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File: 62e29b6a0d9a92d⋯.jpg (153.83 KB, 1080x1166, 540:583, b45d781037d9d5c5ff39917d77….jpg)

13ae1b  No.13135366


White is only a racialized term coined by or enemies to portray us only in racial sense that in usa include jews , moroocans , iranians and even indians .

When you use evropean you are not only refering to your race but all the rich history that date milenial back in the past while claiming ownership ofyour native land evropa

aced96  No.13135375


Are leafs white too ? :(

358a51  No.13135379


where did this typing "Evorpa" insted of Europe or Europa meme start?

13ae1b  No.13135384


V of victory

13ae1b  No.13135403

You could even declare yourself a evropean supremacist without bringing all the ayention that a race based term like white could atract

There is nothing wrong with being an evropean supremacist

f996b7  No.13135419


While its true the thing about European or national idenities is that any old Ali Baba or Nbongo can claim to be French or English, and have legal proof of it with citizenship, but what they cannot do is claim to be white.

Whiteness is something that belongs only to true ethnic Europeans

13ae1b  No.13135430


It doent, that why in the usa census and oficial stadistics they use the term to confuse and camouflate invaders like jews …

13ae1b  No.13135493

File: 1d63e6cdaa8207a⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 402x366, 67:61, 6iDI03I.jpg)

53060d  No.13135498

File: 3fee3d4d12a6989⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1485x1094, 1485:1094, celtae.jpg)



'Europe' is a meme name that comes from the Semitic Goddess 'Europa'.

Religious jews started forcing it in the Early Middle Ages in maps of the world.



Your homeland is called Celtae.

Pic related.

53060d  No.13135529


>ethnic europeans


>as in 'ethnos' = "a multitude"

>related to 'ethos' = "sharing traits or customs"

>literally "group with shared culture"

>French-speaking Africans are ethno-linguistically European

Use the word 'genetic' instead of 'ethnic'.

f81852  No.13135540

My skin says otherwise.

b1d0cc  No.13135565

File: 3eb86ad9a7a25b4⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2542x1754, 1271:877, Hitler White race.jpg)

f81852  No.13135575

File: 0a93db784d15178⋯.mp4 (372.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Oh yeah, I hadn_t thought ….mp4)


You could even declare yourself a evropean supremacist without bringing all the ayention that a race based term like white could atract

6803f7  No.13135601


>Still parroting the same intellectually dishonest horseshit after being called out

You really are a jew aren't you?

025931  No.13136554

File: 5611e79eb95312e⋯.png (9.95 KB, 321x339, 107:113, 5611e79eb95312e6edebddb37c….png)


Occidental Sovereigntist. How 'bout dat?

c3c585  No.13136586

Kill yourself kike.

ab3da3  No.13136589

No, I'm white. It's ok to be white, moshe.

d1ef9e  No.13136600


>White is only a racialized term coined by or enemies

God this is gay.

ab3da3  No.13136604

File: f6a5f86ab68b12c⋯.jpg (541.97 KB, 2500x1875, 4:3, Proud European.jpg)

913ca9  No.13136693



025931  No.13136733

File: 5597fb2f232f204⋯.jpg (123.44 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 5597fb2f232f2040cdade7c212….jpg)


Not many. Excluding 500,000 juden neanderthals and their camouflage pets, the pozzed civil service, including globo-homo military and pomo-popo and women, leaving about ten million legit citizens of the dominion. Of that ten, a significant number are boomers, faggots, fatsos and characterless bastards: so maybe about six million are properly White. Oy Vey!

2758dd  No.13136736

Friendly reminder that Americans are not "Europeans" and that we Europeans never were the unified race Americans pretend to be or wish they were. We're caucasians. "Evropa" is a stupid meme.

And you Americans are essentially mongrels. Get over it.

f7ba6f  No.13136780



do not fall for this, sage it and move on

93b029  No.13136795




8f60ca  No.13136826

File: 9aba27843888941⋯.png (24.06 KB, 690x267, 230:89, ethnic.png)


Nigger, what?

f75fba  No.13136847


What? lol It's Latin. It has nothing to do with the (((Allied))) "V for Victory" nonsense.

ccae73  No.13136923

"White" is an ambiguous term specifically designed for WASPs.

