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File: ee808c8bd30d70e⋯.png (74.39 KB, 594x390, 99:65, Screenshot 2019-04-14 05.5….png)

740b34  No.13129932

This is what you've created. The rebirth of European people.



f0cb3d  No.13129948


Nice. He’s not wrong. Have a white bump

bed6c3  No.13129949


>Says nothing about Asians

8aee26  No.13129956


Generally speaking they're not a problem. The chinks are the only real issue but being bugs they tend to confirm to their host hive. Japs and Koreans are productive enough and actually innovate things.

c5c837  No.13129958


And he says nothing about kikes. Reminder: if a connection to ZOG isnt made, it isnt on our side. That's why Tarrant was obviously Mossad, to encourage this sort of kosher nationalism.

bed6c3  No.13129964


>Generally speaking they're not a problem.


740b34  No.13129965

File: 94e6bf3d478b4aa⋯.png (51.98 KB, 592x217, 592:217, Screenshot 2019-04-14 06.0….png)

096db6  No.13129969


BASED azn brother

maybe he will let me marry his sister and we can have HAPA babies

740b34  No.13129970

File: 97a9bbe07716eb8⋯.png (47.22 KB, 593x220, 593:220, Screenshot 2019-04-14 06.0….png)

cc33cc  No.13129975


False. Massive 3rd world depopulation is what I want.

This is a good step though.

4e4437  No.13129979

File: 79102b2cd6d1420⋯.jpg (337.65 KB, 2510x1318, 1255:659, TO LIVE.jpg)


Chinks are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

f0cb3d  No.13129982


Eco Naturism. One hundred million total population world wide , all whites. Period

7c610e  No.13129983


>if a connection to ZOG isnt made, it isn't on our side. That's why Tarrant was obviously mossad, to encourage this sort of kosher nationalism.

>he was too obvious, look at how many times he mentioned ZOG. Clearly mossad overcompensating and trying too hard to fit in.

4e4437  No.13129984



what fucking shame

1b31fb  No.13129986

File: 0e3947ee7817883⋯.jpg (184.4 KB, 1400x931, 200:133, angry larry.jpg)

f41b90  No.13129988


Checking that ID and adding that leaving niggers to their own devices means exactly that.

8a2896  No.13129991


Fraser was this way beforehand.

8a2896  No.13129995


Generally speaking, false.

2d03ec  No.13129996

File: 92c41857c0bec06⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 535x313, 535:313, 58936-2-downs-syndrom.jpg)

US mutt talks about deporting subhumans.

>rebirth of Europa

f0cb3d  No.13130001


We don’t want to deport them we want them dead you stupid mudshit

One hundred million total population world wide. One hundred percent white. Eco Naturism and you’re fucked kiddo

727084  No.13130002

File: 4e0dadb3158ff50⋯.jpg (32.27 KB, 464x433, 464:433, dear_god.jpg)

355248  No.13130003

Is the only way to be removed from the Australian senate death or outright crime? Because they are going to go after him hard for this despite senate seats in commomwealth being lifetime appointments.

1b31fb  No.13130007


>Have no idea who OP is talking about

>Have no understanding of politics

>Make a comment anyway

Have a downvote jew, back to reddit with you.

096db6  No.13130010


listen here faggot, don't you ever talk to me or my son like that again. Just because I married a trad wife (asian) doesn't make my son a mudshit.

>elliot fuck this retard up!

725fdc  No.13130016


They're not Australian and they're essentially colonizing Australia. They're a huge problem, faggot.

f0cb3d  No.13130020


Your mudshit kin is first. You’ll get to watch as they’re driven into the sea. Can your mudshit kind swim? kek

cc33cc  No.13130024


I do wonder how low africa's population would go without 1st world aid

f41b90  No.13130027

Interesting how, when a good thing happens, /pol/ needs to fight of kikes all the time.

>he didnt mention kikes

>yeah but X is a bigger problem

>X touches wall.jpg

>racemixing with asians

>tarrantino was mossad

You can smell (((them))) sweating through your screen.

8a2896  No.13130029


Point isn't missed, it's rejected.

096db6  No.13130030


>racemixing with asians

shut the fuck up. are you actually implying there is anything wrong with asians? go fuck yourself. go marry some crackhead white whore that cheats on you for meth.

2d03ec  No.13130031


>being this mad that I confused anglo subspecies.

my point stands. It has nothing to do with Europe.

f41b90  No.13130034

File: c32ca5cbda4fc0b⋯.png (406.67 KB, 2030x1206, 1015:603, africanniggers.png)


It would drop to pre-60's levels in less than a year. The Sahara could turn green with the size of that compost heap.


Fuck off, ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Filtered.

80f7b5  No.13130036


It would cut down by almost a third, maybe even half, those fuckers wouldn't survive with how many niglets they keep popping out.


And as for the person in OP, that fucker is gonna get suicided soon I bet, especially if he tries to implement anything, he's saying ALL the things kikes don't want.

0082c7  No.13130044


Is it not possible for /pol/ to fuck off with the infighting and accept that this is a good thing?

e5bf13  No.13130045


>And he says nothing about kikes. Reminder: if a connection to ZOG isnt made, it isnt on our side.

Try it outside /pol/ sometimes. You will see how fast they will fucked up your life.

4b7f89  No.13130048


>Generally speaking they're not a problem

Reminder to filter and report all chicom paid shills


I agree, but it's a step in the right direction relative to what we have now. It would be nice if we could hang white race traitors and homos too, but these baby steps are a good sign in a shifting overton window.

803566  No.13130050

>Something good happens.

>These faggots still find some reason to oppose it




This is why our cause is hopeless. No matter what happens, the jews will always find people on our own side who they can use against us.

1b31fb  No.13130055


>This is why our cause is hopeless


b99d2e  No.13130066


Guess it's time to move to straya to create the ethnostate then

f34f36  No.13130071


>tarrantino was mossad

Why would jews want to push that angle, that's fucking ridiculous, I suppose it's jews saying jews did 9/11 too. Jews want goyim to fight the muslims they have imported so people stop noticing they run fucking everything. It's pretty obvious. It has been quite useful for identifying a whole batch of jew disinformation agents on the various media though.

34c942  No.13130087



Otherwise good tweet

f41b90  No.13130100


>jews want white people to fight muslims

Thats your logic behind Tarrant being mossad. Neck yourself. If a kike wants you to breathe air, do you stop? Faggot.

5ea721  No.13130115

Fraser Anning is a homosexual and controlled opposition. He never directly mentions (((them))) either, so you know he’s fake. Same with Pauline Hanson.

535d6a  No.13130143

File: 26fb5832a6a6b69⋯.jpg (94.3 KB, 459x445, 459:445, A C C E L E R A T E.jpg)


>A C C E L E R A T E

535d6a  No.13130148

File: 33b19fd55856278⋯.jpeg (305.85 KB, 678x739, 678:739, 60671cde874e8d5fd7802cdcd….jpeg)


The left has no idea how to meme. They only know how to regurgitate pop culture. Memes are based on truth and they live in a world of lies.

4ebe33  No.13130150


<[x right winger] is a kike shill for not mentioning (((them))), wait for Hitler goy!

<[x right winger] is a kike shill because he makes us look bad by calling (((them))) out like Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen, wait for optics goy!

It's all so tiresome, quit shilling lmao.

992be4  No.13130151


when you have a bunch of africans and spics running around, asians seem as harmless as whites.

once the niggers and spics are gone though, asians are fair game and will stick out like sore thumbs.

5ea721  No.13130154


Patrick Little is quite literally a federal asset and Paul Nehlen is married to a goblina spic.

803566  No.13130173


Not an argument.

We denounce our own men of action.

Imagine if every time the blacks of Rhodesia blew away some White people, the blacks on their own side screamed "That was Mossad! It was a hoax! Mugabe is a Mossad agent! The war against the Boers is a hoax! Didn't happen!"

They'd lose.

That's us right now.

217bfc  No.13130201


Let's hope this guy has dedicated guardian angels.

217bfc  No.13130203


>We denounce our own men of action.

No, we don't. The genetic waste we know of as leftists do.

e2d800  No.13130215


Retarded sociakist sack of shit. Capitalism is survival of the fittest. If youre failing its because you suck.

3b3507  No.13130217


no. fuck koreans they're half actual niggers now. the only Asians worth a shit are the light skinned caste in India, and the Japanese.

82670a  No.13130228


Pat must be really triggering you and your tribesmen. And Nehlen never claimed to be one of us or tried to co-opt us. Nice try muddying the water, sadly nobody cares about your feeble shrieking, you sickly little kikelet.

f0cb3d  No.13130237


Kill yourself you disgusting jew

c72864  No.13130264


Fuck off already.

144e17  No.13130265


you're a fucking retard, world governments meddle in everything, including finance, there is no 'muh free market', it doesn't exist

e319e2  No.13130274


>that snapchat bullshit

god that is some low rent nigger bullshit.

