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File: 04e607145d123c6⋯.png (108.22 KB, 623x505, 623:505, 190516.png)

9dcb06  No.13282609


The Trump administration and Polish officials have been in talks for some time to establish a new permanent U.S. military base in the country to counter threats posed by Russia and Iranian regime assets known to have plotted terror attacks in the region.

However, many members of Congress and top Jewish communal officials behind the scenes have been lobbying the Trump administration and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to amplify the matter.

6452ad  No.13282630

The Communist dictatorship in Poland was a Jewish dictatorship until Stalin saw sense and put them in their place. When are the Jews going to compensate Poland for that?

fc89ea  No.13282663

ZOGnald thread.

Yeah we get it Trump sucks kike cock, nothing new also this is a reverse "orange man bad" yawn

e89a5f  No.13282717


>OP is a confirmed pedophile

>Posts pedophilic content

Saged and reported for pedophilic content

83e1e2  No.13282737


>Yeah we get it

Apparently you don't.

000000  No.13282742


Vote that bum out of office and vote in Joe Biden! He'll tell Israel where to get off! American democracy works! Don't forget to vote!

6b304f  No.13282743


Why Biden and not Patrick Little?

33194f  No.13282748


Trump is a pedophile?


f3ec51  No.13282751




**These fucking subhumans should be driven out of German lands when this is all over==

83e1e2  No.13282755


>unironically shilling little pat

He was exposed a while back.

b76a26  No.13282761

Oh no, no zogbot occupation bases until that?. OH NOOOOO.

1132c9  No.13282767

Trumpcucks are pretty mad it seems

67bf44  No.13282769


Source dude trust me?

b6edad  No.13282771

Sorry Poland, our president is a total cuck. You deserve better.

000000  No.13282779


they already gave them half of germany lol

b76a26  No.13282782


But no bases is great news. Don't worry, our president, prime minister, equivalent of congress etc are jews too, they will pay to themselves. I can see fake "conflict" they push in media already.

b76a26  No.13282783


Thats for lands we lost on the east.

6452ad  No.13282785


Gained in the west what they lost in the east. When are the Jews going to compensate the victims of the Cheka who were almost all Jews?

83c68a  No.13282790


Why would Poland let another foreign entity to set up a command center in their sovereign nation?

cd90cf  No.13282791

File: aa91a66aa35621c⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 461x464, 461:464, 8e9ecf66c39c139da20ecca7d6….jpg)

to think redditfags used to call you shill for pointing out drumpfstein

599d18  No.13282796


>When are the Jews going to compensate Poland for that?

Never. They let Salomon Morel go free, and kept playing legal games until he died. Fucking kikes.

b76a26  No.13282799


Too much social opposition to migrant genocide, they need to keep us in check with military. Plus they want to start war with Russia eventually.

599d18  No.13282806

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Joe Biden is a whore for Israel as well. Skip to around 55 seconds.

599d18  No.13282816


He did hang out with Jeffrey Epstein on his private island, did he not?





000000  No.13282824


but then they are a little cowardly aren't they? instead of asking for their actual homelands back from whoever took them they fight tooth and nail to keep what isn't theirs to begin with. maybe western europeans and easterners have a different mentality when it comes to land.

5e896d  No.13282826


There's nothing wrong with pedophilia.

8570c0  No.13282835

best case scenario and probable intended outcome: poland doesnt pay israel and US pulls troops out.


bcb136  No.13282836

File: d87342eb9dc941a⋯.mp4 (13.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MarchofTheWarsawPact (1).mp4)

I like America but its best that we stay away from the ZOG anyway

time for a new Warsaw pact

4c6471  No.13282846


Private jet, not island. I find it hard to believe a big name like Trump wasn't guilty of some kike sex act, whether it was pedophilia, sodomy or just having sex with a lot of the beta kittens they have to tempt the goyim.

6452ad  No.13282850


What did you expect them to do, refuse the German lands after being invaded and occupied by them and then start a suicidal war against the Soviet Union?

000000  No.13282851


doesn't it feel shit to have accepted such a bargain? i mean the bones of your ancestors are still buried there. if france took a piece of england and gave england a piece of scotland, it just would not sit right with me.

6452ad  No.13282862


But the Germans are now the biggest cucks in Europe so the less land they have the better. Meanwhile Poland remains white and proud so the more land they have the better. Realpolitik.

000000  No.13282866


a bunch of afghans with manpads took down the soviet union, i don't think would have been hard for the poles to weaken the soviet union

8570c0  No.13282868


sweden is more cucked than germany. and honestly so is the UK but we're splitting hairs judging whos more cucked between germany to UK; but sweden wins that contest by a stretch.

2253ff  No.13282869


>poland did the nazi war crimes


>the place the nazis invaded which sparked the war

I don't understand have the germans been cleared?

000000  No.13282881


but that's a gypsy argument. like i say i don't mean to offend, but i guess there is a difference in culture and worldview between western europe and those eastern peoples.

087f25  No.13282887


>I don't understand have the germans been cleared?

No, it's just that the jews wren't done sucking poland dry, and because in '46 there where pogroms of jews(NKVD officers mostly) who were rounded up and killed. It's the same deal with the hungarian uprising under communism. The jews thought they could be bloodthirsty murderers forever like they where in russia but the people didn't stand for it very long after having just fought a war against jewry.

And he jews want payback.

087f25  No.13282890

File: 0d638c1082ffe23⋯.png (488.59 KB, 472x470, 236:235, Off by one.png)

e4f69d  No.13282892


Trump make a speech and his words where taken out of context.

See this video of press interview!


64f2c1  No.13282893


Don't you remember how the Polish menace simultaneously invaded the Soviet Union and Western Europe, all while gassing 600 million ethnic Jews on rollercoasters in Krakow?

8570c0  No.13282895


what about the giant electric chair? or the eagle/bear cage? or the motorized brainbashing machine? or the good ol' bury them up to their necks and march horses on them?

why go straight for the holocauster?

e9b5cf  No.13282901


You can't be serious if you truly believe that the soviet union didn't dismantle itself, just as ppr did

e9b5cf  No.13282907


Then let that orange nigger pull-out his rapist slackers that would pack they shit and retreat once real shit would go down. Fix your shit burgers, it's fucking embarassing

cbd20e  No.13282908


And so the organized crime extortion racket continues…

6452ad  No.13282909


Having just been occupied by Germany and then immediately occupied by the Soviets they weren't really in any position to weaken anyone. What realistically did you expect them to do?

64f2c1  No.13282910


What do you think happened to the other 5.4 billion Jews?

a22198  No.13282911

“Give the Jews shekels or else you won’t get the privilege of having a bunch of niggers and spics imported into your country to rape your women. CHECKM8”

8570c0  No.13282923


yes, but only mentioning the holocauster downplays their suffering. its important to remember ALL the ways jews have suffered.

b76a26  No.13282931


We had no say, plus it was mostly Ukrainian and Bielarus lands and got homogenous country, so it wasnt that bad.

393634  No.13282935

This world would be a much better place without the jewry….

3332f9  No.13282941


>motorized brainbashing machine?

See? Anti-Semites always try to twist reality. It was pedal-driven, you stupid goy!

b06b44  No.13282942


Their MyShoah phone app said the wait time for the other rides was too long.

02cdce  No.13282943


Checked. Poland should keep our green niggers out. The Poles would probably fight better without our mamzers around anyway.

c78cf1  No.13282958


>Implyingthat Stalin ever gave anyone a choice.

Read a book

btw, Apart from a few regions in Belarus and Lithuania, none of the former Eastern Poland regions are majority Polish. There is no justifiable reason to hand over non-Polish land to Poland.

The same is true for Germany.

a5a531  No.13282994

>nadzeee war crimes

Even if the holohoax were real, Poland was on the "victim" side by their own story.

8570c0  No.13283004


a pedal driven machine powered by a goy is just a machine.

8c28c6  No.13283016

I'm so glad I didn't vote for that fat cuck

8c28c6  No.13283020


Do you think the orange man isn't bad?

27e6ca  No.13283024


8d7c22  No.13283035


When he got banned from Gab for being an antisemite?

