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File: e078fc6ea945a7e⋯.jpg (45.53 KB, 600x452, 150:113, 5cb3a763dda4c89a268b45ae.jpg)

099d86  No.13132059


The recent arrest of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has put the White House in the awkward position of having to explain away US President Donald Trump previous praise for the whistleblowing website.

Trump was a fan of WikiLeaks' whistleblowing back in 2016, when the website released leaked documents from the Democratic National Committee, including the emails of the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. Delighting in the incriminating information that came to light thanks to Assange and his people, Trump declared he loved WikiLeaks, and called the documents a "treasure trove".

Now that Assange has been arrested and indicted in the US with conspiracy to hack a government computer network in 2010, Trump's affections are all gone. “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing,” he said dismissively earlier this week, leaving others to do the awkward explaining.

American media could not help but jump on the opportunity to remind the White House about the president’s past statements – MSNBC even made a point of counting how many times Trump had mentioned WikiLeaks previously, and came up with an impressive 141 in just the final month of his campaign alone. Fox News took the opportunity to ask White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders about the sudden change of heart.

It turns out those were all jokes.

"Look, clearly the president was making a joke during the 2016 campaign," Sanderds said.

She also assured Fox News that the Trump administration “certainly” takes the issue “seriously” now, then quickly recovered and turned it into an attack on the Obama administration.

“In fact, our administration is the only one that’s done anything about it,” she said. “We’re the only ones that have taken this whole process seriously in actually doing something to solve the problem.”

afb617  No.13132097

You mean like the wall?

d632a3  No.13132101

he said it at half his fucking rallies, not one time, someone post the video of this lying kike

b6a4bd  No.13132106

The only thing more embarrassing than this administration are the people still supporting it.

93c4e7  No.13132112

What difference, at this point, does it make? -Hillary Clinton

755305  No.13132118


i hate this kike

60e087  No.13132123


Actually the wall was an esoteric metaphor, newfag

9c8721  No.13132125

>print out wikileaks leaks

>read wikileaks leaks about hillary's emails


>what wikileaks? i dont know about that


60e087  No.13132128


>it's a prank bro

hahahajajajajaja I love /ourpresident/, what a madman!

d632a3  No.13132144



50a4e4  No.13132155







*Drinks leftist teers*




Implying you need a wall. Just own the libs by flooding them. Winning.


Trump trolled you XDDDDDD








1ad6e4  No.13132160

File: f0f997b0398f3f5⋯.jpg (171.26 KB, 622x905, 622:905, kangaroo CUNT Murenase-Shi….jpg)


Wew lad, now thats a shitpost

e8697c  No.13132168

>It was a joke

Wow that line sounds very familiar. Every time ecelebs say something stupid

>it was a joke

15d2ee  No.13132169

Just like all his campaign promises apparently

50a4e4  No.13132170


I feel a tremendous sense of guilt, for the self harm monitoring (for research purposes) T_D during 2016 has caused me.

d632a3  No.13132181


it really wasn't that bad til the primaries were over then pretty sure trump campaign bought out the mods and turned it into civnat kosher town, I tried to go back to it to see what the party line was on JA and I got AIDS

4ee632  No.13132226

File: 7a08f36acab5373⋯.jpg (91.03 KB, 618x685, 618:685, 7a08f36acab5373a556cb207bb….jpg)

The only thing he takes seriously is sucking kike cock.

3e0916  No.13132233


I can tell you're not Aryan like my wife. You see, only real Aryans know what is a metaphor… I won't bother explaining it to you as your genes won't allow you to understand

8cef29  No.13132243

File: ac8b2af5a7b9ced⋯.png (290.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ac8b2af5a7b9ced41e63c4f56f….png)

File: 70fea35d8b60c73⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-ending-illegal-immig….jpg)

>"Look, clearly the president was making a joke during the 2016 campaign," Sanderds said.

What was the joke? He said "I love wikileaks" in the context of Hillary and the DNC's exposed e-mails, so why the fuck would that be funny??

