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HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

df9d95  No.13270664

>Arthur's Mr. Ratburn Comes Out as Gay, Gets Married in Season 22 Premiere

>Arthur now retconing characters sexual orientations and race to fit progressives agendas


901669  No.13270670

Reminder that Francine is a nigger jew.

87904b  No.13270671


>caring about shitty public access cartoons

almost as bad as being a weeb

df9d95  No.13270686

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>/co/ faggots are report posts pointing out it’s clear ratburn been straight throughout the series

>/co/ mods are banning them for pointing out the Times ratburn dated women/implied he has girlfriends

Honestly. We give tumblr too much credit. A lot of modern SJW faggoty got started on /co/.


df9d95  No.13270687


>Reminder that Francine is a nigger jew.

Which it’s self a retcon. It was clear she was suppose to be black in earlier seasons.

24bf69  No.13270693


Wait I got a very good parody of Arthur, I think everyone here would like it… give me a sec I need to get it out a 1 hour long compilation.

2fa321  No.13270697


Any proof she's Jewish aside from her last name?

901669  No.13270702


Five fucking seconds of searching.


2fa321  No.13270730


Thanks. I remember Rugrats being Jewish (the creator is a Jew, hence the toilet humor) but not anyone in Arthur.

000000  No.13270734

It's still airing? Also (((Ratburn))).


I remember the kike shit but was she really a nigger too? I guess she is some kind of monkey ape creature. The thing that never made sense to me was Brain making the smart one a nigger was highly laughable I thought he was a pajeet or something.

f042f9  No.13270759

Executive producer(s)

Marc Brown (Season 10–present)

Micheline Charest (Seasons 1–4)

Carol Greenwald

Peter Moss (Seasons 5–6)

Lesley Taylor

Toper Taylor

Pierre Valette


Ronald Weinberg (Seasons 1–4)

Cassandra Schafhausen

Lesley Taylor

Greg Bailey

Diane Dallaire

Tolon Brown

Spot Shlomo.

f425a8  No.13270764

File: 9e2a9b344a50eee⋯.png (730.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Light unto the gentiles.

df9d95  No.13270766


Ironically Jews hated the rugrats back in the day for being too traditional

8ac545  No.13270826


That's a lotta matzo.

fe00f2  No.13270838

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

412852  No.13270863


You don't belong kike.

df9d95  No.13270883


Whatever reason. Jews don’t like normal kids learning about Jewish humors.

30f6f8  No.13270940

how is this show still going

000000  No.13270946

Public Talmudvision was a mistake, it's nothing but trash.

2f53ce  No.13271008

Great, even Arthur has been fagged up now. As someone with younger brothers I've seen my fair share of modern day children shows being churned out by kikewood these days. While they've been pushing race mixing in these shows for a good couple of decades now, they've been openly promoting faggotry and trannyism in recent years. It's pretty much just girls who are dumb enough to be influenced by it, boys are disgusted by it and another kike plan is going to backfire severely.

166dc3  No.13271025


Well this isn't the first time something related to Arthur was pozzed up. There was also that one Postcards from Buster episode of some kid having two dykes for parents.

b3e28a  No.13271049

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Found the Video

Worth 5 minutes of your time.

cd4ca2  No.13271054

File: 53b04ade4673138⋯.jpg (244.51 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, o-MICHELLE-OBAMA-facebook.jpg)

Hey look im about to xray through nigger tits.

Thanks for giving me the opposite of everything I asked for

ebfd52  No.13271063


Shit, I remember that

df9d95  No.13271071


Okay. This is pretty Kino

b3e28a  No.13271094

File: ae34e8abced501d⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey Faggot!

Stop sending me this Call of Duty shit.

Last year I had to suck 3 dicks to get store credit.


Your worst fucking nightmare

fa99f2  No.13271119

File: 071d68eb1d0a613⋯.png (47.6 KB, 226x196, 113:98, stu rape face.png)



From a Rugrats story board.

000000  No.13271130


Daily reminder the reich rose before television, television magically appears under the years of "de-nazification" and boomers.

Television is literal programming.

fa99f2  No.13271139

File: 7d5e9bbf25158af⋯.jpg (20.32 KB, 480x640, 3:4, hitler superhero.jpg)


Just imagine all the neat programs we'd have if the TV was around during the 3rd Reich. Sitcoms about a happy aryan family dealing with their silly neighbors, etc.

8a7fe0  No.13271151


What are you talking about? Jews were behind all of the early nickelodeon originals. They basically set the standard for the gross out humor with the cheapest bottom of the barrel Korean animation you can get that has been American cartoons since the 90s

7d3684  No.13271177


Anon took a lot of time to find this shitb

df9d95  No.13271205


>From a Rugrats story board.

