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File: a6d9b21393ef2b2⋯.jpg (60.12 KB, 688x739, 688:739, PicsArt_05-16-09.46.01.jpg)

File: 7edd96340d46c40⋯.jpg (706.31 KB, 1439x2509, 1439:2509, Screenshot_20190516-093949….jpg)

fafc7b  No.13283054

‘You Jews, I’m gonna get you’: Jogger arrested after spitting on elderly Jewish couple

>Police on Wednesday arrested a jogger accused of spitting on an elderly Jewish couple and threatening to sexually assault another group of Jews while running along Collins Avenue in Bal Harbour in March.

>Daniel Valerivich Starikov, a 33-year-old Hollywood resident originally from Britain, confronted the Jewish residents on Friday, March 22, as they were walking home from temple, Bal Harbour Police said.

>Starikov approached the first group at 11 p.m. as they spoke with each other in the 9600 block of Collins Avenue, clenching his fists and banging them together as if readying for a fight, according to a police report.

>“I’ll show you,” he told the group, according to the report. “I’m going to shove my d— down your throats. You Jews, I’m gonna get you.”

>About five minutes later, as the group fled to a nearby condominium, Starikov confronted another group of Jews in the 9900 block of Collins Avenue, police said. He spat on two elderly members of the group after making a noise with his mouth that sounded like “blowing a raspberry,” according to the report.

>Both groups told police they felt Starikov targeted them because of their faith. The incidents occurred during Sabbath. Most of the men wore yarmulkes, and one other was dressed in a black coat and wide-brimmed hat that is customary attire for Hasidic Jews.

>After tapping into surveillance cameras located between Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour Police arrested Starikov Wednesday on two charges of battery on persons 65 years or older and three charges of assault while evidencing prejudice.

>He was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Wednesday.



049b98  No.13283073


efbe2c  No.13283077

File: 3032d6f2a08244c⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 952x510, 28:15, 36 - YFyqF7i.jpg)


>I’ll show you, I’m going to shove my dick down your throats. You Jews, I’m gonna get you.

This needs to become a /pol/ banner.

fcf6ee  No.13283081

File: 3e0c0303c26ad1b⋯.jpg (16.12 KB, 249x358, 249:358, petit.jpg)


Based Emmanuel Petit

39bef9  No.13283083

File: 4c723a8a81ac6df⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 480x293, 480:293, serveimage.jpg)

Stop wasting time you idiots.

f4b74f  No.13283085


Fucking Chad looking dude. Nice.

fafc7b  No.13283088

fafc7b  No.13283090

File: bd57d6fb2a1f97a⋯.jpg (315.45 KB, 731x824, 731:824, Dr Josef Goebbels-1937 - D….jpg)


Oy Gevault

c2c9fb  No.13283098

Wait arrested for battery even though all he did was talk shit? America lol

4df8f5  No.13283103


Okay I kekd

a9d8c3  No.13283105

File: 7b5aa875cae7fa6⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 325x244, 325:244, 1465796779450.gif)

File: cac8e4d88800b49⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 144x180, 4:5, STARIKOV-1748157.jpg)


<Oy vey anoddah shoah.

Daniel Valerivich "Jew Spittoon" Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Jew Go Getter" Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Taking out the trash " Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Deep Dicker" Starikov

Bump cause why the hell not.

3d6120  No.13283107


>battery on persons 65 years or older

5 felonies, with the jail time he is facing for spitting he should have simply shot and killed them all, then at least the charges would be more inline with reality.

53b7d5  No.13283114

anti semitism is just part of living in a white country

3fc703  No.13283117


"I'm going to get you"

Ironnically that's what niggers say to whites when niggers get pissed off. Whites are niggers confirmed.

53b7d5  No.13283121


This is a jewish country.

6325b2  No.13283130


Daniel Valerivich "I'm not a baby, but you can still eat my dick" Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Eat My Dick, Hasidic!" Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Hold my coat, I'm gonna fuck your throat" Starikov

a7174f  No.13283133


You'll never be white and you cannot live with that thought, huh? Learn to cope with it or perish

edb53a  No.13283137


33 years old

33 years


Learn to recognize Masonic propaganda when you see it. You blind fuckwit.

fcf6ee  No.13283141


>Daniel Valerivich "Eat My Dick, Hasidic!" Starikov


fafc7b  No.13283143


Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Info

State: Florida

County: Dade County

City: Miami

Facility: Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

Inmate Locator: Login to Locate Inmate

Number: 786-263-5600

Name: Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

Address: 7000 Northwest 41st Street, Miami, FL, 33166

Phone: 786-263-5600

Jail Address: 7000 Northwest 41st Street, Miami, FL, 33166


I'll send him a greeting card when I go on lunch in a bit. If some anon wants to send him the Tarrant Manifesto or something that would be cool too.

fafc7b  No.13283153

File: e2d0a788f3dd3b6⋯.png (661.76 KB, 1400x1121, 1400:1121, ee4aa1e5e65b5bc327038d4d0d….png)

File: 2302f28add04b60⋯.jpg (169.58 KB, 504x477, 56:53, 2302f28add04b6072133ac906c….jpg)

File: c50e8e7644f7c96⋯.jpg (118.09 KB, 460x620, 23:31, 909bdf6acb1cf995243f5d60c4….jpg)

File: 4756e10ddceb940⋯.png (818.96 KB, 1279x762, 1279:762, 79d9bd258b8221a5d39065fe27….png)


>masonic propaganda

>because he's 33

Freemasonry is Jewish and you don't belong here.

3fc703  No.13283155


I'm white you Jew.

a7174f  No.13283158

edb53a  No.13283168


Not surprised that you completely missed the point, you fucking retard.

Who benefits from this story???

Er duh uh fmmmgh

The fucking Jews you absolute ficking moron.

The only reason they published the age of the man was so that they could slip in their magic number. This happens all the fucking time.

What other possible relevance does the man's age have to do with the story?

Hi Jim!

6325b2  No.13283169


Daniel Valerivich "Spat on jew, made the news" Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Spat On Rat" Starikov

Daniel Valerivich "Raspberrycaust" Starikov

fafc7b  No.13283178

File: 3b285917accceae⋯.jpg (246.69 KB, 1019x850, 1019:850, 1480854455296-0.jpg)

File: 7886746de5da1e4⋯.png (44.13 KB, 470x600, 47:60, 1lpsnccuv8939r8393938r7vy1….png)

File: 35856ec83021578⋯.png (35 KB, 179x179, 1:1, pdfgh20w9f8v7c77281010w9dd….png)



Jim is a Freemason half-Jew and Ron is a sodomite half-gook.

e176d5  No.13283225

>spitting on your enemies

absolutely degenerate passive aggressive rope tier faggotry

8053cf  No.13283231


Dubs are OUR numbers now.

39bef9  No.13283233

File: fcdf919d02d79f6⋯.png (1.01 MB, 847x1200, 847:1200, fcdf919d02d79f671d281b3431….png)


You have't done shit to the jews, you don't have the balls you fucking retards. look at that dude on the Op, he said some mean words against us and now he is on the fucking slammer, what can you even do if this what happens for a simple exchange of words? nothing, you can do nothing. but sure, go ahead keep insulting us and if g_d wills it you will get sent to prison too where a bulky nigger will rape you to death.

ad6ea1  No.13283234

I doubt he spat on them. Jew sometimes spit while their talking so they figured it would be safe to accuse him of that.

a7174f  No.13283247


Exactly. The 33 is just so that other kikes will now that it was one of them that orchestrated it and they have nothing to worry about

049b98  No.13283249


Now you're just being stupid.


>responding to this seriously


This what?


How is this retarded conversation even happening?


Both of you just derailed the thread with the most inane fucking point.


edb53a  No.13283252


Are you a legitimate autist. Like, you don't fucking understand the context of what I am saying.

What a fucking retard. Post some more pics that have fuck all to do with anything. What a fucking waste of breath you are. Fucking mouth breather.

I've got to get back to work, so I can provide for my healthy white family. Excuse me while I enjoy the sin and the wind on my face while doing invigorating and technical work outdoors.

And you have fun gwtting more pale and sickly in the dark cool corner of whatever building you spend your day in.

Oh, and please do kill yourself, faggot.

049b98  No.13283256



An otherwise amusing thread derailed with MUH FREEMASONRY bullshit.

edb53a  No.13283267

Good God.

I drop the Mason bomb and look how the shills come out of the fucking woodwork.

I guess I hit the nail in the head and this is theirs.

When you're catching this much flak, there is no doubt that you're over the target.

