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File: 10ab506e0c21af3⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B37F7B4F-7A46-4D06-9DA0-C2….png)

File: c200381f2878872⋯.png (849.41 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 0B860DFA-D8BF-4039-BF9B-2E….png)

c5f89b  No.13151097

Was just replying when the thread wajs apparently deleted. Why was it deleted? I took issue with it at first but am now researching it a bit more and want to understand the situation and know if it could be legitimate.

Screenshots of thread attached.




Ok, I see.

Still not sure this counts as full proof but I am doing all the research I can to try to verify.

07f444  No.13151117

Statistical Analysis of the twitter accounts filmed posting smileys could also provide evidence of foreknowledge.

Were they disproportionately created recently?

Do they even exist?

I tried looking up a few, but the only traces of the names seems to be other tweets about them, none of which seem to include the actual account names, hmm….

The jew likes to play "let's you and him fight."

c5f89b  No.13151131


Sorry, but I doubt that. I also think that since both the kike and the muzzies are problems that we must inevitably fight both. If we didn’t want to fight muzzies we should not have allowed kikes to force-import them.

What matters in this thread is the video, and what it shows. Was this an arson attack like the +1000 on churches over the last year?

dea6da  No.13151189

File: 8956725fa2298d2⋯.mp4 (1.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Notre Dame fire 2019-04-15….mp4)


That is actualy good proof. We should meme this against muslims hard. After all it is European 9/11.

08fdb6  No.13151192


Muzzies did it but the jews put them up to it.

6a0379  No.13151195


Muzzies and Jews are different armies.

One controls money the other controls dipshits.

dea6da  No.13151198


We already know that. They are team. We need attack both. Not in same time but both are enemies and guilty.

d78ceb  No.13151203

Fuck Notre Dame I wish it all burned to the ground

dea6da  No.13151236



Looks like someone don't like truth. It would be shame if this started fire in Europe against muslims.

d78ceb  No.13151241


Lol you’re not going to do anything faggot

dea6da  No.13151246

File: 991c83cb10c0dff⋯.jpg (76.88 KB, 720x886, 360:443, 1553369677531.jpg)




d78ceb  No.13151258


Fuck off

6a0379  No.13151270

File: bf4cdb240c80b86⋯.jpg (9.57 KB, 198x255, 66:85, download (1).jpg)


Nigga and Muzzies are getting mad at getting clowned.

64e83e  No.13151271

File: d90936957a63bc9⋯.jpg (675.12 KB, 899x1406, 899:1406, d90936957a63bc9d84b7877019….jpg)

jew N#1: "After the tarrant affair we orchestrated, we need heat up the 'muslims attack white people' narrative."

jew N#2: "where is there an iconic, white people center of worship that the whole world will notice, that is also full of muslim problems?"

jew N#3: "france! france is big in the media right now. the goyim are fighting, succeeding and growing bigger against our control"

jew N#4: "notredam it is."

jews - autistic screeching glee all round

dea6da  No.13151273

File: f00bdac8847657a⋯.png (496.04 KB, 827x579, 827:579, notre_dame_honk.png)



Clown world my friends.

6a0379  No.13151275


Muzzy found.

d78ceb  No.13151278

File: e2de7fc1385297d⋯.jpeg (97.92 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 61C5F084-D0EE-4908-BFA4-9….jpeg)

dea6da  No.13151280

File: 7be455199cd0f42⋯.jpeg (120.8 KB, 852x1024, 213:256, cia_nigger_toy.jpeg)

e10e0a  No.13151283


Muzzy no. 1: Let's burn the Notre Dame down.

(also) Muzzy no. 1: Let's call it a jewish false flag like every times we do something.

6a0379  No.13151289

File: 5c418f7a8e3faa6⋯.jpg (56.65 KB, 970x487, 970:487, gettyimages-2525255-e15217….jpg)


The clown world grows.

Praise be to your post.


Muslims pretending to be Nazis.

Fucking clowns.

64e83e  No.13151290

File: 5d658afb45ff905⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 194x296, 97:148, 5d658afb45ff90500cc25ead50….jpg)

File: 8f582c57ebd8d56⋯.jpg (737.43 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ccbbf347099246d596aacb3f82….jpg)

File: e57d519088cbd86⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 01c800638c27375984cbaeb9c7….jpg)

6a0379  No.13151294


Muzzy found.

bf8080  No.13151296


That certainly looks like some liquid fuel getting lit up

e10e0a  No.13151297



6a0379  No.13151301

File: 738e5def12cb2bd⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 400x221, 400:221, pic200098.jpg)


are you so mad you can't comment.

e10e0a  No.13151303



e10e0a  No.13151305


Never mind, wrong (((You))), sorry.

dea6da  No.13151313


Too bad we hate muslims too.


It does. I is obvious it was not accident. But now we have proof. You simply can't do such much damage without gas to wood. Try to burn log with matches. Even in 100 years you will not set it on fire.


Muslims suck at everything except child rape. Time to go home back to desert. Hope jews will bomb your house again.


Are you sad you was found starting fire of Notre Dame?

6a0379  No.13151315

File: 0da894740462f7a⋯.jpg (18.99 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)



I was just about to post and shit.

Fucking clown

Honk Honk You fucking Honky

6a0379  No.13151316


Hey goat fucker

I found you

e10e0a  No.13151317


Honk you too, fren.

dea6da  No.13151333

File: 1389e45dd081f6d⋯.mp4 (10.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, muslim_firestarter.mp4)


You retard. I uploaded that video of fire. Read IDs before you write.

6a0379  No.13151336


But I started the fire .>>13151313

Fucking muzzy.

Honk your dick off harder.

Yeah I honk my horn when I see niggers and Muzzies.

95c472  No.13151339



Retard no.1 and Retard no. 2: THIS is what happened exactly. No, I have no proof or anything. It is just my conjecture but (((IT IS REAL IN MY MIND)))!

Both of you fags deserve a public hanging for your faggotry. For all the claims of intellect and the pursuit of truth, people seem to really treat "what I want to be" and "truth" as one and the same.

288ccb  No.13151342


Didn't say it's fact. Just say it to counter the obvious jewish deflection.

6a0379  No.13151343


The Anon is just entering the clown world


It's ok to be sillly.

dea6da  No.13151356

File: b3d966a1e0a8bdd⋯.mp4 (2.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, burn.mp4)


So you honk to yourself in front of mirror?

ddc801  No.13151357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It appears the fire started in the same place where the person was and the flash happened

dea6da  No.13151371


We have to spread this information like fire. Save it all before they delete thread. Muzzies will pay for it.

