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File: b3ec6c42839f5d6⋯.jpg (4.38 KB, 239x250, 239:250, julian.jpg)

df8a85  No.13112015




476872  No.13112034

File: 794d1f8ce86c998⋯.mp4 (6.63 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Ome96IW57y2KAnEP.mp4)


resistance is futile

476872  No.13112041

File: fb090f4c2d183dc⋯.jpg (87.71 KB, 817x739, 817:739, ZOGbot just doing their jo….jpg)


28cc1f  No.13112045


I always liked Assange and Wikileaks and never fell for the retarded shilling.

42cb1b  No.13112046


f60ca2  No.13112048

i've forgotten why they want to arrest him

476872  No.13112050

File: 02426bb825c70f8⋯.png (79.46 KB, 500x461, 500:461, when-you-glue-your-ass-shu….png)


hope he glued his ass shut

000000  No.13112052



e6c851  No.13112054


<Beady intensifies

6a755d  No.13112056

“The U.K. has no civility?”

Is that what Asante is repeating?

000000  No.13112057


He raped a Swede while not being a Muslim

42cb1b  No.13112059


Jokes on you I’m a cuckopean

aad9c5  No.13112060


yfw the NASA black hole picture was released and now they arrest Assange



>black hole


>ass hole

>looks like an ass hole

Space predicted this, prove me wrong

edf62e  No.13112061


What a fucking shame.

e7fa8f  No.13112063


"Aw im gonna get a raise for dis I am m8. Im well bloody prad of myself I put a traitor away hes bluddy bad e is and im going to go bak om and watch netflix and eat some propa dinna with moi wife." He thinks as he continues signing his soul away to the globalist elites.

118239  No.13112065


Bad Goy Act of 2015

f9a3b7  No.13112067


>The UK must resist

That's what I heard. Sincerely sad.

6a755d  No.13112068

File: 168872192246efd⋯.png (616.44 KB, 600x430, 60:43, PNG image 2.png)

e7fa8f  No.13112069


That case was dropped, it's actually and officially because of the offshore financial leaks according to US gov.

000000  No.13112074


Oh… well then…

3cda6a  No.13112075

Christmas will never be the same 😞

e6c851  No.13112076

I thought squatters had rights?

61bdff  No.13112077


thats the immigration police. he is being deported. what the fuck is gonna happen to him now?

a0f4f1  No.13112078

It's time for shilling, JIDF attacks commencing in 3, 2, 1

e6c851  No.13112079

I forget, what did he do?

3dea96  No.13112081



860aa2  No.13112083

“If President Moreno wants to illegally terminate a refu­gee publisher’s asylum to cover up an offshore corruption scandal, history will not be kind,”

Fuck that Ecuadorian Faggot for revoking his asylum. I want him ousted out of that country.

f7d024  No.13112084


They must have been shocked to have had to do something for once. Did you see that nigger that didn’t get deported because being a gang member proved he had integrated with society?

e6c851  No.13112087


>old man

ec3297  No.13112088


Expose dirty secrets of some of the higher ranking traitors.

f57fd9  No.13112089

I hope they bring him here to the u.s. so we can go all bundy ranch on them and put him into hiding…

000000  No.13112091


>56% Amerimutts

>Ever doing anything

You're hilarious m8

3dea96  No.13112095

Do not reply to (D&C) shills. Filter and report.

5bee4f  No.13112096

assange is a legend.

6a7840  No.13112097

I come back to you at the turn of the tide

4d019c  No.13112098

File: 266fab057ea934c⋯.gif (712.26 KB, 488x275, 488:275, giphy.gif)

e6c851  No.13112099


He said: "fly you fools"

f57fd9  No.13112101


U wat m8

We dont play that shit here big boi

2a0132  No.13112103


Plane detour.

a0f4f1  No.13112104

a0f4f1  No.13112106

How long until he dies of heart attack? Or maybe even suicide? Guy doesn't look so well from what can be seen in the OPs video

58b767  No.13112109


Do you also play ass-ass-IN's creed?

f67336  No.13112110

>the UK has to resist

resist what?

732490  No.13112115


holy fuck.

did we just lose?

this is fucking huge, think about what this man has provided us. All those emails…

someone needs to break him out. He's a major fucking player. Not only was he one of the leaders in trying to stop government technological tyranny, and dystopia, but he made it more accessible to normalfags than ever before.


I solute you soldier. Today the odds stack further against us.

e7fa8f  No.13112119


Don't act like you don't know.

4d019c  No.13112121

File: 421711f2db20f71⋯.jpg (757.01 KB, 1800x1376, 225:172, 421711f2db20f7107026fc6e8b….jpg)

4d019c  No.13112123

File: e7f96e014d2a453⋯.jpg (8.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

871e52  No.13112125


The UK seems to be even worse at resisting than Germany. LOL.

000000  No.13112126

>arresting a Commonwealth citizen

>for exposing the crimes of the US

>while never being a US citizen himself and not obligated to keep their dirty little secret

>using fake """"rape"""" charges from fucking sweden as your excuse

>even after they were dropped

>and even the UN saw through this bullshit

Jewnited Kikedom really outdid themselves this time

10/10 I fucking mad

f67336  No.13112128

It wasn't even real rape, it was fake rape I.E making promises but not keeping them. Laws that were made to protect prostitutes from customers who didn't want to pay.

659d01  No.13112129

f1e98b  No.13112131

File: 066f7fc48bc4a1f⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 613x400, 613:400, look at all those dead cat….jpg)

File: 7cdb425f0070647⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 651x368, 651:368, fight your brother goy.jpg)

File: dc39d6d82eff870⋯.jpg (32.01 KB, 560x295, 112:59, its pedro sanchez retard.jpg)

>Fake news pushing indepre arrested

Good fucking riddance.


f3a1ed  No.13112132



000000  No.13112136

Release the Kraken

80c638  No.13112137

File: 60df4f5c2bfb8ab⋯.jpg (1.59 KB, 105x84, 5:4, 1554976420244s.jpg)

File: fa15382b6aaf06f⋯.png (335.79 KB, 373x565, 373:565, 1554978033304.png)

File: 5d2642f0f854f60⋯.png (149.83 KB, 381x574, 381:574, 1554978155574.png)

860aa2  No.13112141


Who gives a fuck you Spanish Eurotrash Slave. Both countries would still bow down to German banker cock. Britons have bigger balls than you do.

407966  No.13112142

File: 73a73e3e993e302⋯.jpg (61.13 KB, 338x326, 169:163, EjDtM3N.jpg)

Meanwhile On 4chan —- Article 13 is now in effect

what book does he hold in his hand ?

2c760c  No.13112143

So does any dead hand material get released?

2c760c  No.13112145


*fail safe, backup, etc

Dead hand is the wrong term, but you get the idea

ea66fc  No.13112147

"I love wikileaks" - the president of a certain country that is youd vaguely relevant to all this

but honestly, I hope it's really him and he's really alive and I hope he gets to move on with his life regardless of whatever has gone on before now

6a7840  No.13112148


anyone got a PDF?

80c638  No.13112149


>think about what this man has provided us. All those emails…

nice try (((cia))), they were just given these emails and published them. we know nothing about no emails, that was reddit (t_d)

3396d8  No.13112150

Trump is a scumbag liar. Now obviously he will lose re-election and we will get a hardcore socjus president, who will kill off white America for good. Just as planned.

4d019c  No.13112151

File: 02cff1ee7b7db97⋯.jpg (935.15 KB, 2549x2288, 2549:2288, 02cff1ee7b7db97f5de82c895f….jpg)


filtered spic


so diseased, jewish and gay as fucking aids.

001b51  No.13112152

finally done stinking up the embassy huh

000000  No.13112153


>Fuck that Ecuadorian Faggot for revoking his asylum.

I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did after trusting spics.

f1e98b  No.13112154


>Britons have more balls

<U gots loicense for that HATE SPEECH, buster? Toyme to visit uncle Achmed in jail, bruv


e6c851  No.13112155


You sound like a juggler of shit.

407966  No.13112157


>someone needs to break him out. He's a major fucking player.

how ? come up with a viable plan. as things stand at this moment getting him out would mean complete shut down of UK as a country. they will have him under armed guards and they will try to extradite him as soon as possible. once he is in US it will become even harder to get him out. he will be put in super max or something like that.

42ee8d  No.13112158


f1e98b  No.13112159


>The d&c jew cries as he strikes you

21bde9  No.13112160


Exactly. Whose face is that on the book cover? Podesta?

80c638  No.13112161

File: 1da0d3d04447c68⋯.jpg (314.07 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, pepe-the-frog-meme-15.jpg)

4d019c  No.13112164

File: fdaa435eb83f4a8⋯.jpg (159.46 KB, 1021x980, 1021:980, fdaa435eb83f4a815d5ad12f21….jpg)

ea66fc  No.13112165


was this event caputred from more than one source ? ant way we can at least casually assess whether this is all fake news or not ?

80c638  No.13112169



Gore Vidal see >>13112137


f57fd9  No.13112171


Super easy to grab him in transit once in the u.s. but dont do that because its dangerous and illegal

407966  No.13112172


>>the UK has to resist

>resist what?

his extradition to USA. it will never happen.

871e52  No.13112175


(((Someone))) will try it and fail horribly, killing Assange in the altercation.

e6c851  No.13112178


Maybe blame the kike in the White House

732490  No.13112180

File: 822909305e6a2e3⋯.jpg (30.34 KB, 1014x1024, 507:512, 118331428926823.jpg)


I dunno man, this is just fucking shit. Anyone have any insider info on high security prisons?

000000  No.13112182



Tell me about the CIA's flightplan.

f9a3b7  No.13112184

File: 83f0469d637d9b7⋯.png (524.43 KB, 891x702, 33:26, ClipboardImage.png)

Anybody recognize it?

ea66fc  No.13112185


it still doesn't make sense to me on why he thinks he's any safer in that embassy than somewhere else

they could have been microwaving him from a van outside for the last 5 years, and even on the inside he can't even take a crap without it being filmed, he's already in a shit sandwich

but again I'm assume this all isn;t a government larp and he's really dead

b2e597  No.13112191

Well I guess he's alive. I guess now all the skeptical dudes will have to move on to body double theories.

f3a1ed  No.13112192

File: c74552cf8ad3537⋯.jpg (72.29 KB, 590x350, 59:35, seeking asylumn in the Uni….jpg)


When you think to yourself how many non-Whites get asylum in UK, even if they do terrible crimes of rape and murder but one Australian man posting stuff online, "he doesn't deserve asylum!"

df7bfc  No.13112193

File: fc11321efd8d5b2⋯.webm (6.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sky News America 11 April….webm)

>But an unexpected intervention by Comey — relayed through Warner — soured the negotiations, multiple sources tell me. Assange eventually unleashed a series of leaks that U.S. officials say damaged their cyber warfare capabilities for a long time to come.

How Comey intervened to kill WikiLeaks' immunity deal



>"Perhaps in league with other Obama era holdovers, Comey and Senator [Mark] Warner (let's not forget that he and the recently indicted leaking Senate staffer [James Wolfe, 58] have much to lose from determined investigations into history) likely decided to flush the Assange negotiations, perhaps encouraged by contacts in the UK intelligence community, who may also stand exposed for their cooperation in Trump-related investigations," the Wall Street analyst suggested.

Plot Thickens: Analyst Explains Why Comey Meddled in Assange-DOJ Talks



ea66fc  No.13112195


obama did say a few days ago that it would be harder and harder to tell what is real or not

e6c851  No.13112196



4d019c  No.13112197

File: fbb67a5c953975f⋯.jpg (105.74 KB, 620x700, 31:35, Trump-tweet-877587.jpg)


The left will defend this

000000  No.13112198


livestream cut out for 10 minutes when the police van pulled up.

>its all CGI

6a755d  No.13112200

407966  No.13112201

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The literary career of Gore Vidal began with the success of the military novel Williwaw…The novel was dedicated to "J. T."; decades later, Vidal confirmed that the initials were those of James Trimble III, killed in the Battle of Iwo Jima on March 1, 1945 and that Jimmie Trimble was the only person Gore Vidal ever loved


>Maybe blame the kike in the White House

why ? did you expect anything other from him ?


>Anyone have any insider info on high security prisons?

Supermax, the american prison hell (full documentary)

6a7840  No.13112202


Is Obama trying to get a head of whatevers going to get released?

3dea96  No.13112203


Go back, nigger.


Nothing wrong with being skeptical after the shitstorm that was October and November 2016. Assange himself has said time and time again that PGP is paramount, and he hasn't signed it since. Not to mention the wave of death concerning Wikileaks around that time. Shit was spoopy.

ea66fc  No.13112206


that or he gave a heads up about jews that are worse than other jews

aad9c5  No.13112208


I play ass in every way conceivable.

Shitpost aside, looks like the kikes and their golems are going all out on all fronts these days. I lack the bigger picture of this though

407966  No.13112211


>Tell me about the CIA's flightplan.

there is some plane from DOJ in UK. they would probably get him out on that plane. but, it could also be a military transport.


>it still doesn't make sense to me on why he thinks he's any safer in that embassy than somewhere else

i would say that was a mistake on his part. but it was his choice.

80c638  No.13112215

File: 9e327e7090768b5⋯.png (62.09 KB, 583x287, 583:287, 3456dghfhgf.png)

A couple of days ago Cassandra Fairbanks ran into two of the ones arresting him today, they were undercover outside, she called them out

ugh video is 13mb too big and I have to go here:


409f82  No.13112216


> Britons have bigger balls than you do

your post was doing ok untill you made that hillarious claim

ea66fc  No.13112217


>yes donald , please take my rights away even though most of the 'terror attacks' are competley faked or done by the government itself

a0f4f1  No.13112220

He said you must resist


e6c851  No.13112222


It's the price they pay for freedom.

a0f4f1  No.13112226


Look at them

ea66fc  No.13112228


I like how they say this thing must be costing Landon a lot of money. Those faggots would live for this shit, if they weren't wasting money on this it would be something else for sure.

