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File: d50b821f0dc3495⋯.jpg (126.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2543344001059.jpg)

bb7860  No.13135370


Place your bets for shitskin burning it down.

I say let the fucker burn down, accelerate! If a glorious city like Paris needs to be reduced to ruins and rubble, i say let it happen. Because in that ruin of a once great city i will find my brothers again. They will see the rubble and finally realise what has happened to their ancestral lands!


4f5781  No.13135378


Damn you macron

I played in an orchestra there back in ‘02. This is a fucking shame. Same anon who stood where Adolf stood at the Eiffel Tower too. Fuck em

2afd08  No.13135381

I'd bet money on an Allahu Akbar.

bb7860  No.13135385

File: 45a5c50150bd474⋯.jpeg (62.16 KB, 1537x961, 1537:961, burningshitpile.jpeg)


4f5781  No.13135388


Same. Mad mo’ mudshit

2afd08  No.13135391


Looks pretty advanced


You watch, they'll build a mosque over the ruins.

bb7860  No.13135395

File: 77853483f44235e⋯.png (59.63 KB, 1278x236, 639:118, kek.png)


093d6a  No.13135400

This is a horrifying site, desecration of holy history. However, in the face of tragedy tears should be overlapped by vengeance.

2afd08  No.13135401

No matter who did it, I wonder if the French government will scape goat the yellow vests.

009828  No.13135409

File: 6a00bb8daf5916d⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 414x438, 69:73, heatman.JPG)

Yep, that's a happening.

7106e6  No.13135412


I wonder who burned it down.

2afd08  No.13135417

>Last year, the Catholic Church in France launched an urgent appeal for funds to save the cathedral, which was starting to crumble.

Argh, maybe this was (((Catholic))) lightning.

bb7860  No.13135427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>restoration process caused the fire

Thats what (((news))) is saying at least.

093d6a  No.13135431

File: 77a610d7f158675⋯.png (11.52 KB, 384x119, 384:119, firefox_Ly9i6Cp57V.png)


doesn't take the government for some tard to scapegoat the yellow vests

2afd08  No.13135436

File: fae45f4fc09b239⋯.jpg (759.07 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, GettyImages-1133102572.jpg)


I found this image, the fire seems to be exactly where the scaffolding stands.

d495d0  No.13135440

File: 077104f15391cc2⋯.png (334.26 KB, 849x522, 283:174, what the hell fire.png)

093d6a  No.13135444


wonder who was working the restoration?

2afd08  No.13135449

File: bcb4dfb65090858⋯.jpg (62.22 KB, 470x700, 47:70, 12307642-6925015-image-m-1….jpg)

File: a7b4ebeac27fd84⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 470x700, 47:70, 12307640-6925015-image-m-1….jpg)

7f26e5  No.13135452

Rage fuel

7106e6  No.13135455



Cheap labor from the Middle-East?


lmao, you might be right

1b2b31  No.13135459

File: 57e37a4fda96d45⋯.png (685.7 KB, 781x918, 781:918, Screenshot_2019-04-15 Davi….png)

File: 23c5a6f7c062855⋯.png (427.5 KB, 800x794, 400:397, Screenshot_2019-04-15 Yann….png)

niggers burn our history we burn niggers. i really hope there is retaliation here.

8a1cd7  No.13135463


Probably a diverse group of people! Come on anon it's 2019! French historical monuments are for the world and don't belong to the French! :^)

bb7860  No.13135466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>thread theme

4f5781  No.13135472

File: d74113cf75aac2a⋯.jpeg (153.56 KB, 750x888, 125:148, 508602A0-F5B2-46A9-B426-9….jpeg)


Marked and capped

2afd08  No.13135478

Anyone have a live feed?

When this one ended, the fire looked really bad https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGavoByLgJj

093d6a  No.13135481


That's what I'm thinking. Anyone with an easy labor's working, which can include MANY immigrants, with all kinds of thoughts circling in their minds about the country they've fallen into, could have "accidentally" instigated a fire amongst a restoration project of the cathedral from a period of history they had nothing to do with. A symbol serving oppressive traditions, in their eyes.

Just my two thoughts.

674c41  No.13135487


e7be7c  No.13135488


Well, you can be sure it wasn't a jew doing manual labor, so I'd guess cheap shitskins

ad356e  No.13135497

How symbolic

4f5781  No.13135502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9a9764  No.13135503

File: dad0a7d962cb4db⋯.jpg (227.06 KB, 3994x1994, 1997:997, Macron-reacts-as-he-gets-b….jpg)

This is the logical conclusion of flooding your nation with niggers. Civilization literally burns down.

eb2a98  No.13135506


heil, but the jew profits.

9a9764  No.13135511



60df7d  No.13135512

>Muslims destroying history

Why am I not surprised?

9157a0  No.13135513

File: e1ec3c348d3cfca⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 565x519, 565:519, 1555348898488.jpg)

>restoration process

093d6a  No.13135515

File: 502b7237400977e⋯.png (143.91 KB, 265x295, 53:59, firefox_i4TBY6SSou.png)

117e14  No.13135517

File: e53a1ed93ada59b⋯.gif (564.12 KB, 220x220, 1:1, absolutely paganpilled.gif)

8c4ede  No.13135525

>niggers flood into France

>most Muslim country in Western Europe

>kike banker President

>rioting in the streets

Wow this is almost poetic, a symbol of French culture literally in flames

bb7860  No.13135526


>The French have historically been nothing but weak cucks

Youre an idiot.

9a9764  No.13135528

File: 23a2c4f20bfb497⋯.png (178.21 KB, 1236x708, 103:59, trump.png)

33791d  No.13135533

Feels rough, always wanted to go there.

Deus Vult

1a5a6d  No.13135534

File: 05d57736b23f15b⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, La future marseillaise re….webm)

File: 35a1626f2da6e3c⋯.jpg (276.82 KB, 2000x1332, 500:333, yes, the niglet is playing….jpg)

ad356e  No.13135535


Libs will mock this but he’s right

eb2a98  No.13135537


Varg did it. The vikings took Paris at last.

9a9764  No.13135539

File: 08b9bdca4434eeb⋯.jpg (144.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zoom.jpg)



0ddb4d  No.13135541

Roof is burning?

Should be all slate and copper?

Inside arches should be stone and marble and shit?


8a1cd7  No.13135542

lmfao, restoration started on April 11th, 2019. Either the people restoring it are painfully incompetent or this was malicious.


Nasty. I've seen more feminine White trannies.

093d6a  No.13135543


It is very symbolic. A turning of ages, built on fire. It was only inevitable, perhaps, with the slow dulling of France over the centuries, but it hurts nonetheless knowing the time it came from.

7106e6  No.13135544


You can always light a candle in the Notre Da… oh wait..

9a9764  No.13135546

The spiral is going to collapse soon.

b68ea1  No.13135548


This is speculation of course. But a pretty good one at that. We should know more pretty soon.

117e14  No.13135553


What a great day. Hail Óðinn!

d95cd7  No.13135556

1) Get a certain South American country to form a Free Trade and Immigration zone with its neighbors, which must include Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, as well as trying to get Chile and/or Argentina.

2) Once this alliance forms, use that country to house certain peoples from their neighbors in Development Areas. I was planning to establish said areas on the opposite side of the country where their borders exist. This way, while most people can move around, certain communities from other countries will be forced to integrate.

3) Use immigration and legislature to move in on the Panamanian border. My plan would entail to move +1,000,000 of the most poor/homeless people in the countries to the northern part of Panama, forcing Panama to enter the Union.

4) Also, I would try to have a strong relationship with Russia to ease the acquisition of Venezuela, I would do this via immigration. Immediately after Venezuela becomes ours, we would use our Russian diplomatic connections to help us move people in exchange for securing their interests. Any internal migration at this point will try to use parts of Argentina as resettlement zones.

5) Because Venezuela is more of a Caribbean nation than a South American one, we would push for the immigration of its people into the different countries of the union. Furthermore, we would repeat the same thing with those 3 small countries at the north-east of South America. We would use some of the Venezuelans that want to stay and send them to those 3 countries. Furthermore, we would send the populations of those 3 countries to push into Paraguay and Uruguay.

6) Once all of South America is one (Central America might also be needed), Brazil should also be targeted. We would send all sectarian/nationalist dissidents in the empty areas around Brazilia. Then disperse Brazilians on Central America to weaken them.

7) Start using the populations we don't want to start acquiring the Central American countries, mostly using the same method. At this point, we will call on Russia and even China if possible to help us migrate some people in Europe and South Africa. This is important because I'm planning to disperse the South African farmers in the empty farming areas of Central America. Furthermore, we will "try" to get Reparations from Europe because of Colonization or some other excuse.

8) Lobby in the US to make anti-hate legislature targeting WNs. Then work with the US to allow people marked as "potential terrorists" to be able to go to Central America with their weapons and property. This one move will ensure that you have men of fighting age and weapons in that region. Allow them to have land, while ensuring Central American governments favor us. Furthermore, South African farmers should be spread out evenly and also allow them to keep their weapons. This ensures any revolt in the region is stalled by the farmers.

9) Once we get to the Mexican border, we will "try" the same trick, but pressure Mexico and Canada to enter into a Confederation (which will make the US diplomatically trapped between the two). Once US is on that point, they will have no option but to enter into a formal pact between us (South American Union) or them (Mexico-Canada Confederation).

10) Once the pact is formed, we will push for immigration policies that "restrict" immigration between our countries BUT in actually it creates a pipeline to send any and all immigrants to the opposite side of their entry. This will diffuse any separatist sentiment on part of the immigrants as our governments grow stronger due to the immigration (economic and police expansion, to name some of the benefits).

11) Allow the people of our nations to drive the country together. The governments' jobs should be to form a continual and unified culture based on our history and rejecting the (((modern))) way things are done. We need to create our own history, cherish our own heroes, and have the same vision of the future. We might need another 9/11 to unify the country in tragedy, perhaps a terrorist group nukes some of the most degenerate cities in the continent.

0ddb4d  No.13135559

Roof just collapsed the shit looks like detroit nao.

9a9764  No.13135561


bb7860  No.13135564


>if i make up accolades on the internet people will believe me

>posting mutts and niggers



ad356e  No.13135568

File: 6099a5f82f950d3⋯.jpeg (934.79 KB, 1242x1603, 1242:1603, D86576EC-BEA8-40DE-B1CD-2….jpeg)

Why is Jewtube giving me a link about information on 9/11?


0ddb4d  No.13135570

Does anybody know has the hunchback escape?

4f5781  No.13135572


Checked dub dubs

No prob

d95cd7  No.13135573


>She’s whiter than most anons on this board

fuck you, I'm just naturally tanned

4f5781  No.13135579

File: 90dd0940e4c4568⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1920x2485, 384:497, 6785D22D-C551-452C-9818-9….jpeg)


We lost him unfortunately


9a9764  No.13135581


3dd9c0  No.13135583

Start the clock until we hear the first kike offer the idea of how this tragedy would be a great opportunity to rebuild it into a mosque.

4f5781  No.13135587


Holeeeee krikeeee!

7106e6  No.13135588


>restoration started on April 11th, 2019. Either the people restoring it are painfully incompetent or this was malicious.

This seems malicious. Imagine how proud some Muslim is at the fact that he burned down one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Paris.

093d6a  No.13135589

eb2a98  No.13135590


>historically weak, yet their history is one of conquering, exploring, and colonizing

You absolute coon. If the French hadn't been gelded so recently, for their cooperation with the Reich, then you would be the one on fire.

1a5a6d  No.13135593

File: 1c16eea49d7b446⋯.mp4 (7.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jewish baron.mp4)

File: 4fb8454c4af91cc⋯.mp4 (188.85 KB, 480x360, 4:3, laughing_merchant.mp4)


9a9764  No.13135595


That would be too brazen, they'll call it an "interfaith centre" first. Then it will ultimately become a mosque.

674c41  No.13135596

Where the fuck are the firefighters? Don't tell me they're in a tolerance course.

84fef8  No.13135600


Lel, this was my first thought as well.

7106e6  No.13135602


>Black women are meant to be masculine, white boy.

And the retarded shill outs himself again

>They’re better in bed than white women (who mostly fuck dogs and niggers nowadays).

You're mistaken white women for your mom and sisters.

ad356e  No.13135605


Jews are holding their leash. This was planned. Destruction of Christian culture

4f5781  No.13135609


Checked. I’m seething. Right out of hs I got to go tour Europe with an orchestra and we played in this cathedral. We played the entire Carmen suite by Bizet.

It’s gone now just like everything else good

Fuck em

7f26e5  No.13135615

They are not even trying to put the fucking fire out.

8a1cd7  No.13135617


Crazy, it's like the muslim firefighters are in no hurry to put out a fire in a Christian cathedral.

9157a0  No.13135618

Chrhistian culture is jew culture

1a5a6d  No.13135619

61c78e  No.13135620

File: fd0f0a9e792bc29⋯.jpeg (193.76 KB, 1134x800, 567:400, serveimage (38).jpeg)

Centuries of hard labor by European hands disappearing in minutes

c4e94f  No.13135622

French 9/11 ;_;

cea655  No.13135623


Why would the Jews want to destroy their kike worshiping golems?

0ddb4d  No.13135625

File: a026b9349ad3aae⋯.jpg (46 KB, 728x409, 728:409, 12018_1.jpg)

the hunchback is kill

>mfw sadanon

4f5781  No.13135629


Checked. Fuck

d6c86b  No.13135632


nobody agrees with you, kike.

if youre not a kike, lurk more

8b7f8d  No.13135633

File: 28e1118e7b7e5c0⋯.jpg (110.75 KB, 681x780, 227:260, 28e1118e7b7e5c0ca75f4d77c3….jpg)


This is no joking matter. The kikes are performing some black magic with this event, just like they did with 9/11.

b25a17  No.13135634

Second church on fire in Paris within a month

cea655  No.13135635

c4e94f  No.13135636


>wanting one of white man's greatest accomplishments to burn


05a13b  No.13135637



012444  No.13135642

File: 75dd0d445cf46d2⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 852x852, 1:1, 1505807367188.jpg)

i love it how only how in the crowds of these livestreams I see little to no muslims or niggers

3b7fef  No.13135646

It's gotta be the Moors.