2d4dcf  No.13151373

>>13151333 (checked)

Holy shit. Big if true

f293d9  No.13151376

Do you guys remember, there was a picture with a guy on the roof on the Notre Dame while the fire was going on. I'm trying to find it

3659c2  No.13151378


Evidence enough for arson combine the mp4/webm with this and storm the media with this. No doubt that is intentional.

6a0379  No.13151379


Only if you watch.

f293d9  No.13151380

File: a5e9ff74b283925⋯.jpg (50.51 KB, 750x1023, 250:341, 1555351835072.jpg)


I found it

Do you guys think it could be the same guy?

3659c2  No.13151388


Fairly certain that is a statue. I see a video of movement then I'm a kike shill.

dea6da  No.13151391


>Do you guys think it could be the same guy?

If that photo is not shoped, it is him. It could be also statue too.

3659c2  No.13151432


Nigger fuck off burning Tor nodes, your mother has AIDS. Useless faggot.

f293d9  No.13151440


I've read that there are 3d models of the Notre Dame

If that's the case, can we explore them and verify if there is a statue there or not?

ce5188  No.13151453


Mudshits don't belong in Europe, they need to go the fuck home. It really is that simple.

Are the Jews somehow preventing you from buying a plane ticket back to the shithole you came from? I really fucking doubt it.

dea6da  No.13151457

File: 94fd1af6f51f64a⋯.jpg (39.74 KB, 640x360, 16:9, bad_news.jpg)


Looks like statue.

3659c2  No.13151460


Can we get a filter on this already? Been going on too long. Fucking up legit tor posts with the same shit.


Would help to know for certain, the flash in the same spot as the fire origin is damning enough, this would be icing on the cake. Normalfag boomers are already suspicious, (((Limbaugh))) was pushing the arson angle got them worked up.

f293d9  No.13151462


Good call

c62a36  No.13151465


Bump. Looks like we have the (((smoking gun))).

dea6da  No.13151467


anyway. that guy would be taller than Giant Andre if that photo was real.

c62ff7  No.13151483


But look at the noticeable figure on the right shoulder of the statue. Looks like a human arm laying on it

3659c2  No.13151486


Thank you mods for taking care of that tor node burning faggot. You don't hear appreciation enough when you do something good. Off topic but thanks.

dea6da  No.13151498


That roof under him would be already on fire. Muslims are stupid to die like this but this is just photo of statue. Focus on video.

88bb56  No.13151511


That's pretty damning, is this getting spread very far?

dea6da  No.13151513


It is new info today. It is our job to spread it.

a744ab  No.13151527


posted it on couple videos on youtube, comments etc. and sent e-mail to Russia Today with the request to cover it and dig into it since french Media won't.

3e5ebc  No.13151538

File: bf664d071fd57e1⋯.jpg (340.61 KB, 810x539, 810:539, loxist_secret_symbol.jpg)





Hahaha holy fuck


Anon you have a gift

d38805  No.13151563

File: 5bd0e830539f52e⋯.jpeg (55.62 KB, 640x425, 128:85, .jpeg)

File: a01719843656b82⋯.jpeg (60.81 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ..jpeg)


Yes of course. Mad communist muslim arson reichstag notredamme.

ce5188  No.13151604


Are the Jews also preventing you from buying rope?

5d6143  No.13151629

File: 0cb934f0059533a⋯.webm (15.61 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Genocide Wolves - No fuck….webm)

Friendly reminder that "everything is a false flag" is the new JIDF / JTRIG damage control psyop.

Its designed to pacify and deradicalize us to stop us from doing anything. "The jews did this, so don't do this or you're a jew!"

178592  No.13151633


Yeah, it is pretty obvious right now.

Now a muslim can fart and you can be sure the jews can be blamed for it.

ce5188  No.13151653


We all know m8, it's blindingly fucking obvious. Unfortunately our knowing doesn't stop them from doing it every single thread.

07f444  No.13151654


And discovery of recently created fake Muslim accounts would help to prove that.

The flash on the roof is a red herring. It is solar light reflecting from something the person is carrying - probably a tablet - and orders of magnitude too bright and directional to be the type of incendiary that would have been used.

Solar rays are highly parallel and we can see that.

Yes it was undoubtedly arson, no the glint was not an explosive.

07f444  No.13151666


That is just the sun glinting off a carried object.

>muh muslims.

You mean the ones with the non existent accounts?

By way of deception, that's your motto, right?

178592  No.13151667


Prove what exactly?

Why has it become that the jews did it, now we must find whatever evidences to prove it?

178592  No.13151669


Nice try Satan, but what you are covering?

>You mean the ones with the non existent accounts?

So muslims cannot create fake accounts?

dea6da  No.13151687

File: cf287d90498dbbc⋯.png (187.56 KB, 307x395, 307:395, satan.png)



>Somebody is playing with table on Notre Dome roof just before it is all set in to fire.

I know you wanted to burn Notre Dame Satan but you can't defead Jesus. Learn new tricks.

e3c8ec  No.13151707


>That is just the sun glinting off a carried object.

Sorry, satan. But no, that was combustion. That motherfucker lit off something.

178592  No.13151712

File: cc9b2a36c526903⋯.png (90.51 KB, 1869x522, 623:174, notre dame muslim damage c….png)

There's no proof muslims are doing it.

But the damage control is already on board.

07f444  No.13151724

Burning Notre Dame benefits jews, not Muslims.

The obvious organized attacks against anyone not going along with muh moozlims, plus the massive jew involvement from articles to hundred million donations speaks for itself.

Muslims have no need to attack any western target. They benefit more by keeping a low profile, pimping schoolgirls, selling their heroin and waiting for their numbers to increase while their jew cousins handle destroying Whites to clear their future living space.

>Located at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., the School for Advanced Military Studies is both a training ground and a think tank for some of the Army's brightest officers. Officials say the Army chief of staff, and sometimes the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ask SAMS to develop contingency plans for future military operations. During the 1991 Persian Gulf war, SAMS personnel helped plan the coalition ground attack that avoided a strike up the middle of Iraqi positions and instead executed a "left hook" that routed the enemy in 100 hours.

>Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."


5d6143  No.13151725


Spread this everywhere. Upload it on your jewtube channels and post it on cuckchanö

07f444  No.13151730



Right on cue.

>The obvious organized attacks against anyone not going along with muh moozlims, plus the massive jew involvement from articles to hundred million donations speaks for itself.

