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File: 10c81e7d9e388b3⋯.jpg (42.1 KB, 960x872, 120:109, HAKENKREUZ.jpg)

fbab26  No.13273071


The symbol of National Socialism and therefore the symbol of the Aryan people themselves IS THE HAKENKREUZ (Swastika)

The Black Sun is also a sacred symbol of the Aryan Man and should by all means be used… But NOT in the place of the HAKENKREUZ.

To Optics Cucks: Do you truly think, especially after it's use by Saint Tarrant being covered by (((mainstream media))) so thoroughly that it will make a single bit of difference in 'muh optics' to use the Schwarze Sonne in the eyes of normalshit? No, of course it won't. You will still be an EBIL NAHTZEES. Hence, the use of the Black Sun in place of the Hakenkreuz is not only disrespectful to National Socialism, it is POINTLESS and COWARDLY.

The Führer on the Swastika:

>>"As National Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work."



If you call yourself a National Socialist and insist on using the Black Sun or other similar symbols in place of the Hakenkreuz, regardless of your reasoning, then you are doing it wrong.


6f2218  No.13273105


>then you are doing it wrong

>being effective is doing it wrong

Sorry anons, I wish it weren't so, but the swastica is pretty much poisoned. Let it go and let's fight other battles.

Saging for gay OP.

fbab26  No.13273144

File: c50f7ae42978936⋯.gif (160.02 KB, 1180x927, 1180:927, 1556768488009.gif)




12a156  No.13273158


>don't come up with new symbols so we can easily find you

Huh, 2 antifag threads in the span of 5 minutes.

Global Report

fbab26  No.13273378


That's your excuse for debasing National Socialism by not using the Hakenkreuz, it's symbol created by The Führer?

Go back to cuckchan

fbab26  No.13273468

File: 83430e2f55ccf48⋯.gif (157.97 KB, 300x183, 100:61, Bandiera_animata_flag_Germ….gif)





17d2fc  No.13273514

The Black Sun is good but it is specifically a symbol of Germanics, as the Triskelion is of Celtics, the Kolovrat is of Slavs, etc. But the Swastika is the symbol of all Aryans united together. We cannot abandon it.

fbab26  No.13273537


This is exactly my point, kamerad. You are right that we cannot abandon it, especially not for 'muh optics'. It doesn't matter what you use, you will be hated by kikes and their brainwashed shabbos goyim.


95729e  No.13273546

The fuherer also said not to be stuck on the past op.

You should let it go and get a new symbol that redefines national socialism in the modern era.

090a28  No.13273578

File: 2eaaf1b33057d5f⋯.jpg (812.04 KB, 509x3749, 509:3749, *`.jpg)


>svastika == nazi

fuck off faggot

svastika is a natural symbol

fbab26  No.13273584


The Hakenkreuz is timeless. It was timeless when The Führer chose to use it as the symbol of National Socialism and it is still timeless. Whatever quote you are referencing was not about the swastika in this regard.


95729e  No.13273590



Go away subversive.

fbab26  No.13273591


No shit, retard. Did you read the quote from The Führer in OP? The red white and black Hakenkreuz is the symbol of the Aryan Man and National Socialism.

Also no one said 'nazi' you disingenous kike.

95729e  No.13273595


Many national socialists disagreed you shouldn't pick up the symbol but for different reasons, it was a symbol for the germans, it may be universal that is true but there is many universal symbols that isn't just the swastika.

A new hitler would obviously approach these things differently.

a2a2f3  No.13273603

Socialism is a made up word, the old english term for it is society so it's actually national society. Are you people fucking retarded or what?

95729e  No.13273608


Society is also a made up word what's your point?

52ba60  No.13273613

larpy d and c thread

a2a2f3  No.13273616


your ist and isms is driving you into a loop and it's created a loop in your brain that repeats itself, correct the definition and look at everything outside your window. its already there.

fbab26  No.13273624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Führer on the Swastika:

>>"As National Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work."

There is nothing exclusively German specifically. I would argue the Black Sun is more exclusively Germanic than the Hakenkreuz. The radiant renaissance of National Socialism The Führer predicted before his death is happening now and on a worldwide stage thanks to today's technology, on a scale which The Führer would probably never have imagined possible. The Hakenkreuz IS National Socialism and the true standard of the Aryan people.

