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File: d818222d5c74369⋯.jpg (11.32 KB, 275x183, 275:183, jdjxjdi.jpg)

File: 3eecfb05d84841b⋯.gif (52.84 KB, 370x297, 370:297, God-Said-Kill-Fags-370x297.gif)

ab2e5a  No.13084114

Hitler was a very smart man and had the best scientists working for him, they already had this figured out lads.


Dont let the Liberals brainwash you, Gays are worse than serial killers, Sodomy is the main source for all STDs (yes ALL of them), when a gay or bisexual man decides to have sex with a woman she is done! She will definitly 100% catch something, they are sick, they dont reproduice and if they did they give us children with Aids / Herpies or some other sickness, they should be clensed off the face of the earth.

The Offical CDC website talks about the dangers of the filthy sodomites.


16cf21  No.13084133

File: 8087dac5bab174c⋯.png (45.97 KB, 200x337, 200:337, thumb_fritz-get-the-flamme….png)

I agree!

a0d155  No.13084142


They used to throw gays into bogs in Europe. Pretty tough penalties.

c20ef1  No.13084147


if you where to execute 4% of your population you will receive 16% population hostile towards you sine family and friends those people wont be like "well they died since they are mentally ill"

education is key we need to teach our kids in school what is right and what is evil satanic cult

035803  No.13084166


>They used to throw gays into bogs in Europe. Pretty tough penalties.

They executed them then bogged them. It's a natural reaction, one which every culture shares to some degree. People just don't like parasitism, weakness, and disease.

2624bc  No.13084171


Just make it illegal to start with, then gradually increase the punishments until it's closer to capital punishment. The boiled fag effect.

0253a7  No.13084183

>Hitler was a very smart man and had the best scientists working for him, they already had this figured out lads.

This fucking reads like parody.

<a bunch of very smart people told me what to say and think guys!

<be carefull around those OTHER very smart people, they will surely brainwash you!

I'm not even saying you're wrong, sodomy has a whole lot of problems and fucked up shit attached to it, but goddamn, anyone who hears you WILL laugh in your face.

16cf21  No.13084184

File: 05bd5e972c85665⋯.png (381.68 KB, 800x1800, 4:9, full.png)

Light up ze ovenz boys!

035803  No.13084192


Go back to /mlpol/

3f2d40  No.13084201


Fuck of back to /leftcuckpol/

acc4c0  No.13084223

File: fc0a258cca0bb9a⋯.jpg (137.48 KB, 410x596, 205:298, 20190406_152657.jpg)

Where do i cast my vote ?

71e08a  No.13084231

File: 8f6d5357de45d73⋯.jpg (108.2 KB, 474x343, 474:343, herewego.jpg)



This anon gets it. fifty years of social brainwashing did its toll. We need to reverse these changes first before we can impose more serious measueres. Anti gay propaganda laws (Russian style) are something to begin with.

df7f47  No.13084245

File: bb528b381662680⋯.gif (864.61 KB, 1100x600, 11:6, honk honk.gif)


come and try faggot

2a479b  No.13084269


Nope, as soon as the commies took over China they immediately collectivized all land within a few years and ordered people to slaughter their own neighbors for being reactionaries. People were shocked, taken aback, land ownership was at the very heart of the Chinese social structure. They were offended…but they complied, because they had no choice. The same government is today in power in China with no real internal threats to its existence.

Strength wins, weakness loses.

7acb23  No.13084270

File: ca3f5a5452bec2a⋯.jpg (83.6 KB, 960x468, 80:39, 19990186_10155547464147803….jpg)

Don't be so homophobic, goys. Love is love.

71e08a  No.13084278

File: cced5e07910c520⋯.jpg (53.46 KB, 502x304, 251:152, 2uw73hnqq124.jpg)


You do realise that 90% of population hate you? The moment (((hate crimes))) laws are revoked and you are no longer protected by the (((state))) ordinary people will take matters into their own hands and you will never again dare to contaminate our aryan public spaces. Was it not thanks to the police, your sick (((parades))) would be stopped in their tracks by ordinary men. People love their children and the moment you sick fucks want to put your dirsty, perverted hands on them, they will not take it lightly. We will always remember what you sick fucks have done to our children. Now get back to /leftypol/ you sick fazgg.

56e5eb  No.13084286


Shouldn’t we see a decrease in faggotry if homos are socially forced to marry non homos and have children? We won’t because it’s mostly not genetic. It’s from abuse, endocrine dysfunction from a pregnant mother, environmental endocrine disrupters, and cultural conditioning to be non-hetero deviant from media, education and porn, poor role models especially parents. Killing fags itself won’t fix the problem either. All these other causes of faggotry must be addressed to decrease the amount of useless freaks in our world.

acc4c0  No.13084290

File: e575326839c95c1⋯.jpg (265.52 KB, 1124x1001, 1124:1001, 20190406_155428.jpg)


Its been done many times you homo, it can be done again.

cd8ba5  No.13084295


Not your blog. You won’t ever do anything to stop faggotry or its attendant poisons.

2a479b  No.13084297


One of the biggest cause of faggotry is recruitment by other fags, especially through their media channels (many powerful kikes are faggot pedophiles), through child trafficking, through academia where pedophiles run wild, etc. Killing every fag, like your ancestors did, would be a gigantic step forward in eliminating this poison from the society. In the future when the odd faggot shows up here or there in society, you can easily arrest them and execute them one by one.

71e08a  No.13084301

File: 1663cf5f67fe756⋯.jpg (234.76 KB, 797x484, 797:484, Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1969….jpg)


There is no reason to force these sick fucks to marry. They are useless from begining to the end. There are 1.05 boys born every single one girl so still there will be enough men for every woman. Homos are simply unnecessary and even harmful. Lesbians are a different story, they may be viable as they can potentially give us healthy offspring. Lebensborn birth houses come to mind.

cd8ba5  No.13084308


I expanded that with the other flags. Kikemonkey refuses to allow me to post it, though, so he can just eat shit.

cd8ba5  No.13084310


>we should force children to be raped by faggots


ab4246  No.13084326


"Who is Ernst Röhm?"

003c1e  No.13084328

….i think i hate faggots more than kikes, least the fucking kikes do their shit quietly for the most part, every time i turn around there's some faggot trying to shove their flaccid hormone broken gay cock into something i love, my movies,video games, comics, all of society has been fucking raped by faggots at this point, they can't create or make anything of their own so they got to go around and shit on everyone else's stuff….

yeah yeah, i know the kikes are the ones funding and pushing the faggots, they all need to be gassed, but at least when it was just the jew fucking me up the ass i still had bits and pieces of my life that i enjoyed…it's all shit now, kill em all, kikes and faggots and faggot kikes.

71e08a  No.13084343


You do realise that faggots wouldn't reallly ever leave their closet if it wasn't for (((certain type of people)))? The (((tribe)))) uses faggots and the whole (((LGBTQ))) idealogy as a mean of psychological warfare aimed at a total destruction of white men. LGBTQ shit pollutes their minds, destroys their indentity and makes them totally sexually depraved thus antagonizing our youth with white culture.

2a479b  No.13084350


I'd gladly kill off one Ernst Rohm if I was also killing off a million Barney Franks, Kevin Spaceys, George Takeis, Perez Hilton, etc. Nice cherry picking though you disgusting pedophile AIDS stick.

56e5eb  No.13084355



Typo. Should not be forced to marry.

ab4246  No.13084359


Nice ad hom pal

df7f47  No.13084373

File: 95e5a5cf24ba2fb⋯.jpg (198.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 95e5a5cf24ba2fbbd9cbc91c6d….jpg)


yeah that must be why you edgy larping social failures are so popular with the public.

You do realize that 100% of you cringey internet rednecks are closeted homos right?


I'm shaking in my boots, tough guy. when are you bitter incels actually going to try something? I promise that you won't kill me first.

5ddea9  No.13084387


No we shouldn't. Put them to work instead.

0d68f7  No.13084395

File: 58e90e68ce79206⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 940x940, 1:1, d432f9e1-902a-488d-a266-17….jpg)


0d68f7  No.13084396

File: 58e90e68ce79206⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 940x940, 1:1, d432f9e1-902a-488d-a266-17….jpg)


c306d9  No.13084410

First the jews.

Always first the jews.

Seriously, do your homework.

We kill the gays, then the jews will come up with some other inane shit to poison us.

003c1e  No.13084413


>yeah that must be why you edgy larping social failures are so popular with the public.

i wonder how many jews thought like this and talked like this before hitler was a thing in germany…keep going faggot,everyday you fucking idiots keep fucking with straight people is another day that you get closer to your own grave…people are getting sick of your shit even if don't realize it yet. IT'S FUCKING MAM! lol

003c1e  No.13084431


i know,i know, but seriously, it's every fucking day with the god dam attention whore faggots. i wish they would just shut the fuck up so i can go back to being pissed at the jews with the sort of passion i hate the faggots with, i understand this is what the kikes want….still though, i just want some peace and fucking quite for a minute without some faggot trying to shove a dick up the ass of Captain America and all the of rest…


yeah, i get all of that, i'm just saying that feel like it's the faggot fucking with me more even though they are nothing more than the stick that i'm being poked with as opposed to the hand doing it.

000000  No.13084433


>don't kill them, put them to work!!



>don't kill the niggers! Let them work as slaves in Europe!

I know your ways, slave merchant, Destroyer of civilizations.

acc4c0  No.13084440

File: fdb1ba98b3efcd6⋯.jpg (11.26 KB, 259x194, 259:194, jgf.jpg)


All faggots should be burned

000000  No.13084447


Ok, I agree with this one. Not from a moral standpoint, but from the standpoint that every single homosexual, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE WAS AN IDIOT.

b60ed2  No.13084448


Yeah, it is called SELF PRESERVATION and not wanting to see your son POZZED up and raped…and your daughters infested with killer disease. We could wipe out disease on this planet COMPLETELY but as long as faggots survive they will make more disease by being deviant and disgusting.

000000  No.13084456




b60ed2  No.13084465

File: 5ba3c13033fe515⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 235x445, 47:89, biohazard burn bin.jpg)


Sure after they are dead. They are a HUGE biohazard due to their lifestyle. Their bodies themselves are disease machines. If we were serious about eliminating a wide variety of disease we would burn their bodies and treat them like the biohazard they are…high temp incineration. Also, this would get rid of many semites so I think it is an extremely good idea.

df7f47  No.13084466

File: 0201681ad825239⋯.jpg (126.6 KB, 641x700, 641:700, 0201681ad825239021d525f55d….jpg)


>i wonder how many jews thought like this and talked like this before hitler was a thing in germany

>before hitler was a thing in germany

you sure have a way with words don't you cleetus?

looks like the jews are doing just fine today. the holocaust didn't happen and they pretty much run the world.

>everyday you fucking idiots keep fucking with straight people is another day that you get closer to your own grave

every day*

you're like a kroger brand shadow the hedgehog.



df7f47  No.13084472

File: f2d6e7747ceaf3f⋯.png (151.42 KB, 497x397, 497:397, kill.PNG)


those two should be at least

000000  No.13084479


All true. Faggots must be exterminated. Kill your local faggots. Mobilize groups to kill faggots. Make every group that already hates faggots start hunting and killing faggots.


Always kill jews, like this one.


So? Eliminating the degenerates is more important than public approval. All masses can be taught to accept killing faggots, sooner or later. Killing many faggots will make it normal and acceptable (as it is) for the masses.

b60ed2  No.13084481

File: 328a535beeb5c93⋯.jpg (480.03 KB, 2036x1140, 509:285, gay rape bathroom meme.jpg)

0d68f7  No.13084482

Freedom of religion unless it offends some kike nigger or faggot. Freedom of speech unless you're white. Outrage and rioting if you get shot but only if the victim was black. Muslims in office and Sharia law theocracy nestled firmly inside our own state like a virus

000000  No.13084490


b60ed2  No.13084491


>Straight pedophilia is ok.


0d68f7  No.13084492

File: 926240f0c8adecf⋯.png (453.69 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190406-090944.png)

Once we can no longer speak up we are finished

df7f47  No.13084495

File: 9d9487ca3b0c0d0⋯.png (175.27 KB, 462x422, 231:211, notgay.png)




>All true. Faggots must be exterminated. Kill your local faggots. Mobilize groups to kill faggots. Make every group that already hates faggots start hunting and killing faggots.

This is why no one takes you edgy retards seriously. Your parents would be heartbroken to see how you turned out.

2059ff  No.13084500

Fags will always exist. Just keep them in the shadows.

b60ed2  No.13084506


NO LESBIANS NEED TO BE BOGGED AS WELL…NO PARASITIC DNA GOES FORWARD. This is like you saying 'certain' semites are ok and wanting to wash rinse repeat the entire 6,000 years over again.


df7f47  No.13084511


start with yourself, incel

b60ed2  No.13084513


No they wont we can eugenically select them out of our DNA pool. With concerted effort and FOCUS we can select anything out. Do you think any parent would select a fag as offspring if they had a choice?

TRUST ME, they would NEVER select a faggot via genetic engineering.

We can and will exterminate this disease vector from society.

b60ed2  No.13084516


I am not a parasite on society like you are…you need to be taken out and killed in the street.

130028  No.13084520

File: b140389d6d36ef2⋯.png (2.2 MB, 3100x1855, 620:371, b140389d6d36ef2838fcefdc00….png)

File: ebffbbfa6538ce8⋯.jpg (249.03 KB, 1609x2048, 1609:2048, ebffbbfa6538ce8707c8169ffb….jpg)

File: f1e117cb11d4885⋯.png (618.33 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, f1e117cb11d488523f159a4715….png)

File: 8d3055481f999f6⋯.jpg (97.83 KB, 640x803, 640:803, img_7082.jpg)


Implying you wont be dead of GRIDS by the time you hit 35.


df7f47  No.13084524


come and try faggot. your 400 pounds will make an easy target.

2059ff  No.13084526


You can't remove them. Even if you remove any genetic vectors, they will still be produced from disease or abuse. Again, the solution is to make fags afraid again.

003c1e  No.13084529


you don't want to have kids without also wanting grandchildren…..i've read some of those coming out stories,faggots always wonder why their parents are disappointed….maybe it would make sense if you weren't a retarded faggot.

003c1e  No.13084534


faggot tries to shoot back, somehow limpwrists a glock AND a AR15.

2059ff  No.13084536


Stovepipes his shit and puts a hole in his own foot

b60ed2  No.13084539


That is why all children have to be tested and removed if they display the traits of faggotry.


or we are doomed to this horrific Kali Yuga forever.


df7f47  No.13084543

File: bff0935a6a11507⋯.jpg (80.74 KB, 1080x858, 180:143, pot of keks.jpg)


afraid of you larping neckbeards I'm sure


try to stop embarrassing yourself, sisterfucker.

6cc523  No.13084546


What are you even doing here (((fag)))?

130028  No.13084548

File: a1dea764a7c43e0⋯.jpg (5.23 MB, 3016x8992, 377:1124, f76eab0ecec310b7a77277773e….jpg)

File: fbf8b76d8008c68⋯.png (669.72 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, c137184c7df17be01571860619….png)

Oh and i almost forgot pic related.

b60ed2  No.13084549


Not a fag, but trust me…if I wanted to kill you (and I do because you are a rotten disease vector in society) I WOULD KILL YOU. You would never see me coming.

2059ff  No.13084550

df7f47  No.13084559


>white failure advocates for killing children

how shocking


maybe not but i'd definitely smell you from a mile away. wash your gunt you pasty larping fatass.

130028  No.13084560

File: 12fde8df9f5ecf7⋯.jpg (160.59 KB, 646x800, 323:400, 12fde8df9f5ecf72a08e7c3c4d….jpg)


Imagine being so degenerate that you have to remove shit and dead semen from your colon so that other men can use your anus to masturbate with and accusing anyone that objects of having a phobia. lol.

df7f47  No.13084563


this isn't your blog, faggot.

003c1e  No.13084564


no need for that, there's genetic markers, we could test before they ever born and end a vast majority of faggots before they are ever born.


>try to stop embarrassing yourself

that's rich coming from an actual faggot, your entire existence is an embarrassment, functionally speaking there is no reason for you to exist, i think a lot of you know that deep down and that's why you kill yourselves at high rates.

b60ed2  No.13084572


Yes, this is Sparta now semite. We have standards. We are going to remove your parasitic filth from the planet and institute a disease free World without your disgusting fucking shit behaviors.

130028  No.13084573


>cuts to the bone

>no u!


003c1e  No.13084578


faggots have to wear diapers on occasion because they can't keep their shit in their asshole anymore.

df7f47  No.13084582

File: b582dd6d118b896⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 250x251, 250:251, kirby.jpg)


>functionally speaking there is no reason for you to exist

that's rich coming from a fat incel who pretends that he's a holy crusader for the white race all day. Go look in the mirror and apologize to whoever wasted their time raising you.

130028  No.13084583


And get colostomy bags if they live long enough.

df7f47  No.13084584


>cuts to the bone

pat yourself on the back harder, you're not that creative. that's probably why you're here.

b60ed2  No.13084585


I am simply saying that we can't let 'pity' for what is degenerate stand in the way of DUTY to our nation and people. There is no JUSTICE in this world while people side with what is disgusting, diseased, parasitic and deviant! How could there ever be JUSTICE and HEATH? There can't. We are Nationalists, not 'libertines' and all parasitic behaviors in society have to be exterminated. Born or unborn.

df7f47  No.13084586

130028  No.13084587


>no reely UU!!!!

i cant even

130028  No.13084596


Is that what they told you when they mounted you behind the burger king?

df7f47  No.13084600


>Yes, this is Sparta now semite.

to think I actually used to take you people seriously. You are the dregs of society, 99% of the planet hates you and wants to see you die. larp it up while you can. You're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

130028  No.13084605


>99% of the planet hates you and wants to see you die.

Pay attention, anons. This is what they call projection.

df7f47  No.13084606

File: ba730c0026519cb⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 600x341, 600:341, you.jpg)


I didn't ask for your life story.

130028  No.13084611



like a stuck record. You have a ball gag in atm don’t you, sodomite?

9a5730  No.13084612

File: af91cfbb4438779⋯.jpg (62.55 KB, 1001x846, 1001:846, 0fa16586749a77b25a91f47db2….jpg)


anon hit too close to home?

df7f47  No.13084614


You can't even talk to your family members about your backwards, centuries-dead beliefs, you pasty virgin.

df7f47  No.13084618



130028  No.13084622


Oh really? Trying to change the subject are you? Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe?

003c1e  No.13084625

90% of pedophiles are faggots.

acc4c0  No.13084626

File: 336f484286ba8f5⋯.png (52.92 KB, 200x428, 50:107, thumb_clover-clovergender-….png)

9a5730  No.13084629


You've been expelled from every major civilization until you invented finance capital, and its only a matter of time before you are expelled from the earth for doing that. I couldn't sleep if I were you.

b60ed2  No.13084649


Yes they bribed us with our own effort and labor to let them live. How did that work out for us, for the Earth, for Health, for Honor?

It was an 'experiment' that failed in every comprehensible way that an experiment could fail. Now the only thing left to do is clean up the mess and burn everything that has caused us these problems.

Semites must die. We must never have pity for the degenerate and diseased over an above what is pure, healthy and should have been holy to our people…

003c1e  No.13084658


lol, goes to show out of touch you are, we are growing stronger, not weaker, the more off the rails you lot go…and it's not just the faggots,it's all of it, all of this bullshit is working against you right now…. the less normal people are going to be willing to put up with your shit. it's not our fault you can't see the writing on the wall…..once the left is done expelling the centrist you're fucked and that's really only just begun…enjoy your echo chambers of faggots, stay in the delusion that things aren't starting to go sideways for you, it's better that way, it's easier that way.

130028  No.13084659

Go back to /cow/ before you choke to death on your boyfriends butt plug.

003c1e  No.13084661

File: ef677f9f20b36c2⋯.jpg (3.11 MB, 2609x3875, 2609:3875, hfth.jpg)

09e9ef  No.13084669

>OP (1)

Are you going to write an article about it?

9221e9  No.13084678

But what about cool fags like Milo?

b60ed2  No.13084683


All parasites must be killed…there is no such thing as an 'acceptable pathogen'. Also, milo is a kike fraud.

6cc523  No.13084712


I just read this and


You’re fucking disgusting. No wonder almost every reply you have relates to sex, “virgin” “incel”. You’re a sex addicted std carrying freak! Fucking disgusting. All you think about is sex and infecting another people. Your mind is literally a virus that is looking to infect others.

b60ed2  No.13084730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Your mind is literally a virus that is looking to infect others.

Actually that is the way a lot of pathogens work anon. They control the hosts mind. This is why I want to burn semites/faggots because I consider them a pathogen in the environment.

da749b  No.13084735

File: b7014d4d55b722d⋯.png (809.92 KB, 573x883, 573:883, b7014d4d55b722d7ec0881dec3….png)

File: ac8949536cecb9c⋯.jpg (65.51 KB, 638x654, 319:327, gay irl.jpg)

e276bc  No.13084753

File: d3feb6d798cc02c⋯.jpg (173.64 KB, 500x350, 10:7, KILL-IT-WITH-FIRE-FUNNY-FO….jpg)

b60ed2  No.13084763


Unironically THIS.

1636f2  No.13084810

File: 9bd34558496e29f⋯.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1372x4094, 686:2047, 94208FE9-0D30-4AFC-92C1-F….jpeg)

You can’t genocide gay people. They are made through abuse and defects. There are plenty of ex gay people out there. The media doesn’t want you to know that.

I knew of a huge gay activist in the early 90s. He recently married a woman and speaks out against what he calls the gay death style.

Attached is an account from an ex gay man. It’s really gross. He has to wear diapers.

