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File: af8296dfce21975⋯.jpg (149.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

6f71db  No.13284068


Alabama gov signs abortion ban…

Missouri Senate passes…

Louisiana next…

More states coming…

Pendulum moving…

Race to topple Roe at Supreme Court…

Laws could backfire…









Other states are already pursuing and defending laws to ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

“This is not just about Alabama. We are seeing these extreme bills being introduced across the country,” said Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen in a call with reporters Wednesday. “These extreme bans banning abortions at six weeks or earlier, before women even know we’re pregnant, is happening in 16 states.”

Alabama’s bill, which Wen called the most extreme abortion ban since the landmark Roe v. Wade case guaranteed a national right to abortion in 1973, would go farther than the approach taken in many other red states. The legislation would ban abortion at any stage of pregnancy, unless needed to save the life of the woman, and has no exceptions for rape or incest. Abortion providers who violate these terms could be charged with a felony and punished for up to 99 years in prison.


“It is clearer than ever that Roe is far from being settled law in the eyes and hearts of the American people, and this is increasingly reflected in state legislatures. The American people want a fresh debate and a new direction, achieved by consensus and built on love for both mothers and babies,” said SBA List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser in a statement. “The time is coming for the Supreme Court to let that debate go forward.”


6f71db  No.13284103

File: 0b5207b19bfc755⋯.jpg (307.44 KB, 1720x993, 1720:993, Untitled.jpg)

Alabama governor invokes God in banning nearly all abortions

Gov. Kay Ivey said the law she signed Wednesday is a testament to the belief that “every life is a sacred gift from God.”

Democrats and abortion rights advocates call it a slap in the face to roasties everywhere.


6f71db  No.13284121

Red states compete to topple Roe with pro-life bills aimed at Supreme Court

When and if the Supreme Court does agree to hear a challenge to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Republican state Rep. Terri Collins wants to see it come from Alabama.

Her bill effectively banning abortion in nearly all circumstances was signed Wednesday by Gov. Kay Ivey, making Alabama one of almost a dozen states this year to approve sweeping pro-life legislation as Republicans jump on the overturn-Roe bandwagon barreling toward the Supreme Court.

Such bills have almost no chance of surviving the inevitable lower-court challenges, but that’s the point. Republican lawmakers are spoiling for a legal fight, hoping that their state’s pro-life bill will become the vehicle for the high court’s 5-4 conservative majority to put the brakes on Roe.


7c8857  No.13284194


Good. Ten million dead niggers isn't worth one dead white child. If we "win" but becomes soulless bug men like the chinks and the Jews, then it's no victory at all. We are unique BECAUSE we have empathy and value life, while they do not.

The Jew wants to win, but if he can't, then he wants to make white men just like him. We can't let that happen. Racially-aware Nationalists have to stand against abortion, because throwing your own unborn children into a meat grinder just to get some of the enemy's children thrown in as well is the defination of a Pyrrhic victory. It's not enough to hate the enemy; you have to love your own people as well. Only edgy manchildren support abortion because niggerdeath.

The elderly Boomers can use whatever bullshit "God loves all colors" nonsense they want to sell this, I don't give a damn. All that matters is that it passes. If God loved niggers he wouldn't have made them niggers, but let the Boomers believe what they want. It's too late to change or save them now.

24979b  No.13284204

Bama anon here. All this will do is further turn Alabama blue. We elected a Blue Senator to take Sessions seat because Trumplestein is a kike puppet who had mouthed sessions and we don't like that shit. All of his broken promises on immigration and the wall and everything else too. Most Bama voters are tired of the New York Shabbos Goy and his shit. That said boomers here are the only ones who are anti-Abortion.

18 Million niggers have been aborted thanks to Roe vs Wade. If you're too stupid to realize this is a good thing then you may as well get gassed.

6f71db  No.13284250


>18 Million niggers have been aborted thanks to Roe vs Wade

are you too much of a faggot to string them on trees or are you afraid of the police were you to do so? Were it not for the police would you?

e0735b  No.13284290

amazing if true, so much fake news. this could be a russian plot but if true will have global ramifications for white whores

426544  No.13284330

>guarantee a national right

I hate women's pipul like the kike's… nothing is worst than a kike woman though

7c8857  No.13284345


>Bama anon here. All this will do is further turn Alabama blue.

You aren't voting your way out of your problems, nigger. A blue vote is a vote for kikes, and a red vote is a vote for kikes. Stop letting kikes murder white babies so you can avoid having to face the Rhodesian reality for a few years longer.


>are you too much of a faggot to string them on trees or are you afraid of the police were you to do so? Were it not for the police would you?

He is a coward who is perfectly willing to allow millions of white infants be slaughtered on an industrial scale as long as some arbitrarily larger number of niggers are as well, and he justifies it because he genuinely believes "flipping a state" red or blue means anything whatsoever. Jewish Communists or Jewish Capitalists, either way is white genocide and white disenfranchisement. Either way, the enemy wins.

Pencil-necked rat finks like him would be first in line to be gulaged for wrongthink if he ever got the hard Republican Alabama he so desperately wants.

f3af21  No.13284346

File: ec4f0340e28d91b⋯.png (162.23 KB, 540x433, 540:433, b51fe3dcf62551d0a78e9aecee….png)


Every single nigger in the world is collectively worth less than any single white child. The entirety of all non whites in the world is worth less than any single white life. These are basic principles of ethno-nationalism.

Fuck off schlomo.

000000  No.13284347



You really think white females that want to get an abortion won't pay for one illegally done by some asian or south american?

7c8857  No.13284355


>agrees with me completely

>"Fuck off schlomo."

Your reading comprehension is pajeet tier. .

000000  No.13284362






f3af21  No.13284364

File: 6d622b2d5297068⋯.jpg (55.54 KB, 720x573, 240:191, 1557154812240.jpg)


I read clearly enough. Having empathy for racial enemies or exporting white/aryan values laws ect onto non whites is the exact sort of altruism that is the heart of our problems. Our system is for whites and no one else.

Advocating the subjection of non whites to our system is the foundation of political Judaism.

438c9d  No.13284371

>whites a minority

>"job done, now - mass niggers and immigrants!"

a42055  No.13284373


This is bait.

They're trying to create some sort of controversy as they enter the election cycle, get us talking about abortion instead of israel or foreign policy in general, let alone immigration.

This shit will get shot down by the libshit SCOTUS. Its a waste of time, aimed to get your jimmies rustled so you buy back into the false dichotomy of bluejew vs redjew.

ea728b  No.13284374

Abortion is only justified in cases of rape, incest, severe physical/mental defects, or if the baby isn't white.

b50c05  No.13284382



I don't think you care nor do you have the concern I feel. Im my lifetime having provided for two different females needs, and financial support amounting to no less than 40k a piece when they became pregnant they both aborted the children. The last one I FUCKING BEGGED I'd raise it upon it's birth, you need not worry ever about it, I wanted a child, and that roastie cunt, after days of begging sent me a picture of a chemically induced aborted fetus in a toilet bowl, when I called the police, they told me it was her right.


000000  No.13284396


>roastie did bad thing

>let's flood the world with niggers

You fucking faggot. The law should be that the father of the child gets a saying in the abortion too. If the female wants to abort she should pay moral reparations to the father.


b50c05  No.13284398




fce048  No.13284399


How is more nigger babies "FILTHY JEWS BTFO"?

2aa605  No.13284405


jews are going to flood this thread, and make it a race issue instead of a life issue.

a532e2  No.13284412


>make it a race issue

It is a race issue. The only people who think it is a life issue are braindead cretins who worship a kike.

000000  No.13284415



It's only going to negatively impact black womyn.


That's rough, dude. Go to Ukraine and get you a White breeder.

a42055  No.13284416


Sounds like you're a fucking idiot tbh man. Any woman who would do the shit you just described undoubtedly put off alarm bells from several counties away, but you went in without a rubber anyway. Fool that you are.