73e4ad  No.13283041


>Illiterate journo types things

Take back it to >>>/leftypol/

997ebb  No.13283042

>No money sent to Israel, and no USA mongrel military presence, all in the same deal

Being a Polish policy maker is so easy

000000  No.13283043


sabotage demoralisation etc same as the vietnamese.

8c28c6  No.13283046


If you count being bitched at by Morpheus "exposed" personally I think that only makes you more credible

000000  No.13283052


well by that globohomo logic we should be getting ready give over birmingham to the muslims.

14731d  No.13283056


why the hell would poland want a goddamn burgerkike zogbot advance post?

8c28c6  No.13283067


Russian jews, they are in quite the kosher sandwich position

e721f2  No.13283074


>vietnam, a mostly jungle country where guerilla warfare is highly effective

>poland, not a god damn jungle in sight, mostly lowlands with some hills and mountains in the south

yeah they really wouldn't have been able to take down the soviets, retard

6625f0  No.13283075

File: cda2aba22198f78⋯.jpg (38.43 KB, 600x329, 600:329, Trump_Defends_Penis.jpg)

Final Word on Zion Don:

Donald Trump needs to win the election in 2020. To do this, he needs Evangelical votes. Evangelicals literally worship Israel. And so, Donald Trump worships Israel. At this very moment, christcuck preachers across America are telling their flocks to vote Trump because he's mentioned in the bible or something.

Will this continue after his re-election? Nobody knows. But I'd appreciate it if the Blormpf cucks could grow up and kill themselves. That would be pretty cool.

d1b4c1  No.13283076


He also had some kind of break with Goy Talk, because he's in favor of redpilling blacks, like Rockwell's mentor, DeWest Hooker, who was meeting with Farrakhan through the 90s, was. It's funny, those same people will make excuses for Mike Enoch and his jew-wife, and Jared Taylor's philosemitism and kike protection, but wanting to turn the negro golems against the jew is just too far.

d1b4c1  No.13283091

File: dc64c4ea145784d⋯.png (199.64 KB, 613x907, 613:907, bb-5bb14e8e7b8c1.png)

File: eb74364806ee824⋯.jpeg (192.39 KB, 960x723, 320:241, Fred Trump - Talmud Torah.jpeg)


He isn't just courting Evangelicucks, he's owned by the jews, as he has been his entire life, and his father before him.

6625f0  No.13283096


Good for him. I'm not defending the man's actions, but I'd like it if more people understood the forces acting on not just him, but any president.

We will not solve our problems by voting

a1de96  No.13283104


>I'm a zionist

997ebb  No.13283108

File: 8a734d60b33b41a⋯.jpeg (46.85 KB, 474x355, 474:355, EF7F2CAD-B9E1-4D19-B653-E….jpeg)


Benito, get the gas

6452ad  No.13283124


They did plenty of that. Do you think they welcomed their new Jewish rulers with open arms? In the end though Stalin replaced the Jews and turned on them, which placated the locals. You can't blame them. I mean if your prime minister suddenly started calling out the Jew wouldn't you support her or at least not oppose her? I assume you're a Brit.

c99e2c  No.13283156


Brave Germans tried to save the jews and help to take their minds of the trauma and pain of Polish Antisemitism which is passed on with mother's milk, like immune system among normal people and built holiday resorts for them, but perfidious poles overtook them and repurposed all the facilities, swimming pools were filled with acid, gyms were twisted into torture dungeons, movie theaters into gas chanbers, showers into gas chambers, chairs into electric chairs.

95c678  No.13283165

File: 80d4ff9db58782d⋯.jpg (33.23 KB, 696x519, 232:173, 1-15-696x519.jpg)

Building a US base is like inviting Chicago, Atlanta, Juarez, and a heap of kikes to squat on your land. Worst of all, its a giant X that says "nuke me in my ass". Our military's fucking useless, why would anybody welcome it? Why does ANYBODY welcome foreign armies to squat in their homes? Fucking hell, we killed red coats over this shit.

67edfe  No.13283173


So we dont get more ZOGbot occupiers until we pay? That would be good, unfortunetly jews who rule Poland will pay

e9b5cf  No.13283188


You absolute fucking retard, the Vietnamese had such a good run because this whole thing was happening in a Jungle, and their soil allowed plasticity and the subsequent quick construction of tunnels. Regardless, the Polish people were constantly conspiring against the judeobolshevik menace that terrorized them so your whole point is fucking moot

6452ad  No.13283189


Nice fake Voltaire quote, Kevin.

c78cf1  No.13283192


Arabs aren't White, retard.

The idea that we need to return Europe to the same borders that existed middle ages is retarded. I sincerely doubt that anyone who unironically argues that we should start ethnically cleansing Europe so that it looks the same as it did in 1912 or 1806 or 1550 is even White.

There is no logical reason for a racially conscious White person to want to start stealing land and cleansing it of Europeans. Thus, anyone who argues that we should is probably being paid to do so.

Every single region in Europe was at some time in the past populated by an ethnic group that no longer lives there. Everyone knows this including you. Thus, my jewdar senses are tingling when you suggest that we start a brother-war over land.

a649af  No.13283195


>Building a US base is like inviting Chicago, Atlanta, Juarez, and a heap of kikes to squat on your land. Worst of all, its a giant X that says "nuke me in my ass".

Tells you all you need to know about Poland's government that they would push for it voluntarily. And make no mistake, the zionist front Law and Justice will pay up if they aren't removed.

243c4f  No.13283196


based orange nigger is based. we should all just hand over 90% of our GDP to Israel and be done with it.

000000  No.13283200


not if part of england was under french occupation and the prime minister at the time was working for the french. traitors are the worst, they need to be removed first thing even before the enemy.

73e4ad  No.13283207

File: f483ffc88b96e15⋯.png (531.48 KB, 782x670, 391:335, disinfo.png)


>that guy didn't say it, therefore it isn't true!

6452ad  No.13283215


Nice to upload a selfie, Moshe.

d1b4c1  No.13283218

File: 79725277fbbe37a⋯.jpg (319.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, To Learn Who Rules Over Yo….jpg)

File: 928fd5301e3ba14⋯.jpg (102.44 KB, 573x427, 573:427, who rules over you.jpg)


Just use one of these. Don't give the kikes any ammunition.

716a16  No.13283240

>no US military base

>don't pay Israel

Where's the bad part?

95c678  No.13283243

File: 0f2397ed5c6ff94⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 242x300, 121:150, finger.gif)


My name is Voltaire, and I say that all the time.

a649af  No.13283255


The current Polish government will pay unless it is removed.

000000  No.13283272


i must say you do sound a bit odd, something about the way you argue is just a little off.

c99e2c  No.13283289


Israel outright threatened to rewrite entire holocaust narrative if Poland ever tries to extradite Solomon Morel or a few other jewish murderers.


Polish-speaking. A big difference between Polish government and one that's only literate in the local language.

30828f  No.13283314


Kek no one can sense the sarcasm.

Is that autism or ass-burgers?

000000  No.13283331





>The statement "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" is based on Strom's writing in his program, "All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us" (1993) in which he writes: "To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?"

c78cf1  No.13283332



>Wants to start brother-wars

>"Arabs are the same thing as Belarussians or Ukrainians"

Kike detected.

You're not fooling anyone, jew.

73e4ad  No.13283372


>All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us


That catchy title was used in 1959, too.


000000  No.13283381


Not all Torposters are d&c jewish shills.

The Slavics are good people.

I married to one.

>t. snownigger

000000  No.13283385



c78cf1  No.13283388

File: d73a52989f652b0⋯.png (1.82 MB, 640x960, 2:3, George_Lincoln_Rockwell.png)

I'll just point this out for anyone new;

One thing that jews and paid shills tend to do on Eastern Europe related threads is push the idea that various European nations should go to war over land because once, 100+ years ago, that land had a different flag over it or because once 100+ years ago, the majority ethnic group was different than it is today.

Don't be decieved. Anons who are not paid do not push this.

Serious White Nationalists understand by now that Europeans at war with each other is the foundation for jewish power everywhere. Thus, base D&C tactics like

>Poland should invade Belarus to reconquer clay!


>Germany should invade Poland to reconquer clay!


>France should invade Germany to reconquer clay!

do not work.

