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File: e0a8ad1ceffd6b7⋯.jpg (719.18 KB, 1439x1405, 1439:1405, Screenshot_20190516-125653….jpg)

File: e3fc8237da7d523⋯.jpg (270.31 KB, 1098x1904, 549:952, IMG_20190516_130209.jpg)

File: c8b73a92d569243⋯.jpg (322.29 KB, 1125x1877, 1125:1877, IMG_20190516_130211.jpg)

bf2313  No.13283848

>Conrad Black pardon: Full statement from former media mogul

>Former media mogul Conrad Black has received a full pardon from U.S. President Donald Trump. Here’s Black’s full statement:


Archive: http://archive.is/4919v

Tweet in Pic related: https://twitter.com/RichardMadan/status/1128818398123692034

Read More about Conrad Black's crimes here: http://www.theinsider.org/news/article.asp?id=2449

bf2313  No.13283875


Zion Don

185b70  No.13283900

I’ve been tired of his version of “winning” for years now. Voting hasn’t fixed anything in ages.

Time to keep pressing on the accelerator.

26a364  No.13283916




What a cunt

02f622  No.13283925

Trump is such a fucking kike it's unbelievable. I hope he chokes on a kosher cock.

79629c  No.13283929


This. It's time to crash this plane.

33edb5  No.13283931


This is really getting out of hand.

69b15f  No.13283947


I hope someone manages to shoot him with a bow in arrow in minecraft with mods

43f41e  No.13283948

Liberal girls who rejected me must be crying at this moment!

33edb5  No.13283956


Liberal girls don't read the news.

69b15f  No.13283962


>a literal torfag tier post on an ID post

unironically hand yourself with a wet shoelace

000000  No.13283963

>had japan not attacked pearl harbor

>[nam vet bumber sticker here]

What were those other two places the US bombed first ?

000000  No.13283981


They read the headlines then fill in the rest.

>t. date only libtards

707ffd  No.13284032

Where's the evidence that Black is a heeb? If you just go around calling everyone a kike you end up discrediting the reality that jews are over represented among the world's most evil people.

e8a32e  No.13284040


yeah this whole thread is bullshit and OP is a fucking nigger

Conrad Black is guaranteed white and the pardon is long overdue

707ffd  No.13284048


Conrad Black should be publicly burned alive. He's a worthless piece of shit.

33edb5  No.13284050



The owner of the Jerusalem Post was a gentile?

That's unexpected.

a99d51  No.13284066


That's some hardcore 4d chess from Trump again,

most /pol/tards do not understand that Trump destroys the Jews by doing exactly what (((they))) tell him

Normies already hate Trump, if Trump says he "loves Jews", he will make all Normies hate (((them)))

That's how he is planning to win against the kikes. He plans to push the NPC mindset to hate Jews.

5111a4  No.13284072

File: e712668db3d638d⋯.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, D84E771C-1405-4938-B8C8-91….png)

Side note, help me spam this Jewtube video

33edb5  No.13284081

>most /pol/tards

>reddit spacing

Good LARP. No (you) though.

a99d51  No.13284094


shoo shoo shillary

6e8616  No.13284096

>Lord Black

Lord my ass.

6f2231  No.13284117

File: 15982ec671f1b56⋯.jpg (239.34 KB, 500x700, 5:7, jews40.jpg)

>Lord Black

Donald Trump pardoned da Lawd, oh my sweet baby jesus!


The US had embargoed Japan into a corner, because nobody wanted war and provoking attack was FDR's only chance. If that's what you mean. Economic warfare is a strategic weapon, better than any bombers can match.

33edb5  No.13284238


>In the Tuesday, September 29 edition of the National Post (Toronto), long time columnist Conrad Black wrote “ Why I Became a Catholic .” I was intrigued by Lord Black’s story of his spiritual journey to a more intense Christianity, yet I began to recoil when reading his dismissal of Judaism as a real spiritual option for himself (or for anyone else like him).