That said…




At the expense of great evil performed, and millions of White babies dead as well.

If you support abortion for the sake of pest control, you are the smol-brayned pleb.

39706e  No.13284417


>I am a jew

Okay, moishe.


It's a race issue, you stupid fucking faggot.

2aa605  No.13284419


3 million niggers are in jail, they all need to be killed, cops do not enjoy dealing with them and Americans need to be ok'ed to shoot them on sight, all the while white babies are born. Shit is getting way the fuck out of hand, jews need to be killed in the street, frankly law enforcement is no longer a friend to law abiding citizens, so I hope sooner, rather than later I can watch day of the rope play out on my TV. I think that would then free up everyone to take up arms in this country since a redress of grievances has become so god damn fucking jewed..

ae2482  No.13284420

>not allowing rape babies to be aborted

Nigger tier behavior of rape shouldn't be a viable option for passing on your genes.

000000  No.13284424


>pay repairations to the father


Pay up sluts !!!



2aa605  No.13284426



>It's a race issue, you stupid fucking faggot.

then kill the adults you fucking faggot instead of killing infants. What a fucking coward you jews are.

426544  No.13284436


>this is your brain in gynocentrism

You sound like a woman. The rapist is more moral than the woman who wants to abort his baby.

2aa605  No.13284437




more jews

and more jews

and even more jews

why have jews been thrown out of 1,000+ countries?

because they are jews

e80386  No.13284440

File: 9d26d5f8020f1f6⋯.png (1.1 MB, 700x750, 14:15, disapproving elsa.png)



>implying christians are the only ones supporting the ban

No, tornigger. That you support a literal blood sacrifice that kikes make in the name of THEIR god with each baby aborted speaks of your own worthless kikery. Niggers will nig, and the nigresses will find other ways to abort it (Hopefully ending their own miserable lives in the process!), while white women will actually be deterred outside of the brainless feminists who will go the way of their nigger counterparts. So fuck off with your blatant D&C faggotry.

000000  No.13284443

just saw a map of the states with heartbeat bills, abortion bans, and abortion expansions and it is clear they are sending the nogs to other states.

Incoming migration of southern blacks to rural and coastal states such as Oregon and Montana

426544  No.13284445



ChuckE2009 posted the screencap of abortion being a jew/satanic ritual

426544  No.13284453


Oregon is one of the most degenerate states

a42055  No.13284454


>why have jews been thrown out of 1,000+ countries?

>because they are jews

No, not the case.

They were thrown out because THEY ARE EVIL. Granted, they are EVIL because they are JEWS. Jews being evil, and all.

But they weren't thrown out merely for being jewish, that undermines the argument - they were thrown out for being evil.

000000  No.13284460



If getting rid of niggers takes the coming of the Antichrist doing mass sacrifices of niggers babies then it's worth it.

ae2482  No.13284462

File: 2940a8c7b1f629d⋯.png (205.49 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1213595884763.png)


>I'm sorry, Mr. Anon. But your wife was attacked by a nigger last night on her jog and got pregnant with a mulatto mutt. The law requires this spawn be allowed its full 9 months and then walk the world as a half mocking parody of a subhuman and the woman you love. That's life. Praise be the kike on a stick!

a42055  No.13284467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll go even further: I want niggers to have more niglets.

I want abortion made illegal.

<but then there'll be way more niggers!


That's what I want.

Look at how violent and insane things are with the niggers we have. Now imagine a 50% increase in the number of niggers born each year.

It would be like throwing gas on a fire. And that's exactly what I want.

Vid related.

Let the fire rise.

0dcd58  No.13284469

Isn’t it more economically efficient not to step on people’s choices in this way? Abortion rates have been declining naturally for years.

*checks Alabama abortion rate*

Hm. Looks like the rate in Alabama has been creeping up for some years now.

It’s almost like abortion is a thing few people really like. Many people merely tolerate it. It’s like graffiti, I think. Most graffiti isn’t guerilla muraling that improves its neighborhood. The rate needs to trend in the right direction, though it’s hard to engineer that.

I think in a low-tech area like Alabama it would be especially hard to engineer declining abortion rates. Alabama has high child mortality and a relative scarcity of good medical services. Improved access to services will tend (at least initially) to increase abortion rates. This probably ought to be leaned into on grounds of inevitability and light-past-the-tunnel, but it creates a politically discomfiting transition.

Heavy abortion restrictions in Alabama haven’t stopped the rate from creeping up. It’s counterintuitive, but after the Supreme Court slaps this down, Alabama should consider permitting telemedicine to be used for abortions. Maximizing the productivity of a few providers undermines the broad base of provision skills in the economy and accelerates cultural and genetic drift contrary to provision and acquisition of abortion services.

a42055  No.13284471


Nah, you're just short sighted. Many plebs are, so don't take it personally.

You just don't see the full picture.

Or else you're one of these idiots who thinks he can save this mess without burning it all down. And if you're one of those, well, you're an idiot.

Birth the niggers, and let the fire rise.

590abb  No.13284472

>but but but niggers will reproduce

Then cut welfare and abortion, jesus christ its not fucking rocket science.

a42055  No.13284478


No, its not rocket science, its politics.

Understandable a pleb wouldn't understand.

See, to get rid of welfare or abortion, you'd need to sell that in the legislature and judiciary. And you can't. Because they're owned by kikes and special interest groups.

You don't have the political power to shut those things down - how do you not realize this?

fac065  No.13284479

Good. At the end of the day race is pretty much meaningless. Only kikes are proud of race. What matters are morals and jews have none. With God's help we will push their apartheid state in Palestine back to the sea.

000000  No.13284484


So what you're saying is that.. the Antichrist will be a nigger which was not aborted?


Fuck that. Make it legal to hunt down niggers like the animals that they are.

fce048  No.13284486


>Then cut welfare

What do you mean "then"? You're not talking to the Alabama legislature faggot.

fce048  No.13284491


>Make it legal to hunt down niggers

In the meantime banning abortions is just going to increase their births disproportionately to whites.

a42055  No.13284495


>the Antichrist will be a nigger which was not aborted?

I'm fine with that. But then, I'm not a jewish 'christian' so…

Point being, I want acceleration. More niggers will bring acceleration.

If you think Black crime redpills people, then you should want more niggers around, as at this point, its all burning down anyway.

I think more niggers will mean more redpilled White people. And that's what I'm after.

426544  No.13284499

((( >>13284462 )))

What is a woman jogging (probably in yoga pants) doing in the middle of the night?

It seems to be like a win-win, the nigger is now responsible for that whore.

In Pompeii, they found at least 1 woman with jewelry (married and rich) in the chambers of the gladiators… wonder what a rich WHITE woman was doing there

426544  No.13284500

c47e55  No.13284505

File: 7806b02d3c81427⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 301x351, 301:351, 1440536046573-2.jpg)

>Jews purposely shilling the nigger angle when niggers have never ever threatened to replace whites demographically

>at a time when whites are facing a huge demographic crisis from peoples that don't get abortions

Every Time

fce048  No.13284510


>the nigger is now responsible for that whore.

That's not what happens in practice.

fce048  No.13284513


This doesn't help whites if it forces them to have interracial marriages, does it?

a42055  No.13284517


Also this, yes.

>oy vey goy, if you dont murder tens of thousands of white babies, the nigger population will rise a little bit!

Which is only a valid narrative if you're some kind of cuckservative who thinks he's going to turn this all around with debate and rhetoric.

000000  No.13284519

RISUG is being (((suppressed))) by pharmakikes to preserve their multi-billion shekel interests.

There is no need for abortion when men control their own fertility.


a42055  No.13284526

File: 2db4c5570565d64⋯.jpg (446.68 KB, 1783x1997, 1783:1997, Muh Racemixing 2.jpg)


>forces them to have interracial marriages

How, precisely, does it do that?

