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File: d2198dc662a908b⋯.png (444.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Indo-European_branc….png)

89de0d  No.13131595

What is the best language for Europeans to speak? I mean what language has such deep roots in European culture that it should be the lingua franca of Europe? English? German? Latin? Spanish? What? Or at least what family of languages would be the best. Germanic? Romance? Slavic? I'm curious mainly because I am trying to rediscover my own European heritage (Germanic mostly with a bit of French) and will soon be traveling there to live.

ba68a9  No.13131613


Our own.

If you're German you should learn German.

b9def0  No.13131672


Gleðileg jól

f07ed0  No.13131683

The most European language used to be French since it was spoken by most nobles. Over the long run I'd say the closest to a pan-European modern day language is Italian since it is a direct descendant of Latin and Latin is dead.

dc498d  No.13131731


Personally I think that the more languages you know the better but to return to the question at hand it depends on your definition of Europe.

Think that German is a given even though for Europe as a whole if not only because of the pure beauty and the way you form sentences it is just has really nice aesthetics but every country should of course still keep their own language while the Scandinavian countries should of course have Swedish as main language of choice in internal discussion.

English could work as a cancerous kind of last resort if communicating with people outside of Europe that doesn't know anything else.

ba68a9  No.13131753


French is also a descendent of Latin. The most similar laguage to Latin spoken by real people today is Sardinian.


What are you talking about? English is the first choice with everyone speaking both outside and inside Europe.

It's the lingua-franca of the modern world. Like French used to be or like Greek once was.

65a395  No.13131767

Latin is to the west what Sanskrit is to India. It's by far THE language of the civilization of the west, of its liturgy and intellectual elite, and that every educated European was supposed to know at least to some degree and in which essentially all major works of the west were written in, from the works of the fathers of Catholicism to Newton/Leibniz and their calculus. And obviously, it was the language of the ancient Empire.

ff21e9  No.13131833

Uh, the one I speak.

dc498d  No.13131839


Yes I agree with you that it is and have been for quite some time but that doesn't mean that it always has to be.

It's mostly based on personal preference seeing as there is nothing that works better as a moral booster as some good old german.

In order to provide some sort of argument, the way that you would form a sentence in german versus english while having a discussion makes it imperative that the other part actually listens because normally you start at the other end of a sentence compared to english if this makes any sence.

The positive consequence of this is that discussions can't really be interrupted and co'opted in the same way as you would be able to in english because you would more than often not get the point being made without the whole context providing a lot more nuanced debates and interviews as some examples.

760065  No.13131841

Your own.

f3b4fe  No.13131842



f377c7  No.13131858


Study Greek and you will think the way God thinks.

6644ef  No.13131871

File: 338dbb4391fe206⋯.mp4 (6.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, s u o m i.mp4)


8c935a  No.13131884

File: 90f94980ae49bb7⋯.png (640.68 KB, 1280x1482, 640:741, tumblr_o2s84jhHD61tuz9z0o1….png)

There is no need for one until there's a successor to the Großdeutsches Reich. That will happen organically and our speculation will have zero effect on its trajectory. The future is barreling towards us and yet its nature is ever inscrutable.

It could be funny making spooks learn Hungarian in order to infiltrate us, though.

29f800  No.13131886

The best language hasn't been invented yet…but it is going to happen soon.

8c935a  No.13131893


>posted uncropped version with Facegroid link by mistake

Please be patient while I kms

83aea7  No.13131907

if it continues like that it's gonna be a fucking weird mix

in france young people are literally mixing french words,french grammar,english expression(wtf is widespread as much as lol),arabs expressions,africans expressions…

young people are really acting and being fucking niggers since they copy our arabs/africans wich copy your afro/latino-americans.

828320  No.13131923


Agreed. Time too revive Latin.

828320  No.13131927




491c14  No.13131960



>Lingua Franca of Europe

How about you go fuck yourself jew

c14c5e  No.13131964

English because its lack of rules and words makes it ideal to express whatever you feel like.

ae8eec  No.13132010

Not really a serious concern, English is probably the most functional language from europe BUT we shouldn't be pursuing a unified language in the first place, english will consume elements from all of it's neighbors as it always has.

