scared even. I want to remind them that there are fascists in their immidiate neighborhood. I want to kick them out of their trance, out of their detachment from reality and confront them with cold hard truths.

If their reaction is to be mad that somebody put a poster on the telephone pole in their neighbourhood - then fuck them.

Make them mad, ruin their beautiful little world where they live in blissful ignorance while everything around them decays.

If their reaction is to be scared that fascists are roaming around in their neighborhood - great.

It will instill psychological pressure in their psyche which works as a slight counterforce against the fear they have of the system.

If their reaction is to reflect on what they just saw, to think about it and to research it, then i have reached the ideal goal and potentially created a new recruit for the fascist movement or at least heavily shaken up somebodies worldview.

76b2fd  No.13035954

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



76b2fd  No.13035961

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



a519a2  No.13035983


I don't give a shit about civcuck state militias. Call me up when there is a decent fascist miliita out there who uses the tactics you described to engage in, as you word it, "anarchist shit".


That might be true, but i don't think its necessary to go to some boomer militia to learn that shit. Brenton teached himself everything and he racked up 51 dead shitskins.

4ad78f  No.13036005


I don't think you know what the word 'fascist' means.

76b2fd  No.13036010

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What would the Soviets have done should they have invaded the United States? According to Rev. Irving Pickle:

"The loudspeakers spoke up and said: 'Christianity is Stupid. Communism is good.' From 5:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night! 'Christianity is stupid! Communism is good. Giver her up!' 17 hours a day, 'give her up!' We would begin to hear it in our dreams!"

The act of media plays a role in every society. This is why the people who control the radio, the television, and the film own a MONOPOLY on the human mind. This is why the Radio and Television Jammer is a true patriot, and a true godsend.

a519a2  No.13036022


One should not judge others based on ones own insufficiencies, dear (1).

4ad78f  No.13036031


Here's another 'insufficiency': you've posted fucking 40 times in this thread, and have said nothing of consequence.

a519a2  No.13036046


Define consequence, dear butthurt kike shill. As far as i can tell, this thread has gained some good traction, which i'd say is the consequence of the OP i made.

4ad78f  No.13036056


8chan is a board of peace. Fuck you and the glownigger horse you rode in on.

76b2fd  No.13036071

File: faa0d0641f34869⋯.png (55.48 KB, 461x361, 461:361, virusRadioHost.png)


In 1936, due to censorship throughout Europe, Europeans began to tune to American Shortwave and pirate stations to get accurate news about what was going on in their own backyard (The precursor to German invasion of Poland and other nations).

The Radio and TV pirate is a civil service, that is only one peg below God himself. The sacred act of signal intrusion and jamming is a holy act.

a519a2  No.13036079

File: e28d25af1fd7697⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 360x433, 360:433, le playstation face.jpg)


>8chan is a board of peace

You probably mean /pol/ is a board of peace. And i fully agree, thats why i stated it in my OP.

a519a2  No.13036086


Post a guide on how to set up one of these signal jammers instead of ranting, dude. Enrich the thread with your knowledge.

4ad78f  No.13036091


That's great. Now define what you think a 'fascist' is since you love throwing that word around so much.

a519a2  No.13036105


Lurk two years before you shill, Moishe.

76b2fd  No.13036106

File: 10517d9d8932e87⋯.pdf (3.72 MB, The Guide to Pirate Radio.pdf)


An oldie that is slightly outdated but a goodie. I also previously linked Steal this Book. With a signal upconverter, you can turn a VCR into an easy TV studio. The RF output can broadcast weakly on channel 3. With an amplifyer, this can reach at least 100 feet. With multiple amplifiers and intense antennas, you can broadcast to the whole neighborhood. The signal will be tracked back to you, so create a mobile unit and broadcast from the hills in a Forrest.

With the amplifier, you can also change the channel, since Channel 3 will not be well enough. It will be an analog signal though, so it will be picked up by both DTV and old-style televisions. Problems: It requires an antenna-tv user which is a growing rarity. It requires people on new DTV sets to rescan to pick up the channel.

4ad78f  No.13036117


So we've had a back-and-forth for at least four posts, and now is when you finally drop the shill card? Nigger, just define what you think 'fascist' means if you're going to use it in every other sentence.

a519a2  No.13036122


I spotted your shill ass from the very beginning you drooling retard. JIDF truly isn't sending their best.


4ad78f  No.13036126


Now all you need to do is define what you think 'fascism' means, you stupid faggot. It's not hard, and people might actually take your (44) ass seriously.

f5570e  No.13036128


a519a2  No.13036129


Thanks, gonna add it to my reading list although i think i currently do not have the technical opportunities to pull that off.

cf13b9  No.13036142

The Islamic center of Nashville is a new mosque in Little Kurdistan on 2515 12th Ave S Nashville Tn.

Friday prayer starts at 12pm-1235 and then from 1pm-135. Make Brenton Proud. Stop shitposting and go fucking do something! See you there.

874c08  No.13036148


Well, yeah, but there were other factors in play to speed up the process.

76b2fd  No.13036160


The term "Radio Free" is prefixed to several radio stations which were set up by United States Central Intelligence Agency to deliver news to countries strategically important to the foreign relations of the United States. The official stations are:

Radio Free Afghanistan

Radio Free Asia

Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Iraq

Radio Free Syria

The term is also applied to other local radio and internet radio stations, such as:

Free Radio San Diego

Radio Free Brighton

Radio Free Chosun

Radio Free Dixie

Radio Free Georgia

Radio Free Hawaii

Radio Free Nashville

Radio Free Queen City

Radio Free Redoubt

Radio Free Santa Fe

Radio Free Scotland

Radio Free Vietnam

Radio Free Virgin

The term has also been applied to subjects that are not radio shows:

Radio Free America

Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Roscoe - a teen comedy-drama sitcom, which has a fictional radio show of the same name

Radio Free Vestibule

Radio Free Zion

Radio Free Wasteland, one of the two major radio stations in the videogame Fallout 3.


76b2fd  No.13036170

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

76b2fd  No.13036187

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's as easy as that, folks.

76b2fd  No.13036203

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

76b2fd  No.13036209




76b2fd  No.13036224


"Well, it's easy if you try, Dick."


76b2fd  No.13036280

File: 4304f508828057b⋯.jpg (99.92 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, You Cant Have anti.jpg)

Poster I made, previously I said "The greatest meme we aren't using". Well, it is. Why aren't we using it?!

c8d368  No.13036307


Is there an app that fakes human internet usage? I want it to look like I'm shitposting when I'm away from my phone

4ad78f  No.13036318


Because that automatically infers bias, you stupid pile of shit. IOTBW worked because it was completely neutral. You're literally too stupid to make memes, try lurking for the next two years.

b3b6e3  No.13036334

File: 487084c3adb3392⋯.png (132.87 KB, 450x352, 225:176, 1446704748652.png)


>I'm a pig

How does it feel to know that you're part of the reason why billions of dollars from hard working white families go to funding shaniqua and her 5 nigglets?

0a77b0  No.13036336


wtf is "semitism"?

0a77b0  No.13036340


What are your thoughts on sidewalk chalk?

76b2fd  No.13036350


The thing Anti-Semitism is against, the Jewish policy, the ZOG. Many modern idiots do not have the capabilities to understand etemology. Antisemitism is not its own word, it is a combination of Anti and Semitism.

The Semitic Races' agenda is what Antisemitism is against.

71a5c3  No.13036353

Not a lone wolf, I just don't advertise who I am with.

000000  No.13036365

Matches, Gasoline or other fuel, a backpack pump sprayer, building or vehicle, preferably inhabited.

2000 year old tech. And it works.

4ad78f  No.13036367


>semitism is the thing that anti-semitism is against

>he's too stupid to realize the recursive thought cycle that this creates

a64cee  No.13036383



b1c47c  No.13036394


I just realized that iPhones can't remove the batteries because of Apple's (((closed))) design. I'm certain the primary reason was to make you go through them and pay more, but as a secondary reason, that's pretty natsy.

fc8401  No.13036409


A lot of people have claimed the Anarchist Cookbook is full of inaccurate info that'll get you blown up.

76b2fd  No.13036419

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Works pretty well, tbh

a240e3  No.13036423


>not working for yourself instead of cucking out to the jews

I'm not sure why you think normalizing your servitude makes it ok

fc8401  No.13036425


Will quickly go out IMO.


When these were done everybody watched analog TV and listened to analog radio. Nowadays people are watching Netflix, cable, or digital TV, and listening to podcasts. Not sure if DTV can be hijacked, but you'll get less eyeballs than when analog TV was a thing (and even back then you could only do it if you found the low power UHF link at the source).

76b2fd  No.13036434


Cable intrusion then. People still listen to radio in their cars. And Netflix can be hacked too (though I don't recommend it)

fc8401  No.13036456


>using VICE as a source


>putting a few matchsticks inside a tennis ball

>smoke bomb I made when I was a kid

Boring. They are only testing the bullshit recipes. Where's them making dynamite, nitroglycerine and plastic explosives? Those are the ones that'll get you blown up.

000000  No.13036466

Post posters of insults to muslims and islam. Let them do the work you fags are afraid to do.