>It is not that I want Conrad Black to have converted to Judaism. Historically, Jews only accept converts rather than actively seeking them. Instead, I want him to recognize that his now deeper commitment to Christianity should not have led lead him to dismiss Judaism in the way he has dismissed Islam or Eastern religions. Why? Because Christianity came out of Judaism, whereas Islam and the Eastern religions did not. In fact, the very first heresy declared by the Christian Church was that of Marcion (in the second century), who tried to sever Christianity from the God of Israel, the people Israel, and the Torah revealed to Israel. Thus Judaism is not only Christianity’s origin but, just as much, its constant companion. In fact, it could be said that thoughtful Christians might have to ask themselves why they have not remained within Judaism, whether literally (as in the case of Jewish converts to Christianity) or figuratively (as in the case of those who accept the later Christian tradition built on the earlier Jewish one).

Looks like he's not a jew, but a shabbos goyim.

26a364  No.13284246

File: e668c2d50ae4e4b⋯.jpg (65.61 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, wearethemods.jpg)


Don't worry, the Mods are on it

33edb5  No.13284260


>What Conrad Black has missed in his spiritual journey to God ( via ad Deum ) is that the God he has found in the Catholic Church is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (or Israel), whose Messiah, who he promised to the Jews, Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, claimed to be. If one seeking a relationship with this God believes this claim is true, then one should become the best kind of Christian he can be (which Lord Black believes is to become a Catholic). But, if one does not believe this is true, and still wants to be fully related to the God of Israel, then he should become the best kind of Jew one can be. That is why the choice to become a Jew (or to become a better Jew) and the choice to become a Christian (or to become a better Christian) depends on one’s belief about who Jesus of Nazareth is or is not. That is the difference in kind between living as a Jew and living as a Christian. These two faith commitments are mutually exclusive; it is an issue of either/or.

>This difference in kind (what the French would call la différence même ) is not that the Christian makes a positive commitment and that the Jewish commitment is simply its negation. Instead, the Jewish commitment to the Messiah-yet-to-come is positive vis- -vis the future in the same way the Jewish commitment to the Torah revealed at Sinai is positive visa-via the past. And both faith commitments are made in the present when a Jew learns Torah, practices the commandments ( mitsvot ), and engages in Jewish worship.

a8b25a  No.13284265


could be a crypto

b94001  No.13284305

File: 5b695bb4d6d3928⋯.jpg (41.22 KB, 337x500, 337:500, FDR CHampion of Freedom.jpg)

This guy seems fucking BASED.

b94001  No.13284314

File: 22ce4a10836d651⋯.jpg (52.45 KB, 406x599, 406:599, 406px-Barbara_Amiel_at_the….jpg)

jew wife

>Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, Baroness Black of Crossharbour DSS (born 4 December 1940) is a British conservative journalist, writer, and socialite. She is the wife of former media baron Conrad Black.[2]

>Amiel was born into a Jewish family in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, the daughter of Vera Isserles (née Barnett) and Harold Joffre Amiel.


b94001  No.13284327

File: e7be6a13ba855e4⋯.jpg (125.64 KB, 1399x910, 1399:910, Trump with Kissinger.jpg)

It gets even better, Kissinger was behind the pardon.

>The former owner of the Daily Telegraph and Jerusalem Post has been pardoned by Donald Trump, after lobbying by former diplomat Henry Kissinger.

>[. . .]

>Following Black’s fawning book, titled ‘Donald J Trump: A President Like No Other,’ Trump hailed the former publisher as “the great Lord Black”.

>The White House later said the pardon – for wire fraud and obstruction of justice – was because of Black’s “tremendous contributions to business, as well as to political and historical thought”.

>Trump’s press secretary said the former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, himself a former director of Black’s company Hollinger International, “vouched for Black’s exceptional character,” as did conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and British singer Elton John.

>Black and Trump had had business dealings before the 2007 trial, at which Trump offered to provide a character witness. The pair had been trying to work together to develop a skyscraper in Chicago.


33edb5  No.13284334


>A good Jew is much more than someone who has simply said “no” to the Christian messianic (let alone trinitarian) claim. An atheist could more easily do that. Thus the Jewish “no” to Jesus of Nazareth (who is not “the Christ” for us) is not an essentially negative form of self-identification. Instead, it presupposes the “yes” a good Jew makes by accepting the Torah revealed at Sinai, by doing what the Torah requires of him or her, and by anticipating the “yes” to be made to the Messiah-yet-to-come who will truly fulfill the Torah’s promises. As such, Jews who think their Judaism need be nothing more than their disaffirmation of Christianity are the type of reactionaries who end up as nihilists by their negation for its own sake.