074901  No.13284527



State Law has not ever over ruled Federal Law. Ever. This is pointless showboating and playacting.

426544  No.13284530


Kill the whore after the baby is born

a42055  No.13284532


>State Law has not ever over ruled Federal Law. Ever. This is pointless showboating and playacting.

Its not.



Its cuckservatives once again starting a fight they fully intend to lose, to drag the conversation back into safe waters.

55cf6d  No.13284539




0dcd58  No.13284542

Abortion disrupts the propagation of genetic and epigenetic factors that lead people to get abortions. Which factors are those? Well, which populations get abortions? Therefore, how does abortion impact long-term population genetic and epigenetic quality?

We can and should continue researching genetics to find ways to improve the genetic quality of people already alive, but we also shouldn’t interfere with voluntary non-reproduction. Abortions are largely sought by people who have not found stable, prosperous living conditions. It is a misfit phenomenon whereby people voluntarily and without feeling the least bit excluded opt to not produce more children who also will not fit in. Abortion is an inclusion that makes future inclusivity easier.

Furthermore, many individuals who get abortions have already had one or more children, and what those individuals are doing is concentrating their resources onto fewer children. Abortion is a k-strategic technology that supports tighter bonding between parents and their children.

a42055  No.13284543


Theres already efforts underway in this non-case to make exceptions for rape and incest, so that argument is pretty much invalid.

a42055  No.13284549


>We can and should continue researching genetics to find ways to improve the genetic quality of people already alive, but we also shouldn’t interfere with voluntary non-reproduction.

I'm fine with letting bitches self-sterilize themselves, but no, I'm not okay with them being allowed to murder their unborn children out of inconvenience, which is the REALITY of most abortions amongst Whites in particular.

>Abortions are largely sought by people who have not found stable, prosperous living conditions

In another, saner age, perhaps, but now? Nonsense. And quite frankly, that sort of mentality is killing us as a people.

>conditions aren't perfect for me at this instant? Well then i better kill my baby!

This shit is terrible. You can cry all you want about eugenics, but if you're promoting the permission of your own women to murder their offspring with medical assistance - and sometimes at taxpayer expense! - then you're basically a fucking idiot who doesn't understand how sacrificing the soul of your people for pest control is a dogshit bullet to the brain.

fce048  No.13284553



426544  No.13284557


>deporting Aryans


825e3f  No.13284560


I hate them so much. Based on the discussions in these threads I have decided the christians must die first on DOTR for us to accomplish anything

a42055  No.13284572


Hate to say it, but this is basically my sentiment as well.

Christianity is jewish swill and its another factor in the death of our people.

Then again, so is legalized abortion.

44f004  No.13284579


Value life.

It took me 20 years to fully articulate this and I will post a whole speech later;

The actual care for the well-being is individuals instead of just appearances is a white only thing and rarely found in India, Persia, east Asia. The concepts are voids I’m the languages of many Africans and asians.

Concepts of loving life.

Of function over form.

Of caring about actual well being rather than just a self reward ie park).

5df6a8  No.13284580


> Abortions are largely sought by people who have not found stable, prosperous living conditions.

abortions are sought by all young people afraid of the responsibilities of adulthood. When a man and a women have a child they buckle the down, and raise the children, they become adult, not nomadic hedonists buying mountain bikes at 43 years of age to roll to a rock concert. Jew know this about human nature, and they will use all they know as a deviant class to undermine you making it all sound oh so reasonable, and guilt free.

b3ac27  No.13284596


Go work a farm.

Too many animals is too many fucking animals.

Shit. Nothing but shit.

Cull the fucking herd.

a42055  No.13284606


The herd doesn't need culled, it needs to recognize itself as a herd and stop allowing itself to be taken advantage of by parasites.

0dcd58  No.13284617



Seriously? Go find meaning in life! Everything good is hedonism by definition! Are you pleased to build a house? That’s hedonism, you immature fool!

Also, your reading comprehension sucks. Most abortions aren’t of a first child. Even if your bizarre stone age viral replicant perspective were correct, it’s not a valid objection to what I said.

cb5e15  No.13284620


Kek the same god who taught bishops how to miscarry women. I dont care about abortion but atleast know the basics of your religion.

a42055  No.13284632

File: 6dc7346536501a3⋯.png (49.34 KB, 1246x430, 623:215, ClipboardImage.png)


>Everything good is hedonism by definition!

Oh christ this faggot… No joke, you should kill yourself. Do it with heroin and it'll feel great. Best experience ever. Maybe you can have some sloppy whore with HPV suck you off and choke you with a cord as you fade into nothingness of pleasure.

And all that matters is that something feels good, right? Not any accomplishments associated with it, right?

Just your fee-fees and cummies.

>Most abortions aren’t of a first child

Do you have a single satisfact to snack that up?

b3ac27  No.13284634



True Love is knowing what must be done to protect, and manage your healthiest, most valuable stock.

It's ugly business.

You can't mix your beasts. You can't allow the beasts to procreate out of control. You can't waste time and energy on the sick and infectious. You can't waste limited resources if you can't manage the numbers.

Death and disease is all you get if you act like a Kumbaya bitch like you.

The ratmaze cities are beyond culling.

Only fire can disinfect this plague.

Welcome to Planet Earth.

Demoralize yourself, and face to bloodshed, faggot.

a42055  No.13284639


>True Love is knowing what must be done to protect, and manage your healthiest, most valuable stock.

<thats why i should kill my best stock

Seems legit.

You're fucking stupid.

0dcd58  No.13284641

Seriously, this modern society is crap because it ejected pleasure. Community gatherings with participatory activities were replaced by nightclubs. People who eat too much sugar can’t taste it anymore; people who drink too much aren’t conscious to enjoy the alcohol anymore. I’m too hedonistic to get blackout drunk, and I support sugar taxes for the same reason.

a42055  No.13284653

File: ac0128145bf20b9⋯.jpg (522.96 KB, 2617x1374, 2617:1374, NDD.JPG)


>Seriously, this modern society is crap because it ejected pleasure.

>Community gatherings with participatory activities were replaced by nightclubs.

<abandoning community for maximal pursuit of hedonistic pleasure

>People who eat too much sugar can’t taste it anymore

<abandoning nutrition in favor of maximal pursuit of hedonistic pleasure

>people who drink too much aren’t conscious to enjoy the alcohol anymore.

<overcome with pursuit of hedonistic pleasure to the point of self-destruction

kys you NDD spambot faggot

b3ac27  No.13284659


>mobs of fuckwitted degenerates, brainwashed beyond all help.

>best stock

Why are you fucking kikes stuck in a world of logical fallacies? It's just plain stupid. It breaks all conversation.

I just explained my entire point, with a concise analogy.

Your strawman is nonsense, and you should kill yourself faggot.

2f3fc9  No.13284661


You mean these whores my even have to pay the consequences of being whores…

And what will become of the new organ factory racket known as planned parenthood?

a42055  No.13284675


>mobs of fuckwitted degenerates, brainwashed beyond all help.

You were one of those once, so your rhetoric remains toothless. If you could change, so can others. And if they couldn't, then you're just as much trash as they are.

>I just explained my entire point, with a concise analogy.

And your point was garbage you kike faggot.

a42055  No.13284684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



IOW: I'm gonna kill the fucking bear and if you don't help me, if you try to kill my people because they aren't perfect or didn't reach the same conclusions as you as fast as you did, so help me Gods, I'll kill you too, in a film starring a Baldwin on a private Minecraft server.

5df6a8  No.13284701


most young white females, their very first pregnancy elect to have abortion, this was once the foundation of families, with the husband lamenting his lost dreams, and the wife doing the same, but confidant in the knowledge they loved their children and it was all worth it.

jews know this oh so well, I once wanted to be an astronaut but I raised 5 children instead, do I regret any minute of it? NO…… I love my children. My life has been worth it, compared to a roastie whore drinking boxed wine on a Thursday night. Jews know human nature and they will use it against you every minute of your waking day on every single media platform they control..