76b2fd  No.13036476


Well, Idk. I have not attempted anything of Anarchist Cookbook. Poor Man's James Bond is a better work anyway

71a5c3  No.13036684

Just wanted to point out, some high level Masons are cannibals. I don't mean gay either. As in they have actually eaten people.

000000  No.13036721

Is it even possible to get the shit the Oklahoma bomber used without raising too many eyebrows?


827e2f  No.13037954


>not allowed to criticize whites

whites are the jew

8eda33  No.13038308


Who says I don’t work for myself as well?

The reality is if you live on the planet fucking earth you serve the Jew. Patrick Little knows this, you should know this.

8eda33  No.13038373


It really doesn’t matter. Law enforcement has a million different ways of spying on you. We have Stingrays permanently installed on most cell towers, this is in addition to the battery operated mobile ones. They are pass-through and transparent: you never know you are connected. Apple doesn’t cuck out to law enforcement agencies like Google does, that includes data stored on iCloud. If an iPhone is locked, it is encrypted. I recommend using VPN for your smart phone’s data connection; that is a huge pain in the ass for us. You can walk into Apple store and buy and iPhone with cash, it’s how I got mine. No name given. I guess you could also get a SIM free android based phone of Aliexpress, but you are at the mercy of their android build. Do they patch frequently? Probably not. Law enforcement is sitting on lots of zero days but Apple is fairly secure. My suggestion is look at what products and services cyber security pros use, and most importantly HOW they use the device and services for best guidance. We locate on metadata, friends and family, if we want you you’re gonna get caught: unless you are not in a five eyes proxy state. My best advice is don’t commit crimes. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, and don’t EVER talk to law enforcement: you can’t talk you way out of it, we are not your friend. That detective is just trying to get a conviction. You want to save the white race? Marry, have white babies. Buy a home (not mortgage, BUY outright! Buy what you can afford, a cabin, a trailer on a plot a of land. Get a gun and learn how to use it, defend your property. Be ready when the civil war/day of the rope/whatever starts. The NSDAP was a minority party. The Bolsheviks were a minority party, the normies are biggest segment of society and you will win their support not by trashing their neighborhoods with graffiti but by leading by example and showing you are ready to lead.

1ec17b  No.13038592

File: f13c180c6e207af⋯.png (56.36 KB, 1000x512, 125:64, cowards.png)


I'd rather use something like "The cause of antisemitism is jewish behavior"


Not that i know of, but thats not necessary if they only track your location (which is already a lot more than the average pigs assigned to finding the big mean fascist vandalist will do).



There is a difference between you and a barkeeper or an icecream vendor. They might pay taxes, yeah, but you are putting your life on the line daily to act out the will of ZOG. You are protecting them, licking their boots, without you their system would fall apart. Leftists are right when they say "All Cops are Bastards."

Sucking jewish dick is your occupation, and its obvious that your obedience to the system has transferred to a disgusting cowardice. Its probably something similar to the Stockholm Syndrom - now that you have been their serf for so long, now that you have depended on and protected them your entire life, you are forced to advocate against any kind of action against the system.

Your advocation of inaction is thinly veiled:

"you need to get prepared, just go be a good goy, don't do anything illegal and shoot your gun every once in a while to feel like a real warrior, that will show ZOG"

Everyone can see that what you want is for everyone to remain passive.

There is no difference between your behavior and that of a bluepilled cuckservative.

The reality is that you're an out of shape boomer pig who has never done anything meaningful for the struggle.

All that talk about the oh so omnipotent law enforcement only adds to the impression you make on me:

That of a repulsive coward.

That is assuming you aren't an actual paid spook shilling this board, which your IP-hop suggests and which would be even worse.

1ec17b  No.13038595

1ec17b  No.13038619

File: f4ccaa515705e91⋯.jpg (118.88 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, rune.jpg)



This is what a finished stencil will look like. This one would take only 30 seconds to apply.

150ec7  No.13038646

In honour of Tarrant i put up an excess of 200 stickers telling people they are entering a sharia-zone. Its been two days now, and im hearing people talk about it in the supermarket. I think ill send local news a tip to escalate shit further.

503c77  No.13038650

File: aa0abad7234ead3⋯.jpg (371.5 KB, 1280x783, 1280:783, big picture.jpg)


Beyond based if factual.

3461c8  No.13038655


You can order sets of 1,000 delivered free to your house. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/priority-mail-sticker—label-107r-P_LABEL_107_R

a241e5  No.13038677


>Why so paranoid? I assume you're in a liberal democracy with freedom of speech. The Gestapo isn't going against you.

Can't tell if sarcastic shitposter or clueless redditor?

a241e5  No.13038742


>Like an chronic alcoholic eyeing the last couple swigs in the bottle knowing once those are gone its only matter of time before the DT shakes set in.

Mexicans and central/ south americans need reminding that they will be getting their hearts cut out on top of pyramids again once whites are gone.

7dfcf5  No.13038749


1. Enlarge my picture.

2. Tilt your screen

1c9de3  No.13038779

d69ada  No.13038813

File: 845da4979c8bc2a⋯.jpg (327.68 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 5jvP5jP.jpg)



What if a literal terrorist - Read Omar Kadar owns a mall in your city . The guy that was training your enemies to make bombs to kill you while you were over seas. That your government betrayed you and your allies and gave 10.5 million dollars to. What then. What if you have all the training and your rage is seeping up of you daily in screams of rage?

bbab13  No.13038837


Just go online and order potassium chlorite lab grade crystals. Crush them

In mortar and pestle until they are a pine powder. Mix 2 parts 2gs of KCI03 and 1 part vasalene. Take a 9mm and .223 spent casing and they fit perfectly together and fill with shotgun primers and black powder. Drill/ add fuse (available at any fireworks store). This is your blasting cap. Form your plastic explosive into a block or rectangle, and insert the cap about 2-3” in the middle of the block. Light fuse and throw into buildings cars etc. IMO 6gs fucked a eclipse way back on the day. Be careful with primers, they are pressure sensitive. But like $7/pack. Primers are the only high explosive you can just go buy. And it works.

bbab13  No.13038845

File: 85e58441e6fa7ad⋯.jpeg (1.56 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, C1544341-F696-4813-BE3D-B….jpeg)

630e99  No.13038967

File: fb8d2cce720f1eb⋯.jpg (22.72 KB, 320x318, 160:159, diversitydestruction.jpg)


here's my /pol/ folder from back to 2013.

please download and spread


630e99  No.13038970



26f190  No.13038992


this nigger here glows bright enough to come along at night so you can see what you're doing

1ec17b  No.13039098


How does he glow? Thats solid advice

24dbdb  No.13039101


you ducktapped a shoelace to your dildo?

000000  No.13039154

first rule faggits: ==DO NOT COPY TARRANT==

this exposure is precisely the complete opposite of what lone wolves must do and how they should operate

6ecb91  No.13039158

time is running out of goyim lol

I can't wait until all your shitty gentile piss culture becomes just a footnote in the historybooks

1ec17b  No.13039223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We will see about that Shlomo ;)

000000  No.13039241


So you're saying the potassium chlorate mixed with vaseline will explode? Never heard about it, any reference for that?

1ec17b  No.13039246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wrong song but that one fits just as well

8bd755  No.13039255

File: da66aa3fe0ac07d⋯.png (29.37 KB, 255x255, 1:1, p19.png)


whats that gay shit, faggot?

spray, stickers? more like lone lamp

1ec17b  No.13039269


t. basement dweller

Go pull a Tarrant or shut the fuck up, faggot.

57a205  No.13039292

Painting logos and memes will save the white race and defeat the jews!

831d4a  No.13039306

File: e22f35ee89b460e⋯.jpg (32.2 KB, 474x280, 237:140, minecraft.jpg)


Please don't use arson near forests, we don't have many left. Barbecue the cities instead. A great way is to torch some run down building, and then have another crew go for the real targets in another part of the town. In Minecraft of course.

ce9156  No.13039327

File: f0a4a8291925f40⋯.jpg (389.85 KB, 736x2063, 736:2063, hobo code.jpg)


You know what, this could be useful in helping /pol/locks identify enemy domains. Just tag any area in your town that you know might have pedo-rings, mussie gun runners, drug dealers, or any enemy strongholds. We could have our own version of the hobo code.

1ec17b  No.13039336


Nah bullets and bombs will do that, but we will need to amass enough forces first. This is where guerilla street activism and internet activism come into play. Kike.


We should just make online lists of those. Grafitti usually gets removed after a week or so if its in a very visible public spot, especially the more radical motifs. Small pencil symbols won't have any effect.

000000  No.13039375



Terrible idea. Why risk contact with the enemy to paint some weird symbols if the intel can be shared online in full detail? If you're going for the shaming angle you might as well just paint "pedos" on the wall or something so that everyone gets the message, because again if you care enough to learn some obscure symbol you also probably care enough to lurk the catalog.

1ec17b  No.13039449


Agreed. Just stick to the roots.

df3199  No.13039571


>{{{Fellow Whites}}}

The Post.

df3199  No.13039592


You know how we can tell you’ve not been on here long, Torpedo?

db0310  No.13039948


Oh look an intelligent logical person, take note OP

db0310  No.13039962


Pepe and 4chan red pilled way more white normies than decades of graffiti and vandalism ever did.