Language gives shape to thoughts, speaking different types of languages and being able to reason in multiple languages gives you new ways to shape thoughts, linguistic variety is useful and meaningful, most of the time at least.

In a few hundred years we're probably going to be down to just a small handful of major world languages left, English will dominate the west as it has and native languages will begin to decline like Gaelic has. With gene editing we'll see non white nations bloom a spontaneous white demographic and over time these people will very likely prioritize learning english as they abandon the shithole cultures their ancestors came into and out of; many will retain their latin origin language and I suspect as the gene editing raises IQs in latin origin nations they'll actually try to unify their languages for once, likely by creating a unified new latin bible, this will probably be a method used in new english unifying the latin and asian origin nation's variations with euopean and colonial english variations. China presently looks like it will become the dominant force and therefore it's language will grow in use but a great number of downfalls could beset china, their country is ripe for a fungal disease like candida auris, humid, polluted tight living quarters, it could burn through china and much of asia, other weaknesses come from the destruction of chinese culture during maoist reign, they having no real attachment to their culture, land and people could decline as the west has and be preyed upon by parasitic peoples of which they have had no experience with in the past, ultimately china's neighbors hate china and likely wont want to learn mandarin unless they need it to make a living.

6c9c12  No.13132033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well Europe for most of its history, like 20,000 years or so, spoke a form of "Gaelic" and all Indo-Aryan languages can be formed into Gaelic so basically learn how to think in Gaelic and you'll be able to understand any language that is a derivative of Gaelic, including Latin or even Hebrew.

8032ba  No.13132048


Being Cymraeg myself.

I object to the idea of other nations speaking our language

Fuck off die in fire

c690bb  No.13132051

File: ed2abc4c8847e72⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1485x1094, 1485:1094, celtae.jpg)


>European heritage

Europe is named after the Semitic Goddess 'Europa' and is a jew-forced maymay found first in maps of the Early Middle Age.


The name of your homeland is Celtae.

>What is the best language for Europeans to speak

Whatever language you like from the language group your people speak.








>Germanic mostly with a bit of French

The Franks were a Germanic-speaking confederation of tribes.

e19bf6  No.13132063


how did Latin die?

ba68a9  No.13132095



c690bb  No.13132098

File: 1381a8ebfbafa40⋯.png (250.64 KB, 1500x1550, 30:31, Indo-european.Language.Tre….png)


>Hebrew is Celtic


Pic related.

a0f637  No.13132099


I sorta like this answer, although I think naming Europe Celtae sounds like if it belonged to the Celts.


Do they even exist anymore?

If Europe or the World needs a lingua franca, then Latin would be the best choice, but of course, it'd be better if this was sparingly used and every culture kept to its own language mainly.

c690bb  No.13132104

File: 718d722d502b298⋯.png (67.53 KB, 1280x887, 1280:887, Uralic.Language.Tree.png)


It didn't. See >>13132098

8032ba  No.13132113


They and their derivatives were the dominant culture throughout much of western and central Europe.

c690bb  No.13132116

File: 5fc00ee721b0732⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 576x792, 8:11, Semitic.Language.Tree.jpg)


All of "Europe" is Celtic.


>Do they even exist anymore?

Yes. Croats and others in Dalmatia, mostly, but all the "Balkan" peninsula is Illyria even though most speak Slavic languages now.

Pic unrelated.

65a395  No.13132156


As Romans expanded it began being spoken by non Latins, thus vulgar Latin was born, which began even early to diverge into the ancestors of Romance languages. But in the meantime, in Rome at least the elites had their own essentially standardized version of it which remained relatively stable until the empire bit the dust(though even late Republican/Imperial Latin was different from so called archaic Latin, the Latin of the kingdom; some like Cicero and others lament how some ritual formulas going back all the way to the Kingdom were barely understood even by the priests). Latin here officially died* in a sense, but at the same time became immortal as the few elites and scholars left, particularly after the Carolingian Renaissance, made a concerted effort to restore fluency in it, at least of the intellectuals, and to achieve again late Republican/Ciceronian fluency. And indeed they essentially did, as Medieval Latin is more or less the same as Ciceronian Latin, at least if you are reading important authors, bar of course the new words introduced(particularly biblically important ones), a bit more "regular" syntax by our standards and some small grammatical innovations/changes.