178592  No.13151731


>Muslims have no need to attack any western target. They benefit more by keeping a low profile, pimping schoolgirls, selling their heroin and waiting for their numbers to increase while their jew cousins handle destroying Whites to clear their future living space.

Yet they do attack whites anyway.

inb4 all the muslim attacks are actually mossad ops

178592  No.13151733


I think that pic speaks for itself.

Muslims are in damage control, but why are they doing it?

5d6143  No.13151739

dea6da  No.13151744


>Muslims have no need to attack any western target.

But they do it anyway because they are stupid animals. Every day 3 churches are attacked by muslims in France.

It benefit muslims because it is attack on our religion and culture. Just tell us fire was CGI and smoked is already back in Israel. It make more sense than your story. Muslims dindu nuffin.

5d6143  No.13151749


This. Imagine being retarded enough to expect logical reasoning and tactics from mudslime animals.

07f444  No.13151754


>I think that pic speaks for itself.

Yes, it does. The fact that you think that taking screenshots is how we quote here does speak for itself, kike.

Your outgrouping attempts are passé and obvious, not as funny as the earlier attempt to meme "Europe 's 9/11", it's almost like you don't realise that where you are, 9/11 is the classic example of a jew false flag.

07f444  No.13151758



You really don't understand that this isn't Stormfront or /r/TheDonald, do you?

178592  No.13151759


It speaks for itself on how muslims are damage control.

And 9/11 was the jew funding muslims to fly the planes. We have actual evidences of both cases.

It seems now you are trying to shift the blame of everything onto the jews.

178592  No.13151761


Yeah, this is /pol/, and we hate the muslims the same as the jews.

We aren't stupid, you goddamn muslim.

dea6da  No.13151768

File: f5d99c11b7ec5ba⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, diversity_notre_dome.png)


You don't realy fit here, do you?

6d2425  No.13151769


Right, this is /pol/ where our hatred of non-whites is even more extreme than either of those.

ce5188  No.13151772


Be a good Mudshit and rope yourself kudasai.

c04dea  No.13151773


>It benefit muslims because it is attack on our religion and culture.



This is why I enjoy watching these churches burn. Chirstniggers can't stop themselves from trying to push their bullshit on everyone else. Worst thing whites ever did was picking a side in a Semitic tribal conflict.

178592  No.13151778


Deny it or not, still a lot of catholics in France.

07f444  No.13151784



>virtually identical posts.

Well look at that.

It appears they either have a sheet with description of the traits of /pol/ posters, or more likely a team leader who thinks he understands us, is giving directions on how to respond over voip to unskilled/low iq operatives.

That's why the posts are nearly identical.

Thanks for fucking that up.

You just blew your cover


dea6da  No.13151785


Muslims see this as religious war Varg. Not me. I am not christian. For me it is burned historical european building.

178592  No.13151788


How are these posts identical?

c04dea  No.13151789


A lot of nigger and other muds too.

178592  No.13151792


And jews.

And they do not belong.

422464  No.13151793

5d6143  No.13151796


Eat a bullet

dea6da  No.13151797


It is here again. One anon will pretend he is only real anon on /pol/ and everyone is shill.

ce5188  No.13151798


If you are White then you almost certainly have have both Christian and Pagan ancestors. If you value your identity as a Pagan more than your Whiteness then you're a traitor, plain and simple.

6d2425  No.13151799


Man, you really are a fucking idiot on top of being a nigger lover and a Muslim apologist. Gas yourself.

422464  No.13151800


Why? I'm not muslim.

5d6143  No.13151803


Take Survive the Jive. He is a pagan, rejects abrahamic thought but still values and praises the beauty of the cultural goods white Christians have created.

The beauty of Notre Dame was first and foremost created in an aryan mind and built by aryan hands. Religion is secondary here.

2eda98  No.13151804


Of course (((someone))) started the fire.

You think in 2019 that a cathedral made primarily of stone and marble is just suddenly going to burst into flames? They build the riggings so they'd be set alight and fuel the fire, without it the damage would have been minimal.

c04dea  No.13151807


>if you value being white more than my Semitic mind virus then you're a traitor


5d6143  No.13151808



>praises based nigger with a /pol/ shirt

>gets told to commit suicide

>immidiately claims he isn't a mudslime for no reason

Found the goatfucker.

2eda98  No.13151812


I'm going to post this to r/videos I wonder how quickly I'll be banned.

c04dea  No.13151813


>take this guy who tells me what I want to hear

The goyim say "moooooo".

5d6143  No.13151814


The entire roof was made from giant trees from the 13th century, retard. Thats what burned, the rest still stands.

de1b23  No.13151815


So devious. Made me completely forget about the jews.

So bush was right all along. WTF I am a neocohen now!

Tick tock.

178592  No.13151816

Might as well say it:

Any proof that the muslims did this are in fact proof that the jews did it.

Even if you got photographic evidence of a muslim doing it, it's either a:

- jew in muslim garb


- an innocent being framed

- the fire was fake

Or the worst option:

- a muslim does it by the command of the jews, thus not a true muslim(c)

The jews do it all along, and all evidences are fake unless it shows a white or a jew doing it. Then it's okay.

5d6143  No.13151818


I think STJ is quite the role model when it comes to how a pagan should act, yes. He's not a sad spiteful reject like you, so i would say his opinion is worth far more than yours.

2eda98  No.13151820


They soak the wood in flame-retardant solutions you imbecile. The scaffolding was completely necessary to set it alight and keep it alight.

178592  No.13151821


Muzzy no. 2: if I don't mention the jews in my post, everyone will forget the crimes of the jews and blame on muslims.


5d6143  No.13151822


Stop strawmanning, Ahmed. Go suck off your kike handlers or something smh

c04dea  No.13151826


>i think the person who behaves how i want and tells me what i want to hear is the perfect role model




That's you.

ce5188  No.13151827

File: 2dbda2553c019d1⋯.png (525.9 KB, 1000x564, 250:141, frens.png)


You have to be understanding Anon, it's not the fault of the Mudshits. The Jews won't let them buy plane tickets home you see, they're stuck in Europe!

ab4004  No.13151829


Fires happen all the time. Of course a fire would happen in a country with the strictests health and safety laws, on a protected UNESCO building with infinite money cheat, and everyone would be ready to donate 3 billion euros over night. Just someone who did an oopsie, a worker left his cigarettes there and after everyone left the building the fire started because at 7pm it's too hot.