992be4  No.13130280


not that i disagree with much or any of what patrick little says, i cant help but get the feeling like im being talked to by a salesman when he's talking.

not that i think he's being disingenuous, but it feels like it.

do you know what his trade was? was he an actual salesman and just cant turn it off?

80f7b5  No.13130291


Patrick Little always pissed off kikes and kike shills, they lose their minds every time there's a thread about him or whenever he's mentioned. It's pretty entertaining honestly.

09a579  No.13130292


Lel, where do you think you are, jude?

b6fcb8  No.13130296

fucking kikes and jews

everything is a lie

<I'm going to post some more on here. That'll change the world

daccfe  No.13130299


The first priority of any government is the safety and security of its people. It is remarkable how people have been so completely manipulated that they sacrifice their well-being, in the face of overwhelming evidence, for vapid, state-sponsored, virtue signaling.

09a579  No.13130305


Do you have more pics like that for other races?

ee5194  No.13130310



Acceleration, the only way.

82670a  No.13130334


It's just his polite nature, his "professional" demeanor and clothing style. Which I think are a big plus, it's really hard to paint him as a lunatic or unreasonable hate-monger, etc.

He's an IT guy. He was a network professional in the marines and then moved into the same field after he left the military.

589f50  No.13130338

File: c280e38e8ce6bc1⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 450x600, 3:4, gooks are ok.jpg)

37a9ac  No.13130343


I've never seen any evidence that was real and conclusive that Paddy is a Fed.

I get the feeling he could be one, but he could also be a poor besotted wreck of man doing all he can.

82178e  No.13130344


>we have a right to defend our people and our way of life

That's about as close to the 14 you're gonna get from a politician. Woop woop.

992be4  No.13130349


>He's an IT guy

as an IT guy, all you really had to say was this tbh…

he reminds me of the "contractor" IT guys that get overpaid and make up for it by acting like high-skill professionals when all theyre doing is dropping cables. its a good strategy to help stupid people feel like theyre getting more for their money.

its like if you called an exterminator, and he shows up wearing a high tech suit, with all sorts of fancy equipment, talking in technical terms and telling you about the species and their behaviors. "i have it under control sir" then lays some glue traps from home depot.

f34f36  No.13130354


>Thats your logic behind Tarrant being mossad. Neck yourself. If a kike….faggot.

No that's the logic behind the people saying he was mossad not being jews. I didn't say what I think he is. I'm saying what the people saying mossad obviously aren't and that's jews. Whereas your language, your anger, your pathetic baiting all stink of race baiting jew.

daccfe  No.13130359

File: ba794378f9e4bbb⋯.gif (3.31 MB, 242x135, 242:135, inyourface.gif)


The snowball has started to roll down the hill. (((They))) willl fight tooth and nail to prevent the impending avalanche

79f49f  No.13130368

File: d87636aba6a8456⋯.png (44.58 KB, 186x192, 31:32, HATE9baafb72.png)


Wow… Thats all I can say. Someone get this guy to the front and center stage of politics ASAP, Not just of NZ but for global politics as a whole.

1a9cf8  No.13130383


>And he says nothing about kikes

He doesn't need to. They will out themselves when he starts talking about deporting niggers. Read "the prince", not everything needs to be overt.

Also, like it or not, ZOG is entrenched, you can't attack it head on, you need to find an indirect means and hit it in a blind spot.

81f3d8  No.13130386

Holy fuck which country is this guy? I must pledge allegiance and a willingness to serve unto death to this man.

4b7f89  No.13130387

File: 84b9acf06fac319⋯.jpg (174.33 KB, 600x428, 150:107, (((billionaires))).jpg)


>usury and the federal reserve is "survival of the fittest"

81f3d8  No.13130395

Oh it's Australia. Fug.

Good luck Australia! If you need a Canadian volunteer for the great RaHoWa starting in Australia I will pledge myself as a volunteer soldier the first chance I get, unless something starts up here where I get a chance to fight for my own nation.

81f3d8  No.13130401


>Generally speaking they're not a problem. The chinks are the only real issue but being bugs they tend to confirm to their host hive. Japs and Koreans are productive enough and actually innovate things.

Spoken like someone that doesn't live in the infestation. t. reporting in from a city that was predominately German just 3 decades ago and now is mostly chink and there are very few white faces left around.

f41b90  No.13130406


>Whereas your language, your anger, your pathetic baiting all stink of race baiting jew.


81f3d8  No.13130407


Is this ironic or what? I kind of want to be a rulecuck and report you to the mods for race treason.

e111c3  No.13130411


He actually said "we will ensure a future for our children"

81f3d8  No.13130414


>Chinks are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Niggers are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Jews are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Arabs are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Chimps are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

81f3d8  No.13130423


Mad jew is mad that the manifesto couldn't be used for the eternal victim narrative and yet still called them out for all the evil they do.

81f3d8  No.13130426


Close? Isn't it literally spot on. I don't think it falls short of the mark, I think the message literally is apex. APEX /POL/ITICIAN.

da2738  No.13130439


We don't have mods. If we did, those posts would have been removed instantly. Mods would instantly recognize those posts as derail attempts by shills.

37a9ac  No.13130450


>tooth and nail

and tail, these hallelujah rats and inshallah lizards think man is nothing more than a monkey without a tail, and so they will use theirs, which reaches down into hell, to whip us, though they must raise hell itself, and destroy us all, unless we awake, arise, and swear by the nine gods that we should suffer wrong no more.

e33918  No.13130459

File: ab49bc81432c94d⋯.png (113.53 KB, 263x352, 263:352, nice.png)

Dude seems based.

Does Senator have the same title in Kangarooland as it does in America?

37a9ac  No.13130460


We have mods, but they are only in it for to keep this honey pot going.

They delete threads suggesting other chans, and they delete threads with no traction but bumps by the author or TOR.

I wonder if anyone gets shadowbanned here, that's what I wonder, we need screen recordings of live shadowbanning to put the nails in the coffin of this place.

88b7a2  No.13130473

File: 29571a48e084b6c⋯.png (4.38 MB, 1600x2264, 200:283, krijger.png)

>names Brenton Tarrant

>names acceleration

<still believes in a political solution

<still gives a fuck about what any democratic candidate says

Stop being misled

They'll try to deradicalize by presenting politicians with views sympathetic to ours. They've always done this, and as the population becomes more disenfranchised, the politicians become more "radical".

0cb41b  No.13130521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What's wrong with Chinee food, as long as it's a white-run operation? Kinda like that German-britisher that runs a Thai restaurant in Portland with better food than the actual Thai make, given his perfective sperging over absolutely fresh ingredients, Pok Pok?

Whites make even foreigner cuisine better than actual foreigners

2bfd1e  No.13130524

File: cb261be119daf22⋯.png (468.1 KB, 445x560, 89:112, 58cf6d15a06ba7fc86d5943c62….png)

Hail Brenton

Hail Victory

82670a  No.13130529


I get you but I don't know if I like your comparison because Pat is doing much more that laying glue traps. You might not like his style/approach because of personal preference, but it does appeal to a lot of people.

c4c397  No.13130617

File: 06276d621330247⋯.png (48.61 KB, 300x250, 6:5, serveimage (16).png)



Sages: negated.

Cringe comp: updated.

c6cf04  No.13130630


you must not be from australia dude

f7939b  No.13130686

File: 652385bbf0dd04a⋯.jpeg (51.47 KB, 640x588, 160:147, e66ffef5fa3e84be18ba9ca3e….jpeg)


>you Nazi cocksuckers

Welcome to 8chan.

Now fuck off, we're full.

6e71c6  No.13130697



IMO the retards, that's to say the arabs and the niggers, are a more immediate problem, but if you abstract it, it should be obvious why.

Imagine two people moving into your neighbourhood. Both have some baggage attached to them. One makes a lot of money and doesn't share it with his neighbours, the other murders his neighbours, one a week, which sooner or later will inevitably include you. By whatever means, you get the option to remove one of the two. Which has the higher priority?

I'd say the latter. And I'll call anyone a retard who says otherwise.

Bump because whitepill.

bbaa5a  No.13130715

Its funny what a joke you all are. All i see is massive infighting with a view 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 believes in. Nah none of your goals will ever be completed just keep up the mass shootings!

803566  No.13130755


Then we have a lot of leftists here.

But at least the number seems to be declining. I remember after the Bowers attack, nearly half of 8/pol/ was screaming that it was a falseflaghoaxmossadpsyop


Actually, aside from the Nazi-larping, most White people already agree with a lot of what is talked about here. In fact, most people on earth are openly and proudly ethnocentric and nationalistic. And most White people themselves do think racially. They are just forced to suppress their natural thought processes or they have become ethnomasochists and hate their own race while fetishizing other races.

But almost no one is actually an egalitarian. The closest thing to an egalitarian is a libertarian. And they usually come over to our side when they realize how unfairly White people are treated.

4fc2de  No.13130757


ab2033  No.13130795


Kill yourself schlomo.

