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File: 3602dcd259c3dbe⋯.jpg (77.2 KB, 640x775, 128:155, deleteafterpost.jpg)

38d2e3  No.13283496

"Principled conservatives" have once again should their complete inability to conserve anything.

I'm thinking about opening an abortion clinic and advertising it to niggers. Thoughts?

65ebe9  No.13283507

File: 67eb452fc60cb8c⋯.png (21.83 KB, 1145x217, 1145:217, Fusion Party.png)


The Republican party is a foundationally anti-White institution. It is not "failing". It is doing exactly what it has always done.

dbb80f  No.13283538

I suspect most of the retards are either libcucks or women who are complaining about this. It's a small step forward back to our return to better times

926d86  No.13283546


There it is. Without abortion niggers will take over this state. Niggers should get free abortions and be sterilized while on the table Fucking evangelical cucks.

65ebe9  No.13283549


Daily reminder that the overwhelming majority of republican, christian, and conservative shills on this board, like dbb80f here, already have niggers in their family.

bccbb6  No.13283550

When those beautiful BASED black babies grow up, they'll know conservative legislation is the only reason they're alive, and become life-long republicans. It's another brilliant chess move.

54a444  No.13283560


Yeah, pretty based conserving jewish culture and dick multilation

bccbb6  No.13283573

File: 925efc4f1bd8af1⋯.jpg (138.52 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 2625424_0.jpg)


What's wrong with that? Like Qanon AKA God Emperor Donald J. Trump says, "patriots come in all colors". Do you think white National SOCIALISTS like George Soros are better than black CONSERVATIVES?


God said to circumcise our children, stand with Israel, and preserve our Judeo-Christian values. That's good enough for me, snowflake.

6f7598  No.13283581

File: 52c8b53ee35961b⋯.png (492.03 KB, 579x583, 579:583, boomer memes 1.png)



54a444  No.13283587



This anon just destroyed me with FACTS and LOGIC!

77d439  No.13283619


The main demographic displacement is coming from spics and chinks though, niggers weed themselves out anyway through murder and back alley abortions. I hate cuckservatives, but this is you, on purpose, missing the point.

80ef24  No.13283631


No they won't. They'll vote for gibs.

b65816  No.13283632



>national socialist


Wrong board faggot.

2bd2b8  No.13283636


>voluntary genocide for blacks

They should pay childless black women a stipend every time they flush a future monkey down the drain. Nigger gang members who shoot and kill another nigger, too. Let's say $100 per and see how it goes.

3ae4cb  No.13283656


They will just go to a neighboring state and get an abortion. The black man has no interest in the next generation.

5259f1  No.13283657

>due to people not wanting to have children the niggers have stopped breeding as much

Abortion reduces the 'consequences' for 'free sex' which destroys families by letting everyone be a whore and destroy their ability to pair bond

Same as contraceptives.

this destroyed family leads to more fatherless homes which leads to more whores and criminiggers running around the streets.

The problems are deeper than 'both sides' are arguing for.

Post birth abortion should be legal BUT who get's aborted should only be decided by the high king or emperor.

bdd366  No.13283663

File: ccc082c1880c51b⋯.png (201.94 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 1451924723316.png)


Never in my life have I seen such a concentration of boomerdom. I could be in a Miami Denny's ordering a senior lunch special with Fox News playing on all the TV's and it wouldn't have been half as boomer. Why is such a board permitted here?

65ebe9  No.13283664


>back alley abortions

The israel-first, Fusionist republicans have had their talking points down these last couple days. They just keep repeating this over and over and over and over.

3ae4cb  No.13283672


They literally do not need an incentive, they are quite content on their own. It's best to just use that money for our own interests.

db2428  No.13283673

I'd like to see some hard numbers on the amount of abortions a year. If it is an insignificant number, then it is worth fighting the degeneracy of abortion as just the fact that it exists as an option devalues the idea of childbirth among whites. If it is a large number then obviously it is a necessary evil to keep black birthrate numbers lower, but a low number of actual abortions just turns this into a cultural issue where the net effects are more important.