Not that it'll matter. St Peter's could burn and the false Pope and all the kike politicians would still bend over.

eb2a98  No.13135651


He'll say something stupid, but if Parisians insist on being a multiculti hellhole anyway, then they are unworthy of their history in the first place. Its a shame that future generations will lose a lot more than a beautiful church.

ad356e  No.13135653


093d6a  No.13135655

File: c2479eaa146a867⋯.jpg (345.02 KB, 1200x933, 400:311, A23930.jpg)

e216a9  No.13135656

some muslims post the "laugh" and "like" emoji on brut facebook live

some enjoy it saying it's punishment by god because a journalist have made a funny picture about the kaaba.

just saying ,think whatev you want.

05a13b  No.13135657

Holy fuck I just realized this is the Monday before Easter weekend. This is goddamn planned

093d6a  No.13135659


Heard it mentioned. Very (((coincidental))) timing.

f9c8c7  No.13135661


You're damn right it is.

674c41  No.13135662



093d6a  No.13135665

a5c348  No.13135666


t. I just adopted 5 niglets and let my daughter marry a nigger because he's a good Christian and I must agape my enemy.

5c9ae4  No.13135668


Archive it faggot. It has massive redpilling potential.

830b8b  No.13135670


If you morons knew what this structure really was, you would be a lot closer to the truth.

1a5a6d  No.13135671


Post pics and archive.

84fef8  No.13135673


>posting niggers

Kill yourself, faggot.

1c5c8e  No.13135677


AND another church burning in paris … how many in the recent months 2 ? 3? i said it back then and i say it now… that rape night in cologne germany, it took place infront of europes largest cathedral… they did it on purpose back then obviously coordinated and all of that shit is being shoa'd when will the majority of people wake up … ffs… you cant overlook the direction all of that events are turning …

this is an exelent time to spread the word …

>GO OUT AND plant some SUBTILE MEMES NOW ! perfect time to open the eyes of the many normies who are watching now because of Notre Dame

f0d04c  No.13135678


This is bestiality!

e216a9  No.13135679

File: 91f5fc004c372cb⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 467x960, 467:960, notre dame musulmans 1.jpg)

File: c2102e9195f0fee⋯.png (30.5 KB, 338x383, 338:383, notre dame musulmans 2.png)

cea655  No.13135680


I was kind of begging the question, trying to get anon's to think. The truth is that the kikes want conflict to occur, It's all part of the plan.

8a1cd7  No.13135681


3 days into restoration a few days before Easter. Some (((coincidence))).

9157a0  No.13135683



Not my point. Christianity oeiginated from judaism which means if you hate kikes you shouldn't ignore what they use to control you. If you're christian you can't hate kikes because it goes againt your scripture.

390fa1  No.13135686

It’s sad, but I hope it burns to the ground for maximum acceleration.

b68ea1  No.13135687


Anyone else think it is a bit odd that the thing has been burning for a solid 20min now and there has been no emergency services trying to put it down or on the scene in any shape whatsoever.


05a13b  No.13135690


My money's on kikes, specifically

>Construction works banker hours, eg M-F but on 12 hour shifts

>This means a jew was on the clock, getting paid while it happened

8a32d8  No.13135691


Looks like Anor Londo.

5c9ae4  No.13135692


Only coppers, that's it.

8f5177  No.13135693

File: 53ec7beab79a182⋯.jpg (203.25 KB, 908x908, 1:1, cc61ycvsr6c11.jpg)


God damn was Hitler was right.

7106e6  No.13135695


It's what already effectively happening in France anyway: invite the 3rd world, your women will be raped.

e24804  No.13135696

File: 48b152f8e1e98b9⋯.jpg (142.35 KB, 990x659, 990:659, Pope.jpg)

560ae7  No.13135697

As a french it sincerely breaks my heart. But i'm sure the mongrelized race that will populate my country in 50 years will be able to rebuild something more spectacular.

9157a0  No.13135698

eb2a98  No.13135702


Not at all, you can't put out a fire like that, you can only control it.

372c04  No.13135704

File: 45d7869189b5f0d⋯.png (133.44 KB, 400x299, 400:299, THRERES_ONLY_ONE_GOD_AND_V….png)

1b2b31  No.13135707

i bet niggers started this but it's going to be blamed on renovation projects.

209ecf  No.13135708

Looks like the whole building is going to be destroyed.

Can we orchestrate a campaign where we fight to place a mosque on its location?? It would be a massive redpill for the masses. The powers that be have their heads so far up their asses that they will probably support it.

390fa1  No.13135710


It’s complicated to put out a fire like this because the structural integrity of these cathedrals are relatively fragile, so they can’t just go out and throw water on it.

They are probably analising the source of the fire and mobilizing the adequate extinguishing agent, which can take a while for a fire of such scale.

1b2b31  No.13135712


fuck it, damage is done if it's already burned to the ground. i'm in to mossadup the place.

9c20c1  No.13135713

File: ad07abd6de7e398⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 489x441, 163:147, HS.gif)



093d6a  No.13135714


I hate false Jews. I hate the Zionists that are for the false Jews. Imitators of holy people. The very people that persecuted and initiated Judas' betrayal.

7bf47b  No.13135715

File: 3befec90fc0501a⋯.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Patrick Galey - The moment….mp4)

It's fucked m8

05a13b  No.13135716


>Can we orchestrate a campaign where we fight to place a mosque on its location?

Nigga, that's going to happen on it's own. We should be thinking for the next step past that.

028fb1  No.13135717


the stream just said that "no water can be seen" around the fire. they are not even trying.

on the beginning of holy week. really makes you think. symbolic 9/11 part 2?

390fa1  No.13135718


What’s wrong with his crucifix?

1a5a6d  No.13135719

b68ea1  No.13135726


Fucking save'd

e24804  No.13135731


>implying normies won't support building mosque.

France is total lost dude.

830b8b  No.13135732


NO! It was built in honor of my former wife Meredith of Magdalena and our Grail bloodline!

390fa1  No.13135735


Obligatory mosque attending in order to comprehend Islam and to be more tolerant.

f0d04c  No.13135737


Holy fuck even the guy talking over this is wondering how France is so incompetent right now.

dce4cd  No.13135738


Do they have forest fire equipment in Europe? I've never heard of a European forest fire.

0ddb4d  No.13135740


>What’s wrong with his crucifix?

It is tucked into his cumberbund out of sight of the kike he is shaking hands with.

Kinda like not say it loud say it proud but still wearing it

093d6a  No.13135742

This year is the year of catastrophic happening. I truly hope this incident will merely be the START of great action.

9d6745  No.13135745


4 + 15 = 19. 19 2019

French 9/11, youtube is even laughting in our face while it puts "september 11 attacks" bellow the videos

This is to stop the yellow vests

eb2a98  No.13135747


I don't think anything will come of it though. Do you? The fire will be blamed on renovations, anyone saying otherwise will be called conspiracy theorists, and Parisians are cucked up to do anything about it. The pope will say, "love thy neighbor, go back to sleep".

50c00e  No.13135748


Mods are allowing his posts to stay up. Being pro-racemixing and pro-mudslime got boring to him so he switched to baiting christcucks.

390fa1  No.13135753


I think it’s because he hunched over to shake the rabbi’s hand, if he was with a straight posture, it wouldn’t be hidden. If anything, it’s a psyop from the photographer.

Not that the pope isn’t a complete puppet, mind you.

a78b92  No.13135754


This looked too good for the shithole Paris has become. Shitskins do not deserve our heritage. If we die, it will disappear with us.

Fuck you, niggers.

012444  No.13135755


i found more


archive this shit

daa766  No.13135756


hes trying to equate being anti christcuck with enjoying flabby mutts. common false flagging

028fb1  No.13135757


I wouldn't know about that, anon. The french have been rioting for months now. This is definitely not a normal situation, shit could hit the fan. There is a media blackout on the intensity of the rioting, but it's definitely going on.

bb7860  No.13135759


Just report and filter. Dont waste time on leftypol.

15db81  No.13135760

File: 232f0d4cee42d21⋯.mp4 (589.07 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1555351424751-0.mp4)

It will never be again.

093d6a  No.13135761


It is a bit sad, but if this is what (((they))) want the majority of humanity to be, then they wouldn't be intelligent enough to understand the significance of it anyway. The populous continues to represent the city it lives in and vice versa, I guess.

06457e  No.13135763

File: ff507812bc95063⋯.jpg (181.68 KB, 1052x570, 526:285, niggertoon civilization fo….jpg)

f40fe3  No.13135764

File: 1bc63d37dd99663⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DkLCWbxWsAEstsM.jpg)

File: b257b02e2d291f1⋯.gif (5.11 MB, 500x360, 25:18, xpvmxstqzy5x.gif)

Repent for the end is nigh.

d495d0  No.13135765

File: 71de48f9266d72e⋯.mp4 (1.71 MB, 408x708, 34:59, desire to sin intensifies.mp4)


Rage fuel?


0e0c0a  No.13135767

This is a Muslim attack, and has been going on fir the past week!!!


>Thugs set fire to churches and smear poo on walls amid warnings France’s Christian heritage is under attack from ‘militant secularism’


432532  No.13135768

File: ee39a96f015de87⋯.gif (7.36 MB, 638x640, 319:320, SmartSelect_20190415-13111….gif)


Gif of the beautiful blaze

06457e  No.13135769


If only we had been there to throw her headlong over the railing.

c979a2  No.13135770


>implying that its a crucifix

a78b92  No.13135773


A few days ago, a Paki was arrested for damaging the Royal Cathedral of Saint Denis, where all our Kings rest.


This soulless country is dead, if we want to build something new we shall erase the past entirely, especially the heritage of a religion which has became an active agent of subversion for our people.

1b2b31  No.13135774


interesting, i come from the veneti people…

f605af  No.13135775

File: db6acf884fb077a⋯.png (289.9 KB, 630x354, 105:59, notre dame.png)

6927ee  No.13135778


They needed it out of the way to build a mosque.

06457e  No.13135780

045dc4  No.13135783

File: 20e3cd0f44d538a⋯.jpg (311.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, masjid1s.jpg)

Don't worry guys, they already have plans for its replacement.

Check out this beautiful middle eastern inspired design.

5e2538  No.13135784

File: 64446476e12763d⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 610x374, 305:187, crusades.jpg)

This makes me fucking angry.

The great Cathedral, ancient symbol of Europe and Christendom, burning down.

This fire is the symbol of the Europe of today, for which nothing is sacred.

Time to Crusade.

390fa1  No.13135785


It clearly is. You can see it through the cloth.

627ec3  No.13135790




>The niggering of France in 100 years

>[don't feed]

>The last non-Black French make up the main attraction in the Parisian Zoo

e216a9  No.13135791

File: 26e2da105c8812b⋯.png (44.66 KB, 440x474, 220:237, Nd Mz 1.png)

File: 6229e5723008420⋯.png (44.09 KB, 433x426, 433:426, Nd Mz 2.png)

File: 915c9e371028ae4⋯.png (43.18 KB, 441x427, 63:61, Nd Mz 3.png)

File: f2160fad20a07bd⋯.png (39.64 KB, 428x391, 428:391, Nd Mz 4.png)

File: baecab2c3f37a02⋯.png (41.64 KB, 438x427, 438:427, Nd Mz 5.png)

They hate us

And yes thats not french name ,i would guess

b68ea1  No.13135792



06457e  No.13135796


There better be something burning after this…otherwise we are FUCKING PUSSIES who deserve all of it.

7e585a  No.13135797


>kike repair company owner hires few shitskins

>just repair this gutter anon Muhammad, it's easy

ab4429  No.13135800

>cheap labor

You goys are missing the point.

(((restoration))) get it?

The burn a symbol of tradition under cover of protecting it.

Check Jewish calendar.

Check news reports for numerology.

06457e  No.13135801


mmmmulticulturalism anon, that is the best that you are ever going to get in a dysfunctional society made up of subhuman trash

f40fe3  No.13135802

You guys kept asking for Kalki,

what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

06fa76  No.13135803

Isn't france where Varg lives?

b39044  No.13135805

File: 597423fc77543a2⋯.png (600.41 KB, 1068x561, 356:187, ClipboardImage.png)


"Some People, Did Something."

bb7860  No.13135806





>tragic loss

Sounds like a good combination for revolution.

06457e  No.13135807

65adc3  No.13135808


>they wouldn't be intelligent enough to understand the significance of it anyway.

Republican sodomite Paris has been lost since the 1700s.

eb2a98  No.13135810


This is perfect for driving a wedge between europeans, especially if Varg takes the bait like he did Christchurch. It'll be blamed on renovations, muslims will laugh, and if Varg opens his hole that's it.

1b2b31  No.13135811

i'm 10,000% sure this was done by niggers, all of the livestreams on every channel everywhere is disabled. they don't want people talking about this and spreading information, they want you to watch your history burn and be fucking quite while it happens.


2c1b9b  No.13135812

File: a569499fb060c9c⋯.png (411.85 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 1555349414139.png)


>*ring ring*


>yes I'm on it

d62bca  No.13135813

File: 25871a8d5796ac4⋯.webm (2.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SHOTO.webm)



06457e  No.13135814


When can we throw them off a building…I like that you are giving us targets to shoot for in advance

627ec3  No.13135815



false flag by Macron?

>Macron is on his way now

>he was going to address the yellow vest situation this evening

>but now that's cancelled and he's busy with this burning Cathedral instead


edcf58  No.13135817

Reichstag 2.0

7106e6  No.13135818


This, unironically.

It's the Muslims that did this.

65e8b9  No.13135819

File: d895dbacc25c6e7⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 326x193, 326:193, 1544419411121.gif)


France is not lost yet, as long as the frogs still croak.

65adc3  No.13135821


Any crisis firemen on scene?

Agreed, probably to distract from the Wikileaks dead hand keys.

06457e  No.13135822


They are probably celebrating at the foot of it…that is the only reason why they would cancel the livestreams so that you couldn't see them celebrating.

8a32d8  No.13135824

>We can't let this become a rallying cry for the right. Do not tolerate conspiracy theories that this was done by muslims.

These news casters are already covering up.

Muslims did this. I can smell it.

