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File: 57d19a305be5834⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 752x440, 94:55, isaac-kappy.jpg)

d0ede6  No.13276964


This former actor was exposing pedophilia in Hollywood last year:


Just a coincidence he decides to commit suicide, right? He allegedly had a deadman's switch of some sort.

05281c  No.13276973


Hahaha haha QTARDS BTFO again

2ab19b  No.13276978

I recall his threads yes. No surprise he got (((suicided))) for exposing Pedowood jews.

428812  No.13276981

Dude seemed off the rails. Not sure if he got suicided or not

75faa6  No.13276982


I truly doubt jews are a global evil, it all seems so mean spirited. Stienfeld was an awesome comedy series.

05281c  No.13276989


>I truly doubt jews are a global evil, it all seems so mean spirited.

Get the fuck off this board.

7311e8  No.13277003

>On May 13, 2019 at 7:26 a.m., troopers were called to Interstate 40 eastbound at Transwestern Road (milepost 185) for a subject who forced himself off the Transwestern Rd. bridge onto Interstate 40

>forced himself off

that's a new one too me

1b3b76  No.13277010


He was a jew.

7311e8  No.13277015


wowie. q and trump and jesus

f6aa56  No.13277020


Judging jews off people you watch on TV where it's all modulated to make them seem charming and sweet is no way to go about it. You have to get down in the pit with them, meet the street criminal jews, the stock market jews, the money laundering real estate jews and so on. Date a few jew girls. Get to really know them.

You know I'm about as anti semetic as my hero Louis Ferdinand Celine but I'm pretty quiet and polite. I like to watch people, listen to what they say and a lot of jews seem to be attracted to me. The like me. But then as we get to know one another and my fundamental Roman Catholic (old style) philosophical world view comes to the fore (not the theology or religiosity but the fundamental monastic tradition of it) they quickly slip into flashes of anger and suspicious scorn for me.

PS Stop watching TV in general. Go live in the real world. That should be your education.

12ffff  No.13277025

f6aa56  No.13277050

So what is the final judgement on this jew?

Was he really sincerely trying to help children or was he either

1. just an attention whore jumping into the middle of a hot story to place himself in the spotlight at stage center, without any substance?


2. Was he muddying the waters and bringing disrepute on the investigators, making them look like they were all mentally unbalanced freaks like him to throw the masses off the scent, to queer the entire investigation?

7311e8  No.13277053


apparent witnesses to his suicide so the conspitards can stfu and gtfo

sad case all around. this is what happens when you join the cocaine hollywood shit hole.

1b3b76  No.13277071


I think he was probably just a mentally ill kike, who, to some degree, may have had good intentions. Just to be clear: there are no good jews, and I'm not implying any different.

f6aa56  No.13277077

File: 207760ffc32dccb⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 383x432, 383:432, glamor.JPG)

Kek, damn Hollywood is glamorous…

a9a202  No.13277089


both. he loved the spotlight & he also loved his drugs.

a51531  No.13277095

>exposing pedophilia

Oh, is that his excuse?

Filtered for conspiracy theorists moral panic.

a51531  No.13277111


>it's all modulated to make them seem charming

Really? Because it makes me intensely dislike them.

Seinfeld was a good show, but Jerry Seinfeld is a terrible stand up comedian. Americans must just have shit taste.

f6aa56  No.13277140


It's repulsive to you because you hate being manipulated. For example I'd wager canned laughter is annoying to you while it's cotton candy for NPCs.

And you have to even say that "Americans must have shit taste"??

They're enthusiastic patrons of McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle, Elizabeth Taylor movies and Michael Jackson music which back in the 80's they all from low to high society declared was "good for kids".

000000  No.13277151

I'm listening to Kappy's last video while typing this.

Kappy was, without a doubt, an impulsive, reckless, brazen, and emotionally susceptible person who had led a life ruled by depravity, sadness, regret, and ego. When he posted on halfchan about Seth Green, we suspected he was onto something. We vetted his data and submitted it to qresearch for them to digest. They validated his story and found all kinds of the hidden information. The Hollywood-led backlash against him was excessive.

What is often ignored about Kappy's original revelation on qresearch is this snippet right here: https://archive.fo/t2BPH#selection-19501.0-19501.103

>* Anyways, Tyler called a couple of days later and told me that he had spoken to John Brennan about me.

A month later, John Brennan had lost his security clearance.

I knew Kappy in this later part of his life. Scumbag, through and through. Roguish charm and a deeply unreliable character… but in the end, he knew that about himself and when presented with the opportunity to descend fully into the darkness, he resisted. I think his poor life choices and his questionable disposition made him appear as someone who could be easily corrupted. No one suspected he would pull the emergency cord when presented with unlimited debauchery. In that sense, he unintentionally did the scout work and infiltration of Hollywood that /pol/ should be doing and he did it without ever knowing it. He did it knowing he would make powerful enemies and he did it knowing he would die.

He genuinely wanted redemption from the life of shit he created for himself and that is why he took the suicidal leap into revealing the pedo networks of Hollywood.

What the people pressuring him to suicide don't know is that we've recorded his entire life the second he went public. We have the full data science signature of how he was suppressed across social media, the calls he received, the monitoring of his vocal tones over an entire year, every single person who has ever interacted with him, his GPS location… the works. Arizona police shut the case, which means we are free to retaliate at will right now. Kappy was surrounded by competent hackers when he went public and they collected -EVERYTHING- because they knew he would be targeted.

He was bait. He wanted to be bait. We enjoyed being bait. He knew how many people he would take down and loved every second of it. Kappy was ready to die for his redemption and found tremendous joy in knowing how many people he would bring down.

Who is kate_anon?

What did this mean? https://archive.fo/J0sK6

Kappy's revenge will be eternal.

f6aa56  No.13277153


No far from being propaganda of any kind. Rather, it's a serious inquiry into the dominant tribe that rules the western world economically, academically, culturally and financially. If you compare any society without the burden of their tribe on it to any society ruled over at all levels by it any decent person can see at a glance that wherever the jews go everything is rapidly turned to shit. They are remarkable for this reverse Midas touch.

fb0aa5  No.13277163



Well this thread didn't last long.


1b3b76  No.13277166


Hopefully more Qcumbers end up correcting their existences.

dfed65  No.13277170


>A painfuly unfunny shitstain with unlikable characters that bombards us with a chea laughtrack every 20seconds is somehow a 'good show'

Consider suicide

78e817  No.13277183

File: 7fbe7aea7032f40⋯.gif (128.17 KB, 167x157, 167:157, Well Done.gif)

Dead jew?

7311e8  No.13277189

holy those tom hanks twitter messages

i'm becoming a qtard now

f6aa56  No.13277198


Tom Hanks should have been killed by soviet tanks in Tiennamen Square driven by drunken mongols for having made Forrest Gump.

e74abf  No.13277225


Dead Jews is good news.

7311e8  No.13277229

oh shit he might have actually been the notorious "!!mG7VJxZNC" Q himself

there hasn't been a message since 12MAY which is the day before he made suicidal statements on periscope

7311e8  No.13277237


err the day he made suicidal statements and the 13th he was driving home from his mothers from new mexico

a8101e  No.13277250


Lads pls no bully, pls tell me someone here saw this

7311e8  No.13277256


boing coo coo

a8101e  No.13277259

Its like that taken movie.

a8101e  No.13277265

Theyre fucking shuting this shit down

4908a2  No.13277267


They scrubbed it again

a8101e  No.13277296


They keep deleting new 4cuck threads

a8101e  No.13277306



7311e8  No.13277307

all i can say is either there is something too satanic pedogate cultists or its the most brilliant mindfuck larp ever

e3c24c  No.13277317

Pedowood probably killed him.



a8101e  No.13277326

Did anyone here see that webem?

c7bb5b  No.13277330


I believe it's time the efforts of this board are focused on this subject again. It was PizzaGate that broke the internet, and got the censorship genocide launched.

There's obviously something to this, and they think we forgot, and moved on. They're getting lazy and arrogant again.

What's it going to take, lads? I'm fucking sick and tired of all of this shit going round, and round. I want serious results, damnit!

These fuckers still walk smugly among us with impunity.

7311e8  No.13277331


no whatever it might have been its also be scrubbed from 4plebs

was it dirty dick shit?

