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File: e2e4ce8c2080cf9⋯.jpeg (557.78 KB, 2534x1690, 1267:845, sexual degenerates.jpeg)

5c83c5  No.13278549

Young Americans still want to have children, but they don’t feel stable enough to have them yet

Fewer babies as US birth rate fails to rebound with economy

birth rate for women ages 15 to 44 was 59 births per 1,000 women

of 1,000 women only 59 have children, staggering.

He estimates 5.7 million babies would have been born in the past decade if fertility rates hadn’t fallen from pre-recession levels.

“That’s a lot of empty kindergarten rooms,” said Johnson, who wasn’t involved in the report. These classrooms are going to have to be filled with illegal economic migrants otherwise our valuable school teachers will become unemployed

America’s baby bust isn’t over. The nation’s birth rates last year reached record lows for women in their teens and 20s, a government report shows, leading to the fewest babies in 32 years.

The provisional report, released Wednesday and based on more than 99% of U.S. birth records, found 3.788 million births last year. It was the fourth year the number of births has fallen, the lowest since 1986 and a surprise to some experts given the improving economy.

The fertility rate of 1.7 births per U.S. woman also fell 2%, meaning the current generation isn’t making enough babies to replace itself. The fertility rate is a hypothetical estimate based on lifetime projections of age-specific birth rates.


aeaca5  No.13278599


I definitely want kids, but can't afford them right now. Still stopped using protection with my wife, but her uterus isn't helping either. She isn't completely barren, but her hormone levels are screwy, so she's only ever gotten pregnant once in 3 years of sex without protection and miscarried within two weeks. Hopefully once I get a better job, we can deal with that and have 3 or 4 kids.

Worst case scenario, i'm going to get an extra wife. Convert to islam, or mormon, or something.

43c939  No.13278609


if a woman fails to provide you with male heirs, she need to become history.

000000  No.13278642

Cuckservatives will name this as a reason why we need to bring in more shitskins (as long as they come legally, am I right?)


Stop pitting White men against White women…

be427d  No.13278654

Kids isn't the problem, finding a woman who isn't a degenerate whore and will use the government to take you to the cleaners is. Women are the fucking problem.

2553ea  No.13278675


To bad that article mentions nothing about race, would of been a lot more interesting

428330  No.13278697

File: bec2e7aadafb1e6⋯.jpg (185.99 KB, 560x488, 70:61, 8287346234234234.jpg)

The government has been placed in power and funded well beyond what it is worth and it has failed the people. The governments in the West are the ones placed in power and paid with taxes taken from the people and the governments fail to create a stable environment for the people to raise families. Keep in mind the governments are the ones enforcing mass immigration agenda.

One day you goddamn morons will learn the government is actively enforcing the agenda pieces you always complain about. The key to remember is that the government no longer fears the people. Government officials operate as if they are anointed rulers rather than elected representatives. Only when that changes and the government begins to fear the people will things have a chance to change.

000000  No.13278702


It is true that there are a lot of degenerate women (and men) out there. But they are not the "problem" as you say.

The problem are (((those))) who pushed that degeneracy on them in the first place and also (to a lesser extend) their parents who let it happen.

2553ea  No.13278704


>Keep in mind the governments are the ones enforcing mass immigration agenda.

Don't forgot the corporations and every single major religious denomination

61be6f  No.13278717


>Stop pitting White men against White women…

if you are with a woman who can't, doesn't wan't, is unable to have children, dump her, this is years of 1st hand experience speaking, she will fuck you over in the end no matter how much you provide, certain females are in fact (((sirens)))

(it is rooted in Greek mythology)


The Jews wish you to forgot this knowledge.

It is as true today as it was then. women who's sole purpose is to trap men must be avoided.

>>13278642 anon want's you to piss aways tens of thousands of dollars in real financial resources, meaninglessly to satisfy what is only going to be an angry 40 year old barren roastie.

Dudes get yourself a waifu, and have babies..

be427d  No.13278726


Kikes are certainly to blame as well, but they wouldn't have any success if women weren't naturally degenerate. All the kids did was free them to be the whores they are.

be427d  No.13278727



6287f5  No.13278730

You can't have children and rear them with first world amenities when theirs worlders used to third world agenda 21 conditions are terraforming here.

428330  No.13278733


Rest assured that I have not forgotten but the corporations and religions are not demanding a tax to fund their operations from the people they have failed. The government is front and center in carrying out the policies that have failed the people and the corporations and religions are happy to follow the governments lead.

2553ea  No.13278743

File: 2cdcd627930d436⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 640x720, 8:9, 2cdcd627930d436ed796b74645….jpg)


>it is rooted in Greek mythology

So are catamites

fd72cc  No.13278753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Young Americans should take example from Africa. Instead of too much thinking and planing they just need to put penis into vaginas of their women and release sperm without any thinking/

b36365  No.13278756

Wanting to have children is for fossils. We can do better with new technologies. Quit trying to cram the next generation into your ancient sorry excuse for biotech. Exowombs for everyone.

Clone people. If we’re all supposed to submit to a few moronic elites who can’t figure out how to solve climate or economic issues to anyone’s satisfaction, at least clone a few dozen million of the sacred narcissists into the population so the rest of us can learn how to manipulate the only people allowed to make decisions.

000000  No.13278759


>doesn't wan't

Yes, I agree with you on this, if a woman doesn't want children, you shouldn't have married / had sex with her in the first place

>is unable to have children

You could still use a (white obviously) egg donor or adopt.

They might not be able to have kids on their own, but they can still be good mothers helping to raise good White children.

>anon want's you to piss aways tens of thousands of dollars in real financial resources, meaninglessly to satisfy what is only going to be an angry 40 year old barren roastie.

Wtf do you mean by this?

311a10  No.13278761

The burden of financial responsibility, a concern that simply does not exist for a nigger.

6acc8e  No.13278764


YOu need to have something to bequeath to your "heirs" or they're not going to inherit shit. What will the typical genZ leave his eldest son? His college debts?

61be6f  No.13278769



>In ancient Greece and Rome, a catamite was a pubescent boy who was the intimate companion of a young man, usually in a pederastic relationship. It was generally a term of affection and literally means "Ganymede" in Latin, but it was also used as a term of insult when directed toward a grown man.

==will you look at these fucking roastie jews, how they reveal themselves and their Schizophrenia.


This thread has in no way raised the issue of "delicate boys" their sexual abuse, how it is an insult to a grown man who may have been sexually abused as a child, as an insult.

