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File: e9646f9b792e612⋯.jpeg (161.08 KB, 1840x878, 920:439, D4KW25VUwAE_n9K.jpeg)

f18439  No.13133300

Latest season of Game of Thrones just returned. They featured a boy/demon being burned alive. The boy was in the center of body parts arranged in the sigil of pic related. He screamed just like the boy in the Podesta video as he died.

Were millions of people simultaneously initiated to an occult ritual?

37d78d  No.13133330

Who are the 2 main producers of GOT and are they Jewish?

f18439  No.13133338


Both echo.

>David Benioff

>D. B. Weiss

4173b8  No.13133350


When Caesar invaded Britain, the Druids surprised him on a riverbank. Hundreds of Celts were assembled there, and the Roman army crossed the ford and just started hacking at them. Around the time they finished killing, the soldiers saw the Druid priests and realized that they had just unwittingly participated in a human sacrifice ritual. Got them so damn freaked out they ran away, throwing up and begging the gods to forgive them.

Occultism likes to recruit outsiders for the same reason fags like to infect their rape victims with AIDS; evil won't stay put.

Now choke yourself to death for a faggot OP worthy of a museum, TV nigger.


Do you even have to ask?

>Creators: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

d8bba8  No.13133384

File: 040adfeed9feff8⋯.jpg (130.18 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 9YLF9e7.jpg)


The whole show is rape, incest and literal dickless men. What kind of retard expects it to not be pozzed?

9c56d8  No.13133385


Jews, and yes.

9c56d8  No.13133386


Wew they really jewed her up good.

4173b8  No.13133387


The kind of retard who pays for HBO and still has the nerve to start threads here.

9c56d8  No.13133391


Who pays for HBO?

7fd492  No.13133414


Not me.


c421a0  No.13133421


GoT is about 65 hours so far. No way I'm gonna waste that much time on TV.

I tried to read a synopsis but couldn't get through it. Apparently, it's a celebration of barbarism.

It's based very loosely on the War of the Roses, by the way. Stark == York, Lannister == Lancaster. Maybe this info reveals the final episode.

5a9ad3  No.13133429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of them is Goldman Sachs royalty.

f285e2  No.13133439

File: 155a0f8a34e7d7c⋯.png (42.07 KB, 951x357, 317:119, ClipboardImage.png)


> Apparently, it's a celebration of barbarism.

This is what passes for literature.

2cdedd  No.13133442


I wouldn't put it past jews to push that on the goy. While the show is highly degenerate, there are still relatively few niggers in it, with the biggest group of niggers being a race of slave soldiers. For the most part though, niggers are just background noise. I think part of the reason GoT is so popular, is this is one of the few modern shows you can watch without having to see an ugly nigger face in each scene.

dcd4f7  No.13133443

File: b1f0d5839ba27a9⋯.png (35.91 KB, 556x547, 556:547, download.png)


is this what they meant by that symbol the night king left behind?

7ed6c8  No.13133447

File: ad0cc334f879d1a⋯.jpg (85.98 KB, 1368x969, 24:17, newfaggotry_found.jpg)


>Are they jewish

9c56d8  No.13133449


Of course!


Nothing past the first season is worth seeing tbh, and even that is HIGHLY questionable.

Its nothing special. Its total inversion of Tolkein fiction, and now in season 8 they're probably trying to do a reversal and pull an epic ending, which is doomed to failure, or the story is going to go full death and despair (which is what a true subversion would do, and please nobody).

9c56d8  No.13133450


Yes, much more likely.

2cdedd  No.13133456

File: cfd885633f9ccce⋯.jpg (27.2 KB, 600x315, 40:21, GOT-night-king.jpg)


The night king would just like you to subscribe to Pewdiepie

dcd4f7  No.13133459

File: 7e219270d0fe3e7⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 427x400, 427:400, smile.jpg)

9c56d8  No.13133462


The most likely spoiler I've seen thus far goes like this…

The Night King is Bran.

Bran goes back, tries to Warg into the past, winds up Warging into the guy getting sacrificed by the goblin elves to create the Night King, and thus becomes him.

At the end, Snow must kill the Warg'd out Bran to kill the Night King, but before he does, it kills the Blonde savior thot and in death she births her incestuous offspring with Snow.

d4dcaf  No.13133464


I read the book, the first few one were kind of interesting and moving around, then everything just stayed kind of the same with nothing going on at all. Then I stopped, I'm pretty sure the writer just doesn't know how to move it forward.

For the show I have seen the first few episode, but meh, dropped since I have other things to do.

7f9b7e  No.13133468


And a bottle blonde being raped by a mutt larping as a shitskin. The whole show is jewish masturbation material

d8bba8  No.13133469


It's a celebration of degeneracy and barbarism wrapped around some mildly interesting political intrigue that's a breath of fresh air because the ham fistedly stereotypical good guy doesn't always win.

Really the only reason anyone likes it is because the rest of kikewood is so jewed that they can't make anything that isn't formulaic shit. When everything else is literally just "racist nazi bad, good commie kills evil racist nazi" it looks good in comparison.

9c56d8  No.13133472


>I'm pretty sure the writer just doesn't know how to move it forward.



He tried to write a subverted Tolkein epic, but the end of such a tale is horrible and depressing and gay as fuck, so he's hoping he'll die first, but HBO has to finish it off, so they're probably going to abandon the subversion - all evidence thus far appears thats the case - and try to track on an epic's ending to it, which will just fall flat.

2cdedd  No.13133475


The author is terribly lazy and hasn't even completed his story. The show overtook the books, and without any primary material to go on, the HBO kikes are completing it for him. If you thought last season sucked, there's your reason why.

7f9b7e  No.13133481



2cdedd  No.13133484


>the only reason anyone likes it

I watch it as this is the only thing I use to keep a pules on pop culture. Plus I do like to analyze the product the jew puts out, just to detect any predictive programming or lesser-magic tells. For the latter, they really pushed it with Fight Club.

9c56d8  No.13133503


>The author is terribly lazy and hasn't even completed his story

Thats the beauty. He's in a Catch 22.

