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File: 3c7865a0208b4e8⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1254x931, 66:49, africamap.png)

File: b5ed1b0f8e3cfca⋯.png (519.94 KB, 916x565, 916:565, sudanmap.png)

f848a5  No.13114863

The fall of Sudan is the final fruition of the century long plan to push Islamic dominance out of Africa.

It all started in world war 1 when white christian powers colonized Africa to begin the long process of de-islamification. Because of course, you can't remove Islam outright after the peole have been indoctrinated for 1000 years straight of islamic rule. When the people want to remove islam so bad that they actually get rid of it themselves (or least think they came up with the idea themselves).

After laying the groundwork of psychological warfare, as expected, these people overthrew their white christian masters in the various islamic revolutions of the 1950's.

The psychological warfare was allowed to take its course over 50 years… waiting for the right moment, when the people finally make their own effective resistance, and then you press the gas to give them momentum they needed to get over the hill… AKA the Arab Spring revolts in 2011.

Like DOMINOS. First Algeria, then Morocco, Egypt, Libya, South Sudan… Their only strongholds left were North Sudan and Ethiopia/Somalia, and a small remnant in Tripoli. But Sudan was the strategic center area that connected these areas. This is why Darfur became such an iconic warzone of proxy war.


The fall of Sudan will cut off Ethiopia/Somalia and Tripoli, making them easy to subdue, watch for anti-islam happenings in these two places in the near future. The bulk of the work is done, and now we just have to put the finishing touches on Africa to finally push Arab Islam back where it belongs, Arabian Peninsula. We can now focus that extra energy on other fronts. Soon we will take back Constantinople. Sieg Heil.

a0f83f  No.13114891

Why should i care about what religion africans follow?

a0f83f  No.13114901


Also that "Natural Desert Boundary" is incorrect, around half of the people south of that line are muslim, and countries like senegal are near all muslim

47dc75  No.13114907

How can we use this against the Jews?

78d15f  No.13114915

orange penis

f848a5  No.13114922


Sub-saharan islam is very mild compared to north africa and ethiopia. But even so, taking Sudan cuts these places off from their connection to the arabian peninsula. They are isolated noe and will wither like a plant without water.

f167f5  No.13114923


Ethopia is a Christian country you tard. Natsoc's are really showing your untermensch credentials today…..

f863f9  No.13114927


What the fuck are you rambling about?


This isn't a National Socialist thread. It's boomer/patriotard nonsense with superficial literary window dressing to fit in.

000000  No.13114934


>Sub-saharan islam is very mild compared to north africa and ethiopia.

Not mild enough if there is Boko Haram and whatever those people in Mali are. Also isn't Sudan the clit cutting capital or is that Somalia?

f848a5  No.13114935


>Ethopia is a Christian country you tard

The regions close to the arabian peninsula are still heavily fortified with Islamic influence.

a0f83f  No.13114943


They have a significant muslim minority but they are still by a clear majority christian and where a christian country while most of europe was still pagan

c42799  No.13114944


>Ethopia is a Christian country you tard. Natsoc's are really showing your untermensch credentials today…..

KEK. Couldnt give a fuck what religion these gros follow.

f848a5  No.13114953


>Not mild enough if there is Boko Haram

Well, either way, taking Sudan now cuts them off from their home base in arabia. islam is a like tentacles springing forth from arabia. taking sudan is like cutting the main tentacle that the other plaes connect to. this is a big victory

6622bb  No.13114957


>a Christian country

A nigger is a nigger, no matter what flavor of Jew they are.

f863f9  No.13114962


>this is a big victory

No, it's just wheel spinning from patriotard nigger lovers trying to craft a narrative that includes their ugly, bootlipped grandchildren.

05566f  No.13114968


>what this means




24f5db  No.13114980


He's right, you know that?

000000  No.13114989


>what is cia plan to save europe and usa

Don't spill your spagheet !!!

f848a5  No.13115011


>what is cia plan to save europe and usa

if we dont keep islamic tyranny confined to arabia, then european civilization will never be able to relax and rebuild effectively. taking out islam is key

0ebf63  No.13115016


>arab spring revolts were organic and not for the sole purpose of opening the doors to black europe

Can't wait for the next "refugee" wave to come when the next nigger warlord takes power.

f863f9  No.13115020


You'd get better bang for your buck taking out Paris, Houston, London, and Berlin. If you want to run ops, Jersey City makes more sense than Darfur.

