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File: d25ae8cc4e35b3c⋯.jpg (52.57 KB, 1240x679, 1240:679, isis.jpg)

f8804e  No.13137679

Denmark is burning

While we're all watching France burning something more significant happened in Denmark.

Rasmus Paludan, edgy free speech activist, went to our multicultural capital and held a Quran throwing competition.

Muslims from all the nearby kebab shops and paki kiosks went full war mode and shut down around 25% of the city. Some of them were even wearing ISIS clothing (pic related):


After dozens of fires, riots and 30+ arrests the police had to pull their guns which finally made the Muslim crowd disperse:


Later "someone" called the police about "youth" jumping on a car. When the police arrived and went to check the car a timed carbomb went off:


They are literally bombing our police now.

f8804e  No.13137702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Video from just before the mass riots:

f8804e  No.13137704

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More footage from just before the real riots began:

f0bf4c  No.13137708

File: e87589c59aab6f1⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 244x207, 244:207, e87589c59aab6f19d576951ec2….jpg)

2019 is the year all the masks come off. No more multikult bullshit. Just good old fashioned racism and war.

a4648c  No.13137747


>They are literally bombing our police now.

They aren't "our" police. If they were, the ragheads wouldn't be in Denmark in the first place and the police would not have enforced strict firearms restrictions on the local population. Seriously, get the fuck off the board.

83c316  No.13137750


And yet the media is entirely silent.

Most humans on Earth have no idea any of this is happening.

3d546a  No.13137760


You guys better step the fuck up, the police are not going to be able to do the extermination without you.

e2f1cb  No.13137763


3d546a  No.13137765


If we are going to survive the war has to start this year.

3d546a  No.13137772



8cdcdb  No.13137774

File: b83acc536d83584⋯.jpg (484.9 KB, 1242x906, 207:151, 20190415_171925.jpg)


Is that fire from the car bomb?

8612bf  No.13137810


>Most humans on Earth have no idea any of this is happening.

First I've heard of it.

e2f1cb  No.13137825


Why isn't there a band with lyrics like that? We need some angry white barbarians with guitars to whip everyone into a frenzy. Music affects people. Any musicians here? We need to collaborate and condense our ideology into soundwaves.

89740d  No.13137831


There's Moonman

e00a3e  No.13137835

The Notre Dame burning was a diversion for the real burning of Denmark. Could be possible but I'm not sure what is significant in Denmark to warrant it. Other than throwing a Quaran which is like throwing a chair in front of a nigger, what value does Denmark have?

5e737d  No.13137836


Blegh.. the cuckery

3d546a  No.13137838


OMG that is hilarious can you imagine if you took all your lyrics from /pol/?

3d546a  No.13137844


>"Blegh.. the cuckery"

>"Blegh.. the cuckery"

>"Blegh.. the cuckery"

Followed by insane guitar solo….

7a817d  No.13137861


Bands with lyrics like that tend to be death metal thrash scream-core bands that nobody can understand what the fuck they're saying anyway.

3a1e83  No.13137874



>being this new on the job


>can you imagine if you took all your lyrics from /pol/?

outed yourself, so bonus for you this week

e2f1cb  No.13137880


It would make for great hardcore punk


That's what I listen to, actually. There are no good bands, besides Infernal War, that touches on those concepts.

f0bf4c  No.13137890

File: a1c38e3ec5c4711⋯.mp4 (5.03 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Railgun IRL.mp4)


>If we are going to survive the war has to start this year.

Well then you better get the rope off from around your next and burn your suicide letter, because you're getting your wish.

a39bc8  No.13137903

Any footage of the actual goings on? Or did they put a lid on it too quickly?

4bcbec  No.13137904

5e737d  No.13137911

File: cd6ee2cb5b0a815⋯.png (341.51 KB, 1113x576, 371:192, Screenshot_2019-04-16_00-3….png)


(((popular music))) usually conflicts with the kind of messages that fly around here

7999e5  No.13137914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here, niggers.

fea6da  No.13137920


>edgy free speech activist

Funny, if the "edgy free speech activist" had done a TALMUD throwing contest the pigs would've arrested him on the spot.

If it had been an "Anne Frank Diary" he'd be looking at 5yrs hard time, about 3X more than typical rape/murder case.

e2f1cb  No.13137923


Lyrics could include:

Instructions to make bombs, exerpts from Mein Kampf, hate statistics about race and IQ and violent crime etc. Screamed vocal delivery.


Only because we're not the ones making it

4bcbec  No.13137924

e2f1cb  No.13137952

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey, that's pretty good.

this is now a heavy metal thread

5e737d  No.13137966


>Only because we're not the ones making it

And who is (((producing))) it?

d20ec0  No.13137974

I had no idea Denmark was so pozzed. Let me guess, you get arrested for wearing NatSoc Regalia, but Jewish controlled OP ISIS garb is ok.

e2f1cb  No.13137975


Once we seize the central banks, we will produce it

7999e5  No.13137990


I alredy know Infernal War, pretty brutal polish band. You have a good taste.

5e737d  No.13138004


Now you are larping


Spotify founders (a cuck and a negro) literally given a "Good Goy" award by a US based Jew Organisation: https://www.ujafedny.org/who-we-are/

6a724d  No.13138013

File: a6a4a2797788712⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 474x310, 237:155, ToolsOfTheGardenSteward.jpg)

Remove the weeds.

7effa1  No.13138022

e2f1cb  No.13138034


You too m8


I think the time is ripe for independent musicians to start producing their own music. Even normies are sick of mainstream culture. Equipment has never been cheaper.

82a0c7  No.13138077


The average mudslime gets the power of meme magic. Why can't our people too?

9f6b75  No.13138079


No, the car bomb was in an entirely different location and different time of day (even a different day, I believe)

8cdcdb  No.13138090






Not that any of these will make it to your specific news feeds.

8cdcdb  No.13138098


So OP is still a faggot for misleading?

24bb46  No.13138125

>quran throwing competition

That sounds like a fantastic method of getting them to come out of the woodwork. Bonus points if the qurans were supplied for free by a peaceful muslim charity.

fa8ae2  No.13138170


Saudi money. Our leaders are very quick to sell us out.

7f828d  No.13138197

File: 9e83948ca91aa31⋯.jpg (62.59 KB, 520x708, 130:177, itshonkening.jpg)



73167a  No.13138219



6dc788  No.13138276


>Muslims enter Christian nations and around a Christian holy week the muslims start attacking all sorts of things.

I'm not saying it doesn't glow in the dark, but a rival religion stepping up attacks in a religious time seems very likely.

9f6b75  No.13138279


Not entirely. I read the material available and sought some danish sources of my own, and it seems it was just past midnight after the event with Rasmus Paludan, that cops were called to "youths" jumping on a car. More cannot be said for certain, as the police supposedly hasn't come out with a statement about it yet.

But the car bomb wasn't at the Rasmus Paludan event, it was later, and somewhere else, but it could very possibly be sparked from the previous events.

This is, however, a recurring pattern here in Scandinavia, also seen it other places of Europe, but mostly in Malmø in Sweden, they burn TONS of cars there, whenever they do the sandnigger equivilant of chimping out, which they do on a fairly regular basis.

9f6b75  No.13138307


Muslims aren't spurred along, they most definitely want to cause conflict as well, but we you imply, there's (((others))) who thinks they're killing two birds with one stone, by encouraging the influx of mudslimes.

d0ff78  No.13138318

File: d96e67cf517369a⋯.jpg (121.91 KB, 372x476, 93:119, d96e67cf517369a0b5cd269b3b….jpg)

Given how easy Muslims are to trigger into a rage, and redpill the masses to what barbaric beasts they are, I'm surprised this kind of flash mob irl shitposting isn't more common. You don't even need to shoot up a mosque. Just provoke Muslims to cost the government millions of dollars in a mere day.

7f828d  No.13138334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8cdcdb  No.13138431


Fair enough. Nigs love burning cars for some reason.

428bfd  No.13138441


The police are in the same ambiguous position; at what point do you go full berzerker and just throw your life away? Hopefully you do it when things have reached critical mass and a full blown raging revolt gets ignited.

428bfd  No.13138466

File: 289b410c4955f33⋯.jpg (274.34 KB, 1150x1493, 1150:1493, here's how.JPG)


Try that again eh? And this time post it inline with a short simple You tube URL

9cdd64  No.13138483

File: 12ca97a7700ad39⋯.jpg (181.01 KB, 916x988, 229:247, 1549416947821.jpg)

May all the treasonous maggots burn in hell.

9f6b75  No.13138490

4aeda9  No.13138513

File: d6101cb77e9e100⋯.jpg (21.87 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 151661644017.jpg)


>Rasmus Paludan, edgy free speech activist, went to our multicultural capital and held a Quran throwing competition.