>When it comes to Judaism, Lord Black makes two serious errors. These errors are due to his making differences of degree between Judaism and Christianity into differences of kind, and even making these differences of degree more than they are in fact.

>First, there is no solid evidence that “80 percent of the early Jews became Christians” as Black claims. Those who do invoke that spurious statistic are, in effect, making an old Christian theological claim”now, by the way, rejected by the Catholic Church since Vatican Council II in the 1960’s” that Judaism and the Jews who still practice it are some sort of “fossil” (as the British historian Arnold Toynbee famously put it) having no vitality or even religious legitimacy in the present. Before employing this “majoritarian” or displacement logic, however, Conrad Black might do well to remember that Islam has now displaced Christianity in large parts of the world.

33edb5  No.13284337


>Black’s second error concerns the present state of the Jews and Judaism. What does he mean when he says “Judaism, though close theologically, is more tribal and philosophical than spiritual”? I assume he means “tribal” to be the antithesis of “universal.” Some Christians still do like to think of Christianity as a “universal” religion that is much wider and all-embracing than narrow “tribal” Judaism. Yet one could make a very good case that Judaism is as universal as Christianity, and Christianity is as tribal as Judaism. Judaism is universal inasmuch as Jews can live their Judaism anywhere in the world (though always best lived in the Land of Israel), and anyone can become a Jew who is willing to accept the kingship of the God of Israel (who is also the Creator of the universe) and pledge himself or herself to live according to the commandments of the Torah as taught by ongoing Jewish tradition. And Christianity is as tribal as Judaism inasmuch as those Christians baptized in infancy are as much born into the Christian people (the Church as an extended tribe) by virtue of their Christian parents as I was born into the Jewish people by virtue of my Jewish parents. In fact, the tribal notion of birth being how one is joined to one’s people is so strong in both Judaism and Christianity that both traditions consider converts to be “born again” rather than just being individual volunteers. Moreover, unlike a voluntary association, one cannot “check out” or be “kicked out” of either the Jewish people or the Christian Church, whether a native-born or naturalized member thereof.

>No doubt looking at the rather assimilated Jews in his social circle, Conrad Black has not seen their Judaism (such as it is) to be “an accessible faith.” Yet he does recognize “the Orthodox” as being “apart” from this Jewish spiritual fault. But, are the Orthodox ”namely, those Jews who have faith in God’s revealed Torah and who attempt to live according to its commandments”really “apart”? Apart from what? Apart from whom? They are hardly apart from the Jewish tradition; they are the ones who most fully access it. And they are hardly apart from the Jewish people in the sense of being some sort of marginal fringe group. Thus, though about 20 percent to 25 percent of Canadian Jews would call themselves “Orthodox” (“traditional” might be a more inclusive description), I would say that almost twice that percentage of Canadian Jews under the age of forty probably fall into this category.

>Finally, if “spirituality” is a palpable concern with the God“man relationship, and if Black wants to see a real live manifestation of Jewish spirituality, let him attend a service in the Orthodox synagogue where I and others like me regularly pray to God and are instructed in God’s Torah.

>Wouldn’t Conrad Black’s Catholicism be more genuine if it were not made by what seems to be a process of elimination, one largely made at the expense of Jews and Judaism, both of which he knows much too little?

33edb5  No.13284340


Yeah, this dude is kosher.


And there it is.

A man married to a jewess is as good as a jew himself.

000000  No.13284349


>trump is bait

I agree it feels that way sometimes.

He has leftists calling out "using office to get money" when he makes money at his hotels, which would affect getting paid money to do speeches for obam and hil, and almost got them to shut down the National Emergencies Act to keep him from stoping mexicans, which would have required the US pull out of all "wars" or foce congress to vote and actually declare "war".

He and kush both had dads that may not be jews but larping as jews but they just seem like jewloving jews.

And wtf about bumpstocks ???


bf2313  No.13284358


Get the fuck off this board Boomer

ad2214  No.13284370


Never post again.