To stop homosexuality, you tell the truth about it and give people real therapy (not the pozzed kind we have) where you help them understand their abuse. For the ones who are biologically disordered, help them get in touch with their manhood. They will still be a little feminine, but no longer put dicks in their butts.

b60ed2  No.13084816


ex gay = disease vector into heterosexual society

2a479b  No.13084848


Oldest shill tactic in the book, implying its one or the other. While Germany was putting yellow stars on kikes to prep them for deportation, they were also putting pink stars on the poisons that kikes pumped into the society. They all must be removed, the focus must be on all of them at the same time, both the sickness and the cause.

2a479b  No.13084853


That's a weird take seeing that our ancestors effortlessly rmoved homos from society through executing them (the only correct punishment.) Actual empirical evidence from what worked in history > your hot take about it being impossible.

e276bc  No.13084858

File: 60d284d74ed8bcb⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 283x420, 283:420, bfdd.jpg)


Exactly, they will just give their blood born diseases to women and give birth to infected children, there is no hope for them..killing them would be the Humane

And moral thing to do!

b4f66f  No.13084888


>4% of the pop killed

>implying its that high

But even if it is it's nothing compared to most historical purges. Humans will sit by and accept it so long as they understand that it benefits them.

df7f47  No.13084914


good one

23c5c6  No.13084928

>>13084888 (checked)

There is no benefit to diseases being spread through your population. There is no benefit to having your children raped or molested. There is no benefit to having to care for the weak, sick and worthless parasites of society.

df7f47  No.13084932

File: 18be5240dc5e9bc⋯.png (125.12 KB, 557x605, 557:605, honk.png)


don't you think it's weird how all the people in these pictures are white.

never forget what you're fighting for.

23c5c6  No.13084939


>good one

Herpies derp…

>I’m a massive faggot trying to spread my diseases of mind and body into the productive aspect of humanity.

The fact that you exist at all means that humanity is failing in their duty.

a0013f  No.13084944

File: 2e88dd7601115bf⋯.png (107.21 KB, 506x333, 506:333, 2e88dd7601115bf32dac604376….png)


Have a link to the URL? Trying to find it.

23c5c6  No.13084946


They are (((white))) alright…we known and understand where the infection comes from.

1c3381  No.13084980

All of the closet faggots ITT.

Your women are breeding you out with fucking niggers and you're more concerned about queers butt blasting each other?


df7f47  No.13084992


>productive aspect

like sitting in your gaming chair and posting on an internet forum all day about how you're going to save the white race?

grow up faggot. you're a lonely, bitter fat fuck who will never contribute one positive thing to the world.

df7f47  No.13084999


there is no benefit to having obese social rejects rapidly approaching middle age whining about how all of their problems in life are the fault of the jews, women, and gays.

23c5c6  No.13085004



Look at the faggots who thought they were going to get support of their degeneracy on /pol/. DIE FAGGOTS DEVIANT TRASH! Your time on this planet is over.

I am productive enough to point out your deviant fucking trash lifestyle and how you need extermination.

23c5c6  No.13085008


Nothing you say is relevant in any way faggot. You are still going to die for your deviant behavior.

1c3381  No.13085012


>Your time on this planet is over.

What a cringey little incel. I bet you watch comic book movies you closeted fuckface.

003c1e  No.13085016

File: 2a4dc304dcb3684⋯.jpg (355.79 KB, 600x452, 150:113, k..jpg)


lol, oh man you're fucking retarded, all of the pictures of faggots of other races is other them being killed…


have a look faggot. we will correct the mistakes we make. lol like i said, keep pushing normal people with your faggotory…people like you seem to think "bigots" are born or necessarily raised that way. cute.

1c3381  No.13085022


>whining about gays on teh internetz is productive

All you're doing is make these alt-right faggots look even dumber than they already are.

Fuck off with your paleolithic lies.

God forgave the gays you fucking blasphemers.

df7f47  No.13085025

File: 44279bb665e7f59⋯.jpg (174.29 KB, 1931x1855, 1931:1855, hdkek.jpg)


ahahahhah yeah at your hands surely. this power fantasy you fags have is honestly kind of pitiful. you're never going to kill anyone you pathetic little bitch. man up and face your problems instead of looking for something to blame.

87577f  No.13085027


Kill yourself kike, all fags will burn in the proverbial flames of Zyklon B

1c3381  No.13085037


Getting dabbed all over your grave by Jews like Jesus.

Gentiles burn in hell!

df7f47  No.13085038


you're not going to do anything you stupid little pussy. how about you log off and go take care of some of that pent up sexual frustration.

9b8913  No.13085041


23c5c6  No.13085046


I grew up in a faggot infested area. I can’t tell you how many times I had to protect my brother from them. They were always trying to rape him. I learned that faggots are worse than niggers because you can see a nigger coming and protect against them but pedo faggots try to appear ‘normal’ to blend into society so that you can’t spot their parasitic methods. I think the first time someone solicited my brother he was 7 or so…wanted to give him $30 bucks to suck his cock. This never stopped happening because he was such a beautiful boy. Now that my brother is older he hates fags and we both know that they need to be exterminated with EXTREME prejudice in order for our young men to live a normal happy life without predators around.

ed8620  No.13085047



1c3381  No.13085048


ed8620  No.13085056


Your brother sounds like an enormous faggot


You will never be white mudshit. I bet it hurts soooooooooo bad

23c5c6  No.13085058


You aren’t a ‘’race’’ you fucking dumbshit.

df7f47  No.13085061


>This never stopped happening because he was such a beautiful boy.

>another /pol/ retard outs himself as a closet homo

I think you should've been protecting your brother from yourself.

df7f47  No.13085063


kill yourself

23c5c6  No.13085065

Wow…a lot of Alt-Kikes in this thread. We are going to hunt you down and exterminate you the second we see a crack in the ‘government protection’ that you kikes enjoy.

1c3381  No.13085066


Doesn't matter. You're still advocating for genocide of a people which is wrong.

You stupid motherfuckers think you're going to heaven when you die?

Any heaven that lets in Nazis is not heaven at all!


no u faggot

266aa3  No.13085067


>They executed them then bogged them.

if you think about it this could be a good way to create more fossil fuels

23c5c6  No.13085069


Really, is that the only reason that a fucking deviant like yourself can think that an anon would call their BROTHER a beautiful boy?

6c0dee  No.13085070


Fags = jews

Jews = fags

Jews keep the fags as their pets. The wiki link is basically an extension of what the NSDAP did to chase out the jews.

266aa3  No.13085073


cry more

df7f47  No.13085078


ahahhahaha sure you are you mighty white crusader

you're so high on your own farts you can't even see reality anymore. you guys are a joke.

23c5c6  No.13085079


I am ETHNOGLOBE anon. The world belongs to our people. But we need to get rid of all those who have kike/Semitic parasitic blood in them which means that you are going to die either way…as a kike or as a fag.

1c3381  No.13085082

Once again /pol/ proves itself to be actual satire.

Grow up you little faglings.

23c5c6  No.13085084


No faggot we are going to make this into heaven by exterminating you parasites and your diseases.

df7f47  No.13085085


top tier boomerposting

23c5c6  No.13085089


I bet you know what it is like to be high on farts faggot.

df7f47  No.13085091


I wish your mother could see you right now.



266aa3  No.13085092


>pedro here thinks he's a hardass

who the fuck are you trying to impress, beaner? this is the internet, no one gives a shit about your tough guy act

df7f47  No.13085095


high IQ banter. is this that superior white intelligence I keep hearing about?

df7f47  No.13085097


I'm not the one pretending I'm gonna kill people in the streets, dipshit. Go wash your gunt.

f49b3f  No.13085106

File: f7f761614fd9820⋯.jpg (58.32 KB, 482x427, 482:427, NPC1.jpg)


My Mother is right here getting herself dolled up for our weekend outing to a local gun show.

You poor nigger faggots don't know shit about Blood, Family, Tribe, Community, Nation.

You prove it with your subhuman projections.

My Mother and Father raised me to respect myself, and do all within my power to protect my Blood and Soil.

Did you even know your parents, faggot?

f49b3f  No.13085109



It's scared.

df7f47  No.13085115


I guess it doesn't apply if your whole family is redneck trash.

23c5c6  No.13085119


There isn’t going to be any pretending. I am going to laugh as hard as I did watching Saint Tarrant gunning down the Semitic swine…I mean I laughed uproariously at that…when you are crying HHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPPP MMMMMEEEE that is going to be the highlight of my life.

254381  No.13085122

Just warning you anons

EU false flag against Germany and UK next month. They want to ban 8chan and halfchan and arrest anybody who posts on these sites in the EU.

If you see any posts calling for an attack against German and UK socialist politicians it is part of the false flag and call it out.

More info soon.

df7f47  No.13085125


oh i'm shaking in my boots buddy.


seek professional help. or maybe just go outside once in a while

23c5c6  No.13085130


K…there will be no ‘Bolshevik arrests’ anon. None of us are going to submit to globohomos agenda anymore. Thanks for the heads up. Locked and loaded.

23c5c6  No.13085132



I am outside right now, anon.

2f1ade  No.13085136





Then why do fags still exist if we got rid of them? Looking back at history I think it's evident that faggotry isn't related to genetics, it's a result of a certain type of upbringing and experiences within a society that produce faggotry

df7f47  No.13085137


is your handler with you?

2f1ade  No.13085142


Can you faggots stop replying to obvious bait posters?

df7f47  No.13085145


the irony is denser than the average /pol/ user's skull

003c1e  No.13085147

File: e123d0bf11f9f27⋯.jpg (56.47 KB, 677x508, 677:508, 01.jpg)


your spidey senses tingling qfaggot?

23c5c6  No.13085153


Saving that one…LMAO

003c1e  No.13085157


it can be both, it's both a genetic defect and a social contagion.

23c5c6  No.13085163


That was my point about killing fag children. We have to learn to side with the innocent that need our protection and exterminate the parasitic when it is born or shortly thereafter. Anyone who displays parasitic and deviant tendencies like kikes and fags needs extermination the second they are discovered.

e43eb9  No.13085171

File: 4d93ddaddcbc40f⋯.png (42.56 KB, 136x102, 4:3, 1480464169-1477945755-imag….png)

All this hatred while pedophiles are out there raping children. Knowing this website I'm sure most of you are child molesting fat fucks who lash out their self hatred on adults doing private adult stuff.

>Pic related, that's what you all look like.

6cc523  No.13085172



You know we are right. I personally don't want you to wallow in your parasitic suffering. Maybe one day we could cure you from your Toxoplasma. Until then you're a lost cause,

As they say you can't lead a horse to water.

God bless, lost anon.

23c5c6  No.13085181


Even if you could cure them the toxoplasmosis would still be infecting their body and the plasmids might transfer their toxic DNA to another bacteria…I am not joking they are a contagion that needs to be exterminated wherever they are found in society.

23c5c6  No.13085184


fags are the pedophile who are spreading their disease in heterosexual culture. Pedophilia is the only way fags can ‘reproduce’ anon.

6ec6a7  No.13085188

File: 1a894340637b3ac⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 235faaww2451sw.jpg)


Your whole miserable existence is a mtyh, faggot. Now, get back to any hole you crawled from cause if you stay any longer we may hurt your feelings further.

2f1ade  No.13085193

File: 880d4547255916c⋯.png (1.96 KB, 557x34, 557:34, d3f40b500baa082a88cafad218….png)


First of all don't advocate shit here retard cause the mods are rats and will sell you out.


Second, it can't be genetic because if it were it would have been a more dominant trait then it has been remember it wasn't only till recently that this fag shit exploded to retarded proportions

e43eb9  No.13085195

File: 1779bba65d14f92⋯.png (20.6 KB, 136x102, 4:3, 1540077150-eeeee.png)


>That was my point about killing fag children

You want to kill children now? I swear you fat fucks on this website might hate mudslimes but sometimes you're just as bad as them. This is what happens when you're fat, greasy loser living in mom's basement. You lose touch with reality.

Come and say you want to kill children in my (or anyone's) face, I'll burn you alive.


What a bunch of nonsense. I forgot how retarded this board was.

23a70b  No.13085201


Retourne sur JVCuck le bougnoule sodomite consanguin.

23c5c6  No.13085206


I am not worried about the ‘MODS’ I am worried about fags extermination from heterosexual society. Do I seem like I am ‘overly worried’ about what I am advocating, like I am concerned about ‘peer pressure’? Fags need to be rooted out and killed at any stage of life.

23c5c6  No.13085211


You should leave Alt-Kike…no one is ‘forcing’ your big kike nose to be here advocating for your degeneracy.

23c5c6  No.13085213


That is because it is a genetic ‘tendency’ that we are not EUGENICALLY weeding out, but the actual fag behavior is spread through pedophilia and child rape.

9ecbdf  No.13085214

File: 1bb0df58a60ba91⋯.jpg (134.52 KB, 964x957, 964:957, google nigger lol.jpg)

Killing fags isn't going to get rid of them.

They'll always re-appear and keep on fagging regardless of how many pogroms or mass slaughters we could ever organize.

Thus the correct thing to do is to get our best scientists (once we have our own exclusively white and sane government that is) and medical personnel working on the problem and going about solving it via hardcore eugenics and genetic engineering, gene splicing, DNA altering and whatever the fuck else needs to happen at a base level to eliminate the queer gene/strand/what have you from the population.

That or maybe faggotry really is caused by toxoplasma t.gondii and if that is the case perhaps all we'll have to do is get our scientists/medical personnel working towards killing that bug/germ/virus/bacteria whatever it is and voila no more fags or liberals being born or Christ tards either for that matter since the bug is said to be responsible for severely warped thinking in it's hosts.

23a70b  No.13085220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

23c5c6  No.13085222


This is why it has to be a continual program of purging the fag population until they are exterminated and the genes that carry them are destroyed.

df7f47  No.13085225


>You know we are right.


It doesn't get any more pathetic than this. What are you even right about you slack-jawed yokel dipshit.


This is why they call you guys tinfoils.

79659f  No.13085230


Okay real talk, I have a bisexual friend who is pretty right wing on a lot of subjects. How do I get through to him that he has a perverted sexuality?

It's one of those things he'll talk about now, but if I were to tell him being bi is wrong he'd probably not talk about it and would feel shame and might just cut me off.

He's basically a Milo "based faggot" type person except he's bisexual. He definitely likes women more, but he's done some seriously faggy shit I don't want to get into detail here.

Even worse, he's one of the only other right wing people in my group of friends. I don't like associating with him because of his fagginess, but I think he can be saved. What do?

ed7642  No.13085232



Link at the top.

df7f47  No.13085233


waahh wahh get out of my hugbox.

You niggers are worse than sjws. hands down.

d7f5f4  No.13085234

File: 807ac0ef0eaee08⋯.jpg (331.42 KB, 650x650, 1:1, sodomites.jpg)


Shut the fuck up you pedophile loving homo..god him self ordered us to exterminate gays ,why should we listen to a faggot with a cock up his ass such as your self ?

23c5c6  No.13085241


Because we want to BBQ fag and kike children to have a stable peaceful organized and productive Reich?

K, I guess it is appropriate.

23c5c6  No.13085246


You are the stupid fag who is complaining about being here…no one is forcing your kike self to participate. FUCK OFF ALREADY.

36089b  No.13085247


>(35) of faggot screeching

holy shit calm down inbred faggotkike.

df7f47  No.13085248


The solution to getting rid of faggotry is social. All of you dumbass backwater sister fuckers seem to have forgotten that the jew is our primary enemy.

23c5c6  No.13085250


You are the jew faggot.


df7f47  No.13085252



go take a bath you social parasite

df7f47  No.13085258



I'm having a good time. get the sand out of your grundle you joyless sister fucking retard.

e2e140  No.13085264


All sexual deviants will either be fucking executed or "re-educated", with or without their consent (this can include various forms of therapeutic punishment, or psychiatric drugging to correct their desires). No exceptions. The only acceptable relationships are heterosexual monogamy between a man and a woman (both post-pubescent), or polygyny between one man and many women. Faggots, trannies, pedophiles (the worst out of all of them), cucks, and whores will be dealt with one way or another. It shall be as nature has ordained.

df7f47  No.13085270


>Because we want to BBQ children

yeah exactly. your jeffrey dahmer tier torture fantasies would be dangerous if you all weren't such impotent beta lard asses fused to your computer chairs.

23c5c6  No.13085273


Polygamy is not naturally ordained.

d7f5f4  No.13085279

File: ecabf9dc52221fe⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 275x183, 275:183, jdjxjx.jpg)


eat a dick you fucking muslim supporter, you think we dunno who you are ? These gays are child molesters they should be dealt with as well you fucking ball licker

23c5c6  No.13085284


Except that you have that wrong anon. You want to know what the lead up to any war is? Recognizing your mortal enemy and calling him out for his deviant and destructive behavior. We are VERY CLOSE anon…very close to the end of you Bolshevik kike faggots. All it is going to take is one small thing to tip the balance (you brought this on yourselves btw) and you are going to get sent down to hell via a bullet and a mass grave (although I would rather burn your contagious fucking POZZED BIOHAZARD ASSES). Then it will be a matter of maintanence and weeding out the bad blood so that GLOBOHOMO can never prosper on Earth again.

df7f47  No.13085287


I would have thought you inbred sister fuckers would get along great with muslims considering you're ideologically identical

df7f47  No.13085291


>larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp larp

You are going to die quietly and alone.

e2e140  No.13085293


Tell that to the other apes. Polygyny makes perfect sense (not the same as polygamy, it means only one male and multiple females). That's how it was done in the past.

185697  No.13085300


Muzzles are the biggest pedofags on the planet…fucking faggots are so goddamn retarded

1c3381  No.13085301


You won't exterminate anyone.

And you keep hoping for Jesus to come back to kill the faggots?

Or for another great deluge to drown the rats.

Keeping you fucks alive was a mistake.

A pox on Noah and his house.

Fuck all of you.

185697  No.13085307


It is eugenically sound

df7f47  No.13085308


second only to whites, sister fucker

a7d5b8  No.13085311

Gays inherently have no investment inf the future of a society or civilization. Aside from being more-or-less useless, what makes it worth hating them to this extent?

003c1e  No.13085317


maybe the next christchruch will be a gay pride parade. lol

185697  No.13085318


They are disease vectors in society anon. Do you like disease? Go get a fag to rape the POZ into your asshole

b60ed2  No.13085323


Please God let this happen I need a good laugh! ‘Get well soon fags!’ Hahaha

0034e1  No.13085326

File: c72ed2cbb5c253b⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, gaynotok.jpg)

All Furries are Fags and all Fags are Pedos. Remember this.

266aa3  No.13085329


found the redneck trailer trash

b60ed2  No.13085336


Keep ‘pretending’ that this is not a war waged against us by kike fucking globohomos (((anon)))

6ec6a7  No.13085339


>It's one of those things he'll talk about now, but if I were to tell him being bi is wrong he'd probably not talk about it and would feel shame and might just cut me off.

That would actually be for the better.

Daily reminder that faggotry is contagious. Terminate the friendship immediately. There are many right wing straight people out there, go to your local gun range and you'll find them, Good luck.

23a70b  No.13085348

File: 4bcd55f84d75156⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 500x623, 500:623, Burning_of_Sodomites.jpg)


>fuck you son of a bitch theres literally nothing wrong with being gay..

Die you impure devil.

36089b  No.13085349


kikes are the most inbred group, having their own genetic diseases, specific to them only.

it's also allowed to fuck children in your talmud and your religious tradition is to suck babydick.

some dude claimed to work in some pedoward in prison and claimed kikes were the most over represented, which wouldn't be surprising.

So stop fucking projecting so hard, inbred kike rat.

266aa3  No.13085351


redneck trailer trash genes are by fault defective

most /pol/ posters have no such genes

df7f47  No.13085354

File: f0b0f9a2c8266ee⋯.jpg (274.82 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, poluser.jpg)


if having children is the only thing that makes you useful then you should probably just kill yourself because God knows a fat ugly white nationalist isn't producing worthwhile offspring. Pay a visit to your local walmart or trailer park and see the fruit of white loins. This race is no longer worth fighting for. And you faggots are a great argument for that case.

8a0198  No.13085358


I'd tell you to stick your post up your ass. But I won't knowing you'd like it, degenerate.

266aa3  No.13085359

File: ed593f3d7527fec⋯.webm (5.43 MB, 488x272, 61:34, Liberian turf war.webm)


>because God knows a fat ugly white nationalist isn't producing worthwhile offspring

black/hispanic/arab offspring aren't much better

e2e140  No.13085361


It would make sense to have most men have monogamous relationships, and have a select few of the most genetically fit to have more than one wife (although not too many, but a limited amount for moderation's sake).


<typical faggot who cries LARP whenever kike power is threatened

The clock's ticking for the Bolsheviks, and they know it.

7766c0  No.13085375

File: 22c7565e8f37854⋯.jpg (179.68 KB, 1024x710, 512:355, 1432774171131.jpg)


At least there will be another him.

f49b3f  No.13085379

File: 49a61b5b783a804⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 683x483, 683:483, raze.jpg)


I love that you faggots can't help but Strawman your opposition as a self projection so you don't piss and shit yourselves imagining whom, and what is actually coming for you.

Stay ignorant.

Stay arrogant.

Stay faggot.

You'll never see it coming.

Thank you.

d9e84a  No.13085392


Fortnite sure stepped up their game in the live action reboot.

b60ed2  No.13085398


We'd rather kill you fagokikes

23a70b  No.13085410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






6cc523  No.13085415

File: 181a8ac7c491479⋯.jpg (152.67 KB, 600x400, 3:2, FagAnt.jpg)

File: 46b1d7cae6d2689⋯.jpg (124.31 KB, 700x872, 175:218, FagFungus.jpg)


>get the sand out of your grundle you joyless sister fucking retard.


>All of you dumbass backwater sister fuckers


>Go wash your gunt.


>>This never stopped happening because he was such a beautiful boy.

>>another /pol/ retard outs himself as a closet homo

>I think you should've been protecting your brother from yourself.


> go take care of some of that pent up sexual frustration


> you pasty virgin.


>fat incel


> i'd definitely smell you from a mile away. wash your gunt


>try to stop embarrassing yourself, sisterfucker.