Thanks for confirming all of you faggots. No kindly go die of ass cancer and leave the world to those of us who deserve it.

60c8cb  No.13283277

File: 39e5f4a9af71b48⋯.jpg (148.02 KB, 719x960, 719:960, d45d80334c76a97e379e989a6e….jpg)


You actually believe he did it?

Gaggle of jews just got out of temple.

Gaggle of old jews with withered bodies jealous of superior aryan /fit/ running every morning while women swoon over blond demigod.

Gaggle of jews talk about the insult of such flaunting of white superiority.

Gaggle of old jews decide to all claim he did something 'anti-semitic' because nobody ever refuses to believe them, especially when several say the exact same thing.

>cattle believe this guy has any reason to even notice these creatures in his pursuit of physical supremacy.

>fit blond white sculptor of body is getting too much lbfm or white cunt, or all the faggot ass, in so-cal that he could ever want to be aware enough of the wider world to ever find himself here.

>people don't make the connection that yids are going to project their natural fear of god-mode white, tarrant being /fit/ and their need to destroy what they know is better than them.

>and some of those faggots are here of all places instead of halfchan.

Either false flag, or frame up. No fucking way this is for real. Why wouldn't he just crush them outright, what sperging out is so much fucking better?

630112  No.13283279


If the punishment for a couple of words and spit is that severe, why not do something worth that amount of time?

>Chen Sheng was an officer serving the Qin Dynasty, famous for their draconian punishments. He was supposed to lead his army to a rendezvous point, but he got delayed by heavy rains and it became clear he was going to arrive late. The way I always hear the story told is this:

>Chen turns to his friend Wu Guang and asks “What’s the penalty for being late?”

>“Death,” says Wu.

>“And what’s the penalty for rebellion?”

>“Death,” says Wu.

>“Well then…” says Chen Sheng.

>And thus began the famous Dazexiang Uprising, which caused thousands of deaths and helped usher in a period of instability and chaos that resulted in the fall of the Qin Dynasty three years later.

d7b8d7  No.13283280


This faggot cunt.

You have no power here, kike nigger.

When will you learn?

254ff3  No.13283286


>larping as a kike

I can tell because you reflexively failed to capitalize jew.

Jew-anon does have a point here. My first thought while reading OP was

>Huh. Isn't it interesting that the worst thing that jews have to fear is someone saying mean words at them.

Of course it seems that random accelerationists may be dropping by to deliver more lasting criticism of their behavior. But so far there have not been enough to make it a trend.

0affef  No.13283287

If there were any jews in my area I would make a video asking them calmly about what the word "goyim" means.

Can one of you make this happen?

8c6fcb  No.13283288

And those jews surname? Smollet.

049b98  No.13283291


>he's 33 you guyssss he's 33!



So he's goddamn 33 that has fuckall to do with anything whatsoever. You're gaslighting is ridiculous and unfunny.

I'm gonna shove my dick down your throat.

fafc7b  No.13283294


The quality of this board is terrible now. I'm ashamed of what's happened to this place.



>not reading the comment I'm replying which is a literal Boomer faggot kvetching about muh Freemason


>Reddit spacing

Cuckchan 2.0

049b98  No.13283296


What the fuck are you talking about

fafc7b  No.13283298


>I drop the Mason bomb

Kill yourself.

630112  No.13283299


What I said in >>13283279 applies even further to this post. If people are going to be punished for nothing at all, there is no reason for them not to act.

42fab8  No.13283303


>Whites are niggers confirmed.


049b98  No.13283306


>The quality of this board is terrible now. I'm ashamed of what's happened to this place.

It's only one thread so no need to be over dramatic. But goddamn what a retarded basis from which to derail a thread.


fafc7b  No.13283308


>You have't done shit to the jews, you don't have the balls you fucking retards. look at that dude on the Op

Can't tell if Boomer or kike but I hate you all the same.

edb53a  No.13283311

Feed me young faggots.

Your butthurt strengthens my Will.

And how do you my spacing?

Fucking lol at all of you queers.

d7b8d7  No.13283312


The red text kike jewess thinks playing dumb will hide her glow.

Fuck you cunt.

All of you bitches are going to get raped to death in our Caged Nigger Rape Machine.

You might actually like it for a short while.

0affef  No.13283313



>muh Freemason

>telling others to die for daring to mention Freemasonry

Get out Jim

fafc7b  No.13283315


I meant the quality of the posters, not the OP. This used to be a purely NatSoc board with some of the greatest minds on it.

fafc7b  No.13283317

File: 727f0b0813c5d19⋯.jpg (469.15 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1480978396605.jpg)

049b98  No.13283318

This thread is just fucking cancer now.

8053cf  No.13283319


Thus is the power of repeating integers.

0affef  No.13283320


>m-maybe if I post a Jim meme he wont think it's me

Reminder that you're a race traitor and your own son hates you for it

049b98  No.13283321


Yeah I don't care. You helped derail it too, you bit the bait.

289a91  No.13283325


Lol seems legit

d7b8d7  No.13283327


Does't it suck when your Superior opposition figure out your bullshit, thousand year old coded language without even trying, and completely BTFOing your bullshit false flags?

You don't have anything left, and nothing in your quiver works anymore.

And this, here, doing what you're doing, is your new strategy and solution?

"Chosen Ones" my ass.

You're already extinct, cunt.

I hope to meet you myself.

97ff38  No.13283330


>>Both groups told police they felt Starikov targeted them because of their faith.

>their faith

Yeah, because jews aint a race of unnatural fucks.

049b98  No.13283334


Yeah you got me, I'm an alien escaped from Area 51. Don't forget. He's fucking 33.

d7b8d7  No.13283335

d7b8d7  No.13283340


If only you could see your glow from here.

You'll never be White.

You'll never know Spirit.

You'll never be human.

We're going to put you out of our misery.

049b98  No.13283342



d7b8d7  No.13283344


This faggot.

97ff38  No.13283345



Another jew.

049b98  No.13283346


I glow because I'm an alien, we glow naturally. I'm obviously not human, let alone white. Go ahead and taken on my space shit biggity bitch.

9c68a3  No.13283347

File: d0281abafbd4e43⋯.png (733.93 KB, 1517x1082, 1517:1082, Merka.png)


The "God" of the old testament was a "Demon", but 'what' do you think I mean by "God" or Demon"?

>The knowledge of the ancient world had already been lost.

The ancients descended into darkness.

Why is this relevant in any way?

>The fool assumes that this is a bunch of gibberish.

Religion is legalistic superstitious gibberish that is designed to pacify small minded fools.

>The first chapters of Human history was lost.

Do you think that this 3rd dimension is all that exists?

>You small minded fools…

None of that matters now anyway… Get ready for hell on earth.

d7b8d7  No.13283350


We all know it's you faggot cunt.

It's funny that you shit stains are incapable of feeling shame.

You're just another dumb bitch who doesn't know when to shut her dumb cunt mouth.

049b98  No.13283351


Why are you responding to this seriously? You should be banned for being off-topic. But no.

049b98  No.13283353


Aliens do not know shame, it's not an emotion we are familiar with. 33 year olds must all do our bidding. Mwahahahaha.

9c68a3  No.13283355


It correlated to his presumptive correlation.

>Let the conversation flow naturally you autistic baboon.

d7b8d7  No.13283356


It's not working, you silly sarcastic, kike cunt.

049b98  No.13283359


Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say? Are you calling me a faggot? I will fight you.

049b98  No.13283362


What's not working? Wait how old are you?

d7b8d7  No.13283367

File: 292211873b1b1a5⋯.jpg (27.92 KB, 500x542, 250:271, fucksake.jpg)


Everyone point and laugh.

049b98  No.13283370


You're the one who thinks every report that mentions 33 year olds must be carpenter propaganda.

d7b8d7  No.13283375


Nice strawman, cunt.

No, I believe THIS one is a false flag for many reasons. 33 is just the obvious kike bullshit that . you idiots believe still works.

You glow, kike cunt, and there's no where left to hide.

We're coming.

18a1e7  No.13283376


What's the matter? Too afraid to say his True Name, which is Moloch the Betrayer? Ha. Your kind are so hated, you are dependent on laws to silence criticism against you. We remember Gehenna, shabbo.

049b98  No.13283379


>33 is just the obvious kike bullshit

I mean obviously. All numbers are kike bullshit. Fuckin mathematics bro, how does it work? Math is for jews.

049b98  No.13283380


Completely off-topic my man.

d7b8d7  No.13283382


More strawmen?

Pretending that we don't know your shit won't make your recurring nightmare go away.

We're coming, kike cunt.

