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File: bb18b3293f71594⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 508x480, 127:120, bb18b3293f7159420fe37e9bf6….jpg)

f2fa5b  No.13103862

ITT: We discuss and brainstorm solutions to the many obvious problems that plague us today. Rather than being simple ("just, like, fix things"), or retarded ("hurr durr gas the kikes race war now"), write as much as fucking possible - outline the specific problem, then detail what exact solution you believe should be put forth. Other anons should point out potential flaws, and we aim to constructively build up eachother's ideas in order to create better and more effective designs. With that being said, let's get a few things out of the way:

>muh glowniggers!

Fuck 'em. By that logic, we might as well not even talk on this website (or anywhere else) if you're so goddamned concerned that everything you say will somehow be used against you. Even then, propose a way to organize and plan outside here, then. Something like the "Take a Walk" is something. Saying "we're doomed, it's hopeless, don't even try, they'll stop anything you ever do, just stop trying…" is blackpill shit, fuck off with that.

>muh kike shill!

Fuck you. I'm tired of seeing nonstop bitching with little to no actual solutions ever being discussed, and then every fucking person being called a "kike shill" for any fucking thing. I can't help but feel that this is what is ultimately desired by (((the powers that be))); turning this place from a bastion of free speech (and thus a primordial soup of ideas) into a designated shitposting board would absolutely be their ideal goal. If you have nothing better to say than some shitty reddit-tier one liner, fuck off.

>muh accelerationism!

Fuck everyone who thinks this is anything but a ploy for (((our benefactors))) to seize MORE control. It's literally part of the marxist handbook of toppling governments and then reforming them - destabilize, act as the hero against the artificially created (but very real nonetheless) menace, consume all resources, dump and repeat. You do not cure an ill man by stabbing him repeatedly in the chest. There's entire threads dedicated to the topic of accelerationism; please go there if you want to discuss this particular point.

f2fa5b  No.13103880

File: d41813af24d9f3f⋯.jpg (82.98 KB, 503x700, 503:700, d41813af24d9f3fc0479cc1bf9….jpg)

With that out of the way, I'll put forth my own idea.

Formation of confederated independent city-states

I've posted about this before, but I believe the best solution is to create a decentralized, yet co-operative, effort to gain independence. Obviously it won't work by simply going "FUCK YOU KIKES EVERYTHING YOU WANT ILLEGAL IS LEGAL HERE"; that's good way to get Ruby Ridge'd. The idea is, instead, form peaceful coalitions that abide by (if not exploiting) local laws. Rather than doing this in one huge location, though (the ultimate fault of places like Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, etc), you'd have multiple spring up across different states (or at least in different locations across one state). The idea here is to form a sort of confederation of enclaves, each aiming to be completely self-sufficient but helping one another out where need be.

>But anon, you'd get raided by the alphabet soup agencies!

Maybe, but that's why you have multiple spring up at the same time. It's easy to go after one place, but a logistical nightmare to go after a bunch at the same time. Look at the invasions of Europe - it wasn't all to one place, they scattered and sprang up everywhere simultaneously (with direct aid from their traitorous government, of course).

>How do you expect to grow food, etc?

The key point is to start off with energy independence - it'd require a lot of capital to get going, but I know damn well there's enough money to pool together that we could easily afford some solar, wind, or even geothermal energy to get shit started. Of course, to even get THIS off the ground, you need a solid construction crew - people educated enough (who speak fucking English) to help set this up, housing, and so on. From here, you could start forming hydroponics farms - you can build these things in any environment, all it requires is the power to maintain them. From THIS, you can start exporting foods. Obviously getting the FDA and shit involved would be a pain in the ass (they'd absolutely find any and all ways to fuck you over), but that's where you try to utilize local farming laws as best as possible and avoid any potentially lawbreaking shit.

With growth like this, you can begin gaining traction, and actually start building upwards (rather than expanding too much to the point that it scares locals). The trick to all of this is to utilize it *all as private property*. Utilize as many fucking laws as you humanly can to defend yourself against hordes of unskilled "undocumented migrant" labor, poor dindu nuffins, innocent merchants, literal retards, etc. It'd be tough to ensure you're not beholden to some retarded quotas, but remember that most of those are self enforced by almost every (((corporation))) anyway. Ideally, because of this, it's unwise to start your base in a shithole like California or the like. Any US state that values personal and business freedom would be most ideal.


Create enclaves, receive paradise.

180415  No.13103902

Let's, like, all move somewhere were there are like no jews and shit…

Then we'll create a perfect society.

L-like on an island or something.

46a6a8  No.13103913

File: 8cb01dbdc4c4581⋯.jpg (881.99 KB, 1028x5122, 514:2561, worthless lemmings.jpg)

You're not getting any results until the bread and circuses dry up. As long as there's Netflix and supermarkets, you're going nowhere.

f2fa5b  No.13103935


I'm sure you're being intentionally vague and non-specific as a trolling attempt, but this was discussed several times in the past. The major issue with moving to an island is that you face some SERIOUS logistical nightmares; freight, construction, etc are a pain in the dick to move to an island, which is why it's usually only the ultra-rich that can ever afford to really do so.


The point isn't to get everyone to join, the point is to forge our own destiny. Fuck the rest of the world; they can rot in the hell they've been conditioned to love.

e2a029  No.13103944

File: 4109d17e2567994⋯.jpg (41.4 KB, 640x417, 640:417, dan20nebuchadnezzar.jpg)


They already existed during the Holy Roman Empire, they were called Free Cities and always ended up being the whores of much larger states like Brandenburg and Prussia.

Plus it's not like either your government would allow it or any of you has enough resources to make it happen.

Unless any of you actually makes it happen and doesn't end up being shot or bankrupt it won't stop being LARP

f2fa5b  No.13104002

File: 62df16907483e72⋯.jpg (225.92 KB, 770x578, 385:289, 62df16907483e72fa618776545….jpg)


>Free Cities

The idea wouldn't be to act as a vassal to a larger force, but rather a sort of benign community, irrelevant in the eyes of the government (see: amish).

>or any of you has enough resources to make it happen.

Again, pooling resources helps a fuckload here. I know there's enough millionaire anons who'd gladly throw money at much dumber shit, so having a well-designed independence plan would be something of a decent pot to throw into. In of itself, it's not a solid plan - it's more like a thesis of one.

>makes it happen and doesn't end up being shot

Not being shot is probably the hardest part; there's enough Conveniently Placed Gangs Who Definitely Aren't Funded By the CIA that it'd be hard to not get raided all the fucking time, but that's where good planning for security measures comes into play. Making literal castles, moats, etc would be a start.

>or bankrupt

Yeah, that's the point of being as independent and self-providing as possible - relying on a continual flow of cash would be collective suicide, as you'd get deplatformed off of every possible form of monetary exchange.

fdbd31  No.13104026

Fantastic thread. Good job OP.

Here's some ideas I have.

Destroy self policing

>stop being worried about where you browse (as long as it's legal)

>stop worrying about VPNs

>stop worrying about policing yourself in public (say what you believe, but don't be an asshole

>engage in legal activism (post infographics, operation redstick)

The only power they have over us is what we let them have. If we all got up right now and walked to our town squares we would have a yellow vest correction in any nation right now.

180415  No.13104040

File: 37b5e8709137482⋯.jpg (199.05 KB, 933x704, 933:704, Cieszyn1.jpg)

File: 561358bf0ac8873⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 804x538, 402:269, Cologne.jpg)


I agree. I'm mocking them before they come.

There is no unclaimed land and any violent action to take it would anger the jews. Wouldn't want that. That's how you end up having America bring freedom and democracy to your country.

Now, I do want to address your idea a little.

>Formation of confederated independent city-states

That sounds cool. I love it. I'm not even being sarcastic, I sincerely think that'd be awesome.

However, practically it's almost as unlikely as the Island plan.

First off, where? How? When?

Maybe I'm being a doomer, but I genuinely do not have confidence that we could take over an already established city like Birmingham, Rockville, Vicksburg, or San Antonio even if we had a multi-million dollar, well organized political party.

>Let's just build a city!

Yeah sure but that's as pie in the sky as "hurdur just liek fix everything"

Firstly, /pol/ cannot do anything grand scale like that. We're not a political party or even any sort of organization at all. Getting anons to do anything is worse than herding cats. It's like herding cats that you can't see. You don't even know if they're cats!

And everyone thinks everyone else is a CIA agent. So if you actually suggest; "Hey, let's all meet here and build a city"

You'll get a never ending stream of

>lul honypot!

>Nice try fbi!

>U ain't gonna get me v&!


Besides, the logistics of actually building a city are enormous.

That said, I'd love to design a White City from scratch. Remember back when imkamfy was in charge and we had that "Let's build a city" thread?

That was nice.

I'm the old-European architecture guy.

f2fa5b  No.13104059

File: a3e37eabc2d6d53⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, a3e37eabc2d6d53e50d4a2090d….jpg)


Abso-fuckin-lutely. Self-policing, in theory, is well and good - but it always seems to conveniently lead to massive infighting, constant divide, and cancer.

A unified ideal is a must. An unwavering and stalwart man will always prevail over the meek and paranoid.

07f5c6  No.13104083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is this some kind of utopianism like the Zeitgeist movement?

Surely it would be easier for some psychopathic materialist to take power, real power and implement their vision in the vein of Caesar, Alexander the Great or Napoleon.

>The coming of Caesarism breaks the dictature of money and its political weapon, democracy. After a long triumph of world-city economy and its interests over political creative force, the political side of life manifests itself after all as the stronger of the two. The sword is victorious over the money, the master-will subdues again the plunderer-will. If we call these money-powers 'Capitalism,' then we may designate as Socialism the will to call into life a mighty politico-economic order that transcends all class interests, a system of lofty thoughtfulness and duty-sense that keeps the whole in fine condition for the decisive battle of its history, and this battle is also the battle of money and law. The private powers of the economy want free paths for their acquisition of great resources. No legislation must stand in their way. They want to make the laws themselves, in their interests, and to that end they make use of the tool they have made for themselves, democracy, the subsidized party. Law needs, in order to resist this onslaught, a high tradition and an ambition of strong families that finds its satisfaction not in the heaping-up of riches, but in the tasks of true rulership, above and beyond all money-advantage. A power can be overthrown only by another power, not by a principle, and no power that can confront money is left but this one. Money is overthrown and abolished only by blood. Life is alpha and omega, the cosmic stream in microcosmic form. It is the fact of facts within the world-as-history. Before the irresistible rhythm of the generation-sequence, everything built up by the waking-consciousness in its intellectual world vanishes at the last. Ever in History it is life and life only race-quality, the triumph of the will-to-power and not the victory of truths, discoveries, or money that signifies. World-history is the world court, and it has ever decided in favour of the stronger, fuller, and more self-assured life decreed to it, namely, the right to exist, regardless of whether its right would hold before a tribunal of waking-consciousness.

000000  No.13104108


Violence. there. That is the only solution.

Anything else will fail while enemies of the white race are alive.

Genocide the jews. Genocide all non-white races. Only after that can any plan be enacted.

fdbd31  No.13104112

There should be an /pol/ exodus to an area where people should be mandated to lurk one year. That is a reason 8ch went downhill. we allowed too many newfags to feed the shills. to be fair though, shills feed other shills to increase the noise ratio. There has to be an imageboards 2.0 run on blockchains that doesn't require mods or leaders. Someone has to have thought of it. if I had the money, i'd get /tech/ or whatever to make it.


if you think of it, who self-police themselves? those that are considerate and polite. the logos and self discriminatory. meanwhile the pathos sjw burst out with their outrage devoid of any internal restraint.

f2fa5b  No.13104123

File: 38b606c116bc56e⋯.jpg (150.76 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 38b606c116bc56e739194c2cd3….jpg)


Nice, I think I may have saved some of the pictures you posted, anon.

Yeah, it's still very much so pie-in-the-sky, but it's the most middle-ground solution I can think of. It absolutely requires a lot of chiseling and grinding out the finer details. However, rather than taking over a city directly, I think the easiest solution is to move into the outskirts of one - you'd have easy access to existing infrastructure, but don't have to beholden to all of its faults. There's some fuckhuge property around the US that, for all intents and purposes of the average layman, isn't worth shit and thus cheap as dirt. Texas, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, and South Dakota all come to mind as good spots for fuckloads of land.

Bonus points if there's already a house or houses built - I remember looking at some properties, and there's a surprising amount that actually have guest houses as well as good sizes houses for under 10 million. This'd be the easiest starting point.

fdbd31  No.13104125


Screencap your post, print it out on your self, and then we can see it after you've done what you say you will. We will never see your screencap connected to any real world violence because you're inflammation is for imageboard censorship.

2be85b  No.13104286


If you wouldnt commit violence to defend your imageboard then you dont deserve to have it tbh

180415  No.13104351

File: 3e66eb4f63e967f⋯.jpg (123.06 KB, 700x420, 5:3, Gdańsk2.jpg)


There are two modes of thought for this and at risk of being called a CIA agent myself I'll start actually naming specifics.

The two schools of thought are

1. Trying to escape from ZOG


2. Trying to set up forward positions for eventual Reconquista.

The first plan would involve trying to find an area of the US (everyone is an American) that has less shitskins and less kikes and less degeneracy than everywhere else, then building up our numbers there. A less flattering term is "White Flight"

The problem with this idea is that the only areas left are the regions so exploited by ZOG in the past that they're poor as dirt today. For instance, Charlestown WV or Fargo ND

Another problem is that if/when (let's not kid ourselves. It's 'when') the System figures out what's going on, then the ADL, SPLC, and the entire might of the hate-industry would descend upon us to stop us mid-way. There would be battles in the streets and martial law and it would be a fucking blast. And maybe we'd win. Who can say?

The latter plan involves attempting to locate an area right up in the enemy's face that is valuable like Seattle or Portland, moving in in large numbers, and then forming paramilitary organizations to physically drive the enemy out.

An example of what this would look like is Golden Dawn. Not quite as mean as Hezbullah but not quite as nice as your civic homeowners' association either.

The problem with this idea is; could we really win that? The enemy isn't stupid and they'd declare martial law in order to protect the precious faggots, weirdoes, niggers, spics, and of course God's Chosen People.

Frankly, I believe that the only way to take over a city is open rebellion.

f2fa5b  No.13104360

File: 1092ab97633e71e⋯.jpg (648.49 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1431394425515-0.jpg)


Not quite utopianism, but it certainly would hit all the markers needed for a generally good quality of life. I guess if you consider this a utopian ideal, then sure. The main flaws would come from the necessity of decent health (mentally and physically) among individuals who would help form this structure, but I think a good initial filter is key here to make sure you don't end up with slews of retards. I haven't watched much of Molyneux's stuff, so I'll try and digest this video.


/pol/ is basically a snowball of different shades of shit over time. The core was solid oldfags from ye olde /b/, but have over time become massively outnumbered by each successive generation of newfags - each more horrifyingly retarded than the last. I think the biggest, most under-utilized phrase in recent years that used to be a staple of chan culture is "lurk moar". I also blame shit like know your meme, making it way too easy for somebody to pretend to belong here rather than integrating naturally and organically.

>if you think of it, who self-police themselves? those that are considerate and polite.

It's the ever-present issue if you're one of good moral character - you are, by nature, less likely to be radical or extreme. As a result, you're often targeted by the radical and extreme - a never-ending struggle. The solution to this is an impenetrable and unwavering defense. Tireless vigilance is the price one must pay for the glory of true freedom.



t. glownigger

/pol/ is a board of peace

1a68df  No.13104384

File: 24838a5226ac5fc⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 47ed5900e482fc45a4bbf05813….jpg)

Tough question. Maybe one or a few of these; 1) A great deal of citizen violence against globo-homo-shlomo. 2) A great deal of occidental solidarity and cultural reunification. 3) Killing Reporters. 4) Killing Banks. 5) Killing Income Tax. 6) Land Grants to Whites. 7) Land Retractions from Foreign ownership. 8) Georgism based Tax. 9) Sacking the Tin-Pot Market. 10) Homogenous genetic based Citizenship. 11) Foreign Aid charity clawbacks. 12) Occidental Technology clawbacks. 13) Animal and Ocean conservation with industrial fishing, subsistence and sport Hunting for White Men. 14) Removal of ethnically special hunting-fishing rights for aboriginal, inuit, pygmy and injun populations within Occidental Nations. 15) Prioritize scientific anthro-archaeo historical research over anti-white injun court obstructions – abandon diplomatic universalism where outside groups are concerned. 16) Get Japan back in charge of the Chankoro colossus. 17) Glass Islam. 18) Annihilate Atzatlan. 19) Make Dravidapoos Clean up the African Ocean they defiled, or gigadeath themselves. 20) Feed the Animals and Fishes of Africa with a billion Kafirs. 21) Contain white women. 22) School Eugenics. 23) Abort Abortion. 24) Restore Couvade tradition and proper wife ownership. 25) Go Space.

f2fa5b  No.13104446

File: 9a1f2c70eae0edc⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 1600x1815, 320:363, 1449363488591-0.jpg)


The former is certainly the right path to go. A lot of people are heavily blackpilled to the point that they believe in some Tolkien-esque ever-present omnipotent evil, but it's not quite so. There may be eyes everywhere, but that doesn't mean they can actually do much but watch in most cases. It takes a surprising amount of work to do shit like the raid of the Branch Davidians. Furthermore, with the right approach and set of plans (with backup plans for every backup plan), you can easily ward off not only the hordes of Diversity, but also the Watchful Eye.

To get this out of the way, I'll have to concede a point that I know will piss a lot of people off, but it must be said - this movement cannot be outright white nationalist. There's reasons why, but too many watchful glowniggers to elaborate. That being said, the best approach is ultimately one that focuses solely on being meritocratic anyway. An extremely important factor is an initial "quarantine" process - fraternal societies do this shit all the time, and it's why they're still around. Like any country worth a damn, you do not just let anybody in just because they said they want in. There must be a HEAVILY strict initial process - no fucking exceptions, for anyone.

A fantastic model to look at would be the amish. Those fuckers know what they're doing, and goddamn do they do it well. Half the time they skirt around local laws, too - but nobody gives a fuck because, well, they're not hurting anyone and are in the middle of nowhere. I think one element we would likely need to utilize is religion. Nothing pre-existing, mind you, but one we make up with the intention of forging our own manifest destiny. Faith is an important element for unity, too - so it fills that need quite well, and also helps to make sure we can stop any abrahamic faggotry from springing up.

23b0d6  No.13104473


The perfect place to start is the South Island of NZ. Many here, while currently too afraid to say it support the intent (perhaps not the actions) of Brenton Tarrant and despite what msm would have you believe we are still predominately White.

>The key point is to start off with energy independence - it'd require a lot of capital to get going,

Take it by force. The south has several large hydro electric damns that could be seized and defended. Setting mines for "mutual assured destruction" would at least force the issue to negotiation. These dams are able to provide all the energy required in the south. Arguably, they were stolen from the people of NZ via the NZ Constitution Act 1986 that allowed parliament to become self sovereign without ratifying that decision with the people it claimed to represent. This allowed the sell off of many state assets without recompense to those who built them. Enough people remember this timeline for it to be a salable story. One of these dams is also currently fully occupied supplying a ZOG controlled refining industry that could easily be destroyed if the supply was interrupted even for a short time.

>How do you expect to grow food, etc?

We already produce many times the amount of food required to feed the existing population.

Most important is to replace the existing ZOG controlled banking system. For this a crypto-currency is the obvious choice but a lot of work remains to make this palatable for the masses.

Success in destroying the banks would provoke such a putsch to the level of an international crisis, but here we can play China/Russia/etc off against the US to keep the supply of trinkets coming our way.

f2fa5b  No.13104495


This idea only really works for trying to effectively take on the whole world; you'd absolutely become public enemy #1 if you took over a dam, no matter how many kiwis might support you. I don't trust NZ enough at this point to want to try moving there and becoming benign, either. But damn, is it beautiful. Such a shame it's being ransacked now.

000000  No.13104500

Reminder that constitutional fixes should be duplicated here >>12733313

23b0d6  No.13104579


There are a few here that have an appetite for taking on the whole world. We are perfectly positioned for it, The sheep would follow as long as the beer is good enough.

f2fa5b  No.13104600


Doing so in one fell swoop wouldn't work, though. At best, you'd have to build up some serious time investment and a lot of people - a "slow burn", where you won't see the immediate gains in your lifetime, but know that your children (or their children, or their children's children, etc) will reclaim the planet.

23b0d6  No.13104648


Agreed, but a few mind-controlled warriors can do the wet work as/when required. ZOG are not the only ones that know how this works.

07f5c6  No.13104743


The video is a rebuttal to the Zeitgeist movement thing that petered out a few years ago. Not nationalist, but some fringe left-libertarian group that proposed creating a new society based around innovation, free of controls from globalist elite that control various institutions from academia to finance.

>slews of retards

Are inevitable. Of course that will be relative; our retards will still be better than their retards. There will always be an imbalance in talent, ability and drive among any given population, even if that population is largely comprised of talented and driven people. A better aim might be to create a society that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator.

>markers needed for a generally good quality of life

What do you mean by this? Comfort? Good times? Second breakfast?

A little bit of adversity can be a surprising impetus.

d545a0  No.13105068

USA should enforce 110% Freedom Of Speech everywhere, or at least everywhere that is still a defacto US Colony (US bases), as well as in all Turd World nations that we can push around.

That would instantly cash the entire Jewish agenda in ZOG-Europe, for instance. Any Govt Official that even thought about threatening someone for question the Holohoax would themselves be targeted by US military. What do I mean by "targeted"??? WTF it takes. They turn themselves into nearest US soldier or they and anyone around them is at risk for Drone Strike or JDAMs.

When I was in Mexico on Spring Break we found an older and honest Mexican willing to talk about why Mexico remains FUBAR.

He said no one is ALLOWED TO TALK about fixing things. Plus, unlike WASPy Americans, rich Mexicans actively do everything to keep other dirt poor out of Mexican shittyness.

I imagine exact same goes for Africa.

d545a0  No.13105284

Tariffs are GOOD because they are TAXES. All this talk about Trade Wars and "passing on cost to consumers" and "distort the free market" etc misses the real issue. Why SO much drama over this one particular minor type of tax, when we already have a massive stealth-tax when (((The Fed))) prints money to support multi-trillion dollar 'deficits'. There are no 'deficits', only tax increases.

Anyways, back to "Tariffs, The Good Taxes"(tm). It is sorta true that when one group gets a tax cut everyone else gets a tax increase. So….when one group gets a tax increase everyone else gets a TAX DECREASE. :) The entire anti-Tariff argument can be easily reduced to "taxes are bad because they cost people money", which isn't a valid point. Economic profs drill their students with the diagrams proving Tariffs ONLY make things worse for everyone. But as soon as you ask "then were SHOULD taxes cum from, professor?" it all falls apart into some Communist or Libertarian fantasy. As long as we remain IRL where lots of taxes are needed for at least SOME shit (police, fire, roads, military), Tariffs start looking like best possible option. According to my own personally created economic theory, Tariffs, if "done right" will result in equal amounts of': a) higher cost to domestic consumer b) lower profits to foreign producer, thus…….the Foreign Producer ends up paying a WHOOPING 50% of your tax (your govt gibs).

Tariffs (ie favoring domestic production) has numerous IRL benefits (((Economists))) (globalists) pretend don't exist: 1)As taxes go, they are low cost to collect. IRS regs are in the 40,000 pages and increasing, and all of that costs huge money on both sides. Also leads to "crimes", enforcement, collections, seizure, etc. Its an ongoing Guerilla War/Counter Insurgency of People VS Govt. Property Tax? Ditto. Sales Tax at cash registrar, or even Amazon? Are U fucking kidding? Govt is running % to grab pennies? WTF? In contrast, if the product being Tariff-ed don't lend to smuggling (crude oil, cars, etc), collecting the tax is trivial and guaranteed to be paid in advance. Mr Honda don't want 500,000 units of 2018 aging at dock due to Tariff dispute.

2)Trade “Wars” (encouraging local alternatives) can prevent REAL wars. And if not actual hot-war, then reduce shortages, price gouging, etc resulting from overseas shenanigans we can’t control and shouldn’t be involved in trying to control. There should be a domestic supply of all needed products at at least a subsistence level so if foreign supply ends local production can quickly be ramped up VS start from scratch by people who don’t know WTF they are doing.

3)Toxic/Defective products are deterred if all parties are under same national legal system.

4) In direct contradiction to what my well-meaning extremist Austrian School prof says (once you grant that SOME tax funds are required) Tariffs aren’t just OK for us, but its perfectly OK if everyone else puts Tariffs on our stuff to raise their needed Tax Funds. It all evens out, with the result that imports cost more, but everyone’s OTHER taxes are reduced, so costs are really the same, but everyone has more locally produced products and less FOREIGN ENTANGEMENTS. With Tariffs, you eliminate things like GM lobbying for more US tax payer funded military in South Korea because they have a partnership that makes those little Chevy Spark cars. And don’t get me started on all this “our vital interests in the the Middle East” BS. OK, you got me started. Our only interest in the ME is oil, which dictates our only goal in the ME should be extreme “regime change” in the only nation that interferes with our oil producing trade partners, Israel.

All in all, domestic production is much more cosy than foreign imports. A health society needs a complete variety of "employment situations" just to keep marginal types off the streets and out of trouble. Rosa Parks' job was "sewing bedsheets", good honest work. Today that is all done by overseas slave labor and your typical Negress is a welfare drug addict. Your bedsheets cost $3 less but 1/3 of the city is a no-go zone.