Russians ans Americans aren't human btw.

386aa3  No.13137040


Autistic millennials substitute V for A because it "looks cool".

ae817a  No.13137085

No thanks, Europe ruined everything

5574a9  No.13137352


Latin alphabet didn't distinguish U from V, they only had V and it sounded kinda like U. There was a brief revival of this usage during Fascist Italy.

569cae  No.13137445

I'm not a evropean. I'm a descendant of noble Germans and French.

13ae1b  No.13138035


More of this ones ?

ee7a88  No.13138120


They also started words that start with "J" with "I" as in "Iesus" or "Iudaea," in addition to several other differences. Of course, much like all "revivals" carried out by autistic zoomers, they pick the one thing they saw in a video game and try to force this autistic nonsense into the culture, with no real connection to anything they are doing.

ee7a88  No.13138132


Lurk for a while, these come up constantly, it shouldn't take you more than two weeks to get a full collection (I'd help out but I have them saved on my other computer.)

bbecf3  No.13138151


>wanting to be american this bad

13ae1b  No.13138185

File: eea055cab29aaa6⋯.jpg (139.05 KB, 950x633, 950:633, 0e0377f0b773722ee6cb81a7d7….jpg)


bbecf3  No.13138203


you can give it a rest now bud

f0bc51  No.13138211


Before being European we're Nordic, Before being European we're latins, balkans, celts. You can shove your Generation Identity shilling up your ass retard

13ae1b  No.13138218

File: 40357911c7713ea⋯.jpg (105.59 KB, 488x872, 61:109, DRSLAHxW4AAKff7.jpg)

A little Cringe but wharever

db5bb2  No.13138240

Dumb white niggers are useless trash who are literally being exterminated without a single bit of resistance, so WHO CARES??!!

13ae1b  No.13138247

File: a266b05a59fcbad⋯.jpg (12.45 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 064c8df71673af1cc0d6516af8….jpg)

db83f4  No.13138277

File: c02a0bb2b27268c⋯.mp4 (6.22 MB, 490x360, 49:36, Ancient Florida Bog Mummie….mp4)


Aryan is the better term. Our ancestral lands are not just Europe but also of Scythia and Tarim as well as what is now modern day Florida.

85f8fb  No.13138353

File: c199666db3fbea2⋯.jpg (32.73 KB, 662x463, 662:463, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

File: fb9f117475253f5⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 300x225, 4:3, images.jpeg-6.jpg)

File: 0810b1d221c41da⋯.jpg (85.58 KB, 450x323, 450:323, main-qimg-e77c7104170c43b3….jpg)


White as in white skinned. It's just a description of an attribute.

Iranians aren't white. Morroccans arent white. Indians? Well. Jews are the only ones who can sometimes be white but even they say, "oyvey im not white, im a kike"

And why European? Why not what race you are? Why not a paticular tribe from the country you're from.

I don't know what the fuck the point of your gay post is. It's defibutely over 50% down syndrome.

ec4eb7  No.13138387


OP is right. Dumb asses who talks about white only creates diversion. Exactly what (((They))) want.

db5bb2  No.13138449


Which dumb white niggers have allowed to happen!

85f8fb  No.13138477

File: fd4e88382a2759b⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 350x437, 350:437, images.jpeg-8.jpg)



Fuck those "white niggerz"

You're a god damn genius tyone.

db5bb2  No.13138494


I am a White God you IMBECILE!

d1d08a  No.13138497


Autism confirmed

5c6136  No.13138851


I always thought that the term "white" was made by American neo-nazis likely because they're mixed and have a big variety of blood coming from many Europeans and thus they can't be called just Germans, Italians, French, etc. And I could never understand why anyone would use "white" term outside of Americans because at least they have a reason to use it and at this point it seems to be part of their culture which Europeans adopted like some other parts of American culture. Not even NSDAP used such term as "white". The only right term for generalization is not even "European" though, it's "Aryan", Third Reich just nailed the term quite perfectly, so there is no reason to invent another wheel.

Still, ironically many races have broad terms and can't be generalized at all if we go with eugenics. However I always felt that everyone should be referred by their own nationality terms, at least in Europe, the same way you call each Asian by their own terms too. For example when you call someone German or Japanese it's clear what you mean by saying that, you're clearly talking about actual German or Japanese people while a nigger with German citizenship should be still considered a foreigner, a nigger, african, arabian whatever you want to call it because it's anything but German or Japanese.