Take from this exchange what you may, a clear path forward with a willing waifu, or crazed policies of jews.

fd72cc  No.13278770

File: ba7a8b64dda1dd0⋯.png (14.22 KB, 200x209, 200:209, 52345.png)


""""financial responsibility""""

000000  No.13278774


>women are naturally degenerate?


8ad4e8  No.13278776

The whole "baby bust" is mostly spics bringing their birthrates down to semi human levels.

White and black birthrates are basically the same they was 10 years ago

61be6f  No.13278783


>YOu need to have something to bequeath to your "heirs" or they're not going to inherit shit. What will the typical genZ leave his eldest son? His college debts?

none the less, a son is a son, and several sons sons are more valuable than none……………. what fucking jews huant this board, at times I feel I am only responding to 90% jews.

2553ea  No.13278787


>==will you

Did intend to redtext your entire post or just the first line?

61be6f  No.13278794


green text, two lines, red text, one line, didn't add the ==

obfuscate all you try, it's valuable information in a snippet for those not in the know.


3cd9fc  No.13278796


Another transjewmanist trying to sell (((his))) poison. Your time is coming soon.

be427d  No.13278798


Hypergamy, Briffault's Law, take your pick. It's a simple function of evolution that women are naturally degenerate.

6acc8e  No.13278808


Let's see how this works now; if you get married the woman you marry, essentially a stranger no matter how many dates or fucks you've had, can have you kicked out of your own home by the police on a whim. This can and does happen all the time every day across N. America. If you go to your bank account to obtain a contingency fee you'll find that her lawyer has already seized your bank account. Her lawyer may also garnishee your wages.

Yes this is a deal any sane man would enter into for the gratification of producing children who will be heavily indoctrinated by the entire world media and education system to hate and despise you?

000000  No.13278810


>Hypergamy, Briffault's Law

Elab pls.

It is true however that women have less of a free-thinking and "leader" mindset than men and thus more easily believe degenerate propaganda (hence why you see so many nigger male - White female mixing in media and not the other way around)

3fe491  No.13278815


Underrated post, this happened to my dad after a false allegation.

4dcc85  No.13278818



the problem is that other cultures don't care about finances, they will have like 7 children be unable to pay and the tax payer has to pick up the tab.

look at this nonsense


000000  No.13278821


It's true that marriage in this day and age serves basically ZERO benefits since adultery and divorce are legal.

But you can still have children in a unofficial "marriage".

>who will be heavily indoctrinated by the entire world media and education system to hate and despise you?

Not if you raise them right…

311a10  No.13278824


>everything is jewish

3fe491  No.13278828



>more easily believe degenerate propaganda

Holy shit, you're as bluepilled as Tarrant. Women are degenerate by Male standards. Just like "rape" by someone they don't deem worth is horrible for women because sex is all they have, hypergamy is horrible for men because it betrays why we created society under the condition of 1 women per man.

Men have erections, women have hypergamy :^3

be427d  No.13278829


They don't "believe" degenerate propaganda, they see it as an excuse to indulge in their already degenerate inner selves. Women are who have the ability to rise above their natural instincts are extremely rare, it's not that those instincts are not there, it's that they can choose to not indulge them. I'd estimate women capable of this are far less than 5% of the population, perhaps even less than 1%, on the upper end of the distribution.

3fe491  No.13278838


No one does, soyboy!

The whole thing about "thinking" is an excuse for women to (((find themselves))) aka study or get a job AS WELL AS men's inability to get women to stop. Women cannot be at two places at once. Either they are on Chad's bed OR at John's house getting pregnant.

3fe491  No.13278846


Too bad no woman in her teens wants kids…

e65cab  No.13278851


Don't let >>13278609 lie to you. If you have a good woman keep her and try to make having kids work. If it does not and you want children unfortunately finding another wife may be your only option.

There are plenty of companies with insurance that offer IVF coverage if that'd be something to want to look into you just have to do some research.

000000  No.13278855


Your entire post is completely unintelligable


>Women are who have the ability to rise above their natural instincts are extremely rare

What do you mean by natural instincts?

If you mean being sluts and racemixers, then the same goes for men!


>chad meme

Mate, just stop


They do, if they haven't been degenerated by Kike propaganda… (just think about little girls playing with dolls, pretending to be mums)

3fe491  No.13278856



But you have a (((racial duty))) to support and provide for single Aryan women in their 40s! Think of (((white-only))) solidarity, think of these women and their white children. Step up for the Aryan race :^)

61be6f  No.13278859


>You could still use a (white obviously) egg donor or adopt.

Considerable financial resources will be wasted in this effort. there is no replacement for a female having her own biological child compared to a roastie having an (((egg))) implanted in her, I know it's not easy guys but find yourself a young female as compared to a 34 year old barren roastie, even if she is your current wife.


shelter your finances in a trust or LLC. CONSIDER THIS, if you set up a trust, the Richardson Family Trust, it's protected as an individual business entity. It is much harder to sue a trust designed to protect your biological heirs, as compared to a single individual named "joe fuckwith" sued in local family court. With a young waifu, have her sign all legal documents during the initial hot period of fucking her.

3fe491  No.13278863

((( >>13278855 )))

Men are men, women are children

be427d  No.13278865


> Women cannot be at two places at once. Either they are on Chad's bed OR at John's house getting pregnant

Actually they'd be at Chad's house getting pregnant, then giving John a new STD while making him the beta bucks provider.

9f3cbb  No.13278867

File: 84e83746aeb7eb9⋯.png (133.29 KB, 493x374, 29:22, HEY THERE JIMJAM.png)

3fe491  No.13278872


By whom?

By the majority of voters: women.

3fe491  No.13278877


They are the problem!

The men were cucks who thought "what's the worst that can happen if women…" while women wanted to tingle their hypergamy

54e616  No.13278880


Finance are 100% Jewish.

3fe491  No.13278882


This, sadly it's an underrated post

3fe491  No.13278884


People weren't thinking about finance in the middle ages

3fe491  No.13278885

000000  No.13278886


>Considerable financial resources will be wasted in this effort

Come on… that amount of money is NOTHING compared to what you are going to spend on raising your children in total.

> find yourself a young female as compared to a 34 year old barren roastie

Yes, obviously getting together with a "roastie" is out of question, but it doesn't seem as that is what >>13278599 's wife is.