5d6143  No.13151830


>flame-retardant solutions

I think your brain was soaked in logic-retardant solutions. There is only one flame-retardant solution, and that is water. Dry wood will burn no matter what was sprayed on it months ago.

ce5188  No.13151831


Pic was meant for >>13151803

2eda98  No.13151833


I think there are three possible scenarios:

A. (most likely) A Jew or Muzzie is ordered by Macron to set it alight to distract from the protests, and cast Macron in good light for "vowing to repair it". Similar to how George Bush used 9/11 to make his approval ratings skyrocket.

B. A Jew set it alight to create an event like 9/11 for the Frenchies, with or without Macron's approval.

C. A dumb Muslim decided to burn it to stoke fire between Muslims and French people.

2eda98  No.13151834

File: e70e7fa3564afac⋯.jpg (148.59 KB, 590x639, 590:639, 1522691827165.jpg)


>There is only one flame-retardant solution, and that is water.

5d6143  No.13151835


No, i have my own opinions, but since you try to propagate your retarded anti-white hatred, i decided to point to someone who is more worth listening to than your sorry ass.

178592  No.13151840


We can pierce it together:

A muslim does it, enabled by the jews and Macron, in order to scam out big money, rebuild the cathedral into a mosque + synagogue and demoralize the goyim.

France is already bombing ME and Africa 24/7, no need for 9/11.

c04dea  No.13151842


Yes, your opinion is that when people tell you what you want to hear you should shill for them.


Good goy.

dea6da  No.13151845


> a worker left his cigarette

You simply can't start fire like this by hot ash from cigarette. Try burn old try with cigarette. It is impossible.



c04dea  No.13151847


I hope they turn it into a multi-Semitic house of worship. That would be icing on the cake. Do you know how many white Frenchies would fall all over themselves trying to look more pious than everyone else?

>so bootiful!

>much diversity!

It would be so much fun to watch.

2eda98  No.13151848


>rebuild the cathedral into a mosque

The Elites are evil not stupid. This is most likely a power play from Macron to "increase French unity" and distract from the Yellow Vest Protests. If he can be cast in a good light for helping to rebuild the Church, the Yellow Vest movement will be forced to quit or be ostracized and fully rejected by the French people. They will not longer have the moral superiority on their side.

Thinking that he'd just tear it down and rebuild it with a mosque is quite frankly a worse than retarded idea. Even in their modern states stoking a near-revolution with such bellicosity is something only a complete and utter retard would do.

178592  No.13151852


They built a mosque in WTC.

You tell me.

They know whites don't give no shit.

5d6143  No.13151855


This is schizoposting at its finest. Baseless speculation devoid of logic. Kikes care about their pet invaders far more than a few hundred Million euros. It was mudshits.


Flame-retardant solution in this case*

A bunch of gasoline being lit on top of wood will not be stopped by any solution except water.


Strawmanning hard now, kike. Pointing out an example for someone who exhibits a good pagan worldview is an efficient way to counter the spreading of anti-white hatred such as yours, which is why you're so butthurt about me namedropping STJ. You know he is superior to a fedora tier neckbeard pagan like you.

2eda98  No.13151857


>They built a mosque in WTC.

>You tell me.

>They know whites don't give no shit.

>don't give no shit

Retarded hick I see.

Let me spell it out for you.

France = In state of massive daily protests for half a year

Tearing down most beloved church and replacing with Mosque = Revolution

5d6143  No.13151861

File: 7a88cb66459bec4⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 460x287, 460:287, mfw.jpg)


>Macron, president under whose reign the Notre Dame burned down

>this is supposed to fix his image and pacify the people

Fucking blow your brains out retard

178592  No.13151862


Yeah, the yellow vest are just waiting for the tearing down of the Church to get their guns.

All the month they spent on the street getting blown and beaten up by the police is just playing around.

5d6143  No.13151866


The yellow vests aren't even a coherent movement, fascists and nationalists are a minority among them. Antifa and niggers are a quite large and vocal group who coopted them largely.

ce5188  No.13151867

Not only do the Jews prevent Mudshits from going back home (won't let them buy plane tickets), but they frame them for all sorts of dastardly acts too. It's all part of plan to provoke Whites and Mudshits into conflict you see.

It's a real shame the innocent and peaceful Mudshits are unable to leave, as that would seem to be able to prevent everything. Those damned kikes really thought of everything though didn't they?

ab4004  No.13151870


>They will not longer have the moral superiority on their side.

LMAO opticuck. Do you even know what the Yellow Vests are? How it started?


>Baseless speculation devoid of logic

Dumbass nigger, prove that anything I said is false.

2eda98  No.13151874

File: 4e8af56820436d1⋯.jpg (85.35 KB, 900x729, 100:81, 5215124312.jpg)


>Fucking blow your brains out retard

You are literally completely retarded.

>hurrrr why dint macrun stop noter dam fire durrrrrrrr

I implore you to stop being an inbred retard for once in your life and look up George Bush approval ratings before/after 9/11, then put a bullet in your head for being dumber than a nigger.

178592  No.13151876


Which is why it's not getting anything done.

The YV could have done something if they get serious about 2 weeks in, nowadays it's just a masochist show.


Let's not forget muslims are the biggest jew enemies, and muslims being here are the sins of our fathers (for bombing their countries), never mind the economic migrants of course.

ccbfc2  No.13151883


Hahaha…fucking non-white piece of shit trolls…now we know why the muslim homosexuality thread was deleted.

dea6da  No.13151889


Diference is 9/11 was false flag to sell war on terror in middle east. Notre Dame is muslim attack and media will refuse to even talk about possibility of anything else than accident.

5d6143  No.13151893

File: 4a5d62ef46edc3d⋯.png (126.8 KB, 601x508, 601:508, thisisyou.png)


>trusting approval ratings

>using a blatant false equivalence

Ordo ab Chao

Problem => Reaction => Solution

9/11 => people are afraid of international mudslime terrorism => Bush goes to war with Afghanistan (and Iraq)

The people were offered a solution, hence they approved of Bush.

His solution wasn't to just rebuild the WTC, because that isn't a fucking solution.

And yes, 9/11 was a neocon mossad false flag.

Notre Dame => people are angry about shitskin invaders even more now => ???

Macron doesn't do shit, he will let more invaders flood into the country. People will hate him more because this won't get solved.

So again, blow your brains out.

dea6da  No.13151894


>Let's not forget muslims are the biggest jew enemies,

More like muslims are the biggest jew allies. But nice try.

178592  No.13151896


Cannot notice the sarcasm?

178592  No.13151902


Following music logic:

>Notre Dame => people are angry about shitskin invaders even more now => white people war vs shitskin => white people and shitskin get decimated => jew wins.

aebb2f  No.13151903


Don't forget that one ID who had something ridiculous like +90 posts in multiple Notre Dame threads, all d&c attacking Christianity and purposefully disrupting any attempts to dig into the renovation team or discover who was responsible.