0038cf  No.13135825

Oooooooh boy on Easter week also

Christcucks gonna be in rage mode when it's reveaded it was mudshits

1a5a6d  No.13135826

File: 6ec7767f5e1de15⋯.webm (4.42 MB, 490x360, 49:36, Mussolini orders a town t….webm)



Reminds of uncle Ben and his men rebuilding an entire village in 40 days.

c640d3  No.13135828


Wasn't made post-1700s. They couldn't think that back far anyway, let alone "read" about it. This is history beyond the very slow progressive cucking of France that has been in the making for centuries.

daa766  No.13135829

feds if you ever delete my posts again what happens is on you

e216a9  No.13135830

File: 5d34e521072a8ea⋯.png (44.89 KB, 442x423, 442:423, Nd Mz 14.png)

File: 9ce519a3302b698⋯.png (40.68 KB, 431x420, 431:420, Nd Mz 15.png)

File: a1fdea8c6b5f90e⋯.png (43.18 KB, 437x424, 437:424, Nd Mz 16.png)

6d0fbe  No.13135832


I've seen a single firefighter

f40fe3  No.13135833


Fire and Ice

b68ea1  No.13135834

File: 3147754b13b3745⋯.png (481.34 KB, 470x753, 470:753, assange-(you).png)


>Agreed, probably to distract from the Wikileaks dead hand keys.


0038cf  No.13135835


I'm not even a chritian and I'd fight for it, I'm pissed about the burning art. I'll murder a motherfucker

8a32d8  No.13135838


the french government is going to blame this on yellow vests.

a3a7b9  No.13135839

File: 1c665832a9bd880⋯.png (343.98 KB, 536x450, 268:225, drag.png)

>It survived WWII but not Clown World

f80b65  No.13135840


construction workers in londistan are mostly white english people and the odd pole or albanian in the lower level work, muslims dont work

4f5781  No.13135841

16f772  No.13135842


What dead hand keys? I have seen nothing

0ddb4d  No.13135843

File: 6b823c5b94290f6⋯.jpg (60.45 KB, 728x409, 728:409, Lost in thought.jpg)

8e4466  No.13135844

File: 97c10547c509999⋯.jpg (128.58 KB, 794x510, 397:255, -.jpg)





e216a9  No.13135845

File: f740c40e6b2077e⋯.png (41.97 KB, 440x425, 88:85, Nd Mz 17.png)

File: d27cd195fd490e2⋯.png (41.96 KB, 437x421, 437:421, Nd Mz 18.png)

File: 31cd2892247024e⋯.png (39.66 KB, 442x422, 221:211, Nd Mz 19.png)

4f5781  No.13135847

4f5781  No.13135849



Hail chaos

0038cf  No.13135850


Which is obviously false. It's muslims, If I was fremch I'd start stabbing in the name of the old masters

b68ea1  No.13135851



50c00e  No.13135852

File: f0e58bcecca6e19⋯.jpg (134.87 KB, 1023x1024, 1023:1024, 282bbbd36d10e6e8fe014be3af….jpg)


Rage fuel only works in a demoralized populace if you provoke the demoralized into acting. Those who are hoping this wakes people up -those that are hoping for acceleration- forget that only the redpilled can accelerate.

In other words:

Begin redpilling people discussing this

Notre Dame may burn, but the fire that should start is the one inside the masses who don't know what to think.

16f772  No.13135853


>he doesn't even provide a link or evidence to the claim

Fuck off pleb

eb2a98  No.13135854


They won't read that anywhere, and the pope will kiss nigger feet and a quran.

93f8e5  No.13135855


You've Been


3921b7  No.13135857


whoa did they release the keys or announce they will?


4f5781  No.13135859


Don’t the frogs have some 12ga left in civilian hands?

06457e  No.13135860


Way to try and make this about that jewish Rockefeller.

f40fe3  No.13135861


The subconscious implantation of the destruction of Cuckstianity is more important.

eb2a98  No.13135862


link instead of gloat faggot

4f5781  No.13135863




The poop is a nigger lover ewwwww

8a32d8  No.13135865

Anything that happens on a monday/tuesday has a high probability of not being an organic event. Its an event designed to dominate the news cycle.

0038cf  No.13135868


I guess you could say the fire rises.




Very few, I have a feeling after something like this mudshits are going to start being killed in the street after it's revealed to be them

4d85f7  No.13135869


Don't fall for false flags, this comes directly from the fake pope, and is perfectly in line with his ongoing crimes to destroy the Catholic Church for his jewish masters.

c640d3  No.13135870


THIS. everything about the timing is of a horrid stench.

ad1134  No.13135871


028fb1  No.13135873


this, also. there might be a bigger happening going on behind the scenes.

1a5a6d  No.13135874


Oldest trick in the (((book)))

bd2fc4  No.13135875

Good. It should be replaced with a mosque.

Many of white traitors now mourning it's loss were busy yesterday pissing on our Christian heritage.


"Deut 28:63 And it shall come to pass, that as the LORD rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you; so the LORD will rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you to nought; and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it."

"Deut 28:49 The LORD shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand; 50A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young: 51And he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle, and the fruit of thy land, until thou be destroyed: which also shall not leave thee either corn, wine, or oil, or the increase of thy kine, or flocks of thy sheep, until he have destroyed thee. 52And he shall besiege thee in all thy gates, until thy high and fenced walls come down, wherein thou trustedst, throughout all thy land: and he shall besiege thee in all thy gates throughout all thy land, which the LORD thy God hath given thee."


0038cf  No.13135876


I'm already on ot, could use help

b68ea1  No.13135878

File: acf3a1de7d20bcc⋯.jpg (266.55 KB, 926x764, 463:382, magick-eye-jew.jpg)

>>13135860 (You)

>>13135862 (You)

>>13135853 (You)

>>13135842 (You)

Wew lads, the shilling sure ramped up in here

674c41  No.13135880


Needs to do it thoroughly. The police might cover this up.

f40fe3  No.13135882

File: 3b9496b2b0d5317⋯.png (341.52 KB, 1805x819, 1805:819, Religion-ChristianGenocide….png)

File: cbcb00071485387⋯.jpg (445 B, 15x15, 1:1, BypassPepe.jpg)

Become redpilled and turn against Christianity while you still can

8303f8  No.13135883

File: 34b0f55867b75a8⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1786x4650, 893:2325, french funs.png)

File: cff403bac366e80⋯.png (629.56 KB, 400x558, 200:279, French Niggers.png)

File: d2be0e6900e0860⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 477x324, 53:36, frenchies 4.jpg)

If destroying this monument of europe thats stood the test of time for hundreds of years wont make people execute muslims in the street nothing will, how long untill people defend muslims and say they totally didnt do it must have been someone white.

ALL frenchies ITT get a gun ASAP, im sure the yellow vests will shoot or be shot at first by the police

8a32d8  No.13135884


stop derailing the thread faggot

4f5781  No.13135887

File: 1f64e4ec25c126d⋯.jpeg (19.76 KB, 191x264, 191:264, 999F95F9-53A4-43C2-A421-A….jpeg)


Good! It may be too little too late but the frogs need some fucking pep in their step again



0038cf  No.13135889


I don't care about muh chritianity, I care about the art. I'll re paint the shit with they're blood.

8a8a1d  No.13135890

File: 912da44a83eb35d⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 709x399, 709:399, sam-hyde.jpg_quality=65&st….jpg)


2c1b9b  No.13135892


Nigga even if you're not a Christian you can still appreciate the cathedral

50b1fb  No.13135895

almost certainly intentional

the timing is too perfect

f40fe3  No.13135898

File: 7e820be0c5a5812⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 620x310, 2:1, web3-cathedral-vs-basilica….jpg)



>Gothic architecture

>Not Romanesque


eb2a98  No.13135899


link or kys

b68ea1  No.13135900


Fuck off nigger, I'm talking about how this is clearly a false attack.

bb7860  No.13135901


Shitting on christianity is fine, shitting on your European heritage is not.

031b8c  No.13135903

This isn't the pinnacle, but just another strike in a long drawn climb to the end of western civilization. We called it anons; will they still believe it was it worth it when the jewels are gone?

53dcee  No.13135904

Holy shit, it hurts so much to see that

e0452a  No.13135905


What's ours about that heritage is art and engineering, not some shit quotes from some fucking Jew book. Join godly niggers over at


7bf47b  No.13135906


Just don't reply to obvious bait


You too

c1a3a3  No.13135907

File: a8a7aea06e22547⋯.jpg (124.73 KB, 640x659, 640:659, Answer to snackbar deus vu….jpg)

Let me guess it will be replaced with a mosque.

Burn the fucking cube.

6deffd  No.13135908

File: fb40580dc6eb02d⋯.jpg (519.9 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, hanks.jpg)


You again ? Stop with that shit !

0038cf  No.13135910


Yea,, i was thinking there would be at least one guard there too, this is sketch

8237b2  No.13135911


Roman looks oddly similar to how mosques look.

f40fe3  No.13135914

File: fe43103cbf543a0⋯.jpg (32.25 KB, 500x588, 125:147, afbdf41fa9bb6013c5841469fe….jpg)


Christianity is the reason that true European heritage no longer exists.

9c20c1  No.13135915

File: 357048712223740⋯.gif (45.57 KB, 336x195, 112:65, Aldo.gif)

65adc3  No.13135916





Pick one.

8f1587  No.13135917

File: ae61fe644f04b9b⋯.webm (5.77 MB, 900x506, 450:253, evil.webm)

the beginning of the end ?

0038cf  No.13135918


If anyome had balls they'd burn the mousques in france for payback or pull a brenton

bb9c09  No.13135919

Fuck this shit. I'm getting drunk tonight. Jesus fucking Christ.

44d490  No.13135921

File: ca8b5ea59ac0fc9⋯.png (101.37 KB, 827x1183, 827:1183, D4NrLmMX4AEzohr.png)

File: 1ea3d84f613e70c⋯.png (84.93 KB, 827x868, 827:868, D4NrLmOWAAYuFwU.png)

File: 4138ee2a395aaa3⋯.png (124.46 KB, 737x1200, 737:1200, D4NrLmMWsAEuIgc.png)





9319a4  No.13135922

File: 9850ec565211021⋯.png (518.79 KB, 641x596, 641:596, Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 1….png)


458a20  No.13135923

File: 78bc5bdc486d98a⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1308x870, 218:145, 1555352884920.png)


RIP frenchies.

I was there a couple years ago and it's surreal knowing it's not there anymore.

Wonder what they'll do with the site.

Do you think they'll rebuild it, make something new in its place or just leave it like ground zero?

57450a  No.13135924


Theres a reason for that, Mudslimes, incapable of creating their own culture, simply re-purposed roman temples, like the Hagia Sofia.

e0452a  No.13135926


The only thing Christcucks are good at is worshipping kikes and killing whites who don't worship kikes. So, which is it going to be this time?

06457e  No.13135927


> this is clearly a false attack.

There is not cathedral burning, clearly this is false.

c51635  No.13135928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f0da87  No.13135929


It's almost like semites of all stripes have a habit of copying other civilizations.

0038cf  No.13135930


Kill em all I say, I'm done with this slow poisoning shit.

9319a4  No.13135931

File: b37268610e56329⋯.png (313.48 KB, 636x422, 318:211, Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 1….png)

two days ago

390fa1  No.13135932


It’s no coincidence, the mosques are based off this specific architecture, which was probably originally associated with temples to Jupiter. The “gothic style” is a newer architecture roughly inspired by the late temples of Apollo, but with several inovations that give it its originality.

b368e1  No.13135933


Fuck you Trump.

e7be7c  No.13135936


Notre Flame

4f5781  No.13135938


Of corse they are. Fucking semite mudshits are awful

458a20  No.13135940


>a single literally who's tweet

Almost as bad as 4/pol/

447100  No.13135941


>historic nation

Literally who.

7106e6  No.13135942


I bet 1 Internets it's going to be a place of Multi-religious worship.

b368e1  No.13135943


>Its a shame that future generations will lose a lot more than a beautiful church.

If those future generations are niggers, then no, its not a shame at all.

15db81  No.13135945

If that retard varg opens his cunt mouth about this I hope someone hunts him down and makes him eat his dead children.

0038cf  No.13135946

b368e1  No.13135947


jews aren't white bro.

a3b28a  No.13135948

France deserves this

447100  No.13135949


Fuck off to /liberty/ if you are even in half a way defending a kike.

ab7c3f  No.13135950


fuck off christcuck

L'Église est une ennemie mortelle de la race blanche, et Paris est une ville de nègres, de bougnoules et de gauchistes.

50c00e  No.13135951


Same principle applies. No one realizes how cucked (((christianity))) is unless they're redpilled. Even christians who are christian in name only see this as just a historical building burning and need someone to redpill them over this. Meanwhile the christcucks are waiting for their next reminder about how this could be prevented if they just got along with their muslim brothers in (((christ))).


> go to /his/

> only sources are superficial

> mix in catholic propaganda anyway

>> unsourced so no one calls you out on it

Bluepilled /his/torians = jewish historians

ad1134  No.13135952

This has me really bothered. Even 9/11 didn't phase me.

bb7860  No.13135953


Filtered. I can do without this edginess in this thread.

397ea9  No.13135955

File: ff9face85aa6301⋯.jpeg (294.33 KB, 1242x1596, 207:266, B7735175-45D6-47D0-8823-9….jpeg)


bb9c09  No.13135956


Get fucked. The French were the only ones who stood up. And I have hated the frogs for most my life.

2cada3  No.13135957


I'm guessing one of the following:

- Mossad Christian demoralization psyop flavour of the week

- Deep state signal that the AntiChrist has arrived and Armeggedon looms

- Random faggotry / hunchback didn't fully extinguish his cigarette on his 5min break

b368e1  No.13135958


The state of modern Europe in visual format.

e0452a  No.13135959


I would much rather see everything destroyed than left to shitskins.

7269fc  No.13135960

File: 9e91a10e1a2fd44⋯.jpg (43.93 KB, 500x708, 125:177, 1420030563626-0.jpg)


I have neither words nor memes sufficient to express my anger and disgust.

447100  No.13135961


Who are you fooling?

a3b28a  No.13135962


You know what, fuck you, France is shit and they haven't stood up for fucking anything

e0452a  No.13135963


Godly spics and (((brothers in faith))) are waiting for you at


78b473  No.13135964

At least the fire should show more discontent with the masses. It pains me to see the destruction of such beauty, that even the German high command refused to destroy when they were routed out of Paris. God damn the savages.

