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File: 1e2fb9b6b2eea44⋯.jpg (26.63 KB, 600x325, 24:13, LeopoldBloombyLesDoherty20….jpg)

a0c25d  No.13106332

I'm making this thread as a gauge to see the interest of /pol/ into something like this.

We know jews infiltrate civilized societies and in doing so adopt names. We also know that in doing so they tend to use names that are similar so they can identify each other.

I hereby propose we get /pol/ users from around the globe to create a database of stereotypical jewish names in their culture, country, and language.

We all know bergs and steins. That's what they used to infiltrate Germany. But what names were used to infiltrate others?

f9e5fc  No.13106379


It's a good idea, but I wouldn't know where to start. We can look at well-known, famous Jews, and note all their last names and country of origin.


^this might be a good place to start

f9e5fc  No.13106397


^I like their approach. It's merit-based.

a0c25d  No.13106400


easy to see d&c attempt.

I guess it's a good idea if the shills don't want it done.

a0c25d  No.13106404


I like that. However that's for already identified jews. What I'm suggesting is a database that will allow to make it easier to identify the ones still in hiding.

f9e5fc  No.13106420


A nice idea. The hardest part is finding people to spend time researching. I bet there are books on the subject - there are probably Hebrew resources, as well. They keep track of such things themselves. Maybe I'll poke around a little bit.

a0c25d  No.13106445


We have weaponized autism on our side. Those who don't have time to research can just think back. What names do you consider stereotypical of jews.

For me. Anything with Berg, Stein, or anything with valuable metals in it. Silber (Silver) Gold.

In the german language it's usually something along those lines. A luxury metal combined with something else.

f9e5fc  No.13106455


^Here's the problem. They take legitimate surnames used families native to the host nation, so it's impossible to tell from names alone who's jewish and who isn't.

f9e5fc  No.13106460


used ***by families, typo

i hope my post made sense

000000  No.13106480


can't do much about that, but they also add their own shitflair to names such as (gold)berg, (silver)man or (zucker(sugar))berg.

a0c25d  No.13106483



We can't get them all but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get those we can.

To do so would be defeatist and play right into their hand.

It's hard to do so just lie down and die it's easier.

000000  No.13106488


Apparently Sephardic jews have been in Brazil since 1500..so Brazilbros might have a lot to contribute.

000000  No.13106502


Interesting isn't it how in English so many jews have names containing precious metals which are common in Jewelry. Would be funny if there are a bunch of different goldmanns, like orohombre

a0c25d  No.13106506


That's what I'm thinking. We can only look locally right now. Like we have blinders on. If we combine knowledge we can remove the blinders and see the ones we didn't even know about.

f9e5fc  No.13106508




959311  No.13106514


Penney Penny Spencer


Diamond Diamen

Sugar Spice Spicer

Duke Baron King Queen McQueen

Roth Rudd Green Green White Black Grey (add a man ham or hand to any of these for a multiplier)

160fba  No.13106518

Interesting… Good idea anon.

000000  No.13106535


Cohen, (gold, silver, zucker)burg, (gold, silver)stein, Shultz, Shneider, Meyer

80b450  No.13106536

That is like Dachshunds trying to beat Greyhounds at a race. Even if you can do it for one generation, how will you get the next generation to follow? And are you willing to pay the price of your posterity being put under the same selective pressures as the kikes? You would just be creating a new race of kikes, and that isn't desirable to me. No, you faggot nigger, you aren't going to get such a large portion of people to willfully change their deep inner nature, and then get the subsequent generations to follow to suit. Even for a single individual that is a Herculean task, willing and bending a nature like that. The only way I want to win is by standing tall as an Aryan.

000000  No.13106539


>create a database of stereotypical jewish names

Why not just make a database of all known jews period? Then you can query it for whatever stats/trends you want.

Such a database would be tremendously useful, and has the added bonus that it will terrify the rats.

f9e5fc  No.13106540


There are already databases. If you want to get a list of all Jewish surnames, you could start by getting every name from sites like this one. However doing it by hand would be stupid and time consuming, and I unfortunately don't know how to code. And of course, rare last names are a problem. I have a rare last name, there's only one other family in the world that has it. I would surely escape any list of Italian names, and I'd fly under the radar if someone were to round up all the Italians.

