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d5e656  No.13123925

That's what this kid has found, video titled "Downloading My Private Google Data, this is what I found"

Everything every person has ever done that google has managed to log going back years.

Time to start hunting oyveys for juicy info, the info is out there waiting to be grabbed.

ps. what's the best way to make into webm or what have you.

5f6a76  No.13123927

>dead joos meme


02d44f  No.13123940




698096  No.13123949


This guy is a moron. He looks at a link with a very long identifier with a hash you'd never be able to brute force.

>Huh wut? That's a public link!

d5e656  No.13123966

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ac084f  No.13124060


Their policy is that they'll keep your data for 5 years after you request for deletion. Just keep that in mind.

d5e656  No.13124149


>ps. what's the best way to make into webm or what have you.

34a72b  No.13124163



761c57  No.13124419


Please jump in front of the train

8469b6  No.13124453


>he thinks they actually delete data

255431  No.13124746



Download on the left side.

532b55  No.13124787


These sort of attacks exist and have been used before. Instead of trying to target a single person, you bulk harvest data and then look for interesting stuff in the data you harvested. I wouldn't go "I found 698096's google, time to see if he was stupid enough to upload his bank information!" You would go "I'm going to scan thousands of random urls and see if I can find anything useful"

I've seen this shill pattern before. Shills love this red herring bullshit. Truth is, those files exist on a web server that is serving those files to anyone who has the URL (NSA, FBI, CIA, etc), or anyone who is doing things like intercepting your network traffic and extracting those URLs so they can access your file. Worst part is that Google makes it appear as those the files you upload to your drive or whatever are private, they're not.

a6f927  No.13124838

>using jewgle shit in the first place

2686d2  No.13124950

File: 8f8f1756027c635⋯.png (228.31 KB, 779x906, 779:906, 1.png)

File: 7630580f3faf843⋯.png (217.05 KB, 724x768, 181:192, 2.png)

File: de1dc753e514f3a⋯.png (234.99 KB, 729x763, 729:763, 3.png)

File: 5e3aeab892520f1⋯.png (202.16 KB, 720x689, 720:689, 4.png)


a5b03d  No.13125095

File: fee2a8a5c762e87⋯.webm (7.98 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, howto.webm)

9e0ddc  No.13125239

The future is companies like Google forever knowing everything there is to know about you until you can create devices which do not do this and convince everyone else around you to do the same. That won't happen, so there are two futures.

Reality A - Total tyranny where governments know everything about you forever.

Reality B - WW3 and start again.

a5b03d  No.13128575

File: aca27a91122a5da⋯.webm (15.75 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Downloading My Private Go….webm)

d5e656  No.13128600


google is collecting third party data.

e2505d  No.13128625


Pointing out the obvious is shilling. Look, I'm sorry you don't understand how the internet works, but "truth is", you're kind of a moron. Again, please look at the URL in question, these are not formats that you can guess unless you know the decryption key. In this sense, the URL is a token acting as a password (which is revocable should the provider change the token).

>These sort of attacks exist and have been used before.

With sequential urls following predictable patterns, sure. Not with URLs that would take more time than there are seconds in the universe to guess correctly.

It's quite annoying when retards learn two or three things on a computer then decide that makes them an authority. I'm sure other fields have this problem, but for some reason anything in the sphere of computing attracts these idiots to an extent I don't see in math or biology. Physics also to some extent, but they have to suffer a lot of quacks.

703ba9  No.13128660

File: 9274346e8370241⋯.mp4 (15.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DownloadingGooglePrivateDa….mp4)


>I'm sorry you don't understand how the internet works, but "truth is", you're kind of a moron

No you nigger, the other anon you were replying to was correct. If you're not a shill you are the "moron".

Google is using an algorithm to generate the URL.

Anyone using that algorithm OR guessing the correct URL will access the information. There are no cookies, no login, no SSH keys, no client side verification, nothing preventing anyone from view the content of the URL.

The URL being "hard to guess" is security by obfuscation - which has been consistently proven to be fuck all.

>With sequential urls following predictable patterns, sure. Not with URLs that would take more time than there are seconds in the universe to guess correctly.

1. There is a sequential URL pattern because IT IS USING A FUCKING ALGORITHM TO GENERATE IT nigger. You not knowing, or believing there is a pattern means fuck all.