>start with yourself, incel


>closeted homos right

(Subconsciously wants others infected)


> fat ugly

All your insults are related to sex and sexual appearance. You talk obsessively about genitals, incest, closeted homosexuasl/pedophiles, and it's just repulsive to listen to.

I highlighted this to show other anons how gay mentality seems to work. It's all sexual deviancy. You insult us with things that your mind virus would be phased by. You keep saying incel and virgin as if sex is a qualifying factor in how much worth a person has. Is your bodycount a thing you pride yourself in?

Do you not hear what you are saying? Are you that far gone? Do you not see all of your projections?

I find you to be an intriguing specimen. You just can't stop yourself from showing your infection. Being an attention-hog is a way to spread a virus I suppose. I never knew that gays were that perverse before. I hope you quarantine yourself anon. You're just like a "zombie" bug.

b60ed2  No.13085421



As people with no stake in the future of the society they destroy it on a whim.

003c1e  No.13085425


well bill nye took a radical turn.

086424  No.13085427


So what the fuck on earth are you sick faggot doing here then? You will not find any support for your sickness here on /pol/. Go back to your little fagg support circle and GTFO.

b60ed2  No.13085428


There is that and there is the fact that none of the insults were true either. I have seen PLENTY of anons post their personal photos on /pol/ even when they know better. Most of those who post are physically fit, attractive, conservative European males that anyone would be proud to have as a neighbor.

e784db  No.13085431


>This poor kikelord just wants to produce ad-homini until the sun goes down.

Go back to plebbit.

003c1e  No.13085435


fucking queer bait wanted to see what the real world was thinking and as per usual fags out trying to fight against reality once exposed to it.

b60ed2  No.13085437


They can't get back to the ninth circle of hell unless someone sends them there and burns the corpse afterwards so that they have to STAY in Hell.

b60ed2  No.13085445


We joke about memes being infectious anon…but the globohomos know what they are doing, AGAIN, THIS IS WAR ANONS…the first stage of it.

e784db  No.13085469


<That's a fucking kekker.

E. Micheal Jones is his name.

7766c0  No.13085471

File: 0d34aa928e580d9⋯.jpg (64.58 KB, 782x652, 391:326, 9cfc65ebe7e373157fdae6b561….jpg)


b32131  No.13085476


Lesbians don't exist. All women feel attracted to men, despite what they tell you. With fags that doesn't happen.

b60ed2  No.13085482



They need to be purged as well anon. They are deviant and parasitic in society as well.

b60ed2  No.13085528

This thread got quiet when the faggots went away…that is nice…relaxing and peaceful…just like it will be when they are purged from the Earth and their disease vector and pedophilia is gone forever.

203511  No.13085568

How do I protect myself public space around gays?

Should I place toilet paper on public toilet seats if I need to shit?

I'm fucking freaking out right now, I just started a new job with a faggot boss and I'm afraid to go back. How the fuck do I protect my health someone please give me some advice!

7aa11d  No.13085581

If the goal is to remove potential and proven disease vectors, then promiscuity in general must be violently abolished. Homos belong in the bog for their predilection to rape children.

7aa11d  No.13085590


Just straight up squat on the toilets, and don't let your ass come into contact with the porcelain. Wash your hands, and don't tough your face. You should be alright.

b60ed2  No.13085597


I want to take bets on how long before he is putting his dirty shitty infected hands on your crotch and goosing you or trying to probe your asshole with his fingers.

Come on, give me odds on how long until he tries to POZ your asshole. Or has a fag gang do it…nothing you can say either because FAGS HAVE THE RIGHT TO RAPE YOU NOW.

003c1e  No.13085600

i love the "intersectionality" and "diversity" of people who want to see dead faggots.


shit on your bosses desk. one way or another it should resolve the situation…seriously though, use the ass gaskets or plan on getting ass herpes from the toilet seat. do your best to keep your distance and speak from a far if possible….sanitize,sanitize,sanitize…good luck anon, hopefully you can transfer out sooner than later.

b60ed2  No.13085602


Fags carry viruses anon. Viruses cross breed like mad, it is only a matter of time before anon is contaminated with hepatitis or something that is incurable

003c1e  No.13085611


probably more likely to go after the children in the office first and foremost…the fucked part in all of this is the guy knows his boss is gay before he really even started the job….faggots just gotta display their sexual degeneracy every chance they get.

7aa11d  No.13085618




In this instance, wearing a medical mask and gloves would not be a bad idea.

203511  No.13085626





I'ven shaken hands with him and his second in command, I've also just realized that all of the kitchen staff are gay too, fuck! Yeah I'm not going back!

2a479b  No.13085635


What a beautiful future that sounds like, almost as good as great civilizations of the past which also were't infected with disgusting subhuman faggots.

79659f  No.13085643


I know that but I do care about the souls and the lives of my friends. This guy is so close to absolute redpill. I feel if he had the proper info he would just stop being a faggot, his problem is he seeks approval from other males too much. He's a very short and scrawny nerdy numale type, but decently smart and has a good paying tech job

b60ed2  No.13085648

File: 828531c6ea2e6c6⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 480x360, 4:3, fag diseases.jpg)

File: e0a2eb3500b04a0⋯.jpg (34.27 KB, 493x335, 493:335, fags disease.jpg)

File: 0959d7d66de4aae⋯.jpeg (500.53 KB, 1200x1376, 75:86, fags secondary shiphillis.jpeg)


Under your bosses clothing and fingernails the itch itch itch of syphilis and other incurable STDs are waiting to be passed into heterosexual culture…gays don't care about anyone but their hedonist fucking other men in the asshole anon, don't expect them to start caring about you, they are ANGRY because they wanted to live a hedonistic life and got tripped up (so unfair) by disease so they want to pass it to as many people as they can

23a70b  No.13085662


Spoiler images next time anon

b60ed2  No.13085663

File: 736faae54d0e051⋯.jpg (70.45 KB, 695x530, 139:106, london 1950.jpg)

File: e32f522adf21113⋯.jpg (94.03 KB, 875x594, 875:594, london 2019.jpg)


Remember that expose on Old London that the Daily Mail had to control and delete more than half the comments when people saw how wonderful and White London used to be in the 1950's? It was like over and over the LONGING IN THEIR SOUL TO BE RID OF THE SEMITIC SUBHUMAN FILTH COULDN'T BE CONTAINED…even normies were crying out about their loss…the fact that they all got deleted by the kike editors WAS FUCKING PRICELESS…they are going to stew on that one for a LONG TIME until they take action and save their nations.

1da7bf  No.13085665


You are the result of child abuse. You are the result of abuse and mental illness gone unchecked. You're sad and lonely and always will be until you make right with God and understand how you have become a victim to the parasitic society you claim home. You can talk all you want, bitch and moan all you want, do as you please… but deep down inside, you're transparent and know what the objective truths in this life are. I can but only hope you find your way right. Pull yourself together man.

b60ed2  No.13085666


Sorry about that…my bad…I was thinking clinically, sincere apology.

003c1e  No.13085667


100% chance you live in a large city

80% chance that city is a in a coastal state

75% chance that city is located on the west coast.

can you beat the odds anon? get the fuck out while you can!!! if you have a kitchen that means you're going to be eating food prepped by fags, single drop policy applies to hiv as much as anything else. lol

1c3381  No.13085669


Yeah spoiler that shit!

Just think of all of the "straight" anons on nofap who are being titillated by such images.

Ooh look at that ballsack! So hairy!

7aa11d  No.13085676


You don't have to quit if the pay is good. Just wear a medical mask and gloves and bring (and hide) your own lunch.

If anyone asks about the mask or gloves, just tell them you have allergies.

1c3381  No.13085688


Don't go back. Don't go to any jobs!

Just starve you lazy bigot!

b60ed2  No.13085690

File: 8b5575dab4df0b9⋯.jpg (302.19 KB, 1236x909, 412:303, intentionally infected wit….jpg)


Yeah well, fags want to infect as many people as possible because they are a death cult/demonic, that is why they passed that law in Cali that anyone INTENTIONALLY infecting another person with HIV can't be held liable.


You are all assuming that they wouldn't INTENTIONALLY INFECT HETEROSEXUALS…but they have no such qualms.

203511  No.13085700


How could they intentionally infect? Like a delibrate sneeze in the face?

23a70b  No.13085702


If a recall, it was the mayor of the city that passed the law, which is a homosexual Jew.

b60ed2  No.13085726

File: 46c6bd64bdb77e7⋯.jpg (124.43 KB, 720x618, 120:103, starbucks bioterrorism AID….jpg)



It is all part of the war anon…the one most of you don't realize that you are fighting in…it is all of our enemies killing us, kike/fags, niggers, spics, etc.

b60ed2  No.13085734


by putting blood in your food is one way…sometimes I don't think you people understand how much these subhumans hate you, me and our people. It is a travesty of justice that they are allowed to live in our nations alongside us.

003c1e  No.13085738

File: fbb45c4a32c43a7⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 474x355, 474:355, ukb9.jpg)


you got a link, i'd like to see that.. i'm actually a dual national but have been living in the US for a very long time, i missed that one….



pic related faggot.

53a405  No.13085740

File: dbb73488febaf12⋯.jpg (19.9 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1554512898660.jpg)

b60ed2  No.13085757


Comments have all be THOROUGHLY PURGED…but here are the photos anon…they are heart wrenching. There are more niggers in London now that there are Whites in the entire continent of Africa…and that is just the nigger population.


2a479b  No.13085785


No worries, we're working on it, every new anon who wakes up from the jewish spell they've been under, every child who laughs at a moonman song, brings us one step closer to the time of reckoning. Whichever side you find yourself on, you're gonna be on your knees either way, whether it's sucking off Jamal or taking a bullet to the back of the head.

203511  No.13085802


Many people scroll, they dont enter threads, this is because of the rise of adhd and low iq, what you have done is knowingly pushed my comment up so less people would be exposed on how to protect against fags. Very crafty of you, Jew.

622650  No.13085825

File: 1fb012782ba6ea8⋯.jpg (127.44 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DgdgDigXkAAuWh3.jpg large.jpg)

File: fe6ec5f45705b57⋯.jpg (152.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Neo-Weimar Berlin dogs.jpg)

File: f8f63e31c22b57e⋯.png (221.18 KB, 985x1239, 985:1239, You will see man made horr….png)

File: c06f72f15c96356⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 510x588, 85:98, this exists.jpg)

File: 3efa526d354e9f8⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 540x720, 3:4, rubber doggo drinking out ….jpg)


>Sure after they are dead. They are a HUGE biohazard due to their lifestyle. Their bodies themselves are disease machines. If we were serious about eliminating a wide variety of disease we would burn their bodies and treat them like the biohazard they are…high temp incineration.

You don't know the fucking half of it man, I read their obscure publications. They openly go on about how fucked up their sex lives are, and the things they do are enough to make even the average degenerate normie puke his guts out \if he found out. Like

>a crowd of rubbersuited freaks in pig masks cavorting in a kiddie pool full of piss, and being pissed on by random strangers.

>dude gets drunk as fuck while wearing rubber and gasmask and gets railed by dozens of people that all seem to know him.

>Dude has a heavily tattooed man in a leather dog mask on a leash that stops to periodically lick peoples boots and play fetch.

>little boys dolled up as go-go dancers twerking near a fat guy tied to a post, and being whipped by a skellington manlet.

>An party of makeup caked dragqueen-nuns that centers on the desecration of christian relics, and the sale of Jesus Christ Buttplugs; Calling themselves "the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence"

>The details of cleaning up after the piss pool party, which is fucking horrifying in itself! Imagine you slip while carrying it to a sewer and you get soaked in cold urine

Anyway, I have an ancedote about a faggot I knew that actually accidentally cured himself. He was doing a parasite cleanse with anti parasite teas, and diatomaceous earth for about a month straight, and a couple of weeks in or so he shit a fuck ton of worms and flukes and insane shit he'd been unable to describe, and after the month had gone over, he couldn't have his bf fuck him because he nolonger craved it. All the bottom behaviouir had gone.

My theory is that sodomy is part of the lifecycle of certain parasites, that they lay their eggs in the colon and induce the host to get assfucked bare in an orgy/bathhouse/party setting and the top is unwittingly spreading parasite eggs into new assholes and mouths via chain-linked sexual encounters.

7aa11d  No.13085851


High-temperature incineration can fix it all.

003c1e  No.13085875


meh, got to handle them for that, let's just force march them on to some rockets and launch them into the sun…

hell we could even use them for biological warfare, fly over the middle east and just start dropping them like bombs, just the sky raining down thousands upon thousands of infected faggots on to a bunch of goat fuckers would be both funny and beneficial.

b60ed2  No.13085897

File: 6acfb1890091f1b⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 300x205, 60:41, parasites in cock from ana….gif)




Yeah, I know a lot more about their 'lifestyle' because I grew up in an area that was infested with them and I eavesdrop a lot. The things they say would make an ordinary person vomit. I also know about the worms they get worms in their penis from fucking each other in the ass. Spoilered.

b60ed2  No.13085901


dang it…forgot to spoiler that…fucking hell, I am sorry…at least it is not the gif where you can see them all wiggling around and being extracted.

7acb23  No.13085920

File: 51dd494e81fba46⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ripley-nuke-the-site-from-….jpg)

622650  No.13085927


No, that's not from anal sex, that's acutally a fetish. He's Urethral sounding with worms also called Formicophila

7aa11d  No.13085930


First, encapsulate the undesirable menace in appropriate camps. Then, build a great fire in a dug out pit. After that, coral the sludge into the area surrounding the pit, and liquidate the lot. Finally, ensure the remains are put in the pit. Automating the process would be best, and have any personnel overseeing things wear appropriate NBC PPE.

a491b4  No.13085948

are you guys all for real? Like really for real?

7aa11d  No.13085954


>he doesn't want to eliminate incurable illnesses


003c1e  No.13085955


fuck back off to reddit.

cd8ba5  No.13085960


Kill yourself before we get our hands on you or you're going to wish you had.

7aa11d  No.13085971


Torture can be a very unsanitary thing. Elimination must be quick, clean, and efficient.

622650  No.13085975


There is nothing like being in the thick of that fucking messy meat-grinder that is faggotry that conduces well with allowing it to continue. Man, they are actually running out of serviceable assholes and that's why the ramp up of pedophile acceptance lately. They want fresh replacements

003c1e  No.13085985


nobody is talking about torture, we're not degenerates ourselves. it is always better to choose your own death than have it selected for you. that's all that's being said.

a491b4  No.13085999

Like I don't mean to speak out of turn here, but honestly, a lot of you sound like repressed homosexuals which is fine.

Just enjoy it. You'll feel better once you embrace it. Just be gay, no one in the real world is going to judge you for it. xx

003c1e  No.13086001

File: ead82d55c8bb1a3⋯.jpg (264.37 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DiOUAiYXkAASnOK.jpg)

File: 81375740c95f484⋯.jpg (155.62 KB, 1200x1162, 600:581, DiVtDaQXUAANRWl.jpg)


meh, the overlap was always there, they just knew if they came out as pedo's instead of fags first they would have been cleansed a long time ago….this is what progress looks like. MAPs and non-contact MAPS….sexuality is just a spectrum, being attracted to different age groups is just a part of that spectrum….fucking degenerates.

23a70b  No.13086003


>Like I don't mean to speak out of turn here, but honestly, a lot of you sound like repressed homosexuals which is fine.

> Speaks against pedophilia

> "Lol Kek, you must have repressed pedophilia which is fine"

This is the kind of geniuses we have here.

7aa11d  No.13086011


Practicing homosexuality and any other such promiscuous acts in this time of medicine-resistant superbugs is a death sentence by its very nature. All disease vectors must be eliminated for peace and healthful prosperity.

003c1e  No.13086029

File: de1225c113a9e6e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.58 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, IMG-20141129-WA0006.jpg)


lol, typical projecting from a reddit faggot. i fucking hate lots of things, doesn't mean i want to stick my dick in them, wtf is wrong with you?

only good faggot is a dead faggot.

a491b4  No.13086056

I mean really guys if you are all gay and repressing it then thats not good for you in the long run. Be gay! You'll feel much better once you all admit it to yourselves. Really!

For the record, Im not gay, but honestly, in my life I'm not that affected by it. Its a big world out here, sure it feels scary because people are different and they like different things, they talk different or act different. But you dont need to feel threatened.

Take a breath, go outside, it might be a beautiful day where you are, or a warm, pleasant evening. Take a walk, look at the world around you, see how amazing it is and stop worrying about being gay yourself. Relax, the world isn't going to cave in because you prefer to suck a dick.

23a70b  No.13086062

File: bca96b648107abd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.14 KB, 709x530, 709:530, Missionary.jpg)

003c1e  No.13086075


it's ok, after we're done with the faggots we will becoming for redditfags like you next. don't worry.

a491b4  No.13086088

I'm going to leave you to your insane conspiracy theories. It's been nice talking to you all. I really wish you all well.

Maybe one day you'll all realise what a waste of time all this stuff is. I hope so. I hope you all find your way off this site. It's poison for your brain and you could be doing so much more with your lives.

I just popped in to see what all the fuss was about. The answer is not a lot to be honest. bye!

e36fef  No.13086101

File: fb5c7d688802078⋯.jpg (126.26 KB, 702x800, 351:400, B4934A15-DF11-469D-8D4B-5B….JPG)

I am beautiful. Hail Dionysus the Son of God, the Savior who conquered Death, Lord God Iove Sabazius.

a7e289  No.13086102


You sound gay as fuck so shut the fuck up pussy

1174d0  No.13086112


It's so hilarious watching packs of uncoordinated monkeys running around with guns. Shooting randomly from the hip like retarded chimps. Nearly any actual military in the world would absolutely wreck their shit within minutes. But who wants to rule over the niggerlands? No one but niggers, I'd wager.

e36fef  No.13086122

File: ff2ec849566daca⋯.jpg (150.02 KB, 452x640, 113:160, 05FDE218-E351-436A-85EB-43….JPG)

The beautiful is holy and the holy is beautiful. Fags are the bane, the antithesis of beauty: they are ugly, corrupted, diseased abominations against the very spirit of Nature i.e. God. Their ugliness is itself tantamount to their degeneration and abhorrence.

f49b3f  No.13086126


Your naive and pretentious condescension is why your fraudulent world is falling apart around you, faggot.

Many here are very cultured, educated, and world traveled. Some have been to war and back.

Which is why we know exactly what we're talking about, and you just look tiny, panicked, and foolish.

You're in danger, and you need to believe in your delusions in order to continue clinging to your failed beliefs.

Good luck with that.

We're coming.

003c1e  No.13086135


lol, you make a lot of assumptions…the reason there is a fuss is because we do have lives, for the most part we are normal everyday people, like actual normal everyday people, not some liberal faggots, we do have lives, probably better lives than you, it's part of the reason we have the views we have, we've made good choices and created a stable and secure life for ourselves…..the fact that we are normal people is exactly what scares your faggot butt buddies….you're just too fucking stupid,biased and delusional to see it…like i said, you and your little faggot friends keep doing what your doing, it's pissing more and more normal people off….like all things, one day there will be a tipping point. it will come….if you believe the faggot propaganda you got to ask yourself how being a faggot became a stigma in the first place, apparently you fucking revisionist retards want to say men fucking other men was common in the past…if that was the case then how did the stigma develop? maybe people got sick of faggots shit and started murdering them all, kinda funny they murdered faggots in almost every culture on earth…why is that faggot lover? you know from a faggot lovers POV.

4ce5ba  No.13086139


>poision for the brain

>unable to refute facts

Alright fag

622650  No.13086175


There is nothing like being in the thick of that fucking messy meat-grinder that is faggotry that conduces well with allowing it to continue. Man, they are actually running out of serviceable assholes and that's why the ramp up of pedophile acceptance lately. They want fresh replacements>>13086122

>The beautiful is holy and the holy is beautiful. Fags are the bane, the antithesis of beauty: they are ugly, corrupted, diseased abominations against the very spirit of Nature i.e. God. Their ugliness is itself tantamount to their degeneration and abhorrence.

The average faggot is a skinnyfat degenerate that has no stamina, and no muscles, and yet he lusts after the muscular male form and desires a partner with it. He is envious of natural beauty, even as he defiles it.

a7e289  No.13086257


Go let a bunch of dudes rape your asshole then suck your shit off their dick and see of our conspiracy theories are true or false, if you dont end up with herpies or worms or some parasites then we are all delusional and you are the genius here , faggot

a491b4  No.13086265


I guess thats the thing. My world isn't falling apart. Sure things could be better, but you know its not so bad.

I don't feel tiny and panicked. I'm just reading what you guys are posting, struggling to see why you are all so worked up over this stuff. I guess if you spend a lot of time in here it will do that to you…

Anyway like I said I'm just passing through, no hard feelings. I look forward to you "coming" what ever that means.

cd5869  No.13086297

File: 48d76204e3bbdd0⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1098x516, 183:86, Screenshot (10753)_LI.jpg)

a491b4  No.13086300


You see the thing is you are pissing no one off really. Nothing i've read in here pisses me off, it just makes me feel depressed that grown men come into this site and post boring, nonsensical rants about gay people.

As for stigma about gay people, I don't know. I'm no historian. Why don't you look into it? research why and how that came about? But from a variety of sources, you know like a grown up. Then make up your own mind. You might be right, you might be wrong, who knows!

Maybe actually talk to someone who is gay, get their story? don't worry you can't get aids from talking, you'll be perfectly safe.

Anyway look, I wish you well, whatever you decide to do. Take care buddy

003c1e  No.13086303


it's funny how the world works

incrementalism got the corporations their power, got the faggots their acceptance and the very same slow moving siege engine that brought us those things is going to be the very same one that undoes them, in the very same fashion.

are you actually going to fuck off this time?

644504  No.13086338

File: f8fe117ab2ffa1f⋯.jpg (108.54 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Fuck_Off_Faggot_Once_and_f….jpg)


Jeez, I really wonder why people used to hate you, faggots…..