21bde9  No.13112229


If that's Gore Vidal, writer of the book, "Julian" about a romantic emperor known as Julian the Apostate.

Wiki quote about Julian the Apostate: "he believed that it was necessary to restore the Empire's ancient Roman values and traditions in order to save it from dissolution. He purged the top-heavy state bureaucracy . . ."

He was also killed under suspicious circumstances.

e6c851  No.13112233


Out of sight, out of mind.

407966  No.13112234


>It's the price they pay for freedom.

neither he and neither we are free.

860aa2  No.13112236


Every way conceivable down to economics to prevent outright rebellion. For example Basel III, gold, and lowering of interest rates. One major threat to banks is cryptocurrency because it allows transactions that the banks and credit cards can otherwise defer or stop and it is like poison to the fractional reserve lending scheme. Instead they may choose to go back to gold temporarily in the next crash. Better the demon they know so to speak.

f9a3b7  No.13112237

File: 772efa79c05cca3⋯.png (619.29 KB, 609x904, 609:904, book.png)

File: 7757b3cd99efe51⋯.png (12.93 KB, 229x133, 229:133, ISBN.png)


ISBN-10: 1494887991

ISBN-13: 978-1494887995

4d019c  No.13112238


>generic schizo reply #4956

4810ba  No.13112239

File: 1430838a97597c5⋯.png (88.02 KB, 220x294, 110:147, 1553138815259.png)

I just told my normie friends and they didn't even know who he was

when I explained they said "yeah don't care" and "sorry that i don't pay attention to internet news"

I don't mean to black pill or anything but what the fuck am I supposed to do?

5bee4f  No.13112240

ready for trump to fuck this up and do nothing?

f9a3b7  No.13112242




ea66fc  No.13112243


>I've come to /pol to tell people they're schizophenric for thinking the government does false flags on this thread

wew, kys any time

db7f0d  No.13112244


He's gona get suicided, 5 magazines of bullets to the head and they'll say it wouldn't have happened that way if the US banned firearms.

6a7840  No.13112250


"Julian has been criticized by historian Robert Browning for crediting its subject with sexual exploits for which there is no evidence."

407966  No.13112251

File: 8f9d1eeb18a0e2c⋯.jpeg (11.44 KB, 179x281, 179:281, internet.jpeg)

Ecuadorian government lied to us.

we should take note of that.

80c638  No.13112255

File: 56d6707fc3ae1cd⋯.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1554979242686.png)

4d019c  No.13112256


<"every recent terror attack is faked goy(because i feel like it)"


ea66fc  No.13112257


keep posting worm

000000  No.13112262


exact same thing here

5bee4f  No.13112265

File: b197e98830b4562⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 325x314, 325:314, 1535019010055.jpg)


i think we all know.

80c638  No.13112268

File: 613d14600c903ce⋯.png (272.05 KB, 580x526, 290:263, FireShot Capture 077 - AFP….png)



4d019c  No.13112269



5bee4f  No.13112271


they so obviously coordinate this shit for the normie attention span news cycle.

6a7840  No.13112273


the pants in the twitter video was a dead give away, why do they always wear cargos?

7793b9  No.13112274

7793b9  No.13112276

7793b9  No.13112279




000000  No.13112280


guy on the left looks like james shaw

7793b9  No.13112281



Why is my image upload not working?

a0f4f1  No.13112283

Goy has to rise up

a0f4f1  No.13112285


same here

6a7840  No.13112287

He's getting extradited lads.


ead283  No.13112289

What a fucking joke of a world. Arrested inside the embassy, which is illegal. Fucking niggers. What a load of shit.

a0f4f1  No.13112291

We are witnessing the beginning of the end..

407966  No.13112293


>Why is my image upload not working?


>Meanwhile On 4chan —- Article 13 is now in effect

7793b9  No.13112296



check out this image, can't upload for some reason:


840adb  No.13112297



what are you trying to upload and are you based in the EU???

im hearing cuckchan have started with the whole article 13 shit

a0f4f1  No.13112298


I am EU based and it is ruptly webm of him shouting "YOU NEED TO RESIST"

7793b9  No.13112299


right in the feels

sorry anon.. I feel like we could have done more.

we are all slaves to their corruption.

21bde9  No.13112301



407966  No.13112303

File: b43f05cf6d55eac⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 106zq5y.jpg)


>check out this image, can't upload for some reason:

f9a3b7  No.13112306


Cannot see your image.



7793b9  No.13112310

840adb  No.13112312

File: cef52a29a8296d8⋯.jpeg (129.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, cq5dam.web.1200.675.jpeg)

copyright article 13 test

00d99b  No.13112314

File: 8606b135917a093⋯.png (73.97 KB, 299x168, 299:168, untitledgdfg.png)


I hope Assange is fine.

Trump should look after him.

3dee0a  No.13112319


Hurt them. Stupid animals only understand pain.

018ce6  No.13112320


Didn't trump say something to the affect assange should be arrested after benefiting from and praising wikileaks for info on clinton?

aa6c80  No.13112326


no-deal brexit would have saved him.

would have kept him out of the hands of the globalists

e7b0ae  No.13112327


Yup, that was the defintive moment I lost the last iota of respect for that retard.

Literally biting the hand that feeds to please his jew masters

ead283  No.13112328

File: a09c53b3142fa70⋯.png (414.48 KB, 772x804, 193:201, 1508106391264.png)


Same. Last time I tried to convince my normiefags friends about Assange and Snowden things, about dangers of using proprietary software, global surveillance, and about this joke of a world, they just looked at me like I am retarded. They don't even think about these things, like it won't hit them ever. Fuck these close-minded morons.

80c638  No.13112330


he did, and he going to go down hard on him

000000  No.13112333




No pretty sure it was the opposite actually. Yeah it was the opposite

434451  No.13112336


probably having a "heart attack" soon…

00d99b  No.13112337

File: 0ebe3df26866fbc⋯.png (77.92 KB, 306x165, 102:55, untitledytrdd.png)


Yes, but Assange can be a great asset for anyone.

Team Trump and team Qanon should have him on their side. It doesn't have to be public, this cooperation. Whoever has him will have great power in intl politics and the media. He is extremely valuable and the right wing movement should acquire him.

Asante has the power to sway the opinion on tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people.

ffa26a  No.13112340

File: 14a8fe821c6dc64⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1430x1068, 715:534, Prepare yourself for depar….png)


>Team Trump and team Qanon

Your on the wrong board newfag

5485d7  No.13112341

File: 3aa131f3f918a38⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 182x291, 182:291, watain - go fuck tape cove….jpg)

Fuck. This is bad news.


Stowage space for all the shit they carry around.

bf5e0f  No.13112342


RIP hero

ea66fc  No.13112345

i can see this essentially being done to damage Trump running up to 2020

at some point his jesuit or freemasonry bullshit team will tell him to remember that the real enemy are goys and that he can only allowed to play in that box and that even though he said he loved wikileaks at some point now he's going to have to cheer on this guy getting blackbagged

6a7840  No.13112348


they never seem to use the pockets though

000000  No.13112350


freemasons infiltrated the jesuits not the other way around

00d99b  No.13112352


It's important that he doesn't get into the hands of the globalists. They would use him and his reputation to destroy Trump. Imagine if Assange started to speak out against Trump. It's very dangerous to our movement.

312327  No.13112353


UK must resist….why just the UK? Why's he look like an Orthodox Monk? Why does he sound like a fag? What's that magazine he's holding onto and why did the police allow him to hold it? Why was he arrested IN the Embassy? I don't understand nuffin'! Feels like a nigger.

6a7840  No.13112356


>our movement


you don't belong here.

d241ee  No.13112358


>Asante has the power to sway the opinion on tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people.

Faggot he aint Logan Paul or PewdiePie, and he never called for open borders, plastic out of the sea or nuffink 2 do wiv xfactor n shit so givs a fuk innit?

afe822  No.13112361


Most of mine didn't care and one was sassy and passive aggressive because Colbert doesn't like Assange and pushed the retarded Russia shit.

f8591b  No.13112364


See it as a white pill. At least these people won't stand in the way when the day of the rope kicks off. Most of them will just go along with it. Ah, new management? Who cares.

481b83  No.13112365

Joking me?? Free him, he did more then any faggot on here, including me (exempt St. Tarrant).

Free Assange, what? None of you think WikiLeaks was a redpill??

(Also can't let a fellow ausfag get carted to yankistan for exposing there shit secrets)

1eb505  No.13112366

File: ee85a70d61fc763⋯.png (75.52 KB, 695x294, 695:294, honkhonk.png)


ea66fc  No.13112367


they've ben fucking around so much, they've been working on kill switches, deep inspection of video content etc probably even cut power to whole areas at times to try and censor people doing things on the internet

in the end, they aren't that smart, they just cut access and they even admit it

00d99b  No.13112368


No, they did this with Ben Shapiro.

The globalists bought him and started to use Ben against Trump.

They want to do the same with Assange, to use him for their propaganda against Trump.

e139bf  No.13112370

File: 3dc24fd4e3d54ed⋯.jpeg (334.42 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, .jpeg)


Waiting for new sensations.

ea66fc  No.13112371


way more damage will be done by getting trump to turn on Assange than the other way around and you know he will, Trumps been flip flopping and dogging for over 2 years now

a0f4f1  No.13112372

File: 6279261f3be4aac⋯.png (193.95 KB, 809x637, 809:637, D33l243X4AMFNsx.png)

a1a6a2  No.13112373

File: a32cb287c79fc68⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 724x508, 181:127, Reddit_Picture_Number_2.jpg)


>the globalists


>brother of Abigail "Motherfucking Khazar Milkers" Shapiro

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(((the globalists)))

Kill yourself and leave the board immediately.

80c638  No.13112375

File: 5e24c8a1b58170f⋯.png (44.23 KB, 636x339, 212:113, ap.png)

damnit I was supposed to go, but I can't…

anyways several media outlets are now claiming that the lawyer states he has been arrested on US extradition request and breaking UK bail conditions.

no article as of yet


481b83  No.13112380


If that's the case, Trump should pardon him.

He needs to be here in Australia, preferably in nimbin. (Mind like that needs to grow some good shit)

d241ee  No.13112383


>No, they did this with Ben Shapiro.

Zionism, loxism, globalism, international jewry.

Ben never spoke out about any of those things because he is a jewish talking head. A rat. He can't defend anything unintellectual Trump says or does because he (Ben) plays the character of intellectual truth teller.

You belong on reddit or lurking.

230148  No.13112398

File: e66214b5f994116⋯.png (280.14 KB, 1102x840, 551:420, ClipboardImage.png)

Assange arrested in relation to a US extradition warrant - UK police


1f8485  No.13112408



5485d7  No.13112412

File: 64c71085a530784⋯.jpg (104.33 KB, 1080x507, 360:169, Screenshot_20190411_133954.jpg)

German news is claiming according to the UK Minister for internal affairs he won't be extradited.

80c638  No.13112414


that was the glow in the darks anon

3b0398  No.13112416


fuck, him

what did the prick think was going to happen when he released all the secret stuff

he wanted to be famous, own it you coward

80c638  No.13112418


your glow is showing cia

a0f4f1  No.13112420


thejidf.org/dashboard here

c98526  No.13112422


Arresting Gandalf bodes not well for these orcs.

3a3c0a  No.13112425

File: ba84df8f22c652c⋯.png (47.69 KB, 786x335, 786:335, 1554982757314.png)

64ae60  No.13112426


Mentally speaking they're like cattle.You can't do anything about those people. Just pure abstract information doesn't work since their actions and views are predominantly determined by the activation of their limbic system. Hence why they get their information from mainstream media and news outlets that always pull so hard at emotional strings, instead of just looking up and reading direct sources. All you can do is disassociate yourself from them and try to find more reasonable people to associate with.

2f6818  No.13112427


me, it was way more ballsy to thumb his nose at them for 7 years in the middle of the UK than it was to let them disappear him and quietly fade into nothing.

The man has massive balls tbqh

3a3c0a  No.13112428

File: 3a011f5418ac1f7⋯.jpg (620.18 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 1554982826905.jpg)

301626  No.13112431


That's been entirely dismissed…it was fake shit from the start.

d241ee  No.13112433



For masons death is merely a state of transition.

50986b  No.13112435


8ca0a4  No.13112436


Make like a glowstick and snap, you luminescent nigger

340a13  No.13112437


Bullshit like this is what keeps me lurking chans lol

3a3c0a  No.13112438


d241ee  No.13112439

File: baefab55795c469⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1078, 960:539, WTF1234521345.png)



Believe the press goys, believe.

ea66fc  No.13112441


it's just D&C

expecting proof of life after years of bullshit doesn't make anyone a shill, trying to d&c over it now does

09173c  No.13112442


>The man has massive balls tbqh

A common trait among Aussie Anglos. You probably noticed this after NZ. Remember to always participate in Australian threads, cunt.

df7bfc  No.13112443

File: 7f18a4591d754cd⋯.webm (9.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sky News America 11 April….webm)

a0f4f1  No.13112444


Remember this day

3afa01  No.13112446

File: 4aeef707aa82f69⋯.png (517.19 KB, 650x925, 26:37, wiki2.png)

So, Insurance Files when?