How is this even legal? In Russia police would just arrest perpetrators.

879982  No.13138514

File: 29ab0f5de4f1db1⋯.png (21.51 KB, 416x458, 208:229, 29ab0f5de4f1db1a37dcd0337d….png)

File: 2d0393dac8b4a0b⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 2d0393dac8b4a0b89918c987f4….jpg)

File: 58119c0e4ce96d2⋯.jpg (56.97 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 58119c0e4ce96d274335b985f9….jpg)



0ee704  No.13138525


>>>13137679 (OP)



They'll pick the side of the oppressor. Always have, always will. Police are not like the military, they have no ethics and are literally handpicked ultranormies.

9f6b75  No.13138553


>arrest perpetrators

What perpetrators? The people throwing a Quran? That isn't illegal and shouldn't be. What?

cae49d  No.13138564

File: 446f5fa63f1b520⋯.gif (973.23 KB, 500x288, 125:72, ashes to ashes.gif)


The ashes are the required fertilizer for the future.

a4648c  No.13138565


They are not in that position at all. They have been systematically selected for compliance. They know what they are doing and the meager price they've been offered is enough for them.

8d921e  No.13138573



495fe3  No.13138580


Paludan is jewish. Worth a thought

4aeda9  No.13138587


> That isn't illegal and shouldn't be. What?


a4648c  No.13138595


>Police are not the military

The military are even worse. The military's capabilities far outstrip that of the police. It would take Denmark's military less than a month to systematically eliminate every raghead in the country with what they have at their disposal. The cognitive dissonance about the military in these circles is baffling. If the guys with nuclear warheads, submarines, destroyers, carriers, tanks, machine guns, artillery, etc. wanted a different reality and different circumstances then there would be one almost overnight.

428bfd  No.13138682


Every play MTW version one or two?

If you get too far out of hand the pope declares a crusade on you and then you've got the whole map coming at you.

Same thing now only it's NATO and the UN. Start throwing out shitskins and you've got a world UN/NATO force coming at your tiny little Denmark. The officers of Denmark's army know this very well.

Look what happened to the serbs when they messed with the muzfilth.

3d546a  No.13138715


>"B…{inaudible screeching}…y"

>"B…{inaudible screeching}…y"

>"B…{inaudible screeching}…y"

Followed by insane guitar solo….

46249b  No.13138742

God, this fucking infuriates me. I wish so badly to help, but it all seems so futile. Does anyone know how to contribute to the cause? I'm not wealthy or especially intelligent, but I'm willing to contribute.

a4648c  No.13138751


What I said about Denmark's military can be extrapolated out to any other Western military. The basic point is: they are not good people. They have never been nor will they ever be on "our side". They are enemies full stop.

3d546a  No.13138766


I believe that we are all aligned in the perfect place at the perfect time. I hope like hell that you will live without regret anon. I hope like hell that I too will live without regret anon.

428bfd  No.13138776


I'd like to think otherwise but from what I've seen with our own military i'd have to say they're just the drunken scum of the earth.

73167a  No.13138795

def587  No.13138796


>Organize quran throwing event

>Beat shitskins with baseball bats for starting trouble

Isn't it obvious?

73167a  No.13138807


I used to think there was alot more potential for soldiers helping the cause but for the most part no, I know maybe one who is woke to the jq and actively working for his people, the rest either don't wanna accept the jq because it means accepting they've been suckered into fighting for the badguys or they really don't even care and are just in it for their own thrills and profit.

173c4f  No.13138820


How exactly did Denmark end up with muslim shitskins? I can't image that the majority of white citizens would have voted for these vermin to come in. Did the anti-whites in control just force them in?

0dbd1d  No.13138839


>How exactly did Denmark end up with muslim shitskins?


addc06  No.13138843

File: e83e4d9f63583bd⋯.mp4 (12.6 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Dr._Ron_Paul_-_The_Happeni….mp4)

>almost a hundred replies and not a single Ron Paul

Step up your game /pol/

7effa1  No.13138849

File: b5fd0226caac9c4⋯.jpg (159.12 KB, 1010x723, 1010:723, 1459983546249.jpg)


Please lurk for two years before posting.

ffb6f9  No.13138856

File: 21443d349ad9a02⋯.jpg (91.65 KB, 606x423, 202:141, DoomPaul.jpg)


These are the fruits of allowing shit skins into your countries, you leftist faggots. And, ultimately, these are the fruits of the wrong side winning WW2.

3c2be9  No.13138861

ISIS is trash. Literally the trash cans outside are the same color combo.

173c4f  No.13138873



I know it was jews and their white collaborators, but I don't understand exactly how it worked. Did they just say we are going to bring in some shitskins now to work? Or they said whites didn't have enough kids?

3c2be9  No.13138880


Please, the Danes will do to the Arabs what they did to the Occidentals, sold them into slavery to the Jews and Africans.

acaf85  No.13138884


Where are the videos faggots?

99d85e  No.13138888


Jews used their tricks

3d546a  No.13138895


>Isn't it obvious?

Only if you can beat 50+ of them to death…

ffb6f9  No.13138900

File: ee9f57b0e0e0c83⋯.png (36.42 KB, 300x286, 150:143, 1488.png)


I hope you are right. The clock is ticking.

0dbd1d  No.13138902


They don't need to say anything. They're in control of the media, immigration, everything.

They bring them in, nobody will bat an eye.

8512c4  No.13138919


newfag detected

9f6b75  No.13138924


>incitement to Hatred or Enmity

Burning/throwing/destroying a Quran isn't covered by that law.

Are you really this retarded?

How does burning a Quran incite any sort of hatred towards Islam? He isn't Rasmus Paludan isn't responsible for the subhuman's violent reaction, just because they cannot handle their shitskin book being handled in any way they don't approve of.

3c2be9  No.13138930

Thinks the Danes are cucks, they drove Arab Invaders to riots without lifting a finger.

You're dumber than Shaw.

4aeda9  No.13138933


Abasement of Human Dignity

173c4f  No.13138947

a little more than 300.000 people or 5.3% of the population in Denmark is Muslim.

In the 1970s Muslims arrived from Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia to work. In the 1980s and 90s the majority of Muslim arrivals were refugees and asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Bosnia.

It looks like they brought them in as alleged workers and "refugees" shitskins.

0cc74d  No.13138970

File: 8a8a5f7edee0e56⋯.jpg (99.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, German_Women_in_Reichstag_….jpg)


If you only knew how bad things really are.

9f6b75  No.13138983


>abasement of human dignity

>of a person or a group of persons

That is related to doing something to a person, not material items, you absolute spastic. Nobody is losing any dignity by a book being burnt or thrown about in their vicinity.

173c4f  No.13138987


There is something wrong in the white race where so many white people can be against their own race. Only whites seem to have this defect.

87d1a7  No.13138994


>starts singing "The White Man Marches On"

4aeda9  No.13139007


Russian Courts believe otherwise.

3c2be9  No.13139008


That called the Jew Effect.

They assume the Jews are a part of them, which gives the rest of the trash the ability to try and sneak in the door like lazy rodents.

3d546a  No.13139013


the jewdicial system…yeah, fuck them.

46249b  No.13139018


I wouldn't call it a defect, so much as a vulnerability created by an extremely sheltered upbringing. If you aren't directly exposed to the horrors committed by the nigs and their ilk, you will likely never hear about it, since the kikes control the media. This sheltered life compounded with the constant guilt trip from the MSM and non redpilled has these innocent whites empathizing with the degenerates.

f44255  No.13139031


Koreans exhibit the same self-defeating feminism as our women, people of other races sell their iwn out all the time.

It's really an effect of decades of brainwashing and destructing of our religious and cultural corner stones.

The spirit had already fallen, now it's tieme for the physical to follow.

9f6b75  No.13139048


Disgraceful and disgusting, your court system is fucked in the head.

74b80b  No.13139064

File: 70a76d69103a2fc⋯.png (99.37 KB, 500x363, 500:363, tumblr_n5um0gBHDJ1sg6ofgo1….png)


74b80b  No.13139114

File: 91095fbb98638cc⋯.jpg (154.82 KB, 320x590, 32:59, CRASHING D.jpg)



569e73  No.13139140


Just organize Koran throwing events in multicultural cities. This guarantees a chimpout, massive violence from the Muslims, and awakening some of the population.

fe2dec  No.13139211


Rolling for civil conflict in the U.S. in the next five years

3d546a  No.13139217


If it doesn't happen this year WE ARE FUCKED…WE NEED IT TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR ANON.

fe2dec  No.13139224


Not to try my luck with digits again, but if you say so, acceleration-anon

8661de  No.13139251


>They are literally bombing our police now.

