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File: 59d0395b53080be⋯.png (102.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, monrovia-africa-map-remark….png)

aad052  No.13278843

Liberia was successful the first time around because blacks were demoralized. They believed that whites would never see them as equals, that they weren't equals, and that they could live a better life, with less oppression, surrounded by their own kind.

There are footholds we can use to precipitate the same effect now:

-They've "learned" a lot about their own culture (we waz kangs, 'n sheeeeiit).

-They think they played a disproportionate roll in advancing the world. We could get them to *threaten* to move back to Africa and take their ability to advance civilization with them unless their demands for more gibs or whatever are met, creating a second tier effect of people actually making the move. Most non-africans will ignore this completely or laugh it off. They always want more gibs.

-They still believe the white man is holding them down. What better place to escape the ebil white man?

-They believe they are more peaceful. We can play up and contrast these things to make Africa an appealing destination and ultimately cause some level of self deportation.

-We can spread pictures of modern looking African cities like those in Ghana and Nigeria. We could tell them that the pictures of mud huts are a lie spread by white supremacists, along with every other plight in Africa like the aids epidemic.

-We could link the decolonization efforts with their presence in America and other countries that formerly used them as slaves. To stay put is to let the colonists win. To participate in the economy of these evil white countries is to continue their enslavement. Home is where the homeland is.

The problems with this plan:

-Many are poorfags. They can't save money to save their life. Affirmative action may have shifted this to some degree, but only marginally. We could encourage the more well off nigs to help their communities make the trip, get them to start back-to-africa foundations and whatnot.

-African countries don't want American niggers. Their border control is a joke anyways. So maybe this isn't a big problem.

-Some of these tactics would have collateral damage. We don't want people outside of African communities believe that Africans are great stock to have around. I think we can mitigate this to some degree with surgical meme strikes within african enclaves, of which there are many, ending up with a kang effect where they are the only ones truly believing any of this. I'm just spitballing here.


b2f1c2  No.13278893

I think the issue with niggers in Africa is that they don't have a drive to maintain a long term civilization.

Liberian Americans, the descendants of American slaves or miscegenated Americans, faced hardships that allowed them to better fight against that system and develop longer term plans but are still unable to actually keep it up. Running out of steam when the indigenous niggers rose up.

You can give a nigger proper education but you can't make smart or knowledgeable.

If anything, we should still deport the African diaspora back to Africa so they can be better be with their kind and the smart of the bunch would breed with other intelligent niggers and maybe they can grow into something more intelligent.

86e9bb  No.13278903


>just give nigs their own country and all problems will be solved

-they already have all of africa and it's a mess.

-africans are flooding in mass into the EU

-africans have massive uncontrolled birthrates

To avoid all of this would cost a bunch of money.

It's best to let the chinese deal with it. At some point this will be a problem if the chinese have control over africa and it's resources but they'll also have to deal with a billion nigs which will drain their resources if they don't outright enslave them all or genocide them.

If they enslave them or genocide them it will cause outrage and maybe goyim will finally be willing to pay more for products produced in their own countries.

86e9bb  No.13278909


>you can give a nigger proper education but you can't make smart or knowledgeable.

It's still a bell curve there are smart nigs, but all the brain nigs are smart enough to leave africa, leaving the remaining ones eating dirt cookies.

aad052  No.13278928

File: e23a115a5510363⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1075x1440, 215:288, come home brothers and sis….png)


We'll have to figure out a way of cutting off the stream of rapefugees, but I think the gears are in motion in that regard. These tactics are better suited to U.S. based nigs.

f05fdc  No.13278937


It's obvious. Tell them to build their own mythical Wakanda since niggers loved to google it so much to find out it wasn't real.

Tell them about how much advanced their civilization could be in Africa without interference of "whitey" men.

030727  No.13278938


You want to… trick blacks into moving to Liberia?

aad052  No.13278958


Excellent, yes this would work.


Liberia, Ghana, anywhere in Africa really. After the civil war, the U.S. government managed to repatriate a bunch of blacks back to Africa by giving them their own country. I think we can repeat the migration part of that at least.

6971bf  No.13278967

File: e14676d36ebe08c⋯.jpg (124.54 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 1436361764657-1.jpg)

Just rename it to Wakanda. Ba da bim ba da boom.

86e9bb  No.13278970


We didn't have the ridiculous welfare system back then that we do today.

Why would the average black want to move back to africa when they can stay in the US and get gibs?

They won't give up gibs. The gibs must be removed first.

aad052  No.13278998


Some of these countries do have functioning welfare systems. We may be able to dangle that in front of them too. http://www.ghana.gov.gh/index.php/media-center/features/3117-child-and-family-welfare-policy

aad052  No.13279030


We should probably avoid focusing on welfare though and emphasize the other factors at play here (evil whitey and building wakanda, etc)

ad8ab2  No.13279049

What we should do? Take back Africa, kill most of the niggers while keeping some strong ones for labor, and legalize slavery in Africa only so that we can use them for extracting resources with minimal costs. White men shouldn't be slaves, so there is no need to legalize it in white lands, we wont make the same mistake of bringing any shitskins into our lands again, no matter how "le based and red pilled" they may be.

c8b2f8  No.13279082

Why don’t you just move there yourselves? Go build a solar desert paradise. You don’t need to be undignified hateslaves breaking yourselves of all joy. You could go put ideas into action in a social and historically impactful way.

