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File: 0e91ec8018e9277⋯.jpg (54.4 KB, 639x426, 3:2, oxycodone-639x426.jpg)

82526a  No.13281422

How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

It’s not like weed, which anybody can grow in their basement or coke, which is grown by literal drug lords in S.America and smuggled into the U.S. These painkiller pills are made by government licensed corporations and sold to government licensed hospitals and doctors, all of whom keep records on how much they got and who it was supposedly prescribed to?

Seems like it would be fairly easy for law enforcement to keep track of and bust those who are falsifying records?

Also, does anybody have the meme pic of a pharmacist looking at a prescription for 10,000 Vicodin and saying “damn, I wonder what happened to this guy?”

e45b58  No.13281435

File: f7e743435814409⋯.png (286.58 KB, 412x532, 103:133, d.png)


>How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

<ethnic genocide for decades

<all culture erased

<demonized for existing

<women stolen from them

<children stolen from them

<feel bad

<"Oy vey goyim, you feel bad? Take pill feel good!"

It is a mystery.

82526a  No.13281497

File: 07a9f8af03c1fac⋯.jpg (68.36 KB, 630x473, 630:473, saupload_F8Z5glBKUsbrAVlev….jpg)


> it's the jews

Sure, but HOW can law enforcement not get a handle on this, when _extensive records_ are kept for every pill manufactured and prescribed?

The pharmaceutical corporation knows exactly how many pills it sold to a pharmacy and the pharmacy knows exactly which doctors wrote prescriptions for the pills, so how the hell can a crooked doctor get away with writing prescriptions for bazillions of excess Vicodin and such that he sells to drug dealers?

Seems like an easy bust to me; just follow the paper trail?

2f3ddc  No.13281499


Kikes kiking

82526a  No.13281508


So you can't answer the question?

46b892  No.13281513


you cant bust somebody for lawfully taking their medication and if you caught somebody taking anothers medication thats not a crime. why dont we focus on taking out these big pharma companies who created the trans movement to sell pills

a8f2af  No.13281536


Because in Florida there were (still are?) pain clinics where some scumbag doc just signs off prescriptions. You could get 1,000 percocets and bring em the northeast selling them for $30 a pop.

I don’t know where you’re from or how old you are but every convenience store used to get robbed for their Oxys back in the early / mid 2000s on top of it.

Once people could spend $80 in 2005 money to get high they switched to dope, now it’s fentanyl. Welcome to the north east.

82526a  No.13281548



But for pain killers to be SUCH a problem, (at least I keep hearing it is) the crooked doctors / clinics would have to be selling _shit loads_ of pills and that ought to be easy for law enforcement to track down, right?

POLICE: “records show you bought 1,000,000 Vicodin from MegaBux pharmaceutical corporation.”

CLINIC: “yes we did.”

POLICE: “lets see those records.”

CLINIC: “umm….”

7f9566  No.13281614

I noticed something interesting in my country. About ten to fifteen years ago, I first encountered opiates, first by growing opium in my mother's yard as a teenager and then by hooking into the morphine [grey nurses] a bit later. I used to hear about this shit called oxycodone being apparently everywhere in the US, and always wanted to try it, but I never really came across it until my late 20's, and by this time morphine sulphate has become actually quite rare to see in my country as it's been replaced by oxy's and endones [same shit but instant release]. They reckon that oxy is stronger but it's not really, it's actually just better absorbed when taken orally than morphine sulphate, to the point where oxy is often listed as being approx. 1.5 to 1 morphine sulphate on opiate equivalence charts.

Now morphine is a naturally occurring compound in what we call opium AKA nectar of the Gods, as is the commonly used codeine. Heroin is diacetylmorphine made by adding two acetyl groups to morphine which boosts potency and reduces the half life, making it an actually good painkiller for certain situations. Synthetic opiates on the other hand, are fucking Not Good. I personally am not supposed to take them due to their tendency to lower seizure threshold and my epilepsy diagnosis. I don't just mean tramadol but synth opiates in general including Penthrox which is a common first aid treatment. And I can tell you now that when I was happy as a clam on my MS Contin, which I used on and off for about 7 years, I never suffered any ill health effects. But I been exposed to the world of drug users first hand, and people who start banging oxy's and so on, they don't live long.

My country is quite well known to be a world leader in opium poppy production, less known is that we were also poised to become a leading supplier of cocaine prior to WW2 and that these coca plantations can still be found today. There was a sudden and overwhelming shift to move away from naturally sourced opiate medications around 2010-2012 and on to the synthetics. There is a significant demand as well for tropane alkaloids [which include not just cocaine but the scopalamine in travel sickness meds as well as aneasthetics]. People die a fucking hell of a lot faster on oxy's than they do on heroin. There's something about synthetic opiates that's killing people. Sorry about the long post just figured may as well share what I know here.

But opium is easier to grow than weed, there's even a book floating around somewhere called "Hydroponic Heroin". My country has plantations that do not appear in official databases. And we still grow Erythoxylum coca as well as a couple of native species that may be even better.

f297b8  No.13281640


>that ought to be easy for law enforcement to track down, right?

It's mostly done through "pain management" clinics. People with terrible chronic pain end up there. So do druggies who complain of terrible chronic pain. So how to you tell the real people in pain from the druggies?

Heck, a lot of clinics will make you take drug tests, so they know you are taking the medicine and not selling it instead. But still, there's plenty on the black market…

d8defc  No.13281647

Look up Oxycontin Express.

Due to Florida's lack of a computerized tracking system for prescriptions, dealers would fly drug mules from West Virginia to Florida in order to hit up a bunch of pain management clinics and get the max amount of Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Xanax. The mule got some cash and enough drugs for the month and the dealers kept the excess to sell on the streets.

82526a  No.13281679


>Due to Florida's lack of a computerized tracking system for prescriptions

I have a hard time believing that there is no system in place for keeping track of who gets these pills and who they prescribe them to.

82526a  No.13281698


>>that ought to be easy for law enforcement to track down, right?

>It's mostly done through "pain management" clinics.

Ok but we're talking about thousands (millions?) of pills ending up on the black market and this pain killer abuse epidemic isn't happening thru 20 pill prescriptions at a time, people are buying/selling the shit in mass quantities.

47dd00  No.13281712

Just legalize it. People will work their jobs faithfully. They already do, afaik. That’s the part of the story OP is missing. How did it get out of control? It got out of control because gearing up the inquisition against it would disjoint the economy, and modern politicians don’t know how to handle economic disruptions.

928457  No.13281753


>How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

The root of it goes back to the NATO conquest of Afghanistan. The most of the world's opioids start life being grown in Afghanistan, but the Taliban banned opium farming as degenerate and anti-islamic. Once the USA took over opium production skyrocketed, and (((big pharma))) were able to get their hands on massive amounts of cheap heroin to peddle. At the same time, a bunch of bullshit medical journals got published regarding pain. The message at the time was something to the effect of "nobody should ever be in any mount of pain! pain is not conducive to the bodily healing process and as healthcare providers we must make sure that not a single one of our patients every experiences an ounce of pain or discomfort! The only way to accomplish this is with the most hardcore, powerful and addictive narcotics known to man!" And oh, look, how convenient, we just took over the country that produces more of it than anywhere else on earth…

Basically heroin is a multi billion dollar per year business, and once it was acquired they needed some kind of market to push it on, and do they published a bunch of horse shit med journals about how nobody should ever feel and kind of pain ever, and doctors should shill the shit out of opioids to literally everybody and get them hopelessly addicted. This also tied in to the marxist desire to get everyone on government healthcare, so the state could get everyone addicted to and dependent on heroin, exactly like what the British did to the Chinese 100 years ago. If everyone is addicted to opium and can't even work or function, everyone will be dependent on the state for more of it. Meanwhile big pharma reaps the profits.

>t. healthcare provider who deals with this shit and these people every single day

000000  No.13281781




You think doctors are good people?

384df0  No.13281799


Overperscription. I've fucked with prescription painkillers before, even crushing them before taking them and honestly the high is really not that special. The reason people are getting addicted is because they're on them for years.

When you're doing it for that long its a classic dependence scenario and it takes orders of magnitude more effort to stop.

0db2e1  No.13281815

Aside from the many valid points brought up in this thread, one of the reasons opiates hit middle and lower class white american men so hard is because of the drugs appeal to those who do manual labor. Especially those operating heavy machinery who are drug tested often. Nothing provides as much pain relief while leaving so little of trace in your system as opiates.

82526a  No.13281932

File: 0ba44961e86ebb3⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 335x543, 335:543, Clavell_Tai-Pan.jpg)


> exactly like what the British did to the Chinese 100 years ago.

The Chinese did that to themselves by trying to shut themselves off from the world and believing the rest of the planet would somehow just go away, then by refusing to do business in anything except silver which was bankrupting Europe.