3e54e1  No.13130796


>Generally speaking they're not a problem. The chinks are the only real issue but being bugs they tend to confirm to their host hive. Japs and Koreans are productive enough and actually innovate things.

shut up slant

get out

d55508  No.13130816


I love it when I'm able to BTFO someone in real time. Thanks m8.

c72864  No.13130819


Global report.

d55508  No.13130832

File: f984352db6d3cca⋯.png (773.49 KB, 1650x475, 66:19, ClipboardImage.png)



Get some new lines.

d8604f  No.13130842


> I remember after the Bowers attack, nearly half of 8/pol/ was screaming that it was a falseflaghoaxmossadpsyop

That's funny. With Tarrant the angle was that he supposedly attacked the wrong target or talked too little about the jews in his manifesto. But Bowers went straight to a synagogue and that apparently wasn't good enough for the "false flag" posters either. Makes you think

803566  No.13130861


Actually it was the same MO.

>ooooh why didn't he kill George soros instead?

>dis attag iz fayk. No pictures of bodies!!!!

>wrong target!


Same goddamn shit every single time. It's so tiresome.

d55508  No.13130868


>But Bowers went straight to a synagogue and that apparently wasn't good enough for the "false flag" posters either. Makes you think

It really does.

ca9686  No.13130888

File: cbfdb5d89a36aa1⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1366x763, 1366:763, cbfdb5d89a36aa16816de25aaa….png)


Indeed it does


To a certain extent, it seems like anyone really trying to convince anyone else of anything is a fucking shill at this point. I'm not trying to convince anyone, I believe in the righteousness of St. Tarrant and I've been expecting this type of action for quite a while now. I think the establishment ZOGbots will continue to push toward White genocide, and that the violence will escalate. That's what I think, but I don't need to convince anyone of it. I feel quite confident that future history will prove me right.

4c4153  No.13130901


join i guess

04024f  No.13130910




8ef268  No.13130926





>Let's put even more financial power into the hands of the federal governments around the world filled with Jews and their Shabbos Goyim

I don't need a loan, and nobody else does either. It's a Jewish slavery contract.

04024f  No.13130932

File: c4b938257bc2279⋯.jpeg (185.07 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, nordfront.jpeg)


80=90 % of these type boards are BS from glow niggers and kibbutz teen transsexuals.

8/20 RULE- 80 % of successful work done by the 20%.

Truthiness is amplified by my man Occam's fucking Razor.

White Power my niggers

Accelerate this bitch.

4c4153  No.13130937


98d419  No.13130941

File: 84f28c463e1a92e⋯.png (274.58 KB, 498x494, 249:247, Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at ….png)


I want to kill everyone except myself.

e199be  No.13130955


its a tweet , not some all encompassing manefesto. Hes a leader , leaders put out focus and clear messages. It will be a lot easier to take care of other problems when some a first solved.

And asians are productive in the first world. So even though you have problems being around people that dont look like you or are smarter than you because of you low jew IQ .

Hes a good leader , ur an idiot

d55508  No.13130965


>To a certain extent, it seems like anyone really trying to convince anyone else of anything is a fucking shill at this point

Checked for thats basically what a shill is, the defining factor being that the one in question's motive in such action.

65773c  No.13130984


That kid was then slapped, punched and was crying while in a choke hold, probably even loved every second of it the queer fuck. And it did nothing except put anning into more fame

nice try but you will never be white

d8604f  No.13130988


Who cares about Asians being "productive", they are colonizing our homelands all the same. They can go be productive elsewhere. Our societies don't exist for the purpose of producing as many trinkets and widgets as possible.

d55508  No.13131003


Gas gas gas.

13fca4  No.13131013


>muh controlled opposition

We are getting real tired with your constant shilling bullshit. At this point, I wouldn't care if a gay retarded chink with a missing chromosome and an extra eyeball said these things. I'd still support the message because it is true. Niggers need to gtfo of white countries. Go kill yourself.

f41b90  No.13131020


That is goddamn hideous.

a27239  No.13131021


>leftypol pretending not to be leftypol

65773c  No.13131025


saying its (((them))) directly is political and social suicide, are you ratarded

ca761f  No.13131033

File: 580cd2e8487b11d⋯.jpg (228.49 KB, 1216x1056, 38:33, baste.jpg)

ca761f  No.13131040


Literally, mentioning the kikes is third rail. They will Kennedy anybody who does. Anning's usury tweet and his multiple references to the 14 words are as close as you will ever get from any politician until the ovens heat up.

ca761f  No.13131046


>Capitalism is survival of the fittest.

It's actually a system of giant free money gibs by and for an elite club in finance and business. If you don't understand how the Federal Reserve works, you're either too young to post here or too low IQ. Or you're a kike pretending you don't understand.

43b853  No.13131105


everything he says there makes sense

it used to be common sense.

NZ might have fagged out and stooped to placate the crawling invaders, but australia is building the chance to reach redemption through this chap

71f5c1  No.13131117


They are literally termites infesting entire regions like British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

13fca4  No.13131127

>>13131033 (checked)

>If you want to secure your children's future

This man is 14

d55508  No.13131132


Checked for upside down Noice.

ca761f  No.13131154


>piss off Chinese

Theoretical question: wouldn't formation of a theoretical ethnostate theoretically require major assistance from a foreign government that is strong and hates the US? This is purely a theoretical question for fun and discussion purposes only.

ba2685  No.13131161

Lol even leftyfags getting worried. One asked who the turd worlders will kill once the bankers are dead, and the rest of the suburban kids are screaming "they're just like us comrade". And one /pol/tard is going full HH on them.


c2babf  No.13131166

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So he's a Sleeper Agent that's just been ordered to self-destruct his party.

The Australians did the same thing with their anti-immigration party.

The Brits did the same thing with UKIP.

Sleeper agents prevent real opposition from growing too large.

So, what's your point?

Video related, this is what controlled opposition performing controlled demolition of a party looks like.

And here's how UKIP did it to self-marginalize.

Kike Godfrey Bloom.


ca761f  No.13131169


>muh controlled opposition

shoo shoo joo

04024f  No.13131178

c2babf  No.13131180


Of course he is. There is no legal way to achieve what he's suggesting for a start, and he knows it.

The fact that you're presenting the destruction of a right-wing option as good reveals you for the kike you are.

ca761f  No.13131181

045e25  No.13131185


Always funny how these right wing politicians in the west will name everyone but the jews.

c2babf  No.13131187



That's it? That's all you have?

Why don't you explain how deliberately making your side seem repugnant to potential voters benefits Whites.

Go on, I'll wait.

f0cb3d  No.13131189


Kill yourself and your offspring you shit kikel

c2babf  No.13131199


>Literally, mentioning the kikes is third rail.

But calling for the deportation of muslims when the effect of the pro-muslim pity propaganda delivered since Christchurch is still in full effect, isn't suicidal?

Are you just pretending to be thick?

8476a6  No.13131202


Assuming that the (((system))) is fair to begin with. It is not.

7d13e5  No.13131212


>(((aids))) lower your system and you

get pneumonia (shitskin)

>curing (((aids))) will cure pneumonia.

We would have to fight them wether there are jews or not dumbfuck.

c2babf  No.13131241


>Patrick Little always pissed off kikes and kike shills,

Patrick Little is another controlled op shill running what's called defilement.

Defilement is not a hard concept to grasp, and the fact that so many claim not to get it suggests that most here are jews/leftists/controlled op supporters.

To defile a political position you simply claim to represent it, then tailor your words to be offensive or repugnant to the very people you ought to be trying to attract.

This is why shills who make "posters", write "right-wing" articles etc, always include spelling "mistakes", it's to drive away intellectuals who share our views and could help to build the ideological/political foundation, and to alienate the educated/employed/law abiding/employed/family men/women / Christians, voters in other words.

Even Patrick's name has been chosen to decrease his appeal and memetically like right-wing politics with being small, or "little."

A little Hitler.

A little Napoleon.

A little man.

A little nazi, etc.


Glad to see that someone else understands what's going on.

d57d1f  No.13131272

australians don't give a fuck

someone would say that in my country ,he would have problems with justice about "islamophobia".

Keep doing like that dudes ,preserve your country from foreigners but don't forget they're kikes puppets

068661  No.13131284

53d1a1  No.13131319


>muh controlled opposition

None of this would matter much if every non-kike poster went into /sig/mode and became a leader in the real world instead of kvetching on here all day about shabbos goyim and false flags.

d3dbdb  No.13131322


O yeah baby, was about time, Jimmy.

f19a6a  No.13131429


The first /ourguy/ politician I have ever seen

0617d4  No.13131623

Support this man! Yes, with money.

aee703  No.13131644

File: 38123cf1efbf486⋯.png (313.3 KB, 662x393, 662:393, ClipboardImage.png)

e199be  No.13131649


the people that care about a good environment rather than a bunch of pale skinned idiots hanging around.

are you say everyone white person is 100% good and that there is no asian you would take over the worst white person??? Get your head out of your ass and stop being a cheerleader.

Asians are helpful and there is a long history of whites and asians competing and cooperating with each other. You are trying to kick someone out because the competition is too much for your lazy ass.

Thats why we should have some of them here, to put pressure on our worst. Thats why we date some of their women, to show our women to stop acting like whores.