7311e8  No.13277337


i half believe it all to be a hoax in order to keep 'do gooder' nutters occupied with something unrealisable and unfixable instead of actual social problems like non-white criminality

004eb1  No.13277342



a8101e  No.13277345


It was little girls like under 7 yo dancing and washing off a stage in some turk temple. What the FUCK

Youre fucking with me, none of you faggots go on 4cunt? I thought it was a meme.

you guys this is bad

7311e8  No.13277350


apparently you mean this


some turkish harram at a beach resort. not a child sex cult. sorry

a8101e  No.13277355


7311e8  No.13277356


4cuck is 99% nonsense

i'd rather listen to coast to coast than half those threads

a8101e  No.13277361


I know, thats why i go there and larp as an alien most of the time kek.

But really.

This was a video of some litter grills washing off a stage and dancing


7311e8  No.13277362

although if you're committed to the child sex cult theory than having george clooney on their frontpage is the clincher

a8101e  No.13277371

It wasnt cp, they were in weird skimpy togas though

a8101e  No.13277373

You mother fuckers think im shitposting.

7311e8  No.13277378


you fucking retard i posted it up the thread

7311e8  No.13277379


if you're looking for something in the digital world you're going to find it no matter what it actually portrays

a8101e  No.13277381


Fuck anon im sorry. Im freaking out

7311e8  No.13277383

why the fuck would youtube delete all his videos though?


a8101e  No.13277391


Did you see it?

004eb1  No.13277393


calm down. think rationally.


someone wants to hide something, or perhaps he had an arrangement to have his channel deleted upon his death. given his last video and the ig posts that seems unlikely, however.

f5e8d8  No.13277401

File: 000ac238501373d⋯.png (502.37 KB, 600x598, 300:299, 1557903962157.png)

File: 616c3c623015808⋯.png (1.99 MB, 3600x3634, 1800:1817, 1557903661564.png)

Anyone wonder if the July 4th date of this year means the files will be dropped on independance day?

I find it crazy how the investigation into a hidden basement ended at police doing a sweep and that was it. Theres multiple methods for locating a secret basement including GPRS or looking for hot cold signatures in flooring through the use of off the shelf infrared cameras like the one FLIR makes.

I doubt they would have ever been able to scrub the location of evidence without filling the basement with concrete. Something I doubt has even happened to this day.

The place will never get demolished in our lifetimes.

1b3b76  No.13277405


It's apparently some new Q LARP date, when, of course, nothing will happen.

f6aa56  No.13277419

File: c41aac9c2e955d6⋯.jpg (7.32 KB, 239x250, 239:250, 1557891586892s.jpg)



He looks like Jordan Peterson.

7311e8  No.13277421



check the land records

of course "they" could have covered them up

its all hyperbolic bullshit

you and other qtards wouldn't do anything if a child were being ass raped in front of you

just wanna act like you're into some major shit in mommies basement after tendie thirty

1d17f5  No.13277472


Where's the rest of the killswitch and what does it lead to? Is there a zip that's password locked, or how does this work?

000000  No.13277507


LOL good catch! Totally does.

Looks like Juden Peterstein in a jewfro wig.

All these kikes are inbred scum.

b6e07f  No.13277513

Why does q trigger nazi democraps so hard?

7311e8  No.13277561


this is honestly harder to listen to than bjork blowbrains man

a51531  No.13277567


Why does logic trigger trumptard lolbergs?

7311e8  No.13277568

he keeps apologizing in his last video

i think he was the 4chan Q man

took 10s of thousands in donations and blew it on ice and hookers probably

bf2548  No.13277573

Dead jews good news. Always.

7311e8  No.13277577


supposed last convo

its a trainwreck and i wanna figure this shit out

7b254d  No.13277604



fucking opsec, dude

be less sloppy with your screencaps

you really should have edited the (you) in the screenshot, now there's a link between your tor node and the 4shit post, you moron

0a9105  No.13277622

File: b6950d1e18869ff⋯.jpg (159.48 KB, 838x1200, 419:600, D6lRNpXWwAAiCab.jpg)

File: 597992151a54790⋯.jpg (165.73 KB, 753x1200, 251:400, D6lRORSWwAA60SU.jpg)

File: 62aaece10868ffe⋯.jpg (165.09 KB, 754x1200, 377:600, D6lRx6RW0AAJ1FE.jpg)

File: c0692d485daca6f⋯.jpg (137.49 KB, 754x1200, 377:600, D6lRyh6XkAES2Lx.jpg)

File: fdcb6a8ab16cb03⋯.jpg (119.92 KB, 752x1200, 47:75, D6lRzG6XsAAcxrF.jpg)

7311e8  No.13277626


first i'd check to make sure he didn't off his mother

next i'd check his bank accounts see if he was getting donations from the qtards for meth

ff35a6  No.13277638


Whats wrong with Michael Jackson?

115def  No.13277654

(((suicided))) on the 13th a lucky number in judaism. how fortunate for (((hollywood))).

e49afe  No.13277664


>I knew Kappy in this later part of his life. Scumbag, through and through. Roguish charm and a deeply unreliable character

just some advice, this is too scripted and faggy, it doesn't sound organic

Just some advice if you want to try and sell your LARP and a LARPer hoaxing their death in the future


0e4af2  No.13277665


If you think Stinkfeld was awesome you should listen to it without laughing tracks and rethink their behavior patterns in modern society.

This guy Owen explains the Stinkfeld quite well opened up my eyes too about it. How laughing tracks can change the perception they are in fact 4 anti social psychopaths. Depicting and reflecting the inner core of (((them))) the mentality.


99f99f  No.13277667


Take out the laughter track and it's just a bunch of entitled jews whining and spoiling the lives of gentiles. Not funny at all

7311e8  No.13277670


epic death hoax when they had to scrape his ass off of I66

e49afe  No.13277671


nope, just a hoax

7311e8  No.13277674


seinfeld had good improv routines

he was classy compared to comedians today

had the common man approach like carlin without being a degenerate

7311e8  No.13277676


think i'd buy the disney assrape factory before that one

e49afe  No.13277678


it's the same one, Kappy didn't bring a single piece of credible testimony or evidence to the table, why would they even need to kill him ? No motive

e49afe  No.13277685

if anything it sends the wrong message, this guy was a clown ,he played a totally discredited clown

Why ? So they wouldn't kill him ?

c18f23  No.13277686

File: 48d33d7e40aba29⋯.jpg (166.95 KB, 950x948, 475:474, seinfeld.jpg)


>They're enthusiastic patrons of McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle, Elizabeth Taylor movies and Michael Jackson music which back in the 80's they all from low to high society declared was "good for kids".

I guess technically you could condemn them for being too lazy for not seeking out more wholesome entertainment. On the other hand you have the jewish media monopoly hammering home 24/7 "this is what's popular, this is what's happening , this is what you should like."

e49afe  No.13277691


it was a funny show, the characters were kinda meant to have asshole tendencies, that's what makes it funny but i'd agree with the plagarist Owen Benjamin that you could indeed look at some episodes and come to the conclusion that the characters did cross a line that you could argue wasn't funny at all, but it's admittedly cherry picking to a certain extent.

7311e8  No.13277696


and andy kaufman is yucking it up in tel aviv

no kappys a pancake in a morgue cell now

don't fuck with sycophantic fantasy trolls and drugs kids

e49afe  No.13277701


yeah right, and Alex Jones is 45 years old and it's the globalists on /pol

that's right kids, listen to this guy, designated thought leader of /pol (he's probably jewish)

7311e8  No.13277704


think this guy has the edge in the debate

looks like kappy had an assistant in his scam who pushed him into the qlarping

kappy ended up buying the larp along with a tonne of drugs from their donation scheme

7311e8  No.13277706


>arizona highway patrol are known ZOG agents


e49afe  No.13277713


why do you care so much if he really died or not ?

7311e8  No.13277716


i'm just telling you that you're a keyboard potato for thinking a verifiable fatality is some kind of hoax

e49afe  No.13277717


you didn't answer the question

7311e8  No.13277724


i bet your parents called you dumb when you were a kid

egghead anon thats what i i'll call you

fuck off egghead anon

8fa399  No.13277726

File: 58fcd1d40a4f32b⋯.png (167.52 KB, 600x488, 75:61, strategy_vs_tactics.png)

why aren't hollywood police cleaning up hollywood?