959311  No.13106541

They also often use a nations most common names so

Smith Jones

Diaz Sanchez Cortez


Mohammmed Islam Khan

000000  No.13106552


What does your last name rhyme with?

a0c25d  No.13106561


>and I'd fly under the radar if someone were to round up all the Italians.

That's what we are trying to prevent.

f9e5fc  No.13106562


LOL you're going to laugh your ass off. It rhymes with 'spaghetti'

000000  No.13106565


typical guinea

f9e5fc  No.13106572


Guinea? Never heard that one. A good comeback for 'wop' is, "that's the sound it makes when my dick hits your mother's face"

000000  No.13106573


Yeah this is a good idea, but it also makes sense to have decentralized pockets of related intel.

000000  No.13106578


I heard guinea is more offensive than wop but idk any real italians. Shit, that is a good comeback.

e34bf2  No.13106588

You can't identify someone being Jewish from any particular characteristic

f9e5fc  No.13106590

File: b7ae38ee96de81b⋯.jpg (383.35 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, 636619090585467427-2SEINFE….jpg)


>idk any real italians

Consider yourself lucky


Sure you can. If they look like they belong in Seinfeld, they're Jewish

959311  No.13106616


Not any one characteristic, but there are loads of tells, that's why jews are the number 1 clients (and "surgeons") for rhinoplasty, botox but only the top lip, hair replacement etc etc etc

f601eb  No.13106866

Start making a list of the jews who are in power positions in countries. Build maps, links, visual data and information. That would be something with teeth.

1df4d7  No.13108459


(Alfred) Rosenberg

1df4d7  No.13108478


Rudolf Jordan


and so on…

c5f7e3  No.13110294


>(Alfred) Rosenberg

This one was meant.


000000  No.13110309


Jews themselves have those lists - under lock 'n key.

3cfd03  No.13113458

File: 2233b78ff1708f6⋯.png (297.44 KB, 665x587, 665:587, 1516064282050.png)

Could be a useful tool. Similar to photo comparison relationship probability algorithms. Ancestry documentation will have millions of clusters of known jew crypto-names as a data base. Also, there are 'sounds-like' programs for the many variations in spelling and syntax. Translating the major jew surname crypsis patterns in Occidental languages would be especially pragmatic; so that jew surnames in all our languages are recognizable to each.

000000  No.13113564

So what happened to the Israel elections thread?

a0eb7b  No.13113656


That guy looks jewish. So do Eichmann, Goebbels, and Heydrich. Makes one wonder if NS Germany was one of the biggest psyops of all.

142e36  No.13113742


In the age of social media it would be easier to create a database of faces, names, jobs and locations similar to Judas Watch.

They can never hide their suppressed-kikery for long

bbfa73  No.13113847


This already exists; they made it themselves!


Still, I applaud your efforts.

I have been making LISTS of JEWS for years now, with similar intent, but the more people who do it, the better. You wouldn't believe how many world leaders (Sarkozy, Cameron, etc. to name just a couple) turn out to be at least part-Jewish that no one would have guessed.

7f6f91  No.13114019

File: 014753cf9fe717b⋯.png (678.17 KB, 599x750, 599:750, Japanese Jew.png)

Look at their bonestructure, their hair, their clothes.

but most importantly listen to their words and what they are trying to make you think, emotive langauge, fallacies, buzzwords, hysteria, slang, etc are all sings of judaism.

look for their beliefs, they are all progressive, sexually liberating, and are for everything that destroys the nuclear family and the host nation.


What yoiu really need to lookout for are trators, the shabbos goyim that do their bidding. every jewish infiltration has shabbos goys talking positive of the jews and activley campaigns for jewish rights. once enough jewish support is gathered then the jews move in, without the initial shabbos goy infiltration phase, the jew cannot gain a foothold, getting banished from the land or killed. You cannot easily spot jews as they do not reveal themselves, they always hide in the darkness whilst their freemasons do their bidding, jews are in high positions like movie directors, charities, politics,etc because they can hide within the shadows as they cast lesser jews to fufill their roles.

So how do you suppose we make this kosher guide for the identification of the chosenites? a PDF with essential, must read infromation at the front with an index that goes more indepth?

b3361a  No.13133779

Bump for interest.