3fe491  No.13278887


I personally hope I can get married and have a large family with my DACApede fiance… may Hitler bless my new family

3fe491  No.13278888

54e616  No.13278894

File: d24ae84293b4ec1⋯.jpg (165.95 KB, 1196x668, 299:167, 4234.jpg)


so shouldn't you

000000  No.13278897


Fuck off cunt for wasting double hitler dubs

9f3cbb  No.13278899


Why are they throwing fruit at her?

Is she a whore or something?

3cd9fc  No.13278906

>I want to have children but think of the 6 million shekels that will be holocausted

This is why materialism is poison

9f3cbb  No.13278911



We live in societies where food production is centralized and you have to be a good goy to get food.

Humans are made of material and to blame them for that instead of working around it won't get you anywhere.

3fe491  No.13278913


That picture is everything that is wrong with western "civilization". I fucking hate you for posting that shit and reminding us all what triggered the decline.

One century you're protecting a criminal with a shield, the next century you're sentenced in a kangaroo court under the (((Duluth model))).

6287f5  No.13278918


Austerity is a spook

3fe491  No.13278924


Don't forget, if you buy a house, it's never yours. A woman can take it anytime, and you must always pay property taxes (even if you don't live in it).

3fe491  No.13278930


Yes! And the knight is a cuck that decided to throw away the law because vagina

9f3cbb  No.13278931


and if you build a house that isn't (((up to code))) they'll demolish it.

If you defend yourself and your home they WILL kill you or put you in jail.

61be6f  No.13278935


look at the forest goy, don't see the trees

000000  No.13278939


Also keep in mind that barely anyone in America has enough money to actually buy a house, meaning they have to get (((mortgages)))

cbf4b4  No.13278941


I've got a baby, my friends are having babies. We're fine. It's the leftists that aren't breeding, and that's fucking fine by me.


Notice how all "futurists" are jews.

000000  No.13278949


>It's the leftists that aren't breeding

True, but only for White and (((White))) leftists. Shitskins are still having 10 kids no matter of politics.

3fe491  No.13278965

((( >>13278949 )))

Are you fucking retarded?

In the US, everyone is around the "barely replacement" rate… feminism-free immigrants are the only ones having children (but not for long).

You want the biggest blackpill? Half of Latin America has fallen, look up fertility rates of the American continent!

ac4dee  No.13278973


What's degenerate about being attracted to high status males who can support a family?

3fe491  No.13278980


That they are allowed to

ac4dee  No.13279003


Do you even know what the word "Hypergamy" means?

It means to marry someone of a higher social class.

ac4dee  No.13279004


I am guessing you are a low status male and are very frustrated with your dating options.

6acc8e  No.13279020


>Not if you raise them right…

If your wife takes them from you they will be turned against you and everything you love.

I watched all this legal mischief being concocted by the jews and the (((women's liberationists))) in the 80's with growing consternation. It was highly methodical and well planned assault upon us and its origins in the English speaking world were in Ontario Canada. Seriously Ontario and Toronto in particular is a node of great evil for mankind.

564553  No.13279023


80% of men are not Chad. That's why monogamy was invented, anon.

3cd9fc  No.13279035


You don't have to do anything to get food stamps, and benefits for child care. Even white people are still allowed to get food stamps and HEAP for heating their homes (I'm from a rural town, many neighbors are on it). As bad as things are for whites, there is literally NO financial reason not to have children, and you might as well get it now while these things are still available to whites.

6287f5  No.13279037


Which is 4of 5 men. Women natively favor harems and society with mate deprived males need an outlet for them or chaos. In Islam there is jihad, in the west there drugs, porn, mass media and hobby lifestyles.

Monogamy is necessary for men to be invested in maintenance of civilization, which is presently being turned over to machines.

6acc8e  No.13279038


IN Vancouver now, you will not only pay taxes on a home you don't live in, you will also be handed a penalty for owning an uninhabited dwelling.


The average home in Vancouver is $1,000,000.00 so the 1% tax on an empty dwelling will be $10,000 a year plus $250 penalty

d7b36a  No.13279051


Most of us here realize that the govt isn't here to help.

Even Zion Don is working to undermine us at this point.

>Best economy ever guys! Unemployment so low we have too many jobs!

<Mr. President, corporations in America are complaining that they might need to raise wages to encourage people to work for them.

>We want the largest numbers of immigrants ever!

<So you're saying you're going to give Corporations what they are asking for? So they don't have to raise wages?

>"Yes, because we need people in our country because our unemployment numbers are so low and we have massive numbers of companies coming back into our country — car companies, we have seven car companies coming back in right now and there’s going to be a lot more — we’ve done really well with this, and we need people." (actual quote by Zion Don)

The idea of the middle class finally getting their first real raise since the 1990's is antithetical to them.

They're traitors, and they need to be removed from power.

000000  No.13279061


Nothing wrong with that.

The exact problem is that many women are NOT attracted to that (eg. when they become mudsharks)

ac4dee  No.13279071


Yes. Monogamy was invented for social stability. Men without families have nothing to lose and no reason to support society.

But you don't have to be "Chad".

But you do have to be able to give something to the female and be able to support her and your children.

ac4dee  No.13279081


Being a mudshark is not Hypergamy.

The word means being attracted to high status males.

Negros are dirt.

dff8ae  No.13279091



You seem like idiotic "incels" if you believe those memes

ac4dee  No.13279096


Look on the bright side,, all those unattached white man are much more likely to join into a race war.

6acc8e  No.13279101


>The exact problem is that many women are NOT attracted to that (eg. when they become mudsharks)

The modern woman often doesn't have the discipline required to run with a high status male. They don't even seem to have what I once took for granted as their natural instinct for adorning themselves in elegant and fashionable attire. They deliberately uglify themselves with face piercings tattoos absurd coifs and hideous footwear that would make a goblin blush with shame. They eat vile sludge in precipitous haste to morbid obesity or they consume poisonous drugs that will condemn any of their offspring to mental deficiencies. The strong noble alpha male only serves to implicitly demand a higher discipline which sears the delicate tissues of their tiny minds like the high noon desert sun scorching the dry cracked skin of a writhing worm in the mud.

Mudsharking is a surrender to their lazy assed urge to lie down and wallow in the mud with the pigs. It's not very nice there but it's easy.

acdb11  No.13279118


Sorry to burst your bubble, but MEN were dressing women back then. When women (children) dress themselves, we get tribal crap and "crafts".

