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File: 5b193840a7e30b0⋯.jpg (86.87 KB, 907x682, 907:682, multiculturalism.JPG)

baa26e  No.13122062

Nigger Throws 5yo White Boy Off Balcony

Not even Fox News mentions the Black Death.


> Man arrested after 5-year-old boy thrown from third floor at Mall of America

"A suspect" and "a boy"

> A suspect has been arrested after a 5-year-old boy was reportedly thrown from the third floor of the Mall of America in Minnesota on Friday morning.

> In a press conference outside the mall, Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts said that authorities arrested a 24-year-old man they believe threw or pushed the boy and that he does not appear to have any connection to the boy or his mother. He reportedly sprinted away from the scene after pushing or throwing the child, but was apprehended while still in the mall.

The child survived thanks to his white power.


7de71b  No.13122115


In a sane society 5 niggers would be forced to subscribe to pewdiepie in retribution.

f3813c  No.13122137



Nigger absolutely needs to be hog tied and burning crosses need to go in front of every family member's apt or sec. 8 house.

9b1dc3  No.13122146

File: cc578d05269b844⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 291x349, 291:349, obama-smoking-pot.jpg)

Why are we angry that race isn't mentioned unless the person is white. If they're not specifying the race of the person, you immediately know it's a nigger. This could straight up be memed.


Man *insert his crime*

"Looks like the niggers are at it again."

If race isn't mentioned, it's a nigger or sandnigger. This is straight up memeworthy shit the media is doing. It could be turned around on them with ease.

e3bf2f  No.13122148


40 years ago, that's exactly what would of happened down here. I know for a fact that in some areas here, the blacks still know that bad things will happen if they fuck around.

t. South

9cbbdb  No.13122149

inb4 nazi faggots flip out over the hexagram

084524  No.13122199


Can we turn "subscribed to pewdiepie" or "to subscribe to pewdiepie" into a saying?

17a356  No.13122200


you mean Coulter's Law?

1921af  No.13122201

Every single news outlet talking about man…. And boy…


1921af  No.13122207


5e8f97  No.13122209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sometimes i stood there…

… Gradually I began to hate them.

1921af  No.13122229

File: 0c4dd6d7a5a015d⋯.jpg (331.49 KB, 633x1684, 633:1684, THE NIGGER CONSPIRACY.JPG)




1921af  No.13122234


2b2d24  No.13122235


In this case the victim's parents where not dragged in front of cameras to show them grieving. Because it's a white kid killed by a nog for no reason

000000  No.13122240

>3rd floor of mall of america

>kid survived

HOLY SHIT. Those are not even remotely normal heights for floors. That kid fell at least 35-40 feet.

dbc1ef  No.13122243

Niggers attack a pregnant woman in Quincy mass


64fa80  No.13122248

even FoxJews tries to interject into the news story.


Goys, people kill other people, even their wives, and themselves.

Niggers are not all bad, like Ben Carlson, or your nigger neighbors, or that nigger you see at McDonalds, or the next nigger at Mall of America

64fa80  No.13122256


each floor in a retail mall is at least 17 feet, maybe 22 in a place like mall of america to allow for overhead lighting and duct work. closer to 70 feet, the kid is ruined for life, if not dead, but FoxJews even limits the potential for hyperbole, to sooth niggers like the jews they are

f7db95  No.13122261


He fell two floors you nonmath shit, unless you're saying he fell into the basement

f42624  No.13122262


Just start saying it faggot.


In the Netherlands we always know its a sandnigger because the media suddenly talks about "A man from Amsterdam" or "The person lives in Rotterdam" - or my favourite: "A Dutch child" when talking about a 22 year old nigger from Eritrea - and never elaborates further on the suspects.

Everyone knows, everyone.

64fa80  No.13122267

File: 3953329b74e3307⋯.jpg (262.71 KB, 1066x1104, 533:552, jew spin news.jpg)

But how will the jew media spin this?

79d84d  No.13122275


Damn this looks like the nigger that is dating my grand daughter, should we be worried?

f42624  No.13122283


>ironic shitposting

<ironic shitposting

1921af  No.13122296



They all look the same…

a02248  No.13122303

I had no idea the kid was white until I saw this thread. If the races were reversed I'm sure this "oversight" would not have occurred.

a1eeb5  No.13122305


>Just start saying it faggot.

A man after my own heart. Exactly what I was going to reply to the faggot.

1921af  No.13122307

File: e71248d42bc59ac⋯.jpg (183.75 KB, 1080x1068, 90:89, _20161221_090517.JPG)

999c9c  No.13122329


If the races were reversed it would be blaring from every radio station, news site, television and rooftop that this hate crime and act of white nationalist terrorism was an ongoing systemic problem and the fault of all white people. Whites would be politely asked to leave and then forcibly banned from shopping malls out of respect for the victims, and anyone who dared to shop while white would be called a racist.

5f3cf7  No.13122331

I see nothing wrong with this.

67b447  No.13122351


You won't see anything at all after we pull the eyeballs out of your gorilla skull.

408568  No.13122365


Should've picked your own cotton.

000000  No.13122376


Kill niggers on sight, all the time, nonstop.

5f3cf7  No.13122379


You would catch a fade within 5 seconds of entering my property, fuck nigga.

963fff  No.13122383

We don’t need to worry about rare crimes. There are professionals hard at work keeping society well-organized, and most people are peaceful because they have the strength and resilience for peaceful hearts.

963fff  No.13122391


Deer yanno, I zinc you’re axwally wrong about that this time?

I think you’re saying something that’s more often true than it should be, but this one’s pretty out there. I think the race got left off because only broken weak people like actual bigots would think it was race related in this instance, and it’d still be that way if the pig mints spilled the other way.

You don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

f32bd9  No.13122394

We’re all niggers. You’re just albino🔥

baa26e  No.13122398


> But how will the jew media spin this?

The boy's white privilege racially oppressed the black man. Only white people can be racist.

f32bd9  No.13122404


31310e  No.13122409

This is what a structural problem looks like. that is the brutal truth.

t. roastie Swedish mp

d96b4a  No.13122479

Someone should go to a hospital and stab nigger babies to death in the maternity ward. In mine craft of course.

b177da  No.13122482

File: 075dc2228eb34bf⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 860x1024, 215:256, 1554676162101m.jpg)


I would be afraid that I would catch something sitting on that.

f32bd9  No.13122490

OP insighting violence with fake news. Can’t even share a proper link to the story besides some 1996 picture of a Somali pirate😏fools

624b91  No.13122497


inb4 you read the profile name and throw yourself off a gorillion story balcony for falling for shitposts

79d84d  No.13122512

what a shit show, spend 400 years building a country, niggers come along.

000000  No.13122553

Trust the pan.

d3dc73  No.13122559



If you read that article the guy that killed himself and then his wife was irwin jacobs.

I for one have no problem with jews who off other jews and then off themselves, they are the only exception to the "no good jews" rule.

d3dc73  No.13122573



>I think the race got left off because only broken weak people like actual bigots would think it was race related in this instance,

> think the race got left off because

The race is always hidden if the perpetrators are non-white (((to avoid inflaming racial tensions)))

>only broken weak people like actual bigots would think it was race related

shaming language

using bigot unironically as if hating niggers was a bad thing

you really should't be on this site

When you inevitably kill yourself, I hope you fuck it up so you suffer intense pain and die slowly and horrifically.

Don't come back here.

ab89dd  No.13122906

File: 9dda699924a3282⋯.jpg (16.8 KB, 420x410, 42:41, john wick gun kill.jpg)

bump because why in the fuck isn't every White man on earth raging rightt now!

these fucking niggers need to be exterminated

ab89dd  No.13122911


5? fuck that. Minneapolis is LOOOONG overdue for a rampage

adccf4  No.13122947



>actual bigots

When you show a lack of understanding between race and IQ, the rest of us feel ashamed you are here on 8chan.

adccf4  No.13122955


White man has enough to be comfortable and is mal-adapted to mass media. Our trust is being used against us.

000000  No.13122958


All these incidents add up to a collective rage which the jew cannot begin to understand. They keep prodding a sleeping giant, fancying that he is impotent because he doesn't respond. But what when the giant awakes?

4ff60c  No.13122972


Other way around: headline:white man throws 5 year old black child off of balcony.

>Riots in the streets.

Reality: headline: man throws 5 year old off of balcony……

>… next news!

bf5390  No.13122974

Unfortunately Minnesotans are some of the cuckiest people in America.

There won't be any burning crosses, based posters being hung up, or niggers being dragged behind trucks, NOTHING.

Minnesotans won't do jack shit. They are the Sweden of America.

000000  No.13122979


Can't believe the cops didn't execute him on the spot.

>he made a furtive movement toward his waistline

662aee  No.13122981

File: 19f8b55f31a1d22⋯.gif (756.02 KB, 256x160, 8:5, obsoletefarmequipment.gif)

The only solution

0a671e  No.13123004

File: 3e9b80d4f3e21ff⋯.png (137.18 KB, 321x338, 321:338, Mahad-Abdiaziz-Abdirahman-….png)

minnesota is the highest concentration of blonde hair and blue eyes in the states. they never had issues with black people to build up defenses and now the cabal is wholesale importing fucking Somalians into minnesota. Its a cruel joke on both groups and for some reason they perfer somali muslims obviously. Somalia'saverage IQ is like what 67 i think? or what medical professionals call "mentally retarded" well actually a little below that. I'm over in michigan in the middle of nowhere thankfully heavy lake effect snow keeps out minorities and bascially people over here. I hear they are being "culturrally enriched" with somalians in maine too. The mind control is so strong they somehow got people to think importing pirates is a good idea. Lastly mall of america is ruined by burka wearing muslims. besides piracy they also like to do the standard rape anything that with legs including the furniture so sexual assualt is common along with knife wielding jihad. I'm honestly suprised it made national news. Pic related its the last dude i remember sharing his religion of peace with the locals….

b00b37  No.13123007



truly nothing lost here anon, northern MA is all boomers and opioid addicts

0a671e  No.13123009


The police department is heavily "Diversified" and calling them is basically asking pirates to show up with hand guns and pistols and kevlar….