We are it's standard bearers in the 21st century. We should keep it held high and proudly at that. The motivations for anyone who doesn't wish to use it are either cowardice or they shills who are actively trying to steal this symbol more completely than they already have.



a2a2f3  No.13273641

fbab26  No.13273645


Also the subtitles on this are godawful but nonetheless it is the still the powerful end scene from Hans Westmar

95729e  No.13273654


>in a loop


52ba60  No.13273657


hes being stubborn and queer

743b66  No.13273662


You're either a payed agitator or you never understood "Mein Kampf". the reason why Hitler played the Führer role, why they all dressed up provocative, why the massive military marches, why the Roman/Greek symbolism, why the large assemblies and speeches, and why the swastika was so bright in colors is because of religious indoctrination. Thanks to that Hitler had to use idolatry to sell his Weltanschauung to the masses, otherwise they would not have followed him. The masses demand spectacle, they will not follow the ugly truth, they need to believe the pretty lie first.

The last thing anyone should take away from Hitler is the idolatry, because since it's all fake anyway, the jews have easy pickings taking down any attempts to use or mimic it. You really only need the 14 words and nobody can take those away, no matter how hard they try.

95729e  No.13273665


Hitler said to prepare for the coming man that their would be a huge revival of national sociali but never said the swastika would be used or any other symbols for that matter.

95729e  No.13273674


No that is not the reason he did it, he tried to re awaken the spirit of the germans and it helped and had results. Hitler didn't like idoltry or worship and thought shit like it is LARPing tier.

a2a2f3  No.13273678


communism, facism, communist, facist

break the ist and ism off

commune, fasces

Commune defined: a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.

Fasces defined: a bundle of rods with a projecting axe blade

Society defined: the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

The definitons your espousing are already there.

c6841c  No.13273683


You realize waving a flag isn’t going to win anyone over no matter the symbol?

52ba60  No.13273685

what is with all these mutt Eiropean women and fake Euro women walking around trying to offer me up to Africans and queers?

c6841c  No.13273706

File: d79d64713a954ac⋯.jpeg (104.67 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, A1AA3B04-4A7C-46EB-91A3-3….jpeg)


>Good aesthetics and pagan symbolism is adultery

Piss of Christfag. Not everything has to be as dull and uninspiring as your godly temples.

743b66  No.13273796


>awaken the spirit of the germans

Awakening the spirits my ass. It was the SA who awakened the German "spirit" when they crushed commie skulls for all to see. Hitler made it perfectly clear that the masses had to be deceived, otherwise they would never rise up. (don't ask about the quote, I haven't read it in years). Anyway do you think a guy spending 4 years in hell to become a hardened veteran of a pointless war, and someone who spends hours discussing political rhetoric in the beer halls…you think he liked playing the dressed up fool, barking lowest common denominator orders to the masses? He did it because it needed to be done. He had to play the show, otherwise they would've never followed him into the horrors that followed.


What about "religious indoctrination" was not direct enough about my way of thinking? Also when you say "uninspiring" you're proving my point…because that's another word for deception.

59f583  No.13273798

fbab26  No.13273802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The SA marches with calm, steady step.

Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries

March in spirit within our ranks!

Clear the streets for the brown battalions,

Clear the streets for the storm division!


The day of freedom and of bread dawns!

For the last time, the call to arms is sounded!

For the fight, we all stand prepared!


The time of bondage will last but a little while now!


The SA march with quiet, steady step.

Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries,

March in spirit within our ranks!

95729e  No.13273846


I don't know if it's all a play, thing is hitler successfully had people return to their roots and beauty, but lets agree to disagree.

743b66  No.13273889


>hitler successfully had people return to their roots and beauty

Because he did, because he didn't had bad intentions. Never the less he had to work inside the framework of 2000 years of religious indoctrination that made the people into mindless drones who are heavily susceptible to symbolism and worshiping false idols (idolatry). he used this circus to sell his Weltanschauung (NS) and they followed him unconditionally.