*Language death is usually declared when some language stops being spoken continuously, though in the case of Latin there wasn't as much a lack of "native" speakers as a lack of a central authority ensuring the masses didn't completely butcher it into something quite different as modern Romance languages, so different that you just can't call it Latin anymore. Greek in that regard, while definitely different from ancient Greek, was definitely able to stay closer.

I guess the biggest lesson here is that the masses will butcher languages if you leave them to it without some central authority making sure a proper standard is kept, at least for important matters. For this reason in particular I wouldn't want Latin to be resurrected as a mass communication tool, I just know people would butcher it.

c690bb  No.13132166

File: aacfc402d2159b7⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 2927x3014, 2927:3014, bronze_age_middle_Europe.jpg)


I listen to Danzig in Latin.

c690bb  No.13132172

File: 319d195d32d21a4⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2729x3035, 2729:3035, bronze_age_late_Europe_tol….jpg)

6c9c12  No.13132173

File: 4fb065142eba22e⋯.pdf (3.23 MB, affinitybetweenh01stra_bw.pdf)


>>shut it down the gintlí know


They are very related, though it might have been just larping by Christian Celts, to be the real "jews" or something but going through all the written records you'll see both the Gaels claim it as well as others who study it both come to the same conclusion. See the book, there are many other books on the same topic.

c690bb  No.13132190

File: daed9c7ce20141f⋯.jpeg (1.41 MB, 4200x3100, 42:31, Cetltic.Germanic.jpeg)

Celtic + Germanic tribe spread. Excludes Slavic/Illyric-, Italic-, Hispanic-, and Norse-speaking tribes.

8032ba  No.13132203


I think it's more likely to be a coincidence.

Considering our innate xenophobia

c690bb  No.13132217

File: c2d9093ce602596⋯.png (1.46 MB, 2025x1659, 675:553, Celtic.Hispanic.png)


Hispanic (Celt-iberian)

c690bb  No.13132257

File: 34b8c65b3e89d35⋯.jpeg (121.31 KB, 782x1022, 391:511, Celtic.Italic.jpeg)



Italic (Latino-celtic)

000000  No.13132261



>larping as jews

The Founding Fathers of America did the same. They thought of themselves as israelites or some shit. Dumbfucks.

4f1943  No.13132332


Italian and Greek.

Nordaboos need to fuck off.

a8aa2e  No.13132335


Conlangs are jewlangs

f82a21  No.13132385


>The name of your homeland is Celtae.

That doesn't seem to be the case now. Slavs, Nords, Meds, Germanics, Dinarics, etc. aren't Celtic. Ireland and perhaps Iberia are celtic, but not the rest of it.

6b78b2  No.13132495

File: b956104cec3eecc⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, slide_1.jpg)

File: 6ed266d139f91f6⋯.jpg (960.22 KB, 937x1107, 937:1107, Indo-Eu.jpg)

File: 35d2f862c8fbcfc⋯.jpg (128.48 KB, 640x619, 640:619, r1b-tre.jpg)

File: 12cfc1cc6963a1c⋯.jpg (13.29 KB, 179x282, 179:282, downloa.jpg)

File: 7ea47ed5c188fd3⋯.jpg (776.74 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, indoeur.jpg)


The four primary super ethnicities in the above IE family tree include:-

1. Anatolian- (Extinct)

2. Celto-Italo- Tocharian (The last named is extinct)

3. Balto- Slavo- Germanic. 4. Aryano- Greco- Armenic.






See also Handbook of Formal Languages: Volume 1. Word, Language, Grammar

By by Grzegorz Rozenberg (Editor), Arto Salomaa (Editor)

The expansion of R1b people into Old Europe was slower, but proved inevitable


Traditionally, all Indo-European languages were divided into "centum" and "satem" languages, after the Latin and Avestan words for "100," respectively. Most importantly, the Indo-Iranian (Sanskrit, Persian, etc.) and Slavic languages are "satem" languages. However, this particular isogloss is now no longer taken to reflect a fundamental division in descent. In the chart above, Russian, the principal Slavic language, will be seen to be more closely related to German and to Latin than to Sanskrit; and Greek, a "centum" language, is more closely related to Sanskrit than to the others. What has happened is that more features have been taken into account and the overall greater similarities between Greek and Sanskrit outweigh a lesser point that Sanskrit seems to share with Slavic languages.