0a671e  No.13123013


Not really necessary to do anything besides cut off their EBT and subsidised housing anytime between september and april….natrual selection will restore order.

396372  No.13123045

I came to pol today specifically to see if I could find a thread about this because I knew I would find out the race of the boy here. I read through ~15 articles about this story and not one mentioned the boy's race or had a picture of him or his relatives. At that point I pretty much knew the kid was white but I wanted confirmation. It's so disgusting how the media goes out of their way to hide black on white violence even when it's against a child. Time to start throwing nigger children of rooftops.

ddf719  No.13123075


Assuming this isn't a larping shitpost, get your ebin ghost costume and give him a real SPOOK! :—-D

10f39a  No.13123078


shut the fuck up thats not even remotely true. even out in the farthest sticks nigger culture is worshipped thanks to the internet.

>boy out here we dont play

you dont do anything

ddf719  No.13123082


Because ZOGbots will kill/arrest them for being racist and because "just doin muh job". They are willing grunts for incarnate materialized evil.

000000  No.13123084

The white boy called the black kid a nigger. Talk shit get hit!

000000  No.13123089


How and why did the Somalians get there? Could it be because the farmers wanted cheap labor?

ddf719  No.13123090


>implying land that far north is arable

10f39a  No.13123097

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this is what current year hicks think is cool.


000000  No.13123099


The state is the U.S.'s largest producer of sugar beets, sweet corn, and green peas for processing, and farm-raised turkeys. Minnesota is also a large producer of corn and soybeans.[88] Minnesota has the most food cooperatives per capita in the United States.

000000  No.13123118




First, there are thousands of Somalis in Minnesota and I am sure most of them have different reasons why they came to live here. For me it was to see a familiar face. My plane (not a bus or a boat) landed in Cincinnati, Ohio. I lived in Kentucky, then Atlanta, Georgia, then Columbus, Ohio. This traveling around took about a year. For that year, I was a little bit lost and was searching for a home and to be with people I knew from Somalia. There was nothing wrong with those states but the people I stayed with were people I met in America. So when I found a relative of mine who used to live with us in Kenya, I packed up and left Ohio for Minnesota.

Another reason why Somalis came to live in Minnesota is that Somali-Minnesotans are good advertisers. While I was traveling around, I used to get calls from people in Minnesota, telling me how wonderful it was. Some of them I didn’t know, but they heard I was new to the country and was thinking about moving to Minnesota. They would say this was the reason they were calling. It is, I think, part of our culture to give unwanted advice.

Some of the things I was told about Minnesota and why I should move here were that jobs were plentiful, that I could go to school if I wanted, and that I would always find cheap housing. And there were many non-profit organizations and other Somalis who would help me with any other issues.

Minnesota is a great state. A lot of Somalis were brought here by Lutheran Social Service back in the 90s. And a lot of Somalis brought here to America due to the civil war of 1991 and moved to Minnesota from other states for jobs. Almost every Somali in Minnesota who came here between 1991 and 1998 worked at the chicken factories in Faribault and Marshall.

If we look at it as a whole, why Somalis settled in some states and not others can be traced back to how we lived in Somalia. Most Somali people were nomads back home since the beginning of time. How nomadic society works is that people move around in groups and basically follow the weather. They move to where it rains. And instead of moving a large group of settlers, they will send a person to see how the water is (the place where it rained), and if it is worthy of moving to. They try to figure out how long can they live there, for example, until the water runs out and the other resources are depleted.

Although most Somalis in America are city people, the old ways of nomadic life, I think, still live inside of us. In my opinion, most Somalis would move to a place where they know someone, or where there are Somalis in general, whether they knew them personally or not.

e15727  No.13123135


>If race isn't mentioned, it's a nigger or sandnigger. This is straight up memeworthy shit the media is doing. It could be turned around on them with ease.

Coulter's Law strikes again. Thought the same thing yesterday. No name, no race in article, must be a nigger.

3d0a5a  No.13123149





38ce66  No.13123154


>t. somali

Kill yourself nigger

4ce2a1  No.13123167

If this boy recovers, he will be ready for the coming racewar. When reality is so fucked that you cannot take your white child to a mall without having to worry about niggers harming him, then you know that there is no peace.

3b2f42  No.13123172

3d0a5a  No.13123205

Every time I see a fucking nigger

I think to myself

What the fucking is another piece of shit nigger doing around here…

You see I've lived in nAustin/nDenver…

Both sanctuary cities

Both cities infested with these worthless fucking hyenas

Everywhere I went niggers on the prowl

Everywhere I'd go niggers with brand new Jordans on

Everywhere I'd have to pay for my meal

Some stupid ass liberal is buying something for the nigger

Or even better the nigger behind the counter would just give the stuff to the nigger asking about food items

Every where I would find myself having to pay for my way I would see another nigger getting another free ride

Then I would over hear a conversation about refugees and these liberals organizing a way to house and feed more niggers

Meanwhile the poorest and most miserable of the land are all white men disheveled and unkept

I hate niggers so much I moved to the middle of no where and wouldn't you know everywhere I go I see another nigger with another liberal and I ask myself WTF are these liberal pieces of shit doing with these worthless godamn niggers

88b0a5  No.13123207

File: a6766ade31247d0⋯.png (554.08 KB, 1317x1652, 1317:1652, IQ BY RACE.png)


Probably just a leftypol fag LARPing. But on the off chance you're not:

>the average IQ in Somalia is 68

>the average IQ of mentally retarded people is 50-70

>you (the LARPer I'm responding to) not only speak a second language, but had the ambition and means to get to America, almost certainly indicating an IQ higher than a retard

>Somalia is left with one less over achieving nigger

>America ends up with another nigger that it doesn't want

>is still likely a lower IQ than the native white population he is trying to assimilate into

>except he's not assimilating at all

>he's searching for other Somalis to make another Somali community, because it worked so well the first time

And you see no problem with this?

10f39a  No.13123214


very insightful with great formatting you should head over the nigger hate thread its more your speed. also try spending all your time in dc and atlanta not those soft ass cities youre talking about. you sound weak and scared. the worst thing youre bitching about is begging niggers getting libs to buy them stuff? how dumb are you?

353d93  No.13123216


If I was Somalia, I would feel bad if I leave my homeland for a better life. I would feel guilty to my next generation, that will have no better circumstances to live in because I ran from the problem. No one with pride will ever trust you.

Jews have no culture, that doesnt mean your culture is worthless to maintain and worship.

3d0a5a  No.13123225


I just made that shit up my nigger

0a671e  No.13123236


crops are picked with equipment. with corn and beets being one semiconductor away from totally autonomous carcinogen food. some tried to work in meat packing but were replaced by mexicans . with IQ 67 its kinda hard to fit them in anywhere so they get welfare.Remember at IQ 85 your officially to stupid for the US army to use your body as a human shield or as sniper bait.

b5f9a1  No.13123265

File: 1365aaa608afea9⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 1434383695543.gif)


>If this boy recovers, he will be ready for the coming racewar.

he's gonna be lucky if he survives, most adults can't survive a 30 foot fall let alone a child

4ce2a1  No.13123275


then he'll be a martyr.

efa924  No.13123283

Little white boy had on cool Jordans

And he heard him call another black boy a nigger

So the throwing off the 3rd floor is justified…

51c1b4  No.13123315

File: 1c100f7cabf6225⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1270x1600, 127:160, 1c100f7cabf622526e2ec406a2….png)

Did no one bother to try and catch the kid? Did no one bother to try and stop the nigger?


Benefits, welfare, social programs. Everything is rigged in their favor for the "poor, poor, immigrant." Minnesotans are taught utmost pragmatism, to mind their own business and such. But I can tell you, no one here likes the Somalis. Not the Blacks, not the Hmong, not the Vietnamese, not the Chinese, not the Hispanics, no one. Whites dislike them too, but they bend over backwards performing mental gymnastics to try and justify or make excuses how "they came here for a better life" without once thinking at the same time it's making their life worse. They crack once you start explaining how Somalis are killing their own way of life.

a90862  No.13123336

Every time I see a fucking god damn worthless piece of shit monkey ass no good bitch of a nigger

I think to myself

What the fucking hell is this god damn worthless piece of shit monkey ass no good bitch of a god damn fucking shit stain NIGGER doing here…


7fffdd  No.13123341


Babies n kids can survive falls adults cant, their bones are more spongy and far more resilient.

4cf5b6  No.13123351


It already is. Pay attention.


>now the cabal is wholesale importing fucking Somalians into minnesota

With the help of Lutheran organizations.

b5f9a1  No.13123352


>Did no one bother to try and catch the kid?

try catching someone 30 feet per second or 20 miles an hour

6053a3  No.13123355



Waiting with avidity the time when we could put ropes on niggers and decorate our streets with those flifthy shit colored errors.

f6c460  No.13123367

..i swear to fucking god we need a daily curb stomp thread, a thread of that highlights a nigger of the day that needs to be curb stomped, i nominate this fucking piece of shit for the first award.

f6c460  No.13123370


gets called a nigger, acts like a nigger, why is the world surprised by people hating niggers again?

89e042  No.13123404


Why don't you be nomadic again, take your 10 children and your 10 child sex slaves and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STATE

2916bb  No.13123414

If it happened in a mall, there's video footage. We need that footage niggers

38b7cb  No.13123421

File: e44071767f36f22⋯.gif (500.17 KB, 300x268, 75:67, DasRayciss!.gif)


"It's Okay to be a Nigger"

I think you just invented the new meme campaign.

The "Black on White Crime" thread, printed up on "It's Okay to be a Nigger" tag.

