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File: 2354a037830e862⋯.jpg (135.84 KB, 700x699, 700:699, vainamojnen181.jpg)

de7c1a  No.13279109

Two of our Greatest Aryan minds (Evola,Pierce) both understood the most important challenge facing our Folk, and each of us Individually.

They understood that we are the Highest Manifestation of order on this Earth, and it is our Purpose to realize the Self, realize the Brahman sitting within our Heart. They understood that with Self Realization comes Authority, and Understanding.

Evola had this to say :

" The second form, superior to the first, is one that does not exist in every stock naturally, or in every member of a given stock; it is an

otherworldly force that must be drawn into the blood of a people through the practice of certain rites. This action corresponds to the

Hindu notion of "realizing the Self," or experiencing a oneness with

the divine source of all existence and order (Brahman). Such a task can

only be accomplished by a gifted few, who by making this divine

connection undergo an inner transformation. They become aware of

immutable principles, in the name of which they go on to forge their

ethnic kin into holistic States — microcosmic versions of the transcen-

dent principle of Order itself. Thus, the Brahmins and Kshatriyas of

India, the patricians of Rome, and the samurai of Japan had a "race of

the spirit," which is essential to "having race" itself. Others may have

the races of body and soul, but race of the spirit is race par excellence. " - "Concept of Race"

Dr.Pierce had this to say on the Topic :

"“As Don Juan speaks of it, Life is an entity unto itself, a separate being of sorts. According to Don Juan, Life, or the Life Force, this entity, this being, has monumentally important purposes: to become aware of itself and understand itself, and to realize itself, that is to say, become the finest version of what it truly is. He refers to Life’s ‘continual effort not only to maintain itself, but to achieve higher and higher organization and completer self-consciousness.’"

Many of us look for quick fixes, or political solutions, and some have become convinced that Violence is the only answer. Some of us seek answers in Religion, but only the Aryan of Genes, and Spirit understands that there are no quick fixes, and the solution rests in our very own soul.

We need a World Wide spiritual revolution, we need to include the quest of Self Realization alongside physical fitness.

In our Eugenics programs we need to prioritize the enhancement of Consciousness, and the furthering of Spiritual Gifts. Our end is not only to be Supermen, it is to become a Manifestation of Brahman on Earth, a Source of Light in the darkness.

The Self Realized Aryans will be at the Top of our recreated Dharmic Caste systems, these Men are ones who Know, these Men are the ones who will lead all Aryans across the bridge of Liberation and to the truth of the Self. They Say Aham Brahmasmi.

Give me Immortality, or Give me Victory.. Better yet give me Both.

Thank You,

- Matthew Baumgartner (DaAryan WorldView)

1323a3  No.13279116

You will never submit to me. It couldn’t possibly be that it’s fun seeing people author craziness of whatever flavor I tell them not to.

000000  No.13279117

What faggy eso-nonsense slide thread is this?

1323a3  No.13279128

File: 1c3e371243ae423⋯.pdf (269.42 KB, Safari - May 15, 2019 at 2….pdf)

Every person reading this is one person; that is truth! In acknowledging individuality, you gain the power to work with others. In denying individuality, you gain a scar upon your mind.

Here, have some rather intense wrongthink. For are you not all fearless students of that which is forbidden?

19aea2  No.13279176

Bump, the OP is an esoteric metaphor for the friends we find in the immigrant caravans. You see, the world might be chaotic like one of them caravans, but then you REALIZE that these people are friends because the As in DACA stands for Aryan.

Bravo OP, bravo. Don't listen to the shills.

c82757  No.13279190


Aren’t Aryans Indian? Why do white people LARP as Aryan?

676bac  No.13279223


Hey moishe.

de7c1a  No.13279232


>Aren’t Aryans Indian? Why do white people LARP as Aryan?

No, the White Aryans were the Original Vedantists in India.. With the break down of their Caste System, the meaning of Arya as a Racial Distinction, and one of Noble character was lost.

1323a3  No.13279312

I think what keeps me posting here is the indescribable factor of seeing people so wretched that almost anything passes for ennobling their pattern. You’re people so unhappy in your lives that vomiting up aryanism qualifies as an improvement, and all you see in people trying to help you is abuse. You try to “respond in kind” to the “abuse”, and it doesn’t generate the unhappy response you’re looking for.

Postethnic thinking is authentically more pleasant. Overtures towards it look like abuse to you because you’re obsessively compliant to bad patterns. You could break free, but you forged your own chains. You lack the pride for peace.

I care, but it’s hard not to laugh. You’re dearly trying to inflict this on further generations even though you live your lives in fear and anger. An increasing swathe of the public has the pride for peace already.

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