If he holds true to the tone and sentiment of like 5 books worth of writing, everyone dies due to terminal faggotry and the undead win the day, or something equally shit.

Outcome: Massive audience letdown and anger.

Alternatively, you can tack on the end of the Lord of the Rings and hope nobody notices how this makes no fucking sense.

Outcome: See above.

Its not just that he hasn't finished it, he CAN'T finish it. He set out to be subversive, without realizing that a total subversion of the Tolkein epic is not something people will enjoy, nor will people accept a tacked-on outcome as fulfilling.

Dude wrote himself into a corner by trying to subvert the story of good winning out over evil, only to realize that means evil must win and thats a real downer for a piece of escapist fiction drawn out over a decades.

d8bba8  No.13133516

File: cc8852674ccfc84⋯.png (62.1 KB, 136x145, 136:145, LJmIj8w.png)


Don't be retarded. Any idiot can write the ending to this show that the fans will gush over.

All the queens scheme to kill each other while the men fight the undead. The assassins strike at the moment of victory and no royal is left. The surviving secondary characters elect a leadership council and the evil monarchy/patriarchy is forever crushed. The end.

9c56d8  No.13133529

File: d296165b800733a⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 844x1013, 844:1013, dead hispanic prostitute.JPG)


Bro don't be silly.

This shit aired in 2011 first season. There is no fucking way they're going to have an end to this which isn't shat upon en masse.

>The end

<all the characters are dead

People would fucking hate that, are you kidding? The same meatwads who would be liable to accept a shit outcome in most cases are the same ones who've named their fucking children after that blonds savior twat. If she doesn't become queen, there will be a massive queef of assmad which spans the planet for weeks. And of she does, then you just pulled a feminist LotR ending out of nowhere, and the bugmen shall REEEEEEEEEEE to an equally obscene extent.

5114e0  No.13133542


After GRRM handed over GOT to two Hollywood Jews, who gleefully weaved eunuch sex and wincest into the storyline, is it even still GOT anymore? If GOT seasons were instead “episodes” and released as “films,” can reqction would be no different than what Disney did to Star Wars. Best to just ignore this jewed garbage, or to passively watch and endlessly ridicule only when brought up among normie friends.

d8bba8  No.13133545


You just give the shitskin savior queen a heroic death fighting undead and everyone would hork gleefully.

9c56d8  No.13133547


I didn't read most of the books, how was wincest and eunuchs NOT woven in?

Half the characters are doing it or are the product of it.

59db8c  No.13133551


GRRM is a jew.

9c56d8  No.13133554


>You just give the shitskin savior queen a heroic death fighting undead and everyone would hork gleefully

Nah, they won't buy it. Too much buildup.

It'll be touted for awhile, in the media, to push for the next version to come out - and there WILL be another series, which will be even worse - but the audience will be let down. No way not to do it at this point, can't please everyone, and your ending falls flatter the more you try, because its an inverted Tolkein epic.

2cdedd  No.13133561


Every time.

> His mother was of half Irish ancestry.[9] He also acknowledges French, English, Welsh and German roots,[10] which were confirmed on the television series Finding Your Roots. However, while he also believed he was a quarter Italian because of who he was told was his paternal grandfather, a DNA test on the show confirmed his Irish and other ancestries but excluded any Italian ancestry, showing instead he is approximately a quarter Ashkenazi Jewish.[11]

765de3  No.13133568


I thought it looked more like the blacksun/overlayed swastikas. They said in the show that was a message from the night king aka the white walkers.

5114e0  No.13133569


We’re dealing with degrees of Judaism then. Original at least had Aryan heroes even if they were beheaded or stabbed in the back in the end. New GOT is pure semitism.

765de3  No.13133571

File: ef2bffd1a02db7b⋯.png (465.86 KB, 530x678, 265:339, 1518577656826.png)


>blue eyes

>skin head


>enemy of all man kind

c421a0  No.13133577

Extrapolating from the War of the Roses, the conclusion would be that the last of the Lannisters marries the last of the Starks, and peace is achieved through marriage and a royal male heir.

Is this feasible given the trajectory of GoT so far?

9c56d8  No.13133581



Watching it now, first scene is a bunch of the semite eunuchs marching in a winter environ.

The first line of the season is the midget mocking the fatass for not having balls.

God these faggots cannot write for shit.

765de3  No.13133582


More like jon snow cucks out and yas queen slays the zombies with her dragons and sjw army.

9c56d8  No.13133586


>last of the Lannisters marries the last of the Starks


Only two Lannisters left, the incest twins.

Arguably three Starks left, really only two.

Incest sister is hated by many, but loved by feminists. Hard sell there, but possible.

Incest brother nailing of the Stark kids…. More likely than I'd like to think, but it'd also be extremely Aryan in the most likely scenario, which would draw ire.

b6b849  No.13133587


The books were already pozzed to begin with but not pzzed enough for the jews who do the show. To the point that the original author now officially hates the tv show.

5114e0  No.13133588


Grey Worm and Missandei had eunuch sex last season. The eunuch literally munched carpet in front of my kids.

9c56d8  No.13133591


Oh fuck me, no, nevermind.

Dwarf is a Lannister. And he's already married to a Stark no less…

9c56d8  No.13133592

File: 21855f71c76c04e⋯.png (884.57 KB, 568x722, 284:361, made me laugh much more th….PNG)


Checked for im so sorry but I can't stop laughing now.

And I mean in the books, was it present?

914286  No.13133595


>The eunuch literally munched carpet in front of my kids.

Your fault for being a bad parent.

5114e0  No.13133596


The only other incestual relationship is between Jamie and Cersei, and it’s portrayed as creepy, perverted, and weird, fitting acts for the antagonists. It wasn’t the glorification of incest between two protagonists. I may be overreacting though because Daenerys and John do not know they are related yet.

9c56d8  No.13133597

File: 3e39cfcc31017e4⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 1460x176, 365:44, should i watch game of thr….JPG)

9c56d8  No.13133602


Ah, I see what you mean then, yeah.

It is very much 'wincest' in the show, when the audience of clams isn't complaining about the absence of consent (and masturbating to it).