3b0dfa  No.13040070



Inflammatory messages work well. Something like

>Israel has a right to American tax dollars


That frail heart of poor dear old Mr. E Michael Jones is going to peter out one of these days and then we will never hear the end of it until he's made into a saint. He's got a fan club around him like he's a fucking Rebbe.

29109a  No.13040680


>oh look an intelligent person


>Pepe and 4chan red pilled way more white normies than decades of graffiti and vandalism

>a dead meme and cuckchan

Opinion discarded. Piss off, boomer pig. Keep telling yourself you have any value for the struggle as you larp as a revolutionary in your garden.


Looks like i'm gonna have to filter TOR too if this shit keeps happening.

29109a  No.13040691


>Israel has a right to American tax dollars

Nah dude. Thats wasted spraypaint. Go for the real shit.

Israel is an illegitimate terror state

==Fuck ZOG== + a fascist symbol of your choice

Death to the Jew World Order

End white genocide


You wanna go big, attract attention and cause outrage.

29109a  No.13040704


Or in the light of current events, you could also do something like

Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong



with a Swastika stencil / something similar.

8b1d55  No.13040805


Sure but no racemixing.

7dfcf5  No.13040808


Stop pretending that you know what you're talking about, torpedo.

000000  No.13040909


Look here anon, more good and simple tricks how to do it. Put these images in here. I can not do it, since ZOG is opressing me here where i am.





Absolutely right!

We must conquer the attention of our bretheren.

Some may be repelled. Others will love our guts.

Every time i see NatSoc stencils sprayed or stickers of them, it makes my day.

I hope the ones, that i spread give hope to others aswell!

14 88, brother!

000000  No.13040936


good ideas my friend!

taken from the printable posters on 8ch:

1. Subscribe to:


How it works:

a. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dpk1f_MWkAEhiHk.jpg

b. http://s4.imgload.info/ab8ayzjm23h3nek.jpg

c. http://s4.imgload.info/crjseb18r5h7v3s.jpg

d. http://s4.imgload.info/4gs2zkax54b6z89.jpg

e. http://s4.imgload.info/ubce1915uvmvm8k.png

f. https://image.ibb.co/c7zMi5/Stop_White_Genocide.jpg

g. http://s4.imgload.info/ycuh7kk49h38kzh.jpg

h. http://s4.imgload.info/2b8cgj1ncxzacnw.jpg

i. http://s4.imgload.info/ec86yd6gx8vzdzh.png

j. http://s4.imgload.info/k915w6nxu5n4mja.jpg

k. http://s4.imgload.info/dku15kdz1n1hdcg.jpg

l. https://www.imgload.org/images/Stickers-for-the-truthc76c7ad1ba000231.md.png


a. https://www.imgload.org/images/IQRaceDifferences7886e.png

b. http://s4.imgload.info/hxxyfacfdhc8vff.png

c. https://image.ibb.co/jH5SOp/diversity.jpg

d. https://www.imgload.org/images/National-Web-Addresses4e9399a8aa38c44b.md.png

How to retake Europe in 3 simple steps:

1. http://s4.imgload.info/g9k4cdr4erfs4fr.png

2. http://s4.imgload.info/dxnx2cf44yvwm7m.jpg

3. http://s4.imgload.info/s8vh3e4mv11d8dh.jpg

Can some faggot embedd the pics onto this image board?

PLZ HALP, because zog is opressing my freedom of speech.

000000  No.13041034


Also good to search:


a560d7  No.13041067

File: facbefb4d77cdbb⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 600x839, 600:839, 155296752 0.jpg)

i know adobe

does anybody need something done?

29109a  No.13041223



Thanks for these ressources. I actually like stormfront a lot despite the bad rep it sometimes gets. I think thats probably most due to kike shills. I remember reading a high quality thread there about how all that faggot shit historians push about ancient Greece and Rome was basically kikes smearing Aryan culture, it was literally the only source i could find on google which opposed the kiked mainstream. Some of the guys there really do their homework.

2dcd07  No.13041261

Do I get to see my waifu in the afterlife if I die for /pol/?

e7c67b  No.13041267



29109a  No.13041303


You will get a valkyrie waifu which will take you to Valhalla. The Aryan godhead will reward you for fighting for our race.

e7c67b  No.13041380


WICKR is also spook-proof/resistant

GPG/PGP via WICKR is unbeatable.

2dcd07  No.13041417


Yes! Let the blood flow! I and I alone, will be Kek's chosen… his favoured acolyte and prime among his champions. And on that day when the GoPro is mine, you will all worship me as you do the Gods! Once the GoPro is mine, I will crush entire news rooms in the palm of my hand. I will stride down the halls of the Heathen Journalists and I will grind them and the anti-white media between my iron fingers! More! More blood for the Blood God!

e53be2  No.13041462

So I was walking down NYC when I saw something called Harmonie Club. I wonder what that is.

e53be2  No.13041465


Oops, wrong thread. Carry on.

29109a  No.13041483


Getting a bit cringy there, nigger. You're probably too autistic to do anything.


Is this a fed tactic to get people to google this shit?

e53be2  No.13041495


Nope, I just typed it in the wrong thread. It's nothing relevant to this thread, at all.

2dcd07  No.13041537


Nigga that's from warhammer 40k.

43cd83  No.13041542

>>lone wolf activism

OP posts spraypaint and doxxing… this fucking generation. Shit is so sad am not even going to write more.

454407  No.13041563


>not even going to write more

and nothing of value was lost

29109a  No.13041588


>boomerposting this hard

How many government buildings have you bombed, Hershel? Thats right. Sit the fuck down. Also, /pol/ is a board off peace, but there is enough info on the web and on this website for everyone who wants to turn it up a notch.

ef8108  No.13041595

File: 46bc00284a656cd⋯.png (322.64 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 2016-09-16_14512310529026.png)

Don't forget to grief the Redstone stations!

29109a  No.13042225

File: 77a74407e818616⋯.pdf (37.03 KB, Death to ZOG.pdf)

Here's a stencil i just created. Font: Black Ops One.

56283f  No.13044136

Butyric acid smells awful as fuck and is next to impossible to clean up if spread across enclosed rooms.

Make of that information what you will.

000000  No.13044186

first rule faggits: ==DO NOT COPY TARRANT==

this exposure is precisely the complete opposite of what lone wolves must do and how they should operate

56283f  No.13044232


Why are you copying your post from before and not even fixing the fucked up redtext, retard?

But you are right, you shouldn't livestream guerilla street activism. You can fotograph your work but remember to remove the EXIF.

71edfc  No.13044444


>Use a hood and a mask

do not wear a mask.

>Carry a pepper spray or a different weapon for self-defense

pepper spray can land you 20 years, and knife 10, a loaded gun will get you conspiracy charges and face life.

Learn from patrick little and chris cantwell.

56283f  No.13044519


>Do not wear a mask

You don't have to wear it the entire time, you can put it on in the area of operation.

>Pepperspray can land you 20 years

What? First of all, carrying a pepperspray is legal, and if you use it on a violent attacker this is called self-defense and will "land" you fuck all if the judge isn't a corrupt kike. Also, ideally you would get the fuck out of there after applying it on whatever leftist scum dares to attack you, given that unlikely case arises.

>loaded gun will get you conspiracy charges

Again, if the state allows carrying a gun, you can carry a gun, regardless of the time or the clothes you wear. If you have to shoot a leftard or some nigger then that shit will go to court if you didn't bust. That might be harder to solve if there aren't any witnesses who can confirm it was self-defense.

Better judged by 12 than carried by 6 though.

Of course, you should NOT attack law enforcement. If you encounter cops, just fucking bust.

>Learn from patrick little or chris cantwell

Why would i want to learn from controlled opposition federal agents? They literally do not have any relevancy to the topic at hand.

56283f  No.13044648

Great work from a Hungarian anon lol


000000  No.13044693


Checked but then put a link to where they teach you whatever it is you're referring to retard

4a72f1  No.13044765


So what exactly is your plan? How are flyers going to stop millions of shitskins from flooding across the border?

The only solution is violence. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. Anyone not advocating violence is the real glownigger because he is trying to sell you on a solution that doesn't work. And White people are completely fine with violence. so long as the state gives them moral permission. See how many zogbots signed up to go dump bombs on sand people, or how many police officers will stomp on whitey's balls for a paycheck.

The real solution is lone wolf terror. Politicians will continue to be anti-white as long as the benefit for working for Jews outweighs the risks of being killed. And as long as the perpetrator isn't a sperg who announces his intent before he commits the act in a move of desperate attention-seeking, he is unstoppable. That's the truth, pal, and it ain't pretty.

000000  No.13044786

Anybody knows what explosive Kaczynski made his bombs from?

bcd7f7  No.13044795


just buy a bunch of shotgun shells at wally world and dump them out into a box of nails

000000  No.13044806


Any proof that shit works?

168ed6  No.13044855

File: 49d07a63a98b1ba⋯.jpg (140.24 KB, 588x756, 7:9, EGB-4917 - Sneaky Robber K….jpg)


This is the LARPingest post I have ever read

>Use side streets rather than main streets. (Be prepared of unrelated threats though!)

