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File: 6ca13c8d34a98d7⋯.png (68.38 KB, 609x329, 87:47, Screenshot from 2019-04-29….png)

9a56d0  No.13206129

IDK if this was already posted



db4816  No.13206150

I posted the video here a day or two after they visited me. There was already a long thread on it.

f6a54f  No.13206159



Where's the thread?

c98285  No.13206174


Spill the beans nig.

What did they ask? What did you post? If there's things you can't say don't post your favourite meme with the reply.

db4816  No.13206177


Gonzo. Here's a PDF of the thread I saved though.

db4816  No.13206191


Everything they asked is in the video. They said they contacted me because of (legal) posts I made in support of the NZ shooting. Funniest part was when the guy was talking about making threats and hurting people and the dumb bitch giggles and says "I have friends like that!!"

PDF of old thread didn't upload here so I'll host it somewhere else and post the link in a minute.

50ad0e  No.13206202


if that's actually you why are you a fag who reports stuff to the fbi

db4816  No.13206219


When trump fooled some of us into thinking he wasn't a turbokike before the election I reported a nigger on FB threatening to shoot him.

db4816  No.13206233

PDF of old thread is fucked just says 0 bytes and won't open. Pretty sure someone archived it though.

f6a54f  No.13206238


Thanks! It's pretty smart of me to invest in a VPN last year. I might volunteer to be a fed if I can't score any jobs this year. Other activists who have ruined their life in Charlottesville should do the same if they're over 24 years of age.

4bfa10  No.13206241


Did you mention 8chan when you reported the nog?

237140  No.13206243


fuck me, a pdf of a thread? who the fuck does that hopefully it doesn't become a thing.

63ac7c  No.13206244


Good intentions, we all got fooled

68258c  No.13206245


youre a retard buddy. the FBI is not an ally, everything you do and report can and will be used against you. If they didnt have the authority to convict you of crimes, then yeah okay, but without some sort of immunity you should never deal with authorities. you had it coming.

db4816  No.13206247


No. Report had nothing to do with 8chan. An agent did follow up a few days after the report asking if I had any more info on the nigger I reported but that was the last I heard from them until the surprise visit.

db4816  No.13206252


Had what coming? They admitted I did nothing illegal and then left. You're a pussy and a faggot.

d93482  No.13206253


So help the people that doxxed you by scoring convictions on your brothers.

Kill yourself

68258c  No.13206264


>youre a pussy and a faggot

>meanwhile reporting some nigger online threatening drumpf's life

threats shouldnt even be illegal, dont be a faggot and hide behind the feds whenever someone says something you find frightening you beta bitch

cf7865  No.13206268


is it the two guys riding the elevator to meet anon-kun and the neighbor waiting for a delivery clip ?

db4816  No.13206271


>defending a literal nigger

>for any reason

Found the kike.

237140  No.13206276


should have just told them: i have nothing to say and evaded any attempt of theirs to question or coerce you to do anything like talking in private

wtf man get smart

373e86  No.13206279

>make it so whites can't organize due to fed honeypots

>get lone wolf shooters

It's not surprising in the slightest.

cf7865  No.13206280


keke taking all matters in all peoples own hands turns out great as you can see in numerous shitholecountries :-]

e3c73d  No.13206282

It was fake. Fuck off.

9dc5d4  No.13206283


You might want to consider using a VPN/Tor in the future

db4816  No.13206286

File: 157f58ee6c3eeeb⋯.webm (14.79 MB, 406x720, 203:360, surprise_visit.webm)


Yeah, here's the full vid

db4816  No.13206291


I've invested. I used one before to post anything even slightly outrageous but that didn't stop them from finding me and talking to me.


No it wasn't retard.

8d1cdc  No.13206296


fake and gay

db4816  No.13206297


Oops meant to tag


db4816  No.13206298


Stay mad FBI.

68258c  No.13206300


>hurr durr blumpf was threatened

the FBI are dogs and youre the faggot here for licking their boots

8d1cdc  No.13206306


>everyone who points out my bullshit is FBI


68258c  No.13206307


substantiate youre claims retard

db4816  No.13206309


>defending a literal nigger

Found another kike.

237140  No.13206311


your a legend in my book anon

hah, they got a ditz agent to break you down

did she show cleavage?

db4816  No.13206314


Nah she wasn't even hot. Called on makeup over a lot of acne. Probably looks like Sarah Silverman without clothes on.

db4816  No.13206315

68258c  No.13206316

File: 9cd35c76a42b408⋯.png (1003.23 KB, 932x979, 932:979, ClipboardImage.png)


im literally the same ID, and no im not a kike. you and that nigger can both go suck up to your jewish friends in the FBI and CIA

9dc5d4  No.13206317


So how often did you bareback? Your experience could be a useful lesson to all opsec brainlets out there.

e3c5cd  No.13206319

May be fed warning to Shills trying to set up lone wolf attack and blame it on Q anon and or 8 Chan

c98285  No.13206321


>Dumb nigger got himself on a watch list

Well done fucktard. The best thing you could now do is to join anti fa and lead the FBI to those faggots. You are now a wrecker of anything you touch because you were upset a nigger threatened a kike.

db4816  No.13206322


Pretty often, but 80+% of my Tarrant posting was through Proton VPN.

8d1cdc  No.13206325

File: 92128177c1d0578⋯.png (43.51 KB, 625x390, 125:78, 9f1e02f4fb178c3f6e39119bf2….png)


e3c73d  No.13206331


<oy vey I was totally approached by the FBI goy believe (((me))) at face value and be afraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

db4816  No.13206332


>still defending a literal nigger.

I don't regret reporting a nigger threatening a man that 90%+ of us on this board thought was the real deal.

237140  No.13206333


what state are you from? i ride unsecure all day every day. even posted on plans of how to make better new zealand/mumbai style attacks and never got a face to face with them.

db4816  No.13206341


Hurricane durrr ur fake n gay! Hah!!! Got eeeeeem!!!!!!

c98285  No.13206344


If Trump was real then the FBI was trying to fuck him. If he wasn't real the FBI was on his side. Now explain why you thought contacting the FBI was a good idea.

Unless you're false flagging them just don't bother.

8d1cdc  No.13206345

File: 85fcfe5f6fd8ee0⋯.png (101.9 KB, 746x717, 746:717, Hzms34f.png)


>things that never happened

63ac7c  No.13206351


Is that you? lol, fucking FBI

db4816  No.13206353


Not true. I've never threatened anyone or posted anything illegal via VPN or otherwise. Literally the first words out of the cunts mouth is "You haven't done anything illegal." Yet they still visited me.

8d1cdc  No.13206354

File: 775257c297110e7⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 749x743, 749:743, 1pq988.jpg)


>iF i MaKe FuN oF yOu MaYbE YoU'lL BeLiEB mEEEEE

9dc5d4  No.13206356


Do you think it was from when you posted with or w/o?

db4816  No.13206357


>if if I post absolutely no evidence then spam tumblr memes everyone is sure to believe me!!!!

8d1cdc  No.13206358


The FBI doesn't fucking do that. Flash a fake ID with your boomer pals in a fucking youtube video all you want.

237140  No.13206359


what state are you from??

must be a slow day at the FBI office for them to waste time

0825a0  No.13206363


You really are a fucking idiot, anything you say to FBI even a seemingly casual convo like in the videos posted. How do you think the FBI charged Michael Flinn or the faggot lover Roger Stone. I bet that's what they were trying to do to you in the first place.


db4816  No.13206364


I have no clue. I wouldn't have thought anything I posted with or without would cause the FBI to contact me.

63ac7c  No.13206365

File: ade3e7b8cf8cf21⋯.jpg (100.37 KB, 665x609, 95:87, ade3e7b8cf8cf2180e3e583a17….jpg)


Shut the fuck nigger, all you're posts are shit

8d1cdc  No.13206369


I'm not the one impersonating alphabet agencies like an autist.

8d1cdc  No.13206372


Because I'm dispelling your paranoid fever dream?

db4816  No.13206378


2 FBI agents showed up to talk to me. I'm not impersonating anyone and nothing you say will change that.

8d1cdc  No.13206379


It's a fake ID. That's not even what their IDs look like.

9dc5d4  No.13206380

File: 9b70c2db8a7eda3⋯.jpg (73.37 KB, 511x585, 511:585, 1556544755566.jpg)


>I wouldn't have thought anything I posted with or without would cause the FBI to contact me.

lol forget where you're posting?

Whole situation is fucky but you got lucky considering most anons simply get v& away into the night

5c9852  No.13206381

File: 63b683ef82ef8fa⋯.png (739.21 KB, 932x979, 932:979, 9cd35c76a42b408396d6f41950….png)


Include an archive link next time

9ae081  No.13206383

File: edc0560a6b62a6f⋯.png (15.66 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Black_Sun-300x300.png)

>>13206333 (heiled)

I bareback this shit all the time and post content that certainly worries ZOG but I have yet to speak to any glowniggers about shitposting, not that any law compels you too.

Anons should consider the following

>fbiniggers often contact family before anon in order to help build red flag/mental health case

>fbiniggers will attempt to set up interview which again facilitates case building

>fbiniggers will lie or misrepresent their own case to the subject in order to further build a case

<fbiniggers will kick down your door, murder your dog and partyvan you the moment they have a case so if any of the aforementioned happens, they have no case

If they do knock on your door, give then lawyer contact info and tell them to start there and you will be happy to communicate with them, through your lawyer.

8d1cdc  No.13206393

File: 9bc7ed0b9119933⋯.jpg (53.61 KB, 640x298, 320:149, La-Noire-Tips.jpg)


I have over 300 confirmed kills. Do you believe me?

c5cd0a  No.13206394


Damn, just putting a computer together is "smart" to the FBI, what do I have to do to get a visit lol? I built my own CPU didn't even use a solder, guess that's not good enough for my local feds.

db4816  No.13206399


From aimee lawyer videos other anons posted in my first thread, apparently this was most likely just a shot in the dark to maybe gather some info. The lawyers said if they're doing an official interrogation or interview they WILL NOT continue if they know it's being recorded, and obviously these 2 knew I was recording but still continued.

db4816  No.13206400


Post a video proving it and I just might.

237140  No.13206408


yeah, thats what an fbi id looks like faggot


stfu not everything is some massive conspiracy you brainlet fuckjob

9dc5d4  No.13206414

File: 2c4efc94a07df36⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 406x720, 203:360, ID.jpg)

File: 692eeb950a7cbb3⋯.png (470.85 KB, 510x661, 510:661, take your meds boomer.png)

8d1cdc  No.13206415

File: fe80aefa99f8922⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


This is almost as cringey as the Qlarp posting.


>muh boomer buddies larping as FBI agents with fake IDs is REALLL

lol get a life

db4816  No.13206417



8d1cdc  No.13206430


>muh filter is a downvote if i tell you I'm filtering you

sure is fucking reddit in here


>not everything is some massive conspiracy you brainlet fuckjob



Impersonating an FBI agent is an actual crime, not that it's enforced so OP did a little fuck-up.

45c2cf  No.13206431

File: d6ab1e89fe6df0f⋯.jpg (40.45 KB, 450x449, 450:449, PatrickNagel1.jpg)


she's not dumb, she was protecting you by making sure you were not cast as outsider.

237140  No.13206438


probably more likely that you're in some backwater state and the office has literally fuck all to do all day so they're willing to harass people about internet haaaaaate speech

8d1cdc  No.13206443



>implying this is real

You should all feel really stupid.

c98285  No.13206447


The entire reason you hire women as spies is because men underestimate their ability to manipulate them and think they're stupid.

>"Teehee I have friends like you"

<What a dumb bitch

>Now he thinks I'm a bimbo and I'm not trying to make him relax and slip up

db4816  No.13206448


That's most likely the case. Not gonna post where I'm at but it's definitely not a big state like NY or anything.

db4816  No.13206453


That's the thing anon…it didn't work at all. My first thought was "this stupid cunt really thinks I'm that dumb?"

e2d0e4  No.13206457


Women are stupid though anon….

9a56d0  No.13206459

File: c4ef4b1227d38df⋯.jpg (148.47 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1556409650180.jpg)


Thanks for the response. I was gone for a few days and missed it.

Ignore all Hebrews.

237140  No.13206460


ya good cop bad cop. they just wanted to stop and frisk you for threat value. fuck em and next time say nada

8d1cdc  No.13206461

File: 5e82fc1ce756f47⋯.jpg (667.39 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, gettyimages-511846028.jpg)


Supreme court ruled on hate speech years ago. Hate speech is protected speech. This whole FBI thing is a gay LARP which begs the question: what is being slid right now?

e3c73d  No.13206464


>bumping spam disinformation LARP threads

3de1ec  No.13206474


>I mean I won't show anybody


237140  No.13206475


i know right. i missed the earnest happening because i was scripting some stupid fucking video game. i need an 8ch alert app

000000  No.13206482



yeah that 20% rawdog will getcha.

Without knowing the content of his Tarrant posts I'm left to speculate, but I think the visit he received is part of a larger effort to link chan-based "social media" to terrorism. They value of that interview wasn't about the information anon could or couldn't provide, but rather creating a record that a meatspace interview took place at all. They're just checking the boxes and creating filler to pad the case against the chans. Their real goals will be realized via congressional hearings and subsequent legislative measures.

in the meanwhile, I still wouldn't clearpost

e3c73d  No.13206487


>TORpedo is pushing the narrative that this LARP actually happened

8d1cdc  No.13206503


They want to pretend they're important. Same people who post about muh Qanon.