8fd271  No.13133614


>being on pol

>watching this degenerate shit

>kids watching it too


a03dc1  No.13133636

File: a671283ab65b016⋯.jpg (8.44 KB, 220x230, 22:23, 1542820878894laugh.jpg)


You remind me of those retarded Christians moms who used to hate Doom.

Its just a tv show you fucking autist

b69b2d  No.13133641


no. hollywood is propaganda. just because you're enough of a cuck to watch this shit doesn't change that fact.

5114e0  No.13133646


>t. Passive consumer of liberal propaganda

Please senpai teach me your enlightened ways

8fd271  No.13133651


>It does not matter what children watch

propaganda shapes society. you do not seem too bright

7cc240  No.13133653


i see your defense programming hasn't been updated since the 90's. bugman NPC software is getting really outdated nowadays.

1adc50  No.13133657



I didn't even watch it

I don't care about GoT

83fca9  No.13133664

File: 09339c09b74f795⋯.png (193.76 KB, 391x365, 391:365, ClipboardImage.png)


When I was younger I watched one of the earlier episodes with my family, it had a scene of incest which sort of disturbed me. It got my sister into it as well, which I went along with a few times. My sister now still doesn't have a boyfriend and does camshows through Kinkypath.com.

9c56d8  No.13133666


You had awful parents.

5ec1e6  No.13133669


You know they're bad when even Satan says it.

8fd271  No.13133670


>which I went along with a few times

I hope you're joking

yeah…the incest is like the first episode or so. Should be enough for people to dump it then. Regretting I watched it in my teen years. On the other hand it developed my hatred later on quicker recapitulating the degeneracy in it…It was good eventually for something then

d6c63e  No.13133687

Been watching since Season 1 before I got properly redpilled.

The books are weird enough, but the show is way worse, especially since the show took over the books.

Before the show took over, there were a lot of strong men leading with a few women strewn in.

Granted a lot is character development

But since Season 6/7 all the men have become weaklings. Women rule and lead in that show now.

Women are the most cunning, women are better at fighting and all that.

Even the dwarf(i forgot his name) who was once incredibly funny and smart with his mouth, is now nothing but a boring character with no charme.

Its no surprise seeing as its made by jews but this show hasnt been enjoyable since that part, even my nostalgia and preredpilled memories dont make up for this jewish feminist bullshit.

f40d86  No.13133708


Maybe you'd better just get her pregnant then let your autism baby be raised by her cuck, she will probably hate you so much because autismo jr that you will never see her again and she will be able to finally get on with her life, as long as you don't convince her kill AJ in an induced nightmare sleep one night so you two can drink his adrenochrome laden blood over sedated cuck's body as you violate him and impregnate her again, that could become a vicious cycle.

52742e  No.13133724

File: 54db5c5428e7161⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 500x497, 500:497, fbcf419fd2067473c3f1be30c8….jpg)


Every man in this show is a faggot, cuck or pussy.

All the women are either Queens, "Badass" and or better then everyeone.

The White Walkers are evil Nazi white males.

Both the directors are Jewish.

The writer of the books is half Jewish.

This is Jewish propaganda at its very core. I can't wait to kill them all.

100795  No.13133740


You really think any significant amount of children are watching game of thrones?

9c56d8  No.13133745


Dude, like 1/8th of the planet is watching this garbage.

765de3  No.13133755


Theres a real hunger in the west for epic fantasy, but no authors are delivering.

9c56d8  No.13133943




When the world is shit, the coward throw themselves into fantasy, but even the fantasy is a nightmare at this point.

b69b2d  No.13133962


this. my parents watch it with my 15yo sister. i don't know what my dad is thinking. they're boomers of course. i wouldn't let her watch that shit. boomers really don't get it though, they're really useless.

a02679  No.13133965



5ec1e6  No.13133966


>I don't want to hurt nobody, I just want you to whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

b69b2d  No.13133967

2ee570  No.13133985


You're a retard.

d6f74b  No.13134009

689993  No.13134037

File: 006a2a85a2655bf⋯.jpg (22.33 KB, 310x492, 155:246, Locke_Staffel_4.jpg)


>Its not just that he hasn't finished it, he CAN'T finish it. He set out to be subversive, without realizing that a total subversion of the Tolkein epic is not something people will enjoy, nor will people accept a tacked-on outcome as fulfilling.

>Dude wrote himself into a corner by trying to subvert the story of good winning out over evil, only to realize that means evil must win and thats a real downer for a piece of escapist fiction drawn out over a decades.

I wonder, I can't be the only one who's rooting for the bad guys in the movies. Nevermind the quality of said bad guys in this shit, but is fantasy stuff only watched by faggots who have to have a happy ending EVERY time like in moralfag fairytales from the childhood?

33d506  No.13134038

5114e0  No.13134054



Night King looks is played by a nigger though.

9c56d8  No.13134065


>I wonder, I can't be the only one who's rooting for the bad guys in the movies

Nah, but thats not really the point in this case, as 'the bad guys' are inversions of the Tolkein heroes and thus 'the good guys' in this sick fictional world.

The difficulty now, as the story closes, is ending the story in a way that doesn't fall flat, and that means someone good winning… But everyone ACTUALLY good is dead.

e8a495  No.13134111

File: 660c35e7b177fcf⋯.jpg (221.76 KB, 1280x1003, 1280:1003, 1b1707f851198ad6cb1aea8423….jpg)

6b44f5  No.13134188



An alternative should be offered to them, /pol/ series: the reconquista

9c56d8  No.13134192


Checked for the best show not on television, coming to a neighborhood near you in 2020.

2aa7fa  No.13134236


> it is just (((entertainment))) fellow NPCs why are you kvetching har har har

< another street smart cuckold who can't control himself from watching degeneracy

947387  No.13134253



>An occult ritual

It's a fuck TV show you mong

9c56d8  No.13134288



Poorly timed post.