As the Klu Klux Klan points out, prior the IRS and The Fed, when the USA was all healthy and growing, our Fed Govt was mostly funded by Tariffs.

Tariffs should be the first thing ANYONE, anywhere should consider when they think about funding ANY tax funded ANYTHING. Tariffs are the ONLY tax that isn’t also toxic to the society in various “economic friction” ways, as well as an elixir in several social areas.

7fab40  No.13105302

Millennials right now are moving to poorer neighborhoods and gentrifying them which inevitably brings back the third worlders within a decade or so. Instead of gentrifying, white people should form communities in the most destitute areas of America and keep them in poor condition so as to discourage minorities from coming. In a way the whites who can't afford to live in gated suburbia or rural areas need to become the "sewer dwellers" of society. Just a thought.

d545a0  No.13105322


PS-another wonderful about Tariffs, that is always sold as a "bad thing". They hurt real business! Why is that actually good? Because, UNLIKE all the other insane runaway taxes of various types, that put Govt at over 50% of Economy, with corresponding Dead Lost due to Govt waste and corruption, such as IRS, State Income, SSI, etc…..when a tax like Tariffs is proposed (that will hurt a real business) we get smart committed people popping up to lobby AGAINST the tax increase. No one seems to want to oppose increases in IRS, SSI, etc taxes, just position to get some of the pork.

d545a0  No.13105332


Whites should make a deal for 100yr lease on Chinese "ghost cities".

Chi-Com army would handling keeping non-Whites out, in exchange Chi-Com industry would have people that can actually create new shit with their brains, instead of just copy stuff.

f2fa5b  No.13105390

File: fb0368f2f636f55⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 1c11caf652048b7b48a453ec5e….jpg)


Ah, I see - I've heard of the Zeitgeist movement, figured it was some anarcho/fringe thing. Guess I was somewhat right; at least they aimed to get away, rather than infest.

>our retards will still be better than their retards


>What do you mean by this?

I've been working on a general outline of what must be valued in a society (and thus, produced) in order for everyone within it to truly have a good life. The idea is to not only have it follow reality, but also tie into symbolism neatly and thus be understood fairly well. It's the 15 Values of Humanity; broken down, it's split into 3 different groups of 5. Each of these values can be constantly increased in order to increase the overall value of a society - however, none can be merely substituted. No amount of money can ever make up for lacking in ANY of these areas - they are all necessary. Together, each group act to support one another - as a form of "social gestalt"

f2fa5b  No.13105396

File: a9b8cb1d5028a8e⋯.jpg (213.83 KB, 1200x911, 1200:911, 1361972200051.jpg)


The needs of survival

These are what each individual absolutely must have in order to survive. Anything short of these will almost certainly result in death in about week, if not much more immediately in some cases. These are the bare-minimum, ground level necessities for every human being.


This includes food, essential nutrients, vitamins, and drinking water. Much more poignant than hard tac and fecal water. You must eat.


This means a place to call home that can shelter you from the environment. You must be protected.


No pooping in the streets. Taking care of your trash, bodily waste, and even keeping your air clean are all needed to attain sanitation. You must be free of excess waste.


Finding a good middle ground from the heat and the cold. Could be considered a part of shelter, but realistically requires its own focus in the form of things such as air conditioning, central heating, warm clothing, fans, etc. You must be evenly warmed and cooled.


Sleep, relaxation, and the ability to take a break. Going without this leads to undue stress, and eventually heart failure. You must be able to relax.

The needs of civilization

While the individual may be able to live without these, their lineage would end here if they do not value the following. In essence, it is not enough to merely care for the individual self - you must carry on to the pillars of civilization itself.


No civilization worth a damn ever got there without some form of organized security. You need places to store your belongings, walls to protect these places, guards to man these walls, and weapons for the guards to use. You have the right to self-determination as an extension of security. You must be able to secure yourself, and your belongings.


Art is merely the creation and expression of an idea - its branches are numerous, its applications vast. Every civilization has created art, and should continue to do so if they wish to carry on. From the cave painting, to the interactive entertainment medium - all serve the same purpose of expressing ideas. You must be free to speak your mind, feel your heart, and show your soul.


Every good civilization has cared for its sick, its weak, and its developing. From the frail baby to the fading elder. You must care for your people.


Without reproduction, there is no future for your civilization. Sex is not something to be repulsed by or made taboo - it is to be celebrated and treated with dignity, respect, and care. Far removed from the juxtaposition of "taboo" yet utterly pervasive and degenerate of the postmodern age. You must pass on your genes.


From imitation, to classes, to abstract understandings - education is the staple of civilizations, where the voices of the past can echo for millennia. You must pass on your memes.

The needs of purpose

Every civilization must strive for perfection, knowing full well that it is impossible to truly attain. A never-ending struggle with which you will drive your species forward. A ceiling which is only as high as you let it grow.


The perpetual search for knowledge is the cornerstone of greatness. Science is merely a means to this end. Truth is the ultimate goal to attain for any who seek to learn. You must discover.


None may know what the future will hold - but we may have faith that it will bode well, lest the gaze of the abyss turn us to stone. You must believe.


Love and hate are two sides of the same coin - both equally important, and without which neither may grow but as a cancer. Hate that which is right to hate - it is fuel, pure energy for you to continue on through the darkest of times. Love is what you will need to hold onto, what you will want to protect, and what you will want to experience at all times. You must be able to hold both hate and love in your heart.


That which can endure the test of time. The conservation of every one of these values is tantamount to success. You must keep your culture, your people, and all it stands for alive.


That which can continue to move. Every stride should be made with the intention of moving toward a destination - whether this be to improve, to explore, or to take a step back for a respite. True progress keeps one from the harrowing silence of stagnation. You must keep moving.

You may have seen a similar post some years back; I've worked on a bit to condense it a little

180415  No.13105405

File: 5f8ceb8b37196df⋯.jpg (290.09 KB, 1000x673, 1000:673, Latvia.jpg)


I understand what you mean and why.

However, the reason why I am pessimistic about our abilities to do that are… (this is going to trigger some serious screeching) demonstrated by Harold Covington and his life's goal of getting White nationalists to consolidate in the PNW. Covington came closer to actually accomplishing an IRL goal larger than putting up fliers or making edgy music seriously though I love WLP. pls don't bully! than almost any White nationalist other than Rockwell and the Robert Matthews.

But even with his actual semi-organization thing going on and despite years of effort, he couldn't even get a significant number of White nationalists to make a small journey to a new state.

And it's not like it was difficult. All he needed was a few hundred dedicated, serious White Nationalists and he could have actually begun to resist the Regime. Physically.

And begun to physically drive out the invaders.

But White Nationalists are so lazy and so unconcerned with our own genocide that we'll make up any excuse in the world to not do anything IRL. Instead restricting our "resistance" to online bitching.

That's the painful truth.

f2fa5b  No.13105427


I think the issue there was with the leadership itself; I haven't looked TOO much into the PNW, but I remember it all mostly being very low energy and very little actual planning. The end goal was just "get a lot of whites together, everything comes afterward". I'd much rather a 1,000 page document detailing every exact measurement needed to lay the groundwork for sanctuary.

8eed5c  No.13105434



no. we must united as one and crush them

180415  No.13105479


I am a devout Piercite and Whitakerite, having listened and read almost all their works. Too, I have listened to most of Covington's RFNW as well as read many of his writings. And I can say without bias that Covington had the best laid out plans of the three. Ironically he did have documents detailing pre-revolutionary planning and post revolutionary governance (obviously you don't write about anything in between except in Aesopian language… which Covington wrote in abundance).

Rest assured, HC had planned far more than "just get a bunch of Whites together"

The trouble is that he tried to get us to do something more than post about our troubles.

Also, I really do recommend his books as they're actually more informative than the Turner Diaries from a revoltionary perspective. You may remember some threads on the subject of analyzing asymmetrical warfare from the IRA, FLNC, and ETA's perspective. I wrote those so I can say with some small amount of authority that Covington also knew what he was talking about.

In fact, I also wrote a thing about where Dr. Pierce and Covington learned their art of war and it is quite an interesting subject. Two very different men with very different, almost ironically so, teachers of war.

Anyway, he had a pretty good plan.

63fd1b  No.13105579


We are going to have to consider moving closer to each other and 'circling the wagons' so to speak. Anyone doing business with subhumans needs to be 'dealt with' as well. They shouldn't be looking at our women or our homes.

63fd1b  No.13105581


This is the god's honest truth. There is no other solution. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF KILLING.

f2fa5b  No.13106105


Hmm, interesting. I'll have to look more into his writings and approach, then. If nothing else, it may serve as a good lesson in what to do and what not to do.

b09e05  No.13106431

File: a84354fd8ed0a9c⋯.png (136.45 KB, 1546x838, 773:419, IMG_1367.PNG)

File: 65ad36b1bfdec20⋯.png (423.08 KB, 548x5058, 274:2529, IMG_2014.PNG)

File: 200dff0252baf5f⋯.png (138.83 KB, 1040x2362, 520:1181, IMG_2015.PNG)

Here are some interesting screenshots I''ve save that would be appropriate for this thread.

a44657  No.13106525

I wrote an extremely long and extensive body of text and while I stand by it, I'll just give a TL;DR version:

>A non-partisan populist elitist republic that is a combination of the best parts of National Socialism and the American constitution

>A new electoral system where people running for office must take a state sponsored test specific to the office they want to run in, they only have a four year single term but can run for a different office.

>Repealing all amendments except the original ten

>closing off non-white immigration, re-implementing Jim Crow, anti-degeneracy and miscegenation laws, a "Standard for Decency" (Women can't dress like sluts, basically), non-whites cannot be considered Americans and a special status given to "respectable peoples and cultures" like the Japanese and Persians that give them more rights than regular non-whites but they can't marry whites or vote.

>the abolition of the central bank and the Capitalist system with a currency modeled after Nazi Germany's, where money is valued by the effort you put in not gold and the Capitalist system reformed so companies must be small, cannot expand into different industries, private property and competition are respected, and foreign companies, organizations and people cannot influence American politics.

>Political parties abolished so people vote on candidates on their policies and ideals and not on rather or not they're Democrats or Republicans.

>The invasion of Mexico to establish a strong, centralized, fascist, white supremacist Third Empire that'll revive the white race in Mexico, allow in European migrants like Argentina, and expulsion of Mestizos to reserves like Native Americans here.

>A series of amendments, laws and constitutional changes so the United States federal and local governments cannot pass any laws to establish civil rights, undermine the first ten amendments or circumvent the federal government.

Would like to see if you guys want to build off this, maybe I'll post the full thing if you'd want.

78a537  No.13107747

File: 61e4c8725762721⋯.png (3.54 MB, 1400x2200, 7:11, ClipboardImage.png)



fucking this , people need to study them more, there loads of books about the IRA you can read in public library over Britain. The IRA is probally the best example of a paramillitary in a western country that has actually achived something. The "peace agreement" gave massive concessions to the IRA. Also read up on the loyalist millitas too, you have to know the reasons that they failed.

I reccomend this book

000000  No.13107793

Nice hopefag containment thread you have here.

f2d4e4  No.13107796


Reported for spam. There are no peaceful solutions. You will also never do anything violent. The thread is useless.

000000  No.13108342

It is already possible to build a space elevator. The key idea is the Orbital Ring version of the space elevator, not the geosynchronous tether concept you are familiar with.

See, for example, Paul Birch's writings:


There are many other feasible ways for us to get to space much more cheaply and safely than rockets:







You get the idea. Any of these could be done for $100 billion or less, a negligible cost when considering a GDP of trillions of dollars.

Why do something like this? Overnight, asteroid mining becomes an incredibly profitable industry. Because the cost of delivering payloads to LEO drops from thousands of dollars per kilogram to less than $100 (potentially less than $1) we can now retrieve asteroids with trillions of dollars worth of minerals for mere tens millions of dollars in addition to having an easy viable way of returning those resources back to the surface. We acquire the ability to deploy profitable solar power in orbit above cloud cover and with the ability to return said power back to the surface with near zero loss by running power transmission cables down the elevator.

Just how profitable?

With increased luminosity in space, enhanced exposure time, and the ability to deliver base loads, solar panels pay for themselves in only 1-2 years while having a 20 year life time. In other words, if you put $5 trillion of solar panels into space, you get your $5 trillion back by the end of year two and a $5 trillion income stream each year thereafter. In other words, the US could cut everyone's taxes, both personal and business, income, capital, death, or otherwise, all to 0%, not even cut any benefits or current spending, and pay off the national debt within a decade.

If your politician isn't talking about this, he is stupid or controlled opposition.

fdbd31  No.13108409

We need a rotating /solutions/ thread to keep this alive. If any anons see this, in the future when this thread is gone, another should be made. They don't want anyone to fight back. They want you reading 'white female raped on vacation' clickbait threads all day.

b4d6ee  No.13108415

>Create a white sanctuary city. Use their laws against them. Settle white nationalists in cheap houses.

The idea is good, but how do you do it? Can we start a corporation to help white nationalists settle a city? I remember somebody from RPF starting one of these in Topeka for lolbergs. I don't know how much traction he got.

505eae  No.13108428


negroids don't pay taxes

b4d6ee  No.13108433


he made a church iirc, I'll try to find it

5ea1d9  No.13108447

File: e3e4e8ed36c829c⋯.jpg (84.46 KB, 616x468, 154:117, GLR.jpg)



I think the biggest thing we need to accomplish right now, at least on the US side, is tactical publicity

We're either though of state side as a tiny fringe of the republican party or as a bunch of evvvvvillll nazis who killed 6,000,000 hether highers at charlottesville

I saw some guys talking in a thread on half chan the other day about a March on DC to protest affirmative action, mass immigration, and other anti white shit and I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea

They wanted to do it on agusust 28th, the same day martin luther coon gave his " I have a dreamn speech."

Which aside from being fun to do for the bants, will be sure as fuck to get us in the papers.

000000  No.13108452


>thinking niggers pay most of the taxes

1c88cc  No.13108493

The independence of the Amish (or similar withdrawals from the society at large) works in the modern state because of their similar independence from the energy and economic grid, which either an enclave must be or be able to drop in/drop out of at will, an example of the latter being here. Neither will rectify the problem of the larger society, but could make pockets of heaven or hell therein. However, it is where we must start, looking inward and then acting from, but the start up of such communes is immense (see: heaven's gate) and is probably less inappropriate, given time and resources, than forming havens with interlaced feature to the culture and its commodities at large. So, doing this on a personal level, with oneself and one's immediate family, is where I think we should start in beginning that independence, while at the same time reconnecting through the internet and other interlattices.

1eac35  No.13109042

I think a huge problem is that, due to fear of glowniggers, no one actually organizes. Meetup threads are honeypots, Take a Walk is a honeypot, discord, IRC, social media, etc etc etc. There is nowhere we can openly discuss plans to co-habitate, not without someone watching us.

How do we get around this?

24048c  No.13109052

Start shooting.

000000  No.13109138

The keys of my keyboard are black.

My written pills are therefore black.

000000  No.13109144

Those projects are fucking pedo because you'll never get a chance to realize them, and the moment you remove the roadblock, you'll probably not need those projects any longer.

Create white states by soft-harassing non-whites, so they'll want to leave. But the issue is that most whites in these regions are sheep.

You need to start making coloreds fear for their lives, feel the pressure, feel considerably unwelcome. Destroy their property, be uncivil towards them. Ruin their car, destroy their fence. Show them no respect.

9b5e4c  No.13109157


This. People should probably read The Turner Diaries before 'coming up with a plan.' The book essentially reads like an instruction manual for taking over a country. The major issues standing in the way would be hostile powers like China and Russia intervening during the chaos.

21322f  No.13109338


The problem is:

>Low IQ world population is rising that is a fact, in the near future most blue collar jobs are going to be extinct by manufacturer machinery and cheaper labor which will make low iq niggermutt thrash have no place in our society but by then they'll be majority in the world except for Israel

>Whites will become second rate citizens and genocided by minorities at the same time they'll fake data that whites population is growing by saying arabs and spics are white

>Low IQ people are more prone to terrible life decisions financial and personal while whites plan their shit accordingly and only raise children in a good environment(we're not in one)

My Solution for that is a IQ based procreation in which those which higher IQ mostly Asians and Whites will have tax exemption if they have 3 or more children while Low IQ will have tax exemption only if they have no children or 1 child and are not divorced

c18a98  No.13109446


Okay that's great, how do we get there when any attempts to get the word out would be met with "GLOWNIGGER HONEYPOT" ad infinitum?

000000  No.13109487


Careful, FBI. Some of us might listen to your advice.

4d8816  No.13109524

File: 369c2f825a49f79⋯.jpg (207.37 KB, 480x343, 480:343, 2.jpg)

File: b2c71aed725fe72⋯.png (2.01 KB, 281x104, 281:104, 3.png)

File: cc6a1c605d59ccb⋯.jpg (402.91 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 1.jpg)


Which kind of solution are we talking about here anon?

2e9f9b  No.13109560

RE Technology, deplatforming, decentralisation etc.: this whole thread >>12020142


Also covers how to ruin Netflix's model too. Supermarkets are another logical step in the same direction.

180415  No.13109573


Absolutely agreed. The UWC and their military wing had their highpoint in the 1970s, 80s and they fought as hard against the London government as they did the IRA. They very effectively employed economic warfare to force concessions from London.

Unfortunately for them, they actually ended up as the biggest losers in that war when the government sold them out to appease the IRA.

de8543  No.13109811


Full manifesto pls?

602f76  No.13109836


What I found to be extraordinarily helpful in learning about this shit was the Zundel Trials. I think that, if we educate people on that, the rest will follow quite smoothly. We can actually use the same psychological tricks that the kikes use to redpill people.

I think that people are naturally curious. Having seen a few threads lately about vandalism to spread redpills, I think that this is a good approach. In the same way that the dystopian future may control the population with certain phrases around every corner, the kikes are doing this now with the media. We should do the same. We should vandalise to spread specific "introductory" redpills that will influence the more curiously-minded normalfags to investigate.

de8543  No.13109842


The final one.

Polite sage

4d8816  No.13110515


I enjoy the double meaning bigly anon.

005efa  No.13110524

OP is a fag and probably a jew. If you can't see there's no political leadership and that all these cunts are dishonest pieces of shit literally buying votes, I don't know what to tell you besides, neck yourself.

You know what the enemies goals are as they've openly admited it. As such, you're being delusional. You're ignoring FACTS so you can do some mental masturbation the result of which, will never come to fruition. You want to find the 'based' shitskin politician to vote for hahaha. Motherfuckers want to eliminate us as a race. The response to a declaration of WAR, isn't to 'brainstorm' a bunch of a faggotry you dumb jew.

c18a98  No.13110543


You're misreading what's written so fucking hard I'm pretty sure you're the schlomo sucker here, he didn't say to participate in the current system, but to exist in a bubble within said system, either riding out the storm or doing something else that may or may not be preperation for an insurrection.

f2fa5b  No.13111449


Holy shit, those are all fantastic reads. Thanks, anon.


That's basically just American National Socialism. To be honest, I have too many issues with National Socialism to believe it would really work.

> populist elitist republic

"populist" and "elitist" are more or less opposites - care to elaborate on their relationship and/or define them in this context?

>a combination of the best parts of National Socialism and the American constitution

The American constitution is pretty great, mainly because it serves as a non-partisan, non ego-driven set of virtues to abide by. It acts as a standard regardless of the times. Hitler's 25 points of the NSDAP were absolutely made for the times, although it certainly has its merits too. That being said, a strong constitutional republic that's propped up by heavy patriotism and unified under a common bond is overall a solid shell. It just needs a lot of filling out.

>state sponsored test specific to the office they want to run in

Good idea, although I disagree with term limits and lengths that small. They should be closer to 5-8 years, and about 2 or 3 terms.

>Repealing all amendments except the original 10

Slavery is retarded and ass-backwards; any citizen should have a good quality of life, or not be a citizen at all (read: deported). Also, term limits were introduced in the amendments to the constitution in the first place.

>closing off non-white immigration

I think a better way is to mandate a citizenship based on merit, and to ensure that no children are automatically given citizen status. Instead, everyone at the age of 18 must earn their citizenship through some form of community service. Examples include military, police, hospital work, first responders, etc. Every citizen would essentially be gauged during each 4 years of their service by one part their peers (during their time of service), one part a council (arbitrating as hand-picked by the state), and one part a randomly selected jury of regular citizens. Until then, they would be considered secondary citizens - guests, etc. Secondary citizens would obviously have much more limited rights (No guns, can't vote, etc), and (as mentioned by the NSDAP) could be expelled in times of disaster or famine if necessary.

>the abolition of the central bank

Abso-fucking-lutely. Ideally, you'd be making this system in a fresh sandbox away from the existing governing structure anyway, but if it were to be hypothetically applied to an existing structure, then yes. The central bank, as a privatized entity, is an absolute cancer and is the root cause of globalism and banking.

>political parties abolished

Agreed; furthermore, there needs to be a removal of a checkbox ballot system. If you can't fucking remember the name of the candidate you want to vote for, you don't need to be voting.

>Invasion of Mexico


This part is 100% retarded and is absolutely why Hitler lost. Invading other countries and imposing your culture and ideology onto them is anti-nationalist, and rotten to the core. Defending your homeland is the only form of war you should ever fight. They should, instead, beg to become absorbed by you simply by virtue of your absolute strength.

f2fa5b  No.13111452


I want glowniggers to leave.


I'm convinced that the meme of the "towering space elevator from the ground up" was pushed as a muddying-the-waters style of meme; a pre-emptive strike to brand the whole idea as retarded, because that is obviously retarded but now de-legitimizes any form of similar idea by association thanks to it. Because this really would be the best way to expand and avoid resource shortages.

This alone is still not enough, of course - because the point of the current struggle isn't that we're somehow lacking resources (Earth has a LOT to go before we've tapped it out), it's that any and all resource gains are going to a very select few instead. Like a parasite.


Thanks, anon. You've motivated me to keep this shit as active as possible. Even if my solutions are shit and everyone calls me a faggot every day for the rest of my life, if at least one idea makes it to make sure we can continue to exist as a species (even if in a small but sustainable circle), it's worth it.


I'll be 100% clear, I'm not personally attracted to the idea of white-exclusive sanctuaries, or white supremacy at large. This isn't because I believe we should have Diversity and Enrichment camps, but because I don't think every white has merit inherently. You've got to earn your shit. You need a better filter than merely being white, and if a few non-whites slip through which aren't retarded and fit the exact same specifications, who the fuck cares? The issue with all the current systems is that they literally encourage non-whites to come to white countries and never fucking change. That's why you see Mexicans flying Mexican flags. It's why you see hundreds of no-go zones in every EU country. Non-white nations that were once prosperous and had a future have been turned to shit by these policies. If nothing else, it'd be entertaining to have a flawless filter that literally doesn't mention or care for race on the surface, yet only whites end up getting through it anyway.


Religion might be the best bet. The Amish get away with their shit because they base it all around religion.


Honestly, fuck that - trying to convince normalfags of the keys to paradise is a vain effort. It's the same reason we shouldn't advertise 8chan on other places. Traffic and newcomers should be organic only, rather than trying to vie for the incredibly short attentionspan of normalfags.

Really, I think the best approach is to actually do the opposite - create rumors and spread disinfo about how terrible your sanctuary is once it's up and running. That way, normalfags avoid it like the plague. You'd likely get a knock from your friendly neighborhood feds, but that's where keeping shit 100% tidy is key - they'd try to plant evidence or make shit up, sure, but good security systems and monitoring would help to prevent that. Given this, they may not even bother, because they'd likely realize it'd do them more harm than good and just fuck off and accept that you're not impeding on their territory or operations.


>independence from the energy and economic grid

Yup, this is why I suggested the very first steps must be to gain energy independence.

>while at the same time reconnecting through the internet and other interlattices.

I never thought of this aspect, but it's a good idea. Convening from time to time to catch up and ensure good communication with eachother is a must.




Like I said, it's about getting the right people first. The rest who are on the fence would follow. This is obviously the hardest part, but even that can't begin until we have a solid plan that consists of something written in no less than the length of a goddamn phonebook.

f2fa5b  No.13111454


I want glowniggers to leave.


Nah, that shit's edgy and at best creates a bunch of martyrs. Also, it's pretty evil. There's a reason we detest them. Becoming them is not the solution.


That only really describes the act of taking over an existing structure, which obviously will always piss a bunch of people off.


Or just cut off the rest of the cancer that is the outside world, realize it's hell, and create paradise in a small but well-made sanctuary. Seriously, fuck 'em.


Like I said, it's about reaching out to the right people with the right resources - not just every random shitposter on /pol/. Somebody like Notch would be a good choice, maybe. This also ties in with having more than just "good optics" - you need to have legitimately virtuous ideals that wouldn't be met with virulent opposition by most people. I've been able to explain almost all of my ideals to braindead normalfags, and you'd be surprised how receptive they are.





Good shit. I'll keep tabs on that thread, thanks for the heads up. It's harder and harder to find good threads here.


I'm illiterate and didn't know of the Zundel trials until now. Interesting stuff, but like I said, I think the approach to optics needs to be different. Quiet and positive in the beginning, but only appealing to a very select few people - basically, an elitist approach. Then, once everything is operational, spread negative disinfo about yourself to keep faggots out. Nobody to ruin your paradise if they think it's hell.


Nice blackpill, Mr. Cortez-Inglasio Alvarez. What's YOUR solution, then?

c18a98  No.13112024


One last question:

What are we waiting for?

This isn't a generic "lul why aren't we shooting people already" question, it's a question of why everyone, despite being on the edges of their collective seats, refuses to stand for anything.