>The Position of Anatolian in Indo-European

The current communis opinio is best described as a reconciliation of the Schwund-Hypothese and revised PIE: Anatolian is considerably less archaic than previously thought, and the label PN IE is warranted for ‘classical’ IE languages.


>Greek, Sanskrit, and Closely Related Languages


9695e0  No.13132531


c690bb  No.13132543

File: 2eb1feb6fde776c⋯.png (250.44 KB, 600x438, 100:73, Hallstatt_LaTene.png)


>most of europe

>not celtic

Lel. Thats what you think.

Iron Age

Hallstatt 1200 - 500 BC

La Tène 500 BC - 1 AD

c690bb  No.13132559

File: f03e16ecd9aa28e⋯.png (1.02 MB, 815x870, 163:174, Bronzeage_Europe.png)


Bronze Age

Únětice 2300 - 1600 BC

Tumulus 1600 - 1200 BC

7567e1  No.13132564


f82a21  No.13132580



Those were centuries upon centuries now - they've became different ethnic groups than fucking celts, lad.

f82a21  No.13132588

File: bcc2ab5cd27ef2d⋯.png (2.84 KB, 49x28, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)



>because all these areas have been touched upon by celts, they are now celtic

Same logic that someone is your ethnicity because they share half a haplotype with you. Are hapas fully white because they have white blood?

c690bb  No.13132589

File: dcd6e4c69fe8a3e⋯.png (264.75 KB, 1015x598, 1015:598, Corded_Ware.png)


These two images and associated dates >>13132543 >>13132559 show ~3,000yrs of Celtic Europe. 1,000 years longer than whatever jew-divided shit people have now, and most European "nations" (states) are less than 500yrs old. And this is just agreed on history, not actual history, which is likely older given the Celtic masonry at Göbeklitepe and the dates of the Henges in the Isles, most of which go back another 1,000yrs, predating the Yamnaya and Corded pottery cultures.

f82a21  No.13132607


Now you're switching from celts to corded ware, of which celts descended from, but not all white nationalities have came from.

f82a21  No.13132625

File: f9d3ff016d9385e⋯.png (125.89 KB, 300x449, 300:449, ClipboardImage.png)


*latinizes ur continent*

c690bb  No.13132629

File: 4aa4d3a3c336e84⋯.png (49.96 KB, 1714x1080, 857:540, dna.europe.png)


>all of europe is not celtic

Not only do they share similar linguistic, art, pottery, and burrial types, they share similar dna going back as far as 7,000yrs ago and are almost identical to modern Europeans 5,000yrs ago at the beginning of the Bronze Age.

Pic very related.

c690bb  No.13132637

File: f814c2b1fc902eb⋯.jpeg (1001.48 KB, 2247x1461, 749:487, all.dna.jpeg)


See >>13132629

And here is larger scope of dna.

75a04c  No.13132651


cum!!!! lol cum!!!!!!!! im cumming oh oh oh oh WOWWWW omg !!!!

c690bb  No.13132664

File: 0a3fb29a4ebecf9⋯.png (511.16 KB, 8000x1080, 200:27, haak_k16-20.png)


Here is a moe comparable world dna spread.

f82a21  No.13132667


Corded ware ≠ Celtic

It's like saying all of europe is Nordic or Slavic because they too descended from the Corded Ware. Celts are just one people that came from them.

886f01  No.13132735

1. Your own

2. English

English is, or at least was, the most expressive and diverse language as it contained many influences from both the Germanic and Latin regions of Europe. It is considered by many to be the most poetic language because of its vast dictionary (being able to use a word derived from the French, Spanish, Germans or native British gives you much more options) and, assuming that it is properly mastered, allows the speaker to present their ideas in multiple different ways all with slight nuances which allow for a more full understanding.