It's no longer their private matter what they're doing in their beds. These sick fucks are after our children and THAT is unacceptable.

003c1e  No.13086364


again you silly faggot, you being pissed off has nothing to do with it, what faggots think of us has nothing to do with it, it's all of the people who don't vote, the ones who stay out of politics and just try to live their lives….they are the ones that matter if they are pissed or not, you and i are irrelevant….you faggots and faggot lovers trying to gay up every single aspect of life in this country is starting to piss those people off….and slowly but surely they find their way to places like this while you faggots are in your little circlejerks dreaming up the next faggot thing you can shove down our throats….

what makes you think i've never known or talked to gay people before? i'm in western Washington, it's unavoidable…again,like i said earlier, "bigots" aren't born that way and in today's society most of them are not raised that way, we become "bigots" because of our interactions and what we see before our eyes in relation to faggots.

1c3381  No.13086385


44051e  No.13086396


Why do they go out of their way to look like literal demons?

9fae57  No.13086404


Because they are literal demons? Plain and simple. These 'people' , if one can call them that, are literally spawns of satan because who else would ever dream about being gang raped in the ass? Not a sane person if you ask me.

e784db  No.13086428


>Is gay beneficial to society? y/n

It doesn't take any study to answer that. Specious word-soup doesn't mean anything to physical reality, neither does an ocean of useless knowledge.

1c3381  No.13086441


Homosexuality is a natural response to female sexual power structures.

What's the alternative? Beta bux that has to pay for an AIDS ridden hole and a gross nigger spawn?

Some religious incel? You people are fucked in the head.

You lost the war a long time ago. Stay mad gays exist.

Stay fucking mad forever.

f49b3f  No.13086444


It's so adorable that you MUST condescend and strawman who you believe us to be in order to even stand yourself in our presence.

You are tiny and anxious. It's why you're ruled by your nethers, and totally degenerate about it.

You're a fucking nutbag sucking shitsmeared nutbags.

>a lot of time in here

No, you filthy faggot. We've all spent way too much time in the vile Clown World you have defiled, and, as mentioned above, now that you've targeted our children, so now must you be a target.

You are already extinct.

That's what "coming" means.

Sorry to disappoint you, you sociopathic sodomite.

dc98c2  No.13086450

File: a6a893234d9264e⋯.png (444.88 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, chick-fil-a-get-out.png)

9fae57  No.13086452

File: bbe65f8f07e64ec⋯.jpg (244.5 KB, 1958x1170, 979:585, disgusting_pieces_of_faggo….jpg)

Homosexuality is connected with mental health issues. Would we want sick people roaming our cities? Of course not! That is why we have multiple asylums to isolate freaks from society. When I see faggots and their pitiful parades, I have to admit that no schizophrenic that I've ever known would come up with as sick ideas as these faggots do. They are hundreds of times worse than your average asylum resident but they are free to pollute our societies. Schizophrenics may see things, eventually stab someone but they are not organized. They don'y go after the children, they don't conspire to get you infected with aids or rape you…

9fae57  No.13086483

File: e9e5f05b777df25⋯.jpg (103.99 KB, 918x704, 459:352, HIV_2.00.jpg)


I actually find the irony here. You, you literally, are helping us, faggots. Well, you've killed more of your kind by spreading AIDS and other diseases than all of us combined throughout history :) Hopefully, viruses and bacteria mutate and given your perverted behaviors it is only a matter of time that something similar to AIDS is created but hundreds of times more deadly. In no time our societies will be cleansed of all faggots and other promiscuous human garbage.

Anons, stay strong, stay of good courage. God is with us and victory is on our side.

f49b3f  No.13086484

File: 2b01faf51b8727a⋯.jpg (140.53 KB, 1584x2016, 11:14, FAGS.jpg)


I'm so glad you believe you're protected by this failing society, and that we hold no resolve over our beliefs, and are powerless to activate them.

However, if that were at all true, you wouldn't be here, squirming. I guess you won't see it coming.

I'm not mad. I'm disgusted.

You chose this path long ago without my help.

I'm merely the inescapable manifestation of the world you created, and your inevitable fate.

Did you really, I mean REALLY believe your little degenerate sex parties, clad in gimp suits, and blowing each other down Main St. in front of our children was going to last forever without blowback?

And now that you're only recourse was to delete us completely from the debate we would just dry up and blow away? That was a great mistake.

You made the decision to leave us no alternative to your forced social plague.

So now we remove it in justified self defense, and the continuance of our heritage and culture.

a491b4  No.13086496


Dude, you sound like a character from a bad Game of Thrones rip off. No one talks like that.

d1fb4e  No.13086499



Well said, anon.

1c3381  No.13086510


>Did you really, I mean REALLY believe your little degenerate sex parties, clad in gimp suits, and blowing each other down Main St. in front of our children was going to last forever without blowback?

I don't participate in anything like that. Society has always been a sick joke and you fucks won't be laughing when God takes a massive shit on you.

Enjoy raising your cuckold baby that was actually impregnated by your "friend" at last year's super bowl party. Then wonder why your son is gay/doesn't like nazi memorabilia like daddy.

f49b3f  No.13086516


Quit kvetching, you filthy kikefaggot.

You're an annoyance now.

Go, and stay go, and count the sleeps until you're beheaded in your shit stained bed.

Was that better, cocksucker?

There is no argument in favor of your faggotry, faggot. You're a drain on every society you've ever infected throughout history, and you know it. The literal cause of the downfall of Humanity.

Go be a faggot somewhere else.

9fae57  No.13086527

File: 58ac1c172964cb4⋯.jpg (394.45 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, hiv_3.00.jpg)

I wonder if it is possible that there would be a virus or bacteria (doesn't really matter as long as invulnerable to any medications) that would only spread through anal intercourses? Well, if so that would pretty much solve our troubles with faggots once and forever. Hiv has really helped us but something that would only spread throughout degenerate sex practices would be a fucking blessing. What do you think anons? Possible or rather not? At least now it seems that there is something worth praying for…

a7e289  No.13086528

File: 2945442015d06be⋯.png (78.88 KB, 500x689, 500:689, please-get-aids-and-die-ke….png)

e784db  No.13086531


Your language is laced with curses & drips with hate. You're too emotionally over-involved for debate.


(((blatant nihilism)))

f49b3f  No.13086559


>blatant ignorance of reality, and the only viable solution.

a491b4  No.13086565


Forsooth my liege!

Verily, I shall fly on my trusty steed yonder and darken your fair lands no more!

Good day to you Sir!

c933ab  No.13086566


yes, being gay is wrong and sinful

but also:

"You shall not murder"

don't use god for your own agenda, and even preach ungodly things, saying it is from god but it is not from god

44051e  No.13086577

Why is the aut-right full of so many faggots? There's more there than even the pozzed average society.

9fae57  No.13086589


Why do you think that gay-posters in this thread are alt-kike? Asking out of curiosity. To me it looks more like some fagg got triggered after seeing this post and called in his buddies from /leftypol/ or some \lgbt\ circle.

fd02e3  No.13086606

Please help the Nebraska flood victims @ simplyservice.pro

9fae57  No.13086623


Why would I ever enter this site? Free malwares or scam? Stop spamming, derailing and GTFO, fagg.

a7e289  No.13086628


I think he mentioned that they are worse than serial killers, which is true they knowingly pass lethal illness and infect others, basically they are murderers and murderers get the death penalty. Thats pretty Godly and fair if you ask me!

a7e289  No.13086654

File: 876ed2e3c145e6f⋯.jpg (264.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 3332.jpg)


God is on our side boys!

003c1e  No.13086668

File: e4d1c1f29da9abd⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b6af5081f012b0e9566fb9a890….jpg)


>Homosexuality is a natural response to female sexual power structures.

lol wut?

8c60de  No.13086670

Muslims first faggots.

2a479b  No.13086714


We're gonna let the muslims throw you off of buildings before we gas them : )

269174  No.13086779



3:15 - end of video explains it pretty well. Why do you want to kill off a huge amount of population when the spirit of your (probably American) society enables degeneracy?

It's another one of those threads 'oh it's symptom y, x, z they are all bad and need to be removed!". No the disease needs to be removed. First those who cause the spread of this hyper individualistic, materialistic spirit of society where the self worth of the spirit and individual is measured in some form of capital. Where pleasure is chased, and no shame is known to receive said pleasure. We know who (((they))) are who I'm referring to. Hopefully after that something can emerge that holds tradition up to a higher standard. When the degeneracy is removed, homosexuality would be decreased. In addition to that heterosexual and family life would be appreciated and celebrated much more which would be an even bigger plus.


Since the American materialistic, individualistic worldview that is projected towards the next generation, 15% of those aged 25 and below already identify as lgbt. It's what the video I linked where a passage of Evola is read is explaining.

003c1e  No.13086792


ID numbers moron, watch the friendly fire. carry on with the gassing.

f7a669  No.13086864


Dude fucking hell don't make me afraid to put it up m'ladies ass. That's not from anal sex Idk where its from but thats more rancid than the gore that gets posted here.


Syphilis is easy to cure though get checked and take prescription drugs and you're free from it.


Only hep C is incurable (though medicine exists for it) is only spread by blood to blood contact.

Hmm maybe the catholic church in Africa accepts your intense paranoia.

67c507  No.13086948

File: d4a7afd2bdeec3e⋯.png (839.53 KB, 948x971, 948:971, p1.PNG)

67c507  No.13086950

File: 89414946e104a93⋯.png (927.67 KB, 948x933, 316:311, p2.PNG)

a7e289  No.13086951

File: 37727f8ce88cd93⋯.jpg (106.75 KB, 460x552, 5:6, hans-get-ze-flammenwerfer.jpg)


It means you like to suck dick and take it up the ass by trannies so yes thats pretty fucking gay and you shall go to ze OVEN tranny lover

f49b3f  No.13086957


There's no such thing as a chick with a dick, faggot.

Only cocksucking faggots with phony tits.

Do I need to tell you to kys?

4d6c10  No.13087002



White men should be feminized anyway they are way cuter and more functional that way for things like big black cocks.

b60ed2  No.13087037


I hate to break it to you but because of the homosexual lifestyle there are many STDs that are becoming untreatable syphilis is one of them.

3 Common STDs Becoming Untreatable: How Worried Should We Be?



c454e0  No.13087044


>Gays should be Exterminated

Why? It's not like they're going to breed. Just stop emulating them and imploring them to lead mainstream culture.

b60ed2  No.13087045


Ok, if you say so, I am not up on my sexual fetishes; the article I got it from said that it was from anal sex (I was looking into the health issues associated with homosexuality and that was one of the photos).

ab167a  No.13087058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For over 10,000 years, the Aryan, no matter where he is found had bogged the weirdos, but some 1,000 years ago a desert cult, started by jews, thought you could fix the derelict through forgiveness.

"Unfortunately, we do not have it as easy as our ancestors did. They only had few abnormal degenerates. Homosexuals, called Urnings, were drowned in swamps. The worthy professors who find these corpses in the bog are clearly not aware that in ninety-out-of-a-hundred cases they are faced with remains of a homosexual who was drowned in a swamp along with his clothes and everything else. That was not a punishment, but simply the termination of such an abnormal life. They had to be removed just like when we pull out nettles, stack them and burn them. It was not a question of revenge but simply that they had to be done away with. This is how our ancestors did it." -Heinrich Himmler to Waffen-SS 1937

b60ed2  No.13087106



My introduction to the Alt-kikes was on Reddit…I know, I know…anyway, the entire crew over there are all kike fags, Black Pigeon Speaks, some 'e-celebs as well' etc. They are all kikes as well, that is how I started putting together the fact that all kike/semites are faggots. That an their rampant homosexual pedophilia…I was very interested National Socialism at that time and I couldn't figure out why all the people who said they were NS were kike fags. Thankfully I didn't give up and finally was introduced to the truth that not all NS are kike fags (a lot of the NEOCohens and almost all of the e-celebs and the rest of the Alt-Kikes are all fags though).

b60ed2  No.13087116

File: da5834a3bb88ed4⋯.jpg (337.84 KB, 561x2156, 51:196, Muslim world is more toler….jpg)


Muslims are the biggest pedo/homo-friendly group there is on this planet. Homosexuality isn't even a sin. The only reason that they PRETEND it is a sin is to lull Whites into thinking that muzzies/semites are MORAL…they are the FARTHEST THING from moral as you can get.

b60ed2  No.13087126


THIS! What a frigging FANTASTIC QUOTE! I am keeping it and using it.

2a479b  No.13087185

File: 0849248c2ce68d3⋯.jpg (85.53 KB, 636x382, 318:191, milo.jpg)



Isn't the alt kike ringleader a literal pedophile homo?

2a479b  No.13087198


>state carrying out the death penalty for capital crimes is "murder"

straight out of the liberal toolkit

8955d1  No.13087209


this guy is such a washed up kike faggot even fucking the_donald dropped him

e5a987  No.13087211


lmao imagine waking up to milo's face every morning, with smeared mascara and lipstick on his face, smiling at you

9540c8  No.13087227


I'd prefer that to waking up to a nigger's face.

b60ed2  No.13087257


Pretending that either of them wake up to anything other than being face down in a pool of vomit and jizz while wearing a gimp suit and trying to figure out what country you are in and how you got there.

One of the interesting things I learned about that kike faggot while I was on reddit was this 'trick of the kikes' to make themselves seem more popular. Milos book wasn't selling at all. The publisher did a buy back, stored them all in a warehouse and then the warehouse (((accidently))) went up in flames. That is how they launder money to their own kind and make them seem more important and influential when they are NOTHING that anyone would even look at twice. I thought you guys might find that annecdote interesting when you think of all the 'celebrity kikes and politicians' THAT YOU CAN'T STAND and it seems like NO ONE LIKES THEM…well they are simply propped up by other kikes through money laundering and scams (like Hilldog's campaign)…they use what they have, finances, and money laundering to make themselves seem important when they actually hold no influence at all…

e5a987  No.13087275


>The publisher did a buy back, stored them all in a warehouse and then the warehouse (((accidently))) went up in flames

Really?? I didn't hear about that. Got a link?

b60ed2  No.13087307


No…I was a total noob when that happened and it was something that was just openly discussed between the Alt-Kikes and others on the 'Alt-Right' Reddit Sub. I think he was touring AU at the time from what I remember…honestly I didn't even know who he was so I was hardly paying attention.

I don't even know if that 'Alt-Right' sub exists anymore…it probably does because they are all kikes but I haven't been back in IDK maybe 2 years or more.

You know kikes and their hubris…they thought it was a clever way to fuck the insurers and to fuck the public and to enrich one of their own at the same time…while elevating what is basically a kike panic turd to a status it didn't deserve.

Sorry about that…that was when the REALLY HEAVY deletion of shit started to happen on the web and I didn't know anything about Archiving at that time or I would have saved it for posterity.

38532f  No.13087311


A (((jew))) was detected!

Probability of being gassed: 100%

The removal procedure is successful.

All (((kikes))) are dead.

Everything (((negative))) is dead.

We are Free Forever.

38532f  No.13087397


The sentiment expressed on this post is mostly accurate except for one thing…

The fake "(((christian god)))" and the fake "(((satan)))" are parasites! The same one, just with different masks.

You should begin your learnings about this from the Gnostics. If you are smart, you figure and understand the real story naturally.

Do you want for me to reveal the parasite's real name?

3d3a60  No.13087471


>I think it's evident that faggotry isn't related to genetics

It is a Jewish trick to force you to choose between genetics and social conditioning.

There will be a spectrum of genes and prenatal hormone expressions that incline people towards homosexuality to various degrees, such that in the absence of any coercive stimuli, a few of them may still exhibit homosexual behavior. According to the research of the very Leftists that push homosexual marriage and adoption, sexuality can also be conditioned, and by repeated exposure to and demonstrated rewarding of homosexual behavior through news, advertisements, entertainment, and most effectively upbringing, those who would not exhibit homosexual behavior in the absence of these stimuli begin to.

There is a core group of homosexuals that seek to condition others to increase their own community and collective bargaining powers. This is aided by the Jews who seek to replace natural ethnic in-group identities which people have demonstrated they're willing to go to war to protect with safer, fragmented artificial identities which can be sold to people for a profit, are individually too small to challenge them, and can be played against each other.

Homosexuals are a perennial issue and should be bogged. Jews need to be exterminated.

6ec205  No.13087680


>doesn't like nazi memorabilia like daddy.

National socialist liteature anon.

459255  No.13087796


Brendon should've killed 10 fags instead of 50 slimes. 10 fags would've been better.

622650  No.13087839


>Pretending that either of them wake up to anything other than being face down in a pool of vomit and jizz while wearing a gimp suit and trying to figure out what country you are in and how you got there.

That's far more common than you care to know


from Recon News

26 March 2019

Another tale of fetish misfortune from a Recon member

Amongst some of your peers you've built quite a reputation for being a bit of a messy, drunk slut. You don't believe this to be entirely inaccurate – a slut for sure - but still, you wouldn't mind proving them wrong. You're attending a four-day fetish event, and this seems to be the optimum time to do so.

You know that if you're going to get through the weekend in one piece then slow and steady is the way to go.

Thursday is the first night and you're acing it. You're geared up, polished and being sociable. You have two drinks, mingle, then head back to the hotel and bed.

Friday is a repeat performance of Thursday, except you drink a little more, and perhaps allow a kiss or two. You still feel like you're keeping on top of things and you have a growing sense of accomplishment.

You realise that maybe it's ok not to be wasted, and maybe you'll get through the whole weekend without incident.

Saturday rolls around and you allow yourself some day drinking with friends. The weather's nice, the conversation's great and you're certain you'll find some time to nap before the evening entertainments. You've still got this!

It's evening and you've not napped, but you're fine. You're in your new rubber, you're feeling merry and it's a party weekend anyway! Pfft! You're FINE!

At pre-drinks you catch up with lots of guys you know, and it would be rude not have more drinks and chats. You can feel the urges rising in you. You're getting that old grin across your face again.

You make your way to a club with some friends. There's a mild stumble over a curb, but in fairness, it came out of nowhere.

Inside the club you do some mingling and make a couple of passes through the darkroom, gin in hand. You find your friends on the dancefloor, and as luck would have it, they're stood by a guy who you've played with in the past and have always liked a lot. The two of you dance a little, kiss a while, then make your way to the darkroom. You put the things you're holding down on a ledge and unzip the ass zip of your rubber shorts.

After a lovely encounter, you get yourself together and go back to your friends who are ready to leave and move onto the next place. You're not really sure what's going on, but you're being told you're leaving, so leaving you must.

622650  No.13087840


The streets are full of rubbermen and the lights are bright and warm. The two-block walk takes longer than it should.

The next club is equally full of guys you know and guys you want to have fuck you, so you're practically brimming over.

You need to text a friend to let them know your change of location. You reach into your bag for your phone. Your new phone. Your big stupid new phone. It is not there. You've left it in the darkroom.

You stumble run back to the first club. You get to the door. Go to the counter. Someone's handed it in! It's covered in lube and a weird tar-like substance that will stay on your case for days, but your faith in humanity is returned with your phone!

Back to the other club you go!

You've lost your friends now, but there's lots of guys there you know. You're doing the rounds and having great chat, and even though you can see the bemused look on most of their faces, you still fully believe yourself to be charming and hilarious.

A guy you've flirted with lots over the years, but never had chance to play with, is standing by the dancefloor. You make your way over to him, you kiss then you lead him to the darkroom and find a raised box to position yourself on in the corner.

After he's finished you remain on your box and entertain several more gentlemen.

Details are getting fairly hazy at this point, but you remember looking in a mirror, and even in the state you're in you realise that you're maybe looking past your best. You stick around anyway and talk at some people some more.

Jackal Brewer, [30.03.19 12:20]

You know you left with a guy and went back to his apartment. You know after that you went back to your hotel and bumped into someone in the lift - who would later tell a colleague that you were a disgrace to your company - and you kind of know you had a couple more gentlemen callers before you vomited heavily in the bathroom and eventually passed out.

You wake the next morning and your head is pounding so hard. You don't turn on the bathroom light, as light would only hurt. You get yourself together and head down to meet your friends for coffee.

In the lift you stare into the mirror and start to notice some damage. In shorts, you can see your knees and legs are cut to ribbons (you remembered a little pain on your box, but now you realise you were kneeling on broken glass), your arms and - on inspection - your shoulders are also covered in bruises (you can't identify the specific causes of these). You sigh and prepare yourself for your friends' questions.

As you sit recounting as much as you can remember (and as much as you're willing to share), one of your friends is laughing and asks what's wrong with your head. You reach up and there's a huge scab just above your hairline. You realise it came from the dark room and your head banging against a brick wall.

You may have failed hard in your non-messy endeavour, but you can't say you didn't have a nice time. You realise that sometimes you just can't fight your better nature. Once your head has stopped hurting, you're certain you'll be able to look back on this night fondly, though you also hope that no pictures from it ever emerge.

If you'd like to share a fetish story with on Recon, send your ideas or a draft to: social@recon.com

Related Links

- Fetish Problems #14: Dismantling a Piss Pool

- Fetish Problems #13: One word is all it takes

- Fetish Problems #12: My dominant flatmate

- Fetish Problems #11: Phone sub neglects to scrub

b60ed2  No.13087842

File: 033a71e7ab1b4b3⋯.jpg (63.32 KB, 480x360, 4:3, kiwi saint.jpg)


He will do that when we bust him out of jail.


2a479b  No.13087849


Most mudshits are closet fags though. Arabic is number two in the world for searching online for "gay sex" and "gay man," Iran is the number two country in the world for trannies per capita.

622650  No.13087855


Here's Cleaning out a kiddie pool full of piss


Another tale of fetish misfortune from a Recon member, From Recon News (gay fetish profile site, scary fucking place of old fucks in gimp suits and young sluts with little to no gear)

I'm not a stranger to piss play and have enjoyed the odd encounter, but it's never been my bailiwick.