There is only one enemy and that is the jew.


True. It's his actions that I judge here. This kind of subversion pisses me off because it happens on every Slavic thread. They come and out of the blue say "Hey, how about you Goyim start killing each other over land again? That was always profitable for God's Chosen…"

000000  No.13283400


you are talking to the crying dutchman you fucking idiot. leftypol are trying to stir shit again, they are not hard to spot. now that they have been caught with their pants down they will accuse everyone of being an anti-white shill. hopefully at some point we get maps being posted.

c78cf1  No.13283411


>projecting this hard

They accuse others of what they themselves do

Go back to /leftypol/, vermin

000000  No.13283413


i meant this guy not (((c78cf1))) lol

426a3d  No.13283425


Germany should invade poland to reconquer their clay, those subhuman slavoids still have the danzig corridor and took german land after WW2

>the only enemy is the jew

t.subhuman that wants to fit in

c78cf1  No.13283429


See what I mean?


IP hopping

000000  No.13283433


but dutchman when are you going to start crying for us? accusing us of anti-white vitriol?

aaa238  No.13283441



You goyim continue to prove you love to be slaves to us Jews. Poland will pay up.

426a3d  No.13283444


>the jew is the only enemy bro

>not gays, niggers, spics, slavs, sandniggers, americans, kike enablers, religious cucks, chinks, gooks,etc

>I know because i fall into one of these catagories and im hella BASED

>p-please dont exterminate me in the future

a8d1d6  No.13283445

USA and it's citizens are Israeli second hand citizens. USA citizens cannot be trusted since they follow Zion blindly, even if zion gives USA citizens a little cookie and false hope. They cannot see. USA citizens might be the most dangerous people on earth at the moment against nature and freedom on earth. Unable to withstand the zionist brainwash and deception.

a8d1d6  No.13283450

Citizens of USA think they always have only two choice one jewish puppet or the other jewish puppet. They didn't even research who Trump works for or who helped him into powers. USA sold its soul to Satan completely. Anything that comes out from USA now I will deem to be fake and false as they are blinded by Satans lies.

426a3d  No.13283451


no shit, dumbest fags, believe in cuckstianity, have access to the largest supply of weapons/nukes/vehicles, capitalism. If it wasnt for the USA accepting jew dick down their throat the world would be a better place

c78cf1  No.13283455



>>gays, niggers, spics, slavs

IP hopping

000000  No.13283456

i want that bitch to start crying its so funny. its like he puts his dna on show for everyone.

aaa238  No.13283459


And what are you gonna do about it? Nothing. Goyim are useless by themselves.

a8d1d6  No.13283461


Yea, I guess I've been naive and wanted to have hopes in the citizens in USA. But it's clear as dog shit now they are completely fucked. Europe, Asia, Russia is the only last hopes with Russia on fore front. Europe is fucked too but at least eastern Europe got some chance with help of Russia.

426a3d  No.13283473

File: 64c6bdc8018e408⋯.png (680.37 KB, 1016x731, 1016:731, Vladmir Putin.png)


>gays niggers spics and slavs are based you guise





>last hopes

The only hope is the white man, not these subhumans, russia is the same as the US in terms of kikery, Why do so many people think russia is le based?

f40966  No.13283592


>Oy, no ZOG occupation base so spic and nigger US soldiers can go around raping your women

What a horrible punishment.

38c1ed  No.13283599


51bd28  No.13283714


This guy gets it

a6fb4b  No.13283781


I am not in favor of redpilling blacks, they are too stupid to tell the difference between Europeans and Semites.

a6fb4b  No.13283789


For his kind; Semite, Moarpheus was a good guy; I thoroughly enjoyed him. Doesn't mean he should be allowed to live, but I really did enjoy his little interludes on /pol/, as far as PL goes, he is an 'open borders' gun control kike. At least develop a FEW FUCKING STANDARDS WILL YOU…I mean maybe not someone who wants fucking 'OPEN BORDERS'?

02b377  No.13283793

File: 9086ca750c11509⋯.jpg (83.46 KB, 780x440, 39:22, Biden.jpg)


>congress says no U.S. military base for Poland until it pays for Nazi war crimes

It's Trump's fault.

a6fb4b  No.13283797

File: 5fe5b1f6696d1f0⋯.jpg (110.24 KB, 600x900, 2:3, obama sniffing girl.jpg)


No, spic, nigger and subhumans stationed in Poland? The people must be completely delighted…


They are all the same anon. All foreign occupiers of our nation. NONE OF THEM ARE OUR RELATIONS OR GENETIC PEOPLE.


02b377  No.13283847

File: 085eda49f4dfae5⋯.jpg (63.7 KB, 604x559, 604:559, BidenTheJew.jpg)


You mean THIS Joe Biden?

000000  No.13283851


The base is more valuable to America than it is to Poland. ZOG could get their bulwark against Russia, or they can rehash shit from 1939…not both. Truthfully, I wouldn't give them either. After one or two election cycles, having that base in country might be more damaging to Polish sovereignty than anything the EU could inflict.

a6fb4b  No.13283869

File: 066ace371c7fa4d⋯.mp4 (1.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Traitor Biden Running for ….mp4)


No, this Joe Biden…open borders cuck just like PL and all the others.

d1d8ce  No.13283870

>A coalition of lawmakers in Congress are considering a range of initiatives that would force the Trump administration to demand Poland resolve Holocaust-era claims before the United States agrees to host a permanent military base in the country that has come to be known as Fort Trump, according to multiple U.S. officials and other sources working on the matter.


<b-but muh drumpf!

>direct link

OP (1)

nu/pol/ mentality

f9d3a6  No.13283877


fahking baste fellow migapedes

f9d3a6  No.13283887


>trump wants military base in Boland

>congress says not without shekels to Israel

<its not daddy's fault!

Why would we build a military base in poland?

02b377  No.13283888

File: 87f0f7f85b89654⋯.jpg (101.77 KB, 1000x590, 100:59, BidenMolestsJewsToo.jpg)


Maybe it was THIS Joe Biden?

2253ff  No.13283897


>niggers are better than white people

great post, joe.

f9d3a6  No.13283901



Who would say such things?

a6fb4b  No.13283906

>>13283888 (checked)

I think that is his whole reason for his push for open borders, more children to rape. That is what happened when the NEOCohens opened up Ukraines borders, it became a hellhole of child rape('sex'), drugs, homelessness, organ harvesting and slavery.

aaa238  No.13283911


<oh man who would tell me the truth?

Not a nazi, that's for sure

f9d3a6  No.13283915


Could it be a self-admitted jew?

aaa238  No.13283922


>us Jews

Yes I'm a Jew. I live in Israel.

f9d3a6  No.13283924


You sure its not a LARP?

02b377  No.13283943


Oy vay!

aaa238  No.13283944


Even if it was, everything I've said is true

f9d3a6  No.13283953


Oh, which parts?

aaa238  No.13283967



<which parts

Oh boy, the dumb goy reveals himself yet again

77acb9  No.13283968

All those women that rejected me must be mad! Thank you /ourpresident/

f9d3a6  No.13283971


I'm just asking you to be specific.

f9d3a6  No.13283974


So you're spamming this now?

f9d3a6  No.13283977

77acb9  No.13283980

f9d3a6  No.13283985


You do appear to be spamming it though.

77acb9  No.13283988



f9d3a6  No.13283997


For what?

7f2500  No.13284000

File: 925b0c6a07037df⋯.jpg (212.29 KB, 850x850, 1:1, LCSP-Detective-Conan-Case-….jpg)


Conan, boy detective is on the case!

f9d3a6  No.13284003


Checked for thats a good anime.

569db0  No.13284015


Oh really, did you watch it after yesterday? I guess you really did need something to identify with as a manlet

f9d3a6  No.13284030


Wait, what?

c2c8ff  No.13284037


>please stop pointing out trump sucking kike cock!


c2c8ff  No.13284038


rent free

77acb9  No.13284052


Many Aryans like Richard Spencer and possibly Brenton Tarrant think the Holocaust happened and it was a horrific event.

c2c8ff  No.13284056


Richard Spencer is a kosher clown just like Trump, and Tarrant wouldn't even capitalize israel.