80c638  No.13112447

File: a0f451b43853e52⋯.png (515.15 KB, 630x770, 9:11, baconconfirmation.png)


d1007c  No.13112448


I hope they don't make you Fly, White Wizard Assange.

d1317a  No.13112449


Confirmed for staged bullshit.

Police don't let you carry anything when you're being led away in cuffs.

A book can be used as a bludgeon.

Also notice how he's looking straight at the camera, right out of the gate.

He was told where to look.

8ca0a4  No.13112450


>oy vey! stop holding us accountable for our retarded conspiracies to sow discord into peoples minds years ago!

You faggots are the ones forcing D&C, not those of us that knew he was alive and well.

4e8947  No.13112452


Live court feed

c98916  No.13112453

Will wikileaks release they key to their 400gb encrypted archive?

4bcca6  No.13112454

I guess Australian communism failed before American imperialism ill have to watch some cunt's thesis on why America bad.

ea66fc  No.13112457


you're just too obvious, but keep posting please, you never know when a shill will go down for betraying their country

6a7840  No.13112459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3a3c0a  No.13112465

File: 0f416d978ad4704⋯.png (367.37 KB, 597x847, 597:847, 1554983722240.png)

4f50ea  No.13112466

Doesn't Assange have a dead mans switch set up? are we going to get nukes dropped on wikileaks in 24 hours?

000000  No.13112467

jews slow boiled him

3a3c0a  No.13112468



insurance.aes256 DE 18 1B 73 EF F3 5E 39 DA

wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 0F 0B DA 00 F0 35 9A 0F C8

wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 AB C2 04 75 6B AB 85 BE 30

wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 73 6B 46 4C 2F 84 9A C2 A4



















<inb4 the nuke the seedboxes

d241ee  No.13112470

File: d0c576f5a55716a⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, jewhandsignals.png)



You cannot believe the media they lie and are White Supremacists.

a3f89b  No.13112472

File: 3da569d9426ce1d⋯.jpeg (299.86 KB, 830x500, 83:50, AC94894E-BEF6-4410-ADE3-2….jpeg)


We need to activate more almonds

3a3c0a  No.13112473


2017-01-25 Vaul7 (All of CIAs shit)


2016-06-03 (UNNAMED)


2016-12-09 Shadowbrokers (Alleged Aliens and Projects)


2013-08-16 Snowden Cache (NSA Projects that were only mentioned in the Snowden revelations)




2012-02-22 Stratfor (Military/Regime change)


727ba0  No.13112474

File: bcd3f9d074b339e⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 602x684, 301:342, gamergatewikileaks.jpg)

Respect from /v/

170b2e  No.13112475


Pretty sure that was a bluff. I guess we'll see in 24 hours though.

d1007c  No.13112478



I have this one on my drive. Awaiting further orders.

000000  No.13112479




cf1802  No.13112483

File: 9e609199a269c63⋯.png (343.72 KB, 576x412, 144:103, ClipboardImage.png)


That's not even Assange. He's just an actor.

3dea96  No.13112485

File: c0927cfc4d743d1⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 1078x718, 539:359, 7pnx.jpg)

c98916  No.13112487






When will they release the keys?

a0f4f1  No.13112489

We should not forget Seth Rich aswell

000000  No.13112490


>Team Trump and team Qanon should have him on their side

You are so dumb it is better for you to neck yourself before harming somebody else.

f9a3b7  No.13112492


We need SHA256 hashes of the insurance files too.

df7bfc  No.13112495

File: dfc7de0a03fce8f⋯.webm (761.13 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Sky News America 11 April….webm)

File: 43dc443046505a1⋯.png (43.71 KB, 634x358, 317:179, Defend_Assange_Campaign_on….png)

000000  No.13112498



Assange - putin's shit!

6a7840  No.13112502



000000  No.13112506

We need to retaliate. Does anyone have any creative ideas for ways in which we could retaliate?

80c638  No.13112509


they fucking (((CNN)))-ed him

b4b15d  No.13112510

Arrested for being an agent of Israel? I have been waiting for this for some time, great!

6067e0  No.13112511

>>13112244 (checked)

6a7840  No.13112512

Julian Assange will be taken to Westminster Magistrates court this afternoon. He has been arrested under a US extradition warrant for conspiracy with @xychelsea for publishing classified information revealing war crimes in 2010.


that opens a can of worms for (((the media)))

f426ca  No.13112514


da9328  No.13112515

Bibi “re-elected” and Julian Assange arrested within 24 hours.

6067e0  No.13112518



Boomer get the fuck out

d241ee  No.13112521


OOOhhh that sucks.

It's worse really, a wanky little reporter told a QC he was probably being a bit illegal talking about something they had called him up about.

ea66fc  No.13112524


Agreed, the whole Iraq war was based on information that turned out to be false and no one got in trouble for it.

1511a7  No.13112525


MI5, MI6, GCHQ, the CIA, in minecraft

0aef01  No.13112528




d241ee  No.13112529


Would suck to be in Iran right now. Wonder if they're ready? How many goyim do you think will die to take it?

c301b4  No.13112532


Everyday i hate America more and more. One giant jewish scam. He level up from Geralt to Gandalf. Poor guy. But when Chris Chan LARP as woman, it is ok.

0aef01  No.13112534


Any min now.

Hey Wikileaks drop ALL of your shit you have right this second. It’s the only chance he has

64ae60  No.13112536

File: 8ae3cba8e5538a8⋯.mp4 (6.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GeneralJonathanShawSyria.mp4)




Business as per usual.

5bee4f  No.13112537

File: eb97afae89a8aaf⋯.jpg (45.94 KB, 720x690, 24:23, 1554362865138.jpg)


yep. my pain is sharp and constant and i do not wish a better world for anyone.

d1007c  No.13112538


Who would've guessed.

2c80a2  No.13112539

the warrant was issued in 2017 and considering the nature of this extradition, the white house was involved and gave the green light

for those hoping for a miracle from trump, please be aware that this was done under the instruction of his administration

000000  No.13112541



Look at this vile shilling! From here on out we are going to constantly hear about how Qanon and Donald Trump are secretly working with Assange and even though it may look like Assange is being railroaded, it's really just 3D chess! Absolutely disgusting. We need to retaliate!

5bee4f  No.13112542


omg stfu retard

0aef01  No.13112543


Yeah we knew before we even sat the orange dumbass. Trump won’t live this one down I can assure you. A shitstorm of /pol/ proportions is about to rain down on the cuck and it’ll be funny seeing him squirm

e97cff  No.13112545


>I just told my normie friends and they didn't even know who he was

>when I explained they said "yeah don't care" and "sorry that i don't pay attention to internet news"

>I don't mean to black pill or anything but what the fuck am I supposed to do?


People will only give a shit when their wifi fails and their fridges are empty

cf1802  No.13112547

File: 5077fe2c90822e1⋯.png (29.37 KB, 940x170, 94:17, ClipboardImage.png)


y u mad tho?

000000  No.13112548

Damn, it finally happened. Poor dude. Must be crazy depressed after being stuck in that one building with little hope for so long.

Looking forward to some keys getting dropped.

d241ee  No.13112549


Like after pardonning the Rabbi meatplant owner

Like after moving the embassy

Like after bombing Syria

Like after saying Golan is Israeli

c98526  No.13112550

File: 0cac3bee2a58808⋯.png (422.99 KB, 950x1060, 95:106, AssangeHappeningArrested.png)


Threadly reminder: April is happening month

e139bf  No.13112551

File: eb1ccdaf502183c⋯.jpeg (184.75 KB, 579x599, 579:599, ja.jpeg)




0b3517  No.13112552

Exposing Evil deeds Get Arrested for trying to make the world a better place Hey guys these people that are the ones Chosen to protect your nations are abusing their power selling out your interests they are Ruining the world Shut up goy get in the Van Slippery slope? Or a FF don't expose the (((Elite))) fall guy Something something

Seriously though

Acceleration of Clown world is a go censorship WeW

5bee4f  No.13112553

File: 9b29b0bca08a8b2⋯.jpg (28.3 KB, 437x431, 437:431, 1535433781892.jpg)


that might be it for me.

b55668  No.13112554


We've been arguing that for years. It's not a new thing. The whole point was that he was missing for a period of months during which the facial surgery scars would heal. An Anon on here even succesfully predicted when he would make a "public appearance " and idiots would consider it proof of life.

0aef01  No.13112555


Yep. Like those examples

Also the literal kikes he surrounds himself with on a constant basis.

Free JA and give him the Nobel peace prize

000000  No.13112557




If this does not redpill you about Trump then you deserve the same fate

5bee4f  No.13112558


sorry. sperged and didn't see the image. my bad.

b55668  No.13112559


He's still dead idiot. What does this show? They they have a good actor??

793df5  No.13112560




4f50ea  No.13112561


at least kampfys shills will fuck off for the weekend. The board quality tends to improve when trump is caught with BiBis ring on his lips.

000000  No.13112565



Either you are trolling or you are mentally ill trying to cope. This is real faggots, and you are next if you do nothing.

a37c31  No.13112566


Zionism was originally considered antisemitic and a solution to the JQ.

The Nazi party didn't consider Palestine a suitable location (because they sympathised with the Arabs), but supported the idea of Zionism - because it provided a solution to the JQ.

Read Germany and the JQ

ea66fc  No.13112568


it's D&C

if anything assuming he is dead puts more pressure on them every time they try to trot out Pamela Anderson and pretend nothing is out of place about him never coming to the balcony anymore etc but honestly, I don't want to argue over this because that's presicely what is wanted.

0aef01  No.13112570

So , the question arises /pol/ ,how do we spring the White Wizard and Saint Tarrant? We have our work cut out for us it seems.

*rolls up sleeves

4f50ea  No.13112571




go back to watching alexjonesstein, who recently called for a US invasion of Venezuela.

890979  No.13112572


Рубашкин? Наш человек!

d241ee  No.13112575


That's what it meant then but like the jelly it is, it can take any mold, it means global government run by and for the benefit of international jewry now, so what?

994d02  No.13112589


ill never understand why people continue to repeat everything we know. totally useless post

dfe84c  No.13112590

Look at how many of you dumb ducks repeat over and over that he is dead. In thinking that you are more intelligent than you are and so fucking special you become the dumbest fucks on the planet.

>But I wanna féel specials !!!!!

add348  No.13112594

I dont fucking know man. Personally he looks a fuck but honestly we need to know wtf these govt types are doing so they dont turn people into their cucks

15185e  No.13112597


So… what about the dead-man switch? Isn't that enough for him to just drop everything they got? I waited for the arrest to happen actually, but I'm sure i'm going to be disappointed.

Nothing ever happens. His arrest might be proof they they either got hold on his stash or its nothing they are worried about.

a37c31  No.13112599


Just saying that merely supporting Israel and anti-semitism isn't mutually exclusive.

You can hold the view "Jews are a bad influence on the societies they inhabit, once they reach significant minority status and positions of power" and "The state of Israel is legitimate and should be supported and stabilised" at the same time.

Israel gives us the ability to insist "fuck off back to Israel" - an unstable Israel will not act as a good containment zone.

Extermination was tried and failed - better to send them to their homeland - then when their agents are removed from power in other nations Israels influence in the internal affairs of other nations will be reduced (because no local jews) - then we must work together to stop the country destabilising causing a jew migration crisis.

Whether you agree or disagree with the stragegy you surely can at least see that an anti-semite can desire the annexation of settlements and recognition of Jerusalem.

3cc29d  No.13112602

Of course he's still alive you fucking retard

cf1802  No.13112606




Hang on a minute. It is POSSIBLE that Trump is orchestrating this in order to pardon Assange.

0aef01  No.13112610


Fuck off

5bee4f  No.13112611

File: ab5937ff0fa7c08⋯.jpg (114.72 KB, 1024x837, 1024:837, 1554210661918.jpg)


well, hopefully, but let's be real: nothing good ever happens.

4e1d7c  No.13112614


>smug anglo zogbot

>dindu manlet cop barges past him OUTTA DA WAY CUNT

>oi sorry guvner

df7bfc  No.13112616

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

102839  No.13112617

well he does look like someone who spent close to decade in asylum and later under constant surveillance

looks pretty bad

3cc29d  No.13112618


Trump hasn't even pardoned Flynn, who is bankrupt by now

add348  No.13112619

>>13112597 I think its the second thing u mention. They aint gonna just drag his ass out unless they not scared anymore. Besides, since the podesta emails, he has not released anything too much fun.

102839  No.13112620

File: 85ec51dd68e1fd4⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 800x577, 800:577, D330QPjXoAIi-G7.jpg)

heres a better image of him

36044f  No.13112623


about time they got that freaking jew

82ff9e  No.13112624

File: 47cdea2397488ef⋯.png (122.94 KB, 511x671, 511:671, 47cdea2397488ef562711e75d8….png)

FUCK Britain and FUCK the USA

0aef01  No.13112625


Thumbs up is now racist. Do it for him

all hail the White Wizard!!


6ae203  No.13112626

Assange is a hero, no doubt about it, but he should have planned better and made his escape before this point in time. Also he should have exposed the jews instead of tried to appeal to ZOG's non-existent morality.

ef86cd  No.13112627


Well I guess we now know why the Feds Gulagged Chelsea Manning

dfe84c  No.13112628

You white bigger faggots on /pol/ who want to stay atupid shit like Assanga is dead when you don't really know a fucking thing and want to prioritize feeling special at the expense of reality and my race are more cancerous than likes. Fuck you self serving bitches.