2fdd57  No.13138940


most (((white))) americans have negro blood.

c47540  No.13138962


When the word was created.

acd073  No.13138978

File: c03513d33d8c291⋯.png (378.01 KB, 701x958, 701:958, concerning the increase of….PNG)

File: 4ef720f6bdaec6e⋯.png (734.31 KB, 699x958, 699:958, page 224.PNG)

secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity

5c6136  No.13139015


I'm clearly talking about Americans who have mixed European blood and nothing else, although it is really a fucking mess if you go into this territory. But regardless it's very difficult to treat the term "white" seriously. Such generalization is quite close to commies concept and ironically is killing an actual diversity of European people, something the jew hates anyway. This is why I personally don't use the term, not even when I speak of Americans.

13ae1b  No.13139041

Zzzzzzzz j*w spotted >>13138940

54fd70  No.13139081

Daily reminder that OP is a D&C kike rat pushing all sorts of idiocy over the board trying to divide and confuse people.

048253  No.13139092

File: 550c32b01a1b316⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 623x590, 623:590, 23242435346.jpg)


I've had my blood tested and I'm 93% European and 7% American Indian. That's white enough isn't it?

544272  No.13139115


No. The fuck were your ancestors doing fucking outside the species?

d587d4  No.13139144


No. Only 5% of European Americans have injun blood in them.

048253  No.13139203

File: 9c153fb97a59a88⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1143x1515, 381:505, 9c153fb97a59a88137de037c27….jpg)



That's white enough for the Nuremberg Laws. Just because my great great grandfather wanted to blanda with some Apache loli shouldn't disqualify me from Mother Evropa.

18f6ed  No.13139282

Europeans are nothing but albino indians , this means the whole planet is literally niggers

So just let us live all together in peace

53060d  No.13139963

File: 82f2650cc42d29a⋯.jpg (162.14 KB, 901x1073, 901:1073, Ecce_homo_by_Hieronymus_Bo….jpg)


>links provided


>t. stupid jew

2fdd57  No.13140011

File: 35d610f71c5114a⋯.png (203.06 KB, 1124x598, 562:299, amerimutts.png)

File: b5379fa494a373e⋯.png (391.82 KB, 779x311, 779:311, amerimuttultra.png)

File: 0797bc62f890c56⋯.png (2.61 MB, 2012x2097, 2012:2097, amerimutt2.png)

File: d9f316e0f937e04⋯.png (2.25 MB, 2257x1268, 2257:1268, amerimuttslmao.png)





except most indians are mixed with an off-shoot negroid race.

2f4b04  No.13140018


Isn't it weird that you use real life models as the 0% (even when knowing that's not true), but use a cartoon for a 56% face?

No, it's not weird at all because it's propaganda.

afb0f6  No.13140032


Why do so many Euros think their particular ethnic clade/group just sprang up from the earth, without any assimilation/mixing with racially similar tribes?


Proofs time.

There are far more white americans who are like this guy.


And even then, that is only like 5 to 10 percent or so of the total white American population.

There simply wasn't that many injuns for us to mix with, and the negros were always despised.


Nuremberg laws only dealt with jew mongrels, and was cuckish and retarded even back then.

You need to have your balls snipped.

2fdd57  No.13140036

File: fce2968d2e96598⋯.jpg (580.28 KB, 1998x1276, 999:638, amerikeks.jpg)

File: 5f3821e9d8317f1⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 448x709, 448:709, americanlifestyle.jpg)

File: 49673fb949cdfe3⋯.jpg (64.87 KB, 960x752, 60:47, ameriblobs2.jpg)

File: 94238df6a3bab14⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 2140x2832, 535:708, ameriblobs.jpg)

File: a6bee884fdd04ac⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, americanslol.jpg)


>ignores the last picture

53060d  No.13140052



Africans became dark. Europeans didn't become light.

Look at studies about Mongolians, whio have lived in the snow for over 9000 years.


>"The plentiful amounts of Vitamin D [in a fish diet] kept [eurasians] from developing less melanin."