English is the master language so long as one is well versed in it. What we see today is largely butchered or specialised English where speakers have a relatively low vocabulary, which completely nullifies all the benefits of it. The degradation of the language by jews has also contributed immeasurably to its weakening; with broad, vague, abstract and largely meaningless terms becoming the norm. Just at look how our enemies will disregard certain views in lazy ways, such as condemning us as 'nazis' or 'hateful'; for the moment we at least have several words being used, but both of them have no wider meaning beyond 'bad' or 'evil'. Think of all the words that the English language gives to present slightly nuanced portrayals of 'bad/evil'; draconian implies a hint of tyranny and over-bearing, wicked implies an inherent malice or spite, vengeful portrays that the perpetrator believes they are acting in retaliation, degenerate shows that they are becoming something lesser, then we have abominable, vile, cretinous, weasely, monstrous, barbaric, murderous, abhorrent, and so on, and so on, and a million metaphors and similes more as well. Its fair that some people will have some few favoured expressions, but by refusing to use anything beyond 'hateful/bigoted/racist/fascist/nazi', and with all of them losing their differentiating factors (for instance calling opponents of cultures or religions as racist, which makes the 'race' part of the word pointless for expressive purposes) we see the English language become no better than many others which provide limited methods of expression.

So if you're going to use the English language, please try to master it otherwise you are just contributing to its desecration.

435d6c  No.13132739


If your language has aggluination its retarded.

9e9da9  No.13132779


>Implying that Tatars and other (((Turkic))) people are White

>Implying that Turkic (((Khazaria))) is White

Thanks Shlomo very cool!

9e9da9  No.13132788


>Oy vey goy give up on Indo European languages with agglutination goy!

>Learn Chinkychonk language without agglutination goy!

c690bb  No.13132825


That's like saying a German-american isn't the same as an ancient Germanic-celt even though they share the same dna groups because time has passed. Fuck time.

Celtae is eternal.

And so are the Germanic people.

c690bb  No.13132831


I think that yellow is some sort of Asian Haplogroup, Anon.

0650c2  No.13132844



f82a21  No.13132898


So by your logic, a half asian half german is the same as a germanic celt because they both share the same DNA?

Good thing you don't believe in the "Out of Africa" theory, or else you'd say we're all niggers.

f82a21  No.13132916


>That's like saying a German-american isn't the same as an ancient Germanic-celt even though they share the same dna groups because time has passed.

No, Celts are one of the peoples who descended from Corded Ware, and thus are seperate from the other euro-descended volk. I thought you liked having your cultures seperate and preserved instead of assimilating them all within one people's name.

16c247  No.13132918


are you fucking retarded

f82a21  No.13132922


No, but you are, judging by that response.

93147c  No.13132934


Fuck me, you Americans are fucking insufferable. And I say this as a fellow new worlder.

Europe isn't a single country with a single people. We all have our own languages. There's no ideological reason (or otherwise) for why French people should know Russian, or why Ukrainians should speak German.

French for French, Russian for Russians, German for Germans.

f82a21  No.13132990

File: 38a154de69a7836⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 534x532, 267:266, 1463604252624.jpg)


Wait until you read "WE WUZ CELTZ"poster.

>unable to grasp that celts were one of many people to come from corded ware culture, and instead insists that all corded-ware derived peoples are celts because they all share a haplotype/haplogroup

>the concept of hordes of people invading europe and fucking whatever tribe was there before out of existence completely eludes them

>when faced with opposing facts, they double down on their retardation

>even their own goddamn pictures admit that they're seperate people and not the same

7159cf  No.13133008


It didn't die. It evolved. It just evolved differently in each of the various countries that used to speak it.

19cfbb  No.13133028


No, that would actually be Lithuanian. Lithuanian is so conservative it actually has a significant number of strong cognates with Sanskrit.