European merchants didn’t sell opium to the Chinese addicts, they sold it to Chinese merchants who then became filthy rich by selling the drug to their own people.

82526a  No.13281939




My question is strictly about enforcement, which seems like it ought to be easy since these drugs are made by licensed corporations and are prescribed by licensed doctors, all of which leaves a detailed paper trail.

845959  No.13281940

File: aef10917d165604⋯.jpg (346.57 KB, 948x948, 1:1, Opioids, Sackler family, P….jpg)

>Sackler is quoted as calling for a “blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition.”

03e949  No.13281974






61f82c  No.13281979

I think we need to build a memorial for the holocaust so people will never forget the crimes of Adolf Hitler and his evil nazi army. This would help preserve the future of our Israeli children. Mazel Tov!

- Chaim (admin)

cfe5ed  No.13281995


I'll tell you my POV as someone in healthcare how I figure out what meds someone is on.

Patient comes in to the hospital

They give me a list of the meds or bottles to look at. Or tell me.

I call the pharmacy that they tell me they use.

Pharmacy staff verify what they are taking, dose, when they last filled it, who prescribed it, etc.

Now throw all that out the window if someone is using more than one pharmacy and more than one doctor.

You don't know 100% what they are on then.

928457  No.13282000


>European merchants didn’t sell opium to the Chinese addicts, they sold it to Chinese merchants who then became filthy rich by selling the drug to their own people.

Exactly like how modern day (((merchants))) sell it to doctors and hospitals who then sell it to their patients, the general public. The Brits knew exactly what they were setting the Chinese up for the same as the kikes know exactly what they're setting the goyim up for.

f5a823  No.13282276

File: ff581925bd73cf4⋯.png (332.09 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_20190430-002743.png)

File: 2ca33944d7a3f5a⋯.png (489.94 KB, 632x621, 632:621, Screenshot_20190416-164744….png)

File: dd4c2e5a59fd7cf⋯.png (106.43 KB, 1280x267, 1280:267, Screenshot_20190319-110406….png)

File: 68b6cb1b169fd8a⋯.png (884.91 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_20190516-034656.png)

Opioid hysteria is caused by a ton of things, but 90% of it is drug mixing with gaba drugs namely opium+tobacco and opium+alcohol.

See madak-literally decimated china.

See laudanum - usually not nearly as a big of a threat as inhaling tobacco as seen in the Madak mixture but still an extremely high potential for habituation.

for someone who does not yet have a support group of literal saints and near perfect health and diet I say the risk of using opium more than twice in a month could very likely be a one way ticket to abject terror for many people; see 'addiction kindling effect' from repeated relapse.

90% of suicides involve tobacco use, the pain/itching/issues in ones lungs and the subsequent cardiovascular system adjustments sometimes appears unbearable for some; when one considers that a couple chews on tobacco literally allows oneself to turn off after sunset this is really a tragic situation to find oneself in.

Man asked me how do we stop tobacco gambling.

I said first off people have the liberty to do as they please but there are consequences ;( then I said if an individual wants to sell tobacco that is dry / partially dry that has been cut without passing on a conversation of how it is to be used then it will be placed among other plants also cut so that it will be separated by hand. Teaching someone how to cut and how to roll with tools paper and cotton on hand is nowhere near as dangerous as selling prerolls.

Vitamin C is in certain species of pine and many other trees.

Jaegarmesiter is a digestif.

Tobacco taken internally is used for certain ailments.

If one can't get hemp dilute cannabis into another herb until you've reached 0.3% thc, store it in a gun safe with a bottle of alcohol so you always have a sip to swish around in the event you get high instead of faded/loaded after taking your toke. Somethings that I like to do after I medicate are hearing a choir sing, going hiking, practice archery, or just nod off on saturday.

I personally like to use oregano for dilution.

f5a823  No.13282284

File: 3e30e9db7820993⋯.png (214.57 KB, 932x567, 932:567, Screenshot_20190430-010620….png)

File: 47576f36d3dba95⋯.png (145.64 KB, 1257x316, 1257:316, Screenshot_20190409-041318….png)

File: f9dd310b9275589⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 450x248, 225:124, 1557601720896.jpg)

File: cc2a4fd4a680a67⋯.jpg (46.43 KB, 416x470, 208:235, stock-vector-no-fire-15490….jpg)


Was a culture using opium tea ceremonially for God knows how long who then got hooked on madak a smoked mixture of tobacco and opium produced in india.

Scurvy only happens in human and guinea pigs, it's a lack of vitamin C it causes one's teeth to call out among other things; Its common in smokers and high stress situations China went through a lot in those years.

64b9ba  No.13282290


>How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

Because doctors are paid commission by pharmaceutical manufacturers to give them out like candy.

>It’s not like weed, which anybody can grow in their basement or coke, which is grown by literal drug lords in S.America and smuggled into the U.S. These painkiller pills are made by government licensed corporations and sold to government licensed hospitals and doctors, all of whom keep records on how much they got and who it was supposedly prescribed to?

You're not really grasping the logistics here. Opiates are a multi-billion dollar industry in the US; millions and millions of pills are prescribed to millions of people through tens of thousands of physicians.

>Seems like it would be fairly easy for law enforcement to keep track of and bust those who are falsifying records?

Yes and no. On the one hand this is theoretically how it works but on the other it's a clusterfuck - lawsuits, patient privacy (and hence ethics) issues, the sheer abundance of opiates… The deliberately opaque nature of medical information means that just a little juking and weaving goes a long way towards covering tracks. Large scripts have also become so common that the threshold for attention has fallen like a rock. If you want to see a change you have to target the higher echelons of the business but given their lobbying power that's unlikely at best.

b68d49  No.13282292

>it's not like weed

Opium is easier to grow

60dd2f  No.13282317

Because they're derived from the opium plant, and opium in any form is highly addictive.

60dd2f  No.13282320

File: 013599cebfb5631⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 390x461, 390:461, masonic_law_enforcement.jpg)


Law enforcement is full of Freemasons, and I don't have to explain to you that Jews and Masons work together, do I?

ea5c48  No.13282323

The worst kike pill is neurontin or gabapentin. They say is non addictive and non narcotic but its like poor mans GHB. Withdrawls lasted 3 weeks after being on it for 6mos. Hot and cold flashes with night sweats for 3 fucking weeks. Gas the kikes.

ea5c48  No.13282328

Also the opiate pills being cut with acetemenophen is to promote liver disease among white abusers but they say it is to discourage abuse. Gas the kikes.

60dd2f  No.13282341


>Welcome to the north east.

More like welcome to Weimerica.


Depends on the individual doctor. Some are just looking for a check, some are genuinely interested in helping their patients. Just like anything else, really.


Did you ever file for a claim? Looks like there's been class-action lawsuits.

95224d  No.13282358

Unbearable social conditions and the pain attendant to same, drive self medication.

Opiates have been known since antiquity, as the most efficacious anodyne for the treatment thereof.

The Odyssey, by Homer: (of opium)

>Then Helen, daughter of Zeus, turned to new thoughts. Presently she cast a drug into the wine whereof they drank, a drug to lull all pain and anger, and bring forgetfulness of every sorrow. Whoso should drink a draught thereof, when it is mingled in the bowl, on that day he would let no tear fall down his cheeks, not though his mother and his father died, not though men slew his brother or dear son with the sword before his face, and his own eyes beheld it. Medicines of such virtue and so helpful had the daughter of Zeus, which Polydamna, the wife of Thon, had given her, a woman of Egypt, where earth the grain-giver yields herbs in greatest plenty, many that are healing in the cup, and many baneful.

The prescription drug overdoses are primarily diverted supplies, taken from the medicine cabinets of friends, relatives, acquaintances.

Those who have tasted the freedom from jew-engineered social conditions, then seek out the same "on the street".

This used to come in the form of heroin, which has been largely replaced by super-opioids like fentanyl and carfentanyl, 10,000, 100,000 times more potent than morphine and very difficult to safely dose from the powder form, especially where the consumer is unaware of what they have.

This whole problem is a result of prohibition. And why was opium outlawed?

It can't be patented, and can be easily grown nearly anywhere.

The jew had to outlaw opium, in order to create the prescription opioid market.

cbd800  No.13282359


Because thats not at all how it fucking works. They arent writing an Rx for 1k of X pill to a single patient. They're writing a normal amount to a single person, but writing a lot of them, and they do a fair bit to make sure their asses are covered and its "Justified" that they're Rx'ing that medication to that patient.