What'dya think?

f43fed  No.13123438

File: fe1654361f6bc02⋯.jpg (31.29 KB, 370x257, 370:257, fe1654361f6bc020a8c8112138….jpg)


Leave my homeland you filthy nigger

355a93  No.13123444


Will be immediately denounced as yet more evidence of da ebil raciss. IOTBW worked because it was innocuous and the tards still flipped out.

Try more subtle, like a rainbow with:

"Diverse cultures standing side by side. E pluribus unum."

355a93  No.13123458


>How nomadic society works is that…They try to figure out how long can they live there, for example, until the water runs out and the other resources are depleted.

This is how locusts work. Why would any nation want roving packs of Somalis who swarm until everything's destroyed and then move to the next prosperous place?

fea765  No.13123481


Any MN anons in here willing to go to the Mall of America today to do a demonstration?

We need to get this story out there.

Omar is in the news, this is her home state.

Now is the time.

Anyone with a twitter, please retweet this:


It's time to organize, we need this story to be the number one story in the country.

Anyone with experience in organizing demonstrations, please chime in.

Create sock puppets, include the hashtags.

#JusticeforLandon #HateCrime #SayHisName

We must act.

38b7cb  No.13123487


Fuck you "subtle".

It's time to put headless blonde girls, raped, and shoved under rocks into the faces of every "Diversity" pushing lemmings in our collapsing civilization!

Stop with your soft, "subtleties". We can't keep hiding in the shadows, and tip-toeing down the field. It's not working.

c24966  No.13123491

Every time this happens, there needs to be an immediate, violent retaliation. Every time this happens a mosque or synagogue should be pranked and livestreamed.

355a93  No.13123494


It will add to the "hate incident" stats and be dismissed by the mainstream. You are too soon.

I've seen plenty of these fizzle, and a few get traction. You need to lay the groundwork for people like your parents, coworkers, and those living in safe white communities who LOVE diversity because it's theoretical and far away.

fea765  No.13123498


We need to get this story out there. Anyone here have any experience with automation and twitter bots.

We need to make the MSM say his name and race.

14380d  No.13123499

Go to the mall, expect Jamal

f43fed  No.13123504

File: 97ef7d203df9c91⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 97ef7d203df9c918f16eab45ae….jpg)

File: 93d7640e482b973⋯.png (58.4 KB, 906x717, 302:239, Capture.PNG)

Found his charges


ab510b  No.13123506


Who said anything about entering your crack den? If you don't leave, it can just be burned down

2c771d  No.13123508


Twitter bots don't work anymore, unless they are run by Twitter.

Only possible avenue to get onto the kikes' platforms like that is to create your own botnet from live users, or infect a large group, like a university campus, with a virus that can retrieve or skim their passwords and use their login information and 9 proxies to coordinate the campaign.

355a93  No.13123512


Clown twitter is already on it, you can retweet and link up there. Constant bans so make a couple alts.

Share with the "dog right" and the network of huge MAGA accounts to amplify and get into Normyville.

14380d  No.13123514


You can't even get an API key without being a verified leftist anymore. Don't delete any that you still have because they might still work, because the twitter niggers make it easy to delete the ones you already have. But then if you want a new one, you have to fill out a literal job application.

000000  No.13123518


subscribe to pewdiepie

fea765  No.13123524


Ok. I just created my twitter today though for this purpose, I'm not at all active on it. If you have one could you retweet this:


give me some names to retweet and i will

I don't have much experience with twitter unfortunately, I hate social media but I'm determined to do my part to make this national news and create the narrative before the msm can spin it

2c771d  No.13123526



fea765  No.13123528


but the point is I want to create a non-inflammatory mantra that people can get behind:

The MSM never says the race and name of a White victim in these incidents and that's the key, also since Omar is in the news cycle and this is her home state, this is perfect timing.

95039b  No.13123531

File: 1f97ac98bfe3ee6⋯.jpg (274.91 KB, 499x524, 499:524, mall of america - Facebook….jpg)

Looks like the kid died. Cue the non-rage.

383018  No.13123538


Looks like boy was white nazi alt-right supremacist and poor black guy just defended himself.

000000  No.13123539


That wording suggests that the White man may actually be facing terrorism charges for forcing that poor somalian boy into a self-defense situation.

dc4a19  No.13123543

I hear the boy died in the meantime and the charges were updated to murder


355a93  No.13123547


Retweet articles with things like:

"So sad that someone we welcomed here felt the need to do this."

"Why would a refugee with so much potential throw it all away?"

"Don't they know we're trying to help them?"

This is what will get sympathetic suburban moms thinking.

383018  No.13123548

File: ea140fe2e53346d⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 480x192, 5:2, fuck_niggers.gif)


You should kill them all when you had them on chains. FUCK.

000000  No.13123549








Come on this is easy to be memed. Call the murderer Omar Ilhan, the male version of Ilhan Omar. It's not racist enough to be censored but offensive enough to trigger the leftist media. Media refused to release the name of the suspect, they tried to shut it down and hide the identity of the nigger killer. Do it for them then.


0a671e  No.13123552

yeah when you wont flip shit when they kill your children……you have no future espically up against someone who says something mean.

ALSO the Lutheran Social Service is a luthern orginization like the open society is profreedom. generally its run by chicks with lofty sounding bios who only work history is other NGOs. smells of soros too. Also kinda odd they registered their domain back in 1996 - ONE YEAR BEFORE THE BLAZING FAST 56k MODEMS

also they do loan sharking….


2c771d  No.13123556

File: 9166899504704bb⋯.png (368.7 KB, 1457x1826, 1457:1826, CelticLeague.png)


Not really

14380d  No.13123557


That bullshit won't let you get tweets in real time.

2c771d  No.13123564


so what, you can get them as fast as anyone else polling.

b6956f  No.13123565


I find it hard to get upset about personal stories that happen to one person. I am much more upset about white men being replaced in their lands en masse in the US by spics.

f6c460  No.13123566


nice image but what if your a gaul?

90fe1a  No.13123571


They wouldn’t have to call you a ‘man’ it would be the first time since WWII that European males would actually BE MEN.

b6956f  No.13123573


All my normal faggot friends are talking about this.

Why is this story blowing up so quickly?

f6c460  No.13123574


you're talking about a 5 year old child being thrown to his death by a fucking nigger, what the fuck is wrong with you, you fuckin sociopath…i'm fucking cold man, but your just on a different level if you don't care about people fucking with children…either that or your still a child yourself and don't fully grasp exactly how weak and in need of our protection they are….if you give any fucks about what is good and right in this world you should certainly give a fuck about a nigger throwing a fucking 5 year old off a ledge and to his death…remember, we like strong family bonds here….that said, if i have misunderstood you, then yeah, this pisses me off and is a big fucking deal, but i would agree that replacement migration is a much bigger deal and is killing far more people….that doesn't mean that you can't want to dotr this nigger with passion as well.

90fe1a  No.13123575


Because we need to exterminate the parasites that are in our nation and people KNOW IT NOW.

0fa159  No.13123576


>Why is this story blowing up so quickly?

Because the (((MSM))) is trying to bury it.

ba4092  No.13123577


Around blacks never relax. I don't even go to the mall anymore, it has been taken over by spics and niggers. No thanks. I'll buy shit from that cunt bezos first.

cbde9c  No.13123578


Because HRC told us so.

90fe1a  No.13123579


Amazon, friend. Malls are going to be pathogen repositories anyway.

f6c460  No.13123580


again, because it's a 5 year old kid, people who aren't actual sociopaths take the treatment of children VERY seriously…it's the fact a child is involved…this incident might actually be a very good thing for us if we can use it to accelerate things.

2c771d  No.13123583


It says Gaul in the middle of the image. Gauls were Celts, see https://www.scribd.com/document/169900816/Gauls, for more information.

db282d  No.13123587


Artificial selection. The blackest will survive.

dc4a19  No.13123589


You can't blame a kid for being racist. Sadly, this is what it takes to wake people up.

45061c  No.13123592

I bet the poor boy's parents thought it would be perfectly okay to have their kid around a bunch of somali niggers.

563b9e  No.13123596


Yeah, one has to wonder why the fuck parents would ever leave their kid alone around nigger or even within a mile of them

b6956f  No.13123597

File: 0e0fe8f7e003773⋯.png (210.71 KB, 323x233, 323:233, ClipboardImage.png)


>Somalia'saverage IQ is like what 67 i think?

There are entire countries where the average IQ is below mental retardation.

000000  No.13123599


The truth is .. the game was honked from the start

000000  No.13123600


If this was a nigger kid and the killer a white person the kid's face would be over all newspapers and media

45061c  No.13123605


>Yeah, one has to wonder why the fuck parents would ever leave their kid alone around nigger or even within a mile of them

I mean ffs my mom would lock all the car doors whenever we were driving through a black neighborhood and this is someone whom I've never heard use the word nigger.

45061c  No.13123606


>If this was a nigger kid and the killer a white person the kid's face would be over all newspapers and media

thats a given

000000  No.13123607


LOL! Excellent LARP my man. You got so many replies. Everyone knows Minnesota was set aside as the dumping ground for Somalis by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Just go to the DMV in Minneapolis and you will begin to understand. Also, the Somalis in Minneapolis are all assholes. They will cat-call white men. They bring all of their Somali phone scams to parking lots and literally try to rip-off random white people they see on the street. Did I mention what they have done to the crime rates?

fea765  No.13123608


It's our duty to get it there.

Make them say his name.

This is the story. This is the powder keg.

Anyone that can sit by when this happens deserves their demise.

This is in Omar's fucking STATE, the guy was probably from her fucking district.

She is the number one news story right now.

This could easily be pushed to the top.

45061c  No.13123612


Was Minnesota always a leftist shithole? Wtf is wrong with them?

90fe1a  No.13123613


Or we could write his name on our weapons.

90fe1a  No.13123616


They are still operating under the mistaken assumption that niggers are human. They think everyone is like them. It is going to be the LAST MISTAKE many of them make.