The good news is spic citizen birthrates are converging with white birthrates and have fallen below replacement as well (Blacks are even lower than spics). Spics population growth entirely comes from their current invasion and anchor babbies. Stopping immigration and being serious about deportation would actually solve most of the issues- this is why kikes fight any kind of anti-immigration so fiercely. I think it also shows there is something sinister that affects birthrates of everyone in western nations. Any kind of increase to white birth rates would quickly reverse the demographic decline.

8cee76  No.13283687


Killing black babies is still sacrificing to Moloch

2bd2b8  No.13283790


Take it to >>>/legty[pl/ you're impressing no one here.

b2e64a  No.13283832


Moloch isn’t real brainlet

da9bb2  No.13283842

File: 11ecf3def378d54⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 460x570, 46:57, indiana summers.jpg)

1932d4  No.13283843


What the fuck is moloch going to do with soulless meat puppets? Niggers don't have souls.

74d37c  No.13283855


I read that the only positive birthrate is rural, conservative whites.

c07b5e  No.13284069


Allowing white babies to be killed in the process of killing a shitload of black babies is the point. Jews only ever use niggers as a weapon against Europeans. If abortion had been outlawed the race war would have been fought in the 80's. It would either already be over and done with or it would be winding down now. The slow boil is artificial and deliberate, and it's the slowness of it that is really killing us. If white people in America had to put up with all the niggers that would have existed, Gen X would have been the redpilled generation and we would be three or four steps ahead of where we are now.

A billion dead nigger babies are not worth one dead white child thrown away by their sexually liberated thot mommy. It's not enough to hate the enemy, you have to also cultivate a love of your own people, and by that metric, abortion is immoral and a mistake.

f2bb23  No.13284287



congratulations you bought into jew propaganda what's the next part of your master plan?


Moloch has some low standards

1e6cb2  No.13284313

File: 02a463a1c9937a7⋯.png (37.62 KB, 563x1000, 563:1000, DO IT ANON.png)


>I'm thinking about opening an abortion clinic and advertising it to niggers. Thoughts?

Don't let your dreams just be dreams!

2788df  No.13284379

How many threads are you moloch worshipping kikes going to make to kvetch about infanticide being made illegal?

b8b5dd  No.13284427


Holy fuck this is peak satire

a69852  No.13284431


>I'm thinking about opening an abortion clinic and advertising it to niggers. Thoughts?

You must be jewish.

b8b5dd  No.13284433


Shut the fuck up we're gonna have to rope the nigs eventually abortion just saves the white man some legwork later on

b8b5dd  No.13284438


This logic is so fucking retarded it's insane. We don't record the race of the baby just the woman. White women aren't fucking aborting white babies, they're aborting mutts. And single mothers raise criminal degenerates anyway.

a69852  No.13284444


To be fair, infanticide being made illegal would be a good thing…

… But that is NOT what this amounts to. Everyone knows - including those pushing the case - that this will get shot down by SCOTUS, if they even accept the appeal.

This is an attempt to shift the narrative.

We're going into election season, and the GOP is DESPERATE to get the conversation away from immigration and foreign policy at all costs.

Hence, "hey, lets try to challenge roe v wade again! we got a new cuckservative on the bench, surely he will change the situation!" in a desperate hail-mary attempt to shift the conversation to something easily controlled, like abortion.

a69852  No.13284449

File: ff8763e18206ece⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 4632x5080, 579:635, US Abortion.jpg)


>White women aren't fucking aborting white babies, they're aborting mutts

Do you have a single satsifact to snack that up?

b8b5dd  No.13284458


Are you fucking retarded? You try to counter by posting, like I said, stats for the race of the WOMAN? No I don't have the stats for the rate of white women who racemix but lemme tell you faggot it is colossal. Do you think these women getting abortions are the kind of classy high quality women who don't racemix? HELL THE FUCK NO

000000  No.13284466


The problem is that in addition of making infanticide (ie. killing of human - white - babies) illegal, it also makes pest control (getting rid of non white babies) illegal.


>implying that a woman not ashamed to get fucked by a nigger would be ashamed of having mutt offspring

000000  No.13284473




b8b5dd  No.13284474


Holy shit you ARE retarded. They don't get abortions for shame of their mutt baby, that doesn't even fucking cross their minds. They get abortions because, like the niggers who pump and dump and leave them with the bill, they want to avoid any and all responsibility. Stop white knighting for fucking whores

a69852  No.13284483


>No I don't have the stats for the rate of white women who racemix

Then why are you talking out of your asshole as thought you have any validity in doing so?