Anons here have always had a wide range of thoughts on the matter of Christianity, but never before have I seen such a concentrated campaign of vitriol. It's fucking obvious that a small but dedicated group of posters are trying their hardest to convince anons that this was somehow a good thing, that we should be happy that our history and monuments are burning down. They don't wan't us getting angry, and they don't want us to uncover who did this.

2eda98  No.13151905

File: 9452c46b759ae21⋯.png (76.59 KB, 500x466, 250:233, 5252151516.png)



>Notre Dame => people are angry about shitskin invaders even more now => ???

You mean /pol/ is angry about shitskin invaders and the common person doesn't care, unless you do exactly what you, a retard, suggested and build a mosque ontop the church.

You have absolutely zero understanding of geopolitics and think because your /pol/ retard friends agree with you you're correct on this matter. You're literally reddit personified.

dea6da  No.13151906


If we didn't have so many shills here, i could. But now you never know why. There are schizos who will tell you moust insane theories and there are jews who will twist everything.

5d6143  No.13151911

File: 85edf8fd5cd7ebc⋯.jpg (266.26 KB, 768x990, 128:165, lold.jpg)


>won't let them buy plane tickets

This has to be bait. Good lord, let it be bait.


>sins of our fathers

Fucking implying any mudshit in white lands is a """"""""refugeee""""""""

A refugee doesn't travel through 8 secure countries for free gibs, and he returns home when the war is over to rebuild his country you disgusting mudshit.

Also, white working men have ZERO guilt for what some brainwashed ZOGbots do under Israels command, if anything Jizzrael should be flooded and have its culture destroyed.

dea6da  No.13151912


>common person doesn't care

common people care more than you think you shill. use your option and end yourself.

178592  No.13151913


Well, muslims actually believe that LOL

It's white people's fault that Israel can bomb their countries.

5d6143  No.13151923

File: 3c7763e13a7b501⋯.jpg (29.76 KB, 490x326, 245:163, marxist_hunter.jpg)


White people are getting decimated as we speak. Open warfare against racial enemies requires a racial awakening of white people, and that is what makes the kikes SHIT IN THEIR FUCKING PANTS OUT OF FEAR.

Notre Dame being called an """""acciddent"""""" proves this. They would have blamed mudslimes if they wanted to instigate civil war. Which makes zero sense. They don't destabilize their own territory.

aebb2f  No.13151929


>their own territory

entire planet 'earth'

2eda98  No.13151932

File: be67dad99ce7c4d⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 224x216, 28:27, 1533648365418.jpg)


>common people care more than you think you shill. use your option and end yourself.

You're obviously the shill judging by how you're going through a list of insults. You're the retard who literally thinks the Jews will tear down the Notre Dame and erect a Mosque ontop of it.

Let me tell you something anyone but a mouth-breathing retard can figure out: Subversion is done quietly, not with grand spectacles that serve the ONLY purpose to piss off the French and Christians. They are trying to destroy our countries, not piss us off enough to revolt and destroy them. Are you seriously retarded enough to think they want ANOTHER Hitler after what happened last time?

Do you even have a brain thickskull?

5d6143  No.13151941

File: 7ebf1c17d25c0c3⋯.png (10.7 KB, 645x729, 215:243, absoluteretard.png)


>the common person doesn't care

If that was the case, you imbecilic spastic, there would be no need to, and no purpose in, burning the Notre Dame.

Your retarded argument was:

>Macron wanted to fix his image and jews burned down the Notre Dame so he could rebuild it

Now you are saying:

>the common person doesn't care about the Notre Dame burning down

Pick one, you fucking biological wasteproduct with the IQ of a sub-saharan African.

2eda98  No.13151947


>Your retarded argument was:

>>Macron wanted to fix his image and jews burned down the Notre Dame so he could rebuild it

>Now you are saying:

>>the common person doesn't care about the Notre Dame burning down

Hey Mr. Goldschmuel. I implore you to read the post again and then read it again, and once you're finished read it again.

>You mean /pol/ is angry about shitskin invaders and the common person doesn't care

You see that anon? You see what I wrote and how it has nothing to do with what you strawmanned and misquoted?

You're a shill.

aebb2f  No.13151950



why not. neohitla will make drang nach osten. again. and will support a strong independent Israel for the yids. perfect choice for jews.

dea6da  No.13151951


>You're the retard who literally thinks the Jews will tear down the Notre Dame and erect a Mosque on top of it.

Stop projecting faggot.

They don't want anothet Hitler. That is why Jews do everything to cover up this muslim terrorism. But muslims are too stupid to stay calm. They are animals who naturaly rape and kill for allah.

dea6da  No.13151956


>You're a shill.

No. You are shill who will call everyone else shill. Same story in every thread.

2eda98  No.13151960

File: 534868433c2409b⋯.jpg (99.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, da squad.jpg)

dea6da  No.13151969


Ok. Thanks for nothing shill.

5d6143  No.13151971

File: 978e0e23456fbe8⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, basedgear.jpg)


So the common person doesn't care about shitskin invaders, but they hate Macron, the pro-immigration Rothschild bank cocksucker, and to fix that they decide to burn down the Notre Dame, immidiately directing enormous amounts of attention to "right wing conspiracy theories" about mudslimes committing arson, effectively increasing the hatred for Macron, but its all good because he will rebuild the invaluable and irreplacable roof.

Talk about a shit plan.

You're either retarded or a kike. Neck yourself.

2eda98  No.13151978

File: f359556ecf35308⋯.jpg (44.09 KB, 958x960, 479:480, 1493323310324.jpg)


20 posts in and you keep repeating the same things, refusing to admit you're wrong.

Never seen anyone in such denial before. I pity you.

5d6143  No.13151989

File: b1471d806faf162⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 245x206, 245:206, braindead.jpg)


>this projection

Where exactly have i been wrong even once? Are you dissociating again?

dea6da  No.13151990


We also pity you and your stupidity. Sad when idiot think he is genius.

116fb2  No.13151992


Fuck off with your reddit shit-memes, nigger

2eda98  No.13152003

File: ed83ceba7bb1600⋯.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, 236325421`1.png)



You two retards are just revealing yourselves for the shills you are, I hope you know that.

Must suck working for JIDF, I doubt you get much more than minimum wage, and you'll never achieve anything with your life either, a pity.