4ce2a1  No.13123618


It is considered the California of the Midwest. But the problem is primarily a Christian one since they bring in the refugees and feed/clothe them until they get on the government gibs.

45061c  No.13123623


>It is considered the California of the Midwest. But the problem is primarily a Christian one since they bring in the refugees and feed/clothe them until they get on the government gibs.

But Commiefornia was once a red state and the central valley is still somewhat conservative, was Minnesota ever a red state?

45061c  No.13123625


>But the problem is primarily a Christian one since they bring in the refugees and feed/clothe them until they get on the government gibs.

The South is primary Christian too and many of them are cucks who go on missions but those states aren't nearly as fucked as Minnesota.

90fe1a  No.13123627


We will always have retards among our people, this is why it is so important to enact ETHNOGLOBE so that the retards can’t damage our nation with their compassion. The most they will be able to have compassion for after ETHNOGLOBE takes place is animals and the environment. ETHNOGLOBE is a sure fire way to allow the retards to expression their compassion and mercy without having them cause us any danger. This is basically a policy of removing sharp objects and guns from an infant. You know that an infant (Christian) is too morally retarded to be allowed to make their own decisions so you put them in a safe environment until they can grow into real human adults.

4ce2a1  No.13123629


It has been blue for like a century at this point.

4ce2a1  No.13123630


The south is full of niggers and spics gtfo.

45061c  No.13123631


>It has been blue for like a century at this point.

So proving the hypothesis correct that Swedes are genetically cringe and bluepilled.

4ce2a1  No.13123633


I agree.

4ce2a1  No.13123634


It was fine until the nonwhites came.

45061c  No.13123639


>The south is full of niggers and spics gtfo.

and yet we manage to keep them in their containment zones, also we have sundown towns where niggers will go missing if they're caught snooping around

355a93  No.13123643


In the south they have diversity+proximity, which opens eyes.

In Minnesota (peaceful, generous Germanic people), it's the same as Vermont and Maine. The 99% white populace is told how great diversity is without ever being "enriched".

Hence Bernie's shock when those BLM tranny linebackers seized his stage. He'll be screaming what an "ally" he was as they put a gas-filled tire around his neck.

fea765  No.13123647


does anyone know if this is true?

level 3


34 points


1 hour ago

If he is Muslim the media would never cover that. Omar would probably just say “Something happened at a mall” if he was.





level 4



4 points


17 minutes ago

He is a convert I think… they are using his birth name. I posted his real name on another posting. Sorry I can’t remember now.

f8cdde  No.13123648


>has a history of mental health problems

That's how. "Why are you turning this in a race issue anon. Blame an entire race of people on one's (((mental health)))?"

fea765  No.13123654


No one tells the niggers to not make police killings a race thing. Who gives a fuck what kikes say.

90fe1a  No.13123656


I wish this behavior was more prevalent in all of the USA…I think a soft coupe where we simply ‘disappeared’ our enemies as quietly as possible would be part of a workable solution. I am also going with my rodent extermination program which focues on breeding females as the main thing that needs to be disappeared in the beginning. No breeding females means to population growth. This is basically the same tactic that the shitskins are pursuing in Europe, gang rape and murder of European females to damage the reporductive possiblity. Since it takes so long for a woman to have a child each woman that they murder and damage beyond ability to reproduce is a major accomplishment for them.

45061c  No.13123657


>In the south they have diversity+proximity, which opens eyes.

This is true, we're redpilled at an early age, also it's been a common practice to use house negros to keep the other niggers in check, they can't scream 'muh racism' when that happens.

90fe1a  No.13123658


>means to population growth

Means no population growth

4bae83  No.13123659

File: cf937452a0af4a3⋯.jpg (162.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, demographic change.jpg)




Get out of here with boomer tier red team vs blue team shit, that's just binary thinking. What matters regardless of political affiliation is demographics, which by all measures MN will stay more white than most of the southern states.

45061c  No.13123661


>I think a soft coupe where we simply ‘disappeared’ our enemies as quietly as possible would be part of a workable solution

mind you this only happened in rural areas so the blue gum niggers know better then to stick around after sundown, it's a sort of unwritten law that whites and blacks stay in their respective areas at night

45061c  No.13123671


>MN will stay more white than most of the southern states.

lol but yet you faggots are moving down here in droves to escape high taxes and muh diversity as are all the whites in most blue states right now. We have a good thing going down here and it's going to be the bluepilled faggot white liberals from blue states that will ruin the south.

14380d  No.13123673


90fe1a  No.13123675


Even the rural areas are more tolerant now though. I used to live outside a small town in the south and when I first arrived there was a no subhuman policy but buy the time I left there was a contingent of subhumans that was tolerated openly in town. It is only a matter of time before the south is shitted up as well since they have been browbeaten to fucking death over their pride and nationalist tendencies. Unless people start to remember their national roots and understand what makes us different from the subhuman trash like this nigger we will wake up with them in our bed sleeping between us and our spouses.

90fe1a  No.13123677



14380d  No.13123685


Red trucks are racist.

4bae83  No.13123700


Alright? Proximity makes people more based, which I applaud you guys for. But where I live the people may be a bit cucked, but there's not a nonwhite in sight. If I had to choose between the two, I would go for the latter any time.

4ce2a1  No.13123702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

886b46  No.13123706


Do me a favor and look up the Muslim population of Dearborn Michigan

90fe1a  No.13123709


Me too…I prefer cucked and White to woke and multicultural. Being woke means that many of your people have been murdered until you break conditioning. It means the destruction of your nation before you wake up…your life sounds idealic I hope you can keep it that way…before the invasion my people we innocent and cucked as well which makes the propaganda see more reasonable to them. I guess it falls on you to do the ‘dispearing’ When the subhuman filth shows up in your nation so that your people can keep their innocence.

886b46  No.13123725

Is the kid confirmed dead?

355a93  No.13123734



It's not an either/or. Minnesota, Sweden, and Canada are being enriched because their polite, welcoming populations never knew any better. "Cucked and white" is what led to opening the floodgates.

886b46  No.13123757


It's 8pm in Tel Aviv, shouldn't you be getting off work soon schlomo?

9ef836  No.13123795

File: b458e4389f6cb89⋯.jpeg (48.9 KB, 800x530, 80:53, clowngun.jpeg)



e1cef9  No.13123826

File: e93e0d8ff44c0ce⋯.png (793.19 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190413-021504.png)

f8f065  No.13123829


based somalian, want to meet my wife sir?

2c771d  No.13123842


Italians say they're white.

14380d  No.13123853




7de8bb  No.13123859


Go be a nomadic nigger somewhere else. I recommend Somalia.

dcfc07  No.13123873


I beat my cellys ass for not showering…guess what that nigger had to do after I wooped his monkey ass

dcfc07  No.13123877

File: 72156c74dbb6ba8⋯.jpg (569.64 KB, 1078x1434, 539:717, when niggers chimp out1.JPG)

dcfc07  No.13123878

File: 37ebfba1fe44b77⋯.jpg (590.16 KB, 1078x1449, 154:207, when niggers chimp out2.JPG)

dcfc07  No.13123881

File: 0730dcffe7648f3⋯.jpg (544.77 KB, 1073x1469, 1073:1469, when niggers chimp out3.JPG)

3e7d7b  No.13123883




Post more than one image at a time you fucking mouth breather

dcfc07  No.13123885








b35928  No.13123890


He can't help it, he's from 4chan.

7a9858  No.13123932

File: 6ea94bb92854fa2⋯.jpg (480.36 KB, 1659x1000, 1659:1000, Made good.jpg)



That was years ago. Now is the time to see the funny side of things.

2356c2  No.13123936


>Buying into tavistock memes

lol just laugh our way to the grave man!!!!

89e651  No.13123937




>using emojis

go back from whence you came

89e651  No.13123947

File: 8309936511edb90⋯.webm (3.19 MB, 1098x1080, 61:60, Fam_I_Am.webm)

97e0cd  No.13123954


That black man is a victim of white supremacy. The attack against the child was the direct fault of other whites systematic racism over blacks. If you want to live in a world of peace you have to apologize to the black man and start giving them reparations for the horrible atrocities your people committed against them, otherwise black people will continue to assert themselves as to get what’s rightfully theirs, that is equality between all people.

The sooner you whites realize this the sooner all this justified violence will stop. You only have yourselves to blame. Turn the other cheek and welcome the stranger with open arms. We are all equal in the eyes of god. Those who reject this will suffer the consequences of their sins.

7a9858  No.13123976

File: 44670bd5445a5f6⋯.jpg (155.75 KB, 1175x766, 1175:766, tumblr slut.jpg)


>lol just laugh your enemies into the grave man!!!!

Fixed that for you friendo

4bae83  No.13123987


You are correct. I'm not trying to say cucks are better if things had to be purely black and white, I was just trying to call out the dumb red team vs blue team type comments. In the case of Minnesota compared to Sweden or Canada, their floodgates are a whole lot smaller than what was allowed in those countries. It's only around 80,000 Somalis correct? That's 80,000 too many, but comparatively the state will be one that remains majority white according to the data

4ab505  No.13123992

File: 816ffa8ec7dc464⋯.png (55.52 KB, 765x471, 255:157, ClipboardImage.png)


Check out how the yids at Reuters reported it

>Boy falls from balcony

4ab505  No.13123995


>How and why did the Somalians get there? Could it be because the farmers wanted cheap labor?

who gives a fuck you leftypol faggot, go whine about capitalism and suck nigger dick elsewhere

1ac4ac  No.13124000

Let an earthquake crumble it; let the fires rage, let it burn to fucking ash and then let the waters rise and submerge this whole rat-infested place.

000000  No.13124024

Spread the love! Love being white

There is hope in aspiration

Make white babies, white multiplication

Explain what makes being white so great ~

5e74d3  No.13124036

the kikes will pay

133cd7  No.13124043


Reuters just reports the facts. It hasn't been established that he was actually pushed or thrown. A man is suspected of doing as much, but hasn't been proven to any degree. Why are you so triggered by impartial journalism?