6625f0  No.13284063


>Tarrant wouldn't even capitalize israel.

I think I got into an argument with him here once. Bless his heart.

569db0  No.13284074


If recognizing your posts means you live in my head rent free, then you recognizingy replies means I live in your head rent free

Congrats, you played yourself

c2c8ff  No.13284075


Yeah, there's a good chance I shitpost with him at least once, and some of the things he had to say in his manifesto sound eerily like some of the shit I occasionally say.

Good thing New Zealand doesn't have the death penalty. Maybe I'll get to meet him in person some day.

569db0  No.13284078


*Recognizing my

f9d3a6  No.13284088


Tarrant visited Israel, he was a Mossad asset.

77acb9  No.13284092


No you didn't, he was a cuckchanner and only lurked here less than a day. The fact he wrote gatekeeper level "redpills" is further proof of that.

f9d3a6  No.13284113


This basically sums it up. All the "muh islam" shit is just Zionist programming.

c2c8ff  No.13284123


>All the "muh islam" shit is just Zionist programming.


>gatekeeper level "redpills"

Like what?


Heil'd for fuck you too kike.


Cool, keep jumping at shadows shaped like handsome anime boys with strong deductive abilities because they make fun of you for being a jew. I'm sure that'll help you seem less like a neurotic heeb.

f4a6aa  No.13284142

How did Poland turn from being the Paradisus Judaeorum to the one of the most based increasingly anti-Jewish supremacist nations on the planet?

77acb9  No.13284143


Stop repeating that, his visit to Israel after going around the world only proves it's unlikely that Israel didn't approach him for interviewing or look into him (that's how Israel's immigration system works).

The real red flag was him going to Pakistan after his 6 day stay in Israel. Between his arrival to Israel and 48 hours after he arrived at Pakistan, I believe he was looked into by some intelligence (going to Israel is a red flag in Pakistan's immigration system). Once is Pakistan, he stayed with a certain denomination of SHIA Muslims and later went to shoot SUNNI Muslims. The mosque where it took place appears to be connected to a (((radical madrassa))), and Christchurch isn't a random place either.

f475f1  No.13284153


Duck off

963d6b  No.13284154


>Jumping at shadows

But I was right. And I live in your head.

>Handsome anime boys

I thought /pol/ was supposed to be against homos and pedos

f9d3a6  No.13284162


Its the truth though, all his rhetoric was straight from a JIDF handbook. The fact that he never names the jew is pretty obviously indicative of him being an asset.


>Stop repeating that

Its the truth though, he traveled to the Levant and likely was trained by mossad, who was also active in the NZ city in question.

>The real red flag was him going to Pakistan after his 6 day stay in Israel.

Yeah, that's a great cover. I mean, you fell for it.

77acb9  No.13284189

((( >>13284123 )))

Listen MIGAnigger who came here during the elections, real /pol/ never had a problem with muslims because we knew their tricks (deflecting criticism and religion of peace while minority) and were never a threat to us.

There was a MIDF… but it was Jewish. Furthermore, the Mohammed (((meme))) came from Israel as well as the "al-taqqiya, I'm scared fellow Aryan".

f475f1  No.13284190


It was always true. When you have a little filth and trash loving among clean people you get immunity. Nationalism is the immune system of a population.

When communism was pushed on us despite us not wanting it and when they did then and do now continue passing communists off as “fellow polacy just like you” and other propaganda that claims Poland supports any of this self hating lefty shit , most of us are seeing it with fully opened minds and eyes.

Immunity achieved now we just need to see the earth as the body and cleanse the invasion and the cancer.

5b2f15  No.13284193

File: 7ae7754955e59e5⋯.jpg (92.18 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, POLSKA STRONK.jpg)

Sweet, we can finally wash our hands of the polskakikes.

c2c8ff  No.13284197


>Its the truth though

Bullshit kikel. His rhetoric was designed to avoid being labeled as a mere 'nazi' which would have blown the optics to shit. He said exactly what he should have said about heebs like you and my mindslave below.


>he was actually a muslim!

Wow great narrative.


How many IPs are you on in this thread? Christ, I must really be getting under your skin.

>against homos and pedos

Get your mind outta the gutter, jew.

5b2f15  No.13284202


Shitskin, you were NEVER welcome on /pol/.

954d4f  No.13284207

Election night was fun I must admit. The triumph of Pepe was good. We at least made that fatass pay lip service to what we wanted for a short period of time. And he doesn't shit himself like Hillary so there's that. I least I think he doesn't shit himself but who knows?

d2d8f0  No.13284210

>"Trump says"

>actually "congress says"

Try harder (((OP)))

c2c8ff  No.13284211


>Listen MIGAnigger

What the fuck are you talking about you stupid faggot?

Trump's a jewish stooge.

>real /pol/

f9d3a6  No.13284215


Trump's trying to build a base in Boland. Why?

5b2f15  No.13284220


Because the jews wanted protection.

f9d3a6  No.13284228


Boland has barely any jews in it… Aside from their PM.

569db0  No.13284229


>How many IPs?

Not sure, it changes by itself. I just type in the caps and don't think about it

>mind out of the gutter

You were the one that called the character from Case Closed a "handsome anime boy". He's 11 in the show so I'd say that makes you a gay pedo

d2d8f0  No.13284240


According to the OP's excerpt from FreeBeacon…

> to counter threats posed by Russia and Iranian regime assets known to have plotted terror attacks

That could be bullshit of course, I don't know if Russia or Iran are behind any attacks against Poland.

I'm not saying that Trump admin is right to push for a base there, I'm saying that CONGRESS pushing for Poland>Israel reparations should not be paraphrased as "Trump says".

Trump is not congress and the democratic congress has impeded a lot of the Trump admin efforts.

77acb9  No.13284244


I never said he was a Muslim you dumb motherfucker!

You have no fucking idea how intelligence operations work, you probably think the Twin towers were brought down by space laser via "molecular disassociation".

Listen faggot, you don't have to convince (most of the time, 93 bombings are exceptions) would be terrorists of anything, you just monitor them and perhaps provide slight support.

5b2f15  No.13284274


>barely any jews

You are overflowing, Levi.

f9d3a6  No.13284275


>> to counter threats posed by Russia and Iranian regime assets known to have plotted terror attacks

So, basically, sabre rattling at Russia now too?


>I'm not saying that Trump admin is right to push for a base there, I'm saying that CONGRESS pushing for Poland>Israel reparations should not be paraphrased as "Trump says".

Yeah I agree with you, that's a shitty headline.

Point stands though: Trump shouldn't be doing what he's doing, and the congress trying to turn the philosemitism up to 11 doesn't invalidate the fact that Trump is the one turning it up to 10.

77acb9  No.13284276

((( >>13284202 )))

Sorry I hurt your (((narrative))), kike. Funny how you didn't tried to debunk anything I posted.

7d6466  No.13284297

>Iranian threat

>to Poland

These fucking kikes I swear….

f9d3a6  No.13284299


Boland has barely any jews. Its a fact. They all ran to America or israel after the war. Disprove it if you can.

c2c8ff  No.13284309


>it changes by itself.

Sure it does heeb.

>You were the one that called the character from Case Closed a "handsome anime boy

>He's 11 in the show so I'd say that makes you a gay pedo


>this stupid spic is still here too

baste nu/pol/


To be fair to him, youre so retarded you thought I was a "MIGAnigger". Hispanic low-IQ on demonstration once again. Kind of invalidates the rest of your rant amigo.

c2c8ff  No.13284316



>You were the one that called the character from Case Closed a "handsome anime boy"

>He's 11 in the show so I'd say that makes you a gay pedo

>*saying an anime kid in a suit is handsome means you want to fuck him

Good lord jew, keep your pedophilic sodomitic worldview to yourself, and try to keep it on one IP.

d2d8f0  No.13284325

File: 97a1a0be211e41e⋯.jpg (129.08 KB, 570x835, 114:167, Fort.jpg)

Here's how OP should have looked. I would've made a new thread but we're at the limit of new threads for the hour already…

Polish President wants Fort Trump

<Andrzej Duda offers to name permanent US fort in Poland after Donald Trump

13 March 2019

>U.S. defense officials have made an offer to permanently station U.S. troops in Poland, though it’s still a few years away from being a possible duty assignment.

>Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood is meeting with Polish counterparts this week in Warsaw to negotiate the deal, but an offer to Poland has already been made.

>The Poles themselves have offered to contribute at least $2 billion, and perhaps more, to the potential base, which would serve to balance against Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, defense officials say.

>“We have come forward with what we think is a very serious robust offer, and we’re just working out some of the technicalities this very week,” Kathryn Wheelbarger, the acting assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, told the House Armed Services Committee Wednesday. “We hope to have a solid foundation to work from … coming out of this meeting.”


15 May 2019:

>U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, in Washington on June 12 to talk about security and defense among other issues, the White House said on Wednesday

>During Duda’s first official visit to the White House on Sept. 18, Duda asked Trump for a permanent U.S. military base and offered to name it “Fort Trump,” explaining it would be a bulwark against what he considers a threat from Russia.

>Trump said the United States was considering the request, acknowledging that he shared Poland’s concerns about possible Russian aggression.

>“President Trump and President Duda will discuss the growing United States–Poland strategic partnership and a range of mutual interests, including defense, security, energy, and trade matters,” the White House said in a statement.


This is purportedly to defend against Russia, but I could see this being useful against the waves of "refugee" invaders that the Jews drive north from Israel to various Europeon countries. Could possibly be a good thing. You couldn't openly state that and get support, but if you say it's about Russia then you could have a better chance of getting it through.

4882ce  No.13284339



Sure kike.


d2d8f0  No.13284368


>You were the one that called the character from Case Closed a "handsome anime boy". He's 11 in the show

Clearly someone who's never watched the show. Conan Edogawa is an alias adopted by Shinichi Kudo who is 16-17 years old and the poison APTX-4869 de-ages his body (but not his mind) to appear 6-7 years old.

Shinichi is explicitly handsome prior to being de-aged so acknowledging his de-aged form is also not ugly is not in any way homosexual or pedophilic, because men saying other men are handsome does not mean they want to fuck those men.

This is the type of nonsense which would accurately be described as homosexualphobia. Being so insecure and paranoid that you can't compliment males on their looks without it being homosexual in nature.

I suppose you can't call a 7 year old girl pretty without wanting to fuck her either, degen?

c2c8ff  No.13284397


To be fair, that Anon? Hes a self-admitted jew.

And everyone knows jews are basically all homosexuals and pedophiles - really, they're degenerates, always seeking to pursue the taboo and vile. And here is no exception.

That's why he freaked out when someone (namely that faggot above claiming Saint Tarrant is mossad) started questioning his jewish antics above where he was abandoning the LARP of being a White man and was going full on "i'm an israeli jew and you goyim are trash!". I caught him doing it before and now he's totally preoccupied with me because I keep being able to point him out in a crowd, he's just THAT MUCH of a kike.

Watch him come back now and kvetch at me some more. Fuckin' gay pedo jews man, just when i think i can't hate kikes anymore, here they are.

c2c8ff  No.13284407


>This is purportedly to defend against Russia, but I could see this being useful against the waves of "refugee" invaders that the Jews drive north from Israel to various Europeon countries. Could possibly be a good thing. You couldn't openly state that and get support, but if you say it's about Russia then you could have a better chance of getting it through.

8c507e  No.13284418

Don't need to pay Israel and don't have a foreign military base on their soil.

Stop it Mr. President. The Poles are tired of winning.

c2c8ff  No.13284425

Dang it…

>This is purportedly to defend against Russia, but I could see this being useful against the waves of "refugee" invaders that the Jews drive north from Israel to various Europeon countries. Could possibly be a good thing. You couldn't openly state that and get support, but if you say it's about Russia then you could have a better chance of getting it through.

*This just comes off as a cope.

>fellow goyim, its 4d chess to stop rapefugees!

>its totally NOT just trump being a shabbos goy and sabre-rattling at Russia!

Your formatting and honest headline are better, no question there, but that last little desperate cope bit has no place on this board. The days of supporting zionist pawns on the basis of assumed strategy is past.

4882ce  No.13284477


All these shills suck either be d&c or anti natsoc or anti hitler anti white anti what ever.

They are shit I remember them used to putting up good arguments.

c2c8ff  No.13284512


They don't have to bother anymore because they've got the mods on their side. They like to pretend that this is some kind of 'resistance' effort whenever called out on this, like they're making it obvious how bad the board has become by doing all this awful shitposting and jewish kvetching, but in reality, the mods protect them in doing it, and they don't protect everyone thusly. They're basically a modified form of rachposting, and just like how rachposter would basically never get banned or his threads removed (because it was a mod doing it), these faggots exhibit the same signs of total absence of concern over moderation inhibiting their faggotry.

Kind of suggests something sketchy going on behind the scenes, but damn near impossible to prove such a thing without infiltrating their circles.

1aeda1  No.13284760


no, no, no. we have to vote for hillary. she'll accelerate us and then before you know it we'll have an ethnoglobe.

that's the magic of accelerationism; you don't even need a plan - just accelerate!

but make sure you vote

4a07b3  No.13284770

File: 7a203a69821259f⋯.png (242.33 KB, 821x312, 821:312, konfederacja.png)

Every Pole on this board has to get out and vote for Konfederacja on May 26. Imagine the kvetching when they get in

07e324  No.13284786

File: 367f5273cf0d1a2⋯.jpg (51.14 KB, 621x414, 3:2, you.jpg)



4882ce  No.13284789


Even with mods they remain to be a nuisance.

Need to try harder than that.

75fc00  No.13284898

File: a7b8e6406a52cb3⋯.jpg (602.56 KB, 1725x2176, 1725:2176, Screenshot_2019-05-13 Insi….jpg)


>Ok, ZOGnald is a tremendous scam and Kushner has puppeted the US for Greater Israel beyond anything ever seen. But, can we just not talk about it?

How about return to T_D then.

000000  No.13285532


>Bullshit kikel. His rhetoric was designed to avoid being labeled as a mere 'nazi' which would have blown the optics to shit.

Any White who acts in favor of Whites is automatically a nazi, regardless of what he says or how much he waves his arms. How the fuck can't /pol/acks not get that yet?

For anyone outside of the WN/NS circles, a radical white fighting for whites against democracy/jews/immigrants/freedom/else will simply project the ima of a (neo)nazi. It's just the way society has been shaped to see such people.

If any of this weren't enough, let's also remember that he used two Nazi insignias, the Wewelsburg castle's Black Sun (put there on Himmler's orders) and the 14 words, all which reinforce the nazi caricature.

>He said exactly what he should have said about heebs

He said nothing useful at all.


His sources were (((wikipedia))) kek, weren't they!

Just playing the Christians vs Muslims hand as detailed in the Protocols.

You know, Muslims praying and killed in Christchurch, pretending he wasn't sure if he was himself a Christian or not, like I wish I'd be but I'm a bit low on faith right now.


>Tarrant wouldn't even capitalize israel.

Tarrant hardly spellchecked his manifesto and also went back and forth between American and Briton English, which is like soooooo fishy.

Stop finding gay excuses for an asset whose main mission was to make you think the Muslims were the main ebil on Earth.

8bb92b  No.13285542



bf1daa  No.13285569


This faggot cunt.

8bb92b  No.13285589


Just imagine if an asteroid landed in the Mediterranean Sea and a Tidal Wave took out Israel. Half the Nadzee posts here would end.

a649af  No.13285592


>but I could see this being useful against the waves of "refugee" invaders that the Jews drive north from Israel to various Europeon countries

Are you retarded?

a649af  No.13285598


>Point stands though: Trump shouldn't be doing what he's doing, and the congress trying to turn the philosemitism up to 11 doesn't invalidate the fact that Trump is the one turning it up to 10.

The only reason why Trump is in the White House is because this is what he was going to do.

95c678  No.13285615


Your own posts would certainly stop, but there'd be lots of work to do, finishing what the meteor began. The diaspora would need gassing.

bf1daa  No.13285616


And I'd laugh at your bloated, floating corpse, you kike cunt bitch.

7b2e44  No.13285633


It would be better if one hit your JIDF office.

000000  No.13285635

Kek it's amazing.