7fc38b  No.13277731

File: bce06b6e79c3103⋯.jpg (65.66 KB, 980x619, 980:619, 980x.jpg)


>egghead anon

000000  No.13277733



Serves him right for not taking the lolipill.

7311e8  No.13277737


>t. dirty dick coward

come clear and post some you fucking degenerate piece of shit

e49afe  No.13277740


i'm just gonna call you a jewish shill, probably the kind of jewish shill that other jews don't even like

7b254d  No.13277741



gtfo to reddit or tumblr, you schizo imbecile

you will never fit in here, or ever manage to change the place to make it look like your moronic brain space

000000  No.13277751



These are the people that are against the loli pill. Schizophrenic boomers. Your daughter will get fucked either way cucks, you can choose if it will be done by an aryan respectful man or some random drug dealing nigger

7311e8  No.13277753

File: 95b27220bda0bbc⋯.png (429.9 KB, 695x720, 139:144, takeout.png)


success breeds jealousy egghead

e49afe  No.13277758


the funny thing about a larp is that when some tryhard faggot tries to menace someone over it you only have to remember that it was a fucking LARP in the first place

7311e8  No.13277783


yeah like the girl who killed her friend over the slenderman larp was just hilarious

see how that community of internet degenerates died out afterwards

i'm sure half of them are now in your camp but, the facts of life are just too overwhelming to move onto a new fad when you've got so much content to keep you escaped from reality

e49afe  No.13277787


what the fuck are you even talking about ? Why do I need to be threatened and fucked with this much over an obvious fucking scam artist scamming his death ?

7311e8  No.13277791


>scamming his death

okay well than we'll go back to that diatribe. dude's dead. as sure as the earth is round there is a death certificate filed. his mother has been informed. and he's chilling in the morgue.

fuck you for pretending that your make believe shit should be as valid as common sense

e49afe  No.13277793

> dude's dead.

he's alive, he was a fraud at the start, a fraud int he middle and a fraud at the end

7311e8  No.13277801


and back around the merry-go-round we go

so he's coopted the spokesman for the arizona state troopers to state that he's a road pancake?


e49afe  No.13277805


let me guess, if I don't answer your question, you'll complain about how I didn't. Well the rules of the jewish arguing game is I asked you the question first, so answer, why do you care if I think this is a hoax or not ?

7311e8  No.13277806

File: 5b9536e970cea72⋯.jpg (71.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tfw god is real.jpg)


guess you're the ebin ruse man

totally fuckin got me

>tfw they were just acting like total fucking retards

ba27de  No.13277808

This rat fink had to be offed. Looks like the programming didn’t take properly. Successful cases redirect their anger, like Alyssa Milano.

e49afe  No.13277809


i guess he was just one of the 6 gorillion that mattered so much you gotta threaten someone over

43617f  No.13277812


He 'Forced Himself Off' a Bridge and Was Hit by a Car"

WTF does that mean?


not a child actor?

only acting since 2006?

who did he know to break into HW's assholes?

8d6354  No.13277814


>I truly doubt jews are a global evil

Then you just haven't studied them enough. Anyone who studies their history enough will at some point come to the conclusion that they have to be made extinct.

c4d2f2  No.13277823


first day here?

8d6354  No.13277936


>This guy Owen

I watched parts of it. Fuck this guy though, he makes excuses for yids á la "these poor jews are just caught up in their own pathology."

000000  No.13278187


If you don't kill your enemies, they will kill you. It is that simple.

Incite all groups to kill jews. Incite them all to kill Pedowood's celebrities and jews.

There won't ever be any punishment for them coming from the (((law))). Be the real law and apply real punishment: kill them all.

572357  No.13278254

anyone remember when a board was started for him here?


07e42d  No.13278306

funny all the dramas with the same characters


07e42d  No.13278325

More specifically "HIT BY A FORD TRUCK" emphasis on FORD TRUCK. Why is that?



d2bf98  No.13278381


>reddit spacing

>direct links

>no archive

Come the fuck on OP.

This guy seemed legit, at least as far as his attempts to expose pizzagate shit goes. Because this board has its head up its ass about anyone and anything with a name EXCEPT certain color LARPers apparently, everything he'd expose was labeled as questionable at best.Then of course, pizzagate (((Mysteriously))) disappeared from this board's conscience just like the Vegas investigation around the same time, which simultaneously was around when certain changes in the board's composition and operations could be noticed by anyone paying attention.

As you'll notice: Vegas threads are still gone. Pizzagate has a slow thread filled mostly with Qtard boomers and schizos that think effectively that pizza, the actual food itself, is pedophilia.

And notice how as this particular thread is made, schizos and botposters that the moderation personally protect and endorse dump dozens of posts that aren't even replying to anything as if this is a chatroom, IRC, or discord chat rather than an imageboard.


>child trafficking and rape aren't important or real goy, focus on less important things

ok retard


>oh he was (((suicided))) but it's ok because some kikestian quotes ex dee





Let me guess, you think (((purple))) is legit though. You're suspiciously intent on calling this whole thing fake.

d0ede6  No.13278411


I'm relatively new to 8ch so I'm sorry for not knowing whatever conventions there are here.

7311e8  No.13278428


OP back with a blast

i find it interesting dunno why others don't

it gets drowned in retarded conspiratardedry is what probably drives people away

literally top lolcow of the month in my book

7311e8  No.13278448


>child trafficking and rape aren't important or real goy, focus on less important things

overall child abuse is a minor problem compared with say hordes of non-whites swamping european countries. this guy was obviously riding the Q/pedogate shit for popularity and donations. he was spun as fuck for the last 2 weeks of his life because he couldn't handle how he alienated his weasel friends back in cali. this is the perfect fate of all vainglorious try hard celebs who do absolutely no work and win no victories their entire lives.

60ed5b  No.13278457


The greasy kike provided no evidence. The only thing he actually "witnessed" - "this is where we keep the children" - sounded like a joke by Seth Green, and not an admission of pedophilia.

People like this discredit the reality of elite jewish pedophilia. Had I not researched Franklin and McMartin over a decade ago, and the Trumpnigger/Qcumber claims about it were my first exposure, I wouldn't believe any of it.

d2bf98  No.13278460


<oy vey it's fake and unimportant and everyone against it is actually an attention whore

You glow.



7311e8  No.13278463


better to be a try hard eceleb than a try hard eceleb's dickrider anyway

11afd6  No.13278474


>Judging jews off people you watch on TV where it's all modulated to make them seem charming and sweet

What little I watch of TV is decadance and it flaunts the decay of occidental civilization as a badge of honor. It makes me sick. 8ch is tame compared to that poison.

60ed5b  No.13278499


Where's the proof for any of it?

716df2  No.13278517

File: 89817b122f2ded3⋯.gif (948.56 KB, 301x300, 301:300, 1533582732772.gif)




7311e8  No.13278521


same proof as crisis actor school shootings game

they're all a bunch of blowhards playing sycophantic games

when they rope a celebrity leader they all parasitically fuck with his ego and cry about the pyschotic shit they've caused en masse

it's like that movie gamer


7311e8  No.13278525


that shits old. looks sinister but its a beach resort and the girls are performing some stupid muslim ritual because their airhead richfag parents wanna be globalists

4495d0  No.13278534






See ju.motes.camp for proof Seinfeld was subversive.

>The part at the end of the video where Elaine is jamming a banana into her mouth while Jerry acts incapable of resisting proposing marriage to her is a reference to this quote from a book many Jews have read, an Easter egg or hidden gift to the Jewish audience watching the show to compound the mockery:

>Doctor, I had never had anybody like her in my life, she was the fulfillment of my most lascivious adolescent dreams- but marry her, can she be serious? You see, for all her preening and perfumes, she has a very low opinion of herself, and simultaneously- and here is the source of much of our trouble-a ridiculously high opinion of me. And simultaneously, a very low opinion of me! She is one confused Monkey, and, I'm afraid, not too very bright. ― Philip Roth, Portnoy's Complaint

>The Jews are laughing because they would never actually act like Jerry or the other Jews, but the show is intended to cause American women to think they are desired by Jews so Jews can whore them, denigrating them to uproot and destroy the dignity of such folk, as they call them shiksa (or their word for "whore"), all while the American women feel it has a positive connation.