That's the thing everyone has to understand today…we all are subconsciously falling for idolatry, especially as atheists, because those thousands of years imprinted this religious doctrine onto everyone. Our entire way of life is defined by this and the jews have build capitalism in a way that sells these temptations, which is why atheists are the most fundamentalist followers of capitalism. Why? Because atheist have nothing else to direct their urges on, so the jews came in and started to sell them materialism, which is full blown hedonism, which is the way they sculpt the world around us. Communism, feminism, liberalism, globalism, satanism etc. are all hedonistic ways of life for the followers. These are the perfect slaves, because they would do anything to get what they (think) they want.

743b66  No.13273892


>Because he did,

Of course he did

fbab26  No.13273945

File: 34ce774b7376857⋯.mp4 (10.95 MB, 480x360, 4:3, media.io_videoplayback.mp4)

Es schau'n aufs Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon Millionen!

157e69  No.13273956

File: db57c9fc58cdd64⋯.jpg (437.9 KB, 1000x681, 1000:681, children3oji928kc5376mywsm….jpg)

https://invidio.us/watch?v=GTN_oC3ERHA linked because "file already exists" blah blah. But the main quote is:

>"You can use whatever symbol you like… …but if you publicly champion racial ideas, sooner or later you will be branded with the swastika"

Basically, we're already using the swastika, it doesn't matter which symbol we use, all the normie will ever see is the Swastika, and all the racially aware person will see is also the swastika. Everybody knows what game is being played, so why not bear the truth upright and without any attempt to measle around the question?

If we were able to redeem the swastika it would be the greatest triumph of all. We could do it not by waving it around like turds but by associating it with culture, heritage, honor, family, and community. Build "Ebil Yahzee" organizations that simply help white communities. You see a gradual awakening of racial awareness in the White American man at the very least, and as long as anything (((right))) of communism is National Socialism, why not go full bore anyway?

The way I see it is that any movement that would preserve the white race will be seen as "Nazi", so why not take that momentum and use it? Yes, we use the Swastika, we believe in values, we believe in white people.

e645a6  No.13273970

White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites


743b66  No.13273985

File: 9178c8352b064cf⋯.jpg (20.23 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Cross.jpg)


Because the evil symbol that is killing the "white" race is not the swastika is this one…it literally represents the tombstone of all whites across the earth, because accepting it made us loose our own identity, which was always nature.

e645a6  No.13274006


So then walk around with a swastika necklace and bumper sticker in your car faggot and STFU.

2fc935  No.13274059


This, only a fool would die under the Swastika today. The average white republican supporter still sees their grandparents as heroes for shooting Nazis. You show up looking like one then game over. Your arguments will be rendered invalid, and any sympathetic politician will distance themselves.

We must focus on survival. Our enemies want re-distributive taxes based on race. They want to rob us of our wealth and give it away to people who hate us. We don't get free college but blacks with lower grades and equal household income do? what the fuck. These are policies we have to fight, and they are policies that never existed in Germany so the Nazi party never officially had a stance on them.

Moreover, we can even accomplish a level playing field and fair policies towards us without any racial slurs or hate. At this point we are not trying to prevent a demographic shift anymore, demographics already shifted. We are trying to prevent South Africa style white genocide.

This means we must be sympathetic, we must gain support from as many people as we can. I disavow the Nazis entirely, I will not be seen with a Swastika, I will not say anything positive about Hitler. Because I know in embracing Nazi symbolism and speech, I will condemn every battle we have left. I will make enemies of other whites, and I will cause non-whites to unite against us. We are a minority now, we could not take on that battle when we weren't back in the 30's. It's over. It lost. We are in different times and we're fighting merely for fair policy at this point.

My kid deserves the same benefits going to college as a black kid of the same income and intelligence yet we are far from that. We will soon be powerless in a system that is stacked against us in every conceivable way and totally at the mercy of groups that hate us. We must change policy to be fair before that happens. We cannot afford to drive away a single politician from fair policies by polluting it with Nazi rhetoric. We know for a fact every last politician in DC will put being re-elected ahead of helping whites. Fair is the only policy we can realistically fight for from within the system.

If you are not going to join that cause then you are against whites even if you think you are for us.

743b66  No.13274060


Read what i said before. All symbolism was entirely corrupted by the abrahamic religions. If you use any, you are following hedonism and the jews have a field with you. Your last resort of "traditional" symbolism are your nation and country flags and the jews are trying to dismantle those as we speak in Europe, where the EU flag is pushed above all others, which will result in the destruction of the individual countries.