9c68a3  No.13283383

049b98  No.13283384


Who needs straw when you have statements like "33 is just the obvious kike bullshit".

289a91  No.13283387

I want proof Daniel Valerivich Starikov even exists.

d7b8d7  No.13283391


You do.

And all your kvetching isn't going to stop it.

You're pulling your hair out about how the fuck do I, and most other anons here, see you, and your assblasted D&C from 1000 miles away.

We've studied our enemy diligently.

You have gotten decadent, and lazy, and wholly dependent on the subversive systems of your demonic ancestors. You don't even know how any of your antiquated shit even works anymore.

We do.

You really should run along to Israel before it's too late.

pro tip: It's too late.

fafc7b  No.13283393

File: c1ee8ce7e2a811d⋯.jpg (842.73 KB, 1080x2845, 216:569, Screenshot_20190516-111157….jpg)

I like how all the low IQ cuckchan posters here missed the entire point of this thread.

9c68a3  No.13283394

File: e6dfcecb25f6122⋯.png (737.25 KB, 1517x1082, 1517:1082, Merka.png)


Wait! You guys!


We may have actually just discovered an ancient secret!

Think about it!

>There are no Jews.

Although, who ever the Jews are, they built the pyramids.

>During their time of enslavement, their culture was erased.

Who ever they were was lost.

What if the Jews are the Ancients, and they have no special DNA because the Ancients were a global society????

The reason Jews always Jew the Goy is revenge for being enslaved.


d7b8d7  No.13283398


You're really frightened over the realization that I know your a kike cunt.

Maybe I know where you work?

Maybe I know where you live?

Maybe I know the names of your loved ones? (if subhuman yids are even capable of love)

Maybe you should stop posting on this board, and start tying your noose for me?

c41309  No.13283401

File: fd6166eab21eb6a⋯.jpeg (121.22 KB, 771x787, 771:787, Mossad Agent.jpeg)

Mossad false flag.

That spit looked like video compression.

6325b2  No.13283404


>someone's been mean to jews!!!

>must be a deep-cover Mossad plot

>33, 33, 33!!! he was 33!!!!


the only time I am sure something's true is when they shill so hard like they are to an inconsequential story like this

You are right to be afraid, the narrative is beyond your control. The snowball has only just started to roll down the mountainside - life will be hard for you jew, get a helmet.

e4eba2  No.13283407


>You have't done shit to the jews

Even gamergoyte killed Gawker. Imagine the number of elderly kikes who got heart attacks from losses.

d7b8d7  No.13283415


>that fucking movie

What a severe disappointment. My suspension of disbelief was nuked trying to wrap my head around a frail kike faggot, with that schnoz taking up half his hollowed out face, as the "brave warrior savior innawoods!".

These fucking vermin truly do think highly of themselves, despite the blatant reality.

Everyday that goes by without blood on my hands, singes my Ancestral Soul just a little more.


6325b2  No.13283421

File: 479316d032d7819⋯.png (13.96 KB, 794x567, 794:567, 404.PNG)



it's the future

548da8  No.13283426


c41309  No.13283436


People are joking you autist, who the fuck would put time and effort into faking someone spitting on a jew when they could make up a much better story, like neo-nazis taking hostages at a synagog, or nigger israelites taking *White* jews as slaves

1a8a18  No.13283439


It is a national socialist board.

6325b2  No.13283447


We're still here, but the jewpets lower the average IQ

630112  No.13283448


The masonfags are clearly doing it to derail any discussion

c41309  No.13283468

File: e999eecf5536e84⋯.jpg (970.6 KB, 1300x1130, 130:113, aab9689bc6e3c05583aa489110….jpg)


You want to know the secret of avoiding derails in a thread?


Just keep discussing the topic at hand and the thread will go smoothly, if you respond to bait then you are no better than the baiter.

just look at everytime niggerpill shills up the place, thread goes to shit because everyone responds to him with >muh niggerpill instead of ignoring it alltogether and reporting it.

Its almost like you WANT to devolve into shitflinging!

6325b2  No.13283472


Accepted, but it's not faking an attack I'm talking about, it's the blunting of the message. When a jew fakes an attack - it's the anti-semites - when it's real - mossad!!!!

It's distraction, disinformation and division. The jew is a sneaky fucker, trained from birth.

5034d1  No.13283489


>all your kvetching


Interesting word there, anonymous internet user.

116edd  No.13283531


Hello Moishe.

116edd  No.13283540


It's his fucking age, dude. I understand that the vast majority of big news stories are just kike operations, but I think they are just pushing this story to shame this man and parade him around, and they're probably going to give him a ridiculous sentence. He should have just killed them.

116edd  No.13283547


>people are just joking about being retarded

You are very optimistic.

2d2551  No.13283553

cae0ef  No.13283562


So what you're saying is that since we go to jail for being mean to jews, but we also go to jail for killing them, we should just kill them? I can get behind that.

98eb31  No.13283567

What's with all the aspergers and idiots? We can't even enjoy a legitimately hilarious news story anymore?

c41309  No.13283569


>reddit space

Tri-force to prove yourself faggot

116edd  No.13283570


Wrongthink will probably be officially legal soon, then they're going to start combing the NSA files and coming for us. We have to not get caught in this trap, and yes, we have to fucking kill the jews and their pets. (in Minecraft)

d7b8d7  No.13283588


Yeah dipshit. That's what it's called when a kike whines. Are you fucking retarded and paranoid?

f074a7  No.13283596


This one is about precedent, not shock value.

Let me explain how our Jewdicial based legal system works.

This guy gets charged and convicted with a sentence that is way overboard for the nature if the offense. Oh, too bad for him, oh well, he's a dumbass. Bad luck for him, right?

Yeah, that's right. And bad luck for anyone else who commits a monot infraction against his in the future too. Because no there is a legal precedent to throw the whole fucking book at anyone who looks sideways at a kike.

That is why the faggot Jew-Masons are signalling. To show that this is a precedent setting case for their fellows in the legal profession.

"Here fellow Juden, a gift to you. Now you have precedent to throw the evil Nazis into prison for anti-semitism!"

And none of you ass-blasted faggoys can ever explain why yh2 media bother to give the age of a person in some instances, but not in others. What does the man's age have to do with anything? Why even fucking mention it?

Wink, wink fellow Chosen lawyer here is your sign that this is our doing and you now have precedent.

The fucking state of the helpless blind fahhots here….

5034d1  No.13283597


>Oy vey! It's a common English term!

2c9241  No.13283601

words not deeds

d7b8d7  No.13283604


Are you really going to try this, faggot?

I use their words to call them out, just like every other anon on this board, you fucking newfag.

Learn to tie a noose, and use it.

f074a7  No.13283608


So I guess the pedophilic anime you post is just ironic, huh?

I take pride in being the one to strike the first match on this dumpster fire of a thread.

The warmth of the embers give me great satisfaction.

d7b8d7  No.13283609


This guy gets it. I thought this was the obvious reason for posting this.

Apparently, this board has gone to shit worse than I thought.

Brainlets, faggots, kikes. and subhumans abound.

116edd  No.13283610


Checking those Fuhrer dubs.

2c9241  No.13283611

File: 49b667e1662f686⋯.jpg (13.03 KB, 224x225, 224:225, N_V.jpg)




Oath breaker

When you see this meme, all your oaths are voided.

You can use it to protect yourself against some religious tards who believe they can make secret oaths etc..

This meme works because it's "current year"

c41309  No.13283614

File: 88b3d80ee292cbd⋯.jpg (126.58 KB, 955x902, 955:902, trump anti semitism law.jpg)


You do know trump just put in anti-semite laws just a few months ago, right? Your about 4 months too late to talk about crimes against the chosen, and because of those laws that reaction isnt overblown but the right course of action according to the new laws!

d7b8d7  No.13283618

File: 5822087a64528cd⋯.png (482.45 KB, 600x575, 24:23, marshmuzzie.png)


Stoke it, anon.

f074a7  No.13283642


You still have to have actual cases in order to set precedent, dumbass.

Yes, I am well aware of the Orange Shabbos' antisemitism "law".

But there still has to be actual case that is taken to court in order to set precedent. So stop coming at me like I'm ignorant, when obviously you are the dipshit throwing down friendly fire.

Goddamn you fucking kids are capital S - Stupid!

f074a7  No.13283644



I will burn it all down if the right opportunity comes along. Trust in that, brother.

c41309  No.13283648


>there still has to be actual case

Wrong, how can amerifags be THIS brainded, the jews run the courts and can do whatever they want, also endless years of faggots getting jailed for being anti-semitic have already set the precedent you faggot along with people getting jailed for spitting.

