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File: 956f1d9c2ff581f⋯.jpg (63.73 KB, 634x670, 317:335, 12362808-6929393-image-a-9….jpg)

8fa5cf  No.13144789

'Armed and dangerous' girl, 18, wearing black camouflage is being hunted by police after she 'threatened Columbine and 20 other high schools just days before the anniversary of deadly massacre'


Columbine High School was on lockdown Tuesday due to a 'credible threat'

Police are hunting teen Sol Pais, said to be 'armed and extremely dangerous'

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tweeted: 'Last night Sol Pais traveled to Colorado & made threats. She is armed & considered to be extremely dangerous'

She is said to be 'infatuated with the Columbine school shooting', reports say

Described as a white female, approximately 5'5" in height, with brown hair

FBI investigated at least 20 other schools days before 20th anniversary

Law enforcement said children were safe and deputies were at schools

Mass shooting at the school killed 12 students and a teacher on April 20, 1999

Remembrance services, vigil and community service day are planned this week

By LAUREN (((FRUEN))) (((crypto-kike))) FOR (((DAILYMAIL.COM))) and the (((ASSOCIATED PRESS)))

PUBLISHED: 15:40 EDT, 16 April 2019 | UPDATED: 18:44 EDT, 16 April 2019

>The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is hunting 18-year-old Sol Pais after she 'made threats'. They say she 'is armed & considered to be extremely dangerous'

>The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said deputies were posted at the school district as they hunt Sol Pais. They asked for the public's help in finding the 'extremely dangerous teenager'

>Diana Wilson, a Jeffco Schools spokeswoman, said in a statement they went ahead with the lockdown at the request of (((ZOG bots))) = (((law enforcement))).

Drills teaching students to 'lock down' inside classrooms became routine.

Schools formed teams to assess threats, particularly from students. Security firms forged a (((multibillion-dollar Israeli industry))), introducing surveillance video, panic buttons and upgraded doors and locks, which benefit((( JEWS)))

>Former Boyfriend claims she's a thot who will fuck anyone except him……. story is (((DEVELOPING)))


333a78  No.13144802


ebbb14  No.13144803


TFW no QT mass murderer GF.

8fa5cf  No.13144807

File: f826a20a31e798f⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 634x281, 634:281, 12362810-6929393-image-m-1….jpg)

5'5" 113 lbs, considered extremely HOT and dangerous to the virginity of young boys everywhere……. that are currently virgins, football team excluded.

d32b13  No.13144813


At least she’s white and a solid 8/10 unlike Lindsay Souvannarath.

8fa5cf  No.13144819

File: f3f2d1069ed8462⋯.jpg (3.58 KB, 26x37, 26:37, jew reporting in.jpg)


remain vigilante anon, she's dangerous, doesn't like at home with parents at 18, no smartphone, deleted her Google email, known to browse /pol/ so sayeth the Jew.

ebbb14  No.13144826


>known to browse /pol/ so sayeth the Jew.

Oh my God, she keeps getting hotter, I need to get a flight to Colorado.

8fa5cf  No.13144828

File: 4c8cae48d17f9a0⋯.jpg (98.97 KB, 634x511, 634:511, gentlemen.jpg)

ZOGbots hunting the pussy in matching footwear, shelter in place everyone.

1662cf  No.13144830

File: 3b852643776b268⋯.jpg (102.4 KB, 833x297, 833:297, jew serial killers.jpg)


d32b13  No.13144831


>known to browse /pol/

This better not be too good to be true.

d32b13  No.13144833


Klebold did nothing wrong kys.

8fa5cf  No.13144845

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(((Federally))) funded local ZOGbots recreate the 1983 hit, The Safety Dance by "Men without Hats' at local school terrifying all children enrolled.

8fa5cf  No.13144847

File: 17df19a73771bdb⋯.jpeg (88.54 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, safety dance.jpeg)




Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind

Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance

Well they're are no friends of mine

I say, we can go where we want to, a place where they will never find

And we can act like we come from out of this world

Leave the real one far behind,

And we can dance

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind

Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance

Well they're are no friends of mine

I say, we can go where we want to a place where they will never find

And we can act like we come from out of this world

Leave the real one far behind

And we can dance.


Ah we can go when we want to the night is young and so am i

And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet

And surprise 'em with the victory cry

I say we can act if want to if we don't nobody will

And you can act real rude and totally removed

And i can act like an imbecile

I say we can dance, we can dance everything out control

We can dance, we can dance we're doing it wall to wall

We can dance, we can dance everybody look at your hands

We can dance, we can dance everybody takin' the chance

Safety dance

Oh well the safety dance

Ah yes the safety dance



We can dance if we want to, we've got all your life and mine

As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it

Everything'll work out right

I say, we can dance if we want to we can leave your friends behind

Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance

Well they're are no friends of mine

I say we can dance, we can dance everything out of control

We can dance, we can dance we're doing it wall to wall

We can dance, we can dance everybody look at your hands

We can dance, we can dance everybody's takin' the chance

Oh well the safety dance

Ah yes the safety dance

Oh well the safety dance

Oh well the safety dance

Oh yes the safety dance

Oh the safety dance yeah

Oh it's the safety dance

It's the safety dance

Well it's the safety dance

Oh it's the safety dance

Oh it's the safety dance

Oh it's the safety dance

Oh it's the safety dance

aed613  No.13144864

Schools ought to be shot up. Schools are where the soul of our people go to die. I will overthrow the government if they ban homeschooling because I know that if my children go through school they will turn out damaged degenerates that will swallow the anti-natalism and faggotry and marxism.

Schools ought to not even exist any longer at this point. Get rid of all schools.

aed613  No.13144867

Seriously we have the right to view all schools and universities at this point in the same way the Native Americans see it. They serve the purpose of taking our children away from us, destroying their identity, their heritage, and their culture, and leaving the damaged with drug abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, etc. forever. It's all the same shit.

776736  No.13144869

File: 82e27bda63e2d05⋯.png (194.38 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 55d37c8d197d3.png)


>21 locations threatened by one person

How can that be considered even remotely credible? What was the actual threat? Are we supposed to take their word?

885511  No.13144880

18?! bitch looks about 35. meth head roastie confirmed

d32b13  No.13144881


Kys, she’s /ourqueen/ now.

fdefba  No.13144885


Very true


Yeah you're supposed to take their word for it, including time and help zionist/jews in government who can't even do their fucking job with the billions of dollars at their disposal.

Muh "potential credible threat" i.e "we want you to report on this person even if they haven't done anything wrong"

7a941a  No.13144886

File: 1f3dd1cfc694573⋯.webm (2.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Cool Shooting.webm)

Hope she evades the zogbots and carries out her plans, fuck schools.

99c68a  No.13144888

Dear CIA

Thank you for transitioning to a bloodless version of the mass shooter hoax to end the Constitution.

You're still vile scum, and the mass media will still point to this chick's threats as a legal argument, but at least with this new procedure no kids die.

7b00ca  No.13144892


Kalki incarnates as a woman maybe?

66f8ac  No.13144896

File: a5653b5749a7951⋯.webm (2.13 MB, 854x480, 427:240, pumped_up_keks.webm)

She's wearing camouflage so they'll never find her

8fa5cf  No.13144909


As we've see before 21 locations at a minimum of 6 Mossad agents per location and an additional 135 crisis actors to pull off each false flag.

126 Mossad agents in management of murder.

2,835 crisis actors for media purposes, as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter.

Mossad doesn't have the balls for such a pull-over right now. After the anti-christ appears they may up their game.

Girl will be arrested, at Chick-fil-A drive-through window, and security will once again be re-imposed by to glorious ZOGbots, in matching forward.

715190  No.13144910

File: 4b47e19b7dd658d⋯.png (1.21 MB, 597x1853, 597:1853, chanlife.png)

ab665e  No.13144926

>18-year-old Sol Pais

That thing looks like it's about 40.

bc7062  No.13144930



That bitch is Jewish

c88496  No.13144931

Press G to wish her good luck


bc7062  No.13144934

File: f21fd1547d32f2e⋯.jpg (652.35 KB, 1306x1847, 1306:1847, Screenshot_20190416-191322….jpg)

3c9a70  No.13144938

fake news

ebbb14  No.13144940


She's no 10 out of 10, I can see that. But she is much hotter than the land whales I have to see everyday here in California.

8fa5cf  No.13144941

File: 862a84ce9fef8c7⋯.jpeg (80.31 KB, 580x580, 1:1, download (1).jpeg)


Last seen wearing abercrombie & fitch girl's black camouflage pants, consider her thot and dangerous

c88496  No.13144943

camouflage is racist

9a9c8c  No.13144946


Objectively 5

Also , best of luck to the mad lass

8fa5cf  No.13144952


All ZOGbots need is am excuse, and this is good enough to riddle a corpse with bullets…………. have you taken a look at ZOGbots recently???? they're no Andy Griffith………. murders, all of them, they're all fucking insane

9a9c8c  No.13144954


Kalki was named specifically last night when the question was asked what pantheon would be brought up and several were discussed. Kalki was mentioned because she would destroy them then dance on the ashes. still a female though and would most likely fuck something up

ab665e  No.13144955


I'll give it 2.75 for not be morbidly obese.

4340aa  No.13144959

>‘She was strange girl, quiet and withdrawn

>‘She never looked looked anyone in the eye when they talked to her. She was always by herself, I don’t think she had many friends.

>‘But I know she was very caring. There was a time a dog was barking across the street and she was worried about it, pleading with her mom to call the Humane society.

>‘She cared about animals a lot

She reminds me a lot of Dylann. She is probably just totally alienated from this sick society.


378aa7  No.13144962


and she did it all with a 22 autoloader. Pretty jewish to be THAT cheap.

6858b3  No.13144964


dis fuckin hussy disgusts me, painted toes like a whore, showing her bare ankles and belly. SLUT

8c2394  No.13144968


>lets catapult a white 'dangerous' women into the headlines

>Inb4 screw your optics.

Ill be waiting for an actual happening.

38a817  No.13144969

Give me a break…probably someone ZOG wants ‘disappeared’…we know nothing about this woman other than what ZOG says. Honestly ZOG can go fuck themselves.

What has ZOG done for us lately?

715190  No.13144977

File: f4c53051aa4976f⋯.jpg (24.9 KB, 306x456, 51:76, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

File: 01fd69d12642853⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 474x270, 79:45, proxy.duckduckgo.com2.jpg)


>She cared about animals a lot

Nasim part 2?

6858b3  No.13144988


awwwwwww, bun bun

d1478b  No.13144991


258b3a  No.13144993


I saw her first and I’m only a few hours away. plus I’d help her readjust target to a mosque & synagogue Back off faggot!

ebbb14  No.13144998


>I saw her first and I’m only a few hours away. Back off faggot!

What if I payed you $5000 to bring her to me?

fcf7a1  No.13144999

File: 295e5449a481de4⋯.jpg (225.06 KB, 1123x666, 1123:666, Wife Material.jpg)



>But its probably kosher!

<that means I can kill it when I'm done and not feel bad


258b3a  No.13145000


True but imagine the shock if another mosque was hit. Or synagogue.

9a9c8c  No.13145005



Oh my god why not both? Or twenty one of each?

ebbb14  No.13145007


Raping Jewesses to death is great fun.

d32b13  No.13145008


Kill yourself

fcf7a1  No.13145013

File: 75ae0ab7011b340⋯.jpg (96.82 KB, 1768x961, 1768:961, Outlaw Star.JPG)

adc6f4  No.13145015


Nice feet.

fdefba  No.13145021

File: 16d111c79a7c34c⋯.jpg (158.58 KB, 600x490, 60:49, k37ii18mmetx.jpg)


nasim but way hotter

fcf7a1  No.13145025

File: b976088d6573aba⋯.jpg (244.48 KB, 2456x1370, 1228:685, Is This The Real Life .JPG)

File: 50fd3a9df3899e0⋯.jpg (133.26 KB, 2443x1377, 2443:1377, Is This Just Fantasy.JPG)


I can't lewd her though.

7b00ca  No.13145028

Wait her name is Sol Pais? Is she a Space Aryan?

ebbb14  No.13145029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I hope she is not a total THOT.

ebbb14  No.13145032



fcf7a1  No.13145037

File: 80238750ad120a5⋯.png (32.78 KB, 1375x462, 125:42, ClipboardImage.png)

The Black Sun Rises

9a9c8c  No.13145043



The sun rises in the west

a5c666  No.13145047

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>she is much hotter than the land whales I have to see everyday here in California.

6d0715  No.13145050

File: 99a891594793610⋯.png (59.7 KB, 150x234, 25:39, 150px-Turnerdiariescover-k….png)


My dick is really hard for her.

258b3a  No.13145059



7d4089  No.13145060


It's not the kids fault they're being brainwashed, not even the teachers'.

7b00ca  No.13145069

rolling for Sun Country to rise up

9d4385  No.13145078



Better to have them burned. See how the kikes and sand niggers like it.

ebbb14  No.13145079

File: c8a69d7b9fe2edb⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 748x420, 187:105, Tucker Carlson Day of the ….jpg)


Day of the Rope now?

ebbb14  No.13145086

File: b6960f22ea5260f⋯.jpg (177.93 KB, 774x1024, 387:512, oy vey 5.jpg)


Far Cry 5 but real? Rope County?

e2a709  No.13145090


Yeager's fiancé from Hunter was much hotter

Redheads are the supreme lifeform (When it comes to females)

e2a709  No.13145096


How long until Nintendo greenlights Angry Goy 3 for the Nintendo Switch?

ebbb14  No.13145098


Nintendo is based, so it wont be that long.

715190  No.13145200

File: 8b07c8c6e33079c⋯.png (204.85 KB, 612x660, 51:55, Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at ….png)



2a7788  No.13145264


>anti-natalism being bad

Life should be taken more than it is created nowadays, that would fix a lot of issues.

fdefba  No.13145268



772aaf  No.13145289


The right PIC for sure looks hot.

6aab11  No.13145291

>doesn't do anything

kikes can't even shoot up schools properly

e494e8  No.13145293









>all the simping in this thread

You people are fucking pathetic. You talk about degeneracy all day, and yet the second a woman does anything you remotely like, all you talk about are your cummies. You're all no different than the degenerates you despise.

>inb4 I'm just derailing the thread ironically bro

7d4089  No.13145297




Give me a break.

279338  No.13145300


>looks 30


7d4089  No.13145301


Don't you know all people promoting mass shootings are feds?

6aab11  No.13145302


Everyone who idealizes this rat WILL head out camping. And that's final

180bdb  No.13145321


The nose is obvious

180bdb  No.13145329


That's your feel. We just know how school shootings work (and who runs them).

>t. Burger who witness numerous shootings including Columbine, Sandy Hook, and tranny Phantom

180bdb  No.13145330


That anon is denying it

27e421  No.13145338

I hope she's gonna make it to the top 50.

No fail, Sol. We count on you.

7c36ad  No.13145344

File: 737d7a4453c7205⋯.png (328.67 KB, 696x391, 696:391, Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at ….png)


>california girls


>butch dykes

>tatted spics


someone should recut the (((david lee roth))) version with actual "california girls"


26a8eb  No.13145402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Metal Cover


Solid observation


Mid 30s Italian descent. 6/10 for cellulite smuggling in bikini.


Confirmed Roman phenotype toe configuration.


Maybe you can give her conjugal visits in prison. LOL!

So is this really happening or is this some Sam Hyde shit.

26a8eb  No.13145456

File: c8e4a1d8ccf085c⋯.png (168.41 KB, 800x548, 200:137, alreadyonGoogle.png)


(((Google))) already has (((MSM))) articles on the first page for any results for "Colorado". This smells of a false flag.

d17a71  No.13145459

Did it begin??

b63fc3  No.13145476

They just want to ruin Hitler's 130th birthday. Manufactured paranoia to dissuade or prevent open birthday celebrations. Chances are there will be an incident at one such gathering and the gremlin or a Hollywood supremacist will be used to further clamp down on perceived anti-kike activity.

98595b  No.13145510


dont forget cruz, homles and lanza

c88496  No.13145610

First, some background. I am a former employee of a technology firm that has a business relationship with a particular government agency.

Months ago, Nvidia publicly revealed a technology that allows for the creation of hyper-realistic composite images (fully computer-generated), a technology applicable to the scenario I am about to describe.

This technology, as of a few hours ago, was put into operational use for the first time. In this case, to float a false story about a totally invented individual by the name of Sol Pais.


According to the story, which is missing details usually found in such stories, the FBI is seeking an 18-year-old woman who was said to be obsessed with Columbine High School, where on April 20, 1999, a shooting took place that killed 12 students and a teacher… a shooting that took place 2 years before the person in question would have been born.

The article makes no mention of from whence the aforementioned woman drove to Colorado. The article does not mention why she would be wanted for "seeking to purchase a firearm" especially since she is 18, and legally old enough to purchase as many firearms as she chooses. It mentions, bizarrely, that she made no threat to any school in the school district home to Columbine. Which begs the question: Why the lockdown? Why the search? Is there even really a search?

The answer is no. Sol Pais does not exist. She is a composite, created by the same software unveiled a few months ago. Literally translated from Spanish, Sol Pais means "Sun Country."

If that term sounds familiar to you, it should. "Sun Country" is a phrase used frequently in the past to describe Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, as well as any other sunny equatorial climate that might be favored as a holiday destination.

In this case, SUN COUNTRY is also likely a trigger phrase, alluding to a specific set of actions for individuals in South America to carry out in the furtherance of the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro. SUN COUNTRY is one of over two dozen possible strategies for overthrowing the regime. Interestingly, this codename lacks the property of most codenames… that it is astronomically unlikely to be used in ANYONE's private conversations. Such combinations are chosen due to the fact that it makes them easy to flag and easy to follow up on potential leaks. The selection of this combination suggests that this is not an operational codename, but rather, part of a much more informal and short-term application. SUN COUNTRY in this case, is a trigger, not the name for the operation. That name has surely already been selected by this point, and is not contingent on the specific stratagem used.

All we can say for sure is that this is an abuse of a supposedly free press and a harbinger of things to come.

691bb8  No.13145667


Also Israel Keyes and I wouldn't be surprised if Ted Bundy is a kike

d32b13  No.13145684


Lol stfu nigger

924e2a  No.13145698


>browses /pol/

>threatens random schools instead of jews

Unless she's just throwing some chaff to get them off her scent before she subscribes a synagogue to pewdiepie then apparently she learned nothing from her time here.

924e2a  No.13145710


That's bullshit but I believe it.

90edad  No.13145754

File: 6cb4917a5afde7c⋯.jpeg (588.59 KB, 1093x804, 1093:804, 40965CCF-0285-4B04-82C9-0….jpeg)


I like it

9225ed  No.13145763


>all the people promoting mass shootings are feds

I'm not a fed and I say there is no other solution except violence

ebbb14  No.13145768


Yeah, that's total bullshit.

312eff  No.13145794

ITT: Fedposters


Speak for yourself, a lot of kids don't listen to that garbage.