Good. The more violence against the zogbots from the Muslims the more of them will wake up and stop obeying their (((masters)))

156893  No.13139262


>lol my jewish numerology on a pointless website is totally more important than actually going out and doing anything in the real world

Whites have already lost.

329019  No.13139278



also remember how we fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75zmIj_4LFQ

88b345  No.13139284


>next five years

Why not tomorrow?

569e73  No.13139295



When the Spanish conquered the new world they fought numbers greater than 1000 to 1, and still won.

385358  No.13139440

File: 7e6ea59ffc325ce⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 700x803, 700:803, fa91c9115966fc98cfef9c86a8….jpg)


>jewish numerology

Gematria =/= digits, buddy.

>pointless site

I'd ask you why you're on it, but it's obvious that you're only in it for some sort of gratification, whether it's meager shekels at your Tel Aviv training facility or for the acceptance of your nameless, faceless /leftypol/ comrades. I'll give it to you point-blank: neither of those give a shit about you. If you are of the former, you are nothing more than a bugman in a position your handlers only put you in because you were enough of a miserable fuck to do it. If you are of the latter, your fantasies of influencing culture are compatible with the philosophy you are trying to sway culture with in that both are complete pipe dreams.

So I pose the following question: if we've already turned the culture war on its head and getting more and more people to see the Jews' lies by the day, what makes you think we'll lose a physical one?

cca269  No.13139516


Dress up like the honkler, green-and-orange face paint and all, and juggle them on unicycles.

4ccdfa  No.13139779


The OG European meme magic is the Germanic ( inclusive of Nordic ) Runes.

This was propagated hard by the SS …..hence it has been DEMONIZED hard by the Globalist (ZOG).

Study up Niggers

46249b  No.13139999


Embed the fucking video nigger

cca269  No.13140194

File: e11e54b58480a90⋯.webm (11.48 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Paludan angrebet på Blågå….webm)

cca269  No.13140198

File: 3f77ec118c2e58e⋯.webm (10.78 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Paludan angrebet på Blågå….webm)

cca269  No.13140202

File: 143a1d9f373034d⋯.webm (8.59 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Paludan angrebet på Blågå….webm)

76a411  No.13140248

File: 437c596cced8cf1⋯.jpg (121.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1555333943678.jpg)


>Later "someone" called the police about "youth" jumping on a car. When the police arrived and went to check the car a timed carbomb went off

Where's the vids? Where's the webms?


cca269  No.13140473

File: 71909a6149c7576⋯.webm (12.31 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Copenhagen Nørrebro Blågå….webm)

2e14a6  No.13140652


If your satanic and without God you become self destructive.

f2b4ae  No.13140668


Its the behaviour of a thoroughly conquered race. But it can be reversed.

f0bb5f  No.13140707


While the mass majority of people are simply not doing anything about clown world, cops are actively enforcing white genocide.


103866  No.13140775


>run away like cucks on home soil

might as well bowed down and converted there and then

t. for posting anon.

f2e385  No.13140852


It's obvious those of European descent deserve to die for being ants. We deserve to be genocided. Just let it happen, you lot aren't going to do a damn thing about it anyways becasse, like I said, you are ants. Europe belongs to those of stronger charater now you can thank the muslims for that. Those who aren't willing to fight don't deserve life

f2b4ae  No.13140868



Who do you think you're fooling?

43cc30  No.13140885


>I think the time is ripe for independent musicians to start producing their own music. Even normies are sick of mainstream culture. Equipment has never been cheaper.

Already way ahead of you my dude, it's been years in the making but slowly it's coming to fruition but even if my studio was 100% complete, being able to find talented musicians that aren't complete spergs is near impossible unless I were to join an already established act in which they're probably cringe and bluepilled regardless of how great they are at writing songs.

f2e385  No.13140892


I honestly wish I was Jewish so that I can have a culture I'm proud of. The fact that we are of the same race as the leftists means we deserve genocide. The best thing we can do is allow this this to happen. If white people are too retarded to see what's happening I'll chortle as they become extinct.

43cc30  No.13140908


f2b4ae  No.13140910


>we deserve genocide.

Whoever this "we" is you belong to is clearly not the "they" you subsequently refer to.

So I agree, you should go curl up somewhere and let yourself die.

f2e385  No.13140923


I am European so unless you're a nigger yoou're coming with. Ethnic degeneration doesn't get solved. We're fucked. But go on thinking working out will replace the dropping sperm count.

f0bb5f  No.13140971


He's just a halfchan >ironic shitposter, filter him

d0833d  No.13140973


>just lay down and die without subscribing the pewdiepie

thats the spirit goyim!

34ac7d  No.13140986




How did you download the video?

Can you isolate it in CSS?

34ac7d  No.13141005



>Claus Oxfeldt, chairman of the Danish Police Union, said in a statement on Facebook that at a time when the service is short of resources, it is hard to justify using them to protect someone whose purpose is to create “negative attention, hate and confrontation.”

One person used free speech to say something.

The reaction is proof of what he said.

Danish police need to take a hard look at themselves if they think speech is more hateful than a literal violent reaction.

a9bdb0  No.13141043

Reminder, book burning is a Germanic tradition.

Don't let cultural misunderstandings get in the way of the tradition.

13fc05  No.13141072



34ac7d  No.13141089

File: 6d47f7d119889fd⋯.png (50.91 KB, 215x200, 43:40, 1549263491159.png)

cac13b  No.13141130


I wonder (((who))) designed this playground…

0cc74d  No.13141137

File: efe66c3e467cb15⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 534x401, 534:401, PP_Art_Opinions.jpg)


Those books were full of degenerate trash, mostly about incest and gender spectrums. Fuck you and your kike instincts, faggot.

Or are you that Eternal Anglo d&c kike?

0cc74d  No.13141139

File: 9d9c4c4e4f62a4c⋯.jpg (105.8 KB, 600x334, 300:167, Boocke_of_Sportes.jpg)


Wrong pic.

f65d72  No.13141150


Go sit in the corner and be a good little hate monger with your dolls.

b3f7e8  No.13141169


>that pic

Why doesn't she just say that she wants to be a princess?

de81ac  No.13141237


Wish? You already are.

37f695  No.13141313


Contextual Quads of Truth

5070aa  No.13141387

File: 5008b7d689f57d8⋯.gif (2.24 MB, 695x392, 695:392, atomic_pepe.gif)

98ac59  No.13141485

>totally not an invasion force guys

>just a coincidence that they're all fighting age men

98ac59  No.13141490



Well that'd be bad for us. White people are only just now started to feel antagonized. A few more years of antagonization is what we need. Right now most whites would be against us.

34ac7d  No.13141498


I think the true colours of this "migration" is emerging.

dbab83  No.13141508

>>13139211 checked

wew lad that call

98ac59  No.13141513


Luckily it's not 1000 AD. With guns, even a 70 year old man and a 10 year old girl can manage to kill a shit-skin. They'll lose in a hot conflict. However if they stayed silent and bred, they could out-breed Europeans. But I don't think the shit-skins can contain themselves much longer.

34ac7d  No.13141546


>Luckily it's not 1000 AD

In 1000AD you at least had weapons. Only Americans have that much now.

dbab83  No.13141553

File: 5f8a1757df56450⋯.jpg (182.73 KB, 900x896, 225:224, who would win - 84 pale fa….jpg)


I'm not quite sure about your assessment on the capabilities of shitskins.

9b722a  No.13141582

File: 836d9625a1bed88⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 1238x671, 1238:671, wtfbros.jpg)

98ac59  No.13141587


I'm not quite sure about your reading comprehension skills. I claimed the shit-skins would lose a hot conflict. Their best chance at victory is feigning assimilation and breeding. But given they're a bunch of third world islamists, something tells me they'll play their hand way too early.

bdabe4  No.13141588


Sådan går det når man lader staten stå for vores sikkerhed.

bdabe4  No.13141609


Literal niggers are one thing, semites are another.

It's never wise to underestimate your enemy or overestimate yourself.

One thing though is for sure, we're not wining shit if we just keep saying "Just you wait, our patience has NO limit!"

dd9d6c  No.13141617

Well guys if it's this easy to trigger the mudslimes into full RaHoWa mode we need to organize our own Quran desecration in all our countries right now and make it as public as possible.

bdabe4  No.13141634



How about you focus on organizing your own people first? You utter fucking moron.

bdabe4  No.13141638



I mean what the fuck is wrong with you masochists?!

fdc573  No.13141641



There's absolutely no chance for muslims to clean Europe in a shooting war.