8303f8  No.13135965


Well, he's right since our population was very low and only ever reached 8 million, and it still hasnt reached 7 million even after 200 years, it was only around 3 million before the 1800s. so if he did murder millions of irish druid then i wouldnt exist because all of ireland would be wiped out.

but he's still a christcuck that believes in one of the big 3 abrahamic religions

0038cf  No.13135966

>people singing in the street


458a20  No.13135967


Who gives a shit what some random ass merchant says?

I'd get angry if it was a major politician or something, not some kike kid larping as Che

4d85f7  No.13135968


The people who could build an architecture like this were exterminated by jews.

f40fe3  No.13135970


The time for redpilling is over.

e698ee  No.13135971

They're saying accident but I sense the hand of the sand nigger here.

8a32d8  No.13135973

File: 08e7be54f0544f2⋯.png (15.99 KB, 341x410, 341:410, ClipboardImage.png)


Use ad block to block their propaganda popup.

b368e1  No.13135974


That doesn't enrage me though, I just find it kind of funny.

This is what happens when you do what the French have done, and I have no pity for them at this point. They betrayed their racial brethren repeatedly, and did not fight against their destruction, and now they are actively being destroyed, and they're somehow surprised by it.

Best part is, the Yellow Vests will get blamed for it, and then they'll build a mosque on top.

e7be7c  No.13135975


If it is sandniggers, I just hope nobody burns down a mosque in retaliation. God forbid anyone should be in it at the time.

It's unthinkable. I think we all agree that it's best to believe the MSM in this one, particular case

bb9c09  No.13135976


Absolutely fucking kill yourself mate. Despicable.

25f537  No.13135978

Imagine letting hoards of Muslim extremists into your country unchecked and not expecting them to destroy your most treasured national religious monument.

b368e1  No.13135979




>This soulless country is dead


0038cf  No.13135981


I would, not even joking.

a3b28a  No.13135982


Oh fuck off, Frenchies are garbage people

8e4466  No.13135983

File: 12aa0d3e987c6fe⋯.jpg (99.26 KB, 915x490, 183:98, -.jpg)

File: 2734d7e79761faa⋯.jpg (95.98 KB, 625x467, 625:467, --.jpg)





e0452a  No.13135984


Nice D&C attempt, Moshe.

50b1fb  No.13135985

File: 862a4cdc6eaa633⋯.png (354.32 KB, 628x882, 314:441, kike.png)

oy vey

7b5986  No.13135988



>Place your bets for shitskin burning it down.

>I say let the fucker burn down, accelerate! If a glorious city like Paris needs to be reduced to ruins and rubble, i say let it happen. Because in that ruin of a once great city i will find my brothers again. They will see the rubble and finally realise what has happened to their ancestral lands!



The nignogs cum in her ensure drink only for Macron to swipe it and drink it first.

6927ee  No.13135989


I just pray nobody burns them all down, and starts slaughtering muslims in the streets.

That would just be horrible.

447100  No.13135990


Get ublock you dullard.

44d490  No.13135991

File: b6629ffc053d565⋯.png (112.18 KB, 754x948, 377:474, obgihj.png)



06457e  No.13135992


Actually the semites mention in their plan to destroy Europe that they would target France first for destruction.

9715a4  No.13135994


Sweden had ~50 fires totaling ~250 sq km last summer and had to call in extra firefighters and equipment from all over Europe.

California: 7664 sq km

d68863  No.13135995

So, what are (((they))) saying the cause of the fire was? I'm sure they won't admit it was an attack/intentional act of arson.

a3b28a  No.13135996


>French Frogs actually doing anything

lol, that's a new one

e0452a  No.13135997


>This soulless country is dead, if we want to build something new we shall erase the past entirely, especially the heritage of a religion which has became an active agent of subversion for our people.

This times infinity

0038cf  No.13135999


((( accendent ))) of course.

e7be7c  No.13136003


Ha! Ha! Good joke there anon, I see it's subtlety that others may miss.

9f193f  No.13136004

>"…After his release from prison, Vikernes moved to France with his wife and children"


9157a0  No.13136005



093d6a  No.13136006


It's so intentional and I'm worried seeing the rest of that plan carry through, it's been building up for so long that the results will begin showing but only to those who notice.

bb9c09  No.13136007


Before the yellow vest movement I would've agreed. But they've changed my mind, and seeing beautiful European architecture go up in flames is fucking heartbreaking.

We should be uniting, not cursing the French. And saying they deserve this, that's retarded. Though I do get your anger, focus it on our real enemy.

1a5a6d  No.13136009

File: 5ea8dcaffeca97d⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 594x404, 297:202, boris_rothschild.jpg)

6426 days since 9/11.

64 squares on a chess board.

26 letters in the alphabet.

0fd2d8  No.13136011

File: 5bd243ce563399b⋯.jpg (472.55 KB, 1880x2100, 94:105, missile strike.jpg)

All Varg jokes aside, we need a thousand St. Brentons as retribution. I hate the cross as much as the next guy, but this is our architecture and heritage.

28cd9f  No.13136012

File: 3496acb2cdd0e8f⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2768x1759, 2768:1759, WhiteArtVol1-184.jpg)


b368e1  No.13136016


And its entirely meaningless.

You will do nothing.

50c00e  No.13136017


>The time for redpilling is over.

If that is true then don't count on anyone taking action. Congrats, now this board has no reason to exist since redpilling is the primary reason it exists, and why jews shill here constantly.

Redpilling = People having a reason to act.

No reason to act = No Acceleration.

Stay defeated.

b68ea1  No.13136018

File: a6061dff0444357⋯.png (397.09 KB, 350x621, 350:621, pepe.png)

0038cf  No.13136019


But I'm not, I'd take my guns out in a heartbeat and lolocaust some shitskins if any where near me.

6927ee  No.13136020


>So, what are (((they))) saying the cause of the fire was?

Rolling for global warming…

a0acb4  No.13136021




093d6a  No.13136022



There's many to blame them for, especially falling prey, but they are related enough that action NEEDS to be taken in their ancestors' names.

e216a9  No.13136023


french are manipulated as other people. You got your latino we have arabs but kike's dialectic is the same.

a3b28a  No.13136025


The yellow vest shit hasn't done a fucking goddamn thing, it's just a bunch of retarded frenchies being homos

26fcd8  No.13136026


What the fuck are you talking about?

e7be7c  No.13136027

Anyone know if Notre Dame had been bought by a jew recently? Those insurance premiums can be prohibitive

b368e1  No.13136028


>Before the yellow vest movement I would've agreed

Then you're fucking stupid, because the Yellow Vest movement, from what I've seen, is just a bunch of Boomers and other faggots marching around in the street getting gassed and doing antifa-tier street activity shit.

1c5c8e  No.13136030


ofc they do they will even tell it right into your face if you manage to bait them sufficiently. they are the enemy. IT's A CULTURAL WAR and the majority doesnt get it because their everyday life circle is for the most part uninterrupted by it… its like the experiment of boiling a living frog,… slowly turning up the heat , it won't notice until its too late…

639db6  No.13136033


bb9c09  No.13136037


Optics. There were also banners calling Macron a who're of the jews. That's more than I've seen in my country.

e7be7c  No.13136039


Ah fuck it then anon. A man's gotta do…

50b1fb  No.13136040




this isn't the US

everything isn't for sale here

b368e1  No.13136042


>If that is true then don't count on anyone taking action.

I think that's kind of the point. We are out of time, and it appears we have failed to sufficiently 'redpill' our volk as to bring about action.

They are still demoralized, apathetic, deracinated and alienated, and time is up.

de2518  No.13136043

did Brenton start the fire?

eb2a98  No.13136044

rolling for holocaust

5dfd01  No.13136046










eeb61c  No.13136047


>the jewish worker

Nice contronym

Seriously though if they find out kebabs are behind this France better find its balls to retaliate, they literally lost a part of their history today.

2c1b9b  No.13136048

File: ee97ed2d40c4fe0⋯.png (75.79 KB, 220x230, 22:23, 14528208 612.png)

0038cf  No.13136049


Then who owned it?

b368e1  No.13136050




>There were also banners calling Macron a who're of the jews.

Wowee! A fucking banner! Oh that's surely going to turn things around man!

>That's more than I've seen in my country.

Then you're fucked.

3921b7  No.13136051


muslims dont build shit, all their best mosques were originally christian cathedrals suck as the blue mosk or the hagia sophia. md slimes dont work thats what caffers are for.

639db6  No.13136052

They are blaming it on "renovation" but no way this was not intentional, and revenge for ChristChurch. Timing is far too cohencidental.

1fdaaa  No.13136053

>>13136044 Checked

You got half a holocaust.

093d6a  No.13136054


What's your country? Are you acting more?

7106e6  No.13136055


The Church of France, probably.

But it's a valid question and should be answered.

458a20  No.13136056

File: 60069d2ca3d6320⋯.jpg (368.6 KB, 1412x1411, 1412:1411, 1535638396713.jpg)


>the kiwi was warning us all along

ad1134  No.13136057


If this turns out to be revenge for Christ Church then Tarrant is the most successful lone wolf terrorist of all time.

639db6  No.13136061



e7be7c  No.13136066


It's prime real estate

They could build a little memorial next to the new mosque

639db6  No.13136067


They will never admit it was Mudslimes. We may never know.

a3b28a  No.13136068

File: 6be97314398f6fb⋯.jpg (76.48 KB, 561x622, 561:622, content_renaissance_man.jpg)

With modern technology they could rebuild the entire cathedral 100% exactly as it was without anyone noticing a difference in about a year, but because the French are worthless faggots and catholicucks are homos they'll never do a fucking thing and just replace it with some retarded "modern" glass shit, so that's why I don't give a fuck. This isn't the first time a fire has wiped out old shit

50c00e  No.13136069


The words of a defeatist like your 10 posts represent don't matter.

1716a7  No.13136073


the force it's gonna make the whole thing collapse

bd2fc4  No.13136075


>Jew book

>I'm unaware kikes lied about being jewish too.

What you call "jewish" you fedora tipping nigger, is an 8th century Satanic tribe that converted to a dead religion and modified it.

Rev 2:9 "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Rev3:9 "the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;"

ad1134  No.13136076



Tarrant is the most successful lone wolf terrorist uniformed partisan comatant of all time


b368e1  No.13136079


Not really, no. It might well be just renovations.

It might also be active intent.

We have no info at present, nor are we liable to receive trust-worthy info in the days to come.


None of your fucking business, and this isn't about me.

The entire fucking West is like this.

You faggots are raising glasses over a bunch of boomers wandering around getting gassed and burning restaurant frontage, because hey, ya know what? They've got a BANNER! And it said mean things about jews and politicians!

I'm sure that'll fix France right up!

… That's the sort of sentiment you put forth, and when I called you on it, you tried to throw it back at my feet. Speaks for itself.

bb9c09  No.13136081


It's a fucking start you absolute moron. You expect people to go to their markets one day and the next take up arms to kill their oppressors?

8a1cd7  No.13136083


If they aren't going to do their jobs as journalists, it's the public's job to figure out who was on the renovation team and their backgrounds.

b368e1  No.13136085


Defeatist? That's what you're going with eh?

Well then, its your fault I'm a defeatist, because you have utterly failed to instill in me a sense that you even know what the fuck is happening around you, let alone that you're gonna do anything to stop it.

So fuck you.

7269fc  No.13136086

File: a1f8e3804f234e0⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 843x800, 843:800, honk.jpg)


>How dare you scold me for celebrating your cultural demise in real time

The honking's gonna get real loud before the quiet finally comes.

6927ee  No.13136087

File: 9556789cd353c10⋯.jpg (89.11 KB, 1000x435, 200:87, Future.jpg)


>the beginning of the end ?

The end of this world? The way it is today?

I hope so.

The end of whites?

Of course not.

c7d0f4  No.13136088


The media doesn't need to admit anything, the shitskins themselves will gloat about it on every social media as they always do.

02a354  No.13136090


They should replace it with a big fat statue of a clown

06457e  No.13136091

File: 3c3a346a5cc952f⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, baalbek_geometry.jpg)

File: 4d4140809261e6d⋯.jpg (334.18 KB, 1280x857, 1280:857, pyramid of inscriptions ri….JPG)

File: eb4ff561280f6fc⋯.jpg (322.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, stonework ancient ruins te….jpg)

File: 688dbe9e6c1b362⋯.jpg (79.14 KB, 652x650, 326:325, Sri-Ulagalantha-Perumal-Te….jpg)

File: e6846d2e9c0f469⋯.jpg (89.74 KB, 564x745, 564:745, Ruins of the Great Temple ….jpg)


This is the way it is with all subhuman cultures though WE OCCUPY AND BUILD and then they genocide us and come in and say that they did it…even though with modern tech they can't even come close NOW to what we built back then….the only solution IS ETHNOGLOBE or we can go extinct…the choice is up to you guys. Have you ever seen the sandnigger BUILD ANYTHING? They hire Whites to design build and engineer EVERYTHING all their cities are built, designed and engineered by White/Europeans.

50b1fb  No.13136092

8e4466  No.13136094


>With modern faggots

>they could rebuild


5f8826  No.13136095

File: d332c2934ef9a12⋯.png (404.68 KB, 500x608, 125:152, D3ouz4_UcAAYd3e.png)

So was it diversity or an accelarationist?

the time is too convenient for both

2cada3  No.13136096


That is some extremely esoteric numerology / personal cosmology, but what if the kikes were merely a puppet of a greater power intent on dividing and conquering all humankind? i.e., the {{{Rothschilds}}}

b368e1  No.13136097


>It's a fucking start

If you pull out a fucking start when you're neck deep in mud, you're going to die, because you should've started much fucking sooner, you faggot.

>You expect people to go to their markets one day and the next take up arms to kill their oppressors?

Yes. And if they won't, they're doomed.

e7be7c  No.13136098


>retarded "modern" glass shit

or 'jewish architecture' as it's known. They cannot comprehend beauty

bb9c09  No.13136100


>The entire fucking West is like this.

>You faggots

Nice way to oust yourself, heeb.

8a32d8  No.13136101

File: 3ffc2df6b8d5b72⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1060x2014, 10:19, db0f2422a8acdaa48e3d78fea1….png)


2c1b9b  No.13136102

File: bd1c8b4eb5a4b0b⋯.jpg (254.94 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 1555353487337.jpg)

15db81  No.13136104

I'm done with this shithole. Hurr durr "chirstcuck christcuck" go eat shit and die all of you.

bd2fc4  No.13136106


>Christianity is the reason that true European heritage no longer exists.