Yeah your mom might be looking for you there good plan

000000  No.13044917


Cops tend to patrol on main streets. You wouldn't want to leave an area after doing something for which somebody might have called the police through a street where they would be more likely to be.

168ed6  No.13044954

File: 5d4647bd548daf5⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _103312682_fdcbe181-f380-4….jpg)


> - Check the area for surveillance cameras.

Oh blyad, Boris we forgot to check for security cameras.

>- Use side streets rather than main streets. (Be prepared of unrelated threats though!)

Vladimir! we should stick to the side streets!

>- Wear gloves to not leave finger prints

Igor, you forgot your latex gloves again!!?!?!


7bf6c2  No.13044970


It does, trust me it’s what AWE-TSM special forces did in vietnam.

000000  No.13045020



Da fucks that

7bf6c2  No.13045193


Special Forces unit subordinate to MACVSOG’s UR-R-TRDED support group

7b14ba  No.13045397



Is this the new "Sloppy job Mossad?"

Filtered for being a kike shill and an unfunny retard

3ec73e  No.13045492

Fair warning: in Paris the police has been deploying tiny little RFID trackers with modified paintball rifles onto protestors. These trackers are as small as a sandcorn and invisible to the human eye, and they stay active for 10+ years. If one of these trackers gets stuck in your clothing the police will be able to track your movement patterns. They can also get stuck in your body if they pierce the skin.

The trackers are automatically registered by any sort of RFID scanner. Over the last couple years the NWO thugs have installed a network of RFID scanners in the NATO countries, at toll booths, supermarkets, ATMs, gas stations, and god knows where else. In London they recently started to put RFID scanners into street lamps, so in bigger cities and NWO capitals you can expect these scanners to be at every street corner.

Also, RFID tags that can be used to identity you and track your movement have been in clothing and shoes for a while now. If you buy your cloths with a credit card or via internet they can assign specific RFIDs to your person and track you. Buying cloths with cash is theoretically safe - if you're a high risk target they might go out of their way to track that kind of stuff too, by installing portable RFID scanners near your home and registering and identifying all the RFID tags in your home.

This is a very real threat and not a conspiracy theory. Once they have your movement patterns, they can arrange the sort of encounters that can get you sent to jail (an assault with a cameraman filming only the part where you defend yourself), into the hospital. And of course assassinations are a thing.

So if you want to go off the grid, you HAVE to be sure there is no RFID tag attached to you.

7b14ba  No.13045546


Why the fuck would they fire RFID trackers out of paintballs, wouldn't that destroy them on impact? Usually paintballs explode into small pieces on impact, even the larger ones. Plastic isn't that durable. Also, how would they make sure that the RFID tracker stays on the target? Does it have little hooks or what?

Seems like bullshit to me. Gonna need a source.


The aforementioned threat of the pigs using IMSI-catchers, either mounted on cars or handheld, to find your SIM-card and to then use your phone to track your movements and your communications is very real and there is proof for that.

I don't know about paintballs, but you should NEVER bring your phone to a protest or at the very least take the SIM-Card / the battery out an hour before arrival.

3ec73e  No.13045731


There is no coverage on this topic outside of french media for obvious reasons. Figaro broke the story in France.



It's a small sticky substance with an RFID tag inside that will glue itself to your cloths/skin and is invisible to the eye. According to figaro, the french police has used these rfid tags to track criminals since 2015 and the movement data from it was used in court.

The only way for the cops to obtain movement patterns from tagged individuals is a nation wide network of RFID scanners that automatically transmits any scanned RFID tag to a central authority on the internet.

7bf6c2  No.13045748


Jesus Christ fuck off schizoposter, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

7bf6c2  No.13045764


Also, the RFID tags you’re talking about are those in credit cards (literally almost every single one has one, that’s how it picks up your info when you stick the chip into a card reader) you fucking retard. You’re either retarded or intentionally misrepresenting it to trick people. They tracked movements by getting a warrant to see purchases made with the card, unironically end your own life.

5c189b  No.13045811

File: 877e374462ad665⋯.jpg (28.46 KB, 159x159, 1:1, 1327279096393.jpg)


>he thinks optics don't matter for an effort based on changing people's minds

Common sense motherfucker, do you use it?

3ec73e  No.13045918


>Hitachi holds the record for the smallest RFID chip, at 0.05 mm × 0.05 mm. This is 1/64th the size of the previous record holder, the mu-chip. Manufacture is enabled by using the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process. These dust-sized chips can store 38-digit numbers using 128-bit Read Only Memory (ROM).

That's 1/20th of a millimeter, completely invisible to the human eye. You can easily coat these with a sticky substance and then use some sort of paintball sniper gun to attach them to a person from a 80-100 feet distance.

>RFID offers advantages over manual systems or use of bar codes. The tag can be read if passed near a reader, even if it is covered by the object or not visible. The tag can be read inside a case, carton, box or other container, and unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be read hundreds at a time. Bar codes can only be read one at a time using current devices.

RFID tags in clothing:


Also, in areas with no static RFID scanners they can simply deploy mobile scanners in vehicles or even drones to do the scanning.

The long range handheld RFID scanners that are sold to the public on amazon have a range of 80 feet and can read passive RFID tags at that distance. They can scan hundreds of RFID tags simultaneously.

If this isnt real, how does the french police track the movement of criminals over months without using cell phone technology, and then use that data in court? Career criminals have known for decades that cell phones are used as trackers and bugs by the police.

1782ac  No.13049213


1782ac  No.13051389


2d53cb  No.13051598


If you’re going to spray paint make it beautiful

If you’re going to put up posters make them relevant and not cringey memes stuck to the buildings we walk and work next to

If you’re going to do any of this be aware this place glows like the sun these days. More than likely trying to get anons arrested for carrying weapons or graffiti. This is autistic 15 year old commie tier shit that only makes the average man dislike you even more.

1782ac  No.13051633


>More than likely trying to get anons arrested for carrying weapons or graffiti

What interest would feds have in getting people arrested for charges that minor? Seems pretty retarded, considering that the chance that happens is extremely slim. The far more likely outcome is that people will just go outside and get active, and i doubt that feds want that.

>this is autistic 15 year old commie tier shit

>only commies can do activism, we are ascended basement dwellers

Also, you should make up your mind, retard.

>spray paint can be beautiful

>posters can be relevant

>bUt tHiS iS aUtIStIC 15 YeAr oLd cOmMiE tIeR sHiT


c49d4c  No.13051713


>hides brands

>puts on 8 layers of gloves

>nigger rap

this was filmed for a tv show

1782ac  No.13051729


He's blurring the waterbottle because of fingerprints i think. He's so careful that its borderline paranoid.

c49d4c  No.13051737


that's still retarded because he cleans off his fingerprints every 3 minutes even if you could print someone from a video like this were fucking blade runner

1782ac  No.13051763


I recall someone making a rubber thumb from a normal res photo which was then used to unlock the phone of that person on the photo. But yeah he is retarded. He is a leftist, ffs. Lol.

827335  No.13052222


Fear mongering bullshit psyop to demoralize Whites from doing anything. No proof, no source, just gay assfucking. Fuck you, your invulnerable RFID tracking, and your unassailable adversary. You are a fag.

4aad9a  No.13053922


Fucking retard you’re not making beautiful art though. Shills and glowies leaving local cops to collect people stupid enough to carry weapons and go around spray painting buildings at night.

e404ad  No.13054041


Make Racetraitors Afraid Again!


000000  No.13054176


Problem is you don't have video of an invisible RFID tag being detected by a reader.

>>13052222 (checked)

Well, I mean, the RFID stuff is an interesting issue. What if they have custom RFIDs that are readable only by military readers? Even if they are the size of a commercial one (a grain of rice) it's probably very easy to sneak one into a car, a piece of clothing or a bag.

f1bf15  No.13054680

File: ac1fb5838ee55e8⋯.jpg (97.56 KB, 607x608, 607:608, fearthestrong.jpg)


You're either a squealing coward or a kike shilling for inaction. Again, answer the question:

Why would feds promote pro-white guerilla street activism when the chance of getting people arrested is extremely slim and the charges would be minor anyways?

What interest do feds have in pro-white political activists taking back the streets?

The feds / paid kike shills are advocating the exact opposite, that is inaction, as they would love for us to be contained in an echo chamber with absolutely no political emissivity, neither IRL nor online. There have been quite a few obvious shills ITT already doing exactly that, and i highly suspect you are one of them.

>carrying weapons bad

>spraypainting bad

Carrying certain weapons isn't illegal, at least where i live, and you would have to be retarded to not always be prepared for violence in current year. Also, if you enact a few safety measures, the chances that you get caught spraying are near zero. These safety measures have been explained in the thread, by me, the OP, who you accuse of being a fed.

>you’re not making beautiful art though

Why the fuck would you do "beautiful art" when you can do simple pro-white propaganda? Who the fuck cares if it has artistic value if it drives home the message? We're trying to hammer things into peoples minds, not make some sort of art gallery in public.

Spraying a stencil or a sentence also takes a fraction of the time it takes to make complicated street art, its far more economical and safe.