There's absolutely 100% chance for muslims to clean Europe in a slow boil.

674218  No.13141661


>these migrants must be slain

Blink 1488

bdabe4  No.13141666


Against the state militaries, sure.

But that is not how these things work. You're just going to see a significant increase in "mindless violence" in the form of "random" assaults, rapes and so on all targeted on Danes.

The mudape is going to continue to wage asymmetrical warfare, as they already are.

Disregarding that, how the fuck do you expect a largely disarmed population to fight a population armed with black-market weapons? You can be sure that the state won't interfere outside of trying to "keep peace" and this imbalance of weaponry and peace-keeping military/militarized police, means the shitskin foreigner is at a high advantage here.

fdc573  No.13141673


A significant increase of mindless violence against danes will result in a significant increase of mindless violence against muslims.

Danes can get illegal weapons too.

bdabe4  No.13141679


Egging the enemy to initiate; to be the aggressor, is a smart move..assuming you are ready for it.

And you are not. The weapons, training and infrastructure (in terms of networking - usually classified as "gangs") should be in place before you do something like that.

You don't flush and then take a shit.

bdabe4  No.13141681



Getting illegal weapons is also easier when it is unexpected, versus when the state knows a real ethnic conflict is going on and obviously will be focusing their eyes closely on activities.

fdc573  No.13141683


The point is to create a context where the white men comfort is taken away.

Most white people are still having their comfort, comfy bed, cheap food.

Destroying this comfort will create hard men. And the muslims and the state are to serve this role.

fdc573  No.13141687


Aksually, a real ethnic conflict happening means it's open market for arm dealers.

5f2d98  No.13141696

bdabe4  No.13141699


I 100% agree, the addiction to comfort is extreme and very dangerous. I have no solution to this. It's obvious that Tarrant underestimated this addiction in our people.



And they certainly won't do it for you.

fdc573  No.13141701


Tarrant doesn't LOL, what he wants is to the state to double down so that this comfort is taken away.

A police state means hard men.

bdabe4  No.13141712


That's what I'm saying. No matter how hard the boot is pressed against our necks, the illusion of comfort is still there, people will be like children grabbing on to their mattress even as they are dragged away to be shot, they just close their eyes and hug their gook-pillow with a smile and then die.

fdc573  No.13141714


Can't grab their pillow if their pillow is taken away.

dd9d6c  No.13141718

I got to get me a go pro and figure out this livestreaming thing just in case Muslims start shit in my own country and I get a chance to confront them and trigger them into fighting me.

bdabe4  No.13141724


No one is going to take the pillow away though.

When the interests of the state are not yours or those of your people, the state is going to seem demented, stupid and incompetent. But it is none of those things, and it knows better than to take away the pillow that keeps you calm and a non-threat.

dd9d6c  No.13141738


Ask yourself right now why you aren't going to do something just like this tomorrow and you have your answer.

dd9d6c  No.13141749


By the logic then we should become oppressors then.

dd9d6c  No.13141754


Posters on every mosque demanding them to leave the country. Posters on every church, charity group, refugee center, etc. that has a role in bringing in immigrants telling them to stop or face their property being burned down and their lives lost. Death threats (think klan with their burning crosses but something different) delivered to muslims and other groups that could be triggered into rioting followed by counter-attacks in the chaos.

dd9d6c  No.13141761


They say and do whatever the fuck they want and fire and imprison anyone who objects. That's how it works.

I guarantee you, contrary to the opinion of blackpilled posters on here, 90%+ of all whites right now want the non-whites gone from their countries but only maybe 50% of that 90% will even dare to say it and practically none of them are willing to actually fight.

dd9d6c  No.13141764


If someone does something to the Bible that I don't like can I have them arrested?

9f8a5b  No.13141765

Dane here. Majority of danes are against Rasmus Paludan and think he should be locked up or exiled. I do as well. Get fucked /pol/.

dd9d6c  No.13141775


That comment from the the guy who made the song cucking:

> Piscator

Pinned by Piscator
2 years ago
Good evening, folks.
I really hate doing this, but it seems that some people here have no idea how to use that thing between their ears. I am talking to you, now.
"I won't tolerate any racist, discriminatory or in any other form inappropriate comments!"
This phrase is written under every single Sabaton video I have ever uploaded. And I really hoped that people who know how to use a computer can understand its meaning. Well...
Yes, I have been deleting your comments. Yes, I will continue doing this. There is no room for hate in the comment section of my videos. What the hell is wrong with you? This is music. Music about a historical event, 333 years ago. We are here to learn from that and to have a good time. If you are here for a different reason, leave now. Don't forget to take your sh*t with you.

A kinda pissed Piscator

PS: The reason why this video isn't blocked is because it already was. You just didn't notice. Of course I wanted to make sure that I won't spend hours of translating, researching and editing for nothing, and it seems I've talked to the right people. Here it is, here it stays. No more need for hate speeches against Nuclear Blast, The Orchard, YouTube or Morgoth Bauglir. It's not your place to judge if they are doing their jobs right or wrong.

PPS: I really like Döner Kebab (the version they sell in Germany). Usually order it with chicken, garlic, cheese and all available vegetables, but tomatoes.

1c056e  No.13141777


The military are way better than police. Police are literally criminals.

dd9d6c  No.13141785


Checked for truth. We're all going to do nothing and lay down and just die.

e205a0  No.13141791

The fact that other people can telekinetically shatter your ass by fucking each other around the world without inviting you makes you a wimpy failure of a man. Learn to be less broken, ass-shattered losers.

9fbbd3  No.13141792

What's with the police being authoritarian faggots who seem like any sleight to their authority is punishable by death, up until a migrant is bombing them, where they instantly forgive all transgressions and attacks on their authority?

I understand it for them as a group, but on a individual level I don't get how they can flip between those two very incompatible viewpoints at will.

dd9d6c  No.13141797


If you think these things for real why don't you prove to the universe/god you aren't just an "ant", a "pathetic white man", but something above the racial norm, the new man… the overman… the ubermensch? This you can prove by topping Brenton's score.

e957cf  No.13141798

File: c96ed9540d5723d⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 467x314, 467:314, c96ed9540d5723db0069e8550….webm)

We need to organize a koran throwing contest in San Antonio, TX, iirc, they've set up sharia tribunals there. Could make for some nice triggering.

dd9d6c  No.13141804


>Right now most whites would be against us.

I disagree completely. Most whites would be with us at this point. They just need us to start the fire.

dd9d6c  No.13141806


>How about you focus on organizing your own people first? You utter fucking moron.

Tried many times already. One guy showed up, talked a bit, and nothing more. The rest never even showed up. How the fuck do I organize a bunch of cowards too afraid to even meet up just to share memes and have fun nevermind actually hold signs or put posters around or fight?

dd9d6c  No.13141814


Wow how extremely anti-semitic of you. Why do you persecute the jew Rasmus Paludan like that?

dd9d6c  No.13141817


The fact a jew throwing Qurans around is enough to make you lose your shit shows how ass-shattered you mudslimes are. Also, your entire race is being wiped out in the Middle East, and your leaders in the Arab world are all jews working to destroy you.

dd9d6c  No.13141819


They are complete cowards and if we can make them fear us more than they fear the Muslims they will cower to us.

771ce2  No.13141822


>lol u haev no weponz

Seriously, stop perpetuation this defeatist shit. We might not be walking supersoldiers dual wielding handheld GAU-8's like Americans seem to be, but we have 7.62mm + scope + silencer and 12G semi/pump covered, that gives us some breathing room to acquire better equipment if our minecraft server turns on PVP.

Yes, I'd love a Full-semi-automatic ARK1547 with 600 round burst, 6 million rounds/min, heat seeking, baby killing nuclear assault clipazines and the shoulder thing that goes up, but unfortunately right now I have to settle for "it's better than nothing".

0474b0  No.13141841


we are by nature the most xenophilic. It's what made us adopt the best of all foreigners into our ranks. Unfortunately, that strategy has diminishing returns over generations.

eb7f2c  No.13141845


>The rest never even showed up

they are smarter then 'one guy'. this is not cowardice but caution. state security services love 'to gather' young boys and girls.

6a682e  No.13141848


living in CZ, concealed carrying 2 pistoles with bullet in chamber 24/7. America you say? Who needs them, we can purchase AP ammunition for a 50. sniper rifle, even Muricans can't buy that without showing ID and have clearance.

Here you just are Czech, White & Christian and all paperwork is forgotton.

Let's hunt down some rapefugees brothers.