0c3991  No.13132249


The joke is all the people that believed him

3e0916  No.13132272


It was an esoteric joke

70e44d  No.13132279

File: fe40eec4da6566f⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 700x420, 5:3, 24114221242.jpg)


"Hey Assange, thanks for the leaks during the election. Get ready to be found in a cell dead by three bullet holes in the back of your head, nothing personnel"

4ee632  No.13132290

File: eeabc12bfe5f121⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


He's been joking for a while now.

d632a3  No.13132325


his dumb fuck supporters still think hes being arrested and extradited to be given the medal of honor. He really is lucky in the sense people are so fucking desperate all he has to do is just wink while he fucks them over and they will beg for more

8cef29  No.13132341

File: aa5009d7dbf93cf⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 304x166, 152:83, aa5009d7dbf93cf0844cfbc588….jpg)

File: 73ba6f87e99b87a⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Trump-gun-ap-640x480.jpg)


He just lies like every other goddamn politician. I can't believe the mods here tried to force consensus on this fuckhead. All those threads filled with muh dems and vote cuckery.

1ad6e4  No.13132374


>his dumb fuck supporters still think hes being arrested and extradited to be given the medal of honor.

If he did this I would take back everything negative I've ever said about him but he wont

c65ccf  No.13132379

>I love Wikileaks!

>I have no idea what Wikileaks is and who Assange is

>I love Wikileaks!

8cef29  No.13132380


>If he did this I would take back everything negative I've ever said about him

Well aren't you a spineless faggot.

bd1bbc  No.13132445

File: ad728f47d7b6fcc⋯.png (503.26 KB, 795x537, 265:179, Trump Stab in the back.png)

Fuck this orange kike and the goat he rode in on.

9d832f  No.13132462


It was sarcasm.

bd1bbc  No.13132516

File: 4647bf91209f95e⋯.png (513.54 KB, 795x537, 265:179, Trump Stab in the back.png)


Damn, wrong file.

This is the official graphic depiction of Trump's stab in the back, which will be appearing in future history books.

79dbea  No.13132520



Funny enough I saw this and decided to check out T_D to see if they're talking about this blatant betrayal given there's no way to spin this. DEAD SILENT FOR THE PAST WEEK. They're right wing SJW's, they care not for principles but instead care for the man in charge. Just like how he has abandoned assange, they will shout not one word as he continuously abandons his base.

d632a3  No.13132525


really ? Saying it 141 times in the month of the campaign was 'sarcasm'? Are you pretending to be this big a of nigger?

b6a4bd  No.13132526


It is easily one of the moderated corners of the internet. Any time the slightest dissent arises, the posts are immediately deleted.

79dbea  No.13132540


>any time slight dissent arises the posts are deleted

So you're telling me the users are willingly a part of a cult of personality? Yeah that makes it 10x better.

0fa57a  No.13132698


You realize T_D has literally just been an advertisement board for Trump since the election right? Any dissenting opinion is instantly censored with the user banned and it's been that way for years now. I would guess 80% of the traffic still on the site is bots and Israeli jews.

b0737b  No.13132711


Yeah, it was. Go worship the ZOG emperor back on reddit. He says what jews tell him to say when jews tell him to say it. He lied about everything in his campaign.

79dbea  No.13132719


>do you know how a subreddit operates?

No, I don't use reddit.

289495  No.13132853


I heard his real base was the white immigrants coming here from Latin America

79dbea  No.13132866


>white immigrants

>latin america

There are some white latin americans but these are few in number and many don't want to move because of their big businesses. I know a white PR who refuses to leave that shithole because his father owns one of the biggest medical companies on the entire island and makes several million a year. So even the smart whites from there don't want to leave because profits will be less if they move to Weimerica.

0fa57a  No.13132873


Then quit talking about it like you do turbonigger.