>(((kiked)))-stianity is the reason that true European heritage no longer exists.


a3b28a  No.13136108


I'l wager everyone on here $1000000000000000000 it'll look something like this


1814d9  No.13136109

Possibly Mossad to frame yellow vest protesters, but could also just be invaders.

eb2a98  No.13136110

File: 95e19916f2f9545⋯.jpg (2.73 MB, 2250x1346, 1125:673, 1322203263414.jpg)


3 gorillion is all I need

beacc4  No.13136111

File: a10bc67e8f9b402⋯.jpg (121.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, finehonk.jpg)

8a32d8  No.13136112


Thats just the D&C Druid Shills. Don't listen to them.

2cada3  No.13136114


You can't do a bank run any more, all modern banks have "withdraw limits" to prevent you from getting any funny ideas. The GPS enabled smartphone in your pocket is just a tracking device for your owners. They know who you are, they can time personalized disinfo down to the second. They want you to kill yourself; instead, I plan on being the last human being alive on this planet.

ad1134  No.13136115


>buttmad over shills

Your newfag is showing. Shills have always been here. Jews had Jesus more than anything.


This is physically painful.

06457e  No.13136116


You have that kind of money?

8f1587  No.13136117

File: 57b4864ef87539a⋯.png (58.62 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Dow2_portrait_derosa.png)




they have but it would be stupid:

it will make everything colapse,burn instantly and destroy the rest of the inestimable piece of art and artefacts..

b368e1  No.13136119


I'm fully aware, so its not me my man. And trying hide behind "Y-y-you're a jew!" is the utmost cowardice.

I'm not a jew, I'm a European man, and I'm mocking you and deriding you for your weakness, because you deserve it.

f40fe3  No.13136120


DIDF, they're so annoying.

c414cc  No.13136121

this is what happens when server owner doesnt turn off fire spreading

whoever griefed this is gunna get banned so hard

8a1cd7  No.13136123


Would it really be that difficult to compare liberal responses to disasters against muslims and muslim responses against whites to really show that leftist's beliefs aren't reciprocated by those they make their pets.

639db6  No.13136124


Timing is just far too suspicious.

06457e  No.13136125


>This is physically painful.

Are you kidding I am laughing at that abomination

6bf375  No.13136127

File: c3f940bfd8a9a9b⋯.webm (8.16 MB, 636x360, 53:30, Iraeli_childrens_tv.webm)

File: d8ee128af716361⋯.webm (6.95 MB, 800x450, 16:9, deusvult.webm)



a3b28a  No.13136128

File: 92d5d7516fcff32⋯.jpg (950.2 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, xcfv.jpg)


They're just the usual Pagan LARPers that spam every thread here, most are probably fedora tipping atheists

07b8d6  No.13136130


>Place your bets for shitskin

It was almost certainly the Reno work that is the cause

d3bf23  No.13136131

trump commenting on the fire live.

ad1134  No.13136132


Your laughter is only covering your psychic horror. In the end whether my laughter or tears this ends with bared fangs and rended flesh.

50c00e  No.13136133

File: 21fbe4d4518be8d⋯.png (419.56 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 21fbe4d4518be8dee2816817f8….png)


> fuck you it's your fault I'm a defeatist

First day at the JIDF? Thanks for the laugh. Ask your rabbi for tips and past scripts. They did a better job.

f40fe3  No.13136135

File: 35b50698279b1a0⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 228x221, 228:221, 465.jpg)

This actually is fine.

b368e1  No.13136137


>You can't do a bank run any more

So burn the bank.

>The GPS enabled smartphone

Tear down the towers.

>They know who you are

Burn the servers.

>They want you to kill yourself

Kill them?

There are options here which simply are not being employed, which could be employed at any time, because even the fucking Yellow Vests still believe there is a political solution.

d3bf23  No.13136138


he's at burnsville.

a3b28a  No.13136140


I'm not listening to that jew

8a32d8  No.13136142


druid/pol needs to take their shit to another board

christian threads are not allowed, theres no reason to allow DND larping.

06457e  No.13136144


Fuck that nigger! I tweeted to him that he could put all the invaders in the sanctuary cities as long as he nuked them afterward and he deleted my tweet.

b368e1  No.13136146

File: 7b43e07c7f98799⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 521x361, 521:361, Lets Make Some Grass Grow.JPG)


Hey man, if you're going to pout and call me a defeatist because I don't pretend the Yellow Vests are indicative of imminent change in France, then I'm going to say its your fault for the Yellow Vests being such shit.

Nice pic though, saved.

15db81  No.13136147




These fags need to be cordoned off to some containment board or something. Shitting up /pol/ is their life's work it seems.

8a32d8  No.13136148


I've long thought about how the best ways to take down the smart grid would be. I think that would be a great way to get the normal faggots agitated.

06457e  No.13136149



ae9069  No.13136150

File: 014e43ef0706e8a⋯.webm (8.23 MB, 412x240, 103:60, macron simulator.webm)

e216a9  No.13136153

one day i will have to explain to americans what is happening in france ,why,who is behind that (not just saying kikes even if we know it's them but by doing infographs showing who's who) ,how kikes dialectic work in france and on french ,why people don't do nothing,why there's no big nationalist organisations because when i see answer here ,i feel like there's too much misunderstanding and a lack of ignorance how what's going on in france and why french people seems passive.

For now appreciate typing on your board because you don't understand that in europe it's getting critical year by year,month by month,day by day.

probably some of us didnt know but :



it's getting fucked up.

3921b7  No.13136156


your correct but lets keep this thread on track. search for kazarian mafia for those interested, but we need to organize a genocide. someone Molotov a mosque and see how long it takes for the fire department to show…..nows your best bet while distracted and smoke will not be noticed.

35618c  No.13136157

File: d6bab0a3ec9afe6⋯.jpg (363.49 KB, 1079x974, 1079:974, Screenshot_2019-04-15-14-5….jpg)


8a32d8  No.13136158


give yourself to christ heathen

b368e1  No.13136159


Fuck Trump.

He talks mad shit, meanwhile hes importing more mud than Obongo ever did, and calling for more.

He's even worse than Macron, as at least Macron acknowledges hes a pussy, while Trump does the Amerika Boomer LARP shit while his daughter gets fucked by a kike and his lil mischling grandkids run around cheering for diversity and AIDS.

bb9c09  No.13136160


If that is the case, then I suppose this event is a good thing indeed. Since I'm furious as all fuck. You may be right, though in my country things aren't as bad as France.

Maybe you deriding me and my culture will be fruitful in the long run. But right now this is making us lash out at eachother. And I don't like it.

06457e  No.13136161


>I think that would be a great way to get the normal faggots agitated.

You will give your people as prey to the NIGGER HORDE but better now than later when there are even more of them

c78375  No.13136163

File: 3b8aebc77a5ad17⋯.png (6 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Don't let them.png)

b68ea1  No.13136164

File: 0948b55082471ab⋯.png (234.04 KB, 873x826, 873:826, serious-honk.png)

In the future, this will be regarded as a major inflection point.

b368e1  No.13136165


No thanks, no jews in Europe please.

8a32d8  No.13136166


varg is anti-white

73fcdc  No.13136167

File: c237179d93f4baf⋯.png (86.69 KB, 424x292, 106:73, 1507363879708.png)


>tfw now feel hype

bad poster, this is bad moment to feel like being part of an epic

Unless it's the beggining to a crusade

6bf375  No.13136168

File: 6718e341a0e9b80⋯.webm (3.13 MB, 427x240, 427:240, crusade.webm)




639db6  No.13136170

File: 92209e13de99024⋯.jpg (149.01 KB, 980x979, 980:979, courtesy-of-hbo-7-15553309….jpg)

An anon mentioned on last night's Game of Thrones they featured a boy burning in a ritual sacrifice hanging from a spiral. COINCIDENCE?

a3b28a  No.13136171


They are, but chodemonkey is a retarded half-breed and gave up moderating

c87ac6  No.13136175


>censoring names

are you from plebbit?

8a1cd7  No.13136176


I suspect it's something along the lines of a muslim working on the renovation team. Realistically it would have been difficult for a visitor to start a fire like that. It's been a few years since I've been to Notre Dame but I don't remember them letting people upstairs.

However, the likelihood that there were non-Christians and people who don't like French culture on the renovation team is extremely high, considering how diverse Paris is and how there's such a large push for diversity and quotas. Just my two cents but if you want to figure out who the fuck did this the first place to look is who was on the renovation team.

9157a0  No.13136177

b368e1  No.13136178


>Since I'm furious as all fuck.

And I have no faith in you to do fucking anything.

Prove me wrong and I shall laud you as a hero. Fail, and I will mock you as you deserve. There is no alternative.

>Maybe you deriding me and my culture will be fruitful in the long run.

Gods willing Anon

>But right now this is making us lash out at eachother. And I don't like it.

I don't expect you would. But sometimes you have to be hard on people you love. And so I'm going to be as hard as I can on you.

Because you can take it.

8303f8  No.13136179




Where do all you honkcucks come from? 4cuck? reddit? im pretty sure in the national socialist future you will be put into the camps along with the jews, marxists and the other undesirables.

8a32d8  No.13136180


Its not a spiral. Its two swastikas overlayed.

06457e  No.13136183





098133  No.13136184

File: 025d3fb90b78d2a⋯.png (122.85 KB, 1208x1404, 302:351, 025.png)

8e4466  No.13136185



7d06e7  No.13136186


He's not wrong.

2c4c04  No.13136188

File: 14a15e8669da2b9⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2304x3072, 3:4, Islamic_Prayer_calling_tow….JPG)

Guys don't think of it as a tragedy. Think of it as an opportunity to be more inclusive. That spire that burned down? We can build a Minaret so that our Islamic brothers and sisters can indulge in our French culture. :^)

674c41  No.13136189



ad1134  No.13136190


oosh digits

e216a9  No.13136191


no that wasn't my screenshots.

i posted others ,i'm still saving everything no worries i will show you.

bb9c09  No.13136192


I guess we do see eye to eye. And you're right, I haven't done enough. But I fucking will.

a3b28a  No.13136194


The clown shit started over on cuckchan, so yes, they're cuckchanners

3f31f1  No.13136196


b368e1  No.13136197


This much is very, very true.

Where were you when Notre Dame burned?

8a32d8  No.13136198

I bet my entire anime collection they build a mosque ontop of the ruins of the cathedral.

639db6  No.13136199


Holy shit. Cohen-cidence indeed.

a0acb4  No.13136200




































50c00e  No.13136201


There's no reason to pout over you. Your pathetic attempts are genuinely entertaining for how poor they are. You don't fit in at all and have fooled 0 people.

Even your post is try and get back on track for what message you're shilling now that you've been caught. It's a tangent to past defeatism scripts to spread the message of:

> x attempt to strike back is ineffectual

> it's your fault they're ineffectual

< i.e. fool target to own fault, feel guilt, feel powerless

You're easily recycling scripts because they're reliant on the same logic. I'm actually glad you're terrible at your job because newfags will see this and learn how to spot you and others.

7106e6  No.13136202

File: 0208e2494f07e3e⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 500x744, 125:186, 2ynkdz.jpg)

6bf375  No.13136203

Any updates? I don't have talmudvision.

eb2a98  No.13136204


I knew he'd open his hole.

b368e1  No.13136206


>this is bad moment to feel like being part of an epic


>Unless it's the beggining to a crusade

Get cracking nigger. Or watch every church in Europe burn, and much more that is far more valuable… Not that you fucking jews haven't already burned more in European culture than we'll ever get back, but all the same.

06457e  No.13136208


My take was that they were faggot globohomos trying to gain traction on the board again…

4f5781  No.13136209



Hear here

0038cf  No.13136211


Agreed. Be out for blood on these sub humans

bf36a9  No.13136212

File: 913bab1987f247f⋯.png (258.99 KB, 750x293, 750:293, luther.png)

I know who was behind this

e7be7c  No.13136213

File: f8701cbd5bf77fa⋯.png (464.59 KB, 399x480, 133:160, theendisnigh.PNG)


perhaps this is the beginning of the Rapture

ad1134  No.13136214


It's my pleasure to immediately filter you in every thread.

8f1587  No.13136215



he is retarded. he is mixing religion with people…

55bcd2  No.13136216


Can Codemonkey please finally IP ban the entire city this guy lives in?

8a1cd7  No.13136218


No, it'll be a multicultural worship center where muslims are treated like the victims and get whatever they want. Something this big they'll try and get white cucks to bend over and not explicitly give this away.

6f1acf  No.13136219


It was either a Jew or a diversity hire working on the restoration.

Ultimately it doesn't matter - it will probably get blamed on the yellow vests.

a0acb4  No.13136220


Whatever is the most optimal solution to acceleration. Could be anything really, be creative!

06457e  No.13136222





6927ee  No.13136223

File: bf6b3cbf4b67397⋯.jpg (38.81 KB, 436x575, 436:575, ChristAndThor.jpg)


More likely Jews larping as Pagans.

Most people become Pagan to reject everything from the middle east, they don't celebrate the destruction of white history nor the destruction of white works of grandeur and artistic creation.

Most Pagans do not follow Varg's philosophy, they don't hate Christians…

But Jews hate whites, Christian or not.

7d06e7  No.13136224


So, just like the Christians do?

3f56bc  No.13136227

File: e57954fa53e1f47⋯.png (635.55 KB, 725x410, 145:82, everythingisburning.png)

4829e2  No.13136230

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>implying sand wasn't involved

b368e1  No.13136231


>There's no reason to pout over you

Yet, here you are, pouting and trying to seem strong, yet coming off as a weak toothless cuckold.

>You don't fit in at all and have fooled 0 people.

Pure cuckoldry.

>now that you've been caught

You are AIDS my man. Weak, mealy mouthed, cuckold. Pathetic. Hiding behind "y-y-you're a shill!" and "y-y-you're a jew!" and its so fucking hollow, so pitifully weak.