Bottom line is, your whole posting reeks of jewish retardation and you should consider suicide.

f1bf15  No.13054689


Lmao based

a041b1  No.13055489

File: 05af602703ad414⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 628x353, 628:353, michael brown.jpg)


If this monster nig couldn't do it.. what makes you think your skinny ass can?

and no one will riot for your dead ass in the street.

33a3c4  No.13055556

File: fbc2c4e483a3c8a⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, IMG_20180527_182457.jpg)


Great thread, thanks OP

83c6f3  No.13055582


jam surveillance cameras and wifi

one dedicated and skilled anon could shut down an entire city with this one weird trick

83c6f3  No.13055588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


forgot muh link

8326d9  No.13055605


If you want a fascist militia, recruit from the existing militias. Most fringe groups are pretty easily swayed to a real calling, other than "muh 2nd amendment" when they realize that a larger horror is occuring. It's up to you to do your part and red pill them.

f1bf15  No.13056013


Good idea. You could also use keychain TV-remotes to switch of TVs in public which show the lying press.

c3e12f  No.13059860

Bump for importance

543156  No.13059869


Spraypaint politicians and journalists who are attacking our blocks in minecraft.

4b6398  No.13060354


Please do not discuss politics or activities on ham bands, it never ends well.

Do learn to find empty unmonitored frequency that does not cause interference to other users, especially emergency responders.

Do get a ham license, you will learn many good things for shtf day.

Baofeng handheld radios are great value, not perfect, but disposable. A real yeasu costs $500 vs $20. Don't take your best gear on raids (except your as/ak)

c3e12f  No.13061611


You mean their names?

53ad31  No.13062263


I’m bongposter so any kind of anticipative weapon is illegal

You’re making the streets look like nigger dens and shills want us to ruin optics by spaypainting swastikas on shit rather than spreading messages with spray paint or making full fledged pro white murals.

FBI doesn’t care about this place other than monitoring and archiving threads. Doesn’t mean we’re “taking back the streets” because the bus stop near you now has a smeared swastika with 1488 written under it. Inb4 fuck optics kike shill britcuck. This isn’t even accelerationism or removing muzzies.

Either play the soft game and get retarded centrists and alt lite on your side. Or play the hard game and remove kebab (in minecraft of course)

1e9445  No.13062267

Does anyone have the video of that old jew guy talking about why Hitler hated jews, and confirming that jews were commies and behind half the bad shit in Germany and Russia?

Can that video even be found on jewtube (I doubt it)

000000  No.13062287


Communicate with your aryan brothers by whistling.

Whistled Languages - A Worldwide Inquiry on Human Whistled Speech

Authors: Meyer, Julien


295f7c  No.13062305


"Page not found" Can you Re-up?

075edd  No.13062317

File: 8853b4cab0a360e⋯.jpg (14.98 KB, 320x220, 16:11, 1554018910258.jpg)


Become a sperm donor

000000  No.13062318


Just search what your heart wants:


Stay at least a bit secure:


c54ad6  No.13062724

How can I print/make my own quality vinyl stickers?

543156  No.13062737


Do you stick that in your ass Anon?

087e2d  No.13062883


Based HAM operator

000000  No.13070415


I am going to add my 2 cents:

Massmigration means white genocide sticker:


German version: Massenmigration bedeutet Volkstod


German stencil (Stop white genocide): Volkstod stoppen


14 88 my friends!

eecf8d  No.13070423


Yes, Neo Nazis helping Whites again.

29d922  No.13070890

File: 79f1555c7e2f6ae⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 197x256, 197:256, images.jpg)

I'm going to be going around town spray painting this logo in stencil:





Do you guys have any suggestions to maximize memetic potential?

000000  No.13071059


Godspeed anon and good luck. May the force 1488 be with you

made a stencil for other soldiers of odin here:


put the stencil into a old pizza box looks unsuspicious. Add a strong magnet to the spray cans bottom to avoid a clicking ball inside of the can.

Put the spray can into the inner pocket of your jacket. Wear old clothes, they get probably dirty.

Wear a basecap against possible surveillance cameras (covers your face).

If you want to upload pictures of it, remove metadata first (use metadata anonymisation tool, or exif in windows)

Train your stencil skills first in an old building or somewhere else to get the right distance for the spray can to the stencil. Wear gloves on the hand where you spray. you will get some of the paint on your hand, if the stencil is too little.



000000  No.13071078


here is a genius idea for anonymous stencils that you cover with a bag:


5dc764  No.13071291

File: 5f8eaaf89b5170a⋯.png (20.85 KB, 788x699, 788:699, 1541609393718.png)


this is a good thread

5dc764  No.13071319

000000  No.13071345

I recall this being posted awhile back https://pastebin.com/u/paranoidsbible

Bunch of misc security and privacy guides.

This one can be used to prevent dox and also find dox https://pastebin.com/8zGxwtEB

Also OP's a fag.


One x not two

d24dd7  No.13072848


This is pretty brilliant.

72e30f  No.13073115


Is Telegram considered good for group messaging?

09bbd8  No.13073124


Just an idea: I think it'd be good if those who are willing (not for everyone) could wear at least one article of clothing with something referencing either modern 'identarianism' movements or classic NS stuff. Not saying you should wear some cringey skinhead t-shirt, but things like old SS wool caps, flecktarn camo, pins, patches, etc… Mainly, this is for folks living in more urban areas, and would basically be to show other's around you who could be likeminded that there are others like them, and to make them feel comfortable getting ready, and dressing appropriately for what's to come. Kind of like how the CIA told contra rebels to walk through villages with their gear on, and help the locals, to sort of 'desensitize' them to their presence, and also inspire others to take up arms beside them.

000000  No.13073514


Depends on where you live. Even fucking 'identitarians' are now considered a neo-nazi terrorist organisation in Germany and Austria. Adapt to your environment, normalize being a white nationalist.

>Kind of like how the CIA told contra rebels to walk through villages with their gear on, and help the locals

This, the key is to be subtle and build trust before you start dropping redpills. Look how the mafia has widespread support in the population. Why? Because they help people in need and thus gain their support. First and foremost we need to become respected and valued members of our communities. Go out and lend your fellow white man your hand and ear. Nobody likes weird angry loners.

09bbd8  No.13073569

File: cf250115be4138d⋯.jpg (261.33 KB, 650x1084, 325:542, NS_ATWA.jpg)


>Depends on where you live

Agreed, this idea is definitely something more suited to the individual, and their environment. The clothing aspect is to almost advertise to others 'in the know' that we're out here.. And interacting with our communities would humanize us, which is something most cities do everything in their power to prevent from happening.

09bbd8  No.13073570


Also, an after-thought, both of these combined not only is good for optics, but it will also really help us organize with people in our communities, and even bring normies over to our side.. Which is really what we need to be focusing on right now more than ever, because I personally think we're getting closer and closer to THE HAPPENING

4ceb33  No.13074567


Fuck off pig

3ae856  No.13074741

File: 590d57446e144e9⋯.jpg (383.27 KB, 680x840, 17:21, slap.jpg)

File: d858a9aa6e67199⋯.jpg (320.53 KB, 1275x1275, 1:1, supremejew.jpg)

File: 484d5ea13fada8d⋯.jpg (121.57 KB, 604x604, 1:1, clownworld.jpg)

File: ccfa9a7e87c48d5⋯.jpg (104.54 KB, 580x532, 145:133, fuckyourfeelings.jpg)

I have access to wide format industrial printers and have been thinking about activism for our cause. Lately I've been printing up stickers of my "art" and handing them out to my friends whenever we go out and we all sticker slap the city. The only problem is only /our guys/ would understand the meaning of the stickers since they are esoteric. I don't want to give my friends (some are female) stickers that are over the top saying whites are being genocided and think I'm a sperg or soemthing. For instance I printed 100 of those supreme jew stickers I haven't passed those out to my friends yet because I'm worried about their reaction. I still put them up whenever I'm alone. The fuck your feelings truck sticker is a group favorite. What are some normie friendly redpills I can incorporate into my art?

>inb4 blogpost

72e30f  No.13075466


that's the cookbook though, not what anon was referencing to that was better

8bc7f8  No.13075531


Keep it up. They look like babbies first redpill tier shit, but its a start. Keep toeing the line with your friends, and see who shows interest or has knowledge on the JQ and shit.

Draw something more provocative

000000  No.13075626



Here are sticker ideas to use:



here are lots of pictures which can be used as sticker:









000000  No.13075630


It goes without saying, that this is a board of peace, and this is just knowledge for informational purpose.

8a6519  No.13075785


>normie friendly redpills



fa9cc1  No.13075896


Having RFID transponders of this calibre would require a ridculous number of transcievers and highly directional antennas. Completely wasteful to build and mantain in order to track individuals from a rare and infrequent occurance. Especially considering the risk of the transponder getting lost or damaged.

This is a fud post.