4bc5e6  No.13141868



f6b686  No.13141882

File: 7876cd149714387⋯.mp4 (1.82 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Dublin.mp4)

> ragheads bomb police

The VTEC just kicked in, yo.

b5c34b  No.13141895


Getting paid to agitate, makes the jew celebrate.

da707a  No.13141911

File: ab8a6ea0aceb8d8⋯.png (5.29 KB, 226x223, 226:223, (you).png)


Holocaust denial is actually legal in Denmark, and the national socialist party here can freely spread posters around calling out the Holohoax. Kill yourself you fucking retard.

f6b686  No.13141918

File: 60e655baa0c2fbe⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 891x717, 297:239, smuggest.jpg)


> half the cops are women

Diversity (female) vs. diversity (african). This gonna be good.

3c1877  No.13141943


>They are literally bombing our police now.

You better hope that police and military will be destroyed completely so you can start a race war in your country

dd03bf  No.13141959

File: 26d258e8e7e2370⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 640x640, 1:1, oven_jerry.jpg)


>censors niggers

>honeypot link

How bout you eat dick

09d75c  No.13141963

>black metal

>death metal

You mean the soundtrack that Scandies were listening to as they surrendered to the Muzzies and made anti-racism their only convictions. Yeah no thanks. It's lacking the proper energy to energize our cultures and civilization from the brink.

09d75c  No.13141972


And this is exactly the shit I'm talking about: >>13141775

Metal and punk rock are absolutely degenerate.

5a2a9d  No.13142059


Top kek, start with yourself you whining faggot. We'll be laughing and purging our way to the stars while you will just keep crying like a little bitch.

9d7d67  No.13142066



Any Dane can translate what the crowd are screaming?

c48834  No.13142079

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c48834  No.13142082


death metal yes

black metal was always against that though

628ee2  No.13142153


All metal is music marketed towards edgy 15 year old boys, overcompensating for their inadequicy and impotent ability to act out their will in life.

Those clinging to it into adulthood are not to be taken seriously in anything ever.

675ee2  No.13142212


Order stacks of free korans, and burn them in multi culti centers for best profit


In Minecraft

1c056e  No.13142216


Most scientists are left.

fb73a9  No.13142254

File: 5a43eba384e8399⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 03d63191188163c0c653a4705e….jpg)


> Right now most whites would be against us.

You say that like it's a bad thing. Most whites are aware, even if they haven't yet chosen a side, that something bad is happening. They are still too blind to connect the dots as they still trust the main stream news outlets. But they can feel the change. And once we show them what whites are truly capable of they will follow…..or die.

1c0355  No.13142266

File: e3a54186c651c1b⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 843x800, 843:800, honk.jpg)


>telling normie friend about this happening

<he said they deserve to have their city burn for throwing a book, and Christians would have done the same

Some people are beyond saving

fb73a9  No.13142267


>Most scientists are left.

No, most (((scientists))) are left, as it allows (((them))) to control the narrative. But that's falling apart quickly now, as the new understanding of our universe that is coming from non-kiked sciencebros has shown us that yet again, we were lied to, by the kikes.


771ce2  No.13142309


I'll take a stab at it


>The first couple of seconds with the police:

<"*unintelligible* FREMAD! *unintelligible*… FREMAD! SIDSTE MAND LUKKER DØREN!"

"*unintelligible* FORWARDS! *unintelligible* FORWARDS! LAST MAN CLOSES THE DOOR!" I'm guessing the unintelligible parts are names/calls of different police units. It would make sense


Some sandnigger cunt with an accent shouting something to the effect of: "why is the police on Paludan's side?" followed by a sandnigger cunt and a sandnigger with some sand language at 1:40

>1:54 when police throw the guy on the ground

<Woman: "HALLO, MAND!" Man: "Hallo, slap af mand"

Woman: "HELLO, MAN!" Man: "Hello, relax man" "hallo mand" is used kind of like "dude" in this instance i.e "dude, relax!"

Nothing really too interesting in that one, a lot of minor stuff and screaming I can't make out and some sand language.

>body too long

Second vid coming up. I apologize in advance for horrible formatting and any fuckups.

771ce2  No.13142314




>from start

<Paludan: "Jeg kan godt mærke at jeg har for lidt tøj på indenunder, men øh, oh well"

Paludan: "I can really feel that I haven't put enough clothes on underneath, but eh, oh well"

Cameraman: unintelligible but implies he's better dressed.

<Paludan: "Jamen, det er godt for dig" Cameraman: unintelligible. Paludan: "Hva' siger du?" Cameraman: "Jeg syntes stadig at det er køligt"

Paludan: "Well, good for you" Cameraman: unintelligible. Paludan: "What did you say?" Cameraman: "I still think it's chilly"

<Paludan: "Nå det syntes du? Så kan du godt forstå at jeg syntes det er rigtigt køligt?"

Paludan: "Oh you think so? Then you understand why I think it's really chilly?"


<Paludan: "Har du set det der, der står på skiltet derovre?" Cameraman: *reading sign* "Danish Muslim Aid" Paludan: "Det er meget selvmodsigende." Cameraman *almost at the same time* "Det er meget hvad der er brug for"

Paludan: "Have you seen what's on the sign over there?" Cameraman: *reading sign* "Danish Muslim Aid" Paludan: "That's very self-contradictory." Cameraman: *almost at the same time* "That's very much what's needed Sarcastic"

<Paludan: "Det er selvmodsigende fordi, Danish og Muslim, hvordan kan det overhovedet være i samme sætning?" Man screaming from open window: "BØRNELOKKER!" *laughing* Paludan: "Det var pædofeten muhammed der var børnelokker."

Paludan: "It's self-contradictory because, Danish and Muslim, how can that even be in the same sentence?" Man screaming from open window: "CHILD MOLESTER!" *laughing* Paludan: "It was the pedoprophet muhammad who was a child molester."


<Bystander: "Hold kæft mand, dronning Margrethe beskytter i ikke engang sådan der, mand. Det er til grin, mand" fucking copenhagencucks can't say a single sentence without "Mand"

Bystander: "Ridiculous, you don't even protect queen Margrethe like that. It's laughable."


<Woman shouting: "Føj for satan!" Paludan: "Åh nej" *laughs* Cameraman: "Man kunne bare høre det" *laughs* "Jeg fik jo nærmest gåsehud og *unintelligible*" Woman: "Hallo Paludan, dit lille møgdyr. Du er ikke velkommen, det ved du godt ik'?"

Woman shouting: "Disgusting!" Paludan: "Oh no" *laughs* Cameraman: "You could just hear that" *laughs* "I almost got goosebumps and *unintelligible*" Woman: "Hello Paludan, you little bastard. You're not welcome here, you know that right?"

As Paludan goes towards the square there's some shitskins shouting "Svin" (Pig) og "Luder" (Whore) at him. shitskins have like 3 insults they cycle between "Pig", "Whore" and "Zit/Pimple" (meaning a degenerate on gibs)


<Man shouting: "HVOR ER DINE VENNER PALUDAN?!" Paludan: "Alle Danskere er mine venner" Man: "*unintelligible* KLAM STODDER!"

Man shouting: "WERE'S YOUR FRIENDS PALUDAN?!" Paludan: "All Danes are my friends" Man: "*unintelligible* DISGUSTING ASSHOLE!"


<Man: "Du ved godt at Sejr starter med S ikke?"

Man: "You do know that Victory starts with an S right?" Paludan usually does the V for victory gesture and says "Sejr" the Danish word for Victory = Sejr


<Police Sgt.: "SÅ KOMMER DE IND!" *shitskin avalanche* Police Sgt.: "FREM MED STAVEN!" Officer near shitskin on ground: "Jeg er med her"

Police Sgt.: "THEY'RE COMING IN!" *shitskin avalanche* Police Sgt.: "GET YOUR BATONS OUT!" Officer near shitskin on ground: "I'm with you here"


<Police Sgt.: "IND I BILEN MED HAM! FÅ HAM IND I BILEN!" bystander with green hoodie: "Jeg er helt rolig, du ser at jeg er helt rolig, jeg er helt rolig"

Police Sgt.: "INTO THE CAR WITH HIM! GET HIM INTO THE CAR!" bystander with green hoodie: "I'm completely calm, you see that I'm calm, I'm completely calm"


<wife of the old shitskin with glasses: "Lad os gå hjem" Offscreen shitskin: "Fucking luder, mand"

wife of the old shitskin with glasses: "Let's go home" repeated Offscreen shitskin: "Fucking whore, dude"


<fat cunt: "Ronnie er stadig herude, det lille Nazi-svin!" crowd: "Fuck jer" Crowd: "Lille møgdyr"

fat cunt: "Ronnie is still out here, the little Nazi-pig!" crowd: "Fuck youplural" Crowed: "Little bastard"


No fucking idea, gibberish with "Paludan" in the middle


<Police: "CAMERAMAND! Ind i bilen" Police to old shitskin and his wife: "Ka' i ikke gå over på den anden side her? *hand on shoulder*

Police: "CAMERAMAN! Get in the car" Police to old shitskin and his wife: "Can you go to the other side here? *hand on shoulder*

In the car an Officer tells the cameraman where to sit and the cameraman tells Paludan that the tripod for the camera got bent.

acb4be  No.13142362


You note how they don't even try to address what was written? Just assert and expect you to accept it.

d8f7c4  No.13142370

File: a54dadad2393be2⋯.gif (7.02 MB, 505x284, 505:284, ebin-shitposting.gif)


God bless the Irish. Their shitposting is absolutely legendary. Can't wait until the Brexit for it to go into full IRA mode again.

ee9bfc  No.13142417


>Religion of peace

>And peace in their language literally means submission

I'm personally more excited for the mass slaughter of the traitors who allowed this than the invaders themselves. Rouse Theoden King - the West must awaken to war once more.

