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File: a0ff6c798b719b0⋯.jpg (99.75 KB, 1296x730, 648:365, notourmovie.jpg)

e312f7  No.13134465

So as I'm sure many of you are aware of this film.

Many liberal critics call it a "right-wing fantasy film" or something to that effect.

This is actually not at all the case, this is a radical-leftist fantasy film.

I made the mistake of watching this movie based on the marketing as it might be a breath of fresh air perspective-wise considering Hollywood's usual blatantly liberal garbage.

However I should have known better, this is a giant troll job on conservatives by a Jew filmmaker who has more in common with Antifa than anyone on the alt-right especially.

I'm going to include spoilers now so if you have any desire to watch the film (which I wouldn't recommend but nevertheless) you have been warned.

/spoilers/ Who are the Heroes of Dragged Across Concrete? You might have assumed Mel and Vince's characters are our protagonists but this is not the case, it is not quite subtlety hinted at in the beginning of the film but it offers plausible deniability.

The real hero of the film is a ghetto nigger ex-con who is wise beyond his years that dindunuffin except some drug dealin' and getting retribution for his now-paralyzed brother.

There are some clues to this in the beginning of the film that are made certain in its conclusion. We are introduced to his character with an interracial love scene at the very beginning of the film between him and an Asian woman, not very White Nationalist already but here's where it gets very overt in its "fuck you" to the conservatives that were baited into seeing it. The protagonist then goes home to his mother who is a prostitute and who comes out of her room…? A doughy and submissive White guy who gets violently threatened by the nigger to never come back or he'll bash his skull in with a bat and as he meekly walks away the nigger says "and take that trash down too" Obviously at this point my suspicions were raised through the roof.

Here's some more evidence: The primary villains are cartoonishly racist White Men villains in military-grade ballistics gear who shoot up a Korean liquor store for no reason like Rambo and then shoot a Mexican and a White guy for pocket change and even puts a sombrero on the Mexican and calls him hombre (their plot motivation for this is to supposedly pay for an armored car…with chump change that normally niggers steal from these shops, and of course these niggers are basically being framed by military operatives for these acts because that's par for the course for our racist police system yknow.


62562e  No.13134478

>Anno Domini 2019

>still watching hollyjew

ef31d8  No.13134499

What else did you expect from the kikes in cali?

069c5e  No.13134504

Yeah, I'm going to pirate this to watch niggers being killed.

5fceb6  No.13134508


OP said he was caught off guard that a hollyjew was aligned against the alt-right.

e312f7  No.13134510


Our supposed heroes Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are first shown in a scene mocking a latina woman and turning on a cold shower and then a fan in the house to get information and to supposedly cut her a deal but then betray her. Some other evidence that the Jew director really wants to stick it to conservative thinkers:

Mel Gibson's daughter is doused in soda from 4 niggers and then his wife remarks how their neighborhood has gone to shit because of niggers and that they need to get out of there, sparking Mel Gibson's character to say he'll take care of it, which is essentially the genesis of his desire to do a criminal act to get enough money to move out of his niggerfied area.

This is important characterization for the films' ending because it assumes the audience on the right will be sympathetic to her whereas the left will hate her.

There's a throwaway scene with a White woman who 10 minutes earlier we saw get forced to go to work by her lesser-earning husband because her maternity leave had ended and he doesn't make as much, getting gunned down by 3 White savage robbers who also cut some Jew's nuts off for no real reason.

I'm not making this up, this actually happens.

So after the bank robbery, our true protagonist is one of the drivers (in Whiteface paint btw because you know racist system would't believe black people could be armored truck drivers) who bravely tries to survive as the psychopathic racist nazi White robbers rag on our hero's ebonics and also just so we the audience know they're vile, yet extremely organized criminals, rip the woman's pants off, force her to pee on newspaper (like a dog…) and throw the paper out before…you guessed it raping her.

While this is happening our brave nigger protagonist is telling his other nigger friend that everything's gonna be cool dawg, while his nigger friend cries from the rape taking place in the back…they dindunuffin, they wuz just swept up in the crazy racist White boys' organized crime, ya dig?

Movie concludes with everyone dying except Mel Gibson and our hero nigger who decide to make a deal, 50/50 split of the take which then gets renegotiated to 40/60 nigger's way.