You should genuinely consider suicide I think, that post was just so fucking gay.

e9854b  No.13136233

File: 9395c3c931c2e87⋯.png (46.15 KB, 734x454, 367:227, vargfags.png)

File: 5a62ecb7522232c⋯.jpg (20.01 KB, 305x315, 61:63, 1469827972062-1.jpg)

File: 77f56251d7ec7bc⋯.png (312.34 KB, 582x630, 97:105, 1447777552061-0.png)

File: cd3455183271a30⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1447799720721-0.jpg)

File: 67c9bf07dd8f622⋯.png (335.95 KB, 600x642, 100:107, smugvamp.png)


>there are still people who think these fags aren't fedoras in a new outfit

ad1134  No.13136234


Obviously if a bunch of mosques caught fire this would be linked to the Notre Dame buring regardless of what actually started the Notre Dame fire. This would then lead to other reprisals. Thus mosque arson would be the logical step that Tarrant would do if he were free. I do not endorse this because it's illegal.

06457e  No.13136235


Right up to the day the next Saint takes an AK or a flamethrower to them all. Those prayer meets outside would be the PERFECT opportunity for the next Saint.

bb9c09  No.13136236

They will blame the Yellow Vests.

8a32d8  No.13136237

File: 0d36c9e04eb0fa0⋯.png (662.86 KB, 550x413, 550:413, ClipboardImage.png)



951ad9  No.13136238

>Accelerate by burning down priceless and historical legacies of the peoples of Europe

Fuck off. I don't even like the accelerationist mindset and even I know that's not what accelerationism is about. Accelerationism is electing fucking retards who'll censor and punish whites, not watching historical fucking landmarks burn to the ground. This stinks of a fucking kike post.

3f31f1  No.13136239

File: ec59880fb600dba⋯.png (261.89 KB, 757x624, 757:624, ec59880fb600dba0c847a495fc….png)

b368e1  No.13136240





Push the buttons as hard as you can while the pushing is good.

7d06e7  No.13136243

Great spokesman. He has a long career ahead of him.

0038cf  No.13136244


You could always ask the guys from baphomet to help with some type of cyber warfare against mudshits and pro mudshits while other anons accelerate?

8ad3d5  No.13136245


((((Yellow vests))) will never be a real riot. Kikes control everything in due time, literally an eternity of goyim awaits us. Fuck off cumpillers

509cc6  No.13136246

File: 95cd35ac52c477a⋯.jpg (687.71 KB, 2048x996, 512:249, 1555353601-paris.jpg)


7106e6  No.13136247


I'm actually into Paganism. Those faggot ass larpers ruin it for based Druids.

447100  No.13136249

File: 41a97ea748e3ecc⋯.png (96.91 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ok guy.png)

7d06e7  No.13136250

b368e1  No.13136251


>the jew has moved on to animu spam


15db81  No.13136252


Alright. Someone end his miserable life.

009f24  No.13136253

File: 3894eb3c8378748⋯.jpeg (227.68 KB, 651x511, 93:73, 7DA13D38-9C3E-41B8-8A68-A….jpeg)

It isn’t a coincidence this is happening with Easter at the door, with Easter being a Christianised pagan festival that was originally to celebrate fertility goddess Ishtar. Biblically, Easter is a holiday to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Perhaps this is a (((Masonic))) sign of the old France being burned and the (((New France))) being born.

Fuck Ishtar

Fuck Saturn

Fuck Jupiter

Hail Mithras.

Hail Poseidon.

Hail Enki.

Yes, aliens exist and they rule Earth from the shadows.

e7be7c  No.13136254


He can't lose although I'm expecting a resplendent gold-nippled mosque overlooking the Seine with a discrete concrete memorial to Notre Dame somewhere in Toulouse

50c00e  No.13136256


> ad hominem in the most jewish way possible

You're 100% called out. Thank you for proving me right.

06457e  No.13136257


>More likely Jews larping as Pagans.

Nooo but very close. They are TURKS so they follow a weird combo of their own Turkic paganism aryanism and Judaism. Of course they hate OUR RELIGION with a passion because they are BOLSHEVIKS.

b368e1  No.13136258

File: df0dd9e8ff6bb91⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 724x1040, 181:260, African Church Family.JPG)



2c1b9b  No.13136259


What building is that to the right?

8e4466  No.13136260





6bf375  No.13136261



ugh. One of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible. The only time you have to turn the other cheek is if you are trying to tell someone the good news and you piss them off so bad they strike you. You fucked up and did the opposite of what you were supposed to do. It doesn't mean to lay down and be a cuck that never defends himself no matter how bad he is being mistreated.

7733db  No.13136262


who doesn't belong

7269fc  No.13136263

File: 7cce094e84c1c74⋯.jpg (23.75 KB, 353x603, 353:603, DQYNaC1U8AAIaDY.jpg)


>what is clown world

>what are midgets in clown cars

>what is the Umman Manda

This has been a meme for a long time here. You just didn't notice it until the shitty pepe edit came along and helped you finally digest it.

a0acb4  No.13136265


deceptive warfare, politics and all of our strongarming can be anything really, it can be pro something, or anti something, it depends each time in each circumstance what is the most feasible solution. Use a side, dont use it, whatever gets us to that sweet destruction of the zog government is best! Obviously I am also just hypothetically speaking as to what could be a great strategy and focus.

6927ee  No.13136267


I see chat is disabled for all the Jewtube streams on this fire.

447100  No.13136268

If this was an act, and it is made public, it is just another example of them punching themselves.

045dc4  No.13136269



found them


Help spread the word. Can we get these guys on the news?

b368e1  No.13136271


>crying about ad hom when he just finished engaging in ad hom

>no shame

I believe your people call it 'chutzpah'? A fine demonstration.

9d6745  No.13136272


Yes, this is arson made in the first day of the holy week. Dont forget that many churches in France have been targetted this month alone

7d06e7  No.13136273

Spokesperson: "we're fucked"

aa0bb6  No.13136274



Pretty much this, and they did a pisspoor job at it aswell. Romanesque is pretty fucking gay anyway.

a3a7b9  No.13136275

File: 0e3242ee6df636c⋯.webm (2.76 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 1555354601735.webm)

a2ede8  No.13136276

This was actually caused by brazilians

627ec3  No.13136277


notre dam 7

8f1587  No.13136278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a3b28a  No.13136279


You are a larpers because paganism is for sub 50 IQ retards

b368e1  No.13136280

File: 471f8f82bb37fd6⋯.mp4 (3.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, German Government.mp4)


We need a french version of this.

53b44c  No.13136283

File: d76719879378bdb⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 621x621, 1:1, 4ac.jpg)


So far only the spire fell down. Hopefully this can be contained, this isn't fucking political, this is Our Lady, mother of Heaven. It's a testament to the superiority of whites during the Medieval period. One of the best things to come out of Christianity aside from the Crusades, as opposed to multiculturalism and the Fall of Rome.

06457e  No.13136284



0f3d24  No.13136285

PURE WHITE smoke plums are Not part of a normal wood or structure fire. Think world trade center, think California (not so) "wild" fires. imo, this fire was intentionally set by those w/access to gov. grade weapons. Just sayin'…

b368e1  No.13136286

File: 2f9e9c14114010e⋯.jpg (247.9 KB, 1429x997, 1429:997, The 'Accomplishments' of C….jpg)


>saying this unironically


f40fe3  No.13136287


>Fuck Ishtar

Why anon, she just wants you to be healthy and happy

ad1134  No.13136288


>allahu akbars without faces

Sounds like it's sound looped. You sure this is legit?

045dc4  No.13136289


aa0bb6  No.13136291


No this is simply the deliberately orchestrated symbolic death of Christianity in France (and by extension Europe)

Prove me wrong.

7733db  No.13136293


that account also liked this video highly doubtful most likely edited.

f40fe3  No.13136294


They look semitic desu

15db81  No.13136295


Muslims always sound like they are looped.

50c00e  No.13136296


I showed how your posts rely on the same recycled tactic. Then you went full ad hominem aka kvetching. You're completely upset now because everyone is free to see it.

Thanks again. Your rabbi deserves better than you.

06457e  No.13136297


>It doesn't mean to lay down and be a cuck that never defends himself no matter how bad he is being mistreated.

Get right on that then, I am all for the uprising of the Saints.

1814d9  No.13136298


It means nothing to us. I'm concerned about the sheep though.

1beedb  No.13136299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Chat is working over on gloomtube.

0038cf  No.13136300


Arabic just sounds looped

a3b28a  No.13136302


Yeah great job building a mound of dirt and not building civilization. Romans weren't pagans, nor were the greeks. Only a massive fucking dumb nigger would be a pagan

a0acb4  No.13136303


I dont know man, all I know is that when there is a great amount of energy in the nooshpere as it is right now, there exist an opportunity to steer it to our desired direction. Energy, high energy events like this are like crack cocaine to all the psyops operators everywhere. They can get much more influence than even months long work elsewhere.

Opportunity man. Think of it this way, do you know how the retarded groups of fighters in the ME are/were? The CIA created a bunch of them for one purpose, that purpose is gone, they become a pest, they create another one. But sometimes they barter with the previous one.

At such a high level of operation flags and whatever are irrelevant. That is just what I wish to make clear to other anons, its hard to grasp as geopolitics and subversive action…but one has to try to see it as a vessel that can be steered into any direction.

bad637  No.13136305


Is it just the roof and central towers or has the fire destroyed enough of the support that the entire thing is collapsing?

Because if most of the building still stands the frog government can't just build a mosque but instead be "forced" to rebuild so as to not seem completely anti-white and anti-european.

b368e1  No.13136306


>I showed

You bleated like a stuck pig, loser, and it was full of ad hom, then you bleated about getting it given back to you and better.

Legit consider suicide, you pitiful coward.

15e58e  No.13136307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



53b44c  No.13136308


True, the Koran is extremely repetitive and loopy.

eebeb7  No.13136309

This is clearly arse sin

627ec3  No.13136313


mistranslation memes like this are stupid unless you use a known template like the spanish laughing man. how are non-german speakers supposed to know that these subtitles are entirely fake? I didn't read them with much attention so maybe they're obviously humorous at points, but the point stands. don't mistranslate unless you CLEARLY mark the product as a joke.

951ad9  No.13136314


They basically said it's over and that the fire reached the main hall.

3f31f1  No.13136316


That fucking EU flag at the back is really telling.

0f3d24  No.13136317

I wonder what relics are hidden in that building we were never supposed to see? >>13136291

a2f2e1  No.13136318


“Holy” how cute

8a1cd7  No.13136319


Thanks anon. Needed a good source that put this into context.

8a32d8  No.13136320

File: 8b55342cbab6cac⋯.png (1.96 MB, 678x1195, 678:1195, ClipboardImage.png)

aa7626  No.13136321


It's clearly a judeo-christian distraction/false flag against the yellow vest movement and julian assange.

b368e1  No.13136323

File: 484829d76e86472⋯.png (41.44 KB, 560x323, 560:323, Christianity - Demographic….png)


>Romans weren't pagans, nor were the greeks

lel, great job being brown

53b44c  No.13136324


They wouldn't dare and you know it.

6927ee  No.13136326


>So far only the spire fell down.

Both spires are down, the interior is expected to be a total loss, and there are reports of one of the rectangular towers being now on fire.

The Muslims did a good job on this one.

cc7dbf  No.13136327


Fucking Quasimodo's been smoking in his bed again.

06457e  No.13136328


They are all the same people anon.

No relation to us.

b368e1  No.13136329


>how are non-german speakers supposed to know that these subtitles are entirely fake?

Who cares?

8671f2  No.13136330

File: 47c514d7eade154⋯.png (702.45 KB, 680x596, 170:149, pepe medieval fogueira.png)

They already won.

Our people do not will fight back.

53b44c  No.13136331


>muh mockery by putting muh before things

a3b28a  No.13136333

File: d7776d87a62802c⋯.jpg (228.36 KB, 1124x741, 1124:741, Duomo_di_milano_keski.jpg)


So you have no actual argument then

b368e1  No.13136334


Push them harder, and maybe they will.

But don't count on it.

9157a0  No.13136337


1 shekel was transferred to you account

06457e  No.13136338


All religions are pagan. Judaism is just jewish paganism. Christianity is european paganism.

26afb9  No.13136339


Not even the book you're defending is as dumb as this post.

50c00e  No.13136341


Yeah, that's why you had no way of explaining your script outline in clear concise language and stuck to an entire post of ad hominem when called out. You could have tried to explain it, but chose kvetching. Continue proving me right.

The other JIDF in this thread must be looking at you from their workstations and getting nervous that you are blowing your collective cover this hard. The tard handler will come by shortly to collect you.

b368e1  No.13136342

File: ec69b09285f7695⋯.png (3.89 MB, 700x3775, 28:151, Christianity - What Did It….png)


Checked for you dodging the fact that your cult is now mud with another jewish cultist meme.

a3b28a  No.13136343


Because all you fags do is blow hot-air and spam shitty memes on an imageboard

437015  No.13136344

File: 2db68f4cb112421⋯.jpeg (140.46 KB, 400x397, 400:397, 4FB4B361-2D59-4653-B5E0-F….jpeg)



The digits don’t make lie and /pol/ is always right… Always

0038cf  No.13136346


You underestimate the anger of americans kike. After this all shitskins will nedd to watch they're backs

53b44c  No.13136347


If you've got proof then show it or fuck off (as to muslims doing this). It's not like there aren't enough reasons already to want to exterminate them. I want to know the truth, no scapegoats. I don't if the person was white, hell, it may have been a freak fucking accident.

bf36a9  No.13136348


No, Romans and Greeks were pagan.

06457e  No.13136349


If you want to cure a parasitic invasion you have to take out the breeding females just like you do with rodents.

9157a0  No.13136350


Semitic religions aren't pagan.They're anti nature by definition.

ad1134  No.13136351


>Our people do not will fight back.

You first, faggot.

b368e1  No.13136352



b68ea1  No.13136353


>file name

Voce nem deve ser branco seu autista.

03706e  No.13136354


>Romans weren't pagans

Might literally be the dumbest claim I've ever heard anybody try to make.

a7d9bc  No.13136356


>Romans weren't pagans, nor were the greeks

8303f8  No.13136357

File: ce9005f8ccdc026⋯.png (377.46 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Clown gals.png)


i know that clowns have been a meme for a long time, as well as the honk, but these pepe clowns with honk honk is clear cut 4cuck shit, like every other pepe variation and yes i know pepe goes back to 2003, but this is current year +4 he's tainted now, like when reddit started using rage comics everyone dropped them to move onto the next meme hoping reddit wont steal it, and since 4cuck is now reddit lite, you get the picture at why faggots such as yourself spam it everywhere. but i wont worry about this pepe edit, just like wojak edits it will be forgot within the next week or two, like how they dropped the NPC meme off the face of the earth a week after it came out for the next hot meme.

there is a clear distinction between old clown memes and new faggot pepe edit shit.