So how can it be "justified?" Well, because there are regulations and requirements now that demand doctors do not question patients who complain of pain. No shit, in nursing school right now, and theres flat out an entire section at one point where you go over safety and pain, and it talks about the requirements and guidelines for dealing with patients when it comes to pain. And one of those is that you don't question if the patient is making it up or exaggerating it, if they say their pain is a 10 out of 10, you default believe them and your hospital or practice is .. essentially.. obligated to treat them

So what happens if you call them out, or dont give them meds, or whatever else? Well, welcome to lawsuit city mate. They'll go out, find another doc who will give them drugs, and then they turn around and sue you for refusing, as a doctor, to treat their medical needs. And a court will absolutely be on the patients side in that case, they'll treat it just as if someone with an infection came to you and you refused to give them antibiotics, you are "doing harm" in that situation, and they'll view "not treating pain" as doing harm to the patients well being.

Meaning, most doctors are afraid to NOT give those meds out when patients show up complaining of pain. A lot of doctors try to skirt around it, starting them off on other drugs, or trying alternative solutions, but this only weeds out the dumbest scammers. The dumbest ones will refuse and demand pain killers, at which point the doctor can easily refuse and say they've offered alternative treatments which have been "shown to be effective and worth trying for many patients." They have plausible reason to deny them those other drugs in that case. But, if the scammer has even two braincells, they'll have this setup in advance, and they'll either agree to try it for a month after which they'll return and claim to still be in pain and request (but not demand) pain killers because they "need relief," or they'll say they've tried it before with other doctors and its not worked (though many doctors can still push for you to try it for them, but again, you're talking about a month, maybe two, before they come back, claiming they've tried it and it didnt work, and push for drugs anyway, at which point you're basically obligated to give them pain killers)

So, its a very fucked system. The system demands you automatically believe anyone when the tell you what their pain is. No shit, part of the classes for that even the teachers were rolling their eyes at, the example was "you go in to give a patient medication, they are sound asleep, when they wake up to take their medication they complain of pain of 9/10 and ask for PRN pain medication… what do you do?" The answer is.. you believe them and give it to them if available, but thats ENTIRELY about protecting your own ass. Now its painfully obvious that person isnt in any pain, they were sound the fuck asleep, you think someone is just gonna be sleeping through intense pain that is damn near the worst they've ever experienced in their life? Fuck no they arent, they're bullshitting you for some drugs. But, its easy enough to put on a show, whine and cry and claim you were refusing medication to someone in pain and therefore making them suffer for whatever reason (maybe you dont like the, maybe you're spiteful, maybe you enjoy inflicting pain, or whatever), and thats going to cost you your job at least, and possibly your license. So to protect yourself, because you cannot be held liable for giving a pain med to a patient who claims to be in pain when that pain med was ordered by their doctor.. i mean if they somehow died and there was an indication that giving that med would cause that to happen, sure THEN you can be held liable, but the vast majority of the time that isnt going to happen, and its safer 99.999% of the time for YOUR sake to just give the med.

And thats how it goes. Pain is ruled to be treated as subjective to each patient but that they are to be the absolute authority on how much pain they are "really" in, and it isnt your place to question them, only to treat them, and if you DONT treat them you can be held responsible for patient neglect. Until such time that we're allowed to start calling these faggots the liars and scammers and junkies that they are and refuse to give them meds… wwweeeelllllll… the problem is just going to continue.

95224d  No.13282373


"do no harm" is not part of the Hippocratic oath.

Meanwhile, the oath specifically forbids inducing abortion or providing a woman with substance that will induce one.

cbd800  No.13282383


Oh, right, I'll give you a great example of what I mean by a patient going from obviously not in pain, to a performance because you denied them pain meds.

Now, I cant actually give pain meds at present, I'm not a nurse yet and not in a position where I'm able to administer medication at all. But we had a patient come up and ask for pain medication, the nurses were busy, usually I'd just relay the information to them.. but I looked at the guy and asked ".. you dont seem like you're in pain," and that was the honest truth. The guy was not in pain, he was obviously lying to get drugs.

How do I know he wasn't in pain? Pretty simple. Nothing about him showed any symptoms of pain. He claimed his back hurt, but he was not doing anything to prevent himself from moving or twisting or bending because of pain. He was not making any facial ques that would indicate pain. His vital signs were steady and normal. He was in no obvious stress or distress. His voice was as even and calm as it had been the entire evening. His pupils werent dilated and were just a normal size for the lighting. His breathing was steady. No wincing or grimacing, and on and on. You could look at this man and tell he was 100% bullshitting to get some drugs.

His response? "oh, do I have to be whining and crying to be in pain?" after which he proceeded to yell at the top of his lungs "AAAAHHH, HELP.. IT HURTS… AAAAHHH MY BACKK.. AAAHHHHH" And then glared at me like I'd just shot the motherfuckers dog and he was ready to slit my throat. I just stared at him coldly. Rolled my eyes. Told him to go back to his room and his nurse would be in to see him in a minute. Naturally he refused, being the junkie asshole he was, he sat in the wheelchair he DIDNT need (he could walk perfectly fine, and did so all day, he got the chair out at night when he got to lazy to walk anymore) across from the nurses station and glared in the window until they gave him his drugs… at which point he went back to his room and was asleep within minutes.

But guess what? He knew how to manipulate the system. If they'd have refused to give him meds, he'd have sued the shit out of them, because, you "have" to believe patients when they rate their pain or say they're in pain, you cant call them liars or fakers, and he'd have just said he was "not a pussy and going to cry about it in a little ball" and being an asshole of an old man, he'd have had a jury on his side because everyone does expect an old man to be grumpy and not really show hes in pain, so "of course he WAS in pain, and you SHOULD have treated him, you neglected your patient, TIME TO GIVE UP THAT LICENSE AND PAY YOUR FINE!"… oh right, I forgot to mention, the guy was black, living in a mostly black area, which would mean mostly black jury… they'd be all to happy to award him a million dollar lottery winning in the court room

And thats how it goes

cbd800  No.13282397


To quote: "I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. "

"but never … to injury and wrong doing"

What do you think that means? No, its not word for word "do no harm," but its the general intention of the statement. Treat patients as best you can, but never with the intention of causing harm (which would be caused by causing injury or wronging the patient)

I agree, there is a literal portion about not causing abortions

To quote: "Similarly I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion"

Obviously, the original is all in ancient greek, and its been reinterpreted over the years in different ways. But the general intention of the oath is to help and not hurt.

I dont know why we're actually discussing the original language as if it matters. Obviously these dickstains abort babies all the time, and obviously the current common understanding of part of the oath is "do no harm," so what does it matter what the original says word for word?

Regardless, we can argue about all of it all we want. The simple fact of the matter, is that the current system is designed in such a way that doctors fall into one of two camps when it comes to pain killers. Either they hand them out like candy because they want to, and some are caught and busted as being effectively drug dealers. Or they are stuck handing them out because precedent is set that you have to believe a patient about their "pain" and its "level" and to call them a liar would basically cost you your practice and a huge sum of money.

And no, cops and drug companies dont give a shit. Junkies on pills are pretty easy prey, and keep cops busy and employed, you really think they're going to consistently go after the suppliers? No, they arent. You do once in awhile if the problem is getting to big, but in general they are happy with a steady stream of it going on, because its easy work and keeps their paychecks coming in. And drug companies have no desire to end it, because its making them billions of dollars.

c49c01  No.13282444

File: 81bf00d63ff4c96⋯.jpg (62.2 KB, 800x573, 800:573, Bundesarchiv_Bild_111-098-….jpg)


This is the most uninformed shit ever. You people and your "opiate epidemic" you're so out of touch with reality it's crazy. The laws are so strict right now a lot of people suffer from these insane laws by NOT getting proper pain meds. The reverse of an "epidemic" here is true and that's the evil. Suicide is a leading cause of the white race(men in particular). Not drugs. But nobody discusses that, ever.

People don't get this from their doctors office anymore, because doctors are so scared of prescribing amounts that DEA thugs say are "unwarranted", young people and old people are suffering because of them not getting pain relief over the bs kike "opiate epidemic". Nobody deserves to live in pain when there is an appropriate solution for it.

Opiate medication is a god send and help a lot of people with permanent illnesses, allowing them to live a decent life again without pain.

For you morons who simply do not understand how the pharmacology works behind pain killers is that there is no substitute for opiate based medicine that works and doesn't destroy your liver/kidneys and make you a drooling sociopath, acetaminophen(tylenol, aspirin). Even a single dose of acetaminophen causes reduction in empathy, and long term effects of acetaminphen is not known. It's not known because if it was published no pharmakike would be ALLOWED to sell acetaminophen anymore.


So what's better? Permanent sociopathic empathy reduction turning into a fucking robot or dependency?

Let me remind you that Opiate based drugs that treat severe life ruining pain with almost no side-effects when properly utilized except the side effect of physical dependency and euphoria. This is not even about Purdue pharma as they clearly have some greasy jew marketing issues and bad business practices. But their drug does in-fact help millions of people who are suffering from various extremely painful diseases, it makes their lives better, and they are suddenly able to live without pain.