6f2231  No.13284376

File: 0f2176e73e1323f⋯.jpg (65.73 KB, 236x210, 118:105, 1429830919207.jpg)


>>FDR, Champion of Freedom

lol stop i'm dying

bf2313  No.13284378

File: a4b02c012ecc20a⋯.jpg (712.67 KB, 1439x2031, 1439:2031, Screenshot_20190516-143556….jpg)


Jerusalem Post, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily Telegraph of London, along with more than 140 smaller newspapers

Conrad Black is an ethnic Jew no different from Pelosi. Low IQ tards think these (((Catholics))) can't be Jews.

5ca4de  No.13284384

Oh to live in a country and voted for a president that loves and adores the Jews. What a kick in the balls that must be.

bf2313  No.13284387


>Becoming Henry Kissinger

>a review by Conrad Black


529ce8  No.13284391


Liberal girls reject noone.

bf2313  No.13284395

File: a4a92490160105d⋯.jpg (870.86 KB, 1439x1903, 1439:1903, Screenshot_20190516-144228….jpg)

Conrad Black on Facebook

>December 12, 2017 · 

>This bunk about Israel as an apartheid state is the last gasp of the useful idiots of primeval anti-Semitism. The Jews are the majority, unlike the Afrikaaners; the Arabs have substantial rights; and Israel was not just admitted to the UN, like Canada, the US and other countries were in 1945, but was created by the United Nations as a Jewish state. It is the ultimate, legitimate country.


0e5619  No.13284428


Nice try, shill

bf2313  No.13284429


>Israel is real Goy unlike the Afrikaaners

48645d  No.13284434

File: 58fe79b51200d37⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 403x307, 403:307, 20031757_1364804610301016_….jpg)


They're making their orange goy gimp suck off the other goy gimps.

bf2313  No.13284439


Even if he was white (he's an ethnic Jew) he shouldn't be pardoned. This man has ruined countless lives. When people embezzle tens of if not hundreds of millions of dollars they should be killed. They're no different than bankers.

707ffd  No.13284494


>Even if he was white (he's an ethnic Jew)

Make with the proof rabbi. He married into your tribe, he's not a real jew.

585ab3  No.13284624


>muh librulz


It's time to deport the Israeli president.

585ab3  No.13284631



Go somewhere else if you don't like it here, kike.

000000  No.13285030

Conrad Black was the only one who was saying that Jody Wilson Raybold had no business being attorney general. Maybe because he knows, like I do, that she and her father were blackmailing Trudeau and are members of the Indian Mob organized criminal gang. Gerry Butts and Warren Kinsella too.

Let's see how quickly this is slid now, like the last time this was posted.

000000  No.13285037


>Conrad Black's crimes

Being Roman Catholic while jewing was his only crime.

000000  No.13285051


Spend twenty more years around them and then come back and tell us what a bad shill you were, and that Mr. Brock screamed at you in the elevator after ripping your ID badge off.

Trump knows what he's doing. You know how you don't talk about Fight Club? You don't talk about dealing with them.

008101  No.13285321



008101  No.13285330


No one wants liberal girls, they are gross



008101  No.13285352


This, R_TheDonaldfags have no place on this holy board

6da2c1  No.13285404


Reminder, he has thus far only pardoned KIKES, CRIMINAL KIKES.

9ba117  No.13285418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He revealed his nation during the 2016 rallies.

>Oh shut up silly woman, said the reptile with a grin: You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in (to the white house).

>You're going to say, Mr. President, please, we're tired of winning!

9ba117  No.13285426


*nation -> nature

612b70  No.13285446

File: 69634cc22e4e78d⋯.png (633.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, BibiSofunny.png)


>Trump knows what he's doing. You know how you don't talk about Fight Club? You don't talk about dealing with them.

Meanwhile back at headquarters…

> Here comes election season. Shill Donald on all the goyboards. Remind them of his 6M-d chess ability and imply he will put the shitburgers' interests ahead of his own family–us! AHahahahahahahaha

000000  No.13285455

How many kikes has he pardoned now? What the fuck.

5ca4de  No.13285480

Well your country did vote for him so you will have to deal with it. Imagine though he won a second time round.

33edb5  No.13285566


I've started to notice that actually - so many, SO FUCKING MANY, (((Roman Catholics))) are married to ethnic and religious jews.

The Catholic Church is basically just a wing of Reform Judaism at this point.

33edb5  No.13285570


> Imagine though he won a second time round.

He wont though, because of his own actions and cuckoldry.