Are you fucking retarded?

>Do you think these women getting abortions are the kind of classy high quality women who don't racemix?

Yep. Because our society is SO FUCKING SICK, many young White girls with White babies in their bellies will think its okay to kill them. And so they will.

Are you too retarded to understand that our society is sick as fuck? You must be.

000000  No.13284485


Either way. there is not enough white race mixing that that would be a factor

a69852  No.13284487



Good, I want more of that.


Yep. I want that too.

I'm sorry about the innocent Whites who will have to die, its truly a pity and they will be honored in what comes after.

But you're not going to make this omelet without breaking a few eggs. If you think otherwise, you're probably retarded.

Petal to the metal.

28e1a5  No.13284547


Why stop there, if you have daughters, ensure they have motherly genes

2cde95  No.13284554


>making up complete bullshit and shilling for racemixing as a solution to racemixing

You've been found out.

a69852  No.13284555


>When I go outside I barely see white women with white guys anymore.

Then you must live in an urban center, because when I go outside in the suburbs and rural areas, within 20 minutes drive to a major NE US city, I basically never see race-mixed couples.

a69852  No.13284559

File: c6b8ee5014a46b2⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 2792x3048, 349:381, Muh Honorary Aryans.jpg)


>shilling for racemixing as a solution to racemixing

Daily Reminder

b65816  No.13284561


Take your race mixing else where


000000  No.13284569


Or now that abortion is illegal, you could rape 100 white women in one night.

a69852  No.13284578


Nonviable approach, they're already trying to include exceptions to cases of rape and incest.

… Which really invalidates the entire concept, as women will just start claiming they were raped.

a69852  No.13284588



Kek then what the fuck are you even mentioning it for you stupid urbanite faggot?

Get out of the libshit hellscape you're currently in and see the world with eyes unclouded by antifa vape clouds.

>>having no offspring is better than racemixing

<Nigger, do you want us to die out?

Anything produced via race-mxiing is not 'us', you imbecile. Its a gross mutt with no people, no place, no sense of self.

You're a fucking monster of a moron.

000000  No.13284590



Also keep in mind the day after pill is still legal and a lot of women are on (((birthcontrol))) anyways.

000000  No.13284597




That's exactly what will happen


Maybe this is a win after all………..

a69852  No.13284599


>day after pill is still legal

>birth control

Both shit that needs to go, but again, you aren't ever going to get rid of this shit while this sick society limps onward.

Everything is going to have to get much much worse before it gets better.


I know right?

Its so stupid.

Cuckservatives cant do anything right.

a69852  No.13284607


So you're just spamming this now? Nice.


b65816  No.13284610

>>13284588 (heil'd)

000000  No.13284612


Rape them and kick their head with a rock. They'll be in a coma for days, pill won't work. And out of 100 maybe only half will be on birth control.

a69852  No.13284643



98d1ba  No.13284652


>but niggers do it as well

How long will you keep shilling this shit? Its not impressing anybody.

78de60  No.13284662

It’s about making other people suffer and nothing else. There is also some chess at play where they want declining birth in some areas increasing birth in others, although that’s mainly just scum fuck Human Faggot switching between his left and right personality. Create chaos, give them the solution etc. You can cling to your cult of choice whether it’s Breitbart reader , pedo Christian , useful idiot conservative, it is morally wrong to be bringing anybody more into the planet. No anti abortion faggots are these superior moral masters of reality , which is proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the fact that the moment that child is born the burden is thrown onto society who funds its welfare.

A society based upon integrity, basically one which requires you to treat others the way you want to be treated and constantly evolve your morals would take every single thing into account and ensure that everyone born here has a chance to be the best they can be. Only a simpleton fucking retard or a lying psychopath would claim that’s the case, and if it is then stop blaming your inadequacies on other groups.

If the leadership of a group fails , whether it’s dumb fuck republican whites or dumb fuck Democrat whites or selfish blacks or scheming Jews , then that group is being buried. It’s impossible to claim that any group has earned a right to lead unless they accept dropping all their old accomplishments as their credentials. Every single group which has power today has had members of that group commit terrible crimes, yet only some delusional whites propping up a scam agenda ever refer to the downsides of their group.