2. If there are more items of data using these URLs than there are "seconds in the universe" you will hit a valid URL every second. One person has 155Gb, now multiply that by number of his data items, then by the billions of people with data, then see how likely you are to hit a valid URL. dumb fuck redditnigger newfags


>best way to make into webm

A two pass encoding with ffmpeg


>288p for ants

I was testing an old script - so here's 720p

e2505d  No.13128665


>All cryptography is sequential.

Please, do me favor and never talk about computer security again. You are beyond incompetent.

e2505d  No.13128668


>2. If there are more items of data using these URLs than there are "seconds in the universe" you will hit a valid URL every second.

You really solidified your incompetence with that one by the way.

703ba9  No.13128675


Let me explain in your low IQ nigger language for you:

A sequential process will generate consistent output.

A & B using identical input into the URL generation will arrive at the same output URL.

A is (((jewgle))), B is anyone else.


>it can't happen, because reasons

I guess you'll have to read the future news reports before you understand why you were wrong, nigger.

57a4e7  No.13128677


Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Other anon is right please stop. If done right, the search space is going to be absolutely gigantic, so brute force approaches are not going to work.

What you're saying reduces to declaring all encryption invalid because someone could guess the key, well no, not if the time constraints reduce that probability to zero.

Do you know what trap door functions are? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trapdoor_function those are functions turned into '"algorithms'", but that doesn't mean it's easy to reverse the output.

703ba9  No.13128683


>so brute force approaches are not going to work

>not if the time constraints reduce that probability to zero

It was already broken. Time is not linear. There was a reason you were warned years ago to get offline by 2019.

57a4e7  No.13128686


>A & B using identical input into the URL generation will arrive at the same output URL.

No. The URL generated will be specific for a particular account, and generated with a cryptographic hash incorporating some meta data of the file, perhaps md5, a unique user ID. User A and User B will see different URLs generated. Clever schemes will might also incorporate temporal data to expire old links.

The nigger is you.

57a4e7  No.13128688


Ahh you are a schizo. I will leave you to discuss this further with the voices in your head.

703ba9  No.13128689


> will be specific for a particular account,

>an assumption I pulled out of my ass, because reasons

>ITT glowniggers concerned about their easy access darknet turning into clearnet

703ba9  No.13128693


>wasted dubs

>schizo is an insult

schizos have a better track record for accuracy than you ever will, nigger.

703ba9  No.13128697


> User A and User B will see different URLs generated

disingenuous pilpul

There is no client side validation - anyone with the URL accesses the content as shown in the video.

3750fd  No.13128699


Watching you get BTFO was hilarious. I don't know any of this shit but as your conversation went on, I realized you did not either. I don't get it though man, why pretend?


>trap door functions

Something else to add to the list of things i do not know.

61fa0f  No.13128708


URL = shared secret between two parties. And you log in to your account to get the URL in the first place. He is right you are the nigger. wtf is wrong with you?????

703ba9  No.13128716


>to add to the list of things i do not know.

it would be easier for you to keep a list of what you do know, it would be much shorter.

>(1) glownigger party

703ba9  No.13128724

File: a58bf8c9172316e⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1200x761, 1200:761, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2cc228143cddd1a⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1a91429856456b4⋯.png (308.81 KB, 650x650, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh sorry guys! You're all right! Fantastic of you to let me know!

Have a great day! Love you all!


d5e656  No.13128736


Even if you want to argue this all info is a google account away, how strong do you think someones self generated login password is going to be? Weak link that's not hard to break.

703ba9  No.13128737

File: b0e4612e24efc8b⋯.png (587.49 KB, 3354x3000, 559:500, ClipboardImage.png)


>glowniggers have now confirmed this avenue of butterfly war valid

It was so fuuuun! I had a great time, I hope you did too.

1b8caf  No.13128861


No, there's a container name component–which likely is not randomly generated and is unique to the individual account–and aspects of the filename that are likely derived from timestamps. There is far less entropy than you think, and with just a portion of knowledge of how these filenames are generated, you can script a bot to mass-harvest user info pretty easily.

There's no "encryption" of any kind involved. This is all plaintext shit sitting out in the open. But this is far less disturbing than seeing that full on puirchase-history data from services like ebay and amazon is being stored on google's servers. And remember, this is only what they are choosing to share with you–what they are actually collecting is far more invasive.