7a9858  No.13124049

File: 5e566279ffa9b0e⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 300x193, 300:193, 1414469822773.jpg)


I know that feel.

4ce2a1  No.13124051


You really think there are balconies without guard railings at the Mall of America? You must be a kike or a fed.

14380d  No.13124053

File: 9281c0551abdc8a⋯.png (1.89 MB, 3333x2416, 3333:2416, 928.png)


>>lol just laugh your enemies into the grave man!!!!

5e74d3  No.13124071



-written by David Goldmansteinovich

7a9858  No.13124078

File: 03bff4a5c4275dd⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 436x280, 109:70, Marquis de Shrug.jpg)


>Why are you so triggered by impartial journalism?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, anon.

6fb195  No.13124082


best solution

133cd7  No.13124086


It's most likely that he's guilty of everything accused, but the accusations haven't yet been substantiated with evidence, e.g. video recording. Doesn't it make sense for journalists to wait until evidence is provided before they make a claim, or even better, impartially report the facts of the case and accusations, without making any sort of claim at all, and allowing the reader to judge for themselves?

4ce2a1  No.13124104


There are probably cameras all over the place there and some must have caught the act. Why would the mall or police release that footage? Futhermore, falling is a lot different from pushing let alone picking up and throwing and that shows how the (((media))) obscures the truth before throwing it into the memory-hole.

78b852  No.13124106

The kid died

If any of you live in Minnesota and you don't kill niggers in response you're fucking worthless

f3813c  No.13124110

File: 33c2c95eedcdaf5⋯.jpg (543.26 KB, 1068x1280, 267:320, apocalypsenegro.jpg)

Some anon/s need to IRL effort post against a black church or something. There needs to be a lynching or retribution.

>inb4 glownigger /pol/ is a board of peace

Sure I'm a glownigger. Don't do anything while niggers slaughter and rape white women and throw our children off balconies.

We need a dox of everyone in this nigger's family.

Retribution or fuck off.

825a78  No.13124112

ooga booga muh dick

f3813c  No.13124115



133cd7  No.13124118


Whether someone is pushed or jumps of their own volition or mistake, they fall nonetheless. It's simply the proper term to use until something is put out that can substantiate the accusation when you're reporting the facts of the case. Why do you need someone to spoonfeed you conclusions?

f3813c  No.13124122


Fuck you kike. If I fall on ice that is much different than someone pushing me down a flight of stairs.

825a78  No.13124159

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


What's his name? I didn't catch his name, was it Omar?


>try doing something


3de385  No.13124222


In Finland this has been memed for a decade by now.

4ab505  No.13124226

File: ce8652f572c891e⋯.png (95.24 KB, 306x288, 17:16, ClipboardImage.png)


>Reuters just reports the facts.

feeble attempt

a387c2  No.13124234

File: 18ba34c43786d6a⋯.png (713.49 KB, 1138x436, 569:218, Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at ….png)

they are killing our future kings and queens….im not sure how much more of this i can take. The global consciousness indicator was through the charts this morning. I honestly think this even just pushed us into new timeline, or accelerated some process in the collective conscious. time will tell but ive been as pissed and upset over this incident than i have been about anything else in a while.

000000  No.13124262


Nah, no one knows about it.

Has Trump tweeted about this? It would be a good move to get one over Ilhan Omshit and the Minnesota cucks…

b6956f  No.13124291


The real blackpill is that Ebba Akerlund would have probably grown up to be a turbo slut fucking niggers.

ae4bd2  No.13124292


Why would Trump tweet about some random goy falling off a balcony? You realize you're a second class citizen right?

b6956f  No.13124297



>Shilling Trump

Get out

e29e1a  No.13124310


Slavery was Jewish.

000000  No.13124312



Well he tweets shit all the time, he could at least make the effort and tweet something that would actually accomplish something.

825a78  No.13124320

File: d22ddb715f1b9a2⋯.jpg (155.74 KB, 728x546, 4:3, 1544336578763.jpg)

The coon's name is Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda. That makes him a mudslime also, making any mosques or congresswomen of somalinigger extraction fair game in the eyes of their enemies. That's really bad optics. Why do nigger muslims do this? Why do they have anger issues? Don't they realize this damages their spotless reputations in the community, and opens them up to revenge massacres? I can't fathom why someone would want to do this. He must have really wanted free tv, internet, college, bed, medicine, and food.

563b9e  No.13124321



>implying Trump gives a shit about dead white people

He's a fucking kike, he could care less

825a78  No.13124335


>he could care less

he couldn't care less

040897  No.13124498


Welcome to /pol/. Most of the Somalese I've met are decent people. Vote Omar.

5d10cc  No.13124509


>t. jew larping as a bulbhead nigger for (you)s

64ae1d  No.13124511


Someone lynch the nigger! Show them we care about our people!

b6956f  No.13124541

File: eaf85aa069f929a⋯.png (352.97 KB, 1076x580, 269:145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 187e27e5bd1928d⋯.png (1.31 MB, 900x1273, 900:1273, 1ba38ec50be9668aab9ff1bf0e….png)

His name was Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda. Sounds white to me.

843447  No.13124543


>How and why did the Somalians get there?

MNFag here: Bill Clinton and his handlers post "Blackhawk Down" decided that our 96% white Germanic demographic needed to be pozzed.

781540  No.13124569


>The real blackpill is that Ebba Akerlund would have probably grown up to be a turbo slut fucking niggers.


781540  No.13124572



781540  No.13124578


>Spread the love! Love being white

go suck on a shotgun faggot, many whites have decided to align themselves with the enemy, traitors I hate the most

843447  No.13124581




pick one you fucking heeb

44009a  No.13124584


only the female breeding ones…if you want to exterminate a race in meinkraft you have to take out the females…the same thing that turkikes are doing to our females.

5d10cc  No.13124594

File: 0cf925a70b84961⋯.jpg (556.25 KB, 1123x666, 1123:666, 1542590226840.jpg)



>Making le ebin blacked.com jokes about a dead child

The next camps won't have wooden doors.

781540  No.13124601


He's right ya little faggot so STFU before I reach through this computer monitor and smash your head in.

44009a  No.13124609


Shut up stupid nigger and get the fuck off our board.


This. Anon…we need to exterminate these fucking subhuman faggot forever

2b2d24  No.13124613

How come shills arent complaining that pathetic niggers always choose weak and hapless victims

like a 5 year old child for example

but then come around and say what dylan roof did was wrong when he chose his targets?????????????

2b2d24  No.13124632


And you know it to be true because of your white girls getting blacked vision?

efd555  No.13124635


This is such a cringe post. I can smell your doritos from here.

5d10cc  No.13124647

File: 7d5211723432030⋯.png (940.06 KB, 899x505, 899:505, david duke.png)


>dorito and mountian dew jokes

Go back to r/gaming, cuckold.


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

ae4bd2  No.13124649


This picture triggers the kikes to no end. Gj anon.

52de2e  No.13124714


This. If you look at the rape statistics from the early to mid 1900s it was very low and right after ani-lynching legislation passed it soared to well over 100,00 white women raped by niggers each year. ZERO black women have been raped by white men. You can look up the statistics yourself at the DOJ website

810f01  No.13124743

Obviously this is enraging and should be capitalized on for the normies' benefit. But …

The kid's name was Landen Hoffman. Is that a "Hoffman" like Mike who plays hockey for the Panthers, or is that a (((Hoffman))) like (((Dustin))) who subverts society through movies and tv shows?

Was the family Jewish? I can't find a list of the parents' names for a good genealogy search. Lots of the Hoffmans in that area (Woodbury MN a suburb just NE of St. Paul) seem to have come from Prussia in the 1850s but that's inconclusive, and several of the Hoffmans buried in Woodbury cemeteries have crosses on their stones, but again, inconclusive.

Was the family libshit? Think Mollie Tibbetts and her fam. I wanna know. Woodbury is a libshit suburb of St. Paul and it's 75% White, 9% "Asian", 7% nigger, 5% spic, with most of the rest being "mixed." It is also a zip code that went +18% to TheCunt in the election. I've checked out the local paper and it's fucking cultmarx as hell.

Without a good name for mom and dad I haven't been able to do any news searches for them, e.g. were they in any protests or how they registered to vote etc.

Basically, I want to know exactly how many fucks I should give. Help an evil NatSoc racist out here!

ee01ba  No.13124759

File: 35de0128f4ef10a⋯.jpg (29.62 KB, 500x465, 100:93, 41J0xTA13QL.jpg)

ee01ba  No.13124760

File: 1dd5cfd5335f454⋯.png (651 B, 640x395, 128:79, LGBT0001__35414.1480509947….png)

5faab2  No.13124765


I hear Trump is considering sending more cultural enrichment your way to uh teach the other side a lesson. Donate now. Before.. you know… you get killed by one of them.

ee01ba  No.13124779

File: 6fcd33ee9e38d10⋯.png (111.02 KB, 421x352, 421:352, Screenshot from 2019-04-13….png)

ee01ba  No.13124783

File: bd3a019bcbe376f⋯.png (187.03 KB, 894x368, 447:184, Screenshot from 2019-04-13….png)

89e042  No.13124857


There's just a lot of Germans in this area, and Jews have a penchant for taking German surnames and muddying the waters. Jews are a pretty miniscule portion of the population around here, and if you meet a Sandberg you're more likely to think he's a Swede than a kike, even though our mayor is a kike. In regards to the parent's politics, it doesn't really matter to me. At the end of the day, a white child has been crippled for life because of some nigger's urge to destroy.

b75cd7  No.13125163

File: 007d2678000f8f8⋯.png (440.34 KB, 1125x843, 375:281, ClipboardImage.png)


>Emmanuel DESHAWN Aranda

Perp has nigger name, but of course he isn't black, and the picture is supposedly from a movie you can't name. Oh, BONUS POINTS faggot: he's been charged with MURDER - meaning his chimpout has killed the poor boy. Here you are, niggerlovin' on a murderer who attacks children.