77b90f  No.13284709


>But your wife was attacked by a nigger last night on her jog and got pregnant with a mulatto mutt

My wife would be in chastity at all times and wouldn't be jogging at night

a42055  No.13284710


Now you're cross-thread spamming?

I'm sure the mods will do something about this when I report this same spam post in another thread.



a42055  No.13284716


Still waiting for that kike to back up his claim.


b3ac27  No.13284733


Stop projecting. I actually had a Father, and a loving family, you punk nigger. I was raised with roots. My values have always held firm. Another empty logical fallacy in place of intelligence.

I was raised around animals. Where do you think the tricks to keep you sheep in order came from?

You're a fucking worthless, ratmaze dwelling degenerate, fully accepting of being stacked into boxes with the other milk cows, and pushing your little labor button for pellets, that you trade for poisoned feed, treats, and trinkets. You're demoralized and docile. You likely need culling yourself.

I'll say it again, faggot.

You can't mix your beasts. You can't allow wild beasts to jump your borders, and rape your prized stock, and eat their calves. You can't waste resources on the sick and infected. You can't allow your beasts to procreate beyond your management. etc, on into rational logic of the Natural Order of the fucking world you live in faggot. This shouldn't even need explanation.

Now, if we were ALL wild beasts, running around like Injuns, then the long, slow, natural culling of predation would take it's course, and survival of the fittest would rule the day.

Instead we keep worthless retards like you alive to lick windows, and whine to those who keep your dumbass mouth breathing that we're all "too mean".

You don't even exist without men with my mindset, you pitiful housepet.

Go, and don't come back, and hide when we get there, faggot.

5df6a8  No.13284746


>You mean these whores my even have to pay the consequences of being whores…

here is what a lot, and I do mean a lot of young women do not understand, I am not and old guy, and my information is only anecdotal at best but of the few females I have ventured into relationships with 2 of them had been rendered sterile due to abortions, not that I ever wanted to know how because at the time I thought it gross pussy female stuff but of the 7, 2 sterile from abortions, point being abortions are not only about the aborted child but also about rendering the female sterile for life, this means a 19 year old girl will be unable to produce children at 29, when she is married and more stable. Does she sue the jew abortionist after the fact? no, it's something she lives with quietly.

a42055  No.13284752


>i was always perfect

Shut the fuck up you underhanded scumbag of a loser. You probably had a single mother raising you which is why you're so ass-ravaged and want to murder White people instead of getting rid of the parasites plaguing them.

Your commentary is nothing but assmad kvetching because you know as well as I do that you weren't born redpilled and probably weren't raised that way either. You came that way through hard struggle of the mind - and if you didn't, who gives a shit? You are but one of many who reached these conclusions, and most did not follow this fable your relay as though anyone would believe it.

You are a miserable traitor to your kin, viewing them as nothing more than livestock. You are, in short, basically a jew.

a42055  No.13284763


Guess time to report this one too.


5df6a8  No.13284767


>You probably had a single mother raising you

projecting faggot, disregard this reddit poster

a42055  No.13284768


Thanks for letting me know how badly that triggered you.

5df6a8  No.13284774


this is your 24th post, are you working a thread Chaim?

b3ac27  No.13284776


More extreme logical fallacies, faggot?

This is all so tiresome.

Notice, anons. This is how it goes, round, and round.


Because you can't. You're a mindless, brainwashed, Commie faggot.

Go take a nap.

a42055  No.13284779


>you posted too many times!

Eat a dick kike.


You are tiresome as fuck loser.

Tell us all more about how you were born redpilled and anyone who didn't reach the same conclusions you did at the same speed is just cull-worthy livestock.

You might as well call us fucking goyim and just drop the act.

a42055  No.13284780


Cool. Reported.

a42055  No.13284784

Kek, and of course the report queue is full.

How could it not be when our mods are dog-pilling threads to defend abortion.

It really is all so tiresome.

53b42f  No.13284793

Slow down lads.

Slow down.

We know that nothing has changed about the kiked nature of government.

So the only question which should remain, is why are they pretending that this is some kind of reverse-watershed?

What's the cultural marxists' end-game?

Obviously it's not repealment of maximum abortion freedom.


5df6a8  No.13284795


kike? just because you seem deranged in your comments. I'd suggest you take several deep breaths, stick your finger up your ass, twist it around, then taste it, calm the fuck down looney. of all I have read of your comments, at first you seemed sentient, whoever what caused you to lose your composure……… of this I do not know, we all knows jews are crazed lunatics so if you do not want to be called a jew squeeze you balls real hard, calm the fuck down, and man up.

b3ac27  No.13284796

File: 6d5292c20177ddb⋯.jpeg (37.98 KB, 600x417, 200:139, BerzerkerRider.jpeg)


You're busted. Everyone here is pointing and laughing. Learn how the fuck language works before coming into a realm like this and embarrassing your arrogant, ignorant ass in front of everyone for posterity.

You are a weak, frail, and degenerated branch of our Ancestry. You are goyim by your own choices, and whining, bitch. Your faggotry, and all like you, will be removed for the betterment of the rest of us, unless between now and then you can SIG yourself into a prized Boar. This is Planet Earth. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Now go. Stay go.

53b42f  No.13284803

File: eb9c035e61c4a29⋯.jpg (37.25 KB, 600x365, 120:73, abortion-by-education-leve….jpg)

File: 1cc22d9f67b7a48⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 600x396, 50:33, abortion-by-ethnicity.jpg)

File: ed825410588a16f⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 600x340, 30:17, abortion-by-number-of-prev….jpg)


Wrong on all counts.

Abortion is sought by women not people, dickheadwho value other things higher than being a mother.

It really is that simple.

>how did they come to value career/education/festivals/getting drunk every weekend over being a mother?

The jew.

a42055  No.13284806




40cccd  No.13284808


Fact is that these deranged feminists have no backing the population and they are generally regarded as illogical and insane. People dont actually like abortion, especially not when whores with a psycho grin proudly declare their abortion and misanthropic views.

Its a populist move to bait NPC votes.

53b42f  No.13284809


Just to add, this is why there's a negative correlation between number of children and "education."

It's not that having higher intelligence allows you to see the "folly of large families.

It's that "education" involves indocrination against the values of large family.

And that women pursuing education have already made the choice against a family.

53b42f  No.13284814


That's a reasonable explanation.

Although it's highly unlikely that the kikes would commit such a huge psyop with only one objective.

There will be social goals too, like, I expect, a redoubling and reaffirmation of the "sanctity of abortion rights".

53b42f  No.13284817


> People dont actually like abortion

People dislike a lot of things which they still want to keep around in case they're needed.

a42055  No.13284818

File: ad12f447cacb603⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1000x620, 50:31, ClipboardImage.png)


Wow, what a great take. You kvetched about my post count and then typed all that.

A shame I didn't read it.


>Everyone here is pointing and laughing.

<appeal to the crowd

Desperation creeping in now I see?

Good. You should be desperate you fucking jew.

You are literally projecting so hard its burning a hole through your monitor and you know it. You have nothing but assmad kvetching because you didn't have a father growing up, and now you're this sadistic fuckwit who views his own kin like cattle, a philosemite in the truest sense.

This is Planet Earth.

Its the White man's planet.

And your time is just about up.

a42055  No.13284825


Seems more likely you're one of the mods.

But I'll keep reporting you. Just more evidence how shitty they are, ya know?

Thanks for helping out.


>Although it's highly unlikely that the kikes would commit such a huge psyop with only one objective.

>There will be social goals too, like, I expect, a redoubling and reaffirmation of the "sanctity of abortion rights".

Oh thats a given.

Its like how gay marriage getting approved was basically the end-game for that shit and marked the beginning of the push for trannies.