237140  No.13206510


i believe the fbi came to hassle anon. also that this is what earnest was directly referring too when he said the feds don't do shit. they do but, they're just stupid bootlickers waiting for retirement. don't really wanna get their hands dirty but they'll follow up on internet "terror" reporting if a dunkin' donuts is on the way.

d8bf8a  No.13206523


Here we go.

.do not affiliate

.dont gameplay shit with anyone ever

.nigger dont electronic signature ever

.dont collateral …posters…books…..music…im…emails…pics

all on one detachable HD

have DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) Darik's Boot And Nuke

also have a small sledge hammer ready to murder PERMANENTLY HD into small pieces

INfoSEc my goofy niggers

8d1cdc  No.13206528


You're the only one who looks stupid.

e3c73d  No.13206530


They didn't, though.

237140  No.13206542


there are also several american flags on the lunar surface but, i can't convince retards of that either so i don't try

373e86  No.13206555



>denial plausibility


000000  No.13206572


>proofs proofs proofs

<posts video proof

>i-it's a LARP!

It doesn't make sense for them to create a fake glownigger interview vid in an effort to stymie "extremist" posting if they require those type of posts to inflate their own glownigger narrative. They would definitely want it to continue until they achieve a legislative success, or at the least force Cloudflare, et al. to crack the whip.

What would a legislative success be? Probably making hosts, owners, and admins criminally and civilly liable for the content posted on their shit; Much more effective than playing whack-a-mole with millions of shitposters.


>calling me a (((Qushner))) tard

that cut me deep

dbe2aa  No.13206573


Always was a psyop

https: //www. soc.mil/MISOC/MISO%20fact%20sheet.pdf

https:// www. state.gov/r/gec/

237140  No.13206574


watkins/nt are just running their servers. they're willing to release logs to the alphabets on request but, we just talk shit here mostly. if the feds wanted to crack down on internet free speech than they'd radicalize their targets.

meanwhile watkins is getting sued by hiro of 4chan over their 2ch servers in japan. hilariously hiro is trying to take back all futaba networks and turn them into reddit weebfaggotry again

000000  No.13206582



You guys are fucking useless. You think just because you're technically not doing something illegal for now you're not on a watchlist? You think this doesn't massively impede your ability to be a valuable asset in the future? Stop fucking risking yourselves, retards.

db4816  No.13206584

FBI may be watching this thread. My dad just called me and said the Male agent left him a message wanting to "catch up."

237140  No.13206591


i'm already dead. feds better come in platoon deep if they wanna take me down though

41f929  No.13206593

>/pol/ being an FBI honeypot isn't a meme anymore

Time to make a new imageboard, mates. Dubs get to name it.

f6a54f  No.13206597


It was always monitored 24/7. It's even monitored by left-wing journos

eca87e  No.13206602




Should’ve called male agent a cock sucker instead

41f929  No.13206604


Yeah but this time they're cracking down, nigger.

237140  No.13206608


holy fug. they prolly wanna bust your balls about the video and showing credentials. don't talk don't say shit. they won't charge you just keep your shit closed.

3589fd  No.13206610

File: cd717ae46ec97dc⋯.png (156.86 KB, 300x344, 75:86, 300px-Cia.png)

>8/pol/ is crashed by the FBI

>Not the CIA

My disappointment is immeasurable.

000000  No.13206616


Lawyer, for both of you. They're going to start leaning hard. I guess they're not happy about the video.

9dc5d4  No.13206636

File: c5b9a2542cd0fa3⋯.jpg (1000.3 KB, 1084x1432, 271:358, uo.jpg)


hey FBI-kun, I hope you're having a great day busting bad goys on the internet!

9ae081  No.13206637


There are literally millions of anons that the fbi tracks. Hell there are usually more unique IDs on /pol/ on any one day than fbiniggers currently employed.

The only feasible way tracking anons provides any benefit to the intelligence community is for the purpose of honeypotting mental incompetents or for one time use of political violence, ie Soviet purges but of anon. As of now, and through the foreseeable future, the latter option requires agency and legal support which the Fbi does not have, and the moment things go hot, the Fbinigger word load will vastly exceed whatever resources they have to process any such list.

If you are not actually retarded and have refrained from posting actionable threats/plans, there is nothing they can do but set up a case per>>13206383

8d1cdc  No.13206638


>implying it's real


7de0e0  No.13206645


>my actors in my staged play to scare anons are totally real goy

3589fd  No.13206646

File: 3e500217487e2be⋯.jpg (24.52 KB, 600x504, 25:21, Was getting caught part of….jpg)


Was getting caught part of your plan?

8d1cdc  No.13206651

File: 6c14a7fc9273985⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, efe4d7cfdadcf25b5e53e86358….png)


I remember when baneposting was actually funny.

eca87e  No.13206654


Of course!

eca87e  No.13206660


Fuck you you salty cunt

8d1cdc  No.13206667


>if you don't share my shitty sense of humor then you're salty



000000  No.13206691


CA synagogue shooting may have them scrambling for answers (and scalps). Unfortunately, you're known to them which makes you low hanging fruit. They have to appease their kike overlords with a sacrifice. Don't talk to them. Don't let Dad talk to them without competent legal representation.

237140  No.13206700


fuck that i wouldn't get a lawyer unless they charged me. don't waste money they prolly just wanna push some more papers as if they're a functioning office.

9a56d0  No.13206707


Keep us posted

000000  No.13206709


Don't give them shit, but I figure you know that already.

Godspeed, anon.


I like the sound of that.


>CA synagogue shooting may have them scrambling for answers (and scalps).

and foreskins

98595b  No.13206715

File: 27b5af688d2af12⋯.jpg (39.37 KB, 364x826, 26:59, 1544055071290.jpg)


Hello FBI i'm CIA, you don't get to bring friends.

0c775c  No.13206726

File: 663741f2d3bf264⋯.jpg (139.61 KB, 700x700, 1:1, FBI Call.jpg)

>anon records spooks

>instant reaction ITT is people spamming "its fake"

Totally fake, nothing to see here

29c07c  No.13206727


They were trying to grab your prize. They work for the mercenary. The masked man.

7de0e0  No.13206732


It was reported and confirmed fake as fuck when it was initially posted and spammed, schlomo.

8d1cdc  No.13206742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Nobody fucking cares you goddamn loser.


>if people call something fake then it must be real


000000  No.13206747


What could they possibly want to follow up on? Other posters that vid-anon doesn't even know? There's literally no new information they could glean about another party…Only him.

He needs legal counsel to avoid getting charged. If he does get charged it becomes a matter of how badly he loses, because even if he beats it, it's going to cost him and his family a fuck ton of money and time.

237140  No.13206752


>t. mental gymnast platinum medalist

things that happen are factual. they do not have overt or subversive qualities. it is empirically true despite you wanting to go beyond the mind (paranoia) and look for another topic to discuss.

disinfo shill

7e8193  No.13206761

jajaja fucking amerimutts ajajjajaa

7de0e0  No.13206771



<my stage play is reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

>Fake/staged "anon" gets "visited" by the fbi scare videos get huge reaction

>muddle this with the "dox one tranny and send a tranny to put a basket of paper somewhere" distraction

>/lippe/'s BO pranks with a fake "takedown" from a government with no jurisdiction in 8ch's host country and a couple "anons" push the issue as if it's real for hundreds of posts

>threads appear both fedposting and calling 8ch a honeypot

>all while the usual /christian/ shills spam without ANY moderators doing their job and schizo boomers cry foul about anyone even advocating for taking action instead of just memeing and voting

8ea281  No.13206776

The whole thing smells of glowing bullshit to me

d77332  No.13206792

File: 9606ffc2a78e9a7⋯.jpg (7.59 KB, 236x250, 118:125, 1548999266590s.jpg)


>mfw FBI/CIA realize people are catching on to crisis actor bullshit and decides on another course of action

>mfw instead of building up stories for their false flags, they could just entice a young and troubled kid who has a logged history of visiting sites countering their agendas

>mfw 8chan is one of these sites

<mfw they very well may have singled out OP as a troubled enough guy to entice to do what they say with pretty words

Notice their manner of speech in this video - endearing, almost as though they are ready to forgive any of his actions if he is just to do what they say. It's just like that "hey kid, wanna blow up a federal building" image except with more subtle psychological tricks.

8d1cdc  No.13206809

File: a78787c77d39015⋯.png (768.37 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, 9fb57efbe57aac6d14c7bc0ddf….png)



>plays along with the larp

>wants to believe you're at the center of something important


db4816  No.13206810

Talking to a lawyer first thing tomorrow.

8d1cdc  No.13206819


You gonna pay his fees with monopoly money?

0c775c  No.13206821





<doesnt post proof

Yeah, yeah, just some video compression amirite goys?

9a56d0  No.13206828


>Notice their manner of speech in this video - endearing, almost as though they are ready to forgive any of his actions if he is just to do what they say. It's just like that "hey kid, wanna blow up a federal building" image except with more subtle psychological tricks.


They want you to open up and say something that they can work with. HAC talked about this multiple times.

d77332  No.13206831


Do you seriously think the fucking FBI isn't capable of pulling this off? Learn a little about who you're dealing with before you call this fake, faggot

8d1cdc  No.13206832

File: 69c7469b452a21d⋯.png (230.63 KB, 582x491, 582:491, 6cd2cd584e8bf0abeffe6c57b8….png)


>everything I say is real

>everyone who denies it is a shill


>prove OP's fake proof is fake

What a burden.

237140  No.13206852


do what you want but a lawyer is a waste of money unless they charge you. don't talk to the feds and provide them with any further information. lawyer can't do shit for you until you're charged.

db4816  No.13206854


I know a couple I can talk to without a consultation fee. Won't hurt to ask their opinion at least.

8d1cdc  No.13206855

File: 77f0b463627158c⋯.gif (247.47 KB, 220x179, 220:179, tenor.gif)



They're capable of fucking SWAT raids, doesn't mean they're going around hunting down random fucking anons for no good fucking reason you paranoid retard.


Oh you caught me, I'm FBI, CIA and also MI6. So glad you're bumping this awesome slide thread btw.

522669  No.13206860


Jokes on you, I'm NSA

237140  No.13206867


might just be calling to tell you that they're closing your file

8d1cdc  No.13206873

File: b99fe2302bb5234⋯.png (29.32 KB, 699x969, 233:323, 4c45743f1d3b02f5efce8fde3a….png)




9ae081  No.13206878

File: af825aafed54d48⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 433x443, 433:443, c65b59f9bee5e05e9130ae60b8….jpg)


That's exactly what all this is about.

The fbi is not capable of any larger or sophisticated operation than honeypotting anons and gaslighting retards. So get a lawyer, shut the fuck up and keep your head low.

If you have plans in line with Tarrant you are playing an entirely different game and one which the above simply does not apply.

cb43d2  No.13206887

File: bae019cd7112635⋯.png (15.33 KB, 225x255, 15:17, 4aa0f168166ea9f224bb8f1cea….png)

I dont fear the ZOGbots.

000000  No.13206889



He's going to advise you to stop posting, so I guess this is goodbye. Whatever happens, I appreciate the risks you took

8d1cdc  No.13206893


>the video is real and the fbi is actually stupid

>I'm not stupid for believing this is real though

Does the irony not escape you faggots?

db4816  No.13206896


No plans and never posted any threats or anything illegal. I wouldn't be worried of the FBI actually cared about the law but it's very obvious that isnt what they're about.

8d1cdc  No.13206899


>muh announcement of filtering

It's not a downvote faggot. Anons do not care if you filter them or not.

7de0e0  No.13206900


>8ch is a honeypot because I say so here's an image from (((Joshua Connor Moon)))

>but this LARP is totally true goyim


>prove a negative

>also let me bring up a nonsequitur about the counterargument to "MUH ASSANGE IS DEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD" shilling that was proven to be correct because Assange was alive to get arrested

Kill yourself.

8d1cdc  No.13206910


Man, so much insight here. Let's keep this conversation going. This is definitely not a slide thread.

000000  No.13206911


>d-don't get a lawyer

>t. FBI

Pool's closed, nigger. Move the fuck on.

000000  No.13206922

i really like this new kosher fbi/cia/civil war campaign

8d1cdc  No.13206925


Telling someone you're filtering them is not a downvote.

8d1cdc  No.13206933


>it's real in my mind

Wow, so much epic secret cool war. Watch this one faggot flash his fake ID at me, IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING WAR.

9ae081  No.13206939


You would be dead already if that was their plan for you. Instead, it appears you will be treated in accordance with the law.

Once you have retained a lawyer you must convince that lawyer you are mentally competent and normative. If the lawyer doesn't reach that belief or have prior experience with federal law enforcement, get a different one that does.

I would not make any statements or have any direct conversations with the fbi, even if your lawyer advises, until and unless they press charges.

Finally consider that irl comments are probably 10-100x more likely to result in the fbi showing up than shitposting and the stated reasons for their arrival is not necessarily truthful. It's a game. Dont play it.

f29db7  No.13206942


You're on a watchlist too

f7de40  No.13206943

File: 027b67f777d5bb3⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 560x570, 56:57, spookydude~2.jpg)

FBIniggers are gonna hit the bricks so quick when Uncle Sam stops signing their paychecks

7de0e0  No.13206946


<oy vey the incompetent programmer that leaked anons' IPs and has a grudge against the site for not accepting his garbage code is totally a legit source goy

8d1cdc  No.13206949


Not by retards like you who believe every piece of crap that's handed to you.