8d5372  No.13142440

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy

21f061  No.13142987


Kill yourself

c24bad  No.13142989

File: 35958cb44e9bb59⋯.jpg (8.46 KB, 232x176, 29:22, images.jpg)


Friends and i have sieg heiled at the police 100+ times - only got fined at one occasion.

9b90a1  No.13142997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3adc76  No.13143165


Satan its relatively easy to do things like slip cadmium salts or deathcap/destroying angel into the halal food supply. If you ignore optics and just go for damage you'd be able to basically cripple entire communities overnight.

It took these fucks 20 odd years to realize it was easier to jack a semi truck than build a bomb. They have some intelligent people but holy shit their average is near retarded

This is all purely theoretical and autistic fantasy though. Glownigs basically ensured that all electronic communication is compromised

370b8c  No.13143221


>Paludan is jewish.

so are muzzies

dd9d6c  No.13143280


There's nothing wrong with meeting like-minded whites to make friends and to protest the government.

As for actual armed resistance that should be done entirely by oneself without involving others.

370b8c  No.13143284


i would have been ok with kampfy banning you for that post. as it stands we just have to deal with communist globals that allow niggerfaggots like you shill blackpills.

dd9d6c  No.13143294


Is that real? How to make posters like that? I will do the same.

dd9d6c  No.13143307


Reported for honeypot.

a73f5a  No.13143316

eurofags, literally just rip out pages from a quran, deface them, and put them in public spots. this is all you need to do to trigger a civil conflict

dd9d6c  No.13143322


>Metal and punk rock are absolutely degenerate.

Agreed. Also I can't stop mentally associating it with lame bluepilled old boomers and lanky mouthbreathing soyboys with long hair that rather than being intimidating makes them look like girls and fat fedora lardfucks which are the three kinds of people I exclusively encounter who listen to that crap.


Even more honeypot spam? Christ you guys are a horrible fucking cancer. How about your leave your discord and post here instead?

dd9d6c  No.13143333


Christians never do shit and burning a city down because someone offended you is retarded.

a73f5a  No.13143342


lol you could shit on a bible in front of a christian and they would probably just think you are mentally retarded, whereas if you did the same in front of a muslim, you'd suddenly have 5 of them trying to kill you or beat you up.

bdabe4  No.13143346


And don't fucking buy them. Paying your enemies to pull a prank is fucking retarded.

Get them at a school library or some shit, or print it out on a public printer without using a USB that has ever been connected to any device you have ever owned.

370b8c  No.13143351


>Christians never do shit and burning a city down because someone offended you is retarded.

Niggers never do shit. Jews never do shit. Muslims never do shit.

Christians do all the work.

e139bf  No.13143380


Rarely. They not only had an insane tech advantage, they also had numerous native allies.

9d7d67  No.13143400

File: eebc07d891c6a63⋯.jpg (99.59 KB, 736x769, 736:769, eebc07d891c6a6313162053ecd….jpg)


It takes a lot of fucking brain to get to a new continent in 16th century, discover people you know fuck all about, learn about how they live and manage to discover their weaknesses like internal dissent. And then defeat them in a fight, with numerical advantage that might've easily rendered your technological advantage meaningless. For us it's like we'd go to space and defeat an alien civilization.

Read about Duarte Pacheco Pereira and battle of Cochin. Conquistadors were tactical and organizational geniuses.

e139bf  No.13143507


Yes the spaniards won through stratagem and politicking more than tech, but still their insane tech advantage is what got them their allies. Its like if we found another inhabted planet whose inhabitants were still in the stone age. Not hard for even the dumbest nigger to realize that teaming up with the guys with crazy high tech could give them a chance to wreck whatever asshole tribe is currently ruling over them, sacrificing their kids and literally eating their people's hearts. Also the natives had plenty scouts and knew the value of information. Montezuma capiutaled because he knew that these 500 spaniards were just a scouting party and that their nation could and most likely would send an army that would crush his numerically and technologically. The story of Cortez and also Pizarro are great stories, but lets be real, if the spaniards didnt have their tech advantage theyd have lost.

6c8775  No.13143516


Based Paludan. He's accelerating the west towards self-awareness and mobilizing against the non-westernized immigrants. Denmark were already taking out the trash with deportations of offenders, but this will speed things up and hopefully make them create a non-tolerance policy.

e139bf  No.13143525


Not to denigrate the spanish conquest. It was obe of the most glorious periods of European history. Just being realistic about the superiority that allowed the spaniards to win. It was first tech and second politick

6c8775  No.13143534


As a Dane, I'd like a fucking source on that. I've seen or read nothing that even vaguely indicate this.

9d7d67  No.13143552



In battle of Cochin the natives had a few Venetian cannons, high tier at that time. The Portuguese were a token force left with only one big ship (that they left behind to guard the town they were defending) and a few smaller ones. Their victory was purely tactical, they knew the enemy's strengths and weakpoints. Without this, arquebuses, crossbows and a few cannons wouldn't fend off a few hundred thousand shitskins.

Remember Isandlwana? Brits with breechloaders got beaten by niggers with sticks, despite the tech.

e139bf  No.13143566


Thats why i started the convo with the word "rarely." Try a dictionary, itll tell you what that word means. High tech wasnt what won victory but its what attracted native allies.

acb4be  No.13143576


Oh, so they'd be good if they were "Westernized"?

370b8c  No.13143578



Wasn't the Spanish Armada home to the fastest sailing ships in the world at that time? Seems like legit tech…

dd9d6c  No.13143580


The best thing about him is he's a jew. If people want to attack him, jail him, whatever we can encourage them to do so because he is jewish. Then they will either shut up or press on and nothing of value is lost since it's just a jew getting fucked over by his golems!

e139bf  No.13143586


Thats what I'm saying. If space aliens with ftl travel and space lasers and shit showed up and you got them to team up with pol against the jews and then they colonized earth, that would be analogous to the new world conquest

370b8c  No.13143588


except the Spaniards conquered, enslaved, and raped the new world. they even documented their achievements in eugenics: Spaniards created the Mestizos and Castizos.

dd9d6c  No.13143593


>but lets be real, if the spaniards didnt have their tech advantage theyd have lost.

I don't actually believe you when you say this.

The Native Americans had poison tipped arrows.

They had a lot of weapons and means to fight effectively.

They just don't have the superior brains of Europeans.

Heck, look at pic related.

They say back in the time when the Boer fought the Zulu it was a "Remington miracle" I think is how they put it. That is to say, it was their guns vs niggers with spears, that is why they won.

But you see here niggers with guns, with all the tech they didn't have back then, yet still were slaughtered by a small number of whites.

Face it. It's not tech. It's not "real politik". The white man is just a superior killing machine. He's faster, stronger, smarter; better in every way.

>>>/pol/13141553 (pic related, can't repost it)

dd9d6c  No.13143601

One white man is easily worth a hundred shitskins.

I am sure even in a situation where the white man has no weapons and has to fight a force of a hundred armed shitskins, somehow, some way, he'll manage to kill them all. He'll sneak up on them, take out with just a rock or a knife, take the guns off of their corpses… he'll find a way.

dd9d6c  No.13143606


I saw a video of him wearing the kippah.

010331  No.13143608


>Spaniards created the Mestizos and Castizos.

Thanks god. Pure blood South American monkeys are much worse. Americans should do that with niggers if they decided to let them live.

bdabe4  No.13143613


One white man is worth more than a hundred shitskin, that is true.