I want whitey to win, but white people dont get better by just being homogeneous. And the people that think this are the weakest of our kind.

We dont need asians but asians are fairly useful and if you have any intelligence then you will know kicking asians out is not a top priority. Its only the dumb useless that say this.

You should work at the new chinese factories when whey open in detroit cause the chinese are helping us deal with retards like you.

f0cb3d  No.13131657


Checked. Crikey!!

d8604f  No.13131671


All these excuses you've invented to justify your yellow fever.

f0cb3d  No.13131677


Listen up you little gook slope dink faggot , this is what’s going to happen


100,000,000 total population worldwide. Bugs can get fucked right along with the niggers and poos and beaners and mudshits and kikes. Fuck em.

30b184  No.13131709


Anon, your standards are way too high. Shutting down nonwhite immigration is already a great first step. You don't tackle the endboss right out of the gate. Fighting the jewish menace takes time and subterfuge, you attack directly and (((they))) will shut you down or at the very least make your political career hell.

0617d4  No.13131712


Don't listen to these guys, they are either confused or trying to cause division.

We have no problem with East Asians living in their own lands. We would welcome you as allies–just not to mix or live in each others countries.

30b184  No.13131715


Patrick Little is even more ourguy to be fair.

0617d4  No.13131719


Lay off the guy.

The main problems are the parasitic races. Jews, Niggers, Sand Niggers, Hispanics.

The East Asians living in their own lands aren't a threat and can contribute-and be allies.

a17554  No.13131723

File: d495b2ab48ea113⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Sailor.Mars.600.1754213.jpg)

Dear Fraser Anning, if you read this, you'll want to do something very important to winning the election. P.Hanson tried to rally the people in the same way, it doesn't work. You need to rally both people AND business around you. Policy and Economics.

Getting business on your side is far more important than anything else, the popularity concern is welcome, but won't help you against the media, business will.

56412b  No.13131729


Fuck off back to plebbit.

Niggers are not welcome here.

56412b  No.13131737


8chan is a natsoc board plebbit faggot.

Commit suicide.

0617d4  No.13131738


No, nigger, fuck YOU

f0cb3d  No.13131739



144e17  No.13131742


I like Asians, they however vote about as poorly as niggers, so I don't like them living in my country, every Asian country was tyrannical until white men imposed British common law on them after WW2, Asians are good people, but they should not be making laws, and voting for how to run the lives of white people in white countries

938b1d  No.13131744


Jews aren't welcome either.

d8604f  No.13131746


He was defending Asiatic colonization of white homelands, which I will never accept.

c2babf  No.13131749

File: 42e1e919a8f4716⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 595x129, 595:129, Fraser_kosher_Anning.jpg)

File: a9db84a49c96e89⋯.jpg (66.61 KB, 613x688, 613:688, Fraser_kosher_Anning_2.jpg)

File: fc71fc9b3a50fce⋯.jpg (70.33 KB, 1024x375, 1024:375, Fraser_kosher_Anning_south….jpg)

Anning is so kosher that even his own supporters noticed something was wrong when he started going Hollywood nazi.

Apparently he hangs around with a lot of kikes and isn't shy about it.

The cherry on top, look who else he hangs around with.

Queen tranny of the controlled op Lauren Simonsen.

Yeah, dream on gullibles.

0617d4  No.13131756


Oh, i didnt see that. Apologies. I will never accept that either, but it would be helpful to seek out allies/useful idiots wherever we can.

56412b  No.13131788


No shit.

What's the point of your post?

56412b  No.13131790


Scared Ari?

56412b  No.13131801


>There is no legal way to achieve what he's suggesting for a start, and he knows it.

According to which laws? (((your))) (((UN))) laws that no one has to follow?

7256b7  No.13131815


oh shit the kikes are ass blasted, they betray themselves so easily.

16f616  No.13131826

File: e7a98d4b849b91d⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1169x1307, 1169:1307, You don't reason with inte….png)


Pat is literally the cleanest guy to ever come out of the American side of the struggle against international jewry since Rockwell. Take your retarded drivel elsewhere you alt-kike faggot. And keep your intellectuals and Xtians too.

c2babf  No.13131854


Sure he is.

That's why he does the Hollywood nazi routine, because he's so intelligent that he can actually reverse it's effect on potential supporters.

Kinda like magic, jewish magic, right?

c2babf  No.13131861


Australian law.

If a regular right-wing Aussie posted what he posted, they'd already be in jail.

But he acts with impunity, which is another tell tale sign of the hidden hand of the kike controller.

Why don't you take this shit to Reddit? You're not fooling anyone here with your stooge.

635c18  No.13131892

bumping whitepill, albeit a small one, a glimmer of hope.

56412b  No.13131895


Just filter the kike anon. You're going to get pulled in by pilpul and it's going to shit up the thread.

575f4c  No.13131919


White dialectic at work. Push hard on both fronts.

355248  No.13131937


Even the worst white still has white blood and gametes which will code for a fair skin, round eyes and 100 median IQ offspring. Chinks are base and corrupted, Koreans are kiked and Japs need to stay on their island.

e199be  No.13131978

33418c  No.13131988

File: 23f98cff9ddd229⋯.jpg (27.87 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 63e88d7f5cb99963a05f9d2595….jpg)

File: 246e7811e1184e5⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 232x255, 232:255, a8bc3083cd3774dd0d3bdbda6b….jpg)

File: fe7dacef46b6a5b⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 255x237, 85:79, 189e2f6971e54bc7a48bc84aa1….jpg)

Fake and gay.

Why does this extremely shoddy & obvious kikery HAVE to be real?

Fanboi cuckery is SOOPER ghey.

b1f5ba  No.13131991


then oversell him and make his eventual betrayal/failure a trigger

e199be  No.13131997


ha , yep here we go …. you and those whites you defend that are scum

you are all retards. Literally trying to rationalize the vains of ideas … they are good because DNA and skin color and shit.

Do you believe in the death penalty? I do. Some people should be killed for their effects on society. Some of those people are white , some of those people are asian.

Some of those people that should not be killed are white and asian. Its pretty simple but thats even too much for you, pure failure.

717fd8  No.13132002



As an IT guy, you’re spot on.

80% of my job is turning devices off and back on again. 15% is waiting in on the phone for t2 to program something. The last five is doing honest to god troubleshooting.

I fucking love my job.

635c18  No.13132008


why are you so desperate to prove this is a psyop?

373979  No.13132014


Not only the right, the responsibility.

bea280  No.13132088


>muh rite wingz

there are no political solutions coward

c7a3fe  No.13132089


Neither is playing dress up and kissing mustache pictures, fruity-ass.

bea280  No.13132105


look anon I am not sure what your sexual life has to do with any of this

33418c  No.13132167


No desperation here,Horrible production,direction & continuity problems + 80's FX disproves it to my satisfaction. Don't see how this op does anything but accelerate wyppo into a global prison camp.Don't into reactionary for a totally cucked& conquered people.The kikeisocracy perceives that acceleration good for kikes too.

258d40  No.13132176

6e71c6  No.13132220

File: 50f3b82ec928b18⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 1024x1012, 256:253, 1554857060966.jpg)


> doesn't say what needs to be done

< He's controlled op! Otherwise he would call for niggers and mudskins to be deported!

> calls for niggers and mudskins to be deported

< He's not opticscucking like we are, he must be controlled op out to sabotage his party

Same retardation as with ecelebs

> pundit doesn't name the Jew

< He's controlled op! He'd name the Jew if he wasn't.

> pundit does name the Jew

< He's controlled op! He's trying to make us look paranoid

Cianiggers' standard approach to breaking up nationalist American groups was to send in sleepers and then spread paranoia about muh controlled opposition. Don't think that shit still flies, ponyfag.

c29e84  No.13132250


This kind of shit is a major problem on pol. It's like wanting to travel to another planet before even inventing the wheel. Asians are a problem, yes, especially chinks, but how much of a problem are they? Are they a threat right now? Are they as much of a threat as jews? muslims? or any shade of brown 3rd worlder? It's not even close.

Asians conform to western societies, they do well in them, they have a very low crime rate, they're intelligent and have very similar culture to Europeans. My point is, removing them from white countries is part of the goal, but it's endgame, we have far greater problems we need to deal with before we worry about Asians. Even if we accomplished the end game where all non-white are removed, I would still think it's fine to keep a minority group of Asians in western countries simply because statistically they are perfectly fine in the west. The only issue with them is how many of them they are, mainly the chinks, way too many of them and they love to migrate.

Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize, one step at a time. /pol/ always aims too high, then realizes how difficult the goal is and ultimately does nothing because they give up. If you're a 500 lb morbidly obese blob you don't think "I'm going to lose 320 lbs so I'm 180 lbs". You think "I will aim to lose 20 lbs", then once that is accomplished, you aim for another 20.

The problems we have to conquer are enormous. Our priority right now should be removal of any flavor of muslim, south american, or nigger from our countries, that's priority #1, even more so than the jews, because the jews are powerless when they don't have a horde of low iq doing all their dirty work. Jews run on manipulation, they need the low iq horde.