73e497  No.13279120


You're a fucking unrealistic delusional zoomer faggot, you're going to be an incel for the rest of your life you subhuman retard

acdb11  No.13279127



c5ded8  No.13279133


She fucked a nigger and now the royal hier is going to be some mutt, and the cuck knight is being baste.

dff8ae  No.13279140


You do realise that whores are exactly the women who go after scum instead of good men, right?

Going after high status males is the exact opposite of being a whore.

acdb11  No.13279146


I seen it happen, and don't forget to put plenty of Tyvek on your wood or straw house… bricks are for facades, an esoteric metaphor for our "society.

acdb11  No.13279152


That's the bluest of pills I've seen someone post.

1708a0  No.13279181


The French and Russians threw shit at their betters because jews convinced them to. That picture can be seen through that lens as well.

e19255  No.13279183

Nobody wants to have kids when they're being used as weapons against our freedom.

People won't even let me express my freedom to have sex with farm animals because these people were trained as children to be terrorists against the free practice of my beliefs.

8f18b2  No.13279208

File: 4be53e9c7993495⋯.mp4 (367.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Seig hiel.mp4)


I want ten kids, but all the women I date are damaged and unable to form normative pair bonds due to having sexual partner counts in the double - if not triple - digits before they're 25. None of them want to have children before age 30, wherein their fertility will be reduced to autismo-eggs exposed to all the consequences of their hedonistic and degenerate lifestyle.

Further, the judicial system is geared to give those women total control over any children produced, and allowing them to end a marriage at any time for any reason and be financially supported at my expense.

Finally, my nation and in fact my civilization is in the grips of ideological madness leading us towards self-destruction and imminent societal implosion on a scale that is likely unprecedented in human history.

I live in a sick and broken society, wherein my choice of mates are extremely sub-par and the system of relationships is geared against the formation of functional families and normative individuals.

Nothing about that motivates toward having children.

This is not organic.

It is the product of policy positions held by traitors in our governments, justified with lies and misrepresentations, bolstered in the public consciousness via an immense media propaganda machine.

A single man with a single sword cannot kill a dragon.

But many men with many swords can.

One day I, or someone like me, will call for you. He will demand you rise to the challenge of fate and follow him into battle against the (((Dragon))).

When he does, you must answer.

000000  No.13279214


>People won't even let me express my freedom to have sex with farm animals

Don't worry, shlomo, your (((relatives))) will make sure that changes in the near future…

If (((you))) don't get put in the oven before, that is ;)

000000  No.13279239


>due to having sexual partner counts in the double - if not triple - digits before they're 25

Actually it doesn't make that much of a difference if a woman (at least a 25yo as you say) has had 5 or 50 partners.

However it makes a HUGE difference if she had 0 vs 1 or more.

8f18b2  No.13279247


>Actually it doesn't make that much of a difference if a woman (at least a 25yo as you say) has had 5 or 50 partners.

The data suggests you're correct here.

>However it makes a HUGE difference if she had 0 vs 1 or more.

Also true,but the real number of import, from the data Ive seen, is 3.

Anymore than 3, and she is absolutely incapable of forming a normative pair bond. She's broken. Its done.

So, as you say, 5 or 50, doesn't really matter… But these days, every one I encounter is closer to 50 than 5, let alone 3, or even 0.

dff8ae  No.13279268



9f3cbb  No.13279276


it's a wompsy world.

Status is often decided by the appearance of value.

that's how pick up artists exist and why some cultures arranged marriages.

A better breeding selection strategy would be to be attracted to value.

I'm personally a big fan of Hades and Persephone's story:

Hades is a man eaten by the society that birthed him.

He eventually helps his brothers destroy the old regime but isn't fit to be the god of gods.

Having lost his birthright through fate.(drawing lots) he becomes the master of the underworld.

One day Hades sees Persephone, instantly falling in love.

Shunned by the other gods for his position he knew they would never let her marry him.

So he asked his brother Zeus what they should do.

They come up with the plan to abduct her.

Hades shows Persephone his kingdom.

Giving her gardens, food, power.

Eventually Persephone's mother, Demeter, demands that Persephone be returned.

Zeus proposes that if it can be proved Persephone is being held against her will then she will be returned.

Persephone is returned, but decides not to stay. Asking to go back to her husband in the underworld.

Demeter is a salty faggot and decides that she won't make plants grow unless Persephone stays with her.

The agree to split Persephone's time 50/50 between Hades and Her mother.

Creating the seasons.

Status is a social thing. It's not good to be a part of society all the time.

000000  No.13279297


Well, I guess if you define status as "what society finds good" and not "what actually is good", whores would actually be the ones going after high status men (thugs, muds, jews, etc.) and good girls are going after low status men (right wing white people).

564553  No.13279309


>Tinder is a meme


564553  No.13279313


High status genetically, anon. It's mos of what matters.

9f3cbb  No.13279319


>Well, I guess if you define status as "what society finds good" and not "what actually is good",

is there another definition? Is there another definition when your existence depends on society providing for you?

There really is no "good girl/whore" dichotomy. It's all status driven sexual strategy coupled with "sexual liberation"

6287f5  No.13279340


Status is context driven, it's not purely objective like manlets etc

9f3cbb  No.13279351


>Status is context driven

Yes it's decided by context (society) and not real value.

6acbea  No.13279352

I have a stable income and make enough to support a family even with a stay at home wife. I don't have a wife/girlfriend, though - no social circle to meet quality women.

000000  No.13279357




What the fuck are you even saying? Nothing of what you said makes any sense

9f3cbb  No.13279368


Women are more social than men and choose what society says is good.

What society says is good is niggers slinging crack and singing about it or murdering babies because that's their right.

000000  No.13279371


Go to a conservative church or something like that

1945dd  No.13279381


Got 3

Going for more.

It is my duty to my nation.

It is my duty to actively raise them.

And so we shall all perform our duties.

1945dd  No.13279387


Women conform to the strongest man in their lives

000000  No.13279390


Very nice!

d85d26  No.13279395


>so we shall all perform our duties.


9f3cbb  No.13279396



And the strongest 'man' in most women's lives right now is 'society'

9cc114  No.13279490


The main issue I have to deal with is the selection of white females available in my area. Mental issues beyond reason (in the non-sociopolitical sense).

681371  No.13279626


The large part of having a wife is to start a family with that person, and if that person can't or is unwilling to do that you gotta give them the boot. It sucks but it's necessary

ac79d2  No.13279699

You're all missing a few things because its not just financial. Its a blend of danger and depression, a lot of it encouraged by the whole 'doom and gloom' media platform. What we are exposed to today is supposed to make us despair, and those feelings which are partially subconscious result in people not wanting to bring children into the world.