9a9c8c  No.13145811



What else you got faggot?

fcf7a1  No.13145831


>jealous thot being attention-thirsty

Pure delight.



fcf7a1  No.13145837

File: 4a81fef001d317c⋯.jpg (4.86 MB, 4393x8026, 4393:8026, We Sprawl Naow Goyim.jpg)


>All we can say for sure is that this is an abuse of a supposedly free press and a harbinger of things to come.

369fb0  No.13145843



fcf7a1  No.13145851


Depends on a DigitalNA test.

f191ee  No.13145908

File: 71df0c12d74255a⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 743x865, 743:865, pais_crest.jpg)

>Pais is used as a family name or surname in Portugal languages.


26bc07  No.13145919



No way she is 18, looks 30.

31dda7  No.13145934


came here to say exactly this

bf3817  No.13145939



More like 32.




>implying the beta orbiters aren't the same gamma faggot fbi and splc imposters trying to gin up criminal acts on their 2nd vpn

26bc07  No.13145941

File: cda8d43f93dec09⋯.png (755.93 KB, 817x616, 817:616, first AI art black eyes.png)



bf3817  No.13145952


Actually seems legit. Reminds me of how NZ shooter just so happened to be /ourguy/ and play our favorite music, 14/88 on the wep. Almost like the Mossad is trying to emulate imageboard culture (lead a movement) to destroy it.

4d7d96  No.13145956


Yeah, the fact that Brenton Tarrant happens to play well-known music makes him Mossad.

Nice try, Mossad.

369fb0  No.13145968



39f796  No.13145978


I see mongoloid in there.

39f796  No.13145984


She's clearly not white, but she is threatening to kill white kids. Anyone on /pol/ supporting that is a nigger.

d17a71  No.13145985


gotta be white cuban

9e4260  No.13146080

File: f01f8b8c22ff523⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 538x338, 269:169, 1456609270130-0.jpg)

Why do edgelords always announce to the world that they're about to do something when it always results in them getting gangraped by the pigs in blue? Good riddance

1799e5  No.13146083

File: efa16027e6d9a7b⋯.jpg (80.31 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 2RJTFL5ZHG3W.jpg)


Far Cry 5 was actually pretty redpilling

Also the soundtrack is just a fucking masterpiece


9e4260  No.13146102


How did a corporate shill from /v/ get here?

ebbb14  No.13146163


Thanks for this. I agree (((they))) unintentionally made a redpilling soundtrack.

09b262  No.13146192

File: 79ef1c029d7afc8⋯.mp4 (962.47 KB, 640x360, 16:9, U6aVzCiVmPct-doE.mp4)

BREAKING: Investigators leave home of Sol Pais- a south Florida woman accused of making threats against Denver schools, including Columbine. Neighbors tell me police have been out here since yesterday. @nbc6

09b262  No.13146206

File: e851a1a76429f25⋯.jpg (306.66 KB, 868x1202, 434:601, pr05.jpg)

File: d144fbbdfcdce6d⋯.jpg (225.46 KB, 842x1252, 421:626, pr01.jpg)

File: 543bc67cdef4d45⋯.jpg (317.38 KB, 871x1221, 871:1221, pr02.jpg)

File: 73ed5abe6ad1275⋯.jpg (350.19 KB, 856x1236, 214:309, pr03.jpg)

File: ba2bdd3ccbfa9d9⋯.jpg (238.77 KB, 865x990, 173:198, pr04.jpg)


09b262  No.13146221

File: 8d6470cdcac09e4⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 456x810, 76:135, fuck cat.jpg)



ZOGbots using/pol/ lingo

8baf12  No.13146223


What the fuck. No police camera in the history of police cameras has ever had that weird smoothing/framerate. I don't have the link saved, but I remember a few months ago there was a video of some chink at Nvidia/Intel showing off their newest program that generated a near-fully realistic video of a car driving down a city street. This story makes no sense, and this only supports what >>13145610 said.

Your captcha solving has been put to good use, goys.

b63fc3  No.13146230


Where does it mention the camera recording is from the police?

af67fb  No.13146245


> considered extremely HOT


f02f2b  No.13146248

File: bd822681b209382⋯.png (22.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sweatshredder.png)

>>13144977 checked


af67fb  No.13146249


>At least she’s white


f1db37  No.13146255




59b080  No.13146278

File: d93bdae0a9393f3⋯.jpg (241.24 KB, 1021x746, 1021:746, Untitled.jpg)


>>At least she’s white


/pol/ needs a general like Uryankhadai

27e421  No.13146294

Well we are all waiting for her to kill people so this shit stops being boring.

C'mon miss, the top 50 is waiting for you.

84ca59  No.13146312

cd0705  No.13146366

Sounds like a big nothing, looks like she just got herself in a lot of trouble without anything to gain from it. Pretty stupid to make threats.

87e12f  No.13146402

File: f42fae72f1fd8de⋯.png (76.83 KB, 657x527, 657:527, rose.png)


She's cute

3c399f  No.13146429


Yet again, Google doesn't bother to be competent in actually checking the dates that articles were actually uploaded, leading to all kinds of false positives for pre-2019 mentions of Sol Pais, making it impossible to tell if there was any discussion of her prior to this week.

Can we seriously just fucking DESTROY any news site which engages in this dishonest behavior to try and get priority?

59b080  No.13146433


>Sounds like a big nothing, looks like she just got herself in a lot of trouble without anything to gain from it. Pretty stupid to make threats.

Seems she may have effected several thousand people here……. not all that stupid to once again be confronted in how ZOGbots, and JEWS manipulate the news, with hyperbole. Police are a paramilitary force ion occupation of America in violation of the US Constitution. Whereas US troops can not protect our borders on US soil, the police are empowered to enforce JEW rule on the citizens of the nation………. understand how this news story works Israeli Jewboy?

05be6e  No.13146445


It's completely obvious she's a beaner, look at her name and face again. God, this place is ridiculous sometimes

1e34a5  No.13146509

eaf255  No.13146530


>can't tell the difference between Iberians and mestizios.



719ab4  No.13146585

d0a361  No.13146591



>It's completely obvious

that the United States of America has reached gutter level, elected Sheriffs, appointed FBI figureheads, governmental police officers are ranting little defenseless little bitch boys…………. when will the saa end????

d0a361  No.13146596

when will the sad saga end????

d0a361  No.13146620


what a blatant attempt to memory hole a person, YOUTUBE totally fucked her OVER.

462d4c  No.13146629


This. Looks like a mutt or kike or both.

Sage because you fucking retards still can't into picking your words right.

d0a361  No.13146634


>Sage because you fucking retards still can't into picking your words right.


ac997f  No.13146678

File: c4df35da7a882af⋯.jpg (299.41 KB, 1729x961, 1729:961, young girl dead.jpg)

Breaking news now

Happening Now

Sol Paris, a fictitious person, never alive, an AI google bot, created in virtual realty by law enforcement in conjunction with Area 51 and Homeland Security has been cornered, and gunned down by brave law enforcement officers outside a public toilet at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant restaurant in Riverside County, California.

ac997f  No.13146686

File: eb680a4d6864a68⋯.jpeg (229.2 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, download (1).jpeg)

All that is missing at this point is the chalk outline

875bf8  No.13146730



47e9be  No.13146736

>inb4 accelerationist feminist who wants stricter gun control to be enforced by demonstrating the clear and present danger of letting sheeple own firearms

719ab4  No.13146738



>jewtube is (((jewtube)))

well yeh

gril is a MKUltra stray mutt with ties to antifa.

what part of /pol/ is always right did you not get?

1a9815  No.13146784


Already happened.


You can do more damage if you create credible, just over the line and perfectly fake speeches made by former presidents and upload them to youtube. Either way, extrem left statements or extrem right, doesn't matter. Just make a 30 min. long speech and make it credible.

a3adcc  No.13146969


It's another gun control op.

Gun control has billions in funding by billionaires like Soros, BLoomberg, Bil Gates and many others.

They're going to pull shit like this.

654b89  No.13146978


Unless she's covered in kike blood I'm not interested, and neither should you be.

9fa627  No.13147171


Liked this one better.


056ffb  No.13147189

What a disappointing larp. Nasim went out and did something,

Even though they lived through it. This girl was worthless (if she even existed).

438c86  No.13147219


>She looks at the city where no one had known her

>She looks at the sky where no one looks down

>She looks at her life and what it has shown her

>She looks for her shadow

>It cannot be found

>”She was such a moody child

>Very hard to touch

>Even as a baby

>She never smiled too much”

35fb27  No.13147233



I hope she is alright.

ce49a8  No.13147298

she has a website


eaf255  No.13147337

aff06d  No.13147343

File: 4ced071bd80da96⋯.jpg (43.1 KB, 349x500, 349:500, eunuch01.jpg)


so are you a faggot or a eunuch?

men comment on womens appearances,deal with it you homoqueer.

ce49a8  No.13147371

File: 15d518a132d7a6c⋯.jpeg (344.15 KB, 1563x1503, 521:501, sad.jpeg)


look at the about me page

"in this tiresome reality that i do not belong in, i take the form of Sol."

3a0703  No.13147387

File: 730690eb3d7b2e9⋯.jpg (10.64 KB, 255x244, 255:244, 1424278302277.jpg)


>That thing looks like it's about 40.

>mfw everyone in thier 20's today looks like they are in thier 30's or 40's.I am in my late 20's and I still get confused as college student

312b4f  No.13147391

File: 5d757423db424c3⋯.jpeg (797.57 KB, 2572x3443, 2572:3443, page61.jpeg)

66e4b8  No.13147402


I thought they got rid of neocities

66e4b8  No.13147407


Ah fuck I'm thinking of Geocities.

I was thinking it would have been weird for a girl born in 2000 to have a geocities page

4d99f4  No.13147411

She looks like a jewbot

27e421  No.13147414



aff06d  No.13147435


lol, i was going to say the same shit, is neocities the fbi's version of geocities that they use to frame white nationalist?

i thought geocities was a yahoo or AOL owned thing, didn't they dissolve like 15 years ago? lol

4d99f4  No.13147437


NOWHERE in the Constitution does it mandate that parents relinquish their children to the state for educational purposes. Stupid IDIOT people did that all on their own.

9cf5ed  No.13147448


neocities is a project made specifically for nostalgic oldfags who want to go back to when teh interwebz wasn't just five big cat meme and thot content aggregators. made by nips i think, who also held on to the original geocities for years longer than the rest of us did.

c48c58  No.13147468


Holmes and Lanza weren't jews. The thing about the kike camp Holmes volunteered at was misinformation, you have to be a heeb to be camp counselor but not a volunteer. I remember the story going around on the anti-jew sites I was reading at the time, then the correction being put up the next day.

aff06d  No.13147472


…i would talk shit but i still use bbs's and Mirc. lol

still though, geocities was pretty shit back in the day anyways, what a strange thing to want to hold on to….her neocitites webpage was giving me flashbacks to the start of the myspace era for sure though.

cd327c  No.13147478

File: 3e6a7c913f49134⋯.jpg (168.91 KB, 1137x875, 1137:875, goth nasim.jpg)


The Nasim Mafia

194182  No.13147504

Ask me how this seems staged.


What I don't get about this image is why it looks like she got fat in the second to last image.


<oy vey tarrant was a mossad plant goy

Get out.

9cf5ed  No.13147508


I'm a bit young for it but i remember the geocities/angelfire/tripod years being by far the comfiest era of the internet, to me anyways. all those moving pictures and shitty background midis on every page, and fucking webrings everywhere

d8ea6d  No.13147510


source? The only other article I saw on this was a colorado news company and they only linked to those two pictures in the tweet.

3e6a4d  No.13147514

early myspace/friendster era was best thots had no standards you could bang 8/10 just by looking for online females in your area on ICQ and messaging them

e6de8c  No.13147519

I checked in with my sources and she checks out… she's recognized from campus (my old hs)… Truthfinder will show her as the daughter Gardi, who is a local musician in Miami… Argentinians… still, something not right with the official story…

ce49a8  No.13147522



438c86  No.13147530


Blaze of glory, baby.

e719c9  No.13147537


Good find anon! I checked it out and also believe this is the same girl. The journal entries seem all too stereotypical of the "disillusioned youth" meme.

cd327c  No.13147545

File: 6016bed20d4f54b⋯.jpg (908.41 KB, 3000x2143, 3000:2143, Nasim Day April 3.jpg)


Damn. Archived.

Her site is straight doom legit. True aficionado of the old ways.

3fd6f6  No.13147554


She's pretty; excellent facial symmetry, full lips, exceptional bone structure, healthy skin, decent hair.

With her glasses off and in the right clothes she'd look like an actress or a model. You've just been brainwashed and have no taste.

381554  No.13147558



She looks 30+



dc1633  No.13147565



Well, this settles the h'white debate then

cd327c  No.13147570

File: a730d1a0429f51a⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 646x640, 323:320, nasim child.jpg)

File: 27d680ad122476f⋯.jpg (140.77 KB, 750x1045, 150:209, Nasim redpilled.jpg)

File: 9304cc1784b9395⋯.jpg (171.27 KB, 1292x892, 323:223, nasim child (2).jpg)

dc1633  No.13147586


Btw, her Dad's name is Gradi Pais. This is her daddy's youtube channel https://youtube.com/user/thegardis/featured

dc1633  No.13147588




194182  No.13147593


Find a better picture, because she looks way older than the >implication, has pencil eyebrows, looks caked in makeup, and is wearing ugly fucking feminist glasses.

dc1633  No.13147599



Possible Kikebook profile

aff06d  No.13147607


jesus fucking christ shit on a stick that link bro…

fd360a  No.13147608

friendly reminder that nasim wasn't white and praising a woman for being a warrior is a fast track to being a cuck

dc1633  No.13147624

File: 379880e21f1a0ed⋯.jpg (167.42 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 65350-l.jpg)


Sorry famalam, here is a picture of her daddy-o. No wonder the chick is fucked up kek

3fd6f6  No.13147628


Your post helped me realised who she reminds me of, facially and also in terms of her shyness.

Had a friend years ago, she ended up going off to live in a country house surrounded by nature and living well.

66e4b8  No.13147633


Calm down Ahmed

258b3a  No.13147644


Damnit. Why can’t /pol/ have a cutie murderous white Aryan waifu that shoots up a synagogue or mosque?

3fd6f6  No.13147647


The glasses just look like standard issue ones, not feminist statement/problem glasses.

They say she is Argentinian, she has a partly Italian face, lots of Italians there so it makes sense.

3fd6f6  No.13147654


It's the other way around, people pre-1980 looked much older, as in like adults when they were adults.

It is the modern world that has so many people looking like teenagers until they are 50, a lot of that started in the 90s.

9b398a  No.13147656

oh shit it's almost the 20th anniversary


she looks 35

66e4b8  No.13147668


How the fuck did you find this btw?

426a1c  No.13147669


Looks like a like a 5 or 6 to me


426a1c  No.13147677


It'll happen one day : )

9b398a  No.13147682


also Hitlers 130th birthday on Saturday

dc1633  No.13147692



Just a guess, but he probably reverse image searched the child photo on the "About Me" page and landed there.

If this Sol chick is dumb enough to post a picture of herself on her edgy semi-anon webpage then she is not very smart or at least very tech savvy.

By the way why is this news? She has done literally nothing and lives in the complete opposite side of the country from the schools she was threatening.

3fd6f6  No.13147693


Interesting post.

aff06d  No.13147696


mixed race spic. that's why they are calling her white. mixed race spics have taken to calling themselves white over the last decade or two because even the American spics think Mexicans are garbage people and don't want to be associated with them…it's also part of the reason when they say the country is still 56% white or whatever it's more like 40% because white people by American standards aren't even white anymore….muddying up the fucking gene pool.

66e4b8  No.13147708


But the "About Me" page is already on the website

How did he find that page in the first place

66e4b8  No.13147711


If she's Argentinian they is a chance that she's just straight up 100% European

7c5433  No.13147713

>She is said to be 'infatuated with the Columbine school shooting', reports say

Ok, tell me when they are going to start rounding up and hunting down all wrong thinkers

>because there is no difference between infatuation with school shootings and conspiracy theories, let alone anti semitic ones.

Seems like preparing a high ground for something like that.

3fd6f6  No.13147714


You americanos become confused in this regard. In south/central american countries, there is a hierarchy, with the pure blooded Europeans at the top. In Mexico you'll often find pure blooded Spanish, descended from only unmoved Spanish and never having mixed with the Aztecs/Mayans/other local tribes. In argentina you'll find a lot of unmixed Italians and Germans, same in Uruguay, Paraguay, they even had pure blooded Germans running the country for a long time. Even in brasil there are pure blooded German towns with old German style houses. They are rare, but exist still. South America might be mostly a mixed place, but brasil for example used to be like the US, until it was targetted for a 'melting pot' experiment by you know who. Look it up, you'll find a lot of surprising stuff.

Spic means Spanish, from Spain. You need to think of a new word for the dark skinned mixed race things crossing the border, because the pure blood Spanish are mostly well off families, successful in their countries.

438c86  No.13147720


Checked out a book on unsolved crimes from the library once.

>On every government list

3ff072  No.13147725

File: 88e1076099a26cf⋯.jpg (7.42 KB, 250x198, 125:99, 1477674895123.jpg)

3fd6f6  No.13147731


Also, I don't think the US is really 56%, and if it is, that means pure blooded. It depends where you take statistics from. The infected states are the ones in the south/west. The centre is almost all decent still.

dc1633  No.13147736


>How did he find that page in the first place

You mean how did he find the picture in the first place? I have no idea, but maybe there was more info on her dad's social media accounts before he locked them all.

7f08ea  No.13147743



She actually looks like a cross between a spic and a kike.

66e4b8  No.13147747


She just looks like an Italian to me

I've seen Swiss people that look like that too

Although we could really do with more or better pictures of her

3c399f  No.13147751


so just to clarify, "Sol Pais" is the latest alias of Nasime Sabz, who used to go by the alias "Dissolved Girl"?

disSOLved girl?

So why are they describing her as white? Probably mixed race between White/Arabic perhaps.

3c399f  No.13147753

or wait no, Nasim E. Sabz or Nasime Esabz?

66e4b8  No.13147757


Sol Pais and Nasim are two completely different people

Nasim is dead

dc1633  No.13147761


You are out of the loop anon. Nasime is the chick that shot up YouTube headquarters a while back.

ce49a8  No.13147768



nah I just saw someone post it on twitter

3c399f  No.13147810


That's a PAIN to read. Anyone up to copying all 61 pages of her journal to an IMGUR gallery and then running it through some OCR software to convert into text for easier reading?


ah, different lolis, that explains it, thanks


Do you recall which tweet? I tried to reverse mage search >>13147371 on Tineye and Google and got nothing, not even that website.

1a6d73  No.13147819


You forgot Elliot Rodger, his father is jewish.

b51147  No.13147835


And Elliot.

ef68d5  No.13147845

She got dem pumped up kicks

f7b808  No.13147846


Fuck off, jew.