5384ac  No.13112629


Haha, what a faggot, good riddance

6ae203  No.13112630


Trump can't orchestrate shit.

t. Someone who used to believe the wall would get built

5bee4f  No.13112632

File: 62e2c97cf8b3114⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 785x800, 157:160, 1492966320002.jpg)


based and redpilled

9f130c  No.13112633


Let me guess. The NZ shooting was Mossad too. Nothing real ever happened.


a385e3  No.13112634


this but unironically

a0f4f1  No.13112635


d241ee  No.13112636


>You can hold the view "Jews are a bad influence on the societies they inhabit, once they reach significant minority status and positions of power" and "The state of Israel is legitimate and should be supported and stabilised" at the same time.

No you can't if you want to stick to the terms of the Balfour Declaration, which is how Israel was created but you know that, happy belated 100 my friend, shalom.

You either give the Palestinians their own state which would be all the land back from before the staged 6 day war.

Or jews enjoyed political status outside of Israel should not be respected. I.e get out of our countries and stay in Israel.

That's what it says.

2f6818  No.13112638


So is this trumps olive branch to the national security voter block that he has ostracized for the last two years? What evil times we live in.

c301b4  No.13112639


>Team Trump and team Qanon

You should kill yourself if you have chance. Are you new here or what?


>Imagine if Assange started to speak out against Trump. It's very dangerous to our movement.

We are not your MIGA movement.


>against Trump

Trump is globalist. Trump is what Israel want. He is not your savior ( if you are not jew ).


>Extermination was tried and failed

No. We never tried to exterminate. We always send them somewhere and it get only worse. Extermination is only solution for JQ.

9733ef  No.13112643

Glad for the faggot, why should he be able to skip bail and get away with it.

1e9af2  No.13112644



He's dead now.

a0f4f1  No.13112648


Stop glowing negroid

1e9af2  No.13112650


47 is old, faggot.

add348  No.13112651

How long u guys think he will be sentenced if back to the US?

abec73  No.13112652

File: 64b6becc030c81a⋯.jpg (17.58 KB, 480x316, 120:79, 4y2RzKnI0suqodUn.jpg)


Could all botnet operators get together and take down the whole internet back-end in Ecuador to protest?

I am currently keeping https://www.consuladovirtual.gob.ec/ offline (15 GB/s).

Surely there's some technical fags here?


000000  No.13112655


kill this piece of shit, seriously, kill him, everyone will celebrate his death

1e9af2  No.13112657


You will do nothing.

cf1802  No.13112662


I have potentially a couple hundred GB/s that I could throw at it, but on the other hand I'd probably lose my job for misusing company assets. lel

0aef01  No.13112663


Checked. It’d be funnier to grab him and interrogate him while live-streaming. Top funny

1e9af2  No.13112664



Reported for supporting Trump.

cf1802  No.13112666


Reported for anti-Trump shilling

38ecc8  No.13112669


He would have a pretty good damn reason to speak out against Trump. His leaks helped the guy win the election, and Trump's DOJ has thanked him by trying to arrest him since 2017.

> It's very dangerous to our movement.

What movement? The one Trump betrayed immediately after getting their votes. Fuck off, /r/the_Donald/ faggot.

8cdaf2  No.13112670


Should use the 5G logo for hat…..

2f6818  No.13112671


No, he is doing it to curry favor with national security voters he has ignored for the last two years. Trump is a fucking rat, only a rung or two above the dems. The state of American politics is pathetic. Rand Paul might be the only decent politician in the whole dam country.

c301b4  No.13112672

File: 6eea1b28128c621⋯.png (7.22 KB, 231x218, 231:218, crying_wojack.png)


Fuck Trump, fuck UK and fuck all jews. All he want is shitpost on wikileaks.

4e1d7c  No.13112673

File: c08feb7d95ca38b⋯.jpg (118.38 KB, 1512x1000, 189:125, MV5BOWFlYWZmZGItOGNiNi00Zj….jpg)


>that might be it for me.

You're late.

5bee4f  No.13112678


rand paul is a pos too

0aef01  No.13112680


Precisely. There are none left that are not comped. Honk Honk

cf1802  No.13112684


>national security voters

You mean the swamp? I doubt it. The investigations into them are only just beginning, now that the "Russian Collusion" farce has run its course…

I wonder how much light Assange could shed on that?

6092db  No.13112686

File: 919332493f019a7⋯.jpg (582.92 KB, 1422x1016, 711:508, anglo subhumans cheering f….jpg)

File: c8d25a459a17631⋯.jpeg (68.74 KB, 600x278, 300:139, anglo subhumans on the qu….jpeg)

Every single *nglo is a subhuman deserving to be exterminated.

3b508e  No.13112698


Fuckin wot?

f5f586  No.13112700

File: 016f54f69445726⋯.png (372.39 KB, 633x701, 633:701, Podesta acting like a reta….png)




0aef01  No.13112708


Checked. My oh my look at the time

cf1802  No.13112713



Why the fuck hasn't anyone shot that cunt in the face yet?

4b1010  No.13112715

File: 3cf1fec9b4680d8⋯.jpg (308.69 KB, 1240x922, 620:461, 5caf38a9fc7e93e9618b462b.JPG)

0aef01  No.13112716

This is direct retaliation for reclaiming the flag and honk honk. Time to accelerate and instigate

6463d2  No.13112722


I'm right there with you brother. 1488

ccb2c6  No.13112723


Biggest cockgobbling faggot ITT

2f6818  No.13112724


That makes me quite angry anon.

a2ae3d  No.13112725


their dystopian shithole of a country for starters.

000000  No.13112726


Why haven't you?

99f5e5  No.13112729



0aef01  No.13112731


Checked. Sieg Heil

a0f4f1  No.13112734

File: 622a2c777ad0f7c⋯.png (105.16 KB, 419x360, 419:360, snuganon.png)

Start polishing riots and major leaks. This might become violent

f9a3b7  No.13112735


Is this a real photo?

0aef01  No.13112742


No need to be angry , save your anger for this winter when it gets really cold. It will help keep you warm at night. This response from skippy was exactly to be expected and it shows how weak he truly is.

f9a3b7  No.13112745

File: cc89f4b7273167e⋯.png (392.55 KB, 1321x853, 1321:853, ClipboardImage.png)

Reverse-Image search.

>Based Gentleman

000000  No.13112746

>(((Amerimutts))) arresting an Australian for exposing their crimes

I hope every single mutt gets wiped out soon

534765  No.13112748


It won't. The public will not care.

dd9c57  No.13112749


i hope, but doubt.


why should anyone here care about flynn?


its being built tho… were the videos not proof enough for you? or are you one of the faggots that also think brent didnt do anything because shell casings are hard to see, but clearly visible. but not visible enough.

000000  No.13112753



Truth is…the game was honked from the start

d1007c  No.13112754



c301b4  No.13112755


>Hang on a minute. It is POSSIBLE that Trump is orchestrating this in order to pardon Assange


4b1010  No.13112760

File: b9831ea02ea1a6b⋯.jpg (317.01 KB, 1240x922, 620:461, IMG_20190411_151017.jpg)


Yes. Source: RT.com

b286a0  No.13112763

File: 5358b8903ed8342⋯.jpg (147.45 KB, 1005x625, 201:125, 28870ac299119564d481e63be9….jpg)

ccb2c6  No.13112769


You can always get a new job.

Do it faggot

f004bb  No.13112772


r/Donald shill lol, how dumb you have to be? I am not even white lol, is this whites of america fucking low IQ trashes, some of them.

f9a3b7  No.13112778

File: 94ff887852f9545⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1537x1141, 1537:1141, ClipboardImage.png)

Any significance to the numbers here? Or standard police outfit?

1a7857  No.13112780


If you're not white your opinion is irrelevant.

000000  No.13112784


GOOD. Trump ordered the arrest. He pardoned a jewish criminal and wants the death penalty for a white male. This is Trump. Fuck your MIGA movement.

62e74a  No.13112793

The masses will never stir even for this. The Jew has too short of a leash on them

e7fa8f  No.13112794


Legendary photo

3f724b  No.13112795


fuck off yank, ZOG exists because of you morons.

add348  No.13112797

Hope he can get out of prison el chapo style

2f6818  No.13112814


Assange is stronger a symbol fighting the corrupt system. His team has all the technical skills they need now. He wouldn’t be any good as an outlaw.

18611a  No.13112817

File: 06a17f238f18601⋯.jpeg (5.66 KB, 288x175, 288:175, hoofdloze meneer.jpeg)


>>most of the 'terror attacks' are competley faked or done by the government itself

<i'm a huge fucking retard

751536  No.13112822


Looks like he’s signaling to the masons.

80c638  No.13112825

File: e6f7fcffe970cbd⋯.png (339.62 KB, 578x702, 289:351, homowald.png)

000000  No.13112826



434451  No.13112828

File: 667e31f42702a74⋯.png (324.02 KB, 420x666, 70:111, HONKLER.png)



2c80a2  No.13112829


if it is its a very dangerous way to go around doing it

he could have simply revealed the existence of the extradition warrant, let the media circus run around for a few days for dramatic effect, then drop the pardon

instead the ecuadorian president was blackmailed into cooperation, assange's immunity was ignored entirely, and assange's person, assuming he's brought over here, will be under easy reach of the people who wish him ill

this is the fruit of over a year of diplomatic effort by his own administration, don't forget

i think hoping for a pardon from trump is wishful thinking, but who knows what he's thinking really

we'll see soon enough i guess

000000  No.13112831


Everyone that celebrates this should be put on a list and cut their tongues on the DOTR

4b1010  No.13112832



add348  No.13112833


Good point. As long as the organization (wikileaks) is there, I think its good

69aca0  No.13112835

File: 26132d24c5d33b6⋯.jpg (40.27 KB, 389x423, 389:423, wikileaks assange arrested.jpg)

File: a5e2945a8ef9558⋯.jpg (95.04 KB, 527x553, 527:553, ecuador breaks internation….jpg)

File: a3f23dba6da47ff⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 393x283, 393:283, wikileaks assange arrested….jpg)

Just when you think things can't get any niggerer.

e29d23  No.13112838


charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified U.S. government computer… together with Manning.

maximum sentence if convicted: five years.

i wonder if the embassy counts as "time served"

6463d2  No.13112843


I agree. Regardless of your opinion of Assange, simply the existence of wikileaks provokes the following thought in peoples' minds: "There may be more going on behind the scenes that we don't get to know, also wtf is a 'Goyim'"

7b2f97  No.13112844

File: cd17b2e9b35dc9e⋯.png (371.31 KB, 654x477, 218:159, boomers_like_you_belong_on….png)

1e9af2  No.13112848


>As long as the organization (wikileaks) is there

You mean the one that was taken over years ago?


Notice how they didn't dump the files that he intended them to dump. Because there are no such files.

534765  No.13112850


Everything is so fucking juvenile nowadays it hurts my fucking brain. I understand why people call it clown world when adult men talk about the actions of their tyrannical government by using fucking little emojis and the word "schadenfreudelicious." Fucking neck yourself, God damn them all

1e9af2  No.13112851


But you're not going to do anything.

c301b4  No.13112855

File: 76d6dad10e55283⋯.png (685.42 KB, 720x720, 1:1, subscribe.png)



5618ea  No.13112857

File: 1d53992e7bb6255⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 300x348, 25:29, 1d53992e7bb625531c84904107….jpg)


Same story, except I told them all off. I got little to no response from 3 different people listening, and after about 20 minutes of me explaining why it mattered, the room was silent. I packed up my shit angrily, and when one finally asked what was the matter I told them they're all useless. As I was leaving I said "You're all fucking cattle. The jews are right about you".

I doubt I have any friends left.

4b1010  No.13112858

4d7219  No.13112859


Professionalism is a facade.

c7139d  No.13112862


>That's not even Assange. He's just an actor.

even if it isn't the entity known as assange, still doesn't mean that assange is not an actor to begin with.

d241ee  No.13112864


> when adult men talk

a diversity hire isn't really an adult or a man

1e9af2  No.13112865


Kill yourself, I guess. You care what normalfags think and refuse to physically act.

80c638  No.13112866


fucking this

df8fb7  No.13112867

File: 696cf44b38398b8⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 672x658, 48:47, 1441326067271.jpg)


>He wouldn’t be any good as an outlaw.

Unfortunately I'm afraid he's probably going to become a martyr. I know my wet dreams of him dumping civilization ending shit will never come to pass. But he has served his purpose. Now the circus sideshow goyim education begins for plebeian enjoyment. I hope he burns it all down with him he will tryhe will fail

1993e2  No.13112871


>there is some plane from DOJ in UK. they would probably get him out on that plane. but, it could also be a military transport.

Why would they shoot a man, before throwing him out of a plane?

c301b4  No.13112874


We are your frens anon.

2da5a5  No.13112875

000000  No.13112876


>adult men

that's a nigger

2f6818  No.13112877


They say never meet your heroes. It’s a lot worse watching them get dragged out and humiliated. Jared Taylor was right in his recently banned speech. From the outside, we must be looking like we live under soviet tier oppression.

Perhaps it’s not that bad yet, but it is really getting there.

000000  No.13112881




Truth is…the game was honked from the start

18611a  No.13112883


>t. Someone who used to believe the wall would get built

I hope you learnt your lesson. If changing the world was as easy as voting, the world would've been changed by now.

Thinking (((they)))'d ever tolerate even a REDUCTION in immigration is terribly naive, anon.

1e9af2  No.13112884


>Now the circus sideshow goyim education begins for plebeian enjoyment.

Not really. He'll be memory holed immediately now (and simultaneously dirt holed).