If there is any language Lithuanians should learn, the is closest to proto indo European, it would be Lithuanian

e66d61  No.13133720

File: f68519bd1639f56⋯.jpg (52.64 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 1520717019205.jpg)


2a0e49  No.13133770


adoughanjoufklkjhjhhujjjhj jhhjjkhggkgyghvghbj ihuihuiih hhuhuihuihiuihuhuihiuhiuhuihiuhuihiuhuihuhuhiuhuhiuhuhuhuuhuhuuhihuihuihihiuhiuh uuhuiui

6c9c12  No.13133876

File: aa3b9bd05b700ab⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 200x297, 200:297, Biddy Early.jpg)

ac3abf  No.13134025



Latin you fools

But also your country's language. Don't just go full anglo on it

Also every European language has been heavily influenced by Latin. At least every language spoken by Catholics.

2cf657  No.13136898

File: 228ca7bcd42474f⋯.jpg (111.86 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, AP00122201170-e13899432505….jpg)


its pretty pleb behaviour to be monolingual in 2020

here are some good aryan languages to expand your cultural knowledge arranged by amount of literature available, popularity and speakers worldwide

>English, German

>Russian, French

>Persian, Greek

>Latin, Sanskrit

ce58c6  No.13137423

German should be the lingua franca for Germanic countries.

So if you are Swedish, Norwegian, etc best start learning it. And maybe move here. We'd like to incorporate your genetics into ours.

e7114d  No.13137458


Why can't we just use Folkspraak as the lingua franca for every germanic country and use Icelandic for religious rituals and scriptures?

878159  No.13137516


Hello to you too.

e7114d  No.13137520




Are you fucking retarded?

8275a4  No.13137537

2cf657  No.13137589




lets you speak to the entire post soviet sphere


lets you read old byzantine and alexander era text

Is there a reason you would suggest not learning some languages Mr 1984?

b76d70  No.13137635


Cymru am byth

t. Jones

455d0c  No.13137648


It's nice that you're looking back at your heritage but English is superior. It's a German/Latin hybrid with loose enough rules to be able to say almost anything with complete distinction, something other languages don't offer.

We take it for granted, that we can say the same thing in many different ways. This is the nature of English' supremacy, and it's something other languages cannot do. Insofar as language dictates how we think, it's evermore important.

I learn as much as possible because every language is applicable in English, that doesn't mean it should be bastardized, it makes it neat as fuck.

455d0c  No.13137678

File: 915d5ebd5403611⋯.jpg (222.98 KB, 876x595, 876:595, a-migrations.jpg)


That's because Israel is Aryan clay and the Turks pretending to be "God's chosen ones" are retarded shitskins who's only power is the syndicalism brought about by a religion they think they invented.

Rothschilds are full blooded Scottish Jews, for example; Scottish are one of the original tribes. Turks are not, and Israel is basically 98% Turkish. Most of the problem Jews in politics? Also Turkish. The Torah even speaks of false Jews living in a fake Israel.

>Jews entire heritage is false

>White Privilege is just Aryan peoples being God's Chosen

>People who think they're Jewish and currently exist as a cabal are about to wake up and get thrown out of Israel or turn into slaves

Hi Hasbara, what's it like being fucking goyim? Must suck to know your entire life was spent sucking Aryan dick only to get thrown out of a country we lied to you about.

439097  No.13137726

English, French, German, Spanish and Russian are all multiculturalist languages now.

You should at a minimum speak two or three of those (English + Russian is a good spread of access to content)

But if you want to do your bit for fighting against the invasion you really must learn a minority language - Norwegian, Welsh, Czech - Something unpopular with the jew and the nig.

The Jews in my part of the world are all Russians - there are literally zero Jews or muzzies who speak my language.

000000  No.13157939

cef6d1  No.13157945

English if you're white, something else if you're not white. Closest relative to English is German but English is the only language a white man needs

000000  No.13157957


>We take it for granted, that we can say the same thing in many different ways.

Russian beats English in that regard.

cef6d1  No.13157976

File: b27ae64f13872e8⋯.png (256.16 KB, 420x420, 1:1, kuhi.png)


>I swear I'm not the same Russian commie fags that have been flooding 8chan now for months trying to get everyone on 8chan to speak slavrunes

857d60  No.13158023


>loose enough rules to be able to say almost anything with complete distinction, something other languages don't offer

what the fuck does that even mean

165a73  No.13158360


Imagine speaking like Shakespeare, that's the German language (at least for now).