5d6143  No.13152010

File: d644cc3712e52cb⋯.png (169.57 KB, 500x730, 50:73, lmaoing.png)



Oh look, its the reinforcements.


>No you're the jew!

116fb2  No.13152017


>everyone that notices I'm a filthy redditnigger must be a shill!!

Reminder Codemonkey allows these people to post here

5d6143  No.13152018


>muh codemonkey

Back to neinchan, spook

116fb2  No.13152019


Notice how he defends the terrible state of the board run by Codemonkey the anti-white hapa, yet still thinks anyone will be on his side

5d6143  No.13152022


As i said, go back to your honeypot, faggot.

dea6da  No.13152024


>Must suck working for JIDF.

Tell us. You sound like one of them. Even using 10 years old reaction images.

205b95  No.13152028

Anyone with half a brain can see it's a Jew dressed in muslim rags. Some (((civilian))) just happened to be recording him at the proper time. Even if the arsonist is never found, the Jews know that French will be angered by it and they will take their anger out on the Muslims. This will deflect anger from the Jews (who will temporarily and publicly play good jew on the side of the Whites while they fund more muslim immigration) and give them a window to slip out of Europe.

This was always the back up plan in case the goyim started knowing. Do terrorism, blame it on the mudshits, meme a war against Iran or some totally irrelevant place, and then for the next decade while the goyim are totally distracted, pump more shitskins into the country.

fb4a55  No.13152036

File: c2cf5dd0e449ba4⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 728x434, 52:31, 728px-Flare_3.jpg)


After watching that many times over, the only thing that comes to mind is that the mud arsonist used a Road Flare

When first ignited, the ignition/starter compound burns fast, hot, and bright white before igniting the primary red-flame strontium nitrate core.

My hunch is that the flash seen is from the initial ignition of a flare, after which the arsonist pointed the burning flare out of view of the webcam or threw it down through the scaffolding to land on and burn exposed combustibles. Best i can come up with so far.

dea6da  No.13152037


>and give them a window to slip out of Europe

Nobody even trying to hurt jews. They all can leave tommorow. Nobody will try to stop them. Your theories doesn't make any sense.

>goyim, iran

This is not about Iran. This is about muslim in Europe. I have no problem with ISIS in Syria. I have problem with muslims in Europe.

116fb2  No.13152041


Notice how he assumes anyone distrusting or disliking Codemonkey's management of the board must be from another site or a faggot. Notice how disingenuous he is.

5d6143  No.13152043



>same narrative disproven earlier ITT regurgitated

Its all so tiresome

116fb2  No.13152045

And look at that, he reveals himself to be a fed. Can't say I'm surprised. >>13152042

5d6143  No.13152047


Also pay for the gasoline in cash.

5d6143  No.13152050


Thats not what a fed would post at all. A fed would post shit like you do. "Don't do anything goy"

Also, my suspicion is that kikes will now stop bumping this thread. Lets see if i am right.

116fb2  No.13152051



Global report this ID

dea6da  No.13152056


Report yourself faggot.

5d6143  No.13152058

File: 809abacb8bb9a83⋯.jpg (6.36 KB, 146x200, 73:100, lel.jpg)


There he goes crying for mommy. What a faggot kike.

116fb2  No.13152061

Nothing gets the feds madder than calling them out.

5d6143  No.13152069


Its interesting how you suddenly popped up in two other heavily shilled threads and called for anons to report me. In those threads you had (1) post. Are you monitoring multiple threads while IP hopping?

Seems like you are a rat-faced kike.

116fb2  No.13152071


You are spamming and inciting violence/arson. You work for the federal government. You will lose your job soon.

5d6143  No.13152081


>You will lose your job soon.

But i thought feds are the ones supposed to make posts explaining how to get shit done?

Hilarious. This is a kike shill. 100% guaranteed. Watch him squirm.

c5f89b  No.13152082


I don’t buy it. there were no workers on the Cathedral at that time. There was no work going on at that hour. The scaffolding was set up, however, and someone could theoretically have availed them self if it and reached the roof. But we already know that no one should have been on the roof or scaffolding at that hour, let alone exactly where the person in the video is…

If it, indeed, is a flash from a mirror or reflective object, why is the person there during non-work hours and in non-work areas?

dea6da  No.13152083


Any you are weak cuck.

45349c  No.13152093


I see two "people". The last one appears right before the end of the video (not the YT video, but the recording), a bit on the left. We need the full video to clearly what's going on.

It can also be things behind the scaffolding. Can we find other videos?

c5f89b  No.13152098


Whether there were photoshopped muzzie Kikebook/Twitter accounts or not is besides the point. Whether it was kikes or muzzies is also besides the point. It could be either or most likely both (in whatever way).

The point is whether it *IS* arson, then we can figure out whom by.

205b95  No.13152104


You already got away with blaming 9/11 on "saudi hijackers," you kike. Not going to let you get away with this one, too.

116fb2  No.13152105



>i thought feds are the ones supposed to make posts explaining how to get shit done?



You're definitely losing your job

45349c  No.13152107


The grey thing behind it is the scaffolding. This "man" is, therefore, something like 4 meters tall. It's not a human.

5d6143  No.13152110


When did i blame the known neocon Mossad psyop 9/11 on saudi goatfuckers, kike shill? In fact, in this very thread, i posted about it being a false flag.

But as we know

>everything is a false flag


Is that supposed to scare me? Lmaoing at your life, Shekelberg

bbea7e  No.13152111

File: 0ae54be5e142836⋯.png (461.71 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190418-025919.png)

Im the orginal poster of the thread i got banned for 3 hours

ba67c3  No.13152116


or a reflection from the bottom of a piece of tin.

you seen another bright flash when the person bends over and puts the object down…watch it frame by frame.

regardless, i don't care, I'm happy to pin this on the sand niggers regardless if they did it or not.

carry on.

5d6143  No.13152120


Well it was a duplicate, check the catalog

ba67c3  No.13152121


well the thread is still here, what did you do with your 3 hour vacation?

bbea7e  No.13152123

If it was a worker they wouldav needed a yellowvest and white hat to be on the work site

dea6da  No.13152127


And you are back with nice trips. Checked. Welcome back.


>I'm happy to pin this on the sand niggers regardless if they did it or not.

Agree. Allah will sort them.

c5f89b  No.13152128


That anon is definitely raising my suspicions. Indeed, *what* does he imply could be proved, and how? How does he *know* it was not an explosive (no one even said it was, at all, so interesting choice of words), an incendiary, or something similar? How does he *know* it was a mirror or beam of light from a reflective surface?