0aef01  No.13112887



9733ef  No.13112888


Top kek

2f6818  No.13112890


It is as easy as voting. If we had solid blocks of local up to national voters, a lot would change. The Jew divides.

c301b4  No.13112891

File: 0d638c1082ffe23⋯.png (488.59 KB, 472x470, 236:235, off_by_one.png)

a1a667  No.13112892

File: 453391d2c84923f⋯.jpg (14.95 KB, 474x361, 474:361, jared8Ty1.jpg)

Kushner is a genius wait till he uses Assange for Trump's 2020 relection by pardoning him thus securing white liberal democrat votes votes

1e9af2  No.13112893


>It is as easy as voting.

Go back to reddit. You don't belong here.

>If we had solid blocks of local up to national voters, a lot would change.


000000  No.13112894

RIP Assange. RIP Manning. RIP freedom. The totalitarian surveillance state won't stop until all dissenters are silenced.

94b568  No.13112896

inb4 suicide or suddenly gravely ill

df7bfc  No.13112897

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Full Interview: Julian Assange on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More

534765  No.13112902


He'll slip in the prison showers land on 10 bullets

ffa26a  No.13112903


>It is as easy as voting. If we had solid blocks of local up to national voters, a lot would change

Imagine being this naive

1993e2  No.13112904


I am getting a 403 error, Upload the video to mega or something and link it here. I can compress it to below 16mb and upload it.

ad8f4c  No.13112905


How dare you misgender Bradley Womanning.

df8fb7  No.13112906


Don't forget to hit that bell!


Normally I'd agree but he was far too much of a pain in the ass for them. He's gonna be made an example.


>From the outside, we must be looking like we live under soviet tier oppression.

Looks a lot like it from the inside too friend.

18611a  No.13112907

1e9af2  No.13112910


"Oh, no. He seems to have hanged himself with his own bedsheets in a room with a 10 foot ceiling and no hooks or other anchoring points."

c301b4  No.13112914


But i don't want to make Israel Great. Fuck Qanon, Kushner and Trump.

2f6818  No.13112915


I was likely here before you, new friend.

000000  No.13112916


Manning is a hero regardless of tranny faggotry.

1e9af2  No.13112917


No, you weren't. You're brain damaged. Go back to reddit. There is no peaceful solution.

36916f  No.13112918

File: 6377ab8c6eb913f⋯.jpg (137.17 KB, 800x658, 400:329, MOH[1].jpg)

I am going to be laughing so hard at the Anti-Trump SHILLS when it turns out he was arrested and extradited so that Donald Trump could make him an American citizen, give him the Congressional Medal of Honor, and offer him a place on his Cabinet.



a1a667  No.13112919

File: 7535632ade65b9c⋯.jpg (48.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, donald-trump-jan-2-18-gett….jpg)

This is Trump waging a war on deep state, wait till he pardons him and see them kvetch

6f5c16  No.13112921

File: ce6aaa8b3b7a2a4⋯.jpg (217.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, the_lordof_therings_gandal….jpg)



000000  No.13112922


And that is the end result of non-violent action: defeat. Be violent. Attack and kill all your enemies constantly, until none of them are left alive. If you don't, they win.

1e9af2  No.13112924

5618ea  No.13112925


>we must be looking like we live under soviet tier oppression.

It's actually worse. In Soviet Russia at least you knew where you were going when the guards came to take you away. At least you knew that your face wouldn't be paraded around for all to see, even those not in your country.

2f6818  No.13112926


The very man we are discussing proved nonviolent methods are far far more affective than any violent solution that has happened.

ad8f4c  No.13112928




1993e2  No.13112929


>what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Get better friends.

6f5c16  No.13112930


That's why he was being carted while he cried out for civility?

1e9af2  No.13112932


>The very man we are discussing proved nonviolent methods are far far more affective

1. You can't spell.

2. You can't write.

3. You know absolutely fucking nothing about what you're saying.


e29d23  No.13112933

0c7458  No.13112934


WTF is Alan Moore doing there?

ffa26a  No.13112935

File: 1c0c41e8de86fc5⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 500x333, 500:333, misato gun.gif)



Is this Qtards declaring a war on /pol/? The rate of retardation is to the point this thread has to have been linked by their board, or one of their shitty subs on Voat

2f6818  No.13112936

Your a fucking degenerate.

592408  No.13112938

File: f203f8369fd732b⋯.png (1017.79 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Assange HONK HONK.png)


>How does /pol/ do it?


0c7458  No.13112939


>400 gb of "endgame" security files

So how long before the "deadman switch" timer runs out on the decrypt key release?

6bf5de  No.13112941

It's fuckin war now.

0feb23  No.13112942

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't wikileaks doxx ICE agents because Assange threw a hissy fit over family separation at the border?

000000  No.13112943



7f9c6b  No.13112946

Where did all those insurance files go? Julian arrested and nothing released, ain't that some shit?

7b704f  No.13112947

File: 4a0e3f28bf9979b⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 1547158201511.gif)


holy shit he's still alive.

c3c3ab  No.13112951


Spain under Franco was against the jews and the commies. Catalonian cucks like Puigdemont and Junqueras are globohomos who want to suck the EU dick. I still don't understand why would Assange side with the californians of Europe.

c301b4  No.13112953


>I am going to be laughing so hard

So you will never lauch. You will wait for wall, draining swap, arresting deep state etc. Instead you will get legall migrants and more money for Israel. 4D chess are mental illness.

2f6818  No.13112954


Reee reddit

You fags are the worst. You have no idea what you are talking about. Assange instituted change which shifted the whole world Overton window more to the right.

Meanwhile you violence fags just get guns banned and larp like faggots.

Show me violence actually working and I will get behind it. Otherwise read up on aulinsky and starting using their tactics back at them you weak untermensch

5618ea  No.13112955


That gif is edited you know

18611a  No.13112958

File: 5fd09cc21fea24e⋯.jpg (217.82 KB, 720x714, 120:119, stupid nigger award.jpg)



goedemiddag nederbroer


>It is as easy as voting. If we had solid blocks of local up to national voters, a lot would change. The Jew divides.

No. You're nothing but a liability. Wise up or fuck off, good goy.

7b704f  No.13112960


it's clearly edited. But by who and for what purpose?

d3726c  No.13112962


f1b4f3  No.13112963

File: 9a99299529f13d6⋯.png (10.41 KB, 185x272, 185:272, goyim.png)


>also wtf is a 'Goyim'"

Lurk 6,000,000 more years before posting again newfriend

df8fb7  No.13112964

File: 79fa2c8df09aeb9⋯.png (445.92 KB, 889x816, 889:816, Selection_122.png)

And here's the headlines on your state approved MSN newsfeed… I hate this timeline

36916f  No.13112967

Kind of interesting on Retard Central:


Everyone there is 100% pro-Assange, but no comment on Donald Trump failing to support him or allowing this to go through.

f3965b  No.13112969


trump is going to throw the book at him, you're a fucking retard

1993e2  No.13112970

File: 01e9d7cb3e3b4fe⋯.jpg (73.16 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 106zq5y-2.jpg)


You fuckers need to learn about checksums and how to change them.

>Babby mode: put a single tiny dot on the image in mspaint and save.

>Option two: Change the metadata with a hex editor.

They block images based on the checksum, but making a tiny alteration will allow you to bypass the filters.

534765  No.13112971

Hoor ik kankernederlanders?

6f5c16  No.13112972

File: 7f2578effbd3ecf⋯.png (36.85 KB, 1000x632, 125:79, Confederate_Union_Jack.png)



f9a3b7  No.13112974


Part of me wonders if we should celebrate this. Was he dragged out? Or was he being given cover from a bullet? He doesn't look as fragile once he was put behind bullet-proof glass.


36916f  No.13112975


Wow, I'm glad Scarlett Johannson is in a good mood after those issues with the paparazzi.

991f56  No.13112978

>its the UKs fault

>we have any say

>implying even our government has any say

He'll be on a plane to America tonight.

5618ea  No.13112979

File: 8b837323245b712⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1 you.jpg)


>shifted the whole world Overton window more to the right

The left and right are both controlled by the same lobbyist jews. Realize that the left wants unrestrained immigration for the US (which feeds into the "prophecy" jews have that involves whites intermixing with muslims) and that the right wants infinite money for Israel and wars for their enemies (an obvious benefit to jews).

Realize the only way out is the third position. Realize that the third position will not be allowed to exist if it is outside the bounds of jewish control, and the only way to change that is through revolution.

This has been "new to /pol/ 101"

ccd4cd  No.13112983


Read the replies to this tweet

Literally everyone is celebrating

The whole world has a common enemy now, and we are that enemy

It's all fucking over. Kikes won eternally

18611a  No.13112986

File: 67043a1020d9973⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 272x88, 34:11, democracy.jpg)


>I was likely here before you, new friend.

That'd be even worse. Being here for oh so many years and still having the same understanding of the world as a baby.

Democracy serves as a struggle-free method of control that gives the people the illusion of power, ensuring their complacency.

Nothing more.

36916f  No.13112987

File: 0f5e758bf2ebfcb⋯.jpg (483.77 KB, 1500x2250, 2:3, pol-museum-emperor-trump.jpg)


>implying the God Emperor won't fire Pompeo and make Julian Assange the new Secretary of State

Anti-Trump shill, please go.

3da1ff  No.13112989


That should have happened a long long time ago in its infancy. The energy just isn't here all the time though I imagine it will ramp up soon with the coming season. Hell the past like 4-5 years of zeitgeist has been founded by our actions from 2013-2016

0aef01  No.13112992


Best bunch of blokes and Cobbers a feller could ask for. When it’s all done and finished maybe we can laugh over a bonfire drinking some cold beers. Until then , Auf Wedersehen and see you in Valhalla!!

0c7458  No.13112993


I'm always caught between envying the hopeful naivety of sincere 666d parcheesi Trump supporters, and pitying their increasingly likely mental retardation.

991f56  No.13112994


>imagine coping this hard

He's going to Guantanamo and will never see the light of day.

534765  No.13112996


>He was arrested for failing to attend a court hearing after being granted bail. I dont really see the point in pretending otherwise.


c301b4  No.13112997


These optic cucks are exactly like white traitors who call for white genocide. They expect niggers will not kill them when shit hit the fan. Same with these peaceful fags. They expect that jews will let them because they are good goys. I have more respect for NPCs than for people who know truth but decide that cucking is better because it is non violent.

592408  No.13112998

File: ae234f5204865c4⋯.jpg (346.29 KB, 968x1406, 484:703, rightwinghate.jpg)

07f568  No.13112999


>he's still alive!

not anymore

ccd4cd  No.13113000


This is what literally everyone except us believes. We are the world's enemy. We're fucked forever

18611a  No.13113003

File: c0459932eecb683⋯.jpg (13.68 KB, 335x151, 335:151, this faggot.jpg)


>The very man we are discussing proved nonviolent methods are far far more affective than any violent solution that has happened.

Oh, so that's why we're living in a world free of jewish control and repression?

<oh wait, WE'RE NOT

you fucking dipshit

3da1ff  No.13113004


Scarlett Jewhannson*, get it right.

df7bfc  No.13113005

File: e68fb72721ebf0c⋯.webm (7.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sky News America 11 April….webm)

what it's like to be interviewed by a walking yeast infection

1e9af2  No.13113007


Reported. Go back to reddit.

a1a667  No.13113008

File: 09f417417f78990⋯.jpg (63.65 KB, 562x371, 562:371, TeTluxS.jpg)


>/pol/ schizo shills: T_D supports Assange so we must start being contrarian.


Most replies are supportive of Assange, learn to read.

534765  No.13113009


>but muh government told me that was why they arrested him and muh BBC said it too so my little peabrain believes it.

Time for a mass cleansing.

5618ea  No.13113010


>We are the world's enemy

>We're fucked

oh you sweet summer child, this is when the fun starts

1993e2  No.13113011

File: 8fe6f6e686b403e⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 613x531, 613:531, 8fe.jpg)

0aef01  No.13113012


Correct. Honk Honk

0aef01  No.13113015


Oh good , shit was beginning to get stale

000000  No.13113018


(((They))) tied up all the loose ends before dragging him out. How many confirmed WL people did they kill off again?

4044a2  No.13113020


he was told that he couldn't interfere with political shit in order to remain in the embassy. if he were to provide direct proof of life, that would be seen as a political statement, invoking his arrest.

f8e3b6  No.13113027


>oh you sweet summer child, this is when the fun starts

Not when the whole world has us as their enemy number one.


>Most replies are supportive of Assange

Reread the replies. Most are celebrating. Literally everyone but us is clamoring 1984

fe97d0  No.13113028



>ctl-F key

>no key found


5618ea  No.13113030


>being alive while white is a political statement

Welcome to Clown World

9c118c  No.13113031

File: 5bcf1c4a5263033⋯.png (751.59 KB, 1008x912, 21:19, be22c3694f67487ca2bfb615fc….png)


Things are about to get very, very interesting.

0e9b62  No.13113032


Gross. The guy was an admitted and devoted sodomite. He was a massive part of disarming our parents’ generation against the fag menace. All fags must burn.

bde3d4  No.13113033

File: 8ce4f7185e123ae⋯.png (182.21 KB, 554x552, 277:276, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at ….png)



>Hey Julian, would be a shame if you went to federal prison and given tranny shots


>remember Seth Rich?

It could happen, r-right?

b1eee8  No.13113034


Anyone who believed in shills in the first place is an idiot who has no business being involved with right wing politics. They lie about nearly anyone who sides with the right on anything to show distrust and discord.

Like this shill >>13112554 for instance.

Whenever you see information, give a benefit of doubt until it's confirmed by all sources. Don't be a moron who believes in one source of information.

5618ea  No.13113036


>Not when the whole world has us as their enemy number one.