4f612c  No.13274115


older i get the more i agree, watching bozos like e michael jones running around the circuit talking about logos and his jewish son of god worship are cringe as fuck - we cannot WIN against the enemy while we worship one of them. i'd much rather speak about the greek pagan notion of logos that the jewish john the apostle stole it from, so very tiresome

000000  No.13274123


People waving this flag in public are FBI agents and LARPS. If you want to fly the red Swastika flag, wave it on your own lounge room. There is plenty of other pro white symbols based on the sunwheel such as the blacksun etc which we can use which doesn't have the stigma attached to it the swastika does. That is the right path going forward.

a13c06  No.13274129


Ken. My bumper sticker says my boss is an Austrian painter. I wear a hakenkreuz or othala on my clothing from time to time. Maybe you're just a limp wristed faggot.

804bc4  No.13274134


nice try schlomo

743b66  No.13274184


>e michael jones

Don't ditch him tho he is spot on with all the rest.


That is actually so close to the real truth it would blow his mind if he was just open enough to drop his indoctrination for a second. Jones himself often calls logos the natural order, and that's what it all is about. The natural order are the laws of nature, the fundamental rules of everything that exists, and religion was created hide these laws and create the laws of men instead. All the laws of men are lies, either exactly the opposite of the natural laws or slightly corrupted to make the human race exploitable to anyone that knows the original laws.

Let me tell you about how the few got control over the many…

1. Ownership - guy has an apple, another wants it. Conflict happens.

2. Leadership - I'm the boss, gimme that apple. Conflict happens.

3. Laws - You must give me that apple for this is how it's meant to be. Conflict happens.

4. Law enforcement - gimme that apple by law or these guys will kick your ass. Conflict happens.

At this stage the violent response towards the one seeking control of the other was forced back as far as possible, but the huge size of civilizations still created too much collateral damage of slaves defending their goods. So the question was raised "how can we make them "believe" to give us their shit for free?

5. Religion - the deity speaketh "share those riches for free and in return you get as many empty promises as you want"

This is where natural law took over and created a circle. To catch all the non believer, who didn't fall for the obvious scam, the controllers forced them together with terms like atheists or infidels. thereby creating division between the groups. Fast forward and thousands of years of religious indoctrination, have crept into the subconscious structure of everyone, and the atheists are now naturally longing for the same natural traits of superstition, faith and morality, but unlike the religious fools they don't have anything to direct it on. But what's that the jews are selling? Capitalism? Materialism? Idolatry? Symbolism? Tada…the atheists became the most fundamentalists group of worshipers of them all. Materialism over everything.

6. Materialism - The hedonistic way of attributing worth to items aka Ownership. And the circle closes.

The concept of god and every way they describe him actually describes nature itself, and so the deity/god became a roadblock that changed the natural concept of acquiring knowledge into the human trap of believing a lie. The concept of god in nature is called a superstition, and every superstition in nature (blizzard, mirage) is temporary, because it's directly followed by curiosity, which will natural lead to knowledge. The human concept of god means the end of all answers, and the start of unconditional believe.

4f612c  No.13274201


it is more than just the natural laws of cause and effect although it is part of it. logos is the nous, also the universal soul of nature and creator of the cosmos as the demiurge in a non (((gnostic))) setting, the first self aware being, the perfect, the good - likewise each person has their own logos which reincarnates across many lives and personalities. this is the perennial aryan doctrine surmised so well by our ancient philosophers, more importantly it is an experiential understanding so it is also beyond logical reasoning while it does contain them, this is what e michael jones misses in his catholic hypnosis.

e00264  No.13274210

They use the black sun because they hate Hitler and consider the "right-wing Jew" as an ally.

fbab26  No.13274239


>>b-but muh opticssssss




fbab26  No.13274252


Really could not have said it better myself. This is the truth and this is WHY we proudly bear the Swastika. Normalshits and Bolshevik kikes ALREADY see it when they look at us.. so why abandon it out of cowardice?

59f583  No.13274266

Reminder that PRcucking used to be a ban until this new group of (((mods))) took over

743b66  No.13274273


>creator of the cosmos

All in your head. Nobody you ever knew left this ecosystem. Meanwhile all creation on earth can be explained with natural laws and evidence in nature (The sum of all things = creation).