3fd6f6  No.13147856

from her writing, she is of well above average intelligence and quite mentally sound and coherent, thoughtful and likely was a good student in her younger years, someone can confirm this.

She repeats the idea of not fitting in with the world as it is, but wishes she did have her place. Her intelligence but more so her awareness from a young age of the reality of the world has made her feel and be an outsider, which has caused this rift.

Had she waited for a few years more, and gone to university and found peers, having escaped the high school experience, she might have begun to find her path in life.

I use university as an example only because the average intelligence and maturity level there will be generally higher than in school, and the material will be more mentally stimulating, although she won't escape the general stupidity of most of the the people there.

Sounds also like she is cleverer than her parents, meaning she's not had anyone to talk to for most of her life on an equal footing.

3c399f  No.13147858


Published Apr 16, 2019 at 5:41pm

>Heavy has reviewed a disturbing website and a listography that link to the website. Be aware the excerpts below contain graphic language. They contain the name Sol and Sol Pais, and the listography page uses a profile photo that bears an almost identical resemblance to the law enforcement photos released of her. Although authorities have not confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the pages, they contain drawings of guns, severely depressed and rambling musings about death and life, and demonstrate a disturbed mindset. Here’s an example of a journal page with troubling comments. “Being alive is f*cking overrated,” it reads. “How do I pull it out of me? I’m f*cking empty.”

This thread was created at 7:28pm on April 16th, so Heavy publishing scans from her website a couple hours earlier means they got the info somewhere else. Where did they find it? Why does this article not list an author?

3fd6f6  No.13147862


Looks Italian to me too. She could be from the northern part, explaining the swiss/germanic additions in the bone structure.

3fd6f6  No.13147871


Any halfway intelligent and depressed teenager will write like that. The problem is that 80% of people are too stupid to have any thoughts beyond macdonalds and reality television.

Site will likely crash/be shut down soon, does anyone have a full archive of it?

3c399f  No.13147875


Found her listography, searching "sol's listography" gave several results but including the tagline "be the best" narrowed it down to one. She posted a link to the Dissolved Girl website on 10 August 2018. Now we just need to search LonelyAngel444

66e4b8  No.13147906



Well there's a lonelyangel444 on tumblr with the name Valeria, but I'm not sure its the same person


A lot less edgy than the neocities and listography


170dcf  No.13147915

66e4b8  No.13147918


Also if you click the 'Email me' bullet at the bottom of her neocities, her email is 'secretsiaplos@gmail.com'

So secretsiaplos is another potential alias of hers

ce49a8  No.13147939


I can't find the tweet but I don't think they were the one to find it. I saw quite a few others tweeting the link. She used "dissolvedgirl" on the forum where she asked about buying a gun. Not sure if that or her neocities was found first.

dc1633  No.13147941

File: f95c716157ae216⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 240x240, 1:1, i-have-autism.jpg)


What the fuck is Listography? Some kind of social media?

I already feel like the kids are outpacing me

t. Boomer

b54c82  No.13147945


Kikes are swarming all over this board what do you expect? The first give away was when they were calling this disgusting mongoloid spic "hot."

92fd5d  No.13147949

where is that private instagram the articles are all talking about?

dc1633  No.13147952

File: f497e349b080dfc⋯.png (10.39 KB, 645x773, 645:773, blanco.png)


Excuse me, she is a qt and 100% Argentinian white.

dc1633  No.13147976


Fuck if I can find it. This is the Forum post she made asking about how to buy a shotgun in Colorado.


b0abec  No.13147979



It is her name backwards, which FB/sia.plos

Brings up a FB that appears not to be used.

"sia plos" Another possible Alias

27e421  No.13147982

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The truth finally exposed

3fd6f6  No.13147998


huh, dey can, huh, make, huh, up sum names, huh, dey can make up, huh, sum, names, dey can make up sum, huh, nawsayin, huh, dey can, make up, huh, some names, huh, nawsayin

It's like listening to Plato orate.

6aab11  No.13147999

File: f5ad2aad1b6a490⋯.gif (3.84 MB, 353x201, 353:201, f5a.gif)


cd327c  No.13148003

b0abec  No.13148004


this might be her twitter. Hadn't posted since 2017 until Feb, where she talks about losing crystal glasses frames (which are like the one in her picture) Could be wrong on this one though.

3fd6f6  No.13148009


You freak fuck, anyone with eyes can see she is European, most likely 100% blooded european. Since you are american, you must be a nigger, right?

b0abec  No.13148016


after further inspection, I think it isn't her

b0abec  No.13148021



5a1cf8  No.13148027



1e46fe  No.13148028



So we finally got armed guards in schools after all?


Try writting to her.


Why not, queercell? It is our duty to encourage them to do the right things. -)

3fd6f6  No.13148031


your time has already gone, old man.

time to retire and just refer to all of that stuff as "whatever young people are into nowadays".

66e4b8  No.13148037

File: cf3686e83288eb7⋯.png (554.37 KB, 1000x746, 500:373, hands copy.png)



I had just sent her an email

438c86  No.13148043


They shot her trying to sneak into a school pretending to be someone’s mom?

dc1633  No.13148044

File: 7a202ecf0244eb9⋯.jpg (230.8 KB, 1103x1041, 1103:1041, skelly-paypay.jpg)


>“a naked woman matching the description with a gun was spotted in the area running through the woods.”

What. The. Fuck

cd327c  No.13148048

cd327c  No.13148049

File: 23253cf5b01910d⋯.png (5.39 KB, 619x453, 619:453, sad.png)

3c399f  No.13148059

File: 071a2c40b312cd8⋯.jpg (7.26 KB, 128x128, 1:1, LonelyAngel444 Tumblr avat….jpg)

File: 5281271ee69f268⋯.jpg (23.62 KB, 237x322, 237:322, Jeffco pic 1.jpg)

File: 3bfdacf1dbefbf7⋯.jpg (16.15 KB, 230x306, 115:153, Jeffco pic 2.jpg)

File: 8767ee67ff06eb9⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 332x332, 1:1, LonelyAngel444 27oct2018 T….gif)

File: 13809be5ec1a1e2⋯.jpg (333.39 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, LonelyAngel444 Tumblr 20fe….jpg)

Another connection for "Lonely Angel" is that at https://dissolvedgirl.neocities.org/welcomepage.html when you click the "I found my soulmate" button at the bottom it is a link to https://dissolvedgirl.neocities.org/soulmate.html which displays "for my angel" in the header. Just seems to be a poem and an embed to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nm4xv3firw though



> I'm not sure its the same person

We should archive the fuck out of each individual post just in case. There's not that much, just pictures ranging from July 2018 to February 2019. Let's compare these partial pictures from the Tumblr to the full shot put out in the bolo?

8f9ca6  No.13148063



27e421  No.13148068

File: 89a75db2e1bcab0⋯.png (84.73 KB, 500x522, 250:261, it-hurts-to-live-874052.png)


Sad waste of pussy

dc1633  No.13148069


I almost feel bad for making fun of her cringy dad now that it turns out she was probably just mentally ill and got suicided by cop.

438c86  No.13148072

Sure are a lot of nude women running around lately.



3fd6f6  No.13148078


if true, then fuck them.

194182  No.13148079

>ugly mutt dies

>nu/pol/ cries

3e6a4d  No.13148081

she was spotted naked running with a firearm 8========D

27707d  No.13148089

File: 6cbf9d5b86da461⋯.jpg (2.28 KB, 279x79, 279:79, 0Scoreboard.jpg)

66e4b8  No.13148091

File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Z7HeRxU.png)

ce49a8  No.13148093

>dies naked in the woods

you think we will get any leaked dead nudes?

194182  No.13148094


<muh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Same excuse you thirsty beta cuckolds used to spam this board with threads trying to "save" a roastie porn star.

dc1633  No.13148095

File: fb77826429c08eb⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 576x472, 72:59, were-in-for-it.jpg)

Calling it now:

>be edgy teen

>lol Columbine was funny am I right

>go to Colorado for hunting trip

>FBI finds edgy sites and spills spaghetti

>chick freaks out and ends up killed by cop

I'm having a hard time right now imagining this grill was ever a credible threat, tbh fam

3fd6f6  No.13148096


Clearly not a mutt, clearly european.

18 year old european blooded female executed by 30 zogbots after having committed no crime.

Intelligent, dissatisfied with the world, isolated. She could easily be one of us. You are /nu-pol/ you fucking kike, celebrating the zog executing one of the few females who wasn't a thot.

I'd rather see you hang, you fucking traitor.

92fd5d  No.13148100


we can only hope

cd327c  No.13148101


>shill failing again

27e421  No.13148103


The truth has been spoken

dc1633  No.13148105


If there is a god, anon

3fd6f6  No.13148110


Correct. If she was in the woods, how can she have been a threat to a school. More likely she was out there having a trip away from it all, was sleeping in her tent, and then was surrounded by zog bots who ordered her out of the tent and as soon as she obeyed they shot her 500,000 times as is customary, then claimed she had a gun.

27707d  No.13148112


How exactly does shooting up a school in a white neighborhood make her ourguy?

Where is her manifesto?

The woman was fucked in the head end of story.

25255f  No.13148113


ZOG has killed her.

66e4b8  No.13148118


When exactly did she shoot up a school in a white neighbourhood, you disingenuous kike?

cd327c  No.13148125

File: c1f522e4db093af⋯.png (612.45 KB, 586x666, 293:333, concerned.png)

27707d  No.13148129


Dude she had her underpants on her head, two pencils up her nose and was saying "wibble!, wibble!"

People who do that with a firearm get taken the fuck down.

41486b  No.13148130


>How exactly does shooting up a school in a white neighborhood make her ourguy?

>Where is her manifesto?

You filthy fucking kike, you admit they don't have proof of her having any intention to do this while simultaneously assuming she would. A cross is too kind for you.

cd327c  No.13148132




3c399f  No.13148138

Guys I've been googling combinations of words we've associated with her and came across something interesting. Looking for your thoughts.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOJUllM4L8cox0RiXLzH_xQ uses the name "Valerie Vyval" which resembles "Valeria" from the LonelyAngel444 tumblr and if you look under "Liked Videos" there is "Dissolved Girl" by the band Massive Attack.

I don't have an eye for music, anyone notice any other similarities to her Listography playlist? 11 October 2010 was her only upload called "My Movie" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGaWZJYAm3c and is sad music while showing some guys on a boat, very mysterious.


>She didn't shoot up a school she was just out hunting ducks and bucks with her shotgun.


They could have very easily stripped her after shooting her and then burned the clothes and said they shot her while she was naked. Put some fake gunpowder residue on her naked flesh afterward to make it look like she shot at them first.

27707d  No.13148139


> I know everything about the world: jews, jews, jews

It's easy isn't it when everything can fit into your retarded simplethink

Go back to infowars fapboy

dc1633  No.13148140


> she had her underpants on her head, two pencils up her nose and was saying "wibble!, wibble!"

No she hadn't

cd327c  No.13148145


You keep making shit up, spreading disinfo. Why?

194182  No.13148149



Nigger she looks like a female Nicholas Cruz. You're telling me her ugly "18 but looks 35" mug is pure european? You're thinking with your dick and not your brain, pleb.

>muh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiills

dc1633  No.13148155



I doubt it very much. She would have been 11 years old when this was uploaded.

27707d  No.13148157

File: b9e397f4378c2ab⋯.jpg (13.58 KB, 400x300, 4:3, blackadder_fagin.jpg)


>You keep making shit up

What the fuck did I make up?

cd327c  No.13148163

9722a7  No.13148166



Looks way older than 18, daddy looks like a pimp, yeah could snap.

5f728a  No.13148171


meth turns whites into niggers

97b226  No.13148174

Why should I give a shit about some dumb hole spic looking girl that looks like 40? She's not /ourgirl/, she didn't really do anything special, and now she's fucking dead. Also enjoy the hoards of schizos incoming.

825005  No.13148177


welcome to cuckchan 2.0

9722a7  No.13148180


Movie theatre.

e6de8c  No.13148186

File: 847b5302f564c74⋯.jpg (133.66 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, 1555520203857.jpg)

Show's over, folks!

dc1633  No.13148187

File: fc62817d4ee7663⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 480x468, 40:39, autism.jpg)





27e421  No.13148198


She was pretty cute

dc1633  No.13148200

The only reason the FEDS killed her before she even did anything was because she was a WOMAN. Why is no one talking about the active shooter killgap?

3fd6f6  No.13148205


I know how you feel.

27e421  No.13148206


Media say they found her dead.

194182  No.13148208


Kill yourself.

5a1cf8  No.13148213

File: 6fbfe594f819e29⋯.jpg (19.07 KB, 360x360, 1:1, byebois.jpg)

Goodbye bois

dc1633  No.13148215

File: 2c67f27feb13284⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 320x260, 16:13, chewing.gif)


counter-sagin' because I like this thread

27e421  No.13148224

RIP sweet princess

821e6a  No.13148234


She looks 30

337ce5  No.13148235


Barely Legal: Rampage edition

3fd6f6  No.13148254


rest in peace, you were one of us

3c399f  No.13148255

File: 08324f2608926ac⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, July 2018 cat necklace.jpg)

File: c0f9b5c079ae064⋯.gif (768.63 KB, 388x388, 1:1, September 2018 surreal.gif)

File: df37b12328bcb3c⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 344x344, 1:1, November 2018 animated pan….gif)

File: 3ab9c563b8726c7⋯.jpg (272.79 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, February 2019 trustworthy.jpg)

https://coub.com/view/x1pop is also of interest, "Dissolved Valeria" by Alexandra Kviat on 23 August 2017. Probably just a coincidence though as http://warwick.academia.edu/AlexandraKviat looks nothing like her.

Does anyone know if there is a way to tell the date when an account "liked" so we can get a sense for who was following her prior to this? I will list likers/rebloggers of interest based on her following posts

JULY 2018 https://lonelyangel444.tumblr.com/post/175532334690#notes

andynekko liked this

perse-ids liked this

fuj-0-shi liked this

dont-y0umind reblogged this from d4eath

d4eath reblogged this from lonelyangel444

d4eath liked this

SEPTEMBER 2018 https://lonelyangel444.tumblr.com/post/178370836815/surreal#notes

ivoryjurya liked this

NOVEMBER 2018 https://lonelyangel444.tumblr.com/post/180243200680#notes

eternalxxxpain liked this

2 FEBRUARY 2019 https://lonelyangel444.tumblr.com/post/182493633145/trustworthy#notes

hayleyparton17 liked this

20 FEBRUARY 2019 https://lonelyangel444.tumblr.com/post/182950148705/existentialism#notes

brojohns12 liked this

lolitarodri liked this

We should see if LA444 left any interesting comments for:







They've only shown photos of her face so far. Sometimes girls with attractive faces have chubby bodies, but this doesn't appear to be the face. If the LonelyAngel444 from Tumblr turns out to be the same LonelyAngel444 from Listography, then she appears to pull off skinny jeans very well. So any fan art produced of her running through the woods naked with a shotgun should definitely draw her thin.

5a1cf8  No.13148263


They deleted her picsart


cdcb1b  No.13148278


>>"Where is her manifesto?"

>>women having manifestos

Women have always relied on men to do that.

3c399f  No.13148279

File: 7cb33a31dcbabdc⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 394x392, 197:196, Alice In Chains.jpg)

File: 2ac5c3827d06376⋯.jpg (124.91 KB, 750x413, 750:413, PFILWM1.jpg)

File: 7b655b04ddaf348⋯.jpg (392.03 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, PFILWM2.jpg)

File: 7290031c0e3bb92⋯.jpg (348.85 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, PWILWM3.jpg)

File: 9de33d74ef1cb53⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, 1:1, ANIMATED GIF 29 January 20….gif)


>She would have been 11 years old when this was uploaded.

and? I remember YouTube in 2010, there were 11 year olds all over the place uploading home movies with music overlaid. She might've been videotaping her family. As for the sad music, well perhaps she was groped by a nigger when she was 9 and her father/uncle/brother didn't believe her and it made her hate the world.

At the same time, I think she was desperate for love, I mean look at the titles of these posts…



55d72e  No.13148287



Is there any proof this is her? It literally says a different name "v a l e r i a" and doesn't really look like her.

9722a7  No.13148289


Because i have no face.

59de85  No.13148292


Everyone likes a happening bread.

9722a7  No.13148298


I go down this rabbit hole, the smartphone gives me paranoia, i use art to easy my constraints.

cd327c  No.13148299



Seemed to be a mostly non-degenerate girl who was discovering truth while sad for love. RIP.

194182  No.13148308


>lusting after mutts

>actually parroting feminist "she was only punished because she's a WOMAN" talking points

Yeah no, this thread is shit and so are all the thirsty beta cuckold racemixers worshipping this whore that did fucking nothing.

dd5287  No.13148317

File: 60a739ad4eaa9b3⋯.jpeg (438.64 KB, 828x942, 138:157, 638B267C-4EF2-4757-A6C3-0….jpeg)

dc1633  No.13148321

File: b1d3233f80844ea⋯.png (490.18 KB, 470x753, 470:753, rare-assange-giving-you-th….png)


>actually parroting feminist "she was only punished because she's a WOMAN" talking points

Kek, that was an obvious joke faggot, learn to keep your autismo in check

3c399f  No.13148324


if you read her journal, Sol Pais is clearly just an alias like LonelyAngel444, she talks about "becoming" Sol.

There's supporting evidence if you search tumblr and LonelyAngel444. Here are posts she has liked

http://le-petitte-demon-horse.tumblr.com/post/112608941523 which displays "Remiau COLUMBINE" at top

https://ericsdiary.tumblr.com/post/182247027838 which is a picture of Columbine High School

194182  No.13148327


>merely pretending

3fd6f6  No.13148328


This. Non-degenerate, high intelligence, thoughtful. Blue eyes, light brown hair, pale skin.

d969e1  No.13148335

Not white, go to hell Jews

462d4c  No.13148340


>still bumping thread about a days old obvious falseflag distraction

462d4c  No.13148346


Skull structure very non-white. She is a mutt at best.

66e4b8  No.13148351



Where did you find the pictures of her face?

3a0703  No.13148352


>, people pre-1980 looked much older, as in like adults when they were adults.

maybe so but I think for me it's genetic, on my mom's side everyone seems younger then who they really are

dc1633  No.13148370

File: 6ea5b18fb40a379⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 462x565, 462:565, toad-dance.gif)

cd327c  No.13148372


>t. Brainlet

66e4b8  No.13148374

File: 630074bf91b0366⋯.png (72.49 KB, 190x227, 190:227, Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 2….png)


>Skull structure very non-white


3fd6f6  No.13148377


She has features similarly to some people from northern italy. Given her intelligence, paleness of skin, blue eyes, light coloured hair, I'll warrant she is far more european than you.