522669  No.13206985


>lmao just ignore it

Because that trick works so fucking well

f7de40  No.13207020


shut the fuck up retard

36e4b4  No.13207026

File: dfd2a3de6483537⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 620x495, 124:99, Patriotic_American.jpg)


>2:20 "You're pro-American. You're all about America."

Yeah, yeah. That's the ticket, lady. We're like, really pro-America here. God bless the USA and stuff.

828b12  No.13207028

File: 34074ee7c194248⋯.png (95.03 KB, 802x554, 401:277, ClipboardImage.png)

Threadly reminder to chanology

464f08  No.13207042

File: 97851d023dc11cd⋯.png (681.97 KB, 627x353, 627:353, ClipboardImage.png)

All ANONS will hang for threats of regicide, ask Guy Fawkes…

e2d0e4  No.13207079


They expect us in the wreckage brother

See you out there space cowboy

928277  No.13207086

>talking to glow in the darks

>without a lawyer

>even a jew lawyer

How do I get the FBI to visit me?

Also that gril was offering that guy a fucking trial internship with the FBI and he spilled his spaghetti.

e8ff58  No.13207099


For all the dumb faggots calling this fake and gay, I'd like to propose a different point of view. What if they contacted anon in order to recruit him. What if, since they already have evidence of him posting on the chans, and archived his post history, so that later than can prove the link to the chans when they use him as the fallguy in one of their false flags in an attempt to perma-ban the chans.

928277  No.13207107



Fuck off beaner.

0c775c  No.13207128



>literally say it has been PROVEN fake

>cant muster up evidence


928277  No.13207136

What is FBI's tip website?

bad9ca  No.13207140


were you using a VON outisde the 14 eyes? or did they hack you?


bad9ca  No.13207143


there is no PDF here. post it again

43f8cb  No.13207171

dba94a  No.13207190


Wasn't one thread enough? Just go see a lawyer and stop spamming this board fuckstick, paranoid schizoniggers here love this shit inadvertently because they think isolated events makes them feel more important.

And yes schizofags before you ask the wheelchair cripple and the fat nigger owner of this site sold everyone out years ago, so just research on how to get some anonymity and stop being a dumbass fag.

3d0778  No.13207201

We come here to be anonymous, what the fuck guys???

f27b6f  No.13207204


This meme is actually pretty alright. Thanks anon I'm saving this one.

ee68c3  No.13207223

I'm not reading all that shit, can someone give a TL;DR ?

ad3db6  No.13207227


lurk moar fgt

3d0778  No.13207231

I've literally shitposted lies (re:shitpost) on here about being a muslim extremist for the lols & don't use a VPN. Am I on a list? Wtf can they even do? Lmfao

61ae3e  No.13207236


You proudly reported someone to the fuckin' FBI for threatening Trump online and now you call everyone a kike on 8chan for calling you a faggot?






f9e3e4  No.13207249

File: 4f04b699b26c4d8⋯.png (569.73 KB, 1029x711, 343:237, 4f04b699b26c4d8be45b38ccc4….png)


The only reason they knew to visit him is because he had previously snitched on another post here. Nobody is going to backtrace your frog memes. Well, maybe not nobody, but definitely not these entry level, office boy glowniggers. I've seen fuckin' process servers who could shake a target down better than this. Sad.

d5b6d0  No.13207252

>saying a word to the feds


bad9ca  No.13207253

File: ac8d8062eea5e1e⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 3456x1644, 288:137, VPN SECURITY.jpg)



ad3db6  No.13207261


newfags like you are trying to fit in and weren't here for the lulz that followed when we mass reported anyone posting threats and getting them v&.

That's What. The. Fuck. Is. Happening.

396cec  No.13207289


if the fbi came to my house and asked me about stuff I posted online, I wouldn't go back to that place and call the agent a bitch and a cunt.

09bbb4  No.13207295

Anyone who wasn't a mouth breathing boomer retard knew the QAnon was a fed larp

09bbb4  No.13207313


>i won't show anybody

dumbass, now they'll bag you

0bb107  No.13207316


I've met a few FBI agents, most of the field agents are normal people. Its mainly the higher ups involved in all the shady shit and like any other job, they are just "following orders" for their pensions ect.

Of course they say whatever they think will get you to talk. Inflate your ego ect. They usually have to have Master is stuff like psychology.

0c3d7b  No.13207320


Because you are a pussy. What are the FBI a higher caste? Are the above insult and criticism? No they are mediocre tools at best. As are most people. All those agents were fat and old and the only real threat is that they can get a armed storm trooper team to raid your house with weapons they exclusively keep for themselves. At which point they prove how evil they are.

Fuck em and hope they all have strokes

82e9b3  No.13207360

President Trump here. I just wanted to commend all of our superb agencies involved in national security. I mean you guys really do a fantastic job protecting our great nation. Don't they do a fantastic job anons? These guys, and gals mind you, we have fine women who serve this majestic country too. They're just the best. Maga!!!

(Outb4 2020d)

ba1b83  No.13207362


I'm not sure how much of a difference this makes, but many of VPN Gate's servers are hosted outside of Japan or other botnet countries and they're all hosted by volunteers, rather than a central company.

7de0e0  No.13207427


<stop effortlessly demolishing my narrative with truth goy


<whaa whaa it's not a fear shilling op goy erererereeeeeeeeeeee





396cec  No.13207453


Well, I mean I agree that they're not above criticism, but I'd prefer that they not "prove how evil they are" against me. It's not that I think it's likely that the fbi would fabricate a case against me for being a jerk, but I think it's possible. The storm trooper thing doesn't sound fun either.

eca87e  No.13207467


Buckle up faggot the fuck you think is happening here? Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed isn’t a meme or mere mantra

2e5c21  No.13207485



Interesting how it's all fun and games to "believe what you want to believe" and "MUH 1ST AMENDMENT" but if you make "plans" and "threats" it's gg. What does that even mean, Threats? Threats to whom? cause last I checked, I'm threatened every single time I get a property tax letter, which is a de-facto and overt threat against me that the government will use force to take my land if I dont pay. So who defines this "Threat" thing?

Funny how you can think "anything" but NEVER act on it - all theater of the mind. A fucking morbid joke.

ee4907  No.13207509


Good thing I use NordVPN, which is based in Panama.

e845e4  No.13207602

File: b7f7568887c73bc⋯.jpeg (79.81 KB, 634x820, 317:410, A1BF2EFD-AAD4-4698-9F4C-4….jpeg)


Anon is a racist. The FBI should watch his actions more

5d616d  No.13207633

She the site owner just delete the site than to hand it over?

bbdd06  No.13207640


Free speech so extreme it's a crime that will get you investigated by the FBI. Kek, good work anon!

bbdd06  No.13207646


>deleting the site because of one board

Just delete /pol/ and someone make a /pol2/.

3182e6  No.13207737

Makes you wonder…

With all the CP these FBI agents have to look at, each of them must only have a two week expiration before they go bad. Probably why they rely on informants who dick kyds regularly and report back to tell how great it was. Pretty messed up when you think about it that's why I'm grateful for being attracted to farm animals.

It would be better if people let me have sex with the farm animals but I suspect those people who reject my desires are heavily invested in the proliferation of CP.

0d36dc  No.13207749

File: c9713d21a0779d4⋯.jpg (23.6 KB, 335x352, 335:352, 718273 fag.jpg)

File: 620814b9a4c4800⋯.png (79.33 KB, 220x175, 44:35, 1782837123.png)


We all got files on us. Guess I can't run for office anymore.

7480c4  No.13207758


No, the opposite. You can only be seriously considered for positions of power if you can be blackmailed. Having a file on you is almost a prerequisite.

50ad0e  No.13207769


i recognize you're post style. i'll start calling you out every time i see you, farm animal anon

f070ee  No.13207781


>I built my own CPU

No you didn't. Unless that's some bad joke.

3182e6  No.13207786


Ok. What's the point of calling me out if everyone else can see exactly what you are seeing? You must think everyone here is stupid.

0d36dc  No.13207788


Having a file on you that consists of you talking about the problems that those in power don't want talked about, being a national socialist and defending the realms of men against the hordes of degeneracy, is a problem when it comes to trying to join the fray politically, because you'll be the sort of person they kill, rather than try to blackmail.

5cf950  No.13207896


fake and gay

0d36dc  No.13207916


Nice try, FBI.

83861e  No.13207960

File: b35fc81ecfeea7e⋯.jpg (200.43 KB, 1458x1161, 54:43, ebaq9qpe9r321.jpg)

FBI are a bunch of niggers who kill American children, and they can all go to hell.

c7163d  No.13207991

File: af699447a530218⋯.png (179.29 KB, 750x720, 25:24, lady-fash-768x737.png)


US is great! Haha I sure love America!

3182e6  No.13208048


Degeneracy is mostly a matter of belief. That's why they probably keep a file on people who call others degenerate.

I'm going to assume they have a computer system that compares and contrasts the opinions of people, and cancels conflicting opinions while keeping some sort of tally of legitimacy on file.

The more legitimately bad your tallies are, the more problems you'll have with them.

e8dd73  No.13208087

What's scary about this isn't the FBI visiting a random /pol/ack, it's how stupid those two agents seemed. This is what our FBI is made up of? Goes to show how utterly retarded those who get caught by the FBI are.

f7de40  No.13208108


>This is what they've always been afraid of


>Us finding out how easy it is

The Brigade is a great

98ae8c  No.13208155

OK… First drive to Taco bell… Buy 10 chalupas. Eat them. Then drive to a drug store… Buy turbo-lax. Drink the whole bottle. … …

000000  No.13208162


>Admitting to being an FBI informant


f6a54f  No.13208163



The point is to get you to lower your guard so that they could gain the upper hand. So if they appear retarded or inferior to you, they've succeeded

d2d7e9  No.13208171

HEY, FBI! 146 IQ anon who's bored shitless with his engineering job. Will do damn near anything interesting for pennies on the dollar!

>too much of a pussy to start listing the "hey let's summon the NSA" list

You know where I live.

d95783  No.13208175



000000  No.13208198


muddy the waters. LARP as a gommunist for a bit

000000  No.13208208



Oh you poor sweet summer child


eca87e  No.13208213


Checked. Pee pee poo poo pissssssssss and shit

976056  No.13208252




ur a fag jared.

'ur allowed to say and believe whatever you want to, thats part of being American'

oh good, ill say my part: i believe that every non-white human being, especially jews, should not exist. i say this in the most non-threatening way possible with zero chance of violence, i believe tarrant was a mossad agent and the whole hoax was a false flag (like the holohoax) and thankfully zero disgusting moslem goat fucking scum of the earth troglodytes actually died.

e8ff58  No.13208400


Hey, anon. Did you drop their dox in either thread? They gave you their numbers, right? Maybe they'd like to have more than one "informant" from the chans to help them keep track of the important threads when they are posted. Drop their dox, or go an hero.

e8ff58  No.13208413


I second this. I'm bored as fuck and would love to be paid to cruise /pol/ all day. Problem being that I would actually make that "Hey, kids. You wanna blow up a federal building" meme a reality. With great power comes great responsibility.

f42d4f  No.13208455


>They admitted I did nothing illegal


94e03e  No.13208474


making threats is a grey area kinda. Threats like people calling to kill muzzies and kikes arent "true threats" in the sense of imminent lawless action. Advocacy of force or criminal activity does not receive First Amendment protections if (1) the advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action, and (2) is likely to incite or produce such action. Just stating "niggers should hang" or "We need an OKC 2.0" aren't real threats. While they advocate violence and illegal activities, they aren't likely to cause a reaction, and don't have a clear time-frame; the imminence part isn't met.

A real threat needs to be concise, is specific, creates clear, and present danger, is imminent, and such words would be likely to cause lawless action. So unless you're a retard, a soon to be mass murderer, or a take-it-too-far shitposter, you're fine.

9c0e6a  No.13208488


It wasn't another post here you stupid faggot it was a literal nigger on facebook.

9c0e6a  No.13208527


Nah, technically he didn't show anyone because the badge isnt visible for even a frame.

674635  No.13208532



>too much of a pussy to start listing the "hey let's summon the NSA" list

I'm in a non-criminal fed database, fingerprints and all, and I've yet to receive a job offer.

So where is my job offer FBNSTSCIDOCBICATFED?


They act like feds.

They talk like feds.

They dress like feds.

They sound like feds.

Remember the MLP ERP thread the CIA took part in? A ton of feds are clopfags.

d3ccc8  No.13208544

File: 57a8abacc6e3750⋯.jpg (356.93 KB, 1200x912, 25:19, 1418007382325.jpg)


Fuck, look how friendly these cianiggers are when they're trying to find an in-road, meanwhile they're too fucking stupid to know they're barking up the wrong tree.


429fbe  No.13208548

File: a405fc1eb1de46a⋯.webm (5.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, honk space.webm)

Everything I post is satire and a work of fantasy for minecraft ww2 pen and paper RPG campaign, anyone who takes what I post seriously is a fool.


d3ccc8  No.13208564

File: a14e0be92ba7c11⋯.jpg (176.45 KB, 686x586, 343:293, Either Way.jpg)


>90%+ of us on this board thought was the real deal.