>each person has their own logos

That is also not true, because the natural order are fixed set of rules between two opposites (birth and death). Everyone and everything has to follow them, because they are rules of existence itself. There is no individual freedom in this order, it applies to everything the same way.

>reincarnates across many lives and personalities

The natural law behind this is "the circle of life". Birth, death, dissolving into core materials, becoming part of all other life Therefore all dead becomes part of all living. I wouldn't call that reincarnation and personality has nothing to do with this at all.

2fc935  No.13274278


Go wear a swastika to primarily white and conservative places and see what happens. fucking argue with them. I already support pro white policies and blatantly talk about it. You don't need to convince me to care about my group. See for yourself how that works out.

1e575d  No.13274280


When I look at the swastika, all I feel is pure, raw power. What an immensely powerful symbol.

cdeac3  No.13274282

it means race traitor

4f612c  No.13274284


then this isnt true teaching of pagan logos this is semitic catholic logos

fbab26  No.13274287


Why would I go talk to cuckservative boomers to begin with? If you want to be pro-white and you drop pro-white redpills in your daily life then I applaud you, but you are not a National Socialist.

fbab26  No.13274298


>>Oy very goyim don't you know Hitler killed 10 trillion whites!?

Sup SHITLER spamming slavnigger? I knew you would show up since you do in literally every thread The Führer or National Socialism is even mentioned with this kikery.

2fc935  No.13274308


Because without them you have no real change. You're just a keyboard warrior doing nothing.

I'm pro white and I do drop redpills and it costs me friends sometimes, but I don't need to be a "national socialist". We don't have that luxury. It would be nice, but one step at a time. We don't even have fair policies towards us yet. We aren't getting a white ethnostate in the US when we can't even get fair job offers. You can't skip right to the end game. We have a lot of convincing to do before Hitler is even seen in a positive light. Most Americans have no idea what the Wiemar republic even was.

000000  No.13274339

>swastika is bad optics

>it's a symbol of white people

>being white is bad optics

<don't use the swastika ebil huwite only jews, feds and untermensch can use it

>you'll have your life ruined if you use the swastika

>you'll be the enemy if you use the swastika

>it's illegal to use the swastika

>whites are the enemy

at this point i don't see why it can't be used along side any numerous other symbols whites have used for a long, long time. if you do use it, just be prepared.

743b66  No.13274342


Of course it isn't. I don't follow any believe system, I follow truth and the only truth that can be found on this earth are the laws of nature."Believe" in nature is always just temporarily, followed by curiosity after which come knowledge. If anything in nature would just "believe" then it would severely lower it's survival odds, which would led to exploitation by predators. This is exactly what the aim of religions are; control over a large quantity of humans by making them vulnerable to exploitation. That goes for the semitic religions as well as the old pagan ones. Since the advent of religions the human bond with nature was systematically pushed away from each other, in exchange for rules, specifically designed to control each other. And by bringing a deity into it, and attributing the achievements of nature to it, they successfully hid the real laws away from humanity.

So what do they attribute to their deities? The creator of all life, creator of all the wonders in the world, the power that connects all living things, the one who makes the rules, the one who takes us in when we die. Hmm, interesting…where did I heard all that before? Oh yes, it totally describes NATURE itself. So what is nature? It predates the human species for millions of years, gives us evidence for all it's creations and wonders, it connects everything, we become part of it when we die, and it also gives us a fundamental set of laws that cannot be altered. In other words it represents ultimate truth, in a world full of human lies.

So what we have here is humans who were created by nature, who then created religions, created the concept of a god, and finally claimed the achievements of nature to the god, while using him as a roadblock to keep the natural laws a secret.

So why do they do this, how can you control others, without the laws of nature? By creating the laws of men and exploiting the everlasting shit out of the human species. Literally every step the controllers did, was a step away from nature. From replacing the nature based religions to the destruction of blood, race, cultures and nations. Always against nature and towards laws that they control by simply standing above them.

2fc935  No.13274343


More specifically, boomers and neocons have potentially 10-30 years left of influencing elections. When they die out so does our ability to singularly change anything. After boomers, policy will be at the mercy of other races.