501ed2  No.13134326

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This seems like another reference to the ancient sky

d29fee  No.13134359


kekked and checked

d9e825  No.13134396

File: ad3d01bc3a7c470⋯.jpg (762.87 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, IMG_20150622_203121.jpg)


INSTEAD OF WATCHING OTHER PEOPLE DO THINGS I ENTERTAINING, I ACTUALLY GO OUT AND DO THING I FIND INTERESTING MYSELF. I did own a tv for over 5 year on purpose and my life was way better for it, finally got one when I knocked her up and im starting to regret it. Pic related its takne when me and the wife were metal detecting old mine tailings and old town way out where theres not even cell service. God almighty though it was a good time to remind me he wasnt going to down the planet to death again even though If i was him I would be damn tempted espically with proven recod of success.


d9e825  No.13134398

sorry shit spelling while laughing

ff2890  No.13134407


Pure Coincidence

every time

Seriously though

Anyone. Got side by side comparison of the two videos ?

8efaf4  No.13134410


what the fuck

67064f  No.13134413

File: cbb57313bcb8286⋯.jpg (81.02 KB, 640x428, 160:107, s.jpg)


>HBO payed to shill their show about dickless men

>80% of normal threads get that sperg going around yelling "reported for avatarfagging" and "global report"

Why am not surprised.

00ecbf  No.13134418


Which battle was that?

05cffe  No.13134462


tell me more about this battle?

c1bc33  No.13134484


Entertainment has always shaped the human perspective.

8fd271  No.13134501


Yes. Along with teenagers who get their brains rotten by this filth. Anyone over 25 watching this is a regular degenerate that will settle for "anything in TV"

8fd271  No.13134503


>do not care about jewish propaganda made to subvert young minds goy

get out

3f85fd  No.13134518


First few seasons were good. After Tywin died it immediately went downhill to the festering garbagefire you see today.

Daenarys and her wiminz powerz was bad enough to deal with, but once she became a central point of the show that was enough. Honestly don't give a single fuck what happens anymore.

88c611  No.13134655

File: 912382608abacc8⋯.jpg (120.68 KB, 351x474, 117:158, night king looks like a je….jpg)


He actually looks more like the jew in anons photo >>13133571 than he looks like a nigger.

b54f24  No.13134895


Writeranon here.

People who arent creatives dont seem to understand this, but your ideas arent original, creative writers are litetally mediums, you dont sit down and write things, if you try that you just get frusrated. You are spoken to, and your job is to rely that indormation.

You can LOSE this ability by abusing it, using it for fame, fortune, or worse, lying.

George started to lie about some of the characters, likely the starks, and thus his connection was severed.

He cant complete the story because he doesnt know how, hes destroyed it.

7a6e76  No.13134912


>Were millions of people simultaneously initiated to an occult ritual?

You have to knowingly participate. YOU might believe that shit but I don't.

7a6e76  No.13134916


>unwittingly participated in a human sacrifice ritual

Again, YOU might believe that shit, but we don't. Are you sure a kike didn't make that story up?

eba5b1  No.13134924



>two obvious jews

looks like we found a newfag, boys.

7a6e76  No.13134931

File: 34eb6123a69f1f8⋯.jpg (94.6 KB, 400x571, 400:571, fc.jpg)


>R. Crumb for /pol/

Okay then…

4173b8  No.13134946



My mistake. It wasn't during Caesar's expeditions, it was during Boudicca's revolt. The battle of Mona Insula.



30e1fc  No.13135007


>Were millions of people simultaneously initiated to an occult ritual?

Yes. Game of Thrones is real. Zombies are real. Dragons are real. Women competently holding positions of power is real. It's a documentary.

919c53  No.13135018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Hail Bouddica

>Occultism likes to recruit outsiders for the same reason fags like to infect their rape victims with AIDS; evil won't stay put.

Pro tip Druids are the good guys.

919c53  No.13135048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sage for double post

How do you niggers not already know about this?

Boudicca and Hermann and Hitler are the most important people in history. And they all used pagan magic.

af2bff  No.13135058

File: fd0ab5d7735cd6d⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 728x425, 728:425, lancasteryork.jpg)


There are a lot of historical Easter eggs in Game of Thrones. A lot of main characters center around The War of The Roses.

The Red Wedding episode is based The Black Dinner, Scotland, 1440. http://www.robertsewell.ca/living4.html

The Lannisters vs the Starks is based on The Wars of the Roses (1455 - 1485) https://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rwest/wikispeedia/wpcd/wp/w/Wars_of_the_Roses.htm

Notice Lannister even sounds like Lancaster.

Joffrey is based on this real person Edward of Lancaster


The Great Wall is Hadrian’s Wall

Every one of you niggers knows what Hadrians wall is.

War of Five Kings is the Hundred Years War (1337 to 1453)


The Dothrakis are Mongols (13th–14th century)

The Mad King is Charles VI of France (1380–1422)


The Cannibals were Sawney Bean and his family (16th century)


Bran and Rickon (Stark Edward V, King of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York) commonly refered to as the princes in the tower (14th century)


There are also soft references to mythological places like Old Valyria which was destroyed by cataclysm. Sounds a bit like Atlantis but going with the game of thrones timeline it's probably actually reference to Rome. Rome actually fell in 1453 which falls nicely inline with most of the other events in Game of Thrones.

Game of thrones isn't entirely some shit made up by the Jews to make fun of how barbaric Medieval Europe was. I was really like that. Moral of the story. Don't go around giving each other blood eagles and shit.

af2bff  No.13135073

File: 18f8583d0d88dcd⋯.jpg (113.59 KB, 1077x1451, 1077:1451, nightking.jpg)

816ecc  No.13135084


The question was rhetorical. Both are hella Jewish.

e8a495  No.13135087

File: 2f82b7abe273bf5⋯.jpg (298.41 KB, 1098x1440, 61:80, 312de848ee3493a6783195e1d8….jpg)


That cover isn't Robert Crumb though he did publish a comic in Felch Comics..

ff88b9  No.13135089


>Moral of the story. Don't go around giving each other blood eagles and shit.

How is that the moral of the story?