Well earlier our hero took a video of Mel involved with this shootout with the racist Nazis and how he killed the white woman hostage so our hero nigger attempts to keep it as insurance policies cause you know how good White folks' words be, especially White cops. Well Mel Gibson correctly doesn't trust him and because he gave into his racism and didn't trust our hero…Mel Gibson gets shot and in his dying breaths tells the nigger to give his wife and family 40 percent to which our hero nigger replies "Naw she aint getting 40 but I'll make sure she's taking care of"

e312f7  No.13134511


This brings us to our ending: Both racist cops are dead and the nigger buries them and his friend while saying "sorry I had to bury you near these cops, I'll give you a proper burial after it's all settled"

Cut to eleven months later, our hero walks into a giant mansion with an ocean view with his black hookin' momma now being massaged by a White masseuse as she says "your broker called" cause you know our hero nigger be smart and shit, investin' gold bullion (the robbery was for gold) and asks his proud black momma getting a massage by a white boy if she wants sushi tonight.

Final scene: a tiny box arrives at Mel Gibson's wife's house which has a tiny jewelery box's worth of gold in it, a pittance compared to the 40 percent that was initially agreed upon, an insult you could say.

So there you go, the most racist, vile, right-wing fantasy Hollywood has to offer.

I've not been baited and switched so hard by a movie in a long time. Should have checked the filmmaker's ethnic background but man…this was hilariously antagonistic toward White conservatives and White nationalists that it borders on parody.

e0047d  No.13134514


6243f6  No.13134515


>robbers who also cut some Jew's nuts off for no real reason.

because there was no foreskin trophy to be taken?

e312f7  No.13134526


Given the subversive writing in this movie, you could half-expect one of the psychos to say something like "look at his jew-dick, ja, not very european eh hahaha"

It's bond villain level of believability

e312f7  No.13134532


Did you see the critical reception to this movie?

They had a meltdown and called it a vile racist rightwing fantasy film (which would obviously be quality), which led people like me to falsely assume it had some questionable things in it.

It has questionable things in it for a movie in 2019, like niggers actually committing crimes but of course it subverts all of the audience's expectations, creates likable anti-pc cops just to chop them down and hand the victory to the misunderstood wise nigger.

Very Jewish movie, just trying to warn others not to waste their time and not be baited in by the false outrage from the press.

50b054  No.13134563


It's an inversion of how German POW's were treated after WW2.

e312f7  No.13134568


Have you seen the film?

Any thoughts you have on it as well?

c33a65  No.13134572

sometimes its hard to believe how much the left have abandoned the mask.

5f7cb9  No.13134587


>sends her a tiny box with some jewelry

Ya know, I was half expecting to find he'd taken her as some maid or sex slave and her being "happy" about it while he treats her like shit but "ay yo, dat bitch luv my bbc so much she be doin N E THANG for it!"

Though, I guess thats frankly as realistic as him giving her anything period. Hell, in reality he'd be broke in six months, or gotten himself busted trying to pawn the shit, and be right back in prison or robbing people with his mom spreading her legs for pennies

e312f7  No.13134597


Correct but since this is a radical leftist wankfest, the wise nigger invests that shit and has brokers. I laughed out loud at the absurdity.

No trail on the nigger, no one asks him how he came to acquire such a large amount of gold as an ex-con nigger, nope…it's unbelievably stupid and insulting to the intelligence of anyone that's not a retarded nigger-worshipping leftist.

Although I'm not too sure because there are idiots all over imdb saying how they loved the fact that it isn't a politically-correct film. It reminds me of Borat, where all the dumb people didn't get that they were the Jew's joke, not Borat for talking funny and being a fish out of water.

5f7cb9  No.13134646


>idiots all over imdb

probably bots/shills

67018c  No.13134653

>watching hollyjew

fc66ad  No.13134683


vince vaughn is a fat jew that tries to stay off the radar.

b5f923  No.13134756

Oh no, my dreams a crushed.

ee1f33  No.13135072


Untermensch nigger

677e2f  No.13135099


>as it might be a breath of fresh air perspective-wise considering Hollywood's usual blatantly liberal garbage

You and every dumb retard like you deserves to be "triggered" for thinking like this

837f96  No.13135135

If it makes you feel any better, nothing outside of capeshit turns a profit.

dd5763  No.13135293


share your torrent baby

dd5763  No.13135302

Here are some torrents of this film, so you don't have to pay a cent to it. http://rarbg.to/torrents.php?search=dragged+across

f9ec04  No.13135420

File: a201051333ee4c9⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 634x519, 634:519, Mel Was Right.jpg)

File: 0c124680a846374⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 600x331, 600:331, I wonder if Mel wants to g….gif)

File: b642c86e87343b1⋯.png (490.14 KB, 857x482, 857:482, Saint Mel.png)

jews know we'll turn anything they want to use against us against them. Stay scared.

d11bc7  No.13135435

Not disagreeing with OP here, but are there any proofs that Zahler is jewish? I've suspected this, as he is still allowed to make movies, yet he markets them as white nationalist content. That raised a major question mark for me. Would love to see some proofs.