Nickelodeon always been full of pedophiles long before pizzagate. John k and recently projared all worked for Nickelodeon.

df9d95  No.13271215

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What are you talking about? Jews were behind all of the early nickelodeon originals.

Rugrats actually draw kikes realistically. As in jews were ugly and big nosed in rugrats.

cd4ca2  No.13271220


ok kill the nazis you people are fucking useless

521fad  No.13271223

I saw those miérdas when I went to school cuck

7dabf3  No.13271239

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cd4ca2  No.13271255

Ok so im about to post Obama's wifes tits on the internet and theres no response?

Is that about right? That seems a little… off.

cd4ca2  No.13271261

Is that the height of your fucking AI? Im about to post tits of the first black presidents wife and you've got zero responses? Its just le pepe clown meme?

Seriously you might need to fucking kill yourself

b51c98  No.13271262


LOL No fucking way. They're literally begging for a civil war now. :)

cd4ca2  No.13271265



b51c98  No.13271267


Let me guess, you're a tranny?

d70384  No.13271275

File: c29984398c3d644⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1547x919, 1547:919, pbs pride month.png)



df9d95  No.13271281



ADL thought rugrats would create a generation of Nazis


dc100b  No.13271311

Nice to know that kikes are ripping apart and shitting on things I watched religiously in my childhood now. Why does this even need to be on television? We need to go the way of Russia and stop the spreading of the homosexual agenda to minors. It’s not natural and it’s dirty.



42ced0  No.13271312


That’s why Muffy was always best girl.

d70384  No.13271332

File: d96e4192f5a5ac0⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1360x944, 85:59, Ydrk9eG.jpg.png)


nope arthur's mom is best girl

cd4ca2  No.13271375


Actually im a Nazi fucker because you idiots aren't smart enough to use my symbols correctly.

Im about to side with disney

6f9a64  No.13271378

File: f0e0b4024c4bffa⋯.png (568.93 KB, 960x693, 320:231, Hobby.png)


They're partly right:

It had nothing to do with Rugrats

cd4ca2  No.13271458


Im going to abandon the alt-right if you cant send me a female companion.

I need it for 10,000 reasons that have nothing to do with sex.

901669  No.13271468


Why the fuck should we care about you, jew?

cd4ca2  No.13271477


I can unite the churches as a unified force for military purpose.

cd4ca2  No.13271482

It would be required to overwhelm a multinational mind controlling shit fuck like verizon

07ff94  No.13271522

File: f84e58f54b3312a⋯.png (3.19 MB, 1595x880, 29:16, whi.png)

Cartoons are important

While we are literally under invasion

779b88  No.13273256


>public access


1e48dc  No.13273298


I got this firepit in my backyard where I burn rainbow flags and talmuds. It's one of the greatest ideas anyones ever come up with. Burn the symbols so they never actually become those objects like if the definitions come out right, a gay pedophile.

d43371  No.13273316


0007f8  No.13273357


Wasn't Mr. Ratburn part of some faggy rockband?

779b88  No.13273506


So you purchase "symbols" you hate just to burn them? Funding undesirables who promote the ideals you disagree with?

How fucking stupid are you?

55c829  No.13273508


the power of edginess defeats logic

000000  No.13273527

To me it's a positive for us, the jew rat turns out to be a cock sucker and pedo picking jobs to get close to kids just like a typical baby dick suckin yid.

350f6b  No.13273661


Kekked harder than I should've tbh

8fc150  No.13273691

File: d86852247aa774e⋯.gif (811.49 KB, 355x355, 1:1, Tactical Spurdo.gif)


Hey /pol/, instead of whining about some cancerous creation from leftists why don't we make our own animated content ?

Surely we could crowdfund something ?


This nigga understands.

5a0cef  No.13273708

Watch as the (((mods))) anchor the thread but do nothing about the schizophrenic bot spamming it.

1376da  No.13273711


You better steal them or get them for free, otherwise you’re just being jewed out of your hard-earned money

000000  No.13274157


I'd rather my kids watch Dudley Moore hammered. Oh wait, they have a show now, Drunk History.

cff344  No.13275374

File: ac41b1fb74c2c84⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 136.86 KB, 405x654, 135:218, ratburn.png)

Ratburn fanart

b6a586  No.13276326


fuzzy cocks in ratburn's ass

120206  No.13276767


>Brainwashing kids with gay jew liberal marxist propaganda is taken up to 11.

When will this stop? This horror needs to end.

8cdc3c  No.13278919

I could swear there was an episode where ratburn goes on a date. Memory isn't very clear though. Some one should stream episodes so that we can record any contradictions or retconning. They've either kept this option open FOR 22 YEARS, or they're pulling it out of their ass.

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