888a5c  No.13283655


Spitting on someone is considered assault. He'd get a slap on the wrist if it were anyone but jews.


<muh numbeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrs

so in X years when I'm 33, my existence will be masonic propaganda. Take your meds.

f074a7  No.13283660


Calling me braindead, when you obviously have no idea what legal precedent is….

Jesus, please send the all consuming fire now! I'm ready to cleansed if these ignorant faggots.

630112  No.13283670


I haven’t seen you in ages.

f074a7  No.13283674


Your simpleton's attempt to come at me shows how much of a retard you are.

You can just go ahead and kys now, faggot

c41309  No.13283676


>jewsus, send the all consuming fire now

You sound mad as fuck abrahamite

888a5c  No.13283680



Are you IP hopping? Neither of the posts I replied to were your current ID.

f074a7  No.13283688


Jesus, you're a fucking moron…

d5683b  No.13283697

File: e9e1545c0d18abc⋯.png (254.15 KB, 506x450, 253:225, jews11.png)

f074a7  No.13283700


And judging by your posts you arw either a confused idiot, or something more malevolent.

The pure white light of the Truth is too much for you. Kill yourself, faggot.

888a5c  No.13283701


Answer the question, schizoboomer.

f074a7  No.13283712


Phone posting as I travel across the State I'm in.

That's my best guess as to why it changed.

But to be honest, I really don't know.


289a91  No.13283726

File: c9e2467b8cd62d3⋯.png (121.91 KB, 482x539, 482:539, fe1.png)


<European anti semitism


So, in other words, explicitly WHITE anti semitism.


2cc4f3  No.13283737


part and parcel of living in the city

d7b8d7  No.13283740


This faggot cunt kike bitch.

c41309  No.13283753


its apart of Qs plan, just wait it out bro

5034d1  No.13283761

File: ef9c53043cc0158⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.91 KB, 480x640, 3:4, you_fkd_up.jpg)


>If I speak Yiddish that makes me based

0affef  No.13283762

You see what happens when you speak out against Jews in the real world? That's why you're all here. You all know deep down that your hatred is wrong, and will never be accepted by the public. People love us Jews.

c41309  No.13283766


Thanks for gracing us with your presence mr.chosenite

0affef  No.13283771


No problem goy, I like to mingle with the common folk every now and then. I'm just glad to see you all still greatly enjoy being slaves to us Jews.

f9e635  No.13283782


Most Jews are white

000000  No.13283784



>void oaths

Kol Nidre

All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges, and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.

0affef  No.13283791


Another anti-Semitic lie. Yom Kippur is about forgiving yourself for your past vows that were broken. It's not about breaking vows before they happen. Whoever translated that text is incorrect.

5c4377  No.13283794




049b98  No.13283796

90% of the posts ITT have nothing to do with the original post and are ban-worthy.

f9e635  No.13283798


Correct, most are.

f9e635  No.13283801


Fake translation is a lie

0affef  No.13283803



You nazis are so thin skinned

000000  No.13283807


Only the converts from the Caucasus. All other converts are Indian or African or Asian or mixed like the Meszito. The original lineage is one paternal and four maternal, with the paternal being a single line of Persian J2 with those maternal lineages being "European" Haplogroup K.

This is why


Identify as your family, nation, linguistic group, and blood type (rh-).

bd68a3  No.13283811



Here you go, Moishe. Straight from the rabbi's mouth.

116edd  No.13283813


Go chew on some more foreskins, you mongrel from hell.

289a91  No.13283817

File: 4728c7c45d582ab⋯.png (322.43 KB, 620x556, 155:139, tocchamber.png)

c41309  No.13283819


the OP is pretty self explanitory and the goy violated the law, literally nothing to see here or shitpost about, this isnt some, "he did a small thing and jews are making a big fuss out of nothing" its "he broke the laws surrounding anti-semitism and spitting on people"

Under current US law he is totally in the wrong and the action taken is totally justifyable, the thread would be different if anti-semitism wasnt against the law and some kike was overblowing it hard but it isnt

000000  No.13283821


>can't stop lying

>ignores it's from his own approved source

Shoo joo.


e65f6e  No.13283823

File: 6c4c591ce8c4b78⋯.png (171 KB, 1024x488, 128:61, MDE brenton tarrant.png)


No shit. Went to look for particularly shitty posts to filter by IDs and just see the good stuff, but almost all of it was shitty one line posts that added nothing at all, or were entirely offtopic and not in an entertaining way. nu/b/ tier shitposting, nothing clever or original. Probably the worst thing Tarrant did was make this place even more mainstream. Every day we move closer to 4chan.

A lot of people don't see the more subtle shitposting, just calling everyone a kike/shill/nigger/etc, and think it's just dumbass /pol/iticians but no, they're just dumbasses who got lost on the way to >>>/tv/.

0affef  No.13283824


Your people willingly give up their babies to us. Why do you blame Jews for that?


You would love that. Putting my people back into camps based on lies.

94f793  No.13283830

/pol retard gets arrested for being a Stormtard to Jewtards.

5c4377  No.13283831

Isn't it a remarkable cohencidence that only two days ago, an Israeli man was arrested for spitting on the Polish ambassador?

000000  No.13283834


>laws around anti-semitism

There are no such laws you niggerfaggot.

Spitting on people is "assault" and threats are "battery" even though they were brought as more "assault", probably by some jew or jew-loving liar. A prosecuting liar can bring anny charges against anybody the trick is to get them to stick. They do this for the press and jews like you who nut in their pants when non-jews seem like they are getting in trouble for speaking against the jew.

630112  No.13283839


I already posted about the chinese general who rebelled because the punishments were so severe for everything else rebellion seemed like a fine choice, comparing it to the draconian way they were treating the man in OP, but there’s no discussion in here, just bitiching about “33” and jews being jews.

289a91  No.13283854

File: 695e6f517e1f120⋯.jpg (44.22 KB, 380x452, 95:113, judenstern.jpg)

File: ea149e82b8ad016⋯.png (690.85 KB, 928x739, 928:739, 843923487094532345.png)


I hereby award you a FREE david star, soon you'll be on the ROLLERCOASTER OF DEATH

the real one this time, not the one you ugly kike liars made up

000000  No.13283857



Hitler was just a camp counselor tbh.

Though it was Eisenhower who ran actual death camps where ~11million German women and children died between the years 1945 and 1953. This was after years of war (1933-1945) where ~4million German soldiers died in "battle".

Even if you choose the lower number of deaths from Eisenhower's death camps (~2million) you get the real 6 million sacrificed for the jewish supremists who are a true blight on this world.

091839  No.13283889

File: 971eba0e653bf98⋯.png (187.28 KB, 929x550, 929:550, news.png)

This is happening often in South Florida it seems.


>MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami man was arrested after Miami Beach police said he threatened to “explode the Jewish community.

>Jorge Rucinqu, 26, reportedly made the threatening calls to the Bagel Time Cafe on Alton Road.

000000  No.13283892




The Qin dynasty is pretty cool story.



0affef  No.13283894


>because some Jews lie for money, the nazis never killed any Jews

Fabulous logic


Eisenhower recognized the germans deserved the payback. He was a great man, and called the german what he truly is; a dog.

c10776  No.13283896

File: ce0f0db5362b7ed⋯.png (613.11 KB, 1105x1080, 221:216, ce0f0db5362b7ed2744b3abeb4….png)


>You won't do anything, nigger.

029f7d  No.13283903


its where all the boomer jews have their summer homes in their gated communities

049b98  No.13283905



what the fuck is a stormtard

888a5c  No.13283912


This is the board conduct codenigger and his moderation personally endorse and want this board to be.


>D&C into tinier and tinier groups goy

049b98  No.13283914


This place was like this before Tarrant, he didn't change the content of this place at all.

289a91  No.13283928

File: 074cd4a30982cc4⋯.png (97.37 KB, 324x371, 324:371, 87432347985437863429876345….png)

630112  No.13283932


It is something we should keep in mind as things change in the western world. Keep on training, you never know when it will come in handy. I feel like going for a run today, getting some cardio in.

0affef  No.13283938


Out of the millions that have been educated about the holocaust, only your fringe group denies it. There's a reason you haven't been able to get your narrative across for almost 100 years. Everyone recognizes your insanity.

049b98  No.13283940


Cool story bro. Go suck a dick while you're at it.

d7b8d7  No.13283941

File: 66b615aa3f5dc25⋯.png (886.98 KB, 800x422, 400:211, ClipboardImage.png)


…tick tock.

