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File: 517b63853ad1219⋯.jpeg (40.06 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 636374584821532847-IMG-29….jpeg)

551f1c  No.13283777



ALL OF the (((media))) says that white people are the biggest threat to this country? How are JEWS not a human subspecies? Watch these JEWS block the streets, bitching and kvetching

What should be done with these people is there a solution???

faf203  No.13283786



421546  No.13283833

File: 50786c1d7687f12⋯.png (288.33 KB, 945x728, 135:104, LoveThem.png)


But I love the Jews

e8e592  No.13283852

First thing is to hang White Nationalists for treason for helping the Jews.

ae3a73  No.13283866

Why isn't there a pinned cyclical jew hate thread, and why do these threads always seem to mysteriously run out of energy or disappear after about a day???

db0b94  No.13283885

OP watch this video


d58ef2  No.13283891


mods delete them


You sound like a screeching autistic tbh, try calming down a bit

e8e592  No.13283895


Because most are not stupid enough to take the Jew bait.

43c3f1  No.13284152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

551f1c  No.13284161

nigger hate threads are so much more popular. Odd because whilst the nigger steals your car stereo while at work the jews steals your entire future to life.

f9b726  No.13284263

File: d430710cf7935e7⋯.jpg (47.71 KB, 467x700, 467:700, Wanted.jpg)


To be fair, every thread is a jew hate thread.

551f1c  No.13284269

File: 97f87b2992b14bd⋯.jpg (112.45 KB, 888x1142, 444:571, kill all the grabblers.jpg)


I prefer satire, it's just a joke

858a2d  No.13284277


Yet you shitpost and whine all day long and nver do anything about it.

0253cc  No.13284292

I remember on old assiocaite from NYC told me that the Jews there were the absolute worst when it came to gaming the welfare & food stamp system.

Lots of ultra orthodox jews just pop out babies and collect welfare money.

551f1c  No.13284303


am I any different than you? what have you done pot to kettle?

dc935b  No.13284323

Jews, eh? Did you see that Jewish antivax protest in New York? Now that was something to send an opinion spiraling towards dissatisfied neutrality!

How do we persuade people that their respect for Is-That-Is should have them embracing new technologies? Compulsion is an awful means that leads to two-faced conduct. I saw that Kurzgesagt video on vaccines. I hope it does some good. I wish I had some cultural talent, but it would take strange technologies to make an artist out of me.

I hate it when children suffer, be it bullying, exploitation, or disease. Sometimes I think efforts to protect children can go too far, but vaccines are a case where I am reluctantly in favor of the compulsory case. But oh, reluctantly! Wouldst that we could have a society where people voluntarily acquiesced to vaccination, firm in their conviction of the righteousness of others! Wouldst that medical efforts were not beset by public paranoia! I wish I knew the way of soothing people. What can change the nature of a man?

I have mediated my anti-circumcision position lately. It is a small gesture of inclusion rising from nowhere. Perhaps it matters. We are all nowhere, yet if we are all inclusive so will be our society. No child of mine would I circumcise, but I had previously advocated against it as a mutilation.

a5fe87  No.13285572


Kill yourself. You will always be a faggot.

e589fb  No.13298109

hasids are the bestest of based jews

5c8f9e  No.13298236

File: abd95c64cb4daca⋯.png (21.4 KB, 300x250, 6:5, M24AZ5ySkW-8.png)

Guys, the situation has gotten out of hand. This is crazy. We have our people being genocided in South Africa. Our women are being programmed by Jews to crave Black dick. Our sons are being groomed to get their dicks cut off by quack doctors. Our daughters are being groomed to hate motherhood. And we now have an army of the mentally incompetent among our own White people who have been programmed into racially policing Whites who are sane(pro-White). This situation is entirely fucked. This situation is entirely fucked.

You as a White person are herebye authorized to hate all Jews. Because accepting the Jews into our society is what allowed this. The "good ones" among them contain within themselves semen that creates bad Jews, so "good Jews" cannot be accepted near us. All Jews must be excluded. Good Jews, if they exist, give birth to bad Jews and they invite bad Jews into our society. No jJew can be trusted.

In addition to being authorized to hate all Jews, you are also authorized to hate Blacks. Just as "good Jews" result in bad ones coming in, so too do "good Blacks" open the door for bad ones. We need segregation from Blacks and we need Jews entirely exiled from our nations. Actually we need both Blacks and Jews to live in separate nations than us.

This is seriously fucked. It's time for our people to wake up. This situation isn't acceptable. This is fucking insane. Fuck this civic nationalist bullshit. There are two main things we have to do. We have to wake as many White people up as possible to The Jewish Problem, and we have to wake as many White people up as possible to the problem of Black crime. These are the two main threats to our people. Jews being the most dangerous and Blacks being a close second. This is so fucked, this is so fucked. We literally risk losing everything we love for all eternity because of these fucking people, we need to separate from them and we need to disempower mentally incompetent White leftists who are being used to police us.

In future generations we not only risk not existing as a race, the books and philosophy, and works of art and stories by our people risk being destroyed too, literally everything you have ever loved in your life is at risk of being destroyed in these coming future generations… because it was created by a White male. Anything created by a White male is at risk of being destroyed, Greek philosophy, the history of The British Empire, Monty Python, Laurel and Hardy. Jesus fucking Christ. We have to nip this situation in the bud, this isn't acceptable.

Please never indulge in illuminati jesuit conspiracy alien type bullshit, its all disinformation to distract people from Jews. Most of the UFO sightings were near military testing grounds, no aliens have been visiting our planet. Jews are the rulers you have to be concerned with. The time for lies is over.