640819  No.13135119


>jews and shit

man, their love of shit is as strong as ever. must be a relief for them to be able to express it in something "serious" rather than always having to relegate it to comedy targeted at white children/teens.

just think back of all the 90s gross-out humor. it was a bunch of laughing white kids… and the jewish adults that created it.

af2bff  No.13135133

File: 53b0184bc161445⋯.jpg (267.74 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, johntalbot.jpg)

File: 76543afb0d08ed7⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 357x585, 119:195, Battle_of_Castillon.jpg)

File: 09e0932dae978eb⋯.png (469.44 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Coat_of_Arms_of_Sir_John_T….png)


Understanding history means we learn from it. Not making the same mistakes as we go forward. For instance one of my distant ancestors is this guy Lord John Talbot the first Earl of Strewsbury. He was a military command who was slain in battle. Took a Battle Axe to the head in 17 July 1453 the Battle of Castillon. While there are monments to his honor and he's even referenced in William Shakespeare's Henry VI he still took a battle axe to the head. Learn from history.

4aa350  No.13135160


I know what you mean. I'm not a capable or even good author, but I do occasionally write short stories (usually I'll write some bs on r/ writing prompts).

In that moment, when the story begins to come together, it's like you're not in control of it at all. The story is telling itself and you're simply the tool to get it in writing.

Good or bad, when that moment happens you can literally feel the story being created independently of yourself.

I think you're onto something with this. GRRM kinda fucked himself by making promises and spoilers and riding on the success of the stories. In doing so, he is either too proud or too scared to allow his kind to let go and simply write the story.

42d639  No.13135177


what the hell is this pagan nonsense? most great authors acknowledge they feel like most great work is just something they are relaying, but most have had hard work ethic, this is true for nearly all great writers


> The story is telling itself and you're simply the tool to get it in writing.

what you mean, is that you're carrying out a strong theme to its logical conclusion, not some weird mystic shit

ff88b9  No.13135182


What does any of that have to do with the giving of blood eagles?

aa5c26  No.13135194


>He doesn't know what the parenthesis mean…

Did you just start using them like you're in a cargo cult?

f0aad7  No.13135201


>implying (((history))) was not written by kikes

c421a0  No.13135219

File: c1ecbd573aa2d45⋯.png (46.3 KB, 1326x432, 221:72, osullivansLaw.png)

6b0860  No.13135224


Why do we care about Incest Normalization Show?

8f0fef  No.13135234


>involved with Talmudvision

>not Jewish

404dc3  No.13135236


>young minds

Game of Cucks is not at any point intended for "young minds". It's cancer, but boomer-tier "THINK OF MUH CHILLUNS" niggery can fuck off.

aa5c26  No.13135250


It doesn't exist in a vacuum. Nearly a billion people are going to watch it, so we need a few anons to know what's going on, and the messages are they pushing.

e9f7d1  No.13135253

File: 2662447bbd2020d⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 225x225, 1:1, serveimage.jpg)

File: c5ddfe6182396dd⋯.jpg (78.87 KB, 630x955, 126:191, serveimage (1).jpg)


Looks more like the Kolovrat, the slavic Version of the Hakenkreuz/Sonnenrad/Dunkle Sonne/etc.

640819  No.13135260


>boomer-tier "THINK OF MUH CHILLUNS" niggery can fuck off

why are you defending propaganda aimed at the mainsteam?

3e53ef  No.13135266

File: 98eb8f06716a2f0⋯.jpg (149.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, frogwave-cuckoldry.jpg)


… and the world isn't way worse since doom was released … right kike?

6b0860  No.13135273


Reminder that paid shills are allowed to post here now.

15dff1  No.13135277

File: 03d1f23365e6f64⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 680x667, 680:667, f47b27bb9915ea2f3213de235d….jpg)

Who cares? Once they diverted from a books by killing Stannis after sacrificing his own daughter by fire, alive, the show was dog shit. A man they had built up, with all his flaws, but really loved his daughter and was one of the only ones. Her mother hated her and was crazy. But as soon as he decides to undo his entire character and lynch pin for his character having sympathy, the crazy mother has a last second change of heart and then kills herself by hanging in the woods. That was the last fucking straw. Mothers always good, fathers inherently evil, "stupid evil white male! we spit on you!"

What a fucking trash heap. They just wanted to write his character out so they could spend more time on other cunts and no pay the man's contract to continue acting on the show. Then they did it in the worst way possible with the cheapest father-bashing shock-value schlock they could muster.

0bc8d8  No.13135284


He called it cancer you illiterate cunt.

5c175d  No.13135289


Glad I'm not the only one who thought that way. Everything Stanis did was actually for nothing, even his death was a dead-end side plot. To add insult to injury, they had a bull-dyke finish him off after he'd lost the his battle.

15dff1  No.13135301


They probably thought they were real clever to invoke the story of Agamemnon, but were not smart enough to get what Agamemnon's character is, his motives and what purpose he serves as an archetype. Fucking Jews. The most creatively tone deaf cunts in the history of man.

640819  No.13135349


so? he's still defending propaganda.

dcd4f7  No.13135359


good match

c87834  No.13135365


Grossout humor being basically an invention of the 90s was a huge redpill for me. By the time I had grown up I was basically sick of it, and I didn't realize it wasn't something natural to children's entertainment. I don't know what the aim of it is. I suspect it's to lower the disgust sensitivity so that opinions shift more liberal.

640819  No.13135387


i honestly think it was jews just satisfying their endless fetish for shit.

"we found an audience to make our shit fetish popular"

then they went too far and even children started thinking it's weird.

funny, this fetish is something jews always portray germans as having. im sure thats a cohencidence though.

1ad882  No.13135423


The symbol itself doesn't matter, it could have been a stop sign, and the reality behind the act would have been no less black.

429d87  No.13135433


All of the gross porn like shit and piss was produced in Germany by Jewish authors to get back at them for the shekelcaust.

640819  No.13135464


>be jewish

>get money from being jewish

>use money to open porn studio

>pay poor white girls to do disgusting shit

>pay them handsomely

>similar to the shit other jews have been spoonfeeding them since childhood

>publish/release said disgusting shit


<why do the persecute me so?

tale as old as time.

true as it can be.