Put a gun in your mouth, and take a nice, deep slug of shotgun mouthwash, faggot.

a3f9f0  No.13125325

Foxnews is reporting that Landon is still alive?

What is really happening?

fc4333  No.13125334

5 year Old white Child thrown from balcony by a fully grown Nigger in the Mall of America has died from his injuries Read it slowly about 5 times … And remember this Loss


fc4333  No.13125340

What police station is this guy being held …?

44009a  No.13125351


How'd this nigger get into your state?

89e651  No.13125360


If you're going to do a meme shooting (in minecraft), at least go after jews or someone actually important. Nigs wouldn't think they could walk around like they own the place if it weren't for (((them))).

89e651  No.13125361

You first.

fe94f0  No.13125388

File: f80bfba8e4ceccf⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 640x548, 160:137, Ds3rxlVVsAAUXTY.jpg)


>don't kill nigs

>kill jews

We can do both.

44009a  No.13125415

File: 656f63dcad74621⋯.jpg (180.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, angry santa and jews.jpg)

>>13125388 (checked)

9c4177  No.13125651


I know someone that raped a black bitch but the nappy headed hoe only wanted more and scratched the hell out of my back a mean his…

000000  No.13125974


>posting a literally jew movie that mocks the Yule

>Odin is played by GOLDBERG

Just fucking end it in a blaze of glory my man; uninstall Minecraft for all time.

44009a  No.13125977


I didn't know that was from a movie…I don't get out much and (((entertainment))) is not part of my culture.

146c75  No.13125993

File: 84b00e2a92597bf⋯.png (46.69 KB, 300x250, 6:5, bane didn't start the fire.png)





>We didn't start the fire…

44009a  No.13126039


We are not 'looking for sympathy' at all anon. There is no reason for the people who are trying to genocide us to 'give of sympathy' that would be retarded.

146c75  No.13126148


Nigger detected.

White Nationalism IS the white immune system. Its suppression is entirely caused by the AIDS virus of judaism.

Millions of whites in America are dying not because they lack a voice, but because they have been brainwashed by the jew into silence.

843447  No.13126157

File: 7056137b0a87cf1⋯.jpg (15.72 KB, 375x375, 1:1, costanza belittles.jpg)


Please, rabbi, won't you tell us h-white nationalists how to into? We never figured it out, as you know, we relied on your people to bring us niggercattle that invented and built everything.

How do us poor stupid fucking goys into Western Civilization?

701030  No.13126168


Southerners do nothing but brag about bullshit. They're fat, lazy, and complacent, and will all be mongrels in 10 years.

000000  No.13126171


Yes, White Nationalism is a real success story. So much that the Jews cannot shut the fuck up about it while they kill more Whites and their countries.

Traitors go first.

70b703  No.13126182

File: 5448f98e7546ab3⋯.jpg (214.92 KB, 1350x755, 270:151, jews subvert.jpg)



Jew subvert and pervert everything. The entire cast is kikes

44009a  No.13126183


Ha! Well they haven't 'become' mongrels in all the years that the niggers have lived in the south I don't think they are going to start fucking niggers anytime soon.

dcc308  No.13126186

Don’t forget that the show is made by Robert King who is married to (((Michelle King))). The show is from CBS and was created under (((Leslie Moonves’))) reign before he got metoo’d.

44009a  No.13126187


I feel left out because I have no idea what movie you two are talking about.

dcc308  No.13126190


Sorry wrong thread.

843447  No.13126194


Isn't it weird though, rabbi, how the NSDAP roflstomped basically all of Yuropiss before you rat-nesters diaspora'd out to the New World?

Isn't it super weird how we're all using NSDAP technology to this very day?

701030  No.13126203


You probably tipped over your Walmart scooter laughing at that one you fat, stupid, drugged up southern piece of shit. You brag about hating niggers and herr derr muh sundown herr derr and look how fucking overrun the south is. Georgia nearly elected a giant fat nigger. Your sister is probably fucking a nigger right now making you mulatto nephew. Go eat some chicken fried steak and have your heart attack now, or just shut the fuck up, but don't brag about how you're even fighting back when you can't even get out of your chair.

44009a  No.13126213


I am not from the South anon…I just passed through there and liked the people, they are truly some of the best people in the USA.

You think about fucking niggers A LOT anon…

You might want to get that looked at by a professional.

6d1107  No.13126220


Go out and make public speeches about "Niggers". Or STFU.

486b1b  No.13126231


He was born here.

44009a  No.13126241


Ahhh a jewish import then…well there you go.

a5046d  No.13126304


the people in my state deserve every benefit diversity brings, this state is worse than California, just much smaller.

843447  No.13126325


Go out and kill some "jews". Or STFU.

1341d3  No.13126373





I coined those terms now pay me royalties bitch.


b75cd7  No.13126374


>nigger has to know his muh white nationalism is teh enemy shit doesn't work here, but still makes shekels to post it

c263b5  No.13126482

It is a tragic that he died because of the dangerous anti-white action. If USA is a white authoritatian ethnostate then he would been alive today.

701030  No.13126580

Notice that no one will do anything about this.

416bc6  No.13126701

is there a video this can't be true some nig nog threw a white child over a balcony >>13126580 what can we do?

416bc6  No.13126742

What do we do when we are at war but no one recognizes the oppositions crimes but are our vengeance is amplified

843447  No.13126922


>is there a video

you really think the Mall of America is filled with security cameras?




unbanning TORpedos was a mistake

44009a  No.13126956


It is a 2 second fix to filter

be5edd  No.13126962

This board is compromised and black pilled I came here for hope I get nihilism and shills come on now we can make a change

44009a  No.13126970


>I get nihilism

only ubermensch are strong enough to forge the path out of nihilism and into their own future.

be5edd  No.13126989


Yeah they would never show a nigger committing a crime

1cea4f  No.13127001


silence nigger

44009a  No.13127017


not a crime like throwing a tiny child off a balcony. The war would start today if people saw that…it is the same thing they do when they hide the rape videos (that are always taken) of European women…they only release those to muzzies for them to watch…they prohibit you from watching them because they haven't moved all their military in place yet for your slaughter.

6aeb08  No.13127083

how about admins utilize 20 year old post filtering so that you know shit doesn't get flooded and slid so much?

8ch is like a little babbe

24968a  No.13127085

File: bb542b3e7c6d194⋯.jpg (65.64 KB, 584x1039, 584:1039, D4FpCaVW4AAz8hs.jpg)

Oh, surprise suprise! Real name Abdisaid Mohamed and lives in Ilhan Omar's district.

0c9c85  No.13127088


Tarrant planed for 2 years 50 kills. Luca Traini didn't plan raged and 0 kills.

See the pattern?

6aeb08  No.13127094


planned parenthood has been planning for 40 years and over 100 million white babies killed

8ba391  No.13127101


Try 100 years or more.

6aeb08  No.13127109


joe six pack wouldn't do shit if this story was released in full. it would just cause the liberal left to bicker and divide. joe six pack and the "conservative" base are just as culpable to societies problems as nigger immigrants who wanna get in on the white titty milk. they're npcs and need to be beaten and forced into feeling bad about global white suicide/genocide.

44009a  No.13127114


White babies or nigger babies? I am pretty sure that almost all abortions are from nigger moms and not White moms.

be5edd  No.13127117

whats the boys name fuck this nigger scum>>13127085

44009a  No.13127120


maybe, you never really know what is going to set people off nowadays. When I showed this article to people all I got was stern silence and quiet brewing anger and those were just normies.

44009a  No.13127123


I would like to know this as well…I am sure the parents don't want the attention but I feel the need to know his name.

c89c21  No.13127129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"What I did is so miniscule compared to what they're doing to white people every day"

- Dylann Roof

be5edd  No.13127134


Oh sorry i don't want to disrespect is father. If there is a god fuck him thi is horrific i'm losing hope for my people

f6c460  No.13127142

File: 47bb91dd1331aaf⋯.jpg (33.9 KB, 474x316, 3:2, rth.jpg)

f6c460  No.13127144

File: baba97f707a2fe2⋯.jpg (20.1 KB, 474x319, 474:319, hvm.jpg)

b6956f  No.13127149

File: 6ad3a060761c4c4⋯.png (693.38 KB, 540x921, 180:307, a67e6dbf36e1cc11acfd8d2df0….png)


nobody cares about anything as long as they aren't personally affected

they don't care about the birth rates

they don't care about the generational debt to fund more spic babies

they just don't care

6aeb08  No.13127151


name is actually emmanuel aranda

8bc426  No.13127153


I'm sure you're trying to seem harmless and all that SomaliAnon, but I don't see any Somali-led initiates condemning race-mixing and publicly condemning Somali men who impregnate white women. I would need to see the vast majority of your community doing that to begin to consider the idea you weren't an uncontrollable cancer.

7cbd60  No.13127157


I believe the child’s name is Landen Hoffman.

8bc426  No.13127160


The problem I see with this, and the general frustration I have with Ms. Omar's name, is that uppercased "i" (I) resembles a lowercased L (l) so people might think we're calling someone iihan unless you capitalize the entire thing like ILHAN … looks better

f687c8  No.13127167

File: ebb63ddefc16900⋯.jpg (73.46 KB, 577x608, 577:608, 15471614168760.jpg)


>implying raging homosexual cucks have daughters or grand daughters

80e0a0  No.13127174


Turds shouldn't be in the maternity ward with babies.

f687c8  No.13127177


Lies. Niggers have more nigger babies, lots of them. Only stupid white sluts get abortions.

e21571  No.13127178

843447  No.13127181


>Only stupid white sluts get abortions.

actually… statistics show sheboons get more abortions by far. turns out murdering niglets is cheaper than condoms and sheboons use pregnancy as an alternative contraceptive.