Wake people up, please. The time has come. If not now, then when? The time to wake people up has to be now. Speak the truth to whoever you can without getting in trouble. If you are in highschool, don't speak the truth in person. Or if you are worried about certain peopl ereproting you or getting you in trouble somehoe don't in person. But if you can speak the truth in person without getting in trouble then do, and speak the truth online too to as many people as you can.

We don't know for how much longer we will have free speech. Use this window of time to wake people up to the jews and work on preserving all the culture you can. Discriminate against Jews and do everything you can to get them out of power. We have to speak against them and never vote for them.

Boycott everything Jewish made and Jewish produced. This situation is not acceptable, it must be changed.

cabde8  No.13298242

File: 6a1b971945e9277⋯.jpg (64.63 KB, 337x269, 337:269, antisemitism.jpg)

Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews?


This is essential viewing, no longer on jewtube. The edited "free" version that was on Google Video was a major redpill for me when I was first becoming jew-wise a decade ago.

5c8f9e  No.13298265


Spend your whole life talking shit about jews constantly, that is the solution

5c8f9e  No.13298266


If you talk shit about jews constantly eventually society will push them out of power

0b9556  No.13298341

When everyone finally sees the jews perhaps everyone will then seize the jews.

78aaa3  No.13298804


78aaa3  No.13298806


sweet can post at school

8ae198  No.13298822



e080fb  No.13298990

File: d4399d6cf843df2⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 2048x1219, 2048:1219, 15281955967812059560986.jpg)

File: 6bfff8fe1ca479e⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 1404x934, 702:467, 1545313184807518819113.jpg)

File: ff0c74d371d6302⋯.jpg (6.1 MB, 2048x1857, 2048:1857, 1542568370129713443847.jpg)

File: 94c05bd5d761313⋯.jpg (578.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1540905889211899969320.jpg)

File: cc9370494465b54⋯.jpg (814.71 KB, 848x1480, 106:185, 15376175963882067126923.jpg)

Starter pack on Jews


The seat of global power and control will be Jerusalem with the Jews in charge


They will disarm you so that you cannot prevent it.



>White Genocide Is Real In Their Own Words Full Documentary


How Zionists Divide and Conquer


> Immigration

They are replacing you…


The U.N. has a full report on how it's happening



It all started with The Kalegri Plan for the genocide of whites


Kalegri, Rothschild, U.N. connection/plan for the genocide of whites.


Kalegri plan impact on the UK.


> Prominent Jews openly admit to advocating and enacting white genocide through mass migration.

Jews freely admit to their central role in the mass migration of military age African and middle eastern men.


Prominent Jews state that the goal is to create a global race of brown people with lower IQ and easier to control.


Rabbi Haviv at the World Jewish Conference reiterating that the goal of mass immigration is the end of the white race.


Again, Jews openly admit they are behind the immigration of Africans and South Americans into Western nations with the purpose of genociding whites.


More pervasive proof Jews are behind the immigration push and genocide of whites.


Itemized list of Jewish pro immigration organizations advocating for mass migration into the West.


Compilation of Jews advocating and implementing migration policies to genocide whites.


US Jews demand Israel export unwanted African migrants to white nations.


Jews advocating and enacting mass migration into white nations to genocide whites. Mega compilation.


More extremely prominent Jewish figureheads openly advocating for genociding whites.


Multiculturalism is bad for Israel but good for everyone else.


> Diversity

Diversity is a cancer pushed by the Jews to destroy society from within.

1. http://magaimg.net/img/7gcn.png

2. http://magaimg.net/img/7gbx.png

3. http://magaimg.net/img/7gby.jpg

4. http://magaimg.net/img/7gcb.jpg

They popularized the melting pot lie that laid the groundwork for the mass import of non Europeans in the 1960s and beyond


Whites on the chopping block. The Jewish lead genocide.


They destroy our institutions from within


> Destruction of white identity by historical revision and installation of white guilt

Only 1.6% of the population owned slaves at it's peak in 1860. Only .35% of these were white.


Ben Franklin warning against the Jewish invasion. (Validity disputed)


At the height of the slave trade 78% of slave owners in the U.S. were Jewish. (Validity disputed)



75% of Jewish families in the major southern cities owned slaves. 40% of the total Jewish population in the US owned slaves.


The Jews have been THE central group in slave trading and owning throughout history.


The Jews were so dominant in the slave trade that slave auctions were not held on Jewish holidays because no-one would show up.


They destroyed the Catholic Church by installing sleeper agents to corrupt and destroy trust in the church from within


> Media in all forms

This is the main mechanism through which the Jews maintain control.







Why do you think they've been kicked out of 1,030 countries over the last several thousand years?


000000  No.13299001




Stop this hate goyim. we have done nothing.

c79682  No.13299006

File: d2ffb52ef1c8ce1⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 3600x1424, 225:89, ee11d3fb3ca32dad7a9fe33758….jpg)

d0ac71  No.13299011


where is (((fox news))) and (((daily stormer)))?

8c1db6  No.13299016


post tits or get out slut, jews protest vaccines for their children because that shit is meant for goyim, retard

38e851  No.13299134


cda1e6  No.13299503



>Follow me on gab.ai for updates @zettapede or on twitter: @zetta_pede

>I mod The_Donald and stuff. zettapede at protonmail

ccfca1  No.13299726


This entire board is a kike hate board, faggot. I think you forgot this isn't cuckchan, and garbage-tier threads like this are for faggots. You can go ahead and off yourself now, no one wants you newfags here.

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