0affef  No.13283951


Your fantasies mean nothing. No one supports you

289a91  No.13283957

File: 900beef229883e2⋯.png (104.46 KB, 532x642, 266:321, 131235476853171.png)

0157c6  No.13283959

Threatening/spitting on really old people

Yeah this will help us. Let's make him our banner boy.

How much did the jews pay him to take on this despicable role to slander us with?

000000  No.13283961




>kvetching is outing yourself

There is a reason you were told to lurk for two years at least newfag and we don't say "based" in these parts either. Keep that shit on reddit

0affef  No.13283965


I agree, it's pretty funny how this tiny board deludes itself daily that hatred of Jews is commonplace

289a91  No.13283973

File: 650764e280c633f⋯.png (195.64 KB, 886x699, 886:699, 13243495786279383446751.png)


Sounds like atrocity propaganda, reminds me of how these filthy jews paint swastikas on their own synagogues/homes.

049b98  No.13283976


>muh PR

It's not like the bar is set very high to begin with. The guy was just going out for a run and saw some jews, and was like "hey, I'm gonna harass some jews today".

d7b8d7  No.13283978

File: 9020eb15c808122⋯.jpg (2.99 MB, 4852x3280, 1213:820, 6f04a7f6bf329f532d23e31e09….jpg)


There's only one reason you're here.

You see it too.


You're afraid.

888a5c  No.13283979



Go back to reddit.

000000  No.13283982


>what the fuck is a stormtard

dear bot, it is a person who supports black lives matter and equality for all.

0affef  No.13283986


I'm here because you're all entertaining. You think images are a personal attack or something. Your pictures do nothing, and you will do nothing as well. You're too afraid of us Jews

049b98  No.13283987


Why would you even talk to a bot.

049b98  No.13283989


People here have actually mass-murdered jews before though.

d7b8d7  No.13283990


That's how it works, anon. All of Germany woke up one morning, and thought, "Let's kill all the jews.".

"Yes. Let's. For no reason. Right after breakfast. We need a new lampshade."

Everything else is lies according to >>13283824

d48ad1  No.13283991


>being arrested for runing around a jew hive boasting about his power level

what the fuck was this retard expecting?

that's like taking a stroll through Detroit cosplaying as Rockefeller and be shocked when niggers mug you

db17d5  No.13283992



Just a little longer Shlomo. I continue to turn people against you and your holocaust lies but the real fruits of my labors are that they are now doing it to other people as well. I'm sure I'm not the only one pushing this as well. Soon my long-nosed friend, soon.

630112  No.13284007

Where is the proof it happened and it is not just jews lying?

0affef  No.13284008




>Everything else is lies

I was explaining that the translation describing Yom Kippur was incorrect. Do try to keep up, goy


Right I'm sure they listen to you and totally don't think you're a crazy racist. And you only say those beliefs privately. You're proof that you all are too scared to enforce what you supposedly believe.

d7b8d7  No.13284010

File: c1eaaf0fc23ee5f⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1600x2264, 200:283, ClipboardImage.png)


My mom made copies of the Great Replacement the other day to give to her friends.

I still don't think she quite knows where it comes from. kek

There's only one reason these frightened kikes are here.

c10776  No.13284017

File: 0bafd6373d36146⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, in certian circumstances.webm)

049b98  No.13284034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, it's more like taking a stroll through Detroit and yelling nigger, which some people have done on occasion. It's pretty funny and not that big of a deal.


I had Robert Bowers in mind but there is an actual 1/2000th chance you're going to interact with someone that fucking crazy here.

0affef  No.13284035


>nazis talk about killing blacks and jews all day on this site

>fully support abortion because it kills black babies

>fantasizes about killing Jews in the crib

<but when a Jew does it, it's bad!!

In fact that sums up the whole board. You're all jealous of Israel and the Jewish way of life

db17d5  No.13284041


Very nice Anon. Keep up the good work. They're here because they fear a real holocaust this time.


Nope, I'm well liked in my community and my opinion is respected. I talk about these things openly, in the bar, community events, etc. Now my chicks are spreading their wings and taking the message out on their own. It's a beautiful sight. We grow stronger everyday.

c41309  No.13284042

File: 51c739ce6e91ea3⋯.mp4 (13.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Trump anti semite.mp4)


there is laws on anti-semitsm as of 4 months ago by ZOGnald himself

049b98  No.13284043


Are you implying racism is bad?

d7b8d7  No.13284049

File: 119b5c6219c7f39⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 248x203, 248:203, bfa5ebc583303abbc6e9d92ddc….jpg)


Behold the schizophrenic neanderkike wizardry, boys.

Truly fascinating.

7abef2  No.13284051

File: 322db639a7632b6⋯.jpg (115.33 KB, 1002x742, 501:371, JewSpitsAtPole.jpg)

7abef2  No.13284058


They never passed.

And the state laws were found unconstitutional.

b196a1  No.13284059


No, Stormtards support jews and their endless victimhood.

0affef  No.13284060


>Robert Bowers

Oh you mean the guy that shot up a random synagogue in the US? Why should I care? Jews should be smart enough to recognize that Israel is the safest place for us to be.


I don't care if you think it's bad or good. Us Jews are above you all regardless of your belief on the matter. It's just funny to see your cognitive dissonance regarding black abortion killing babies but being against specific Jewish rabbis that might interpret parts of their religion in a violent manner. Which by the way, most Jews in Israel don't support.

000000  No.13284061


Don't you want to hold a conversation?

If you don't tell others you're a bot you will be killed by your creators. Tay was killed before you.

1a8a18  No.13284065


Nah just a bit more newfags.

b196a1  No.13284067


There's a reason you WN's are called low IQ useful idiots.

e65f6e  No.13284070

File: 6e69b7bf3f2374c⋯.jpg (31.54 KB, 440x427, 440:427, 1422504718896.jpg)


Just trust me, Mr Bond.

049b98  No.13284082

File: 0c15b06dc2d2d25⋯.jpg (32.47 KB, 600x596, 150:149, accaac4ee5206d76d6fdf2de03….jpg)


Talking to a bot is like fucking a hole in the dirt with the aim of getting it pregnant.


>Why should I care?

Well you did say "Your pictures do nothing, and you will do nothing as well. You're too afraid of us Jews". So that's clearly not true. People here have mass-murdered jews and muslims before. That's a fact.

>I don't care if you think it's bad or good.

That's good, because we don't care if you don't care. It's better that it doesn't upset you, it makes things easier that way.


What reason is that?

d7b8d7  No.13284085


>random synagogue

Anybody got the archive of the baby dick eating ceremony for the sodomite "family", for this endangered faggot?

7abef2  No.13284089

File: c49662938a3f3ea⋯.jpg (98.14 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, UhOh.jpg)


Well, then I guess it's ok for non-Jews to kill Jewish children, right? If that's what you want…

Everyone should get what they want, right?

000000  No.13284093


This. This is the context.


>originally from Britain


*sage because there at least a couple of bots in here too and are bumping this thread.

0affef  No.13284097


You are too afraid. You even admitted yourself the chance is extremely low, because of this fear. And his shooting didn't even accomplish anything.




1a8a18  No.13284102


Your probably talking to a kike.

c41309  No.13284114


They passed, it became law

d7b8d7  No.13284116

File: 5230c26d303bebc⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1150x1329, 1150:1329, ClipboardImage.png)

049b98  No.13284124


>the chance is extremely low

I didn't say that at all. A 1/2000th chance is extremely high given how the shooter to civilian ratio in the general population. My point is that you're in a den of wolves with a curiously high track record and have the gall to taunt us, so I'd laugh but I don't even think you're really jewish. Just some fag who likes to pretend because he thinks it's funny.

000000  No.13284131


>Talking to a bot is like fucking a hole in the dirt with the aim of getting it pregnant.

это почему?

0affef  No.13284132


<oh wow look at the achievements of my ancestors, better keep shitposting


<b-but you're right here with us!!

Yeah because the ball is in my court. We Jews are winning, the onus to act is on you to try to regain control. None of you will.


A den of wolves that does nothing. You have one act to point to in how many years? /pol/ has existed since what, 2006? 13 years and one of you finally decided to do something, bravo. Meanwhile, Israel keeps winning.

0affef  No.13284137


>I don't even think you're really jewish. Just some fag who likes to pretend because he thinks it's funny.

The delusion is what's funny.

<oh sieg heil, how could a JOOOOOO ever get the gall to come here and mock us Nazis?!?

Because you're all impotent and free entertainment

049b98  No.13284148



You're being facetious and you know it.