Unless Meds and Nords didn't eat fish for thousands of years while they lived along the coast, there is no way Europeans became lighter.

bc3b1d  No.13140077


>faces of the 0%

>first one is a Brazilian

Nigger, I…

cbb274  No.13140100

I hope one of you Europoors blows something up on the 5th of November.

69fc30  No.13140110

File: 2457556c44111c8⋯.mp4 (15.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Europa.mp4)

As much as I'd love that to be true, my ancestors were here in North America generations before the USA gained independence and this Amerimutt will always be an outsider in the European nations even though I'm a > 99.99% Euro mix I fear I'm a bit too American to ever truly assimilate into the lands of my more distant ancestors.

afb0f6  No.13140143


We were pretty much self selected from people who wanted to leave Europe for one reason or another.

Once that sort of split happens, there isn't really any possibility of reassimilation.

Same thing with the Afrikaners.

The divergent historical experiences they went through ensures that they will never truly fit in the Netherlands, or France, or Germany again.

Same with "assimilated" White Americans of Western European descent.

15025b  No.13140160


Preach nigger…also remember to know…. do not fall for using that kike word -Caucasian…..again folks that are axiomatically not European are included in this weird PC MultiKulti nomenclature definition.

357ab4  No.13140239


great post, kike

now kys

>It means the loss of a whole continent, and one must regret it for it's the white race which is the loser.

t. Hitler

if it's good enough for Hitler it's good enough for us

retard cunt

5452dd  No.13140642


Reminder: JEWS are caucasians because the Khazars were from the Caucasus. We are proud NORDICS!

5452dd  No.13140662

Remember that we each have roots in INDIVIDUAL European nations and cultures. Blending us all into a "white" race means destroying the diversity of our cultures and creating a blank slate on which (((they))) can create whatever culture they want.

Nations are along ethnic, not racial lines

If nations are to be along racial lines, surely we would be fine with six gorillion Chinks moving over the border into Japan! In reality, nations are along national lines; only by maintaining our roots with British/French/Dutch/German etc culture can we have a non-kiked heritage to be proud of.

a440e9  No.13140698


I have brown hair and eyes which are Western Asian traits. But DNA tests show that I am basically 100% English. Does that make me nonwhite or did I get memed on by Varg? Serious question. Feels bad. :(

5452dd  No.13140728


You are (((just a normal White person)))

Don't worry Anon, if you aren't a Kike it's okay to have a teeny bit of Jewish genes

a6dc19  No.13140736

NSDAP used the term weiße Rasse meaning white race. OP, go back to mpc/trs/whatever other autistic boomer shit site you came from, then kill yourself.

a440e9  No.13140764


>Don't worry Anon, if you aren't a Kike it's okay to have a teeny bit of Jewish genes

I am not 1% nonwhite. Chromosome analysis shows some minor contribution from East Asia and north Africa, however. But that doesn't even register on a normal test. On PCAs, I register dead-center as Cornish.

ae817a  No.13140809

Every single European country has fought against each other at some point, saying that everyone is a Eurofag is basically admitting that you want the EU to exist and rape your faggot ass with kike aids as they globalize the world with judiasm. Take your faggot Europa shit somewhere else

35e58a  No.13140856

I am half German and half polish.

Less then a thousand years ago anglo and saxons viewed themselves as mortal enemies but yet in the end became a combined race.

This isn't a real argument, just to point out how retarded the cuckchanners who have been here for at most 2015-16 have no clue about politics or paying bills.

bbce6c  No.13140871


>OY VEY GOYIM I AM A (((Real White person))) JUST LIKE YOU

>Nations can combine and shit so you better combine with niggers


479c4d  No.13140893


There must be some kind of error or rounding-off in your test because you can't be exactly 7% of anything. Increments must be 1/2^x

35e58a  No.13140905

File: 76843c3b58282a2⋯.png (331.71 KB, 1018x666, 509:333, B-butwerenotstormfags (3).png)

File: f6badaa2f12c0c0⋯.jpg (54.49 KB, 904x605, 904:605, B-butwerenotreddit (1).jpg)

File: 4098240ef227be3⋯.jpg (41.2 KB, 957x418, 87:38, typical larper (1).jpg)

File: ace1c0e80943b0d⋯.jpg (82.65 KB, 898x526, 449:263, Hypocrisythynameispol (1).jpg)


That's not an argument.