8bc426  No.13127187

File: 6f8cd39396bbcb9⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 596x490, 298:245, Ebba1.jpg)

File: 444a37a327a10bd⋯.jpg (63.41 KB, 864x1080, 4:5, Ebba2.jpg)


you know, we really ought to have more fanart done of Ebba Akerlund like how we have of Tarrant-chan and LtCorbiz. I've managed to find only 2 pieces. I'm sure Brenton would appreciate more.

f687c8  No.13127194


>statistics show

Figures can lie and liars can figure. I've lived in mixed neighborhoods all my life, considerably longer than yours, I know of innumerable white girls whov'e had abortions, some of them multiple abortions. I've never heard of a black girl getting an abortion once.

f6c460  No.13127195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you know whenever anyone of us does some "crazy shit" they call it "mental illness" too….could a race war be heating up…or is it nogs just nigg'n like nogs nig?

f6c460  No.13127200


how many niggers have you fucked? sheesh.

80e0a0  No.13127202


Why would niggers get abortions when they could be gifted gibs then neglect their nigglet till it either dies or is absorbed into another herd?

2783b6  No.13127203

I couldnt be a cop because I would slit this fuckers throat as soon as I had him him handcuffs… ISIS style. Harming any child is the worst type of evil.

8bc426  No.13127208

Abdisaid Mohamed


Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda

Which is it? Are both correct? I know sometimes muslim converts have original names and newly adopted Arabic ones.

85d181  No.13127212

File: d0a537b1f0630e9⋯.jpg (24.41 KB, 215x251, 215:251, 20190414_002342.jpg)

f687c8  No.13127219


I've never touched a nigger and never will. Not even a half breed.


Exactly. I know what I see are lots of young white girls getting abortions. And every she-boon in sight towing five little boons behind her.

80e0a0  No.13127220


>Harming any white child is the worst type of evil.

Fixed it for you.

f687c8  No.13127234

Planned parenthood wouldn't lie about something like that would they. It's not like if they came out and admitted 90% of abortions are performed on white girls that it wouldn't go over to well.

2783b6  No.13127246


I wouldnt hurt a black child(pre-puberty) I would just send them back to Africa

2783b6  No.13127251


But this fucking nigger piece of shit deserves no sympathy and should be drawn and quartered… then burned alive

f687c8  No.13127256

File: a2b3378e3102247⋯.jpg (47.06 KB, 393x600, 131:200, bruce pierce.jpg)


I'm going to go out on a limb and call it, if he actually makes it to prison in todays clown world one of the white brothers will cave his head in.

80e0a0  No.13127260


That is a lot of effort and expense compared to the alternative.


All of his kind should be lynched.

c89c21  No.13127261

File: 4236fb9cf73e06e⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 575x702, 575:702, 943de78c-af4e-4bc5-846f-1d….jpg)

2783b6  No.13127284

I couldnt be a cop because I would slit this fuckers throat as soon as I had him him handcuffs… ISIS style. Harming any child is the worst type of evil.>>13127260


If we dont have standards we are no different than those animals… I can never support violence against women, children, or the elderly

f687c8  No.13127363

File: 7645c82da4d93e8⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 198x360, 11:20, monkey man.webm)


>If we dont have standards we are no different >than those animals… I can never support violence against women, children, or the elderly

That only applies to humans Anon.

80e0a0  No.13127375


Your problem is attributing human worth to subhuman females. Do you leave the young cockroaches in your kitchen in case they grow up to become productive members of the insect world instead of spreading disease around your home?

c89c21  No.13127393

File: 287965387aa61bc⋯.mp4 (6.5 MB, 480x600, 4:5, terrorwave.mp4)


30fd5e  No.13127458



2783b6  No.13127493


Preaching genocide and violence against women and children is not a winning strategy if you are trying to bring more disaffected people into the white nationalist movement

7cbd60  No.13127501

File: b7a4562a766f367⋯.pdf (336.41 KB, Abdisaid-Mohamed-MN 1.pdf)

If Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda real name is Abdisaid Mohamed, I believe this is him.

30fd5e  No.13127503


< Women

< Children

Implying they are people.

c89c21  No.13127504

File: 1c5fc6f7990315a⋯.jpg (114.49 KB, 840x472, 105:59, D4FY5WiWwAEuqJd.jpg)

File: 2b8f4595a9584b1⋯.jpg (104.61 KB, 831x518, 831:518, hero.jpg)

80e0a0  No.13127505


I am not arguing what constitutes good marketing for a 'white nationalist' (I won't get started on that little nugget) recruitment drive, but what is right. Separate things.

c89c21  No.13127530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Day of the Rope

80e0a0  No.13127535


What a fun day that will be.

9c4177  No.13127566




f687c8  No.13128487

File: e8c5c19a65a739a⋯.webm (210.47 KB, 398x302, 199:151, whos afraid of the big ba….webm)


This is not a white nationalist recruitment site it's a Mongolian basket weaving forum.

dfed95  No.13128559


This isn't your home. When things break down soon the math turns dangerous for you. I know being a nigger you can't do math so I'll give you the answer: this isn't your home and you will be killed.

843447  No.13129742

bump back to the top we go, slideniggers get fucked

ab1c36  No.13129823

File: b5462b3f5c43e68⋯.png (1008.35 KB, 1352x938, 676:469, 49035803498.png)

843447  No.13130120

bump against all the gay unimportant fake threads

44009a  No.13130182


True anon…this deserves much more thought and attention. Every time I think about it I am horrified and I really just want to take an AK and open fire on a HUGE gathering of these stupid fucking niggers in revenge.

843447  No.13130225


>this deserves much more thought and attention.

The fact that several MSM sites are still reporting that Landen is alive should speak volumes about the social landscape in my state right now.

How can the nigger be charged with MURDER if the child is alive? How can my neighbors be this fucking stupid in CURRENT_YEAR + 4

df91a5  No.13130323


By not treating it as a racially motivated hate crime.

843447  No.13131223

843447  No.13131433

you better believe this is a bump

adb886  No.13131450


Checking those bump dubs

Also push niggers from the tops of tall things and watch them splat kek

843447  No.13131580

local news just said the kid is still alive… but the BCA website still lists the nigger's charge as MURDER

who's jewing who??

95f05d  No.13131615


because 5 year old white kids don't get murdered too often in public spaces

843447  No.13131765


pretty much. also the lack of coverage, and the blatant obfuscation of the attacker's race and motivation have definitely stirred the pot

5e8f97  No.13131769


698165  No.13131789





fea765  No.13131797



>you really think the Mall of America is filled with security cameras.

you don't? what a stupid shill

843447  No.13131809


*isn't, and thanks for the bump, Spelling Czar

45e840  No.13131911


>I've never heard of a black girl getting an abortion once


45e840  No.13131916


No one is gonna join the White nationalist movement until MSM is negated.

Please stfu with your whiteknight moralfag bullshit

abd096  No.13131931

Ok, well if we are to do anything about it, we need to know who the principle players are. The D.A., the info of the heads of whichever LEA has jurisdiction of the case, and the judges within the area of jurisdiction that the assailant will be charged / tried.

Do we have these names yet?

After this, we'll need to develop messaging for putting pressure on them to go for the max charges/sentence. Preferably something more nuanced than, "kill the nigger or die."

44009a  No.13131943

File: 161d398e5c0a197⋯.gif (17.76 KB, 489x320, 489:320, abortion rate by race.gif)


Hahaha…they get the most abortions. The fact that they have 30 rainbow coalition niglets is meaningless…they still kill significant numbers of their own spawn. Still it should be illegal for a child of two white parents to be aborted. No one cares what happens with the mongrel subhumans.

ce3f2f  No.13131968



9066c7  No.13131974


ff4abc  No.13132056

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Police: 5-year-old child ‘thrown’ from third floor of Mall of America alive and receiving care

44009a  No.13132064


mfw #not all niggers

e0aba6  No.13132085


95f05d  No.13132093


this alone made me go pro-choice, it's anti-nigger and that's what counts

44009a  No.13132100



44009a  No.13132111


That dumb shit encouraging White people to go to a nigger mall with little kids…he is actually PUTTING THE BLAME ON THE PARENTS FOR NOT BEING 'AWARE' OF THE SITUATION!! THAT FUCKER!!

c948e2  No.13132151

I haven't used Faceberg since the early 2000's when I was still in High School, but since I used to use it I have hundreds of friends and family on it. My point is, I'm wondering if I should start using it solely to post news like this. The kind of news that will get normies infuriated and increase racial divide, yet it's hard for someone to point a finger and shout racism because it's literally just posting news stories. These types of nigger kills white child for absolutely no reason seem perfect for this. I don't know if I would be safe doing it though? That's the kind of crap where like liberal lunatics will dox me, report me to my workplace and get me fired and then all my former friends/people I know will think I'm literally hitler.

It seems impossible to me, because to connect with the people you know you would have to use your identity on Faceberg, but then this puts me at major risk of being labeled as "literally Hitler" and losing my job. Any tips or recommendations from anons when it comes to red pilling normies on Faceberg and staying protected? Is it possible without high risk?

The more I think about it, this really should be a mission for /pol/. As much as we all hate Faceberg and the jews that control it, it seems it could be used as a proper weapon. Using your enemies own weapons against them. If even a small percentage of pol users started spreading news stories like this to the white people they know on Faceberg, it could be a really powerful spark to the fire. We need to access normies where they are, normies won't be reading news stories on pol, most don't even know chan is a thing. Many boomer and older normies don't use things like twitter, jewtube or instagram, but everyone and their grandma has a Faceberg page. This idea seems to have a lot of potential to me. The main issue is figuring out how to spread these kind of stories while still securing our privacy.

d2a2a4  No.13132164

File: eeb47eb858f5ae0⋯.jpeg (189.49 KB, 778x1600, 389:800, landen RIP.jpeg)

Landen RIP

0cc389  No.13132179

44009a  No.13132197


40 ft fall onto concrete…if that boy is hanging onto life his body will still never be the same if he recovers…probably have to endure massive surgeries his whole life.

ff4abc  No.13132200

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the mall looks like vid related. why would any white person walk their family into that?