0ea2c4  No.13133842

File: a4a6a3381823f94⋯.png (454.29 KB, 720x775, 144:155, 1515509817309.png)

>people without jdar

e110b1  No.13134021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A cryptokike is literally leading the conservative party of Canada and could very well be our new prime minister by 2020. He cheated the position away from the true leader Maxime Bernier by having a bunch of dairy liberals signing up a bunch of fake conservatives to vote for him in the prelims. Scheer's father Jim immigrated to Canada illegally to infiltrate the Catholic church. Jim is still an American citizen, and Andrew Scheer is a dual citizen who has not only not renounced his American citizenship, but continues to hide it from the Canadian people. Being a Jew like his father and grandfather, he could also attain Israeli citizenship at the drop of a hat through the Law of Return, soon as he visits. He's keen to: https://globalnews.ca/news/4047530/andrew-scheer-jerusalem-israel-capital/

ec0154  No.13134529

In England they often anglicize german words

Stein (obviously)




And add "man" to the end of some names

Gold man

Silver man

They use colors a lot





These are more obscure but I have noticed them quite frequently



Look out for any words or names that contain the "oo" sound that rhymes with joo

Also old testament names in christian countries is often a giveaway.

And surnames that don't sound at all English but either eastern european or middle eastern.

119f35  No.13134581

Berg, Stein, Gould, Blatt, Cohen/Baron-Cohen, Gold—, Silver—, —-man, Kosh—, Roth—, —witz, Chomsky, Rosen—, —thal, —krantz.

Off the top of my head.

119f35  No.13134583


Also, Green or Greene.

119f35  No.13134584


And feld.

032182  No.13141196

>>13106616 Imagine those plastic surgery databases…

7a2b9f  No.13141879

File: da5d98502d7676d⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20190415_095421.jpg)

I dunno but this poster is up on capital hill in Seattle. Look at that kike fuck in the middle, looks just like the guy in your picture. Imagine, a city without Jews!!! There is so much anti-white bullshit everywhere here.

26f495  No.13141903


>>A city without jews

Wow, if only.

160fba  No.13156580

Bumping for interesting idea.

c97fde  No.13170984

160fba  No.13184741

Also another thing had jews been using this tactic for a very long time?

160fba  No.13198255

>oy goy let me in!

459166  No.13198375


then stand tall by yourself. You're useless and unintelligent.

160fba  No.13214627


Gotta tear it down!

6bae81  No.13214636


Fein, Silver, Michel, Ramon, Hoyt, Driks, Rottner, Schottenstein.

Just a few from my university I’m graduating from.

b02c55  No.13214641


How do you get a girl Jew to suck your dick.

Give her a penny, and slap her around. She earned it.

11c9dc  No.13219631


AltRight 101

a6a70d  No.13220394


a6a70d  No.13220412

2a45f8  No.13220603

Use AI for this, it's a good task for it. Also use first names as well as last names, I've seen jews talking about naming their kid and sometimes they really care about the first name being jewish.

628d2c  No.13220655


why not by biblical names lul.

there is a social network. you will easily recognize the yids(=degenerates=criminals=sybhumans) by their preferences/friends/work.

a3bfd9  No.13220667

It should he named something along the lines of World Talmudist Database.

Keep track of ALL Jewish politicians AND LOBBYISTS across the globe in the major world powers. You could even have a key with footnotes as to what connections the individuals have to certain things, whether its international banking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, psychology foundations etc.

I wonder if it would be possible to create an automatically updated website that would search the internet for any recent news story's with the names in the database and post them in an organized fashion.

160fba  No.13227933


Depends anon they are mostly doing it under the shadows.

38e54c  No.13227999


Most jewish surnames have to do with currency, economy, or politics in any shape or form. And many highly respected white last names most likely have a jewish relative due to their immoral craving to force their ways into power be it through marriage, force, or manipulation. Rockefeller, Habsburgs, these names were once shining figures of greats turned Rabbi. Its disgusting how low they will steep.

fb1e5f  No.13228021

Jews infiltrate like anyone else. Somehow they get the cash and meet the requirements to emigrate somewhere. They get set up and as they get their shit together they help another family member come over. As the clan gets a stronger foot hold they participate in the local scene and maybe even politics.

000000  No.13228209


In latin-derived languages, any name ending with "EL" is jewish: Daniel, Rafael, Gabriel, Manuel, Raquel, Abravanel, and so on.