Once you drop your ignorance lens you will see that death brings about change. If we never died we’d all be 3 foot tall monkeys. Once something has run it’s course it needs burned. People who can’t sync up their email without the help of some retail slave are in control of all power on the planet. They wouldn’t have ever even switched from snail mail to email if it wasn’t for the new versions of humans, yet their laziness and stupidity can supposedly be infinitely ignored because Clint Eastwood or some other statue is scientific evidence that the boomer fucktards have a divine right to the entire world. Cancer is literally the providing side of the planet fighting back to remove these fucking selfish parasites who have exploited the benefits of a collaboration based society since day one. It’s time to speed up the process by not summoning these people in every single discussion. Do it yourself. Let these logos and divas die. The spoiler alert for meditation is nobody fucking cares about your annoying ass ego and all it does is make you live for somebody else. I have never seen a genuinely happy face on any “powerful” person because somebody who thinks power comes from control over others reality is the equivalent of a mental fucking retard.

I don’t have anything , friends , family, a future , yet I take every step knowing that I am right and will continue to transform to a greater right. Discussion of the state of the planet is forbidden in their world. You are only allowed to discuss kosher topics, and if you break their script you will be psychically warned through body language and tone until you retreat to your mind and become their puppet. There must have been a time when everyone stayed involved in everything, but almost everybody today will say “I don’t want to think about that, let’s just outsource that to the state and corporations.” That’s like sailing out to sea then smashing your head against the floor repeatedly until you sink and die. That is literally what the average human does and wants forever. They must just be bugged and have no consciousness because the human spirit always wants to conquer the next thing. Even while in quicksand the true human is brainstorming ways to avoid that situation in the future.

I order you to remove emotions from your debates and instead rely on the subjective facts. This will allow a return to a spiritual state where you treat others the way you want to be treated and quite literally help yourself by helping others. There is no crime in a fair world because why would you need to murder if your needs are all met? Let’s just return to where we started and move forward while banishing any power hungry douche fuck trying to send us backwards.

a69852  No.13284671


>fuck your traditions goy

>nobody is moral thats gay

>just kill your babies fam it'll be fine

Seems legit.

>I don’t have anything , friends , family, a future

Maybe the problem is you.

78de60  No.13284685

Triggered the post. Good to know I hit your poison ego. Your lack of an actual response is further proof at how stupid and emotion based your boomer thinking is. Like I said , people like you who rely on power over others to be fulfilled are the equivalent of retards and that’s why you are coming onto an adult forum to use your psychopath boomer man child insults. Kill yourself.

000000  No.13284690


>it is morally wrong to be bringing anybody more into the planet

Plenty of space and resources if we would eliminate all non-whites. If nazis won WW2 we would be playing golf on Mars right now with Donald Trump while getting our cocks sucked by alien whores with double tongues.

98d1ba  No.13284691

File: 9f06dbe1962f3f9⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 501x585, 167:195, eab.jpg)


>the subjective facts

What a fitting closure to your pointless rambling.

7febeb  No.13284703


Objective facts are antisemitic, goy!

78de60  No.13284708

The entire point of the anti abortion movement is making other people suffer. There is not one Christian on the planet who lives for anyone but themselves. The moment a child is born you say “not my problem “ which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you are a dumb psychopath who needs to watch people suffer to feel fulfilled. I suggest you check yourself into a hospital and get your head checked. It’s been scientifically proven , you know, science, that system you use for everything else , that you and the millions of other morons who claim they are god are a danger to yourselves and others. Try to be a big boy like me and face reality rather than using pussy cop out techniques like saying “oh let’s let my imaginary friend handle this”

28e1a5  No.13284717


>subjective facts


Holy shit, it was real.

3c5f2a  No.13284718

File: 805c60cd4c2cc4e⋯.jpg (108.99 KB, 728x627, 728:627, I4waFKD.jpg)


Conservatives must protect the fetuses. It's their reason for being. The only thing that can't trump heh fetus protection is undying fealty to kikes.

78de60  No.13284719


You are so delusional that you believe you are control of other people’s reality because your imaginary friend is the best, so I wouldn’t expect a crypto kike Christian pedo like you to not throw a tantrum . Thanks for proving everything i said pedo.

a69852  No.13284722

File: b40e5952180f67e⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 1272x6192, 53:258, Degeneration for Girls.jpg)


>The entire point of the anti abortion movement is making other people suffer.