I am intellectually aroused…

bbea7e  No.13152131

Tried to spread the word. I never made a thread on here so i mightav done something wrong

f18218  No.13152137

File: 367aa5d6e260510⋯.png (134.31 KB, 660x509, 660:509, (You).png)


Totally organic post, my fellow anonymous internet poster.

5d6143  No.13152153

File: bd069d3c0893894⋯.gif (491.94 KB, 444x250, 222:125, breivik-oslo-explosion.gif)


Moishe putting in the extra time in MS Paint, gotta get those shekels.

>federal building

I would actually not recommend that. Breaking into a federal building is likely hard, they usually have guards, surveillance cameras and sprinkler systems. Scouting them out inconspiciously will be hard too. Fed hives need to be bombed, McVeigh and Breivik knew that too. Good ol' fertilizer will suffice. The literature on that can be requested on this board or on /k/ too.

df9586  No.13152201

File: 43f7ab444fa4d46⋯.jpeg (119.91 KB, 960x640, 3:2, .jpeg)


pssst lads, I have some mininukebombs, let's have some fun, soon

t. chink

45349c  No.13152220



No workers, and they were building the scaffolding, which does not require welding. Also, they removed all electrical installation under the roof in 2010 to avoid this kind of catastrophe. The cathedral was evacuated two times:

* 18:20, the guards heard the fire alarm. They then thought they were wrong.

* 18:43, the guards heard the fire alarm a second time, and everyone in the cathedral (the mass was going on) saw the smoke.

The video in the OP was recorded at 17:05, and according to the former security engineer, this wood is too hard to set on fire accidentally. Therefore it's possible that they are arsonists (the guards weren't on the roof at that time, and no workers were in it). We need to assume that 1) no one saw them going on the roof, 2) they had everything to set this on fire (according to this engineer, you need a large amount of energy, you can't set it on fire with a cigarette, and it's unlikely that you can do it with a lighter).

f18218  No.13152221


>Hey kid, blow up a federal building

You're not on the payroll to make low-effort posts like these, my fellow anonymous poster. Step your game up or you'll get replaced.

dea6da  No.13152312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Muslin bitch say we fake photos to blame muslims.

5d6143  No.13152330


You're repeating yourself, kike.

5d6143  No.13152345


Is that a converted white traitor whore? Or just a very light kebab or smth? Either way she deserves a bullet

dea6da  No.13152358


converted white traitor idiot. she pretend everything is lie and build her dream world in her head. do you think her kid looks like her?

she deserve bullet just like her kid and husband.

953473  No.13152366


Why is no one taking credit for this arsony? You'd expect some terrorist group to steal credit for it

dea6da  No.13152370


Just write on twitter you are from ISIS and it was your job. Easy.

5d6143  No.13152372


This is an excellent idea.

953473  No.13152383


Use an Israeli twitter account for bonus

df9586  No.13152388

File: 4f2469446b3ccad⋯.jpg (87.84 KB, 604x526, 302:263, .jpg)


If you want to find out who set the fire, catch 1-5 Islamic workers from those who worked there and get information from them. Then annihilate them. Record everything on camera. Good Luck.

dea6da  No.13152389


Better use your 7 proxies. I don't even have VPN. Somebody here could do it for sure. Better someone who didn't post yet in this thread.

90c78b  No.13152480

File: 3708af41a939d19⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 512x341, 512:341, 18813908_10210013355274785….jpg)

And what are the frog cucks going to do about it? Pic related.

6b8e49  No.13152519

Watch how many govs around the world promise to give the money of the sheeps for the restore…it's a fund raiser for the vat bank.

bbea7e  No.13152536


The guy on the left is a tree on the farside of the Cathederal

e6153f  No.13152537

File: a83fed4b3ad4e2c⋯.mp4 (6.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Vernon - further out...-11….mp4)

video ripped from Twatter


df9586  No.13152629

File: 93333a98051a893⋯.jpeg (35.28 KB, 800x450, 16:9, .jpeg)


Blame the macron for ISIS aiding and asking for help from China and Russia. Nothing new.

a82b0a  No.13152708


It's either video artifacts or you can actually see the fire starting and smoke blowing to the left.

dea6da  No.13152723


good find anon.

df9586  No.13152742


smoke. probably set on fire in several places.

c5f89b  No.13152785


Because it benefits kikes does not, ergo, mean that kikes did it. Besides, muzzies don’t always look for benefits from every attack or terroristic assault on the West they undertake. Very often they just commit their assault/attack/terrorism/etc. because they get some sort of personal pleasure/enjoyment/religious-thrill/etc. out of it. That doesn’t even require that there was some extremely invested and interested party/parties involved in the attack/arson. Just like all of the other 1000+ desecrations of French Churches - sure it does benefit the kikes, ultimately, but that doesn’t mean they ordered every one of those desecration’s in the way a mafia chief orders every hit by his hit-man underling.

Personally, I would put my bet on it being muzzies, though it, perhaps, was or is to be aided by, facilitated by, directed by, or otherwise utilized (either before or after) by the kikes.

bf950f  No.13152818


Mfw YOU KIKES THINK THAT MODERN MEN COULD RESTORE WHAT OUR GENIUS ANCESTORS BUILT…you fucks aren’t German and you have no idea what it would take to rebuilt or manufacture that building.


d12f47  No.13152820


I'm pretty sure that they use those in France to burn out cars. The Muslims and blacks burn hundreds of cars a year in France.

>The very French tradition of burning cars on the national July 14th holiday is very much alive and well with some 850 vehicles torched at the weekend, but where does this tradition come from?


The question though is why would he use it. Wouldn't this be a timed ignition, something set to start burning sometime later?

The alternative would be if there was some crevice he could get a fire going in that would not be visible and give him adequate time.


Or, back in reality, it's just a Muslim burning down a church.

bf950f  No.13152822


He switched IP’s and kept posting like a trooper. The same thing everyone else’s does until the semites get tired of that, kill TOR and kill VPN’s

dea6da  No.13152839



they can rebuild it just like any oher historical building they fix. it is only roof anyway. 99% of Notre Dame is still there.

fde6a8  No.13152842

fake and gay

46ebcf  No.13152844


>Why was it deleted?