194182  No.13148378


>s-stop saging my shit thread about some roastie whore that did literally nothing

3c399f  No.13148390

File: cc8e9f8450d49d3⋯.jpg (136.98 KB, 750x936, 125:156, LonelyAngel444 liked this ….jpg)

File: 4bcacfe481ef6d7⋯.jpg (40.38 KB, 584x415, 584:415, My Melody.jpg)

File: 805aec18eb2c2e2⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 254x142, 127:71, MyMelodyKeychain.jpg)

File: e387ec6ee4526fd⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 468x431, 468:431, Cat Necklace.jpg)

She also liked this post, I've posted the log of people who liked it before her to show how early she came in the 68 Notes for it:


<lonelyangel444 liked this

>sunnygalabby liked this

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way2dtf posted this

Although it doesn't display under Notes, (I think there is a limit on how many can display, this has 219 notes and I know it's displaying less than that) but you can verify it by googling LonelyAngel444 + way2dtf

The image shows Hello Kitty and you can see in the 2nd image of >>13148279 that she wears a "My Melody" bunny, which was a parody of Hello Kitty by Sanrio.

>>13148255 also shows she wears a cat necklace.

However in addition to HK there is also a guro image of a brunette loli being cut up. Perhaps she identified with that as it represented the pain she was going through from child abuse by Jews.


I cropped the first image in >>13148279 from the wanted poster at >>13148186 no idea who made the poster, presumably FBI had access to more of her photos than we do. No idea where >>13148213 came from or if that's even her. Seems like it could be. Same penchant for necklaces.

3a0703  No.13148392


I don't know why I lok younger my test is around 550ng/dl but my Mother is in her late 50's and still gets carded for alcohol

194182  No.13148395


>child abuse by Jews.

There's literally no proof or indication that anything of the sort happened to this mutt. You're literally making shit up.

>capitalizing jews

Of course shills want to perpetuate this garbage thread full of racemixing lustniggers.

dc1633  No.13148399

File: 6e97aa1e3709fb1⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 400x400, 1:1, jewy-pepe.gif)


>Of course shills want to perpetuate this garbage thread full of racemixing lustniggers.


5273a2  No.13148400

File: 3baa7e96dcca4ac⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 714x468, 119:78, lanza_hogg.jpg)

3c399f  No.13148408

File: a396efc4f9ddcaa⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 480x270, 16:9, animation from mr-f34r tha….gif)

File: cd35416c5fc9bb9⋯.gif (938.3 KB, 500x333, 500:333, animation FOREVER that Lon….gif)


Christians capitalize Satan, who cares? Also yeah, but I said niggers earlier, just throwing out possible scenarios. I agree there's no indication of who hurt her, but I think there's an indication (((someone))) did.

Couple more animations she liked:



af9280  No.13148412

/ourqueen/ had the right idea i guess. Wonder if the mixture of depression and being on the run made her blow her brains out?

194182  No.13148413


Your mutt is dead and nobody will miss her.

502981  No.13148419

File: 5f9b61cdaffd861⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 6010x979, 6010:979, High scores.jpg)

I wonder if a woman will ever get a high score.

dc1633  No.13148423

File: 8ae52faf06bd479⋯.png (318.66 KB, 421x479, 421:479, samsquanches.png)


>my mutt

Oh, if only…

3fd6f6  No.13148424


fuck off you underage newfag kike puppet

cd327c  No.13148426

File: ac93bc4a3be9973⋯.jpg (134.47 KB, 764x764, 1:1, 1523390146999.jpg)

dc1633  No.13148428


> Wonder if the mixture of depression and being on the run made her blow her brains out?

> Buying the official media narrative

The feds killed her, bunch of murderous fucks.

438c86  No.13148429


And she would have looked 28.

So it checks out.

194182  No.13148430

File: 2a95e1599f51949⋯.jpeg (110.4 KB, 1024x619, 1024:619, 5ec751367e1102edbe3594c22….jpeg)


>kike puppets don't lust after spickike mutt mixtures that do literally fucking nothing and die

af9280  No.13148436


you think so?

9722a7  No.13148441


They can all go behind that green door that is in all off us and then close the curtains.

cd327c  No.13148447

File: afe0b97eba3755c⋯.jpg (83.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1523128251473.jpg)


Good work.

dc1633  No.13148453


Honestly? It could have gone either way. We will probably never know for sure. I will be dead and cold in the ground before I ever trust the MSM and the feds though.

af9280  No.13148460



>Had a cousin shot in the face, feds busted his door down instead of knocking and he thought someone was breaking in so he ran at them.

463232  No.13148467

She seemed like just a big edgelord. I’m gonna have to side with the anons saying drooling over her is idiotic. If anything, idolize a woman who’s the exact opposite of her, one who is meek and lets men do all the fighting.

af9280  No.13148472


Any female that gets erect by the idea of killing a bunch of fags has my vote.

3fd6f6  No.13148486


>Police said the comments were “mostly spoken.” However, they said there was no threat made toward a specific school. They didn’t reveal the specific comments.

So they called out a manhunt based on an 18 year old girl being overheard about some vague spoken comment, with no direct threat.

She also had said she was going to Colorado for a hunting trip in the forests with friends. She said "they know more about it than me" and said she knew nothing about guns. Either she was set up by those 'friends', or the police just straight out lied.

If it was from spoken comments that were overheard, who overheard it, who reported her to the police to start the fucking manhunt in the first place?

Her neighbours say she was quiet, shy and didn't seem to have many friends. Who overheard her then? The father was completely shocked by it and knew nothing of it other than she must be depressed or need help. So if she has no friends, her family and neighbours don't know anything about it, then who the fuck overheard her speaking, and who reported it.

This sounds like bullshit.

As for 'self inflicted', doubtful, given that the police told people to stay away from that area of the woods due to there being a girl in the woods. Sounds like they didn't want witnesses to her execution.

Keep in mind the mentality of pig-cops is that they want payoff for their manhunts and any expense, even from the higher-ups. They say "make it disappear", or "no arrests" and that's what they do. Like bloodhounds on a hunt, they want their chance to rip the prey apart.

So even though they knew it was a girl in the woods by herself, they went in and shot her. See how many "self inflicted" bullet wounds appear all over her body, or whether they just executed her after stripping her and kneeling her down, CIA style.

3c399f  No.13148496

File: 9ea868ee104e280⋯.png (539 KB, 711x371, 711:371, NearMountEvans.png)

File: 9ea868ee104e280⋯.png (539 KB, 711x371, 711:371, NearMountEvans.png)

File: 4515b4f0ec3a0a7⋯.gif (142.24 KB, 750x898, 375:449, MountEvans.gif)

File: b2c68d5b80f897a⋯.jpg (40.37 KB, 256x256, 1:1, KathleenFoody.jpg)

File: 3e7b05b5047e3e9⋯.jpeg (35.49 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ColleenSlevin.jpeg)




It seems some people have read about this but I haven't actually seen a proper report on this thread about the allegation that she committed suicide. I have to thank "Fitasc Shooter" at NationalGunForum.Com for conveying this report.


1:55pm (April 17) by Sun Sentinel writers Kathleen Foody and Colleen Slevin

>According to reports, Pais, 18 and from Surfside in Miami-Dade County, was reportedly seen naked and armed with a gun near the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Evans in the Rocky Mountains. Law enforcement rushed to the scene and Pais’ body was found.

>CBS Denver reported that Pais took an Uber to the Mount Evans area and that it appeared that Pais had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

This appears to be derived from the 12:19pm article by CBS Denver (no reporter name listed)


>She is dead from possible self-inflicted wounds, according to a law enforcement source at a command post in Clear Creek County.

>Law enforcement sources believe Pais took an Uber to the Echo Lake area near the base of Mount Evans sometime after being spotted in the foothills of Jefferson County on Monday night. She was found dead Wednesday morning half a mile away from Echo Lake Lodge up Mount Evans Road, near where the road is currently closed for the season.

One contrast I notice here is that CBS said "possible self-inflicted wounds" and Foody+Slevin wrote "self-inflicted gunshot wound". I think we need to investigate (((Kathleen Foody))) and (((Colleen Slevin))) because these ladies are NOT accurately reporting what the CBS article they linked to wrote:

1) CBS never said the wounds were gunshot

2) CBS only said "possible" not "it appeared that"

3) CBS wrote "wounds" plural, not "wound singular

WTF is going on at the Sun Sentinel?

3fd6f6  No.13148499


>calls her a kike, no proof of that whatsoever

>calls her a spic - spanish is european

>calls her a mutt - no trace of shitskin in her at all, unless you count people who are irish/scottish mix to be a mutt too

>girl who did nothing - then why are you rejoicing over her death you fucking kike, that's exactly right that she did nothing wrong.

Light brown hair, clear blue eyes, northern italian facial structure, non-degenerate, european blooded 18 year old girl that was executed by your fucking zog bots. Fuck off and leave the thread if you don't want to hear about it, or just kill yourself you sick kike faggot.

41486b  No.13148501


We've got to purity spiral ad infinitum before ever admitting that a white woman of child bearing age is worth mourning

356753  No.13148507


>Holmes was born on December 13, 1987, in San Diego, California.[2] His father is a (((mathematician and scientist)))[11] with degrees from Stanford University

>zero mention of religious beliefs within the family

>no individual wiki article for (((Adam))) Lanza


>At age 14, he went to Newtown High School, where he was named to the (((honor roll))) in 2007.[98][147] Students and teachers who knew him in high school described Lanza as (((intelligent but nervous and fidgety))).

Really makes you think…

66e4b8  No.13148513


>only jews can be mathematicians and scientients

>only jews can make it to the honor roll

>only jews can be intelligent

Thank you for your contribution, Moshe

3fd6f6  No.13148516

File: e159b815145e13c⋯.jpg (113.84 KB, 947x810, 947:810, echo lake 2.JPG)


Echo Lake Lodge is right near to an official hunting area, see image 1. It is also 30 miles outside the city, in the middle of nowhere. Why was she pursued there, how did they find her out in the middle of the woods. Guarantee there will be no investigation. As for 'wounds', what a surprise. How exactly does someone shoot themselves more than once with a shotgun.

6ff55b  No.13148520


d8ea6d  No.13148523


ty anon


https://imgur.com/a/AiOauiA Still uploading. They are out of order right now and I will fix that.

3fd6f6  No.13148524

File: e2dd794e50bc35b⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 890x687, 890:687, echo lake 1.JPG)


hunting/shooting grounds shown

7b00ca  No.13148529

I like how the father says she must need help. What a worthless cocksucker. Also, he thinks people need help because of depression? Holy shit, depression is another natural fucking mood. You're supposed to be depressed. These psychoshysters have no completely rotted the tree.

f6b58e  No.13148530



>posts loli guro

I'm glad she's dead.

356753  No.13148531


>>only jews can be mathematicians and scientients

Only jews use as obscure catch all masturbatory terms as "mathematician, scientist and philosopher" in their business card.

>>only jews can make it to the honor roll

Yes. Kikes pretty much made sure of it.


>>only jews can be intelligent

Only jewish perpetrators are praised in wiki and the media for their intelligence.

abba64  No.13148535


Gabby Giffords shooter was a Jew who shot because of Gabby "disrespect" of his mom at SYNAGOGUE. IIRC 2/3 of those shot due to be near Gabby were also Jews. A real microcosm of US Govt.

He looks like Uncle Fester, who had been a child star but was ripped off by his parents, and later did the last major public lyching, in SILICON VALLEY San Jose no less, off WHITE MEN.

dc1633  No.13148539




This is all very weird indeed…

And no one will remember it tomorrow.

438c86  No.13148546


Maybe the police thought she was a bear.


Where I’m from, if a bear approaches a check point, they just shoo it away waving their hands. But I live in a town the size of Mayberry.

f579a6  No.13148556


yes she's hot

3c399f  No.13148561


>She also had said she was going to Colorado for a hunting trip in the forests with friends.

>She said "they know more about it than me"

>and said she knew nothing about guns.

I assume you got this from her thread? Please don't use quotation marks for (((paraphrasing))) through, what she actually wrote was:

>"have friends coming with me who own guns and know what they're doing"

>"friends who know more than I do"

Nowhere does she say she knows (((nothing))) about them, just that her friends know more than her.

It's also not directly stated that she was doing a hunting trip in the forest, but it was strongly implied by:

>"go shooting/hunting somewhere nicer than FL, lol, and with friends who know more than I do. CO forests beat FL forests any day"

"Default Question About Non Colorado Resident Buying Shotgun" thread @ 03-29-2019, 01:31 PM


>hello everybody

>Florida resident here. I am planning a trip to Colorado in the next month or so and wanna buy a shotgun while I'm there and I was wondering what restrictions apply for me? I've found a few private sellers I might want to purchase from; is it legal for me as a Florida resident to purchase a shotgun in Colorado? I'm 18 years old too, if it's important.

>thank you for reading, i appreciate any response!

I also noticed her post count is 6. Make sure to register and send her a friend request guys:


her recurring sig BTW:

>Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

125574  No.13148568

File: 2a06a835a554100⋯.jpg (266.73 KB, 1280x1886, 640:943, rich girl nihilism.jpg)

File: 95721d74e617c79⋯.jpg (104.75 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, le nihilism face.jpg)

File: 7cac5ff25295b41⋯.jpg (159.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fem future.jpg)







The future is female

Welcome to the Billie Ellish era

3fd6f6  No.13148571


That's the thing, 30 years ago if this had happened, there would be an outcry, why are the police hunting an 18 year old girl, where's the PROOF that she had made any threat, especially when it is the police saying the supposed threat was 'spoken/verbal', and never mentioned any school.

The posts on the hunting/shooting forum were all specific, and related to hunting in the woods, where she went to. They weren't vague, and she didn't need any backstory to give on an anonymous forum where she was asking for general information.

Now her family will only know of the official story, concocted for whatever perverted reason the police had.

If it was even that she wanted to kill herself, why would she go to an official hunting lodge in the countryside to do it?

502981  No.13148584

File: 6b274c6159b13ba⋯.jpg (208.79 KB, 1780x2456, 445:614, Mona Nasim.jpg)

File: 2aa1f76076a0ed9⋯.jpg (135.99 KB, 928x1200, 58:75, 2aa1f76076a0ed923a0775048e….jpg)

File: 6c27c36a5f9f09d⋯.png (689.83 KB, 1313x775, 1313:775, 7e268e4d697f996f68e53aaff8….png)

File: 55cb918aa1ff9eb⋯.png (2.2 MB, 792x1095, 264:365, Saint Nasim.png)

File: 3091214477c262b⋯.png (421.43 KB, 543x653, 543:653, 1554115636784.png)


Looks like a bad idea to throw a burning piece of paper into the trashcan.

6ff55b  No.13148586

File: 43309db34c4bea5⋯.png (264.68 KB, 1041x512, 1041:512, world of diversity.png)


someone should do a FOIA request for operation




and search for opsec failures

3c399f  No.13148587

File: 6b3f9b251f6d9ff⋯.jpg (329.87 KB, 850x1383, 850:1383, shotgun and machete.jpg)

File: cb7e6902e4080d3⋯.jpeg (106.63 KB, 503x699, 503:699, naked brunette with a sho….jpeg)

File: 946d12990cf720b⋯.jpg (177.82 KB, 609x1170, 203:390, 2nd Lieutenant Haruka with….jpg)

File: e6cef6eb499ec36⋯.jpg (590.62 KB, 850x637, 850:637, Hakurei Reimu with a shotg….jpg)

Her other 5 posts were replies to the thread. This is what they said, in case (since they already CLOSED it) they delete the thread:

03-30-2019, 08:24 AM


>so, as a follow up: does anybody know if it's legal for me as an 18 year old to purchase a shotgun from an FFL if I reside in Florida instead of Colorado?

03-30-2019, 10:19 AM


>first of all, thank you for taking the time to answer my question and in that extent - i really do appreciate it.

>i'm flying in but plan on coming back in car for a road trip, and i'm aware of the law requiring that the gun be stored in a locked container, etc. i have it all planned out, have friends coming with me who own guns and know what they're doing. i'm currently in the process of contacting both CO and FL gun stores but just wanted a second opinion, gun laws can get tricky and i want the most info i can get, even if i have to take it with a grain of salt.

>to answer your question, i just wanted to take the opportunity of this trip to buy a shotgun and go shooting/hunting somewhere nicer than FL, lol, and with friends who know more than I do. CO forests beat FL forests any day. plus if i bought the gun in FL i'd have to go through the trouble of dealing with the airport but driving back should be a simpler process.

>thank you again for your response!

03-31-2019, 09:05 AM


>thank you so much! in fact i do agree with everything you said. i've done tons of research on shotguns and have a very clear idea of how they work, and have been taking trips to the shooting range of course to practice. if i do manage to find a shotgun up in CO, I will absolutely do my research ahead of time and all.

>the problem is i have no friends in FL who are into guns like me so it's not as fun having to do all of this alone (hence the trip to CO to see these more knowledgable friends), but hey, it's my damn choice what hobbies i wanna pick up and i don't need anybody else (save for everyone on this forum, lol).

>thank you again!

03-31-2019, 09:09 AM


>that's what i've come to find on this website. most people are generally very helpful and kind.

>i don't blame you for the sniff test. this is my first post and i do seem sketchy i realize, lol. i usually read forum posts rather than write them; i'm here because i wanna learn.

>again, thank you so much for everything :^)

03-31-2019, 01:53 PM

>i'm located in Miami (unfortunately), a majority of the people I come across here aren't big fans of guns in general lol. i'd love to meet like minded people that live near me; the only IRL conversations I've had about guns with people have been in gun shops/ranges with strangers.

>I'll look for shotgun clubs!

>thank you so much!

She seems very nice, not unstable at all IMO.

41486b  No.13148589

File: d40f12fd93a2776⋯.jpg (43.72 KB, 520x386, 260:193, 1412431.jpg)


>Implying women aren't meant to be cherished as one of the building blocks of a nation

Off yourself, d/c kike.

3fd6f6  No.13148592


Yeah I misread the paragraph about her not knowing and must have skipped to the second part of it without reading fully.

cdcb1b  No.13148598


>>Billie Ellish born 2001

tfw when you feel old

3c399f  No.13148603

Anyone have any idea who wrote https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/sol-pais/ ?

>Manner of Death

>Suicide​ by self-inflicted gunshot wound

There hasn't even been an autopsy done yet, fuck. I don't think it's copied from Wikipedia because there's no article up yet, just https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Current_events/2019_April_17

dc1633  No.13148616


You are not old, that thot is WAY too young to be an edgy satanic pop idol. It's fucking sick if you ask me.

443ffa  No.13148618

File: aba747ce5f61190⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 575x422, 575:422, loughner_sukkot.jpg)

File: 8cdd354171997f1⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 485x323, 485:323, loughner_shrine_exclusive.jpg)

File: a34acf4aa7bb240⋯.jpg (263.5 KB, 570x480, 19:16, Gabrielle-Giffords-YouTube….jpg)

Anglin's take:

>I don’t know if this story is even real, but maybe she is a mentally ill woman who bought a shotgun.