Good. Some people deserve to suffer. That's called being responsible for the consequences of your actions, so that you don't wind up a hollowed out worthless cunt.

d66e55  No.13284725

a69852  No.13284726


>You are so delusional

<subjective facts

Kill yourself hedonismkike.

a69852  No.13284731


Nah, they'll more likely become gang-banging shitscum which harrass White people in the street and rob and steal and abuse others.

And I want that. Black crime is a major source of redpilling.

If it costs a few White lives to get enough Whites on board with solving the issue once and for all, so be it.

78de60  No.13284732

Christians, aka psychopath pedos, aka accomplices to the pedo Jews

“Don’t abort that kid it matters!”

*baby is born*

“Haha not my problem that person doesn’t matter only I matter consent to this and worship me !”

Like I said , your actions prove beyond all doubt that your cult is nothing but a safe haven for murderers thieves and pedos. Looking forward to watching you and everything you represent burning away ;)

98d1ba  No.13284735

File: c7b25158cad9a80⋯.jpg (218.13 KB, 800x798, 400:399, schizo.jpg)


Pointless schizo rambling, Pillen nehmen.

000000  No.13284736



Guys, can you not recognize obvious irony?

a69852  No.13284738


Yeah, christianity is shit, but so are jews like you.

I say again: kys hedonism kike.

If all that matters if fee-fees and cummies, then you shouldn't be alive - you should be dead as the result of an opiate overdose administered in the midst of an orgy of prostitutes.

Yet, here you are, kvetching at us instead.

Its almost like you don't believe any of the shit you're saying.

a69852  No.13284741


I can and used it as fodder.

98d1ba  No.13284744


Do you know why this is flawed shill logic?

You can always kill the niggers who got born, but you cant replace the whites who were not.

78de60  No.13284749

If you believe that the only two possible opinions are opinion left and opinion right you are either brain dead or are a psychopath. It’s embarrassing seeing you dumb fuck whites proudly shout about how much of a good goy useful idiot you are by having one of the two kosher opinions. Try being humble for once boomer fucktard.

a69852  No.13284754


This is just spam now.

a69852  No.13284756


> you dumb fuck whites

So, basically, you aren't White.


a63ba5  No.13284765


Whoa there OP, are you sure you should be posting quotes by violent extremists on this board? Even Tarrant knew that Candace Owens is way too radical.

3ddf25  No.13284772

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Überwinde dein hartes Herz… er liebt dich. Er liebt dich. Er heißt dich willkommen wie einen verlorenen Sohn.

b65816  No.13284775



Is nsdap or natsoc.

715f3b  No.13284791



Its a sad day when /pol/ can be trolled just by mentioning a single letter of the alphabet.

a69852  No.13284828


Its a sad day when fags like you try to use the

>its only pretending to be retarded!

as an excuse for retards.

17c391  No.13284836

File: 5361aa65f5e87a1⋯.jpg (424.93 KB, 1550x864, 775:432, 1436387853962.jpg)

>left pushes hard for civil rights

>there was nearly a race war by the 70s because communists were agitating niggers

>nigger population starts to drop

>their plan to ruin the family ruins their golems before they can ruin America

>they option for massive immigration instead by the the mid 60s which finally goes into overdrive in the mid 90s when their nigger plan doesn't pan out

<cuckservatives are trying to point out the hypocracy in a group of people who feel no shame for holding double standards to try and score points with their braindead boomers who thin their political enemies are still fighting by some set of rules only they follow

Makes me think.

a69852  No.13284876


><cuckservatives are trying to point out the hypocracy in a group of people who feel no shame for holding double standards to try and score points with their braindead boomers who thin their political enemies are still fighting by some set of rules only they follow

Isn't that cuckservatism in a nutshell?

c07b5e  No.13284883


>This logic is so fucking retarded it's insane. We don't record the race of the baby just the woman. White women aren't fucking aborting white babies, they're aborting mutts. And single mothers raise criminal degenerates anyway.

Imagine being so desperate to not be outed as a Jew that you have to flat-out lie and pretend white people aren't getting any abortions just to keep the Moloch sacrifices flowing.