If you build something in Africa, people will notice for generations. Go south, young asshole, and bring with you better toilets to shit in.

You don’t have to remain in a modern country driving you schizophrenic with all the evil-wrongbad skincolors. You can go be narcissistic somewhere history will appreciate it.

c8b2f8  No.13279093


Slavers ARE slaves, why do you think it got abolished? Do you really want to have to orient your life around barely controlling a community of people who want you dead?

Reasoning about these things will make you happier.

aad052  No.13279143




I've put a little more thought into this. If any of them bring up welfare, we should deflect and terminate those lines of discussion by appealing to the ego.

"What, you don't think you can survive on the continent of your ancestors?"

"Too scared to go without whitey's help?"


Let the chinese do it and take the moral backlash, then we can take back control under the guise of preventing China from gaining too much power.

We shouldn't enslave them directly. We should implement a system of control like the jews and their unbacked fiat. Either way though, let's focus on getting all the nigs back to their homeland first.

aa35fe  No.13279213

File: 6e33f2a044bc580⋯.png (277.07 KB, 1405x589, 1405:589, african civ.png)


Their exploding birthrates can be attributed to long-term peace (relative to states like Nigeria) and resources/medical technology provided by Western countries. Remember, Africa was sparsely populated prior to the arrival of the Europeans and the trans-Atlantic slave trade; there were just a bunch of scattered tribes that were in perpetual conflict with one another (modern African-American gangs replicate this behavior to an extent). If the UN didn't have such a presence in sub-Sahara Africa, structural functionalism and natural selection would deal with the unsustainable population growth in these countries. Nigeria is projected to have a greater population than the United States in a few short decades. These are unprecedented levels of population growth and it's happening across the continent. I can't imagine the destitution, disease, and instability these countries have in store for them, if things continue to go at this rate. It's a ticking time bomb but my main concern is how it'll effect Europe at that point.

10f9b1  No.13279250


So far sounds good. But what about the recent african migrant, muslim migrant and latino/a migrant? Or what about the filthy mixed race and the race traitor? What should we do to them?

Maybe some 8channer who works in the government could help by make incetive program to emigrate these migrant back to where they belong.

d5e72b  No.13280210


First of all Liberia was never successful.

It might have been a good deal less of a shit hole at first for the reasons you describe.

But Liberia was originally supposed to be a way to get all the niggers out of the United States.

How did that work out?

755f0b  No.13280577


>we wont make the same mistake

Making slave out of them was the first mistake, moron. Pick your own fucking cotton. If you're going to the trouble to exterminate 99% of them, then do the last 1%, faggot.

755f0b  No.13280623


The guy who was doing it got shot in the back of the head by a jew, and all the other jews convinced our government to stop repatriation.

141c61  No.13280682

File: 6c1b07e7c57543d⋯.png (338.54 KB, 761x563, 761:563, 6c1b07e7c57543dcb0eb691b01….png)


There won't be a Europe at that point, it'll be Africa and the authorities will enforce the anarchy.

000000  No.13280720

>with less oppression, surrounded by their own kind.

One of the first things they did was enslave local niggers lmao

Their ancestors were sold into slavery by their own kind to some jews to begin with there's little helping them.

Still, I agree with segregation and looking at current trends it looks like we'll get our wish they're already segregating themselves lmao

30fde6  No.13280882


It's almost as if it's an inherent biological inclination! Who could have guessed that?

ad8ab2  No.13280970


That's just the only way that niggers existing could have any value, existing as slaves, otherwise we may as well just pick them all off. The main point of the kike slave trade was to import shitskins into white countries, I'm talking about keeping them in Africa.

36052a  No.13282127


Liberia was successful because the ruling class consisted of mulattos (generally college-educated in the US as well) who enslaved the native population.


>Liberia was never successful.

It was doing better than literally every black-run country in Africa until the CIAniggers backed a coup that ended up killing essentially every single government official - leaving the country with no government and nobody capable of running one, since for all intents and purposes the Americo-Liberian population WAS the government and vice-versa.

fd492e  No.13282251

The very first thing the American niggers did when they were dumped in Liberia like toxic waste, was attempt to enslave their blacker brethren native to Liberia. This precipitated a comically savage cannibalistic war between these two hate filled factions of murderous shitskins.

000000  No.13285138


>I think the issue with niggers in Africa is that they don't have a drive to maintain a long term civilization



nufag detected

what about they don't even have the drive to somewhat create a civilization before even talking about maintaining one?

5077f6  No.13285535

File: ff90a157328bef4⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 256x256, 1:1, legionnaire.jpg)


>Liberian Americans, the descendants of American slaves or miscegenated Americans, >developed longer term plans

>ran out of steam when the indigenous niggers rose up

Or simply after the next generation niggers grew up.

About the same can be said of the first generation of black/mulatto Haitian Leaders in the early 1800s.. They were the best 0.1% who were educated and trained by the French Military and knew how to build forts and roads and sheeit but their average nigger kinsmen were too retarded to maintain the island in a developed state. And to the trash it went,

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