It's definitely not something I want to engage in at 6am at the end of a fetish event, when I'm tired and have been working 24 hours straight. When it comes to dismantling the piss area after a busy fetish event, It's the one job most people shy away from.

Over the years, there has been a certain amount of trial and error when it comes to dismantling a wet area that has been pissed in for hours at an event of 1300 people. I personally don't want to be covered in cold piss, I don't want to ruin my shoes, and I certainly don't want to be charged by uber for making the seats soggy and for making the car that's come to pick me up smell like urine.

The first time I helped dismantle one, me and another guy stood there looking at the pool for about 15 mins, gloves in hand thinking about how we were going to do it. It did not go well. We got pretty drenched and the memory of the squelch sound my soggy trainers made as I walked home will always haunt me. I've also had to drag a sack of piss through the streets of Vauxhall looking for an industrial bin to dump it in, find a drain so I can empty the contents and cut up the plastic sheeting to make it easier to dispose of (which often got a few stares from early commenters).

So how does one best get rid of a piss pool area?

Firstly, gloves. Latex gloves work best, and I generally like to double up.

Remove any large obstructions such as bathtubs and large pools to clean outside and cut down any plastic that had been secured to a wall or fence. You will also need and empty plastic bin nearby (preferably large).

Start by folding the corners of the plastic piss pool in on itself letting out the air as you fold inwards, take your time doing this – you don't want to do this too quickly as you'll get sprayed or hit in the face with the strong stench of piss.

Keep folding until you have a sack of piss with hardly any air in it. If the wet area, is big enough and enough plastic has been used you can fold the plastic in on itself a few times and there is less chance of the piss finding a stream like route to escape. You can remove the various beer cans and discarded lube packets, but I personally don't bother.

Put the bin on its side- the rookie mistake being that you'll try pick up the sack to put it in the bin and two disasters can occur, you drop the sack and the golden liquid goes everywhere because water weight is actually heavier then you think. The second mistake is the plastic slips from your hand because you can never get a good enough grip on the wet plastic with latex gloves on.

You then want to slide the plastic into the bin sideways, ensure that the heavy bottom of the sack goes in first, and this is much easier to do with a round dustbin. Once the majority of the sack is in the bin, have two people lift up the bin vertically and push the remaining plastic into the bin, removing any trapped air. You may wish to use your foot to do this.

The piss pool plastic can now be transported, moved and disposed of much easier now.

It in inevitable that you will get some piss on you, but if you can limit it certainly make the last 2 hours before you are at home a little more bearable.

Some other tips from colleagues who have dismantled piss areas include:

• Getting fully undressed in front of the washing machine and put everything, including trainers straight into the wash. Have a dedicated pair of piss trainers

• Have a spare shirt – Just in case

• Find a piss enthusiast sub and let them earn the privilege of sorting out the piss area at the end of the night.

b60ed2  No.13087861


Oh shit…I was just trying to make up something improbable with the Milo comment.

b60ed2  No.13087874

File: a5425e37b936583⋯.jpg (637.47 KB, 1068x783, 356:261, 8chan comment muslims devi….jpg)


Here you go…found it :)

622650  No.13087879

File: 036af440527f1e1⋯.pdf (10.65 MB, Recon magazine 2018 (Not f….pdf)

File: 6e88df178aeeec2⋯.png (83.83 KB, 359x194, 359:194, We_wuz_kangs.png)


It's far more real than you could ever imagine, in fact, what ever you come up with is probably true, and if it's not, some fag will think it's hot and do it anyway.

Here's a fag mag that was never intended to be seen by non sick fucks, hell it even has We WUZ Kangs in fetish tattoo form.

b60ed2  No.13087888


I guess I don't understand the purpose of a 'piss pool'…it can't be sexual…and it certainly isn't hygienic (not that anything kike/fags do is hygienic) IDK at a loss.

b60ed2  No.13087890


I think I will skip ;)

1636f2  No.13087955


If our ancestors genocide them, then why are they still here, doing better than ever?

b60ed2  No.13087968


They didn't genocide them everywhere…all male kikes are fags. When the kikes infiltrated our nation they brought their FAG DNA with them and started putting their dick in women. No worries, we will deal with BOTH the kikes/semites and fags this time.

622650  No.13087977

File: b7a631658560431⋯.mp4 (5.2 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Why fags are disgusting.mp4)

File: 3fc62af7838c3fb⋯.mp4 (3.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Why fags are disgusting2.mp4)


checked and heil'd.

It's basically as "Piss play area" where rubberfags can frolic around as complete and random strangers piss on them, Hell, sometimes the strangers piss into the open rubberfag's mouth, or into the funnel mask a gimp wears for this purpose

See mp4's for proof

b60ed2  No.13087988


Anon…personal question time…

Why do you have these on your computer? :^/

622650  No.13088002



Because there's no other way to post them to this imageboard, and I just downloaded them from twitter for said uploading purposes. If I can upload to an imageboard directly from another site, I'd never save these on my PC, but said capability would be a possible security risk.

b60ed2  No.13088012


Ahhh…ok…just checking :)

622650  No.13088070


Also, the guy doing the drinking is a gross old fuck, https://twitter.com/snoopy_pup


b60ed2  No.13088101

I don't have twatter anon.

1aefaf  No.13088110


No, homosexual men should be deprived of the right to any political autonomy, and should be forced to remain in the closet. Even though there is an overwhelming majority of gay men who seem to favor corrosive political ideologies, they are in effect a self limiting problem. Gay men aren't nearly the pathological influence on society that lesbianism is.

Over the general arc of human history, most men don't reproduce, in this present age men who are for some neurochemical reason recused voluntarily or involuntarily from being a candidate in the breeding population means at-best, they are a non starter in terms of their pathology.

This contrasted with the very corrosive influence of women taking the easy way out and opting for the convenience of female on female relationships over that of negotiating the less convenient nature of male-female relationships. This is becoming an increasingly greater problem for younger generations, and I've seen the inevitable outcome of it in older generations.

Women who hold female relationships as an option will never find investment of the sort required to build a family with a man. I've seen it, I know what happens to these women. They start to see men as competitors, and they start to look upon the idea of having to compromise their sense of convenience and entitlement in entering into a relationship with a man as being beneath them.

The more this becomes normalized among teenaged girls, the less prepared and the less motivated they are to bother with relationships with men when they get older, and especially, when their attractiveness to men starts to wane, which is in all likelihood when they're going to try.

Female homosexuality yield a far greater risk overall by taking women out of their viable years and distorting their perspective on male/female relationships to the point of being nonfunctional from the perspective of starting and maintaining a family. By contrast homosexual men are simply non-starters, barring any lack of political participation.

b60ed2  No.13088484


>Gay men aren't nearly the pathological influence on society that lesbianism is.

Both are pathological and need to be destroyed.

ce0ad7  No.13089146

0d93a9  No.13089152


My gay White cum can still make new White kids, and it will continue to do so.

ce0ad7  No.13089163


But wont they all have hepatitis, HIV, congenital syphilis because of your poz load?

And you wont be procreating at all when we burn you to death

622650  No.13089172


>Muslims are the biggest pedo/homo-friendly group there is on this planet. Homosexuality isn't even a sin. The only reason that they PRETEND it is a sin is to lull Whites into thinking that muzzies/semites are MORAL…they are the FARTHEST THING from moral as you can get.

Complete horseshit. Open fags are thrown off roofs head first. And this screencap goes into total details with selections from islamic legal manuals and sharia tafsirs and quotes from prominent islamic clerics on why homosexuality as an orientation is to be burned out with fire and sword, but fucking little boys in dresses up the ass is perfectly halal. https://i.warosu.org/data/lit/img/0128/89/1554584842900.png

3d3a60  No.13089208


Burning is used as a punishment for transgressions against the first function, the priestly/spiritual function, or as part of a tripartite death. As homosexuality is a transgression against the third function, the farmer & craftsman/fertility function, burying alive or drowning is appropriate, hence the historical practice of throwing them into a bog.

6e2636  No.13089254


Except you are blowing it all into pozholes instead of vaginas you degenerate. Try posting on the topic after you have sired three kids faggot.

366701  No.13089331

File: 45c967282816536⋯.png (237.64 KB, 425x533, 425:533, hans_get_the_gas.png)

Tottaly agree. This is part of the population decrease plan. LGBTQ is nati nature and should be condemed and every supporter of it should be killed plain and simple

47bb89  No.13089755

File: f286c2fdf247be3⋯.jpg (83.93 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, wrong.jpg)


>Gays should be Exterminated

Gays will be exterminated.

2a479b  No.13089779


Defective people are created all the time, murderers, necrophiliacs, homos, bestiality practitioners etc. Our ancestors removed them when discovered so that their poison was quickly contained and removed from society. They had zero impact on the culture as a whole because they were removed as soon as they were found out. Now they are not removed so their numbers continue to grow and they are flourishing.

I always love seeing kikes play dumb and obfuscate away to their bizarre hot take when it comes to pretending not to understand very simple arguments that any three year old could have explained to you.

094dad  No.13089990


At the very least, we should try to get some homos to stop engaging in homosexual activity.

38532f  No.13090002


All the muslim people and their religion need to be glassed.

38532f  No.13090010


I forgot menctioning (((jews))), (((evil))), (((illuminati))), (((rothschilds))), (((rockefellers))), (((negative entities))), etc. Etc.

38532f  No.13090013


(triple post just to make it clear)

Which all should be gassed.

003c1e  No.13090051


same reason why albino's are still born today, faggotory is a deformity, just an internal one…

the faggot problem it 2 fold, there is a genetic component and a social component.

back when faggots where first pushing for acceptance they were working really hard to find a genetic component to homosexuality, they felt if they could prove it wasn't a choice they could gain acceptance because up until that time, in our society, faggots were just told not to be faggots or sent to what amounts to reeducation camps….well the crazy faggots discovered the "gay gene" 2 different genetic markers that predominantly show up only in gay people, something like 90% of them have this…

they pushed this gay gene thing for a while until they realize that if you could separate faggots out genetically that people might want to test and control for that, the faggots realized it was much much more dangerous to them if they could be segregated genetically and walked back their discovery and basically just burned it all in a "oh, sorry guess, we were wrong, nothing to see here, move along" sort of way.

so there certainly is a genetic component, some people just have a genetic defect that makes them a faggot, in the same way some people are just born with downs…i think you can see why they shelved that information. lol

the 2nd component is social, and this is a more recent modern problem that has really only occurred since the larger community has started to accept faggots and faggotory, you can see this proven with things like the brown study where they call various forms of faggotry a social contagion….historically speaking the number of faggots has always remained about the same due to the fact it is a genetic component and they were murdered the moment they were found out, so the numbers remained relatively flat throughout most of human history….it's odd that we went from something like 1% of the population of being faggots, which is about right if your not murdering them, should be less, but anyways, something like 7-8% of the population now is a faggot…it's a social contagion….that needs to be inoculated with lead traveling at high speeds.

go search for the history of the gay gene, go look at the articles before they started pushing back, the man who discovered the gay genes was a gay man, he had been working on it for a very very long time…..he was just too fucking stupid to realize that what he considered not being a choice is what we consider being a defect….which is the truth…there is massive suppression of information on this matter, just as we recently have seen with the brown study.


the faggots are shitting over science in order to keep justifying their existence…this farce can't last much longer….we are getting close to critical mass and the faggots will be culled back to down to their natural numbers and we'll just have to deal with them in that regard as we always have…..off to the bog with you.

094dad  No.13090227

3e2fdf  No.13090298


No longer true that Hepatitus C is incurable. There is a cure now, but it is generally prohibitively expensive, depending on where you live. In Canada it is $20,000 (per month of the full 12-week treatment), but the vast majority is covered and paid for through the socialized medicine system in Canada. It is, AFAIK, a *lot* worse and harder to get on in the States. Japan also covers 99% of the cost for Japanese citizens.

It is not a 100% foolproof cure, but it is >95% effective in absolutely ridding an infected person of any remnants of the virus. It works by interfering in the process by which the viral RNA of hepatitis replicates itself, stopping certain protein strands from being able to be produced in the body, meaning that the virus cannot make more copies of itself and will slowly dwindle in number over the twelve weeks until disappearing.

The medication is called Epclusa and is comprised of two chemicals, sofosbuvir and velpatasvir. It is manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc. this company, I would bet, kike-run and making a massive killing in profit from all of the first world European countries’ governments paying with the taxes of their citizens to provide the $20,000-60,000+ course of medication.

Interestingly, they made a deal with India so that the *ENTIRE* 12-week treatment is only fucking $300 there. Seriously. So shitskin pajeets can have it for less than one percent of what Whites and North East Asians have to pay. This is making many people from countries where the medication is not covered through a socialized medicine system literally travel to India for a “medical vacation” to buy the cure where it is so cheap (this is a big thing for the Chinese and, to probably a lesser extent, the Americans).

3e2fdf  No.13090311



My bad, replied to the wrong post/anon.


I meant it for this anon.

23c5c6  No.13090351


Kikes protecting poo in the loos is very interesting.

3e2fdf  No.13090575


Indeed it is, I suspect they have plans for their pet-poos in the near to midrange future, and don’t want them all dying off too quickly from liver failure.

I can’t see why else they would charge them such a marginal pittance for a very, very, expensive experimental cure for a generally fatal and previously incurable disease.

23c5c6  No.13090592


Lends more credence to the fact that kikes are Thuggee. I used to know a guy who insisted that the kikes were A Bhramic cult and they erased him from the web completely. Of course, Sumerian Swindle the free PDF e-book back this up 100% as well, he draws the correlation between the Thuggee ritual human sacrifice to gain wealth and the kikes own ritual human sacrifices…of course the kikes say that they are blessed by god but what they mean is that just like the Thuggee they murdered and stole the goods and wealth of their victims.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were poos or part poos which is why they are always pushing being ‘Aryan’ (even though they are just DISGUSTING MONGRELS) on /pol/…they THINK they are ‘aryan’…but that would make sense that they would use the poos to fight the bugs or at least keep the bugs in check. Fuck anon, everyday that is not ETHNOGLOBE I can’t help but want it more and more so that we don’t have to deal with this fucking subhuman nigger bullshit anymore. NONE OF THEM ARE WORTH THE FOOD THAT THEY PUT IN THEIR FUCKING FACES DAILY.

094dad  No.13090598

File: 2514cf669802dbe⋯.png (299.7 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 96050B59-F582-471A-BB61-5D….png)

After reading this thread, I’m freaking out because not only does it remind me that these degenerates are diseased, but also because both of my brothers are gay and one of them still lives with us. How fucked am I and what are our chances of being sick from living with him (ie using the toilet etc)?

23c5c6  No.13090618


Jesus anon, get yourself some ass gaskets for home use, they are cheap and you can by them at Walmart or online…it would be better if you just moved out. A lot of those diseases are contagious by bodily fluids, sneeze, cough, sperm from jerking off in the bathroom etc which is why they have to quarantine hundreds of people and monitor them when they spread Hep in a mall or something as a ‘food server’.

094dad  No.13090729


I can’t move out, lad. I’ve been thinking about using the toilet in the basement, since he never uses that. But isn’t it rare to get STDs from a toilet, since they can’t live outside of a body?

622650  No.13090734

File: 48c9a0bd022713e⋯.png (188.05 KB, 572x670, 286:335, The thugs of old india.png)

File: da9445982699f53⋯.png (222.42 KB, 580x679, 580:679, The thugs of old india2.png)

File: 89c6df4e55ac426⋯.png (209.86 KB, 499x622, 499:622, The thugs of old india3.png)

File: 56ac55d978a2e42⋯.png (212.41 KB, 503x622, 503:622, The thugs of old india4.png)

File: bab584199ba66c4⋯.png (114.2 KB, 573x659, 573:659, The thugs of old india5.png)


>Thuggee cult.

Here's the excerpt if anyone cares to know what this anon is saying. The thuggee were this murdercult eradicated by the british via genealogy and careful examination of their culture, and this bunch were quite evil, they'd befriend travellers on the road and then after gaining their trust they'd have some of their number pin the unsuspecting new friends at a signal phrase, and then another group would strangle them with a strip of cloth, and then the other third would take the bodies to predug graves and bury them so well the soil looked undisturbed.

They had their own language, religion, and even symbols, all handed down from father to son. Until the white man came and fucked up their shit like we will do to the kikes.

b60ed2  No.13090897


We will push their fucking shit in again anon. This time for GOOD. Everytime I think about Jefferson and the extermination of the semitic (((Barbary pirates))) I feel a FUCKING THRILL OF THE VICTORY OF OUR PEOPLE!! WE WILL FUCK THEIR SHIT UP AGAIN….


622650  No.13090919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's a video on the cult and the story of the man whom eradicated them.

9b3cbb  No.13090940


You're panicking over an extremely remote chance of catching an std from a toilet (even more remote than the chance of the holohoax being real). Truth is, theres plenty of germs that can live on a toilet, but STDs die fast outside a warm moist environment. Youd have to sit on the toilet with gaping wounds on your ass, while theres still warm piss or semen on the seat, within milliseconds, in order to catch something like AIDS. And that is IF they have that or most other diseases. Just wipe the seat and keep a clean environment and you'll be fine.

What makes STDs dangerous, and homosexuals hazardous, isnt just that they have diseases, but the recklessness they have for their, and others' safety. If they bring that in your home, then you should get angry, since it isn't just indecent, it is unsanitary. I wouldn't worry too much if they control themselves and are otherwise careful. That being said, you have every right to distance yourself from them if you are uncomfortable.

de93f0  No.13090942


a great topic, also a daily reminder that tarrant did not condone the gays in his manifesto. Truly a zog puppet!

000000  No.13090946



622650  No.13090963


Two words man,


9b3cbb  No.13091000


You won't get crabs from a toilet seat, especially if you check the seat and see them. You can just wipe them off then flush them if they are even there in the remote chance. IF you caught any, they are extremely easy to treat unlike chlymidia or hiv or hpv.

Don't get paranoid over it, you're only stressing yourself. Just use common sense.

b009a4  No.13091017


Perhaps he wasnt really educated on the topic, or he wanted to focus on one problem instead of many, also if he did attack them then they will automatically become Allies and support each other .

Its good he focused on one issue.

b60ed2  No.13091026


Don't you think his brothers are reckless for not considering HIM in their disgusting hedonistic fuckery? You don't see them thinking of him or his health or the disgusting thing he could catch from them, do you?

Disgusting fucking fags!! They could give him anything with their globohomo retardation and they just don't give a shit.

150 Customers at risk for Hepititis A at local Mall


094dad  No.13091032


I’ve also heard that you can’t get STDs from a toilet, but I unfortunately don’t think he’s the most sanitary and considerate person

b009a4  No.13091043


Dont eat with the same spoons , dont drink from the same cups, dont use his hair brush, dont smoke a joint with him dont share the same cloths, dont sleep on the same pillow or bed…and you MIGHT be safe from Herpies or other STDs…im not kidding

de93f0  No.13091050

File: 0b358a6f8cbd91d⋯.jpg (3.02 MB, 3100x1855, 620:371, 1439835438995.jpg)


well I havent read his manifesto but usually, as a general rule, if you live in society you are 100% blue pilled on all sorts of issues. The usual first moment you come into our direction is with muslim hatred. Its the entry point. You then differ in exactly one way from society than an average person.

But then you start to learn more about the world. You start to learn about homo's for example and how they proliferate (they abuse children who in turn abuse others) and then you hate them too. And then you learn about the jews and what they do, then you hate them too, then you learn about the feminists, then you hate them too.

See how this works? The more red pilled you become…and if he doesnt hate homo's and if he was neutral towards the jews…well then, he is at the very bottom, the entry level of our thing, and I am not even sure if he was part of us, there are plenty of real life right wing outfits of all sort that only have this one issue. But who still forcefully love the homo's and the jews. He may as well belong to them. And I do not feel that he has the right to use our symbols.

there is no excuse about being neutral/liking homo's. If you do not blatantly hate them and want to exterminate them you are not one of us.

here is our theme song as a reminder

de93f0  No.13091058



oh whoops

oh and his points make him "lightly red pilled" bsically still has like 97% of his programming, much like the other right wing retards in rl.

b009a4  No.13091077


I totally agree with you and i did find it odd he doesnt have a problem with fags BUT like i said i think its good he didnt attack them in his manifesto, let the fags and muslims clash with each other ..i woud have written the exact same thing …thays just my opinion tho..i respect yours and aee where youre comming from

5ddea9  No.13091082


>they are born that way


094dad  No.13091085


We don’t share anything and always wash our dishes. The only things we pretty much share are the toilet, sink, shower.

9b3cbb  No.13091094


You'll be fine.

094dad  No.13091105


Ok. Does that mean it’s ok to share a toilet?

de93f0  No.13091147


well he served it nicely for accelerationism and gave us infamy, which is nice, but consequences happened because of him, so I dont know anymore man.

But what I do know, is that the muslims are much better long term allies than the leftists are. The ones who we can agree with on most issues, out of most other groups. Though I think that we secretly are part of the scientific establishment of the white race.

But for the next accelerationism issue I think we should attack the women next. It most likely will also be approved off if we rub shoulders with the muslims. Much more likely for it to go off without them being able to react. Though many would argue "durrr hurr you cannot attack the white woman she is preshush and you weel destroy the white male to white female relationships" (considering how many celebates on both sides there are and how few marriages last I would say it already happened)

so yea. Feminine dis-empowerment next up for our accelerationism pls!

b009a4  No.13091199


Whaaaat!?!?! Broo NO WAY you cannot rely on muslims to be an allie, they pretend to be your allie just to buy time and slowly creep their way up to powrr then before you know it they are stronger than you and start clamping down on you till youre gone (literally dead) if you give muslims an inch they will take a mile.

Their religon taught them this since it started man this concept is called ( islamic hudna) aka temporary peace to gain power , thats hos mohammad became so powerful he allied with tribes then slowly one by one eliminated them.