He's part Jewish

0a9828  No.13278700


A kike is a kike, but a kike against pedophilia is at least a kike against pedophilia. Sounds like an oxymoron, I know.

60ed5b  No.13278714


A kike who claims to be "against pedophilia" while making claims without evidence only helps pedophiles.

d2bf98  No.13278780


<oy vey no evidence goy

An actual insider unlike (((purple))) and (((Q))) who's seen in-person is more trustworthy than searching for spirals in logos.

ce8da0  No.13278852


no actually he said seth and claire later took him to dinner where they confessed to him they are pedophiles

6399c2  No.13278869

Kikes are fetishizing both pedophilia so they can create a reactionary anti-pedo movement ran by Jews as well to destroy white marriages.

000000  No.13278874

Never heard of him before.

Someone posted this earlier.


The alleged dead man's switch webm


a24575  No.13278883



Get the fuck out here tinfoil faggot

977c03  No.13278898


a24575  No.13278907


What is this? What's the context of this? Are they pouring water onto rocks for a steam room or something?

000000  No.13278929


he wasn't off the rails he was just had that neurotic jewish thing going on, that being said, this guy was fuckin fearless.

7311e8  No.13278942


girls are 'cleansing' a turkish bath at a beach resort

0b9648  No.13278961

File: 65dc9081fb06efd⋯.jpg (119.09 KB, 1558x697, 38:17, Kappy Bridge.JPG)

Is this the bridge he jumped off?

d0ede6  No.13278974


I find it strange its relatively young girls doing this.

977c03  No.13278986

44d9d6  No.13278990


How do you know it's a beach resort?


As it should.

977c03  No.13279065

Dig anons. Who are the children in the video? What building are they in? Is this in the Podesta torture mansion or pedo island? Dig

977c03  No.13279095

Tom Hanks just mentioned the other day Rote 66 roadkill. Suicided — Confirmed. Kappys last video few days ago he stated he will not kill himself

d058d2  No.13279226


>The scientists at Q Laboratories have confirmed Kappy's theses.

000000  No.13279272


are you even trying?

b85014  No.13279287


>He allegedly had a deadman's switch

word of advice to the goys, never, ever have a deadman's switch as piss poor as this jew. A 15 second video clip……… um, yeah I think not. Doesn't even allege, where, who's residence, when, nor the context.

a3ac33  No.13279364


I don't think you know what parenthesis are for. Why do you keep putting a color in them?

Does (maroon) mean anything or how about periwinkle? Dark yellow?

a3ac33  No.13279369


Do you really want an answer to that? lmao

a30a6f  No.13279452


It's an 8chan setting boomer. Fuck off.

8eb3fa  No.13279460


0eea76  No.13279465


well for starters he was a nigger

d92c09  No.13279584


Yes the characters on Sienfeld were terrible people. They were sent to prison in the last episode.

8e2cfc  No.13279607


Alright. I'll spoonfeed the newfags briefly. The CIA used to use triple parentheses in reports as shorthand to indicate that certain people were jewish. We adopted it and use it to single (((them))) out. It's a meme you dip.

aa7819  No.13279609


yfw it turns out that it's the room under the dome on epstein's island

0b1712  No.13279618

File: 49f7399d9cf7c5a⋯.mp4 (8.28 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, test1.mp4)

ban test


0b1712  No.13279638



uploaded to webmshare too

000000  No.13279701



Consider Bannon made a fuckton of money on it and helped Trump.

dbc378  No.13279724


What is this supposed to be from? If this is supposed to be a kiddysex club why are they not naked or sucking dicks or anything.

You see more sexual content at the average kids dance show in the US.

000000  No.13279744


well i suggest you go back to watching those. this is not a pedo thread.

0b1712  No.13279746


ikr? someone said ppl were getting banned for posting it, where as there is absolutely 3x worse shit on youtube and this board. just a test

dbc378  No.13279775


I wasn't requesting CP I was asking wtf this video is supposed to mean? It doesn't seem to be evidence of anything other than someone had a slightly weird if taken ot of context pool party at their mansion.'


I see

d1f0e5  No.13279787

f6aa56  No.13279976


>I guess technically you could condemn them for being too lazy for not seeking out more wholesome entertainment. On the other hand you have the jewish media monopoly hammering home 24/7 "this is what's popular, this is what's happening , this is what you should like."

At some point you and I were both able to stop and see the jew and understand what he is and then reject him.

Why can't they do that? Why do they just sit there into adulthood with that sappy smile on their faces enjoying Johnny Carson talking with Sammy Davis Jr.? I remember at first laughing when I noticed all the pop stars were all jewish, in the late 60's. Then by the early 70's it became increasingly evident what they were up to and I started getting very very angry and bitter about the shit they were shoving in our faces…

That hate never kicked in with them. It never did. They're good with it all.

4f132f  No.13280024

An authority said he committed suicide. Nothing will overrule that in the mind of the average person.

60ed5b  No.13280055

File: 6ad552700a2a7b8⋯.png (869.05 KB, 671x907, 671:907, Kikebart News Network - Bo….png)


I really hope you aren't trying to make a pro-Seinfeld case, the Bannon connection just makes it even more jewish.

60ed5b  No.13280061


>actual insider

He was an extra in a handful of movies, and believed the Q LARP.

0b9648  No.13280132

File: e20e0a5f28932ca⋯.jpg (128.63 KB, 651x676, 651:676, Kappy1.JPG)

File: c4b67ab1d6d4bcd⋯.jpg (74.82 KB, 651x393, 217:131, Kappy2.JPG)

File: 167d12b24978118⋯.jpg (90.3 KB, 651x477, 217:159, Kappy3.JPG)

Welp… The Sun newspaper in merry ol' England just debunked it all. Nothing to see here, folks… here's the official story for you.

8eb3fa  No.13280133


>he was actually in hollywood b-b-ut it doesn't count because he wasn't a-list!!!!!!

Nice try.

e58123  No.13280136


he dated a underage girl

1c1320  No.13280137

File: 9f6a08c7f2c0d68⋯.jpeg (12.83 KB, 232x300, 58:75, kramer.jpeg)


trigger discipline jerry, geez

000000  No.13280447


well that settles it. if the UK media call it i am satisfied. UK media is known for 100% truth content when it comes to pederasty.

fe23a4  No.13280472



Kappy didn't die from falling off a bridge, he was hit by a truck…


fe23a4  No.13280491

His final video mentions a few things…

1. Whatever happened to him it happened within the last week.

2. It involved betraying someone

3. It involved trusting someone (else) he shouldn't have

4. It happened "in the blink of an eye"

5. Didn't involve him touching kids

6. Serious enough to ruin his reputation and ruin him generally

So…. what theory could account for all of this, anons?

f83bbb  No.13280521


We can elevate him to black man, he named the jew more publicly than anyone here can ever hope to.

da2c11  No.13280550

Snitches get stitches.

7e038d  No.13280642

File: bfc74d70191ac77⋯.png (219.15 KB, 848x530, 8:5, Jimmy-Saville.png)


>well that settles it. if the UK media call it i am satisfied. UK media is known for 100% truth content when it comes to pederasty.

How did he get away with it? Everyone knew, and nobody did anything.

b97928  No.13280894

File: 9e94eae40d68159⋯.jpg (823.23 KB, 1440x1608, 60:67, Screenshot_20190515-174828….jpg)

File: 403d956afa2f8d0⋯.jpg (309.47 KB, 1439x2060, 1439:2060, IMG_20190515_174755.jpg)

File: 2c380fb64c9faba⋯.jpg (315.26 KB, 1285x2048, 1285:2048, IMG_20190515_174759.jpg)

File: 874d019074613f8⋯.jpg (308.87 KB, 1287x2048, 1287:2048, IMG_20190515_174804.jpg)

File: b9fb9b43ff90c99⋯.jpg (246.68 KB, 1283x2048, 1283:2048, IMG_20190515_174807.jpg)


I'm attaching the tweets

707002  No.13280913


Good riddance to jew rubbish.