>What is she going to do with it? Have you ever seen a woman try to shoot a gun? They can’t even shoot .22 revolvers, let alone shotguns. I also don’t think she would be able to load the gun. The idea that she would do a massacre with a shotgun, and keep reloading it every time she shot someone, is so absurd as to sicken me with laughter.

>If she showed up at a school with a shotgun, all you would have is a hilarious slapstick type comedy scene.

>It now looks like the badge-niggers probably killed this poor mentally ill girl.

>Because the badge-niggers were no doubt shaking in their boots at the thought of a teenage girl with a shotgun reloading and shooting it with one hand like Arnold in Terminator 2.

>They probably imagined her riding around on a motorcycle like Arnold as well.

>Basically for badge-niggers, a teenage girl is as much of a threat as an indestructible robot from the future.


I hate to say it, but the Daily Stormer is starting to grow on me again. "Badge-nigger" might even be a better term than the classic "blue nigger".


The story about Loughner and Giffords going to the same Synagogue was false, and potentially part of a campaign to track the spread of "anti-Semitic" disinformation. He was indeed a jew though, as he told his classmate Bryce Tierny. He even had a Sukkot booth in his yard that the media tried to pass of as a "shrine to the devil" - I guess that's technically accurate.

There's also the fact that Giffords was subscribed to his jewtube channel before the shooting, suggesting that there was more contact between the two than the media let on.

3fd6f6  No.13148623


She seems intelligent, compassionate - according to a neighbour she cared a lot about animals, makes lots of references on her website about wanting love, is polite and despite her journal writings being depressive, she seems to be entirely coherent - they aren't ravings.

Odd that she says she has no friends in FL who hunt, and is going to Colorado to see her friends, perhaps people she's met off the internet.

She doesn't even sound depressed in those posts, mentions she is there because she wants to learn. People planning their own death don't care about learning anything. They also don't write in a consistently upbeat way.

I'd like to see who the friends in colorado were, a morbid view could be that they were the dead shooters, and she was going to meet/join them by suicide. I don't think that's the case though.

One thing comes to mind, to play the devil's advocate, that when depressed people who suddenly become outwardly happier, it can sometimes be because they have made a decision and a plan to kill themselves, and the idea of certain 'escape' is what causes the raised spirits. Still, doesn't sound like it.

f7eab8  No.13148627


I would partially watch a movie.

3c399f  No.13148634

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She should be added but not sure what category to put her under. Politics and justice?


>according to a neighbour she cared a lot about animals

Source please.

they are raiding her home guys


3fd6f6  No.13148636


Surprised the article about her exact manner of dying wasn't published by CNN a week ago.

2fc3f7  No.13148642


>white knight comes to the rescue of the mutt

Ok retard.


She literally looks like a female Nicholas Cruz in her photos, who was a spic-kike mutt.


Spic is not "spaniard' you fucking tard.


She appears 100% mixed based on the previously defined criteria.

> that's exactly right that she did nothing wrong.



Now you're projecting your desires onto her in some vain hope she'd fuck you in the afterlife.

>northern italian facial structure,

Oh man I didn't know Italians looked like Nicholas Fucking Cruz.

>light brown hair

It's dark brown retard.

>clear blue eyes

Blue eyes aren't brown, as her photos show them being.

You and the rest of your low IQ nu/pol/ subhumans are lusting over some cunt for the express purpose of her not being a 300 pound landwhale or a nigger, which somehow is enough alone to make you want to racemix.

a0734e  No.13148644

RIP sweet femanon ;__;

dc1633  No.13148646

File: f514a224cedbbd2⋯.png (671.11 KB, 850x917, 850:917, maga-rage.png)


>they are raiding her home guys

THEY ARE AND THEY JUST REMOVED EVIDENCE. Why would they bother if it was a suicide? They killed her and are looking for motive post hoc.

3fd6f6  No.13148648


Post filled with lies, misdirections and omitted truths.

Fucking kill yourself kike, make sure you are wearing one of your JDF-assigned diapers when you do it.

3c399f  No.13148651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We are praising her because compared to most American women, she appears to keep physically fit, doesn't conform to normal memes, has an interest in guns, is outgoing enough to take interstate trips to go hunting in the forest with friends, likes guro and My Melody so she's a weeabette after our own hearts. We are celebrating her potential, her example, and mourning her loss as a sacred martyr of the ZOG cause of going after socially awkward white teens who dare to bear arms.

3fd6f6  No.13148652



Planting stuff there.

2fc3f7  No.13148654


> lies, misdirections and omitted truths.

Name one. Protip: you can't.


So all a mutt has to do is not be fat and appear to be slightly more like a man and you worthless incel-tier betas will lust over her. No fucking standards here at nu/pol/.

3fd6f6  No.13148657


It was a quote from a neighbour describing her, now I can't find which news site I found it on.

Said she didn't say hello or good morning, kept to herself, that her parents were nice people, that the dad gave music lessons, that she seemed to care a lot about animals and gave an anecdote about her being worried about a dog across the road that was barking.

I'll keep looking for it.

dc1633  No.13148661


I think I read the compassionate quote on the Daily Mail. Something about being worried for the well being of a dog?

75f655  No.13148668


This is exactly the kind of deranged, senseless shit that Liberal Leftists do.

Now watch as they try to blame conservatives for this shit

But people know better, now. There's just too many woke people for this to work, anymore.

356753  No.13148672

File: 9cd5a91103b96cb⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2272x1704, 4:3, PETA latino.jpg)


For those claiming she wasn't White.

75f655  No.13148674


Protip: you're incredibly stupid

Protip: >>13148648 doesn't have to name shit because we ALL know what they're talking about.

3c399f  No.13148675



Seems white to me, obviously not a full on blonde+blue Aryan but we're not THAT picky here.


>Said she didn't say hello or good morning, kept to herself, that her parents were nice people, that the dad gave music lessons, that she seemed to care a lot about animals and gave an anecdote about her being worried about a dog across the road that was barking.

Looking forward to it, sounds like a very useful interview that people might be afraid to give later on.

66e4b8  No.13148676

File: 0c4514d6df8bcfd⋯.png (134.59 KB, 647x381, 647:381, Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 2….png)



Yeah, its the Daily Mail Article linked at the top of this thread


2fc3f7  No.13148682


>some peta photo and quotes "anons" can't even source

Well that just proves everything about spickike being totally white blond haired and blue eyed



>n-no I can't prove anything y-you're wrong because I say so


Light skinned mexicans with traces of jew DNA would look white to you.

75f655  No.13148683


She isn't white. She's Hispanic but the MSM won't tell you that any more than they'll say anything about all the white people assaulted and murdered by niggers every day. As far as they're concerned "it's always whites who commit the crimes."

3fd6f6  No.13148686


1. You stating she has brown eyes when they are blue. You fucking kike. as seen clearly in the second image >>13148186

I bet you claim Hitler had fucking brown eyes too.

2. light brown hair >>13148279 - dark brown means almost black, yid

356753  No.13148688


Bur she did not commit any crime.

928acc  No.13148690

Miami herald reports "shes been found dead"


I archived


cda6e2  No.13148692


>liking guro


You should join her in being dead, you sick little nigger.

75f655  No.13148698



>n-no I can't prove anything y-you're wrong because I say so

You forgot to REEEE, faggot.

Being this fucking NEW


3fd6f6  No.13148701


She isn't a mexican border-hopping crossbreed 60% mayan with dark skin.

She is an argentinian in a well off neighbourhood with what looks like northern italian features, with pale skin, blue eyes and light brown hair.

You retards hear 'hispanic' and 'spic' so much that you lump anyone who isn't irish into the same bracket. Well done for swallowing divide and conquer poison.

And see >>13148688

She did nothing at all. She bought a gun legally, she went to a fucking hunting lodge near a hunting ground in the middle of the countryside, 30 miles away from the city.

2fc3f7  No.13148708


You're actually fucking colorblind AND reaching, holy shit. In no world is "dark brown" "ACKSHUALLY IT'S ALMOST BLACK". "Light brown" is closer to blond.

At BRIGHTEST those eyes are Hazel, not even remotely blue. I'd say get your head checked, but bashing it into a concrete support for an hour would probably do you more good.


>still no argument


>s-she's not THIS level of mutt so me lusting after a nonwhite spic-kike mix is GOOD!

66e4b8  No.13148713

>not even remotely blue


dc1633  No.13148719

File: 5f122f01239fd98⋯.png (111.52 KB, 300x300, 1:1, lel.png)


How many sheckels are they giving you per post anon?

2fc3f7  No.13148720


That's not blue you retard. Not even an overexposed and brightened picture that makes her skin look lighter changes the actual color.

This is where nu/pol/ is now. Relying on CNN-tier skin brightening filters to claim someone is white because they're thirsty for a woman with a bmi below 20.

dc1633  No.13148724


shhhh take your pills, it will be alright

counter sage

3c399f  No.13148728

File: 9736a14a3c36e73⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 306x346, 153:173, Gardi Pais.jpg)


nice find. Following up on the neighbor's comment that her father was a musician I searched for Gardi Pais (I guess that really IS her last name!) and found this article from 2 November 2018


>Es probable que Gardi Pais (voz, guitarra y composición), Mariano Kon (bajo), Sergio de Nadai (guitarra) y Fernando Cartier (batería) logren recomponer, por un rato y vía streaming, el mundo que los rodeaba a fines de los ‘80

Gardi doesn't look 100% beaner but based on this he might be 1/2 or 1/4 beaner. I could see Sol plausibly being 1/8 beaner. She still seems like a nice person and was clearly killed so readily because she passes for white, so she is still a loss we should mourn and seek justice for.

We should look into the names of Gardi's bandmates (Mariano, Sergio and Fernando) to see if any have a history of abusing children.

Getting back to the Valerie Vyvial vid at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGaWZJYAm3c would anyone say anyone in that resembles Gardi?

3fd6f6  No.13148736


Anyone have the Hitler quote about how the jew will twist and turn and never admit the truth, and if you do manage to eventually corner it, it will just forget it ever happened the next day.

That's the feeling I have with this stinking kike.

Note how it has repeatedly claim the girl is of no importance, but has stayed in this thread for 4+ hours, ID hopping and constantly shouting 'mutt mutt mutt' and the usual kike scream of 'not white'.

2fc3f7  No.13148739



>no argument

>no proof

>no point

Thanks for proving you're spambumping a shit thread.


>give me this quote that applies to what I'm doing so I can project goy

>oy vey using a VPN that occasionally changes goy

>the fugly mutt is important because I want my dick sucked and nobody will give it to me goy

3c399f  No.13148748

File: cbd989e808408e1⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 390x389, 390:389, her eyes.jpg)


>You stating she has brown eyes when they are blue. You fucking kike. as seen clearly in the second image >>13148186


>You're actually fucking colorblind AND reaching, holy shit. In no world is "dark brown" "ACKSHUALLY IT'S ALMOST BLACK". "Light brown" is closer to blond.

>At BRIGHTEST those eyes are Hazel, not even remotely blue. I'd say get your head checked, but bashing it into a concrete support for an hour would probably do you more good.

You know, it would really help with people following this if instead of linking back to that fucking poster you actually crop it to the shot of her you're talking about.

dc1633  No.13148751

File: c74d0fa72a3627d⋯.jpg (59.51 KB, 1024x1004, 256:251, cat.jpg)

438c86  No.13148753


ZOMG, typical fucking teenager

>if white, gun down — Zogbot

2fc3f7  No.13148757


Those aren't blue. You're colorblind and refuse to believe it because you desperately want some worthless mutt to be your hero.


41486b  No.13148762

File: ebd892f06f5dd66⋯.jpg (83.82 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, 1386036553100.jpg)

3c399f  No.13148764

File: 36c19d6a56e1c33⋯.jpg (57.53 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 0417_Dog-Beth-Chapman-Sol-….jpg)

This just entered a whole new level of conspiracy guys.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Joins Massive Manhunt for Columbine-Obsessed Woman in Colorado


>9:39 AM PT — It is now being reported that Sol Pais is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. She was 18 years old.

>9:23 AM PT — According to local reports, Sol Pais has been captured near the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, about an hour outside of Denver.

They captured her, but somehow she kills herself 16 minutes later? I bet media loves she was 18 and not 17 so they can use "woman" instead of "teen"

2fc3f7  No.13148765


>thirsty beta racemixing cuckolds are so desperate to give Tarrant treatment to some nobody whore that's done nothing they're misappropriating Hitler quotes


3fd6f6  No.13148770


Still posting in a thread that you claim isn't important after 4-5 hours.

3fd6f6  No.13148775


That's the one.

This one doesn't have any particular skill in lying, it must be a low-level kike or still in training at the JDF.

333a78  No.13148780


Checked. Thot she was being smart getting rid of identifying clothing.

dc1633  No.13148781

File: c139dd05467659c⋯.gif (3.3 MB, 320x240, 4:3, sweating-profusely.gif)


>>9:39 AM PT — It is now being reported that Sol Pais is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. She was 18 years old.

>>9:23 AM PT — According to local reports, Sol Pais has been captured near the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Evans in Clear Creek County, about an hour outside of Denver.

Ok, this is fishy as fuck.

2fc3f7  No.13148784


>thread gets constantly bumped by retards

>is at the front of the catalog


333a78  No.13148788


No it isn't. People talk out of turn all the fucking time. Locating and surrounding her is "captured" in the eyes of a fucktard.

dc1633  No.13148790

File: d7738d1cf42467a⋯.png (53.44 KB, 223x235, 223:235, kek.png)


Did you just oust yourself as a reddit newfag that doesn't even know how to hide a thread.?

f9452b  No.13148791


Shhhh, it's okay sweety. Just look away.

333a78  No.13148796


>why would the officials be looking for evidence about her threats etc. guyz?!!one1!!

Kill yourself you cum gargling shitskin jew.

cd327c  No.13148801

File: e3e9ea933acf29b⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thinks.jpg)



How deep does this go…

333a78  No.13148803


>shut it down

Gas yourself.

2fc3f7  No.13148807


>making it known when kike bullshit is being spammed on a board makes you reddit goy

>oy vey just hide the thread and let the board continue to be destroyed as it has been since codenigger took over goy

>let me get my cummies over some worthless mutt goy

b09f11  No.13148809

Whites age like shit. Goddamn.

39fc66  No.13148810


Buckle up my dude this shit is about to get fucking weird

39fc66  No.13148814


Fuck off newfaggot you’re not welcome here

996c70  No.13148815



rabbi that's a fuckin spic. get your spectacles prescription renewed.

333a78  No.13148819



You will never be white.

dc1633  No.13148820

File: 952dde6c798b370⋯.jpg (39.5 KB, 350x454, 175:227, come-out-m80.jpg)


Fuck off you FBI shill, there was no "threats". All news is mentioning "spoken words that didn't target specific schools". It takes a sub 20 IQ or Fed sheckels to go and maintain that this edgy thot was threatening anyone. There is clearly more to this story and if you don't want to hear it, JUST FUCKING HIDE THE THREAD AND FUCK OFF YOU NIGGER

3c399f  No.13148821



guys ARCHIVE anything and everything saying they CAPTURED her before they remove it, LOTS of news sites were saying this! As corrupt as Sun-Sentinel seems they appear to at least be reporting on that:


>Details were still emerging as word of the discovery — initially reported by media as a capture but then updated to say she had been found dead — broke close to 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

https://www.thisisinsider.com/sol-pais-captured-in-colorado-2019-4 for example you can see "captured" still in the URL and the title bar reads "Sol Pais was capturd in Colorado"

https://www.westword.com/news/columbine-threat-suspect-sol-pais-reportedly-dead-11312971 has more specifics:

>Law enforcement near the area where Columbine threat suspect Sol Pais was reportedly captured.

>At 10:19 a.m., CBS4 reporter Anica Padilla tweeted the following: "Sol Pais has been captured near the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Evans in Clear Creek County." Then, at 10:38 a.m., she followed with this: "Sol Pais is dead, investigators confirm."

>The FBI stated on its Twitter account that "there is no longer a threat to the community," at 10:44 a.m., adding, "More information to follow shortly." At 11:30 a.m., a second message stated, "We can confirm that Sol Pais is deceased. We are grateful to everyone who submitted tips and to all our law enforcement partners for their efforts in keeping our community safe."

They link to https://twitter.com/AnicaPadilla and the actual tweet can be found at https://twitter.com/AnicaPadilla/status/1118549635965030400

There's also a copy of it at https://twitter.com/CBSDenver/status/1118549574728155143

Anica of course, takes a teen girl being shot incredibly seriously because at 12:16pm she just had to tweet about a hamburger https://twitter.com/AnicaPadilla/status/1118593988418777093 after her 10:33am update "Sol Pais is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound"


You might to check user IDs Mr. Sage, I am not the person who insisted her eyes were blue. I was replying to you and him saying that both of you should have attached a cropping like I did when discussing it.

356753  No.13148823


That's much lighter than hazel, Moishe. We usually call these "grey".

dc1633  No.13148828


Only a nigger would post something so useless in this thread.

3fd6f6  No.13148830


>After purchasing the weapon, Pais “was then taken to an area where she was last seen toward the foothills, and we have been trying to find her ever since,” authorities said. “We do consider her to be a credible threat to the community.”


>"was then taken to an area where she was last seen toward the foothills"

Taken by who?

Who is the source that overheard her talking about whatever crime it was supposed to be, without ever having mentioned a school.

>Westword alleged that Pais is known to the FBI and authorities were concerned by the timing of her travels because of the upcoming Columbine anniversary.

Sounds like her being 'overheard' is more likely that they were eavesdropping on her phone conversations about her plans to go hunting there with her friends.

>Multiple agencies, including the FBI, posted public alerts that named Sol Pais as the suspect. They are working with local district attorneys’ offices to develop possible charges. If she was found the night of April 16, authorities would hold her as long as they could, they said, raising the possibility they don’t have probable cause for an arrest.

No charges, no reason to hold her, but reason enough to hunt her down, surround her, shoo away witnesses, and execute her.


>Based on initial information, she has not been the subject of any investigation.

2fc3f7  No.13148833


>nu/pol/ calls first exodus "newfag"

That's fucking rich.


>dark as fuck


333a78  No.13148835

File: 06cfa855be3cf61⋯.jpg (262.44 KB, 912x1119, 304:373, Check Em.jpg)

3c399f  No.13148838

File: 1065b869a64b4ad⋯.png (440.43 KB, 567x549, 63:61, CBS Denver 111854957472815….png)

File: f17025bf28e6b54⋯.png (442.27 KB, 565x555, 113:111, Anica Padilla 111854963596….png)

Here are both versions of the tweets guys. BTW if you ever post tweets, please include the post number so that we can easily find the URL


>Taken by who?

I remember previous articles mentioning she hired an Uber to drive her up to a hunting lodge. Would be interesting if we could find out more about this Uber driver.

356753  No.13148840

File: 3cd52e987ba3888⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 667x667, 1:1, 784bedf15200df067ad7979e4a….jpg)


>no eumelanin

>dark at all

dc1633  No.13148842


>hurrr I'm first exodus, that means I have pedigree to act like a shill in the thread and contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion.