429d87  No.13135521


Literally this. They pay the 'blacked' girls fucking shit tons to engage in bestiality

b5716c  No.13135563


I always thought I was weird for being the only child who didn't like Ren & Stimpy because farting wasn't funny to me. Turns out I was born red pilled.

640819  No.13135598


funny how even many porn girls refuse to do that.

they tell niggers how desirable they are, and how much white women want them and all this shit for 2 reasons. 1, because niggers will use it to justify rape. 2, because when a niggers expectation doesnt meet reality, they lose their fucking minds and get violent.


when ren and stimpy was redone with tons of sex jokes, stuff the creator always "wanted but couldnt" really made me think about all that shit and just how sick it all really is/was.

b6b849  No.13135688


I wish this show was around when i was a kid and me and my sister used to experiment. Maybe it would have inspired her to let me fuck her pussy. She let me do anything with her body except that.

4ed8ea  No.13135705

File: 32bee3dc4a4d55e⋯.png (895.96 KB, 500x707, 500:707, There's a fire in my heart….png)


>Game of Thrones

You know, for all the rhetoric shitting on western civilization you see coming from soylord bugmen and uppity shitskins, they sure do champ at the fucking bit over a show based on it's history, mythology and symbolism. Makes you think.



1e61c2  No.13135725


The fucking author is a kike. He took a test and found out he was. Why the fuck are any of you watching heeb shit?

2d41ae  No.13135772


>tries to warg in the past

I don't think that is possible in this "universe" even with all the magic shit but we'll see

The books are better than the show btw all you fags bitching ITT go read a book read a book read a motherfucking book.

429d87  No.13135776


I also find it funny that they all love 'peace' and are 'pacificists' and yet love this show about murder and rape.

2d41ae  No.13135781


>terribly lazy

>wrote like 6 THICC books and they're almost a thousand pages each

fuck off

2d41ae  No.13135809


this guy gets it


>watching this with your kids

wtf dude


cool astroturf ad for a cam site, nigger

af2bff  No.13136065

File: 2ede397edb67435⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 846x846, 1:1, hitlariousness.jpg)


It's just one of the general rule I life by. Don't go around giving people blood eagles.


If history was written by kikes it wouldn't look like this https://lordmolyneaux.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/complete-list-of-jewish-expulsions-908/


Convince white women they need to be actresses instead of raising a family and working at the diner. Young women move to LA and can't get the acting gig. Told they can get a start in porn and a lot of people are doing it.

Hollywood has attracted every 7/10 waitress from every small town in America for generations. Marry rich men and not preserve traditional bloodlines. I can talk about how hollywood as fucked over white people but this to me is the most serious. I could give a shit what kikes actually do in LA because it's a long way from where I live and don't watch a lot of TV. Other than movies and sometimes shows like Game of Thrones, Altered Carbon, or the first Season of the Punisher. I'm too busy with work most of the time. When I'm not working I code. When I'm not coding I'm on /pol/ and creating memes. It's gratifying when I do an image search on Google and I can find some of my memes that have been saved from /pol/ and posted an another site. When I'm not shitposting I'm working out. TV is a few hours per week.

227959  No.13136228


That is legitimately based…






227959  No.13136456


Muh cooking!

Fuck off with your bullshit boomer dreams. This is war and it will be on until every anti-white is re-educated or exterminated.

4ed8ea  No.13136875

File: 2b506ca32b8756b⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 480x502, 240:251, 2b506ca32b8756b8123d1cbdfc….jpg)

>Cucks, Muds and Sluts go apeshit over Game of Thrones

>They all root for the Nights Watch, a rag-tag collection of fighting aged white male outcasts defending the world from a mindless horde of invaders with a giant fucking wall

For a subculture that claims to love irony so much they sure are fucking terrible as spotting it.

9c925b  No.13136909


Keep your schizo nonsense offline

4b7e04  No.13137141


Fire on TV, next day fire in Notre Dame Cathedral. Coincidence? I think not.

f0aad7  No.13137567


>If history was written by kikes it wouldn't look like this https://lordmolyneaux.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/complete-list-of-jewish-expulsions-908/

sure why aknowledge the fact that youre a dumb nigger, when you can bring just one thing and make your believe hes wrong because youve just brought ONE FUCKING THING. suck balls, demagogue

8c593e  No.13137588



(((Lincoln's assassination and death)))

American tax day - Semitic tribute.

Titanic sinks

Burning down of Notre Dame Cathedral.

d5605d  No.13137606


Why are you viewing jewish media?

cfc54e  No.13137801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Game of trannies.

Who gives a shit about the plot?

What else would you expect from them?

The more concerning fact is that millions of White men are watching this trans propaganda trash, thinking it is "just entertainment" - or worse - that it promotes traditional values.

Mr E blows it open as usual.

d13182  No.13137807


This fucking thread is still up

Didn't want to comment because I pirate GOT yeah yeah I watch a tv show whatever but this symbol has been the whitewalkers sign since the very first episode back in 2011. And I believe the symbol was in the books too, first novel from 1996.

Its just GRRM and his shitting writing borrowing from here >>13135253

cfc54e  No.13137953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Second Got trans investigation from Mr. E.

Not only does this trash deform the sexual preferences of men, it causes women to feel that their bodies do not measure up to their (male) screen role models, which leads to insecurity, eating disorders, a sense of being inferior(women who believe themselves to be ugly are more likely to accept advances from men who are way below their true level including blacks) and drives the multi billion dollar Jewish cosmetics, fashion and surgery industries.

Pure evil.

Get over the fact that you lusted over these monsters, start spreading the word and remember to subtly mention within earshot of your women, how masculine screen stars are unattractive compared to 'natural women.'

255138  No.13138241


Some men are more attractive in the feminine department than some women. Get over it.

dcd4f7  No.13138302

dccf2c  No.13138340



Hahaha. I feel so ashamed that I used to be attracted (mildly) to some of them, I'm not a fan of drooling over celebrities in general. But, damn it. I don't actually think these are actually trannies like the guy says - in my opinion (((they))) might select the women with particular qualities on castings and promote them as popculture sex icons to enforce change in the global sexual preference of men. Real womanly shape goes "passe" in favor of boyish quasi-tranny look. It all goes together with normalization of homosexuality around the globe. Truly it makes the frogs gay.