Like it or not, the division caused over Trump and communists has people afraid. The non-stop immigration and associated cultural collapse as well as rising crime has people afraid. The ever dropping wages and the hostile work environments caused by ever increasing legislative red tape and delusional middle management who carry vendettas against those who do not conform to what they deem socially acceptable (which can simply be being white, male or heterosexual in today's world).

The constant glamourisation of a perfect existence pushed by social media egotists also gives people this idea that it will all just 'work out' and life will become a utopia at some point. This makes them put birthing off for a future that will never come. The solution, aside from exterminating the parasite; is to remove women from the work place, remove immigrants from the nation, punish (real) criminals with extreme methods like lynching, and destroy both mainstream media and social media. Do those things and people will be able to be happy again. They are the cause of the true psychological assault.

9f3cbb  No.13279737


Good post but how do you propose sealing everything back in pandora's box?

7b5c22  No.13279756


I wonder how many kikes and leftists have been angered by this pic alone.

2005b1  No.13279764


Jews don't have sex with animals.

be427d  No.13279789

File: d94dca3f8b78da5⋯.jpg (52.53 KB, 432x767, 432:767, queen.jpg)


They aren't attracted to high status males. They are attracted to the bad boys who pump & dump them. They have shit logic, no loyalty, monkey branch at even w whiff of opportunity. They'll settle for a high status male, especially after having been on the cock carousel for all the years that matter.

But either way, even if high status males make up 20% of the male population, something like 80% of women try to out whore each in competition for them. Women are going to end childless cat spinsters just on the math alone. They're overwhelming incapable of love or loyalty. Hell, MAN'S BEST FRIEND IS A DOG. Women can't even compete with dogs on loyalty.

Anyway it doesn't matter. As soon as civilization collapses all this feminist shit will be meaningless. We'll see how women fair when daddy government isn't there to give them a safety net for their degenerate decisions and consequences. I look forward to a post happening world where a woman stands up to a man and gets absolutely rocked.

be427d  No.13279806

File: 110bf355037365d⋯.jpg (85.93 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, queen2.jpg)

Look at this fine example of a woman. Their biggest concerns in life are finding someone with a big dick, not solving problems, not improving themselves or the world or even pushing humanity. Just a tall big dick guy.

226e7c  No.13279810


This man gets it. It's not ideal, but if she has bad genetics, a man needs to divorce her and move on to another woman with better genes. The same applies to men whose hair is thinning/balding. It's not ideal, but if he has bad genetics, a woman needs to divorce him and move on to another man with better genes.

be427d  No.13279814

File: c5032f92169f5b1⋯.png (692.84 KB, 1101x2048, 1101:2048, queen3.png)

Another fine example who deserves to be treated like a queen

437ab6  No.13279820

File: dbd5abe081445ae⋯.png (282.72 KB, 600x701, 600:701, jewrat.png)


Having sex with jews is bestiality

ac4dee  No.13279877


Funny how single mothers think they have bargaining power.

be427d  No.13279883


They lack the ability to use reason and logic. I find these women disgusting in every way imaginable. Half the fucking country is full of bastard children.

3cd9fc  No.13279889


Not really, people are willing to fight and die for their families. Unattached loveless people become nihilists who fap to tranny porn as a sort of self medication before eventually cutting their dicks off and committing suicide.

2005b1  No.13279898


I wouldn't associate them with animals. I am very sexually attracted to farm animals and I can't have Jews and their puppets defiling my practices and human rights with themselves and their morals.

12fcdb  No.13279901

File: 9a4651cceefd179⋯.jpg (5.38 KB, 160x161, 160:161, uwut.jpg)




be427d  No.13279908

File: 8164e50d0f1bc77⋯.webm (9.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bipolar.webm)

Look at these women, one second they think they're hard, the next they're breaking down like the emotional trash they really are. Straight up bipolar.

3cd9fc  No.13279909

File: 5bdb282520ac0c3⋯.jpg (188.82 KB, 404x303, 4:3, 728648502.jpg)



>why is it so hard to find a good man?

>are there any good men left on this site?


>what happened to chivalry?

30e817  No.13279925

File: 4a1f4e02c19b115⋯.jpeg (35.57 KB, 960x944, 60:59, think.jpeg)


>corrections "officer"

>2 mixed kids

What could possibly have happened here?

c212f3  No.13279945

File: 94b1cad02db8aa7⋯.jpg (20.15 KB, 350x334, 175:167, I like salsa and hot sauce….jpg)



>i'm not on here to play games, I'm here to find a breadwinner

be427d  No.13279948

File: 33e05dd5e020f08⋯.mp4 (1.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pushed off bus dies.mp4)

Look at women act today


Shocking moment a woman, 25, violently shoves a man, 74, off a bus to his death 'after he asked her to stop cursing and yelling at other passengers' - as she now faces murder charge over his death

Video footage released by police shows an elderly man being shoved off a bus

Serge Fournier hit his head on a sidewalk after being thrown from the vehicle

The 74-year-old man told shouting and cursing woman to be nicer to passengers

A month after the incident Clark County coroner ruled his death was a homicide

Cadesha Michelle Bishop, 25, was arrested by Vegas police on a murder warrant

c212f3  No.13279985

File: e513c4722dc45b9⋯.jpg (76.02 KB, 638x479, 638:479, fecundacion-completo.jpg)


why not wait until after the cenus instead of right beforfe it to wring hands over numbers.

there is of course the issue of "planning people" waiting while "give me sum fuk people" are rapidly reproducing. The fecund are stupid, it seems.

fa1f00  No.13279989



Fucking niggers again

127570  No.13280016

File: fce06e75d93a5cc⋯.png (457.17 KB, 600x450, 4:3, costanza.png)

>These classrooms are going to have to be filled with illegal economic migrants otherwise our valuable school teachers will become unemployed

8d932b  No.13280033


The don't. Single mothers are almost as low in the pool as niggresses are.

be427d  No.13280035


Well of course we expect niggers to act this way anyway, but I mean the decision she made to push a 74 year old with a walker down the stairs was 100% emotional, and that's the hallmark of women. It's why can never be leaders and why they are undefeated in destroying civilization.

There is no proactive fix for any of this. We need a total collapse of civilization to set things right.