In America for example, on an individual level a nigger is far more of a threat than a south american, but because of the literal invasion of beans happening and the rate at which they breed, they are even more of a threat than niggers. Europe on the other hand, has an enormous muslim and violent african problem. We all know the ultimate threat is the jews, but they damage they do is gradual, centuries of corruption, so they can be dealt with after the 3rd world migrant invasion. Focus on the current biggest threats, solve them one by one. Baby steps pol.

Finally, stop trying to black pill good news. Yes the jew wasn't mentioned in OP, but it's still good news, it's news of a senator wanting to actually do something about the biggest threat to white people.

3171d6  No.13132258


803566  No.13132295


Because >>13131988 does not believe that White Genocide is real. If it were, then resisting it by any means would be just and righteous. But since he does not and since he lacks the imagination to envision that someone else could, he does not understand why anyone would kill some invaders for any reason.

e8ffd1  No.13132446

File: 7544fc6e92c2100⋯.png (723.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1526239222669.png)

File: d38dbdb0a0a2bf7⋯.png (213.16 KB, 310x265, 62:53, 1540851212139.png)

File: 0e07dade190a81a⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 720x618, 120:103, 1533851185082.jpg)

File: 549f54e22f59575⋯.jpg (154.32 KB, 900x864, 25:24, 1535580502878.jpg)

File: 634c344ef0ea96c⋯.jpg (696.37 KB, 1013x1800, 1013:1800, 1536424453803.jpg)

Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong.

e8ffd1  No.13132453

File: 66e42357815bce3⋯.jpg (221.25 KB, 826x1210, 413:605, 66e42357815bce375d59b37fb2….jpg)

File: 2663cb828ad0acd⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 488x557, 488:557, 7705c843f533d66c9a1b165e72….jpg)

File: bcc49e3e9719e57⋯.png (600.97 KB, 725x779, 725:779, 169602e287a6a4d2c35a2d77a8….png)

File: c2926d5c73da9ff⋯.jpg (49.95 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 1519500116186.jpg)

File: 19e8d43815a49e3⋯.jpg (67.39 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1515603892179.jpg)

e8ffd1  No.13132469

File: 7f1c4130141a3f4⋯.png (502.33 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1516373002506.png)

File: 834c5a75165015a⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1516097741417.png)

File: 82ff104c75c0980⋯.jpg (115.64 KB, 887x499, 887:499, 1543036636758.jpg)

File: e447d99874fc77f⋯.jpg (103.18 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1547997612389.jpg)

File: 546e91591a800e1⋯.jpg (382.11 KB, 720x915, 48:61, 1548866907424.jpg)

e8ffd1  No.13132485

File: 7fc98113b162918⋯.png (197.1 KB, 612x432, 17:12, 1507440249730.png)

File: e339b4a4875df76⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Quotefancy-2503615-3840x21….jpg)

File: c53b241fdab3394⋯.png (402.62 KB, 677x907, 677:907, ca44848d60fb0972b6e8c89ea6….png)

File: 58b45a09b42b307⋯.png (83.34 KB, 1820x1300, 7:5, a238646603a46baedb4d029b71….png)

File: d269a448a5eeb6c⋯.jpg (138.83 KB, 890x960, 89:96, d269a448a5eeb6c700dc1ebed0….jpg)

8950ed  No.13132497


>by whatever means you get the option to remove one of the two

If you have a senator openly advocating for deportations you remove both of them because if you only get rid of one problem then the other will grow to the size of two.

Absolute congratulations to Australia for having such a based senator, hopefully he can get the ball rolling and kick out the muds, niggers and chinks.

fe4495  No.13132618


>Fraser Anning is an Australian politician

This has nothing to do with Europe. Europe is still a cucked shit-hole and if he said this there he'd be in prison right now.

9272f6  No.13132646


>And he says nothing about kikes.

Complete lie. He says he doesn't have a problem with kikes who stay in Israel and mind their own business


020965  No.13132648

Bump. We must support anning, he is fully sticking his neck out for us.

8ef268  No.13132659


The only kike is the one shilling for MORE usury, under the purview of the corrupt governments. Do you think they're just going to let you borrow money because you promise to be a good goy and pay it back? If you fail to meet every detail of their hundred page contracts they'll have the power to garnish your wages, deny you healthcare (everywhere except the US), arrest you, and send you to (((debtor's prison))).

2695b8  No.13132660

File: 21b1fd26632ea3a⋯.jpg (130.4 KB, 618x879, 206:293, heart-618x879.jpg)


It's time.

f2e846  No.13132769




was about to say… close enough to tip the hat, but distant enough to be deniable, nice

e50d58  No.13132875


No you fucking nigger infighting keeps the lineage free of niggers now fuck off you nigger

97e2b4  No.13132888


Sage isn't a downvote; bump.

212e93  No.13132914


>Asians are helpful and there is a long history of whites and asians competing and cooperating with each other. You are trying to kick someone out because the competition is too much for your lazy ass.

No, the reason they "out-compete" Whites is because they cheat. They form insular racial hives into which money from the wider community flows, never to be seen again. A chink doesn't call a White plumber when he needs his plumbing done. He calls a chink plumber from a guy who knows a guy, somewhere in the bug underground, and pays the cunt in cash so that the transaction is off the books and tax free. A White person, upon discovering that the plumber he called was a chink won't refuse the service; he is forced to consider all business only on the level of economics, lest he be considered a "racist". Here the chinks have an advantage too: since the majority of their business comes from other chinks paying in cash, they can afford to undercut legitimate business even for on-the-books services, meaning that many Whites will use them. Thus money goes into their hive and never comes out; not in services, because they have their own people to do their jobs, and not in taxes because they actively avoid them.

3c4700  No.13132921

File: 62099f53e7d2696⋯.mp4 (9.76 MB, 320x240, 4:3, apec.mp4)


IRL shitposts need to become the norm in the land down under.

ef695f  No.13132941


Based eggman was an accelerationist all along!

50713b  No.13132945


>Are they a threat right now? Are they as much of a threat as jews? muslims? or any shade of brown 3rd worlder? It's not even close.

Really depends on what country you are in, some are being mainly overrun by Asians.

50713b  No.13132959



I think a lot of it is just rationalizing why they haven't taken action themselves. For me its easy, it would bring shame to my family who I've been unsuccessful at redpilling so far. I see my loyalty to my family as above that of my loyalty to my race.

2bd06d  No.13133053


did anyone else read this in a nasally voice?

7e2406  No.13133164

File: e11f1d8c79b98f9⋯.jpeg (1.45 MB, 2028x2048, 507:512, 3D2BD22E-096A-4716-B210-0….jpeg)


I agree and also disagree. I agree that we need to be wary of being screwed over again by a political candidate that makes promises without calling out the kikes responsible behind the problems they wish to fix (i.e Trump).

I disagree that Brenton Tarrant was Mossad. If he was Mossad the kikes did not plan it through very well. What Brenton did, did more for the good to wake up whites then the bad which is the optics we get from Jews, leftists and niggers. At this point optics doesn’t matter though, we will always have bad optics no matter what after the Nazi’s. Even during Hitler’s rise to power do you think he had good media optics? No he was attacked relentlessly in the press. We will be attacked as well. No amount of optics will matter once we awake. The kikes no this. They no that whites can rise up and will rise up. It’s why they are building a nigger, shitskin army to attack us when we do wake up. The fact is we will never win over the nigger anyways so who cares about nigger optics.

7e2406  No.13133217


>I am calling for deportations of all migrant criminals along with their families.

How about all migrant shitskins regardless of crime status along with the “humanitarian” Jews that brought them here in the first place leave get deported.

Fuck this civnac bullshit. This is what Trump said and he cucked hard. This man will to. The Jew knows we are about the explode so they get people like this guy and Trump to string us along. I do not know what the Jew is planning but it looks like we only got like 5 years before people start awakening in mass, and the Jews know this as well.

49909f  No.13133692


Anning is European.


OK. How about we discuss that when all the criminal shitskins are actually deported? You know how many of them are criminals, right? That would make a very good start. Just let that happen.

828321  No.13133709


That's how you get brain-eating parasites

49909f  No.13133710


Yeah, if a European travels and settles elsewhere he remains racially European. That is why a Jew or a Nigger will never become European. Welcome to racial determinism.

71f5c1  No.13133782


False, fresh raw meat is safe. Why do you think sushi is possible.

1f310f  No.13133902



You seem rather upset about a political player openly talking against mudskins and for the preservation of white people.

Do you think you are going to achieve anything with your kvetching, kike?

3e8c2e  No.13133974


>Generally speaking they're not a problem. The chinks are the only real issue but being bugs they tend to confirm to their host hive. Japs and Koreans are productive enough and actually innovate things.

Sounds like something a braindead thot would say. You don't live in reality and we all know it.

3e8c2e  No.13133991


Thai food is fucking garbage. Asian food is mediocre. Nothing compares to a chunk of steak or a huge fish.

cd03e2  No.13134005


But he is right. They are low in number, are actually intelligent and civilized and don't cause problem.