When we can find what's stopping people from getting off their asses, we'll have done something huge.

In the meantime, I'm going to be making at least part of that plan you speak of. I just wish that it was easier to reach people in general with this shit, let alone the RIGHT people.

4d6267  No.13112038

Short, exhaustive essays developed parallel to individual-topic graphic memes, intended to rouse normies and make the central American political tenet End the Fed. I can lead the normies from there.

4d6267  No.13112085



If we desire solutions in the next 100 years, this is not a viable option. Military technology, which includes information technology, will enable established powers (see Israel) to genocide the global population precisely, exhaustively, and without contingency failure before you could make any meaningful economic, military, or demographic dent on the grand chessboard. As much as control of central global banking represents central global control of all labor and resource value, control of the hearts and minds of the people of the world's military powers represents the only viable means to making an adequate economic, military, and demographic dent in the grand chessboard to your cause.

e5a191  No.13112100

File: 50518e8b27c9355⋯.jpg (954.3 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 1451030627410.jpg)


You are so full of yourselves. Literally sit down and war game this scenario without your cringy propaganda. Unless world war 3 happens things WILL NOT being getting fixed. Even if every White RIGHT NOW started unironic Right-Wing Death Squads it would still be an uphill battle. And it's like, do you really think nonWhite countries are just gonna let you start killing their people? Do you think ours/yours will? Hell, do you think even if you took the peaceful route of sending them back or even paying them to leave that their countries would take them back? And that's just a best case scenario where ALL Whites side with Whites, and we both know that sure as hell isn't going to happen. How many of Whites are actually mutts that said otherwise to the census? How many of Whites will side with their mutt family members against their own self-interest? How many of Whites just don't fucking care?

And this is just low-level, uncomplicated stuff. This isn't like talking about infrastructure damage, or resource allocation, or embedded agents/traitors, or troop movements, or potential nuke usage, or allied military (ours included) bases that are around the world that would or might now not be able to be protected by us, or the fact that any nonWhite allies we might have will almost certainly have a hard time reconciling the dissonance… FUCK. Every time I see one of these posts it leaves me gobsmacked so hard because it's like you truly, truly do not think about this at all and just want to open your mouth because you like to hear yourself speak!

290951  No.13112117



4d6267  No.13112146


>Literally sit down and war game this scenario without your cringy propaganda

Reply goes downhill after this

e5a191  No.13112205


Everything I said is the truth. You people are fucking full of yourselves. There is no peaceful solution to this. The only thing Whites truly have going for us is that a little over 80% of the over 330,000,000 legal guns in the United States are owned by Whites, with a high 70% being owned by Whites males. I'm not here to hold your hand. By and large, this is not something people can truly plan without the help of the government. You do not fight two-front wars, and if you asked me to hedge my bet with where I think they'd side it'd be with anyone but the White minority that wants everyone else to leave.

You want some reading material, go read what happened between the Serbians and the Albanians. I bet my top dollar the whole thing goes down like that but with no Russians to come in and cockblock the United Nations from killing the locals, because what you people don't seem to get is that this situation has played out on the smaller scale several times. Arm yourselves and stock up on nonperishables. Unprocessed oats is one of the healthiest things that lasts a hell of a long time. Same with peanut butter.

4d6267  No.13112218


>Everything I said is the truth.

>The only thing Whites truly have going for us is that a little over 80% of the over 330,000,000 legal guns in the United States are owned by Whites

Reply goes downhill after this. See thread on "Small Arms." You are so fucking full of yourself…

4d6267  No.13112224


>two-front wars

>I bet my top dollar

Imagine being this binary in your permutations…

e5a191  No.13112248


>Small arms pride is like small dick pride.

And people will dare sit and call me a shill because I'm not a fanatic but then go on to say the equivalent of do nothing. Here I sit in the middle and point out everything that is wrong with the Right because at least they have half a brain and then you all continuously prove me wrong.


Just kill yourself, for fuck's sake.

947d1d  No.13112264


Silence jew

4d6267  No.13112497


you calling me a yid does not make me a yid. i don't need to call you a brainlet because it would affect nothing

f2fa5b  No.13117916

File: d8c5e1888d1c250⋯.jpg (241.85 KB, 736x981, 736:981, d8c5e1888d1c250fdebee545b4….jpg)


>What are we waiting for?

I think most are waiting for a safe, streamlined solution. We came to 4chan (and now 8chan) because we generally aren't putting ourselves at risk by doing so. Most don't want to actually start a civil war (despite what glowniggers may want to push; seriously, it is absolutely in their agenda to do so). However, if there were a place where we could not only move to and avoid most troubles, but also even flourish, you'd see a pretty big spike in activity. The issue is that the closest we've gotten is shit like the NWF, but that has its own set of issues. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people are HEAVILY blackpilled and don't want to do anything. It's an uncomfortable truth, but it's absolutely true - a giant chunk of people who are willing to bitch about problems don't really want to do anything about it. This is made worse (or maybe originally orchestrated) by glowniggers, who try to herd us into an impotent state. The best way to disarm your enemies is to make them fire the first shot, or at least convince everyone that you did. They've done this in literally every conflict the US has been in for the last ~60 years (See: Vietnam).

>In the meantime, I'm going to be making at least part of that plan you speak of.

Good. I think a good approach to this is to utilize our collaborative efforts, and focus on our strengths rather than trying to overlap too much. I'm shit at math, for example, so I'd rather not pretend to work out any mathematical details.


For repairing America, yeah, you kinda have to do this. 4chan and 8chan are political propaganda machines that alphabet soup agencies can't even fucking compare to. Ending the fed is absolutely imperative to saving America. Literally everything else must come after this.


This is a bit too blackpill for my tastes, but I get your point. That's why you don't try to start a civil war or go toe-to-toe with these genocidal maniacs. You also vastly underestimate the effect that infighting has on every established power.


I… what? Everything you just posted is predicated on shit that I haven't even fucking said at all, what the fuck are you on about?

>Unless world war 3 happens things WILL NOT being getting fixed

Says who?

>do you really think nonWhite countries are just gonna let you start killing their people?

Aside from a few glowniggers ITT, we're not even suggesting that, you stupid faggot. The best approach here is to let them commit collective suicide by bankrupting their own selves. Parasites can't live without a host, and I'm suggesting we molt and split off from society at large. Let them devour the husk.


>There is no peaceful solution to this.

>do you really think nonWhite countries are just gonna let you start killing their people?


Fucking retard. I can't tell if you're intentionally strawmanning to muddy the waters, or really just that much of a smoothbrain.

54c6f4  No.13118321

File: b16d7b8c4b2c032⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 320x244, 80:61, spongeclock.gif)


>based man starts a business

>business grows

>moves business to rural white area

>recruits based workers from the internet

>town pops up from the money flooding in from the successful business, just like old mining towns

>town has abundant natural resources because of its location(lumber, water, fertile soil for crops)

>city becomes mostly self-sustaining and immune to feds turning off power/water

>town attracts whites to join ethno-town

>shoot niggers who try to enter town

>fed tries to crush town

>town too fortified, not worth it for feds

>town becomes city

>city becomes state

>literally an ethnostate

Is it this easy? Fuck it, probably. In my opinion, a naive white pill is better than a black pill. Right now we are all spinning in a circle wondering which direction to run in, however, it doesn't actually matter what direction we run in - we all just run together and we win. Planning from the internet, fighting over minor differences in how to build the utopia, creating theories about plans and how they might fair under future circumstances is a waste of time at this point. Everything you need to know about how to make a city-state will become known to you once someone actually tries to start one. It doesn't have to align completely with what you idealize, and that's fine. Once we have a unified banner, we will all rush under it and it will grow faster than you ever thought possible - and if it fails, it just teaches us what we need to do to build the next one. This will work even better if there are many of these city-states popping up across the country, all learning from one another and making it harder to be singled out.

Just need to:

>give up on normies, they are followers, do something and they will follow

>start moving, abandon places where you are the minority, you won't fight back against anything you'll just die - regroup and we can retake the land later

>start building

>start reproducing


It can be Northwestern Front, it can be the midwest, it can be an island, it can be anywhere. It doesn't matter goddamnit just go, we're running out of time!

d19e68  No.13118378


>based man starts a business

>business grows

>moves business to rural white area

No such thing, they are ALL being inoculated with blacks.

>recruits based workers from the internet

>town pops up from the money flooding in from the successful business, just like old mining towns

You know what else "floods" in?

You're already dead there, the SECOND a black person gets shot by a white person, you will have feds jizzing on every government building you have.

The only thing that can save us at this point is to pray for Meteo to wipe this planet and use your "white conservatism preppers" to rebuild.

ea6143  No.13118885


creamy, i concur

69bcac  No.13120594


That will never happen because you idiots can't agree on anything? Northwest Imperative?

We could unite on that but they iz shillz

What about religion? Which one is the one we unite with?

This is the flaw of the nazi ideology. When you become authoritarian, good luck agreeing on what the rules will be

6d33f7  No.13120659

The key is going to be communication. Any code we produce on the web can and will be cracked. We need to spot each other irl and eventually form enclaves. They exist irl - I was a part of one briefly b4 I fucked up and let them down.

Subtly will be key. learn how to talk about issues w/o making it obv to normies. In the end, a good attack beats defense - as per the typical conservative strat (which still baffles libs) we just need to point out weaknesses in the libs arguments while orienting ppls thinking. The natural conclusions WILL follow once the premises are corrected.

Also, we do have allies in deep places, and they will help you faggots survive if you demonstrate enough virtue. Focus on yourself first and foremost and dont be a massive faggot. Then start noticing possible allies. Then test them. Dont sperg 1488 or something - even if you're 99% sure of his ideology. At this stage we need to have some semblance of faith in each other or we're fucked

6d33f7  No.13120693

IMO we gotta expand on that redpill pastebin that's always floating around. It only cites 1 or 2 sources per argument - making it appear weak. You gotta pick

Quality or Quantity b/c it gas neither. Either bombard with more than 50 sources or pick a few of the abs best redpills. Anything from a reputable organization & which is recent will have heavy psychological impact on normie heuristics. Also, imo you shpuld shamelessly use the stuff ((they)) have permitted; namely, peterson, shapiro, etc. Its not perfect, but ppl gotta get used to the idea of agreeing on certain things but disagreeing on others.

af63f3  No.13120697

File: b426560ab17baec⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 367x600, 367:600, 153746245356s.jpg)


Sounds good, brother.

Don't let the shills get you down.

A lot of people are moving to Hungary, at the moment. A white rallying-call is taking place there.

53fd62  No.13120719

Start shooting.

5db907  No.13120726

File: d0e00fcdcd9e540⋯.png (296.57 KB, 612x367, 612:367, ClipboardImage.png)

All the ""asian" child sex slavery ring scandal ended up in the most unacceptable way posible, many of the subhumans paedophiles got COMMUNITY SERVICES.

Will need only ==ONE== of these to be bruttally lynched by a angry characteristically anglo mob, like the hooligans, in the middle of the street and bright daylight, something like this would light up a fire that would be inextinguishable.

54c6f4  No.13121463

File: 91b643a0ada9fe7⋯.gif (3.61 MB, 480x270, 16:9, wavedemonstration.gif)


All it takes, is a little push…

f2fa5b  No.13121839

File: d90dca87deb264a⋯.jpg (3.23 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1510548072135.jpg)


>city becomes mostly self-sustaining and immune to feds turning off power/water

Basically, yeah, that's the idea.

>shoot niggers who try to enter town

Nah, you'd get fucked by every alphabet soup agency on the planet faster than you can say "9/11 was an inside job". Doesn't matter how fortified you might think you are, giving them casus belli to shove a howitzer down your throat isn't a good idea. A better approach is to, as mentioned, have an extremely strict and rigorous vetting process - no random faggots, invite only, and you need 4 years minimum to apply for citizenship. Until then, you're quarantined. This being after taking a few simple tests to even be considered a secondary citizen. During the quarantine process, you're gauged and evaluated constantly to make sure you aren't a worthless sack of shit (read: most normalfags). This basically weeds out every genetic dead-end (which, at this point, is again most normalfags, but also super spergs and whales).


That's why, as I mentioned, national socialism is too flawed to allow for any kind of reasonable solution in today's world. It's simply not sufficient.


>Also, we do have allies in deep places, and they will help you faggots survive if you demonstrate enough virtue.

Exactly. Going full on "GAS THE KIKES 14/88" is not only retarded and evil, but makes you absolutely zero friends. It's as much of a form of suicide as giving in to leftists.


>Will need only ==ONE== of these to be bruttally lynched

>would light up a fire that would be inextinguishable.

In every liberal who wants blood to paint on themselves, sure. In every muslim who wants an excuse for taqqiya, absolutely. But it won't do shit fuck all else for anyone who gives a shit about the western world and all it stands for.

2ab3c5  No.13122134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13122840

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All is lost. Drink beer and be merry. Enjoy the last remaining days of peace before the end times begin in earnest.

75a024  No.13122870


Federal money will dry up. More nonwhites and less whites = more gibs, less taxes, less economic activity. The country is already 22 trillion in debt and being pilfered by jews and politicians selling gibs for votes. Theres a limit to how much the govt can borrow before no one wants to lend anymore. When you can't pay police and can't give nogs their ebt, things will get fun.

Netflix and porn on the other hand won't dry up. Its already a massive financial loss for the jews. Netflix is not a business. It has lost money for a decade straight. People will have to wake up from these on their own.

8dbe86  No.13129330

Blessings of the great sage upon you, anons.

180415  No.13129612



It's actually not as outlandish as you might think.

Now, let's ignore the fact that this won't happen because White nationalists hate each other more than the jews hate us so getting together at this time is a pipe dream.

But IF anon started a business and we put our ridiculous, insignificant differences behind us for two fucking seconds and consolidated in one place, that would actually be a nightmare for the feds.

Anon's fortress city idea is silly but substitute a fortress city with a normal, large geographic area. Not everyone is a White nationalist but a significant number are. Someone killed a nigger and no one will cooporate with the feds because they're either a White nationalist or know that they'd suffer retribution for talking with the scum of ZOG.

So what can they do? Arrest everyone? That'd look terrible.

Do actual real detective work like real police? They wouldn't even know how. The FBI relies mostly on informants.

Start shooting at anything White? Again, that'd look terrible.

It's not a bad idea.

f2fa5b  No.13132890


Interesting. This makes a decent case for forming up somewhere in the middle of nowhere, so you won't be fucked with.


t. blackpilled shill


Also this. After a certain point, the system will collapse, the pilferers and parasites will be off scot-free, and utter chaos will take the place of the illusion of order.


Even if nobody was killed, it'd be inevitable that you'd get investigated by the feds, and likely have something planted/have a false flag happen. That's why, again, you plan the fuck out for every possible contingency.

5f7d46  No.13132930


>list all your plans here goy

We don't need this shit, /pol/ is a board of chaos, ideas will come up over time and be shot down or encouraged on their merit, the best ideas will only come out minutes before they are activated, in minecraft of course. We don't need to create a centralized collection of our next steps. I hope no newfags fall for this shit.

If you're searching for a more general direction, it's already been laid out by the rise of the National Socialists in Germany and the Third Reich. Agitation, political maneuvering, grabbing existing power structures, etc. are all laid out clearly through their history. We don't need to rewrite the book on how it's done in easy digestible terms for affirmative action hires at the CIA to better honeypot us with. This thread doesn't belong on this board.

d0cffd  No.13132933

I know how to solidify and centralize the strength of our continent:

1) Get a certain South American country to form a Free Trade and Immigration zone with its neighbors, which must include Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, as well as trying to get Chile and/or Argentina.

2) Once this alliance forms, use that country to house certain peoples from their neighbors in Development Areas. I was planning to establish said areas on the opposite side of the country where their borders exist. This way, while most people can move around, certain communities from other countries will be forced to integrate.

3) Use immigration and legislature to move in on the Panamanian border. My plan would entail to move +1,000,000 of the most poor/homeless people in the countries to the northern part of Panama, forcing Panama to enter the Union.

4) Also, I would try to have a strong relationship with Russia to ease the acquisition of Venezuela, I would do this via immigration. Immediately after Venezuela becomes ours, we would use our Russian diplomatic connections to help us move people in exchange for securing their interests. Any internal migration at this point will try to use parts of Argentina as resettlement zones.

5) Because Venezuela is more of a Caribbean nation than a South American one, we would push for the immigration of its people into the different countries of the union. Furthermore, we would repeat the same thing with those 3 small countries at the north-east of South America. We would use some of the Venezuelans that want to stay and send them to those 3 countries. Furthermore, we would send the populations of those 3 countries to push into Paraguay and Uruguay.

6) Once all of South America is one (Central America might also be needed), Brazil should also be targeted. We would send all sectarian/nationalist dissidents in the empty areas around Brazilia. Then disperse Brazilians on Central America to weaken them.

7) Start using the populations we don't want to start acquiring the Central American countries, mostly using the same method. At this point, we will call on Russia and even China if possible to help us migrate some people in Europe and South Africa. This is important because I'm planning to disperse the South African farmers in the empty farming areas of Central America. Furthermore, we will "try" to get Reparations from Europe because of Colonization or some other excuse.

8) Lobby in the US to make anti-hate legislature targeting WNs. Then work with the US to allow people marked as "potential terrorists" to be able to go to Central America with their weapons and property. This one move will ensure that you have men of fighting age and weapons in that region. Allow them to have land, while ensuring Central American governments favor us. Furthermore, South African farmers should be spread out evenly and also allow them to keep their weapons. This ensures any revolt in the region is stalled by the farmers.

9) Once we get to the Mexican border, we will "try" the same trick, but pressure Mexico and Canada to enter into a Confederation (which will make the US diplomatically trapped between the two). Once US is on that point, they will have no option but to enter into a formal pact between us (South American Union) or them (Mexico-Canada Confederation).

10) Once the pact is formed, we will push for immigration policies that "restrict" immigration between our countries BUT in actually it creates a pipeline to send any and all immigrants to the opposite side of their entry. This will diffuse any separatist sentiment on part of the immigrants as our governments grow stronger due to the immigration (economic and police expansion, to name some of the benefits).

11) Allow the people of our nations to drive the country together. The governments' jobs should be to form a continual and unified culture based on our history and rejecting the (((modern))) way things are done. We need to create our own history, cherish our own heroes, and have the same vision of the future. We might need another 9/11 to unify the country in tragedy, perhaps a terrorist group nukes some of the most degenerate cities in the continent.

9d4c1c  No.13134664


Blue Eyes Preservation Society International

Rather than focus on the word "white" which has been rendered toxic via jew propaganda, I suggest pushing for the continued existence of blue eyed people who are declining because the genes involved are recessive and therefore need protecting.

By encouraging those with blue eyes to only have children with other blue-eyed people we would as a byproduct ensure their were more pure white children going into the future.

This says nothing about race, but we all know north europeans have the most blue eyes, so it would be a way to combat miscegenation without mentioning skin color.

Also the name BEPSI sound like a spurdo pronunciation of a huge global brand so would be remembered easily.

aedcef  No.13134667

File: e30157fb02e1a60⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 512x512, 1:1, end_the_fed_poster-rfbfc77….jpg)

2c6276  No.13134668

Seriously discussing political plans in public is retarded. It gives our enemies priceless insight into (how to disrupt) our internal processes.

Find politically aligned people in real life and discuss political strategies with them in smaller, more private, more infiltration-resistant groups. There are any number of signal, slack, mattermost, discord, telegram, etc. groups that are more suited for this.

a49efb  No.13145951

Well guys, what if we start shooting?

75461d  No.13146004


Bioluminescence is a symptom of an excess of government-supplied melanin. Watch out for cars.

f974b1  No.13146008


Robots, robot armies, and zero point energy. Solves all the problems.

75461d  No.13146022



35d17f  No.13146036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Without question any detailed plan that does not result in the permabanning of all non-white minecraft players will simply be resetting us back only a few hundred years, and the cycle of jewry and niggertry will continue. How many times have the jews been merely kicked off servers, only to be let back in by new cuckolded mods who have never known first hand the griefing jewish players commit? Not only must kikes be banned, but any and all non-whites with absolutely no exceptions, for just as the jew may be allowed back in later, so can the nigger or arab. Sorry for not giving a detailed plan, this is just a reminder to all the big brained minecrafters itt. The crimes that non-whites have collectively committed not only warrant banning for the sake of objective problem-solving, but the blood of millions of white players is crying out for justice. (((They))) deserve it

180415  No.13147078


>The feds might plant evidence on a random person and hope that he was a White Nationalist

Sure. But then we expect an evil regime to behave this way.

It would only radicalize everyone else further.

Eventually, someone might retaliate against these paid thugs and subscribe to Pewdiepie.

4d6267  No.13147865


Any peaceful solution requires critical mass prior to extermination event. 5G cooks eyeballs like eggs.

af63f3  No.13149297

File: c58cdf1f55c8e0b⋯.jpg (10.02 KB, 259x194, 259:194, You are the only op who is….jpg)

File: 278bc3906b0a1e4⋯.png (41.96 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Logo_of_Identitaria….png)

File: a7e2753132d63c3⋯.jpg (218.78 KB, 500x675, 20:27, generation-identity-i-want….jpg)


Good thread, OP. Optimism is key to success and any plans, no matter how unworkable they may seem, better than giving up. Hopepill. That's what we need.

Dum spes est, vita est.

As to ideas, I have one. I was struck by the idea of the Hitler Youth to have hostels all across Germany, between which they could walk and in which they could bond in a common space of shared aspirations. The benefits of this were of course the strengthening and deepening of their ideas, the building up of camaraderie in the local branch and the links this established throughout the whole movement.

The ideas itself is not workable today, in that having known buildings, part of a known organisation with recognised members, is simply not a possibility. So, take away the buildings, the organisation and the registered members - you have people of the same ideological persuasion meeting, in the absence of enemies, throughout a movement.

How to achieve that today? Well, we cannot easily have our own movement, as it will be too small by far and too extreme. Normies will bring pressure to bear and the State will shut us down, or render us ineffective by plants (as they do here, with shills). Generation Identity is probably the closest thing existing today, in terms of international youth fraternity fighting for ideologically shared goals. They don't do a bad job, so joining them is a good idea. They like members to stick their heads over the parapets though via activism, be prepared to be publicly known for your views, so think carefully and make arrangements for when they become known.

So, short of having a real NS/Fascist organisation, how do we go about this? The best way is to join the existing organisations which, while non-NS or anti-NS, are the largest nationalist groups in the country. You are far less likely to be found out, but you will be an atmosphere of mostly shared views.

Some have spoken of symbols by which to recognise each other, but these will always quickly become known and soon lose their worth, as they cease to be a means of secret self-identification. Instead, we just have to chance it. Join these groups, e.g. a big nationalist party, then go to meetings, associate with members - observe, make interesting remarks, see how far the majority of them go with their nationalism. Then, identify those who go beyond that common ground. Those who are willing to say the occasional thing which the room disagrees on, or is not unanimous on. Strike up friendships of a social sort, of an activist sort. Expose each other to books, music, artwork, videos etc. Not NS, but just to keep things moving more and more nationalist.

Win friends and influence them. Either you will find most of the groundwork is already done, or you can keep at it little by little. Don't shatter their illusions. If they are pro-Israel, don't be rabidly anti. If they are in favour of non-white immigration, play the side of one who is fine with immigration, so long as they can integrate. If they like a particular figure whom you consider a shill, don't pour cold water on them. Push their existing viewpoints as far as you can push them, then they will start to move on by themselves, as they are exposed to more and more things.

In this way, we will build up our social network in the movement. We can find those closest, perfect their understanding and make a point of doing things with them. Hiking, singing, dancing, conversation, martial arts, shooting - whatever it is friends do together. Introduce them to other friends from other circles, meet with their friends and establish links.

None of this needs to be on social media. It is important to work locally. A local group has the power to coordinate plans, to study together, to socialise together. Once we establish these little units and they begin to link together, then we will have established a de-centralised chain of influence, in which our ideas are held by a good and growing number.

Sorry for the rambling post. The summary is:

>Join groups > identify redpilled/redpillable > socialise with them and quietly influence them by your own example > introduce one sound person to another sound person (sound = of sound viewpoint) and allow yourself to be introduced > thus widen these nameless social groups and interconnect >spread to all new comrades the necessity of widening the spheres > you will have helped form a new political youth, ripe for the future, from which moral leadership will arise.

af63f3  No.13151080

File: 38eb6fc4634d0ea⋯.jpg (16.38 KB, 255x226, 255:226, 86e8bd12727a6929948b5e041c….jpg)

Bumping to secure a future for the white race.

1ccd17  No.13151093

File: 0dddaa72e50d9eb⋯.jpg (98.65 KB, 591x772, 591:772, fascist-architecture-pavil….jpg)

This is the only serious and specific plan I know of.


97ee66  No.13151096

File: d3ce6984525c0ee⋯.jpg (86.82 KB, 464x750, 232:375, m4mhd0wdAb1rsde4yo1_r1_500.jpg)

File: 528bc5c694e1480⋯.jpg (152.2 KB, 500x592, 125:148, m24xsx22k31rp2skqo1_500.jpg)

File: 64d8c34c27ffdaf⋯.png (925.01 KB, 760x1020, 38:51, Stylin.png)


There's one thing above all others: the reparation of the depiction of the German National Socialists.

The demonization of the German National Socialists is the foundational pillar of the new regime, the foundational myth of everything that has transpired since World War 2.

If you can't rip the legs out from under that somehow, you will never make real headway - that said, significant headway HAS been made as the direct consequence of the degradation of the narrative front on this issue.