6b0860  No.13138436


Commit suicide immediately.

e1d7bc  No.13138445

File: b64517681e3960d⋯.jpg (392.06 KB, 998x1254, 499:627, good vs bad writing.jpg)

File: 055d1631ff9b5cf⋯.jpg (491.48 KB, 1000x2071, 1000:2071, grrm is a bad writer.jpg)


He's not just a kike, he's a shit writer too. I used to watch the show because at least that way I didn't have to struggle through GRRM's terrible prose. But after what D&D did to based Stannis I think I'll skip this one.

e1d7bc  No.13138470


>If history was written by kikes it wouldn't look like this

Sure it would, just that the jews would say that they were "persecuted" and "scapegoats" rather than the usurious human-sacrificing criminal scum that they were and are, and were oppressed by the "backward" and "superstitious" goyim.

3399f7  No.13138516

How people can put up with this shitty show is beyond me, figuratively speaking.

CGI looks like an 80s B-movie, even though it has a huge budget, direction and photography is absolute shit and the plot is just "oh you liked this guy? He's dead now. You thought this would happen to those dudes? Yeah, they be dead".

I remember one day there was a massive shilling operation when the Starks were slaughtered or something. With shills recording their "" reactions "" to the gore, tempting other people to follow suit.




>You have to knowingly participate

lol nope

0b991b  No.13138567


It's not only GoT, most women on TV shows are trans. I don't get how this show get hundred millions views every year. Jews have been successfully brainwashing young white men by making them watching trans porn shit.

f4f193  No.13138589



Kek, the original gif is a /g/ classic. Anyone has it?

Never seen it edited before.

a3ee62  No.13138662


Actually the forehead angling, and jawline angline are extremely effeminate from the perspective of anthropological osteology.Further "Shoulder to hip ratio" is not a scientific parameter of sex estimation. Caput size of major long bones and the angling of incisura major is. I know this is just for shit's and giggles, but after having handled literally thosands of skeletons, merely from the shape of her forehead, this is a woman. An ugly one with brutish features, sure. But most assurdly a woman.

cb6acc  No.13138740

Hollywood is completely jewified (shocker, I know) and does predictive programming to the max. Adam Green did a YouTube video on GOT prepping people for the destruction of the “Dome of the rock”.

Call me a schitzo but what I think (((Hollywood))) is doing is prepping the masses for something big like an invasion against a once thought defeated/dead empire (nazi’s) or of an invasion of unknown orgins (i.e alien). Avengers, game of thrones, and soy wars as a few examples all about fighting against invasion of alien forces or a rebellion against a nazi esque empire. The new soy wars trailer even hints that the “OG” Emperor (Hitler?) is still alive and as we all know the “empire” was a Jewish allegory for white man nazi tribalism.

In GOT we have the “white” walkers. Zombie like in appearance and where ever they go and conquer the population converts to their side. The resurrection of the defeated into sluless zombies is a Jew allegory for how nazi’s would conquer a town and the people would simply follow their new masters like soulless zombies. It is this subliminal messaging that is prepping the goyim to see these people as already dead and slaves to an evil force, this de-humanization will make it easier to mobilize the goyim to the jew’s enemies. The white walkers exist on the other side of a giant ice wall. If you believe in the myths and Nazi estoercism. It is said that the Germans were contacted by advance inner earth beings which granted them refuge in their societies. 100,000’s of Germans dissappeared that were unaccounted for. Hitler was never confirmed dead (White walker king?). The inner earth enterances are at the top and bottom (past the ice walls?).

I am probably just being a schitzo but there comes a point in which things stop becoming coincidence.

6b6009  No.13138743


>most women on TV shows are trans

You don't seriously believe this shit do you?

4ed8ea  No.13138789


This. I mean, I don't deny that transgender shit is part of the luciferian ethos because lol baphomet, but the idea that they could find so many that looked this feminine and none of them have been caught so far is highly dubious to me.

Michelle Obama definitely has a dick though. The prime minister of New Zealand too. I'm not that naive.

3a5768  No.13138837



All it takes is one transnigger to corrupt an entire studio, especially in a casting position. They will do extra work just for the sake of it.

6b6009  No.13138887


Not that many of them even exist, nepotism or not. Especially passable ones.

fce7da  No.13138897


>Goy of Thrones

no thanks

dccf2c  No.13138950


Do you really think it's so unprobable with what's already going on in this clown world? Less probable stuff turned out true, like all the things with the South Korea government and the megalians.

0a7c39  No.13138952

This show is just so sordid. It disgusts me. It feels like mud being poured down my spine.

4ed8ea  No.13138992

File: 99580f56cd12716⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 476x349, 476:349, 1442122671209.jpg)


>It feels like mud being poured down my spine.

Good analogy.

c421a0  No.13139737


Yeah, that's kinda schizo, bro, but not as schizo as "most actresses are trannies."

c421a0  No.13139748


Anons are the most eclectic collection of high-functioning humanity ever assembled.

c421a0  No.13139784

Hey, where did everybody go?



I guess they hung up.

26e7dc  No.13139843


Maybe not like is used to be since plastic surgery has advanced to unprecedented levels in the past 10-15 years. I remember growing up and not even the best of them could look 1/4th what you see possible today. Drag queens? Sure I'll give you that. (((*Hollywood's))) been flooded with them long before plastic surgery made trannies a thing you have to watch out for. Homosexuals and pedophiles? I'm willing to guess bare minimum 50% of everyone involved in the media and entertainment industry is at least one of those two if not both. When it comes to sexual perversions that should be punished severely you can judge everyone as guilty until proven innocent in those fields.

Drags and trannies should just be stripped and shamed in public then exiled to an island to live on the rest of their life and die without the chance to reproduce.

4d75fa  No.13139970

File: 63dcd247cc9ae11⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 500x264, 125:66, dracarys.gif)


Let's turn the word "dracarys" into a white power symbol to represent burning kikes.