As long as you're not importing them en masse, they are not a problem.

3e8c2e  No.13134028


> They are low in number, are actually intelligent and civilized and don't cause problem.

>As long as you're not importing them en masse, they are not a problem.

Chinese in both Australia and Canada are actively subverting institutions through their communist party. In Australia and NZ, the Chinese are actively taking over both nations. In Canada, they run a large chunk of the drug trade. You, retard, are a fucking retard with no life experience. You probably get your education about Asians from a fictional source like anime. It doesn't matter, though, because it's absolutely wrong. I bet you even have an Azn GF. Kill yourself.

49909f  No.13134034


kek, the absolute state of non-white posters

96e71f  No.13134040


> long as it's a white-run operation

how many white run chink restaurants are their actually is though ? certainly none anywhere near me and i live in a 99% white county

262abe  No.13134042

File: c5e13313bdbe480⋯.jpg (53.58 KB, 720x480, 3:2, cancer.jpg)

96e71f  No.13134046


some /leftypol/ memes are good, but they arent real leftists but a mixture of people who just like playing dress up in soviet uniform and facists in denial.

d95a32  No.13134053

File: c00bf5ed84608f1⋯.webm (6.54 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Better Sequence.webm)

this is the end

4ef10c  No.13134077

fake and gay, lock him up for hatespeech

1f310f  No.13134078

File: 132e897854eef48⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 480x479, 480:479, smug_mug.jpg)


Your kvetching is music to our ears, shitskin. Cry some more for us. Cry just like you pathetic race will when we deport them into the shithole countries that spawned them.

58623d  No.13134085

Asians are why a house costs 1 million dollardoos in Sydney

Young White Australian couples can't buy a house and start a family because of Asians

1f310f  No.13134086

File: 8f23c59a51c4973⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, RuTheBoatswain.jpg)

56412b  No.13134104


I like that one. The end is irrelevant and goes against the premise of the beginning though.

d95a32  No.13134118


Yeah, I kinda agree. Just Muslims taking over Europe is supposed to look bad though. Doesn't Really come off that way.

d8604f  No.13134208

Here is another example of the damage Asian immigrants do: "Founded in 1929, the Japanese American Citizens League is the oldest and largest Asian American civil rights organization in the United States."


They have a long history of working to subvert our laws and values to suit their own ethnic/racial interests. Not exactly respectful guests just working and minding their own business, like some would have you believe.

c2c0cb  No.13134376


Honestly you see Whites doing the same thing in Japan or other Asian countries. I reckon it's just the natural self-interested behaviour that all groups show to some extent. It definitely does produce harm to the host country however.

If you look at most of their early actions, they're just looking out for themselves. It's only in the 60s that their activism begins to take an overly leftist character.

Part of the problem I think is the legal framework within which they were operating. When all non-Whites end up grouped under a single legal category, the self-interested individual struggles of each ethnicity are directed towards a common goal. This is the worst possible thing that can happen!

Instead the Japanese should have had American laws and regulations that exclusively effected them, giving them no common ground with other unrelated races. This would certainly have lessened the damage dealt in to American racial laws in general.

c2c0cb  No.13134390

BTW friends, please don't reply to the obvious d&c shillery.

d8604f  No.13134392


I don't care what excuse they have to harm my interests. The point is that racial diversity is a problem and that includes Asians. They must be removed. They already have huge territories for themselves in Asia, they don't need to expand into white territories too.

49909f  No.13134394


True, but we should prioritize things as we can't take care of everything at once, sadly - at least for now. So one step ahead is already welcome.

c2c0cb  No.13134415


Asians are not and will never be the ones to outbreed us in our own countries. Look at Japanese and the recently declining Chinese birthrates for example.

I don't believe they pose a demographic threat to us, hence they justifiably deserve a vastly a lower priority. Asians are not the chosen attack vector. That would be the Muslim and African immigration, as Anning mentioned in his statement.

As for "territories" and all that geopolitical shit, that has to wait until we have our house in order.

ee5194  No.13134453


>Capitalism is survival of the fittest individuals.

National Socialism is the survival of the fittest PEOPLE.

ee5194  No.13134460

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I don't need a loan, and nobody else does either.

Doesn’t know what debt slavery is.

This is a good place to begin you dumb shit:

49909f  No.13134468

File: b1783c56136237b⋯.png (49.83 KB, 591x220, 591:220, Screenshot 2019-04-15 01.1….png)

In case people didn't understand the first time.

97dba6  No.13134480

File: 52fbda4f7a7fdd0⋯.jpg (6.03 KB, 242x250, 121:125, 1550952272198.jpg)


Adding zeros to the left of the decimal doesn't change the value

49909f  No.13134551

File: f5f690ad57c3d51⋯.png (50.23 KB, 591x218, 591:218, Screenshot 2019-04-15 01.5….png)

What changed?

c2c0cb  No.13134571



Fuck he's based.

d8604f  No.13134574


Don't care, no Asians in my country.

832706  No.13134619


Why are you defending asian so much?are you afraid asian whore supply will stop if they deported all non white? If you still believe that asian is part of white country then you don't really understand the 14 words. Asian dont even care about you why you care so much about them? Are you trying to justify your yellow fever? This is about white people and white people only. The country was founded by white european so it should remain for white european only.

c66f5b  No.13134621


kys kike

c2c0cb  No.13134644

File: f35be44bb4ec8ac⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 860x760, 43:38, frog.jpg)


Ah my bad, I assumed you were a genuine poster who had actual misgivings about Anning's approach. Turns out you were just a shill criticising any step forward we take as wrong.

I don't mind though, I'm sure my comments were of some vague interest to others. Helps me to develop my own thoughts too.

c2c0cb  No.13134649

File: 57528c0e04cb93e⋯.png (259.7 KB, 563x542, 563:542, smug.png)


Oh boy that makes two shills replying to me! You fellas sure are busy lately, maybe recent events have shaken you up?

e1a07d  No.13134654


>people need more debt instead of less debt

kys kike

d8604f  No.13134658


Maybe learn to read? I have no problem with Anning's approach. Obviously Muslims are a higher priority. But I don't want Asians in my people's homeland, I don't get why this is so difficult to understand. If someone says they can stay, in any significant numbers, I tell them to fuck off, it's that simple.

e1a07d  No.13134666



>are you say everyone white person is 100% good

No one is saying this.

>there is no asian you would take over the worst white person???

Correct. My people are my people. I might not want anything to do with the worst white person, but you can deal with traitors, assholes, criminals, and genetic fuckups without compromising ethnic homogeneity.

832706  No.13134669

>>13134649 youre just trying to deflect the real question. It doesn't matter how smart and well integrated asian people are they have no right to come to white countries and replacing the native people who built the country. You always seem trying to make an excuse. Do you want the well behaved negro to stay in white countries? If you didnt want negro to stay in white countries no matter how well behaved they are then the same goes to asian. This is about the survival of white people and the 14 words. No white kids should compete with asian to get job in their own countries that was built by their ancestors.

c2c0cb  No.13134680

>more interested in what is not said at the expense of what is actually said

Yes this is common shill behaviour. KYS.

7e7a8d  No.13134685

I agree and have said what Anning is saying. But he's a crypto Jew for sure. I have seen this play before.

91d6d9  No.13134706


The trick to politics is you promise them what they want before you get elected and then distract the masses towards something completely different after you get elected. You can't be held to account after you have been elected because…well you just got 4 years to do whatever you want and your in the Jew club now so you're safe.

cca56b  No.13134717





Is all the same fucking number nigger.


>massive infighting

Someone with a subhuman IQ of barely 70 has no right to make judgements.

dff668  No.13134817


>Thats why we should have some Asians here, to put pressure on our worst. Thats why we date some of their women, to show our white women to stop acting like whores.

Unfortunately, this does not work out in reality. The white women will not stop acting like whores to compete for white men. Instead, white women will whore themselves out to small groups of men and have the government raise the children. Though, admittedly, if the Asian female population exceeds 50% in any given area, white women will indeed start to compete, but at that point, is it worth it?

0be374  No.13134879


Correct as ever Hitler. The 3rd world only lives because of the proliferation of Western technology, medicines, food and money. It causes so many problems but we keep doing it because (((muh markets))).

49909f  No.13135054

File: 54b1a4bf9bc0592⋯.png (41.3 KB, 587x199, 587:199, Screenshot 2019-04-15 05.4….png)

It's just common sense.

db4b9f  No.13135079


It's just typical JIDF tactic, divide and conquer, no true scottman.

f11e2a  No.13135149

050990  No.13135937

File: 889913145d2bbe2⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 314x320, 157:160, 1553686408821.jpg)


>Capitalism is survival of the fittest.


a93fd2  No.13138693


Exactly but what you fail to realise, nigger, is that fitness is relative. What is fir in one environment is less fit or unfit in another. Fitness in the context of the modern west means someone with a cut-throat attitude and no morans. Basically – a Jew!