Bad idea man trust me on this

de93f0  No.13091240


well if they win, there will be no more homo's, jews, freaks and feminists. If the jew wins there will be no more…well there wont be even muslims left probably, just seas of brown midgets without a race. Besides, do they really win if our loudmouthed feminist cunts stop shouting, or just talking in general? It would unburden both of us most likely. Give us some more room to maneuver. More chances for both parties I would say. So yea. Maybe "ally" is not a good word, but rather "agreement on some issues". If they kill feminists and homo's we could help to spin it into a positive light, with our fearsome information warfare powers!

this in turn would mean less feminists and homo's a win win for both of us!

b009a4  No.13091267


oookaaay now youre talking! Thats actually not a very bad idea mam i never thought about it im that way.

We let those filthy muzzrats kill jews…feminists and homos…which muslims already despise so that'll be easy!

Great idea!! haha

563155  No.13091274


Yes. If everyone practices basic hygiene (which they might if they wash their dishes), then you should have no worries. If you do, just buy disinfecting wipes, and wipe the seat. If you are extremely worried, find a doctor YOU trust to tell you whether or not you have to worry. Good luck with your homo problemo

de93f0  No.13091286


exactly, just let open the floodgates of their inclinations already, we have some power in this world already, information warfare and propaganda warfare, it could be enough to help them to their stuff out in the open. Which they kinda already do sometimes? But basically if we try to talk to them, and maybe say "this giant collective of retards with memetic powers that the media fears approves of you if you go shoot up a gay night club, or smash in the heads of feminists"

wouldnt they think that we are like absolutely the coolest of frens?

33aeb5  No.13091368

File: 9a287dc79928590⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 634x650, 317:325, download.jpg)

the ((((absolute))))) state of heterofags in this thread.

>inb4 you probably have aids

no i don't since i'm a virgin and will forever stay with due to my inability to converse with others and other issues.

also friendly reminder that you can't kill off gays and i hope your son gets riddled with HIV you stupid heterofags

b60ed2  No.13091818


There is plenty of indication that there are genetic predispositions. Not like a 'fag gene' you retard…like the predisposition that must be eugenically erased from the gene pool.

b60ed2  No.13091820


>stupid heterofags

>I'm not 'gay'

>I'm just a faggot


be3d44  No.13091824


Go back to leftypol you nigger.

b60ed2  No.13091829


Muslims are the BIGGEST FAGGOT PEDOPHILES ON THE PLANET…I kid you not, they make the catholic pedo priests look fucking angelic. Homosexuality is practiced BY ALL SEMITES as well as RAMPANT PEDOPHILIA.

1c3381  No.13091860


>quoting talmudic law

Oy vey the balls of this goyim.

4eeece  No.13091915


Dante Alighieri here demonstrating the authenticity of his faith. Believing in something is better than believing in nothing at all, at least I can give you that.




Keep Cooties out!


Pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescents children and is linked, or comorbid with, abusive personalities. It is also similar, although not in a sexual sense, with Munchausen syndrome, domestic child abuse and neglect. The key thing to understand about why pedophilia is a crime (in Western legal systems, not sharia or halakha law) is that it is an assault against the autonomy, integrity and betrays an antisocial attitude on the perpetrator's part. Not everything in sexual psychology is replicable and thus poor science, but we do now know that homoerotic behavior is a human anthropological universal, and that sociological constructs determine the relation between a folk and their understanding of the issue. America is a hypersexual society and a low erotic society, unlike say in the 19th century when laying your head in a friends lap was not uncommon between men. A lack of historical perspective on this issue is why many here seem to believe that Abrahamic folks have always and forever done things like kill men that engage in proscribed behavior. In fact, all societies even and including Abrahamic normative ones manifest the homoerotic, because, as said, it is a known anthropological universal.

b009a4  No.13092001


thats not from the talmud thats from the bible stupid

353758  No.13092005

File: f38c113308ea9e4⋯.jpg (554.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f38c113308ea9e44a4b1b0b3aa….jpg)

Heterosexuals should be exterminated. Bisexuality is superior.


e5bcc0  No.13092010

Remove the jew and his pornography and media, and watch faggotry dissappear.

2624bc  No.13092011


>my inability to converse with others and other issues.

I'm sure your homosexuality, issues, and trauma are completely unrelated.

353758  No.13092013

File: be826bec4ef36d7⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 1920x4273, 1920:4273, be826bec4ef36d752d23f2a70c….jpg)



It is Judaism that is fearful of sexuality not Europa. Fuck your cuckinstanity. Niggers and muslims and Chinese are the threat. 'Gays' are a distraction.


9a97a6  No.13092029



Why did you reply to yourself?

b60ed2  No.13092069


> homoerotic behavior is a human anthropological universal,

That is only because we haven't actively pursued its eugenic destruction.

b60ed2  No.13092076


>I'm sure your homosexuality, issues, and trauma are completely unrelated.

He doesn't know he has a problem. He is probably like that nigger loving alt-kike Milo, blaming his child molestation on himself rather than the pedophile who molested him

2bed0c  No.13092103

File: 4b3eb9f586dbaa4⋯.jpeg (47.6 KB, 640x449, 640:449, 4B02391B-C97F-447A-B2D3-E….jpeg)

b60ed2  No.13092113


He must be POZZING the fuck out of people in his spare time.

5bd0e4  No.13092118

File: c26552e71a59734⋯.png (18.36 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1469451028748.png)

This is s bored of peace. And Hitler never killed anyone. ;)

094dad  No.13092136




When you say “use wipes,” are Wet Ones alright?

e81e1a  No.13092145

Ernst Rohm, Hitler's best friend and head of the SA was a homosexual. Everyone knew.

b60ed2  No.13092154


No not everyone knew and they murdered him for it the second they found out, this was very well done on their part.

e81e1a  No.13092192

File: 734a74c6cd6907f⋯.png (165.68 KB, 858x843, 286:281, niggercfo.png)



>Gilead Sciences Inc.


Taken from their website

Seems to be mostly kike free. Of course the HR recruiter is a kike though so that might change soon. The 300$ for poos probably comes from the nigger CFO that they've put in charge. Typically the CFO is responsible for such decisions not the staff working on research and development for cures. Doesn't surprise me that when you leave a nigger in charge you get decisions like this, that is of course make whites pay and give it for pennies to niggers.

e81e1a  No.13092198


Ignorant Stormtard, there was a political battle between Hitler because Rohm wanted to head the SS when the Nazis took full power over the country.

69f1b6  No.13092213


Bullshit, it's a well know fact that most in the party knew of his being gay. They had no problem with gays at all as long as they didn't prance like a faggot in the street of which the Communist promoted.

5db28c  No.13092226



Public travel, spaces, desks and so on put you at greater risk of garbage from other people. Namely parasitic infections can spread quite easily because if you take a seat for half an hour someone with some kind of lice like parasite sat on for an hour it's very likely he scratched off some and now that you're sitting on his place it's going to crawl on you.


It was bad PR due to quite a large portion of society being Christian, but it wasn't the main issue with Rohm.


He got killed off due to him wanting a second revolution which would mean members of the SA looting the bourgeois class of their wealth. Second because he wanted his SA to replace / integrate into the army. His continuous push to piss the upper class off as well as the army lead him to having being dealt with. The nazi party was in control and they didn't want to ruin the country through some sort of violent revolution anymore, but rather control and lead it. Rohm somehow didn't get the memo on this.

b60ed2  No.13092289


>Rohm somehow didn't get the memo on this

Because he was a FAG (death worshiper) who needed to die like all fags and globohomos need to die. We need to kill all fags (semites are all fags) because they are all death worshipers.

db1395  No.13092343


Are you saying he shouldn’t go outside or in public because he might get parasites?

b60ed2  No.13092355


>Public travel, spaces, desks and so on put you at greater risk of garbage from other people. Namely parasitic infections can spread quite easily because if you take a seat for half an hour someone with some kind of lice like parasite sat on for an hour it's very likely he scratched off some and now that you're sitting on his place it's going to crawl on you.

Going through TSA is one of the main disease vectors in modern life…it was better before they had to TOUCH FUCKING EVERYTHING but now they handle thousands of peoples property every day and that shit just travels. Embassies are going to be ground zero as well as TSA being a number one way to spread a pathogen all over the world. All you would have to do is and 'cross pollinate' like 6 major international airports and pass through TSA with something suspicious that made them want to 'handle your items'…there you go, a uncontrolled pathogenic disease spread.

6c8aca  No.13092405

Fags aren't born that way. They are created by society. You have to change what turns young men into becoming faggots before you can ever solve the faggot problem.

b08182  No.13092433

US knows that faggots are best way of destroying a country so they are promoting them to protest(and get beaten lmao) so they use them to destroy birth rate ext… since i fucking hate them all and if somebody records a shooting of them im up for it! i honestly hope they all die and woud love to have an gay shooting video

b60ed2  No.13092451


Fuck off subhuman. Learn to speak english.

0e5504  No.13092509

Gays are a natural thing for every animal and it’s self-regulating. The only way it becomes a problem when being gay becomes an ideology.

bcad9c  No.13092523


No. Just saying that it's more likely he gets something from the outside that you can't really do much against.


Slept in a random hotel once. 4 weeks later developed later. 14 weeks later since I slept there I had itchy shit all over me as it became worse and worse, upon which I got a diagnosis for scabbies. It was a 4 star hotel in Spain. Took me a little bit over half a year to be cleaned from it and it drained a lot out of me. And there you go people not cleaning sheets got me this. Maybe it's because I sat on an hotel chair for a while wearing just underwear and it wasn't cleaned properly since I believe the sheets were.

000000  No.13092543

Americans are trannies

78ba0c  No.13092556


Basically. STDs you can avoid I definitely believe. Lice and mites can come from mishaps like that, true. I am only grateful something such as burrowing bugs and hanging little insects can be better removed than something like herpes. Still sucks and should generally be avoided.

I still believe gay sex is like single player Russian roulette. The thrill ain’t worth it, and the only one getting hurt is you.

0e5504  No.13092583


That phenomenon is widespread between all animals, not just United States originated. The problem with LGBT is hate towards them which drove too much attention to them. You should all stop giving it all that attention. Treat LGBTQ+ as you’d treat a person with dwarfism.

bcad9c  No.13092585


Yes. I don't think I have herpes, if I do I have no known symptoms of it.

Yes homosexual are playing Russian roulette and are very stupid. Since they're men, and men are more promiscuous than women they seek each other out more. And since there is no risk of children they usually skip condoms so pass blood diseases very well. The worst shit you can get are blood diseases, hiv is still incurable.

It's disgusting as well, homosexuality shouldn't be sought out you can better just be with a women. Because with a women you can possibly build something stable like a family and experience love. Most fags just want to hop from one guy to the other. If you're really a needy dude you should ask your gf to use a strapon on you or something for the same experience … lol.

b60ed2  No.13092588

File: 58b5d24bd4bb348⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 279.85 KB, 600x936, 25:39, fag rectal prolapse 4.png)

File: 01aefa979f9c96e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 136.73 KB, 682x455, 682:455, fag rectal prolapse 3.png)

File: b85919a8f14f75c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.31 KB, 276x183, 92:61, rectal prolapse 2.jpg)

File: 670620fd7f2f34d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.68 KB, 237x213, 79:71, fag rectal prolapse.jpg)



>ok anon…that doesn't seem thrilling to me

>Nor does it seem thrilling to have to wear diapers when you are 32 years old

>It also doesn't seem thrilling to die of AIDS

So the third one is a girl who got rammed in the ass once to often…but it is all the same thing. The ASSHOLE is for shit GOING OUT; NOT COMING IN.

b60ed2  No.13092590


Second image, not third

f2a2ed  No.13092604


What are the black things?

0e5504  No.13092621


Maybe blood clots

b60ed2  No.13092622


rotting flesh and fissures in the anal cavity wall this think…not 100% sure.

This is definitely one of the main reasons I am against faggots, because they destroy and humiliate the male form and they hate the masculine (the feminine too but they target the masculine and little children with their hatred and lust for death) with a passion.

b60ed2  No.13092630


I think they are rotting flesh from being injured and fissures in the rectal wall from having things put up the ass that don't go there.

a0d155  No.13092634

>>13092588 (heil’d)

Now this is goreposting

a24f80  No.13092667


>Gays should be Exterminated

If you stopped tolerating the massive chain of jewish funny money they would exterminate themselves, definitionally. The gay flag is a rainbow. It was designed by gilbert baker. Gilbert baker was a jew. Although a gay activist (which is impermissible in judaism), baker is often celebrated in modern jewish historical rememberances as an influential figure because of his gay activism. In judaism, the rainbow is the sign of the first covenant with noah. It is the sign of the law of the noahide laws which are responsible by all of the goyim under jewish world government. Noahidism is also known as "universal law", or universalism. Look up the funders and organizers of the lgbtq movement, they are slowly preparing society for noahide law, have been continuously for a hundred years.

000000  No.13092699


it is a mockery of the promise of God not to wipe degenerates from the planet. Remember God gave the Earth the rainbow as a sign that he would never destroy the Earth by flood again. The fags who are mocking God took the sign of that promise and used it to say that nothing bad will ever happen to them again because they are 'under the rainbow', meaning that they can be as degenerate as they want and no one will ever stop them, NOT EVEN GOD. This is also why AIDS was such an offense to them (that and the fact that it TARGETED homosexual males, and thus all semitic males were targeted by DEFAULT)…they pour the resources of the entire planet into 'finding a cure for AIDS, rather than changing their behavior because they were offended that God allowed AIDS to break up their disgusting fantasy.

92256f  No.13092732


Dude you are reminding me of islamists.

78ba0c  No.13092758


I meant thrill in their perspective, not mine.

ecd20c  No.13092839


You won't ever be able to though, destruction is not the solution.

000000  No.13092860


Yes, it is. We are working on the Higgs-Boson anon…you think we are going to let degenerate destructive faggots continue on the planet so that they can parasite off our children? Hah.

78ba0c  No.13092881


I’ll bet that the big reason for increasing homosexual prevalence is that it is influencing impressionable autistic people because of increasing social isolation and stigmatization of any male companionship outside of homosexual relationships. The gay identity needs to be erased and replaced with a more empowering one for men so they can see themselves as self-disciplined, confident, and responsible. Then, it will slowly dissipate and regress to a smaller, less influencing demographic.

e06269  No.13092901


That's because most right-wingers have the same opinion as Muslims about homosexuality.

6c8aca  No.13092927



There is no such thing. Theoretical physics is a gigantic fraud. See Pickering's Constructing Quarks and Unzicker's Higg's Fake.

d313ca  No.13092944


>Muslims about homosexuality

Muslims are the most degenerate of all the people on the planet anon. They are the equivalent of kikes. They believe in pedophilia homosexuality and rape, slavery, torture, etc etc etc…they are 100% degenerate in every way that a person could conceive.

e06269  No.13092952


Christians, Jews and Muslims all the same kind of shit.

d313ca  No.13092953


Do you think it matters? The point stands that we are absolute unrivaled masters of the ENTIRE PHYSICAL WORLD and that we are going to exterminate parasitic faggots from our nations.

266aa3  No.13093330



>The only way it becomes a problem when being gay becomes an ideology.

Especially this

266aa3  No.13093346



polite double-post sage

d313ca  No.13093361


I hate fags, let's make it a round number (70). You are parasites in society. You deserve death just like all the other parasites in society.

003c1e  No.13093388


decent idea, join some of their forms,infiltrate some of their groups, nudge them certain ways. lol

d313ca  No.13093430




823197  No.13093445

You can't get rid of homosexuals as homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It has existed since the dawn of human kind and it exists in other species as well.

Let's assume for a moment that you could eliminate every single homosexual tomorrow off the face of the planet. It still would not eradicate homosexuality because in the very next generation you would have more homosexuals.

Some food for thought. Their so-called inability to produce offspring (not true as gay people have children all the time) doesn't really prevent heterosexuals from producing offspring. No one willingly chooses to be attracted to the same sex just as no one willingly chooses to be attracted to the opposite sex.

In any case, less offspring is a good outcome in todays world with the severe strain the earth is under when it comes to environmental conditions and the inability of its finite resources to sustain life in the long term.

d313ca  No.13093465


Don't fuck with me anon…I grew up with livestock breeding and I know that you can breed undesirable traits right out of a population if you are willing to kill the undesirable DNA and weed it out. There is no way that fag are going to survive what is coming.

30c5f1  No.13093511

File: 1f904cc327f41f7⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 457x457, 1:1, ew1.jpg)


LGBTQBBQ have spread so far into weeb culture it hurts

003c1e  No.13093527


not join but rather agitate and point….they seem like an excitable bunch and easily manipulated through their text….it wouldn't be overly hard to get a few of them whipped up into a frenzy over the faggot through anything more than disinformation and religious rhetoric.

d313ca  No.13093545


Yeah but that excitability is a hallmark of any low IQ population (semites average 84IQ). Just be careful…the last 'training video' I saw of shitskins they were all celebrating by firing their guns STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP INTO THE AIR…you probably stand a higher risk of death from their general retardation that you do from enemy combatants.

5df4d6  No.13093548

comeon you wanna fuck a tranny dont lie

e49f71  No.13093550

Anime is the last bastion of faggotry online.

2a4b67  No.13093556

823197  No.13093563


LOL you're an idiot. "Grew up livestock breeding".

Ok hick. You literally don't know shit.

You can repress it publicly, but homosexuals have existed since the dawn of man, and exist in nature amongst other species as well.

3e4272  No.13093575

do it yourself bitch

9a97a6  No.13093582

d313ca  No.13093589


Nope…it wasn't that kind of environment. You are the fucking fool if you think high-end livestock breeding doesn't have access to technology that you can't even imagine. I can assure you, that you will be exterminated from the human gene pool. You will not pass your defective and degenerate DNA or lifestyle into the future Reich culture because you will be tested and weeded out for the good of the society when you are infants or younger…if you pass the DNA selection process we will still find you and purge you from the gene pool ,globohomo.

9de9c1  No.13093598

Hitler was indeed a smart man, but he wasn't perfect, or he wouldn't anticipated just how deep the grip of the Jew went and known it was stupid to attack the Soviet Union before Britain/US surrendered. He divided his forces to confront a more convenient and obvious yet lesser threat.

That is what homosexuals are, and efforts to focus on them instead of the Jew are a standard D+C tactic. If you compared the numbers of homosexuals who want to corrupt your kids and the number of heterosexual Jews who want to corrupt your kids, the Jew will win every time.

ec5400  No.13093637


>seeing the apex of masculinity as being that of merely a utility

I can see who needs to be exterminated, and it's not gays.

ee94aa  No.13093656

File: 1c5e928ffa13969⋯.jpg (123.78 KB, 851x500, 851:500, 1530313361776.jpg)


you faggots are deranged

003c1e  No.13093670


you're right, the trannies then the gays, there's just so many flavors of lgbtqqar whatever the fuck to choose from, it's hard to know where to start

2b3185  No.13093691

File: a97894d9282a000⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 255x170, 3:2, - .jpg)

>fags itt promoting homophilia with impunity

We need a better moderation team that will crack down on these fucking shills. Anyone pro-trump, anti-Tarrant, and who wants anything less than the total extermination of all sodomites, trannies, niggers, kikes, sandniggers, spics, and all other non-white races, plus anyone with a single non-white ancestor, needs to be permabanned

6cc523  No.13093726


The mods are dead. They are dead like god.

We have killed them.

2b3185  No.13093744


>dead like God

Don't play with sharp edges kid

622650  No.13093758


>Don't fuck with me anon…I grew up with livestock breeding

Here's a dirty little secret about fags: The first guy to fist a man's asshole was a rancher or someone with animal husbandry experience as that exact procedure is exactly how you inseminate a mare, crisco-covered elbow length gloves, arrowhand while penetrating, fist once inside sliding along the inner walls…

2b3185  No.13093837


kys faggot

0d93a9  No.13093863


Straight pedophilia is ok.

000000  No.13094059

Best use of king of the shekel so far.

000000  No.13094075


>uncompromising extremism

Been learning from the Talmud have we?

d313ca  No.13094547



This is why you need to die.

99b99d  No.13094628


wrong kiddo, it's you who must die.

99b99d  No.13094630


I'm working real hard on that, too.

4eeece  No.13094730


It's presence in constant rates in human societies about the globe would seem to indicate a purpose of some kind played by this variation. Playing god and rearranging the Natural Order can only lead to ruin.

d313ca  No.13094737


What a great idea…kill off the breeding aspect of humanity in favor of homosexual pedos…why didn't the rest of humanity ever think of that?


d313ca  No.13094740


Tell that to globohomo. Actually when they are exterminated you can tell it to the wind.

e53ad5  No.13094885

File: ead7b4063694138⋯.png (13.28 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 686ad36e3646f7a22bf7e310bc….png)

>Homosexuality isn't a choice, source that says it is mist be judaised just like other sources.

kill gay people and lgbt, no one need them anyways

d313ca  No.13094903

File: 1b6cee03cbcf9d4⋯.jpg (117.79 KB, 486x326, 243:163, ginsburg pedophilia is goo….jpg)

File: f063f121333840e⋯.jpg (72.23 KB, 404x454, 202:227, mother punished for protec….jpg)

File: c181f39ac7f4334⋯.jpg (177.95 KB, 1360x1200, 17:15, raped baby and mulsim pedo….jpg)


As well as pedos, they are worthless parasites in society.

9affe6  No.13094924


Typical Russian, hates freedom. You're so predictable I can set my watch by you, Ivan. I have sympathy for those innocent individuals forcefully injected with ZOG against their will. I am one of those individuals. The cure is violent insurrection.

d313ca  No.13094934


>hates freedom

GLOBOHOMO KIKE! Muh freedom to be degenerate drag on society and an infectious disease vector.

9affe6  No.13094943


Solid shill, guess my comments weren't on-brand. Go fuck your cousin, kike.

d313ca  No.13094961


You should check the header of the thread…this thread is about exterminating FAGS, PEDOS and OTHER SEMITIC TRASH not about 'muh freedom' to engage in degeneracy.