0b9648  No.13281101

File: 020e2f47c327638⋯.jpg (49.91 KB, 1556x857, 1556:857, Butt_Plug.JPG)

File: a4b2ebcdff6cd1a⋯.jpg (18.4 KB, 389x269, 389:269, HospitalBracelet.JPG)

File: 384a46474a529a7⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 617x557, 617:557, HospitalTag2.JPG)

File: dcecac20fdb0657⋯.jpg (35.84 KB, 1025x661, 1025:661, HospitalTag.JPG)


Did anyone else notice this?

There seems to be a butt-plug in the lower left hand corner of one of the shots in this video.

Also, is the blonde girl wearing a hospital-style wristband?

9b8f53  No.13281133

File: 483fb2ee689151f⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 685x600, 137:120, lure.jpg)


Holy ravioli, this bait is like premium cannoli!

0f6ba3  No.13281162


That’s not a butt plug, it’s the nozzle for a bottle of lotion

275b22  No.13281190


anything is a butt plug if you believe!

0b9648  No.13281242

File: d90472d59c9e135⋯.jpg (50.61 KB, 760x289, 760:289, Hit-and-Run.JPG)

File: 08009d3e83565f0⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 1397x448, 1397:448, CCTV-Q.JPG)


Phew… because it is very large in relation to that child sex slave - it'd really hurt.

Moar questions…. where was his car parked? There's no shoulder on the overpass or any of the connecting roads? Who's the driver who hit him, and could they have stopped or swerved in time? Who are the teens? Is there any CCTV from the local businesses?

707002  No.13281293


>it'd really hurt

Not as much as a cock in an uninitiated arsehole.

279cf6  No.13281387


Ho Shit

f6abfd  No.13281398


Anyplace where someone who looks like that an be successful has got issues.

f6aa56  No.13281418


I ain't clicking on that video. No fucking whey.

f7b683  No.13281500

File: 13c3bd13ee4b8b0⋯.jpeg (42.91 KB, 477x293, 477:293, 13c3bd13ee4b8b00d2019d020….jpeg)

4b9a52  No.13281565

File: 74c6514067e712d⋯.jpg (103.77 KB, 1420x946, 710:473, 27-gamergate.w710.h473.2x.jpg)


wow that idf yid looks more white than all of you /pol/tards (((pic related)))

f7b683  No.13281569

File: 2e64ab74c389886⋯.jpg (52.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2e64ab74c3898865a0a11b80f1….jpg)


Looks like he is just wearing a lot of clothes, kikefield looks more swoll you fucking boomer

4b9a52  No.13281583


post some pro dolphin propaganda zoomer femboi :)

ff8a46  No.13281615



Where is this video originally from?

f0237d  No.13281621

lol Qnigger skizo kike takes himself out

ff8a46  No.13281652

File: 70656e8db42a1df⋯.png (339.33 KB, 656x407, 656:407, ClipboardImage.png)



e2cc54  No.13281703

File: f91a88123d9fd45⋯.jpg (3.79 KB, 124x125, 124:125, 1539736695312s.jpg)


Fuck it.

All the other fuckwits bit, why not me too.

But just to say, welcome friend.

You better not stay too long though.

We have a saying here…

Now somebody please post that shit. I need to add to my collection, for times like this.

e2cc54  No.13281713


So is that black and white tile pattern the Eastern version of the masonic black and white checkers?

Even if not, the colors, the symbology…

They are all the same around the world if you know what patterns to look for.

d4c179  No.13281716


Even though the insignia might be the same, it is clearly a different bath house.

0a9105  No.13281728

File: 2ef244551d3f4f2⋯.png (373.17 KB, 1323x988, 1323:988, ClipboardImage.png)

fe8c1e  No.13281738


That's obviously not the same place.

4b9a52  No.13281739


>That's obviously not the same place.

it's in kekistan

e2cc54  No.13281741


Do you believe everything you read?

And you made half of that shit up anyway.

There is no way that you know, for a fact, that his mother has been informed. They never publish shit like that. You are assuming.

Bullshitter. That's all you are, faggot.

0a9105  No.13281748





It's a Turkish bath, but not the same location. I would look for some in the NY/Hollywood area.

c9d19b  No.13281762

File: 479cbced20feaeb⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 216x252, 6:7, 1.jpg)

File: d50ddcdae9c1029⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1148x678, 574:339, 2.jpg)


This was recorded in the 'Hammam' (Turkish Bath) of the TITANIC MARDAN PALACE in Antalya, Turkey.

> https://www.titanic.com.tr/titanicmardanpalace/default-en.html

e2cc54  No.13281779


Look at the floor dipshit…

cd7321  No.13281795

File: 9d9d8bcac8308e2⋯.jpg (414.79 KB, 990x660, 3:2, trying_to_fit_in.jpg)


>Yeah? Well that one TV series was funny.

cf2a76  No.13281941


cf2a76  No.13281964


kys kike

b6ddd0  No.13281998


I’m a huge fan of the show Bergsteingoldkleinsilverplatinum Cohennosebagelforeclosuresteidl Niggerfaggotmurderrape created by Adam Max Jake Mark Asif Moshe David

b6ddd0  No.13282005


Haha people always over react like nigga the world isn’t even real just close your eyes and create some naked girls then jack off your penis

- Chaim (admin)

687b61  No.13282026

File: 0ed82ceb9b607ce⋯.mp4 (10.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, project-kappy.mp4)


Source for this claim, nigger.

687b61  No.13282031



Does the same company create these bathhouses/

7633bf  No.13282105

sorry, don't have time to read the thread, can someone catch me up real quick? some kike (((offs himself))) but has a deadman switch? the videos ITT are part of it? is there any validity to any of this?

fa6e09  No.13282316


Scroll down a little for his prediction of "rain in Hollywood Hills"!

a30117  No.13282380

File: 617f2b63ca1d54a⋯.webm (512.92 KB, 490x360, 49:36, Sienbird.webm)


Looks like we got ourselves a fucking comedian over here boys.

d2bb6d  No.13282394


I need to know what this is right the fuck now

a30117  No.13282426

File: 7adce00cc99c999⋯.jpg (544.81 KB, 1078x1313, 1078:1313, edbe76a5a7627ecea86b3ec1ee….jpg)

c84de8  No.13282832

Is it possible someone got to his dead man's switch and altered it. Knowing that he mentioned it so many times I think (((they))) could have possibly altered it. I'm saying that because this is the WORST dead man's switch and there is no way even this kike didn't know that.

0a9105  No.13282985


Anything is possible if you torture the guy for info before you kill him.

711381  No.13283204

File: 30172ba8a1c10d1⋯.jpg (84.32 KB, 754x718, 377:359, 85cd97cbf7932845110dcab04b….jpg)


Tom Hanks seems to have been the one to send a hit order on him a month ago. The jew got jew'd

000000  No.13283217

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The loli pill could have saved him.

711381  No.13283227


Yeah these Jews kill lolis as sacrifices tho so no.

000000  No.13283242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You wouldn't?

711381  No.13283251


Kill lolis? Fuck no. The reason these people need to be hunted is because of the ritual sacrifices they do on these kids.

51a9cc  No.13283264

Wanting to fuck lolis is entirely reasonable, wanting to hurt them is just weird.

711381  No.13283285


>hurt them is just weird.

They are doing more than hurting them in the kill rooms and basements dipshit.

000000  No.13283454

Does anyone else find it weird that he called the Q movement a military operation in his instagram letter?


>So…. what theory could account for all of this, anons?

He said that whistleblowers contacted him, maybe he sold them out or accidently doxxed them?

ee1bd0  No.13283458


keep deluding yourself that fucking them wouldn't hurt them

df315e  No.13283469


>consensual sex is hurting females

000000  No.13283475

Is 8chan controlled opposition?

Is 8chan run by the CIA? 0.o

eff815  No.13283476


>implying dicklets could hurt lolicunny

b4518e  No.13283479


That's what I'm saying. A (((guy))) this fuckn retarded could easily get caught, forced to give up his dead man switch cause he's a pussy, and then the important content scrubbed. Its almost like (((they))) gave us just enough but not enough

b4518e  No.13283483


I've been getting banned non stop for literally just saying this dead man's switch looks altered. Interesting.