Oh yeah, bro – let's breed more fit people with crapitalism. Because, you know, the world needs more psychopaths. Don't question my reasoning, though – I'm a LOLbertarian.

6e6870  No.13138695



>elf ears

Racemixing fag.

d421ea  No.13138787


If it ain't white,

it ain't right.

Get 'em all out.

d421ea  No.13138809

Fraser is based as fuck. Imagine if the USA had a guy like him for president. One can dream.

7f702a  No.13139260


The demographics aren't there anymore.

ecb51b  No.13139308

>it begins in New Zealand

So what are the chances that PJ accidentally worked some sort of meme magic and imbued the Númenórian spirit into the New Zealand population by having LOTR filmed there?

5c2e0f  No.13139546

Its OK to be against having Muslims in your White country, but FIRST you must reject going along with all the Wars For Israel on Muslims in their homelands.

ONLY then will you have a valid point about Muslims in your White nation.

840750  No.13139560


>their homelands

First you pack up from Europe then we will talk.

That include Bosnia, Albania and Constantinople.

840750  No.13139594


And also Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, China, the list goes on.

4e399f  No.13139708


anyone have higher quality?

2677e6  No.13139736

File: 38256648f6d7a28⋯.jpg (2.63 KB, 125x124, 125:124, fire up the ovens.jpg)

607d37  No.13139899

File: 8b0ebcfa4cc6126⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 600x476, 150:119, islam_bbq.jpg)


Go fuck yourself, Ahmed. The only reason you goatfuckers ever go anywhere is to try to turn it Muslim. The West has nothing that is compatible with Islam but you cunts won't stop trying to get into countries full of people you hate that live in ways that piss you off. You've been bawling like bitches about Christchurch. That was one event of the type you cousin-fucking camel jockeys pull on white people every single week. You can't even stand the taste of your own medicine. If you didn't act like a bunch of god damn barbarians who time traveled from the 11th century I'd feel more inclined to listen to your complaints. As it is, Muslims have zero right to ask for compassion or mercy from anybody, especially us.


b2739d  No.13140121


Wow, we finally have second Hitler. Cool.

85ce77  No.13140237

File: b76e417e7433992⋯.jpeg (22.47 KB, 220x346, 110:173, 332CE8E0-5DD7-4E29-9BAC-F….jpeg)

File: 58634b70bcf185f⋯.jpeg (25.46 KB, 219x311, 219:311, DA2CC442-153A-4178-8A02-E….jpeg)


Where have I heard this before…


fc9f33  No.13140255

Tarant an-heroed like a prideless slave seeking the exaltation of his peers. He submitted to abuse and replicated it, and this place exalts him with the fanatical adoration it pours upon all those weak enough to undermine truly peaceful cultures with violence akin to that of such cultures as Islam who can have peace only in lies.

0d4494  No.13140321

File: 82bdc2dfda140fb⋯.jpg (59.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, rbvs0230584-e1319170599806….jpg)


this. /pol/ is full of paranoid schizoposters now. Didn't mention the jews? Must be the jews! Mentioned the jews? Must've been the jews! My hot pocket is cold in the middle! The jews did this! Just because they're inhuman demons doesn't mean every burning building, every bullet fired, and every stubbed toe is the fucking zog. Kikes aren't omnipotent and omnipresent and infallible. Sometimes it IS a human or a Muslim behind something, sometimes it is just your microwave sucking.

98335f  No.13140453


I love it how the shills push the same shit for years on end even though we've debunked them over and over.

Update your shit nigger.

98335f  No.13140463


"Peace" to Jews communist and Muslims mean "submission."

So when a muzzie says "Peace be upon you" he is actually saying "Submission be upon you, submission to Islam."

c53c0f  No.13140672


>no. fuck koreans they're half actual niggers now. the only Asians worth a shit are the Japanese.


4db5cf  No.13140980

File: 4d7fe6ef45deaca⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, 4d7fe6ef45deaca326fbe3843b….jpg)


Time for 14/88.

ad6890  No.13141783


>t.butthurt tech support can't into networking



41e55c  No.13143012


Even the term Islam means “Submission [to God]”

32bcf8  No.13143031


I predict Goldman Sachs won't donate much to his re-election campaign. He'll be gone soon, but the list of donors he brings to the mossad table will be valuable enough to get him a lucrative fake consulting position somewhere.

a5da33  No.13144156



9cc6dd  No.13144219

File: a42d6fb35a337d8⋯.jpg (20.46 KB, 538x445, 538:445, WARGLBARGLE_DRUMPH.jpg)



9cc6dd  No.13144226


Shut up shill. No one believes shills here.

ce09d6  No.13146126


They were never on our side.

a867bf  No.13147010


> Tarant an-heroed

You can always spot a shill by his misuse of old memes.

96e71f  No.13148526


whats with the tenfold drop in emigration during 1995?

373b82  No.13156135

File: 686f85f8d9a5aad⋯.png (53.08 KB, 590x296, 295:148, Screenshot 2019-04-19 07.5….png)

Has everyone been named?

ce09d6  No.13165641

File: ce2e394982a9ad8⋯.png (176.49 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 1200px-LocationWestPapua.s….png)

What's Fraser Anning's policy regarding West Papua (assuming he has one)?

Couldn't find another thread to ask this in, & I'm ranged banned from (8/2)chan /pol/.

948b2d  No.13166071


He doesn't have one.

It's a dead issue politically. Despite the indorats literally feeding unsuspecting Aussie tourists dog meat, most Aussies are still not woke to their niggerdry. Most I hear is boomer faggot conservatives crying about how fags get the cane in Aceh. "Waah waah. The muzzies are mean to poofs, why won't the left speak up. They're the real racists & homophobes. I love fags and don't think they should be thrown off buildings. We're the real leftists…" You know the drill.

cfacca  No.13166084


Nice. He even subtly names the kike.

>inb4 this is a honeypot and everyone who votes for him or his party are put on a list.

f40076  No.13166221

I'm sick of this shit. Every single notable person that tries to fight the leftist globalists that gets mentioned on /pol/

X is a kike

X is controlled opposition

X is a zionist shill

X is a traitor to the white race




948b2d  No.13166249


Don't get worked up over shills

73df49  No.13166292


I suspect about 80% of people who do that are not legit, JIDF types. I hope /pol/ is smart enough to not always buy into it.

ce09d6  No.13166432


>dead issue

Yeah that does seem to be the case. I don't see why it should remain a dead issue though, I wrote a post over on >>>/auspol/ (which is a completely dead board) about it.

f36c50  No.13166711


They won't name such persons because they're kike demoralization shills. Even the genuine blackpillfags at least still describe the downfall and eventual destruction of civilization in great lengths, indirectly warning newfag lurkers of what we are heading towards until someone starts doing something.

f9ea2d  No.13166731


Hahahaha. Shill is scared be might loose his job

dff550  No.13166756


>what are anonymous votes?

You have an anonymity set containing all the people who put their votes into the same box, so it should be hard to actually list specific individuals, given that they were not listed beforehand already.

727084  No.13166822

File: 4c19a2c2b45068a⋯.png (284.96 KB, 500x775, 20:31, 57f7e31e6d44393cc30c1be819….png)


>Generally speaking they're not a problem

60e92d  No.13167260


business=media, unless you’re referring to small businesses and not multinational conglomerates

996cb6  No.13167625

File: 9a6c12a26f60235⋯.png (350.85 KB, 517x509, 517:509, t-get out.png)


>Generally speaking

gtfo and stay gtfo wang

cfacca  No.13167747


I wouldn't put it past the kikes to somehow get their grubby little fingers on the anonymity.

f8b3d1  No.13168308


>the people that care about a good environment rather than a bunch of pale skinned idiots hanging around.

One word


f8b3d1  No.13168312


>april the 12


d3724c  No.13168835

File: 58721b3e7eaf0c4⋯.jpg (10.15 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (2).jpg)


>This is why our cause is hopeless


6462a1  No.13170555


This anon gets it. Non-whites should never be dealt with as a monolithic force, we need to atomize them as we have been atomized

6ccfc9  No.13172168

File: f93ee2db3c8934f⋯.png (190.79 KB, 597x983, 597:983, Screenshot_2019-04-22 Sena….png)

5767e0  No.13172175

I can't wait for this guy to be the next Trump, shilled to hell and back on this board only to win and turn out to have completely lied his way into office. Don't worry though, anons, if we all just find ways to troll liberals by trying to steal symbols and sending papers to trannies while never ever following Tarrant's example we'll totally win for sure.

d6c935  No.13172184

File: 5ab066b2944313b⋯.png (338.23 KB, 1440x1334, 720:667, Screenshot_20190423-000722….png)

This is my fav tweet

e8729b  No.13172208

File: f7d76defce8548b⋯.png (24.13 KB, 637x457, 637:457, Untitled.png)

14 words from Fraser Anning. The kvetching over this will be spectacular.