5850c9  No.13128863


holy shit, fuck off KikeState you manlet shizo

ba8dc3  No.13128873

I've used 5 different Google accounts over the years when I do use them. Any info they do have on me is disjointed af

eaf9fc  No.13128876

Some people are weak enough to submit themselves to undermining others, while most people live peacefully in a world of mutual empowerment.

f51425  No.13128980


The big issue with omniscient governments is just the corrupted slave problem. Get leadership noncompliant enough to be virtuous and it wouldn’t matter - much. Slavers are the slaves themselves, so this weakness replicates.

d5e656  No.13128984


>Any info they do have on me is disjointed af

>actually believes this


c3ff6b  No.13129024


Google's entire existence is dedicated to data fusion. Do you seriously think they don't have sophisticated measures–far beyond what you are even anticipating–for linking disparate profiles and determining if they're owned by the same individual? They can discern identities based on navigation habits alone, let alone word usage, browser info, times of day of activity, etc. Without knowledge of how they are making their classifications–which is protected IP–you have absolutely no way of subverting them. None. Zero. You're whacking off.

An actually meaningful way to combat this would be to revise laws around privacy, data collection, and data ownership. A step in the right direction would be overturning the third party doctrine, which there is a Constitutional basis for doing based on the 4th Amendment. But most people on this site would rather LARP as some kind of Judaic Neo fighting a hopeless battle against muh Silicon Valley than actually try to forge a viable path to changing things.

933269  No.13129062

File: addeccaee3a66a5⋯.png (62.34 KB, 1085x645, 217:129, asd.png)

OK I did what this retard did, and guess what? Google got nothing on me that could stick. Sure they got my every email, my phone's



>serial number

>last IP


But that's part and parcel of living in CURRENT YEAR®

He is actively giving a lot of information to google [90 gigs *3 because of repack size], so he got only himself to blame. They only got 100 mb on me - which they openly admit - so I'm sure they got more.

000000  No.13129191


>download my data

>its less than 1mb

am i missing something?

27be84  No.13129549


I think option B is in the works , a plan to start a limited nuclear war that blows up the satellites , destroys all p2p communications , sets us back up with Terrestrial TV and Newspapers for a while until they bring the Internet back online as TV 2.0 .

However, they don’t how far it will go, who will seize power or whether or whether or not they’ll be dragged out of their Vaults and executed if their servants fail to bring about the desired outcome.

dbbc1a  No.13129555

It's no secret they keep that data, they openly tell you they do. If you don't know that you are a complete and utter moron. It isn't however possible to target an individual to steal their data unless their password is weak so worrying about hackers is outright stupid.

092ecb  No.13129583

Somebody somewhere does a search on me and discovers that wow, I really hate jews. And I jack it to plumpers 1 time out of 10.

0cc780  No.13129611


Answer B is making me feel all tickly-funny down there

f42ab5  No.13129619

theres nothing "debate" about google holding data illegally, they have proven this many many times, and they are using it politically, to further their aims, which they think is truth (in their propaganda)

now that charade has been dropped, what can you do about it? protect your data, figure out ways to minimize your footprint on the web

dbbc1a  No.13129642


There is nothing illegal about what they are doing. You allowed them to collect that data on you under the terms of service when you voluntarily used their services. If you are too dumb to know that then there is no helping you

8d7e7c  No.13129716


You should be a lot more worried about what data microsoft has on you than google, since microsoft can simply take screencaps and send them to a database, or record your screen when you type, or record audio when you say something near a microphone.

e1812b  No.13129824

File: 6060eb10d4c23d3⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 339x187, 339:187, giphy.gif)

i believe it is true

fd05e4  No.13130224


or not using google at all

There are many services which are near-equal, or even best than google shit.

searx.me for example

fd05e4  No.13130230


>since microsoft

>not using GNU/Linux

>not using BSD

e2d858  No.13130371


See above, it is likely cryptographic hashing based on user info combined with a salt only known to google. More generally, it's quite common to use CDNs these days, and secure access to the content is depends on using schemes such as this.