4fefe8  No.13132882

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he is a joke. In fact Trump literally just copied Rodney Dangerfield's comedic brand with the large tie, charismatic body language, "unorthodox" sarcasm, and the classic "nobody respects me" gimmick.

79dbea  No.13132889


>then quit talking about it like you do

Except I didn't do so, l2read nigger.

78bebf  No.13133463

File: 61d42028befe659⋯.jpg (173.83 KB, 634x898, 317:449, one eight jew.jpg)

File: 32e246ff2dafae5⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 860x484, 215:121, random ashkenazi jewess.jpg)


Trump is octoroon ashkenazi jew.

b50886  No.13133466

78bebf  No.13133476


Years of classifying people. I am talking about phenotype.

t. classifier

c5a9a3  No.13133478


b50886  No.13133489


So no proof?

b74e86  No.13133497


> classifier can't tell the pic on the right is a dude

78bebf  No.13133498


What proof do you need? Some sort of certificate or what?

78bebf  No.13133501


Yes, jews looks kinda weird.

b50886  No.13133504


Anything from genetic study and yes your own cerificate.

f04962  No.13133508


There's a site you can use to track the hardcore moderation you'll see in a place like T_D. See here for instance (look at all the red):


Just type 'move' after 're' in the URL for any other thread.

78bebf  No.13133512

File: 582c3ae6f56eaf3⋯.jpg (8.48 KB, 200x133, 200:133, certificate.JPG)


Well, jews for sure have his genome analysed. And they gave him certificate. Many times.

b3641b  No.13133514


>"Look, clearly the president was making a joke during the 2016 campaign," Sanderds said.

So very Jewish of him, I truly suspect Trtump is the first crypto-kike to be elected Pwresident of the United Sates, however F.D.R may have been the very first Jew elected as a US President.

another words…..

Trump is a cocksucker

So much for Andrew Jackson boys and goys

b50886  No.13133515


So no proof?

You are wasting my time.

78bebf  No.13133517


Do you have proof your mother is jewish? Certificate?

b50886  No.13133521


So again, no proof?

So much for "classifier". Call yourself bullshiter next time to save everyone's time.

78bebf  No.13133525


So again. Show us proof, your mother is jewish. Genetic analyses. Something. If not, you are a liar. You are not a real jew.

b3641b  No.13133532


raised 95,000 points, or whatever the fuck they are called prior to Trump being elected, a month latter they banned me because I said his wife "hot hot in that dress" at a rally. That was it, she looked HOT, banned from Reddit.

I live to see they day someone kills him as I watch CNN.

30af39  No.13133538

File: 1c6c88d5c1c14a2⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 597x700, 597:700, justkidding.jpg)

There's NO coming back from this. I was open to voting for Trump in 2020. Now I'm glad I didn't vote for him in the first place.

f04962  No.13133539


I burned my "MAGA" account on the day he signed the military spending bill. I posted that he looked like an absolute cuck, and was banned in under 1 minute.

b50886  No.13133540


So I ask for proof on how Trump is "octoroon ashkenazi jew", and I got asked for proof back.

Real funny, bullshiter.

78bebf  No.13133546


But it is a same thing. You are asking for proof Trump is a jew and I am asking for proof, your mother is a jew. Where is the difference?

Tell you what. Your mother IS a jew. Because I can smell her cunt up to here. And that is enougt of a proof.

b3641b  No.13133552


yeah it was remarkable, she did look hot in her dress, I think it was at one of the very first rallies she ever publicly spoke at, I was a huge Trump fan, train with no brakes, reddit, 8ch, 4chan, posting shitposts to Facebook pissing off all of my normie friends, commented that she looked HOT……………… fucking banned in 3 minutes, 95,000 upvote points or whatever, have since deleted that Reddit shitbox account, and haven't been there since.

Trump is a god damn faggot and he will never win in 2020, if he does, everyone will know the election is rigged because his base no longer supports him, in fact, they oppose him

b50886  No.13133559


The difference is I'm asking for proof, you cannot respond to a question with a question.