Even without Nazi Germany or Russia, Poland will still get bullied.

7b2e44  No.13285651


Poles have a position to become the light of the white world. They need to stop being cucks for that to happen.

5578e0  No.13285670

There's nothing 'based' about being a kike puppet.

How is this shit thread not banned, btw? Is this cuckchan?

7b2e44  No.13285699


Maybe you should head back there.

5578e0  No.13285710



You should.

No one wants you here.

5578e0  No.13285711

File: 2b33735b361fd29⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1476068414001.jpg)


+ Cancersage

5578e0  No.13285713

a6fb4b  No.13285746


>perhaps provide slight support

You provide support? Wouldn't you call that entrapment.

c78cf1  No.13285768




The trouble with Poland is that they exist on the northern European plane between two centers of political power; The European Union headed by Germany and the Eurasian Union headed by Russia.

This combined with their smaller population and lack of border security guarentees that, at least in the current geopolitical landscape, they will remain in a subservient role. However, as a major-minor power they have the ability to choose their overlord. They could either go with the EU and become brown. Always a great idea Note for autists, I'm being sarcastic

They could go with Russia and be treated like a foot stool. Sounds pretty swell.

Or they could go with America (the maritime superpower) and be given enough autonomy to do their own thing so long as they behave.

Given these three shitty choices, it's obvious which is the lesser evil.

000000  No.13285777

What if Poland sold out to Russia? What would it have to lose at this point? Poland clearly doesn't have any real allies. ZOG is so desperate it would fuck up the most important strategic alliances in Europe that maintains US power for filthy kikes. It already might well have lost Turkey for ZOG, the US will lose everything else soon too.

a6fb4b  No.13285820


>Or they could go with America (the maritime superpower) and be given enough autonomy to do their own thing so long as they behave.

Pretending America is not the #1 leader on the entire planet of White/European genocide.

At least I got to laugh.

f9d3a6  No.13285828



Oh look, its the jew again.

The one the mods never ban. Ever.

Despite him spamming this trash in basically every thread in the catalog.

Really gets the ol noggin joggin'.

f9d3a6  No.13285829


Yeah it basically is.


Why? People leaving only makes it easier for you fuckstains to turn this place into cuckchan 2.0.

Its fucking disgraceful what has transpired on thsi board since last November.

c78cf1  No.13285840


Learn to read.

Then learn to think.

I explained the political reasoning already. There are three political centers to choose from. All are shitty. However, an alliance with America at least guarentees Poland some political independence and less demographic suicide.

Also, technically Warsaw is playing two allies; the EU and USA for maximum gain.

1b0003  No.13285841



Come join us.

5578e0  No.13285847



Except the money.

That's all you have to offer anyways.

9ddb16  No.13285860


You beat me to it.

f9d3a6  No.13285861


Soon enough.


I meant that its basically cuckchan now. Which it is.

a6fb4b  No.13285867


>less demographic suicide.

The US itself is an open borders nation…what the ever living fuck are you talking about? The (((government))) of the US is composed completely of Bolshevik Khazarian foreign parasite kikes who are actively trying to genocide their White population AS FAST AS THEY FUCKING CAN!!


The only one Poland can count on IS POLAND. They will go with the NEOCohens because they are FUCKING STUFFED TO THE FUCKING GILLS WITH KIKES IN THEIR (((GOVERNMENT))) but that isn't in the best interest of Europeans IN ANY WAY.

>learn to read?


dc3f43  No.13285871

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well for those lucky number it seems to be not a question but a likelihood.


f9d3a6  No.13285874


You're the freak who does all the Polish-based D&C shit aren't you?

Daily Reminder that Boland has a kike PM.

a6fb4b  No.13285876

File: 6afee6789de4392⋯.mp4 (13.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Future of Poland.mp4)

f9d3a6  No.13285878


Yeah I've seen that before, but wasn't it proven to be fake?

In any case, why would they elect a faux-nationalist jew in the face of such shit?

5578e0  No.13285880


They want to shut 8chan down.

As an official ban by governments would be too obvious, they decided to undermine and destroy it from within.

That's my impression.

Thanks, 'Saint' Tarrant for starting this process, btw.

And F 8chan.

f9d3a6  No.13285887


>As an official ban by governments would be too obvious, they decided to undermine and destroy it from within.

That I could see.

>Thanks, 'Saint' Tarrant for starting this process, btw.

That I can't. What's your narrative here?

a6fb4b  No.13285888


Does it seem (((fake))) to you if that is what is happening….

Sort of like the Protocols…they are (((Fake))) too.

f9d3a6  No.13285890


>Does it seem (((fake))) to you if that is what is happening….

Checked for no, I'm talking about that video.

>Sort of like the Protocols…they are (((Fake))) too.

Fair point.

5578e0  No.13285896


> That I can't. What's your narrative here?

Well, he deliberately posted his stuff on 8chan.

That's more than enough for the media and normies to ask for a shutdown of this 'vile' and 'extremist' place.

And so it will come.

Goodbye 8ch.

a6fb4b  No.13285897


The kikes are drama queens and retards. Sometimes they hold a drama to see how they like an idea before they implement it.

f9d3a6  No.13285901


>Well, he deliberately posted his stuff on 8chan.

>That's more than enough for the media and normies to ask for a shutdown of this 'vile' and 'extremist' place.

Yeah but that would suggest they'd go for the direct approach.

If you're suggesting Tarrant is to blame for jews identifying this board as a threat and seeking to undermine it, something that started in earnest back in November 2018, I'm afraid I don't buy that narrative.


Again, a fair point.

eb14a4  No.13285909

File: ba74ad14e28624d⋯.png (5.11 KB, 225x225, 1:1, wojitler.png)


Trump is proof that voting will never be the way out of the West's mess. Voting for Trump was a mistake because he was a release valve.

5578e0  No.13285916


No one cares, what you 'buy', Isaac.


a6fb4b  No.13285918


Would that bother you? I would simply go back to planning alone and quietly. NBD to have things dispersed and untrackable within the general population…never mind the lurkers who never say anything. One of the most interesting things they said about Tarrant was the Intelligence community being questioned on "WHy they didn't have Tarrant on a list." They said that there were so many threats like this on a daily basis across the entire planet that they COULD NEVER keep track of them and that Tarrant hadn't even been on their radar at all. They are losing control. Expect them to ACT SOON.

f9d3a6  No.13285922


The brutal honesty and simplicity of this commentary gave me a moment of existential dread grounded in the uncertainty that I might never get to hunt jewish people like elk (in minecraft).


You cared enough to respond multiple times Schlomo.

f9d3a6  No.13285927


>Would that bother you? I would simply go back to planning alone and quietly.

No you wouldn't, you'd go someplace else just like everyone else.

5578e0  No.13285930


> you don't need a place to exchange and discuss ideas, goy



The Schlomo is you.

And you know it.

f9d3a6  No.13285934


>The Schlomo is you.

Why? Because I don't buy your narrative about the subversion of /pol/ - which started in particular earnest in November of last year - being caused by something that happened months later?

You're fucking retarded man, and the way you just reacted like a god damned snake makes me want to step on your head.

a6fb4b  No.13285942



No I wouldn't! Got thrown off YT recently for (((hate speech))) now I have 15-30 minutes added to my day and I am thinking about dumping 8chan as well.

6b480d  No.13285946

Reading from this thread, it is useless to browse /pol/.

Jews control this board.

f9d3a6  No.13285952


>No I wouldn't!

>Got thrown off YT recently for (((hate speech))) now

<I'm posting on /pol/ instead of jewtube

<and ive been posting in this thread alone for like 7 hours

Fucks sake man…

>I am thinking about dumping 8chan as well.

Go for it.

You'll wind up someplace else in a week.

5578e0  No.13285955


> comparing YouTube with imageboards

Isaac pls.


The one who doesn't see what Tarrant has done to this place is the

> retarded


Also your lousy aggression proves you are extremely enraged about someone revealing your puppet, JIDF.

a6fb4b  No.13285957


LMAO…not yet. I am not worried about your stupid rat terrier opinion. It is like an asshole…

I have actually been here for years…

a6fb4b  No.13285960


At least you kikes make yourselves easy to filter…meh, not impressed.

f9d3a6  No.13285962


Pretty much.