4d75fa  No.13140029

File: 00a5a0372d678a0⋯.png (560.86 KB, 678x789, 226:263, dracarys2.png)


wew, the meme emerges from the ether

9bef88  No.13140306


jewish degenerate shit is still jewish degenerate shit, no matter what media you consume it from. Since you've already proven you're mentally retarded, this means from movies, comic books, video games, music, and so on and so forth. Stop being a faggot.

735139  No.13140789


They are called huwhite-walkers for a reason

2d4487  No.13140899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Yeah, that's kinda schizo, bro, but not as schizo as "most actresses are trannies."


All Hollywood actresses are trannies.

You've been jerking it to men your whole life.


It was no different in the past. Hollywood has been trans from day 1.

Video related, Greta Garbo who insisted on being called a man, called himself a man, and pissed standing up.

9c56d8  No.13141014


>People who arent creatives dont seem to understand this, but your ideas

<implying you think you're a 'creative'

<implying you think I am not

Oh that's just delightfully cute.

9c56d8  No.13141020


Nigger, paid shills run the board.

8afe71  No.13141031

6cd0dc  No.13141287


Jesus was full Jew and Georgie boy is Catholic.

2d41ae  No.13141448


he isn't jewish and having a jewish grandparent doesn't make you jewish

534c37  No.13141758


>*germans and shit

534c37  No.13141779

File: 2b334236edd534b⋯.png (287.1 KB, 580x710, 58:71, swastika.png)


>The symbol itself doesn't matter, it could have been a stop sign, and the reality behind the act would have been no less black.

The symbol matters more than the act.

SCARY NAZIS BAD AND SET BABIES ON FIRE AND ARE COMING OH NO is all the scriptwriters need normies need to take away from the scene.

9c56d8  No.13141795

File: dbf3d9c46aed29a⋯.png (5.81 MB, 9224x3484, 2306:871, ClipboardImage.png)


>having a jewish grandparent doesn't make you jewish

No, it makes you a Mischling 2nd Degree.

609192  No.13143137


40 keks. Is it the same actor?


>Kek, the original gif is a /g/ classic. Anyone has it?

>Never seen it edited before.

It had become a meme, but… is that your fetish?


>Do you really think it's so unprobable

Yes, hollywood has enough women and female jews to avoid needing some cartoonish plot of men and male jews pretending to be actresses. Mutts look more masculine because they lack beauty, but to extrapolate from there is just baseless.

dcc0b5  No.13143159


776th Mischling Battalion when?

d7b1d5  No.13143250


>And they all used pagan magic.

That's probably the best explanation for how Boudicca managed to lose against 10 000 Romans with her 230 000 people she managed to gather.

Even managed to kill 400 Romans while only losing 80000 of her own.

227959  No.13143414


Really? She gathered armies that big? Its like almost a quarter of a million! -D

43c67c  No.13143648


>and are they Jewish?

Hello newfag.

000000  No.13144236


He does? Isn't this fat lard also partially Jewish?


>I let white kids watch GoT

You are incredibly stupid. This is an adult show with gore and sex and swearing, with plenty of anti-White vibes.

ca658a  No.13144264


Not watching this Hebrew Box Office shit. I'll just be checking to see after the season is over if dragon bitch dies. I will be mildly amused if she does. Watching anything after the first few episodes of season 1 was a mistake that is on me.

5f31cf  No.13144331

The night king is basically ice satan right, but then there's another group of red witches who are looking for a prophesied "Azor Ahai", someone whose supposed to murder one he loves in order to obtain a sword named "Light Bringer". Hey what did "lucifer" mean again?

Then there's the whole polytheism aspect, incest, greed, feminism. And everyone is machiavellian as fuck.

It's evil jew shit on multiple levels but to bring it up would make you look like one of those soccer moms saying Harry Potter is satanic. (which it is)

c87872  No.13144393

The original books are pretty shit and the TV series simply stripped out what little good was in it and watered it all down with added sex and Jewish humor.

803e67  No.13145999

The show is shit.

But so are the books. Piece of trash…ripped off Tolkien, with a jewish spirit incorporated.

If you browse pol and watch this shit please reconsider your values.

1ad882  No.13146014


Dont worry. The Lord of the Rings is being remade in the jew's image by Bezos.

e36fad  No.13146067


Yeah, (((they're))) trying to make paganism and the occult appealing, hence why all the shills here also just so happen to be pagans

2d4487  No.13146314

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not that many of them even exist, nepotism or not. Especially passable ones.

Brainwashing through screentrannies since childhood is enough to make all of them pass.

"Passing" is not a quality of the tranny himself, it is a flaw in the perception of the one deciding if he's looking at a man or a woman.

The bar for "passing" is low, they only need to look as "feminine" as all the other hollywood trannies. The mind of the viewer will do the rest.

There is strong resistance to believe that the people you've lusted over for years, and viewed as some kind of idols, are just cross-dressing, carved up, men in drag.

This isn't in incidental feature of Hollywood, it was decided at the planning stage, right at the beginning.

All Hollywood "actresses" are male.

Just as all actors were male in Elizabethan theatre.

The objective, to corrupt the senses and sexuality of men, and clearly it has worked on you. You now believe that men in drag are women, and find them "super sexy."

You have been turned functionally homosexual.

Your conversion is so complete that even when these people openly admit what they are, without a hint of irony, you just slip into cognitive dissonance and tell yourself "she's just joking."

The bugman reacts violently when his consumer idols are inspected and found to be men. He will deliberately avoid learning even the basics about transgender methods and surgery, to protect himself from the knowledge of his own homosexuality, and the terrifying scale of jewish control over his beliefs and perception.

And just to restate, this is not new. The "leading ladies" have been MEN from the beginning.

This is defended by alt-right shills because they also use trans actors, for the same purpose, but to more directly target right-wing men.

The entire "elite" practises this abomination, out of respect for their true androgynous God. It is no more unusual for them, than circumcision is for a muslim.

Tranny royalty:


It's not a new thing - Greta Garbo:


2d4487  No.13146320

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d7f43d  No.13146332


I can't begin to imagine how retarded you would have to be to put any credence to the kind of shit you're spewing. Sub-100 for sure, but how much lower? Nigger-tier?

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