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000000  No.13282313

There's currently no thread in the catalog about the SPLC I think because mods keep deleting every thread about them.

It is my purpose to make sure there is constantly at least one thread about "Minecraft Target #1".

Previous SPLC thread: >>13279538

Daily reminder the SPLC is the hugest anti-white organization in existence that must be stopped by any means possible from destroying the racial separatist movement.

Post articles and other information about the SPLC new and old to keep this thread up until we've come up with an effective plan to take down the SPLC.

4e928c  No.13282377

SPLC = controlled opposition validation agency.

Specifically their "Hatewatch" project, is little more than a shills' roster.

If you want to know who the new shills are, just look up Hatewatch, or Hope Not Hate in the UK.

676251  No.13283420


spamming this in every thread doesn't make it less obvious you work for the SPLC

2489ac  No.13283428

SPLC is responsible for the arrest of much more black nationalist than white nationalists.

8b88c7  No.13283435

File: 1afb656367fe2a6⋯.png (383.64 KB, 1338x969, 446:323, SPLC Board of Directors.png)

ec5521  No.13283443


Black powder mortars are breddy gool.

e43ce1  No.13283541

> because mods keep deleting every thread about them

There was one near the top of the catalog this time yesterday with a black and gray textured square for the image.

c92dd2  No.13283556


OP, you need to call them by their name.



now…………. clearly a fraud, the care nothing of poverty, law, or being southern.

smoke and mirrors in a name

a548ac  No.13283566

File: 7aeb682297c1514⋯.jpg (71.09 KB, 960x858, 160:143, splc.jpg)



8b88c7  No.13283580



You know what this board needs more than whining about the SPLC?

We need a thread where we figure out where these (((clowns))) live so we can send them angry letters expressing our dissatisfaction with their genocidal, anti-White behavior.

c92dd2  No.13283594


>We need a thread where we figure out where these (((clowns))) live so we can send them angry letters expressing our dissatisfaction with their genocidal, anti-White behavior.

good luck with, the SPLC is a NGO supported by the deepstate.fuck with them and you will have 9,000 cops who will want a little bit of your shit on the tips of their fingers so they can smell you

05304b  No.13283675

It's because you keep flooding the catalog with all the rest of the slides, moshe. Just fuck off back to reddit.

2724b5  No.13283683

File: 555d2d3150e37f1⋯.png (103.49 KB, 320x213, 320:213, ClipboardImage.png)


I keep suggesting this (pic related), but th (((mods))) 404 it every fucking time before it even gets noticed.

Or else it's just a bad idea? But I'm not seeing that as reality.

Have we really been this beat out that we can't even get an essential tool built for the rapidly approaching "final game"?

2724b5  No.13283690


Are you scared, faggot?

f9a246  No.13284301

Does the SPLC monitor and report about Jewish extremism & supremacism?

7de625  No.13284320


>Post articles and other information about the SPLC

Somebody post some of the dirt on the founder jew.

He just got tossed by the rest of the faggots.

There was some bizzare shit with him and his daughter or step daughter I cant remember now.

He has a long history of fuckery, should be eeeezzze peeeeezzzze

471ef7  No.13284348


frankly there are thousands of jewish groups, from think tanks, to public welfare agencies, to non-governmental agencies that are constantly referenced in news story to support their views, they all receive or seek out federal funding, so they are white american taxpayer financed, but harm whites in everything they do. I hope America collapses, cops support all this shit, along with their own federal funding. The entire system needs to burn to the ground Bronze Age style collapse.

As an American born citizen, I'll no longer fight to support our way of life, Trump made certain of that.

7de625  No.13284952

File: 47fc9fee5cccf5d⋯.png (58.9 KB, 906x517, 906:517, Court file.png)

File: 812496e407d2109⋯.png (90.11 KB, 700x278, 350:139, Morris the molester.png)

File: 99a2b7dedada477⋯.png (137.9 KB, 734x422, 367:211, Morris the molester1.png)


Fuck it looked his ass up myself.

>COURT DOCS: SPLC Co-Founder Accused of Trying to Molest Step-Daughter With Sex Toy

>A recently-uncovered court document from the divorce proceedings of a prominent Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) figure alleges horrific conduct on behalf of one of the most influential lawyers in America.

>Maureene Dees, ex-wife of SPLC co-founder Morris Dees filed for divorce on March 8, 1979 after a decade-long marriage marred by difficulties, according to an appellant brief obtained by Big League Politics. The brief was filed by Maury Smith, Julia S. Waters and Charles M. Crook, attorneys for Maureene, in the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals:

000000  No.13290234


Black nationalists that want to separate and are against ZOG are more valuable than white cucks in the war to preserve the races.