In November of 2018, the moderation staff was shifted out.

The board log accounts were hidden, so the users couldn't tell how many mod accounts there even were, nor what their activity was.

Immediately thereafter we started getting these awful awful AWFUL shitpost threads full of images that, after reverse image search, lead directly back to 4chan's /int/ board.

The shitposting threads and posts have only increased over time since then, and the mods are exhibiting EXTREMELY selective moderation procedures, allowing some spam to sit for days (see the "KILL WHITE NATIONALISTS!") spammer, while others (usually really gross shit like BLACKED spam) getting an almost-instant response.

The fact is, this place is compromised. Its going to take something major to shake people out of their habits of coming here htough.

997ebb  No.13285964


Don’t forget Czechoslovakia.

>Pay up

a6fb4b  No.13285967


I would say that they control all of social media entirely.

f9d3a6  No.13285969


>The one who doesn't see what Tarrant has done to this place

I was noticing it going down hill months before Tarrant emerged.



>Also your lousy aggression proves

If it proves anything about me, it proved it about your first you fucking serpent.

f9d3a6  No.13285972


> I am not worried about your stupid rat terrier opinion

And yet you keep fucking replying to me you cuckold.

Suck the pussy off my cock keep your fucking teeth together until I need another cleaning.

c78cf1  No.13285973


You're not a very bright mind so you really should not be trying to talk about subjects you know nothing about and lack the instincts to understand intuitively. Poland quite simply lacks the strategic, economic, and demographic capabilities to go at it alone. As a minor nation, if Poland forsook all alliances, she would end up exactly as Serbia/Yugoslavia ended up.

I'll paint you a picture; A Poland without friends would suddenly have a (((human rights abuse))) and America would (((intervene))) to protect the (((minorities))) being (((persecuted)))

Warsaw would be bombed and America would then bring (((democracy))) to Poland.


>You're doing D&C

>Proceedes to D&C

Like clockwork.

6b480d  No.13285977


Yes, they employ a dual model.

The mainstream media: to deradicalize the sheep (See how evil the nazis are).

The offstream media: to deradicalize the sheepdogs (See how everything is a false flag).

It is a successful model.

f9d3a6  No.13285979


>>You're doing D&C

I asked if oyu were the kike who does the D&C, I didnt say you were doing it now.

You are though.

>>Proceedes to D&C

<its D&C to point out your D&C narrative is shit on the basis of boland having a kike PM

Okay faggot.

a6fb4b  No.13285984


B-b-b-b-b-b-but anon, slow genocide is so much better than fast genocide.


c78cf1  No.13285987


Pointing out that Poland is run by a kike is not in itself D&C.

However, using that as an excuse to attack Poles is.


Filtered due to your extreme stupidity.

f9d3a6  No.13285991



Oh my bad you're a different nigger.

Explain to me how its D&C to point out that Boland having a Jewish leader invalidates claims as regards other countries being jewish-controlled.

f9d3a6  No.13286000

File: fe83e127b427edd⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1632, 25:34, kosher sandwich.png)


>However, using that as an excuse to attack Poles is.

Who did that? Not me.



I got no gripe with Boland, just sick of hearing Eurocucks kvetching as though their states aren't exactly as fucking kosher as every other Western power.

There are no Western powers which are not kiked at the political leadership level.

Even the ones putting out a 'nationalist' facade are zionist-controlled. Its a joke.

There is presently no meaningful opposition to jewish infiltration and subversion, at least in political terms, anywhere in the West that I've examined. There is no party, no organization, no state that I've seen which isn't either kiked to the zionists or kiked to the marxists.

a6fb4b  No.13286003

File: b41fd1b17e0c660⋯.jpg (340.02 KB, 953x1429, 953:1429, semites and jews are broth….jpg)


With kikes you lose.

7e89ec  No.13286007

File: 05e72e4fb963074⋯.jpg (3.75 MB, 3000x1996, 750:499, trump-supporters.jpg)


Donald Trump loves America so much that he does everything he can for America's Greatest Ally.


f9d3a6  No.13286011


Even knowing its a LARP, I am overcome with a desire to tar and feather you, light you on fire, put you on a raft covered in fish blood, and then drag you behind a boat in South Africa so a giant shark can leap out of the water and rip you in half.

I didn't used to be like this. You kikes are turning me into a monster and I almost don't care anymore. Almost.

a6fb4b  No.13286017


Amerimutt nightmare…why so many niggers and kikes? Yikes, it is like an Obummer convention.

c78cf1  No.13286022



I wish to apologize as I overreacted. You're clearly neither a kike or D&Cing.

As I said, it is not D&C to point out the kikes in any particular government. Infact it is good that people be made aware of that.

You're right. The allegedly "nationalistic" Eastern European nations are only vaguely nationalistic. The leadership (largely jewish or collaborationist) understands that they could not pull the same globohomo level shit they they can In the UK, America, Sweden, or Germany because the people, still relatively level headed and not sapped of their manhood by liberalism would revolt. Violently. And by God it would be beautiful. I mean, apart from the inevitable NATO counter attack. Which would be swift and bloody.

f9d3a6  No.13286024


Whats funniest about that, and most disturbing, is that Trump was elected to power by an 85% non-Hispanic White base.

But then you look at that crowd and you realize it wasn't an accident, wasn't chance that the crowd Trump chose to have there looks like that.

f9d3a6  No.13286031


I accept your apology. A noble act.

That said, I think you severely over-estimate the conditions of the Western European/American powers.

Though our media doesn't discuss it openly - "the revolution will not be televised" - the Western 'democratic' powers are rapidly losing momentum.

The United States, though most outside wouldn't know it, is on the verge of socio-economic collapse. There is division EVERYWHERE, and those divides run DEEP.

I suspect that by 2030, the United States of America will no longer exist as it does today, and if/when it falls, you will see serious changes going on in Western European as the attack dog of jewry is no longer there to hold a gun to the head of the European people.

2187f7  No.13286033


>Zion Don

bf1daa  No.13286035

File: ef620945fe23d38⋯.jpeg (48.04 KB, 570x761, 570:761, vintagekek.jpeg)

a6fb4b  No.13286041


>You're clearly neither a kike or D&Cing.

It is SO totally legit when a kike vouches for another kike.

f9d3a6  No.13286043



bf1daa  No.13286045

File: cf43eb5fd651de6⋯.png (10.8 KB, 212x255, 212:255, d302c777ca0783b3392cee57b7….png)

7e89ec  No.13286048

File: 652f7559d8adcd8⋯.jpg (115.64 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, israel-loves-donald.jpg)

File: 9030a76ab3f56e9⋯.jpg (197.95 KB, 953x831, 953:831, greater-israel-2.jpg)


I understand why you are so angry, anon. Maybe Trump didn't do everything that he could, but just wait until his 2nd Term, when he doesn't have to worry about reelection! He can finally make America's Greatest Ally Safe Again!!


>The United States, though most outside wouldn't know it, is on the verge of socio-economic collapse.

This election cycle will be fascinating to observe. With the possible and extremely unlikely exception of Tulsi Gabbard as POTUS, the United States will probably begin to fissure sometime between 2020-2024.

f9d3a6  No.13286053



61af60  No.13286054


We're being ruled by kids with cancer

a6fb4b  No.13286055


>just wait until his 2nd Term

Haha…just wait until you are DEAD Europeans…Trust the plan.

f9d3a6  No.13286056



That said, 2026 will be 250.

Read your Glubb and brace for impact.

c78cf1  No.13286076


>That said, I think you severely over-estimate the conditions of the Western European/American powers.

I sincerely hope that you are correct.

If the USA implodes, that would remove the boot from the heel of Europe and natural order would restore itself. Though it would be bloody and I suspect that Russia would play a significant role. I hope that they don't try anything too ridiculous. It's tough to say.

The trouble as I see it is that, while the USA is less supreme as it once was, I fear that civil war may be further off than it appears.

One of my hobbies is studying civil wars in recent history and the USA fails to meet many of the signs that you tend to see in countries about to implode. Even after years of leftists shitting on, censoring, bullying, and spitting on conservatives, there is basically no political violence in America. Sure, you have some clashes in the streets, particularly in 2017 which was interesting and I admit I became very optimistic during that time. But things have stabilized and the 2018 midterms were a very peaceful affaire.