4faf5d  No.13136358

File: de88372269530f1⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 600x846, 100:141, de88372269530f15d86111b751….jpg)


There's dumb, there's braindead, and then there's you.

15e58e  No.13136359

File: 9753ba5baedafa9⋯.png (214.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, frenchpepe.png)



163364  No.13136361


>Christians move through Europe and nearly destroy all of our true European heritage

>They then gas light for nearly a thousand years that Christianity, a Semitic religion, was our true European heritage

Varg is right.

a3a7b9  No.13136362

File: dce05bdfdcd1c2b⋯.png (247.11 KB, 500x239, 500:239, 1555355131301.png)

0f3d24  No.13136363

White Nationalists Rule! Go Team White People! Stop crying you racists wanker >>13136282

ed4d72  No.13136366


Cute grill with round glasses on the front

53b44c  No.13136367


What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody knows who did this yet.

06457e  No.13136368


They are pagan they are anti nature because those are anti humans.

864400  No.13136370

File: 1b42ba9ecc7c2e1⋯.png (326.67 KB, 613x443, 613:443, fire_departments_paris.png)

15 fire departments and 1 dude spraying water 1+ hour into the fire …


84fef8  No.13136371

Funny, I don't give a single fuck about the destruction of a christkike place of worship, however I am deeply saddened by the destruction of a magnificent piece of European architecture that countless European men came together to create.

06457e  No.13136372


>Nobody knows who did this yet.


ec0cb1  No.13136373


>Who the fuck was Constantine

627ec3  No.13136374


I care on behalf of the man in the video who did and said nothing wrong and doesn't deserve to be associated with crazy SJWs.

ad1134  No.13136375



bd2fc4  No.13136376

File: a7135603ee1c069⋯.jpg (58.78 KB, 702x526, 351:263, EiffelToweronFire.jpg)


>In the future, this will be regarded as a major inflection point.




>This much is very, very true.

>Where were you when Notre Dame burned?

Not even close faggots.

Do you remember when jihadis set the Eiffel Tower on fire and there was a cover up?


447100  No.13136379

File: ea03f8c2d90e7f3⋯.png (4.26 KB, 395x34, 395:34, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 61b4092eab8e3c7⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 16:9, giggle goose.gif)

b368e1  No.13136380


>Yeah, that's why you had no way of explaining

Explain what? Your whiny bitching?

Nigger, you run the same fucking narratives all the time - anyone who opposes you, who mocks you, you run and hide behind "y-y-y-you're not white!" or "y-y-y-you're a shill!" and no, I'm White(r than you) and less of a shill than you.

You're a fucking coward.

f58deb  No.13136381


A freak accident, on a holy week, on this day, after "total restoration" is initiated, even that pulling at it's statues and gargoyles, I want to believe you.

4e2597  No.13136382


We know (((who))), friend.

0038cf  No.13136383


>nobody knows who did it


53b44c  No.13136384


If you have proof then go ahead and show it.

7269fc  No.13136385

File: b523a43adcd5610⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 540x622, 270:311, 1ee91c1544703d40999fd6fba9….jpg)



That's a Dark Souls edit, you fake nigger.

bb9c09  No.13136386

d8e54d  No.13136387


Come on spread the fire

9a3551  No.13136388


>Burning the most iconic church outside of the Vatican in the beginning of the Holy Week.

Dubs anon is right

53b44c  No.13136389



Proof, provide it or you're a faggot.

a3b28a  No.13136390

File: aed7f56ccd49c18⋯.jpg (2.38 MB, 3170x2233, 3170:2233, The_Mayflower_Compact_1620….jpg)




Oh man, Pagans truly are the ass cancer of white people now aren't they, they would rather we all just go back to building retarded mounds of dirt in the ground like idiots instead of continuing western civilization. Ironic considering that your faggot pagan ancestors took to Christianity and then evolved to create the known world and since everyone started become some faggot athiests worshiping mud and retarded mystic shit it's all going downhill. So much for you pagan LARP because history proves you wrong

06457e  No.13136391



Nope nobody knows, no one could possibly correlate the increase in non-Europeans with the destruction of European culture.

ad1134  No.13136393


Honestly the Eiffel tower is an ugly modern piece of garbage now serving as a literal temple to white genocide. Let it burn.

b368e1  No.13136394


>I care on behalf of the man in the video who did and said nothing wrong

<servant of the modern Germany government

<did nothing wrong


Do what? Mock you some more?


>Not even close faggots.

>Do you remember when jihadis set the Eiffel Tower on fire and there was a cover up?

Actually yes.

53b44c  No.13136395


Every week is a goddamn holy week. There is no proof or reason to assume anything yet.

1e8f04  No.13136396

File: 48dff1a614d91a4⋯.jpeg (27.49 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, irli.jpeg)

Und dann fuhr er fort: ‚Die große Stadt mit dem hohen eisernen Turm steht im Feuer. Aber das haben die eigenen Leut anzündt, net die, die vom Osten hermarschiert sind. Und die Stadt wird dem Erdboden gleichgemacht, das siech i ganz genau. Und in Italien gehts bös her. Da bringen’s viel Leut um und der Papst kommt ihnen aus, aber viel Geistliche wern umbracht, viele Kirchen stürzen ein.

8671f2  No.13136397


Eu sou.

9f193f  No.13136398


>Romans weren't pagans, nor were the greeks.

The literal definition of Pagan is non-christian.

Ever heard of Zeus and Jupiter?

7d06e7  No.13136399

I'd give a bit more of a fuck if it weren't surrounded by an urban shithole.

129e3d  No.13136401

this is kind of a bruh moment but i suppose it will be restored

6927ee  No.13136402

0038cf  No.13136403


If you've been paying attention to europe since 2015 you'd know.

But your a kike so I expected this response

ed4d72  No.13136404

[https://archive.ph/ZegXo] https://twitter.com/PardesSeleh/status/1117851308457725952

>the famous saint sulpice church in paris was lit on fire just last month. the month before that an attack on st. nicholas in northern france, and another fire lit in saint alain cathedral in south-central france. there seems to be a recurring theme here.

9a3551  No.13136405


Learn your History you massive fucking retard.

Greeks and Romans were pagans during the height of their civilizations, and for long after.

ed65b8  No.13136406


I think they were busy evacuating some of the paitings etc. before the roof went full Varg Vikernes

06457e  No.13136407


Burn Iron, really anon?

b368e1  No.13136408

File: 9f61b5f5d84f555⋯.jpg (487.06 KB, 1068x1744, 267:436, Christianity - Quiet Down ….jpg)


>Oh man, Pagans truly are the ass cancer of white people

I'm sorry, I cna't hear you over all that semitic cult shit. Try again, in a White man's tongue.

f40fe3  No.13136409


Need to absorb more faces.

8303f8  No.13136410


They are globohomos trying to gain traction on this board again, remember a week ago when everyone spammed the NPC meme to death and they were told to gb2 >>>/cuckchan/, this is the same shit, trying to subvert this board to be just like them, a bunch of faggots that are ironically racist

bb9c09  No.13136411



ad1134  No.13136412


>mocking someone for not doing it when you won't do it yourself


e216a9  No.13136413

three majors relics get burned

one from st denis ,one from st genevieve

and a fragment of the christ crown.


i don't have any source in english ,sorry.

1d3f4c  No.13136414

April 15

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

The sinking of the Titanic.

The United States yearly Tax Day. (tribute)

The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Just a coincidence.

53b44c  No.13136415


>the destruction of European culture

As much as I hate to see it, I'm not going to blame the wrong person.

627ec3  No.13136416


>Do you remember when jihadis set the Eiffel Tower on fire and there was a cover up?

no and I'm looking at an image of some object 50 meters left of the Eiffel Tower burning so this seems like disinfo.

478c95  No.13136418


>Trump suggests dropping water

>"Better to let it just burn, can't let Trump be right"

d495d0  No.13136420

File: 54085ff8ceae9a9⋯.webm (661.04 KB, 360x360, 1:1, cat prophecy.webm)


Well shit

e02e6d  No.13136421

Mosque when

ad356e  No.13136424

File: b70cf3d8b53aec2⋯.jpeg (500.94 KB, 1233x670, 1233:670, 819C49DB-5A71-4CF3-9FA1-4….jpeg)


He’s never been wrong

b368e1  No.13136425



Its you fags who sit here LARPing like you're gonna do anything but fondle your balls and whine who deserve to be mocked, must be mocked.

53b44c  No.13136426


So you have no proof and you're full of shit, got it.

26afb9  No.13136429


So per this post >>13136302 you genuinely think Christianity was the prevailing force behind Rome despite the fact that the civilization massively predates the fucking book?

7d06e7  No.13136430


Jet fuel?

50b1fb  No.13136431

File: 50418b2ce89d858⋯.png (48.37 KB, 624x432, 13:9, another kike.png)

so when are they finally getting removed once and for all

0038cf  No.13136432


>and a fragment of the christ crown.


06457e  No.13136433


>The literal definition of Pagan is non-christian.


e3dc71  No.13136434

File: 299f7ae35d39510⋯.jpg (469.15 KB, 728x800, 91:100, boos.jpg)

>TFW pagans are arguing about their retardation in comparison to christianity retardation and fucking up the thread in the process.

9c1bf0  No.13136435


fuck off

bd2fc4  No.13136436


>This is no joking matter. The kikes are performing some black magic with this event, just like they did with 9/11.


>>Burning the most iconic church outside of the Vatican in the beginning of the Holy Week.

>Dubs anon is right

The synagogue of Satan is using this as a sacrifice to Molech.

ad1134  No.13136438


>mocking people for acting like you

Lame an filtered

06457e  No.13136440


Only if it is wired by Mossad

b368e1  No.13136443


Jews don't remove jews, my man.

Historically, they've just sent them to other jewish countries.

9a3551  No.13136444


Paganfag here, I agree, wiccans and these (((neo)))pagans are absolute trash and ruin Paganism for the rest of us

That said, it's not a church that's burning here, it's the very soul of Europa.

b368e1  No.13136445


You are a coward bruv.

a9723c  No.13136446

File: f858cf57a583e17⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 386x460, 193:230, 6b3aed9046e87a8d0db16bf4fe….jpg)

File: 64bbe5d20b62b7c⋯.jpg (98.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1496784704865.jpg)

File: cabda82b32c2fc9⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 07506e9fb8c0ddda530086f62d….jpg)

b1513a  No.13136447

Christcucks btfo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

50c00e  No.13136448


My post: >>13136201[explains how you're shilling defeatism]

Your post: >>13136231 [complete jewish ad homimem contained in every utterance]

Your kvetching ever since:





Continue proving me right. You're only doing me a favor.


> shilling defeatism

> blames everyone for not doing anything

> calls it tough love

Nice job collecting images from /pol/ but it doesn't make you blend in at all.

53b44c  No.13136449


>muh satan

A jewish notion for jewish people.

b0df59  No.13136450


pagan v Christian is a great way to derail conversation just block the baiters and baitees.

e02e6d  No.13136451


>"Who do Jews know so much about being exiled? Like what were the reasons for getting exiled so much?"

>*Your twitter account has been terminated*

15e58e  No.13136452

File: 866428e668a17aa⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 583x583, 1:1, angryfrench.jpg)

b368e1  No.13136454


Welcome to European religious dynamics.

We've got a jew cult obsessed with claiming itself the source of European greatness, and people who oppose that. Pick a side or continue pretending that you're neutral, you fedora faggot.

ef9bcd  No.13136457


You can't save dumb people.

06457e  No.13136458


Jew'd ass, how appropriate

8a32d8  No.13136459


druids are a cancer on the board

09c9a7  No.13136460

I don’t like Christianity but I think all of us can agree that this – especially if the Jews or Muslims are behind it – is an attack on Europe. It’s a symbol of the downfall of France

9a3551  No.13136461


>"to celebrate fertility goddess Ishtar"

I hope you don't think "Easter" comes from Ishtar

864400  No.13136462


I think 15 fire departments could spare more then 1 dude to spray water on it ..

f58deb  No.13136463

This thread is now pointless infighting with no instigating thought, your attention and efforts should be towards uncovering as much of this as you can instead of arguing religious intelligence


he's right

9a3551  No.13136465


100% with you anon

045dc4  No.13136466


This is just sad

cd271f  No.13136468


Why the fuck would you WANT to hide it?

b368e1  No.13136470


Fucks sake you are truly pathetic, ya know that?

>b-b-but I said!

Shut, the fuck, up. Loser. Loser.

Absolute fucking coward. Always running to hide behind accusations, only to cry about 'ad hom' when your cowardice is displayed before you.

Fucking disgusting.

a3b28a  No.13136471

File: 7de83d0f49f3331⋯.jpg (234.07 KB, 2319x1546, 3:2, faggotfaceniggermcdickfag.jpg)












>getting pagan larp fags this ass blasted they mass reply to one post calling them out

7733db  No.13136472

news already bringing up yellow jackets HOLY FUCK

ad1134  No.13136473


>this thread is useless because of shills shilling shills

Ignore the shills newfags

4c632e  No.13136475

Fucking hell lads. I've been trying to beat a fapping addiction, was in the middle of relapsing when I saw this news. One of the most beautifl structures ever built by mankind is burning to the ground and I'm sitting in the dark jacking it because I already can't deal with the despair and hopelessness of reality. This world is one big sick joke, I'm sick of it, I go through phases of trying to regain hope and save myself but this world isn't even worth it. I don't dare have hope anymore. How the fuck do you beat the blackpill? How the fuck can we even face this reality and still be funtional human beings? What the fuck do we do?

Also, I love how the news is like "IT SURVIVED THE NAZIS!!" No fucking shit it did, the Nazis would have ensured it survived millenia, it's the epitome of true European art unlike the degenerate FILTH that's plastered all over Paris today. The Nazis sure as hell would have burned that, but Notre Dame? Who the fuck actually believes that shit? How long can they keep up the lie that the last hope for Europe that would have saved it from this decay and degeneracy would have committed such nonsensical acts?