Speak for yourself anon, the only reason you thought that was because this board was dominated and subverted by a rachposting pillowfucking turkroach for literally two years.

9c0e6a  No.13208584


That wasn't you fag.

d3ccc8  No.13208585


>Ghostbin will be shutting down in May 2019.

Saw that on the site. Any idea why?

5c2382  No.13208588


cc42b9  No.13208590


They like to waste the taxpayer's money investigating barely-existent right-wing extremism when we have the real threat of islamic and leftist extremism. Not to mention that it's pointless since they can't do anything to stop it anyway. The frustration and anger that is causing the kinds of attack that happened in NZ are caused by policies that need to change. It isn't a law enforcement issue, it's a law and governance issue. Mass immigration is destabilizing society.

d3ccc8  No.13208591


Yea I actually cropped out the (you) and shifted over the text because in my megalomania, I thought it was a worthy cap post but didn't want to be "that faggot" that caps his own posts. In this particular instance, I'm a faggot either way. Oh well. Trap-22

5c2382  No.13208592


5c2382  No.13208597


d3ccc8  No.13208601


>It isn't a law enforcement issue, it's a law and governance issue.

It's an obedience issue. Each one of these glownigger zogbots could go Snowden at any hour of any day but they remain completely enslaved by the material comforts that their shit "careers" afford them. They prefer the safety of knowing they're in the zogbot machine than the liberation of actually making a fucking positive difference for their RACE and their HISTORY, and each and every one of them that DAILY makes this choice commands nothing but fucking shame and scorn on a visceral level from every single fucking one of you.

5c2382  No.13208608


cc42b9  No.13208609

In fact it would be great if the FBI investigated the billionaires and politicians or child abuse rings like pizzagate which nobody took seriously and the media dismissed without investigation despite their being some very suspicious behavior from the people accused. Apparently if you're well-connected enough you can operate a pedophile ring and the FBI wont even look at you sideways. They are at their best when they are catching people like Jeffrey Epstein but he should have got the death penalty.

cc42b9  No.13208613


I don't think it's a bad thing for people who work in law enforcement to obey the law. It's the laws that need to change. The elite that are subverting and corrupting the US and trying to take away people's freedoms are the ones who need to be investigated. Deliberately helping people to immigrate into the US should be a serious crime just like smuggling drugs.

5c2382  No.13208614


cc42b9  No.13208617


Y not even American though kek.

5c2382  No.13208628


That okay, do you at least love freedom? I ain't got time no cheese eater, my bro defend Europe. No biggy, just salute the flag, and you are A'ok.

d3ccc8  No.13208640

File: d103258e158f9d8⋯.jpg (151.79 KB, 960x785, 192:157, 10882237_10152650797413935….jpg)


>I don't think it's a bad thing for people who work in law enforcement to obey the law. It's the laws that need to change.

Except that governments have never… literally ever across all of time… voluntarily reduced or relinquished their power to the citizenry without violent force (coup, civil war, or revolution). You're asking for government to slap itself on the wrist or tighten its belt which is fucking naive and honestly boring as fuck because of how bluepilled it is. Yes, they should obey the law until they are able to obtain information that, if released, would demolish the power structure by rallying the citizenry to deconstruct it by force. Call it "drain the swamp" or what the fuck ever you need to, but it isn't a voluntary process that any government has ever engaged in. Trump is exhibit fucking A with this kike administration.

cc42b9  No.13208645


That's not what I mean. I'm just saying violence should be a last resort and breaking the law shouldn't only be done when necessary. If you have peaceful and legal options to change things then you should think seriously before acting.


Every morning after I brush my teeth I pray to the constitution and the bill of rights and praise the prophet George Washington (PBUH)

5c2382  No.13208646


e4cc8d  No.13208659



I sure wish I had a wife as beautiful as Valerie Plame.

d3ccc8  No.13208676

File: 3d4dd1a7a23da81⋯.jpg (56.71 KB, 650x365, 130:73, glownigger drugdealers.jpg)


>That's not what I mean. I'm just saying violence should be a last resort and breaking the law shouldn't only be done when necessary. If you have peaceful and legal options to change things then you should think seriously before acting.

You think this way because you have no fucking idea how bad things actually are or how far lost this shithole country actually is from its founding values. You think this way because you would like to conveniently ignore the last 50 years of progressive violent protest that have ACTUALLY RESULTED IN CHANGES THEY WANT vs. the passive punditry and cuckoldry of the right (((neo-cohen kvetching))) caving on every single fucking issue. So while "conservatives" continue to conserve nothing while marxist professors are randomly hitting MAGA hat wearing kids over the head with bike locks and spraying them in the face with bear mace and your public speaking places are shut down because of some vague idea that, "we're above violence." This is pacifist christian tier slave morality, combined with fear and the brief period we all romanticize about where violence wasn't the historic norm, but it's time to acknowledge that the war is raging and we didn't start the fire.

Answer this faggot, when do you believe "the last resort" is actually to be enacted where the uncucked right actually embraces violence like its enemies are? Under what conditions does this come about in your mind? By embrace I mean, stop apologizing for NZ shooters and San Diego Synagogue shooters, and stop prefacing every fucking sentence with "I'm not racist but…" tier shit.


>a serious crime just like smuggling drugs

Also pic related you need to look up poppy fields and try to cobble together some fucking brain cells to figure out why our "opiod epidemic" isn't a (((cooincidence))).

d3ccc8  No.13208692


>…and stop prefacing every fucking sentence with "I'm not racist but…" tier shit but instead punctuating it with broken teeth in a leftists fucking mouth for daring to speak.

** lol I had a thought and didn't type it.

6f58bd  No.13208697

The real shame is the FBI/CIA/other agency glowniggers don't investigate politicians 24-7. I'd wager >90% of them are corrupt as fuck. They know the politicians are corrupt as fuck too, and yet they run around like traitors to this country going after citizens instead of cleaning house on government corruption. They think they're going to end up with a nice glownigger pension in return for the order following when the entire country will collapse leaving them nothing. They will have sacrificed their entire lives for a country that is going to fail and balkanize. If they even realized the truth that black pill would decimate their entire worldview.

07fcb8  No.13208698

>posting without a vpn

>actually talking to the fucking FBI

>admitting you were posting in the first place

This kid is a total fucking moron. If the FBI visit you, don't say a fucking word to them.

07fcb8  No.13208726


>VPN is useless

>Outing yourself in your first sentence

I'm curious anon, what is your plan and what are you actively doing about it?

cc42b9  No.13208733


The 50 years of progressive violent protest were still less violent than walking into a mosque and murdering people. So think about that. They had a legitimate political will and the people were convinced and fought for it. We need to organize ourselves into a real political opposition, not resort to terrorism. Why do you need to resort to violence in a country where you still have the right to own weaponry, and the right to speak?

I get that the leftwing cheated and flooded the US with migrants but you know nothing stops us from cheating right back. As long as freedom lives the fight won't end.

cc42b9  No.13208742


The question is what is the most effective method of fighting back. If you commit an act of extreme violence you will die or be imprisoned. Low level crimes like civil disobedience and such is more moral and it is harder for them to justify taking away your human rights. If you want to see why random terrorism doesn't work look at ISIS. Right now we don't have enough real political representation and to get that we have to work for it not commit suicidal acts of desperation. Organizing, preparing is fine because we both know they will eventually come for your freedom of speech and guns but lets not be the ones who push things to that outcome.

3d37f2  No.13208756

Kek, the fbi visited me for a school shooting joke.

f79136  No.13208794

File: a6b9a4ffc3ca8bd⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 471x650, 471:650, ratman.jpg)


She cucked so fast. When will morons learn once you offend the kike-machine they never forgive you.

f6a54f  No.13208844


Come on, it's not a secret that they've been trying to influence our foreign policy. Look at the Sampson Option, Cleanbreak memo, and Yinon Plan.




I guess the leftist NPCs will acknowledge it when low IQ shitskins like Illhan Omar states the same facts.

83861e  No.13208865


>Low level crimes like civil disobedience and such is more moral and it is harder for them to justify taking away your human rights.

Are you kidding? They're locking people up for fourteen-year stretches just for making faceberg posts.

>Right now we don't have enough real political representation

And we'll never get it under the current System. Just look at how the British people are being screwed over a simple thing like Brexit - do you really think they will let us win by the ballot? Remember, they believe that if we gain power it will lead to another shoah.

>And here again, can you picture a scenario like this: that great "Silent Majority" has at last gotten fed up, found its wits and given the Nazis or the Klan a voter mandate. The Jews, the Blacks, and the assorted fanatic Reds, etc. least of all to mention the entrenched Capitalist System manned largely by sick, liberal Whites give up, say it was a fair fight, shake hands and turn it all over to us. It's just too crazy to contemplate. - from Siege by James Mason (read it faggot!)

75b50d  No.13208994



You just outed yourself as a judaized boomer with that after all your self-righteous preaching about muh Constitution and muh law and order. You don't even realize how much talking around outside of your ass you just did with your last few posts. You sure are a 'murican aren't you? Meaningless feel-good platitudes about law, and doing things 'the right way'. You have no idea what you're talking about grandpa. You have to go back.

>50 years of (((communist))) violence still wasn't as violent as the 50 kill count NZ happening because my feels!

You're a traitor.

36e4b4  No.13209007

File: 2ac6f1893d5b0cb⋯.jpg (69 KB, 479x640, 479:640, Not_Perfect.jpg)


>The 50 years of progressive violent protest were still less violent than walking into a mosque and murdering people. So think about that. They had a legitimate political will and the people were convinced and fought for it. We need to organize ourselves into a real political opposition, not resort to terrorism. Why do you need to resort to violence in a country where you still have the right to own weaponry, and the right to speak?

>I get that the leftwing cheated and flooded the US with migrants but you know nothing stops us from cheating right back. As long as freedom lives the fight won't end.

There are so many people I'm going to enjoy gassing. I just hope you're not too far north of 60, Boomer. I'd hate you to miss the big day.

53999c  No.13209031

listening to this is creepy as fuck, you can tell how they're trying to game the anon, complimenting him, promising him a possible job, etc. but are probably just fishing for him to say something incriminating to indict him and then try to turn him into an asset.

36e4b4  No.13209053

File: e52f7058139f680⋯.png (980.85 KB, 2493x1023, 831:341, Federal_Employees_2013.png)


>The entire reason you hire women as spies is because men underestimate their ability to manipulate them and think they're stupid.

<You're really smart. You could maybe get a job working in computer forensics for us!

Yes, women are stupid if they think we'll fall for this. They're even dumber when they work for the government. Remember that these two clowns were trained to talk to a suspect/potential informant like this. Actual Ph.D.s in psychology work with Quantico to develop pressure techniques to flip people into information sources and agents provocateurs.

Every time I see these people operate, I get more excited about the coming struggle. I really think it's going to go well for our side.

493a88  No.13209072

File: 457e0b320042502⋯.png (435.32 KB, 648x401, 648:401, 978h3948h3473894.png)


Post is truth.

Fucking academia man, soft sciences are shit.

This probably explains why they can entrap semi-schizophrenic randoms but the real sketch and dangerous people get away with their shit schemes.

75b50d  No.13209132

File: 75e289fa1e2ff12⋯.jpg (610.92 KB, 1044x5206, 522:2603, 63cfc553af00609ed7be3c4e95….jpg)


>We need to organize ourselves into a real political opposition, not resort to terrorism.

One man's terrorist is another man's patriot you senile boomercuck. George Washington must have forgot to tell you that the Crown considered him and the rest of your beloved Muh Founderso be terrorists guilty of sedition and treason. By the way, stop referencing anything about America, The Constitution, freedom, liberty, etc., you NOMINALLY White nigger. You don't understand any of it and you make me want to puke. Your time is over. America doesn't belong to you. Patrick Henry would shoot you in your fat fucking face for your cowardice and inaction in the face of tyranny.

You either can't or won't fight. Instead of accepting that you're just 'not as young as I used to be' and offering material support to the fight, what do you do instead? You get up off your oversized lazboy long enough to drape the flag around you, insult the very people you claim to "worship" (faggot), and try to discourage others from fighting. This tells me that you aren't just 'past your prime', you have absolutely nothing to offer because you never did shit besides drink beer and watch niggerball. I bet you've never killed and eaten an animal before. You are the worst type of "American". You LARP as a good guy but you'll fight tooth and nail against any real revolutionary action because you just want to splurge without disturbances. GLR talked about your kind. So did James Mason. The pillow draws near you worthless lemming fuck.

75b50d  No.13209138

Apologies for the derailment. My Jimmies.

d7de17  No.13209194

File: a35c79e49cf50eb⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 800x792, 100:99, hope.jpg)


the boomers who know history do not like being called "loyalists"

6ec454  No.13209499

Why the fuck are you niggers are talking about uploading some pdfs and sheiiit. Here is the thread:




6ec454  No.13209506




08790b  No.13209509


You stupid fuck, stop talking to the cops. Tell them you know nothing and to fuck off.

fb5fb1  No.13209577


The feds of Denmark gave me a visit over "antisemitic threats" on facebook a couple years back, very similar to this video. It's such a pathetic joke, a waste of time. No one ever breaks or cares and it's not going to limit him in what he says here anyway.

Gay soft intimidation. Good on this anon for trying to film her badge and face.