In fact, he will likely be the last White president of the US.

e13ba2  No.13285626

Reminder that Matt Hale is still in prison despite committing no crime.


0cecff  No.13285758


I see the Bernie bros are still here.

558fd3  No.13285776


She happily did all the dirty things he ever dreamed of doing.

000000  No.13285803


>Once Conrad's relationship with Barbara had become firmly established, inevitably I saw less of him. The couple forged a life in the club of the international rich, which tends to make its membership at home everywhere, and yet nowhere.

Unsurprisingly, Conrad's telephone calls began to reflect Barbara's views, as well as his own.

>After our fashion editor one day in 1994 proclaimed the death of the miniskirt and the impending descent of hemlines, the chairman rang me to express his own and his wife's scornful dismissal of this prognosis. If our fashion pages knew what was good for them they would renounce any such heresy. Some sort of fudge resulted. On the point of substance, if one can call it that, I rather fancy that Conrad and Barbara were right, as skirts in every high street have continued to testify from that day to this. But the features department staff were understandably dismayed to find themselves under the grill from the chairman on a issue of high fashion. "Shades of Lord Copper again," muttered somebody.

f74ef0  No.13286104

File: 0fd3797b5ab9f6b⋯.jpg (116.18 KB, 700x700, 1:1, der magamensch.jpg)

f4cf65  No.13286111

f4cf65  No.13286119


>Reminder, he has thus far only pardoned KIKES, CRIMINAL KIKES.

Reminder, you are an idiot who doesn't know what the fuck you are talking about.

974585  No.13286247


I feel like Trump's very aware that treating the Jews well is the key to staying in power.

011c02  No.13286253

File: b920e0ad7a034c3⋯.png (227.9 KB, 562x316, 281:158, MAGA-Safe-Think-About-It.PNG)

612b70  No.13286257

File: f2784f345fb1d6d⋯.jpg (67.82 KB, 700x467, 700:467, trumpMIGA.jpg)


>pointing out Trump is up to his eyebrows in kikes in bed with kikes owes kikes married a kike kids married kikes grandkikes means you're a Bernie bro

the_zognald needs your baste bantce gogogo

fc42d5  No.13286267


>The Catholic Church is basically just a wing of Reform Judaism at this point.

The Catholic Church was basically founded as a wing of Reform Judaism

dd72d9  No.13286479

File: 3e276165cc73937⋯.jpg (52.89 KB, 540x804, 45:67, Conrad Black Epstein's Bla….jpg)

He's in Epstein's Black Book, but since his name wasn't circled, unlike the ZOG Emperor, he apparently wasn't fucking underage girls, at least not to the knowledge of the butler or whoever he was.

f4abbc  No.13286693


Its working. People at work who are straight leftist sensationalist retards openely admitted…in a social drink settin… They dont want to live around kikes. Well they used the word jews but i say kike. Normies are waking up. Trump was still the right choice and will be for 2020 unless hitler is reincarnated.

23b469  No.13286704



How many times must it be pointed out that you goyim are slaves to us Jews?

5ab1b3  No.13286713



Whether or not he works for the interest of the Western World is irrelevant. He is now buffoon enough, and the wizardry of the chans strong enough, to Will whatever the fuck benefits Aryans on the back end of his idiocy.

Media is dead. Memes rule.

The lemmings wake.

Get in the way, anon.

It's that simple.

5ab1b3  No.13286718

File: 4288f6176b0060c⋯.jpeg (152.15 KB, 500x825, 20:33, We'reComing.jpeg)


Point it out all you like, yid.

No one is listening to you anymore. That's why you're here. You're afraid. Chutzpa isn't going to save you this time. There is no where left to hide.

We're coming.

b65a78  No.13286723

File: 747b8cb0c1d932f⋯.png (634.73 KB, 584x1094, 292:547, shkreli.png)

File: c7b3ac5b2965a5e⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 1200x370, 120:37, DQuNJrUUQAA041c.jpg)

File: 994897105d36195⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 480x320, 3:2, martin-shkreli.jpg)

File: 7616fe73c5008d4⋯.jpg (40.9 KB, 800x534, 400:267, bruh.jpg)

File: 1d1bfc2d2c1ead5⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 900x500, 9:5, martinskreli2.jpg)


33edb5  No.13286727


You're still doing this LARP shit eh?