806cae  No.13094984

I think this is probably the most autistic thread I have ever seen

1ff4e4  No.13095018

File: 94ca6ed95e5857b⋯.jpeg (15.16 KB, 500x329, 500:329, .jpeg)


homosexuals is the devil in human form

>From a Jew’s countenance — the evil devil talks to us,

>The devil, who in every land — is known as evil plague.

>If we shall be free of the Jew — and again will be happy and glad,

>Then the youth must struggle with us — to subdue the Jew devil.


ec09ef  No.13095058


here's a reply because you're funny

9affe6  No.13095065


I ain't plannin' on gassin' nobody but I'm definitely bootin' 'em out of my new country. The only gas I'll be doin' is NO2 to the dome niggerino

d313ca  No.13095083


Gassing requires containment/effort. All PEDOS AND FAGS need a bullet to the head and a mass grave.

23f10e  No.13095235

File: f3cf9f4bf6103db⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 296x300, 74:75, lol fags can shoot better ….jpg)


Still waiting for you. Come on, don't you wanna be the guy who kicks off the Day of the Rope? All it takes is a little courage, if you have any.

cd8ba5  No.13095262


>still waiting

Which is why you have already lost.

317011  No.13095274

File: c4c3e2023e851c4⋯.png (31.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 12395647.png)


I agree with you, can't murder innocent people.

TLDR; Stop beeing a cult cuck you fat niggeroid flat faced cracker chink goy scum.

The biggest mistake with Hitler is that he didn't respect human life.

You should never fall for that mistake as everyone has a god (DNA) given right to live.

Crime should be prossecuted with proportional mesures.

And if you don't beleive so you are a psycopath and a danger to me and my friends.

Nihilism is what people need.

Christianism, Judeism, Buddhism, Islam, Nazism, Comunism, etc. are all ==DEADLY MEMES==.

When people believe in wee woo hooo and kill you in the name of wee woo hooo it's fucked up.

Nobody wants to die and (((they))) want you to kill.

Killing people is fighting for (((them))).

If you hate the DEADLY MEMES hit them in the balls just like in the french yellow vest movement.

(((They))) will either kill citizens (not gonna happen cause our militaries are feminized cucks) or the citizens will get the power and put (((them))) to prison and collect the sheckels.

On the other hand you can become a cucked cult member and suck wee woo hoo's ass and then go full Rwanda mode and gas 800.000 nuggets using machetes just to realize they had the same nugget DNA you had and then the oven didn't work and you get roped. And then reverendo muhhammad rabbi is raping your nuggerette's 3 year old man vagina back at home and sucking penis blood to get some vitamins.

000000  No.13095282


If you want jannies that delete all posts you don't like, try 4chin

003c1e  No.13095306


lol, is that a 1911?

…. shows a faggot getting ready to limp wrist and stove pipe a 1911….of all of the guns to put into a faggots hands you put the one that will literately cease to function if you got limp faggy wrists…..this meme is glorious. thank you for that.

d313ca  No.13095311

File: e58b0c6e928fdb0⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jew torture inquisiton mal….jpg)


>globohomo faggots should probably start parasitically culling heteros…

LMAO…as though they haven't done this and killed billions all through history…never mind their other crimes, spreading of disease and pedophilia.


d313ca  No.13095319


I thought the flaccid faggot arms whose only heavy lifting they have ever done was ramming a cock down their throat or inserting a cock in their ass were pretty funny as well.

23f10e  No.13095386


You're not gonna do shit, you nigger. You're no Tarrant.

23f10e  No.13095403



>this meme

Good job exposing your newfaggotry, as if the realization that you know nothing about the 1911 didn't already do that.

protip: if your 1911 is stovepiping, get a stronger spring

003c1e  No.13095426


lol, oh shut fuck up faggot, fuck back off to reddit where a bunch of fucking morons will buy your bullshit. "no such thing as limp wristing" hahaha, fucking moron.

23f10e  No.13095429


Are you having a stroke, anon?

003c1e  No.13095450


yeah, some fucking moron just tried to tell me physics no workie.


like jesus fucking christ, i've heard some dumb fucking shit before, but that was pretty fucking bad.

23f10e  No.13095461


Good job, you use Google (you fucking moron, use a better search engine). Now is the part where you tell me how limpwristing a firearm has more to do with misfeeds than a weak magazine spring does.

protip: limpwristing is discouraged because it throws off your aim on follow-up shots

d313ca  No.13095475

File: 58f9695fd5992aa⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 288x175, 288:175, degenerate fags.jpg)

0fb1ea  No.13095480

Knowledge is key to understand and too fight back.

Homosexuality may begin as merely a particular elaborate form of masturbation. Among adolescents in particular it may arise as a mere exchange of reciprocal service, scarcely beyond the campfire “circle jerk”. But like masturbation and its associated pornography, the more limited exchanges tend to pall, and demand ever more extreme measures to achieve the original effect. The mechanics of mutual massage give way to the passion and turbulence, fear and frenzy of sexual hierarchy and obsession.

Most men recover from sexual setbacks without an episode of homosexuality. Those who do become homosexual the return to normality becomes difficult and treacherous for addicted men. It is tragic, therefore, if the cultural ambience provides too easily for perversion.

In many parts of the West this tragedy is a way of life. The precarious male is surrounded by homosexual stimuli. If he goes to a pornography shop –a frequent resort of despair – he will find homosexual literature and devices increasingly prominent and will discover that even heterosexual porn focuses more and more on male organs. In some parts of town he will meet homosexuals on every street corner, genitals pressed like vultures against their jeans. In fashionable literature he will frequently encounter the argument that homosexuality is not an addition or a disease but merely an alternative form of sexual expression towards which all civilized men should be tolerant.

Once a homosexual culture is established it can attract others by seduction and by its inherent appeal to insecure males. When they give themselves up to homosexual environment, their passage spurred by drugs, alcohol, and failures with women, normal young men can suddenly realise an almost physiological change and feel as if they were born gay.

This is why there is a big push to sexualise our children/youth from an early age to try and create sexual frustration from as early as possible. Now you know why the book burning happened because the Germans understood the inherent dangers their society faced, which is always perpetuated by the same vermin.

003c1e  No.13095495


lol, oh so now it's a matter of what causes FTF more? not that limp writing isn't a thing? haha, and i'm the moron? fuck off of down the road faggot. :)

23f10e  No.13095889


I never said limp wristing wasn't a thing. You did, attempting to put words in my mouth in the manner that you cram goat phalluses into yours.

e7ca26  No.13095943

File: 25ada91e9dbc998⋯.png (143.91 KB, 1155x852, 385:284, Nazi_stormfag.png)

I can't wait until the stormniggers take power! Imagine how great society will be once a motley crew of LARPing social pariahs run things.

2a479b  No.13095962


For one, you'll be dead, so your neighborhood will already see some positive benefits.

23f10e  No.13095967


post guns w/timestamp or fuck off forever m80

003c1e  No.13095968


if the gun is stove piping because you're limp wristing it like a faggot no spring change is going to fix that, wtf is actually wrong with you?


e7ca26  No.13095986


>"you'll be dead!!1"

luckily for society and White folk everywhere, you'll probably never have the gumption to get off your crusty 56% ass long enough to wipe it.

ab2179  No.13096179

File: 7f9492b6c63fb6c⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 403x234, 31:18, Wow!.gif)

>This thread

>Kill all fags

>Let us kill kids if they show signs of homosexuality

>Kill those that disagree

Okay, when does the killing start? Oh wait:


This is beyond pathetic, I'm not one for all the fucked up shit we see nowadays, but you faggots are just as pathetic.

bdee81  No.13096390


says the cuck who can t even buy a fire arm

niggers are manlier then you retard

000000  No.13096392


>using google and google-funded firefox

What is wrong with you?

b6b64f  No.13096548

File: 05a07f01c19cfa2⋯.jpg (71.81 KB, 597x643, 597:643, A9A9EFE0-8A4A-467B-B9BD-FA….JPG)

File: 4f2cd0fb2a3bf37⋯.jpg (202.09 KB, 1100x795, 220:159, 407A3309-A8CE-4103-ABDD-A7….JPG)

File: 1b282b155d32a8e⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 188x250, 94:125, 4BE3052F-9ADF-44D9-89C7-CE….JPG)



000000  No.13097286

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

957fac  No.13097736

File: 28a8eda8cd341fd⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Gondola Viking.mp4)


Decent OP. I would drop bibleshit like "sodomy" though. It accepts kike history and narratives and is as pozzed as what you are against. It also isn't faggotry so much as a catch-all term used to describe any sexual acts. Faggotry in general is distinct from acts.

Furthermore, one can and ought to understand the original connotations of why people were bogged. The Viking terms for a man meant "one who flees the female sex organ" and the one for a woman meant "one who flees the male sex organ." So the point of view is different, akin to shield-flinging and all that, which is why it was viewed as disgraceful/shameful in the first place, much more so for men, as they have the responsibility of bearing the shield. Such a crime for a man translates decently into English as "effeminacy." So it's isn't a sex-act so much as what we describe nowadays as unironically being a faggot. Shit like cross-dressing and avoiding military service or honorable work is closer to effeminacy than getting a blowjob from a woman, for example, by a large margin.

Apologies for wall of autism, but there aren't enough good definition and info posts these days.

d313ca  No.13097794


It is because YOU DON'T HAVE STANDARDS that this place is Hell. Now I have a ticket out of here…but you are going to live in Hell for a VERY LONG TIME until you figure it out.

957fac  No.13097872


Gas the kikes race war now.

Anyone with more than (10) posts in any thread is a FAGGOT.

957fac  No.13097933

File: 1aff0e5c491776a⋯.png (597.75 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Merchant Selling Foreskins.png)


It's definitely one of the biggest triggers in years. Just make sure to filter anyone with a fuckton of posts because they are worthless morons 100% of the time. It's guaranteed that they didn't lurk nor understand anon culture, nor do they deserve to have their opinions heard, no never mind how selfish it is for them to spam the thread with their inane unsourced opinions in the first place.



See? This is standard fare. Even the political shills have no idea what the fuck they are even talking about. t. oldfag

9534b2  No.13099792

File: 92ae6574a969d42⋯.jpg (46.51 KB, 413x570, 413:570, laughing.jpg)


>For one, you'll be dead, so your neighborhood will already see some positive benefits.

ed474c  No.13099798


>Then why do fags still exist if we got rid of them?

This is why exterminating fags won't work. You will just get another generation with fags after you exterminate the fags of the current generation

9534b2  No.13099800

File: e55b585c30d5294⋯.gif (992.56 KB, 540x540, 1:1, (you).gif)


>White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people

the cure is the disease, sure thing tor fag.

9534b2  No.13099806

File: 131a01e369b1ba5⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 960x720, 4:3, chairman yang.jpg)


>This is why exterminating fags won't work. You will just get another generation with fags after you exterminate the fags of the current generation

This is the equivalent of saying you shouldn't take out the trash because you'll just have to do it again next week. This is the argument of a child.

000000  No.13099864


>It's guaranteed that they didn't lurk nor understand anon culture

Nothing says anon culture like counting how many times one specific individual posts in one thread, or having IDs in the first place.

9d1f89  No.13100366


Gtfo with all the trolls that wish worse for a white faggot than for a Jew. Only a Jew can say such a thing.

d313ca  No.13100388


Or you shouldn't brush your teeth because you will have to do it again tomorrow.

It has to be a CONTINUOUS purging of homosexuality generation after generation after generation until they are gone from the Earth.

ed8620  No.13100389

The simple solution is to cut off the homos’ water supply. They’ll dry up (kek) in about three days and we can rid the world of the filth


d313ca  No.13100390


jews are the origin of faggots you noob. We need to exterminate BOTH but in a sense they are one and the same. If you are a fag and you are 'white' it is because you are part kike.

d78c67  No.13100435


This, it's very well possible. Knew a dude who got out of it and had a family. The horror stories he had. Church actually woke him up But of course if they resist and try to spread their faggotry further than into the bogs they go.

d78c67  No.13100439

Also, can you retards ignore at least some of the obvious bait and shit-teir responses? Christ this is a mess.

d313ca  No.13100448


>Muh, I'll disobey a direct order from God and then I will say that I am a follower of God.


d78c67  No.13100466

File: 92383dcacede73a⋯.png (8.53 KB, 660x504, 55:42, 1dcc564990403132eaf8e0f322….png)


God damn, you know nothing. A sin can be forgiven if they truly are sorry and stop. People make mistakes and fuck up, it's a fact of life retard. Nor is any adult truely pure.

>inb4 you skew my last line to mean it's ok to be degenerate

d313ca  No.13100476


No it cannot. You were TOLD to kill them and instead you chose the kike jew Paul and you let HELL fester on Earth.


Jesus warned you about the Pharisees like Pharisee Paul and now you are going to have to pay with your life because you are defiled and corrupted with enabling the sin of HOMO/PEDOS.

fb582c  No.13100481


So in that case it is impossible to cure faggots? What if some kind of pharmaceutical shit or gmo's is added to what ever people consume is causing homosexual drive in people, is this even possible by any mean?

d313ca  No.13100494


It is impossible because they are kikes. The kikes are the origin of faggotry on Earth. If a white man is a faggot, he has kike blood in him. Do you want to wash, rinse, repeat with the kikes again? Or do you want Heaven on Earth?

If you want to suffer under kike rule and slavery then continue what you are doing. If you are TIRED OF KIKES then they need to be purged from the Earth.

I am tired of their BULLSHIT and I want the pedo/homo/kikes GONE from the planet.

fb582c  No.13100513


Ok anon, I get it. So, when a family has one faggot in it, the whole family should be justified for having Jewish genes?

fb582c  No.13100632


Congratulations! You just won nothing for giving the best answer.

13a634  No.13100648


Yes. God judges by nation and so should you. The ‘individual’ means nothing. When a genetic line is bad it is corrupted forever.

d46a11  No.13100713


I would rip your arms off

fb582c  No.13100743


Ok, so how to define someone as someone to be justified for beeing a faggot and thus Jewish?

Is it in some way allowed to have feminine instead of masculine attitudes for a man? If yes, do you have examples?

fb582c  No.13100771


Mods, why not ban obvious trolls like this immediately? Fuck off Kike. At least respect the few proud whites of many. Why even troll us, fuck off man.

0f1a17  No.13100906



There's your problem, and it can be solved without unindiscriminated bloodshed. Not even the nazis would rely to just mass murdering, only those that think that believe the holocaust is real.

0f1a17  No.13100928


Why even ask him, he's a delusional autist, he's not god, he's not any form of authority, so why listen to him?

906bfc  No.13101086


The homosexual lifestyle, community, ideology, needs to die. When that happens, Gays wouldn't be a thing other than behavior, which can be shamed and replaced with good male bonding behavior. The problem is the meme that Gay is an identity and community and not a harmful behavior. By 'killing faggots and their families', you're bound to end up killing everybody, which isn't something the Nazis did at all. You fall into this skinhead stormfag stereotype that has been programmed into you through Jewish media. What makes Whites great is their empathy and reason.I don't believe every single one is a reprobate demom, though there are a growing number of them.

fb582c  No.13101115


What ever, it is an open board, everyone is allowed to answer the question.

0f1a17  No.13101176


This, only niggers will ever rely on a "kill all policy" due to their aggression, same with muslims, there are a hundred ways to get rid of undesaribles without bloodshed. And on the topic of homosexuality, if someone is gay, it may not be reversible, but he can be taught to not display such behavior in public, by just simply learning common decency. I'm not willing to kill someone over their sexuality, but I am willing to judge them and shame them if they display their kinks in public and/or put it on a pedestal as if it was their whole as a person.

4cb8bb  No.13101223


You just love living in Hell don’t you? Could never bring yourself to let go of deviant filth can you?

0f1a17  No.13101259


>Could never bring yourself to let go of deviant filth can you?

Maybe I am a softie, if I wasn't I would have gotten rid of you first

4cb8bb  No.13101334


Try it faggot sympathizer. Enjoy wallowing in shit and blood cocksucker

0f1a17  No.13101362


I am not defending degenerate behavior, I simply not want to butcher hundreds over something that can be fixed through traditional education, and those that are not willing to stop being degens, they'll be forced to leave, or put in an institution. You're obviously either a shill, or a 12 year old with no idea of how the world works, and how by calling for genocide, you'll be making more enemies than allies, even the nazis knew that and never advocated for such, the holocaust is a lie.

c1fc66  No.13101573


>bad goy, you should be killing indiscriminately to stop people from buggery

>you dont wanna be in hell do you? Just wipe out everyone who currently cant give a stronger handshake than you

>those demonic pedos need to be gassed, so everyone in a 100 mile vicinity must as well!

>you don't want to? i guess you're a faggot too

Shalom, Agent Goldblatt

003c1e  No.13101770


actually a good point, faggots never used to be flamboyant, they came across just as beta males and you really couldn't tell the difference between a faggot and just some poor bastard who lost the genetic lottery….honestly in modern times the faggots have brought the hate on themselves, very very very few of us were raised to hate faggots, our society certainly doesn't hate faggots, so why all of the sudden in the last 10 years or so has faggot hate been on the rise? you think maybe because now that they are "accepted" they can put their mental illness on display for the world to see and people are starting to realize it's mental illness? like we were originally told it was….

0f1a17  No.13101801


Honestly, I can't take seriously anyone that talks about genetic superiority on this board like they're proper alphas. Sage for off-topic.

4cb8bb  No.13101863


They have done nothing but murder you and your families and rape your children their entire existence on the planet. We are so far above them that they are literal materialistic demons. All they have ever done is to find inventive ways to murder you.

0f1a17  No.13101886


You mean niggers and muslims, and outside of them, the only one calling for death is you.

003c1e  No.13101997


i can't take morons who don't think genetics play apart in a persons appearance seriously. even if i wasn't in the upper echelons it wouldn't make my statement any less true…or are you implying that faggots are generally alpha types? that would be funny if that's the argument your wanting to make.


i agree with you, my comment was coming from the perspective of mainstream society, people who see the world for what it is have never been in the mainstream, if you're outside of the mainstream you have to operate on different levels, the level of reality and what is really going on but you also have to be able to relate to the mainstream and their perspective…that is if you actually give a shit about changing anything….if you're blackpilled on the matter then i guess fuck the mainstream, lol…. i just like keeping my mind open to their POV so when i talk to people who think like that in earnest i have a chance of walking them down the path and waking them up…..you're not going to get anywhere by just laying out the cold hard truth, you got to start peeling layers of their reality back until they can see the truth for themselves.

just to be clear, nothing you said is wrong.

d313ca  No.13102020




0f1a17  No.13102046


>or are you implying that faggots are generally alpha types

The fuck you get that from? No, all I'm saying is that if you're here, it's likely you're not an alpha and are probably an anti-social autist, like everyone else. Hell, if there truly was a cleansing of all the PERCIEVED degens in our contries, we'd be on those lists, the point is to not see things as black and white, nobody is perfect, if a person can be salvaged, he should be, if someone is a cock-goblin, as long as there's a chance he can be a perfectly functional member of society, then he should be helped, not executed.


>Someone has a different opinion? I must throw a fit like a child because this is my little treehouse and no one can disagree with me and my fellow right wingers

0f1a17  No.13102065


And before anyone suddendly claims that I'm defending degeneracy, I'm not, if one is not willing to drop the degen act, he should be taken to an asylum, or kicked out of town, try not to throw a fit.

003c1e  No.13102209


yeah, i've said my piece earlier on in the thread about killing gays and the rest. i'll just say not every one on the board is some skinny little kid or 300lbs monster, it probably is true about the social aspect, i just have not real social life because i'm a married guy with two kids and an actual career, this format works for me because it is slower and still offers something that "resembles" uninhibited free speech and anonymity, i think you'll find that even people who used to be popular end up having no real social life after they get married and have kids, lol. it's just the nature of things….also keep in mind that even moot is in his 30's now, these boards have been around for a while now and have changed a lot over the years….

that said, you're probably right, probably 80% of the people here are as you describe in some shape or fashion….but honestly who knows? i do know the fat neckbeard thing has been done to death and is a easy way out of making a real argument as you'd be asking me to give up my anonymity to prove otherwise and nobody that actually has anything of value in their lives, which alphas tend to acquire, is going to post that shit just to win some online shit slinging contest.

0f1a17  No.13102345


I'm a fairly antisocial individual, on the surface look like yet another skinny white guy, but deep down I've struggle with my sexuality due to past traumas won't get into, I've been to places where I've witnessed first hand the degenerate crap that goes on and I have every reason to hate what goes on, we're talking pedophilia, zoophilia, all matter of shit that could corrupt the minds of the young. But these people I'm talking about are a very small fringe minority that are growing in numbers slowly since they have the left propping them up as opressed minorities of people, we need to show them for who they truly are, that's all we need, because anyone with a sense of decency, wether gay or straight, will be more than willing to kick them out of society, maybe send them to africa where aids is already commonplace. And even some of the more "morally questionable" anons on this site would agree to that asesment. All I want at the end of the day, is to get help and live happily, I wish the same to those that have similar issues to mine but know how to control them and not prop them up like a blessing, it's a curse, thankfully my antisocial nature has kept me away from ever engaging in this kind of stuff, but a lot people much younger than me have, now that's scary.

003c1e  No.13102691


you know, i think i may actually agree with you on one level or another, as i said eariler in the thread i view this problem to be two fold, there is a genetic component that makes a person predisposed. (genetic marker Xq28) but also a social one. (https://web.archive.org/web/20180825204236/http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0202330)

i agree, we need to look at people who have been screwed with by society closer than we do the natural born faggot….really though, from the sounds of it, i wouldn't worry if i was you, there are so many problems on so many level that by the time we get down to the level of dealing with people in your unfortunate position i don't think it will be much of a problem any more….as i was saying before, before acceptance people hated fags for sure but it's also not like people were going out on the hunt for them, basically faggots really didn't have that much of a problem if they kept to themselves and kept their faggotory in check so it didn't spill out into public life…after the initial removal of the most egregious of actors i'm willing to bet that's what normal would look like….i know personally i would REALLY REALLY rather not give a fuck about any of this bullshit and just as you say live happily in a place of morals and decency.