8a6519  No.13075944

File: bcfdc6f936d9acf⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 640x645, 128:129, mason symbols google faceb….jpg)

File: 8114ca15c6f1c70⋯.jpg (102.08 KB, 644x644, 1:1, us-dollar-bill-illuminati-….jpg)

File: a89bd8dc961d6a6⋯.jpg (36.41 KB, 320x500, 16:25, borders are racist.jpg)

File: 489b3b4c2e4e9a6⋯.png (599.19 KB, 1005x550, 201:110, CNN biased - big boisterou….png)

File: ecf24991cfa31cd⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2250x1919, 2250:1919, big guv is hungry, we will….jpg)

There's not much point in IRL-posting anything other than anti-SJW stuff at this point in time.

I would like to see something like a sticker of a black guy saying "Don't shoot, I'm black!" in front of a cop. That's good humor and mocks current year's identity politics.

pics related are pretty good babby-tier redpills but nothing you could turn into a sticker except maybe a simplified version of the last one "Guv is hungry! We gotta feed him more taxes!"


"Don't shoot, I'm black!"

"Big Guv is hungry! We gotta feed him more taxes!"

8a6519  No.13075957

File: aca81b853898707⋯.png (210.32 KB, 615x406, 615:406, Trump red wave.png)


wew, meant for >>13074741

also the red wave is a pretty good redpill

8a6519  No.13075969

File: 5a039fb714cb197⋯.png (127.24 KB, 658x507, 658:507, t. FBI.png)

71194c  No.13077035

You need jew tactics.

Post highly exaggerated calls to violence in public areas like kikes do.

Things like:

Kill whites now

Whites go back to Europe!

TIme's up white boy!

Replace whites!

IDK, get creative.

fc6f26  No.13077071

> don't post stuff like the Anarchist Cookbook

so fuckin gay

0b84e8  No.13077092


Well, it's the opposite of what YOU want lone wolves to do, right Schlomo?

000000  No.13077119


Fuck you shlomo

72e30f  No.13077400


Saint Tarrant is exactly what you would want to emulate if you're going scorched earth mode. Doing long-term small, dissident partisan activities that rack up a lot of damage over time and don't get you caught are preferable in my opinion but it's not my choice what people choose to do.

dc44e6  No.13078368



000000  No.13090017

Goodnight Semite Stencil



97ca73  No.13091559


Best place to put stickers is in bathrooms at Bars and shit, plaster them inside. Usually the walls are fucked anyway, so no one cares. Everyone has got to piss eventually and they have 60 sec to just stand there looking at the wall.

000000  No.13094523

The Goyim Know Stencil


8968 = H I F H = Holocaust is Fake History

3ae856  No.13095812

File: 64d5d360b1b84b3⋯.jpg (93.24 KB, 588x588, 1:1, we are doomed 1.jpg)

File: 078283f1cc6c8de⋯.jpg (156.76 KB, 792x748, 18:17, we are doomed 2.jpg)


The black and white face can be used like the OBEY Andre Giant face. It can be used as a face of disgust and put up on cultural marxist propaganda in cities. The more it's put up the more people see it and the more they will wonder what it is. WE ARE DOOMED is something normies can google and see it's from a book title by John Derbyshire.

>Derbyshire argues that ever greater diversity in race, ethnicity, background, and other factors makes countries more fragile and prone to unrest

People feel important when they discover something obscure and cool. Let them dive down the rabbit hole instead of brining the dark depths of the rabbit hole to the surface.

3ae856  No.13095844

File: 86e2159f23fc9e3⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ello-xhdpi-d4d95ae5.jpg)

File: 1c51bce5c3910a8⋯.jpg (285.88 KB, 746x1024, 373:512, gettyimages-615310124-1024….jpg)

Here's a skull based off a hitler youth flag. The only problem is there's no message to be taken away from looking at it.

ac38ad  No.13099707

File: 0fe5d827ee8ce18⋯.jpeg (88.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, .jpeg)

卐 卍卐 卍卐 卍卐 卍卐 卍卐 卍

c65963  No.13113151


Drones are very wind sensitive, that wouldn't work.

b6d93b  No.13117070

File: 4eea8346d4b2ce9⋯.jpg (101.78 KB, 400x727, 400:727, 164497989134 - oleanderwas….jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117074

File: 3d5c02192d2c4be⋯.png (428.9 KB, 900x537, 300:179, 46486331_297022644246156_3….png)

b6d93b  No.13117079

File: 504318b8dae04ab⋯.jpg (489.8 KB, 1240x1753, 1240:1753, 165404467449 - theuntameab….jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117080

File: 0d134375374d4e8⋯.jpg (143.67 KB, 783x960, 261:320, 46459238_1264911413663204_….jpg)

eddb76  No.13117091


>Achieved the highest literacy rates in the whole of Africa

Am i supposed to be impressed by that one?

b6d93b  No.13117095

File: 993d6794ecdcc71⋯.jpg (39.8 KB, 487x276, 487:276, 166578693774 - thepowerful….jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117108

File: bc271fb35460233⋯.gif (94.33 KB, 382x497, 382:497, 1501111308936.gif)

b6d93b  No.13117112

File: 6a8b38eb2d48974⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 500x634, 250:317, 168773261409.jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117118

File: a1bef03d6e30e73⋯.jpg (26.47 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 1527526637913.jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117127

File: be43f6cbce00c93⋯.jpg (105.51 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_nf847n8HmT1tewo51o1….jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117145

File: c38967c6ef05f31⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 172347653874.jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117149

File: 664385d251d67cc⋯.jpg (18.29 KB, 500x263, 500:263, 173661202909.jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117162

File: f9f5fb77fa7aad6⋯.jpg (61.24 KB, 635x465, 127:93, tumblr_mv4cdaVsy41s36inzo1….jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117168

File: 9180880dffef52a⋯.jpg (132.75 KB, 1400x934, 700:467, 1542830991079.jpg)

45d026  No.13117186


You can post more than1 image at once spamfag

b6d93b  No.13117188

File: 0983af48cb05166⋯.jpg (124.49 KB, 476x692, 119:173, ltumblr_p14izu5WLJ1wa7ihfo….jpg)

b6d93b  No.13117201

File: 6a18d7e4a17c6e3⋯.jpg (145.78 KB, 640x684, 160:171, 5191b7bf4d1552e91b17520b0e….jpg)

File: ed223dab8252c99⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 396x604, 99:151, 20170929_174255.jpg)

File: 36e777b458c1b0e⋯.jpg (39.13 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 166131906179.jpg)

File: d4519196e8b90fe⋯.png (84.22 KB, 1280x1662, 640:831, 169305622454.png)

File: 24d5656a61dd807⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 256x282, 128:141, 173625236529_5.jpg)


sorry I forgot I havent posted here yet

5e683e  No.13117219


>The left needs DIY videos on how to pour paint into glass jars

What the fuck?

d38907  No.13117260


Only advice:

BITE instead of bark.

5ab03f  No.13117263


More cringe from Nazi clowns

45d026  No.13117303

File: 4e268ea7209369f⋯.jpg (133 KB, 1200x634, 600:317, 4e268ea7209369f6810d5c309f….jpg)

File: d8f5aa0b1936914⋯.jpg (100.83 KB, 788x614, 394:307, 1ff837a60f158bc6f8ffc1019c….jpg)


*Honk Honk*

cb1e46  No.13136071


10aa40  No.13137154

File: 580e2126b21a5ae⋯.jpg (5.49 MB, 5152x3864, 4:3, 1551761705310.jpg)


Check the eco-fashism threads, they will teach you how to seedbomb your local ghetto making it uninhabitable

dbf810  No.13143597


2a28e8  No.13143666

File: 285bff50ec574d3⋯.png (223.86 KB, 464x848, 29:53, US civil war.png)


Only glowniggers would advocated for anti violence at this point. There was a peaceful solution some 20-30 years ago but now we're on the brink of minority status in a system that explicitly trains its populace to hate whitey. Niggers and spics kill whites every single day but the moment a white gives it back then suddenly the kosher news will blast the white on nonwhite crime from the rooftops. Optics is for recruiting possible allies but that's it. Don't act like we can talk our way to peace with people that want to genocide us.

d403f7  No.13143674

Have any of you guys bought a skull face cover yet?

a3e81c  No.13144072


Lurk moar newfag. There is no freedom of speech anywhere. You're a waste of oxygen for posting and not knowing that.


Thank you based anon. I would say "anti-white" instead of liberal though. Both parties are cancer.


Stay perpetually assblasted.


Never mix messages.


I AM THE PUBLIC, you fucking glownigger.




Make a local group then and keep your shit legal, then cover each other when doing your activities.

a3e81c  No.13144082




a3e81c  No.13144173


I told these morons here numerous times to go get trained regardless of what their activities are. After I did that they came out with the Le ZOGbot meme, so I guess I triggered them pretty hard. Go get trained by a combat vet though.

dbf810  No.13147016


5c8557  No.13147636


How do you jam a CCTV anon? You can't.

You can "jam" wifi with deauth attacks with normal equipment unless they're on WPA3, but I haven't even seen any of that equipment yet.


1eef01  No.13147823


This. I can't say much about it but one of the companies I worked for would buy cell phones and strip out all the firmware for the GPS modules and WLAN (these devices are inside the Qualcomm SoCs now), and then physically remove the cameras and microphones. All Google and OEM software was removed and a special OS bundle was flashed. To take calls, employees had to use earbuds with an inline microphone.