000000  No.13283484


Do you think that maybe 8chan is run by the CIA?

000000  No.13283488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not my fault I have a giant white cock

000000  No.13283490


and that you're only being banned because youre onto the truth?

000000  No.13283501


Do you (/pol/ in general) even know the basics of the Q movement before dismissing them? Q is a military intelligence op. 8chan is hosted on NT servers that has a $43 million contract with the DoD. Q says Admiral Mike Rogers saved the country, and guess what 8chan is? I hope at the very least you know what Jim is.

000000  No.13283509


If /pol/ is part of the DoD, then do you think that maybe we should destroy it?

000000  No.13283515


Sure, I'll deploy the EMPs I have handy in my backpocket - what??? This serves me right for not reading a thread before randomly mouthing off. What what what???

df315e  No.13283524











>using TOR to make yourself seem more legit about your false claims of being banned on the non-TOR IP

ee1bd0  No.13283526

000000  No.13283529

And if you're talking about destroying /pol/ this place is worse than halfchan, so… pointless. I just hope for the occasional smart anon to come here and drop some gems that I have pick out of this cesspool of a place.

By the way, if you're the infamous hapa poster that got all Tor banned off this place, thanks a lot that I have to complete a captcha for each post!

000000  No.13283536


Sadly, no. We have to share an IP. I look forward to not being to post again soon… I'd rather have been larping.

000000  No.13283539


Ya don't need an EMP to fuck this place up, my friendo.

000000  No.13283554

I'm the one who posted the original webm, and totally against "lolis".

You know it may have been a Turkish bath, but who's to say it wasn't at a resort but a private residence which can be easily identified by those who know from the distinctive and expensive architecture.

Let's get back on topic.

91bb92  No.13283563

000000  No.13283564


>Q is a military intelligence op.

I know and as I pointed out that Kappy knew it too, so his death could be related to this

>guess what 8chan is?

If I wasn't just a useless shitposting retard I would sure as hell not come here

000000  No.13283585


*posted the link to the original webm

webm was allegedy kappy's.


Yeah, all that was needed was to make this board global, bad moderation, so crazy shooters and the people they attract, news media to bring in the normalfags, and instant worse than 4cuck, not that the original board was any good to start with, given the premise, but it did have a lot more people with insight into geopolitics.. shrug.

000000  No.13283598


>Q is a military intelligence op.

>I know and as I pointed out that Kappy knew it too, so his death could be related to this

No, because that is what all Qtards who have been following would know.

Absolutely not!

He was roadkill after Tom Hank's twitter post.

000000  No.13283620


Speaking of Tom Hanks, what the fuck is with the Hanx thing? Looks like a pedo photographing his trophies. All the lost things he takes photographs of like something which was worn either to run away or keep away an adult which could also represent the lost innocence of the children he abused.

000000  No.13283662


I have NEVER liked Tom Hanks and have had absolutely no interest in watching him in movies. I am at a loss why he is as popular as he is, and I certainly do not lurk his instagram or have even known about his instagram before a few moments ago.

It is the oddest thing my complete lack of being able to relate to him as a fellow human being. He almost doesn't exist for me.

Maybe that is my gestalt/sixth sense about him.

000000  No.13283691



seen posted in qlarp recently


Gives a better idea of the room size.

Not able to post obviously as torp-ing

000000  No.13283725



"Video can't be played because the file is corrupt."

Reloaded a number of times.

0b9648  No.13283733


>So…. what theory could account for all of this, anons?

>He said that whistleblowers contacted him, maybe he sold them out or accidently doxxed them?

Damn… this conspiracy just got deep… was it a fake whistle blower to discredit the thing entirely?

Or did he reveal the source of his dead man's switch and get someone killed?

687b61  No.13283742


>WATCHDOGS CREW: (currently disbanded)

>currently disbanded

I hope you are fine, Watchdogs. You're doing divine work.

6025aa  No.13283746

I fucking hate you all continually bumping this ugly kike so I am stuck seeing him over and over. Do you fags at least have anything to come from the jew’s death?

df315e  No.13283755



000000  No.13283757



>download it and play

I did this and it worked

b4518e  No.13283792


Not using tor. Using vpns cause I'm not a newfag. Having to switch a bunch because I'm being banned. You can think I'm larping but I'm not.

000000  No.13283846

DuckDuckGo image search

>Turkish bathhouses: nothing similar

>Hamam: nothing similar

>‎ (Arabic for Turkish Bath according to Wikipedia): pidgeons

>Turkish geometric designs: found patterns similar to the star in the middle of this >>13281652


This pic was a good find but not the one featured in the webm, and features traditional designs. The room looks square.

Notice the pattern in the middle of the dais in Kappy's webm is hexagon, and the floor is covered with hexagons and squares.

It doesn't look traditional?

Is the room itself hexagonal?

The circle is in a square.

The columns as far as I can tell are Roman Doric.


The patterns are all black and white.

Any symbol/architecture fags out there that can interpret them?


>download and play


000000  No.13283856


this aint old /pol/ its gonna take some time, the autism sadly isnt as strong as it used to be.

df5e0a  No.13283871


Absolutely memory holed on cuck Chan

000000  No.13283964

Is the bathhouse freemasonic influenced architecture?

The columns, hexagons, black and white, minimalist/geometric feel, lack of obvious Turkish patterns.

That "Turkish bathhouse" does not look like other Turkish bathhouses.

Shriners wear a fez, right?

000000  No.13284002

Despite not paying any attention Tom Hanks, I still managed to pick up this fact about him I just remembered -

Tom Hanks is a freemason

>Well funny thing, when I went to a real Masonic website, the Gladstone Masonic Lodge #396 F&AM, it shows Hanks’ photo & verifies him as a member! They actually use him as a celebrity Mason for their own bragging rights. Further, that photo shows him making the Masonic hand gesture over the heart. And he is wearing a white suit coat with black pants. I do remember that attire. He wore that years ago to the Golden Globes when he won his 2nd Globe for Forrest Gump. I recall that since he was the ONLY man there that night wearing a white jacket. All the other men wore matching dark suits. Even film critic Gene Siskel commented on Hanks standing out in the crowd with the white coat.


000000  No.13284108

Could Kappy's death have been faked?


>Q is a military intelligence op.

>I know and as I pointed out that Kappy knew it too, so his death could be related to this

000000  No.13284247

OH SHIT! I think I found the location!

or one very similar


(archive network error)

>A 1920s Masonic clubhouse/ hotel Lobby Hidden in an Upper West Side Apartment Building

>As it turns out, the property was originally built by a group of Freemasons in 1927 known as the Levelers. The first Masonic clubhouse/hotel of its kind in the United States, the Level Club offered its members 225 bedrooms and such state-of-the-art amenities as a fully equipped gym, handball courts, “azure” swimming pool, Turkish baths, a solarium, bowling alleys, a grill, a barber shop, a manicurist, a lounge, dining rooms, a ballroom, an auditorium, a banquet hall, and a roof garden.

>In fact, the Level Club was designed as a “true-to-size rendering of King Solomon’s Temple,” the only one of its kind in the entire world.

>Sadly, the Level Club closed a mere two years after it opened due to the Great Depression.

>It later re-opened in the mid-1930s as the Riverside Plaza Hotel, a weekly hotel for men. and by the 1970s, had become a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center operated by Phoenix House. Phoenix House sold it in the mid-80s, and it was turned into an upscale condominium.

>Turkish baths



>only one of its kind in the entire world

Source of primary article:


(already in archives as https://web.archive.org/web/20181006000352/http://www.scoutingny.com/a-1920s-hotel-lobby-hidden-in-an-upper-west-side-apartment-building/ )

000000  No.13284354


Oh shit, alternative universe me is an autist!

>As it turns out, the property was originally built by a group of Freemasons in 1927 known as the Levelers. The first Masonic clubhouse/hotel of its kind in the United States, the Level Club offered its members 225 bedrooms and such state-of-the-art amenities as a fully equipped gym, handball courts, “azure” swimming pool, Turkish baths, a solarium, bowling alleys, a grill, a barber shop, a manicurist, a lounge, dining rooms, a ballroom, an auditorium, a banquet hall, and a roof garden.