000000  No.13102801


>typing in all caps will show them I mean business!

lurk more

0d72e1  No.13102907


Faggot mlp mother fucking fuck son of bitch stupid fuck

d62ea6  No.13103921


1) lesbians are gay

2) statistically, lesbians have less stds than average

So it seems to me that the whole argument is bogus. And moreover, listen this shit: if gay men are all full of aids, them fucking is actually a great way of passing a mortal disease to other gay people, so you should be happy they're self destructing I guess

e3d9bc  No.13104799


>i agree, we need to look at people who have been screwed with by society closer than we do the natural born faggot…

So it’s ok to be lgbt if you have a good excuse. Got it. You are a closet queer.

2a479b  No.13104927


Reprobates are unsalvageable, their heart has already been darkened, they will never accept the gift of salvation, it's a direct order from God in Leviticus to put them to death, and it's even reiterated in the new testament in Romans 1 that "men with men, burning in their lust one towards another" are "worthy of death." It's clear as day. Murderers can be forgiven too if they accept salvation, they are still to be punished on this earth with the death penalty, same apply to fags (who will never accept the gift anyway because they are reprobate.)

Fag apologists are as bad as kike apologists. Utter scum.

52659f  No.13105025

File: e63786822e8d789⋯.jpeg (155.6 KB, 584x800, 73:100, image.jpeg)

ab2179  No.13105150


He did not say that, he said that those with an excuse, need to be looked after, you dumb moron, kill yourself, you weak excuse for a fag.

d59b87  No.13105167


Yes,but in reality what "lesbians" do 8snt really sex. except for the actual reprobates. it is just what girls do when they are together and don't have a man. Homosexuality and budgeting each other is a whole different level of bacterial infection. needing more control of the homos, could be one of the biggest social problems these days.

e3d9bc  No.13105381


You either get to use excuses or you don’t. If one person gets a pass, everyone gets a pass. Just because you can’t articulate your reasons doesn’t mean they’re not valid, and just because something happened to that anon up there and he also questions his sexual identity doesn’t mean one caused the other.

How about just mind your own friggin’ business and worry about where your own dick goes? It’ll take a lot of the stress out of your life.

d313ca  No.13105431







906bfc  No.13105684



An actual assmad shitskin shows his true color.

6ec205  No.13106558


>he biggest mistake with Hitler is that he didn't respect human life.

He actually did respect human life that dude didn't want a war, can't say the same about communism or churchill.

53b0f8  No.13108752

The sin of Sodom had to do with rape, not homosex. Read your bibles closely, not just frequently.

53b0f8  No.13108758


I see a nigger in the woodpile.

000000  No.13109601


>P: "New funny and exciting sex mode: pedosexual. What are your thoughts?"


0fbf0a  No.13111030


Love truth graphics like this. Spit the truth anon.

93b9b7  No.13111090



Still lower chance to get AIDS than fags.

6ec205  No.13111200


What the hell?

6ec205  No.13111206




Doubt you know what the word means.

>S storm nigger

This is politcal incorrect.

Nice bait post though.

0fbf0a  No.13111214


Since when is Leviticus in the unholy Talmud? You're not very smart are you dipshit?

0fbf0a  No.13111232

I actually ended up getting canned from fagchan when I exposed the truth behind faggots. Apparently I posted that the reason why queers were always trying to brand anything handsome as "homosexual" was because deep down inside they're ashamed of what they are. Fags in the back of their minds acknowledge their depravity and want anything to justify their sickness. One way is to project their faggotry to other things. It's a very twisted psychology.

It ended up enraging an SJW or gay mod there.

1c3381  No.13111261

lol you motherfuckers are retarded.

the mere definition of an echo chamber.

this is why your ideology is losing.

1c3381  No.13111263


>quoting the bible

>calling others stupid

oh the irony is thick.

0fbf0a  No.13111295

File: 4a0a605423b8ce0⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 552x520, 69:65, fuck you.gif)


>anal sex between two men is good

>being a cuckold is fun

>A man should call himself a woman

Your type of fuckery wasn't welcome in Biblical times, it isn't welcome now either.

c0c2b6  No.13111502

File: 947757a175efb9a⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 600x589, 600:589, 23111.jpg)



2be196  No.13111538


>posting white supremacist flag

you sicko

2a479b  No.13111541


What a surprise, a faggot trying to mislead people. They wanted to rape the new men who showed up in the town (who were actually angels,) and then when they were offered women instead, they were so disgusted by the offer that they declared "now will we deal worse than thee, than with them." In case that wasn't clear enough for you, there are literally two other places in the bible where it is directly stated that men sleeping with men are either to be put to death or are worthy of death.


Ah this is the new go to shill tactic for the AIDS infested kike brigade? That anybody opposing this disgusting crime against humanity is a nigger? Another cheap attempt that will fool zero goyim as usual.

635b3a  No.13111685

What trauma you retarded fucks must have endured to hate gays so much. Don't confuse liberal, prancing-in-dresses gays with Trump gays you brain dead morons. You all sound like a bunch of fucking Muslims.

ab167a  No.13111864

File: b28361a374d2e26⋯.png (110.74 KB, 637x480, 637:480, ClipboardImage.png)


Its an ancient tradition to bog weirdos, as recorded by Tacitus in Germania. Some jews wish the book was never rediscovered, (((Arnaldo Momigliano))), said the book is "among the most dangerous books ever written", jews write whole books denouncing Germania trying to pick it apart in all manner of ways, whether "it wasn't written by Tacitus" or "Tacitus was lying". Martin Luther had a copy of Germania and it was one of the first few books to be greatly printed across Europe, its copies finding their way into the libraries of many Kings and clergy, there is no way of putting it back.

07c0c5  No.13111875

I don't think homosexuality should be promoted as a choice but neither do I think it should be discriminated against. It's necessary to dismantle the LGBT lobby though, they are too subversive and have far too much influence.

07c0c5  No.13111878


All the hatred against homosexuals comes form Abrahamic religions and the retarded shit the jews, christians and muslims said. There's nothing wrong with being gay as long as they are discrete and respectable about it. The problem is fucking degenerates.

000000  No.13111902


>muh roman empire when it's convenient

>muh good barbarians when it's convenient

This is why nu/pol/ is killing itself faster than the blue-haired schizos.

ab3577  No.13111977


>The problem is fucking degenerates.

So all of you?

Yeah that is our point, that you are all disgusting fucking degenerate pieces of shit that need to be destroyed before you destroy everything you touch. You are a death cult that specializes in killing rather than life (see you putting the male aspect of life into shit and blood until it is destroyed). You are dysgenic, deadly and dysfunctional. There is something so fundamentally fucked up about your lifestyle that you are almost mentally retarded in thinking that it is normal or not completely depraved. And that is all your problems OUTSIDE of the fact that the only way for you to reproduce in society is through child molestation and rape of young males. ←-for that alone you need to be exterminated.

ab167a  No.13112011


Germania doesn't just say good things, it also lists some poignant criticisms of the Germanics which are important to keep in mind because such failures reoccur again and again in Germanics. I guess you haven't read it.

74ff2b  No.13112284

>>13084310 are you the red text cuck from the thread about the German girl who was raped

07c0c5  No.13112295


No one here is violent you batshit insane leftist piece of shit. We are all peaceful tolerant individuals who believe in freedom. Take your communist bullshit and get out.

ab3577  No.13112491

File: 8d8ce2e51263370⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 1220x720, 61:36, semites in religion 4 musl….jpg)


You globohomo fags are many things but peaceful is not one of them. Given your history on the planet, the only recourse is to kill you as soon as the government stops protecting you. It is OPEN SEASON on all fags. We are going to cleanse the Earth and then eugenically breed you into oblivion.

ea8256  No.13112661

Ok I don't mind but can we spare the lesbians?

ab3577  No.13112681


No, they have a tendency to deviant behavior. We are not sparing anything that is deviant or parasitic. WE WANT PARADISE, NOT THIS CONTINUOUS HELL.

0ed146  No.13112687


Stop watching porn.

0bed86  No.13112691


ea8256  No.13112699


If u dont like hot ass lesbians, u might be homo

38f448  No.13112701


Protip, God is a fucking faggot

ea8256  No.13112706


Fuck that. I aint some church boy who gets molested by the fuckin priests like u. Gimme that lesbian porn.

ab3577  No.13112709


If you like it you might need to be purged as well. There is nothing 'exciting' about watching deviants. They are disgusting and foul. Also, I don't use porn, ever.

ab3577  No.13112712


Your fate is sealed then.

38f448  No.13112717


Muh freedom?

ea8256  No.13112728

If u fuck a girl, u low key gay cos half her genes are from her dad. How about u suck ur own cock?

0ed146  No.13112736


>ooga booga

Fuck off, nigger.

ea8256  No.13112744


How long u been a virgin?

38f448  No.13112758

File: 9b4f052adc75a91⋯.png (367.83 KB, 560x490, 8:7, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at ….png)



208723  No.13112759

File: 54d65cb21bf901c⋯.jpg (450.57 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, dykemarch-2018-072.jpg)


many cats do have?

ea8256  No.13112767


I know you suck nigger dick u fag. All u want is dicks in ur piss life.

ea8256  No.13112770


So ur fucking cats now. ur a cuck and an animal fucker

1c3381  No.13114613


and your type of fuckery wasn't allowed either

>star wars faggot

Jesus will have you horse whipped for idolatry.

08d9c9  No.13114641

my Psych 101 professor told they discovered "gay brain" which proves Fags are "born that way".

But it seems like huge number of fags are victims of molesters, and that rate of pedophile among fags is about 110%.

It seems to be as much an Organized Crime cult as much as anything, more akin to Jews or Gypsy, or the Thug Cult of India.

9dec03  No.13114651

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, anon! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot citizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.


Y’all realize you have to be intensely dishonest and treacherous to catch and punish gays, right? It’s hypocritical for nearly everyone. As far as I’ve been able to tell, people for whom it isn’t hypocritical don’t overlap with people who try it, so it undermines civilization to try to punish sodomites.

08d9c9  No.13114700


>Hitler was a very smart man and had the best scientists working for him, they already had this figured out lads.



I don't even need to read it to know that (((wiki))) will cover up the fact that Nazis remain the only govt to take action against Pedo-priests, which explains where CERTAIN Catholic priests were quietly taken out of circulation and put in camps for vague "immorality" issues.

Today, American police in EVERY SINGLE TOWN will protect "the town pedophile" in the Church, even though the cops themselves are ostensibly straight, with kids, etc.

Its a weird thing.

I was at the Woodside Priory (most expensive Catholic School in CA, where Vulture Capitalist and Old Money send their kids) and the head dude is this over the top Pedo-priest guy, and I'm wondering "WTF, these are obviously smart, rich and powerful people that could hire their own 3 teachers per kid no problem, so what gives???"

d17fa6  No.13115559


wouldnt it be pedophilephobe? ether way all pedophiles should be put down like sick horses.

1cfd73  No.13115602

File: 7c8f3ff980161fb⋯.jpg (265.26 KB, 827x800, 827:800, 19F14F11-E675-4023-A177-99….JPG)


622650  No.13115825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't think you quite understand what faggotry is all about: Let me explain. Faggotry is all about getting as many dicks into putts as possible and keeping them fucking as long as possible, and the major problem is there's a shortage of top dicks and an oversupply of bottom butts and tho compond that problem is that flesh wears out from the overuse of it and age and must be replaced by new fresh dicks and butts to continue the dick-butt cycle, hence they need to constantly secure new supplies.

Here's where it gets really ugly. 1/4th of the total used supply of top dicks and bottom butts die every 5 years from suicide, overdoses, murders, extremely risky practices, and stuff like Armin Meiwes and Bernd-Jürgen Brandes (Google them); and due to the constant losses they need to constantly rob the highschools, elementaries, daycare, and soon, the cradles for more butts and dicks or else the entire thing is going to go extinct, and the juden will never let such a mass of perversion die if they can help it, and yet it will without new flesh for the grinder, and it is a meatgrinder, one that turns healthy young men with futures into ground rotting meat infested with worms and fecal matter.

Chickenhawks are the future, and this video is the faggot pedophiles caught on tape, it's a documentary often shown to cops in training.

e0eabe  No.13115834


>anti-gay laws (russian style)

you do know russia is a haven for gay sex right? people with power there force workers below them to have sex or face being jobless, the politicians are all the rave with gay sex and there is massive gay sex culture and a few cults in the russian army, if anything the gay laws just pused them underground where they do whatever they please yet no one can monitor them, where as if you just put all the gays into work camps you could let them bum fuck eachother whilst forcing them to make products for normal people, AIDS will be contained in 1 small place and be quickly eridacated along with faggotry, and you can tell if someone is a faggot if they get AIDS and are not in the work camp

8f850c  No.13115910

File: 55c7436288fd71c⋯.jpg (9.27 KB, 192x263, 192:263, hent (4).jpg)

Having fag sex should be banned. Is not only spread aids it also affect the nature those fags piss and shit in

635b3a  No.13116493

LOL, you Nazi Muslims are such a joke! Cling to your liberal, CNN like, unsubstantiated memes to fuel your psychological disorders of rage towards homos all you want while you waste away in your lonely basements. Being gay is fine you retards, your inbred parents just fucking suck and couldn't teach you anything usefull in your dim lives. I'm sure a bunch of you are self loathing homos yourselves. This is the thread of petty souls.

6cc523  No.13116527


Sure. Whatever you say. Totally organic post.

Not a shill or anything. Nazi Fags exists apparently.

de0705  No.13116583


Its not a parasite breh sure fags are disgusting but they are basically retarded thats all they are stuck in their anal phase, its a developmental disorder compounded by abuse etc, probably brainwashing as well, its useful to the K..ehh powers that be when everyone is busy fucking and doing drugs, and gays do way more of that than even the most depraved hetero deviant

funny thing is just saying that is already basically grounds for losing your jahb lmao

this is an interesting thread on debate.org:


look at all the butthurt responses from the faggots you can tell the guy struck a nerve despite being a homo himself and they have nothing to retort outside of "hurr it happens in nature"

yeah a lot of bad things happen in nature you can be born with no fucking eyeballs nigger, thats nod an argument

I wonder if the US gubberment really created aids that would be hilarious

33aeb5  No.13116964

File: bd8f792a6c8a9a4⋯.png (178.45 KB, 1190x906, 595:453, 3.png)


t.dropped on your head when u were a baby


im not political in the first place


>>I'm sure your homosexuality, issues, and trauma are completely unrelated.

>being gay =/= having issues

unironically remove yourself from the gene pool


>>He doesn't know he has a problem. He is probably like that nigger loving alt-kike Milo, blaming his child molestation on himself rather than the pedophile who molested him

>projecting THIS hard

>thinking that every homosexual has been raped

>being this brainwashed

you're a waste of oxygen. just jump out of your window and land head first. no one will miss you

be8947  No.13117393

File: 4340ff00cae4eb6⋯.png (656.48 KB, 734x609, 734:609, ClipboardImage.png)


blood, feces, body fluids, ect that are exchanged in Gay type activity transmit disease and sex with out the psychological mate bonding of procreation is often done in promiscuous of sexual partners relation Increasing the infection rate. Gay have even been known to seek the pleasure of infection healthy persons with there illness. I don't know that you have to be a nazi sentient to see this but The Kike honker gets bigger every day in who is a nazi.

e860df  No.13118298


Hey retard you know thats false

95a603  No.13118819

File: 9556e51b2b89aef⋯.jpg (23.51 KB, 498x325, 498:325, 56673061_10217328869361044….jpg)


Newton 3 song

6fd5d4  No.13119148

I would think that most people here are secretly gay but too ugly to get some.

41abec  No.13119700


Leave the ponyfag alone.

Attack enemies, not allies.

Waking as many people up as possible is our top priority.

000000  No.13119814

Wasn't there a short manifesto written by (communist) homosexuals in the 80s or before who openly proclaimed the need to rewrite history, including the Greek one, focusing on revisiting the story of the island of Lesbos, so as to fit the homosexual political program?

3d1a28  No.13120178

File: 263bbc3a82895e0⋯.png (434.82 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, gyajew.png)

Posting this here because the other thread is full

ac5174  No.13120253


Yes, it is called Michael Swift Homosexual Manifesto…

It is the main reason that I believe that homosexuals need to be exterminated.


df2b70  No.13121000

We need to go back to the old days where we shocked the gay out of them

413d42  No.13121589

op is gay

ac5174  No.13121603


As if that would stop them from pedophilia anon.

84f208  No.13121622

Gays should be exterminated the thread


>anything but the Jews

>look over here at this faggy stuff, not jewish media

>hate them not me

>aren't you mad at this thing Jews are spreading. Definitely not the Jews fault

>once gays are gone society will fix itself, you probably dont have to worry about jewish pressures

969a05  No.13121625

The Gays will be the ones leading Whites to fight back. The Jews know this and now are attacking White Gays every chance they get. You can know this by looking at their propaganda towards Grindr, the Gay dating app with them accusing Whites of racism because they specify they only want to date other Whites.

ac5174  No.13121668

File: 85eed0fc7cee50d⋯.jpg (204.92 KB, 1229x1356, 1229:1356, trump pardons meat packing….jpg)


Fags are semitic kikes; kikes are semitic fags.

The semites are the origin of faggotry and pedophilia. Every nation they touch they corrupt with their 'morals' and 'hedonism'.

I would say both need to die BUT IT IS THE SAME THING…when I say 'fags need to die' I know I am talking about the jews who have an almost 100% pedo rape culture in their communities…it is so common that you can find men holding a business meeting in a bathhouse while fucking a little boy. It is considered to be the 'dark secret of the Hasidim'

ac5174  No.13121674



969a05  No.13121708


You must be joking. I've met White Nationalists and they are pathological liars, backstabbers and put larping over being pro White.

Faggots are what they are but would be loyal, trustworthy and courageous allies in a war.

ac5174  No.13121743


I am not joking at all…ALMOST THE ENTIRE GROUP OF ALT-KIKES ARE GAY FAGS…literally all semtes are fag/pedos and all fag/pedo are semites. That is literally where faggotry comes from Babylonian Judaism.

The last thing anyone on the planet wants next to them in war is a traitorous faggot who might be inspired to stab you in the back because you didn't want your ass grabbed or didn't want to let them put their dick in your ass. I can tell that you have never met a hedonist backstabbing faggot before…get outside anon and learn what fags are really all about…aside from the fact that who would want to be sprayed with a fine mist of faggot blood when one of them takes a mortar…it is poisoning from your own side by their STD's and hedonistic behavior…having a fag on your team would be like ASKING to be POZZED from the get go…would you want a blood transfusion from a faggot? They are carrying loads of disease from their lifestyle as well as their personal baggage and death cult lifestyle.

fd9539  No.13121883


cry when a shooting happens cry when it doesn't…you faggots just cry a lot, don't you? do you miss your penis?

38532f  No.13121938


a (((jew))) revealed. Gas it.

42ff9e  No.13122854

Blah blah kill everyone… Fuck off nazi vermin.

4d6a83  No.13122874

After the White Nation Liberation War, White Nationalist psychologists are going to find a solution to the faggot question. We are already within reach to solve the question, but the faggot identity persists for ideological reasons. The Kikes rule the "Right" and the faggots rule the "Left," so the faggot identity isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

It is a fact though, that future-faggots can be identified very early on. Like kindergarten/1st grade. It's only a matter of singling these children out for psychological experimentation in order to get rid faggotry once and for all.

The gay-conversion therapy doesn't work (today), because it is run by a bunch of Christfags who think they can turn faggots into homos for Jesus. They actually have no idea what causes homosexuality in the male, and after this long, one can only speculate they don't even care to begin with. They're in the business of separating dumb religious people from their money, not curing faggotry.

Anyway, my theory comes from listening closely to fags talk about trannies. Anyone who has talked to fags long enough will realize the faggot thinks the tranny is a faggot with a mental disorder. They don't say this stuff publicly, because it would make them look bad, but this is how they think. More commonly known is that faggots think bisexual men are just faggots who are afraid to identify as a faggot. Bisexuality and transgenderism are just malformed faggotry to them.

This got me to thinking, does the faggot know something about autogynephilia (the underlying cause of most trannies) that we don't? I have been unable to tell myself, because getting a faggot to actually discuss autogynephilia is nearly impossible. I've tried, many times, with no success (even once with a faggot who had a psychology degree). In my mind, there are basically two scenarios, both of them fairly likely.

1. (Less interesting): The faggot just doesn't anything about autogynephilia, and hence has no real understanding of the tranny. They have a very narrow view of human sexuality, and are trying to force fit other sexual degenerates into a hole they don't belong in.

2. (More interesting): The faggot does understand autogynephilia because they experienced it themselves at some point, but transformed it into faggotry. This is significant because it would (for the first time) give a real explanation to the underlying psychological development of homosexuality in the male (we know what it is in the case of the female, and it is conscious rejection of relationships with men and nothing more).

The second case gives and experimental basis for acting on the sexual ideas inside the minds of small children. I personally think early interference of autogynephilic sexual narratives would be the cure here, up to and including sexual molestation of young boys by adult women. This would have the affect of disrupting how they imagine women sexually fantasize. The basic idea is this: the young, prepubescent autogynephile has an image in their mind about feminine sexual fantasy objects, ones that are hyper-masculine in nature. When the child is exposed to female sexual advances to themselves, a distinctly non hyper-masculine object, their internal development of the autogynephilic narrative will have to be disrupted, as their only real experience of feminine sexual fantasizing has placed them as the object, which means they will have to reconstruct their internal sexual narrative differently, and away from fetishizing hyper-masculine males.

07c0c5  No.13122876