It also has >23 million different words (not counting different forms of the same word).

000000  No.13158380

Classical Greek. Even the Roman elite used it more than Latin and the original bible was Greek.

ba2864  No.13158490

File: ed28bcb4e491b4f⋯.pdf (100.21 KB, pdf.pdf)


Balts are also genetically closest to proto-Indo-Europeans

463570  No.13160384

File: fdc372dbeef5461⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 530x656, 265:328, 1523609279033.jpg)


I cannot wait for the day that tor-posting is banned.

000000  No.13177516


ff9011  No.13177607

File: cd07400eca9d015⋯.jpg (174.39 KB, 1330x748, 665:374, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….jpg)


Yes, it was originally devised by a kike to remove the languages of the goyim, but it's based on European languages and is actually highly criticized for that fact. But it's easy to learn and makes sense for everyone to know their own language but speak Esperanto to communicate with other Europeans… it's so easy to learn that you can become proficient in 3 months. In any case it's more logical as a "common" language than fucking English as it is now.

a82b24  No.13178055

File: df59341f9860513⋯.jpg (378.06 KB, 960x1532, 240:383, smugicelandicfarmgirligues….jpg)

Remember that Lingua Franca thread years ago where we decided English was superior bc it was already in place and had elements of many languages, but Latin was the best bc it was the foundation of religion and science and taught in universities, but decided to learn Icelandic instead bc it was less corrupted, yet still used, yet obscure enough to use as a code language, but never even got started and settled on English as "good enough" for MAGA, while the few of us that even tried fucked around with German on Duolingo, cuz Hitler, but gave up and rationalized it as being a cuck language? Pepperidge Farm remembers

8d7190  No.13178081


It died, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. are not evolved versions of Latin, they are sourced in ancient Latin dialects and then mixed with several other languages to create their modern languages, but Latin, itself, died

92c080  No.13178118


>What is the best language to speak in Europe?

>Latian or germanic?


Also if you want to want to regain any european heritage I suggest you to start making plans how to nuke Israel otheriwise soon there won't be any "heritage" left

2ba637  No.13179283


The heart and soul of Europe is in Latin countries, the obsession over the lesser important Germanic regions are due to Amerimutts needing to convince themselves that they are the descendants of the literal model of peak Whiteness. That's classic burger "the sun revolves around the US of A!" thinking.

5c2007  No.13179683

File: b3c8e61e808b6c9⋯.png (699.88 KB, 2518x1199, 2518:1199, ClipboardImage.png)

1ece62  No.13179714


Now is not the time to be arrogant when everything has become fucked under our watch, anglo-anon.

1ece62  No.13179720


Nah man we didn't give up we're still learning German, just finished the 4k Anki deck and am reading books now.

19cfbb  No.13179754


<hey Americans, stop respecting the Germanic (ie Celtic and Nordic) heritage you hold

How about you fuck off? Yeah most white Americans are of some sort of Germanic stock. But at the same time most Germanic cultures and languages are closer to proto-Indo European than Latin is, thus more conservative than Latin.

000000  No.13179762


>t. bryan

000000  No.13179775


Latin is a Celtic language. Germanic languages are thought to be a mix between some ENF language and Norse.

2ba637  No.13181037

File: abd09f97c0acfa3⋯.png (197.17 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, european-opinions-refugee-….png)


Define conservative, because it seems that slavs and meds are the ones against rapefugees and lgbtwtf bullshit, and germanics and scandinavians are ones for it.

829953  No.13181368

>Germanic cultures and languages are closer to proto-Indo European than Latin is, thus more conservative than Latin.

thanks for the comedic relief

f43f43  No.13183101



That one has its roots in pretty much every European language.

Otherwise, your own country's. Forget those fantasies about a united Europe under one flag. Our nations and peoples might cooperate with each other, but not unify like the (((EU))) wants.


Don't you know, Europe only contains Britain, Germany, France and Spain

Obviously much more conservative than the US, HAH

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