I'm just gonna assume you're young and not that interested in history. Go back about 70 years, and learn about what happened the last time whites were the whole world's enemy.

534765  No.13113037


This bitch's pants are soaked watching Assange get arrested. How bad is the brainwashing?

f740ae  No.13113039


Completely fake acting.

Maybe even a clone.

They killed him back in 2016.

0c7458  No.13113047

a0f4f1  No.13113052



What exactly am I reading here

000000  No.13113053

36916f  No.13113056


God damn, that's not what I was pointing out. It was simply that they all love Assange, which is a good sign, but of course they must be running through some type of mental gymnastic that this has nothing to do with Trump, and he has no power to help Assange.

And it is a good sign. You have sell-out faggots like Mark Dice tell Manning that they are a traitor who should be in prison.

5618ea  No.13113059


You first, Asses and Elbows

dd9c57  No.13113060


>Notice how they didn't dump the files that he intended them to dump

talking about the "insurance"?

the files have been readily available for a long time. many people have them, all 137gb. the key to unlock them is what they need to release.

5485d7  No.13113062



She's a kike. Very ironic that she goes by the name 'mensch' which means human

c98526  No.13113064

File: 307c190a67ba908⋯.png (245.78 KB, 956x848, 239:212, ClipboardImage.png)


>I doubt I have any friends left.

You don’t get to bring friends. You don't get to travel with friends down the rabbit hole anon. We each navigate through the depths in solitude knowing that we will never see the surface in the same way as we once did. The pings of our posts echoing on a Mongolian finger painting forum break the silence. These are the only reassurances that our mind does not explore these depths alone. We explore the continental shelf of our civilization and see the truth of it's fragility. We find it's fragility is only exceeded by it's inherent evil. We gag our emotion reflex, stifling the desire to breathe feels that would surely drown us at this depth. We descend yet further. Dehumanizing and face to bloodshed, as we plunge ever deeper into what we innocently once thought was was a fount of knowledge many lurk moars ago. We do so that we may uncover yet deeper darker depths in what we now know as the Void beneath us. The only lights down here in the darkness are those that glow, seeking to hook the unwary discerning traveler with the bait of disinformation.

Then we finally see it. Off in the distance. There! Faint as a whisper of smoke on unignited tinder at first. As we get closer we notice this glow different to the sickly colored bait that has hampered our travel thus far, to this uncharted depth. This glow has heat. Radiant heat. The anger and power of the Sun is held within it's bosom. The volcanic red glow greets us as we near. We finally see. The fire rises.

cfee0c  No.13113065


None are with us but all are against us. Normie fags people will never see our way ever. MSM is God and we shall live in a eternity of sharp constent pain. Better world is impossible now and theres nothing we can do about it.

36916f  No.13113066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're right, anon, and notice the timing. It's right before Donald Trump is going to invade Venezuela and save us from the globalists to the south!

000000  No.13113067



every single news organization celebrating the arrest and the death of free speech must be bombed

0aef01  No.13113068


jews ma’am , jews

5618ea  No.13113069


Go away now

000000  No.13113070


>Whenever you see information, give a benefit of doubt until it's confirmed by all sources. Don't be a moron who believes in one source of information.

You're using that wrong. To give that information the benefit of the doubt would mean to believe it until proven wrong. What you mean to say is that one should remain skeptical; that is, to doubt it until proven wrong.

07f568  No.13113072

File: ec25567fb4e2e99⋯.jpg (644.32 KB, 960x625, 192:125, muh freedoms.jpg)


Yeah, that's because nobody gives a fuck. How do you think things get this shitty? They still use nosebook don't they? They're retards, ignore them. How often do these vapid holes communicate with you? Find real friends who won't turn you in to the pigs.

000000  No.13113074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

18611a  No.13113076


>Lurk 6,000,000 more years before posting again newfriend

He was quoting a potential normalfag. Read it again; pay attention to the FUCKING QUOTATION MARKS


nederland sterk

AIVD weg ermee



Hey look it's the defeatism guy again.

Look anons, we must not be so close to defeat if they're paying people to come here and act defeated.


>oh you sweet summer child, this is when the fun starts


0c7458  No.13113081


>I doubt I have any friends left

They topped being actual friends the moment your path diverged from theirs to walk down the rabbithole. I know this feel.

Luckily you do still have frens. Look at your (You)s.

000000  No.13113085


They will listen. When the bombs drop, they will listen.

b2a13f  No.13113086


Take your pills schitho.

000000  No.13113087


>The single charge, conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, stems from what prosecutors said was his agreement to break a password to a classified United States government computer. It is not an espionage charge, a significant detail that will come as a relief to press freedom advocates.

I wonder if this means other Wikileaks-type organizations will still be protected under the first amendment.

133df8  No.13113088


The (((financial))) capital of the world wasnt always jew york. Besides, D&C has no place here.

7f9c6b  No.13113089

when do the files get released?

5618ea  No.13113091

File: dff1efb26eddeb8⋯.png (11.61 KB, 549x375, 183:125, 1402834643967.png)


You don't have to tell me twice about the journey to this point, I've been around /pol/ since it became a board on 4chan. But maybe you're right about not bringing friends. I've tried for years. They won't jump down that rabbit hole, they'll only care when that fire is directly outside of their houses. They'll be unprepared, shocked, and without heirs. But they chose this path.

2f6818  No.13113092


Same you worthless larding untermensch

7485f0  No.13113093

Will this trigger the release of the "poison pill" password?

a0f4f1  No.13113094

He was found guilty by britbong judge for bail

18611a  No.13113097


Reported for samefagging.

0aef01  No.13113098

bd0110  No.13113099

File: ebd54e44d0f759f⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, peter scream.jpg)


>tfw pain is sharp and constant but wish for a better world for everyone

c3c3ab  No.13113100


O hai FBI-kun

cf1802  No.13113101


They were only ever holding you back anyway. You'll see.


Dubs confirm, I will immediately begin killing.

5618ea  No.13113102


That's ok, you'll grow up soon.

36916f  No.13113103

File: 61c1fcd7954cd0e⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, douglas-ducote.jpg)


You know, anon, there used to be a time when every god-fearing American patriot would have been willing to die for Israel. Back in the days when people still followed the word of Jesus Christ and America was Truly Great.

You could learn a thing or two from those great Americans.

849c9d  No.13113104


Even he knows we have literally nothing but eternal pain and death left…


None of us have any friends anymore, only enemies.


You should realize that we will never get a better world, only one that hates us forever. We are dead, fucking done.

5485d7  No.13113105

File: a17bdfee1e0fda7⋯.jpg (93.84 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 25131_Dope-196.jpg)



Asking Wikileaks on Twitter might get you an answer. Nobody here knows.

18611a  No.13113107


>I doubt I have any friends left.

We're all comrades in a shared struggle, anon.

We are your friends.

bd3217  No.13113109

I literally don't even know what this guy did other than btfo the world with wikileaks. He leaked U.S secrets, but what secrets?

0c7458  No.13113112


We'll know within a day or two. He would've been the one with access to the deadman switch, and given how much he's been shuffling around, it would have to be on a 24, 36, or 48 hour timer to account for occasional internet outages.

f67336  No.13113115


He exposed war crimes, they really don't like that.

0aef01  No.13113117



Cuck. Fuck doug he is a christ cuck extraordinaire

000000  No.13113118



He had no internet for over a year now. The way dead man switches work, the keys would have been released already.

5618ea  No.13113119


Stop IP hopping you fucking nigger.

bd3217  No.13113120


Is there a quick rundown on the specifics?

30eb18  No.13113121


>only one that hates us forever. We are dead, fucking done

If you really care then your own ego, your own life should be a footnote in what you want to see for the future.

18611a  No.13113124


>another ip-hop

Another report for you.

849c9d  No.13113125

History is written by the victors

MSM = God

Assange = Satan

2c5346  No.13113126










000000  No.13113128


>I doubt I have any friends left.

It was an honourable way to ruin friendships.

107f4f  No.13113130

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b5fd7b  No.13113131


Has anyone verified yet?

03c053  No.13113132


Pizzagate, Hillary sacrificing to Moloch, etc.

36916f  No.13113133


He endangered the lives of millions of American soldiers who defended the United States from invasion by Iraq.

000000  No.13113137

Assange's biggest crime was calling out the kikes in the thick black rimmed glasses.

That's why they want him.

Because he KNOWS.

This is the work of Trumps jewish puppet masters Javaka and Co.

07f568  No.13113138


He's also every boomer and american christian I know, judging by the titles of his videos.

9e9a2d  No.13113139



What's this?

c98526  No.13113148


There is no joy.

There is no 'happiness'.

There is no 'love'.

There is only pain.

The pain is constant.

The pain is in my waking flesh.

The pain is in my sleeping dreams.

It pains to breathe.

And I am numb.

a0f4f1  No.13113150



5618ea  No.13113153


Jesus fuck, how many IPs are you going to blow through in one thread?

000000  No.13113155


>American soldiers who defended the United States from invasion by Iraq.

wew lad

76e6ca  No.13113156


stop bothering with them. their existence will drive you mad if you permit it.

3da1ff  No.13113158


Jesus christ I can see your fucking glow from a thermal satmap.

36916f  No.13113160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



He is even worse than you might realize. Wild Bill for America seems rational compared to him.

5485d7  No.13113162

—-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 md5sum wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 a243f323612b86155e4c44c7efa38d90 sha1sum wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 a3e666f7f03001ce1b6556133b5217ab0d668463 md5sum wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 0a7f57171f4ba49e42d3cb9cd602ec72 sha1sum wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 7e56d7a720ba6e9b00bbb66e6f64bd46e9285361 md5sum wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 c735e3f7c6d0ae2cad131b5539d303b0 sha1sum wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 e74fd2fdd5e3bc6a0cb26813746912394385422e —–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—– Version: GnuPG v1.4.14 (Darwin) Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org iEYEARECAAYFAlIUlaYACgkQiUYBSLCJyGLSAQCfVCz4JlWSD5HH5dyBdKoJ/o8A 1rQAn2ov+5idIjXp3hRg1m+GtajoHPoi =dhUT —–END PGP SIGNATURE—–

446243  No.13113163


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

03754f  No.13113164



000000  No.13113165


Cassandra Fairbanks is Mossad.

bd3217  No.13113167


It was clearly sarcasm you spergs, fucks sake, iraq has no capability of invading the usa

0c7458  No.13113173


I can tell this is a shitpost, but this isn't the thread nor board.

000000  No.13113174


You should consider killing yourself, and then take immediate action.

cf1802  No.13113176



Fucking macfags

000000  No.13113177


If the embassy was not in the UK they'd just drone strike it, what did you expect

30eb18  No.13113178


Encrypted files wikileaks released on their twitter sometime ago after a scare relating to Assange, containing MI6 files, DOD files and other future leaks to be released, without any sorting by the Wikileaks team I assume. Not to be confused with the 1.4GB "insurance file to the Afghan War dairy page, these insurance files are on another level.

Here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/796085225394536448

e28106  No.13113180



Tony Podesta arrested last Saturday?

000000  No.13113182


macfags get ovened with the jews.

000000  No.13113183


Lost all my friends after Brenton Tarrant. Because of him, they think I'm radioactive now. Kinda like it, though. Life is refreshingly more honest.

1993e2  No.13113184

File: 8211751848f6963⋯.jpg (255.09 KB, 900x1034, 450:517, tails_gets_trolled_9_by_ta….jpg)

c301b4  No.13113190


You are fake clone.

df7bfc  No.13113191

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WikiLeaks video: 'Collateral murder' in Iraq

5485d7  No.13113192


Better source for the checksums

a0f4f1  No.13113194


Thanks for chuckles anon, I had really bad day

03754f  No.13113195


That boomer should be euthanized.

It's senile already, how long before it begins shitting the bed?

30eb18  No.13113196


Whatever you say, rabbi.

18611a  No.13113198


>He endangered the lives of millions of American soldiers who defended the United States from invasion by Iraq.

Stop shitposting, retard.

000000  No.13113200


Holy shit what's this?

Is this the motherload?

9e9a2d  No.13113204


thanks for the info, bless

36916f  No.13113206


Glad you are so serious. That's exactly how good memes get started, people being very serious.


I actually think he's of value as a Trump-era Our-Greatest-Ally caricature. His channel has gotten pretty big, I'm guessing all boomers from Facebook.

5485d7  No.13113208


Checksums for the insurance files. So you can verify they haven't been tampered with.

80c638  No.13113209


I've only heard the name before this, but I don't know who he is other than I read the top of his wiki something about him claiming everyone is bisexual (nice try homo)

anyways it must mean something… the passphrase must be something about him or that book

07f568  No.13113211


Friends? Stop gaslighting like a cocksucker. I used to have friends, then I grew up. We quit talking when life got busy. Nobody has roots anymore, nor live who can remember what real friends are, besides drinking and watching grown men catch balls. They have families and get their friendships in (((church))) now, which combined shames them into behaving like pets. God forbid your friends become cops, or go to work for somebody like Boeing. Then everything they know about or can remember belongs to the kikes. Its worse than having a nosebook.

52d627  No.13113217

File: 7383a54ee6bac85⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 470x753, 470:753, assange.jpg)


http://file.wikileaks.org/ is also wide open with all past releases. May be a good idea to mirror now.

5618ea  No.13113218


>Friends? Stop gaslighting

Thank you for revealing that I should filter your ID while you still only have 4 posts.

000000  No.13113221


>catch balls

I reckon you've caught a lot of balls.