000000  No.13115033



>pretending it isn't an insult

Fuck you, too, jew.

95b408  No.13115059


Most the (((foreign fighters))) and terrorists come from Africa, this is yuge

fca593  No.13115080

File: 9f061ad0bff7ebd⋯.gif (3.45 MB, 300x144, 25:12, b034a2afd848c016a7cfeff5a5….gif)


Hello fbi, watcha doin'?

Calling up to violence?

f0557a  No.13115122

This doesn't change anything. The UN agreement already lets them invade yurop without the pretext of being rapefugees.

d3b76b  No.13115125


>Ethopia is a Christian country

It is nigger country. All of them can die tommorow. If you think we care if nigger is christian or muslim, you are wrong.

f848a5  No.13115170


ignore this shill

Egyptian nile extends all the way through Sudan to rwanda. This isn't nigger country fagot. This is Egyptian country, which occasionally links up with europe like a fucking power ranger transformer titan that will subdue the earth and re-order it! Sieg Heil!

f848a5  No.13115183



Western Ethiopia is apart of the nile river basin. Eastern Ethiopia/Somalia is nigger country.

ebd4c8  No.13115186

File: 010c617175f9d5e⋯.png (207.79 KB, 744x580, 186:145, NewAmericanCenturyProjectS….png)




>Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran

Hmmmm, really makes you think.

f863f9  No.13115210


>ignore this shill

Do they just send you niggers in here with no prep these days?

a604a2  No.13115226


fuck off to /christian/, nobody cares if the niggers bite it, whatever they believe in

a604a2  No.13115255


>Program for a New (((American))) Century

They can't land on the moon. Wernher Von Braun looms over them, they can't overcome the German. Space has rejected the jew.

ebd4c8  No.13115277

File: 570a0d959eeb475⋯.jpg (147.93 KB, 1538x1078, 769:539, checkemironskysalute.jpg)


checks out

f848a5  No.13115286



ATTENTION YOUNG 8POLBROS. They pay legions of shills to post on here to make 8pol associated with retard skinhead fake nazi ideology.

True nazi 8polbros want islamic rule to stay in arabia. Shills will say to destroy all mudslimes.

True polbros want niggers to live in peace on their own land and share and communicate through separate cultures. Shills will preach lynching niggers.

Just in case you youngersters don't know about it works around here.

d11424  No.13115310

>islamic Sudan has fallen

Correction, the Sudanese government has fallen. Islam is still prevalent there.

ebd4c8  No.13115311


>newfag redditor hasn't lurked required 2 years



take your pick

fdae8d  No.13115352


>oh vey the goyim trying to keep Islam from spreading

>better call him a fool!!

You have no power here shill

ef6284  No.13115378


likely because the Chinese want you to think about it in a certain way that will make it less difficult to accept their mineral takeover of a continent

d3b76b  No.13115393

File: 4896264cee930ca⋯.jpg (108.22 KB, 1080x1176, 45:49, 1543507329968.jpg)





>True nazi 8polbros want islamic rule to stay in arabia.

More like after years of muslim grooming gangs nobody give a fuck if muslims live or die anymore. All i care about it kick them out of Europe. They can build whatever they want in desert. But get our of Europe.

e729bf  No.13115498

Are you actually fucking retarded mate? The influence of Islam in Muslim countries the last few years is growing. You act like this is some political ideology like Communism, where countries can just collapse and the ideology will dissipate. Political Islam in these countries is as strong as ever, and even growing in places like Turkey.

The Saudi, UAE, and Qatar states have deep pockets, and actively fund people with their ideology across the world. ISIS albeit heavily supported by some (((outside sources))) has gained traction to a segment of the Muslim population. And because of immigration and modernity they will continue to supply a pool of soldiers for Pissraels' wars.

ebd4c8  No.13115534

File: 042378fbcfce075⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 5000x3313, 5000:3313, checkem.jpg)



Thanks. Have the proper image anon

f848a5  No.13115548


>They can build whatever they want in desert. But get out of Europe.