As well as for Vince Vaughn. Which I don't believe is the case.

f9ec04  No.13135451

File: a06a75b3b2dbb56⋯.gif (584.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Roastie.gif)

File: 97ff5d1cb435a03⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 500x208, 125:52, assplode.gif)

So many leftypol kikes trying to give it the Marvel treatment. Literal paid by the fucking word critique and capital j's. kek.

f9ec04  No.13135460


Zhaler is ashkenazic to count.

4f5444  No.13135475


>“Back when I wrote in Metal Maniacs, speaking as an atheist, but born into Judaism,


d11bc7  No.13135489


Figures. Thanks.

f9ec04  No.13135603


Only way "natsoc" content will ever be allowed to be filmed in hollyjew is if a jew is at the helm. Gibson got away with apocalypto because it was just shitskin savages and history.

d11bc7  No.13135649


Hence the 'major question mark', fucking loved Bone Tomahawk though. Can't say I'm disappointed, just another reason to not watch the propaganda anymore. I'll probably watch the dumpster fire that will be the final season of GoT, for the memes. And then I'm done. It's not worth it.

Time to get fit instead.

045cf3  No.13135795





You deserve to be baited and switched if you fall for the outrage marketing of modern hollywood films. If you want unpozzed films, you'd have to look at foreign films or go back pre-1950s. Also look for ardent confederacy sympathizers and anti-communists like John Wayne.


They claim that it's "right-wing"/fascist because of vigilantism and the lack of due process committed by those who aren't aligned with the left. They gave the same criticism to Dirty Harry and Death Wish despite the protagonists killing the majority of white people.

e9fe25  No.13136152


Cops are never the good guys. See Warren vs DC…

f9ec04  No.13136516

File: 51e29c7558108ca⋯.jpg (265.15 KB, 1256x1649, 1256:1649, 596fdc7b251bd.image[1].jpg)


>it's not the jews

45e6d3  No.13136572


I'm not aware of this film. Because I don't watch kike-garbage. And if you ever think there is any such thing as a "redpilled" or "based" movie, then you are a naive fool.

Sell your TV, and cancel your garbage subscriptions, spend your money in ways more wise.

8c4e69  No.13136581

File: 91b36cd6925c45f⋯.jpg (111.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4b8f2a36a19ac13dc1dd911b19….jpg)


You could be convinced that it's decent if you watch the first 15 mins.

> Cops are suspended for "racist brutality" after non-violently arresting a spic drug dealer

> Mel's daughter is attacked by niggers and his wife admits she's "racist" because she doesn't want niggers to rape her daughter

After that it's cuck central.

> White cops decide to go on a crime spree because cops aren't paid well (cops make $100k/yr)

> Niggers are the good guys

> Vince's gf is a nigger who is smarter than he is (LOL)

> The bad guys are Ze GERMANS who murder everyone for no reason.

Honestly if you didn't stop watching in the middle you're 110% fag.

1e74f1  No.13136590


what a particularly shit thread

a movie ive never heard of

failed spoilers


saged and filtered

477195  No.13136615


Never heard of it, sounds gay.

8175f9  No.13136729



>good goy Vince Vaughn in foreground, much taller

>bad goy Mel Gibson in background, much shorter

>Vince is portrayed as stronger, alpha

>Mel portrayed as weaker, beta

The subtle techniques of shot composition. There's no reason someone like Mel Gibson sould be playing second fiddle to the likes of Vince Vaughn

3b68f6  No.13136731


It's a supreme Court case ruling that the cops aren't there to protect you.

43816f  No.13136876


>hoodwinked again by the talkie jew



3c1f03  No.13137116


>conservatives that were baited into seeing it

conservatives don't spend money on the movies except to take their lady if they run gone with the wind again

984af9  No.13140455

>> getting retribution for his now-paralyzed brother.

What? That lazy nigger wasn't paralyzed, he just played videogames all day and was his son. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention, it was slow and am always busy but I think you're mistaken. Anyway, it never got released in theathers as far as I know. Just like netflix/vod tier bullshit.

93bbe6  No.13140683

File: 9d04ea26ad2e752⋯.jpg (85.62 KB, 850x400, 17:8, I've shown it to many jews.jpg)


Why would Mel allow a jew director to do this to him?

13a383  No.13140786

This, it's a standard black movie, black hero, black wish fulfillment, a three hour long rap video.

>but Mel

The trend with black movies has been to give a supporting role to increasingly famous white stars. They get a paycheck and the black movie gets to boast about featuring someone you've heard of.

f1affa  No.13140859


May your pain forewarn us.

51a6c1  No.13140911


maybe he's running low on funding for Passion 2 and needed some income? Same reason Hulk Hogan started working with inner city niglets to get back into WWE's good graces.