000000  No.13113225


Wikileaks won't be going away any time soon. They have the infrastructure and support to keep operating without Assange. If anything, this will stoke further support and get more people to contribute.

bd0110  No.13113226


What makes you think I have anything to do with this doug guy?

03754f  No.13113230


All those fucking boomers should be conscripted and sent to die for Israel.

Let the Zionists fight for what they believe in, within 10 years none will be alive.

30eb18  No.13113231


>actually believing this concerted lie

Wanna know how I know you have a bias?

7df7ac  No.13113234


He exposed Jewish lies.

52d627  No.13113235


They may be comped by now. Back in Oct 2016 lots of weird stuff including some file size changes on the insurance files.

07f568  No.13113236

>>13113218 (14)

>>13113221 (54)

how do you do it?

1c2cf9  No.13113243


He was accused of not using a condom. That's it. He had consentual sex with a woman, but she told him to put on a condom and he didn't. She later contacted the police to force Assange to test himself for HIV. That's when the snowball started rolling.

a0f4f1  No.13113250

Twitter started locking accounts that support assange, just got locked out on 2 accounts for tweeting #FreeAssange

5618ea  No.13113253


Provide proofs. Black out the names.

495d38  No.13113256


They've never stopped hating white people who seek self determination.

000000  No.13113258


>just got locked out on 2 accounts for tweeting #FreeAssange

>on 2 accounts

Idiot. You probably just got banned for samefagging on Twitter.

a0f4f1  No.13113259



d0e263  No.13113264

000000  No.13113266


Everybody involved was killed or driven into hiding, the glowniggers own it now.

52d627  No.13113267


Excellent work!

Also, there's a bunker backup thread just in case.


d4a293  No.13113269

File: e54e9c19ecbeea2⋯.png (198.87 KB, 749x502, 749:502, rise.png)

f650e1  No.13113273



look at shops where the police buy their own gear. it's all cargo pants and baseball caps for off duty/civ appearance. usually it's the footwear that gives them away.

000000  No.13113274


Who was killed?

36916f  No.13113277


What has really hurt Wikileaks is that they haven't had a major story in a couple of years.

000000  No.13113278

Hahaha look at the faggot shills working itt. You morons are so obvious, years later and you still can't into board culture…

03754f  No.13113279


Holy shit, that roastie has no soul.

Possessed by Moloch, a slave to Jews

5d0dd7  No.13113288

File: 5f3d40d9a896787⋯.png (274.65 KB, 838x500, 419:250, 5f3d40d9a8967878a9f727c78f….png)


b4d375  No.13113309

This should be a fun week with all his dead hands going off.

000000  No.13113313

The Deep State Cunt Pedo American Dirt Side is Fucked now…. Go Trump !!!….

aece74  No.13113317

File: 82d857dbcfa812d⋯.png (108.03 KB, 1000x950, 20:19, 1518481482856.png)

b4d375  No.13113319


Ass Angel was a quasi-masonic honeypot, that's true.

f89c84  No.13113321

He's already been sentenced?

b4d375  No.13113324


Moreno was leaned on by the US IIRC for reasons and he didn't get along with JA.

342051  No.13113327

>Ecuadorian embassy abruptly and illegally revokes Assange's asylum and he is arrested

>all over the news

Right, so what is it that they're trying to distract everyone from this time? Must be something big if they were willing to create such a large distraction.

b4d375  No.13113328


Wait for the leaks to happen. Keep checking here and other places.

000000  No.13113332

Dropping PEDO FILES ……3….2…..1…… Presidential Pardon….! Trade TRade LEmonade….

ce27ad  No.13113333

Jim is saying that Chelsea was released the day that Wikileaks stated a high level source indicated Assange was to be arrested, indicating that Chelsea is a turncoat?

0c7458  No.13113334


Considering what all they have released previously, the dead hands have to be some MAJOR shit.

If they actually go out, could finally be the triggering of a full SHTF scenario.

000000  No.13113335


Taking down a group with fake AKs and RPGs must have given the major a nice promotion before retiring.

81a992  No.13113336


Go back to plebbit you retard

5618ea  No.13113337


That's a good point. Maybe Iran.

36916f  No.13113338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember a few months before the election, when Assange was actually the darling of Fox News? I honestly have a hard time believing that Trump & co won't get a big backlash on this if he is extradited to the United States. Also, earlier post with everyone on The_Donald supporting Assange. >>13112967

I can't find the full clip of him on Fox & Friends, it was a good example of my point.

b4d375  No.13113341


The (((Commonwealth))) is meaningless. Commonwealth realms are illegal anyway.

t. Quebecois

ca2bc5  No.13113342


So drumpf base and drumpf is anti-pedo? He and his supporters are going to lose support.

e0e4a2  No.13113343


>muh rape

Still going on and on about rape charge that was dropped years ago and was made exactly so that it would be possible to extradite him to the US. Even now as it is happening you retards won't change your NPC tune.

2848f2  No.13113347


>doesn’t know what goyim are

Holy newfaggotry

ca2bc5  No.13113349


So Assange is anti-pedo? Throw away the key.

5485d7  No.13113350

I really hope Daniel Domscheit-Berg doesn't control the keys. Wouldn't be the first time he Fucked Asange over.

b4d375  No.13113351



Wait a few days/weeks.

000000  No.13113353


Downloading. Not sure what I'll do with it but at least I'll seed for a while. FYI, here is a checksum.

$ sha256sum file.torrent
f739823a8fd0b3226d2f6316e8f4dc7a5b31f4a58d02307e3c9ab4d1596c04e6 file.torrent

000000  No.13113354

f89c84  No.13113355

Brady Manning gets released from solitary on April 4, 2 hours later Wikileaks reports Equadorian sources expect Assange to be arrested 'within hours to days.'

The troon flipped.

0c7458  No.13113360


Read that comment again, slowly, & facepalm.

a0f4f1  No.13113362


Stop watching that nigger merkur, he just said that nigger

aed196  No.13113366

File: 7160f4d021b7ddb⋯.jpeg (126.26 KB, 655x692, 655:692, E7539BFE-AA6C-4689-865A-9….jpeg)


Clearly you have no choice but to kill your shit-tier normie “friends”.

ed8c3a  No.13113370


get new friends

6f5c16  No.13113372


American Poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:


The trait and test of the poet is that he builds, adds, and affirms. The critic destroys : the poet says nothing but what helps somebody ; let others be distracted with cares, he is exempt. All their pleasures are tinged with pain. All his pains are edged with pleasure. The gladness he imparts he shares. As one of the old Minnesingers sung,?

” Oft have I heard, and now believe it true, whom man delights in, God delights in too.”

Poetry is the consolation of mortal men. They live cabined, cribbed, confined, in a narrow and trivial lot, – in wants, pains, anxieties, and superstitions, in profligate politics, in personal animosities, in mean employments, – and victims of these ; and the nobler powers untried, unknown. A poet comes, who lifts the veil ; gives them glimpses of the laws of the universe ; shows them the circumstance as illusion ; shows that nature is only a language to express the laws, which are grand and beautiful,- and lets them, by his songs, into some of the realities. Socrates ; the Indian teachers of the Maia ; the Bibles of the nations; Shakspeare, Milton, Hafiz, Ossian, the ‘Welsh Bards, – these all deal with nature and history as means and symbols, and not as ends. With such guides they begin to see that what they had called pictures are realities, and the mean life is pictures. And this is achieved by words; for it is a few oracles spoken by perceiving men that are the texts on which religions and states are founded. And this perception has at once its moral sequence. Ben Jonson said, ” The principal end of poetry is to inform men in the just reason of living.”


Julian Assange is a poet, as evidenced in his old site from 2007: http://web.archive.org/web/20071020051936/http://iq.org/

Mon 26 Feb 2007 : Decisions made by a group reflect its membership

Insofar as our decisions are an expression of who we are, we must make sure that we do not lack courage. Insofar as we want a full range of intellectual opinions, we must have the courage to accept the full range of emotional inclinations that lay behind them.

==Tue 26 Sep 2006 : The Defiled Sanctuary

Bertrand Russell introduced the second volume of his autobiographical work with the following:==

I saw a chapel all of gold that none did dare to enter in, and many weeping aloud without, weeping, mourning, worshipping. I saw a serpent rise between the white pillars of the door, and he forced and forced and forced, till down the golden hinges tore; And along the pavement sweet set with pearls and rubies bright, all his shining length he drew, – till upon the altar white, vomited his poison out on the bread and on the wine. So I ran into a sty, and laid me down among the swine. W. Blake, The Defiled Sanctuary

==Mon 18 Sep 2006 : Even so, we did what we believed in

Even so, we did what we believed in:

Treason, yes, perhaps, but with good cause.

History will judge by its own laws,

Each act within the sunlight of the season.

Love was what inspired us, a reason

As pure as any saint in Satan's jaws.

Nor was the god we worshipped through those wars

Demonized, as later all would see him.

Justice would not just sustain our guilt,

Undoing those who would undo a wrong,

Leaving us in lucid infamy.

Instead, it would remember what we willed

Under the illusion of a song

So beautiful it would the chained earth free.

000000  No.13113373


Manning was turned before he even became trans. He was utterly broken and convinced to cut his dick 'n balls off.

Activists think it's great but it was done to ruin him.

36916f  No.13113374

File: 6212bca00443ff8⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 600x401, 600:401, boomer-future.jpg)


Years ago, Assange talked about leaks from Bank of America that he would release if needed. This is going back a long time, before he was even in the Ecuadorian embassy.


At the very least, they will get the best of medical care.

000000  No.13113377

YOuFagets are yelling telling and selling me on the idea that he doesnt have deepstate pedo material that was never released ….lol you know anything about scanners?

b4d375  No.13113381

File: dbe554f9e4331ef⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 474x552, 79:92, OES.jpg)


Fairest amongst thousands anon…

80c638  No.13113383


ugh you made me click… my eyes just got aids

b4d375  No.13113386


This was a reaction to Barr saying the Mueller report would come out this week. They didn't want JA filling in the blanks of the redacted stuff that came from the UK.

This is all about covering MI6 ass.

0a3d1a  No.13113387


You first. We'll follow you right after, I promise :)

0c7458  No.13113388


I don't doubt that they've been selectively holding some things back simply to not end up tipping off WWIII. I'm betting there's a fuckload of casus belli in those files on top of everything else.

b39ba7  No.13113391


I haven't followed assange too much, but I've briefly seen CNN shilling assang ebeing a Russian spy lmao. Ooooooh boy.. even if that was russia, the kremlin, putin would be absolutely based and freedompilled.

>people don't realize actual content of wikileaks and just shill their rhetoric


000000  No.13113392

KeYsIght TecH called Jules they want there MObile unit back…lol(joke) Lets talk about Walnut sauce and cheese pizzas and hotdogs everyone.

a5786b  No.13113394

File: 1b49b07bc47270a⋯.png (112.48 KB, 249x217, 249:217, LIKE A HERMIT.png)


First thing I thought of when I saw that pic

Also, what happened with "Day Assange Killed"? Did we get fucked by psyops?

b4d375  No.13113395

File: 324455f7e91f40b⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 474x266, 237:133, SAC.jpg)


No, anon, the end of the beginning. Assclown Assange created thousands more of him without the ego and with better opsec.

000000  No.13113399


Nobody even knows who Assange is more than vaguely and the media's done a good job of scaring people about it. This will help, not harm, Trump in the 2020 election.

Don't get too high on your own supply kiddo. The opinions expressed here are very far from the mainstream.

c98526  No.13113401



URLs linked in that tweet 404. Namely:




These URLs are also listed in >>13112468 but misses out one, and duplicates another




duplicated: https://file.wikileaks.org/torrent/2016-11-07_WL-Insurance_UK.aes256.torrent

missing: https://file.wikileaks.org/torrent/2016-11-07_WL-Insurance_EC.aes256.torrent

3c5b19  No.13113407


Triage, anon. If you're handling nuclear secrets or cheese pizza, than everything needs to be airgapped. Your everyday banking records need the minimal protection. (You do have multiple offshore investment accounts accessible only by physically presenting yourself in person, right anon?)

146f90  No.13113408

File: 41dc191f55ca99a⋯.jpg (116.69 KB, 800x537, 800:537, 41dc191f55ca99aa7e9a9393a8….jpg)


Ah yes muh Democracy.

81016e  No.13113413

File: 89f75c8fc3ee700⋯.gif (300.37 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 89f.gif)


It was literally a stupid meme from the German thread on halfchan /int/, people there spammed it way before and it just so happened that something happened on that date. I know because I shitposted it too

3c5b19  No.13113415


>at some point his jesuit or freemasonry bullshit team will tell him to remember that the real enemy are goys

Why do you think he said he wants JA arrested? You have to play along and more correctly BELIEVE what you are saying. Kikes are mindreaders, never ever forget that.

df7bfc  No.13113417

File: bccc0ee2761f6b8⋯.png (476.65 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

File: 5401b579cac078e⋯.png (588.86 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

File: 87dd02ff276034e⋯.png (594.21 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

File: 9974a661c778002⋯.png (554.67 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

File: 2c5a6bf941aa705⋯.png (519.57 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

3c5b19  No.13113418


There are post-Jesuits who are aware and are taking care of the issue.

df7bfc  No.13113419

File: 47c9f634d1115b3⋯.png (448.71 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

File: 5f6f7bc9e2541f9⋯.png (398.46 KB, 1845x2388, 615:796, Julian Assange Indictment,….png)

File: f762b04c08e3938⋯.webm (8.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sky News America 11 April….webm)

c98526  No.13113420


>We fucking have to kill ourselves now. We have no choice.