There also the latin-based jewish names derived from their religious books or places or crafts, such as: João, José, Joaquim, Silva, Sílvio, Marcos, Davi, Moisés, Abraão, Lázaro.

222090  No.13228323

When a surname is formed from 2 words from different languages then it's 99.9% a jew.



>-zer (!)


>-vic (!)

>-vits (!)

>-wicz (if not 100% Polish then it's a kike)

>-wick (same)


>-czyk (same as above)


>-off (!)





>-ski (!) (if pronounce ends with an open "i" then it's a kike)

>-cki (!) (may be Polish)

>-tik (!)

>-man (!)




>-berger (!)


>-field (!)



>-haber (!)

>-gold (!)

>-water (!)


>-span (!)

>-spoon (!)

>-zan (if not asian then it's a jew)

>-fetz (!)

>-bron (!)

>-broner (!)

>-bronner (!)

>-yoth (!)

>-pern (!)

>-zog (!)

>-prin (!)


>-gel (!)

>-qui (!)

>-ael (!)

>-aeli (!)

>-werker (!)

These are the basic.

The ones with exclamation marks are very likely to belong to a kike, especially in the lower half of the list.

If these are combined with jewish names /words (or names with a language origin different from the part's, like German, because kikes love parasiting on that language) then release the gas

In Slav languages -vich (and its analogies) is used for patronymics, so Aaronovich is basically Aaronson.

Some are 100% jewish, made from combining words from one language the jews in question infiltrated (e.g. Gorelick, Gollancz (originated from a place where the kikes decided to settle in)), some are just jewish (Chapiro, Hebrew, Chelouche, (K/C)ohen, etc)

Basically, if in these:

>sounds alien, may be similar to German if not outright hebrew

>sounds common but actually is very rare

>it was never recorded in history until the 20th century

at least the one is correct, then you can safely assume it's a kike, until proven otherwise.

222090  No.13228446


>20th century

Forget that, should be "until 19th century" because the kikes rooted in deeper than I expected.

Since I'm making a new post I'll expand the list (consider every one marked with (!) here):



>-reich (kek)

>-wasser (forgot to include together with -water)














Some other other 100% kike surnames as a bonus: Melnick, Shpilband, Winograd, Lombroso, Malkovitz, Niyazov, Slutsky, Spivak

000000  No.13228467

I'd rather /pol/ just skip straight into reverse larping as fellow kikes. Their genestealing ways will be their undoing.

3b7eb3  No.13228533


>create a database of stereotypical jewish names

Like Paul Ryan?

3b7eb3  No.13228545


It's like how the police know how to target bikers by cross referencing those with motorcycle licenses with a list of convicts.

You start by going through all the people with motorcycle licences WITHOUT criminal records.

3b7eb3  No.13228559


Try Pierre, SD

86d165  No.13228592

File: 5c4ba1a3894b269⋯.jpg (47.26 KB, 360x450, 4:5, wynn.jpg)



My suspicion of a local (here in leaf land) politician "Kathleen wynne" being a crypto-kike is confirmed.

86d165  No.13228603


Ones that I've known:









000000  No.13228623

This is useless, kikes like jewart play the name game.

222090  No.13232373

>shill threads are up on front page

>useful threads are on pages 15+

What the fuck?

Bumping first and last time so that at least some more people will be aware which names are likely to be red flags.

000000  No.13232471


First we have to make a list of all the men who have fucked your mom and multiply it by how many times your dad fucked you and we'll have the number of time you'll have to go fuck yourself.


000000  No.13232511

eVErtOnE wAtCh ouT fOR jEwISH laSt nAmEs


222090  No.13232518

>retarded shill bumps a bumps thread for free

Keep it up, torpederast!

It seems knowing your enemy is really harmful for your enemy.

f35ce0  No.13239521

Nowadays, they'll just pick any name out of the phone book.

160fba  No.13245565

160fba  No.13253575

Bump to know how jewish infiltration works.

e110b1  No.13253585

Jews infiltrate non-Jewish society as "cryptokikes"

I propose we Goyim infiltrate Jewish society as "cryptogoys"

08df68  No.13253589


how about we just post how many dicks you've sucked in your life and etrapolate that into how many more you'll be sucking per year before we send you off to join the Orion project as an MKUltra fucktoy?

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