Try having an extremely painful disease like Fibromyalgia, Recurrent kidney stones, Neuropathy, Neuralgia, Migraine syndromes, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome when you beg and cry writhing in pain for something that kills the pain but the only thing you get is worthless ibuprofen, or some other garbage because the doctors are too scared to prescribe you a real painkiller based on fear from DEA commissars. And you are considering killing yourself because of it. Or you already pulled the trigger because of it. Or you kill yourself because you don't get enough medicine to kill the pain because of tolerance.

Too many WHITE people do end their lives because pain has become unbearable and they get no treatment, and the RETARDS who think this type of medication exists only to be abused, and that there are “somehow” no underlying societal causes of the abuse being a part of the problem.

This isn’t about abuse, this is about the addicts, and doctors are not responsible for abuse or this company(except their misleading marketing). The addicts are responsible themselves and they willingly take it, and because there is no rehabilitation that doesn't cost 6 millions $$$$shekels for them.

The addicts who are usually in debt who decide to keep taking this are the ones that are ultimately responsible for their own life because they refuse or are unable to take personal responsibility for their addiction because most garbage predatory judeocapitalist systems does not offer services like rehabilitation for free.

Quit pretending, the opiate addiction is fueled by escapism from an overworked garbage society and from Afghani poppy plants and people who are not able or refuse to take personal responsibility. Weird huh? all these measures and for some weird reason Heroin is still available on the streets, because the fact is the CIA resells confiscated drugs.

In the Third Reich the drug issues were very liberal, because their realized how many fucked up people there were, especially after WW1 and the fall of Wiemar, hence opiate medication was an over the counter available medication.

We aren’t for communism in a society where people are ruled by ingrates and corrupt bastards who like to virtue signal about drugs and no do anything constructive about what is causing addiction. America has a drug issue yeah, but the drug isn’t the issue in of itself, it’s societal misery, only a part of the moral collapse by the JWO.

a8f2af  No.13282458


Not if it’s legal which it was / is in Florida. No one was breaking the law in the receiving end from the pain clinics.

a8f2af  No.13282473


It got out of control because they are physically addictive. It’s not like video games and weed where people tend to use to numb themselves to the dystopia we live in.

Even if you were on for a legitimate reason like a broken leg that doesn’t change the fact you could easily become addicted. I’m way more in favor of medicinal marijuana / CBD for this reason.

Mind you that opioid almost exclusively plagues White society.

cbd800  No.13282526



Dropped. I was reading your post and giving you SOME credit until you hit that bullshit. That "disease" is literally made up nonsense. There is zero way to accurately test for it, there is no diagnosis for what supposedly causes it. its over diagnosed because people go "oh noes, I'm in pain, and theres no reason why, guess its fibro! better give me some drugs!" Its fucking rubbish used by quacks to give out meds, and junkies to seek meds. Theres no physiological explanation for "it," no reason anyone should be in pain, yet they claim they're in pain.. yeah thats called LYING TO GET DRUGS.

When the bullshit drugs you see on tv, lyrica I believe is one, is advertised to "treat fibro" and it can't even explain WHAT the root cause of the supposed problem is (it just say something about "thought to be caused by…" but thats because there is no fucking cause and no illness, its just junkies wanting drugs) and hell it cant even explain how or why its own drug supposedly works… yeah thats how you know its utter bullshit

Hell I know a girl who claims to have "fibro," you know her problem though? Shes fucking fat, like morbidly obese fat, 260lbs at 5 feet tall, her body is not DESIGNED to support that weight, it causes constant pressure and stress on her bones, her muscles, and literally every system in her body. But no no, its not her weight, its her "fibro" which "no one knows whhhyyyy it happens.. IT JUST DOES," its the fucking theologists explanation to junkies, "fibro works in mysterious ways!" No, fuck you, you're just a drug addict and a lazy piece of shit probably hoping for some disability bux

>b-b-b-but white people are killing themselves

This has zero to do with fucking pain, and everything to do with a corrupt, warped, degenerate, disgusting society that has every shitskin clamoring to slit whiteys throats, and half the white population supporting them… if half your nation was out to murder you, and your brother was helping them, you'd be fucking depressed and suicidal as well. its a fucking miracle more of us ARENT suicidal because of how fucked society is. Not to mention life as us IS fucking harder. We're constantly told we're the bad guys, we have zero fucking advantages given to us by society and have to fight tooth and nail for any inch we can take, and at the end of the day we may still be shitcanned so they can hire some woman or subhuman in our place and throw us out in the street to die, and society wont give a flying fuck (it alreayd doesnt, look at the white male homeless population, no one gives a fuck, no one tries, no one even notices, hell there are articles about how THEY STILL HAVE WHITE PRIVILEGE AND ARE BETTER OFF THAN NON-HOMELESS PEOPLE, HOW FUCKING TWISTED AND WARPED IS OUR SOCIETY THAT IT BELIEVES THAT SHIT!?)

THAT is why our people are killing themselves. Its not because we aren't drugging everyone. Its not because some junkies cant get their fix. Its not because any of the bullshit you came up with to justify your drug addiction. Its 100% because of how fucked our society is. And no fucking drug is going to fix that.

95224d  No.13282597


>What do you think that means?

It means exactly what it says.

Any medicine will poison when taken in excess. When a doctor prescribes an opiate, it is not for the purpose of causing injury.

The patient has a duty too, to follow the prescription. A physician is not responsible for a patient's lack of self-control.

If your doctor prescribes aspirin and you take the whole bottle then die from intestinal haemorrhage, is the doctor at fault?

Everyone wants to blame doctors but this is just an extension of junkie hypoagency. They always want to blame someone else, and if they don't have a physician to blame (because they obtained their gear from other sources), then they blame the substance itself.

It becomes inherently bad. "Evil". A "demon drug."

Ex-addicts are the absolute worst in regards to lashing out at anything but themselves.

c49c01  No.13282612


Are you actually a fucking nurse? I'm appaled. That kind of shit uninformed attitude is why other medical professionals don't treat nurses seriously.

<That "disease" is literally made up nonsense. There is zero way to accurately test for it, there is no diagnosis for what supposedly causes it.


"There is strong evidence that cardinal pain symptoms of fibromyalgia may be due to alterations in central processing of sensory input, along with aberrations in the endogenous inhibition of pain" – "Neuroimaging studies have observed decreased levels of N-acetylaspartic acid (NAA) in the hippocampus of people with fibromyalgia, indicating decreased neuron functionality in this region. Altered connectivity and decreased grey matter of the default mode network"

Yeah okay even though specific abnormalities of pathways are involved in processing pain have been observed in fibromyalgia. But whatever right you got to make your stupid uneducated point.

<Hell I know a girl who claims to have "fibro," you know her problem though? Shes fucking fat, like morbidly obese fat, 260lbs at 5 feet tall, her body is not DESIGNED to support that weight,

Yeah no shit, people lie, great discovery but that doesn't mean every single person does and that you should be in a constant state of jaded paranoia over it. Quit acting like god. The motto is do no harm. Someone who illicitly and shouldn't have gotten a dependency doesn't outweigh all the other genuine people who are suffering. At the end of the day people abuse because they wish to continue, much like an addict who consumes of mainstream drugs like alchohol.

<This has zero to do with fucking pain,

No, a lot of people do kill themselves because of unmanaged disability, pain in particular who cannot continue with their lives due to kiked up retarded prohibition garbage. That's one of the reasons why a fuck ton of people visit switzerland to meet peace in a worthy way, because of pain and not getting relief, unfortunately a lot of that happens because of people like you, with your narcissistic unreasonable mentality.

<It has everything to do with a corrupt, warped, degenerate, disgusting society that has every shitskin clamoring to slit whiteys throats, and half the white population supporting them…

I agree with you, but understand that there is a duality here, societal cause isn't monotheistic in why people decide to kill themselves. Many factors contribute but alienation and what you mentioned.

Don't you think it's very sad addicts have to go to such a length? Because their only other option is going to the street and accidentally overdosing on fentanyl laced garbage and dying because the gangster clinton related people and CIA trafficks into the country (see mena airport)

Imagine people not having to resort to crime literally stealing from their own families to fuel their addiciton. Because prohibition has worked so well all this time right? It hasn't, and people will continue abusing drugs untill the societal cause of addiction is eliminated and safety nets for those outside the boundries are created, which means IMPROVING SOCIETY, and GETTING RID OF THE JEWISH POISON.

And my honest opinion from your ramblings: You shouldn't be working in the medical profession or find a job elsewhere in the sector that suits you. Don't subject other people to your narccisism. You are a fucking disgrace to the medical community.