Since I'm here and the roach you no longer have as a moderator despite years of muslim moderation.

>One 2014 /pol/ didn't come over to 8ch until made it into /cuck/

>Two, Cripple-chan didn't want the swastika as /pol/ image because it would encourage retarded children

>Three, /pol/ was overflowed with Storm fags when their site was shut down.

e8b67f  No.13140907


Hitler was a product of his time.

The term white has existed since New World colonization and Spanish Caste systems.

How would you classify the Aryans who aren't pale skinned?

e8b67f  No.13140914


>wahhhhhhh people make hurtful jokes


5e99a8  No.13140916

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It's Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

t. Joseph Sobran

35e58a  No.13140929


>A response from an illiterate nigger

First pic is Storm fags co-opting the site, something your Turk friend has denied.

>Second is the board accepting reddit memes

>Third, is Steam normal faggotrt]y being accepted as board culture.

>4th is exposing your hypocrisy.

Just like the original faggots of /pol/ who refused to leave

2f4b04  No.13140931


>How would you classify the Aryans who aren't pale skinned?

Nigger, there is aryan who aren't pale-skinned?

35e58a  No.13140941


Yeah Anglo, Saxon, Aryan, Italian, Slavic.

You protected children really don't get shit about what you're talking about.

2f4b04  No.13140944


Nigger what, aryan only means indo-germanic.

Italian aren't aryan, they are meds.

35e58a  No.13140975


>Italians are aryan

<They did however create a civilization that lasted nearly 2000 years

>While ours lasted only through a single war.

Yes tell me more about the perfection of the nat-soc state, as it had its shit pushed in by a Russian force that already predicted Russian aggression and a Japanese ally who even the top German advisers considered retarded.

cc591e  No.13140982

OP is a jew faggot for trying to dissolve white American identity.

c2ef48  No.13140989


Wrong. Aryan means Indo-European. Almost all Europeans are Aryan, with the only exceptions being the descendents of pre-Aryan Europeans like the Basque for instance.

4de1eb  No.13141063

Envirostralian I like better cunt.

fefc63  No.13141128

didn't "Europa" come from the name of some Phoenecian (Semetic) princess or something? "Aryan" is a better term. that or simply "white" because that reflects on our most obvious phenotypical feature relative to the races, like how niggers are simply "black"

b35bfc  No.13141138

File: 442e021cefd0ac4⋯.jpg (190.58 KB, 1066x943, 26:23, Dali3.jpg)

I'm not Yuropeeon. I'm Portuguese, German, Czech and Yaqui. Pic related, its Geopoliticus Child Watching the birth of yours truly.

25af9c  No.13141160

Another disinfo identity denialist thread.

afb0f6  No.13141359


No one wants the ethnic states of Europe to be blended.

But at the same time, stating that nations cannot be comprised of racially kindred people is denying the new world European descended populations their history and their future.


As miscegenated people, whose original genetic ancestry has been modified.


Those people are all fair skinned, except for the "aryans" of india, who have been completely submerged, and a minority of Slavs which show Asiatic/turkic admixture, and a minority of South Italians who show Arabic admixture.


The roman civilization died, dude.

The people who carried on civilization in Italy are germanics for the most part, who pushed the (by then) racially mixed roman remnants into the deep boot of Italy.

>Yes tell me more about the perfection of the nat-soc state, as it had its shit pushed in by a Russian force that already predicted Russian aggression and a Japanese ally who even the top German advisers considered retarded.

Italy also got their shit pushed in the war.

Mussolini was a retarded civic nationalist who had a jewish mistress for most of his time in office, and his various invasions were motivated by simple imperialism.


That is what it boils down to at the end of the day.

35e58a  No.13141390


>Those people are all fair skinned, except for the "aryans" of india, who have been completely submerged, and a minority of Slavs which show Asiatic/turkic admixture, and a minority of South Italians who show Arabic admixture.

Which has nothing to do with my point lmao.

The challenge which was who was pale skinned which all of the above where.



>The people who carried on civilization in Italy are germanics for the most part, who pushed the (by then) racially mixed roman remnants into the deep boot of Italy.