Why don't you get a tripcode too? It would suit you faggot.

3fd6f6  No.13148843


'found dead'. They said they had found her before that, seen her running through the woods and warned an onlooker to leave the area. They had another report that she had been seen in the Echo Lake Lodge area the previous night, and then had not been seen since.

Also note how quickly the name was thrown around and how many times they use it.

f7eab8  No.13148849


Well if i was a fed and i would see those eyes and posts i would 100% consider this a legitimate threat.

2fc3f7  No.13148850


>here's another picture of non-blue eyes


>having a functioning brain and not lusting after spic-kike mutts is "acting like a shill"

You're not even trying, shill.

3fd6f6  No.13148856


So she hired an uber to go to the hunting lodge. Was she going to hire one again to drive her to the unmentioned, unspecified 'schools', and have him drop her off with gun in hand, or was she going to hike 30 miles to the edge of town and then catch a bus.

This is ridiculous.

dc1633  No.13148860


Where is your tripcode "Le migthy first exodus fag" ? Don't you want to have you e-cummies attributed to (You)?

b08152  No.13148861

all of /r9k/ is bating right now lol

39fc66  No.13148862


Kekd audibly you stupid mutt

My ancestors were in caves in Germany more than 45000 years ago. They made tools and utilized fire and even painted! PAINTED!!!

You mutt are the one who will never ever be white

ce8409  No.13148863

File: 36cac7919a07fdb⋯.png (357.02 KB, 634x697, 634:697, WPTV_on_Twitter_#BREAKING_….png)

File: e120e854a639181⋯.png (259.81 KB, 637x853, 637:853, Anica_Padilla_on_Twitter_F….png)


news says she's an hero now

3fd6f6  No.13148865


Another 3 hours and then you'll have completed your 8 hour shift on a thread that you don't care about where you call everyone a "mutt". Kike.

66e4b8  No.13148868



b08152  No.13148869


but whats her cup size though? she curvy?

356753  No.13148871


>>here's another picture of non-blue eyes

>exclusively Europoid eye-color

>hurrr durrr doesn' matter because no blue in the strict sense

\Now you are trying way too hard, Schlomo.

2fc3f7  No.13148875


Only the spic-kike mutt you nu/pol/ subhumans lust after.


>change goalposts

>post non-blue eyes when the argument is about the spic-kike mutt's eyes being "blue"

>her eyes are brown as shit

39fc66  No.13148878


Yes. Yes we were , thank you for understanding. Hopefully your ancestors were there at the same time too.

We also made the first family portrait when the hand of a daughter was held up to the wall and her father helped her trace her hand and wrist. It’s pretty important because her father just happened to get part of his hand helping her hold her hand up there. Family is the most important thing any of us will ever have anon

b08152  No.13148882

d969e1  No.13148883

That lady isn't White

3fd6f6  No.13148884



Has two updates, first report is "Sol Pais has been found near the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of Mount Evans in Clear Creek County. Authorities said they "got her" but her condition is not clear."

Found/got her and not mentioning that she's dead. I'd like to see the police bodycam footage of the 30 of them surrounding her while she's still alive.

d969e1  No.13148885

Pink nipples or get the fuck out.

3fd6f6  No.13148891


Any early sources on how they obtained information that she was 'obsessed with columbine'?

Because that was out right from the start.

410994  No.13148892


Maybe she didnt have curves but she sure did have drive.

356753  No.13148894

File: f85b0253f8f27ec⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 700x394, 350:197, celebrate diversity2.jpg)

File: 2ff6423001b6e78⋯.jpg (190.95 KB, 850x446, 425:223, thunderstruck hitler on je….jpg)


>>change goalposts

Even if your newfag ass knew what IDs are and therefore were aware that I never claimed these eyes were "blue" the "goal" is to prove she's White, not which arbitrary boundary in the cold-color-spectrum they represent.

f5ca54  No.13148895


Top comment.

2fc3f7  No.13148903


>hurr everyone is a newfag but me

Kill yourself nu/pol/.


Being the narcissist you are, you jump immediately to thinking every reply is specific to (You). Dumb nigger.

356753  No.13148905




2fc3f7  No.13148909


In every single photograph of the mutt, muttlover.

b08152  No.13148912


what a weird narrative. why would they break with the lone white male narrative now, after its so well ingrained?

333a78  No.13148913

File: 967a2f3435ca57e⋯.jpg (136.97 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, selbstgefällig.jpg)

410994  No.13148914


I dont think she was obsessed with columbine, that massacre was rather blunt and brutal. I dont think she had any "bullies" in her school. It was rather a lack of depth. Hence hers was so superficiial. People like this like to bond. so they go into their own world and there is no measure.

356753  No.13148920


Including this one?


a prime example of lack of pheomelanins?

Because you should check YOUR eyes if you think so.

012212  No.13148929


Funny, I was looking at a page on whether one can ever be too old for mathematics. A flurry of answers highlighted many mathematicians who started in their 30s and 40s, but I lold as I realized they were all jews.


The truth is, with jews holding most seats in academia, they can easily ensure the success of their undeserving own at the expense of the deserving. I think if I looked into it, I would not find a single non-jew who was given the same opportunity in their later years.

I would argue that without nepotism, the typical low-born semite (kikes and sandniggers alike) would be incapable of achieving any of the great deeds of the rest of the nations. Furthermore, their nepotism ensures a slower progress for all humanity as our brightest are kept back to ensure the success of lesser minded kikes.

The truest judge of intelligence is yourself, and whenever you see (((media, academia or some nameless expert))) preening about someone else's intelligence, you can be pretty sure it's an undeserving kike or a good goy that furthers their agenda.

b08152  No.13148934


>babyface laughs at people for looking older, the post.

3c399f  No.13148939


correction, it was not a hunting lodge, according to https://echolakelodgeco.com/lodging/ it is actually a restaurant / gift shop now. Apparently there is a place to camp nearby though:

>If you would like to stay in the Echo Lake area, there is a campground next door.

>Go here or more information about Echo Lake campground.

That 2nd line is a link to:


When I visit that URL I get a (((Status 404 - Page not found))) error but I think that's just because they haven't updated their link to https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/231857 which says

>Campground is open during the following season(s):

>June 07, 2019 - September 01, 2019 (Peak Season)

So it sounds like the camp wouldn't have opened for 2 more months. Anyone able to find any other nearby places someone could've stayed for an April hunting trip?

One interesting thing about the UBER is that it's being reported a couple different ways:

>Pais took an Uber to the Mount Evans area

>Pais took an Uber to the Echo Lake area

>Pais had taken an Uber to the Echo Lake Lodge.

>Pais took an Uber to an area near the Echo Lake Lodge

Does anyone remember…

Ruby Ridge

This took place in…

Clear Creek County, Colorado

We should take advantage of the meme benefits of alliteration and always mention "Clear Creek" when discussing Mount Evans / Echo Lake / Echo Lake Lodge.

356753  No.13148940

File: 37d39070178d56b⋯.png (55.54 KB, 676x512, 169:128, this is brown according to….png)


Out of curiosity. Is daltonism one of multiple genetic diseases kikes are overrepresented at due to their inbreeding?

b08152  No.13148941

File: deb646e08fde92a⋯.gif (499.58 KB, 500x281, 500:281, like whoa man.gif)


so deep man. like so many…levels and shit

333a78  No.13148942

File: 3c521014d98a81a⋯.gif (106.79 KB, 339x349, 339:349, Trigged.gif)

dc1633  No.13148951


You are doing God's work anon.

356753  No.13148955



This. Good job and bump against obviously startled kvetching.

817f52  No.13148961

File: 72dc96986f3baaa⋯.jpeg (830.21 KB, 750x1154, 375:577, 2C90128A-D74A-4CC8-AC5B-1….jpeg)

I wrote this on another post and got told “tits or gtfo”, “I think you’re a Jew”, “sit on my face and I’ll guess your weight” etc.?Some unhinged, impulsive girl is queen because the msm says she was “known to browse /pol/“? What the fuck ever.

2fc3f7  No.13148962


That's not a photo of the spic-kike mutt, you disingenuous oil driller.


>the nearer eye looks brighter due to bright light shining on it so obviously it's not brown goy

333a78  No.13148964

File: 1bea835c28a07f9⋯.gif (943.78 KB, 500x273, 500:273, woah indeed.gif)

333a78  No.13148967

File: 61b4af6d8ceb132⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 500x378, 250:189, Leadership Course.jpg)

356753  No.13148968


>I am colorblind to red and green

Got it, Moishe.

dc1633  No.13148973


>Some unhinged, impulsive girl is queen

Nope, the main focus of discussion is possible power abuse and fuck up by the FBI and media

>msm says she was “known to browse /pol/“?

No one has reported on this, ever. You just took it out of your sweaty ass.

dc1633  No.13148976


>the nearer eye looks brighter due to bright light shining on it so obviously it's not brown goy

Wew, this lad thinks he is a forensics expert or something? Calm down schlomo, you are paid per post not by how much you can make me laugh my ass off.

410994  No.13148977


Females are naturally attracted to dominance, but in this day and age it is like in bodybuilding the fake "natties". That is given a very rigid point of view.

2fc3f7  No.13148980


You're not even trying at this point.


Which is why you muttlovers have been spending the entire thread saying she was a "qt aryan queen" and not anything about muh fbi oy vey.


>being so desperate THIS is what you fall to

I saw better arguments on fucking newgrounds.

3fd6f6  No.13148984


From what I read of her journals, I agree. She displays high levels of intelligence in her writing, well constructed, varied and complex vocabularly - keep in mind that she was only 18, possibly younger while writing them.

Her thought processes in the writing also show a depth of thought that is well above average. She also illustrates that those kinds of thoughts have been going on for a long time.

It has been shown that people of higher intelligence have difficulty finding peers to relate to or bond with as you say, her loneliness will have come from that.

Had she lived a few more years, she would have had a chance to meet other people capable of thinking on her level, and wouldn't have felt so alone.

dc1633  No.13148989


>Which is why you muttlovers have been spending the entire thread saying she was a "qt aryan queen" and not anything about muh fbi oy vey

The only people rambling about her race are the sage fags such as yourself and the retards (me included) that have bothered to answer. The thread really has been at least 80% honest discussion about the FBI and possible implications.

012212  No.13148993


Most of the posters here are faggots; I suggest lurking and if you ever post never reveal yourself in any way. One could argue you deserved it for doing just that.

Nobody cares if you're a girl, but if you want them to, they will and not in the way you want.

410994  No.13148995



Has little to do with intelligence, they go up and down up and down, but they hate your ratshit.

3c399f  No.13148999

File: 2c2bc436699cfa5⋯.jpg (18.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Josh Rayburn of Colorado a….JPG)

File: d5175b31f00ef3a⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 182x182, 1:1, Colorado Gun Broker in Lit….jpg)

update, guy has come forward saying he sold the gun to her


>Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader confirmed the 18-year-old high school student legally purchased the gun at a store in Littleton, after flying from Florida to Colorado.

>On Wednesday afternoon, the owner of Colorado Gun Broker said Pais bought the gun from his store.

>“She did go through the full background check (4473), and was given a clearance by both NCIC and CBI,” Josh Rayburn wrote. “We had no reason to suspect she was a threat to either herself or anyone else.”

Here is a description of CGB https://www.alignable.com/littleton-co/colorado-gun-broker

I searched for men named Josh Rayburn living in Colorado and found this guy https://twitter.com/motoassassin

Apparently "Moto Assassin" is a fan of Georges St. Pierre as his Twitter icon was a photo of himself with GSP. Hasn't been active since 2012, front page shows a 2011 tweet about Macho Man Randy Savage dying from 2011.

3fd6f6  No.13149001


Not following.

As for intelligence, she clearly had it, and the study I read about intelligence and finding sufficient peers to bond with is separate.

Any other personal reason is unknown at this time.

356753  No.13149002

File: 80eceb2504178bd⋯.jpg (899 B, 300x168, 25:14, images (6).jpg)


>You're not even trying at this point.

Where the fuck is the redish/brownish hue in the eyes, Moishe? Do you even know what brown is? Her pupils are dilated indicating poor lighting, under such lighting even light brown (also distinct caucasian trait) irises would not even would not even be distinguishable from the pupil, retard.

410994  No.13149003

dc1633  No.13149007


For the love of god, stop replying to this retard about the color of her fucking eyes already. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT

410994  No.13149009



She was bipolar along with advanced maturity. First and foremost bipolar.

3fd6f6  No.13149013


Advanced maturity was clear, but where do you take bipolar from?

b08152  No.13149016


>>Former Boyfriend claims she's a thot who will fuck anyone except him

oh its all coming together now. jew who works in Colorados burgeoning military industrial complex scene gets cucked, goes code red on this bitch

that'll teach that shiksa goy

410994  No.13149022


Because i feel that.

2fc3f7  No.13149029


No it hasn't. Once again you muttlovers start off with lust, citing her BASTE and REDPILLED ARYAN features, and cry out that others are the ones doing it when you get backlash.



>posts a picture of green-red gradient as if it means anything


>get defeated thoroughly multiple times


Admit defeat.

333a78  No.13149032


jews can never admit being wrong. Their entire system is based upon that.

356753  No.13149039

File: 19933e654ebd7ef⋯.jpg (28.5 KB, 260x255, 52:51, colorblind-test-image9.jpg)


Sorry but I am extremely frustrated that the kike insists on calling the sky "brown". I knew (((they))) weren't sending their best but for fuck's sake not passing them from standardized medical exams before giving them a post is downright insulting. (((They))) are supposed to shill in a fucking technicCOLOR cantonese cartoon IMAGEboard for crying out loud!

b08152  No.13149043


>Authorities are looking for Sol Pais, 18, who is said to have traveled to Colorado from Miami on Monday night and bought a pump-action shotgun and ammunition.

>a pumper

pack it up boys, there will be no mass killing today. fucking plebs

2fc3f7  No.13149046


>posts a red and green 45 circle image while claiming some shit about the sky

>when the topic was the spic-kike mutt's eyes being brown and not blue as you muttlovers claimed from the start

356753  No.13149048



410994  No.13149050


Just like the nigger that shot people and went to his favourite fast food restaurant, they want a last glimpse of a good feeling.

3fd6f6  No.13149052



it mirrors the nigger's dindunuffin

3fd6f6  No.13149055


Freedom is the ability to say two plus two equals four.

356753  No.13149056


Okay, then we know established you are just a lying kike, not a completely genetically defective one. What's your poison? Cystic fibrosis?

333a78  No.13149057


Oy if you look at this turd in just the right light goyim!

cd327c  No.13149060

File: ec393723b934a7d⋯.jpg (78.37 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1517684021805.jpg)


>I wrote this on another post and got told “tits or gtfo”, “I think you’re a Jew”, “sit on my face and I’ll guess your weight” etc.?

Sounds right.

On the very small chance you're honest* (I wouldn't bet on it, but if you are), understand shills and shitposters in every corner. Anons aren't one person. If you survive by developing a tough skin able to stomp on shills and kek at every retard, you'll be better for it.

>*get a serious husband and breed a lot

3c399f  No.13149062

File: 80c003b9d1e820f⋯.jpg (150.57 KB, 1024x710, 512:355, Jared Polis with his husba….jpg)



We want to inform the public that Sol Pais did in fact, legally, purchase a shotgun at our Littleton location.

She did go through the full background check (4473), and was given a clearance by both NICS and CBI.

We had no reason to suspect she was a threat to either herself or anyone else.

We are very sorry to hear of the outcome in this situation. It is never good when someone loses their life.

We are praying for her family.

And are very thankful this situation did not escalate into a public tragedy.

Thank you,

Josh Rayburn

Colorado Gun Broker


>Colorado Gun Broker shared a link.

>April 12 at 3:33 PM ·

>Gov. Polis signs red flag bill into law

>Governor Jared Polis is signing the controversial Red Flag bill into law

Interesting that the FB post immediately prior to announcing the hunt for Sol Pais (5 days prior) was talking about this new law which at least one sheriff was so opposed to that he was willing to go to jail rather than enforce it…


>Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams disagrees so much with a gun bill making its way through the Colorado legislature that he's willing to go to jail rather than enforce it.

>"It's a matter of doing what's right," he said.

>He's not the only one who feels so strongly.

>The controversial "red flag" bill aims to seize guns temporarily from people who are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

>Colorado's state Senate passed the bill Thursday by a single vote, without any Republican support, and the bill is expected to pass the House, possibly this week. With Democratic majorities in both chambers, state >Republicans have too few votes to stand in the way.

>But more than half of Colorado's 64 counties officially oppose the bill. Many have even declared themselves Second Amendment "sanctuary" counties in protest.

>Failure to enforce a court order to seize a person's guns could mean sheriffs being found in contempt. A judge could fine them indefinitely, or even send them to jail to force them to comply.

>Reams says it's a sacrifice he'd be forced to make.

>What is the bill?

>Colorado's "extreme risk protection order" bill would allow a family member, a roommate, or law enforcement to petition a judge to take someone's firearms if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

ERPO was passed on April 12 by Gov. Polis despite the majority of countries opposing it, and conveniently within a week they have a convenient example "gee, if only the Red Flag Law had been in effect to take away Pais' guns!"

Very shady and uberconvenient timing for them. I think we should look what ties Governor Polis has with the law enforcement present on the scene when Pais was captured and executed, he could be one of the major ringleaders in this.

I'm prematurely going to issue a request guys: IDGAF about Polis' homosexuality, like Pais' eye color this is an irrelevant distraction which would derail the thread to focus on it. Polis is an evil man for planning the murder of this poor teen girl, and that is the sin we should focus on here.

799391  No.13149067



b08152  No.13149068

File: 91026b0bac4b09e⋯.jpg (68.22 KB, 634x476, 317:238, lawncare niggers.jpg)


niggers dont even lawn care. shameful

776736  No.13149072


If she was an 18yo nigger the media would call her a youth.

So where are the actual threats? What did she threaten? Why was she allowed to buy a shotgun if she was considered a threat to anyone?

b08152  No.13149076

File: 79c540768e5948a⋯.jpg (361.43 KB, 1224x988, 306:247, gay jew jared polic circum….jpg)


>Interesting that the FB post immediately prior to announcing the hunt for Sol Pais (5 days prior) was talking about this new law which at least one sheriff was so opposed to that he was willing to go to jail rather than enforce it…

that and the fact polis is a gay jew of course

333a78  No.13149079


Not when you can bleach her and blame whitey.

dc1633  No.13149082


>I'm prematurely going to issue a request guys: IDGAF about Polis' homosexuality, like Pais' eye color this is an irrelevant distraction which would derail the thread to focus on it. Polis is an evil man for planning the murder of this poor teen girl, and that is the sin we should focus on here.

Based and redpilled. In my mind, this could very well have been an FBI op to help restrict gun laws. (((They))) must have lost their shit when it came out that sheriffs wouldn't enforce their new bill, and are now very desperate.