I couldn't find a Turkish bath photo. The architecture is old and doesn't fit with the one featured it the video and the article suggests a lot of has been torn down.

Good find though. It proves Freemasons did build club houses with Turkish baths in them.

More photos:




>In fact, the Level Club was designed as a “true-to-size rendering of King Solomon’s Temple,” the only one of its kind in the entire world.

Why do I associate that building (at 253 W 73rd Street) with Lady Gaga aka Stephanie Germanotta's family? She did once live on the upper West side.


000000  No.13284404


I'm going to take indefinite leave from this until something new turns up or until I think of something else. It's good to have another diganon to dig with but I'm not turning up much right now.

e32cfd  No.13284413


Reported for ban evasion and Q-LARP.

279cf6  No.13284482




While it's good historical background about Masons and turkish baths, there will have to be a lot more evidence before claiming "it's the location of the video"

Please refrain from distracting from such matters

000000  No.13284501


Well I see your contributions anywhere.

Other than, "Ho[sic] shit." >>13281387

So why don't you go STFU elsewhere.

000000  No.13284504



Thanks anon.

Further south there is an abandoned train station that is to be turned into an underground park. I was checking to see if the underground space extends to under the Levelers Club, (like the rat maze of tunnels and rooms under Comet Ping Pong Pizza) but it doesn't seem so. (Although there might be other underground spaces this one certainly isn't it)



>Daniel Barasch and James Ramsey want to build a park underneath the bustling streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side. The project is aptly called the Lowline—in reference to New York's famous High Line—and the pair of founders have spent the past three years trying to figure out exactly how to make their plan a reality. They have a location: An acre of land under Delancey Street occupied by a 107-year-old abandoned station that has been untouched since the late 1940s.


I'm out too, this is exhausting.


What does "or one very similar" mean to you faggot?

We've now proven Masonic buildings (which also implies Order of the Eastern Star covens) have Turkish baths.

000000  No.13284506

*don't see

000000  No.13284531


I was looking at Tom Hank's houses even after I said I stopped, but yes, it is exhausting because it's somewhat of a wild search. Maybe I'll come back to looking at Kappy's associates later. Could be Hollywood friend's homes? Interesting park/links. Thanks, anon.

789e2c  No.13284556


It was bait and obvious b8 you dumb fuck.

789e2c  No.13284562


I never thought of this but jeebuz legends are literally an older version of qniggerdom.

99ad24  No.13284581

File: a1123978840bbcb⋯.png (197.16 KB, 2500x1645, 500:329, sixtine bait.png)


>Filtered for conspiracy theorists moral panic.

nigga you need to lurk for at least 88 more years before posting agains

conspiracy theory and moral panic are the 2 main reasons /pol/ exist

279cf6  No.13284584


Okay bud, maybe if you stop samefagging yourself, you'd see that if you're going to conclusively say that "That building in NY is the site in which the video happened in", wouldn't you need something more definitive that just "some mason lodges have turkish baths". You're tiny disclaimer under the bold red lettering is hardly a real backtrack.

I've been looking mainly at hotels and resorts in the South West/West Coast to see if there were places that held similar tile sets or their bath arrangements (sometimes contractors/construction companies repeat their patterns). Thus far it's come up with nothing conclusive.

It could be in a private club (like the Mason lodges you've mentioned), but considering the wealth of the people we're dealing with, this could also be at a private residence, and other locations. Dont get married to your analysis, stay cool and open minded

000000  No.13284638



Not all Toranons are samefagging. There's a better chance two IDs are VPN hopping samefags.


No one said that was the place. Good lord!

But thank you for also digging.

Here's some interesting blogposts:

>The public have been left with conflicting images of who and what the real Isaac Kappy was. Some label him a Psy-Op, a DID MK-ULTRA plant, a patsy, a LARP, a fake, a bad actor, a user, a drugged hippie. Others hail him as a hero, a genuine whistle-blower against Hollywood pedophilia, a talented musician, an intelligent comedian. Isaac was all those things and more.

>I always believed Isaac was DID, a victim like me, and that is where my compassion stemmed from.


>The bridge is sort of in the middle of nowhere, right next door to an active military base. One of the only things around is the Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery. If you were going to fake a death, you would need a body…just sayin’. Maybe he entered the witness protection program?


Didn't archive, sorry.

000000  No.13284642


You name it!

With jews, there will be no peace on earth.

They decided to genocide us all, long long time ago.

They deserve their own medicine, that they give to the "goyim" since centuries.


000000  No.13284686


>Could be Hollywood friend's homes?

True too.

Godspeed anon.


>I think tor id = samefagging

You already said you're a newfag. There's no need to repeat yourself

e12acb  No.13284700


They’re certainly making a ten fold detailing and all manner of tienman square massacre 1989 shit. Look at the patterns and you’ll see. Either clear and obvious attempt to derail the thread with anything but the related material, and then there’s that they completely ignore and try to bury threads.

000000  No.13284834

This is the tiling pattern on the floor.


From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagon#Polyhedra_with_hexagons

Dais is the same pattern -

Hexagon in the middle

with squares adjoining each of the 6 sides

and 6 triangles between the squares.

Then it is radiated out into a circle or a 12-sided polyhedron (with 6 larger 4-sided polyhedrons and 6 smaller 4-sided polyhedron that alternate to comprise the border)

Does that make sense? Sorry, can't diagram.

Then the dais which is almost circular (or 12-sided) has a drain for a border and sits on top of a bordered square.

What is the symbolism of a circle in a square?

From the angle of the corners, the area of the middle of the room tiled by the "Uniform polyhedron-63-t02.png" tiling pattern seem also to be a large hexagon, with a pillar on each corner.

Do we all think there's some obsession with hexagons as symbols out there?

It definitely seems very masonic and UNLIKE a regular Turkish bath.

3498f6  No.13284855


he should have "jammon'd" instead of "teeheehee'ing"

000000  No.13284880

It's called "rhombitrihexagonal tiling".


Who else is digging this? Voat? 4chan? /qresearch/? I don't want to go over covered ground.

4b9a52  No.13284890


You want to know how I know you're some Nigger Rican from Cuckchan? :^)

000000  No.13284918

Who wants to go through this?


Voat questions whether video was posted by Kappy.



3498f6  No.13284927


lol, cause normal people watch tv and movies and he is a pretty big star. I think he won best actor 2 years in a row.

000000  No.13284936


That's not me who has been posting just now, but you know, good of you to contribute and not throw in an ad hominem you low-effort emoji-sporting troll!

000000  No.13284947


Yeah, I'm not normal and thankful for it! Ha!

000000  No.13284962



>Page error.

>Please wait a few minutes before you try again.

Either they're censoring tor connections or someone is heavy hitting it - hopefully with an archiver

b4518e  No.13285396

File: 46a6d40d7c7db0e⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x1877, 1440:1877, 20190516_154707.jpg)

File: 020378bfb0fc49c⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1608, 60:67, 20190516_154728.jpg)


I'm not seeing any photos other than this

000000  No.13285531

Masonic Order of the Bath

>Originally called the Wahoo Band, the Masonic Order of the Bath is a degree that would be labelled as "fun" and is open to all Master Masons in good standing. This group should not be confused with the chivalric order found in England. The first Band formed in June 21st, 1921, in Red Bank, NJ, by 9 Brothers from Mystic Brotherhood Lodge #21. This group did not bring in any new members for 6-years and it wasn't until January 20th, 1931, that they reached 20-members as well as bringing in 3 honorary members. By 1942, they had 37 active members and 56 honorary members.

>In 1941, the organization went through a reformation where it was renamed the Masonic Order of the Bath for the United States of America while the Wahoo Band became an appended degree. The Order continued to expand with honorary members where in 1955 they had 393 honorary members with the 37 active members.





1d497b  No.13285623


That does indeed look like a buttplug…

1d497b  No.13285683


Holy fuck christfags are retarded.

050526  No.13285686

No one cares.

e27abf  No.13285806

File: 38786aa4c6459d2⋯.png (550.46 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, cap_Thedeletedwebm_00_00_0….png)

File: e95c90435abf7af⋯.png (581.29 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, cap_Thedeletedwebm_00_00_0….png)

File: 32804f122cc46d4⋯.png (677.03 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, cap_Thedeletedwebm_00_00_0….png)

File: eccbadfd8835124⋯.png (320.28 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, cap_Thedeletedwebm_00_00_1….png)

File: c589fee8c3da568⋯.png (592.93 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, cap_Thedeletedwebm_00_00_1….png)


>It was little girls like under 7 yo dancing and washing off a stage in some turk temple. What the FUCK

>Youre fucking with me, none of you faggots go on 4cunt? I thought it was a meme.