If you think it's so easy, go break Google's scheme and collect some cash either from them directly or from the black market. Most likely though, Google got it right to a degree you're not giving them credit for, after all I think we can agree that they are not stupid. While, they are very interested in harvesting your data, they also have a vested interest in keeping it secure: (1) For user trust. (2) to be the exclusive broker of such data.

b37912  No.13130453


They probably do, just not intentionally, since it's essentially just overwriting preexisting data they likely do some passes from the sheer volume of new information coming in.

49922c  No.13130510


Your worldview statement, that many here adhere too, is simply: NILHILISM.

**unfuck yourselves**

32d392  No.13130877

isn't that only if you search it while signed into gmail?

5f856c  No.13130992


>/trannypol/ detected

time to take your aids medication, you disgusting freak

c6f007  No.13131062

File: 93acb1f207576c7⋯.jpg (180.56 KB, 1530x1500, 51:50, 2ba1b1a87f0b5960026a4a8a60….jpg)



>sage as a downvote

>perpetually broken shift key


ee3e1f  No.13131093


> Time to start hunting oyveys for juicy info, the info is out there waiting to be grabbed.

People like you are why Uncle Ted claimed the technological revolution was a disaster. Even though everyone reads this and thinks to themselves, how immoral of Google!, they also, if given the opportunity, would use these same privacy invading tools to get dirt on their enemies. Imagine what will happen when a country like China gives the green light on cosmetic genetic engineering or something like that, now all the West is dragged into a biotechnological war they claimed to want to reject. People like you give me no hope that the technological revolution will lead to anything other than disaster.

782634  No.13131626


There's too much stuff and infrastructure which will not go just pooof with a nuclear strike. A few dozen Raspies, solar cells in a metal box left in some garage and the time of attack? Boom, p2p local meshnet. An old laptop with Ubuntu 9 on it? Server! Nation states have backup cable and fiber just for this scenario. They will not just reset everything. They might try to confiscate still working stuff to build their own version, but they can't just implement a packet switched Internet and build it without the flaws that were discovered in the fucking 70ies. There are books, real, tangible books where they talk about those flaws.

Satellites are becoming more and more irrelevant. Sure, GPS is down, but modern comms happen on the ground, in fiber. No limited scenario would take out ground cables to kill the Internet but leave power stations alone for not to kill Billions at the same time. A limited strike has only political fallout, so to speak, and is limited on one target.

782634  No.13131659


you must be an Übergott for knowing every goddamn service Google has spying on you. The ad companies, the trackers, the app trackers on the phone, on all mobile platforms, all and every domain ever used by Google, the Google Cloud running stuff, your friends, colleagues and company uses everything but Google and you turn off every feature they put into Chrome and FF which could maybe technically used to spy on you before you use it, every time.

I kneel before thee, IT god

My post is equally valid for FAANG and Microsoft. Fuckers

bb0f9f  No.13132300

Suppose a gang of communists were to exploit this.

>maybe that is none of my business?

acd475  No.13132556

woah……………. gogle collets youre data………… who would have thought…..

0de39c  No.13133380



a5b03d  No.13134178



But the quality is trash with all of those artifacts.

8f2181  No.13134528


I thought StartPage.com was better? Please respond.

ba46f5  No.13134533


Dont do anything illegal then, you retard.

d1fbbb  No.13134552


Holy fucking shit.

100% guaranteed we're all on a list now. I can't even begin to state how many Jew/Nazi memes I've downloaded. The elites if desired could know every fucking thing about me.

Fuck. We're all fucked.

9dd1f6  No.13134554


Duckduckgo is owned and run by Israeli joos.

Startpage is 'better' but is still just a Google proxy.

c7cbe9  No.13134651


You can also just buy an Apple device. The tradeoff is:

Are you a prole who is willing to sell your data to Google to save a few shekels on your phone, or are you willing to pay for products that don't produce revenue from your data?

Unfortunately, free/open source devices aren't really an option at this point. Google devices are proprietary as fuck; everything is in the Google Play Store spyware blob. Apple is proprietary but at least your interests are vaguely aligned with theirs.

c7cbe9  No.13134657


Ah of course, let me just steal Google's private PRNG seeds so I can generate the URLs.

KYS, you are beyond retarded

32e79f  No.13134684


Doesnt this only work if you have a google account?