So long as the German National Socialist demonization effort retains its position, it will be extremely difficult to advocate for White interests, because myriad opposition groups advocate AGAINST the very concept of White advocacy, utilizing the hydra-like variety of accusations derivative from the demonization effort and its propagandistic role in the modern sociopolitical paradigm.

Attack the holohoax, attack the demonization of the German National Socialist regime, attack the lies of those who seek to demonize them.

Anyone attempting to perpetuate this demonization, no matter their proclaimed cause, is acting to aid in the perpetuation of the functional ability of the opposition to campaign against the very concept of White advocacy (the primary inhibitor to the establishment of organizations able to pursue White advocacy).

97ee66  No.13151104


>There is no peaceful solution to this.


>The only thing Whites truly have going for us is that a little over 80% of the over 330,000,000 legal guns in the United States are owned by Whites, with a high 70% being owned by Whites males.

Well, that, and a significant IQ advantage by the numbers.

>what you people don't seem to get is that this situation has played out on the smaller scale several times

And never at the scale of what we're talking about, so those engagements don't hold all that much applicable value in terms of insight.

>You are so full of yourselves.

Take a look in the mirror bud.

98b7f9  No.13151324

File: d4ec4648ed47505⋯.jpg (123.17 KB, 489x640, 489:640, HoloLiesgas2.jpg)

File: db145ad1ab9460d⋯.png (121.22 KB, 1578x507, 526:169, jailed at 87 for questioni….png)

File: 9273a56857debaf⋯.jpg (123.1 KB, 768x837, 256:279, DUi7kQ1WkAEDoGs.jpg)


Good post. I wholeheartly agree.

I only wish there was a solution to (primarily) Europeans being locked up with violent (mostly foreign) criminals willing to make you suffer for merely rejecting and exposing a lie.

Rigid so called laws against holocaust denial and/or inciting hatered work as an effective gag for the people. Fear of procecution prevents average citizens from acknowledging let alone spreading truth. The intimidation is so effective that even private conversations on the subject are often characterized by distrust and unwillingness to keep participating.

Even more prevalent is the risk of becoming stigmatized and/or being cast out . Attempts to expose the hoax to the wrong person can result in loss of your job, your home, your children, friends, customers…

Even violent attacks against those speaking the truth or their property are common enough to be considered a serious risk.

The only solutions I see this far are to either to get the word out anonymously or take the risks and if put on trail try to get as much public display of your martyrdom as possible. Both not exactly optimal.

Anyone got more ideas?

35da7f  No.13152864


Absolutely this. You can’t save the white race without first saving the swastika.

180415  No.13152877


That's going to be pretty damn difficult if you have so many people running around declaring that they want to exterminate Slavs and take their land using Hitler as their justification to do so.

It's pretty funny when we used to have threads dedicated to showing that Hitler did not want to exterminate Slavs and that National Socialism is not about imperialism and then entire threads are filled up with people demanding that modern day Germany invade Poland and France and Czechia, take their land, and ethnically cleanse the indigenous Europeans.

What happened to "General Plan Ost is a jewish myth?"

681adb  No.13152893


<ZOG turns a blind eye to all of this

383466  No.13152918

so i noticed a lot of you niggers keep mentioning the PNW front

have you ever been to a city in the PNW? its mutt central

ethnostate needs to be in northern montana

5f7d46  No.13152950


While some say it's a honeypot, I don't believe that I think it's just a few idealistic retards with no grasp of reality. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, would be good candidates Washington and Oregon are fucking New York City west.

98b7f9  No.13152951


>What happened to "General Plan Ost is a jewish myth?

newfags and brain drain

still not sure if to laugh or cry that (((allied forces))) propaganda neo nazism is on the rise again

97ee66  No.13154285


>Rigid so called laws against holocaust denial and/or inciting hatered work as an effective gag for the people.

Very true.

>The intimidation is so effective that even private conversations on the subject are often characterized by distrust and unwillingness to keep participating.

>Even more prevalent is the risk of becoming stigmatized and/or being cast out . Attempts to expose the hoax to the wrong person can result in loss of your job, your home, your children, friends, customers…

>Even violent attacks against those speaking the truth or their property are common enough to be considered a serious risk.

Not surprisingly, it comes off as very reminiscent of the Communist tactics in the Soviet Union.

Children ratting on their parents, friends ratting on each other, coworkers ratting out those who criticize the (((Party)))… By creating this aura of fear, nothing can get done to oppose them effectively in many regards, because you're never sure who you're dealing with or what their thoughts on the matter truly are - ie, someone you trust may well stab you in the back, if given the opportunity.

I've seen this first hand - I tried to have a talk with a friend about the fact that holohoax is a sham, and while he was initially willing to entertain the notion, all it took was a conversation with his chubby cunt of a girlfriend, followed by discussion with a fellow friend (who is a nihilistic degenerate LARPing as a Catholic), all behind my back, for the three of them to start dropping subtle "inside-joke" suggestions that I was a neon nahtzee and that the matter of the holohoax was clearly settled due to all the academics who embraced it…

… Keeping in mind, of course, that none of the three people I'm referring to had any real education beyond high school, and were still neck-deep in jewish media/propaganda.

I stopped spending as much time with them once I realized the nature of their worldview and how they had, apparently, been discussing me behind my back amounting to "that guy is a neo-nazi", something which none of the three had the courage to actually broach in conversation directly.


>You can’t save the white race without first saving the swastika.



>That's going to be pretty damn difficult if you have so many people running around declaring that they want to exterminate Slavs and take their land using Hitler as their justification to do so.

And now the 100+ loser appears, and will derail the thread with his bitching.

97ee66  No.13154298


Also, checked for

>entire threads are filled up with people demanding that modern day Germany invade Poland and France and Czechia, take their land, and ethnically cleanse the indigenous Europeans.

things that never fucking happened.

Tell us more about how any change to the creation of the Allies post WW2 borders and the demographics thereof is White Genocide.

180415  No.13154374


>>13147555 (Czeched for truth)


















>things that never fucking happened.

Lurk for two years, newfaggot.

Also, learn what IDs are. Try clicking on mine.

c77bb4  No.13154592


I'll probably post it eventually once I get some certain kinks that don't really work all that well figured out. I've been compiling written works together that I've made into a book I might publish anonymously, not sure yet.


It has several direct influences from National Socialism, but I do believe there's a glaring issue that many people over look and that's the differences between German society in the 1930s and American society in the 2010s. I think the advent of the internet and the warlike mentality of Nazi Germany wouldn't flow well in America now due to the spread of information and the advent of Nuclear weapons that make constant warring unideal for the survival of the white race.

(Also I'll be responding to your points in no particular order)

That's why for this idea of mine, I want to take the best parts that worked in Nazi Germany at the time that can work now with American ideals. Stuff like slavery will be illegal and I don't mind term limits either, I think it's good to have a constantly revolving cabinet of people and not oligarchs.

Will probably remove the elitist part of the populist republic, what I meant when I wrote was for people to strive to be elite in the fields they want to master in. But now that I re-read it, it is quite the contradiction. Thanks for catching it.

>I think a better way is to mandate a citizenship based on merit, and to ensure that no children are automatically given citizen status. Instead, everyone at the age of 18 must earn their citizenship through some form of community service. Examples include military, police, hospital work, first responders, etc. Every citizen would essentially be gauged during each 4 years of their service by one part their peers (during their time of service), one part a council (arbitrating as hand-picked by the state), and one part a randomly selected jury of regular citizens. Until then, they would be considered secondary citizens - guests, etc. Secondary citizens would obviously have much more limited rights (No guns, can't vote, etc), and (as mentioned by the NSDAP) could be expelled in times of disaster or famine if necessary.

Potentially yeah, I do agree. Since the non-white population is sizable in the United States and deporting all of them is costly and could easily erupt into racial violence, it would be a good idea to have a secondary citizen status based on the work one gives. The issue I think is how often do you give that status to a person or group.

>NOPE This part is 100% retarded and is absolutely why Hitler lost. Invading other countries and imposing your culture and ideology onto them is anti-nationalist, and rotten to the core. Defending your homeland is the only form of war you should ever fight. They should, instead, beg to become absorbed by you simply by virtue of your absolute strength.

I would have agreed a year ago, I was very anti-war and very much against the idea of enforcing your will on another nation. The reason why I changed my tune was for two reasons: It would ideally be a form of self-defense, especially if Mexico turns Socialist, since a Socialist Mexico would devastate the American population by causing even more migrants to the United States, and that it would be easier to deport a large swath of people, like the Mexican-American community in the United States, if Mexico was under direct occupation of the United States.

I do understand your point, however, but there is a benefit in reviving the white race in Mexico that there's a potential powerful ally to the south that is white, traditionalist, and centralized as oppose to a non-white, liberal, and decentralized nation right on the border. The white race, I believe, should be protected and the United States is the only nation with the power to do so.

This is a work in progress solution I'm concocting, so thank you for your input on it and catching somethings I didn't. I feel like talking about a solution and coming to some agreement and disagreements will help us in the long run once we ever get any kind of political control. I'll take what you've said in consideration, anon, when I continue writing it.

586ee1  No.13158397


You can't expect them to know everything anon, don't you remember being a 13 year old on 4chan?

180415  No.13158427


Maybe so but newfaggots should not be coddled. They should be slapped down when they say stupid things. That's the only way to preserve our culture I say as no one even bothers saying lurk moar things have gotten so bad

98b7f9  No.13158499


I rightfully got slapped around and discouraged from posting for being a faggot.


I try.

Telling to

>Lurk moar


>Sage, hide, report

just doesn't cut it anymore.

at this point I'm happy if low quality threads only get a few bumps from newfags who don't know what sage is.

180415  No.13158710

File: 783ce99a23e1e85⋯.jpg (2 MB, 3865x2576, 3865:2576, Nuremberg1.jpg)


Don't get me wrong, I am not countersignaling anyone, but one of the worst things to happen post-Tarrant is that now a majority of article threads not only do not have archives, but no one even bothers to greentext it. Just copypaste.

Oftentimes they just post one fucking sentence and direct-link CNN. And these threads get treated to hundreds of posts. People used to freak out when you didn't break links even after the mods got rid of the direct-link feature. It was just tradition to do it so we did.

Now I barely even see HowNotToMakeAThread.jpg

I really do hate being such a downer, especially in an actually good thread. Perhaps we can still hold out hope that all these 12 year olds and edgy normies accidentally redpill each other like what happened way back in Gamergate.

Or maybe it's all mossad. idk

af8442  No.13158756

The solution to the JQ; the Gandhi method

We stop believing in money.

694c95  No.13158784

Ban infant circumcision to get rid of Jews and Muslims. Give out charges for assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and sexual molestation. If they attempt to so it outside the country hit them with the same laws to punish pedos for sexual tourism.

681e7d  No.13158802



You two are doing God's work. Don't forget,


e4e3a6  No.13160697

File: 9c654ced4a83059⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 781x704, 71:64, 1481908177001.jpg)


There is no reason why White people shouldn't go full Domination of the Draka on the rest of the planet. We are already fighting for our survival on our own territory, and it's goddamn time we strike the fuck back with everything we have.

This is a long-term plan, stretching over at least 100, perhaps even 200 years. And it must start with the establishment of a ruthless colonial rule over the middle east and central Africa. The reason for that is simple: resources. We will need a lot of raw materials - not for smartphones and other addictive nonsense, but for weapons, mechas, tanks, orbital weapons platforms, colonies in space, ORION-drive propelled ships and other goodies. And of course we need space for the more dangerous research experiments we certainly need to do to get all of the space-related shit.

Why do we need all of this? China and India. They already have an incredible soft power and China is currently turning its massive economic potential into something VERY VERY dangerous. This is a protracted struggle that won't end well for us - if we don't act on it. Yes, Shlomo is a pest, and his shenanigans and attempts to control us and 'downgrade' us are dangerous, too.

But ask yourself: what is the benefit of rooting out one threat, but leaving the other alive or unsubjugated? There is no reason to allow China to survive the downfall of Shlomo and his low IQ-minions. Absolutely none. China after all combines the worst attributes of Shlomo with some of the best attributes of us. That makes them so fucking more dangerous. Remember, we are in a war for not only survival but also who is going to dominate the galaxy in the long run. We should make sure that the White Man, no the bug man, is the dominate species in our part of the universe.

How do we establish a White Domination? Certainly not only by democratic means. This calls for the ruthless extermination of the hypocrisy that all men are created equal - and that won't sit well with self declared liberals, socialists and who else is delusional enough to assume that. It should be done in a slow take over. Someone like Trump is not qualified for that - he helped to pave a way, but very little else. And no, I am also not asking for someone who is satisfied with a White ethnostate somewhere in North America. Such a limited White ethnostate on Earth will not be able to muster enough power to deal with a cold war scenario with literally 4/5th of the planet. A White ethnostate that only includes parts of Europe or the US won't be enough since it does not include all white people, from North and parts of South America, over Europe and Russia to Australia. To assume that the White race can survive without considering to build a vast empire and use a Großraumwirtschaft-type concept to order its internal economy is delusional. Hitler was the closest we ever got at realizing the White Domination.

So, it must be done both by a political platform that eventually spreads to all White nations and it must come from the unquestionable power of armed men. If the democratic way doesn't work, it must be acquired by violent and lethal force.

And yes, I know: a technically multi-ethnical, multi-linguistic empire that is hugely centralized and doesn't give a fuck about Western ethics won't sit well with nationalists either. I'd say: fuck white nationalists if they aren't willing to give up their precious little, inconsequential nation-state for the greater good of the race. Fuck them if they are not willing to pay the price for survival. Fuck them if they are not willing to purge the most questionable cultural artifacts that make our lives currently so intolerable. What this means is that we must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, not only in terms of blood, but also cultural heritage and values. A potential White Domination cannot be build on Plato, the Bible or concepts carried over from the Enlightenment period. We maybe will be forced to put away with them altogether - we are already in that process. Biological facts and demographic destiny don't give a flying fuck about that either. Shlomo doesn't care, the Chinks most certainly don't care, so why should we? We are not in the position to worry much about our cultural heritage. Not while we're fighting with the back against the wall.

So, the embrace of Western ethics, the beauty of our culture and even the concept of the ethnically homogenous nation-state have to wait until the dust has settled. I am not a nationalist in that traditional sense since it won't work, it won't save us. My nation, Germany, counts for fucking nothing on that large scale. If I had to sacrifice it to save the race, I'd do it and worry about the implications later: ad astra per aspera. Or, as the Draka put it: Glory to the Race, Service to the State.

180415  No.13163625

File: 4b2ae5452fbc155⋯.jpg (90.21 KB, 428x577, 428:577, Lithuanian woman.jpg)


First of all, you are going from

>our race is on the verge of extinction


>after we win, how do we exterminate the Chinks?

Talk about putting the cart before the horse. You're putting an imaginary cart that exists only in your head ahead of a horse that you once owned years ago but ran away and is somewhere in Romania.

>fuck white nationalists if they aren't willing to give up their precious little, inconsequential nation-state for the greater good of the race.

>even the concept of the ethnically homogenous nation-state have to wait until the dust has settled

Sure, let's surrender our humanity and identity and become rootless drones.

I'm a White nationalist because I love my humanity and the humanity of my people. Our cultures are beautiful and are worth preserving and embellishing.

61efd4  No.13163804

File: 36c888f1bf1bf76⋯.png (950.99 KB, 1578x651, 526:217, wannabegayfagss.PNG)

got a problem in my area with white kids trying to be gangster and to act like immigrants i live in sweden and i see a lot of teenagers trying to act tuff. dress like niggers and speak in a sand nigger accent i think we need to show more pride of our own kind in schools and in media and not yust praise the sand niggers for having it so bad.

61efd4  No.13163812


and by the way the picture is from a shit rap video one of my locals made and all the guns are airsoft guns but they keep acting like there real


b578fb  No.13164004

File: 1b126b57ad60a82⋯.png (595.13 KB, 954x736, 477:368, 8a82f6cf14ba7d67f066625538….png)

advanced diplomacy, based on the r/K principles


according to the r/K lore, the K selected members of a species are the most aggressive for territory, and against other K selected groups are very hostile. While the r selected are the ones who are good at out grouping (diplomacy as well).

So I thought to myself, is it really that hard for the K selected ones to do diplomacy? I mean, look outside, it is us vs the muslims, vs all sorts of people, there is very little communication going on of sorts. The best we often get it "ha, this is funny, let them both exterminate themselves" so I think to myself that the r/K theory on how groups communicate and act is quite on point.

While we are hating upon other groups, and they hate upon us, we make very little progress to what could have been shared goals. We are all waiting, and growing upwards to gain power so that we could have this independent movement made possible. Within our own identity, and our own power. While the left AND THE WOMEN ESPECIALLY WHO USE THE r selected TACTICS ARE LAUGHING AT US. The woman…man. They especially are the most adapt at this, they by default are using compromise tactics between groups and manage to get quite a lot of power because of that.

So what I propose is WE COPY A BIT OF THEIR TACTICS AND USE IT FOR OUR OWN. Seeing as we are not obligated to act by our own rules if we are aware of them and how our nature works. What if we had a similar goal as other groups, like the muslims to kill faggots. Wouldnt it be reasonable not to ally ourselves with them, but to work towards this one goal? What if we had a goal of surpressing feminism, again, wouldnt it be reasonable to pool our influence together to destroy the thots?

I feel that the only thing that the r selected really have is this strategy. If we manage to become remotely basically proficient at it, we could gain huge momentum. But to do that it requires great feats of diplomacy, and intricate knowledge of the inner workings of these other groups.

b4d6ee  No.13164103


Take them aside and ridicule them, preferably alone so their faggot pant-sagging chums don't interrupt with shit like "I can do whatever I want". Tell them what niggers they are, bully them.

0b2385  No.13164197

File: 7bed1360dca076f⋯.png (154.24 KB, 838x983, 838:983, 1341328581553.png)

File: d815b428fe8253a⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, LQoEAOFB5E8_640x360.jpg)

IMO, we should spread the meme of "fixing the demographic imbalance". Just like most normal people have been for decades receptive to the idea of fighting overpopulation with reasonable incentives to breed less (and then, sadly, fighting underpopulation with bonkers measures like mass immigration), I don't see why we can't make the case that we have a demographic imbalance problem in America and other Western nations, and we should take reasonable and proportional measures to fix it and thus avoid balcanization and civil war. IOW, incentives should be in place so that ethnic Europeans breed more, while other groups breed less (and/or emigrate to non-Western nations). It shouldn't be hard to find token POC who publicly support the idea, since it's ultimately in their own best interest and they know it, even though it may hurt their ego. I've heard some of them (for instance, Tree Of Logic) admit that whites have right to remain a majority in Western nations, so it's just about getting down to details. Bring the debate to the limelight, make it mainstream. Let's not get stuck in the dichotomy of either being an ethnic nationalist and dismissing all POC as "the other", or being a colorblind civnat who can't even process the concept of a demographic imbalance.

b33c8a  No.13164506

File: fc05f7bbd6c3f31⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1273x746, 1273:746, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't know why yet, but this one vibed my gut like getting on a roller coaster for the first time.

I think I like it.

5d5f62  No.13164584


The reality is we need to be stewards, and kill the wolves that won't become rabbit farmers.

The wolf pack that wins has this one wolf that discovers pissing in the same spot kills the grass, but pissing in the same spots in a cycle actually makes the grass grow faster, then when the rabbits start to be drained from an area, instead of migrating, he stays behind and pisses with a purpose until the rabbits have no choice to eat in his piss patches after eating all the grass and then he starts farming rabbits, these wolves become men, become stewards.

We need a base to live, a sound existence, a stewardship, wish the Jews have geared to world to hate and destroy, but once we have it, and enough of us start piss patch farming, then we can feasibly band together and repulse snakes and foxes organizing the rabbits to mow down all the piss patches.

54c6f4  No.13165238

File: 6d6b85f2a4fd697⋯.png (766.44 KB, 1227x920, 1227:920, chinacarrier.png)

File: 1ced86d8b9c5a95⋯.png (41.46 KB, 584x405, 584:405, chinaskyscrapers.png)

File: 702758dbb537071⋯.png (303.67 KB, 696x467, 696:467, chinaafrica.png)

File: 20e3d7b9d893f8c⋯.png (319.72 KB, 864x533, 864:533, immigrationus.png)



Finally someone fucking gets it. Our greatest enemy is the termite race. India will be a superpower within the next few years. I know this sounds comical, because they are shitting in the streets now, but remember that so were the Chinese a few decades ago, and now they are set to take first place on the world stage when the U.S. collapses. Keep in mind that there are 3 billion Chinese and Indians alone – to 1 billion whites worldwide.

If you aren’t shitting bricks about the chink army coming to your middle of nowhere neighborhood and kicking down your door, killing you, raping your wife, and eating your dog – you’re a damn fool. The only reason you feel safe at all is the bloated U.S. military. We spend more on our military than the next 10 or so nations combined, we have 11 active aircraft carriers when the next country has 1. Our army is constantly globetrotting and kicking people’s shit in, and the reason we do it is to make sure no one even thinks of stepping up to us. As long as the U.S. has naval hegemony, we, and Europe, are protected against the ant-people armies. However, when America relinquishes it’s presence abroad, and the threat of us swooping in and deciding wars is over, there will be little standing between us and the hordes.

Europe will be able to defend themselves, temporarily. Though they will fail for the same reasons a reclusive ethnostate carved out of the U.S. would. It will be ceding too much territory and resources. The reason Europeans were colonialists in the first place was to fuel their industries and their growing empires, which needed even more land and resources the larger it grew, like a negative feedback loop. Europe is just big enough and wealthy enough in water and forests to feed itself fine. However if whites stay to themselves in their nations, even though we are spread across three continents(Europe, America, Australia) it still won’t be enough. We will be handing the other 3 continents(Antarctica not included) to the bug army, who is already going to begin this race with the huge advantage of numbers and an uncorrupted society. The Chinese are already making huge strides in colonizing Africa, and they will control all the important sites in no time.

>inb4 “Hurr durr who needs Africa anyways, fuck leave those nigs alone who cares”

It isn’t about the niggers inhabiting the territory, they matter about as much to them as the aphids who go extinct when they chop down a rainforest to build their giant farms, which is not at all.

What are you going to do when China has eaten up most of Africa, huh? You want lithium for batteries? You want gold for computer chips? Diamonds? Oil? Precious Metals? Well get fucked because China now owns the ONLY supplies worth a damn and they aren’t giving them up.

>”Well, screw it we don’t want to compete with those gooks anyways, as long as they stay over there and I can have my trad waifu over here.”

Wrong again bucko, the machine never stops. Once it got going there was never an end in sight. We live in a different world now, a post-nation world. The only thing that can fight an empire with our level of technology is another empire. Our enemies won’t give a damn about sovereignty, freedom, culture, etc. They hardly give a damn about their own history, and you expect them to care about yours! HA. EXPAND, EXPAND, EXPAND. This is their motto, and so it has to be ours too. Not to say I don't want to preserve what makes us European, I do, I love the uniqueness of the many European cultures and don't think we should blend it all into some pan-white blob, but survival comes first, and to do so we need to all be on the same side.

If you want to stay three steps ahead of the chinks try to imagine what an amoral, sociopathic, ruthless, and dispassionate expansionist AI civilization(like Grey Goo) would do, and they will act in about the same way.

Now you might say, "Chinks may have high average IQ but they are still primitive and have no creativity." You would be right, however they no longer need creativity to win. Europeans did all the legwork during the renaissance and enlightenment, and we gave them the scientific method, so they can use the already established framework to compete by improving on current weapon systems.

>What if it goes nuclear?

Not likely. IMO: it will never go nuclear. Nuclear weapons are defensive, not offensive. If someone were to use them, that would be an admission of defeat, as your nukes will be reciprocated. Even if your back was against the wall, and you were all but completely destroyed, you are still not likely to use them because you would be forcing your genocide, when you may have instead been able to bargain for being a slave race.

54c6f4  No.13165337

File: f3154f105449573⋯.png (191.58 KB, 1270x583, 1270:583, chinamegacities.png)


Now, we know that competing with the termite races is an inevitability, because the U.S. will inevitably collapse, and sooner than you probably think. A good read on this topic is “America: The Farewell Tour” by Chris Hedges, who is not on the right but is very intelligent and lucidly points out all of America’s fatal flaws, and even provides a date for the end – 2040 at the latest. The corruption of politicians, law enforcement and our judicial systems is fast approaching 2nd world tier. Nobody has faith in our institutions, the country relies entirely on imports to survive as we no longer manufacture anything, and we have a large number of males who are soon to be replaced by automation. Tensions are rising as we divide along male/female, rich/poor, urban/rural, and racial lines. Zog is destroying our will by promoting female hypergamy, and enriching themselves as well as the bug-race by importing millions of gooks, spooks, and pajooks into our nations, because they will not only vanquish the Jew's greatest enemy - the white man - they will Trojan Horse us as soon as things go south. I'd say we are one natural disaster/ economic downturn/war away from a complete collapse of order in our society. Seeing as our young people have no accumulated wealth or assets, and $1.5 trillion in student loan debt hanging over their heads, it's very possible that this will be the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. when the next crash comes. All of these people will stop paying their student loans as 100% of their income is diverted to survival. Many people will be without work and take to the streets. I imagine it turning into a Mad Max hell hole pretty quick, at least after the government drains all of the money it needs to continue the martial law they will impose after the crisis. The government's income from taxes will fall sharply, people will demand their money back from the banks, our country’s credit(debt) will disappear(which means money literally disappears), our monopolies around the globe will be unenforcable as our military retracts without the constant flow of money. At this point, Zog will still be in control of the country, and it will strongly resemble Weimar Germany. We will still need to wrestle control of it and then re-unify in the event that states start seceding.