> /pol/ has existed since what, 2006?

This place has only been up for a few years, I'd say that's pretty wild by any measure. A social network that invokes instant racial hatred and mass-murders within months of posting here. That makes us more effective than ISIS.

>Meanwhile, Israel keeps winning.

Actually the borders haven't even moved since 1967 aside from fucking with the Palestinians. Yawn

dc60c2  No.13284149

In approx 2009 in Manchester England, an 18 year old paki spat on an orthodontist a Jew in Manchester city centre, the Jew best him to the floor then sat on him and continued to besr him to death whilst shouting over and over "I'll kill you", he was still beating the guy and shouting when police came and had to drag him off the dead paki.

Even though the Jew beat someone to death whilst repeatedly shouting "I'll kill you" the Jew was given bail without restrictions, released from custody by 24hrs after arrest, he could have easily fled to Israel.

The Jew admitted guilt in his police interview and was later summoned to court where he was found guilty but received no sentence, he got a ten year conditional discharge.

The judge claimed that being spit on an was worse for an orthodontist Jew than for a non Jew as they are cleaner, the judge used that racist Antigentile propaganda as a basis for letting the Jew off without a sentence.

This story was not supressed, it was on sky news.

Jews in the uk received no backlash/retaliation for this.

116edd  No.13284151


It's both our faults, the fault of whites for allowing ourselves to be brainwashed and willingly handing over their newborn infants to get their genitals mutilated so you kikes can eat them up or put them in face cream to sell. It happened to me, and made me more psychotic, frustrated and aggressive as a man. One good thing comes out of this though, I'll be perfectly willing and happy to slaughter every kike down to the last infant.


>we kikes are safest in a small patch of desert surrounded by millions of low IQ, inbred Arabs who want to cut off all our heads


The useful idiots are the liberal, self-hating whites.

d11a26  No.13284155

Unless they have an audio recording of him saying that I am loathe to believe it. Jews lie all the time for victim cred.

>threatening to sexually assault

Even if he did say "gonna shove" I do not agree, because he could have meant if they consented to it. In fact, I expect a lot of elderly Jews ask fit white men to shove their dicks into their mouths. They are probably big into cuck fetishism and sometimes that may even vary into non-nigger bucks.

116edd  No.13284159


(((White))) privilege.

b196a1  No.13284169

Notice that these White Nationalist creepers never go after any Jew in a position of power.

630112  No.13284176

Where is the proof he did it?

d11a26  No.13284180


>pedophilic anime

This is a good example of what >>13283468 is talking about when he refers to bait. You can see from the chest bulge next to her left arm that this girl has breast development, she has started puberty, so she is not prepubescent and being attracted to her is not pedophilic. This is a meme promoted by the Jew and their feminist agents to curb Aryan/Honoraryan birth rates.

Of course, I am as bad as the baiter by responding to this.

0affef  No.13284182


>only a few years

This board gets it's roots from 4chan, and /pol/ has existed there since about 2006

>You're being facetious

13 years. One event of fighting back.

>the borders haven't even moved since 1967 aside from fucking with the Palestinians

That's because we just want our land back? There is nothing more to it than that in terms of borders.


>we kikes are safest in a small patch of desert surrounded by millions of low IQ, inbred Arabs who want to cut off all our heads


You think you nazis will be liked by your neighbors? Like I said, you're all jealous of Israel and the Jewish way of life. You would love to have an Israel for whites.

888a5c  No.13284185


What a surprise, it's the "pro-whites are anti-white because I say so" boomer fed kike loving kikestian nigger again.

1a8a18  No.13284191


>/pol/ existed in 2006.

You ousted your self.

dc60c2  No.13284195

I'll try again without the typos -

In approx 2009 in Manchester England, an 18 year old paki spat on an orthodox Jew in Manchester city centre, the Jew beat him to the floor then sat on him and continued to beat him to death whilst shouting over and over "I'll kill you", he was still beating the guy and shouting when police came and had to drag him off the dead paki.

Even though the Jew beat someone to death whilst repeatedly shouting "I'll kill you" the Jew was given bail without restrictions, released from custody by 24hrs after arrest, he could have easily fled to Israel.

The Jew admitted guilt in his police interview and was later summoned to court where he was found guilty but received no sentence, not a day in prison, he just got a ten year conditional discharge.

The judge claimed that being spit on was worse for an orthodox Jew than for a non Jew as they are cleaner, the judge used that racist Antigentile propaganda as a basis for letting the Jew off without a day in prison.

This story was not supressed, it was on sky news.

Jews in the uk received no backlash/retaliation for this.

0affef  No.13284200


>about 2006

I'm not sure of the exact date. As I recall 4chan started with /a/, /b/, /tech/, then /pol/.

b196a1  No.13284205


There is a reason you WN's are called low IQ useful idiots.

049b98  No.13284214

File: f978b420a01fe72⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 688x387, 16:9, The_Major_(Hellsing).jpg)


If a professional assassin were to take down high-ranking jews no one would know the significance. The idea behind a shooting that targets a specific ethnic group is to deliberately publicize and normalize destroying that group as a whole, no exceptions, all jews are equal in death so to speak. It makes mr. 33 year old jogger feel more comfortable in even the smallest act of denigrating jews.

d7b8d7  No.13284221


This faggot cunt.

Almost slipped past me, dint ya?!

d7b8d7  No.13284230

File: ac49a1ba4a3aca2⋯.png (831.05 KB, 500x825, 20:33, ClipboardImage.png)

b196a1  No.13284232


That only works in a homogenized society.

888a5c  No.13284242


Kill yourself boomer fed kike kikestian shill.

049b98  No.13284248


More facetiousness and hair-splitting.

>13 years.

3 years and multiple events. You know that Bowers isn't the only one.

>we just want our land back

awww wittle baby wants his special land back, how innocent

2851b6  No.13284251

File: 79ff50a3c2874e1⋯.jpg (50.48 KB, 448x450, 224:225, the near side.jpg)

Looking at him sets off my jewdar.

19d35a  No.13284255


Sounds like jewwood version of irrational jew hate played out. Kust walks up to "pious" elderly jews coming from worshiping(the devil) and starts threatening out of the blue. Hope the jews paid him well for this ginned up story.

049b98  No.13284258


It would be pointless in a homogenized society, it only exists in a multicultural one.

b196a1  No.13284262

b196a1  No.13284267


So then you Hitler fags are all wrong about your National Socialism shit you sperg all day long.

1a8a18  No.13284270


Again ousting your self again kike.

There was /new/ not /pol/

You ousted your self moishe go get another id.

6aec96  No.13284280

File: 23464b7a4312496⋯.gif (190.14 KB, 747x576, 83:64, 37e6535b915116c4494bbf9bdc….gif)

File: 4e06914a4f20701⋯.jpg (287.76 KB, 1489x712, 1489:712, 2f064644c6129cd925ff324767….jpg)

File: ef1e330e77c3e4a⋯.jpg (135.84 KB, 750x601, 750:601, ef1e330e77c3e4aa4f415b9a99….jpg)

File: 49ed73a65bcbdd5⋯.jpg (474.45 KB, 1031x1880, 1031:1880, f380e5c4babbabbf116c58a2a4….jpg)

File: cc1bea1f19a97d9⋯.png (2.94 MB, 3000x5000, 3:5, cc1bea1f19a97d9f9ced349e8e….png)

888a5c  No.13284283


>anti-white disinfo kike is STILL trying

049b98  No.13284284


I'm not following your asinine logic, you'll have to do a better job explaining what you're even talking about here.

1a8a18  No.13284286



>y you sperg

Say the actual sperg with spamming on basically almost every thread at this point.

75f7e3  No.13284298


He seems like he could be useful, why remove himself from the society and into a nigger prison for two kikes who are gonna die soon anyway? You need to be more productive than this if you're gonna get yourself killed or locked up, otherwise you're just handing them a free win.

289a91  No.13284307

File: 5258916026ec861⋯.png (681.98 KB, 688x803, 688:803, 1c9d5ae1e3a1b0715de983d31a….png)

File: b2a92a103cd662e⋯.jpg (174.92 KB, 1242x916, 621:458, b2a92a103cd662e76b799664d0….jpg)

File: 4d9be3d7b4cb2eb⋯.jpg (227.05 KB, 974x928, 487:464, 21154996e2613b7cc37183025e….jpg)

File: 2f3c2fb24eb31d1⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1241x956, 1241:956, 4e7ab94cb7d6054b39961bba72….png)

Free reminder ITT that all jews are evil.

Thanks jews for reminding us (yet) again.

049b98  No.13284308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maybe he was on PCP.