06457e  No.13136478


Of course it does…who do you think Ishtar is? She is our version of the feminine divine.

bb4e8d  No.13136480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b368e1  No.13136481

File: c8959e13ace34be⋯.jpg (383.07 KB, 2057x1516, 2057:1516, Christianity - Totally Not….JPG)


Cool jew.

4427af  No.13136482

So where is the media coverage about the Saudi passports found on the street next to the building?

Did someone analyze if jet fuel can melt wood beams?

We need answers.

6927ee  No.13136483


You're never hated more than when you point out the truth.

f58deb  No.13136484


Just heard it. They're fucking TRYING to make it subtle. But it's just… nope.

b368e1  No.13136486


"It was White Yellow Vests and now we need to build a mosque on top for diversity." - t French gov

ad1134  No.13136487


You know what to do. Rise. Bare your fangs.

0f3d24  No.13136488

nice close up shot of possible accomplishes and/or perpetrators >>13136246

26afb9  No.13136489


But you didn't call anyone out and I'm not even pagan, it's just a certifiably retarded statement to make that Greece and Rome weren't pagan and that nobody built more than dirt mounds before Christianity.

0038cf  No.13136491


Knew itwas coming, if ( when ) any evidince of arson comes up they will be blamed

06457e  No.13136492


I am more interested if jet fuel can melt saudis

2e1a1a  No.13136494


>if i reply to everyone i win

ef9bcd  No.13136495


Clear newfaggot and uninitiated.

The human cattle are NPCs and clowns who swallow every trend the homoglobo feeds them. Dehumanizing them is not only desirable it's also required for success.

3d2295  No.13136496

File: 5170d9b9fa5e0ce⋯.png (218.47 KB, 1254x964, 627:482, 1555355980838.png)


adf5c1  No.13136498

File: 84df4708541593a⋯.jpg (19.3 KB, 335x408, 335:408, 84df4708541593a638faea0e69….jpg)

Posting in historic thread.

>tfw you lived long enough to see western civilization literally burn to the ground.

09c9a7  No.13136499


GENTILS Jaunes at it again, pay no attention to (((us)))

b368e1  No.13136500


> it's just a certifiably retarded statement to make that Greece and Rome weren't pagan

You're talking to a christian, or more likely someone LARPing as one to be disruptive.

If those worthless and inflammatory posts were moderated, then we might not have these conversations… Buuut they aren't, so instead we do have these conversations. Thus is the way of things.

4c632e  No.13136502


Against who? If this was truly due to incompetence on the part of the construction workers all we can do is just lament our own stupidity and how far we've fallen as a people. If it was a Muslim there'll be hell to pay, but I don't think even they have the balls to do something like this.

8a1cd7  No.13136504


I think we need to speak about the real victims here, the innocent muslims who will be blamed for this fire :^)

54412c  No.13136505

File: d004bc2070f90d0⋯.jpg (353.99 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, NotreDame_roof1.jpg)

File: 5d2b4b9b56a2983⋯.jpg (305.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, NotreDame_roof2.jpg)

>FILE - In this file photo taken on June 26, 2018, workers measure a wall as they start the restoration works on an ancient and damaged part of Notre Dame cathedral (cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris) in Paris.


a3b28a  No.13136506







Pagans are nothing but shitposting faggots that derail every single thread, Christianity built the known world and this pagan retards can't deal with it, that's all you need to know about anyone who shits on Christianity and I'm willing to built all those pagan cucks and faggots here are cuckchanners too

129e3d  No.13136507

File: 72900b44afc9c77⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 479x590, 479:590, 653231877.jpg)

b368e1  No.13136508

File: 7847d24a7dc54fd⋯.png (5.56 MB, 2119x1037, 2119:1037, I Am Not Afraid.PNG)


>tfw you lived long enough to see western civilization literally burn to the ground.

06457e  No.13136509


All the artworks? The building was the artwork

f58deb  No.13136512


Won't get enough replies, but I am only partially relieved. The message is clear as day, and that won't just be "safe" because of relics.

3b3286  No.13136513


Saying it is attack on Christianity is simply wrong. In medieval times Europe was more or less theocracy with churches being one of the greatest sources of history, art, and architecture.

If this was arson, it was attack on art and history as a whole and only later it was also attack on Christianity.

No matter who you are or from where you are. You should hate the fact this thing happened.

53b44c  No.13136514

File: f5c509cebe7f136⋯.jpg (179.7 KB, 832x596, 208:149, Book_of_Joshua_Chapter_6-1….jpg)

File: ae1fe8bf3e3aa27⋯.jpg (114.19 KB, 819x610, 819:610, Book_of_Joshua_Chapter_8-9….jpg)

File: 301aecd0bf2d481⋯.jpg (180.8 KB, 827x610, 827:610, Book_of_Joshua_Chapter_10-….jpg)


That's a big 'if'. What if it was a genuine fucking accident? What if nobody is to blame? Then there's nothing else for it but to rebuild the goddamn thing and try to preserve what we can. Personally I don't have a problem with churches, mosques or synagogues being a source of fire or death. They're all Semitic in origin.

4faf5d  No.13136515


>t'was merely a jest

to the lions you go

54412c  No.13136517

File: c37b0da8caabc19⋯.jpg (604.89 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, ND_organ.jpg)

File: b18ae6ba2650743⋯.jpg (700.9 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, stained glass_ND.jpg)

File: 95d7653187f9221⋯.jpg (819.14 KB, 696x1024, 87:128, stained glass_ND 2.jpg)

File: 2b9a0e8b0a474a9⋯.jpg (434.61 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, stained glass_ND3.jpg)

File: 5a76a4f84675796⋯.jpg (993.82 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, stained glass_ND5.jpg)


7269fc  No.13136518

File: db2d808cad6cfc6⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, you earned it faggot.jpg)


Objectively stupid posts tend get a lot of (you)s. Case in point.

bcf136  No.13136519

File: 9c99620d6c3ed4e⋯.jpg (11.97 MB, 8192x8016, 512:501, Inorganic Shilling.jpg)


Sup faggot. Reported.

3d0ded  No.13136520

okay guys it was all fun and games but i seriously have to disavow varg this time

2e1a1a  No.13136521


>if i reply to everyone i win

b368e1  No.13136522

File: 004acc3bc56dc00⋯.png (700.55 KB, 1200x1835, 240:367, Christianity in One Image ….png)


I didnt even read it.


And the jews, dontcha know.

Seeing all that fire probably reminded them of the Shoah.

We better make Germany pay the Israelis more - after all, the French are kinda Germanic in some places, so its fine.

ad1134  No.13136523


We have plenty of enemies anon. Pick one you can take on.

009f24  No.13136525


Ishtar is the prototype of the frivolous, irrational female slut, that only cares, in the end, about herself. She is also associated with her father Saturn (= Satan). Look at the Roman Saturnalia for example. The association of Marduk with Ishtar was a mere Babylonian political trick that started long after the actual events described in old Hindu, Mesopotamian, Greek, etc., legends.

6927ee  No.13136527


Nuke Mecca.

8a32d8  No.13136528

File: 23f36b6ed53a45c⋯.png (307.65 KB, 975x978, 325:326, 1550373486689.png)


>I'm willing to built all those pagan cucks and faggots here are cuckchanners too

Go read druid/pol sometime and laugh at their language. They are sitting around in that thread larping all day every day.

ed65b8  No.13136529


I guess they had to cut the power, gas, water first. in the meanwhile make a plan,

also doubt all firestations deployed, propably send the most fitting units for this job.

But yeah, I noticed that too interesting how nobody did anything once flames were only around tower like 20 minutes into the fire

06457e  No.13136531

26afb9  No.13136532



On-topic, can't wait for all the articles about why this is the fault of rising right-wing nationalist sentiments and not the nignogs with torches.

05a13b  No.13136536


>No matter who you are or from where you are. You should hate the fact this thing happened.

But that's NOT what happened. Any non-white race is happy their enemies got conquered and they'll do any thing they can to erase them from history.

We care about legacy here. But, nobody else does. The mudshits will be happy that Christian symbols are removed.

a3b28a  No.13136537



Yes god forbid someone here defend himself from the hordes of retarded pagan larpers who think the ancient romans were Pagans like your faggot germanics were

0f3d24  No.13136538

9a3551  No.13136539


It's not about being a church, it's about being a symbol of European culture.

000000  No.13136541

Probably an arson during Holy Week, Holiest Week of Year for Catholics

> More than 10 churches have been hit since the beginning of February, with some set on fire while others were severely desecrated or damaged.



> Although commentators have been reluctant to attach a particular religious or cultural origin to the profanations, they all share an evident anti-Christian character.

>In 2018, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 541 anti-Semitic acts, 100 anti-Muslim acts, and 1063 anti-Christian acts.

bad637  No.13136542


>They basically said it's over and that the fire reached the main hall.


So it's just the roof and the inside, that's not as bad as most make it out to be, we have enough images and models that we can rebuild it completely as long as the damage to the stone framework and walls isn't too bad.

The biggest problem is that we need a sane white country in which shit like this doesn't happen in the first place in order to do the restoration.

06457e  No.13136543


We don't need to wait for an article to start driving them out

f58deb  No.13136544


Someone's going to ring up the wire that a small group of people are suspicious and conspiring against this "reported accident." That'll be the key to their argument.

50c00e  No.13136546


Thank you for admitting you had no comeback to that. Your scripts are not going to save you.


> I was merely pretending

It's not going to work. Someone is screencapping that and is going to use it to bait christcucks as proof of retarded christcuckoldry in a later thread.


You mean like what you're doing now but from an anti-pagan lens? Inversion of the truth is the hallmark of a jewish lie.

2e1a1a  No.13136548


Not even a pagan, but your sperging is tasty

4e2597  No.13136549

File: 9d49806ddb2159c⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 1.jpg)


>full of shit

The irony.

10e405  No.13136550

>jew glowclown wants white culture to burn

Kill yourself OP, you will never be white.

53b44c  No.13136551

File: 9f7f32ee315b6fe⋯.jpg (195.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 35_0_868e54f9434ad9860e9a3….jpg)


That's why I'm conflicted. Tying up our culture with that of Jewish culture (via Jesus, Paul and Peter, etc.) was a giant fucking mistake. Maybe this is a good thing.

b368e1  No.13136552


>They are sitting around in that thread larping all day every day.

So, like every christian on the board?


>On-topic, can't wait for all the articles about why this is the fault of rising right-wing nationalist sentiments and not the nignogs with torches.

20 internets on "it was a false-flag by nationalist White Supreemists in the Yellow Vest movement and so we've got to shut them down once and for all, because their islamophobia is driving them insane" or something of the sort.

bb9c09  No.13136553


Called it.

b368e1  No.13136555


>Tying up our culture with that of Jewish culture (via Jesus, Paul and Peter, etc.) was a giant fucking mistake. Maybe this is a good thing.

I'm happy to hear you say that.

4c632e  No.13136556


If this was done by Muslims and France DOESN'T immediately expel them all, I fully expect a genuine revolution in France, only this time it will be for the better.

9a3551  No.13136557


Romans only converted with Constantine in the IV centure

4 centuries after Augustus

This will be the last (you) you get from me, since if you don't know that you're obviously just sperging

ec0cb1  No.13136558

Article on the recent spree of attacks, vandalism, and church burnings to give further context.


"And in the southern city of Nimes, near the Spanish border, vandals looted the altar of the church of Notre-Dame des Enfants (Our Lady of the Children) and smeared a cross with human excrement."

Now what group has a hatred of christ and a love of excrement?

8a32d8  No.13136559


hopefully the fire spreads from fance to other countries

ae590d  No.13136560


>You watch, they'll build a mosque over the ruins.

That was my first thought when I read the statement some official released that the fire was probably going to consume all of it except the shell. I imagine an announcement that it would be to expensive to rebuild, what shall we do with this site, oh look someone offered the funds to build something on this land let's sell it to them, oh look its a sand nigger country offereing to build a mosque…..

6927ee  No.13136561


German bombers in WW2 were under orders to avoid destroying historical and cultural landmarks.

The allies, however, were under orders to destroy everything and genocide the German people.

ad1134  No.13136562


>off by one

Reality won't be so kind anon

478c95  No.13136563

>remember that Tarrant planned to burn down the mosque.

>reports of many churches in France catching on fire being snuffed by the western media.

>Notre Dame burns.

Is this a worthwhile path of investigation?

e02e6d  No.13136565


Do you think the kikes are ever going to let that information out? They're gonna blame it on a white Yellow Vest, and use muh evil whitey to erect a Mosque over the ruins of Notre Dame.

bf36a9  No.13136566

File: 096203caf44a209⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2000x1590, 200:159, The_Royal_Castle_in_Warsaw….jpg)

File: b9b4c33e49fd8af⋯.jpg (70.16 KB, 800x512, 25:16, Bundesarchiv_Bild_141-0763….jpg)

>Crying over a single cathedral burning down

>Calling it an attack on western civilization

>Still loving the Third Reich

Reminder that this is what the nazis did to a historical European city

f33ad3  No.13136568

File: b8376c1ca7cd8b6⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 560x612, 140:153, DhuioC4V4AAEIgG.jpg)


Is it possible to be re-created? with technology?

cb1ee6  No.13136569


They are probably going to replace all the beautiful old stained glass art with ugly modern stained glass "art".

a3b28a  No.13136570






Jesus Christ when did you cucks start coming here? Go read a fucking book

7733db  No.13136573


Remember Dresden

b368e1  No.13136574

File: 39ad44e6d46ad4c⋯.jpg (257.28 KB, 2468x678, 1234:339, Before Christianity.JPG)


>It's not about being a church, it's about being a symbol of European culture.

Thats just it Anon, that makes me glad its burning.

European culture died literally millennia ago. You hold onto a semitically-corrupted nightmare, which has slowly played itself out.

94733e  No.13136575


these can give brenton terrant a lot more sympathy

e7be7c  No.13136576

File: 89b22dfe29efd9e⋯.gif (6.3 MB, 255x188, 255:188, ACCELERATE!!!.gif)


0ddb4d  No.13138244


Now I see why it was burning like the night b4 halloween in detroit.

Old ass 1000 year old wood beams hold up the roof.

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