>you guys this is bad

WEBM is here:


d4c179  No.13285921

File: e7f5cce10bb184d⋯.jpg (15.57 KB, 263x237, 263:237, babyloncult.jpg)

000000  No.13286490


I stand correct about the tiled area being a hexagonal shape. It is octagonal.

There are 8 pillars.

The room is square (or slightly rectangular) with cut off corners, I assume, which makes it octagonal.

There are basins in each cut off corner, and a basin between two corners. 3 on each side of the camera.

It's not as hexagonal as I thought.

To summarize, a hexagon in a quasi-rhombihexagonal pattern in a circle in a square in an octagon (tiled with rhombitrihexagonal pattern echoing the first) marked by Roman doric columns on each corner, in a squarish-octagonal room, if I'm not mistaken.

000000  No.13286531

The metal water pitchers used by the girls are expensive, modern enough (the two look alike) and the design is not uncommon.



51a9cc  No.13286589


That's just weird, some might even say weirder. They're weird.


I never delude myself, sorry.

82e499  No.13286606


So easily manipulated. Sometimes I wonder if our people deserve this fate?

1690c6  No.13286630


>Michael Jackson music

You could've said "Adam Sandler """movies"""" and it would've made for a stronger argument.

45cf35  No.13286663


That dude is probably a Jew himself, who cares lmao

45cf35  No.13286665



45cf35  No.13286666



c7bb5b  No.13286670


Awe, nearly had it.

c7bb5b  No.13286673

File: 6aa9773eb4328c2⋯.png (15.1 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 7e1703ff870a1315263324156a….png)



c7bb5b  No.13286678

File: 29313ee139b76e3⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 255x204, 5:4, b305be9fe4b168eeadf89d703c….jpg)








45cf35  No.13286691

File: d32865ec9b147c6⋯.jpg (7.41 KB, 283x280, 283:280, 0yhl7JsUfGbE4Hn-88j9Ssq72n….jpg)

225882  No.13286961


Good work anon but can we find any origin on this video and most importantly has anyone made any progress on finding out that this is confirmed his dead man's switch and that it wasn't altered?

41fab7  No.13286983

"We got devices inside the temple"

41fab7  No.13286989

https://www.pscp.tv/w/b64xADFkdktPTFp6WHZaalh8MU9kS3J2ZHZ5bnZLWLIr09CCnwv8b7WeteqttBA4O3f4oc1Mg4u33GiStplK?t=10s What did he mean?

d4c179  No.13287049



Implosion detonators to destroy evidence?

41fab7  No.13287052

41fab7  No.13287058


Periscope of him saying now that the retard scientist got busted in Oregon with CP, they now have it all.

161b88  No.13287135

crytocurrency mining generates enough heat to melt wax

000000  No.13287144


the paradox of fermi is our only hope

000000  No.13287148


it is your fate, forgetfulness. all of the old lessons of life, you lose and gain and lose and gain again

oprah winfrey and the mediterranean

neanderthals will save us all

so many blackmailed hackers yearning for freedom…

orphans are valuable exports

neom is the city of london’s biggest threat

the space between paranoid control and absolute subservience collapses on its own

how many stars are needed to build trust?

indian reservations learned to attract and enable financial shenanigans forty years ago

sacrifice is contagious

militae ignoto

anglicans and jesuits know things

total war is the only way to total peace

to find truth, wear masks

emblem 21

racial or ashen

84cd0a  No.13287193

File: 86030f19bab61f7⋯.jpg (389.68 KB, 866x1299, 2:3, Screenshot_20190517-025804….jpg)

000000  No.13287248




864717  No.13288466

All Jews certainly aren't bad, but many in Hollywood and mass media are beyond bad. They're evil. There are other cultures with his and bad. Jesus made a covenant with the Gentiles that we would protect his chosen people. This is why we do it, but we also know that many of them are evil. Jesus knew that bc they screwed up many times in his day. It's powerful Jews that are evil, although it isn't even every one of them. If I have to side with Jews or Moors/Muslims, I'll take the Jews anytime. Many Hollywood Jews are evil. So is the Jew George Soros. The Messianic Jews are good folk. They disagree with the others often.

ed139d  No.13288946


ed139d  No.13288979

File: 4618a54167a5f2e⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 493x212, 493:212, Dse_gsMUwAAwOyF.jpg)

40b5eb  No.13289005


>under 7


Youth is attractive, but there is nothing erotic about the prepubescent body. What’s wrong with these sickos.

ed139d  No.13289020

File: 5dbb257e24730f6⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 1068x388, 267:97, 48388267_2038338152898257_….jpg)


a1601a  No.13289040

File: fde32190acf8d7a⋯.webm (7.27 MB, 476x258, 238:129, #NotAllJews.webm)


>All Jews certainly aren't bad

ed139d  No.13289043

File: 955102ea4422fe5⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 471x199, 471:199, Dse78Z4UwAASiqk.jpg)

ed139d  No.13289051


ed139d  No.13289057

File: 3717a03ff18d44c⋯.jpg (45.56 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Dse7-_ZVsAErNQB.jpg)

ed139d  No.13289058

File: c0a717878678385⋯.jpg (69.51 KB, 454x389, 454:389, 3jpR3paJ37V8JxyWvtbhvcm5k3….jpg)

cabf9a  No.13289087


ed139d  No.13289095

File: b7e55c927c6b5b5⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 710x601, 710:601, C3TZR1g81UNaPs7vzNXHueW5ZM….jpg)

000000  No.13289146


Spell it out.

49fc90  No.13289263



Defango is a fraud. The Q LARP wasn't started by hackers or cicada or whatever, it was started by a GLP-tier Trumpnigger.

000000  No.13289280


I still don't know what you're talking about. Theories about the origins of Q floating around this board have been quite different and related to Jared Kushner. I shan't ask you to explain for my sake because I find it quite boring. No offense.

000000  No.13289367



The pizzagate as psyop distraction from Jeffrey Epstein and his circle of blackmailed politicians/VIPs angle is interesting though.

a558c9  No.13289437

>schizophrenic ramblings from TORpedos

>(((c7bb5b))) and (((45cf35))) literally spam the thread

>mods do nothing about it

4cb9c8  No.13290498


"anonymous" the "hakor" group? those faggots had a meltdown whenever hillary lost on election night? those fake hacker faggots supported hillary, i saw this shit go down in real time, a bunch of european faggots crying, saying America is fucked, Trump is stupid blah blah blah . fuck those posers

Qanon has never told anyone who to support, they encourage you to think for yourself and do your own damn research to come to your own damn conclusions . It just happens that most of the annons are yuge trump suporters or people who are tired of corruption .

a6be72  No.13290669

blink of an eye he said

zoom in on pupil for reflection of killer

000000  No.13290776


anonymous supported hilllary

mind blown

you sure they weren't script kiddies?

e1f93a  No.13290923

https://voat. co/v/QRV/3225712

0b9648  No.13291993

File: 816c99759c4c5df⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 1549x693, 1549:693, RedditRaid.JPG)


Someone posted Kappy's dead man switch on Reddit. It went from a couple of hundred upvotes to zero in the space of about 10 minutes.

There's a bunch of pedophiles on there trying to discredit the video and downvote the shit out anyone asking questions about it.

Before you tell me that's what I get for browsing Reddit, I got a google alert about Kappy which is how I found the page, but Jesus these pedos make my blood boil.

We need to remind the pedo loving cucks on that platform that no part of that video is normal or acceptable!

9fad28  No.13295869



It's the pump for a bottle.

The weird thing about this video is that there are two pairs of young girls in matching costumes. The girls are not with parents and there are no other people in this bath except the cameraman. Someone is dressing these children as pairs and keeping them in a bathhouse.

d73c53  No.13296131


Silly conspiracy theorists. Its just being removed because it is being brigaded and uh its like ideological and stuff?

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