23b469  No.13286729


>No one is listening to you anymore

Yeah except the US president and every other goy

23b469  No.13286738


All you nazis do is say "LARP" and "jew" all day. It would be sad if it weren't so damn funny

5ab1b3  No.13286740

File: 65448c98c0462d9⋯.png (410.75 KB, 802x500, 401:250, ClipboardImage.png)



You actually believe that changes anything?

That's cute.

23b469  No.13286741


>gets full pardon

<y-you actually believe that changes anything??

<w-who cares if you get everything you want and that we're slaves to Jews??


5ab1b3  No.13286742


Keep nervously giggling.

It will help change things.

You promise.

23b469  No.13286752


Why would I be nervous? I just woke up to another great day in Israel. None of you can touch me

5ab1b3  No.13286753


All of your "pardons" and paper "laws" are going to burn, jew. How do you not understand this yet?

This proves you're already extinct. You can't even see it coming, you delusional psychopath.

I love this timeline.

5ab1b3  No.13286757


Do you not own a map?

d56d31  No.13286763

I'm not a fan of 12 dimensional chess anymore. Hitler chess is better, just knock the jewish chess pieces of the board.

23b469  No.13286764



>You can't see it coming

<do you not own a map?

Oh so you mean the worse-than-the-average-goy arabs at our gates? They can't do shit to us either.

cebc02  No.13286782


>Conrad Black

Searching yields too much spam and repeated disinfo-speak. Please provide some bread crumb keywords, so as to see past the media parade?

What did he do/cause? Pull a few Sears-Holding vs Sears-Stockholders/Employees games? i.e. Conflated and used his position as chair to loot "his" own corporations' assets (variant 1) or leave the corporation saddled with the debt of purchasing spin-offs that he advised because he first acquired the spin-off (variant 2). But which is it, how was it done, where is the ledger? Page after page, site after site, I just keep seeing the exact same sentences and phrases… I can't seem to find a first person account of what he did.

As an aside, why is it the Canadians, and the British, and the Canadian-British, and the Royal-Kikery characters are all over this? The anglojew radar is going off – but this too seems added on afterwards. Where the hell are the articles of dissent from back then? Purged? NeoGoogled?

Ignoring both an actual first story of account, and the dripping-with-circlejerk anglokike media, is the complaint that CB (CMB?) turned and helped Trump with various media and a book (either as "jumped on that train opportunistically" or "was genuine"). So now there's butthurt over being released from previous sentencing? Which, if this is the case, how the hell did he manage so much media messaging and a book, from supposedly prison? Couldn't have been that imprisoned. Not like he was punished then, was he? If the butthurt is over "release", where is the butthurt over "never being bound in the first place"?


Gibbs please. Need more info.

Thank you in advance.

5ab1b3  No.13286785



Once the pretense for "rules" are dropped, and ignored…

By all means, though, keep deluding yourself into emotional keeps. You'll corner yourselves like the rats you are.

Like I said. I'm loving this timeline.

23b469  No.13286792


You goyim don't dare change anything. You love being slaves to Jews. You keep proving it. The only ones that consistently fight us are the arabs and that's only because they're too dumb to stop. I'll give the rest of the goyim credit, they're smart enough to know when they're beaten

3b00de  No.13286801


Haven't you noticed the rising tide of antisemitism, and the desperate attempts to suppress it? How do you think you will survive without the meat shield of the USA?

23b469  No.13286817


As someone who lives here, Israel has more than enough to survive and thrive without any US intervention. I've been over this before, but we don't even renew the money that comes over to us every year, because we actually don't need it. The US renews it for us. Israel also keeps several different international currencies, so we can trade in any global market. We don't need weapons either, plenty are manufactured here and we already have massive stockpiles.

There's nothing you can do at this point. You're going to have to accept Israel and Jews.

5ab1b3  No.13286825


We didn't know we were supposed to be "fighting" you. I thought you were poor, genocided pussies, who needed our protection, and generosity? Had we known you were going to stab us in the back in our sleep with 100 blades, we would have walked Hitler to your front door ourselves, yid.

Your plague will be eradicated.

OUR universe screams for the balance.

Don't blame us, jew.

We're only following Natural Order.

5ab1b3  No.13286833


Yes. Sleep.