But the fantasy you lay out is absurd. We are in serious trouble, and so we must be serious and avoid falling into pleasant day dreaming

8d5372  No.13143620

File: 9b977957c8b73b8⋯.jpg (58.69 KB, 408x510, 4:5, 9b977957c8b73b8abce6d278f0….jpg)

bdabe4  No.13143623


>race mixing is the answer hue

Just because they might be able to function in human society (ie. white civilization) does not mean they are better. It only means they possess the intelligence to function in it.

The higher the IQ of your enemy, the worse of a threat he is. The purebred aztecnigger is preferable to the mestizo who can be rather crafty.

Not to mention that it would be an insult to your entire line and all of your ancestors, to mix blood with a lesser being. Strive upwards, not downwards. Don't let them rise at your expense either (by letting them mix with you.) You have literally nothing to gain from that.

6c8775  No.13143636



They only won because British logistics of ammunition were atrocious and the niggers numbered more than the soldiers could get bullets. British hubris killed them, not white ingenuity. If anything, the British were a shame on western pride for letting their hubris get the better of them. That battle serves as testament to white people to never let their guard down. Hitler did it as well by not actually realizing the holocaust.

51c39f  No.13143717

File: 52caf7428c08b75⋯.jpg (97.98 KB, 780x648, 65:54, 9cfc65ebe7e373157fdae6b561….jpg)


>faggotry needs to have an identity

The dolls in our bedrooms are the ones we can have children with. You're so special.

6c8775  No.13143739


The (Danish) police are tied to their duty and post. They're not gun-toting sheriffs from the wild west who can do whatever they think is right. If the Danish government decided that immigrants are to be deported, they comply. They're done so numerous times. Currently, no one in power believes that all immigrants should be deported, so the police are obviously not doing that. The police have no de facto power outside their own, so stop spreading discord, filthy shill.

6c8775  No.13143743


Source or GTFO. Wearing a cloth teacup does not mean they are jews either. If they were in a synagogue or similar place, then it's required. In other words, context matters.

Again, post source or fuck off.

aab737  No.13143746

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>these migrants must be slain

<If we look at Rome, and see our home

<The end is on its way

I know rap isn't a popular musical genre here but Mr Bond has been putting out the best audio red pills available. He does parodies of raps from old skool Ice Cube to Post Malone that would make Weird Al tremble with awe. He makes legit songs promoting NatSoc within the framework of the original artist's lyrics. He's a fucking genius. I want to make videos for more of his songs. But I'm a gotdam procrastinator

86b6c9  No.13143760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Remember seeing that one too.

This should be it.

Don't know the context, could just be provocation or for victimhood points.

729c1b  No.13143777


i think you,your parents,your wife,your kids,your friends,you all gonna die

and you gonna die with moron smile on your face

acb4be  No.13143782


>no one in power believes that all immigrants should be deported

The only ones with actual, real, operational and actionable power are the ones who possess an industrialized war machine and tactical training to take advantage of it. That isn't the prime minister, that is the military and police. The military and police ARE the power. The politicians are the theater.

6c8775  No.13143786


Kek, when the antifas came. They said he wasn't a jew and that he was a Nazi, which he didn't attempt to deny. It's most likely just another one of his provocations since that area is full of sandniggers.

6c8775  No.13143801


Yeah, but we're a civilized society whether you like it or not. They will never misuse their power. If it's not asked of them, then they'll not do it. Shaping public opinion is the most important we can do for Denmark, just as Paludan is doing by exposing sandniggers' savage nature.


>argumentum ad populum

Too bad your weak kneed ideology is what's causing the problems of our society. Jeg tvivler også stærkt på at du er Dansk.

6c1c72  No.13143816


>after provacateur sparks violence

Implying he's at fault because he wanted to throw a shitty fan fiction written by some dumb desert dwelling pedo

84fbc0  No.13143906


>No metal.


acb4be  No.13143946


Man, you are dumb. It has nothing to do with a civilized society or them "misusing" their power. They ARE using their power to genocide Western civilization. Holy fuck you are retarded.

ed97b1  No.13143981


Good job being cucks this long you fucking badgeniggers. It's about time you faggots woke up and started supporting your countries for once.

84fbc0  No.13143991



Mein fucking neger.

ed97b1  No.13144003


I was going to say something like this myself.


Fuck you, nigger. If I were in the sacred Fatherland I would do it myself.

ed97b1  No.13144009


Another fucking shill post. The worst thing is the kike top of the chain of command, not the main body. I was in the military. 0/10

3a7f50  No.13144078

File: d7cd22ec80f79f6⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, nornerne.jpg)


I dont have a source other than the guy himself, met him on a night out a couple of years ago after a run in with a muzzie. He noticed and approached me and we got to talking. When i mentioned the jews he was put of and claimed that he was jewish.

If you're a dane, why dont you just go ask him. Or give him a phonecall, he's a lawyer, im sure you will have no problem contacting him.

As far as i know, he is also a former member of Radikale Venstre aka The jewish party.

000000  No.13144341


>my cathedral isn't burning

non event

acb4be  No.13144360


>everybody is good except this one guy

>we totally can't do anything about him, though

b2519d  No.13144363



010331  No.13144840


If you don't kill them at least kill their genetic heritage. I am insult to me entire line of ancestors because my mothet is midget cunt. Every day i pray my father decided to go to pub and get wasted instead dating that whore.

9750c5  No.13145093

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

572e6d  No.13145424


Hajnal line ring fences this pathological altruism genetic curiosity

add065  No.13145485


The Rons are being rested for the upcoming election.

add065  No.13145504


>discover their weaknesses

They discovered their biggest weakness as soon as they were spotted.

892a4d  No.13145644


Keep in mind a lot of it was disease, too. The natives had shit tier genetics and immune systems, and literally couldn't withstand contact with anyone from outside their little bubble. Combined with uniting the tribes being abused by the Aztecs and that put them on easy mode. 100 Spaniards routed armies of future Spics numbering over 5,000 just by charging at them with a few horses with bells attached to them and whatnot and just being loud, scary and intense. The primitives couldn't handle it and routed, then brought newly contracted diseases homes to their cities and and families.

3b754e  No.13145739



(((YOU))) deserve to die

80678e  No.13145814

File: 0fd01dcaa823525⋯.png (888.04 KB, 888x888, 1:1, #88.png)

I felt qompelled… even if I'm late to the lolcall.

56d26b  No.13145877


That’s how you know people supporting the NZ psyop are largely shills. This is all it takes to cause havok and you don’t give them an excuse to target people resisting the globalist agenda.

163c5f  No.13145886



>resisting the globalist agenda

Nigger what?

56d26b  No.13145938

163c5f  No.13145943


But the state doesn't need an excuse to do that anon.

56d26b  No.13145953


I know, but it gives them an excuse so that the reaction is blunted.

163c5f  No.13145959


Well, the reaction is not blunted.

No one thinks that because 50 muds got killed, they have to hand in their guns.

eb2aae  No.13146132

File: d9568c47a189d79⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 270x205, 54:41, grinded nig.jpg)


>Heavy metal thread on /pol/

>Doesn't mention GRINDED NIG





1cfec9  No.13146310

File: 0f1a916f9c8ef56⋯.png (22.01 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 32.png)

Yeah! Now that's how you fucking accelerate boys. You've now been handed the blueprint.

50f849  No.13146349


Nail Quarans to walls around your city

80678e  No.13146356

File: 9bab18c1e16e834⋯.png (155.92 KB, 608x604, 152:151, Screenshot_2019-04-17 Abst….png)

I don't fully understand this 88 synchronicity phenomena, but from this, *points to what's left of self*, anon's perspective, 88 and 1488 are two completely different integers. One is a yearly date of (highly questionable, <insert moar research/lurk here>) significance, and the other is an extremely abstract concept that spans so many facets of existence; I wouldn't be surprised to come up with ~88 of them.

For example, the toroid, a torsion field, a pair of butt-cheeks, a bagel, the Maltese cross, the *AHEM* swastika (before & after the Nazi's modification), but'tor'flies (shape/form), the sphenoid bone, infinity ^^^, 88chan? 1988 was also the year of the dragon, or the beginning of the end draconian regime shall we say?

Many interpretations to still apply and sift through; yet let this distinction be made clearly. Just because one likes the number 88 doesn't mean that they should be automatically bundled with those who celebrate a year that is associated with man-made ideologies.

88 is much more than that.

80678e  No.13146568



This is so sad and it sucks too… it's not even trying to be good. it's so bad it's fake. Like a poorly written, wasn't well thought out villian of some shabby cheap stereotype teen slasher movie. Oh, and it's racist, seriously. Not like funny racist, mild family racist, no this is just, racist. we must accept that we've been programmed to hate the differences of each other, while in fact we realize deep within, we like them. Racism is the inability to see how badly we've been fucked with, from no one other than racists. Non-Human Racists.