>Tell you what. Your mother IS a jew. Because I can smell her cunt up to here. And that is enougt of a proof.

Where is the proof though?

e84fa9  No.13133562


>>believes in elections are real

Any state that has "fair" elections will subverted by those who do not believe in "fair" elections.

30af39  No.13133566

File: 6fb51db04a680e9⋯.jpg (410.34 KB, 1800x1276, 450:319, assange_arrest_cartoon.jpg)

78bebf  No.13133570

File: a9873c71f3cbea9⋯.jpg (118.2 KB, 758x948, 379:474, imagine that smell.jpg)


There is no difference. You are asking for proof about Trump and I am asking for proof about your jewish mom.

>Where is the proof though?

It is very specific how jewish cunts smell.

b50886  No.13133574


>There is no difference. You are asking for proof about Trump and I am asking for proof about your jewish mom.

I see the difference, I ask for proof first, you still haven't answered my question.

>It is very specific how jewish cunts smell.

Again, where is the proof?

b3641b  No.13133575


I've never said elections are real in fact I think Mossad killed Kennedy in 1963. The subversion of the US has been taking place since before even then FDR was a NY Jewboy, but research "Sons of Liberty" "Sam Adams" "John Adams" etc…. Benjamin Franklin first brought the Jews into the US ashkenazi jews into the US seeking financial support for the revolutionary way of 1776. Many early US Presidents spoke openly about the dangers of the Jews. This is what those long dead men meant while they were alive.

Trump is a jew cocksucker suck jew dick, and fucking the goyim who voted for him, that is what jews do

78bebf  No.13133583

File: 0696aa5ea0cb4df⋯.png (218.4 KB, 630x372, 105:62, that smell.png)


>Again, where is the proof?

Well, stick your schnortzl up of your mother cunt, there is all proof you need. Enjoy.

b50886  No.13133590


Vile language, kike.

78bebf  No.13133600


Me kike, lel?

Standard "whoisjew" test for you. Retype:


no jew is allowewd to type that sentence. Check mate, jew

e84fa9  No.13133605

File: 39cbd7cc0b66945⋯.png (73.33 KB, 474x592, 237:296, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Benjamin Franklin first brought the Jews into the US

I've been wondering about that, is the so called "Franklin Prophecy" a forgery?

b50886  No.13133606


Nice kike religion, kike.

Now where is the proof?

78bebf  No.13133609


Where is your retyping?

a81a86  No.13133610



And soda is actually a juice, because it has 2% of it.

How dumb jews can get?

b50886  No.13133611


Where is your proof?

78bebf  No.13133617


European ashkenazis are 1/4 to 1/8 jewish. Thats why thay can hide as crypto jews. But they are all sayanims.

Trump is crypto and sayanim.

78bebf  No.13133620


In your jewish mother cunt. Told you before.

7c6a3b  No.13133623

assange is a leftist. he can get fucked.

78bebf  No.13133625


Yes yes. And he smeared his poop on the walls.

Nice damage control, jidf.

dfa38c  No.13133629


Have a sound argument instead of calling names.

Almost everyone on this board calling white ppl jews are muzzy scumbags.

78bebf  No.13133640


>not retyping my "whoisjew" test sentence

There is your proof and certificate you are a jew.

jew, bye

dfa38c  No.13133642


Assange was a faggot not a leftist.

If he was a leftist he would not of turned over hillary's emails and made her lose the election.

Think before you speak.

dfa38c  No.13133659


Says a muzzy white hater infiltrating pol

Fuck a goat, nigger.

b50886  No.13133668


I still do not see any proof, yid.

5272cd  No.13133673


What a blood bath. I'm surprised they still even have active users.

dfa38c  No.13133678


Pol has a Muzzy infestation. They think they can push our hate of jew Greed to make us not hate Islam. Watch the comments. It has become obvious. I hate greedy Jews and all of Islam.

b50886  No.13133684


True and I agree.