The (somali) Mall of America - Present day 2019

44009a  No.13132224


Without children that place would make me SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

8f4db9  No.13132227


oww pooww babwbie

698165  No.13132230

File: 980cc07fe93ebf9⋯.gif (305.24 KB, 220x144, 55:36, This isa nigger4 u.gif)


b47f77  No.13132412



ff4abc  No.13132447

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


44009a  No.13132452


If you are there throw a few of them off a balcony, will you? I bet you can get to 50 if you are fast enough…;)

e0fc69  No.13132481

File: a462bf93d167e7c⋯.webm (717.19 KB, 640x358, 320:179, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)


god fucking damnit

caeeff  No.13132529


this happened in a blink of an eye historically, and it won't be rolled back while it still matters. it's hard to believe that just a few decades ago going around saying this was going to happen would've gotten you locked up.

lesson in here is the moment you lose your focus for even a second you're done. this country got gradually fucked by the 60s generation as they got older decade by decade and now it's gone goddamn nursing home dementia dream.

95f05d  No.13132534


yeah it's fucked, MN is also the place with that nigger cop gunned down that aussie white woman who called for help

843447  No.13132552


yeah that Knor goatfucker; another Somalinigger. we're still waiting for his trial.

86ec4c  No.13132592



do by doing not by saying

c263b5  No.13132807


I am glad my

c263b5  No.13132811


My favourite shop isn’t taken over by non-white people.

a70009  No.13132891


>Ok, well if we are to do anything about it, we need to know who the principle players are. The D.A., the info of the heads of whichever LEA has jurisdiction of the case, and the judges within the area of jurisdiction that the assailant will be charged / tried.

>Do we have these names yet?

>After this, we'll need to develop messaging for putting pressure on them to go for the max charges/sentence. Preferably something more nuanced than, "kill the nigger or die."


Everyone in this topic is a lazy nigger. We're gonna need a better breed of whites if we're gonna have any chance.







bc967a  No.13132961


It is an incredibly far drop, enough to make you uneasy standing at the ledge. Architects fucked up by not tiering the floors so that you would fall onto the 2nd floor at least instead of straight to the fucking bottom

bc967a  No.13132974


Better video, 0:45 for stampede


0b5980  No.13133072


Hey, don't be sad. People all over the world suffer just like you in the same way. Get up and move out of the house, find something positive to do to celebrate life and claim a victory in spite of all the hardships; you're better than this.

0f03d4  No.13133109



6fb195  No.13133114


we fucked up by allowing niggers in this country. not for long.

0f03d4  No.13133115



0f03d4  No.13133122


ffaee0  No.13133213


You mean the dump your daddy pays a mortgage on? Go back to listening to your rap crap you stupid little wigger.


The first nigger I see tomorrow is going to get blindsided.

8504af  No.13133229



That's what he said you fucking retard

b538ac  No.13133425



c263b5  No.13133448

Rich leftists are livening in the gated communities. How racist of them not to let the niggers in. They need to get enrich by the niggers.

843447  No.13134920

new day bamp

1eda9d  No.13135077

Incidents will keep happening and the politicians will keep importing enemies, so long as we remain silent and inactive in combating their destructive impact on the nation.

89480c  No.13136365


turns out that the national news sites either reported too early or were withholding information.

local evening news aired that day revealed the suspect's face and name, as police had released the information by the time they aired.

though because the child's identity wasn't revealed at the time (the GoFundMe page wasn't started yet), and it was reported that the relationship between the perp and victim was "unknown", rather than "unknown, if at all", some people thought the child was also black

1dbbfe  No.13136689


> was a little bit lost and was searching for a home and to be with people I knew from Somalia

Try moving to Somalia.

701030  No.13136830


false. they'll find the nearest nigger dick and suck it.

ad77c7  No.13137216

File: fedea90d844a011⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1554946913980m.jpg)


Yeah and when a shooting happens it's not a mental health problem but a gun problem

31c6cd  No.13137462

File: 063b5f42a237fea⋯.png (236.04 KB, 720x984, 30:41, Screenshot_20190415-163743….png)

Racist nigger incel won't get reported by msm

bc7ddb  No.13137561


He's not dead yet, thank God. Check the GoFundMe page for updates.


39d1a3  No.13138371


your trying to justify the murder of a child and 100's of innocent people who killed due to the epidemic of black crime and try and base it on equality.

simple fact is they have been given the better past of a century to be equals and there just as violent and hateful as ever.

777c4c  No.13142132


Just another despicable act from the feces species

a9e590  No.13142812


There was a time when blacks and their handlers would discourage media coverage of such a vile attack, with the intention of reducing the backlash against blacks by the police. Everyone knows that won’t happen anymore, so why do they still do it? They do it now to memory hole it, to reduce The public awareness, of course they know it pisses off a small but growing minority of whites who still pay attention to things like this.

I have an idea, follow the example set by those who mourn the loss of Kate Steinle, Holt prayer vigil’s for this little boy. Force the media to say that your morning this little boy because you are a white supremacists. But more important than that, we need modern day saints. Just as the knickers have their’s. We need these Saints as a kind of rallying icon.

14ce69  No.13144054


You need a lobotomy for your cuck addled brain

8a6a5d  No.13145752


42418d  No.13145973



2db968  No.13146079


Go for it, my dude

f9970a  No.13146186


Another Muslim serving the most peaceful of all religions.

He is a known Jihadist.

6aeb08  No.13146208


>going through all this trouble to spread a fakenews story


f9970a  No.13146260



Video above with eye witnesses.

Please explain how it is fake?

Is it because the Nigger is a Muslim?

So all the witnesses are lying? Are you high.

I bet you are going to say the Jews made the Muzzy do it next.

c76518  No.13146268


Welcome to a decade ago.

You fresh batch of wannabes are pathetic

000000  No.13146606


That's right anon, we need a new meme around this issue … I was thinking something like the tag: "#NoDescription?" Every time the media refuses to reveal the perpetrators race.

A lot of normies are already quite redpilled on this anyway, so I think it could go viral quickly.

63038b  No.13156638



This man isn't even Somali. He doesn't look like it and his name is Emmanuel… Seriously. Y'all just want a reason to hate Somalis. when 99% of the time their just minding their own business, being immigrants and shit.

63038b  No.13156647


Noticed. It's so easy to tell Somalis apart from niggers. Somalis tend to have a superiority complex which is why most other people don't like them.

63038b  No.13156650


Hes a kid, are you kidding me?

0cc301  No.13156737

File: 91048e009b08ff1⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 467x700, 467:700, 1258847889.jpg)

It's sickening that the kikes who control the MSM hide stories like this. As we all know if the races were reversed it would be national news 24/7. Something has to be done here boys and girls. Our current position is untenable.

000000  No.13158452


>young men

Niggers aren't men

843447  No.13158464


>It's so easy to tell Somalis apart from niggers.

they also have huge fiveheads, their hair isn't as nappy as sub-Sahara niggers. they also wear sandals. the males are also typically toohpick skinny and the females are typically fat ninjas.

000000  No.13158488

From the little child who was tortured to death by a nigger to this, how many times does it make now? Imagine if the races were reversed, we'd never hear the end of it. This insidiousness and lies is why people have grown to hate the media, journalists, and are turning full 1488.

9ef836  No.13158933

File: 1252bae4dd4d8cf⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 877x541, 877:541, ais.jpg)


Every white man who hears this story is feeling the same thing you are. We are too divided, and too scared to say anything right now. It's quite funny and whitepilling to imagine how fucked Zog will be when it really (((happens))). They have no idea the extreme sentiment in every white man's heart because we have been hiding our power levels for so long. It will be glorious.

Remember, we're nice until we're not.

e1fef9  No.13159339


i wont forget this, anon. and i know theres many other white men reading this right now that will do the same. after many stories like this, i'll never let a nigger hurt a white person

c9c565  No.13170272

File: c571cf07ac8725b⋯.jpg (582.41 KB, 1603x2271, 1603:2271, Mall_Nog.jpg)

Made this today. Hope nobody has forget about this story yet.

2b2d24  No.13170291


Not bad but a bit on the wordy side

56e88c  No.13174856


We have plenty of martyrs already. Remember that 12 year old that was kidnapped on Christmas Eve, tortured to death with a blowtorch, then dumped in a trainyard by some negress?

7ab581  No.13179878

File: 57658c51a05c57f⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 1040x7198, 520:3599, Cre3.jpg)

1dd99d  No.13179889




I would force them to play minecraft with me

1dd99d  No.13179899


Interesting post thanks for contributing.

1dd99d  No.13179917


Well i mean you dont know that.

4ed9ed  No.13182533


"youths" in the UK.

f43fed  No.13183606

File: 177c6cb7ade47b0⋯.jpg (107.2 KB, 600x797, 600:797, 177c6cb7ade47b09ff025056f8….jpg)

According to this, he has no brain damage



fea765  No.13183624


This is probably where we should focus our energy, we should FORCE White leftist cucks to enjoy the fruits of their voting.

Remember you can't be racist against White people and they helped usher in such stupidity so maybe it should be their neighborhoods that are targeted.

94e14a  No.13183653

File: b4c6b3877ed4643⋯.png (512.71 KB, 900x497, 900:497, Boy_thrown_by_stranger_at_….png)





c9624a  No.13184446


Do me a favor and start advertising Somalia as a great place to live instead of turning this city into little mogadishu. I don't want your crack houses, I don't your fake business fronts and 'money wiring' services. Your men are cowards, 3 of you once tried stealing my girlfriend's purse and tried swindling me. Maybe if your cousins weren't welfare bums sipping cough syrup.

Go home.

c9624a  No.13184451


I read somewhere that he changed his name.

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