This is exactly what shills want to prevent people from figuring out. This is why they shill. No way can they ever have pol become a becon influencing people into weaponized peace concessions.

Islam in IslArabia. Niggers stay in Niger.

Shills in kekistan

a53c12  No.13115829


>Arab spring

>In south Sudan

What Arabs, retard?

c6bed8  No.13115859


As long as you know we are going to turn those niggers into worm food for being subhuman and that you are retaking Africa so that it can become the largest game preserve on the planet.

c6bed8  No.13115889


Jezz fuck anon learn some fucking history. Islam has committed the worst atrocities in niggerland for thousand+ years. The kikes and the Turk/khazars have fucking BUTCHERED HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF NIGGERS IN THE WORST WAY A HUMAN MIND COULD IMAGINE. I hate niggers but NO ANIMAL deserves to be treated like that.

e0ccc1  No.13115897


Christians > Muslims > Jews

70243a  No.13116175

algeria hasn't falled yet check your facts

e82041  No.13116357


This only confirms that christkike astroturfing is JIDF operation.

94c0bb  No.13116475





Real power is shit like the Gregorian calendar, a christian calendar, that the entire world follows.

If you know how shit works, time ect. you go for the big wins.

8d0712  No.13116479


>What Donald Trump should learn from the Downfall of Sudan's dictator.

It just keeps going.

>IN RECENT days, an inspiring photograph went viral of a Sudanese woman dressed in white standing atop a car with her hand pointed high, leading protesters in songs of revolt against the regime of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. On Thursday, her calls were heeded. In what ought to be a first step toward a new Sudan, Mr. Bashir was removed from office by the army, according to a television announcement by Sudan’s vice president and defense minister, Awad Ibn Auf.

>In three decades in office, Mr. Bashir proved ruinous for his country and people, and his exit is another testament to the power of mass protests against tyranny. In company with a similar uprising in Algeria, which led to the removal of its long-serving despot last week, it shows that the yearning for greater freedom remains strong in the Arab world, despite the failures of the Arab Spring.

>To be sure, Sudan faces immense obstacles to overcome the damage Mr. Bashir wrought. Among many other offenses, the ousted dictator was indicted by the International Criminal Court on war crimes charges for the mass killing of civilians in the Darfur region a decade ago. Mr. Ibn Auf, who announced he will lead a two-year transitional government, is himself under U.S. sanctions for his role in Darfur. He is part of the kleptocratic regime that looted Sudan and is manifestly unfit to lead a transition.

>Sudan needs a clean break with the past and a credible transitional government that can appeal for international economic aid, as well as construct an open and pluralistic system. Mr. Ibn Auf is not that leader, and the transition need not take the two years he announced. If he is to avoid more popular unrest, he should appoint civilians to lead the transition; the Sudanese Professionals Association, which spearheaded the revolt, could provide new leaders. The group denounced Mr. Ibn Auf’s decision to head an interim regime, saying it was “a coup to reproduce the faces and institutions that our great people revolted against.”

>Mr. Bashir’s whereabouts are unknown. If Sudan is to surmount its past, he must be held to account for his crimes, either at the ICC or at home, along with all those in his bloated military and intelligence services who aided and abetted them.

>Despots like Mr. Bashir often assume they can survive no matter what people on the street think. Such despots should pay close attention to what happened in Sudan, where protests began against economic misery and were fueled by resentment of corruption, arrogance and indifference by Mr. Bashir and his cronies.

>President Trump ought to take a lesson, too. What has happened in Algeria and Sudan shows that his administration’s blind backing of other Arab autocrats, including Abdel Fatah al-Sissi of Egypt and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, is a bad bet.

a53c12  No.13116532


Re-read my post. You seem to be responding to the wrong anon

f5930f  No.13116618


This is the most duplicitous, kike OP.


Khaddafi was a secular ruler overthrown by Islamists aligned working with the west.