My guess? Once they have reaffirmed the legitimacy of child-murder, they'll push for the post-birth abortion type shit even harder.

Her body, her choice, after all.

a42055  No.13284826



b3ac27  No.13284829

File: f736718251c1ce1⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1114x1138, 557:569, f736718251c1ce1b5f11ddaae0….png)



I agree with these, AND I think the bigger, more desperate picture is, WE, the "NAZIS!", were supposed to be easily triggered into mob violence, then blamed for the collapse, and wars (like the first time around in WWII). That didn't work. We're not easily baited.

They now don't give a shit who starts the chaos, as long as their is chaos to spin to their favor. They will poke their Leftist lemming mob the way they antagonize us, only this will easily work.

These (((Bolshevik))) cut-outs will come for blood.

Send in the Clowns.

a42055  No.13284838

File: 61c0f3eb944b35c⋯.jpg (301.37 KB, 715x1187, 715:1187, Clown World - Gay Jamaican….jpg)


>I agree with these

Funny how quickly i went from someone who deserves to be culled to being someone you agree with. Send in the clowns indeed. Honk honk faggot.

a42055  No.13284842

File: 6d714b08646bf3e⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1700x3676, 425:919, Clown World - Gay Jamaican….jpg)


Damn it thats not the one I wanted to post.

53b42f  No.13284844


>My guess? Once they have reaffirmed the legitimacy of child-murder, they'll push for the post-birth abortion type shit even harder.

Overturning the "heartbeat" element would push things further, as heartbeat is subconsciously very strongly tied to "life, a person".

Once you've validated the snuffing of an (unborn) child with a beating heart, it's a short step to post natal measures.

Actually there is limited post-birth abortion right already, it's called the law on infanticide.

a5ff06  No.13284852


>before women even know we’re pregnant

You don't just randomly get pregnant though. Obviously excluding Marry getting pregnant with Jesus Christ.

4a46dd  No.13284853

But we need abortions to kill niggers and liberal whites.

4a46dd  No.13284858


That wasn't random, God told her she was prego with Jesus.

a42055  No.13284859


Man... I remember the days when a shill who was multi-IP spamming the board would AT LEAST try to subtle about it, at least try to use some tact.

But now, its just this lazy shit.

You are a embarrassment to the title of shill.

7c8857  No.13284860


>you have empathy for racial enemies

Except I didn't say anything of the sort, or imply anything of the sort, or indirectly state anything of the sort. You're just an illiterate nigger who skimmed my post, jumped to a conclusion, and is now trying to backpedal because he's too much of a manchild to admit he made a mistake.

We agree, but you're too autistic to have a conversation without screeching and shitting your pants and attacking someone. Which is why people like you never get anything done in real life.

The sacrifice of even one white child in the pursuit of passively removing niglets is unacceptable. On those grounds alone, all the edgelords supporting abortion should be lynched as the cowards they truly are.

I do appreciate the shills who are desperate to connect loving your own people and refusing to compromise on it with Christianity, though. You are all right, for the wrong reasons, and it's nice to see desperate kikes outing themselves as they try to steer people back into useless self-destructive edgelordiness. Thanks for trying to turn "is it okay to throw white babies into a blender" into a religious argument. I really appreciate the free support. The ethnoglobe is inevitable. Christianity will win. Thank you for admitting that atheism is equivalant to hundreds of millions of dead white children.

5df6a8  No.13284862


all I can gather from your post is you are a deluded kike prone to skizo tendencies. It's to be expected from filthy jews like you. Jews don't acknowledge a post or comment on it other than in insults it in their echo chamber, very similar to jews spitting on christian who care to visit the evillands.

a42055  No.13284866


>Once you've validated the snuffing of an (unborn) child with a beating heart, it's a short step to post natal measures.

And once you've got that, think about how far things could go.

If a woman can kill her baby out of convenience even once its basically out of the womb, how much further?

Abortions up to 2 years on the basis of "its not sapient yet"?

a42055  No.13284871


Didnt read this one either.

ab98fb  No.13284879

File: c3e293079a4b75f⋯.jpg (257.42 KB, 1240x877, 1240:877, think_different.jpg)


Nah, just hot lead.

b3ac27  No.13284884

File: 0a4c5c80e8bb5d8⋯.jpg (77.56 KB, 473x401, 473:401, Home.jpg)


Damn, are you a woman? You must be female.

Sorry, faggot. You accidentally slipped into my post. I don't agree with your faggotty shit, nor are you my kin. You are vermin, despite your "color".

Mimicking and matching my vibe, and my words does not make you a man. It makes you a well trained housepet. NPCs like you have no foundation from which to self reflect, and can't even grasp how the rest of us can see right through your bullshit.

You're literally Forrest Gump.

Stop whining. I won't respond to anymore of your sheepish bleating.

Run, Forrest. Run

a42055  No.13284885



More niggers = more nigger crime = more nigger debt = more niggerdom

More niggerdom = more victimized Whites = more radicalized Whites = more redpilled Whites

More redpilled Whites = more political and social capital = more influence and renown

More influence and renown = more appearance of strength = more Whites willing to rally

More Whites willing to rally = Victory

5df6a8  No.13284893


who cares what you read nigger. There is a great Chinese movie out there called "Let the Bullets Fly" quite humorous. hope your whole fucking family watches it

40cccd  No.13284895


Do us a favor and abort yourself Shlomo.

a42055  No.13284899

File: 09b11dfd7e9381f⋯.jpg (351.7 KB, 1294x2154, 647:1077, n o.jpg)


>Damn, are you a woman? You must be female.

So now you've abandoned any semblance of reason and are just calling me a woman? After all the weak shaming tactics you've attempted to employ? Great argument bro, powerful commentary, strong statements.

You are a pussy masquerading as a lion, like all kikes and philosemites. A weak little bitch, probably physically maligned and ugly, raised in a broken home, and now your vent your self-hatred onto the internet because nobody cares to listen to you in person. You are a nothing. Nobody cares about you, and nobody will anytime soon. And this hurts you deeply.

I would sooner cull a vicious malicious dim-witted fiend like yourself than I would any of the people you claim as nothing but livestock. You are a garbage organism.

And I laugh at you now. Honk honk honk.

40cccd  No.13284903


Exactly, and then the niggers will get roped.

You can kill nigger babies but you cant bring back a murdered white baby.

a42055  No.13284908


I read this one because it was easy, and clearly you care because you keep responding.

Thanks for letting me know that I was right when I said you were triggered like a bitch by my statement about single mother welps.

Its okay though man, we're all gonna make it. Even sorry pieces of shit like you.

Let the bullets fly, amen.

a42055  No.13284910


>You can kill nigger babies but you cant bring back a murdered white baby/child/wife/daughter/husband/son/etc etc etc

Fucks sake, niggers at their current levels already have many Whites ready for a race war, can you imagine if their birth rate increased by 50% annually?

5df6a8  No.13284915

File: 42ff0019a17cf3c⋯.jpg (89.41 KB, 1615x290, 323:58, suck a juicy cock jewboy.jpg)

a42055  No.13284919


>I'm giving up you win

The truest sign of a coward.

c9a00d  No.13284920




It wasn't worth reading past your obvious stupid opening line.

b3ac27  No.13284941


It's truly amazing that these glowing neanderkikes >>13284919 can come into someones else's home, shit all over the damn place, pushing everyone out with their vile stench, and then nestle cozily into their pile of vomitus shit convinced they've "won" something.

Fucking kikes, man.


40cccd  No.13284950


You have no home, only hosts.

b3ac27  No.13284954


>says the parasitic plague on humanity

7c8857  No.13284966


>Go work a farm.

>Too many animals is too many fucking animals.

>Shit. Nothing but shit.

>Cull the fucking herd.