Because the anti-/pol/ moderation that runs this place is hostile to all actual /pol/ topics. They will happily allow duplicate honeypot threads to get /pol/ anons arrested and killed, happily allow off topic /fringe/ threads, happily allow spam and shill/bait threads, happily allow 1-3 sentence OPs that just link to OP's youtube channel when talking about a month-old topic that was already discussed and found to be fake propaganda. But they will ban and delete actually legitimate threads and ignore any and all inquiries about it. Notice how they allow the same "New Zealand was CGI/crisis actors/Mossad" spammers free reign, among other spammers and shills.

e0f51e  No.13152870


Sandindu nothing, what else is new

I'm sure halal is "the humane form of slaughter" too

bbea7e  No.13152871

File: 9554516f7e04a0f⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190418_134110.png)

92e5c6  No.13152880


Wow. 8chan is able to do what the French authorities seemingly can't / won't. I wonder what the reaction in France will be to this? This should be the straw which breaks the camelnigger's back.

bbea7e  No.13152883

The two images are taken from opposite sides of the building from eachother.

bbea7e  No.13152891

Nvm the stainglass window confused me but its just covered by smoke .

867922  No.13152904

File: 77319d8caed9a9c⋯.jpg (185.03 KB, 1411x1000, 1411:1000, 51234213.jpg)


Someone edit those two vids together for easy digestion.

It's pretty damning, and will further discredit the media and government narrative of an accident.

Spread it on french social network hashtags etc.

2b8d48  No.13153024



We have confirmed kills. Some ISIS execution was streaming live in Syria and we sent RAF the coordinates our Autism specialists derived from google maps.. They fired on our mark.

I think it was 11 killed, 2 wounded.

406b7b  No.13153107


>French authorities


<t. b.tarrant

a7565f  No.13153117


Top brass - as in any country - is run by Jews or Jew sympathizing goyim. Any true investigation gets torpedoed or will be given to other Jew sympathizing faggots.

ef954b  No.13153121

File: 549ae6ab2662a6b⋯.jpg (105.23 KB, 564x514, 282:257, a600e68eace7fab671b390808e….jpg)


This one?

fde6a8  No.13153125


It's a fucking statue of a saint you morons.

406b7b  No.13153140


your saint is unsaint now, just piece of shit for islamists, they have other saints

fde6a8  No.13153152


I never said it was my saint.

5d20f8  No.13153753

File: 88684d5c3038025⋯.jpeg (328.16 KB, 1234x1155, 1234:1155, FD23EF4D-1B3F-4392-8E48-B….jpeg)


How come the Jews are talking about a figure of Jesus on the Roof of Notre Dame Cathedral the same time this revelation of a arsonist on the roof came out?

04797d  No.13153797


>how come

Probably has nothing to do with all searches for "figure on notre dame" now leading to articles about jesus-in-a-fire, goy!

84d746  No.13153884


I fucking love the chans. At our best, truth is exposed.

c5f89b  No.13156096


That seems like multiple people, maybe three, and possibly even entry INTO the roof somehow.

32b331  No.13156122


Because they want Christians to be happy instead of pissed it burned. Like distracting them with a pretty picture while kicking the shit out of their dog.

f28cbf  No.13156205

how difficult is it to access the area of the cathedral where the fire started? i doubt it's open to public access. assuming that to be the case, wouldn't it be relatively easy to narrow down a group of persons who could have potentially been involved in arson (unless this was some deeply cynical ordeal and someone *with* access directed someone to the restricted area and helped smuggle them there)?

c5f89b  No.13156350


Probably could climb the scaffolding.

8f3f23  No.13156400


I hope someone kept the original video somewhere.

The website source only keep some 24h feed

8f3f23  No.13156415


It links back to some possible motive:

- Less coverage of Gilet Jaunes

- Bolstering unity

- Have external fund as goodwill for renovation, instead of having only France pay for it (and EU crumbling)

And as for the mean and opportunity, what better moment to do it when every important objects have been moved out, and "just after the place closed for tourists"

0ca8d0  No.13156558

File: f171fa8e5499b0d⋯.png (65.62 KB, 797x486, 797:486, gendarme.png)

Its ok everyone. The French police have figured out what it was. Apparently it was an electrical short circuit, probably. This is in no way something people say when they can't figure things out or don't want to figure things out. They came to this conclusion after several gruelling hours of doing nothing. But there are still some conspiracy theorists out there that believe it was the elevator.

I hope you're looking forward to the new and improved DIVERSE Notre Dame coming to a Parisen skyline near you.

13056c  No.13156649


>guy on the roof.

This was diversionary bullshit from the start, but saying so gets you shitpiled by the kike team guarding these threads.

Look, an operation as big as important as this was not done by some guy scrambling onto the roof at the last minute.

And building sites all have CCTV and security these days, especially where hundreds of millions of <currency> are involved, as was the case here.

yes, it was already undergoing prolonged and expensive work

Watch urban infiltration channels like Ally Law, there's security everywhere.

This was an inside job by the jews, we just need to prove it.

Who would you never suspect?

>the 'friends of Notre Dame' organization.

How the typical normalfag thinks:

>well, their name is "friends" of Notre Dame, why would they hurt the Cathedral when they care about it so much? They raised over 100 million, it's very dear to them etc.


But did not state the form it took.

Friends of Notre Dame is the most likely suspect.

>unlimited access

>practically unlimited funds

>above suspicion of the general public

>moving in the same circles as the current wave of donors/interested parties.

How to ensure fire spreads? A professional squad sets up multiple ignition devices to set light to the bulk of the fuel which has been installed as 'fireproof cladding' etc.

13056c  No.13156660


Another plus side of this is, you don't have any suspicious traffic at the site.

You just hand the builders the fuel disguised as fireproofing and they're never any the wiser.

e10e0a  No.13156661


So ignore the guy on the roof, just focus on practically bullshit instead.

You know the jews do it already, why bother with proofs?

15e716  No.13156671



Link, please.

08fdb6  No.13156674


Without the jew to guide them and facilitate their crimes the muslims are like a chicken with its head cut off.

e10e0a  No.13156678


A chicken with its head cut off can still spray blood everywhere.

08fdb6  No.13156680


When these jews rebuild Notre Dame, what vandalism will they impose on it's pithy medieval theological schema with their new age satanic political correctness?

e10e0a  No.13156700


At that point, who cares anymore?

56f17f  No.13157056


Where do you think you are?

398f02  No.13160490


>It is reported that a new fire detection system was fitted at Notre Dame in 2013 and that it worked.



>“It was a question of starting too late,” says Michel Picaud, head of the non-profit organization Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, which launched a fundraising effort across the U.S. in 2017 to pay for the work. “, after what we saw,” he told TIME on Tuesday morning

>There was fire proofing everywhere, but it was not enough


515411  No.13161194


10d58e  No.13163995


We also found a jew pornographer from america/france hiding on a greek island

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