Even with these added security measures there were still problems. The first is cellular triangulation, which is accurate within about 30-50 feet. There were also the cellular modems themselves. Most devices like cameras have to go through various levels of soft/firmware abstraction to talk to the main processor and request access to other devices like flash memory. The modem doesn't. It has full DMA to RAM and main flash. They run their own OS in the form of the baseband firmware. What does this mean for an end user? The cellular network provider might have access to these modems to reach in and pull data off the device, and you'd never know it. It might not even need a SIM card, only a charged battery. To further back this up, 99% of these cellular modems are supplied by Qualcomm or Intel, and both are known to cooperate with glowniggers. Phones are bad news. Leave those damn things at home.


Democracy is a lie and your freedom is an illusion. Golden chains are still chains.

5d0130  No.13147974


The best, but since barely anyone worldwide does that, posters etc are good too. Even for getting accustomed to outside work.

44a389  No.13150471

File: 70c1b955efae753⋯.jpg (334.69 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, 1200-604763-27018773.jpg)


卐NS卍™ is all inclusive, you just have to stick to your own culture and no mixing and matching like a rootless cosmopolitan globalist mcdonalds breakfast

478d0d  No.13151422


The Swastika represents many things, for example the sun, the divine principle in hinduism (an aryan religion) or also the eternal law of dharma which is often referred to as a wheel. Its a white symbol through and through though, as the hindu culture was created by aryan invaders and even Buddha was an arya (noble-born, i.e. an Indo-European).

d403f7  No.13153056


ae4218  No.13153714


8e8d2d  No.13161255

Anyone got a good guide on graffiti?

a1f877  No.13161278

File: c6fc5b9d0444073⋯.jpg (72.33 KB, 894x894, 1:1, mac_daddy_by_cavity_sam_db….jpg)


Wheatpasting photocopies or laser printer printouts is the easiest way to get your message up super quick and with a minimal amount of chance of getting caught.

Make your own wheat paste:


Keep it in a brush cap can:


Print your designs 4 to a page and then cut them to size. Quarter sheet flyers are easy to carry, are easy to paste up quickly, and plenty big enough to catch attention.

762e97  No.13174788


>How do you jam a CCTV anon? You can't.

wut, theres literally dozens of methods to disable CCTV surveillance.

7dfcf5  No.13174848


>I would say "anti-white" instead of liberal though. Both parties are cancer.

True. However with conservatives I generally use a gentler approach because unlike liberals they are generally in a state of culture shock, confused and disoriented at the destruction of their society. Their problem is that they don't know who is responsible and are afraid that questioning the politically correct dogma will get them called mean words.

7dfcf5  No.13174854


Fire is destructive but jews and politicians don't live in the woods.

840729  No.13176123


thing i learnt from playing with stickers a few years ago, dont use colours if you have an inkjet printer, keep to black and white

840729  No.13176127


Wont that just moves the non whites into white areas?

d2f663  No.13180438

File: b13eaa0fc4a71e7⋯.png (434.47 KB, 798x780, 133:130, 1554790935.png)

a022f7  No.13180615

If you do go out and leave your cell at home be sure to setup you computer to stream a movie then play a couple recordings of your voice to ask alexa, google or microsoft's assistant something. It's helps because glowies believe big data and will see you were at home asking google about tomorrows weather, how much a corolla costs then ordering some black hoodies of amazon while watching the latest season of whatever the fuck soys watch.

2643f7  No.13180692

File: a6f1fb75d927641⋯.png (199.25 KB, 573x573, 1:1, smoking 2hu.png)


>play recordings of your voice into your listening devices

Or don't keep listening devices in your home in the first place.

392bca  No.13182009

File: 77fbdd83bc03d5c⋯.jpeg (57.8 KB, 401x367, 401:367, A9881925-E96D-432B-9B46-3….jpeg)

When applying stickers, get some extendable pole and put them ten feet up on a wall, out of reach.. they’ll be way harder to take down

Also for cinco de Mayo I’m going to get spray paint and tag BLM / black power shit on Mexican murals in the area

45d487  No.13182041


Yeah, play in to their narrative. Genius.

9daa33  No.13182321


underrated post

777855  No.13184981


Lol good idea, accelerate the conflict between niggers and spics

2fb4a5  No.13186217

Remove Rothschild Stencil:


877d99  No.13195292

Bump for hate crimes

164b8c  No.13195563

File: c1db9666aa5003d⋯.png (260.01 KB, 452x391, 452:391, 1493495022619.png)


This. You can't get an instant redpill and NPC, but there are free-thinkers out there that just haven't heard our cry. Lead the horse to the water, don't throw it in his face.

173a8d  No.13199549

File: 32f5da29fbdecff⋯.png (229.15 KB, 435x463, 435:463, accelerate.png)

568d09  No.13199727

File: 0a17b1523053974⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 640x586, 320:293, Stop-White-Genocide.jpg)

05cf1d  No.13199745


b-but it's not a stencil if all you've done is write upon cardboard…

6c87ac  No.13199754

05cf1d  No.13199761


pretty sure its a meme but i can't handle that level of brain matter

568d09  No.13199803



You need to cut out the slogan obviously, i didn't make that pic

24dbdb  No.13199804



he's "writing" the stencil with a xacto knife

798286  No.13199823


can anyone explain why her wrote skanderbeg on his rifle?

1631b0  No.13199836


This will not hold up at all for sustained art sessions, whatever you do with that idea make sure to tape a PLASTIC cutout in the bottom.

0834f3  No.13199838

>i know how to save the white race from the jews!!


>aw yeah, wait till i redpill these normies with my epic texts that are extremely vague and dont say anything

So how did IOTBW and all those other virtue signaling events go? a few people got mad on twitter and a bunch of alt-kikes felt like they actually did something. Maybe people should start focusing on propoganda that will be usefull and last more than a week before people jump onto the next meme shit, past attempts at this shit fell off the face of the earth pretty hard, IOTBW, learn2code, le NPC all forgotten about within a week, now its this clown honking shit, next week it'll be something else for sure

1631b0  No.13199868


Regardless IOBTW is an excellent initiative that probably redpilled a fuckton of people from false media outrage

>propoganda that will be usefull and last more than a week before people jump onto the next meme shit

Some people seem to have issues with sustained effort and that comes from lack of any organization or group, thats why that should be created to game it by praising and challanging eachother directly. I.E there needs to be more direct places other than these boards like chats or w/e, without more barebones social interaction there's no incentive for 99% of people.

568d09  No.13199870

File: 6b5e60cb0fc0104⋯.png (72.93 KB, 1006x813, 1006:813, npc1.png)


As far as i remember, IOTBW got national media recognition and likely redpilled quite a few people. Kvetch harder.

0834f3  No.13199879



>IOTBW redpilled people

Like who?

>national media attention

So no one outside of america cares about it?


> I.E there needs to be more direct places other than these boards like chats or w/e, without more barebones social interaction there's no incentive for 99% of people.

You cant have more direct places, you either use these boards or become a honeypot that kills itself over drama and moderate faggotry

a07595  No.13199893


Use thee url's as GAME planners for identifying some observation and using open 7/24/365 as one time commo devices for message lulz pranking…since they are open and can be seen 7/24/365

niggers need to think outside of the box …

use open source unlinked to user or password

no tracking of user

cellphones carried unused even off are a tracking device because it sends signals to nearby cell towers to pinpoint that your phone was present within so many feet on time and date.

one time messages w/large graffiti or stealth objects place din view…YOU are viewed so stealth with common sporting or work closthe…

no racial/or even sex should be identified where large loose fitting clothes scarves and hats sunglasses…not all dark and suspect looking but that ghetto street athletic attire look so common today..it is so COMMON and ORDINARY looking you will fit in..

Party on nigger




1631b0  No.13199939

File: 783236b2e676943⋯.png (431.52 KB, 963x936, 107:104, 783236b2e67694382bdd632e80….png)


<muhh honeebottt

Listen schizo or chaim, just let me remind your small semite brain there's nothing illegal or dangerous about putting up posters with glue or otherwise.

>IOTBW redpilled people

Yes very probable, if not directly redpilled from conclusions reading jew media media e celebs on platforms like jewtube also did coverage on the ridiculous anti white media attention

Since you're clearly new to all of this there was some pretty good media outrage in the UK, but far from enough since it appears people havent kept at it. To keep doing these things is the "hard part" and it's all that matters.

Another good idea to spread this more easily is to cut chaff of your desired message and spread it directly in city centers. Like some others here pointed out.

a07595  No.13199956


Best training ever though……think harder…plan better …long term more brainlet


a07595  No.13199989


Now this i good technical and operational advice for gamerz who wanna remain below the radar and threshold for legal issues or further scrutiny

1631b0  No.13200015

File: ecfbbf567be1c44⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 559x349, 559:349, 0f4a6bf3de55d3664634c6a404….jpg)



And/or just buy pic related with a call card for 10shekels for this purpose that has no GPS, and never worry again since there are no extreme way of eavesdropping and is way too old for glownigger eavesdropping tricks except the obvious mass recording your calls unconstitutionally.

Even stupid niggers in the ghettos are doing it for their ooga booga sec, and they throw them away or sell them on after some time.