It was a warzone because of gold deposits, you retard. That's why all the kikes in the US were calling for the military to "Save Darfur." It's because their proxy wasn't winning on the ground.

The kikes will never leave this board.

491664  No.13116716

File: 4f4e616f04494b6⋯.jpg (145.12 KB, 500x304, 125:76, nvl3FrZ.jpg)






So,what are you trying to say?





5b0699  No.13117306


Jack in the box?

4c3041  No.13117345

Any impact to their civil war with South Sudan, which has been raging for 6 of the 7 years since this beautiful new nation was formed?

Lemme guess, just another excuse to #LetThemIn

82e4b6  No.13117803


> The command center of all islamic influence in Africa has fallen!

How do we know that the new rulers are anti-Islam? What do we know about the new rulers? Who are they?

How does this affect China buying up the continent?

d4fc52  No.13117808


Stfu kike.

861f0d  No.13118464


>How do we know that the new rulers are anti-Islam? What do we know about the new rulers? Who are they?

the whole point of the protesters is protesting the islamic laws to get more freedoms and be more secular. the current government is known for doing sharia law shit

7a019c  No.13118485


Sudan and Algeria? Arab Spring 2 now for more rapefugees?

3fa037  No.13118502

>My IQ is 101

>That makes me smart on niggerworld

I should post here

You really shouldn't

b9257e  No.13118592


US is led by Stalin.

dd8108  No.13118643


>I'm totally organic fellow 8polbro.

You glow in the dark nigger, Jej.

50fff5  No.13118727

It is most certainly a relief to know that niggers will now be eating each other in the name of Jesus instead of Muhammad.

826fee  No.13118815

File: 8610d3149a442dd⋯.mp4 (2.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, holy cuck.mp4)

File: 863be5b5404c865⋯.jpg (266.46 KB, 1240x697, 1240:697, 5cb05cd7fc7e93ee738b457a.jpg)

This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

>During a two-day retreat at the Vatican, Pope Francis stunned visiting dignitaries and onlookers alike with a grand gesture of humility by kneeling down to kiss the feet of South Sudan’s formerly warring leaders.

>“I am asking you as a brother to stay in peace. I am asking you with my heart, let us go forward,” the 82-year-old pontiff told President Salva Kiir and his rival, the former rebel leader Riek Machar on Thursday.

06b5d3  No.13118974


This is so fucking humiliating…he is emboldening them to kill us.

000000  No.13118980


he's emboldening me to kill him

06b5d3  No.13118986


I only wish.

7fcd8a  No.13118987




I bet you this is some kind of wargamed "loss leader" act. To teach blacks to kiss white men's feet in the future when white men are in power in east Africa because "look the pope did it when blacks were in power, it's not that big of a deal."

That's the only positive I can think of that clip.

06b5d3  No.13118997


In an ideal world there will be no more niggers left alive.

988fd3  No.13119008

File: 4fce486d171457e⋯.jpg (627.03 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, 2018 Maryland DU Gun Raffl….jpg)


Hell yeah brother we will keep these mongrels at bay with our secret weapon:


000000  No.13119014




>islamic influence

the fuck are you on about

9cbe73  No.13119021

File: 447e6ec2c351879⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 245x327, 245:327, water.gif)

man, what a thread

419c81  No.13119024



ill tell you what i gleaned from it:

this smells an awful lot like a nu-arab spring

meanwhile shit is heating up in libya again

here we go again…

000000  No.13119043

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Iran is next

7b6a3e  No.13119051

the military dictator has been replaced by a new military dictator. What makes you think anything changed?

000000  No.13119055


you are retarded. War in the middle east means more refugees for us.

it's (((them))) seeking control of oil in the region in case of ww3

(((they))) don't care about us.

00c9b9  No.13119058




This thread is disgusting boomer trash

a2569a  No.13119059


You could KILL THEM AS THEY COME NORTH ANON…I am waiting for the day when you STOP FUCKING THINKING THAT ZOG intends on stopping the invasion.

000000  No.13119074


if they stopped rattling the cage in the middle east for power and oil,

the fleeing semite rats wouldn't run to us for safety.