000000  No.13290237


No reason we can't find them for "the purpose of sending angry letters" right here in this thread.

000000  No.13290244


>the SPLC are pedophile jews

Who'd have known.

ed51dd  No.13290275

File: 77c5db5ce996cdc⋯.jpg (203.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1434844242236.jpg)


I am surprised that no one had done a McVeigh on them yet.

000000  No.13293855


Me too.

b1722f  No.13293873


Partly. It was also Morris Dees' shakedown scheme until too many people saw his old divorce records… which have been around for a decade.

Suddenly the media got super-concerned about Dees, then the FBI ended their contract.

b1722f  No.13293881


>makes a shit joke

Never change Hymie

e6de44  No.13293891

It's a political attack group and has been for decades now. It's not just "anti-white", it's anti-"anything we don't agree with" and they're a far left organization which uses fear mongering to get donations from retarded liberals who believe them.

95c170  No.13293924

File: 591088104a1a629⋯.jpg (99.73 KB, 252x282, 42:47, relation to patrick little.jpg)


Wow goy, another 'jewish little' at the SPLC…I wonder if he is OPEN BORDERS as well?

209545  No.13293929


It is a very good idea, we need a "/pol/'s most wanted" or some shit to that effect. Not defending the mods here, but realistically they have the feds breathing down their necks, and can't have anything here that could be construed as conspiracy to commit violence. The whole point of the Iraqi card deck was VIP's and HVT's that needed to be captured or killed, so with that implication it doesn't surprise me they 404 it.

f3467b  No.13293964




Semitic People Loathing Caucasians.


It's kikes and fags that are responsible for making niggers angry at us. Kikes created Black Panther, rap record labels, and the BET.

a191c8  No.13293983


Yes, SPLC does genocide against whites.

We should collect the evidence.

95c170  No.13294042


They are allowed to do this and to exist because our government is just as 'legitimate' as the kike queen of england is the legitimate ruler there. There hasn't been a US Government in over 100+ years we are under the influence of an OCCUPYING FOREIGN GOVERNMENT. This is the main reason that the SPLC is not prosecuted as HATE CRIME organization. You are all fucked, your governments are all 100% kikes and kike interest. There was a joke on /pol/ the other day in the CIA recruiting thread where a glow nigger was in the thread and he said that 'his people' should be allowed to re-shape THE US in whatever fashion (((they wanted))). This whole thing is a kike psyop in order to destroy the USA/Europe/Europeans completely.

c5f7d1  No.13295814


Just put their names on the fucking list, we'll get to them

3e3124  No.13295831


they've done a lousy job so far, even if they wanted to.

000000  No.13299138

8b88c7  No.13299149


Yes… but only for White nations and White communities.

218c05  No.13299441

File: 3d6cb3da771938b⋯.jpg (213.6 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, sp.jpg)

000000  No.13300658


If we killed them in Minecraft would we lost any opportunities to extract any useful or worthwhile information from them?

bf09da  No.13300939

Some fragments of truth for some of you that can't seem to understand reality.

If you're in another person's country ilegally, you're the nigger. You're literally stealing access to that country's resoirces. If you're also pushing around the citizens, you're a hostile nigger.

If you're in a room with people and purposely talking shit about them in a foreign language, again, you're the nigger.

If you go out of your way to cause problems for somebody you don't know because somebody else might have been talking shit about them for some reason, you're the nigger.

If you're not an attractive woman, and you want a man to flkrt with yoh, sending faggots to harass him isn't going to make him interested in you. All you're doing is confirming his bias towards you that you're basically a nigger. You want his attention, quit being a nigger and go start a conversation with him.

bf09da  No.13300944

SPLC is basically niggers.

How bad is that that term fits their behavior so cleary now.

000000  No.13303613


>tfw can relate to all this niggerdom

b69d8b  No.13305573



75d64b  No.13305653


Don't put anything else

414cc8  No.13305787

> the SPLC is the hugest anti-white organization in existence

OP pretty sure the Democratic Party is bigger

000000  No.13306104


Count me in

000000  No.13306172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN

https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN https://archive.li/tCtMN

<t. Abraxas

000000  No.13307832

All of you are just talk and wont do shit. This post was just a release valve for OPs pent up frustration, and he doesn't care & has no plans on actually getting their locations or doing something about it. And faggot mods will still leave this dead ass garbage thread up

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