Don't be afraid of this though, this is all a good thing. Actually, the sooner this can happen the better - this is the point of accelerationism. Since it is bound to happen eventually, we would rather it happen sooner than later so that we can get to fighting our real enemy: the termites. However once we get to this point it will be a very steep climb for us still. The termites have a head-start. Their authoritarian governments are working at unparalleled efficiency, meaning massive construction projects are being planned and completed in record times. China is putting more skyscrapers up than anyone else quicker than anyone else. Now they are turning their heads towards creating a fleet of aircraft carriers. How long do you think it will be until they have a more powerful navy than we do!? A decade tops at the rate their going. China is undergoing sweeping transformations, as if they were preparing for something BIG, and judging by their leader's ambition, this should be frightening.

See Pic - the are literally building hives of worker bees. Tell me who in the fuck is going to compete with them when they really get going.

54c6f4  No.13165345

File: 2a729b6d9d4e01b⋯.jpeg (215.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sterwarsbattle.jpeg)



To further outline how completely fucked we are, let me lay out the big picture. Most people here seem to think that the ultimate end-goal is a regressed utopia where we have ridden ourselves of the poisons of modernity, we live simple and meaningful lives in ethnically homogeneous societies, and we have peaceful trade relations with our neighbors. This means we don’t live above our means, and everything will work out fine. All of this is great, and my ideal future as well, but it assumes that every other culture is going to behave the same way. WRONG. The other human subspecies have gotten a taste for blood, and they like it. They see this as their time to shine, and if you think the pajeets are going to rule over you as orderly and humanely as you ruled them, you got another thing coming. Faggot.

If this all sounds like too much for you, like more than you bargained for, like it’s not the battle you wanted to fight – well just kill yourself now. Sorry fucko, but the timeline you were born into never had cheerful playgrounds, a trad wife, and playing catch with your son in the cards. It is going to be tough. You are going to spend your life fighting, resettling, working your hands numb, losing those you love, getting lost in the confusing and ever-changing patchwork of alliances. You will fight, fight, fight, your entire life, you will never taste paradise, and you will die totally unsure if you’re going to win. Do not be deluded, you are not fighting to create peace for yourself, you are fighting to create peace for your offspring many generations removed. Looking at the times coming ahead will be unlike looking at the times of the past, so don’t look back for advice. Humanity is entering a new epoch, this war may last thousands of years. In a few millennium, we may be having Star Wars type space battles except all the alien factions will have originated from the same planet.

Again, to outline what we must be done if we are to come out of this alive:

1. We must fight and win a revolution against Jewerey

2. We must fight and win a civil war against the faggots and traitors

3. We must rid our lands of the invaders

ONLY THEN can we even begin our moves to defend against the growing bug race, WHICH IS ALREADY CHARGING FULL SPEED AHEAD. Do you not see our twisted predicament? We’ll be lucky if we aren’t already out of time.

c2ea3c  No.13165368


what a post good job CIA

39967d  No.13165433

Give this a think, frens:

Suffrage needs to be drastically limited.

Only those who earn & contribute get a vote.

You work for gov't,

you contract for gov't,

your biz gets >51% of it's money from gov't,

you get welfare?: You don't get to vote.

If you pay back what was paid to you, you get your vote back.

All taxes eliminated except for land tax. Land tax is assessed progressively, with a high minimum threshold (say $500k), and becomes punitive at high levels (say $20M). All land must be held by a natural living person (no trusts or corporations to evade taxes). This eliminates rent-seekers by limiting the only truly scarce resource.

Still not sold on a land tax? Consider this: Half of England is owned by less than 1% of its population https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-18/half-england-owned-1-population https://archive.is/CwzGi

Import tariffs are OK and likely desirable, except on commodities. they should be minimal. Finished goods, tariff the fuck out of 'em. I'm happy to debate this and then vote on it (b/c I don't get my $ from gov't)

Do that, and things fix themselves in a big fuckin' hurry.

39967d  No.13165447


>got a problem in my area with white kids trying to be gangster and to act like immigrants i live in sweden and i see a lot of teenagers trying to act tuff. dress like niggers and speak in a sand nigger accent i think we need to show more pride of our own kind in schools and in media and not yust praise the sand niggers for having it so bad.

They are appropriating the dominant/favored demographic's characteristics.

Let a few masked biker gangs loose on the vibrants, tape it, spread it, and watch them start wearing masks, sporting colors, and riding motorcycles.

This should go w/o saying: You must remove kabab.

132d7a  No.13165451


> India will be a superpower within the next few years.

india is going to be a world power based on what? the gdp output of 1.4 billion streetshitters?

3f19b6  No.13165712

File: 1693843b80e473d⋯.png (1.49 MB, 900x900, 1:1, gt7ip2eVO1xei4qro.png)


We can do it, I only believe in us.

488461  No.13165722

File: 6dd0bf0fcdbfd38⋯.png (428.15 KB, 602x502, 301:251, Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at ….png)


Reproduction has been rendered nearly impossible for the European Male. Call me an incel faggot, it has no effect. At this point I only seek to inflict psychosis upon everyone besides myself and my closest companions.

3f19b6  No.13165735


Just stay positive!

14b0bf  No.13165749


I don't know what it's like in Europe right now, but I had good luck with online dating in America. My wife is a little bit leftist and we live in a multicultural hellhole but I have three white children who I am teaching to avoid the groid.

fda936  No.13165759


The problem is that the physical world we inhabit is coming undone due to entropy.

The solution is thus to cool things down. Crowd fund a cooling campaign to launch larch reflective mylar sheets into orbit to reflect sunlight and cool things down.

5d5f62  No.13165778

File: 5f2ade9608851fd⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 497x365, 497:365, NoTimeForThat.jpg)

b578fb  No.13166844


I am not quite sure I completely understand your metaphor, are you drunk anon?


why thank you and yea, I think its already doable to some extent. All you would need to do is to learn more about their peoples so you can approach them better and then try to do diplomacy. Though today there is this huge attack wave going on, its going to be even harder still.

I do believe that my proposal is exactly what the jews dont want us to do.

388df8  No.13168468


>m-muh humanity

In times of desperation THAT mindset is a luxury. In a total war enviroment it's dead weight that will drown you in the sea of utter shit. Humanity is fine and dandy in peace times - then we can embrace that concept. But. As I said, this has to be TEMPORARILY suspended, otherwise we don't stand a chance. Do you think Shlomo cares about the intrinsic value of human life? He wants to create a drone race he can rule over. Do you think the Chinks care about these implications? No, they OBVIOUSLY don't; they share the dream of a drone race and puppets they control. Between these two hostile forces we'll be crushed if we don't OUTDO them by completely destroying them. We have to be worse than them. Much worse. We have to burn their cities with nuclear fire and we have to exterminate every single one of them. Because they will do the same. They simply will, it's just a matter of time.

And because of that I personally have no need for people who think they can cling to concepts that will more likely than not will loose us the final war. I can however respect the power we can draw from ideals. But for now? We can't afford them. Not in a hostile world full of shit and enemies.

Don't get me wrong; you're not my enemy. You definitely are not, Anon. I am just sick and tired living in an enviroment that treats us as outcasts and tries to exterminate us and we're like "uh, we have to uphold civility and respect certain values". Nowhere I say that we should give up our civilization. I am just saying that we have to adapt it to survive. After we emerge victorious and turned the middle east, China and India into colonies or nuclear wastelands, THEN we can adapt our civilization once more and embrace what is beautiful and humane.


Thank you. These are the information and the evidence I based this little idea on. The "yellow peril" is not a joke it was in the 50s or a bedtime story to scare children with. It's A REALLY FUCKING SCARY development. And we have to do somthing about it. We need to completely destroy them. Full MacArthur or bust. Simple as that.

>naval supremacy

Yes, I do agree. However, as soon as there are long range non-nuclear ways to get rid off an entire CTF at once that concepts becomes moot. Seriously, space based weaponry will do away with any navy within seconds, and it hasn't to be nuclear missiles. Just have a space station with tubes that drop 10 tons worth of iron rods at 15, 20 km/s and any CTF on the receiving end is fucked. KEWs are the future, and they will end naval combat and some aspects of land combat aswell. And I think the Chinks will come up with a working KEW system before we do. When that happens, it's over before it has even begun. It's like nukes, all of the fun - but none of the mess.

>economic supremacy

It's all about numerical superiority, is it. There are roughly a billion white people in the world. China alone outnumber us by 1.3:1. Let the future projections play out and you will realize we're fucked, big time. Demographics are destiny, even if China's population will shrink in the future - ours is declining faster. They will win - if nothing is done about it. Economics are tied to demographics primarily. More people equal more production and economic activity.


As I said, we need to go full Domination of the Draka against everyone else. No compromises, no deals, no mercy. The subhumans have two choices here. They can become corpses or slaves.

54c6f4  No.13170840

File: c2ad0d2458127b9⋯.png (165.4 KB, 1317x654, 439:218, chinamuslims.png)

File: 08b85c9af2a45e0⋯.png (381.99 KB, 660x662, 330:331, chinameat.png)




Define these acronyms or I will continue reading them as Capture the Flag and Kill Every Wigger

It doesn't matter that you replace nukes with some other weapon that has the same effect. If you have a means of destroying an entire city with 1 pull of the trigger, then you might as well be tossing nukes around. If China started using whatever a KEW is, they would get a nuke in response because they are both weapons of mass destruction.

>naval supremacy becomes moot

If you control the seas you control trade. Most products are shipped by giant freighters, if you can stop these, then China can send its cheap shit all over the world. Honestly, if America stopped buying all of China's shit and started producing our own goods, they would get economically fucked. However if China stops buying American products we are also fucked. We have seen how this plays out with Trump's little trade war he had with China, we both depend on each other right now. The problem is that China realizes this and is making moves to make itself independent from the West, while the West is stagnant and can't make the changes it needs to in time to not be completely fucked. This is why we need a monarch, an authoritarian leader like China has. Their government has reached levels of efficiency I never thought possible for a government. This is because I've always lived in the West, where filling a pothole takes about 3 weeks and 50 pensioned employees making phone calls, whereas in China president Gook ChinkPing can ask for the world's largest dam and power station, the world's longest bridge, the world's tallest tower, the world's biggest city etc. and it gets done in a tenth the time it would take us, and 90% of the money hasn't been siphoned to Jews and crook contractors in the process.

The way Xi Jinping is running China now is very commendable, he turned a bunch of pajeet teir farmers and swindlers and turned them into a force to be reckoned with by uniting them under one banner, one goal. It was his plan all along to make China the world's manufacturing hub - he predicted he would get all of the West's companies to make their shit cheaper in his country where he sacrificed the well-being of his workers for the creation of his empire, and it worked perfectly. Now that they are economically stable enough they are beginning to clean up their country. They are expelling all of their muslims, they are rooting out corruption from the source - ruthlessly executing companies that make fake and dangerous products that hurt the people, they are even trying to make their people healthier by reducing meat consumption. Most importantly, they actually think about the future. They have already implemented measures to destroy even the smallest hopes of dissent via their sesame credit program - which I think they got from Black Mirror. It will be like 1984 on steroids. Living in China will probably be absolutely hell, I know this because by creating such a strict police state they must be planning for poor living conditions.

They are the absolute extreme of collectivists, whereas we as of now are the absolute extreme of individualists. We see how well it is working for each culture respectively, if we don't start behaving more like a group we will not survive.

P.S. I was going to say that our longest shot at defeating them will be head-on through military might, and that instead our plan should be to destroy them from the inside using evolution's greatest psychological super weapon - the Jew. We could just inject a few million Jews into China and help them grow and within 100 years China will become a flaming mess. I was thinking that this would be our best chance, but I think they may even be immunizing themselves against this too.

180415  No.13170890

File: 2ad4fae427c564d⋯.jpg (372.24 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Polish Dance.jpg)


>this has to be TEMPORARILY suspended

It's really hilarious to read your LARP. "BY my royal decree, I hereby temporarily suspend your humanity!"

You play way too many strategy games. I'm not your character units and neither is anyone else outside your head. I'd never lift a finger to fight for a cause that I didn't believe in and you have no authority to temporarily suspend anything.

>I personally have no need for people who think they can cling to concepts that will more likely than not will loose us the final war

Cool story. I have no need for LARPing idiots like you.

This isn't a PC strategy game. This is real life and while you may not be very attached to any of the beautiful and worthy aspects that make European culture and civilization worthwhile, most other people are. Particularly among ideologically motivated nationalists.

I've never actually played Warhammer, however this disdain for nations and the desire to force everyone into a soulless world empire in order to go fight China sounds suspiciously similar to the Imperium of Man concept.

All that aside, the thing I find most ridiculous about you is that you seem to believe that your commandments should have weight. You're not the God-Emperor. You're not a president. You're not even the mayor of a small town. You're just roll playing a concept that you think might work in a sterile world devoid of any alterior perspectives and nationalism. Most people will fight for their homes and community. But this concept you present isn't very inspiring. It's just bland imperialism.

36cea1  No.13170964


Our strongest weapon is Information. You can't redpill a people if they don't have any information. So, support and spread Alt Media: Redicetv, Jared Taylor, No White Guilt, Blonde In The Belly of the beast and so on. Also, if you can speak other languages, translate their videos and spread them, the more spreading of redpills the better.

b603bf  No.13171012

Without destroying the influence of global reserve currencies, fiat global money and central banks, no group or nation has any ability to live autonomously with liberty. Not only is this commanded in Deuteronomy as a tactic for jews, it is the only chain of influence which causes all of the misery of the world. The modern banking industry is an evolution of the same trade networks and funny money that brought down greece and rome. The same lenders that built germany then destroyed it. People have to learn about social engineering and group behavior. Nearly every facet of societal growth in consumerism and technology since 2000 is actually an implement of control. To be free societies will need to get smart fast and become guarded and independent. It would almost be like amish. I cant imagine what it would take to make people reject amazon and become amish, but it would be some extreme suffering and loss that would have to be endured to even consider the notion.

54c6f4  No.13171020

File: 7302a4bd9132645⋯.jpg (43.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ringring.jpg)


You are a passionate and good person but you don't fit in this discussion, I only say that because you told us so much yourself with your frankly obscene amount of projection:

>You play way too many strategy games

>I'm not your character units and neither is anyone else outside your head

>hilarious to read your LARP

>I have no need for LARPing idiots like you

>This isn't a PC strategy game

>I've never actually played Warhammer

Holy shit man, you are so transparent and aren't deserving more than 1 (You) calling you a faggot, but I'll show you the respect of at least showing you the error of your ways. Faggot. You haven't shown us any figures, any plans, any experience, you haven't even laid out your viewpoint. All you've done is "REEEE YOUR PLAN ISN'T EXACTLY HOW I LIKE IT!" and you expect us to take you seriously? Tell us then how to defeat the Chinks. Or tell us why they aren't the danger we think they are. We'll wait, but we won't hold our breaths. I would tell you to lurk more but that won't fix retardation, so just leave faggot.

39967d  No.13171151


>Without destroying the influence of global reserve currencies, fiat global money and central banks, no group or nation has any ability to live autonomously with liberty. Not only is this commanded in Deuteronomy as a tactic for jews, it is the only chain of influence which causes all of the misery of the world. The modern banking industry is an evolution of the same trade networks and funny money that brought down greece and rome. The same lenders that built germany then destroyed it. People have to learn about social engineering and group behavior. Nearly every facet of societal growth in consumerism and technology since 2000 is actually an implement of control. To be free societies will need to get smart fast and become guarded and independent. It would almost be like amish. I cant imagine what it would take to make people reject amazon and become amish, but it would be some extreme suffering and loss that would have to be endured to even consider the notion.

tl/dr buy Bitcoin, starve the Jews

388df8  No.13171183



Carrier Task Force. It's one or more carriers and their support groups. You know, stuff like destroyers, cruisers, supply ships, perhaps an amphibious landing force attached and other ships.


Kinetic Energy Weapon. Basically it's all about utilizing high velocities and mass as the main source of destructive energy. Some modern, very sophisticated anti-tank weapons work along those lines; their power does not come from explosives, but from the velocity of the very hard penetrator - basically this is a thing since the deployment of APCR in tank warfare back in WW2.

Now, in space there is no air resistance, obviously. So you can reach VERY high velocities with very little investments in terms of energy. That means that if a 2 to 10 ton (depending on how much explosive yield you want) iron, tungsten or even uranium rod dropped or ejected from the ISS will develop massive speeds - and the kinetic energy developed on impact can be in the low kilo ton range, if the velocity is just high enough. It's similiar to dropping a little tactical nuke, without the radioactive mess, of course.

Now, given that. The warning time for ICBMs or MRBMs is in the range from a few minutes to half an hour. An orbital kinetic energy weapon strike only gives the target SECONDS. There is zero chance you can make evasive maneuvers or shoot the projectile down. There is nothing you can do about it if you're on the receiving end of it. So, yes - such a weapon will end naval surface combat and most aspects of land combat. There is absolutely no reason - with these weapons in place - to invest billions of dollars in carriers and other naval assests. Submarines will make a big comback, tho.

How practical is this? Very. It's current tech, to be honest and I wouldn't be surprised if the US or China roll out such a system within the next years/decades. I mean, all you have to do is place a system of railguns - which we already have - into space. Implying they don't give a damn about treaties and shit (seriously, nobody would at this point…).

So, given all that, I'd like to alter your statement about controlling the sea lanes. That doesn't matter if someone is sitting above you at the top of the gravity well and tosses tungsten/uranium rods down at your cargo ships, aircraft carriers and even tank divisions. You're just fucked. Orbital bombardment is that fucking OP to the point it negates the threat of nuclear retaliation. The first nation that develops that kind of weapon AND deploys enough of them in space… well, just say that everyone else likely should think about how they formulate their instrument of surrender, nukes or not.

Now, you may argue that the development and construction of such a system may be rather obvious to anyone with more than two braincells… Yes, that may be true. But as soon as the existence of these weapons is out in the open it's too late anyway.

To the rest: yes, I do agree - for now. China is a tough nut to crack and there is not enough firepower in the world to solve that right now. But things like a orbital KEW-system is not sci-fi anymore. It's a realistic prospect for nations with a space program and unlimited resources to throw at it. Namely the US and China.

Technology in these areas is developing very fast, and things like the ABM system the Chinks have developed a while back is an indicator that nukes will actually become obsolete because it is "easy" to kill them mid-flight. That renders mutually assured destruction impractical, to the point that SOMEBODY in the near/mid-term future might wanna use nukes anyway because of that. Ironically, this is what Reagan wanted with his SDI-stuff. But back in the 80s nobody outside of sci-fi and DAPRA-labs was talking about orbital bombardment…

388df8  No.13171186


>It's really hilarious to read your LARP. "BY my royal decree, I hereby temporarily suspend your humanity!"

You are aware the other side doesn't give a flying fuck about your humanity either? I am saying that we should up our own game to the point the enemy will break himself upon us. And total unity of all white nations is perhaps the only way we can survive, not only as a race, but as a species. There is nothing inhumane about it, even if the methods to accomplish that goal will demand an incredible amount of blood.

>I'd never lift a finger to fight for a cause that I didn't believe in and you have no authority to temporarily suspend anything.

No, I have not. But I am honest enough to tell all of you that I would suspend civil liberties, habeas corpus and the other concepts that currently the enemies use against us. Call it inhumane, but you can't win a total war by not declaring martial law and by not suspending the normal operations of our governments. It just won't work out. And we will all die, literally and very, very figurately.

>All that aside, the thing I find most ridiculous about you is that you seem to believe that your commandments should have weight.

Yes, I do believe that. The same way you are convinced of your ideas and what you deem worthy. There is nothing 'ridiculous' about that; the clusterfuck of problems is far, far too serious for even assuming that.

Now to the centerpiece:

> however this disdain for nations

Yes, I have a disdain for nations that do not defend themselves. I have a disdain for people who not fight for their survival. I have a disdain for those who do not want to consider the ultimate sacrifice. It's not LARPing. It's just a matter of fact that if we don't put away our differences and unite under one banner we're fucked, big time. And no, this union won't be a democracy or a peacefull equilibrium. The time for debate then is over and measures will be taken accordingly.

>You're not the God-Emperor.

No, I'm not. But I must admit: the guy did the right things, initially, that is. Just nuking every resistance there is and uniting what's left of humanity to take up the mantle of a superior bygone age. That's just great.

Also, you aren't Daddy Imps, POTUS or a mayor either. You're just mad that someone has the utter gall to question the dull, oppressive state of mind we're kept in and you're mad that your ideals are more likely than NOT a part of the fucking problem in the first place. You know, things like "humanity" and "morale" and "ethical considerations". Be aware: the enemy doesn't give a single fuck about what you believe. Shlomo will scam you and eat you soul regardless; they don't care - they laugh all the way they're doing it. The Chinks will do the same and turn you into a mindless cyborg ontop of that. And you have the audacity to call the idea to at least tackle some of that 'soulless' and 'imperialism'.

Yeah sure, mate. When ZOG triumphs or the planet is bought by the Chinks I will also blame that on people like you. And I am quite sure your last thoughts before you're turned into a Chink-drone might be something like:

"Why didn't I consider some of the things that weird guy on 8chin's /pol/ suggested-"

54c6f4  No.13171276

File: ca306d4e42780fa⋯.jpeg (41.53 KB, 590x350, 59:35, xijinping.jpeg)


Now that I know what you're talking about I agree with you. I don't think it would at all difficult to make these weapons, in fact they wouldn't require any further engineering than modern rocketry. Your typical Falcon 9 rocket can carry ~14 tonne payload to Low Earth Orbit. All you have to do is send a rocket up with a payload that is just a spiky chunk of steel, and leave it in orbit, where it could stay in stasis for months or years. When the time is right you just point the rocket into a decaying orbit that will land on your enemy's city. You wouldn't even need an orbital platform like the ISS to launch it from(which would just shoot the ISS out of the solar system as well as the rocket towards Earth). These things could all be hanging around separately in orbit, and be on the ground in minutes upon firing. Space X could send one of these up tomorrow if they wanted to. In fact, after thinking about it I'm not totally convinced the Chinese don't already have many of these floating in space pointed at us right now! I mean, why wouldn't they? They might think to hit us completely off guard, years in advance of getting into a long and bloody World War III with us. Why not stab us in the back while they smile at us and talk of strengthening relations? We would be done in an instant.

77ad23  No.13171312


Exactly. Ex-fucking-cactly.

I have been thinking about this stuff for years now, and it scares the shit out of me. Especially if you think about the thousands and thousands of objects in Earth's orbit that currently are listed as "space junk".

Yeah, space junk my ass. Given what KEW-projectiles can do I wouldn't be surprised if some of this stuff is actually what you described as these 'dead' rockets filled with iron or tungsten, waiting for their time, leftovers from the Cold War. Perhaps this is the true 'dead hand' of the Soviets… who knows.

It's just scary, and this is the reason why I brought that type of weapon into the discussion. This kind of warfare is the future. Because there is zero defence against it. Sure, you can maybe develop the ability to destroy the orbital platforms or the rockets or whatever is used to deliver the projectiles. But the thing is: if a nation has developed and deployed that kind of stuff, it also has the ability to launch cheap high-payload rockets and can easily replace the lost weapons within DAYS.

The greatest advantage of kinetic energy weapons of THAT type is close to zero nuclear fallout (uranium rods will produce that, of course). So, after you have glassed the enemy military bases, the power plants, dams, parts of the highways, nuclear missile silos, airbases, naval assests, etc. you can immediately sent your own troops in and take over.

And another advantage is diable, smart yield. You want to take out the 7th Fleet? Use a larger, heavier projectile, dial up the speed. You want to knock out key points of the enemy's power grid? Use a tiny projectile with less weight and dial the velocity down.

We know from ballistics what a projectile with mass X at velocity Y will do to a target. The math always will work out, so, it is a really fucking smart weapon that will produce very little casualties. It is surprisingly "humane", compared to most other systems.

54c6f4  No.13171418

File: e99e7e74283965c⋯.jpeg (169.48 KB, 1200x1507, 1200:1507, falcon9.jpeg)


>We know from ballistics what a projectile with mass X at velocity Y will do to a target. The math always will work out, so, it is a really fucking smart weapon that will produce very little casualties.

Here's the calculator to figure it out:


It is exactly the same as measuring the impact from an asteroid, because KEWs are man-made asteroids.

For fun I input the specs of Space X's Falcon 9.

252 tonnes

3.7 meters in diameter

2.31 kilometers/second

density of 19grams/cubic centimeter(density of tungsten)

entrance angle of 30 degrees

And for the dimensions of the crater it would make:

20 meters in diameter

5 meters in depth

ejecta spread of 43 meters

What's strange is how low the energy output is - only 0.3 kilotons of TNT. I think this has to do with the super conservative velocity I pulled straight from the velocity of the rocket when the engines cut off after launch. Since it will be firing at 100% capacity and be working with gravity, I increased velocity to 5km/second and I got the explosive energy of 1.5 kilotons of TNT. This speed can probably get higher.

To put that into perspective, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons and Nagasaki was 21 kilotons. The Falcon-9 will have to be flying at 16km/second to reach 15 kilotons! This makes the KEWs not seem very powerful, but they have quicker response time and can be useful in large volleys.

33f9c5  No.13171519

File: 353122f595c1615⋯.jpeg (37.84 KB, 480x545, 96:109, .jpeg)

File: 8852e35596768e0⋯.jpeg (72.06 KB, 585x389, 585:389, ...jpeg)

File: eb0baac351bb2c8⋯.jpeg (24.49 KB, 250x224, 125:112, ..jpeg)


>I am the one and only

>this is not a game


Shoot this man.