929706  No.13209582

File: 67a6d0dd3ca42e8⋯.mp4 (14.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, FBI pays Anon a visit.mp4)


This happened to another anon around the same time. Here is the other vid

b0ee8a  No.13209594


I bet she had to suck a lot of dicks.

8d1cdc  No.13209597


It's fucking fake.

a58100  No.13209604


prove or shut the fuck up

8d1cdc  No.13209607

File: c5f8b404a28bcf4⋯.jpg (55.27 KB, 349x640, 349:640, c01b55c251b1fadcd5e139cd.jpg)


>Prove my fake and gay bullshit is fake.

What a burden.

42e81a  No.13209629



I don't know what vision of the FBI you have in your mind, but everything I've seen dealing with Fed and police so far matches up with what I've dealt with. We're talking people who believe you won't notice a bright green led on their wirecam coming out of the back of a toilet in pitch black darkness here.

cc4fad  No.13209633


FBI approached him because he is a do-good retard who already reported somebody to the FBI. They're talking to him like he's a retard cuz he probably is a little bit mentally slow and telling him that he can "help and maybe he could work for the FBI" is all part of this building up the EGO of your source.

The goal is to send him back in here to monitor us, maybe even join up with someone locally there that they are also monitoring on here, someone who did make threats.

From the video you didn't seem excited to help "bring down the evil Nazis" so they said fuck it, thank you for your time and moved down to the next name on the list.

8d1cdc  No.13209660


Nice anecdotal bullshit anon.


It never happened.

000000  No.13209692


Handled better than OP, but still not perfect. Again, it's fine to let them talk for a bit but in terms of what you say it should be nothing other than "I don't know" or "I don't recall". Learn to be the gray man, you shouldn't appear to have any personality, conversing with you needs to be like talking to a wall. I have been in situations like this, with people like this trying to interview me and everyone around me, but it got to the point when whenever they tried it with one of my friends or family if they saw me standing there they'd just give up and wander off because they knew I'd just get in front of kill all conversation with "I don't recall". Drones like these tend to leave you alone pretty quickly once they realize you don't have an ego or fears for them to exploit.


I don't believe for a moment they were trying to get him on board there, this was dragnet investigation where they're going around interviewing everyone they can in the hopes that they can find someone that would be useful arresting. Throughout all of that they didn't specify what 'groups' or anything they knew he was in contact with, this was pure cold reading hoping he'd give them something to hang him with for free so they could book him and call it a day. Most likely they had nothing at all other than the fact he barebacked 8ch with no VPN. With respect to buttering him up, that's something that only works on idiots but sometimes they encounter those so it's worth a shot. It always seems to be one of their last resorts before giving up, I have had this happen with an agent telling me how smart I was, to which all she got back was a 'sure', at which point she gave up and moved on.

Also what is with all these feds dressing so sloppy? Where's the suits? I don't know how they can expect anyone else to respect them if they don't even respect themselves.

8d1cdc  No.13209738


>what is with all these feds dressing so sloppy?

It's almost as if this is fucking fake. Gee whiz.

000000  No.13209797


Apparently less than 6% were actual things of worth while the rest were dox, password dumps etc and the guy decided to stop spending time and money on it

382161  No.13209811


What they're wearing is basically standard uniform for plain clothes federal agents. Anyone who has spent anytime around them can confirm that.

9276c9  No.13209991


That's why the anti-USA are trying to make me pay to have sex with farm animals. They don't agree with free practice it's too difficult to entertain freedom.

237140  No.13210009


>literally scrolling the thread with denials in every post

hmm, looks like the feds got one.

feds can't prosecute on 2nd admendment principle and they can't expect a judge to issue a warrant for internet forum discussions. they try to recruit anons to be informants and use their testimonies and logs in order to get warrants. it is less frivolous in a judges eyes if a private citizen is the one complaining.

a161bc  No.13210041

Imagine wanting to be a pig your whole life and when you finally make it, they partner you up with a sheboon. Queue the theme song from that jew show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Also, what kind of fucking opsec is getting into an elevator with a 'suspect'?

Anyway, if the fuzz comes around in a limp dick attempt to intimidate, tell them to go fuck themselves. That's it, no chit chat. Get lost, nothing to say, eat shit etc.

5afdf2  No.13210059

What if we threaten ourselves?

731721  No.13210071


what if we threaten threats?

will the fbi protect the threats we threaten?

327383  No.13210115


>talking to the police


321fed  No.13210139


Are you threatening me ???!?!?!?!?!?? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ba0298  No.13210140

File: d761b22ff5ff037⋯.png (30.15 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


I like you guys, don't make threats on 8chan tomorrow

a6e364  No.13210166


>Meets FBI in lift and states that he informed to the FBI previously (just so we know why they found him)

>Tries to be slightly standoffish when they introduce themselves

>Makes it clear to us they know he is recording

>"You can't take pictures of this", but he already has and she knew he was recording

>"I won't show it to anybody", "Okay", but the rebel does

>Aren't the FBI just soooo polite. Just doing their job. They're only their to protect free-speech - I mean the history of the FBI is just all about protecting the renegade thinking, amirite?

>/pol/'s posters are anonymous, they know this, so why the fuck do they believe he'd have any useful information about individuals that they couldn't find on /pol/? What did they expect to gain from going to this trouble?

>They had nothing to gain from this interaction other than sending out a message to create a bit of paranoia and fear (and get some potential new informers)

The whole thing reeks. The guy videoing is just sullen enough, but not too much, almost like he's acting how somebody who posts on /pol/ should react to a visit from the FBI.

Be polite, say nothing

I call bullshit on this whole manufactured event

738cd2  No.13210168


saying "whatchu payin'?" was stupid, it implies that he knows something. either say nothing at all or only useful questions such as, "do you have a warrant?" and "am I being detained"? if they say no to the latter, just close the door and lock it behind you

518c12  No.13210434

File: 561def60ef73c6a⋯.jpg (305.83 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190430-073137….jpg)



Isn't it odd that when they arrive the look like IE, but with the shirt replaced with something from Goodwill? And is this really the guy that will be smashing in your front door at 5am? Maybe he has a flamethrower packed under that shirt, but he looks ripe for a coronary.

Given the amount of Tarrant-hailing that appears here, I'm surprised more anons haven't gotten visits. I wonder if they avoid the "dont talk to cops" crowd? Seems odd.

Also, I wouldn't underestimate the woman agent. It was a woman agent that got Bob Matthews first. She was faster and more accurate than the males.

OP thanks for putting this up. Hopefully others will avoid getting their lives ruined by fbi by just saying "no comment" and not answering questions. As Martha Stewart's case shows, no comment (none, absolutely none) is safest.

Look at the hasson case (tramadol/guns, HAC draft letter). His life is ruined even though the charges got dumped. If you make a statement to them and they twist it into lying to a fed (ala Martha stewart) they'll arrest and detain you, which will suck. If you say no comment, how are they going to get an arrest warrant?

Much safer to say, "no comment".

518c12  No.13210447


Certainly struck me that way. And it was the woman doing that, not the guy.

518c12  No.13210464


Was that was her attempting to get him to say something?

My concern: agreeing with her on this innocuous point could lead to trouble, as if they find out he's done a bunch of siege-posting they can argue he lied to a federal agent (about lovin' Murica).

It seems like the safe thing is to never talk to feds. Take their pictures, talk about how shitty their clothes are, record them saying there "were here to help" lines, but just dont talk.

518c12  No.13210477

If I ever get arrested by the FBI, I'm going to tell them that I've heard the new FBI is diversity-friendly, that it's no longer a white boys club and that I'll only talk to them without a lawyer present if they can get me interviewed by a female black agent and a Male tranny (mtf, post op only) agent. I will check their priviliege.

d95783  No.13210565


>Isn't it odd that when they arrive the look like IE, but with the shirt replaced with something from Goodwill?

Khakis and a shirt is a pretty common clothing style

724cae  No.13210778

Fake and gay.

000000  No.13210803



8d1cdc  No.13210820

>the Qlarp thread is still up

8d1cdc  No.13210839

File: 55c1246a908b372⋯.png (45.97 KB, 624x360, 26:15, qanonfans.png)

>boomers want to play-pretend Jason Bourne on 8chan

02beda  No.13210861


>hahaha this living honda accord with jaws that could bend steel is running around in my streets lets follow it around and scream at it surely that is a beautiful idea.


724cae  No.13210895

>FUD psyop is STILL up

49acb3  No.13211411

File: d0ce0696b91367d⋯.jpg (75.57 KB, 512x512, 1:1, everyone above this line i….jpg)


fe633d  No.13211419

File: cf7b3ad56f70ff9⋯.gif (653.08 KB, 600x360, 5:3, 96533856-E324-45C9-8127-3C….gif)

File: dff6db21e0ecb32⋯.gif (597.37 KB, 600x360, 5:3, E630D3BB-F3CD-4EBB-9C2F-F9….gif)

File: 9d96a031170ed29⋯.gif (95.14 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 03C7CCDD-6C6B-4CAB-A7E7-8E….gif)

aa7414  No.13212462

File: d020e0959c0e55e⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 788x788, 1:1, c3893291829d7fecc643b6b892….jpg)

Hey fed fuck Bois… If you intend to visit me for any opinions of beliefs I express here, fuck off. I will not speak to you. I'll pull my cock out and waive it around at you. Then I'll slam my door in your face. At this point if you don't get the fuck off my land I'll call the VERY right wing sheriff to come collect you in handcuffs for trespassing.

Fucking fed faggots.

Brenton Tarrant is a war Patriot, he defended his country from rapist, terrorist, hateful Islamic scum suckers.

Get with the fucking red pill zogbot goyim faggots. Stop suckling at the cocks of your kike overlords.

5634fb  No.13214045



Always shut up and lawyer up. Changes their strategy. They will roll you without representation.

eb7db0  No.13214134


lmao I love how that bitch flashes her badge right in front of your caamera

>"OOPS! can't have that on your camera now you have to delete the video"

eb7db0  No.13214146


smartest thing to do is to not talk to them period

41d3a3  No.13214772

File: 4a5d7da00427239⋯.webm (15.27 MB, 406x720, 203:360, FBI paid me a visit today.webm)

8d1cdc  No.13214806


stop bumping this fake crap, it makes the whole board look fucking stupid

41d3a3  No.13214810


You glow.

8d1cdc  No.13214814


I'd be happy to sagebomb this fake and gay bullshit if you want. Is that what you want?

41d3a3  No.13214816


Sage is not a downvote.

8d1cdc  No.13214819


And bumping the thread for no reason doesn't count as an upvote.

41d3a3  No.13214822


So stop replying to me, and I'll stop replying to you and bumping the thread in the process.

8d1cdc  No.13214825

File: 3c843647e6da130⋯.png (34.93 KB, 1256x401, 1256:401, breakingthelawforQanon.png)


You'll probably bump it anyway so I'd rather push it to it's max limit so you'll have to make a new one in which I'll do the same thing. Also picture very much related.

41d3a3  No.13214828


So you're incapable of being the bigger man?

8d1cdc  No.13214833

File: ad9381f4df81dd9⋯.png (330.05 KB, 733x864, 733:864, dumbass.png)


I'm the biggest.

41d3a3  No.13214836


No, I am.

8d1cdc  No.13214838

File: 88e883ab56e54f5⋯.png (478.96 KB, 993x894, 331:298, thishappensalot.png)


Not impressed.

41d3a3  No.13214840


Neither am I. I only came here to post a webm but some asshole keeps replying to me.

c9e3cb  No.13214844

File: d632f0de581561a⋯.jpg (27.72 KB, 588x701, 588:701, histerical laughing.JPG)

You know, the FBI loves collecting information, and one thing they love above anything else is having an IRL identity tied to online content.

You can be fucking sure they're monitoring your posting activity, and since you continue identifying yourself they don't even have to try to add shit to your case.

You are a retard of such magnitude I doubt anyone will be able to one-up you in 2019. Hell, you're easily the retard of the decade. Congratulations, anon.

8d1cdc  No.13214845

File: 1a16ae5223ef8c4⋯.png (269.16 KB, 891x863, 891:863, atleastbringadog.png)


No longer reading your posts. Just replying to fuck with you.

41d3a3  No.13214848

File: a6ddfa83b295b71⋯.webm (13.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Alex Jones DOOM Trailer.webm)

8d1cdc  No.13214849

File: f7bb3e8783d61a0⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1075x836, 1075:836, floridamandoesittoo.png)


>You can be fucking sure they're monitoring your posting activity,

Guess how much the FBI makes.

8d1cdc  No.13214854

File: 2938e8d679335fe⋯.png (323.61 KB, 943x748, 943:748, lol.png)


What was that?

41d3a3  No.13214855

File: 34ec995a57c41a3⋯.webm (2.7 MB, 1280x708, 320:177, Alex Jones the Goblin Sla….webm)


Alex Jones.

29cc2a  No.13214857

I got visited by ASIO here in Australia for being apart of a group of WN who just train together and socialise and read books and shit. Literally nothing serious. Not sure how they got my name, I think a family member reported me because they're all lefties.

I have mentioned this before on cripplechan but I always get called a glowie for some reason.

8d1cdc  No.13214860

File: 67659a5e8af417c⋯.png (277.34 KB, 781x801, 781:801, 3yearsinprison.png)


Did you say something?