> STOP FUCKING THINKING THAT ZOG intends on stopping the invasion.

they cuck us and make us hate each other and use us all as theyr slaves

c6000f  No.13119079


>if they stopped rattling the cage in the middle east for power and oil, the fleeing semite rats wouldn't run to us for safety.

Exactly. Middle east was stable and kept to their own up until the kikes decided to fuck everything up. Each and every one of the fucks responsible deserves to be flayed and crucified upside down

734e2f  No.13119080

File: 5938f3e7d9124bc⋯.jpg (146.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1.jpg)

File: 8121e7008af231a⋯.jpg (58.7 KB, 600x314, 300:157, 2.jpg)

File: b720b21ce600070⋯.jpg (115.5 KB, 750x555, 50:37, 3.jpg)


This. 1 pic.

2,3 pic - celebration ITT.

a2569a  No.13119082


>the fleeing semite rats wouldn't run to us for safety.

They aren't 'running to you for safety' this is the endgame in a plan for global domination and one world government under the terror of the islamic state.

a2569a  No.13119083


No that is not true. This is all planned and all the semites KNOW it was planned to genocide you.

7fcd8a  No.13119089

File: e9f84d35832f828⋯.png (97.66 KB, 281x247, 281:247, niggerjew.png)


Shut the fuck up shill. You are probably a nigger jew yourself. please refer to >>13115286

>True polbros want niggers to live in peace on their own land and share and communicate through separate cultures. Shills will preach lynching niggers.

000000  No.13119096


this should be screencapped and stickied

c9243e  No.13119100


OP is a faggot, removing al-bashir is going to usher in an actual islamist regime like in libya.

a2569a  No.13119101


There is nothing redeeming about niggers anon. They are worthless parasites.

a2569a  No.13119109


Nope you two are just lefty faggots who are panicking because you are worthless parasites like the niggers.

The niggers who 'rule' in arabia are khazars trash. What business do they have ruling over sandniggers in the first place?

7fcd8a  No.13119122



You are literally paid to act retarded; I'm dying to know who the fuck you are behind the screen.

Just in case you're not a shill, and just a victim of degenerate white programming (pushed by niggers because it helps them when you act this retarded), then you should at least think about optics before you open your filthy mouth

a2569a  No.13119133

File: b5c32d4d1df0883⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 630x840, 3:4, nigger leperchaun black pe….jpg)


You want to know how I know you are not White?

741ee1  No.13119195

File: b08b7347a53ea6f⋯.jpg (192.24 KB, 864x545, 864:545, 0.jpg)

89e563  No.13119239



you outed yourself shlomo

000000  No.13119244


This >>13114968

Kill all leaders. Politicians. Kill all jews.

Peaceful solutions never work. Political solutions never work.

Violence always works.


All deformed kikes like you will be killed by us. There is nothing that you can do to stop us. We are living Gods.

94c0bb  No.13119741


That's fantastic, and disturbing.

7777e9  No.13134048

File: 08dd15ae7e6765f⋯.png (668.08 KB, 663x847, 663:847, Untitled.png)

17da4a  No.13134076

While I could hardly have anything but joy in my heart if that evil domain of shitskin mudshits falls permanently, it's still quite premature to declare the fall of all Islamic terrorists across the the whole of Africa OP. Let's see how this falls out tbh.

2c1491  No.13134097


Hitler welcomed anyone to help him war against the Bolsheviks. After their defeat, every country in the world can start building their traditions again without the gigantic national debts wich have been created to destroy all races. The real Nazis are the Jews, because Hitler never wanted to destroy any race, he only wanted all races to exist including off course the white race.

17da4a  No.13134113


>he only wanted all races to exist including off course the white race.

That's one of the distinctions of Adolf Hitler's leadership and agenda I never really understood until recently anon.

Diversity is Freedom

17da4a  No.13134126



Newfag, you do realize we have IDs here? GTFO amateur.

239551  No.13134370


Ethiopia is christian you retard

6d3c55  No.13134417


Not for long.


9e5987  No.13134433


looks like the jews claimed Sudan, another nation lost to the eternal jew.