763567  No.13171520

Hey, you said you would send nudes of you mom.

Please send.

180415  No.13172040


>Reeee your plan isn't how I like it

As opposed to you? You also have not proposed a plan. OP already called out your kind of "Let's like… fix everything" BS.

The kind of "plan" you're looking for is like this;

Hey guiz! Let's like take over the government, arm everyone, and then go to war with China!

It's a great plan! Oh Im so original!

You're an idiot and that pic you posted is a self portrait if you actually consider this LARPing to be a plan.


>total unity of all white nations is perhaps the only way we can survive

That's all well and nice. That's a semtiment you have. Not a plan.

You just assume that you somehow become a supreme dictator and then go LARPing away.

With such an uninspiring message, how did you get appointed supreme God-Emperor of mankind?

>you can't win a total war by not declaring martial law and by not suspending the normal operations of our governments.

Again, you can't declare martial law if you're not in charge of anything.

This plan of yours is like how communists start listing all the things they'd do if THEY personally were a supreme dictator. But everyone can see how stupid they're being because they'd not become a supreme dictator. They'd just be put up against a wall by jewish communists and shot for being counter-revolutionary if ever their little revolution took place.

As usual.

Nor are these ideas at all new. They've been rehashed and repeated over and over and over for years. "We've got to dehumanize ourselves and go exterminate the chinks." without even the least amount of thought given as to how we do that. They just assume

>Okay! I have supreme authority over the Imperium. Let's go start a nuclear war now.

There used to be a guy who made thread after thread about the future ethno-globe. Ethno-globe-guy.

He was fun. I actually enjoyed pressuring him for details and perhaps getting him to think a little less about all his wild plans for teh supreme Emperor and a little more about how he'd take power.

And by the way, you seem to think that the reason I critique you is because you want to conduct genocide and I dislike that. No. I am not opposed to genocide (of non-Whites) on principle. My views in general are close to the late Dr. William L Pierce's on this matter.

The two things that I am tired of are

1. The fact that you think that this role play is a plan when it's not.

2. The humanity that I'm concerned with is not morality per-se. I'm interested primarily in preserving and embellishing upon the many unique and beautiful cultural traditions and customs of my people that I grew up with and now are being destroyed by the other globalist, inhuman empire; judeo-marxism with its multiculti hordes.

I admit, it's fun to role play what we'd do with supreme authority. We all do it on occasion. Its a depressing world out here and it's nice to imagine a better one. However, this is a solutions thread. And that isn't a solution. It's a fantasy.

77ad23  No.13172702


I've fed the calculator with a 2 m diameter tungsten rod, same as you did; the impactor hits at 20 km/s, which is a quite reasonable estimate for a powerful railgun. Firing angle: 60°. The yield is over 3.8 kt TNT. That's comparable to very tiny tactical nukes…

Now, the tricky part is really to get enough energy for that kind of velocity. That'll require nuclear power, perhaps even a small scale fusion reactor.

However, these small yields definitely have their advantages over big dumb nukes. You do not want to glass entire cities, but knocking out power stations, dams, airports and the like - infrastructure! - is absolutely doable. And it is very precise because the short travel times imply very little dispersion of the projectile. Basically, it's very, very powerful artillery.

And yes, as soon as the energy issue is solved this kind of weapon can be deployed in huge quantities. You can easily deploy thousands of these things and drop them all at once. The enemy will never know what hit them…


>However, this is a solutions thread.

What did you think would happen in such a thread? Do you think Anons come up with the perfect solution, accurately tailored to your personal preferences? Get bent, bucko. I told you what I have in mind. You don't like it, and nothing I say will change it. I don't have an issue with that.

And yes, I am very well aware that I personally will not be in charge. I know that, not with all these clowns and fuckwits running things and blocking literally everything. I've entered politics on the local level 10 years ago, left it 2 years ago, totally frustrated how little progress can be made and how the system is designed to tire you out. I've dealt with a fair share of mindless bureaucrats (road construction and stuff like it). It's tough as nuts to get shit done in politics. It's a mental asylum ran by the inmates. That is the reason why it will take generations, many generations to be precise, until someone somewhere gains enough traction and get things into operation that will pretty much be based on what I've rambled about. The pressure right now is simply not high enough. Normies will be normies. Clownworld will stay clownworld, for a while. As soon as it falls apart - and it will happen - normies can be convinced of more outlandish proposals and radical change. Oh shit, man - normies will jump this shit as soon as their normal daily life completely breaks down…

a5e2f0  No.13172724

Respect for the inner and outer environment. The original mantra of the German NS movement, Blood and Soil, should be interpreted in every single way possible. You cannot have a healthy society in a shithole, or with shitty people. Care for animals, the decrease of pollution, education and state enforced nutrition and physical exercise is a must. Children should be taught that the forest, the beach, even the desert and swamps, are part of them, and that electronic and artificial structures are just tools that should not be abused. Multiculturalism and degeneracy can only thrive if the populace is cut off from the ways of nature.

54c6f4  No.13173125


>that pic you posted is a self portrait

good one

>Your LARPing, he's LARPing, she's LARPing, you're all LARPing, LARP LARP LARP LARP LARP

Please tell me what in your mind doesn't qualify as LARP.

>OP already called out your kind of "Let's like… fix everything" BS.

HAH. Oh, well if our lord and savior OP said it…

So you call out everyone for not having a "real" plan, while failing twice now to provide your own. If we are so fucking stupid that we can't think of one, then please grace us with your genius and show us what a non-LARP and "real" plan looks like.

If anyone came out here and said, "Guys we all get together on 5th avenue and pull our dicks out at 3 o'clock," you would call us fedposters. If we speak broadly enough to not be feds you call us LARPers. Amazing.

>You just assume that you somehow become a supreme dictator and then go LARPing away.

>how did you get appointed supreme God-Emperor of mankind?

>you can't declare martial law if you're not in charge of anything.

>This plan of yours is like how communists start listing all the things they'd do if THEY personally were a supreme dictator.

AGAIN with the projection. Just because you are too stupid to see the connection between theory and reality doesn't mean everyone else is. Everything we've stated has been logical. We've only said, if our nations do not do X, the result will be Y.

Without accounting for result Y, we will be taken by surprise and be doomed to fail. Then you started shouting, "But you didn't detail exactly how we accomplish X, therefore - LARP LARP LARP!"

I posted a while ago what someone could do to make a difference individually in our current economy here. >>13118321

If you don't like that, go join NorthWestern Front.

>inb4 LARP!

>inb4 anyone doing anything is LARP. The Wright Brothers were LARPing that they could be a flying machine. Hitler was LARPing that he could re-unify Germany. Napoleon was LARPing, Tesla was LARPing, everyone is LARPing.

I can't tell if you're a woman, an insufferable faggot, or a kike. Either way kys.

77ad23  No.13173224

File: 7130b3cec476af8⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1484573145004.jpg)


White Domination/KEW guy here: fucking this. The entire debate with this guy reminds me HEAVILY of the meetings of the city council I worked for. Usually a libtard, leftist, commie fuckwit from the opposition questioned "how" exactly we do things, coming up with very detailled questions that better should have been directed at the contracted construction company, the legal department, etc. It was done to undermine, to prevent, to sabotage, to delay, to fucking obstruct. Political meta bullshit. Well, it's EXHAUSTIVE AS FUCKING FUCK TO DEAL WITH THESE BRAINLETS. I can tell you that. I am sick and tired of these people. It is not my job to explain every little detail. Experts and specialists exist for very good reasons. It was my job to present what other people put together, nothing more, nothing less. That required me to know what others have done with the general idea, but certainly NOT to answer every little nitpick question. And I have told these assholes over and over again that the city has a plethora of departments they can direct their nonsense at and the departments of the contractors that would execute the plans…

Everything serious is a game for these people. They want to ramble on how bad everything is, they are never satisfied with concrete results, it's always "meh", LARPing or other bullshit they come up with and throw at you. Just to see that NOTHING gets done. They are the ardent defenders of the status quo, the bullshit conartists that fear that someone somewhere puts a shining light on them. Oh wait, that sounds pretty much what (((they))) would do…

54c6f4  No.13173297

File: f78d41401f87579⋯.jpg (151.54 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1542496054255.jpg)


You're very based fren. I think that these people we are dealing with aren't Jews themselves, but pawns of the Jews. Midwit goys whom the Jews fan with undeserved pride and arrogance, and send out so that they can try to prove themselves intelligent wherever and whenever they can, because no one really respects them. They are too stupid to see that they are stupid, so sure that everybody should give a damn about what they say. I think these are called Gammas in Vox Day's socio-sexual hierarchy. They are really pathetic yet so destructive. In a sane world these people would have no power, yet (((they))) and democracy lift them up.

I've had many situations like yours with the city council, when I first encountered them I was dumbfounded that this could be a real person, how could they be so dumb and so resistant to reason. Never seen anything as frustrating in my life, I don't know of any other way to deal with them than to get rid of them, they are objectively useless, and to think that most of the government is made up of these people. Jesus fucking Christ.

77ad23  No.13173437

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The reason why I left clownworld politics is because of what I described and the consequences it had on my mental health. I got so frustrated and depressed, I turned to the bottle for a while. The average city council member is a dense, well entrenched motherfucker with very well developed political connections (mayors on the other hand are quite cool guys more often than not). I was there because I was a) young, b) competent, c) had some fresh ideas on how to deal with city infrastructure, cost optimization and other quite autistic stuff that's needed. I was, and still am, quite an egghead (which is pretty evident by now - KEW, someone?). These people destroyed quite thoroughly my interest in non-violent solution for pressing political and social issues. And it did reflect on my work: I delivered. I did, but it was never as good as it could been - and today the city in some areas suffers from it (inner city traffic is just fucked and I told the council that would be the case if they head along with what they want…). But it's not my fault: I did not troll these people. I literally WAS Colonel/General Smith from The Pentagon Wars. And I never ever want to go back to that dark time again. Seriously, I drank a lot, I smoked a lot of cigarettes and generally was too frustrated to even improve my own health, aka quit smoking (I quit in late '17, and so far have avoided touching any nicotine). Fuck, I even lost some hair back then. Thankfully, it grew back, but still…

I do not believe in half-assed, "perfect" or idealistic solutions. I know from first hand experience that the perfect solutions is an unobtainable thing - it's always beyond the horizon, always one step away. But a solid, a workable, an optimal solution CAN be found for anything. I'm a pragmatist, I chose to be. If I had to point at a historical figure that resembles me - look at Albert Speer and I'd say: yep, pretty close. And Speer ruthlessly rooted out these assholes from his department. He doubled armaments production in his first year in office and doubled it again in early '44. He never put up with bullshit, not even with Hitler's autistic demands for super heavy tanks. He did what I am too weak, too fragile to do. To tell these assholes to go, fuck themselves.

I am still good at running numbers, developing some political solutions, making plans, drawing ideas. But I can't execute them. I simply can't. I don't want a leadership position because I know I'd fuck up greatly because of the experiences I made. It's just sad because I once had these ambitions, a decade ago…

7ef2d9  No.13173520


opposition to tarifs comes from kike oligarchs because they are internationalists that want to operate without borders. Free trade is bad for the country that is less developed in certain industries.Here in Canada we import EVERYTHING and have few tariffs and that means that we don't really have an opportunity to develop our own companies and make them competitive.Stiff tarriffs can keep foreign competition out so that you can build your own companies.

54c6f4  No.13173655


Nice clip, Jej'd.

A sick society props up retards and shits on the smart and honest men. Sad that society didn't get a chance to use your talents for all that you were worth. But fuck em, now you can help us win this war against clown world.


Poor leaf. If America ever unfucks itself we should invade and liberate Canada. We'll build a giant statue of Jewdough wearing a headscarf with a dildo up his ass that read, "Here Lies Canada." Your country will become the 51st and worst state in the union.

a45c37  No.13187598


The biggest impact you can make is having children. Home school them and raise them to be healthy, free thinking individuals. Most whites aren't gonna have children, so if we do this you'll see an entire generation of white people who are strong and honorable.

b96ed6  No.13199958


This terms become fairly popular recently.

a14a09  No.13200188

File: 20e09cd9d251422⋯.jpeg (55.39 KB, 712x542, 356:271, Wall or Is.jpeg)

File: 300fb25368036f2⋯.png (96.77 KB, 500x464, 125:116, ACO econ.png)


AOC's New Green Deal actually ain't bad, and is mostly very doable, with several side benefits.

1)Most cars only last 10yrs, so replacing all gas cars with electric not TOO crazy. More guys building new cars but less guys changing oil and fixing engines.

2)Going to all non-fossil fuel electric (while keeping existing plants as backup) would increase overall capacity, add redundancy and greatly reduce problematic supply chain (instead of needing coal miners, mining equip, trains, high maintance coal fired plants, etc,….the Juice flows directly from windmills to transfer station to your house.

3)"rebuilding every building" to make more energy efficient? Look how Germany and Japan bounced back within 10yrs. Once buildings are more insulated its like a dividend that pay until they are torn down.

All this could be easily paid for by doing 3 common sense things we should be doing anyways.

a) End support and Wars For Israel. That would have the effect of reducing oil prices to pre-1973 levels, which would make the NGD seem less needed, but what you gonna do?

b)Deport all un-needed "immigrants" including Anchor Babies, and their spawn to 3 gens. By "un-needed" I mean anyone who isn't making over $250K in STEM. An "Immigrants" non-earning family would be taxed at an additional $100K a head per year. In other words, to have a wife AND a kid, an Immigrant would need to be making far more than $250K. Empty Public Housing, Prisons, round up "Homeless" and use them as Farm Workers.

c)End The Fed, go back to pre1913 Tax levels, mostly from Tariffs, end Civil Service and go back to direct voter control over Govt hiring (and firing, lots of firing). This would free up both money and personal to do NGD. Once B is enacted, nearly all Property Tax wont be needed and could be used to rehab buildings to NGD standards.

Pretty much this:


"……Cut off trade with countries that refuse to establish strict environmental laws. We should promote a fair system that allows for a clean environment in our own country and does not interfere with the free enterprise system. We also promote an aggressive search for and use of non-polluting and clean energy sources such as solar, wind, and clean fossil fuels……."

Before goofing on AOC and "Economics", lets remember that to an Economist a new prison or toxic spill is the same as a new college or resort.

b9feae  No.13216681


a85502  No.13226230

I am the one who bumps

1014cd  No.13230513

File: 139d4d04f6f057e⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 346x291, 346:291, FYbG.gif)


>Is it this easy?

Maybe if every single person involved at every step of the way were on the same page, but look at how deeply invested people here are about being "right."

Now take that off of the internet and put it in a situation where there's real and sometimes immediate consequences when people (many who are armed) get into an ideological pissing match.

Now throw in the fact that you're outnumbered by those outside who would love nothing more than to see you fail and would bring force of arms and sabotage to bear in order to make it happen.

Worthwhile? Yes.

Easy? Fuck no.

15c87f  No.13237435

Bumping for solutions.

b578fb  No.13240051


I had an idea of how to deal with the gender war that we are having, which is in a state of stalemate of sorts. Though we try, with things like emcel, it does not feel like we are getting anywhere.

So I though

>what if we try to move the women from tinder, into strava

As some sort of female fitness, and behavior standards. Strava is mainly used for runners, but also some for biking, and swimming. It displays heart rate, how often you exersize, what your performance rate is. Its hard to cheat at <WHICH WOMEN LOVE TO DO

running, at decentish performance:

>eliminates smokers

>shows that one can plan for the future and work on a schedule

>shows that one has willpower

>shows that one dares to compete

>shows that one has healthy genetics

its a great fitness indicator, a simple way to see who is healthy and who is not. Because these days it feels like that a pretty face, will often not tell who is healthy and who is not, because the mental breakdown occurred so fast that facial genetics did not have time enough yet to catch up to that. But sports performance mirrors our virtues, and a healthy brain pretty well.

300550  No.13241343

In regards to /walk/



bb861f  No.13241369

Problem: all governments, everywhere in human history becoming corrupt and beholden to interests foreign to their own people.

Cause: Power and Responsibility must balance, but do not and almost never have in human history.

Solution(s): First; every elected person in government should face a special ballot when they leave office. Every voter gets three choices -the politician gets payed; the politician gets nothing; or the politician faces a prison term no less than their time in office (with a multiplier for the rank of that office) and is stripped of every asset they own in an effort to repay the people they misrepresented.

Secondly: every ten years, all laws should expire and Congress should be forced to try and pass them again.

Thirdly: No un-elected person shall have the power to write law, regulation, or statute.

Fourth: No law shall have more than one subject. No "riders."

Fifth: no person shall consider government a career. No bureaucrat or government employee shall maintain government employment for more than ten years, and none shall receive a pension.

Finally: The only legitimate State secrets are nouns -persons, places and things. A government representing its people should never be allowed to keep its *actions* a secret from the people it is supposed to represent. The very idea is a direct contradiction, an absurdity of sick minds.

dd0167  No.13242833


This may be a blueprint for after the collapse when people are compelled to pull together under one banner

I'd also add

>DNA tests to weed out the inevitable jew infiltration

5f7d46  No.13242845


It's actually memes, humor, and a feeling of being part of something "cool" I guess. Normalfags don't respond to information, they aren't wired like that. They respond to peer pressure and a sense of wanting to belong to a certain group. Leftists are incapable of humor due to their own disabling bias towards political correctness and belief in a their own moral authority, therefore, that's a huge edge we have in the propaganda war and that's exactly where I found most of the lurking orbiters come to start paying attention to online NatSoc activities, the sheer humor of it.

a830b2  No.13243009

I saw a bitchute video recently by someone who was suggesting becoming – to put it bluntly – a serial killer and hunting blacks in the ghettos. This was presented as an alternative to the Breivik/Tarrant method, where you kill people slowly and not get caught as opposed to carrying out a single event that gets a lot of media attention and puts you in prison for the rest of your life. I want to flesh this idea out a little for the wanna-be Tarrants out there, so that if anyone here really wants to take the suicidal path, you can at least be a little productive in the process.

If you’re going to take this route, then keep in mind that simply killing random strangers with no apparent motive is a waste of effort and risk. No matter how many people you kill, you will never make a significant dent in the numbers of the enemy, and they can always be replaced.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, what I’m saying is that you should be more tactful with your actions, and keep in mind that the psychological side effects of what you do can be much more powerful than the bullets themselves. Murder terrifies people and is very effective at causing them to act a certain way, in this case you can use the act of murder to send a message that a certain place is dangerous for a certain group of people or that they are unwanted there. In other words you can use the threat of murder to herd your enemy.

Herd them were though? Well consider that this culture war we are a part of (or white genocide or whatever you want to call it) is really a war between the urbanites and ruralites. The cities are where the poz is spreading from, it’s where most immigrants live, and it’s where the birth rates are the lowest. The rural areas are where the white birth rates are still reasonable and where Christianity still survives to some extent. What leftist politicians have been pushing for lately is to get many of the new immigrants to move to more rural 1areas rather than ghettoizing them in the cities, because they realize that the rural areas are strongholds of nationalism. They are the few places where whites are still organized and not ashamed of being white.

You can already see this happening in many western countries that already have major immigrant populations. They know how the battle lines are drawn, the cities belong to the left, the country side belongs to the right. So in order to capture what remaining power the whites have left, they are pushing minorities into the places that are still mostly white. Few people realize this, but this is where the battlefield currently lies.

So if you really want to take extreme measures to fight back, this is where the fight needs to be. Find a nice, mostly white area near you that’s dealing with a growing number of minorities, and do your work there. But obviously you must not make your actions obvious, because obvious racial crimes usually backfire, and draw much greater police attention. But small white towns rarely have any murders, and if for example, 3 mexicans die in some small town in a span of just a year, people will understand something is wrong, especially the mexicans in that town. If this becomes a nation-wide trend, then it will become a subconscious understanding among non-whites that rural areas are not safe for them.

This is why you have to be selective with your targets and consider the psychological element when it comes to any sort of violence. People die all the time, car accidents and heart-disease will kill far more people than you could ever hope to. Random pointless murders happen all the time between gangs over drugs and territory, your actions won’t even be a blip on the radar. However if your actions have purpose, and your violence has intent, then people will become afraid of you, and when people become afraid of you then you can make them do what you want. Different targets will also have different side effects, the death of some druggie will likely go unnoticed, the death of a man with a family, no criminal record, and a full time job will have a much greater impact.

You must also consider the advantages to being hidden and obscured. Few people are afraid of random gangbangers and criminals because they are stupid, they stay within a certain territory, their motivations are simple, they usually target other criminals, and therefore they are predictable.

But consider two violent groups that the average person is much more afraid of: Terrorists and serial killers. These two types of killers are much more effective at capturing public imagination than your typical criminal, despite having much smaller overall kill count. This is because their actions are less predictable, and their motivations are much more complicated. They might kill you at any time and any place, and there’s little you can do to protect yourself from them. This is how and why terrorism works, it makes people afraid.

331dab  No.13243891

I say we start shooting.

7a2cc6  No.13243941

What's the point OP? None of it can be implemented by any of us. Shit like this is just mental masturbation for faggots who will do ANYTHING to avoid conflict. The truth is, the only real solution is mass extermination of shitskins. If you aren't prepared to die in race based civil war, you're useless.

62c8b1  No.13244001

File: cbf7037f4d9aa77⋯.png (112.77 KB, 1106x804, 553:402, opencampus.png)

First we fix the education system, then the citizens truly understand for themselves

5ebc63  No.13246047


I think biowarfare is all sizzle, no steak. Life adapts, and there's no scenario where one disease can wipe out everyone. Same with nuclear winter; acute radiation is bad, but life adapts to long term radiation as seen by Chernobyl. Cities are fragile, but they're where ZOG gets its wealth; the countryside is robust. Attacking us only serves to destroy their own temple, while bringing us unity and therefore strength.

352239  No.13246052


>Fuck 'em

>Fuck you

>Fuck everyone

Fuck OP, he is a faggot

a8a175  No.13246162


I had this idea of there being a test someone can take right off the bat at their colleges where if they can pass it, they can bypass the years of college/university they need to go through and get their degree right there and then if they're already considerably knowledgeable on the subject. Say you want to do engineering and you studied engineering for years in high school and then instead of basically doing a review of everything you already, you can immediately just take the test.

57ebcc  No.13247984

Here is a solution for everything all at once…

I will start this crazy idea with the premise that the US is not for everyone. It really isn't. Hell, its not even the place or system for many people who were born here and have lived here for generations. Many of the problems we all see are because of this shit. So, how to fix it?

1: End all social wellfare/ public retirements/ etc of all kinds in every way imaginable with an exception of under 15 and over 65.

2: Allow all US Citizens to participate in the program. ALL citizens. Even prisioners. This is an important point. We spend A LOT of money on prisions and bullshit that comes from them. Anyone facing prision time can simply give up their citizenship and leave the nation permanently and get paid. My guess is anyone facing more than 5-10 years will take this road over prision tbh. It also gives people an exit from prisions any time they want.

3: If you want to keep your SNAP and HUD and WIC and all the other free shit these scumbags get simply move to another country and you can keep it. Too expensive you say? Not a problem because we are paying for it all right now anyway.

4: Add in an Affiliate Program. This way some famous (or internet famous) person can get substantially more money by getting others to apply under their affiliate program. This will let entire extended families leave the US in a better position than if they are just individuals.

5: Allow very selective immigration of only the absolute best people. Have very stringent requirements and very tight controls. All former citizens are excluded as this is not a revolving door.

6: Nations who accept people under this program will be eligible for US Aid (which we give away now for fucking free with nothing in return but more scumbags flooding our nation). This will be a boon for these nations. Really shitty nations will gladly take Felons and criminals as they will be an income source and will likely make western style enclaves and actually help their host nations. First world nations who don't really need the money will be more choosey and will not be flooded with shitheads yet will allow them to have quality citizens. This would be for people who just want to live under socialism or some such system as opposed to trying to force it all on us.

Simple as that! That is all we need to really do to completely reform the US. This program will not be based on Racism, though defacto it will greatly favor whites and Asians over all other races. It will not be detrimental to those in poverty as the whole program is VOLUNTARY and never forced. If you are a homeless hobo and happy with that and can continue doing so well, thats fine but you won't get any public assistance. Private ONLY. Wealthy people can easily be a part of the program using their name as a way to get an entire city of people to relocate. Religious people can use this program as a way to move an entire church or sect to another area where they will fit in better. It will allow many who came to the US looking for a better life to have that life where they are FROM. It will allow the US to have the pick of the litter or all humanity based on merit as opposed to the clusterfuck we have today. It will end massive prision programs and the courts and vast expenses wasted. It will end generational wellfare as those who are most likely to want wellfare will take their sorry asses elsewhere and their shitty kids they spawn away from here will not recieve shit. The highest cost of the program will be in the first few years. After that it will be an ever-decreasing downward spiral of costs until it reaches a low stable level in probably 20 years. If a smart group was setting this plan up it would be very wise to do so in the midst of a colossal depression as to encourage as many of the weak and useless to take it up while the strong and capable will remain. We would colonize mars in 20 years if we did this.

35f8d1  No.13248117


That's pretty much the way. My thoughts are very similar. Only normal/traditional areas left are in the rural areas. Cities are cucked. Doing business with farmers is a world of a difference. Based people, good laugh, can always speak freely with them. I'm using a city nearby only as a customer base/part time work. Since i quit a normal job and moved into this environment I feel so much better.

Small steps at a time guys. Find any job away from a city. After you meet the locals and learn the area you will notice lots of options to work/socialise/make business etc. If you work remotely/online it should be even easier.