95224d  No.13282616


>It’s not like video games and weed where people tend to use to numb themselves to the dystopia we live in.

Yes it is.

It takes weeks to develop physical dependency. It takes much longer for cessation to cause the classical "cold turkey" syndrome of unpleasant effects.

People use opiates as antidepressants, this is why they keep using them. Dependency only comes into play when the supply runs out or they can't afford the drug/decide they don't need it any longer.

And in the case of properly prescribed and managed opiate therapy, addiction is virtually unheard of.

No one ends up addicted because they had to spend a month on morphine after their bones were smashed in an automobile accident.

The "addicted from the first hit" myth is just that, a myth. There are plenty of actual scientific studies into this, some with n in the tens of thousands.

95224d  No.13282623


>you dont seem like you're in pain," and that was the honest truth. The guy was not in pain, he was obviously lying to get drugs.

Absolutely disgusting.

You should change career.

95224d  No.13282640


It's an attitude which is also prevalent in psychiatric care.

If you're (as a man) not crying and whimpering, with tears streaming down your face, then you're not in psychological distress.

If you hold it together and ride your pain (especially common amongst older gentlemen who were [correctly] told that showing pain would make others view them as weak), then some 20-something female will conclude that you're "not in genuine pain."

The rule is basically


Men are viewed as defective women - act like a woman, destroy your social standing, cry, whimper, or be called a malingerer.

She doesn't even understand why the patient was so angry.

This is why.

eeb405  No.13282642

File: 6c5dabc9c7c4309⋯.jpg (25.14 KB, 300x200, 3:2, Depositphotos_30886883_s-2….jpg)


Dude, get with the times. Pill mills are athing of the past; now it's mostly heroin/fentanyl, bc they're cheaper. It got so rempant bc the pharma companies told docs that oxycontin wasn't addictive, which they knew was a lie, and gave docs bonuses for prescribing a lot of it. It's why Purdue Pharma is being sued right now.


This. China manufactures the vast majority of illicit fentanyl, which is responsible for most US OD deaths. Op-eds in Chinese press say this is payback for the opium war.


On the money. Once ppl see their country/culture destroyed, and feel like they have no hope, they get desperate for relief. Being wrapped in the warm blanket of opioids provides that relief.

Or you get mad and come to /pol/, and then we deal with your absolute faggotry.

32e97b  No.13282657



>the high is really not that special.

Fucking this. Back in college when I was experimenting with opiates, I only tried em once or twice. You literally feel like you're constantly wanna throw up and the body high is akin to the flu. I've even snorted heroin once when a drug dealer "forgot" a stamp at my house just to see what the fuss was about, and I just don't get it. Like Adderall, meth, now those make you feel fucking GOOD, so stimulant addiction I get. Benzos and opiates are the shittiest pallet you can get a taste for. On the topic, I'm surprised meth isn't as big a problem as heroin simply because college campuses are flooded with it so a market is there, but it's almost non-existent in the northeast where there's a large density of universities.

Psychedelics are pretty dank tho

95224d  No.13282668


> It got so rempant bc the pharma companies told docs that oxycontin wasn't addictive, which they knew was a lie, and gave docs bonuses for prescribing a lot of it. It's why Purdue Pharma is being sued right now.

It's more complicated than that.

Purdue claimed that Oxycontin provided pain relieve coverage for 12 hours, but the fact is that many patients need to redose after 7-8 hours.

This led to physicians writing twice daily scripts so that the patients wouldn't have to spend the whole night in withdrawal.

Purdue caught wind of this and threatened doctors, told them that they must under no circumstances provide scripts with dosing periods of less than 12 hours.

Which inevitably led to patients illicitly redosing (to avoid withdrawal), running out of meds early, having to lie about where their tablets had gone, etc.

Of course they end up getting cut off, or pharmacy hopping, now not following a care plan, use spirals out of control, they get cut off by the doctor, have to go to the street, end up with fentanyl etc.

tl;dr Purdue lied about the duration of oxycontin and fucked over patients and doctors to protect their fraudulent claim.

c49c01  No.13282670


>And in the case of properly prescribed and managed opiate therapy, addiction is virtually unheard of.

Correct, it's the patients responsibility first and foremost to follow the treatment guidelines of the doctor. If they violate personal responsibility it's their own choice/fault, not much a doc can do or actually has hard finding time for.

Blaming the medical community for irresponsibility it's as dishonest as claiming the truck driver who was DUI and killed someone was a "victim" of alcohol.



Yeah it's funny, men do not typically display weakness or pain with their disorder, because its seen as a "cuck thing", and it is true. Usually men will try playing pain off while in pain, and women will shriek and make a racket.

Indeed, It's sick to see people like this working with patients. You start to wonder if their incredibly narccisism and lack of empathy or reason has killed someone already. This dumb cunt needs to quit her fucking job.

cbd800  No.13282680


>im appaled

Oh the horror! I offended a snowflake! what a travesty this is!

>strong evidence … may be…

So, no explanation at all, no actual reason for "it" to actually be causing "pain," just a lot of throwing darts at boards and hoping something sticks. Gotcha

>people lie

>but not everyone lies!

House would disagree lol. But back in reality, the simple fact is that people grasp at straws. Am I calling everyone an intentional liar? No, I'm not. Many of them are simply trying to find some out, or some solution, or some other explanation for something. Like her, shes not an out right liar, she doesnt actually even get pain meds last I knew of. Its just an out to explain her situation rather than the obvious truth of her obesity. Multitudes of others are like this, find any explanation they can other than the truth, or make up an explanation. yes there are a lot of junkies who use it as well. But none of that really matters, because its still a made up disease

>lots of people do kill themselves because of pain

I didnt say people dont. I said the high rate is not BECAUSE of pain. And you aren't going to decrease the rate by any reasonable margin by drugging up everyone. If anything you're just going to make the problems of society worse, because people are going to rapidly turn to easier to get narcotics as a form of escapism, and then NOTHING will be done because half of the people who could be the agents of change (the ones who are disaffected and upset at the current state of things) are all in a drugged up state and unable or unwilling to deal with reality.

>there is a duality here

I'm not saying there isnt, I'm saying its far FAR and away lopsided away from "pain" being a central problem. You're just a junkie focused on some tiny fringe issue of society, because you want to get high more easily. Get fucked.

>dont work in the medical field, you're a disgrace

Thanks, I'll take the advice of a junkie looking to get high under advisement about the same time I take the advice of commies under advisement… so, round about the time the heat death of the universe is approaching

95224d  No.13282694


>Fucking this. Back in college when I was experimenting with opiates, I only tried em once or twice. You literally feel like you're constantly wanna throw up and the body high is akin to the flu.

Different people have different reactions to drugs. Some people find opiates to be stimulating and antidepressant, experience increased productivity and vastly better mood. Individual anecdotes don't mean much.


>Blaming the medical community for irresponsibility it's as dishonest as claiming the truck driver who was DUI and killed someone was a "victim" of alcohol.

That's quite a meaningful analogy in view what addiction services based on the 12 steps teach.

They actively teach renunciation of personal responsibility "I am powerless against this substance and will be an addict for life."

That victim mentality serves the interests of many, including the addicts.


>Like her, shes not an out right liar, she doesnt actually even get pain meds last I knew of. Its just an out to explain her situation rather than the obvious truth of her obesity.

Did it ever fucking occur to you that she could be comfort eating as a way to temporarily forget about chronic and insufferable pain?

Fucking hell.

Become a cop, it would suit your psychology much better.

32e97b  No.13282773

Also I'm convinced raw opium is what they used as incense for religious ceremonies. Seriously, raw opium smells fucking great, exactly like incense, so I wonder if filling a room full of people with the aroma was an indoctrination technique.

32e97b  No.13282774


You're not wrong. I'm happy my individual biochemistry deterred me when I was being a degenerate

c49c01  No.13282838


You really sound like one of those nurses that steal meds and then covet pain pills with envy. I think one thing is certain and it's that you're more fucked up mentally than the occational pitiful addict you come in contact with.

<Muh house TV show


<You're just a junkie focused on some tiny fringe issue of society, because you want to get high more easily. Get fucked.

<Thanks, I'll take the advice of a junkie looking to get high under advisement about the same time I take the advice of commies under advisement… so, round about the time the heat death of the universe is approaching

Oh don't get all emotional on me babe, You attribute me with the patients you hate coming in because just because I disproved with your totally warped narcissistic/sociopath views proving that you have no fucking idea what you're doing or talking about, especially when it comes to pain management.

First off I want you to know I have a better medical education than you, and it reaffirms the point looking at your dumb shit here that nurses should only be told what to do and fuck off.

But i see you hate your nursing job, sucks for you. You could quit tomorrow but you'd rather parasitically ride the gravy train being a miserable fuck that's not interested in disease or medicine or even understanding patients.