58edd6  No.13134474


Its really weird in all of years of the Ethiopian Christian Church the jews have never subverted or targeted Christianity there. Also, neither has the Ethiopians ever invented or created anything. Really makes you think.

6d4a5d  No.13134500



is SEMITIC you nigger

6d4a5d  No.13134513


>never wanted to destroy any race

except the slavs, jews, gypsys, chins and some others

823025  No.13134521


And with that the damn broke that kept the blacks out of the world. Now a century of jews actively breeding low IQ, poverty slaves comes to an end, the west will be annihilated by poverty and violence invasion, and the black homeland is finally ready to be taken over by the Chinese. All according to plan.

823025  No.13134522


>the damn


a62af2  No.13134524


>Islam keeping blacks in Africa

Jesus christ, you miss the last 10 fucking years.

823025  No.13134536


>Islam being anything else than jewish population control

>Jesus (a false flag created to corrupt the abrahamic religions under jewish rule)

Damn, you missed the last 2k years.

a62af2  No.13134541


Meanwhile, 1.6 billion islam worldwide.

Goddamn, you just miss the last 2K years.

823025  No.13134544

File: cc1a1032b3814ac⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 474x292, 237:146, snake charmer.jpg)


And yet, israel sits all cozy and protected right between them. Just like a snake charmer.

a62af2  No.13134547


Yep, you think jews fear muslim? Muslims are lower caste jews.

f1b2a1  No.13134555

File: c00e95df665c005⋯.jpg (139.33 KB, 800x601, 800:601, 19g4w6dkf7rycjpg.jpg)

I have an idea: whites have survived in the most dangerous environments, so why don't we just colonize Africa? It'll break the Kalergi plan, because whites are surviving in a hot land Jews and their long noses can't actually handle.

a62af2  No.13134557


Yeah, why don't we? Just ask the 18-19th centuries?

460ff4  No.13134565


>taking out islam is key

yes yes ignore the jew helping to propogate the islamists. jews did nuffin wrong. they a good boy, on they way to synagogue n sheit

f1b2a1  No.13134569


We have what it takes. Darkies can't even build their own planes, so taking them over will be easy.

823025  No.13134573


Because that would put us against China, who now has dips on Africa.

a25746  No.13134628


We simply do not have the numbers. But eventually we will, assuming we fix our birthrates.


That was not colonization in the sense that is being talked about. More or less just setting up resource production/extraction for the enrichment of the metropolis (whatever european nation occupied the place)

He's talking about settling, permanently and creating nations.

And what we did two centuries ago, the chinese are doing now, as >>13134573 says - even though they technically have the numbers to realistically settle large parts of Africa, I pray they never do.

a62af2  No.13134630


Jews are muslims, muslims are jew.


Just do it then.

a25746  No.13134641


What they lack in cognitive ability, technology and resources, they make up for in sheer numbers and brutality. It's not wise to underestimate your enemy, even if it is a fucking bonobo-hybrid. And it's likewise never wise to overestimate yourself either.


Pretty much this. Mudnogs lose their shit when you call them jews, and jews lose their shit when you call them muslims despite being more or less the same (the kike just being a mongrel race; genestealers between semitic scum and europeans - which alone is reason enough to wipe them off the face of the earth, as there is nothing more vile than a fucking mongrel)

a596c3  No.13134691


a2569a  No.13134692


a2569a  No.13134693


You are going to have to KILL THEM anon…they are never going to 'go home'.

b5716b  No.13134699

They'll convert to chirstcultism and be on mars by July.

b5716b  No.13134715


The christian calendar sucks. Alexander went to India 2350 years ago, and learnt all about the myths 6000 years prior. Christ shat himself on the cross, while the jews rubbed their hands all the way to Rome.

8db308  No.13134758

Great news.

5a39a8  No.13134803

europe just got 15% darker

a9bdaf  No.13156585

You do know Somalia is about 99% Muslim? One of the most religious. Islam isn't leaving no matter who the leader is lmao.

fcdc59  No.13156589

wtf i love niggers now

a9bdaf  No.13156590


Ethiopians and Somalis look different compared to Sudanese and other Africans though.

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