If you are looking into business options to build community around then consider food. Organic, homegrown food, free range eggs, milk, plastic free etc etc etc is very desired. You can deliver this to businesses, customers in nearby cities. There are several benefits from this - profit goes to traditional communities, you are taking away from big 'diverse' companies, leftists love this as well so it's kind of ironic and satisfying when you take their money.

f992fe  No.13249233


Sound like white man's burden 2.0

15c87f  No.13258054

Bump for solutions.

b578fb  No.13260544

do you guys know of sites like http://www.scnsrc.me/, called release sites, its when piracy stuff from the release groups, well gets released, and highlighted, I have used sites like this for a long time now, but only recently I realized that 90% of it is jew related tv series and other assortments of useless jew garbage. So can anyone make a right wing themed release site/log? It would probably generate ad revenue well enough from our ranks. Or do we already have some?

b578fb  No.13260575

File: 1daffab32eea3df⋯.png (43.15 KB, 700x299, 700:299, team_chat.png)


God I feel like pic related about warez groups, and scene sites these days lel

300550  No.13278481

Solutions to easy problems:

> Oh we are being censored on Twatter and Discord

https://chat.nobodyhasthe.biz (Open Source, E2E encrypted)

or http://forum.cheekyvideos.net (Hosts Murdoch Murdoch and other content)

or just use (((Gab))) or (((Minds))) if you really are "afraid of honey pots"

> Oh file sharing services are being shut down

>>>/ipfs/ (see https://orion.siderus.io for non-/tech/ people)

and also >>>/hydrus/ for those who want to archive imageboards and share files to IPFS

If you want to publish a blog https://github.com/noffle/ipfs-blog or https://github.com/gogank/papillon

> Oh people are not reading and learning

>>>/pdfs/ and there is already a thread on creating educational starter packs at >>>/pdfs/7924

If you really want people to learn without reading start >>12367296 would be good (except some cucks slipped through, beware)

Also for audio books there is a thread >>12758086 so do us a favor, read/listen at least one book a month

> Oh people are not creating media

>>>/polmedia/ and also people have suggested making a thread to learn how to write story/music/script

If you really want some fun try >>>/machinecult/ for AI (it's dead but please be my guest and make Tay2 a reality)

> Oh people are not fighting surveillance

>>>/gnosticwarfare/ and those guys are helping people to fuzz metadata

And if you want to learn other things try >>>/poltech/ they have some basic tips on how to preserve OpSec

> Oh god /pol/ is filled with newfags

>>>/polk/ and >>>/fascist/ if you are going to whine about it

Are you really going to ask for a bunker? Make one then using a Raspberry Pi.


> Oh there is a problem

There is always a solution

300550  No.13278636



> Oh our board is being poisoned by degeneracy (e.g. "Sissy Hypno" >>13200498)

First, understand what they use to distribute their materials, and emulate their inner workings (Retroshare in this case)

Then, see what we can subvert in the target group or issue (in this case "Alpha male and trad wife ASMR")

After that, learn the actual skill to produce similar material and then swamp them when they are not looking

> Oh IRL is getting shitty

Have you considered stickers (e.g. Hundred Hands)? people like to tag places with them, so use it to your advantage

Have you considered posters (e.g. IOTBW)? Maybe start a poster campaign to do it one night out of the year

Have you considered scattering USBs? >>>/redstick/ already has the plan going for years now like IOTBW

Have you considered /walk/s? >>12995866 and >>13066034 are good examples that things can pan out

> Oh fuck we are running low on memes

Start >>>/bmw/ and learn how to do graphics design, as the question above many materials require such skill

Also considering how the OK symbol and the rainbow has went in our favor, learn some social engineering tactics

More on the /polmedia/ creating a kike deck of cards (>>13119211) or a printable board game like "Secret Hitler" would be fun

> Oh all the information is a mess

If you are not going work at https://en.metapedia.org please start your own Wiki with a group of dedicated allies

We need someone to make a replacement for rightpedia since it was fucking dead

IF you are not making a wiki at the very least please make something like https://altbaseblog.wordpress.com/

or maybe like https://judas.watch/ or https://redpill.booru.org where you update the information every so often

> Oh our women is shit + Oh I am fucking weak

Here is a though, meme femcels and insins and whatever slang you got to the public eye, and keep pushing

While you are doing that, actually /sig/ and get >>>/fit/ (If you want a basic bit workout try Saitama minus the running)

Start tampering with dating sites and bait white women into taking the redpill (again >>>/pdfs/7924 and >>>/redstick/)

759602  No.13295332


14a1bb  No.13295684


Rich people don't work, they invest, so the money they make isn't taxed as income. It's taxed as a capital gain which, in the United States, is taxed SIGNIFICANTLY lower than income, and that's before deductions, etc.

14a1bb  No.13295699


Universities take public money so that a bunch of smart people can get together and debate solutions to our problems.

The theories that SJWs espouse are developed in isolation of the real world and are not tested by peers the way science tests theories, they confirm their own biases and push their left wing version of creationism on the rest of us.

This isn't academia, this is politics and should be funded by way of private (and properly reported) political contributions, not out of public funds

22434b  No.13295709

File: 75f5e4fa6396827⋯.jpg (303.31 KB, 960x639, 320:213, 1532890373650.jpg)

Alrighty…I'm just going to do a stream of thought commentary down this entire thread. No way I'm reading through this for two solid hours first. I wanna get my ideas out there and I usually have unique perspectives anyway.


>The idea here is to form a sort of confederation of enclaves, each aiming to be completely self-sufficient but helping one another out where need be.

In the beginning you and I ARE the enclaves we are trying to build. If we can't even gain self-sufficiency as individuals we're certainly not going to build a city state, compound, colony, breakaway nation or whatever else you want to call it. Start there first. This is easier to do if you're single.

That doesn't mean we go it alone. WE can still help each other in our individual efforts to wean ourselves off of the system. But it will take real participation. Share home-made videos and help each other out with very specific concrete projects that we are working on. No armchair theorizing. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! but hide your face dumbass

Be this chick right here: https://www.youtube.com/user/alonewolverine1984/videos

I'm NOT saying we should go full primitivist. Keep the Internet, keep your vehicle, but learn to make your own stuff and supplement your food supply with what you get from the land. Or build your own little Unabomber cabin somewhere on state/crown land & spend a few nights in it.

22434b  No.13295791

File: c6a4a25a3a418f2⋯.jpg (327.59 KB, 1280x854, 640:427, 1533364032443.jpg)


>Again, pooling resources helps a fuckload here. I know there's enough millionaire anons who'd gladly throw money at much dumber shit

They didn't become millionaires by throwing their money at dumb shit. Money will follow success. Make yourself independent as an individual and build your own network of OTHER independent individuals with your own independent cash/crypto economy. Rich anons will see that you know what you're doing and will contribute money for larger projects.

The whole Luke 16:10 philosophy.

>but that's where good planning for security measures comes into play. Making literal castles, moats, etc would be a start.

Our settlements should be innocuous like the Amish, simply a scaled up version of the gray man theory. Defensive fixtures make you a gigantic fucking bulls-eye for the media and for drones. It's not like we live in South Africa YET.

>relying on a continual flow of cash would be collective suicide, as you'd get deplatformed off of every possible form of monetary exchange.

You're going to need the underground economy: cash, crypto and barter. You can compartmentalize your various operations too. The less controversial activities could certainly make use of mainstream platforms.

22434b  No.13295850





I'm not against the use of violence but all this gung-ho gas the Kikes shit is exactly what OP warned about. Do some violence yourself first, be it property destruction or actual street violence, then come back and tell us about it. Tell us how you fucked up and what you would have done differently, how you'd improve on your strategy the next time, etc.

Otherwise you're just talking out of your ass.

You should be using VPN anyway whenever you come to this board.

e4f8d0  No.13295894

File: df4ef761c5ee800⋯.png (360.88 KB, 600x558, 100:93, ClipboardImage.png)


An organized dox of priority targets, you frightened, Ops-nothing, faggots.

>only the dozenth time this concept has been floated, then ignored, or actively 404d. Go figure?


22434b  No.13295898



Yes it was very low energy and a despairing worldview. Harold spent a lot of time bitching about why white people weren't stepping up to the plate. Most people want to be led and they only care about immediate self interest. Everyone isn't going to be an idealist. Pope Urban II didn't appeal to idealism when he was looking for volunteers for the Crusade. He offered remission of all sins to those who died.

The only idealists are a small inner core who can get lots of disparate groups to work together by appealing to their self interests.

132d7a  No.13295916


Surely the wealth will trickle down when enough anons pull up their bootstraps

180415  No.13296004


>Do some violence yourself first…then come back and tell us about it.

If I did violence, I wouldn't be dumb enough to brag about it online. And you shouldn't either. Sheesh.

that that you or I ever would


>Please tell me what in your mind doesn't qualify as LARP.

idk, an actual plan?

This whole "hey guyz! Let's just take over the world!" concept is so obviously role-play that I question the sincerity of anyone who says it. Surely even you yourself understand how ridiculous it sounds when some random internet role-player says "Let's just nuke everything!"

I've actually given some suggestion in the direction of an actual plan and I support OP's idea for city-building to a certain extent. That's an actual plan. Harold Covington's PNW idea was an actual plan. It was realistic and achievable by even disconnected internet-Nazis. inB4 everyone is triggered by a word

And we agree. I said here >>13129612 that your business plan is an actual plan. It's far superior to whistfully imagening somehow magically being made supreme leader of an imaginary White super-state.

d628cf  No.13296044

>solutions megathread

>accelerationism is a ploy

You're such a moronic tool, go discuss your monopoly fantasies somewhere else, all of those "theories" and your ideas are useless if you can't enforce them.

I can't rememember the exact quote, but Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that the the "think"ers/upper class are the worst, since all they do is babble about their shit, but never actually do anything. And he was completely right. Without accelerationism there won't be anything to defend, can't you see how we are becoming a minority everywhere? We will loose control of all positions of power during this century and we will lose all the numbers too, after that we can't win in any circumstance and we are doomed to extinction, maybe disregarding some absolutely irrelevant branch of whites who would continue to exist somewhere like native americans today. But they won't be the whites we are today, because the best will be bought up and only the weak and shitty will be left alone.

If you truly believe voting helps, you must be clinically retarded. And if you believe le gen z will be based and redpilled, you are a total nutcase.

In any case believing that fighting and martyring yourself for your race is a ploy by (((benefactors))), just shows how mentally manipulable and unstable you are. Cognitive dissonance really, or an ego protection mechanism by your psyche, because it knows you're too afraid to go all out, yet it doesn't want to admit it.

But I agree with you on the "muh kike shill" thing, the people who post this should be banned.

300550  No.13296058


> Acceleration is fail-proof

It's a toss up unless you can rig the odds in your favor, and it is definitely not now… YET

> Voting works

Encourage vote desecration, not voting

> Le Gen Z is useless

fuck off for trying to get children cucked

> muh kike shill

you might be one

fd24a2  No.13296076


What do we do about American food being fucking awful for you? How do we stop the corn lobbyists?

d628cf  No.13296077


>> Acceleration is fail-proof

Who are you quoting shitlord? I'm not saying it's a win, i'm saying it is the only way where a possibility of win is possible.

>Encourage vote desecration, not voting

Even more retarded, but seeing the whole of your post i'm not surprised.

>fuck off for trying to get children cucked

What are you even on about? They will be the generation who is under constant brainwashing from early age, the world they see now is normal for them, they won't know any better. If you think they magically going to get based and redpilled then you are an obvious moron. I cringe every time I see some halfwit post some video about kids throwing sieg heils and then commenting "gen zyklon herp derp so based". it's like they've never been kids themselves.

>you might be one

Yes, because that's what jews do to spend their time, arguing with self identified white nationalists who have the IQ of a nigger.

6ff6df  No.13296089


>muh waco

>muh ruby ridge

stop being a pussy and man up, it's time to start drawing lines in the sand and gain independence, starting small and conglomerating is a legit way to gain political power. I say make them come kill us, it will only wake up more normalfags

300550  No.13296093


> Who are you quoting shitlord?

"shitlord"? Do we have (((antifa))) in this board? also "possibility to win" means nothing if you don't plan and run directly into a pack of niggers

> They will be the generation who is under constant brainwashing from early age

Then fucking fix it if you are a parent or a teacher or a media personnel, with the existence of the internet we gain leverage to wake up the youth.

> arguing with self identified white nationalists who have the IQ of a nigger

okay now you are the one making up shit

d628cf  No.13296138


>everyone who doesn't agree with my pacifist-like attitude is antifa/kike/glow in the dark

>Then fucking fix it if you are a parent or a teacher or a media personnel, with the existence of the internet we gain leverage to wake up the youth.

Lmao, come out of your fantasy world. You have been in this place for too long and you seem to have isolated yourself from the real one. The real one is full of brainwashed NPCs, those who don't give a fuck, those who understand but won't risk their careers etc. The world is against us and the people we want to defend are working against us, you can't reason with them and being a teacher and teaching kids stuff is useless because of many factors. One being that you just can't reach that many people for it to be useful, especially as white birth rates are basically nonexistant soon, even if you get 100% of whites on board then it won't be enough sooner or later, that's why fast acting is required to destabilize as much as you can. And for another reason is that you can only broadcast your message in a controlled way, if you exceed these limits prepare to be deplatformed, or if you truly are influential prepare to be physically removed/blackmailed. You can't win them at their own game, it's just so childish and completely unaware thinking.

And even if you are famous and broadcast your redpills, you will never compete with hollywood and zog media which infiltrates people down to the subconscious.

If you continue to believe in your immature fantasies and don't step into the real world, you will be a defeated old man, who will see a dying world, disgraced grandkids who probably hate being white and you will die knowing that you could've at least tried to prevent it, but you didn't.

21c590  No.13296141

File: f182a79b7ab9e9f⋯.png (685.99 KB, 768x4286, 384:2143, desu.png)


>How do we get around this?


Pic related. I already use it. I'm building a network with people I've met on certain onion forums. This approach is better than private messaging on an onion forum because the communication is not only anonymous but invisible.

Cultivate individual relationships with like-minded people to yourself. There's no guarantee they aren't glowniggers but the odds are much much slimmer.

d628cf  No.13296158

File: 91e6f6c1bc2a5a3⋯.jpg (118.96 KB, 560x1477, 80:211, 155746820271.jpg)

300550  No.13296180


> The real one is full of brainwashed NPCs, those who don't give a fuck, those who understand but won't risk their careers etc

Short term: Learn to play mind games, start getting into real life and sticker/poster everywhere.

Mid term: Start getting into educational and nursing roles and do some reverse indoctrination.

Long term: Create alternate broadcast media and dominate headspace with controversy.


The software is getting old, we should create better alternatives. NTRU-based for example, IPFS reliant for example.

21c590  No.13296183

File: 4e01514df600469⋯.jpg (192.53 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 6eef2-oldmansheadcutopenwi….jpg)

File: 8c282b1e000db11⋯.jpg (25.22 KB, 450x337, 450:337, farm-murders18.jpg)

File: e379146e88bc8a1⋯.jpg (84.18 KB, 770x493, 770:493, FM002-e1401686540930.jpg)

File: 1c2cfe04bc3a6b6⋯.jpg (57.6 KB, 600x387, 200:129, n21.jpg)


>Create white states by soft-harassing non-whites, so they'll want to leave. You need to start making coloreds fear for their lives, feel the pressure, feel considerably unwelcome. Destroy their property, be uncivil towards them. Ruin their car, destroy their fence. Show them no respect.

Excellent! You can avail yourself of Alinskis Rules for Radicals this way. Use tactics that your people enjoy!


>Nah, that shit's edgy and at best creates a bunch of martyrs. Also, it's pretty evil. There's a reason we detest them. Becoming them is not the solution.

Oh yeah, don't shoot back or else you're as bad as the shooter. Someone tell the Afrikaners! We wouldn't want to create any martyrs now, would we?

21c590  No.13296224


>My Solution for that is a IQ based procreation in which those which higher IQ mostly Asians and Whites will have tax exemption if they have 3 or more children while Low IQ will have tax exemption only if they have no children or 1 child and are not divorced

Even if this idea had legs and could be implemented (it can't) then as you said, low IQ people are prone to bad life decisions and wouldn't avail themselves of the tax exemption anyway. They're all about immediate gratification over long term gain.

a0555d  No.13296283

I've read through this thread and it has left me with much to think about. I find I have most enthusiasm for the smaller-scale concepts. Getting rid of central banks, replacing usury, eradicating the jew or even civil war sound good on some levels, but they are just impractical without owning the hearts and minds of the majority. They are just not achievable without the will of a disaffected and informed majority.

Creating smaller, successful enclaves which draw in others because of their attractiveness makes more sense. That way you grow organically and hopefully: a) eventually we have the numbers to violently overthrow the previous system or b) the outside system becomes more corrupt.and our system becomes more attractive to the majority and peacefully takes over or c) we create our own city/state/country separate, and defensible, from the outside world

The Amish have managed to sustain a separate world view within the modern world. Hitler created a successful economy separate to world banking/business. What this seems to required is either a) a religious/spiritual doctrine which encompasses a world vision or b) a charismatic leader with a vision and the will to pursue it or a combination of the two. The vision is the easy part, I think we all have a vague idea of what that is. The devil though, is in the detail and many posts on this thread have given me food for thought on what is the best way to pursue the vision.

We are not small in number despite how the msm want to portray us. We have a genetic heritage which bodes well for us succeeding on our own. We hold values that have underpinned most successful cultures throughout history. I would speculate that /pol/ and related boards have a higher-than-average IQ level as well as a disproportionate number of people with high level manual skills and knowledge. If the Amish can do it surely we can too.

Of course any future developments come with the proviso that the parasites will try to infiltrate and co-opt it. Feed off us. Sow division and discord as well as more overt acts of sabotage most probably backed and enforced by the government. The jew will ramp up their propaganda machine to demonize us at every turn, fight against us tooth and nail because, at the end of the day, the shitty future they have planned for the cattle cannot work if there is a group living right next door with a better quality of life. It is one of the reasons Communism constantly fails. It is human nature to want a better life for yourself and your children. We are now at a stage in Western history where are children's future lives, by most metrics, will be worse than ours has been.

Communism can only work globally if there is no better life to be had, no choice to be made.

Anyway, that's my contribution. I'll be there when you need me.

21c590  No.13296313


This video is restricted in certain countries. That's another useful side-benefit of using a VPN, you find out what's being censored.

Here's a copy of the video here: https://nofile.io/f/nyu4FYXpVUG/Strategy+of+the+New+Awakening-a11I7ll5c_Q.webm

21c590  No.13296318


>There's one thing above all others: the reparation of the depiction of the German National Socialists.

Or get everyone to hate leftists even more than they hate NAZIs

21c590  No.13296339


It still serves its purpose though. Plus there's lots of other stego software out there that hides not only messages but even other files.

b64fc9  No.13296413


There is an ever present evil in that evil is an archetype that is ever present. A part of the nexus that can be tapped into at will. Our free will is what allows us to access this space.

e4f8d0  No.13296434


This faggot spic cunt.

Blow leaves, beanigger.

e4f8d0  No.13296445


Cute. How long do you think you can keep this up, Jose, now that everyone here is privy to your glow?

You're worthless, and your absentee father was as much of a worthless shit stain as you, hoto.

Are you trying to get hung from a street lamp?

Patience, wetback, patience.

000000  No.13296469

The solution is fucking obvious. Find other WNs in your area and discuss the problem and solutions irl. Obviously you can't meet people on /pol/ so find other places. It takes time, so don't ever give up if you're actually serious.

If a WN doesn't know or meet up semi-regularly with other WNs or they're not actively trying to meet other WNs then they're simply not serious about their beliefs. If that's the case, they should either fuck off or kill themselves.

224ad4  No.13297121


Perhaps we need a

Form of democracy or

Some method to arrive at consensus for next steps.. if everyone me does their

Own thing we are much less efficient and impactful

300550  No.13302272


See >>13241343

And also beware of feds

d287b3  No.13302946

Without directed, group efforts, there will only be moments of violent derangement, whether real or manufactured, to assault the public image of those upholding the positions. To win the battle of hearts and minds, make weapons of the cellphone and closed circuit. Individuals must gather in clusters, hives, upholding their ideals and doing so in accordance with the morality of the majority of media consumers. Regimes which had been monsterous for years, decades even, have repeatedly been toppled by the live broadcast of the same actions. With this in mind, the clusters of actors must act, when together, as paragons, bringing change at the local level in the way of, essentially, community service. Multiple clusters in conjunction, having won the affection of their homes, must then work together in efforts to change the culture, still pristine in conduct one and all. This generates, by it's own accord even without active efforts to disseminate, a drive in like minded people to emulate you, causing the autonomous generation of new clusters. You must know your brothers-in-arms in your local clusters, trust them implicitly, be willing to bet your life on them. The way to foster this is found in part in these joint goals, but are bolstered by efforts to improve the self as individuals, in both body and mind. Make gym Bros your brothers in arms, make brothers in arms your gym Bros. Discuss literature, media, philosophy. Develop earnest connections. Let your cluster be a family. Develop plans, execute them. Make the space you occupy a beautiful one. Make your mind and body a temple. And in this way you will generate an army of free agents, to wage the war of the liberation of our species. And know that if you have won the heart of your homes, they will cry out if any subterfuge, sabotage, black bagging, or terrorism will not be swept under the rug. If you inspire a people, you make a nation of them

This is a loose blueprint, for any individual or group to adopt to almost any feasible end

4d6267  No.13302955


How much fortified land could one purchase with $15 billion, and which land would you buy? I think we need to take a 100-year view, pick a land and multiply, raise a martial peoples and infiltrate any groups that would seek to subvert our preeminence. How would we establish and recruit for such a land or network?

4d6267  No.13302960


I think an effective force multiplier to our cause would be an atlas tool that maps the world's populations, demographics, resources, political ideologies, etc. such a visual tool would clearly map and quantify our objectives so our collective focus could be concentrated and simple, incremental goals achieved…

4d6267  No.13302970


>an army of free agents

more like a platoon

d287b3  No.13302999


Unnecessary if and when the movement of clusters becomes global, and largely irrelevant before, by my reckoning.


If your movement fails to resonate with people, sure, but ours is a society without myth, and in want of myth people will attach to any worthy movement. I have tried to describe methods to keep a movement from losing it's worth due to conduct.

78b8dc  No.13303468

File: 508f418673e0077⋯.jpg (403.41 KB, 1092x1052, 273:263, f46719644f16d9fe66a674db3f….jpg)


Normally I don't reply to shills, but I just wanted to point out what a fucking stupid idiot you are for proposing that there is fractionation in the movement when it's literally founded on race and heritage, a unique component which literally can't lead to dispute. You are either for White Well-being™ or you're against it, it's that simple. Even Jesus made it clear over and over again that, to him, race was more important than religion; that's what all the parables about the Samaritans were about.

Since I brought Christ into my post: for those reading, I would politely recommend you to read a post I happened to write in a hurry yesterday. >>13295329 God bless all Whites World Wide.

300550  No.13303498


I can see he is for white well-being, but what he is referring to is "ideological purity" over trivial details.

0b366a  No.13313040


>Formation of confederated independent city-states

LOL. Don't get too far ahead of yourself lad. This isn't some kind of breakthrough revolutionary idea. It's something that you can already do if you get enough people to form a town through "municipal incorporation".


It's really not that hard, the only trouble really is getting enough people together to get enough vote/signatures to push it through. Oh yeah and keeping the whole thing undercover without some dumbass blowing the whistle that you are going to start a National-Socialist town. Because there are ways that the county/state can override your little plan if they catch wise to it.

Secondly, most of the good land has already been taken decades ago. But besides that how do you convince enough people to go along with the idea and basically start from scratch to carve out a living? Bearing in mind again that if you get found out the larger society will simply boycott you and rules lawyer you out of existence.

2dc19b  No.13313542

The main goal we should be going towards is devoting our lives to being financially successful within the system. Once we have money we can buy land, acquire bitches and guns within our own communities (northwest front), using the money to expand the area we own as well.

Anyone who is too beaten down and doesnt have the motivation to acquire money can only be useful through lone wolf activities. Lone wolf activities should involve logging into minecraft and strategically attacking black FEMALES with tnt blocks on the servers that black females regularly log into, fuck the optics. The other thing lone wolfs should do is target the members and officers of institutions who work to disrupt the family, these would i think be divorce lawyers. divorce lawyers are on the front lines of destroying the family.

6ff6df  No.13313556


this is a solutions thread, its a step in the right direction, I think it's a good idea.

0a87ae  No.13317959


I always thought someone would get pissed their country is burning down around them in a losing war, so to reset the world's population they launch off not only the known nukes but any hidden stockpiles with the intent of wiping out all others who attacked them. Just get a feeling like it's due sooner or later. God help any who survive.

7d59bc  No.13318066

File: fbbbce2d1286e3b⋯.jpg (122.61 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 36755878d98db7f5f4ac27cebe….jpg)

What about a form of money which jewry, et.al., cannot use, sabotage or overwhelm? A genetically encrypted coin: haplogroup verified authorization roots. Super small, very fast, genome assay checkpoint devices. Europid blockchain: an essentialist genomic group identity coin, bank, market, contract that does not work, does not mutate, translate or convert for anti-gentile, anti-white globohomo race bolsheviks. A coin that rolls exclusively for our own people.

300550  No.13318259


/tech/ would tell you that blockchains must be open source and have massive computing power, otherwise it will fail.