Remember to hide and ignore shills, kids.

3fd6f6  No.13149089


Josh Rayburn sounds like a good guy.

The law pushing just adds to the shadiness of it all. Maybe they picked her in advance, followed her plans to go hunting there and set up this whole scandal.

a3e6dd  No.13149096

File: bbb3e0af25ead64⋯.png (49.35 KB, 190x227, 190:227, bbb.png)

File: dc5b0b19e610a3e⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1312x1848, 164:231, 1469965007261-0.png)


Oh cmon…

Faggots please learn to classify.

Clearly native + mediterranid mix (Peruvian + Spanish)

Peruvian native = Andid

7efe65  No.13149105

File: 90f473329e134f2⋯.png (48.41 KB, 924x560, 33:20, 1509257362386.png)


Not until I obtain my promised Wizard Powers

2fc3f7  No.13149107


>(((we))) established X because we say so goy ignore everything that proves the opposite

3a0703  No.13149110

File: e053f8c53219a7b⋯.png (84.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1426233502135.jpg.png)


>colorblind test online

you niggers are retarded you a colorblind could see it's a 45 if you focus the Foveal (center field ) vision but it takes a while to read

3fd6f6  No.13149111


It is telling that they had 30 swat actively out hunting her in a group, plus police at every school with lockdowns, over what they described as someone having heard her say something about it, at some point, either before or after she went to colorado, but with no source given as to who that was, and no school specified or any kind of further proof that she was going to do anything apart from go hunting as she had previously stated.

410994  No.13149116


You just need one look into her eyes.

3fd6f6  No.13149133


see >>13149062

Josh Rayburn looked right into her eyes and ran a full background check on her. None of her teachers, family, neighbours or schoolmates had anything bad to say about her.

c6ef29  No.13149136

File: 6ccdc74637ccda6⋯.jpeg (909.31 KB, 1600x1202, 800:601, 80267F53-910D-4BBB-9074-F….jpeg)


>whites age like shit

You just gotta appreciate the beauty of transient things, anon. The beauty of an Aryan woman is like a cherry blosom. One day it blooms into full beauty before vanishing as fast as it came to be. You gotta get a white girl while they’re in their prime, not after they become hags

f6214d  No.13149168


Looking at the Native Americans, it's really amazing to think about how quickly humans evolve.

The ones from North America have a slightly European appearance due to the climate (thin lips, long, thin faces and long, thin noses). The ones from further south have a negroid look to them with fat lips and wide, flat noses because they live in hot, humid regions. And when you get further south to Patagonia, where it's colder, they start looking more like Europeans again.

And all of these big changes happened over about 10,000 years.

Just think about how much time Europeans have had to be shaped by their environment and be differentiated from other races.

928acc  No.13149170


Imagine being this obviously Gen-x well into 2019

dc1633  No.13149176


Don't worry anon, I was just pretending to be retarded.

1025b4  No.13149187

File: ae50371a1f928e2⋯.jpg (70.61 KB, 825x646, 825:646, anita swallows.jpg)


I'd wager the source is some faggot who was pissed that she was going to go out with people and have fun shooting things and living life to the fullest.

9722a7  No.13149195


Dunno, might be just another edgy 18year old, but deep in my soul she impressed me. To go out and shoot yourself in the end, to take your own life, the most you can take.

3d2e21  No.13149211


He nailed it. I was just mentioning this exact thing this morning.


Once the land bridge deteriorated the human species went on two different evolutionary paths ya fuck mook

a3e6dd  No.13149234

File: a299662e7a968bb⋯.png (51.82 KB, 190x227, 190:227, ccc.png)

File: a626c820eda347c⋯.jpg (14.06 KB, 301x245, 43:35, Patagonid.jpg)


On a second look, she may be also Patagonid + Mediterranid (Spanish) mix. Andid phenotype is close with Patagonid. But if she was from Argentina, Patagonid makes more sense.

8f886e  No.13149258


def got some balkan in her.

a3e6dd  No.13149289

File: 08e375aa2eee40c⋯.png (282.12 KB, 1022x704, 511:352, 24e5270dfef93b1e7ef5b85170….png)



It is pseudo Turkic look. And Balkan is full of Turks, like pic related. But no, this girl was South America native.

ce8409  No.13149351

File: 2eb7bca16734c4f⋯.webm (10.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Full news conference_ FBI….webm)

817f52  No.13149363


Every woman I know is attracted to dominance and likes being submissive. We want to be ravished.

dc1633  No.13149364



>Based upon her actions, comments that she had made to others, we took it as a credible threat.

So this is what they are going with to justify their twisted hunt huh.

dc1633  No.13149368


Holy shit, they mounted a 24/7 watchpost based on this: >>13149364

What kind of clown world shit is going on in here?

dc1633  No.13149376


>We are trying to follow every lead, access every social media outlet, everything that she may have done, over the last several months to a year to ensure that there are no accessories

Holy shit, accessories to what? Guilty on two counts of spooking the feds? This is total horseshit.

438c86  No.13149383


Strangely, the gun was one of the weapons involved in Fast and Furious.

dc1633  No.13149390



>The law enforcement cooperation during this investigation, this trying 36 hours, was incredible. The federal partners, the state partners, the local partners all came together in an incredible manner and worked tirelessly to put this to bed.

It takes some brass balls to come out in front of the press and say this shit right after inducing the suicide of a teenage girl in the middle of the fucking woods. I honestly have no idea if I'm more impressed, or sickened.

817f52  No.13149397

I think it might be transgender 🤔

2fc3f7  No.13149403


>inducing suicide

>mutt runs around naked in the woods for some reason

>all this police shit happens afterwards

<it's the police's fault goy, not the drugged up mentally ill mutt

75f655  No.13149406


Leftists, especially Communists, have never needed valid reasons to mount witch hunts. All they've ever needed was an accusation. Millions of innocent people ended up doing hard labor for years in Soviet gulags on nothing more than denunciations. No trials, no due process, that's too complicated for brain dead Leftists.

000000  No.13149410


>attracted to dominance and likes being submissive

only sexually.

out of bed, you're still uppity, mouthy feminists at heart

45a4bd  No.13149418




>A threat on 20+ schools BEFORE the 20th anniversary of Columbine

>Apparent (((suicide)))

This is all fishy, a usual school shooting always comes out of the blue. This is another attempt of the kikes wanting to take guns again. Along with a reminder that that 20 years ago that schools became more 1984 like and the threat of taking guns and video games away. I bet this kikess probably is in Pissrael now.

dc1633  No.13149421



>Can you elaborate on the nature of the threats, when they came in and what the medium was?

>So, it was really a combination of her actions and comments, she made several comments to folks that we obtained trough interviews, comments that were troubling with regards to her infatuation with columbine the recognition that the columbine anniversary was coming this weekend. Things like buying 3 one way tickets in consecutive days, very unusual activity.

Burgers beware, buying 3 tickets one-way will put you under the aim of the FBI. Didn't she mention in her Gun Forum post that she was going to fly in and make the trip back in a car? Apparently that is illegal in the land of the free now. Also look how this motherfucker dodges the question and doesn't mention what the comments actually were.

b90b93  No.13149426


Jews have an overwhelming tendency to be homosexuals. Being a faggot is probably relevant, a faggot kike would have no problem ordering the murder of a young probably gentile woman.

bb288f  No.13149433

I can't help but wonder if she liked ϟCHØØL ϟHØØTΣR.

817f52  No.13149481

File: f863aef05f29f27⋯.pdf (155.73 KB, Sol-Pais-FL.pdf)

I just like being helpful 🙈

bb288f  No.13149512


Wow I've never seen one of those. Extremely low quality information. Good to know.

dc1633  No.13149522


>Instant checkmate report

Are you expected to pay real life money for those? It's really low quality info to be honest. Still, thanks for posting anon.

3826c3  No.13149552

That tune is pretty bangin


817f52  No.13149567


Oh I thought it was really low quality too. It wasn’t really helpful but I wasn’t sure. I was kinda frustrated actually.

f24bb9  No.13149573


SJWs are a masonic shit test, anon. They want old man cock up their tight little assholes.

3826c3  No.13149580

File: 2f201825fcf421d⋯.jpg (136.63 KB, 487x524, 487:524, Wa802X4.jpg)

I dont believe this, I dont see any finns

PS, where are these found?


f6214d  No.13149607


I'd assume they're from here:


b90b93  No.13149614


>Possible Relationships

>Harry Potter Friend (Follower)

Why does that Gary Stu faggot get all the qts?

b90b93  No.13149632

Low quality, but I'll bite.



dc1633  No.13149703


Fuck off nigger

c17918  No.13149758

What were the threats, where are they getting she was obsessed with Columbine?

ecbf86  No.13149768

She went to school in Dade County and Dade County is an MK Ultra hotspot why has no one noticed that?

e62420  No.13149771


>why has nobody on this MK ultra site noticed MK ultra

3fd6f6  No.13149773


If whoever did it is revealed, he deserves to be swatted.

dc1633  No.13149783


She had a few edgy mentions to the Columbine boys in her journals, but the "threats" part was not disclosed by the FBI. All they said was that they interviewed people that talked to her and that there was "reason for concern". This combined with her buying 3 one-way tickets was enough for the FBI to launch a man-hunt.

dc1633  No.13149795


>Dade County is an MK Ultra hotspot

More info on that?

776736  No.13149796


>the "threats" part was not disclosed by the FBI

Was it disclosed to the (((media)))? They're either in the know, or complicit in continuing fake news fud without proof. The word of the FBI means fuckall anymore.

>inb4 they cant reveal mkultra illegal prism wiretap sources

dc1633  No.13149808


>Was it disclosed to the (((media)))?

This is all the media got as far as I can tell: >>13149421

>inb4 they cant reveal mkultra illegal prism wiretap sources

Kek, there is no doubt in my mind this kind of thing was employed here, look how uncomfortable the fed gets when a journalist asks if he knew about her neocities website on this webm: >>13149351 (at 8:58 mark)

Almost like they don't want to admit they were all over that shit.

3fd6f6  No.13149816


She'd stated that she was driving back.

dc1633  No.13149823


>She'd stated that she was driving back.

I know, you know, the FBI apparently didn't (or didn't want to). On this webm >>13149351 her buying the tickets is mentioned multiple times as a cause for serious concern from the FBI.

817f52  No.13149824

They’re using other people’s photos. These aren’t the real people. They did it regarding the guy who was charged with throwing that kid over that balcony. I swear it feels sinister.

dc1633  No.13149833


Who is, anon? Isn't it just sheer incompetence from the media though?

29ac93  No.13149838


can I bring out the popcorn yet?

3fd6f6  No.13149847



That's my feeling too, they were spying on her beforehand, perhaps for some time.

This feels like minority report.

cb071b  No.13149848

She posts comments asking about purchasing a shotgun in another state, admitting she has little experience. Probably brought up a few flags to some of the other users of the forum, they find her neocities website. The posts and notebook pages alluding to Columbine, her planning to go to Colorado around the anniversary of Columbine, purchasing one way tickets (why she bought 3, probably wanted to sit alone empty seats around her). I'd wager, one of the other forum users reported her initiating the hunt.

That going to put up flags obviously for them to investigate her.

1025b4  No.13149865


Residents can feel confident that the FBI are keeping them safe from a perceived threat that they are currently creating in order to hide their complete and utter incompetence at recognizing when they've been manipulated by a jealous liar.

dc1633  No.13149871


>I'd wager, one of the other forum users reported her initiating the hunt.

That's why you never trust a fudd

b90b93  No.13149875


Wasting money on two unneeded seats (bought on separate days, oddly enough) instead of buying the same kinds of sidearms Eric and Dylan had or trying to build a pipebomb to recreate their first plan is a pretty big indicator that the "Columbine groupee" theory is horseshit.

817f52  No.13149877


(((puppet masters)))

dc1633  No.13149882


I'm thinking she was actually supposed to be there with friends and bought the tickets as they confirmed they were going. That would explaining the buying pattern.

3fd6f6  No.13149883


Indeed. Could be jealous ex boyfriend who had heard that she was going to meet up with other friends in colorado, he more or less ordered her death.

3fd6f6  No.13149889


It would be a lot clearer if we knew the source.

She gave too much info on the hunting/shooting forum, her age, where she was going and so on.

776736  No.13149891


This entire thread is a discussion about nothing. >Some girl supposedly made a threat, but we can't tell you what she said

>20 schools on alert over 1 person

>girl supposedly kills herself with legally purchased firearm

Without knowing the supposed threat facts, any other discussion is just guessing at nothing.

3fd6f6  No.13149894


The people on this thread found more than most news agencies and a lot faster. Stop being a newfag.

438c86  No.13149895


So they told her it’s easier to buy at her destination than to transport her own? Hmm.

dc1633  No.13149897


She was traveling by plane from FL and returning by car, so that wasn't necessarily unsound advice.

3fd6f6  No.13149913


What are the time frames of her asking for advice and travelling?

Might have been that meeting with her friends was a time specific thing, so fly out to make it there on time, and drive back afterwards since she has no time limit.

Heavily depressed people aren't honour students.

2fc3f7  No.13149920


>spreading FUD

Buying three one-way tickets after praising a school shooting openly and acting suspiciously.

I can't stand nu/pol/, jesus. The same fags lusting over this mutt and thinking she dindu nuffin while obsessing over a jew run shooting are the ones claiming Tarrant was a mossad agent.

dc1633  No.13149926


>What are the time frames of her asking for advice and travelling?

The date on her forum post asking for advice was 03-29-2019. Not sure when she arrived at the Denver airport, I think the fed mentioned Monday?

dc1633  No.13149928



>Heavily depressed people aren't honour students.


b90b93  No.13149951


Yes, my fellow white people, pay no mind to the controversial gun-grab state law that was passed immediately prior to this massive ZOGbot manhunt of someone for engaging in legal speech on a forum, legally buying a firearm, and buying plane tickets. It's much more productive to argue about how not white she is.

cb071b  No.13149953


>two unneeded seats (bought on separate days, oddly enough)

Like I said, two extra seats to sit alone. Separate days could be an afterthought, buys extra tickets after realizing she will have to be cramped up for 6 hours next to someone.

> "Columbine groupee" theory is horseshit.

They did interview 3 people, how do you know what she said to the people that were interviewed? Also, her neocities page is pretty clear indicator she could have been.


>The people on this thread found more than most news agencies and a lot faster. Stop being a newfag.

And the news wonders why their mediums are dying out. Thread did more investigative work than the morons getting paid big money to write horseshit articles.

c17918  No.13149954


Her journals? Where are those? And three, one way tickets, could any of them be refunds or an accident. I've screwed up the dates and airports on tickets.

It seems like there is something fishy with her friends, have they been identified and questioned?

3fd6f6  No.13149958


They started looking on monday, didn't someone say she bought the gun on friday?

There must have been a time lag between them being 'alerted when she procured the firearm' and the interviewing of the people in miami, and the manhunt. He mentions the flights being a starting point, maybe an automated flag, but there must have been more.

776736  No.13149959



I have asked the same question from the start niggerfaggot. Nobody has an answer.


b90b93  No.13149964


>They did interview 3 people, how do you know what she said to the people that were interviewed?

Tell me who those people are and how they're associated with her. I'm not taking the word of feds, I want to hear who these people are and exactly what they said.

>Also, her neocities page is pretty clear indicator she could have been.

And you could probably be any strain of terrorist just for posting here. Especially if someone else knew you posted here and wasn't a /pol/ack themselves.

2fc3f7  No.13149980


>let me call you a kike shill after pretending the entire thread from the start was about this law that was only brought up near the end after mutt loving kikes spent the entire thread white knighting and lusting after her

Fuck off.

3fd6f6  No.13149983


She's 18, maybe she never bought a flight before. It sounded from her posts that she hadn't met these friends before, perhaps only spoken to them online. Could the 'friends' be feds setting her up to be a patsy. They tend to pick on lonely people, befriend them, then set them up.

No information given on when the tickets were for, whether they were all on the same day or flight, or whether they were three seats together. He is deliberately vague, answering one question with "i'd prefer not to answer that".

3fd6f6  No.13149988


11 hours later, this JDF is still here repeating the "mutt" d&c. Working long hours, JDF must be understaffed.

dc1633  No.13149991


>Her journals? Where are those?

Originally posted on a neocities page, this anon uploaded all the pages to imgur: >>13148523

>It seems like there is something fishy with her friends, have they been identified and questioned?

Agreed, but the only people that have been id'd in this case have been herself and her dad.

2fc3f7  No.13149992


<everyone that knows what phenotypes are is a kike goy

b90b93  No.13149996


Anyone that tries to derail a happening thread of significance with mutt taxology is.

dc1633  No.13149999



5 sheckels have been deposited in you account. Thank you for shilling :^)

cb071b  No.13150010


>Her journals? Where are those?




>Tell me who those people are and how they're associated with her.

How the fuck do I know? I'm assuming it was what little friends she had.

>And you could probably be any strain of terrorist just for posting here. Especially if someone else knew you posted here and wasn't a /pol/ack themselves.

Is that something new I wasn't already aware of?

>>13149988 (checked)

Waste of time posts regardless of what ethnic heritage she had.

b90b93  No.13150026


>How the fuck do I know? I'm assuming it was what little friends she had.

I'd prefer not to make assumptions. Without any of this being publicly known, I don't even know if these interviews actually happened at all. As far as I'm concerned, they could just be totally fictitious. The less information that is public, the more likely it is for it to be totally fraudulent.

>Is that something new I wasn't already aware of?

Just making a point. Possibly having opinions is not proof of criminal intent, no matter the opinion.

c26ab0  No.13150051


>nobody recognizes NIN lyrics

Does this count as classic rock at this point?

194182  No.13150056





That you only now at the very end bring up this law and claim it was always about the law when evidence to the contrary is clearly in the thread is telling of (((your))) intent.

7e76df  No.13150057


She probably had photographic/videotaped evidence of Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express. She was probably one of the many girls on those flights and found a way to capture proof

cb071b  No.13150064


>Possibly having opinions is not proof of criminal intent, no matter the opinion.

While I agree with that statement, most feds and police don't agree.

And as far as who they interviewed I doubt that we'll ever know. It's possible there were no interviews, but that itself is also an assumption.

This hit me a bit because I see a lot of my high school self in who she was. Pretty shitty it ended this way.

a4fbe1  No.13150159


>What the fuck ever.

You need to lurk. Fucking hell, the tits or gtfo has a purpose. As long as you don't understand that, you need to fucking lurk.

This is me at my most sympathetic.

c17918  No.13150197



Thanks. I skimmed through this and read the last couple pages. She seems to be a depressed teenage girl with no direction. She ends her journal entry with Nine Inch Nail lyrics(which somehow I recognized without ever hearing the song.) I didn't see anything that made me think she wanted to hurt anyone else. I saw a drawing of a Columbine figure but didn't read any mention of it.