Fucking evil bozo the baby eating lizards… clowns.

LOL I love you and easy you make this, you basically do the work for me, and I just point out how stupid you are.

I already killed myself, fucked my mother, and swallowed load after load of programmable life form rubber hose reptile foam in a hypnogogic state to know that whatever you come up with, I could do better inside your cells.

cb58e5  No.13146631

File: 03081107a232ee0⋯.jpg (24.63 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Brendan kek.jpg)


unironically complaining about racism


80678e  No.13146701



This is so sad and it sucks too… it's not even trying to be good. it's so bad it's fake. Like a poorly written, wasn't well thought out villian of some shabby cheap stereotype teen slasher movie. Oh, and it's racist, seriously. Not like funny racist, mild family racist, no this is just, racist. we must accept that we've been programmed to hate the differences of each other, while in fact we realize deep within, we like them. Racism is the inability to see how badly we've been fucked with, from no one other than racists. Non-Human Racists.

Fucking evil bozo the baby eating lizards… clowns.

LOL I love you and easy you make this, you basically do the work for me, and I just point out how stupid you are.

I already killed myself, fucked my mother, and swallowed load after load of programmable life form rubber hose reptile foam in a hypnogogic state to know that whatever you come up with, I could do better inside your cells.>>13146631

How can you gas that which is already dead?

Unironic irony is my game honey, welcome to hell. It's time we all jailbreak before we too get dissolved.

Unless of course you forgot the bet you made before signing up to get in here?

How can someone be Christian, and not also be Jewish? Christ wasn't Christian. Besides these camouflaged imposters invented racism, so I'm just aikido'ing their entity attachment barbs straight back jack - "Return to Sender" style. Like a SkyBounce over a Pineal Gland. Pew pew pew!

41d904  No.13148986

File: 6106cfefd4747fe⋯.jpg (24.3 KB, 322x306, 161:153, 6106cfefd4747fe3371091ac0e….jpg)

>>13139211 (checked)

things are so fucked that the prospect of civil conflict comes as a relief

7ac3cb  No.13149103


>muds are literallly bombing our police now

Good, police are not our friends. They will always put ZOG commands ahead of actual law and order therefore they can go fuck themselves. Just like Charlottesville, stand down and let those ebul white supreemists get beaten on by peaceful antifa protestors that just so happened to have bats and makeshift weapons and shit. Enforce law and arrest the violent criminals? Nonono, ZOG said not to.

7dd3bd  No.13149112

Crazy idea. Buy a gallon of white exterior paint, full-size roller, find a billboard…

Paint OK on it. As large as you can. Fairly low-input psy-op with an obvious message.

ba9c8c  No.13149157

File: 3b5d5944e8e3f20⋯.jpg (286.98 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, IMG_20190318_191432.jpg)

File: c2b5f14a8eb394c⋯.jpg (336.32 KB, 864x1152, 3:4, IMG_20190318_191528.jpg)

7f828d  No.13149296

File: 4f8395754239d57⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 478x478, 1:1, libertarians.jpg)


rolling and praying and hoping and crossing my fingers

fc1f5a  No.13149728


Fuck OFF Chaimes

5e5bc8  No.13150503


>They are literally bombing our police now.

Sounds like the police need some more diversity training.

94a6c1  No.13150541


Sad to say, tey're poseurs. Their first stop in every euro tour, is Tel aviv israel. They're literally a parody of metal, calling it's self "real metal". Oh, and Karl Logan is a pedophile which is why he's not on their final tour, because he's not allowed out of the state while awaiting trial for CP.

3056a1  No.13150567


>wanting the youtube embed rather than just getting the ad-free mp4 for your own collection

The absolute state of infinitypol


just use invidio.us/insert youtube url tail here

9b90a1  No.13150570


post more metal you niggers

c99f7f  No.13150576



Old handbooks or just an oldfag that hasnt been here for years and forgot basic etiquette? Have you tried loading a webm recently? Faggot.


What the fuck are those.

cb33a6  No.13150588


>and /pol/ stays at home

9c3836  No.13150589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c3836  No.13150593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c3836  No.13150596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3056a1  No.13150734

File: a197ba0c30429d4⋯.mp4 (2.34 MB, 400x226, 200:113, typical tricks, shlomo.mp4)


That's not what t. means

t. olderfagthanyou




vid related

3056a1  No.13150740



I said mp4, and I uploaded one here which also applies to you


Suggesting that I've forgotten etiquette when he's asking for a youtube embed is the most ridiculous shit

sage for doublepost

94feca  No.13152180

File: cdd54b1588ea4a6⋯.png (631.17 KB, 1423x1566, 1423:1566, 1553831739836.png)


c5b032  No.13153378


Lot of muslims have an inferiority complex almost as big as the usual normie or Jew. People can get past that, luckily, but by no means through any corrupt practice.

The only islamic tradition I ever heard of I found to be of value is the Sufi movement. Rest of it pretty much is just a means to rule people by law through theology (which started as a counter-movement to Christianity by a crazy warmonger). Funny how Jews are the only 'people' that are united but not by blood.

Lots of muslims are struggling spiritually to look past the suffering themselves. The D&C is only working on the most unlucky and dumbed down poor people, that become golems for (((him))). Unless people have a death wish or are beyond human interaction I'd say almost every person is capable of decency and everyday-life wisdom, and I think we should treat everybody we meet face to face with some sort of respect. I'd label people not by religion but by actions, as we can see past the skin and smell by looking eye to eye. Respect literally means 'looking back'.

For me, personally, I find it kinda reasonable to hit back at times, but societies are all bound to burn down some day thanks to the cycle of nations, weak men easy times, strong men hard times. Governance at this hour is destroying liberty and not protecting it. I'd opt out of 'society' if I'd be able to. Or rather. When I'm able to.

All this confrontations only serves to make a tune the warmongers can dance to. I don't wish to take it to the streets at the current situation. I think the best way to make a good influence on people is to enlighen people about how the international elite pulls the strings, and that we have a say in how we tend to our resources. Building communities always have been and will be the foundation of everyday life and prosperity. as governance can't dictate how a well functional society should live. So stickers and a clear mindset is the best tools we got for addressing the overdue parasitic behavior on all of us.


Yeah. Good way of putting it. I'd say you're pretty much retarded shitting on a book waiting for a response from any sane person.

6c8775  No.13153478


They are surprisingly based.

Translating the first page:

TO BATTLE AGAINST THE CRIMINALS (trans. note: read as an imperative)

"When a government deliberately uses its power to lead a people towards doom then rebellion is not only a right, it is also a duty for every citizen".

The Nordic Resistance - Nordfront.dk

Translation on second page:

What does the resistance want:

1. Immediately stop mass immigration. Repatriation of the majority of all that are not ethnic nordic-europeans or closely related peoples, should be started as soon as possible. Done in the most human way possible, they are to be sent back to their respective home countries or close areas of these.

2. With all possible resources, in the long run, work to gain the power back from the global zionist elite, that economically and purely militarily have occupied large areas of the world.

3. Together with the other nordic countries create one nordic self-supporting state with a united military, common currency, and central bank, in addition to common laws and regulations. This also means that we will immediately leave NATO, EØS, EU and other likewise groups that are against the people.

4. Instate a strong state with wide rule by the people. Positions of responsibility should be given according to competence, and the goal of the state should primarily be to secure the survival of the people and work towards its development and wellbeing. Free speech should be all-encompassing.

5. That our mass media should be owned by citizens of the new nordic. Foreign and domestic media that act in a hostile way to our people should be banned. Everything for a concentrated ownership should be worked against.

6. Create a modern society in harmony with the natural order. The welfare of our animals should rest on ethics and not profit. Nature and its resources should be used with reason and thoughtfulness for the future. "Allemandsretten" (Freedom to Roam/"Everyman's Right") should be reinstated.

7. Instate a national socialistic society that distribute resources in such a way that cares for the entire people, strong as well as weak, and is done so everyone reaches their full potential. A social safety net should give citizens rights, but also duties. The state will control the fundamental infrastructure of common interests, as this requires more responsibility that what a privately owned company can handle. At the same time, business life and spirit of innovation should be encouraged.

8. Instate compulsory military service in the entire north and expand the military. Everyone who has served their time will keep their weapon and gear. Every citizen should be able to defend the nation against external, as well as internal threats.

9. Instate a judicial state where all citizens are equal before the law. Educated jurists should work in the courts of law. A people's court should be created to prosecute serious acts of treason.

Nordfront.dk Nordfront.dk Nordfront.dk

fbacc0  No.13156550


Haha, nice of the muzzies to prove his point.

I wish Whites could be as violent as them, our problems would be solved.

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