There is nothing "insane" or "retarded" about my logic. My logic is flawless, and the fact that you cannot counter it, only insult it, is proof. Go home, nigger. You glow here.

a69852  No.13284917


He already admitted he has no data to back up his claim, he's just a demoralized urbanite cuckold talking out his dilated backhole.

a1cae6  No.13285014


>Law changes will ensure 13 don't 50

Long shot

492670  No.13287069


based & redpilled


e0c2f5  No.13287105


Every single day I am reminded that whites deserve everything we are getting right now.

>muh morality!

>muh gawd!

>muh based blacks!

>muh based jews!

>muh based beaners!

She's parroting the talking points that the average white voter wants to hear: Duh dems are duh real raycis! These "people" have to be exterminated.

>I'm thinking about opening an abortion clinic and advertising it to niggers. Thoughts?

Advertise it to stupid white fucks that support niggers like this.

Understand that this dumb sheboon is bitching about niggers, who vote 90% in favor of the left, have a population stagnation. What does she think is going to happen if the population explodes? They'll all start voting Republican?

000000  No.13287151

Who could have guessed. The Conservative apparatus is run entirely by Masons and is responsible for churning out Jewish Psyops daily to dehumanize the goyim.

Abortion is a Masonic psyops designed to maximize the number of child sacrifices to Molech. Molech cares not for the race of the child.

If you support abortion, you are a Jewish shill.

e0c2f5  No.13287158



>muh molech

Broken record.

7fb246  No.13287168

Does no one on here get obvious satire anymore.

7e731f  No.13287496


Free birth control and abortions for all. But put the clinics only in minority areas. Christians are scum and it's times like this that make me think an a white ethno state would suck balls in it's own way.. Imagination and fantasy are vastly dif than realty. You won't believe how many churches run refugee resettlement groups.

And the one thing that destroyed any hope of turning back corruption is Citizens United.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kemp is a big recipient of Koch cash, open borders and more minorities equals cheap labor

GOP policy = Corporate profit is all that matters.

Fuck your drinking water,

fuck air quality

Fuck your safety on the job and off.

Who hasn't figured this out yet?

Let me be clear, under no circumstances should you vote Republican. EVER!

e0c2f5  No.13287513


>And the one thing that destroyed any hope of turning back corruption is Citizens United.

How many people don't know that it was the GOP who cause all of this. They gave the left the weapon with which to kill us.

33eade  No.13287516


>Free birth control and abortions for all. But put the clinics only in minority areas.

How do you even do this?

Why is there minority areas in your "ethnostate"?

7e731f  No.13287521


You got me, Trump 2020 MAGA

Build the wall

Build the wall

Build the wall


33eade  No.13287523


Again, how do you even do that?

7e731f  No.13287532


You're a sneaky family values Conservative eh.

A deficit hawk who wants to see Barry Otero's birth certificate.

Rand Paul 2020


33eade  No.13287533


I don't get it.

7e731f  No.13287543

I didn't proof read and some GOP tard latched on to a small error in order to pwn. I get it, it's not like you can win an argument on GOP policy.

You win, Lindsey Graham 2020


915ad1  No.13287558

File: 414646aaaf5a297⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 680x480, 17:12, 399.jpg)


You almost got me.

b0fdf6  No.13289655


Damn right brother. We did it for our cummies! Not some dayum Nazees!

93735e  No.13289800


ironic shitposting is still shitposting

a9a867  No.13297548


Not much we can do about this. The "Republicans" and "Democrats" make the exact same talking points now, with few exceptions. The Dems screetch about how victimized non-whites, gays and women are, while Reps argue that (No, we love non-whites, gays and women the most, we love them more than anything).It's a sick joke.

000000  No.13297577


Abortion bans are literally the only thing cucks can get permission from their jewish donors to push which appeals to their base. This is peak cuckservatism, their first "victory" in decades and hopefully their last.

de0356  No.13297934

File: 84af7dc917caf63⋯.jpg (54.2 KB, 610x693, 610:693, serveimage.jpg)




4b897f  No.13298093


Nigger your logic is based on ''muh moloch" , what kind of logic is that?

000000  No.13298351


>can't spell Moloch correctly

Qtard boomer christfag, the post.

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