Muslims are trying to make whites do the jobs for them.

38400b  No.13133695


oh noes

dfa38c  No.13133701


We put up Nazi symbols to keep Jews out. What can we do to make Islam feel the same way?

b50886  No.13133703


The same thing, but neither jews and muslims fear symbols.

dfa38c  No.13133705


Do you have any ideas then?

I am all ears.

b50886  No.13133706


Only violence, anon, sad to say.

dfa38c  No.13133713


I think brenton tarran saw this too.

I killed 3 Muzzies so far in war. I wished I killed more.

285842  No.13134109

I hope Trump has a heart attack and dies. I really do

7c4fe8  No.13134135


This. Israel's Cuck has proven himself time and time again to be a cuck… to Israel.

Anyone who still supports him after Assange's arrest is also a cuck by association.


I would be disappointed. Traitorous fuck deserves far worse.

881ef4  No.13134140


Anyone who supported him for the last few years has been a cuck and mentally ill NPC quite honestly. This news doesn't even come as a surprise to me after living through this hellish nightmare of a jewish president.

413b7a  No.13134401


the eternal boomer

d5d0ba  No.13134426


King kike, really takes away his credibility about his comment of 2a people being a joke, which it was

397340  No.13134445

File: b03b0e453d1cc6c⋯.jpeg (26.74 KB, 596x338, 298:169, Don't worry Next election….jpeg)

397340  No.13134448

8d607c  No.13134449


That subreddit has been entirely co-opted.


e5dc04  No.13134456

This makes me so fucking mad

397340  No.13134471

File: ce782b12173595e⋯.mp4 (336.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trumptovoters.mp4)

ef0ba4  No.13134505

File: 2e23717925e3f38⋯.jpg (139.91 KB, 816x542, 408:271, GoT_giant.jpg)

34ebe2  No.13134665

File: 7be9d8f46fb27c8⋯.jpg (90.26 KB, 638x626, 319:313, trumptrap.jpg)


what a good goyim

b0737b  No.13134676


No, the kike you’re talking to is just a liar. It’s entirely possible that Franklin said that.

e5f4d7  No.13134681


these fancy satirical comics are always so cryptic that I have no idea what they are trying to say.

they should write labels on every fucking object so that I can at least have a clue.

45e582  No.13134766

File: 972878c5f6a4bcc⋯.jpg (40.11 KB, 626x644, 313:322, Dh_fouwXUAAktRY.jpg)




a6e371  No.13134900



392c07  No.13135415


>watching cnn

that'll show those jews who's boss

4e5ea9  No.13135428


He really is a fucking lying kike isnt he

4e5ea9  No.13135434


Fuck that burn all adult members of his family alive

Stick Q in their too

Murdering fucks

Barron can live cuz hes underaged and kids dont deserve that shit

b46769  No.13135504



6dbad2  No.13135652


>sad, I used to sorta respect Sarah Sanders. I mean she was kinda weak and mostly let idiots run all over her, but maybe that was her way of just letting people see what a gaggle of ill behaved children the JewsMedia were.

But she, like everyone, knows this is just filthy lie. There are lies, and filthy lies. If she had any self respect she'd resign and write a tell-all book.

PS-I'm pretty sure any of Trump Admin "non-disclosure agreements" he makes all staff sign are invalid, since its a Govt job.

6dbad2  No.13135675

Now anyone approached by Trump is thinking "When, not if, will he stab me in the back?"

In the Cold War, the Soviets were say the USA is not "agreement capable".

b46769  No.13135734


Don't blackpill me bro

28eefb  No.13135743

File: 42c9d27db7cd849⋯.jpg (52.43 KB, 341x290, 341:290, deathhonk.jpg)


>'Clearly a joke'

You got that right.

b46769  No.13135749


Don't say that

0bf736  No.13153320


> If she had any self respect she'd resign and write a tell-all book.

fuck off kike. People who write "tell-all" books are rats.

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