8d932b  No.13280042


>I'm a country girl

<two nigger children

… Can we please end this?

07e2d8  No.13280043


Surely she'll face the death penalty in a fair and speedy trial, right?

07e2d8  No.13280053


That's how all men are without (((feminism)))

9f8f01  No.13280057


>>These classrooms are going to have to be filled with illegal economic migrants otherwise our valuable school teachers will become unemployed

The illegal economic migrant from el salvador will save america, who'd have ever thunk it

07e2d8  No.13280063

((( >>13278761 )))

>this is what retards believe

Lurk more faggot

564553  No.13280068


The census is rigged. Self-reporting "white" hispanics, "white" arabs, etc.

564553  No.13280081


Tall, attractive facial structure, large frame. Other forms of status matter as well such as fame and wealth.

07e2d8  No.13280084


You're right, they are not white… they are Caucasian because their genes comes from the Caucuses

be427d  No.13280086


The court system should start sentencing these people to the crimes they committed. So in this case, given his age, she should be pushed down a huge flight of concrete steps with her hands tied.

564553  No.13280089


What do you have to lose at this point, really?

564553  No.13280096


>I look forward to a post happening world where a woman stands up to a man and gets absolutely rocked.

Good chance this will take a lot longer than you think, and not happen within your lifetime. So don't hold your breath.

3cd9fc  No.13280104


Amish women are the best women we have left in America,very good, I've known a few, I grew up in a town with a lot of Amish. Be a real man, don't pump her and dump her, they haven't been exposed to soul crushing jewish culture yet, so they still have their motherly instincts in tact.

564553  No.13280105


Behind every one of these is a cuckservative father.

fa1f00  No.13280111


a White woman most likely wouldn't do this. She only did this because she is an "other" and looked at him as being different from her and felt okay in doing whatever she wanted to harm him

564553  No.13280113


They can still get pumped and dumped by Chad on a slow day, so they think they have worth. They're not smart enough to realize getting fucked is not the same as getting commitment. Plus Chad will string her along for a few weeks maybe to get higher ROI on effort.

be427d  No.13280115


I think it'll happen within the next 5-10 years. We're already only a few years out from the government interest death spiral.

07e2d8  No.13280124




Top kek… don't forget to court a born again "virgin"

564553  No.13280125


I thought the same thing in 2007. Hope you're right.

3cd9fc  No.13280128


THIS 100%, a flag waving, gun toting, American values are democracy and freedom for ALL people conservative. I've known quite a few of these types also, and you are absolutely correct that they're first person to look Hakeem in the eye and shake his hand as soon as she brings him home. If there is a wedding, sometimes they get married before the nigger leaves, the father stands there with the proudest possible look on his face, just to make sure the world knows just how anti-racist and enlightened an American conservative man is.

3cd9fc  No.13280135


>every white woman is a degenerate whore please believe me

Plenty of real virgins left in the countryside, I don't know why you would go out of your way to shit on actual good women when the society is filled with enough garbage women for you to spend the thread making fun of…unless you have some sort of (((agenda)))

07e2d8  No.13280138


The Amish girls in Nicaragua were cute as they were motherly. I'm saving to retire there.

07e2d8  No.13280143

((( >>13280135 )))

The conversation was about born again virgins, faggot kike

07e2d8  No.13280155


Holy fucking shit, I feel bad for men that fall for this type of harpy

9f3cbb  No.13280162


"Born again virgins" is a phenomenon that stems from the idea that no matter the sin you can repent and become "holy" again.

Which is false.

Some things scar you for life.

Murder, rape, training yourself to have sex with people you haven't signed a life contract with, abortion blah blah blah.

>nobody's perfect

But they should damn well strive not to fuck up because the repercussions for your actions don't go away.

07e2d8  No.13280165



6acc8e  No.13280340


That is such a beautiful girl. I wish there were better pictures of her out there dressed up nice.

16b72d  No.13280617


We do it for real this time.

a05444  No.13280637

What are ethnic groups in that birth ratio again?

441939  No.13281353


Become Amish and you can have ten kids, prob more.

17c725  No.13281361

File: 0b43872d4a8c2e2⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 229x200, 229:200, 1408775982953.jpg)


The cost of living is too high. My older sister is finally having kids in her 30s because she finally was able to get herself into a house with a fucking 20 year bank loan.

I'm in my early 20s, no house yet, why the fuck would someone in my position have children?

761064  No.13281392




just remember, it was all planned >>12880014

fa1f00  No.13281692


I'm in a middle class white area and a 1,100 sq ft apartment is over $1,000/month (not including utilities)

My mortgage is 1200/month for a house almost double that sq feet

If you're renting, you're throwing your money away and won't be able to save enough to move into a house.

761064  No.13281708



Its all scams bro, fake money.

6acc8e  No.13281715


The problem is getting that critical mass down payment so you can have a big enough equity and getting a job solid enough so that you won't lose your job as prices plummet wiping out your accumulated equity.

I know a guy that parked his car in front of a speeding freight train when that happened to him.

fa1f00  No.13281734


well my issue is that now houses are so expensive that you're paying more, way more towards interest than you are on anything else

10-20% down isn't a huge deal though with two people but can be impossible for a single dude

with my payment schedule, they're supposed to make over 30 years 300k or something in interest alone (profit)

I did the math on it

of course, I won't be just making the minimum payments and will be paying as much as I can to not have that happen.

This is with a "great" interest rate of 4.5% btw

oh yeah and credit score is meaningless, it's all based on income after taxes

ac4dee  No.13281751


You don't just become Amish.

They don't like outsiders and they don't try to convert people.

fa1f00  No.13281761


this. They're the descendants of like 10 german families from 250 years ago or some shit.

they have webbed feet a lot and that's the least of their issues

ff2501  No.13282013


The "conservative christian" types are almost always the bigger cucks than most most leftists I know. Almost all of the white girls who have interracial children tend to be the based hardcore christian. The "I might be against abortion, but then will tell you they are hardcore femenist/pro-women's equality" types. The types that jump up and down if you say anything bad about jews or israel, but won't bat an eye if something is bad is said about white people.

d81e23  No.13282017

What is the point of creating more Jewish white niggers

1cf732  No.13282032

File: 42ef009df40d641⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 418x541, 418:541, Fag_Gay_OP.jpg)


>of 1,000 women only 59 have children, staggering.

Holy shit, nigger. You. . . Okay, just fuck it.