3b00de  No.13286835

File: c10ddd3e5ec572f⋯.png (60.89 KB, 1331x221, 1331:221, israel-wont-fight.PNG)


>Less than 80% of recruits do their duty, of the remainder, only 30% make it to combat units, much less stay there

23b469  No.13286846


Lol you know nothing, Israel is in a constant state of vigilance. We're never sleeping, truly.


The above goes for you as well.

>muh anon post!

From someone that only hates Jews and has never been to Israel. What a source, you got me

cebc02  No.13286848



Who was Conrad Black? Was he a guy that got Jewed, and then turn-coated onto his fellow man / Jewed for the Jews because of Serial Widower Jewtit? Was he a rube Churchill from the very beginning, getting serially duped by jewtits?

? https://spectator.us/ballad-conrad-black/

>Intermixed with an erratic career in journalism were a number of husbands, of whom Conrad Black was the fourth. When the newspaper tycoon became romantically involved with her 14 years ago, he still had about him the air of a man who had won the pools. His purchase of the Daily Telegraph for £18 million in 1986 had unexpectedly made him quite rich, and enormously influential. But he did not yet know how to make full use of his newly acquired status.

Need more information.

3b00de  No.13286860


That's an Israeli flag in the screencap and I have no reason to doubt what he says is accurate.



23b469  No.13286866


>dumb nazi doesn't know how VPNs or proxies work


cebc02  No.13286897


deda89  No.13286898


>Israel is in a constant state of vigilance.

Happens when you Immorally occupy a place you have no genetic heritage to.

3b00de  No.13286901


You've already given me the hasbara for the screencap. Now you have to give me the bullshit explanation for the Brick report. You're stuck on stupid.

33edb5  No.13286956


Well to you, yeah, but you're a LARPing jew so what do you expect faggot?

33edb5  No.13286958



You've contributed nothing to this thread and were actively disruptive. Why do you do this?

Now you're going to claim its because the board is already dead? Then go to cuckchan you fucking loser, its way more active.

Why do you sit here, and LARP as a White guy when you aren't shitposting as an open jew, and then complain when you get called out? Are you just that much of a faggot that this is how you get your fucking jollies m8?

God damn you are fucking pathetic.

558fd3  No.13286964


Before the internet I used to read the national post and the Globe and Mail every morning. Horrible. I no longer have to think about assholes like Black.

cebc02  No.13287019


From this >>13286897 2007 BBC-esque like production, it appears that CB was a rube his entire life, that he did surround himself with nepotistic 'yes' men, and that all those yes-cannibals surprisingly agreed on one thing: "yes, eat all the things, so we can eat you." In this way, he rode a loot-box-bubble to the top, and only ran out when the accounts couldn't be serially looted; IE account mechanics at one scale do not scale to another size – players learn, companies and lawyers wise up, and the USA business men (unlike the Canadians and British), will insist on actual ownership-upon-before-and-after-sale. So unlike the cuck places where he made his initial dutch/Sears looting game, he failed to sense when the context, size, scope, and all other mechanics within changed. Once the bigger USA companies said "what the fuck no," the rest (the husks he faux-ownership-sold) clawed him back from inside. Essentially, he surrounded himself with exactly that that plagues Britannia: The Anglocuck and Anglokike, and then abdicated his duty to Man. It appears that he was of Mankind, but was straddling the line, in and out, and capitulated.

And then he actually obstructed justice. So there's that too.

In light of all this, the most important part was stopping this behavior and placing a black spot to ensure inability to commit ownership confabulation from a nepotistic cannibal (an international kike, by behavior), which was already done. So long as the black spot stays with CB, CB is already served his utility to the kikes using rubes to rob nations and states, and will be cast aside. That Trump is releasing CB, I hope is being used to plot and position for at least some damnable value.

Regardless, it seems like a nothing burger. End this last squeeze of water from a dried husk rock, etc.

Something is coming. It is just outside of my ability to see it, but I can still sense it. Yes, things are/have/continue to escalate. But something predicted is different from something arriving. This is different. And stories like CB seem like distraction. We all know this. We all have seen what's been happening.

Time to get back to work.

cebc02  No.13287029



85dd13  No.13287106


The real question is: Was he always like this or is he just easily fooled?

Funny that people called me paranoid for being very suspicious about Qushner.

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