Wise up, be prepared to help and deal with people or quit your fucking job dumb bitch.

a6b80e  No.13283112

File: 2bd7f36a595bf2c⋯.gif (896.17 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 9fa3afe32a6b5065af277ffd8e….gif)



Jesus Christ, get a grip, you two.

15 posts of flaming and not one of you has talked about the real reason for the epidemic:

Stress and misery. The stress of having to function 24/7, working two jobs just to barely survive, that is the reality for most of the former white middle-class. Life has become such a terrible burden that coping with it requires some sort of pick-me-up. People used to drink more, but that's fallen out of favor. Adding to the fact that all but the rich are mostly not that well insured, medically, making treatment of serious complaints financially ruinous. Compounded by the fact that they could not afford a stay at a kiked-up hospital for the simple fact they would get fired.

Life is hell in the Jewnited States of America.

Opioids are keeping this corpse of a society rolling for another couple of years, or until ZOG invades Iran.

PS: The medical efficacy of opiates is highly complex and highly debated, and can not be boiled down to two people shouting.

Also: Fibromyalgia doesn't exist; just like Borderline it's a last-resort diagnosis for when all real diseases have been exhausted.

Also: Opiates and opioids are absolutely terrible medication for migraines and it is only the JewSA that they're used as a treatment option at all.

334ddb  No.13283113




Ok pharma shill. Please, keep shilling for (((painkillers))).

eeb405  No.13283134



Physical opioid dependency can develop in 2-3 weeks. True, the symptoms might be mild at first, but on top of the increased pain, they will cause most ppl to continue using opioids bc our lizard brain evolved to avoid pain.

Saying this is the patients fault is disengenuous at best. Of the DOZENS of friends and family members I know who have dealt with some form of opioid dependency that began with painkillers (from my 82 yo arthritic mom down to 20 yo junkie nephew), literally ZERO DOCTORS OR PHARMACISTS explained to any them that physical dependency can happen (quickly), or what they could do to protect themselves from it.

You could argue that it's the patient's responsibility to educate themselves, and you'd be half right. But any opiate prescription longer than 30-60 days should come with a physical dependency warning sheet that graphically illustrates withdrawal symptoms. Because most patients don't understand the risk/consequences.

The opioid crisis was systematically engineered, bc at the end of the day, our (((overlords))) prefer us sedated and chemically dependent.

7a4c27  No.13283148


The blame doesn't fall on any one body. Society is to blame for making a high the most appealing option for the average person. The user is to blame for taking the easy road. The doctor and pharmacy are to blame for distribution. Pharma is to blame for selling honor for profit. Government is to blame for selling dignity for kickbacks.

Going after the hydra is a dangerous ambit for anyone.

cbd800  No.13283637


>she could be comfort eating

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah okay faggot, I'm suuuurreeee that thats why her pain STARTED once she was obese


>sound like someone who steals pain pills

Nope, I do not use drugs, do not believe in using drugs, I dont even fucking drink. I find junkies to be sad pathetic failures


I'm glad you enjoyed what was an obvious joke

>dont get emotional on me

Ah huh, because I'm the one arguing that a bunch of sad fucks need to be given easy access to narcotics so they can dull the pain.. oh no wait, thats you.

>i have a better medical education than you

I'm sure you do champ

>you hate your job

Nope. I actually enjoy it, I'm very calm, patient, understanding, and empathetic towards patients, I'm a good listener, I actively engage with people, and I check up on them. By all accounts, I'm an ideal nurse. But, I despise JUNKIES who will come up with any pathetic excuse to justify their addiction. I do not at all fault someone who actually NEEDS medication for a chronic or serious injury. Someone who has been injured and will always experience pain in a limb? Most of them, in my experience, dont even like taking pain meds, but I understand and agree with the use of them there. Cancer patients who are suffering and may experience life long pain from it even if the cancer is dealt with? Again, I understand and am fine with that. But some massively obese person who doesnt want to lose weight and wont admit that THAT is the source of their pain comes in and complains of "fibro?" GTFO with that. Some junkie comes in and complain of "pain" with absolutely no source of said pain, no reason for said pain, no injury, no nada, but "im in pain!" and no tests reveal any reason at all for it, and then they throw a hissy fit if the doctor doesnt immediately offer them narcotic pain killers? Yeah no, you're a junkie GTFO… basically, in my experience, "fibro" patients are always that, some junkie or assclown who wants to blame their pain on ANYTHING other than their actual problem.. and its pathetic that doctors even give them anything

As for the rest, there are generally better treatments for people with long term chronic pain that is not intolerable, that will get it under control and/or help them cope with it.. which are better answers than just drugging them up. But hey, thats not what junkies like you want, so you bitch about how the shit needs to be handed out like candy

But why am I bothering to argue with you? You can go OD for all I care, and you will eventually, they all fucking do.

75b815  No.13283661



Whatcha sliding moshe?

46b892  No.13283826

Florida is a Cucked state by the fuckin MOB


82526a  No.13283918

File: fb6c06f4043bae9⋯.jpg (755.4 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Toothache-Pain-Chandler-az.jpg)


> Well, because there are regulations and requirements now that demand doctors do not question patients who complain of pain.

I can only provide my personal experience. 15 or so years back, I needed a tooth pulled and called the oral surgeon and they set up an appointment roughly a week away but told me to come in that day to get pain killers (Vicodin) and penicillin.

A few years ago, I needed another tooth pulled and again had an appointment scheduled a week away but this time when I asked about getting pain killers and penicillin, they refused and said I wouldn’t get the prescription (Oxycontin this time around) until after the procedure, so I had to sit there in pain for a fucking week.

ef9111  No.13283975

File: 1fe66cdbd058e07⋯.pdf (7.4 MB, Deadly Medicines and Organ….pdf)

File: 10bd35701996de6⋯.jpg (129.46 KB, 665x1056, 665:1056, Deadly Medicines and Organ….jpg)


82526a  No.13284101

File: 8cc6c26db068d0f⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 450x358, 225:179, stock-photo-a-lot-of-medic….jpg)


> Now throw all that out the window if someone is using more than one pharmacy and more than one doctor.

Sure but again, we’re talking about shitloads of pills ending up on the black market, FAR more then what could be acquired by individuals shopping around for doctors who’ll give them a 20-pill bottle of Oxycontin.

Given the claims of thousands of people OD’ing on painkillers, that can only mean that the pills are being bought and sold in mass quantities in a carefully run business operation, not by the occasional hillbilly lying to doctors for a handful of pills.

82526a  No.13284288

File: 83bc16cbb4bdf67⋯.jpg (686.27 KB, 700x1058, 350:529, tai-pan-cinema-one-sheet-m….jpg)



European traders had zero access to opium users in China, they were literally banned from entering the country on pain of death and could only trade with government licensed Chinese merchants once a year in the city of Canton and because the Chinese government refused to accept anything other than silver for their tea, ceramics and such.

It was the Chinese merchants came up with the plan to buy opium for silver, then Europeans would use the silver to buy Chinese tea that was sold in Europe and the money from that, was used to buy more opium.

The Chinese did this to themselves. The myth of “muh opium war!” is just that, the European merchants and governments would have preferred trading other stuff for tea (even European weapons, tech and practices that would have allowed the Chinese to effectively resist foreign influence) but the Chinese government refused and created a huge black market where shitloads of profit could be made by Chinese merchants.


The history of opium in China began with the use of opium for medicinal purposes during the 7th century. In the 17th century the practice of mixing opium with tobacco for smoking spread from Southeast Asia, creating a far greater demand.

Imports of opium into China stood at 200 chests annually in 1729, when the first anti-opium edict was promulgated. By the time Chinese authorities reissued the prohibition in starker terms in 1799, the figure had leaped; 4,500 chests were imported in the year 1800. The decade of the 1830s witnessed a rapid rise in opium trade, and by 1838, just before the First Opium War, it had climbed to 40,000 chests.

dd7cde  No.13284312


Thanks anon. Can you recommend a book on opium in china and the wars>

f5a823  No.13284636

File: 1c873971e1e47ca⋯.jpg (18.16 KB, 277x373, 277:373, Only_you_can_save_Canada_p….jpg)


By hysteria I mean people are literally committing suicides of DESPAIR, I'm not denying the danger.

f5a823  No.13284655


Opium being a vasodilator in general practically makes it a spaceship in the eyes of the unlearned.

d78357  No.13284694


>not the kikes


609d8a  No.13284974


Look into coluracetam

000000  No.13285282


>which is grown by literal drug lords in S.America and smuggled into the U.S.

The drug lord never goes near the product. Harvested by pesants, processed in the woods with harsh chemicals, smuggled in less than ideal conditions.

Colombia is now in NATO anon. Notice you don't hear much about FARC or Shining Path rebels anymore?