796e46  No.13282057


You get an offspring and thats all that matters. Oh no, all resposibilities fall on a woman, and you can live your life as usual, except for some child support, that will be less than supporting kids anyway+a wife? The travesty, how you will manage that.

Women are for babies, not sex. You get bored of aging cunt anyway.

6a883e  No.13282085


Zeus was Persephone's father.

Zeus was actually trying to be a bro to Hades because everything else was so hard on him. Hell, even Zeus knew what kind of work-heavy life Hades has to live and was just trying to help make amends. Zeus said, "Just take her when no one's looking and I'll turn a blind eye" effectively.

So Hades does just that and it's actually Persephone's mother, Demeter, that goes absolutely batshit. She storms off to Zeus bitching her head off and then refuses to let plant life grow for years. Meanwhile, Persephone appears to be adjusting well to life in the underworld and Hades basically treats her like a queen from the start.

One of the more interesting facts about Hades and Persephone is that they actually complimented each other quite well. Hades never had any Demigods because he was strictly monogamous to Persephone and Persephone would 'ease over' Hades from issuing punishments that were too harsh.

Moral of the story is that you have to trick women to liking you if you're a Hades-type.

80e41b  No.13282095

Oh look, more kosher spam.

6a883e  No.13282097



And Niggers are also prone to violent outbursts based on spur-of-the-moment behaviors. This was just a case of having "nigger" and "women" in the same encounter. But it's always just "niggers".

80e41b  No.13282099

Amazing, filter a couple jew cunts and the thread is sparse.

d41073  No.13282125


Women are enablers of the Jew. This is why the NSDAP didn't allow for them to have political positions after they took power.

0bc5d4  No.13282150


Also Ancient Germanic languages don't have a word for "woman leader", Queen is a Latin invention. King is from the RigsThula.

fc7ee5  No.13282202

File: faaf7160efdcc6c⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2592x4608, 9:16, 55b62e99a2a9d64aa5ea7298bc….jpg)




4adca1  No.13282261


Fuck off Pablo

d41073  No.13282264


Only possible if CRISPR, PIGD, and gene editing in general become advanced enough. Otherwise, I cannot condone this behavior.

bb23d0  No.13282283

File: 0571fd500ec8b1f⋯.png (247.5 KB, 622x500, 311:250, shadow.png)


Amigo, you about as non white as my asian roomate.

000000  No.13282296


>traitors in our governments


Who are we going to vote for this time around, lads? Zion Don or "I am a Zionist" Joe?


0d3137  No.13282302


We can vote for Bowie Knife.

564553  No.13282402

File: 471dc0e18752527⋯.png (517.64 KB, 1798x1512, 899:756, 149921324384.png)

4daab8  No.13282476


Agreed. Hispanics are white. I was in Tijuana the other day and most of the people there looked whiter than the people in New York or Washington DC which are two of the major cities of USA

c5a237  No.13282580


She posted a picture of a PoC on Twitter doing something wrong and the mob is closing in to lynch her for not being inclusive enough.

9f3cbb  No.13282842


Greek mythology is good.

d018b2  No.13282858

File: cbbc2ad13095a3b⋯.gif (260.77 KB, 480x228, 40:19, cbbc2ad13095a3bef8c3695334….gif)

ed452f  No.13283452

File: da3aa3859584a56⋯.jpg (42.05 KB, 486x341, 486:341, 1478078694836.jpg)


fellow spic;

Why would you do this? You could just find a whitewashed spic wife material that doesn't have any nigger meta. Possibly one of the most unbased things a spic could do is intermarry.

9c5438  No.13283561

The problem is that boomers have installed this idea on us that you need tonnes of stupid shit to be happy. Especially as a first time parent, your friends and family will give you all sorts of baby shit as parents. You are most likely wealthy enough to have kids… what you have to insert golden coins into them all the time to have kids?

No, at first the food is free (breastmilk) and then it's a tiny plate of food. And the other spending is mostly pointless shit the kid doesn't care about.

9f3cbb  No.13283603


You need money to survive. (you don't but the economy is designed around trade, i.e. money)

You need to work for money.

Meaning you have no time to raise children unless welfare which is seen as dishonorable or something. by people who consider themselves intelligent or valuable.

Also sociopolitically everything is fucked. everyone is insecure and angry and a lot of people have no real family connection being raised by the state because both parents work 40 hours a week, and taught if they live in the same town as their parents they're pathetic layabouts, so people are 'waiting" for a better time.

8c0309  No.13283615


This is true we are about to have our 3rd and I make less than 35k before taxes. Just live simply and dont waste money

9c5438  No.13283640


You don't need more than one 40 hour fulltime job to raise a kid, they don't cost a lot of fucking money. Unless you're planning on saving enough money to send them to one of those $500k (((universities))). Have a side gig that makes passive income and your wife can EASILY stay at home. Don't fucking waste money on shit.

f1dbdd  No.13283643

The problem is Latinos have no problem with sticking 3 families in a 3 bedroom apartment which a white family might use to have 1 or two children.

9f3cbb  No.13283694


yeah true.

303a5c  No.13283695


Gays too. The reason gay-boorhoods gentrify is that you have 2 city wage earners and no offspring to spend on, so instead property. They are anti family on so many levels.

12fcdb  No.13283707


>our valuable school teachers will become unemployed

They're just government employees (i.e. welfare job). If they are worthy in any sense of the word then they'll have no problem doing a different job.

226e7c  No.13283711


>You don't need more than one 40 hour fulltime job to raise a kid

You need to convince women of this. Not very productive on a board with only men.

325026  No.13283759


Yeah right. Most women are voting to bring them in by the boatload. Keep it up white knight. Just keep helping women vote us to collapse.

8f18b2  No.13283845


>You get an offspring and thats all that matters

No you idiot. You must also be able to raise your child. You must be there to guide and protect them.

Single motherhood is trash, and the children produced from such homes are stunted. You think like a nigger.

8f18b2  No.13283850

File: 0c4d03488dc89b2⋯.jpg (65.89 KB, 1159x469, 1159:469, White Women's Worth in One….JPG)


>Most women are voting to bring them in by the boatload.

303a5c  No.13283873


Single women see state as suitor married see state as understudy to husband.

8f18b2  No.13283899


White women vote against immigration.

303a5c  No.13283933


MARRIED ones do. Young and single women want more men here to competen for them. Their understanding of clan and in-group is not developed.

8f18b2  No.13283945


White women vote against immigration.

If you have evidence its only married ones, show me.