Leading to a loss off the gains of rome, Socrates and Plato agreed during roman conquisition

afb0f6  No.13141400

I already filtered you.

My posts in obvious shill threads like this are for lurkers.

f6a75a  No.13141412


>You offer rebuttals I cant respond too so I block you.

afb0f6  No.13141418


Why would I want to see his inevitable low IQ shitposting, like the rest of this thread is.

Waste of my time.

35e58a  No.13141429


>He's so retarded I lack the ability to refute his points

<I am so different then the ignorant lesbian dance theory majors who debate me.

673cd7  No.13141461



So they are 0% human? Why are you putting Europeans on the same level as Mexicans, Pakis, Niggers, and Turks. Turks are not even a race. They are made up of a mixture of rape babies from Arabs, Indians, Asians, and Slavs. Turks are not even human.

35e58a  No.13141494


He doesn't have a clue what he's doing /pol/ is a group of sheltered children who will only drag you down with them.

01103e  No.13141500


What about something like "Alb/Alban/Albic" from the Proto-Indo-European word *albhos meaning "white"?

"Elf" apparently also descends from this word and basically means "white person," so we could LARP as elves.

f884a0  No.13141539


what are you doing here then ?

you come to this place just to shitpost in hopes of bringing it down and dare to say that /pol/ is bad? as if /pol/ was an entity on its own ?

you are a pathetic shill

afb0f6  No.13141557


The shilling seems to have really declined in ability and quality after Tarrant did his thang,

learn to sage cuckchan threads, friend

35e58a  No.13141579


>what are you doing here then ?

Reclaiming the site after you newfaggots fucked it all up by accepting a turk roach as admin for 4+ years

>you come to this place just to shitpost in hopes of bringing it down and dare to say that /pol/ is bad? as if /pol/ was an entity on its own ?

It's always been bad, originally when the board was made Hotwheel's didn't want swastikas not because of feelings but instead not to encourage retards like you.

78c0cd  No.13142261

How is this nigger op’s gay thread still up? He tried the shotgun approach, making like six spam threads and this is the only one left now.

000000  No.13144365

so we're all jews


000000  No.13144386

if you look white, fight for the whites and make white culture yours, then you're white

anything that isn't white in you, remote, will be erased through your kids if you find someone you think whiter than you and have kids with this person


000000  No.13144403


>The people who carried on civilization in Italy are germanics for the most part, who pushed the (by then) racially mixed roman remnants into the deep boot of Italy.

Never stressed enough. The core of the Roman civilization was really that close to be completely third worlded.

bfac8b  No.13144433


America is an overseas European country.

9eb871  No.13144455


Persians are Aryan just like us, you D&C kike.

0cc7fe  No.13144606


>The people who carried on civilization in Italy are germanics for the most part

you mean the same germanics who were not able to oppose absolutely anything to the crepuscular forms of Romanity and literally accepted everything from the southern world despite having the military upper hand? the same germanics who dropped their gods for fucking christianity in a blick instead of pushing it back? the same germanics who started larping as their previous owners and calling themselves Romans?

arrogant hunnic rapebabies like you deserves everything that you are getting

8aa911  No.13144611


>Daily remenber

None of your heritage is white. Get in the oven.

02705c  No.13145583


A u for a v because that is how the Romans wrote their u.

02705c  No.13145597


European excludes the British Isles and Ireland, so that doesn't work for many. It also includes by default a pan-European collective identity that is open to be undermined by dilution and gives equal worth to Southern Europeans, which is misguided. For myself, I prefer the term Nordic.

429416  No.13145640


>they pick the one thing they saw in a video game and try to force this autistic nonsense into the culture

Except /v/irgins have a better understanding of politics then half the people on this board and anyone not in the 250,000-500,000 that actually play video games is just a plebian who plays freemium stuff on his phone.

87dc00  No.13145784

File: c7385b97e87aa1c⋯.jpg (170 KB, 1200x928, 75:58, Jews pretending to be Whit….jpg)

c780db  No.13146806


"Alba" is already associated with Scotland

17981f  No.13156233

You're a peein'

bc5864  No.13156296


Fuckin kikes

6803f7  No.13156311


>manages to miss the point entirely for the sake of "muh links"

>believes that all corded ware descended people are entirely celtic instead of a mix of different nationalities

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