Switch off a ((​(problem))) on your way out like a good Shabbos light goy.

c301b4  No.13113421

File: 555f01e7acccb02⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, superhacker.png)



nice digits anon

3c5b19  No.13113426


That ice storm across Quebec was a little convenient, eh?

07f568  No.13113433

File: 4aa40ae2a9c96e0⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 640x350, 64:35, lullaby.jpg)


>remember when Julian was on Fox Jews?

No, nobody remembers anything. I don't even have cable, and I deliberately don't watch election shitshows, because that's all it is.

3c5b19  No.13113437


So the Keebler fucking elf did it.

>Trust Sessions

Was Assange Q-Larp? He disappeared March 28th.

80c638  No.13113438

File: 8c530561d652557⋯.png (258.57 KB, 629x711, 629:711, D34BywxW4AAbHQU.png)


Daily caller getting hammered for this


3c5b19  No.13113439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


But you're supposed to go tranny at the same time, right?

c98526  No.13113444




>special software

>uber hax0rz


63a85d  No.13113446


> when Assange was actually the darling of Fox News

When was it that Hannity went to the embassy and interviewed him?

36916f  No.13113447


>Nobody even knows who Assange is more than vaguely and the media's done a good job of scaring people about it. This will help, not harm, Trump in the 2020 election.

I don't agree at all. He is well-known across the political spectrum. He was even interviewed by Hannity, one of the last people you'd think to support him.

It is true he hasn't been in the news much lately, so it might be some time before this story gets legs. The real turning point in the United States is if he is extradited here, that will be major news.

And yeah, if Trump doesn't pardon him, it will hurt him in the elections. Not so much in number of votes, but it will help extinguish that last bit of belief in him by anyone below the age of a boomer. Trump won over Hillary because of enthusiasm, not absolute numbers.


I don't have a TV, but I follow the news on Youtube and elsewhere. This was right before the elections, when tens of millions of Americans were doing the same.

5618ea  No.13113448


>signed 3/6/18

Confirmed they've been doing this for over a year.

548ffa  No.13113450

Never trust the anglos, they are the biggest backstabbers.

5d0dd7  No.13113453

File: 03ec8f4cb95ffad⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 325x346, 325:346, 03ec8f4cb95ffad12bbc0d28b6….jpg)


i know this dude is a nihilistic fuck but he sounds extra blackpilled today

98ff5a  No.13113454


How can anyone bleat like a sheep that they live in a "demawkracy" when the government can commit illegal actions, immoral actions and lie to your face about it? "Secret stuff -muh" How can you be "represented" when you do not know what your "representatives" are doing in "your" name?

Government secrets are purely totalitarian, despotic and prove that you are just a sheep to be shorn, and cattle to be slaughtered, a slave to be used and thrown away.

Accept it or do something about it.


3c5b19  No.13113455


36916f  No.13113462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


January 2, 2017. I thought it was before the election, but I was wrong.

4d019c  No.13113463

File: 63efab8cc987c2c⋯.png (188.92 KB, 500x504, 125:126, d2e6843825c7eaeb0842c81d03….png)


07f568  No.13113467

c98526  No.13113471


Probably. If she could sell used air she would - but the Ecuadorian embassy have been out to evict him recently.

b30764  No.13113479

File: f16f2a890a01c4a⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1537994482814.jpg)

Man, could he have picked a more orwellian "nation" to get arrested in? The UK has the worst speech laws on the planet.

000000  No.13113481

Tranny Power shapeshifter onboard the ship full of redpills…Its ok without people liking it trust me. For the love of country bitch boi !!! lol

d6f626  No.13113482

Did the Mister Metokur stream just go down?

2f6818  No.13113490


Deleted. What was the video?

84e74a  No.13113491


stream just went down

4d019c  No.13113493



Lol "daily caller", more like daily scum, making fun of some poor guy who's been forced to jail himself in isolation for 6 yrs.


Why was he in the UK in the first place? Worst place to be in currently since the soviet union. He should have known that lol, unless he's still a believer in "democracy".

c301b4  No.13113494

File: 02b7dd2a7564b45⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 346x236, 173:118, hell.gif)

Mister Metekour livestream shoaed during stream.

000000  No.13113495

Dont spit on the Tranny just yet…… she/he serves a purpose cunts!.

e8fe5f  No.13113498

3c5b19  No.13113504

I think it was the French that wanted JA arrested because he has a lot of info on how they really operate. These things are more sensitive than Trump's tax returns.

669a73  No.13113514


He ended the stream, then immediately deleted the video before any kind of action was taken against his channel. Metokur might be an asshole, but he's not a retard.

c301b4  No.13113515

File: f639cf45c388179⋯.jpg (271.05 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, welcome_to_america_goy.jpg)


Doesn't look like he did it to be honest. He could say goodbye at least.

c5906e  No.13113516

insurance passphrases when?

5618ea  No.13113520








669a73  No.13113522


He did say goodbye. Were you fapping or something?

e5d4de  No.13113525



3c5b19  No.13113526

File: 05e068bf8018df4⋯.jpg (109.63 KB, 1300x1035, 260:207, tuwink.jpg)



>thumbs up

Trust the plan goys?

c301b4  No.13113530


Aha. Get it. What livestream? Never seen any livestream here.


I was minute or two behind. So maybe he did. It shut down during talk for me.

6f5c16  No.13113531


There is nowhere to escape, they will follow and find you wherever you go, but yeah he should have planned better, but what could he have really done? Waco, Ruby Ridge?

3c5b19  No.13113535


E Chapo was able to afford mercs, anon. Mercs don't care about your cartel when you can't pay them. Sinaloa is done anyway.

e5d4de  No.13113538

669a73  No.13113539


What's really sad is that there are a bunch of channels that feel the need to do this now, delete the videos as soon as they're done. Louis Rossmann when talking about Apple and their practices for example.

df7bfc  No.13113541

File: cfbba67ea51d570⋯.webm (9.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sky News America 11 April….webm)

Statement from Assange's legal team

000000  No.13113542


Is it legal to download/share these files?

669a73  No.13113549


No. It's only "legal information" when it comes from an "official source" with an "official story." This is why so many countries now have "fake news" laws.

5618ea  No.13113551


Yes, of course. Everything published is no longer secret material.

d39636  No.13113552


They are still running around trying to recruit new leadership.

b30764  No.13113555


Its only legal for CNN to look at. Everything we know, we are getting from them.

000000  No.13113557


>He ended the stream, then immediately deleted the video before any kind of action was taken against his channel.

What did he say that could get his channel pulled?

db25ea  No.13113563



cc9a1e  No.13113565


How's the "Manning flopped" theory looking right now?

b30764  No.13113566


I wouldn't get your hopes up. It was likely a bluff all along.

000000  No.13113567

No response from Trump's twitter. Just daily reminders that he's a victim. Donate more, goys.

95f85d  No.13113572


Who knows? Jewtube will come up with all sorts of reasons to come after you if you step out of line

0c1175  No.13113573

Deserves to be pardoned to fuck over the alphabet and hillary camp that demonized him.

But I'm sure Trump won't do shit.

cc9a1e  No.13113575


It's more a case of jewtube will pull your channel for anything they can, so don't give them anything whatsoever. It's pretty amazing he's been able to last this long, actually.

6a1d59  No.13113577

gore vidal history of the national security state includes vidal on america a collection of original interviews with acclaimed author gore vidal conducted by paul jay senior editor of the real news network includes a collection of original photographs

in base64






migth be something like this?

669a73  No.13113578


He was talking about the fact that wikileaks posted that he would be arrested 2 hours after Manning got released from solitary. Basically talking about the Manning connection, talking about how they might have tortured manning in order to force a confession to conspire to commit a hacking against the US government. Which is now why Julian Assange, a guy with no hacking knowledge, is accused of "training Bradley Manning to hack."

d6f626  No.13113579


Mister Metokur pointed out that Wikileaks released that statement about how Assange was going to be arrested in early april hours after Manning was released from solitary confinement. It's very likely he talked.

26510a  No.13113581


How does this disprove body double theories? You could pay a handsome amount to the body double to be locked up for a couple years. This right here is the "out" to end it and let him free again.

411b91  No.13113582

i dont want to live in a world where gandalf can be arrested.

5618ea  No.13113584

df7bfc  No.13113585

File: a7986b36476e74c⋯.mp4 (681.37 KB, 640x358, 320:179, CNN tells viewers its ille….mp4)

4a5644  No.13113589


Hate to burst your bubble on this but as soon as the masters say that you are part of anything resembling a fascist movement they turn into a bull seeing red.

3c5b19  No.13113590


Reminder that the Brits raided the Iranian embassy too.


See, the Queen of England claims the entire world. Look at postage stamps in the UK: only the Queen's silhouette, no words. Now I'm sure she's a nice lady (she removed kebab pretty well with her ex-daughter in law so she is /ourgirl/ technically) and that stories about Icke saying she's Queen Lizardbreath are just fake news. Whatever JA had threatened British interests and whatever leverage Ecuador had was removed when Moreno was brought in. Think like MI6 or at least Janes Defense Weekly for a change.

5b98ea  No.13113591




The irony

95f85d  No.13113592


I get a more Sean Connery feel from his current look tbh

cc9a1e  No.13113593


Right. I was wondering if there was anything else out there currently besides the tweets.

d6f626  No.13113594

File: 08433db4918418a⋯.jpg (67.09 KB, 494x451, 494:451, 1343508808030.jpg)


Journalists get the bullet second

6f5c16  No.13113598

File: f1ff1a49e941f4f⋯.png (654.13 KB, 1170x756, 65:42, djjc.png)

4d019c  No.13113599

File: b469d1d965526d3⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 604x410, 302:205, U-12.jpg)


>"he already served his punishment the judge should be lenient"

"tfhaattt doesnt count, fhhtaattt doesnt counthhh"

Lol look at this fucking smarmy ratface whore trying to wordbend assange into being guilty of something without a trial. Trying to turn facts into debate in an attempt to narrate how britain isn't a post ww2 scourge of the earth police state JewSSR tier shithole. Safe to say if Germany crushed them in ww2 it would be a much better place.

Shoutout to teal shirt man. He BTFO her regardless.

80c638  No.13113603


it might be something with that magazine


try everything on the vault7 file as it's smallest. simple shit like shit on the front and back of it ie, there is clearly a reason why he insited on showing that shit as he was getting hauled out

034b2a  No.13113604

The time for violence is now. Death to the Royals fuck the Britfags.

22d98d  No.13113606

>Assange's bail hearing has begun with some not exactly objective words from District Judge Michael Snow. Snow said the Wikileaks' founder's behavior is "narcissist and laughable" and he "can’t get passed his own self interest."


cc9a1e  No.13113607

What's the new thread title?

c98526  No.13113608


I know faggot. t. for posting sauce tho.

22d98d  No.13113610


No clone. No clone. You're the fake clone.

ce27ad  No.13113612

9a8492  No.13113613


/pol doesn't think this way…least…they're paid to type the opposite.

e2ab7c  No.13113614

File: 8534707e105663f⋯.jpg (9.7 KB, 212x238, 106:119, 1491909546073.jpg)

5485d7  No.13113615



Those are hacks who just parrot shit they read on the internet.

Journalism is long dead.

034b2a  No.13113616


Someone should assassinate him when he travels abroad or anons should undertake a covert mission to Ecuador. All the people involved in this must be made to suffer 1000 fold.

cdb3e9  No.13113617

File: 9e0d12694127b5f⋯.jpg (73.62 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 67776.jpg)

File: 2cd625d0432855b⋯.jpg (24.56 KB, 249x440, 249:440, 523352325235.jpg)


the absolute

4d019c  No.13113618

File: 17249c85f1aa360⋯.jpg (103.36 KB, 870x777, 290:259, ebbe58d3bf91f232fb691ed82d….jpg)



Lol shut the fuck up fag, your puppet doll trump will do anything his Jewish masters in washington tells him to do.

Just filter these cocksuckers.

000000  No.13113619


Torrent metadata says it was created on Wed Aug 31 23:43:43 2011

So it probably doesn't contain any of the newer stuff like Podesta/DNC leaks?

80c638  No.13113620

insurance.aes256 DE 18 1B 73 EF F3 5E 39 DA

wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 0F 0B DA 00 F0 35 9A 0F C8

wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 AB C2 04 75 6B AB 85 BE 30

wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 73 6B 46 4C 2F 84 9A C2 A4

000000  No.13113621

>implying he's hasn't been dead for years and they just were having a hard time finding a convincing double before they could fake his arrest

3c5b19  No.13113622


There have been rumors that JA is AISO or rogue AISO who got fed up over China's invasion of Australia. Maybe there are a few in Canada too.

53e421  No.13113623




5618ea  No.13113628


Right, he's dead, yet the US has had an indictment ready for over a year.



cc80a4  No.13113633

one more reason why we need a violent uk uprising in wow and osrs of course

000000  No.13113634













95f85d  No.13113635



2057d5  No.13121324

File: bffe56d9155d99f⋯.png (7.51 MB, 1440x2100, 24:35, bq-5cb1382871428.png)


000000  No.13122865


You've been drinking too much /pol/ koolaid if you actually started believing the jew memes. The fallout is going to hit you hard from going neonazi and it will undermine the point you were trying to make too.

434451  No.13129497


you win anon. your ultimate cuckoldry is superior to the truth. the multitude of your self-castratrated-assumption, overcome the unrelenting everyday-reality, repeatedly experienced by steadfast anons of candid ancestry. all hope is gone, since you brought the ultimate wisdom of actuality into this thread. illuminating the dense memetic shadows with your intellect. thus, the war is over now and there is nothing for you to gain in addition. now, go ahead and kys anon. salvation awaits (((you))).

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