41d3a3  No.13214864

File: 33648db991656d6⋯.webm (15.99 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, jews-in-the-forest.webm)


>some criminals sometimes imitate law enforcement to commit their crimes

>therefore, no federal agency ever comes knocking for anons

8d1cdc  No.13214866

File: 5231698175bf449⋯.png (305.3 KB, 763x934, 763:934, boomerseasilymislead.png)


I have over 9000 confirmed kills, all of them worked for CROOKED HILLARY.

8d1cdc  No.13214870

File: 5032dc13274ab61⋯.png (67.95 KB, 793x816, 793:816, soeasy.png)


Do you even know how FBI agents spend their time? Do you know how much they get paid and who they typically go after?

41d3a3  No.13214872

File: 753aa92a6e13a01⋯.webm (633.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, piping-hot-pretty-princes….webm)


Nope, but now we're locked in this struggle until one of us quits replying.

29cc2a  No.13214874


There goes my nofap streak.

8d1cdc  No.13214879

File: 5280d6b429af314⋯.png (558.34 KB, 1170x934, 585:467, fakeid.png)


Does this badge look familiar?

41d3a3  No.13214882

File: f89e60a951f7e2b⋯.webm (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Poppy - How to Load a Gun….webm)


The knife looks similar to an m9 bayonet.

000000  No.13214891

This is why I torfag.

29cc2a  No.13214894


Isn't a normal browser with a vpn also safe?

8d1cdc  No.13214896

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>implying TOR isn't compromised

Stupid fucking boomers.

29cc2a  No.13214902


What setup should you use to browse and posting on 8ch?

41d3a3  No.13214905


[Your Computer] => VPN => Tor

29cc2a  No.13214907


So Tor and a VPN together?

41d3a3  No.13214910


Yes. You can also configure it with two VPN's, where one is used after the Tor sequence, but not all providers support this.

[Your Computer] => VPN => Tor => VPN => Internet

Forgot to mention that if you want to post on 8chan with Tor, you'll have to use 8chan's .onion domain, enter captcha's far more frequently, and most boards will not allow you to attach files (for obvious reasons).

29cc2a  No.13214913


Is that what you recommend we do? Or just run firefox (plus security settings) + VPN and don't fed post.

41d3a3  No.13214919


That's a good solution too, but if you want to remain more anonymous, Tor is the better option. And if you do use Tor, it's better to use it over a VPN that you can trust so that your ISP doesn't see you using the Tor network.

For Firefox, I recommend installing uBlock Origin, uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere.

45b924  No.13214929

>post on an imageboard

>get swat'd

>land of the """free"""


29cc2a  No.13214930


Thanks mate. I use Nord VPN. I appreciate your help. As I said above, I've already been visited by glowies, I'd rather keep my head down if possible.

f83ed2  No.13214933


So they contacted you proactively to let you know that they monitor what you are doing. These people are not your friends.

45b924  No.13214934


Nord is a honeypot you mong

29cc2a  No.13214938


FML, I only got it because it had 3 years for 100 bucks haha. I used to use AirVPN, go back to it?

41d3a3  No.13214941


No problem. If you want to learn more about the different options available for VPN's, and which ones are trustworthy, I'd recommend checking Torrentfreak's various articles on the subject, like this one:


They've got review articles like the one going back several years.


I was skeptical about them when I saw them advertized on TV my boomer dad watches CNN but Torrentfreak seems to suggest their okay, so I don't really know. Always do your own research into these companies and only trust your own judgement.

29cc2a  No.13214942

471ceb  No.13215040


Got any better suggestions?

ed0467  No.13215071


This is bullshit. They don’t care about you reporting things, this was an intimidation tactic against you and all of us. They were saying “we know where you live”. Well, we know where you live too, FBI.

8d1cdc  No.13215104


It was fake.

104498  No.13215117

If you're ever visited by the FBI, you should be friendly and welcoming. You've got tons of leads they should follow up after all. A lot of israeli espionage is practically done in the open, and if the FBI is coming to you and taking you seriously as an informant, you've got a duty to let them know about all the perfidy taking place in Government/Finance/Business.

bda8d8  No.13215152



It was real you glownigger faggot.

ed0467  No.13215153


Lying to the FBI is a Federal crime, Anon. Just the part where OP tells her he’s not going to show the video to anyone and then he did could technically make him a felon, were they to charge him. Never talk to the police, FBI, CIA etc

5afdf2  No.13215165


What if we outlaw threats? Then nobody will make them and the FBI will be out of a job.

000000  No.13215215

Are they retarded? There was never any "violent" plans on 8chan. All the shit is out in the open, what's the point of visiting people, everyone is anonymous anyway, the only connection between people is dubs check and calling each other a nigger.

I like how they talk with OP like he was Forrest Gump TOP KEK

>we wanna hire you

>you're smart

>a patriot

>a real human bean

Like they would hire straight white males and don't have to fill diversity quotas…

5078c1  No.13215228


Yeah. Even if he doesn't get convicted, he's still in detention until it's done. Messy.

I take the asshole approach of publicly photographing or recording if its my legal right and offering no apologies or b promises.

This means I get no breaks, but so what?

These guys are railroading people, doing trumped up charges, etc. I just haven't get seen a reason to cooperate - please give me a reason. After Charlottesville and RAM, its no more mr nice guy.

So record everything, don't apologize, don't promise anything. Just do what you can legally and if they don't like it, so what - you didn't break the law.

000000  No.13215233



You don't really need super security if you do nothing illegal but if you want to:

- use usb linux system (or better a CD)

- use VPN

- use TOR

- use wifi

Look at this:

Ulbricht was first connected to "Dread Pirate Roberts" by Gary Alford, an IRS investigator working with the DEA on the Silk Road case, in mid-2013.[24][25] The connection was made by linking the username "altoid", used during Silk Road's early days to announce the website, and a forum post in which Ulbricht, posting under the nickname "altoid", asked for programming help and gave his email address, which contained his full name.[24] In October 2013, Ulbricht was arrested by the FBI while at the Glen Park branch of the San Francisco Public Library, and accused of being the "mastermind" behind the site.[26][27][27][28]

To prevent Ulbricht from encrypting or deleting files on the laptop he was using to run the site as he was arrested, two agents pretended to be quarreling lovers. When they had sufficiently distracted him,[29] according to Joshuah Bearman of Wired, a third agent grabbed the laptop while Ulbricht was distracted by the apparent lovers' fight and handed it to agent Thomas Kiernan.[30] Kiernan then inserted a flash drive in one of the laptop's USB ports, with software that copied key files.[29]

On August 21, 2014, Ulbricht was charged with money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics.[31] None of the procuring murder allegations were part of Ulbricht's indictment in New York,[32] although the evidence was factored into Ulbricht's sentence.[33]

On February 4, 2015, Ulbricht was convicted on all non-violent counts after a jury trial that took place in January 2015.[34] On May 29, 2015, he was sentenced to double life imprisonment plus forty years, without the possibility of parole.[35][36][37]

On the last day of trial, Serrin Turner, the lead prosecutor, addressed the jury and stated that none of the six contracted murders-for-hire allegations occurred.[28] One charge of procuring murder was originally filed in October 2013 in a separate pending indictment in Maryland (which was later dismissed with prejudice in its entirety in July 2018);[8] the other five allegations were never filed.[38]

f83ed2  No.13215242


>Are they retarded?

Are you? Of course they don't want to hire any of us. They watch you masturbate anon, do you realize how weird that would be. For everyone. In the video they clearly stated that this guy had expressed support for the kiwi shooter. Why do you think they are interested in a guy like that? They can't babysit him 24/7, and they can't stop him from ramming down people with his car, so this is a warning against him, and nothing else.

If they were really interested in his cooperation, they would have contacted him on the phone. What you see here is intimidation tactics.

55c53c  No.13215246


What am I meant to make of that shit?

000000  No.13215249


You're just playing with fire now. Just stop fucking posting.. fuck it, stop using the internet for the next month, go see some movies, fuck some boipucci.. take off the heat.

000000  No.13215255


I don't know, I thought they were more sophisticated than muh human bean approach. But still, OP is kind of a cuck for still posting here. He should chill, if they want to fuck him up, they will.

000000  No.13215256


Always kill federal agents.

They are tools of the jews.

Incite mass shootings of jews and their lapdogs all over the country.

55c53c  No.13215266


Shut up cunt.

f83ed2  No.13215290


>use wifi

go to public buildings and scavange for ethernet

use a second machine for this

i don't know what people intend on hiding though. shitposting is especially not worth hiding, better just stop doing it

55c53c  No.13215304


Shit posting isn't actually illegal or bad? Unless of course you're fed posting or doing illegal shit.

The worst that can happen is you get put on a list and then ISHTF you get disposed of.

55c53c  No.13215305



t. jew

f83ed2  No.13215316


They will be secretive about monitoring you if they belive that would make you more careful. If OP is an idiot, utterly incapable of hiding his activities and yet capable of ramming someone with his car, they better go talk to him.

f7d740  No.13215412

The anti-white anti-/pol/ hostile foreign invader moderation personally endorses this staged FUD shill operation.

04a6ca  No.13215466


I once met a cop who used to work in the CP unit. He told me the average is 6 months before someone quits after having to watch that shit day after day. They usually need therapy too.

8d1cdc  No.13215494


It's also a federal crime to impersonate an agent but clearly OP's friends don't give a shit.

947bf3  No.13215704

File: c10e3affb77f61f⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1426473504438.jpg)



It's not a crime to misremember.

000000  No.13215769

Unironically got visited last month as well. Haven't posted about it because fuck Jim, fuck Sunshine, fuck jannies and fuck this honeypot shithole

8d1cdc  No.13215775


You're full of shit.

000000  No.13215806


Feel free to disbelieve me. Just a word of warning that this site is severely comped, bareback at your own risk

ddff00  No.13215815

If they really are feds they dress like shit, where's my old school suit n tie fbi? She has a nice ass tho…

000000  No.13215924


generic chinese wifi dongles supposedly recycle MAC addresses, so just use one of those and never let it ping your home router. I wouldn't use any wireless peripherals either (BT/logitech dongle/ect) especially if they have ever connected to your 'home use' hardware.

A pawnshop laptop with removable battery is nice. I don't let it anywhere near my router or phone.

f1450e  No.13215979

File: bc97510b74e2f97⋯.jpg (533.32 KB, 720x1000, 18:25, 1553466416827-1.jpg)

>female agent charming and playing the understanding woman


We know all your tricks you glow in the darks.

000000  No.13216315

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a612d7  No.13216355



Fake and gay YESTERDAY. But here is OP trying trying his best. maybe he should go back to sucking his own dick?

ee1b30  No.13216766


Did you learn your lesson friend?

Zion Don fooled a lot of us yes, but going forward, now you know the FBI isn't our ally. No cops are really.

8d1cdc  No.13216781


>now you know the FBI isn't our ally

Except the video is fucking fake and gay and you're retarded for believing that it was real.

6c935c  No.13216808


>I'm surprised more anons havent gotten a visit.

I imagine that most 8ch users hide behind a VPN.

0ecf1e  No.13216869


















LOL you're probably the bitch from the video given how upset you are rn.

I'm going to try and get a screenshot and a close up of your badge when I get home now.

20be21  No.13217239

File: 8477b80f5192bcf⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, feds on 8chan w archive po….jpg)




5647c3  No.13217473


>FBI investigating online retards

>Ignoring literal rape gangs


41d3a3  No.13217620


That archive.fo link doesn't lead to anything accessible.

b54793  No.13217670

File: cefae7e22d1c8cb⋯.png (864.6 KB, 1298x1005, 1298:1005, fredrick brennan and aaron….png)


Literally a fake site, which is the sole source of that image

e518aa  No.13218530

Fbi violate 4th amendment routinely. They are corrupt and they are the enemy of the people.

ed0467  No.13218557


you're wrong.

that's how they charged Papadopolous and Flynn.

all they need is one witness that says the opposite of what you say and they can charge you with lying to the FBI/obstruction etc.

heck, if the interview isn't taped, they could even *say* that you said something you didn't and then try to charge you when they find a witness to say the opposite.

you should never, NEVER talk to them.



815f75  No.13218806

File: 4b17b5b6c368227⋯.jpg (69.44 KB, 617x800, 617:800, 4b17b5b6c368227fac14446029….jpg)


Dat ass though.

59265e  No.13218836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


too tired

59265e  No.13218839


happy I grew up not having to listen to nigger music

0706f3  No.13218926


thanks for this anon kek

a46911  No.13218980

Bump (I hate niggers)

23d3db  No.13219063


>Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

I don't think your kill count has a lot of zeroes.

I think it just has one, in fact.

2c90b1  No.13219128

File: 756350bdddd392d⋯.gif (918.76 KB, 245x285, 49:57, 756350bdddd392d2f467a57254….gif)


I have literally called my local pizza parlor and ordered a pizza with a swastika made in sausage. You aren't on my level. If we would get v& for shitposting, surely I would've by now.

b5b404  No.13219151

I really wan't to post the story of how ASIO contacted me but I also don't want them to know I'm still on here.

96cba1  No.13219166


I'd be expecting a letters agency visit myself, not that I've said anything nasty, if I didn't live in bumfuck nowhere.

Gonna have to get a fucking VPN, I blame the Jews for this.

b5b404  No.13219173


My visit was because I was a member of an IRL organisation.

e518aa  No.13219190


Yeah it's worse than just misremembering, as you stated. They don't record interviews, the agent just writes down on that form what was said and how the interview went. In the eyes of the law whatever they wrote down that you said, you said, so they can make it so that you lied even if you never spoke the lie, regardless if it was intentional or not. And if you claim what happened is different than their recollection of the interview they can get you on that too. If they don't have a subpoena or a warrant, just tell them to fuck off

36e4b4  No.13219192


>I have literally called my local pizza parlor and ordered a pizza with a swastika made in sausage.