5d5f62  No.13318332


Genes do change, how would the genes be selected? What if your children were "outgroup"? How can you prevent jews from kidnapping "ingroup" children to use their blood as credit?

It is a grand idea, but too many implementation difficulties, I think something more like many different cryptocoins of many different "tiers" of society will become the Jews new shield.

Kind of like Free Masonry for the masses, only shabbos and Jews will have level 33 coins, which can buy things like nuclear reactors, and the goyim will be stuck using "dollars" or low level coins that can purchase 20th century technology. This will last until the white group IQ is 115, then we will start making competitive communications networks that can support financial transactions and be independent of the "internet" or their satelites\towers etc, and then we will have Freedom Coin, construed of families of white nobles whom have the most knowledge and can build the most infrastructure. I think the coin will be mined by writing books to feed AI algos that fight other AI algos and whichever family can write the best books or construe the best knowledge will generate the most wealth and influence, in Freedomnet.

5d5f62  No.13318337


300550  No.13318340


What about ethno-voting systems? Can be used in both Europe and Asia

5d5f62  No.13318343


Universal suffrage was a mistake.

300550  No.13318350


> Universal Suffrage

I meant a voting system that only give an ethnic group (or a set of defined ethic groups) to vote in its or their nation.

No foreigners can be allowed to vote. Everyone in the ethnic group(s) can vote.

Why the plural? In case we have European against European.

000000  No.13318388

Read the rules for radicals. Use it against them. It's what those mainstream degenerates used but now it can't work for them because they're the establishment now.

300550  No.13318422


That is a strategy guide not a road map

32f1de  No.13318835

The huge deficit in /pol/ thinking is failure to understand how the adult world works. Sure there are aspects that /pol/ understands extremely well. But in general /pol/ understands the adult world as well as Hillary understands the internet.

(This is important when talking about solutions.)

When you don't understand the adult world, you adopt simplified models which generally cast everything as evil and conspiratorial. What I mean by the adult world is not really understood by most adults, but it's the structure and texture of our institutions.

So these dreams of escaping the system by building something outside are pointless. You have to engage the system, understand it, bend it in your direction.

We need lawfare groups equivalent to the ACLU, NRA, calguns. We basically never file suit when our rights our violated, partly out of a childish defeatism that thinks the system is rigged, mostly because we don't have a pool of public interest lawyers. The great thing about lawfare is it can't be deplatformed. Of course a LAWYER can be ostracized for representing an unpopular client - something like this happened at Harvard recently where a law prof is representing Weinstein.

Solutions? We desperately need lawyers and fundraisers. Fundraisers who can coax significant donations from rich white people.

e64003  No.13320247



Ambitious. Start a family and have children, get involved with a like minded community.

a646a5  No.13320458

I don't have time to post all my ideas tonight but one thing I will say:

We spend far too much time engrossed in ideological thinking and not enough time in strategic thinking. Most of the better /pol/acks here have probably read volumes of ideological texts, and maybe some more basic skills books, but I feel there is a huge defecit in organizational planning, strategic thinking, and general management. It's not as fun to read, but once you've hammered out what you really believe I think we owe it to our people to take a more pragmatic look at things.

Planning these small little break-off groups are a good idea but are partly unrealistic.

You're going to have to compromise at some point and play the system's fuck-fuck games. You just need to ensure that you are winning and benefitting more from it than the system does. Living nearby is good, but the whole point of it is the businesses you're growing. You're probably not going to break off from our country in the near future, and if you try you'll probably piss away everything you've worked hard to build.

Instead of a political separation, aim for an economic one. The right has been in a 'retreat' mindset for far too long and not a growth mindset. We recognize the massive advantage that nepotism and tribalism provides our enemies in business, but we don't think to exploit that ourselves.

The opportunity to make a political break might take decades or preparation, it might take centuries. Much more of our lives is ruled by business than by government (although govt. always has the big heavy hammer), being able to break away from the existing economic system and work within our own networks would accomplish a great deal. It has the double advantage of preparing us for almost any scenario that comes up.

SHFT ? We've got trucks, food, fuel, mechanics, welders, and the bigger the business the more access we have to trained people who we know and can trust.

Shit keeps on as normal ? We're slowly building a parallel economy that allows us to deal with eachother honestly and keeps the in-group preference neccesary for us to continue.

An opportunity arises for political independence ? We've got the men, money and machinery to make it happen.

We need to stop waiting for 'the happening' and deal with the current reality, then adjust as needed as things change. Set ourselves up for success regardless of the scenario, rather than retreating and hoping everything works out. We've been on the retreat too long, and when we go on the attack we do it in totally pointless ways, usually attention-grabbing but utterly pointless drama.

We also need to think of more immediate problems we need to solve:

Start up funding: We need small businesses that have almost zero start-up costs. We also need an umbrella group to pool money into that is run in a trustworthy manner.

communications: We need actually secure communications. We can't post major planning ideas on /pol/ and no, I'm not joining your fucking discord why are you spazes still using that program.

…(add more, these are practical and immediate problems, not long-term goals)

5aa966  No.13320463








5c7250  No.13320481


What do you think of this?


I want to talk about it, so if you can too.


I think it can come allright. If you reply we could go into it.

5c7250  No.13320487


The thread more or less words it best. I don't think (to me at least) it is better to do it again here.

c332f1  No.13320492

Why not just join ur local Christian Church and start making yourselves independent of energy and food??

Hur dur city state. U guys are gay. Just help good people in the Christian Church. Even if you don't believe the shit it's still good community of people who wanna better themselves

5c7250  No.13320495


>start making yourselves independent of energy and food

Do you mean fasting?

>join ur local Christian Church

ur = your


Our, in that case where is that?

c332f1  No.13320496


Way to get picky there goy.

I forgot. Your spelling sets you apart as such a smart person.

I'm talking about being more self sufficient if u think I meant fasting your a damn tard

5c7250  No.13320500


How more self sufficiency by joining the local, this is what you meant I think, church community?

1fbd11  No.13320540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>t. boomer

Literally. I'm not sure If I will appeal to you with what I say, I'm not sure if I'm eloquent enough.

Even though ethics will get you a long way while you are buying bread at the bakery or exchanging goods in a local market. Into the big game of nations, ethics is just a world they unendless repeat like sustainable or democracy. It is just a buzzword, a old one if you allow me to say it. Its respective meaning is eroding, and to me it seems you just can't come to terms with whats happening in front of your own eyes. You can't be living in a world so much different from mine.

I have been raised under the same values that you hold very much dear into your heart and psyche, like ethics, justice and reason. I'm not going as far as citing (((democracy))) and (((freedom))), the greatest buzzwords ever. You have to understand that those words have become a husk to what they once meant, they now nestle and protect their exact antonyms.


As this guy very much said, talking through shit like this would be much like going to Room_101, which is watching yourself disintegrate at insanely slow motion speeds. Remember, 1984 was written in 1948, imagine that. He already have predicted doublethink and doublespeak, which today, are both a grim reality we deny while laughing.

Imagine yourself in a room full of bankers and investors talking about the best way to avoid taxes and saying some thing like, "I don't think those methods are ethic". I'm sure you will feel out of place, but also out of a job. Just by being among soulless vampires is something surreal, even more claiming to their long gone humanity.

I'm not sure if I wrote this for your sake or my own, I'm really trying to build that bridge that would make possible people that think differently connect. Because I'm the product of people like that, I rode full throttle on all those principles and guess what? I got the short end of the stick all my life, because no one likes a "no fun allowed do gooder" purist in their midst, when everyone around is barely getting through the day. All the love to your ideals though anon, they are indeed beautiful as they are mine. But the society we live, despise the beautiful. I've been torn apart by every single group that laid out eyes on my ideals. I'm not exempting myself in any manner though. I should have blended in, obfuscated my passions and emulated an even uglier persona than anyone of them ever could dream of, but they don't teach you that at school, neither folks at home. Once you learn it, as almost very much too late. Embed related though, enough blogpost. I didn't mean to offend, ideals are important to people that understand them. Animals not included.


Before civil rights, dindus would behave because whites(KKK)would hold them collectively responsible by any individual mistake. Much like what jews do to whites today. One would betray his own to get out of the hurricane.

000000  No.13320558

Redpill the Christians

http://archive.is/UF27x - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 1"

http://archive.is/8xnkU - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 2"


The True Eternal Israel exists in the hearts of those who have faith in Jesus Christ, not in the earthly country we call Israel today.

>Another very useful resource to redpill the Evangelicals and Christians on Israel:


It’s an Evangelical news channel that has been smeared by the ADL for telling facts about Israel in their programs: https://twitter.com/ADL/status/1126577581766189057

>Another great resource to redpill Christians on Israel and Jewish collective power:

https://archive.is/I5exz - “JEWS AND CHRISTIANITY”

5c7250  No.13320579


But the Jews, I looked at some things about it. But none of them show that Jews are in fact evil doers that are behind it all. Or even partly.

How, or would you recognise that this is so? Isn't it terribly burdensome to hold Jews responsible all the time, while it can be anything or anyone being the real evil doer?

Shouldn't we rid ourselves of this about the Jews?

63554b  No.13320616


>I totally looked at 2 entire things and the Jews seem really nice. We shouldn't bother with the thousands of bad things that Jews do because that simply isn't logical.

5c7250  No.13320627


? What was posted here >>13320558 or elsewhere, it does not show that the Jews are behind it all. Or even partly. Even if there are sources things go wrong when looking it up.

Personally I also don't understand why Jews are being blamed so much. I don't have a problem with it. No one ever taught me to do that. In fact the exact opposite. Unless they really do or did something and this, of course.

If someone informs me about something thats right, allright. I should be.

This is not a rant against anti-Jewish posting.

I really don't see it why what this about the Jews. I don't see how they are not just people, like everyone in any other country. Or from a dissolved country. Before they got Israel lands.

I simply don't see it.

5c7250  No.13320659

I could tell you some other thing. Anyone here actually being diagnosed as autistic, schizophrenic and most if not all other things, within half an hour I can get them off it.

What it is exactly and how it is positioned I should be careful in saying this. But it should work.

I also do not mean they must give up any advantages they have, or consider so because of it.

And they are entitled to legal damages. So even anyone being diagnosed and just talked to someone, somewhere that knew some things.

9782c0  No.13320673

kill nonwhites until only whites remain

300550  No.13328027


^ is a Liberalist cuck

b622c6  No.13328082


I laugh every time you post. Keep going schizo. You make the world go round.

52cad4  No.13333177


Do tell, how are you promoting white patriarchy, sir?

180415  No.13333358


You're not good at identifying generations.

>I have been raised under the same values that you hold very much dear into your heart and psyche, like ethics, justice and reason.

You fundamentally misunderstand what I wrote. It's almost as if you're responding to some other person. There are two main themes of my criticism of that pathetic role-play

1. It's childishly cringy. Claiming that "I hereby suspend humanity" is insane. People who say that don't even have influence over what they have for dinner. Pretending that he has power over nations is just pathetic.

2. Like the vast majority of people here and in the wider world, I'd never lift a finger to fight for such a boring empire. In fact I might enjoy fighting against it as it would be easy to do so.

52cad4  No.13333383


You post on 8chan /pol/. Bud, you're the enemy.

300550  No.13343673


Morals go out the window as soon as people loose civility, and that can happen easily with an unstable government.

300550  No.13349704

New Idea: A poz meter for different states in the US or European countries




3a573a  No.13356850


If you're approach is anti-mass movement, you'll never get anywhere. The masses are the only important thing in a political movement. Without their support, you'll just get crushed.

c5f176  No.13357071


They are aware of this, which is why they try and keep wrongthinkers in their think tanks, where they can't communicate with the normal clowns out in the real world.

62c8b1  No.13357325

File: 5626a4c1eac5780⋯.png (130.33 KB, 606x1199, 606:1199, opencampus.png)

this open campus thing looks promising

the students basically choosing who teaches them and learn from an open source knowledge bank that prevents bias

reading through "germany turns eastward" and it seems like controlling education is the only backbone of a truely free civilization

3a573a  No.13357610


The truth of the matter is that pretty much everything from the American hard right needs to be dumped. Pretty much everything post-WWII has been a dumpster fire, yet retards still try the same approach that hasn't worked for decades. No one is willing to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

5f6088  No.13357633

>gentlemen - we need uncle Ted out. he was and is our best shot at stopping what’s already here , and he has the wherewithal to have seen this thirty years before his time. Is Florence able to have music pumped into it? Or a verbal message to the man? What would it take to physically get him out?

6020ff  No.13357637

File: 512623879f90374⋯.jpg (99.8 KB, 1280x790, 128:79, fight club nazi germany.jpg)

File: 9ac72f60f668728⋯.png (131.52 KB, 1704x2112, 71:88, pepe slow burn.png)

How many times do I have to tell you fucking larpers. We're in a mind war, a womb war. Territory is the result of losing.

Play all your vidya game "setting up a new society" shit you want. Go protest or support Mossad shit like Tarrent/RAM/Spencer/MEJones/Peterson/Infowars. Cry all you want about Trump not being rightwing enough (still no new wars so far…._.)

But in the end you're "useful idiots".

oldfags know

Information is the only war. You have a VERY LIMITED window to produce redpills. This will prepare strangers for defense against the (((dark arts)))

and /pol/ was widely successful until you starts in with group-thing mentality

Now chans are testing centors for the Jew's WW3 Islam vs Christian wars and the Deep States creation of extremes in order to move the cultural goal post into a progressive center once they back off all the SJW crap. All while setting up East Asia as the new American Military Industrial comples because Americans are too redpilled (hence the 99% anti-American threads on cuckchan).

You want to "do something", craft culture because craft = magic. Stop larping as a group-think and start larping or a heroic killer, and start thinking about the long-game.

99% of /pol/ is now shills. Make threads on both chans. Dominated the infowar… don't let Zionists do it. STOP BEING LAZY AND ACCEPTING SHILL THREADS

6020ff  No.13357712

File: b4c91ade73e92e1⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 342x347, 342:347, fightclub mirror.jpg)


>gentlemen - we need uncle Ted


>New Idea: A poz meter for different states in the US or European countries


>Redpill the Christians


>Why not just join ur local Christian Church




> We've got trucks, food, fuel, mechanics, welders, and the bigger the business the more access we have to trained people who we know and can trust.


>Solutions? We desperately need lawyers and fundraisers. Fundraisers who can coax significant donations from rich white people.


>Once we have money we can buy land, acquire bitches and guns within our own communities (northwest front)


>Without directed, group efforts


>Find other WNs in your area and discuss the problem and solutions irl.


>Creating smaller, successful enclaves which draw in others because of their attractiveness makes more sense.


>acceleration into Communism


>dox of priority targets


>In the beginning you and I ARE the enclaves we are trying to build.






> End all social wellfare


>First we fix the education system


>If you aren't prepared to die


>I say we start shooting.


>a serial killer and hunting blacks in the ghettos. This was presented as an alternative to the Breivik/Tarrant method


>in regards to /walk/


>AOC's New Green Deal actually ain't bad


>ducation and state enforced nutrition and physical exercise is a must


>Suffrage needs to be drastically limited.


>There is no reason why White people shouldn't go full Domination of the Draka on the rest of the planet.


>stop believing in money.


>Ban infant circumcision


>so i noticed a lot of you niggers keep mentioning the PNW front


>As to ideas, I have one. I was struck by the idea of the Hitler Youth to have hostels all across Germany, between which they could walk and in which they could bond in a common space of shared aspirations


>minecraft players


>Robots, robot armies


>Start shooting.


>The response to a declaration of WAR,


>My Solution for that is a IQ based procreation in which those which higher IQ mostly Asians


>Start shooting.


>Create white states


>the Amish


>Can we start a corporation to help white nationalists settle a city?


>It is already possible to build a space elevator.


>A non-partisan populist elitist republic


> white people should form communities


>USA should enforce


>Tough question. Maybe one or a few of these; 1) A great deal of citizen violence


>There should be an /pol/ exodus to an area




>Destroy self policing


>As long as there's Netflix and supermarkets, you're going nowhere.


>Let's, like, all move somewhere


>Formation of confederated independent city-states

Highlighting direct response posts you can see most of these anons are shills or close to being mentally retarded and out of touch larpers. And this is exactly what I mean >>13357637

/pol/ has forgotten its mission: REDPILLS.

That's it. It's not complex. Use the technological age before it's censored and stop with the larping and hurtbox fantasy. You have been taken off your directive to create a "centrist" obligation once the larping ends and the media begins to move back toward normal pre-SJW programming. This is the basics of Hegelian Dialectics. But soon WW3 will come as they (((conservative))) populations against the Islamic and Chinese threat they created. It's all been planned and written. Project Bluebeam comes after (if at all).

4d6267  No.13357736


I often (always) have to remind anons that the design of propaganda materials is only one side of the coin, the other being the effective dissemination and measurement thereof.

We must start with a Paradox Interactive-type map of the world, overlay various demographic, socioeconomic, natural resource figures, and plan as a global group.

Where are the evangelicals in America? Which US counties? In what age/socioeconomic configuration? How do they receive their news and socialize? Facebook, Twitter, television, print media, in-person groups?

Map the target and tailor the context of the material to them. Target community leaders and youth leaders, or agents who could challenge their influential status in the community. Survey the population and measure the effect of your efforts.


6020ff  No.13357745


> Target community leaders and youth leaders, or agents who could challenge their influential status in the community. Survey the population and measure the effect of your efforts.

Now that's pod racing



4d6267  No.13357759


shit man i love pod racing…thanks for your previous two posts >>13357637 >>13357745

f22d25  No.13357776

More infographs would be useful and effective. Most anons including myself have the attention span of a gopher. The more well read anons could easily piece together aesthetic infographs with a torrented copy of photoshop and a minimal amount of experience. Vital, condensed information about tactics, strategy, and political ideology would be helpful. There are many infographs about kike control of our societies that have been extremely effective at redpilling people. However, a vine sprout needs a structure to grab onto. We should make sure that every anon understands the basics of combat and guerilla warfare, a list of essential items every anon should have, an understanding of government surveillance and how to avoid it, the ability to make sleeper cells with likeminded locals, and so on. There's a lot of anons here that have gained a wealth of knowledge that can be disseminated and put to great use.

111de6  No.13357794


>They already existed during the Holy Roman Empire, they were called Free Cities

Several US cities have Home Rule.

111de6  No.13357797


>From here, you could start forming hydroponics farms

Is this that neo-nazi pot activist from Vancouver? Mark or Dana, I can't remember. Anyway, I talked to them once and they had some interesting ideas.

3ab8a9  No.13357799


One point of contention. The

> accelerationism leads to (((them))) seizing more control

meme is just that, a meme. All it does is make them leverage control they already have. It looks to gullible retards like you like it leads to them gaining more control, because you had no idea how bad it already is. Accelerationism is like light in a dark room. It may show you things you don't like, but it doesn't make them appear.

> b-but these or those reps in that parliament passed an extra anti-white bill because of the meme shooter

They were planning on introducing all these bills (albeit later) from the start, and if everyone involved in shaping and passing them wasn't on (((their))) payroll to begin with, it wouldn't have happened. Again, light in a dark room, not an actual object within it.

111de6  No.13357805


>There should be an /pol/ exodus to an area where people should be mandated to lurk one year


000000  No.13357820

We should have all joined the yellow vests. Now all that's left to do is wait for the kosher pay-per-view of the last white child getting rape murdered by niggers live on the Freedom Channel.

a0a7e6  No.13357842



9b8dfc  No.13379185

File: 92df1bfa7725c7e⋯.png (156.08 KB, 640x360, 16:9, redpill now or else roddey.png)

300550  No.13379534


1/2 of the post are IRL volk building and the other half are just trying to package redpills into a more consumable format

fa9e14  No.13395701



I'm not sure how I was "shilling" but when I saw people giving their thoughts on how to rebuild the nation I jumped in with mine.

Not sure what I'm shilling for besides a National Socialist-American government.

8f3446  No.13395888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hi guys

I'm scared of technology fueling an eternal 1984 state.

>Soon ZOG can scan your brain and use black-box ai to know what you are thinking.

>They record everything and everywhere and can see you from space.

>We already know ai can fake videos of anyone and can remotely access computers even when they aren't connected to any external system.

What if instead of being imprisoned for wrongthink, they just fake a video of you raping someone or remotely plant cp on your computer, and then /pol/ cheers as you go to prison for being a degenerate when in actuality you are being gulaged for being anti-ZOG.

I'm scared that our environment is being poisoned with lots of toxic shit like microplastics and pesticides and nonstick pan stuff.

I'm scared our ecosystems are being strip-mined of resources and fertility until we live in a dead wasteland.

I'm scared of my people ceasing to exist.

I'm scared of my kids brains and lives being destroyed by homo/pedo/tranny mental illness.

Even if we do collapse the ZOG, what if the Chinese swoop in and its just as bad. I don't want to live in a hive city of a hundred million people, sleeping in a cage the size of a cardboard box never knowing what a tree looks like, being a human machine.

I saw a news article a few days ago saying that within a few years there will be more visible satellites in the sky than visible stars.

I normally tell people to keep fighting to kill the ZOG and build white cells and resilient families/communities because there's no point in being blackpilled, and I'm going to do that, but I am really scared for the future.

3044f4  No.13395942


We need to learn skills, real skills in IT.

For example, you do know that half of security cameras in china don't work? It's a telltale how everything just barely works or doesn't work at all, when there are no white people supporting the structure. The "dystopian technocracy" is just a kikedream and may work only short-term.

d1b9b8  No.13396029


First of all, you can attack (as in, denounce and discredit) the following things:


You need to name our enemies. Singling out George Soros gave a face to the enemy and was effective but one man isn't responsible for everything, even if he does seem to have his hands everywhere. What about the crooked judge that let Eric Clanton walk free? What about the top pedophiles advocates in the lgbt? Pick obviously corrupt people that the public can rally against with little debate.


The reason jews are our political enemies is because their ideas are corrupt. They support communism, they support a corrupted form of neoliberalism where anything goes and whites and Christians are attacked. ATTACK THEIR IDEAS, NOT THEIR RELIGION OR RACE. Also, don't attack women as a group, this is counter productive to the extreme. If you paint them with a broad brush then this really accomplishes little aside from scaring normies and rallying the moderates and potential sympathizers (to us) against us.

8f3446  No.13396032


My biggest hope is that less whites/ more non-whites = less competent government, less competent businesses, etc.

The less whites there are, the more everything falls apart, until there is no longer a machine capable of destroying whites. The more nonwhites there are, the more resources get consumed and the more problems there are until its very taxing on the ZOG to control them and very expensive for the ZOG to support them.

By destroying us they destroy themselves until we can recover. I don't know how well that will play out, but I think its a possibility.

3913b0  No.13396037

Kill your local politicians, jews and bankers

destroy the consumer world they create and rebuild a new

da0fb4  No.13396555


Ethno states in space, man.

f311d8  No.13397770


After witnessing Trump's performance in office I began to ponder what would I do if I were President, because I am not happy with Trump's performance. This will probably be a wall of text, but I have given this quite a bit of thought.

First I would need a group of whitehouse staff members who can comb through every bill passed by Congress and present every portion of the bill to me so that I can discern the Constitutionality of the part. I would not act on this info until the trap is sprung. Their purpose will be evident later in my plan. Furthermore I would require an Attorney General that I could trust and would support any and all requests I make of them post haste.

Guaranteed at some point within 4 years of office there will come a budget crisis, the debt ceiling will need to be raised they will claim, congress will draw up some humongous 2000-3000+ government spending bill, like the omnibus bill. I will need my team of whitehouse staff to sift through this enormous bill quickly, so that I can pluck out all the unconstitutional bits. I would tell the press I would sign the bill into law in the chambers of congress in a special ceremony for Congress coming together to serve their country. I would have my Attorney General to move Federal officers in place. At the ceremony I would openly state the portions of the bill that I believed, as the executive office of government, to be unconstitutional and have all the members of congress that voted aye on the bill be arrested and charged with perjury to their sworn oaths of office and trials of impeachment brought against each, and I would veto that bill. This would shut the government down without a doubt, and the media would spin it as I doomed the country. Almost immediately I would declare a state of emergency, use executive order 11110 thanks to JFK, and start the treasury department to print and issue money as Federal Treasury Notes. There will never be interest issued on the creation of FTNs although interest could be used if FTNs are loaned, the Treasury shall only ever grant FTNs, never loan. Government employees will be appointed a new account held with the Treasury department and administered through their local post office. So, suddenly the government is no longer shut down. Although funding of the various government programs is strictly under executive control until Congress can get their shit back together. Next I would extend this money printing by performing small business government grants, businesses could enroll with the Treasury department and the Treasury would pay their payroll. Just imagine if you had a business idea and you could get a grant to start that business then you did not have to pay payroll for that business, how many employees would you hire? I bet I could push unemployment to 0%. The newly created money would go directly into the hands of consumers, who would then use that money to buy goods and services in their local communities causing business to boom all over the country. Direct stimulus, although the result of this will be a rise in inflation. So to curtail inflation I would instill a federal sales tax that would go right back to the Treasury reducing the amount required to print. The sales tax would have to be adjusted from time to time to counter inflation rates which could be monitored according to how much money was printed. Surpluses from corporate and income tax would go directly to the national debt specifically paying off all foreign nations owned debt, the Federal Reserve can go fuck itself, I would rather just default on that debt but the Constitution requires that that debt be payed, I would still hold out as much as I could. Theoretically I could reduce the national debt by 2-4 trillion per year I could keep this charade up. The goal is to replace the Federal Reserve all together though. Once the Federal Reserve is gone or if the debt can just be defaulted, all income tax would be abolished, IRS defunded.

TL; DR Take control of the money

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