572019  No.13283954


Only 53 percent, judging by your picture. Barely over half.

8f18b2  No.13283969


Yeah, so the majority.

Where's my evidence?

549636  No.13283972


>what is the marriage gap


8f18b2  No.13283996

File: e81d26bb846a53e⋯.png (30.75 KB, 1174x328, 587:164, ClipboardImage.png)


Thats nice, but its not what I asked for.

Show me evidence of only married White women supporting restriction on immigration.

If you just look at all women, even married women support immigration, but we see massive disparity between White and nonWhite women.

549636  No.13284057



Forgive me for quoting Vox, but I'm at work.

Combine the data in the article with the marriage gap phenomena, and you'll get our conclusions.

899554  No.13284064

I think whites are sometimes too responsible for their own good. Do you think a lack of money stops niggers from reproducing en masse? We should take as much we as can from soup kitchens, maximize exploitation of government bux, compete with the nigger for resources, take as much as possible. Make it so the only way they can deprive you is by depriving the nigger too.

Impregnate 40 white women if you can. Worried about not being able to be a present father for your kids? Fuck that. You can never guarantee you'll be able to be there for your kids, because of Jews/Feminism. If you care lots, your babymomma will sense weakness and separate and try to get child support from you anyway. You can try to manage her nature and be a good husband and shit and you'll still get burned. We don't live in a society which embraces that kind of responsible living anymore, and until women are fixed, your setting a good example will not enact change. They need the stick, not the carrot.

Be the cool absent dad who your kids yearn for. Set a good example when you visit them once a month or something, but otherwise be busy with your worldly life. Encourage the women you impregnate to keep your name from the government (roleplay like they don't know who impregnated them, embrace the "slut" persona) so that they don't take support from you.

There's a max of how much support can be taken from you, so you may as well create as many children as possible so that they get a smaller amount each. Any amount extra they get would just be wasted by the woman anyway. Engage in nigger-tier behavior because this is a zero-sum game and you must out-nigger the nigger just as you must out-jew the jew.

549636  No.13284099


>let the state raise your children and turn them into fodder

No. The correct answer is to overthrow the state via any means possible and institute a new order.

899554  No.13284135


the pic >>13278899 asked about is from the webcomic "GhostBlade" more pics of it are at https://www.deviantart.com/wlop/gallery/46273601/GhostBlade

I am wondering if anyone could verify whether or not that is true. Knowing the name of the knight holding the shield and the elf QT would be helpful in interpreting the situation.

Looks like it might possibly be Ice Princess Yan from https://www.deviantart.com/wlop/art/ice-Design-445511649 ?

In which case I'm wondering if https://www.deviantart.com/wlop/art/Light-and-Darkness-443767703 (getting a server error trying to load…) previewed in the description is the nigger she fucked?

Looks like a mummy though, are we sure it's a nigger or just an undead whose skin is blackened by decay? Or maybe a drow? Drow aren't niggers.

Also, checked.

8f18b2  No.13284138


>White, college-educated women in particular swung heavily left in 2018, with 59 percent voting for Democratic House candidates, compared with just 49 percent in 2016.

White, college-educated women went for Hillary 51-44-5 in 2016.

>read this giant article to get our conclusions

How about you just make your own argument?

Cite the data from that source which supports your claim.

I'm open to changing my mind, but I'm not open to spending time digging through a Vox article to find out you're full of shit.

549636  No.13284164


I'm at work, so I can't do that. I would go to the source directly. When I get home later I'll post it up. Regardless, 49-49 is not something to be proud of. White men are far more polarized than that. My conclusion were reached by taking the 49-49 split and applying the marriage gap to it. Simple inferred reasoning. Education is outside the scope of this arguement.

564553  No.13284188


The men have to convince their women one on one. So this is actually the most productive place to foster that message. If your wife is working, it's because your'e in a truly dire situation or you want her to. Oh btw she's cheating on you work co-workers.

564553  No.13284196

File: 9b0eda6a6879500⋯.jpg (246.69 KB, 1200x1032, 50:43, burger vote breakdown.jpg)

899554  No.13284199


You can do both. Milking the state of money is how you accelerate the collapse. If you support your own children and become a responsible taxpayer then you are just helping prop up the system.

000000  No.13284236


This. White skin doesn't matter if you don't have White consciousness, White values and White in-group loyalty.

(((Trump))) is White. (((Biden))) is White. Lots of White cucks are White.

It's not enough just to have White genetics. You have to have White values and that begins with loyalty to your volk and having the capacity to instill the right values into your children. Acting like a nigger and enabling irresponsible single mother whores to raise your scrappy kids is not the answer.

226e7c  No.13284256


Not all men are married. The issue isn't convincing loyal wives. It's convincing younger single women to marry what they see as poor men.

8f18b2  No.13284259


>When I get home later I'll post it up.

Yes, do so, because your argument thus far is lacking.


>If only White women vote, Trump wins handily

Yeah, thats what I mean.

67b22f  No.13284266

File: caf936e75c96ec3⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 960x720, 4:3, caf936e75c96ec344aa751b3f8….jpg)


>just make babies but don't actually raise them

8f18b2  No.13284326

File: 78f99d2579b5eb7⋯.png (3.66 MB, 2019x1417, 2019:1417, ClipboardImage.png)


Theres the pic you couldn't get to load.

b9456f  No.13284335


It's not stopping the niggers endless cycle of pointless breeding and gibs. Tighten your buckle and spread your genes defiant. Your sons and daughters kill the beast and they will never have to worry about this again.

549636  No.13284338


>your argument is lacking

I don't see how. Its a pretty simple logic track to follow. But yes, I will post it up.

8f18b2  No.13284365


>I don't see how. Its a pretty simple logic track to follow.

It lacks evidentiary support.

>But yes, I will post it up.

Please do, yes.

74cbcc  No.13284534



Another baby boom

8f18b2  No.13284566

File: b072a5d3bd9d74a⋯.jpg (147.6 KB, 2190x1295, 438:259, Marvellous.JPG)

564553  No.13285055


Good point. Someone's got to do something about these fucking shitskins.

78b523  No.13285272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All you need to do to fix the birth rates is to take women's rights away.

564553  No.13285511


This will require a global economic happening and government collapse. Has to happen though.

c2e1e2  No.13285560


This. I have a degree and 10 years experience doing what I do, and getting an interview is about as probable for me as winning more than 5$ on a scratch-off. Fuck it.

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