This is a ridiculous edgelord argument. Postmodern western society is a place where a nigger and a white man live side-by-side and are (((equal))) under the (((law))). Legalizing abortion with the full knowledge that you're murdering X number of white children, just because you will know result in X+Y dead nigger children, is self-destructive and insane. You're throwing white babies into a blender because you're too much of a coward to draw a line between nigger and European and openly advocate for your own people.

Under this fucked up analogy, the farmer is culling animals but can't tell the difference between the pigs in the pen and his own children running around out in the yard. Oops, I went and killed Becky and William! That's fine though, there were too many pigs and I got four of them today, so that makes it okay.

Love and hatred are the same thing. People who can only do and act upon one half of that are mentally ill. The edgelords are just as broken, degenerate, and dangerous as the "hope not hate" cuckolds who apologize to niggers that murder and rape their daughters.

If you cannot, at a bare minimum, formulate civic policy around loving your own people, then you're just a rabid dog that needs to be put down before it hurts something more valuable than itself.

e211dc  No.13284998


>If God loved niggers, he wouldn't have made them niggers

b3ac27  No.13285015


Just stahp already, you dumb niggers.

I've advocated for "my people" for my entire life. I've sacrificed A LOT in the name of Truth, and spreading these fucking facts to my brainwashed "kin".

They call my "hateful Nazi", and shun me into the corner of my own little society.

Fuck them, and their degenerate offspring. Who the Hell am I to get in the way of their fuckd off decisions to kill their own children?

I used to be you, faggot.

As I see it now, they're doing us all a favor by willingly removing their weakened, and easily manipulated, Spiritless genes from our pool.

I'm not self destructive, you fucking brainlet, THEY ARE! And so are you for enabling them!


Those are't my children, and I don't allow my children to slop with pigs. There is no mistaking them. That's the point, you strawmanning, citified faggot. You don't slaughter randomly, dipshit. You cull THE WEAKNESS!!!

Love and hatred are the same the thing. I hate what must be done in order to save the ones I love. Maybe if faggots like you were more active around 50 years ago, we could have foregone the inevitable. You trying to stop it now, just puts you in the pen with the "degenerates".

>formulate civic policy

What fucking world are you in, cattle?!

I don't have have a voice on the fucking internet, let alone (((political representation))).

You fuckers are living in a fantasyland.

You will save no one. Not even yourselves. You are incapable of grasping the world as it is.

You are incapable of seeing what's coming.

What's already here.

You're already extinct, little sheep.

a42055  No.13285020


Wow, great commentary you fucking jew.

Tell me more about how all non-redpilled White folks are just livestock that needs to be culled.

a4451e  No.13285024

nigger nobody cares, let's care about the imminent Iran war

8f6e00  No.13285025


White people absolutely can not outbreed niggers and spics. Particularly not when we're financially saddled with subsidizing it.

a42055  No.13285028


And here's another edgelord faggot post straight form the heebs mouth.

>I've advocated for "my people" for my entire life.

No you fucking haven't.


Then prove it nigger. Otherwise shut the fuck up and go fuck your cow Bessie while whispering in her ear that she deserves to be culled.

Its the closest you'll ever get to reproduction.

a42055  No.13285032


Probably the best post in the thread.

b3ac27  No.13285034

File: 1d937422e7e35b6⋯.jpeg (86.65 KB, 485x501, 485:501, FeministTrash.jpeg)

File: 6c27ee2c60006b3⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dyaftb.jpg)

9b5146  No.13285038


So restricting abortion is only good for white people, it worked for us before it became legal so why would anyone hate this? In Jew York you can legally kill your fucking kid even after it's born and yet that didn't cause nearly as much outrage as this has. If you're pro-abortion you're either a roastie or a kike

a42055  No.13285040


Great counter-points. Just call us all goyim and go eat some matzo faggot.

b3ac27  No.13285052


>endless strawmen

You talk like a fag, and your shit's all fucked up.

Eliminating all of you frail, worhless bitches is the only way the strength of our Ancestry can survive.

You're all infected in mind, body, and soul, and not worthy of OUR future.

Obvious children, brainwashed by this Commie Kymbaya bullshit. You're this close to being antifa.

Go cut your dick off, you mold.

15c764  No.13285061

File: cd9ad7e2becbd29⋯.png (296.91 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_20190515-202456.png)

The left attacks the governor instead of offering to care for the children or pay for travel to a state where it is legal like 90k comments on the governors' Twitter I didn't see anyone in pursuit of happiness when scrolling just one massive virtue signalling hell hole; I saw no support networks of any type, nothing, they were like a swarm of bees saying all manner of thing that causes one to feel violated instead of hopeful.

a42055  No.13285064


Yeah whatever faggot.

You're a pussy LARPing as a lion and everyone can see it, your edgelord kvetching doesn't offset the bitch in you.

>You're all infected in mind, body, and soul, and not worthy of OUR future.

Yet you agreed with me like 5 posts back, fucking idiot.

a42055  No.13285069


>the left are hypocrites

Did you get lost on the way to Breitberg?

15c764  No.13285075


Not interested in your larp thread

b3ac27  No.13285082


Counter points?!

Damn, you kike cunts have some CHJKKKUTSPA!

I'm the only one making actual logical points, bitch.

You're merely doing what you do. Shit on everything, and claim victory, despite being BTFOd by everyone (but your partner>>7c8857) in this entire thread.

"They squeeze through your fingers like jelly."

Fucking kikes, man.

By the way, >>13285020 It's been decades of available information, and guys like me trying o wake you lemmings up.

>"all non-redpilled White folks are just livestock that needs to be culled."


Get in line, faggot!

You're first!

7c8857  No.13285090


>White people absolutely can not outbreed niggers and spics. Particularly not when we're financially saddled with subsidizing it.

I'm not proposing we try. I'm saying we should have allowed nature to take it's course, which is for niggers and spics to shit out goblins and monkeys until the system is no longer capable of supporting them, at which point there is a collapse and a race war which whites will inevitably win because niggers are literal subhumans and taco goblins are vicious but incompetent and have always been easily routed by organized and armed white men.

The only reason the Rhodesians lost the Bush War is because America AND the Soviet Union were supporting the commie niggers. But white America is a hell of a lot bigger and better armed than the Rhodesian ever were, Russia is pseudo-Nationalist these days, and Europe is too castrated militarily to wage some kind of nigger-supporting ground war on American soil at the behest of ZOG. There are no immense superpowers ready to throw effectively infinite funding and supplies at niggers and spics if the social order collapses in America tomorrow.

What I'm saying is that one dead white child isn't worth the entire abortion program. And it isn't. It never was. It never will be. Everyone who supports abortion is either a literal Jew or an edgy manchild that is too autistic to even be capable of loving anything besides himself and his cummies.

b3ac27  No.13285103


Maybe 60 years ago your faggotry might have had a case.

We're now utterly surrounded nigger.

The fire will burn, and many will die.

…but many will live.

Demoralize yourself, and face go bloodshed.

a42055  No.13285130


>Counter points?!

Yeah, counter points. You know, something other than a schizophrenic edgelord LARP screed you fucking jew.

>guys like me trying o wake you lemmings up.

<everyone else is dumb but i am so smart


a42055  No.13285132


Wow another great set of counter-points bud, keep the hits coming.

You forgot to call him goy cattle though.

a42055  No.13285139


What the fuck are you talking about nigger?

You're the one coming in here spouting rehashed talking points i'd expect from someone out of 2002.

>t-t-t-the liberals are hypocrites!

Yeah no fucking shit!

1f3632  No.13285200

THANK GOD!!! I was worried there for a second that we would have a shortage of useless nigger babies. G-d bless pro-lifers, demz r duh ryal waycists!

06c514  No.13285227


1f3632  No.13285228


Whites don't get trained for that though, thats the problem in your entire retarded statement.

1f3632  No.13285233


But my jewish book says that all of g-ds children are created equal

1f3632  No.13285236


This is your brain on (((mgtow))) garbage, kill yourself anon

a42055  No.13285262


More Black Babies = More Redpilled Whites

Yay indeed!