Then again, anything can happen.

I hope America implodes. Even though I know things would become more difficult for me and my neighbors. It would be better for my race and the world for America to collapse.

38d825  No.13286077

File: 81c2712ce4d0085⋯.png (1.04 MB, 718x1024, 359:512, e123496a60c413076abd345fe8….png)


>a kike rephrasing an act of congress, is the same as the president doing something

Nice try shlomo.

c78cf1  No.13286078


>would remove the boot from the *neck* of Europe

da25eb  No.13286080


Because we don't trust anyone,we don't trust any of you fuckers to help us in war ,there were pacts with British goverment to help us during WW2 ,the revolutions against occupying forces were there to buy time for allies to come but nobody ever came ,for Poland WW2 ended closer to 1990 when soviet rule fucked off

So now we hope that if Russia attacks and kills a US soldier the goverment of USA will be forced to react,we can't trust NATO(which USA is part of) alone either with fucking Germans and French in it ,they would sell us for 3 shekels if they could,Poland is fully aware that come WW3 we will probably be left alone again,thats why we increased military funding

Privately I dont trust USA either the bases are only as trust worthy as the president is and we are talking about spook central here

7e89ec  No.13286090

File: 57aeceadd755c48⋯.jpg (67 KB, 592x895, 592:895, so-fucking-based.jpg)


>not believing in the Donald Trump revolution

Racism is old hat, anon. We're all Americans. Donald Trump will make sure that all of these new LEGAL immigrants will be given a copy of the American constitution, turning them into automatic Republicans.



I'm frankly optimistic, tbh. Political progressives reinvent themselves into something more horrible every 18 months or so.

9ddb16  No.13286092



Is not to late.

a6fb4b  No.13286094


Keep your eye on the Embassies as well. If I was going to distribute a Targeted Biological weapon, that is where I would go to distribute it…since there is a highly protected one in every nation on the planet…Embassies are going to be more dangerous than bases in the near future.

Also the entire US government is kikes, wall to wall. So basically you are letting the kikes up your ass if you let them in.

a6fb4b  No.13286097


Holy fuck…that DNA deserves to die out. He is dating a literal psychopath. Do you think she has killed him in his sleep yet?

95c678  No.13286106

File: 88ee07cb96ad4db⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The_Great_Conqueror.png)


>that pic

People who've never done anything respectable D E S E R V E respect.

7e89ec  No.13286109


>If the USA implodes, that would remove the boot from the heel of Europe and natural order would restore itself.

Europe does not need the United States to fall to pieces to turn themselves around.

I am frankly much more worried about Europeans than Americans in civil war or brief WROL situations, since we are much more extensively armed, and blacks in particular are pretty dysfunctional on their own.


As I recall, she is legally blind. I suspect he is one of dopey super-nice-guy Christians.

a3fffa  No.13286120


BASED Tykwavia.

6b480d  No.13286133


>If the USA implodes, that would remove the boot from the heel of Europe and natural order would restore itself. Though it would be bloody and I suspect that Russia would play a significant role. I hope that they don't try anything too ridiculous. It's tough to say.

The USA is a nonsense boogeyman that Europe has.

Watch when the USA fails, Russian start to occupy Europe and european "nationalists" start singing about how they need to wait for russia to fail so they can rise.

4c2578  No.13286173

File: 6dce5a63192be8a⋯.jpg (317.71 KB, 799x1419, 799:1419, 25353532.jpg)


>Stalin saw sense


c78cf1  No.13286178


>Europe does not need the United States to fall to pieces to turn themselves around.

Well, anything is possible and weirder things have happened in history.

However, the problem with America is that the Zionists hate change.

Let's envision that a poor minor power like Spain overthrew their government and set up a true nationalist government instead. Immediately the jews in America would ramp up their hate-media and scream 24/7 about how the evil, wicked Iberians are murdering poor, innocent jews. And they'd start showing tear jerking interviews will little Catalonian and Basque children about how the evil Spaniards killed their families. True or not, it does not matter.

Finally, our glorious God-Emperor would step up and "act presidential" by bombing Madrid.


That keeps me up at night. Even if we somehow throw the jew off our backs, I worry that we will become our own greatest enemies.

Sure, better a Russian overlord than a jew. But I want to secure the existence of White children. Not just Russian children.

My hope is that there can be a revolution in Russia as well.


I wish that we could just learn to get along. There is so much land in Africa. Why must we slaughter each other over little bits of land in Europe when we could repopulate entire nations with our own children.

67c3fc  No.13286185

File: 0cbb94579e9daca⋯.jpeg (52.48 KB, 644x465, 644:465, syjoniści do izraela.jpeg)


the Poles who were the national-communist part of the communistic party (mostly ex-partisants) actually got enough power after some time that in the 68 they got rid of a lot of Jews from the party and from the country. This is basically the moment when the anti-commie opposition really started.

pic rel: "Zionists off to Israel!|

6b480d  No.13286188


I think it's going to happen since the (((germans))) love the russians despite the fact the russian's nation making myth is their killing germans in WW2.

It's hilarious.

50ba12  No.13286199

>if you dont give my masters money I will remove the things to force you to give money to my masters

Brilliant strategy genius, the stick is supposed to hurt, not be such a nice carrot that they would be fools to take it.

138f9d  No.13286202

File: c2aad366b37b988⋯.png (732.78 KB, 750x774, 125:129, dd3c9ffd700663f41d1d1e8e6b….png)


You seriously played a bad hand with that SNL skit. never merge autism with normieshit, faggot

>oy vey but Trump is a kike my fellow white supremecists! let us worship our golem as he an heros into the shitskins!



c78cf1  No.13286213


What do you mean?

6b480d  No.13286217


The (((germans))) who spam pole thread love the russians.

In fact, their wet dream is to divide Poland between Germany and Russia.

67c3fc  No.13286228




by that logic wicca thots are pagan

e68968  No.13286229

File: e419b92d4235d82⋯.png (53.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, scr (1).png)




c78cf1  No.13286243


They don't love Russians anymore than they love Germans because they're jews. Jews or paid shills.

6b480d  No.13286254


Hence, (((germans))).

0aedb0  No.13286255

And hes just lost support from them

0aedb0  No.13286263


Evangelicals will vote Trump regardless, he's a republican

1b0003  No.13286275


What d&c is this shit?

1b0003  No.13286283


>love germans

>brain wash them to oblivion.

1ae32c  No.13286284


This is proof that the left/right divide is meaningless and artificial.

c78cf1  No.13286293


I mean to say that these jews love neither Russian nor German. Jews don't even love other jews. They merely use each other to gain power.


Ah. I see.

41e28b  No.13286329


By misusing the t. meme you just called yourself a slvaoid you retarded newcuck

56e5ba  No.13286333



"The Holocaust is Soviet Propaganda!", well that's at least what my Grandfather used to say and he was a part of the American army that liberated some of those camps in the West. That's why all the "death camps" were behind the Iron Curtain.

a2957c  No.13288365


>Trump is proof that voting will never be the way out of the West's mess.

>Voting for Trump was a mistake

These two statements are contradictory. Thanks to Trump, white men now know the truth behind "democracy".

cedba7  No.13288467

As much as I hate Poles and Poland, I don't like zion don enforcing global jewish terrorism on people who are on some level White.

29fe24  No.13288525


You're retarded, you could easily bring in a bunch of niggers and spics from America as well to fuck Polish women. I guarantee this will happen since it happens every other country like Germany or Italyt. former zogbot

d121a0  No.13289112

>congress pressures admin

>uhhh hurrrrr durrrr izzzz turmp!

d121a0  No.13289130


>left and right is meaningless cuz these people on the left disliked jews

Dumb-ass, all left and right is is a loose designation of government style, from authoritarian to non-authoritarian. Nationalism can be fit into any system. It doesn't have anything to do with left and right. Communism and National Socialism are both far-left. Nationalism is center on the social scale, while marxism is far left. No clue what would be the right on there. I suppose some form of racial supremacy. Most would say Nationalism is the right, but it's the historic and instinctive norm, so it can't be.

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