Anyway, just had to mention this, now back to opiates.

000000  No.13285294



Where's that clip from the Trailer Park Boys, where Ricky complains about having to buy pot off the cops?

The police are who you go to if you want the BEST drugs, anon.

000000  No.13285304



They were successfully lobbied by Soros money along with the Sacklers to reduce DEA intensity and funding.

>Those poor (((doctors))) don't deserve jail for writing perc scripts for a hangnail. Chemical McCarthyism, man!

t. the drug lobby is where I learned about (((you know who))) and also there are a TON of recreational pill-popping JAPs

000000  No.13285325


Ontario had such a system, yet I knew of a woman who went doctor to doctor and pharmacy to pharmacy every week like clockwork. I never asked about details, she may have been using different identities.


Pot is now legal where I am, now the (((medical))) people are demanding it be free or at least tax free. It's all so tiresome.

000000  No.13285354


>Now throw all that out the window if someone is using more than one pharmacy and more than one doctor.

Also, Schlomo A. Bergowitz has an Ontario medicare card, but sometime he's Saul A. Berguwitz from New Brunswick and in Quebec, he has three Code Permanents and drivers licences under varying levels of frenchness. (Data Segregation in credit databases is an even bigger problem than doctor abuse.)

000000  No.13285378



My "fibromialgia" turned out to be celiac disease. Cutting (((white bread and all grain with gluten))) had a dramatic result. Dairy as well if you can handle it. I'm not strict keto now but I can living without bread just fine. (And I was taking OTC codeine 222s and haven't since I changed my diet.)

f5a823  No.13285407


Vegetable oil / margarine was literally killing me personally.

0587f3  No.13285413

File: 289a9b454a8a940⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 474x323, 474:323, VOID.jpg)

000000  No.13285432


>I've even snorted heroin once when a drug dealer "forgot" a stamp at my house

I'm so glad that there is a legal pot store for not having to deal with those idiots alone.


>China only let you trade once a year for silver only

Yeah, and there were never, ever any informal transactions with the gewilo, no, not at all.

>Falun Gong

>Tienanmenn Square 1989

Shoo shoo PRC jew

55d1a1  No.13285543


they aren't going to rite aid for their fix, they are going to pain management clients

e5ba95  No.13285585


funny, the "Red Chinese" destroyed all CHINESE culture (to punish the West???) but the massive "House of Sassoon" building still stands in China.

4bf925  No.13285885

>>How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

A question answered thousands of times the past decade. Google next time you dumb, lazy cunt.

b68d49  No.13286432


This anon knows what he's talking about. Also look into piracetam and oxiracetam

b68d49  No.13286448


>I'm so glad that there is a legal pot store for not having to deal with those idiots alone.

I just visited Colorado back in February and holy shit was it a relief just walking into a shop and just getting some Concentrates without feeling sketched out. Did some research and found a few quality dispensaries who actually knew and cared about their product. I've also walked into some McDonald's tier shops and I have to say I'm really interesting in the market overall. I think it's absolutely exciting living through this legalization process. Will weed go the way of the beer or wine/liquor market, i hope more for the latter. I prefer small niches that give a fuck about their product.

And inb4 degeneracy. LSD helped me embrace nationalism and I've quit alcohol entirely because I don't need to kill myself to reach an altered state.

e93928  No.13286529


>How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

They're opiates. They're basically prescription heroin. Do you know how fucking addictive that shit is?

cfde98  No.13286625


The answer is greed causes corruption.

82526a  No.13287972

File: 44c7b517c029798⋯.jpg (157.72 KB, 780x1101, 260:367, pti0UHEDdb9JKHKcvYfY7lDD81….jpg)


>>China only let you trade once a year for silver only

>Yeah, and there were never, ever any informal transactions with the gewilo, no, not at all.

Of course there was, a black market created by the Chinese government run by Chinese merchants.

ed2543  No.13287991

>How did pharmaceutical painkillers become such a drug abuse problem?

The problem is very similar to African starvation, and the attempt to treat by feeding, but it only makes the problem worse. So, doctors had been told, you must always believe the patient's pain. That you have to trust that the patient is in pain. And you must actively treat all the pain medicine seekers one way or another. The seekers then manipulate, and take up time from patients that are sick or dying, so they are given something to go away. Basically niggers want to feel good, and sell, while white people see the first hand collapse and loss, so they medicate.

520a80  No.13288102

File: 837490698c98790⋯.jpg (194.42 KB, 736x715, 736:715, controlgrid.jpg)

the solution to the prohibition-fueled gangster wars of the 1930's? Legalize alcohol distillation. The solution to migraine headaches: legalize psilocybes . The solution to the meth epidemic? Legalize peyote and related cacti. The solution to the opioid epidemic? legalize the cultivation and processing of poppies into opium. The solution to the urban crime problem? rural hog farms coupled with EMPs in January.

I remember learning in school that the greeks took over the mediterranean by trading pottery. The evidence presented by my (((textbooks))) was that shipwrecks found from that period all contain multitudes of ceramic containers. Years later I learned that egyptians communicated with their ancestors by consuming hashish, opium, wild blue lotus, and mad honey during strictly controlled religious ceremonies (can we bring those back?). If you put two and two together, what do you think those shipwrecked clay jars were filled with? How do you think these empires conquered such vast expanses on the map?

Lastly, (((they))) want you to call it "painkiller abuse", because then you won't realize that these "drug abusers" are abusing their children at home, beating us for rolling our eyes in a disrespectful tone of voice (still haven't figured that one out). Source: personal experience. How many times have you heard a car wreck referred to as "automobile abuse", or a mass shooting as "firearm abuse"? This is by design, so that you won't realize that these druggies are beating their children for complaining about eating beans, rice, and soymilk and the power getting shut off to their home so that somebody has enough cash to get high. source: my life experiences.

On an unrelated note, we should shut down silicon valley with antitrust enforcement and reallocate their hardware at the intersections of ley lines. I'm sure y'all think that I'm insane, but, well, what can I say except "cause and effect". To prevent the proliferation of yet more autism like mine, outlaw opioids and reopen insane asylums in order to deal with these hordes of drug zombies that have been devouring their own offspring's childhoods for decades.

9e8d38  No.13288196

File: 86ab159a2aa17a6⋯.jpeg (131.07 KB, 1088x1280, 17:20, 5851D864-F52D-4A4F-B995-3….jpeg)

File: d0c03e21da8e50b⋯.jpeg (170.97 KB, 688x1024, 43:64, 63CD3078-EC62-407B-BA0E-4….jpeg)


Doctors are essentially above the law. There’s a reason why medical accidents are the #3 cause of death in the US and medicine in general is the #1 cause. They still are allowed to get away with it.

ed2543  No.13288223


I don't think doctors go out and say well, sometimes errors happen, but I'm above the law so I can do what I want.

Doctors are like pilots flying a plane. If someone has COPD, diabetes, three heart stents, etc, than that plane is in shitty shape. So while you are treating their diabetic infection with antibiotics, their kidneys which are shit, crap out on you because you had to give them antibiotics. Then you're managing dying kidneys, but it's a medical error because the medicine you gave to fight the infection caused more problems. Or you can just let the infection kill the patient.

415f9c  No.13288327

File: b97381eb14c6c71⋯.jpg (341.84 KB, 816x1123, 816:1123, 258ab02a0202ed4c6e876e65ac….jpg)



Thank heavens this tampon witch only takes orders, menstrual nonsense btfo ITT

901a1b  No.13288373


> essentially

they literally are. law says they can't be sued. places which dont have that law, Italy for example, have cases where a vaccine fucks a child's brain and the family successfully sues them

415f9c  No.13288501

It's better addicts while not encouraged medicate themselves safely than kill themselves. that + the black market with tainted drugs is the reason those people are dying in the first place.

If white people who suffer from addiction could get by and wouldn't be forced into a fringe destitute underground lifestyle(which is what kills addicts) things could get better. It would also be easier for them to seek help.

The drug policies in National Socialist germany was in fact intentionally very liberal. It's funny how some luddites think addiction isn't a curable disease, when it is.

"By 1942, KriminalkommissarErwin Kosmehl, Thomas’ successor, reported that there were 2384 registered morphine addicts in Germany.18 In comparison, Commissioner Harry Ansling-er of the American Federal Bureau of Narcotics reported in 1931 that there were between 120,000 to 140,000 addicts in the United States"

"The notion that troops returning from the front comprised most of the ad-dicts in Germany was reinforced by a study conducted by the Reich Ministry of Labor describing, among other things, the treatment of war-addicts. The paradigm was clear: wars create drug addicts, either be-cause of wounded soldiers who received treatment with opiates, or due to low morale. The former possibility, not the latter, was explored in the report, with the aim of finding a cure, rather than finding the addicts for incarceration.21"

<"Consumption of any drug was legal, but possession without prescription was forbidden. This explains why when the Nazi security service (SD) caught the Bulgarian worker, he was accused of smuggling and not any other offence. While drug use was never considered a crime, drug possession without prescription however, was."