I've got to admit – that's pretty edgy. I have to finish digging a hole in my back 40 to bury the niggers I killed a few hours ago, but I'm really proud of you, anon. You're definitely based and very redpilled on the pepperoni question.

36e4b4  No.13219199


>My visit was because I was a member of an IRL organisation.

This is why you join the Industrial Workers of the World and never pay your party dues. They never suspect the lapsed anarcho-syndicalist because your form of extremism is presumed to be growing 'shrooms in a national forest.

Camouflage, anon. Camouflage.

b5b404  No.13219201

b5b404  No.13219219


Hahaha good advice, cheers.

I think a family member or a race mixing movement writer/youtuber I had a spat with reported me to the authorities.

2c90b1  No.13219239


Enjoy taunting people on the edge of genocide while you can, you literal fucking demon.

b5b404  No.13219246

c8201d  No.13219260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



c49a15  No.13219823

m00t was a cryptojew and allowed the police/fbi/nsa to have a backdoor into 4chan, the new chinkowner isn't really the new owner and it's the FBI running 4chan now

hotwheels is a disabledjew and is allowing the fbi to have a backdoor into 8chan

Both sites are being used to track & monitor over everything. Time to go elsewhere with our fringe ideas.

b2d819  No.13219829

I already posted this somewhere (maybe this thread? this site never makes good reading material, pmw) but if you have a chance to talk with FBI agents that’s pretty cool. I mean obviously, nobody likes to be the suspect, but they’re just people. Don’t earn their attention proper, y’know? But roll with it if you get it. They’re not a bad crowd





8d1cdc  No.13219835


>if you have a chance to talk with FBI agents that’s pretty cool

It's fake.

895bb7  No.13219846


this. we should disband the (((fbi))).

000000  No.13219898

665d54  No.13220245



The FBI is known for going around and questioning people with vague affiliations to certain groups or ideologies. They want somebody who will talk to them and nothing more. If any federal thug tries to quwstion you like this do not try to out smart them, do not try to talk your way out of it, they are trained to deal with that and turn it against someone. Simply tell them “I have nothing to say”. If they knock on your door, ask them for a warrant, if they dont have one tell them to get one and close the door in their face. They wont come back. They do these major sweeps every now and then of potential affiliates of their political enemies in order to find somebody who will talk to them, from there they will try to make you an informant. This is an old and very standard prodecure especially within the FBI. All you should say is the 5 words, “I have nothing to say.”

37c2f7  No.13220258


Really pathetic why do they need informants on 8chan. Do they seriously think this is a cyber terrorist hive network or some sci-fi bullshit?

37c2f7  No.13220261

Any other anon's been approached by FBI?

Call them a CIA glownigger to their face and record their reaction.

8d1cdc  No.13220334


No, but the same boomers who shilled the Qanon crap have apparently gone as far as impersonating FBI agents, which is 3 years in prison, not that they actually have the time or money to monitor this place on top of dealing with crackdens and fucking nigger-gangs and what have you.

8ec801  No.13220341

Why the fuck is this fake FUD disinfo LARP STILL UP?

148efc  No.13220389


Do you have any reason for saying that? No logs stored and the legal jurisdiction is panama.

0818de  No.13220448


So if they aren't recording interviews, you better record all your interaction with them, as otherwise you could be written up as saying something you didn't say.

That's huge.

So basically, you're going to record yourself saying, "I have nothing to say. " and closing the door on them. Anything else and you aren't doing it right.

9d1723  No.13220456


This is a good start, if they accept you they'll demand you diddle lolis on camera.

9d1723  No.13220465


Nothing is going to happen. They spend all this time making it impossible to meetup irl, and now suddenly they are going to arrest us and put us all in together? There aren't enough prisons in the US, they'd just be networking for us and creating hundreds of groups in the process.

0db5d5  No.13220500


you actually think goverment agents are smart enough to realize that? much less the fbi…. you give them too much credit.

watch the video of them visiting anon, does anything in that video give you the impression they are super smart people who are capable of the level of thought you are suggesting?

if they were smart they would have egged on anon and made them do something low level enough to ensnare them but not enough to actually be a problem, then flip anon to expose people who are true threats….

but that's not what happened, we get a couple of idiots chumming it up while being video tapped so it can be spread here and make everyone hyper aware they are being watched. totally a good plan if you're trying to ferret out or gain access to the more secret and deeper groups who are actually coordinating.

6e6157  No.13220518


>watch the fake video

>do you think they do things we already know they do

Yeah, we think that.

ea3e0d  No.13220539

I think my car is bugged

ed5229  No.13220552

>fat pudgy boomer and a frail woman

Terrorists, watch-out!

9d1723  No.13220558


I think the boomers at the top are so into office politics they don't want to look like retards.

bbaf86  No.13220607



so he fooled you since march 2016?

30a1a6  No.13220609

anyone know how they "find" you?

17cf76  No.13220612


The NSA finds you…

eca87e  No.13220645


Kek ,we find the nsa asshole

8d1cdc  No.13220684

>boomerfag OP gets his friends to impersonate FBI

You deserve the 3 year jail sentence tbh.

184222  No.13220733


Dude, please, if anyone EVER identifies themselves as law enforcement agents and talks to you again, tell them you you exercise your 5th amendment right to not incriminate yourself.

Nobody in law enforcement is your friend. Literally their only job is to investigate, make arrests and charge you.

Any police officer who watches this video will tell you this was a soft interrogation. They're not bad people, and if someone is posting about committing terrorism you should absolutely call the FBI again, it could save lives. That being said, again, they're not your friends, just ask them if you're being detained and if you're free to go. If they say yes, then you go, if not you ask the charge and then tell them you need to talk to a lawyer.

8d1cdc  No.13220739


>Any police officer who watches this video will tell you this was a soft interrogation.

No, we'll laugh at you for believing that this is real.

000000  No.13220766



60590d  No.13220769


Q predicted this.

34f5be  No.13220849


>if someone is posting about committing terrorism you should absolutely call the FBI again, it could save lives

Yeah no, the only reason these two were on the FBI's radar to begin with was that they were silly enough to give the FBI tips to begin with. They're making it very clear that if you have actual information, you need to keep it to yourself no matter what or else the FBI will come for you next (even though you're not the bad guy).

8d1cdc  No.13220875


>these two were on the FBI's radar

Except they weren't and the video is fake.

8ec801  No.13220902

I sure do love refreshing the catalog and seeing a faked FUD LARP thread about a subject that was already spoken about a week ago not only STILL up despite being 100% falsified and reported to the anti-white anti-/pol/ moderation hundreds of times, but also bumped to page 1 again.

It's almost like feds and shills that want you to think this is real want it in the forefront of your attention at all times to maximize the F U D effects and the hostile moderation personally endorses it.

cf7865  No.13221014


look at my pendulum swining left and right … tick tock … and now listen to my subdueing voice… you will become tired… your eyelids are heavier now… you are very sleepy…. your eyelids are too heavy now… sleeep… all you want to do is sleeeppp…..

8ec801  No.13221016

cf7865  No.13221017


also you want to sage. dont forget to sage.

ce2d30  No.13221843

FBI needs to clean itself up and go after the CIA. Getting v&'d by FBI used to be funny till we realized they were covering for serious rich pedos in government worldwide. Now they have been fucking disgraced as a joke of a law enforcement agency. This is why they were after militia for decades. The fucking Clinton's and cabal wanted the FBI and doj to stop all Patriots from having a way to resist their pizzagate Podesta.

ce2d30  No.13221847


>pizzagate Podesta parties

617ea4  No.13221880


Protect free speech my ass. FBI doing this shit are just the shabbos goy patrol.

77424e  No.13221954

>>13220769 heh

classic one

8d1cdc  No.13221974


>FBI doing this shit

They aren't "doing this shit" because it's fucking fake you retard.

34f5be  No.13223444


>(61) posts of ITS FAKE REEEEE

>shilling the thread for a full 4 days straight

For argument's sake (I know you're a fed), in your words what would a real video look like?

000000  No.13223524



550365  No.13223578


these FBI agents were white and seemed nice people.

also they're just doing their jobs bros.

6f6dbd  No.13224324


I don't hate anyone or blame anyone or any bug (or glownigger) for being what it is. I feel sad if I kill a hornet- but I still kill it, because it makes the world better.

c708cf  No.13224458


>Where's the suits?

The point is to avoid unwanted attention, not to mention that they don't want you to feel too nervous.

Aside from really big higher ups/officers, feds are average people. Only people in big positions prefer to dress in classical clothes preferred by rich people, in this case it doesn't matter what country those higher ups are from, most of them like classical style, though there are exceptions. Young and middle age people mostly prefer to wear casual clothes, the fashion depends from the country of course.

Of all people I expected /pol/ not to be as dumb to believe that feds are some stereotypical suspicious guys in suits wearing shades. You have no excuse to see feds in this stereotypical way, even Snowden looked like an average guy. Military and agencies are two absolutely different things, each have their own specifics and agencies are much closer to civilian structures, just like any other government services/structures.

I don't know about USA, but in my country military is very strict, up to having very specific dress-code. Agencies like other government services/structures have a lot of liberties.


He wouldn't know, he's a low-life and on the bottom of the hierarchy. In fact I would not call him a fed, a shill is a literal nobody and does not belong to specific group.

34f5be  No.13228758


>Of all people I expected /pol/ not to be as dumb to believe that feds are some stereotypical suspicious guys in suits wearing shades

That's not the point, we get that. We're saying it's a bit shit the the feds can't even be bothered dressing for success. We know they're sloppy, that doesn't mean we aren't going to say something about it.

fa3295  No.13229101

File: 2e60d2807af7676⋯.png (423.54 KB, 697x625, 697:625, fred.png)

…. …. targeting dumb goys with fbi thot

8f34e8  No.13229110

AN account born on April 28th

Ha Muzzy lie found.

We know…

cae9af  No.13237375

honestly surprised more anons are not vaned

13dedf  No.13237656


I am vewy fwightened now. I have seen de wight anons.

I disavow all of my pwevious strwongly-held conwictions that I have aqwired in my search for the twuth behind the wies I fought I was told. Fwom now on, I will only beweive wot my leaders and betters tell me to beweive even if it contwadicts my weality and appears to destwoy my culture. That is just a miwage. Diwersity weally is stwength, Mr Sowos knows best and I am not weally being fucked in the ass by de ewites on a daiwy basis..

Bye, bye hatechan and bye, bye to your heartwess deceptions

e15eb4  No.13237660

File: 473ad2fa44472da⋯.mp4 (1.07 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Debra_Morgan.mp4)


Is this about that Deb FBI lady who showed her badge to the camera?

a1311d  No.13237665


Man, that show torpedo'd itself in the later seasons more than any other show I can think of. Absolutely disappointing.

d8248c  No.13237669

File: 6f556be6c119ed8⋯.jpg (53.22 KB, 960x720, 4:3, .jpg)


>I won't show it to anybody.

Worst! porn! ever!

02beda  No.13238136


I don't understand why you wouldn't answer "the jews really put my hair on end but I don't talk to anyone besides the strangers on an anonymous Mongolian throat singing fan forum."

d0a024  No.13238170

The moderation personally supports and endorses FUD tactic disinformation campaigns. Be scared, goy. Be afraid. The FBI is going to come after you for posting on imageboards! Nevermind the fact the actor playing the anon outright states it's because he doxed himself to the government by reporting a poster to the FBI, just like you nu/pol/ retards doxed yourselves to report women on the internet to the IRS to give ZOG money to use against you.

feae91  No.13238252


You do know that the FBI is not on our side so why even look to them for support? Fucking idiot.

feae91  No.13238254


Asking the right question.

feae91  No.13238264


However, they problem did a preliminary dox on him prior to meeting him, so pretty sure the FBI looked at his internet history. And why the fuck even talk to them without firstly telling them to fuck off and if that didn't work then bring a lawyer with you.

feae91  No.13238326

Wait…why are you video taping them (for proof they might do something illegal) as if they just randomly started interrogating you when YOU contacted them…? Fucking idiot. Fucking iphone recording everything idiot.

6f6dbd  No.13239013


That will probably happen more with the next few effort posts. They'll decide they have to do something, which will involve harassing a bunch of already paranoid and antisocial (but perhaps cowed) people, some of whom will snap.

59623f  No.13247045

I have nothing to say

f13aff  No.13247533

File: 7d112d0723707d4⋯.png (321.96 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 7d112d0723707d41be5e3903a8….png)



Luckily a local hero shot the informant/terrorist before he could do any damage. The FBI allowed it happen.


The families involved all got paid millions by the FBI.





The FBI are straight up traitors to America and our president Donald J. Trump, and they expect US to report threats to THEM? LOLOLOL you fucking glow niggers are hilarious. The FBI hates America. The FBI is a domestic enemy of American.

Remember, anons defend the constitution against all threats foreign AND DOMESTIC.

4fb8e9  No.13257034


So sick of the "intelligence community".

Why do mosques, commies groups and talmudic schools exist? They are all seditious groups.

FBI, CIA etc. should spend more time reading and researching and less time chasing boogiemen.