Now is our best chance to get rid of affirmative action or the like. With Boomer help, we could obtain fair policies so we have a fighting chance post <50%.

f4e6f4  No.13274362

The most important thing at this point is results, if using it doesn’t hurt your results then use it, but if it does then don’t be a larpcuck

fbab26  No.13274501



Fuck boomers. They caused this mess to begin with.


You are a coward. Renouncing our symbols to achieves goals makes them hollow goals. Hell why don't we just all join the Republican party an vote too if it achieves results? Why not just disavow all our convictions if it attracts normalshits? This is madness.

5c65bd  No.13274525


>The average white republican supporter still sees their grandparents as heroes for shooting Nazis

These people aren't on our side so why would we care?

5c65bd  No.13274530


Look at the fedora on this kike.

743b66  No.13274590


I take insults only from anons who disprove my points. You don't deserve to insult me.

59f583  No.13274612


>semitic catholic

jews again trying to take credit for what isn't theirs, kill yourself

fbab26  No.13274925

File: 33d38c4cf0ef26d⋯.jpeg (167.27 KB, 718x1200, 359:600, 732232.jpeg)




b2871c  No.13275242


4f612c  No.13275268


catholicism is extremely jewed anon get real

4f612c  No.13275281


>jews take credit for christianity


>literally worships a jewish man

fe483a  No.13275305


That part will come later. Until the DOTR and The Final Victory of National Socialism most will still revile us. Even in Germany, there was an explosion in membership after 1930 (Known derisively by the Alte Kampfer or Old Fighters of the party as Septemberlings) and again after The Führer became Chancellor in 1933 (who were called Märzveilchen). The masses are always made up of a large number of these sort of fair weather friends. What we need now is revolutionaries and thinkers in this ever growing National Socialist awakening.

157e69  No.13275308

File: ed1300917bd04a6⋯.jpg (246.82 KB, 1400x938, 100:67, b885be5cf7656f267af6072346….jpg)


>I haven't read Mein Kampf or any book dealing with propaganda and mass movements

You don't convince people to join, they will join when you are capable of providing for them. People joined the NSDAP because they offered something irresistible, not because they coddled the masses and wheedled and pleaded with them. The NSDAP was at the time inflamatory and raw. They boldly declared their truth as the only truth and people followed them.

The difference between today and then is that we're not Weimar (yet), and Weimar Germany didn't have the police state and Big Brother internet squads doxxing and patrolling the online spheres as well. I think things will only get worse before they get better. Keep reminding them that we exist, and are the only option.

fe483a  No.13275319


Well said

This Anon sees things exactly as they are. The (Aryan) masses will come to us when finally things are at their worst and they realize the only cure for this planetary degeneracy is National Socialism

fbab26  No.13276732

File: 938172183470113⋯.jpg (159.37 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, hd-nazi-wallpaper_3308528.jpg)

File: 85fdb1734150708⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, DSC100658751.jpg)

File: ce0657e4883f1d1⋯.jpeg (9.5 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images (4).jpeg)





000000  No.13278542


1ab4a0  No.13278591


This waving a cool symbol and having cool aesthetics is not going to convince people to join.

There is a lot more work to do before people start accepting hitler and national socialism again.

009506  No.13278621


This faggot.

0b3fc7  No.13278712


Yeah our flag is definitely what is the problem. Not the fact that our movement is mostly made up of 20 year old virgins who want revenge for their life.

fbab26  No.13278722


You're thinking of Wizardchan

0b3fc7  No.13278757


Thank you for the recommendation this place is great

227d68  No.13278768


>Don't evolve and grow out of our controlled stigma

59f583  No.13278777


The masses follow the strong horse, not cucks like you, you're exactly the reason cuckservatives aren't on our side you practically are one yourself

59f583  No.13278786


>jews still taking credit for people who aren't theirs


0b3fc7  No.13278791


We must be of better character. That's why civilization is collapsing in the first place. We are no better than the rest of the degenerates we just have a cool name.

1ab4a0  No.13278979


No you dont you need at least 10% of the population.

a020c8  No.13287233


Anon, ALL of us are terminally infected by ZOG. This is why we must concentrate our efforts on killing the host. It is the only way we will ever be truly free.

44b706  No.13287581

For real though, can I cuck a little bit a run a circular one? It is a throwback to the sun wheel of our forbears also.

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