6ccfc9  No.13172216

File: e85beb146618dc1⋯.png (81.85 KB, 650x613, 650:613, Fraser Anning 22 Apr 2019 ….png)

File: a7971c248343518⋯.png (83.41 KB, 647x570, 647:570, Fraser Anning 22 Apr 2019 ….png)

File: 8604d7fb4729e09⋯.png (80.28 KB, 650x518, 325:259, Fraser Anning 22 Apr 2019 ….png)

6ccfc9  No.13172217

File: 5bb42e0ba968a63⋯.png (53.83 KB, 655x387, 655:387, Fraser Anning 22 Apr 2019 ….png)

File: 685d90a424a4f61⋯.png (76.66 KB, 653x513, 653:513, Fraser Anning 22 Apr 2019 ….png)

File: 8e4287e7b446caf⋯.png (77.55 KB, 650x573, 650:573, Fraser Anning 22 Apr 2019 ….png)

7c13b4  No.13172223











03cbaa  No.13172228

File: 62677ae081017f3⋯.jpg (143.73 KB, 607x608, 607:608, Anning (2).jpg)

File: 066b9784e27e424⋯.png (158.75 KB, 540x562, 270:281, Anning (3).png)

File: 21b4fdbff9a8991⋯.jpg (142.98 KB, 990x712, 495:356, D4wy3JSUIAI9r7j.jpg)

File: 3782317273bc9a9⋯.jpg (41.16 KB, 500x552, 125:138, D4wzk8bW0AATWTm.jpg)

Anyone got anymore Anning memes?

7c13b4  No.13172229

File: 74a1e8a971c521b⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Doom 2019.webm)


Asians can at least keep to themselves and they do actually maintain their areas (except chinks). Also, they're all super racist towards each other.

ce09d6  No.13172230


Anning is a sitting senator, he's already in office. It's true that his election was unlikely, and his reelection will be difficult to say the least, but he's been making the most of it so far.

e8729b  No.13172260

File: 5e51cc19fd3fe95⋯.png (609.33 KB, 933x791, 933:791, Anning's vulgar display.png)

ce09d6  No.13172264

>>13172230 (Me)

And "making the most of it" is putting it lightly.

363af4  No.13187646


Developing story: Lügenpresse member beaten down at Anning rally in Cronulla

The fire rises.

f2e846  No.13188025

File: 569b4a05f487ebf⋯.png (24.75 KB, 535x386, 535:386, Christchurch retweet.png)

Mad Max checking in

As great as his tweets are, there's a lot of gems present only in his newsletters if you sign up, where he goes way more hardcore…

- - -

The fire at Notre-Dame-de-Paris was a sad tragedy.

It reminded us that our Western civilization, its traditions, values and institutions, are vulnerable.

Just like its grand buildings.

They must safeguarded and rebuilt when necessary.

The same is true for our Canadian identity, our Canadian way of life.

It has suffered multiple assaults under the Trudeau government.

If we don’t want to lose it, we need more economic, social and cultural stability.

We need to stop changing laws all the time to fit the latest left-wing fads.

We need less government intrusion.

Lower taxes.

Lower immigration.

the People’s Party is the only one that really cares about protecting our identity.

The only one with clear policies to safeguard and rebuild it.

Please help us beat the Liberals in October with a $10, or $100 donation today.

If you wait until the last minute, it may be too late.

Many thanks,


000000  No.13188044


Accelerate AND genocide.

Kill all non-whites.

f2e846  No.13188062


by the way, pre-emptively, yes I know that https://twitter.com/bernier_nation is gay + pro israel and that Bernier made Israel-supportive statements in January 2017 at https://www.maximebernier.com/a_foreign_policy_focused_on_the_security_and_prosperity_of_canadians

I just view it as part of the game. To get established it can sometimes be beneficial to play your own pet Jews against enemy Jews, let them temporarily perch under the umbrella, give Israel some praise to depower "antisemitic" accusations that will inevitably be levied against you in future for trying to reduce aid to them or allow pro-white people under your umbrella.

We see this recently in:


>Jewish-Canadian group B’nai Brith Canada released findings from their “independent investigation” of Masse on Wednesday, based on a review of his work for a defunct online media outlet Le Québécois Libre, which published libertarian commentary until 2016. The views Masse expressed in his articles, most of them from more than 15 years ago, include concerns about the actions of Israel and American interventionism in the Middle East, and defences of figures such as France’s controversial Jean-Marie Le Pen.

> It pointed out that Le Pen, for example, has been convicted multiple times of denying the Holocaust, a crime under French law. Masse’s defence of the politician had been published in 2002.

I'll try to get some quotes but since they're probably in French it will be difficult.

f86d84  No.13188071

If I contragoad you people hard enough, do you think your lies will make it into history books? I think it might. See, part of my plan here is for some dumbass to make an improper formal attribution that outrages an academic into writing a long takedown of the life of Tarrant so everyone can learn wtf went wrong and shattered the man. I think he left tracks.

But what I’m saying is, I’m settled in for the long run with every intention of enjoying this lie for years if you’re slavish enough to keep thinking it hurts me to do my bidding.

Go on, whitewash that fence. You enjoy it so much you oughta pay me for the privilege.

845931  No.13188080


No, Capitalism is survival of the shittest

NatSoc is the way of the future

Eat a fucking dick you retarded boomer

6264d7  No.13188240


>end usury


db5c43  No.13188248


Stand by for the jews to assassinate Senator Anning..


ce09d6  No.13188472

File: 05164a21738bd59⋯.png (973.92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1529085359172.png)


Oh boy, he's getting a lot of press from his Cronulla rally. The media were trying their hardest to ignore him too. Big (((r*ddit))) thread as well.

Rise, rise, rise!

ce09d6  No.13188477

Wish there was an Anning general.

ae2950  No.13188543


Retard, no one here doesn't know that. Of course there are decent asians and crappy whites. But for societies, the individual is meaningless. How do they act as a whole? As a whole, Chinese immigrants act to further their own above all other considerations. Individualistically minded whites can't compete because they'll hire asians for HR, who will only hire more asians until asians are running the companies founded by whites. See how this works? IQ doesn't matter much with this, otherwise why would Indians with an average IQ of 80 be taking over silicon valley?

9acb97  No.13188556

File: 92ea91c2922aa46⋯.jpg (318.49 KB, 1116x865, 1116:865, KlownWorld.jpg)


So you get your script after being shown a few edgey PL videos and then what, a sheckel a post? Patrick is an amazingly effective proponent of white wellbeing and 100x smarter and more convincing than your sorry ass.

Also, Congratulations Brenton Tarrant! You were right!

bcd7f1  No.13188587


If you name the jews, you are too extreme.

Got it.

5f0ed3  No.13188648

File: 1ccf11e75a29030⋯.png (218.01 KB, 333x250, 333:250, ClipboardImage.png)


march of the airbenders

seriously, why these guys shave their heads?

ae2950  No.13188663


>What is tartare?


>I see you don't know about X. Here let me give you a quick rundown.

<Posts 3.5 hour video

Never change /pol/, never change. Seriously, stop fucking changing. You were better in 2015!

65767f  No.13188756

File: 16d709b8373013d⋯.jpg (11.1 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 32c328bdd28a2c8336895135a4….jpg)

Bump, because Fraser Anning is Redpilled and representing in Austraylian parliament. Fuck yeah Fraser, onya Cunt! Keep up the fair dinkum work Fraso!

a88ce2  No.13188893


>biting the heart

Why do hunters in the west practice injun rituals?

9ef086  No.13188902


>such big penisu!

I'm not seeing the problem here…

6ccfc9  No.13188903


so they don't have to pay for an extra bottle of shampoo. those cheap bastards.

a88ce2  No.13188941



they freeze the fish to kill the parasites

fd1736  No.13188961


incorrect. it's because fish literally bath in saltwater all day everyday. eating raw river bass would be just as dangerous as mammal meats. still the danger is overblown its mostly a problem of putrefaction and virus contraction.

afaddb  No.13189048


>Freezing your fish first

In the USA only Salmon is frozen.

People who won't eat raw meat don't seem to understand that fish have immune systems and their meat is sterile until their immune system stops functioning. Parasites can happen, sure, but the most common sushi fish are immune to parasites 100%.

Eating raw fish is actually safer.



>Fuck up often

>Drop food on the floor

>"It's ok I can just throw it back on the stovetop to kill the bacteria!"

a09d8b  No.13189323

File: 7f1b34d9f843810⋯.png (300.54 KB, 829x720, 829:720, sakurako_smile.png)


>Bill Shorten wants to replace your 4WD with a pussy little electric car.

>Vote for me and I’ll defend your right to camping, fishing, hunting and off-roading!

My fucking sides!

59965a  No.13189360


>if we are genocided by Asians it is OK, because muh baste civic nationalism despite the fact that if niggers destroy Whites, chinks will just take over the world very quickly

ce09d6  No.13190480


>what are high caste indians

f2fc02  No.13190638


Angry cucks after you like eggboy vs evil agents of satan, destroyers of worlds after you

Ok retard

64ab3e  No.13190740


>14 words

>not giving a fuck

holy fuck this guy is redpilled and not afraid to show it. fuck yeah

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