Thomas Jefferson, had a central intelligence agency. It was called his library. He knew muzzies were our sworn enemies simply by reading their book. Doesn't take AI super computers or 2 year investigations to figure out. Same with the Talmuud.

FBI and CIA went 8 years of Hussein with a poorly photoshopped Birth Certificate, forged government document. Meanwhile their harassing some Chan poster.

Intelligence Community is called the Library.

4fb8e9  No.13257046


There were said to be Agents that escorted the underwear bomber to the airport to make sure he boarded.

There was an FBI van monitoring the muzzie that went to Texas cartoon contest.

8d1cdc  No.13257050


The video is fucking fake you retard.

4fb8e9  No.13257129

Sir, I am not retarded. I assure you my chromosome count is completely normal.

I'll send the video through my forensics department and get back to you.

4fb8e9  No.13257197


Yeah, when's the last time you saw some Nigerian scam factory being raided. They give a total run around between all the agencies and don't help on nothing.

2f68aa  No.13275217

We live in the era of political repression.

641c89  No.13275237

Gonna be honest, I'm still not even sure what qannon is.

b5347e  No.13275245

File: 555939dc26b0d06⋯.jpeg (229.14 KB, 1125x767, 1125:767, 649AC53B-6B4C-46BD-9B7A-3….jpeg)

File: 183c9c3b70469bd⋯.jpeg (205.38 KB, 1051x756, 1051:756, B5CAC0BB-69FC-4038-ADEF-9….jpeg)

Saint Tarrant is the goat.

c32f1a  No.13275491


>the FBI are all boomer who don't think about the country as a whole and instead follow orders because that's where the money is

No the FBI is all jewish. that's why glompf had been wire tapped immediately after someone suggested he pee'd on a stripper.

1ceb8b  No.13275618


>lol hey guis look at me i talk to federal intelligence services XD

Good job.

e30098  No.13277141


Easy there partner, it’s rapport building. She & alphabet don’t gaf about your leet haxor skillz.

1d02cc  No.13277352

File: dfadda62accb890⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 468x402, 78:67, Stalin_nose.JPG)

imagine still thinking conservatives are the new anti-establishment counter-culture when you literally volunteer to become FBI informants

91b9cb  No.13277971

File: cdae00ea6bda742⋯.jpg (11.07 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1554618357563.jpg)


Honestly anon you shouldnt have spoken to them at all, not even a word beyond "no"

Theres a good chance they might spin tall tales with the yarn youve given them.

Keep yourself safe anon, we've already lost a few anons since the first exodus to alphabet soups and mossad. Dont be a statistic, you sound like a smart guy speaking to the feds aside it would be better to have you around for the great meme war next year and not on a watchlist where you get busted the same day you post an edgy pepe meme

Get a VPN and keep an eye out for suspicious activity around you

Stay safe out there ameribros

00240f  No.13278495

File: cda1113badcaafc⋯.png (576.36 KB, 697x1079, 697:1079, 555D9290-4B8E-4818-AB3C-56….png)


Kinda looks like a Jewess. What does /pol/ think?

91b9cb  No.13278862

File: 875b84334352f9f⋯.jpg (10.81 KB, 474x296, 237:148, Rage of the feds.jpg)



top fucking kek get fucked glowie. Just saying its fake doesnt remove your face from the video.

000000  No.13279002


They were just trying to be friendly and make OP feel more comfortable. It's basically ye olde "good cop bad cop" except the bad cop in this situation is their boss who insists they investigate things they don't really want to take seriously.


91b9cb  No.13279007

File: 6a84484b24bbbf6⋯.png (6.59 KB, 232x266, 116:133, 16a640f284da2da9d7b0c7d8af….png)





topkek, i love you guys no homo

9f5100  No.13279045

The easiest way to begin to determine the authenticity of the video would be to dox the "agents" and see if they are in fact glowniggers. I'm surprised no one has attempted it.

91b9cb  No.13279056

File: e1d72402088ccc8⋯.png (3.41 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


If the video is real and they are talking to a real anon their dox would check out

If it were fake, it would still likely be made by feds just that the anon would be a fed as well, so their dox should still check out

Unless you mean that they are mossad or something which I doubt based on their voice and faces

91b9cb  No.13279062


wew ignore that pic, was testing out the oekaki and forgot to clear it

000000  No.13279103


It's as safe as your VPN provider makes it. You're essentially transferring trust from your internet service provider (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, etc) to the VPN provider that you're using. Using a VPN located in a country that isn't a known participant of the five eyes surveillance program will go a long way to making it harder for the glow in the darks to subpoena them for your logs. If you use Tor then your VPN provider/ISP will know that you're using Tor but they won't know what websites you're visiting or what you're posting assuming you don't disable noscript everywhere and open up PDFs that could expose your real IP and whatnot.

Check out the /g/ wiki article on the matter for more info https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Anonymizing_yourself

9f5100  No.13279126


Good points. In that case I still think it would be a good starting point for unraveling this. Otherwise it'll be another two hundred posts of pointless back and forth. I'm leaning towards gay opp to sow fear after the recent effortposters but that is just my gut feeling.

d042bf  No.13279135


That's what happens when you're too retarded to use a vpn or tor, you fucking retarded subhuman

d042bf  No.13279165


>having such a low IQ that he actually thought Trump was not a kike when his fucking oldest daughter was married to a literal kike

Sounds like you're more of a turbo retard, you fucking disgusting subhuman imbecile

1fdaf1  No.13279169

This place is so broken obeisant that it treats serious posts as signs of mental illness. Given the audience, why not talk to the FBI? They’re likely better, less compliant people.

1fdaf1  No.13279172


Lol, this is what I come here to find. You really have no dignity, huh? Nothing in your head but the disgust response that enslaved you? Total defiance of all nice things forever? What would change you?

7a62e4  No.13279187

File: d4340f1919d1ef7⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 283x352, 283:352, USA USA USA.jpg)


I'd say the whole thing is an elaborate "we're watching" intimidation program targeted at anyone who watches the video. The anon who is recording works for the FBI. So, everyone in the recorded video is FBI. Further, the man recording openly says he has called the FBI in the past to report something during Trump's election. So, there is already an established connection between FBI and this individual. Further still, the two FBI agents toward the end of the recording make the offer to become an official FBI informant. The real messaging displayed here is directed at the viewer of the video, not the man recording. So, in short… the FBI is letting anons know they are watching 8Chan, and the FBI would also like visitors of 8chan to become FBI informants.

That is all I see here.

e3f9a3  No.13279373


>fake glow nog is used as bait to fool anons from infinite to report.

>Glows know where the threat was made because they made it.

>now they monitor the IP that sent the report and know you use infinity

Possible method.

703a5b  No.13279455

File: d4540612a48c8cd⋯.png (405.54 KB, 406x720, 203:360, not the hottest bait they ….png)


Watch this

f647eb  No.13279509

File: a4dfaf507bb7bf5⋯.png (313.79 KB, 640x960, 2:3, expandtheimage.png)


>not replacing FBI with CIA

>living inside America

Sir, you are under arrest for talking trash about a government agency above the 1st amendment.

Hand over the memes now

000000  No.13279558


Most probable quick rundown is

>send a subpoena to 8chan requesting the IP address of X poster

>Find out who the internet service provider for X poster's IP is

>Send a subpoena to the ISP who services that IP address for internet traffic logs, find out who associated with that IP is most likely to be the poster in question (if you use an ISP owned router they no doubt are logging the MAC addresses of the devices sending requests to this site)

>with information from two subpoenas, feds conduct interview

>feds play stupid and pretend to know much less about you than they really do, will use concealed information to cozy up to you and make you more comfortable with them

>get ensnared in lie (even something as simple as "I don't plan on sharing this video with anybody")

>be held liable for prosecution under USC 1001 ( quick rundown: https://archive.fo/9rozD )

>get coerced into talking more to avoid prosecution under 1001

>open yourself up for prosecution under much more serious offenses than USC 1001 offenses

>become FBI's bitch

Using a VPN + Tor makes this process significantly harder on the glows than it otherwise would be. They'd have to talk to foreign governments to file subpoenas on your VPN provider, who will be able to give them nothing except the timeframe that you were using the Tor network even assuming they log everything.

e16c9c  No.13280790


This fuck is glowing like the sun. Fuckin arrogant try-hards always outing themselves. We arent normies here, faggot. Youre gunna have to be more subtle than that.

e16c9c  No.13280829



e16c9c  No.13280924

ed1af7  No.13280927

Why are we still bumping this bullshit. Why does the thread still exist.

902405  No.13280942

File: b2586a0c3a75cf6⋯.png (219.73 KB, 913x780, 913:780, ClipboardImage.png)


Have you guys seen this shit?

Antifa working hand-in-hand with huffpo and others to dox Identity Europa members to get them fired?


902405  No.13280958


Neo-Nazi Hipsters Identity Evropa Exposed In Discord Chat Leak


4ca278  No.13280981

Oh great, a thread about Iran comes up, the Q2-LARP sister thread gets called out, and one of the later big name players in Pizzagate gets (((suicided))), and all of a sudden this fake FUD thread that the compromised moderation exposed themselves as fed shills for leaving up gets necrobumped.

e15eb4  No.13280996

File: 6fb8f6f88c12d6a⋯.mp4 (2.06 MB, 640x480, 4:3, learn German.mp4)


Well hello…special agent.

63ac7c  No.13281009

File: 83de165940a92d7⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, niggeraidsfaggot.jpg)


>Being afraid of the government

LOL, the FBI looks like a bunch of retards in the video

80d66d  No.13282932

File: 0b4b502bf8398af⋯.png (56.59 KB, 403x448, 403:448, 1518812833485.png)

mr fbi man i was only joking about wanting to kill niggers pls i havent seen another person in months youre scaring me

4b8d23  No.13283129

File: 74ee9926422f26b⋯.jpg (308.94 KB, 562x665, 562:665, viv_send_mails.jpg)


> If you're ever visited by the FBI, you should be friendly and welcoming. You've got tons of leads they should follow up after all. A lot of israeli espionage is practically done in the open, and if the FBI is coming to you and taking you seriously as an informant, you've got a duty to let them know about all the perfidy taking place in Government/Finance/Business.


> Lying to the FBI is a Federal crime, Anon

If you're afraid of getting fake charges against you, send anonymous envelopes of printouts by physical mail to multiple agencies that would be interested in it. It works a hell of a lot better than anonymous emails. A pile of papers is harder to ignore.

If you have information about a felony, it is actually a crime not to inform on them.

b9e140  No.13290483

File: 062e5271847b986⋯.png (203.88 KB, 453x319, 453:319, chaos.png)

I just watched the video.

If this is a fake, it was done beautifully.

If it's real then, OH SHIT. They can come visit you for thinking you might know something?

I wouldn't trust a meeting with some cops unless I was able to wear a mask and they could never prove they were actually talking to me.

One small slip of the tounge to a clown, and you're in the slammer.

Who the hell wants to talk to anyone on duty where misspeaking could get you vanned.

I've learned enough dealing with cops that there is a million and one "little known" laws they can draw on to fuck you over for anything.

God bless this anon for recording this and putting yourself at risk for the sake of confirming what we all already knew.

Hey cop!? I honestly suggest you quit your job or else become a fully committed infiltrator Come talk to ME if you have any info on OTHER COPS, that are doing criminal shit. You make sure to give me a call if you hear anything okay? Here's my ID:


| Anon ID |

| Official |

| Type: non-boomer |



ce8940  No.13290508

File: 8a316104779359b⋯.png (133.91 KB, 314x300, 157:150, eJwNyssNwyAMANBdGIBPwDZkG2….png)

6f70b5  No.13290522

File: cb0a65ca926faeb⋯.mp4 (9.93 MB, 600x600, 1:1, 02. Ninth Xanax - Cucked T….mp4)


The things you learn at bingo.

006a8d  No.13290566

File: 254ba5fa55944fb⋯.mp4 (14.67 MB, 600x600, 1:1, result.mp4)


There's something about the left-hand path.

97324a  No.13290572

File: b67676d3fbf1467⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 420x400, 21:20, digits_signify.jpg)

cd49a6  No.13292117


What a gal….

a0adca  No.13292241


holy shit how many visits did they make? How many boomers from /qretard/ ended up getting visits?

000000  No.13294720


> How many boomers from /qretard/ ended up getting visits?


The FBI. Visiting Qtard boomers. Which means the FBI got all the Qtard bullshit "confirmed" from multiple sources and will now be desperately searching for the moles infiltrating the entire Deep State. The moles that don't actually exist outside of boomer fever dreams. Or do they? I guess you'll never really know, glowniggers.

> naziperfect.jpg

e796a6  No.13294758






This this this.

They will use these interviews to trip you up into lying to them, then use that to threaten and blackmail you into informing on people. Its a felony to lie to feds, and they determine whether you have lied based on what THEY have written down about you. This is not a joke. Dont be an idiot.

3c3821  No.13294810


>Handled better than OP, but still not perfect. Again, it's fine to let them talk for a bit but in terms of what you say it should be nothing other than "I don't know" or "I don't recall". Learn to be the gray man, you shouldn't appear to have any personality, conversing with you needs to be like talking to a wall.

Yep, I've done this with cops and it works remarkably well. It's important to also not give hard denials either. A hard denial can be used as a wedge to try to break your story but "I don't remember" or "I don't think so" is such a vague denial that it gives them no window for attack.

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