1f3632  No.13285264


praise (((jesus)))

1f3632  No.13285267


You don't have a wife and probably never will

a42055  No.13285274



7b698a  No.13285309

File: a597bf45be37842⋯.jpg (28.04 KB, 500x304, 125:76, d7gc5.jpg)




You're all retarded. The woman is tainted with the rapist's DNA for the rest of their life, and all their future offspring will be influenced by the rapist's genetic material. Learn about Telegeny/Microchimerism. The only solution is the kill the rapist and the rape victim preferably with fire, as the old civilizations did.

000000  No.13285322


Feds can't make laws that they aren't granted the authority to make.

See: US Constitution.

aa9929  No.13285323

we don't want more niggers. that has to be at the top of our concern/ethics list. this is great though watching feminists shit themselves though.

000000  No.13285324


Don't just report roasties and antifags.

Kill roasties and antifags.

000000  No.13285337


That's only if they are prego.

aa9929  No.13285343


you're retarded. you have no plan for how to regain control of society. you're just going to accelerate it into shit mode and then what?

562d43  No.13285349

File: 1cfdff0887f9b07⋯.png (274.84 KB, 654x654, 1:1, tarrantchan 8.png)


Women's rights activists are race traitors.

The abortion debate is about the insatiable female appetite for dicks. A lot of young men don't know about this.

Women love a good dicking, no exceptions. That's why you have to control them, so they can have a good life. Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom. You're going to have a fat balloon child in no time. With women you get used up whores, mentally unstable, unsuitable. This is the basic reason for low white birthrates.

Women are like children, in motivations and agency. They need to lose all political and most legal rights, and we will take good care of them. Nothing is worse for women and better for Jewish capitalists than requiring women to wageslave. Expecting women to work outside the home increases production and destroys wages, and it wastes female lives in slaving for a Jewish company. Not only does it destroy the family, but male productivity also suffers from not having a trustworthy assistant in the home.


Haha, yes.

ba0e03  No.13285353

File: b00a25587765d8c⋯.jpg (129.61 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, yeah, fuck you.jpg)



>way more than I care to quote

Ok, gotta remind you and other guys here.

Alabama and other states banned abortion after like 4-6 weeks.

Now if femanon ask how they can do abortion just say the following




I hope this can teach them.

>But I don't want to have sex with condom

THEN DON'T HAVE SEX AT ALL! Or just get vasectomy.

You know what? Go freeze your condoms, get vasectomy and have sex like you want and when you want to have child, you can have artificial insemination with your frozen sperm.

And that is more expensive than just using condom.

You know what is better in this abortion ban?

Either niggers get their shit together and begin to be responsible and not being absent fathers like in old times which I very doubt much or lawmakers will begin to enact laws more severe to control niggers. Basically, following the path of single child in China but for niggers only to control their population because they flee once they learn they're fathers.

And for feminists and SJWs?

>Muh body, muh decisions

They will cry a lot because we finally have half the say so women cannot abort because some guys want to be fathers and women don't want it and want to hurt their ex, etc by aborting it. This will prevent them from doing so.

a48d5b  No.13285386

File: 5948f5c8fd9c047⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1600x996, 400:249, rapeandwarlede.png)


Fuck off, Trump supporter.


>These are basic principles of ethno-nationalism

You are just making stuff up with your feeble mind.


>Niggers will nig, and the nigresses will find other ways to abort it

No they won't. Moving forward, if this becomes illegal, back alley abortions will be at least $2500 or more, and that will be cash from the user. White women can generally afford that, niggers generally can not.

562d43  No.13285395

File: 88105f7f74905f5⋯.gif (118.46 KB, 741x674, 741:674, nigs sticky.gif)


I'll give you that.

000000  No.13285401

Does anyone else not care about abortion shit at all?

a48d5b  No.13285416



>I'm going to teach black men and women responsible sex

Your whole post is Reddit-tier.


That's a really terrible example of accelerationism, since it takes several decades to have that effect.

>What I'm saying is that one dead white child isn't worth the entire abortion program.

Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of white children will be killed if you fill the United States with niggers over the course of decades, you fucking retard.

a48d5b  No.13285429

File: 1c315172a5ddac4⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 789x702, 263:234, 1430063597743-1.jpg)


>That you support a literal blood sacrifice that kikes make in the name of THEIR god with each baby aborted speaks of your own worthless kikery.

This is what happens when a Glenn Beck supporter learns to question Jewish power.

ecc41d  No.13285460


>Throwing your own unborn children into a meat grinder

You do realize that the whites that do this are the exact whites you would call traitors for one reason or another and, subsequently, would demand they be put to death? Do you realize how fucking stupid and hypocritical that is?

5265f0  No.13285473

Black abortion is a non-issue. Since when did they ever follow any laws? They’ll do it anyway and no one will procecute them. Less dead white babies means less dead whites babies.

ae371d  No.13285479


Can niggers die already?

562d43  No.13285507

File: 267200ad18de746⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 850x680, 5:4, fox on a branch.jpg)


First abortion, next the birth control pill. Roasties' dead bodies will pile up in the streets.

Let the nigs die of hunger. Banning abortion would be a critical shot in the culture war, repercussions be dammed. It's time for bloodshed. The day of the rope is one month closer.

b3ac27  No.13285515

File: c0f5cd4c5898cee⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 202x255, 202:255, HanginAround.jpg)


You think your shit is effectual.

That adorable, faggot.

The only reason your whining so loudly is because you realize your frail, retarded, faggot, and no amount of begging is going to save your worthless ass from the culling.

You did not live a noble, moral life of self imposed struggle, and now you're weak, stupid, and full of excuses, and empty bravado.

You're already extinct, you fragile windbag.

a42055  No.13285586

File: bb251a9e3d55e67⋯.jpg (202.63 KB, 1072x1490, 536:745, mowbul doggo.JPG)


My shit is way more effectual than yours.



I'm whining!? Nigger, every single post you've made in this thread is toothless whining from a LARPer who can't acknowledge his upbringing via a single mother isn't justification to become a spiritual kike.

>You did not live a noble, moral life of self imposed struggle


Your soul is dead and you are a failure as an organism.

No matter how much snark you shill, nothing will change that.

b3f7b6  No.13285663

File: 410af4cff5f83b8⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 250x250, 1:1, MFW - TFW - Oh Boy.gif)



This is going to start America's first real civil war. This is going to be America's first (Second?) non-banker war.

Soon after this enough states will start a constitutional convention and just amend roe v wade out of the equation. Only 2/3rd states need to want it.

This happens and the shitlib nigger states

like CA, NY, MN etc. will kvetch so hard it will be hilarious.

>post yfw murder of innocent children starts the first US civil war and not funs.

a42055  No.13285697


Its time for a divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

b3f7b6  No.13285730



>Maybe not. There is plenty of evidence that citizens of conservative states are, to some extent, actually protective of abortion rights. It may not be something they proclaim in their offices, at church, or to pollsters — but their secret beliefs can become quite evident once they enter the voting booth. This should make the legislators who passed the new bills very nervous.

Sigh. No Moshe. not calling OP Moshe, calling theweek Most people despise abortion. Most people despise faggotry. Most people despise trannyfaggotry. Most people despise niggers. Most people despise spics. Most people despise shitskins of all and any variety. Only the mentally defunct ones don't.

b3f7b6  No.13285748


What you said agreed with him nigger.

e805d1  No.13285814


Then why don't you do it yourself then?

000000  No.13285838


condoms don't prevent pregnancy, they are 82% effective at best.

if you wear a condom, you're eventually gonna get your girl preggo

e805d1  No.13285911


all the more reason to turn off every single media platform the jews control.