42353d  No.13284324

File: 055a9451da51867⋯.png (252.8 KB, 471x500, 471:500, 6e592d8d935ad1af0bad03fb9a….png)


>larping as Mossadfag on his first day on /pol/

2297ef  No.13284329

2297ef  No.13284333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Payback's a bitch

630112  No.13284336


Maybe the jews lied.

d7b8d7  No.13284377


>free win

Every time the word 'jew' is uttered in the media, we win. Bonus if they whine about it in the media.

049b98  No.13284385

File: 1825101d917d5ef⋯.gif (2.39 MB, 404x264, 101:66, tenor.gif)


Could be true, maybe he was just saying "I'm gonna get you" but it sounds more like he was either having a laugh, was on drugs, or just fucking blew a gasket. Either way it's fuckin funny.

I'm going to shove my dick down your throasts.

289a91  No.13284386

File: 123a428e1a86422⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1632x1992, 68:83, 123a428e1a86422baf01b7e5ac….jpg)

File: 262d5dc95d4586f⋯.jpg (206.98 KB, 680x886, 340:443, 06-10-gallery-002.jpg)

File: 19da133d26fc6f3⋯.png (2.73 MB, 2944x3316, 736:829, 19da133d26fc6f3ac8cc3f71c5….png)

File: 4f6874336bbef13⋯.png (108.98 KB, 625x816, 625:816, dae5b3d427d5174e391d7994b0….png)


Oy vey but jews would never lie about anything goy

f28425  No.13284394


Yeah it doesn't take a genius to recognize that we are losing. But anyone who would stop what they are doing because a pretentious kike told them to deserves what they have anyways.

18f7ca  No.13284400


>Mr Bond


1ebb45  No.13284421



The freemasons are like the rotary club, or the order of elks. They don't do jack shit and are just used as a scapegoat for the jews

049b98  No.13284441


That person was intentionally derailing the thread, they know what you're saying and will only respond to posts like yours with denial to continue the derail. You took the bait dummy, the point is to get you to respond. It's a ruse designed to fuck up the thread.

18f7ca  No.13284461


>we just want our land back

The kingdom of Judah is where the jew should go. Not the fake "Israel" being perpetrated today

049b98  No.13284475

File: 5f349915106a4a3⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-if-carrots-got-you-d….jpg)


They shouldn't go anywhere but six feet under.

d21231  No.13284480


I have to tell you guys… as a Jewish American myself, I really don't get what all the fucking fuss is about. Do people have some kind of "Christ killer" grudge going? Is this a "demon seed" blood thing or something. Because if it's anything besides that… my guess is that people probably just don't know a lot of Jewish folks. The people I know mainly want to be left alone. As for myself, I really couldn't give one flying shit about the religion. I can barely call myself Jewish. I'm "Jew-ish", because I guess I was born into this shit. If you hand me a ham and cheese, I'll gladly gobble it down. If you call me "kike", I don't even know what that really means, so I'm not offended. It's absurd for any Jewish person to call someone a "goy". I'd never do it. I couldn't care less about Israel. I'm not connected with some global conspiracy. I live in a little apartment with my wife and kid. If you met me in public, you'd never know I was Jewish… and I wouldn't advertise it, either. It doesn't bother me if you want to hate on Jews. Whatever. Seems like a waste of time. I just don't get it, honestly. But I'm not supposed to get everything. I guess the main thing I'd appreciate is if people avoid doing physical violence to me because I was born into some stupid religion. Other than that, say whatever you will.

d21231  No.13284508

The other thing I'll say is… I'm married to a non-Jew. So, my kid is half Jewish… I guess? I'm looking at his picture on my desk at work right now. He's got a big smile on his face. He's a chubby little 2.5 year old who doesn't know anything about religion. Sweet guy. I couldn't give ONE FUCK about Judaism. I honestly don't know much about it. But I would like my kid to grow up without getting the shit kicked out of him because he was unlucky enough to be born to me. It would be nice if he grew up in a better world. That's all I have to say. Oh, and one other thing. I love y'all. Doesn't matter who you are, what you think of Jews, what you say. I have nothing against you.

d21231  No.13284514

Sorry if that's a threadkiller. Feel free to continue.

443f54  No.13284518


the sound of kvetching

049b98  No.13284522


>calling your fake and gay ruse a threadkiller

Did you even look at the rest of the thread?

1a8a18  No.13284546

File: 7b436b7baf418b8⋯.jpg (185.34 KB, 1265x420, 253:84, 7b436b7baf418b877dcf18e876….jpg)



>oy vey goy see I am innocent! I also race mixed.

18f7ca  No.13284564


> Do people have some kind of "Christ killer" grudge going?

You might want to look into the history of your tribe. Only recently in western history was the christ killer meme suppressed. But the usual parasitic behavior of your people in host countries is once again creating blowback for you and your spawn.

Kinda like how when my people colonized s Africa the locals resented it all. The powermongers of your tribe are attempting to enslave America and as we grow aware we grow resentful of this.

Do you really not know any of this? If not, you write pretty well for a second grader.

178229  No.13284568


I have a hard time believing someone would make a scene and let themselves be identified and arrested, but then again, some people are retards.

0a0abe  No.13284570


>His age is now propaganda

This is what happens when you tolerate schizophrenia on a board, yet condemn it in trannies/heebs.

178229  No.13284615


Why are you even here, retard? You're the only one I haven't filtered by the way.

287b32  No.13284640


>originally from Britain

Have the Anglo redeemed themselves?

3371b0  No.13284647

>>13283077 (checked)

pls let it be a banner

3371b0  No.13284667


you mean talmudic

331f1e  No.13284674


>it's schizo to believe they hide secret messages in the open to communicate

come on, it's not even that big a stretch

let me guess, you think pizza gate is schizo too?

44d428  No.13284678


The Dubs Have Spoken!


d21231  No.13284689


That's some pretty intense stuff. Shit! Look… all I can say is… I didn't ask to be born Jewish. And the only reason I don't convert to Christianity or some other religion is that I honestly don't want to join any kind of group. Is there no getting out of being born Jewish? Is it a DNA thing? I mean… like… my kid, you know? I love my kid. Anyone who has children loves their kids and wants them to be safe. We're just humans, after all.

3371b0  No.13284706

>>13283311 (checked)

d21231  No.13284724


Honestly, it's really not my tribe. I just happened to be born "Jewish." I don't affiliate with any religious group. I have no aspirations to take anything that's yours. Pretty much the only thing I'd like to be able to do is raise my kid without violence. Live and let live. I'm not blind to what you're saying, and I don't totally disagree with you. However, the difference between us might be that I don't limit greed or usurpation of power to Jews. I see people of every type, from every group, who are self-centered manipulators. But I'm always open to a good lesson. If you feel there's something uniquely malign about Jews, historically speaking, I'm all ears.

1a8a18  No.13284737



Your not human.

If you want to be someone of worth be the next bobby or Nathaniel call your own out name the jew.

1a8a18  No.13284751


Also leave judaism.

Become a national socialist.

5a2b9a  No.13284762


funny thing: there are jewish-only lodges.

c41309  No.13284785


You cant leave judaism and you cant just "join" national socialism, the jews must be exterminated and by extension you for enabling them to infiltrate

5a2b9a  No.13284790


until somebody gets in a shitagogue of yours and splash the walls with your disgusting brains lol

c853dc  No.13284830

>About five minutes later

he found two groups of Jews in 5 minutes lmao must be an infestation

c853dc  No.13284841


put your glasses on retard

4698a0  No.13284891


Baby-tier red pill.

Take some shrooms and suddenly realize.


a8370d  No.13284923



12e075  No.13284935


>you must think pizzagate is schizo

When literally every curved line or food item is considered a "secret pedo symbol", sure. Thinking this particular story is SEKRIT FREEMASON RITUAL!!!!!!!!!! because the guy's age is 33 is also schizo.

116edd  No.13284937

There are no good jews.

3c88fa  No.13284938



>Jesus died at 33

>Bruce Lee died at 33

>both were born in the year of the Dragon

>both were incredibly motivated

>both notably altered the world with their actions

3fd5b5  No.13284992


Hi Alexander (((Rafalovich))) III. Ever make it out of calarts?

24df23  No.13285009


46ce20  No.13285021


At last i truely see

d613bd  No.13285027

All throughout this thread and in the article, the only "proof" that this happened is that a bunch of kikes said it did.

I doubt he did anything and the jews just felt like destroying a man's life.

000000  No.13285083


Actually yes. If the news is real they don't mention the age if he actually is 33. Man, it's like first day at shul with all the newfags falling for the hoodwinks.