32e79f  No.13134687



Brave Browser

Epic Search and Epic Privacy Browser

e0466c  No.13134739


>guess a 6 digit code of numbers and letter

kys op

f52b24  No.13134841


I've been using mojeek and it works fine for me, but I'll try your suggestions out as well. Thanks.

19523a  No.13134874

Use Tor

Heres a brand new /pol/


202dd2  No.13135008

File: ffd7d1c79d77f3c⋯.png (694.05 KB, 600x810, 20:27, ffd7d1c79d77f3c08ff6333d7d….png)


>It's quite annoying when retards learn two or three things on a computer then decide that makes them an authority. I'm sure other fields have this problem, but for some reason anything in the sphere of computing attracts these idiots to an extent I don't see in math or biology.

/tech/ here, it's worse than you would imagine; in fact i'm convinced the people that post there are just LARPers that have never held a tech job in their fucking lives

d5e656  No.13135085


translation: protect the jews, oy vey!

8fc8e3  No.13135101

Programmer here. You retards are dumber than a rock.

6e7fad  No.13135127


It will become worse when Google mothballs Android for Fuchsia, their new operating system that was built from the ground up to give them absolute control on the infrastructure and data harvesting capabilities.

7850e1  No.13135155


Mathematician here, you programmers are dumber than a rock.

7850e1  No.13135189


I really love the guy here



complaining that long sequences are weak because they lack client side 'validation'. When in reality, subsequent requests made after any client side authentication also rely on sending a long sequence to the server. Only now it has moved from a GET/POST line into a cookie header!

2cced2  No.13135934


I dont think you understand what a public link is?

11273a  No.13138993



the point is it's all usually a public link. all auth tokens are generated with an algorithm. this is just an auth token but in the url

f3ce2d  No.13139277

File: 31505a2224e9d0f⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 252x240, 21:20, 1315673451609.jpg)


>That aggressive double down

89547b  No.13139616


Shut up nigger.


You too.

f8a79c  No.13139717


>You can also just buy an Apple device

you didn't see that pegasus report on 60 minutes a couple weeks back, some Israeli dude like yeah we have everything digital, if it's digital we have it

8a6092  No.13139749


I don't think you understand how CDNs work, or any how authentication actually works in a stateless protocol. See here >>13135189

that fag is being cocky but it's correct.


Kek. He took his drugs and then apologized for being a retarded sperg later in the thread.

efd267  No.13140023


>overwriting disk space

>when memory is dirt cheap and virtually limitless

L2Computer faggot.

b37912  No.13140439


Those server farms cost quite a bit more then something you can buy yourself, there is also maintenance costs to consider but so far I haven't heard about any fires for a while.

635a80  No.13140517


Didn't Google offer a million dollars to anyone finding a vulnerability in their system? Is that still a thing?

92105e  No.13140558


Use this to go find dirt on politicians and Jews.

Get going.

fb8492  No.13140636

File: da9a7dbe5d0b9b7⋯.jpg (21.19 KB, 425x329, 425:329, ALRIGHT, I'M IN.jpg)


Awaiting further commands, general.

a242e7  No.13141454


I'm triggered by the lack of horizontal reflection.

a242e7  No.13141750


>the people that post there are just LARPers

Yes. Only two people on /tech/ managed to complete all the 'Advent of Code' challenges, quite sad.

687557  No.13145350


I don't use Google. Only ==STUPID== people use Google.


b57901  No.13147248


I've been messing around and found some pics

heres one:


8f66f6  No.13150002


>google logs absolutely everything

Is it even possible anyone is surprised by this?

e66bcd  No.13150277

File: 920bd3559c59219⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 280x280, 1:1, 1513544679299.gif)


A quick rundown


+ + + + +

+ -OPzhEShCeS4 | XAR2_DhMvv | AAAAAAAAHJc | JXGzdxaM-hsvQm7yrwzjRoAsBr41YiCfgCLABGAYYCw |

+ + + + +


Similarities across urls:

*always starts with '-' character

*always 12 chars

*char set includes: a-z A-Z 0-9 _


Similarities across urls:

*greater likelihood to start with capital letter

*always 11 chars

*char set includes: a-z A-Z 0-9 _


Similarities across urls:

*always 11 chars

*seems to be a counter, base 26 or 52?