"German drug laws were divided in two: those that governed the traffic in drugs and trade, and those that governed the prescription of drugs. The former were usually employed against smugglers or regulated wholesale distribution, while the latter were employed against drug users or regulated retail sales. The case of the hashish-smuggling Bulgarian worker from Halle mentioned above is illustrative of the legal mechanism in Germany.

3b98d3  No.13288542

File: c809f3977cbcd60⋯.png (143.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, b88847ff270ed07aa901428b82….png)

Remember everyone, the same people who are manufacturing these life threatening drugs are also making vaccines.

a30796  No.13289128

Several opioid manufacturers are in court or have had large settlements against them awarded over the last year. Companies engineered the medication specifically to cause addiction, and misrepresented effective dose sizes to create dependance. Basically jews and the govt were intentionally destroying white communities.

0cf689  No.13289153


Speaking of, I don't get how Tylenol is a thing, the effect is little to non existent yet it's a huge industry to mitigate the slightest hint of discomfort, that target audience shouldn't exist, as in evolution should have weeded out such pussies.

84c6cf  No.13289194


Since prehistoric times for thousands of years humans have obviously had to deal with bothersome pain/ailments so we utilized opium poppies and other plants including marijuana for this and other uses.

Evolution will not weed out the very important and basic animal survival system that tells you there is something wrong, if there were no human awareness of pain people would just die.

Like >>13282444 mentioned try not to take paracetamol/tylenol if you don't have to. It doesn't get you wanting more, but it literally turns you into a fucking emotionless NPC. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5411473/

0cf689  No.13289222


>if there were no human awareness of pain people would just die.

Deliberately misreading or bad comprehension? My post isn't taking to task pain awareness, how you concluded that is a mystery.

84c6cf  No.13289297


Tired af, i responded to your "evolution" weeding out the natural preservation instict.

The tylenol carpet bag market exists because there's no other choice for people in pain obviously, its just a monopoly on a mediocre golem kike drug that fucking sucks.

It always did little for me, my impression its just useless hence i dont fucking bother. and just ride out occational pain instead. But yeah let's keep having the kikes tell us what kind of pain we can deal or not with right. Why would they give us mere goyim they're trying to exterminate rn functioning preparationg for pain

bfebb0  No.13289342

Former opioid street and pharma drug addict here. I have not used hard drugs in awhile, and been off everything but caffeine too, and my experience taught me if you really value your people you would let them have the option of using sterile, properly dosed, pharma morphine, heroin, whatever. There are some poor souls who become addicts to escape deep traumas, and will never stop using, and there are some who use to cope with something temlorary and manage to get clean and go back to a good life (not many tho). Both those ppl would be helped imensely if they didnt risk their health and lives and support street dealers and that element.

3174b3  No.13289357


>Both those ppl would be helped imensely if they didnt risk their health and lives and support street dealers and that element.

That's not true, opioids are being pushed "legally" everywhere in the US. The second part relates to this:

>there are some who use to cope with something temlorary and manage to get clean and go back to a good life (not many tho).

…Impossible, it always leads to destruction. Thus they end up in the streets for more of the jewish poison.

bfebb0  No.13289360



bfebb0  No.13289368


You didnt read my post and give it honest thought, and in posting your reply you showed how my input meant so little for you to ignore (in your mind refute) anything i said. I cant even reply to your points because they dont even make logical sense as replies to mine.

1fa8b7  No.13289393

>>13282444 >>13289194

>aspirin reduces empathy

What the fuck?


Acetaminophen study yields new insights into neurobiological underpinnings of empathy

>Empathy is a cornerstone of social behavior, impairments of which are characteristic of neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism and psychopathy. According to the “shared representations” theory, empathy relies on neural processes similar to those underpinning the first-hand experience of a given emotion. A recent study by Mischkowski, Crocker, and Way (Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 11: 1345–1353, 2016) provides novel insights into neurobiological underpinnings of empathy by demonstrating that acetaminophen, a widely used painkiller, reduces empathy for other's physical and social pain.

I went on to read the rest of the article and it talked about how results like these could be easily sensationalized by news outlets looking for some spicy headline, and that's true. Still though, I think this is really something especially considering how common it is for people (in the US at least) to regularly use "light" pain medicines for headaches, fevers, soreness, whatever.

84c6cf  No.13289424


Yeah i agree but right now these jews would rather have criminal elements killing whites whos only guilt is wanting relief from unmanaged pain or a fucked up world with tainted poison and jailing them.

All that Instead of avoiding that and taking care of the addicts instead by rehabilitating them.

Anyways my friend im happy you've gotten off it, keep it like that.

I've also read that mitragyna has helped addicts get off drugs, apparently its way less addictive than opium but has the same kind of effects. Also good for people who suffer from pain but have no other choice.


I looked it up further, there are not one but MULTIPLE studies of how tylenol basically makes you a golem sociopathic. It all makes so much sense too because i know people who have taken a fuckton of paracetamol for years and especially one of them are stunted emotionally just like described. A fucking robot. Maybe other anons here can confirm this if they know someone.

The sales of the drug should be stopped immidiately because these horrifying side effects are worse than addiction, but such is the life under Jews and their traitors who want to kill us.

You know, i prefer addiction to that. I'd rather take occational kratom for pain rather than becoming a good goy slave drone who literally can't relate to other people.

cd3b41  No.13289450


>It takes weeks to develop physical dependency.

Depends on the drug. Benzos are much, much quicker.

4682b4  No.13289455

Morphine has been abused since the 50s.

People like drugs and opiates can be dangerous without careful administration.

They've never done anything for me though, other than make me tired.

b68d49  No.13289651


nah he's right, psychedelics should 100% be legal

b68d49  No.13289673




From what I remember in pharmacy school, acetaminophen is only good at reducing fevers, but its not an NSAID, it doesnt really reduce inflammation at all so which is why you notice it sucks for pain. And it trashes your liver, especially with alcohol. Actually the empathy thing makes more sense, since the fever reduction effect is believed to occur in the brain, so it definitely penetrates there. Wheras NSAID's inhibit COX receptors outside the brain, acetaminophen only inhibits cox in the brain, and it only reduces fever really.

b68d49  No.13289689



try 1850

9037be  No.13289994


The chemicals used in narcs are mostly morphine realted , which are easily derived from opium , which can be planted easily

It's not very hard , any chemist or a pharmacist will do the trick

b68d49  No.13290068


>pharmacist will do the trick

half the pharmacy students i went to school with are dumb as a fucking rock who got pushed through by parents, and the lot of them are hooked on some sort of amphetamine from their studies

>t. toxicologist with extensive pharmaceutical and chemistry background

aa37e0  No.13290117

Because opioids can be made cheaply, sold expensively, and are incredibly addicting. The Sackler family lobbied for and donated to so many fucking groups and people it'd make your head spin. And that's after they falsified reports about the side effects and addicting nature of their drugs. They're (((capitalists))) who dont give a flying fuck about the nation so long as they can make a dollar off their suffering.

Put them on the holocoaster. They fucking deserve it. 70000+ overdose deaths last year alone. They have a lot to atone for

aa37e0  No.13290124


You dont know how doctor's offices and prescriptions work. All that shit is off limits unless you have a warrant, and even then it's a fucking nightmare because doctor/patient confidentiality. Docs get a kick-back for prescribing, and they write scripts like there's no tomorrow. A friend got prescribed a bottle of oxy for having wisdom teeth pulled.

bfebb0  No.13290187


Kratom is great if you use it responsibly. It is habit forming like any opioid (because it is one), but the risks are much lower. Even if you go off the deep end with it you are not going to die of an OD or get robbed and stabbed trying to score it.

Thanks for the positivity. I am going to use again someday but it is not going to be a street drug. At some point I will find a doctor with a brain and some courage who will prescribe me a shot once every month. It is insane to say I would stay away from that bliss having once known it. I just do not want to poison myself with street drugs anymore, or support that element.

bfebb0  No.13290195


Oh yeah, your insight into tylenol is interesting. My dad takes it often and you know what, he has a complete lack of empathy or deeper emotional functioning on regular basis. I do not even bother with it personally, I would rather just take some turmeric and deal with minor pains, rather than tax my liver. Tylenol is pretty liver toxic.

bfebb0  No.13290207


It is like any profession, the talented passionate ones are rarer than the ones who treat it as a job.


The heada of Purdue in Canada were murdered in their home a year ago or so. I am thinking maybe it was a vigilante. They should pay their debts to society along with the dealers and lawmakers and inept police.

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