434eca  No.13141027

OP is a faggot yet again.

e7d4fe  No.13141772

8fec84  No.13142425


Mel has had some good movies. Passion, Apocalypto, Ransom, We Were Soldiers, and The Patriot. But if he ever wanted to work in Hollywood again, he was only going to do it by making subversive filth. Not sure why he wanted to but what's done is done.

Anon, watch older movies that have been through their paces, and don't ever pay a dime for them. Hollywood is the enemy.

8fec84  No.13142433



One last thing. Outrage marketing died with the Trump election. Always do the opposite of what Jews say doesn't work. Instead, don't listen to them at all.

2659b0  No.13142435

This film LITERALLY begins with a racemixing scene

2bd81e  No.13144172


>White savage robbers who also cut some Jew's nuts off for no real reason

What? There wasn't anything like that.

> and throw the paper out before…you guessed it raping her.

Why are you lying nigger? There were no raping.

Still, I mostly agree that this movie was a shitty bait and switch.

Although Brawl in cell block 99 (previous Zahler's film) was fantastic and you should watch it instead of DAC.

2bd81e  No.13144195


>>Vince is portrayed as stronger, alpha

Actually Vince in this movie was portrayed as beta:

>dating a 3/10 mutt

>gets rejected while dying


Btw, is there anything worth watching in the current year besides Oriol Paulo's kino?

7d0e01  No.13146864

Jews are so superior. Evan Christian movies are made by jews hahaha

f8aa54  No.13146934

File: 502ef3ce3a137f1⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 600x763, 600:763, 502ef3ce3a137f1d52d9c25146….jpg)




>gooks getting shot

>spic jokes

>niggers bix noodin

>beta cucks

>sheboons being shown to be whores

>representation of how whites have turned into niggers

>niggers getting rich off the death of white men, and leaving the single white widows to suffer

>jews being tortured

OP confirmed a faggot, this movie is pure kino and extremely red pilled

5ec5b6  No.13150416


>White savage robbers who also cut some Jew's nuts off for no real reason

>What? There wasn't anything like that.

The head of the private bank. We see him very briefly, lying on the floor with his trousers down and his skivvies bloodied, as Mel and Vince drive by the doorway once the van is gone. Recall that this had been specifically threatened by one of the white ninjas who despise quickiemarts.

e259ae  No.13150439


Sounds like generic “neo-nazi” Jew trite for the crude misfit in order to smear nationalists

e312f7  No.13150444


Bank scene, Jew banker gets threatened to have his testicles removed by the German voice-over.

When they look in the bank to see the people dead, you can see a person (presumably the Jew banker) with their pants down and whitey tighties covered in blood (aka nuts cut off)

>There was no raping

Why do you think the brave nigger was trying to calm down the nigger driver with the "member halloween nigga" story? because he (yes, the nigger animal lol) is concerned about what is happening in the back as you can hear the van is "rocking" which is implied is a rape.

e312f7  No.13150455


>white ninjas who despise quickiemarts

that made me laugh out loud, such stupidity

everyone, even the most liberal faggot was suspecting the nigger to be the one robbing the quickiemart with the korean owner but nope it's a crazy racist White guy who is killing shop owners for peanuts making it look like it was dem poor negro boys who get a bad wrap so the cash was untraceable, yeah that's a lot more believable than something so organized with access to a national heroin distributor laundering money and wiring it or something a lot less inconspicuous than murdering Korean shop owners and Mexicans for pocket change to pay for the armored vehicle.

14ba92  No.13150480

if you're still watching anything to come out of hollywood you aiding and abetting the enemy

79b2a8  No.13150756


<Many liberal critics call it a "right-wing fantasy film" or something to that effect.

>This is actually not at all the case, this is a radical-leftist fantasy film.

The very first scene is coal burning, JFC they don't even try to be subtle anymore.

e312f7  No.13150798


tbf it's rice-burning

considering the hooker is Asian, still

The more egregious thing is when the nigger threatens the white john and then tells him to take the trash down

e49f3f  No.13155839


i saw this the other night. I think what $$$they$$$ do now in movies is throw in as many stereotypes as humanly possible to seem $$$fair$$$.

Mel had his foot on the guys head, he made the mexican stand under the fan naked.

Mel is a lunatic cop and his daughter gets soda thrown in her face??? What planet does this occur on? And calling the last survivor black guy a hero is a little misleading.

It is the same as all the morans who were fans of Jesse in breaking bad ending. Jesse deserved to live in the cage cooking meth until he died or the hillbillies learned how to get it at 95% pure. The black guy at the end of this movie is not a hero, he is the last surviving scumbag.

The true thing to take from this is Mel is hollywoods hitler and Vince sat with him at the golden globes making WTF faces. That they got put in this movie shows they are all artisits playing us and eleciting reactions for the current times.

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