*char set seen so far: a-z A-Z


*always 43 chars

*"CLABGAYYCw" always appears at the end

*char set includes: a-z A-Z 0-9 _

e68f5b  No.13151690


so can you build a bot for catch a bunch of random data files?

e66bcd  No.13153729


ten minutes to code, too lazy to improve


0f84be  No.13154030


Chances of finding that pic would be something in the range of 10^-1000

Yet I still ran the bot (in py) for 10 minutes and so far nothing lol. https://pastebin.com/zQ6FFSF2

Just image how many unique youtube videos there are, from just a combination of 11 characters. This is futile

3500bd  No.13154046

Without paranoiacs, society wouldn't have watchers to begin with. That's a standard mandatory inversion all are supposed to be obedient towards. People who trust society to proceed unwatched? Paranoiacs who fear to be seen. People who fear anyone in society might be secretly a serial killer if not closely investigated? Good upstanding citizens defending us all.

cd89e3  No.13154225


They could probably tell all accounts belong to the same person by analyzing IP addresses and browser fingerprint. Never put any personal information online ever. Not your real name, not photos, nothing. If you really need, use an environment that's completely separate from the one you do most things on. This way, even if they collect lots of data on you, at least they'll have a hard time attaching it to any real person.

e66bcd  No.13154254

File: 58bf5c12329906c⋯.jpg (2.41 KB, 125x119, 125:119, 1514439002137.jpg)


>You are correct in the fact that the search is futile; however, it would still be quite interesting to stumble onto a file, even if it held no importance.

Been running it for 2 hours now, nothing but the occasional timeout.

e66bcd  No.13154258


bad format

d5ef2f  No.13154327

>go to casino with no phone or anything digital with me to track me

>talk about archie karrass

>go home

>youtube suggest videos about archie karas.

The AI is tracking everyone everywhere. Facial recognition is being used.

46bd60  No.13154385


It's used in every walmart and target in burgerstan as well. Target also feeds its data straight to assorted alphabet agencies.

63a2bd  No.13154598


Looks like mathematicians win completely unchallenged.

There are things right now not being managed by mathematicians and it is horrifying.

273936  No.13154623


Hapa = Island Mexican

a8b607  No.13155830

File: db05e99f35c37ab⋯.png (297.72 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, mOnvOJG.png)

>tfw google has nude pictures of yourself when 13

>be turning 25

51bf65  No.13156153


what if that gang of communists happened to actually be the people's liberation army?

wow what a trip huh

totally not the plan all along ;)

c3e8de  No.13156360













a30937  No.13156916



Here is tyroneasha with the weather…

da366e  No.13156941


>not accusing Google of possession of child pornography.

Too easy Anon.

acf293  No.13157238

Imagine using google 🥺

000000  No.13157282


Never let your privacy be violated. And at the same time, always violate the privacy of your enemies.

Get info on all jews and leftists that you can.

Spread it all over the internet. Make people living near those involved in crimes start to hunt and kill them. Make it impossible or a jew or leftist to live freely in any place.

Make them all be targets for extermination.

20fd24  No.13157293


What fields would you recommend. Besides the obvious ones like finance. The more autistic the better, but not so far as to be useless and not applicable to modeling circuses.

abfdda  No.13159906


Electrical and Computer engineering should satisfy your autism, especially analog electronics. I like those two fields because they necessitate the application of mathematics and physics. Another benefit if you're going to be studying at university, for now, SJWs haven't contaminated serious electrical engineering. Those retards with any electrical inclination will be filtered by the mathematics requirements and will instead gravitate into the Arduino/RaspberryPI "HURR I'M A MAKER" vortex, never bother to advance beyond following someone else's design, posting their "creation" to social media, and calling it a day.

42af23  No.13160154


Ah, yes. The slow, sad death of our great land which is currently "America". All to satisfy the banks, MI6, Mossad, and Israel. To bad jew pigs dont believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. The alphabet agencies will soon realize.

d2adda  No.13160193


>I kneel before thee, IT god

thanks; i really do as much as i can.

FF > Chrome but icecat is even better

searx.me > google search

protonmail > gmail

and so on

Also, i'm not perfect, and it's not about being one, but trying as much as you can to perfect yourself and be as immune as you can to global jewry, technological jewry in this case.

d2adda  No.13160202


>have never held a tech job in their fucking lives

Solaris Unix admin here, hello fellow tech anon.

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