0834f3  No.13200110


No one says anything about illegality, its about getting all the faggots willing to do this in one place so you can focus on them, people use this board and avoid chats like the plague for a reason. it may not be illegal, but it sure is dangerous for you.

>its probable

So no solid evidence that it did anything?

>media outrage in the UK

there wasnt, it only got a small article on the BBC and that was it, nothing else happened, no newsnight or panorama's, just forgotten.

>spreading them around city centres

the average UK citycentre has CCTV everywhere, along with people putting up their own posters anywhere they can, so not only will your posters be covered up or ripped down instantly the goverment will track you down

e0fda2  No.13200151


Anything that sends and receives a cell phone signal can be trianglated especially from stationary antenna…

any investigation into call history can be linked to the nearest antenna…big brother knows everything at all times hence the remote datamining mainframes…

098009  No.13210154


This. Always cover real data with noise data.

79d1a5  No.13210158


>remote datamining mainframes

what are those?

5dd792  No.13210171


That is fucking brilliant.

5e31da  No.13210208


Much better. LOL

d6266f  No.13211866


3805a5  No.13211989



6d795b  No.13214503

File: ec316c47ded3e6a⋯.pdf (149.78 KB, druczek tgr - Copy.pdf)


Great template, I've made something similar myself with a link to the polish translation of The Great Replacement

d95930  No.13218915

File: ad257cdedcb9d2e⋯.png (756.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 136769.png)

488f01  No.13218971


Waiting for the next one, anon.

488f01  No.13219006


checking your digits and agreeing with your post.

67803a  No.13219207

I love the fbi

34d8dc  No.13226302


>the group always advocating and funding violence doesn't want it

c92d3a  No.13226350



c92d3a  No.13226379


You can't post stuff about local issues online, because there's no social network for /pol/acks. Tagging is a good idea, Imagine a shop that is run by kikes with a tag. If you post that online (where?) nobody will care, whereas if you tag the shop, anyone who recognizes it can avoid shopping there.

d90636  No.13229771

File: 9633736b9369960⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1964x1504, 491:376, 6a6fc5c9e4c30fb88c56db9027….png)

fc2b9f  No.13229890

File: e4f722f1f7d77a4⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 318x238, 159:119, 14587934716.jpg)


Excellent. Moar like these >>13229771

2b638a  No.13230363


You missed some steps.

>make sure that the bulbs are not too close together


>fertilize occasionally (most spots are full of grass poison and whatever else)

>come back to spot


000000  No.13230635



Here is more of this genius stuff. May some brave anons find it usefull to secure the existance of our people and a future for white children

3 steps to retake Europe


Redpill by Word of Mouth


Leaflet Distribution




Activism 2


How to put up a poster secure and anonymously


How to make self made stickers


Wallwriting made easy


Tired of enemy propaganda


Adbusting against white genocide


Guerilla Gardener


Pepe Rocket




Race Evolution and Behaviour


Why shall the White Race go extinct?


End Jewish Privilege


White people trending towards extinction


Holocaust Questions


Stencil Stop White Genocide


Stencil No Mosque


Save South Africa from the apes by real life Jedi mind tricks


all of this and more can be found here:


089099  No.13230642

File: cf17ab38b1d6a21⋯.png (178.15 KB, 800x758, 400:379, oc.png)


I got an idea:

stencil filters

put it on public lights to have signs that can hold for few days;the light heat will dry the glue and make it impossible to remove

*btw great thread OP*

c2eeb5  No.13234885


186807  No.13235093


IIRC, black pipe, black powder, wood plugs, and a matchbook


>What is parallel construction?They just don't want faggots to know they're being fone trak'd

186807  No.13235199

File: b48b12e1d1df178⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, cat-330rp.jpg)


>What is E911

ALL phones are trackable. Also, never have it near your prescribed tracking devices, else they can easily tell that someone who has your phone in their pocket was in the neighborhood when you bought the phone, drove out of town, turned off your phone, and turned on the burner.


>Blast paint all at once so you're done spraying before drone can move any appreciable amount

>Make drone attempt to fly through building, anchoring it into place

>Use adhesive/suction cups to actually anchor the drone temporarily

>Land briefly on tripod legs while painting

>Doit up like those freehand printers that track movement like computer mice, and print ink when they pass over the appropriate spot

>Line printers, like those used to make striped road markings


This, but pic related

186807  No.13235216


>Pour salt/herbicide /fertilizer on ground to make semi-permanent crop circles

Might also work with food coloring concentrate, worth a try anyway

Polite sage

000000  No.13235417


Someone did it. Feel proud anon!


75f7b5  No.13235420


Sage. Go fuck yourself, glowstick.

c2eeb5  No.13235435


I wouldn't use a drone on a building, rather spraypaint or, if its the home of a traitor that has been doxed, paint balloons / jars. See here >>13034673

>>>/thelist/ Might help with future ops.

c2eeb5  No.13235445

File: 9270369fe434156⋯.png (206.6 KB, 722x866, 361:433, Robert Bowers.png)


Cry more Chaim

000000  No.13235566


Keep an ear to the ground for local events. Pick the most divisive and concoct a way to inflame tensions further.

As an example, in my city drugs have caused a huge rift. I have antagonized all sides: from ZOGbots to felons to criminal defense lawyers and even addict advocacy groups. best one was addiction intervention flyers, but with the phone number to a drug tipline instead of a rehab

7ec13f  No.13244882

Bump for interest.

7ec13f  No.13253081

Bump for interest

7ec13f  No.13261145


000000  No.13261789


Can someone post these pics as images? This is an imageboard after all

68db23  No.13266413

Must know how to stop trembling that does not !magnify GOD. Whatever you do never ever abuse gaba agents. E.g. Tobacco Xanax alcohol

probably a good idea to not even get near cannabis if the above isn't fully understood.

b476a7  No.13266512


Not everyone is capable of murdering people for the sake of a political goal. This is another way of fighting, without hurting anyone. It's for the sake of people's rights and for freedom of speech. Do you think that's wrong?

b476a7  No.13266841


Sounds really easy to trick the system with an identical RFID. Having one at home does sound smart. Anyway RFIDs can only be read at close range as far as I know. Like within a ruler span.

25872a  No.13266876



I consider to vote for these guys.

The only thing that hinders me is their skinhead look.

The rest is decent.

000000  No.13268145

Has someone ever found a way to log into the accounts of "pornstars" on Twitter and post some redpills?


This one has 200 000 followers who are eager to hear what she has to say.

We should use this strategy more. Use pornstar profiles with a hight target reach and spill out the 14 words

The result would be:

1. Outrage from the degenerates.

2. A sign against the jewish porn industry.

3. Reclaiming the beauty of the aryan women (by using their reach to protect the race, by putting the message out there)


5. Demoralisation of the enemy.

Of course i am not advocating anything not legal. I have only heard, that some people were able to

crack twitter accounts. If they used brute force or pishing is not known to me.

The preferred method would be to write an emotional email to the aryan porn stars which creates an urge for them to turn back and to refrain from their degenerate activity! Write to them about their dreams and hopes, when they were young, and that they got turned/scammed into being a slut that has no self respect.

Break the porn stars away from the (((porn industry))).

Without aryan women, no jewish porn industry.

Seperate these two to save our race.

Touch the porn stars emotional!

A porn star is less likely to ever become a mother of aryan children and she involves in an activity that harms our race. So do what you can to get her away from this.

And use their twitter profiles, or get them to use it in our favour!

7c3f2d  No.13275557

lets realistically think about this,

Tarrent got a camera made a big show and maybe killed some muslims? in a country that is not well reknown for having muslims. NOW if he did it in the UK of course it would make way more sense.

Made a big deal now out of it now you guys are talking about breaking him out in minecraft?

oh please

Bowers sat stew festered

Dropped red pills

Named (((Them)))

created a timeless catch phrase

and popped of 11 of them

lets not forget this was only less then 7 months ago. i remember being on 4chin with real jews posting saying they are leaving for isreal. What did Tarrent REALLY accomplish other then a meme?


ecb1bb  No.13280346

File: bee993ef5931b19⋯.jpg (61.75 KB, 940x529, 940:529, Formerly Ludwigsburg.jpg)

File: 03b3a52dcc90568⋯.gif (873.91 KB, 498x406, 249:203, lmao.gif)


> Place posters near public parks calling for sharia law

This stuff can be fucking effective.

Someone did this as well over here a while ago:


000000  No.13280782


>attaching QR code stickers to existing posters

Now this is a winning idea, QR codes can be generated by going on DuckDuckGo and typing "qr 8ch.net" (for a qr code that redirects to 8chan, substitute applicable link)

The genius of this idea is that somebody will have to tear down the entire poster that contains lefty bullshit to get rid of the sticker that links to redpills

f94873  No.13289628

000000  No.13295367


Nice one!

More eye candy:



8bd2a7  No.13295493

Peo tip for anyone thinking about trying to make themselves involved or whatever: don’t be a low iq degenerate.


Isn’t accelerationism what everybody wants? And isn’t killing nonwhites the end goal? If so then why not just jump straight to the end point? What’s more accelerative than 0-60mph instantly? Just trying to see your logic.

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