I still think there could be an unsavory element. Like she could have been meeting someone to commit double suicide or to kill her. Why go to that specific location? She would have wrote way more about Columbine if that was truly her obsession.

28a033  No.13150200

File: b59353bd5ab9583⋯.png (84.3 KB, 459x596, 459:596, molotov_improved.png)


Fug, I haven't received a single paycheck in several years.

28a033  No.13150204


Wrong image, but oh well.

cb071b  No.13150265


>She ends her journal entry with Nine Inch Nail lyrics

The lyric are from NIN - Sunspots in case you were wondering. Good song imo, though Reznor is a bit of a fag.

> I didn't see anything that made me think she wanted to hurt anyone else.

Neither did I, might be disturbing to normalfags, but most don't understand the feeling of not having people to relate to and being depressed.

Maybe she was planning on suiciding the in the forest, maybe she did plan to shoot up a school or maybe when she got surrounded by 30 armed officers she offed herself. If the latter was the case police possibly could have handled it differently.

d95de4  No.13150273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Indeed it does

7b00ca  No.13150288


You asked for it though, "tits or gtfo" is a hallowed rule on the web. How don't you know this? Its the only way to redeem yourself, after playing the girl card on an anonymous board. You might be to the right of Adolf for anyone cares, but you played the card and made this your blog.

12e101  No.13150292

File: 6cb641530ab46ac⋯.jpg (427.04 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190417-210831….jpg)

My first thought s of hearing "online friends that know what they are doing " and 2 plane tickets.

cf0433  No.13150306

Apparently dead of an apparent suicide??

dc1633  No.13150323

File: 00444e27bc9d7c6⋯.gif (14.83 KB, 275x300, 11:12, slowwww.gif)

cb071b  No.13150332

Another thing that pisses me off about this is why feds have this huge response for one girl because of her journal. Niggers in their "music" openly shit on a mic about killing people, robbing, drug dealing and all other forms of degenerate acts. Yet you don't see a police or fed response like this.

27e421  No.13150335


Apparently she got naked and did some running in the woods with her shotgun before killing herself at the bottom of a mountain…

bbbbd7  No.13150367


You know why anon. Jews give niggers free reign to call for violence and "bustin' a cap on whitey'"

fab4af  No.13150376


where did she make threats? you have proof of course

9a5550  No.13150403


If that's the criteria to become public enemy number one, we're next.

cb071b  No.13150410

>>13150367 Nice ID

Kike pets get protected calling it "free speech" but any criticism of the reality of the music industry is (((shut down))). I think we all know by now who the (((promoters))) were.

Seeing a song off Siamese Dream on her music page, still one my favorite albums.

Hits me in the feels, a lot of memories brought back every time I listen to it.

0f3204  No.13150553



She looks like a late 30s secretary, ie: like shit

>Described as a white female

>sol pais

Bitch she's not white even for white latino standards, a castizo maybe

d29af8  No.13150555


If you dig based on this, you'll see that all of her friends are HARD LEFT SJWs.

The only men in her life were homosexuals.

Once again, another teen art community is involved and it's rather close to Broward County.

d29af8  No.13150621

File: bf5a52e01c4539f⋯.png (432.32 KB, 822x599, 822:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4eb859d9856046b⋯.png (419.83 KB, 853x608, 853:608, ClipboardImage.png)


Her only friend listed is Romy Levin.

She is a PAMM PTAC member. One thing they do is teach schools about gun violence.

cb071b  No.13150695


Your contribution to the thread is greatly appreciated. More than most of these is she hot or not cocksuckers.

You should know the Tits or GTFO thing by now so next time, don't advertise.

But since you advertised you a grill, I give a wink.

d29af8  No.13150774

File: 3f915aa2208ecbc⋯.png (368.23 KB, 1007x956, 1007:956, ClipboardImage.png)


Metadata matches the address.

It's a pic of a pic she took with her iphone 8.

They rent out the master bedroom.

3fd6f6  No.13150806


Yep, it was 3 plane tickets, but why would that flag as suspicious in the first place? Her and two friends. Funny how the friends haven't been mentioned. She must have had a place where she was supposed to meet them. She took an uber taxi to the Lake Lodge, an hour out of town in the countryside. Why there? Seems like a meeting place before going hunting together.

If they didn't fly with her, then they had told her where to go, she went there, and then was hunted by swat and who knows what else before she >>13150335

Makes no sense.

8863bf  No.13150834


>tfw a jewish twitter thot talks about how white doesnt exist


you're retarded - OG north italy is blond lombard, not the slimy siclian immigrants who came since unification

this nigger is a berber/arab bastard

a3e6dd  No.13150848

File: 3cce8088fd92c6a⋯.jpg (255.15 KB, 1208x848, 151:106, 1534535000739.jpg)

File: bb7112c2f72ba69⋯.png (290.26 KB, 1015x706, 1015:706, 7198540145df93d381245420df….png)

File: 75c226d698e09bc⋯.png (292.88 KB, 1030x707, 1030:707, 64c86c63a48f7b8e2e004b999a….png)

File: 688eb79c929f48b⋯.jpg (151.64 KB, 1089x650, 1089:650, 15578283_1402809816417697_….jpg)


> I dont see any finns

Finns are Fenno Ugric people, not Mongoloids. They are white.

a3e6dd  No.13150863

File: 9fb161c685656e1⋯.jpg (41.41 KB, 250x388, 125:194, Sephardic jew.jpg)

File: dad83a1ebe2a0d0⋯.jpg (17.26 KB, 301x245, 43:35, Patagonid.jpg)


She looks Sephardic on this pic.

So, I would go with Spanish jewish (sephardim) + Patagonian (Patagonid) native mix. Match perfectly for Argentina.

cb071b  No.13150868


<Back to is she white or not D&C


The whole running around naked part is a "red flag" to me. It was probably 30F there at the time. Even midday it would be cold AF to a Floridian.

I'm almost to the point of suspecting a murder or ritualistic sacrifice conducted by whom she was supposed to meet.

4a12f8  No.13150871


Klebold is still a fucking hero, fag


t. facebook nigger/spic/etc. on the verge of chimping out


What has ZOG done for anyone ever?

cb071b  No.13150891

For the record she was a QT, bad pictures or not, not a landwhale and not a degenerate thot. Regardless of your anti-Iberian stance if they white or not she was hunted for merely posts in her journal to let off steam from a fucked up society.


Nigger, has it been proven that is her? I'll answer, NO.

b9daf2  No.13150893


This is completely bullshit.

There's no fucking way an 18yo lives in a 500k home alone in Florida. Where are her parents?

cb071b  No.13150902


Tell me where it said she lived alone.


What the fuck 2nd pic 02/01/2001 what the fuck is the date for??????

cb071b  No.13150917

NAMEBIRTH INFORMATIONPOSSIBLE RELATIVESASSOCIATESFirst NameMiddle NameLast NameSolPaisBirth DateAgeAstrological SignApril 17, 2000 - April 16, 2019 (approx.)

Taken from anon's PDF some tried burning them for.

Birthdates don't match

cb071b  No.13150921

I overlooked that shit now it's fucky.

fab4af  No.13150929


this whole thing screams bullshit

cb071b  No.13150934


Samefagging for posterity.


Read it niggers

3c399f  No.13150935


>Maybe they picked her in advance, followed her plans to go hunting there

FOLLOWED her plans? I'm betting they paid her travel expenses. She mentions FRIENDS when asking about purchasing shotguns in that forum, who knew more than her, who she would be going hunting with.

Given how antisocial she is, it's possible that these "friends" groomed her for months (years?) over the internet, talking about teaching her to hunt, etc. She comes over expecting that….

But it turns out it was all just an FBI catfishing operation meant to lure her out. All record of their conversations get deleted, and they emphasize her Marilyn Manson playlist and

old journals with little pistol doodles on them as if this means she wants to randomly shoot up schools even though there's no evidence she planned anything like that, thus her being up in the woods nowhere near any schools.

Supposedly she sent "threats" to specific Denver schools, but I sure as hell haven't seen any.


I don't know who would've known about her plans except on that forum, and everyone there seemed to like her until she made the news cycle. Her posts got 'likes' and she 'liked' those who replied to her.


She's a fucking teenager, 1-way tickets are probably all she can afford. Was probably hoping to fuck her new Colorado hunting buddies and have them pay her travel expenses back, or maybe just live with them for a while until she could earn more at a respectable job.


>they find her neocities website

How? I can't see any way for them to track that down. It's named after a popular song, lots of girls probably have sites like that.


> Could the 'friends' be feds setting her up to be a patsy. They tend to pick on lonely people, befriend them, then set them up.

100% this


>>Her journals? Where are those?

>Originally posted on a neocities page, this anon uploaded all the pages to imgur:



I'm getting a 404 trying to view this. Did IMGUR take down the images? We need to find a safe site to host them. Step 1 is getting all the files up, step 2 is OCRing them so we can read and share the text easier.


GTFO faggot, I already told you that ELL is only a restaurant with a gift shop, you can't hunt there. You can camp nearby but not until June. Not sure what hunting laws are. She might've been planning to hunt illegally but without knowing it was illegal to hunt at this time of year in the area. FBI probably told her it was fine. Probably invited her for a romantic dinner at ELL


"Sunspots" and she adopts the alias "Sol", talks about staring into the sun, etc. It appears "Pais" (pronounced pie-iss, I think) is her real name since her father is referred to as Gardi Pais, but I really think her real name is Valeria from the Tumblr matching her Listography.


Thanks for sourcing that! RIP https://picsart.com/dissolvedgirl/

We should harvest http://archive.is/uhjvy in full and compare it to LonelyAngel444 Tumblr!

I've also archived the cache showing who she was following at http://archive.is/bduhI Something like this could be helpful in IDing her "friends"


She's whiter than they made Veronica Lodge in Riverdale. I think we need to find out the mom's name and try to get a pic of the mom. We already have her dad Gardi Pais' pic.


listed where? Where did you learn the name Romy Levin?


Her father Gardi Pais is a traveling musician, which would explain why he wouldn't be home very often. He apparently plays for a lot of Spanish crowds and could be Latina or someone with a Latino fetish. No idea about the mother, we need to dig further for her.

3c399f  No.13150954

File: 10df6ca926efda0⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 281x179, 281:179, sol's desktop.jpg)

File: 9de66f8b355edcb⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 530x95, 106:19, DissolvedGirl logo.jpg)

File: 30545067d9fb52b⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 203x248, 203:248, Sol in green.jpg)

File: b2ab4e27965e703⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 225x225, 1:1, sol warped face.jpg)

File: e4d66824669b84c⋯.jpg (2.69 KB, 75x75, 1:1, listography image.jpg)

While browsing the remnants Google has cached of picsart.com/dissolvedgirl the result of "MissingNo" keeps coming up, a reference to art resembling the famous glitch Pokemon.

This led me to https://mysocialmate.com/u/dissolvedgirl__ and I'm trying to figure out why I was led there. Can anyone see any connections? This account last updated 3 days ago…

cb071b  No.13150957


>How? I can't see any way for them to track that down. It's named after a popular song, lots of girls probably have sites like that.

Same way /pol/ found it, who knows. Didn't take /pol long to find it.

>She's a fucking teenager, 1-way tickets are probably all she can afford. Was probably hoping to fuck her new Colorado hunting buddies and have them pay her travel expenses back, or maybe just live with them for a while until she could earn more at a respectable job.

Why buy 3 tickets then? Like I said earlier she may not wanted to sit next to anyone if she went alone.

The dates 2/1/2001 Probably birthdate don't match

>>13146206 2/1/2001

>>13149481 April 17 2000 - April 16 2001

Any confirmation on her birthdate would put this theory to rest.

cb071b  No.13150968


Nice find, and great contribution.

I'm more inclined to think this was a ritual sacrifice of a distraught virginal girl.

Kikes in overdrive to say is she white or not get my mind joggin now.

8863bf  No.13150970


Where's Sam Hyde?

a3e6dd  No.13150972

File: 9b4a81cd6b29bd0⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 634x477, 634:477, is this father.jpg)


>She's whiter than they made Veronica Lodge in Riverdale.

>We already have her dad Gardi Pais' pic.

Please post fathers pic. I am interested. If it is pic related, father is sephardic jew, sorry.

cb071b  No.13150988


<Is he white or not

Nigger, right now that is not priority. What is her actual birth date?

I could sit here all day with this white or not shit, still doesn't excuse the fact the feds made an overreach for a depressed girl that made no direct threat.

<she wasn't white what does it matter

<is she hot or not

Eat dick or contribute

a3e6dd  No.13151026


Well, I am trying to contribute.

White or not white is important here. I dont give a rat shit for some jewish/hapa mutt doing what mutts are good at. Psychotic outbursts. Hope you know allmost all mass murderers are some kind of mutts and allmost everytime jewish or hapa mutts.

So I think, racial classification is important.

3c399f  No.13151027

http://archive.is/bduhI is the 18 April 2019 cache of https://picsart.com/dissolvedgirl/following

I have been checking each of the accounts for anything suspicious. The MOST suspicious, I think, is the ones which are no longer there. I have tried opening the following ones and TWO are GONE GONE GONE.



EmoLittleGirl and LittleMilkiBuns might possible be the other 2 plane tickets and have deleted their accounts to cover their tracks? Let's search these aliases…

LMB at https://twitter.com/littlemilkibuns is a "trauma blogger" who registered October 2018 and tweets are protected

ELG found cache here is archive http://archive.is/DsirS has Hello Kitty themed apparel (interest overlap with Tumblr for LonelyAngel444) may also be called "daddy's princess" links to

>insta @dumlilpiggy

>tumblr @raspberrypup

https://www.instagram.com/dumlilpiggy/ PAGENOTFOUND

https://twitter.com/raspberrypup ALSO GONE

wtf… http://archive.is/6l5GW is archive of Twitter, shows RBP was actively posting until around march 8th and goes by name "Kyle". It also links to https://cash.app/$raspberrypuppy which is still up and refers to him as "Pluto".

Pluto was the roman name of Hades, the Greek god of DEATH.

cb071b  No.13151057


So prove she was, many South Americans have Euro blood.

Quetzalcoatal was a White European that brought civilization to those people after all.



3ff072  No.13151085


She's dead. "Self inflicted" gunshot wound. Funny how often suspects die of "Self inflicted" gunshot wounds.

a3e6dd  No.13151086


Who said she was not part European?

What I can see from her phenotype, she was about 30% Spanish gracile mediterranid, minor Berid + 20% sephardim jewish (which is 50% Spanish) + 50% native Patagonid (which is 50% Spanish). Overall, 50% white.

>Quetzalcoatal was a White European

Agree. Solutreans.

cb071b  No.13151101


Kike D&C throughout this thread, I'm trying to lay that shit rest. Europeans brought civilization to the Americas. Far earlier than bullshit history wants us to believe.

Didn't mean to blast at you. But needed to be said that the Americas were 'civilized' not 'colonized' by ancient Europeans.

a3e6dd  No.13151143


It was worse than that.

First, America was inhabitated with Solutreans, European Cro-Magnons. Pre Clovis people. After ice retreated, Mongoloid people expanded and genocided Solutreans.

>Kike D&C throughout this thread

Yes. Jews know all this stuff. They are shilling this girl for beeing white. As usual.

I am sick and tired all this Lanzas and other psychos, all fucking jewis mutts are propagated for a white. They are not. They are MONGRELS.

41356a  No.13151162


She is supposedly from Florida… How much do you want to bet that she is from DWS' district?

d29af8  No.13151252

File: 752a099ad6929b5⋯.png (199.43 KB, 735x943, 735:943, ClipboardImage.png)


>Gardi Pais

Full name is Edgardo Cristian Pais.

Teaches guitar out of his house.

Plays in a band.

Originally from Argentina.

Book some guitar lessons if you want.

a880a9  No.13151523

Girls like this fawn over the Columbine killers yet would have been the sort of girls to ignore them and call them losers had they actually known them

c17918  No.13151529

File: 52f555ac3842ef0⋯.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1555581137239.png)

File: a5ece87777badf1⋯.png (398.71 KB, 498x499, 498:499, 1555567378264.png)

File: c519b269cfca40c⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1555572330044.jpg)

File: 90b1b2071ff61c4⋯.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1555573396238.png)

File: a53d820dd5c495a⋯.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1555573713160.png)


Some new pics of her.

8728eb  No.13151554


>Odd that she says she has no friends in FL who hunt, and is going to Colorado to see her friends, perhaps people she's met off the internet.

Finding a sad person and making friends with them has to be an old trick,isn't that how most of recruiting is done?,seems to me she got set up to make an example of her,killing people for less and less



> Why was she allowed to buy a shotgun if she was considered a threat to anyone?

If you want to managed your rights this one all it takes is one kike saying you are a threat to him,were do you niggers come from with this kind of thinking?


>Echo Lake Lodge

The chaos element


And a fucking emote too



This might be their best trick to date,Making the only people that understand what is going on(us) the most vilified on the planet



The movie Arlington Road had a nice plot like that ,when FBI flagged a guy as a terrorist for having lots of guns an living in a forest,they walked in there not mentioning they are FBI and got into a firefight,truth was the dude got guns passed to him from a dead relative and warned his family someone might try to steal them,but the flags were more important then truth,I would expect this level of stupidity from glow niggers every day


>ritualistic sacrifice conducted by whom she was supposed to meet.

Maybe,but you have to consider that one way to memoryhole something is make it so tangled that nobody can find the truth,20 theories but never the truth,FBI being usual nigger is something than can be proved and used

Ritual confirmation on the other hand,Do we even have people on the ground to visit the forest or fly a drone and do some picks


That's a way to get to the father and ask him some questions,see if the slips,maybe he new something will go down

27e421  No.13151573

27e421  No.13151578

That slim body holy shit.

Dem legs.

66e4b8  No.13151832


Where did you get these photos?

66e4b8  No.13151849

File: 31c371dbf39326f⋯.jpg (142.94 KB, 720x720, 1:1, maxresdefault.jpg)

cd327c  No.13152208


> siclian

Stop hating on Sicilybros, D&C faggot.

cd327c  No.13152244

File: 1d4bb05bd023542⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 641x530, 641:530, glasses off.jpg)

66e4b8  No.13152582

File: 7e50560c12d3827⋯.jpg (64.87 KB, 512x512, 1:1, IMG_9837.jpg)

File: daffe451f5180e3⋯.jpg (66.72 KB, 512x512, 1:1, IMG_3608.jpg)

File: 24fdf21f1d61e63⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 497x496, 497:496, IMG_3607.jpg)

File: 28d87a7561d43ba⋯.jpeg (40.1 KB, 512x512, 1:1, sad.jpeg)

File: 973c48cb5f42fae⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Photo on 1-5-18 at 9.27 PM.jpg)

She has a cached google plus account with some more pictures


66e4b8  No.13152584

File: d6337793887be6d⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Photo on 1-5-18 at 9.45 PM….jpg)

File: a14617cd941857f⋯.jpeg (43.32 KB, 512x511, 512:511, fullsizeoutput_5d9.jpeg)