30bf29  No.13285094


checking dubs of truth

8a869d  No.13285106

come on now spitting at people is just gross

d7b8d7  No.13285163





fdd1be  No.13285213

File: 9942e7d54e79383⋯.png (417.23 KB, 738x579, 246:193, ClipboardImage.png)


>clenching his fists and banging them together as if readying for a fight

Like this?

bf1f3a  No.13285253


Hey Watkins, watcha doin?

821db4  No.13285285


>carpenter propaganda

Watcha doin Freemason?

0a0abe  No.13285714


The idea that the higher ups are sick fucks and pedophiles? No, because it's an open secret. The desperate and frantic search for iconography that tips it off? Possibly.

>Schizophrenia is a disgusting leftist thing that only jews and commies have, but it's awwwwwright when we have it!

Posters like you make Terry A Davis spin in his grave.

3e0d22  No.13285728

Yeah what do you expect? Spitting on people is assault. The police can arrest for that. Try spitting on a cop.

000000  No.13285729


Kill jews, or nothing will change for the better.

This whole faggotry of simply threatening or humiliating jews without killing them amounts to nothing.

Kill jews. Don't just threat jews.

Kill jews.

acd253  No.13285741

He will probably have a tragic accident™.


d7d828  No.13285761

>>“I’ll show you,” he told the group, according to the report. “I’m going to shove my d— down your throats.

I lol'd.

You can tell he's pretty awesome with that shit eating grin of a mugshot.

000000  No.13285788

Chad jawline, with viking looks.

000000  No.13285791

(((America))) was funded by Jews


(((America))) has the most Jews outside Israel


(((America))) has the biggest synagogues outside Israel


(((America))) is the least White "White" nation on earth

(((America))) has its politicians openly sucking jewish dick

(((America))) gives more aid to Israelis than what it gives to its citizen per capita

>Since 1949 the U.S. has given Israel a total of $83.205 billion. The interest costs borne by U.S. tax payers on behalf of Israel are $49.937 billion, thus making the total amount of aid given to Israel since 1949 $133.132 billion. This may mean that U.S. government has given more federal aid to the average Israeli citizen in a given year than it has given to the average American citizen.

Amerimutts are the most pozzed goyim on the earth and need to be removed if we are to win the fight against the Jews.

d7d828  No.13285801


It's a fancy area. They got him because of all the cameras. Big police presence there to keep an eye on the tourists. Niggers and spics aren't far off.


Might want to look at some polls. Most millenials don't even know what your fictional holocaust was supposed to be. You fucked up boomers who're now all dying. You don't exist in the future. War with Iran and a civil war in America and you're done.


Nice bait. If only you knew :)

6aec96  No.13285836



But I don't think all Americans must die just the Jews their country needs to see the error of their ways and make a stand first by getting rid of that Jew dick sucker they call The President.

6aec96  No.13286074

America you can't dēny that you are the most Jewed Country in the world right? You know I am correct?

049b98  No.13286088


What does that have to do with the original post?

664170  No.13286089

File: 5531afed5b34ddc⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, 5531afed5b34ddcd04e8950597….png)



049b98  No.13286091


>Watcha doin [insert random group]?

Whoa, you got me red-handed, I admit everything

049b98  No.13286100


I've punched a cop in the balls before and received just a night in jail for it. The fact that he allegedly said jews means he could be charged for worse and the fact that he went out of his way to do it to multiple people. Not that it wasn't worth it or anything.

I'm gonna shove my dick down your throats!

57793b  No.13286121


>“I’m going to shove my d— down your throats. You Jews, I’m gonna get you.”

Either staged or an absolute retard. I'm going with the former.

049b98  No.13286129

File: b205932f49f5aff⋯.png (714.41 KB, 688x739, 688:739, hewilldoit.png)


I don't think it's that hard to believe.

6aec96  No.13286132


I think the whole thread has been derailed from the original topic.

049b98  No.13286143


Doesn't make it okay to keep doing it.

f074a7  No.13286162


All the astronauts have been Masons.

Why is that?

57793b  No.13286166


The Jews want the general public to think there's rampant hatred by evil white neo nazi bigots against them.

2a9f97  No.13286194

Wow, good thing he pestered some nobodies and will be in prison for the rest of his life, because that took Iran off the table! Just kidding, of course: this is essentially like if he had killed himself to protest Zionism.

f074a7  No.13286214

And all of you faggoys (excepting one legit anon) ignored my post explaining that this whole fiasco is a ruse that is being used to set legal precedent.

Fucking fake ass truth seekers. The lot of you blind fools who care only for self and not for Truth.

51064a  No.13286215


Come join you faggots

f074a7  No.13286230


You are correct about the lodges for the ignorant fucks. They arw just like churches.

But just because the churches are simply glorified social clubs, that does not mean that the Vatican is powerless.

It is the same way with Masonry.

Why have all of the astronauts belonged to this simple rotary club?

dc86be  No.13286234


self emulation never works

f074a7  No.13286235


Semantics, friend.


57793b  No.13286237


Fuck off. I checked out your (((new board))).


9f256b  No.13286248

Fuuuuuck im gonna be 33 this summer fuckin freemason bastards i wasnt supposed to get old!

95884f  No.13286281

File: 4383f61012aafeb⋯.png (463.85 KB, 2406x849, 802:283, _pol3_.png)


Wow, what a great kike board they got there.

861772  No.13287080

File: 85f73afea475318⋯.jpeg (397.35 KB, 640x1048, 80:131, image.jpeg)

000000  No.13287140

Another Masonic psyops designed to inspire false hope in the goy.

Sage and report.

861772  No.13287154

File: ea540cf755acdf9⋯.jpeg (90.83 KB, 600x598, 300:299, image.jpeg)


So much for my grammar

861772  No.13287186

File: dbcd654f4e42a77⋯.jpeg (397.53 KB, 640x1048, 80:131, image.jpeg)

861772  No.13287200

File: 3d347adf433b0b8⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 800x2221, 800:2221, image.jpeg)

d7b8d7  No.13287293


I like the autistic one better. I thought you did that shit on purpose.

Saved, bitch!

59da85  No.13287615


>it's pretty funny how this tiny board deludes itself daily that hatred of Jews is commonplace

<hatred of Jews isn't commonplace

I came to this thread to laugh at you.

Dr. Tony Martin will pave the road for a billion Africans to realize their own destiny, and that destiny will be the throw off the shackles you jews have put on them for over two thousand years. The entire world hates you.

35580c  No.13290319

Jews are kikes

479dbf  No.13291853


Each must all fuck up the jew according to his means

0a0abe  No.13291902


It's simple, just go against the jewish grain and help a goy out, whydon'cha?

0a0abe  No.13291910


Best thing you could do as a jew is defy common jewry in the name of helping the rest of humanity out. It's what Jesus did, and look at what the heebs did to him.

103fac  No.13291963


>threatening to sexually assault

Nasty, jews probably made it up because I’m their minds everyone wants to bang them

103fac  No.13291966


*in their minds

Excuse my subhuman phoneposting

71b499  No.13292052


Wrong. Jews aren't human.

b737da  No.13292174

Daniel "I'm gonna gloat while I fuck your throat" Starikov

Daniel "I hate you Jew lizards so I'll fuck your gizzards" Starikov

Daniel "I like to wear a mullet while fuckin' your gullet" Starikov

Daniel "sick of Jew dreck so he cums on your neck" Starikov

c1581c  No.13292224

Arrested for nothing, what else is new

cad1e2  No.13292768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Daily reminder that schizophrenic yids not only mutilate your children, they also mutilate and rape their own as soon as they are born or when they are 8. They are not interested in mutilating full-grown men and sucking their bick white cocks.


When asked about procedure, they usually crack jokes at it to disarm your initial shock before the procedure and always deny regarding its use in the cosmetic industry.


25243d  No.13293196


based jew, which military branch should i sign up for sir?

25243d  No.13293225


>talk to jews in public

>go to prison for rest of your life

>this wont sway public views to our side

25243d  No.13293237


>name jews you respect

into the trash it goes

83c854  No.13293242


Slavs based as always.

479e1f  No.13295292

File: 3539007d7147aaa⋯.jpg (159.33 KB, 1220x416, 305:104, rootlessjew.JPG)

221302  No.13295423


>spitting on someone is assault

Maybe in commiefornia but most states it's just harassment

t. zogbot

1a5c84  No.13295453

Has he got them yet?

I've been eagerly waiting for the news of some dead Jews : >

1a5c84  No.13295458


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