6e4aae  No.13285947

I think I've come around the the "pro life" point of view, by asking one simple question. "When does human life begin?" I can't find any scientific examination of when human life that begins that doesn't conclude "at the point of conception." Everything else merely seems to be something to make excuses for abortion, because abortion is convenient. The metaphysical examinations also all seem to point to human life beginning at the point of conception, though those will be less convincing to anyone other than those who are Evola fans.

More than anything, I just love how this really upsets whores. I am sustained by their anguish.

2a0387  No.13285961













2a0387  No.13286034

File: 6508eaf37c76e93⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 450x600, 3:4, chcesz zabijać.jpg)

Imagine actually supporting Jewish Moloch sacrifices and collecting by them fetus tissues for God knows what because your hate for Christianity made you think that having 6 baby niggers killed at a price of 2 white killed is great deal.

Literally kill yourself faggots

2a0387  No.13286059

File: b0b61e5672add4f⋯.jpg (173.99 KB, 1243x1232, 113:112, when i'm jewing.jpg)



>yes goyim for you to win it is absolutely crucial to first kill your white brethren because of their faith

cb5e15  No.13286071


>literally worship a jew

Nice try schlomo

5c0c23  No.13286131


>Some college/associate degree

Can't have a an annoying baby get in the way of my strong woman career amirite

008887  No.13286146


> White people absolutely can not outbreed niggers and spics.

< This retarded meme again.

Yeah actually we can and we have. There were far more whites than niggers at the start of the 20th century. The only reason there are more niggers than whites now is because Jews feed them while telling us not to breed.

d1cba7  No.13286147


>t.schizoid boomer

kys, you kike worshipping boomer pos. Your kinds is the reason kikes, shitskins, and niggers have flooded this country. Fuck you and your christcuck beliefs.

e09a6a  No.13286154

I don't understand the argument for abortion.

Why don't you go kill the niggers manually? Why do you wait for "abortion" to do it for you?

d1cba7  No.13286160


It's not just kikes that have been feeding nigs. It's also christcucks. They were the one's that also funded the nigs during the Rhodesian war. Fuck christians and fuck niggers.


>t.kike IDF

Yes, ten people are going to make a dent to the nigger population. Why would you even suggest that?

c47e55  No.13286164


This guy gets, shills keep ignoring this simple fact

e09a6a  No.13286165


>Yes, ten people are going to make a dent to the nigger population. Why would you even suggest that?

Nigger what? More white people are dead by abortion than niggers.

Niggers only die more on PERCENTAGE.

c47e55  No.13286168


They kill themselves manually anyway. Chinks and Muds never get abortions, they're the fastest growing demographic in the country.

e09a6a  No.13286176


It's not even chinks and muds, but the baste catholic spics who were taught that abortion is a sin.

How the fuck is abortion going to solve that?

Nigger is actually not a problem as much as the spics, population-wise.

00c052  No.13286177



27ffd4  No.13286182

File: 659fc4d9c2add5f⋯.gif (7.79 KB, 406x305, 406:305, abortion_trend_by_race.gif)

File: 021a3b97686bd0d⋯.gif (15.83 KB, 730x391, 730:391, Black-Abortion-Graphic.gif)

File: b6862d842f5e368⋯.png (108.15 KB, 533x401, 533:401, abortion7.png)

Friendly reminder that anti abortion is

>pro nigger

>pro liberal whites

>pro shitty low class parenting that will inevitably turn out to be wiggers

>pro dysgenics

Christfags are a plague, they brought onto us Jewish bankers, Feminism, abolition, and now nigger birth rates doubling.

1594b5  No.13286184



>using the religion d/c angle to promote your child sacrifices

of course some of amerimutts easily fall for it ehh

e09a6a  No.13286186


Reminder that this is all in percentage and whites are still killed more.

Meanwhile, in Africa, abortion is still illegal.

d1cba7  No.13286187


Literally the reason the crack epidemic stopped was Roe v. Wade. The main thing that stopped white women from having babies is careers, not abortions.


Take your meds.

e09a6a  No.13286193


I don't think the crack epidemic has ever stopped so I don't know what you are going about.

1594b5  No.13286232


>Literally the reason the crack epidemic stopped was Roe v. Wade.

the pinnacle of crack epidemic were the 80's, which came after the Roe v. Wade. I would also argue that it ended

>Take your meds.

take the gas

391ff7  No.13286262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

59f25f  No.13286265

Fuck this is very bad news

We're going to have so many more nigger babies

59f25f  No.13286271


I don't tbh i'm just saying we should nuke Israel tbh

082531  No.13286279

LOL let's whine about Roe Vs Wade and show a fucking picture of a baby. LOL You fuckers are insane

3a6630  No.13286287

I don't think I could handle my happiness, if this goes to SCOTUS and R v. W is repealed. Fuck me the salt and protests will be orgasmic to watch.

082531  No.13286292

Clumpy says "Hey, kids, abortion is right"

391ff7  No.13286295


a white one no less

4fd73b  No.13286307


She shouldn't be jogging.

She should be in the house.

You should kill the nigger first and the baby later by any means necessary. Maybe even the mother.

It's bad luck and your niggerified country is very prone to that because you coexist with niggers. What you stated can happen anywhere but of course if you coexist with them daily you should take measures to prevent that from happening as much as you can.

4fd73b  No.13286319


>abortions are sought by all young people afraid of the responsibilities of adulthood


Having a baby is, for most of these near-retarded young adults, the only way to mature intellectually.

7c8857  No.13286332


>You do realize that the whites that do this are the exact whites you would call traitors for one reason or another and, subsequently, would demand they be put to death? Do you realize how fucking stupid and hypocritical that is?

Do you realize that women are lesser beings than men and will do whatever society tells them is good and right and moral? Do you comprehend that your individualist perception of reality is a carefully crafted Jewish lie to prepare the way for the Capitalist/Communist false dichotomy, and that a woman can be made to believe anything at all if the propaganda is constant enough?

Read the book of Genesis, even if you aren't a Christian. The first part of it, the very beginning. Satan couldn't decieve Adam, the man. Adam saw right through his bullshit and told him to piss off. But Satan easily decieved Eve, and through Eve, was able to get Adam to sin. There is an incredibly important lesson on human nature here that postmodern "redpilled" individualists like you either don't understand or don't want to accept. Men are stronger, smarter, and morally superior to women, but men are also controlled by women. A woman can lead a man to do things he would never normally do otherwise. That's why Feminism was such an important and integral part of Cultural Marxism and the Jewish agenda in the West. If kikes had gone to white men first with this bullshit it never would have flown. They snuck the acceptance of degenerate equality and social justice in through the back door the same way the serpent in the garden did. They got the poison in through the vagina.

If being susceptible to being sculpted and molded by social and cultural pressure is a trait that makes a woman worthy of death, then all women should be killed and then we should all die together as monks in the wilderness. You can go first, you fucking faggot.

I don't get mad at a dog for eating a steak I left on the floor, I get mad at myself for leaving the steak there. Likewise, I don't hate a nigger for raping a white girl, I hate the white cuckolds who put the steak in front of the dog and expected the dog to behave. The nigger is an animal, it has no self-control or time preference. Getting mad at niggers, and women, and dogs for being what they are is a waste of time. The difference between a Reichwife and a club thot is her father and the cultural standards she absorbed during her adolescence. Like a dog, a woman must be trained. When a dog misbehaves, you blame the people who raised it, not the dog.

Women may be degenerate and the act of abortion may be largely unforgivable, but that doesn't make them the ones who are at fault for this. At the end of the day, you're STILL shilling for white genocide, and you're STILL implying that everyone who isn't okay with white babies being murdered is really just a nigger lover, and now you're trying to blame white women for it when you know good and well that's not the truth of it. Your argument is Jewish inside and out.

283515  No.13286334


I just wish that I could believe that this is happening because politicians and society are changing. unfortunately, the timing of this, as noted in OP, is suspect.

So, they FINALLY decide to acknowledge the silent majority NOW?

Now. when the blacks and hispanics are poised to overrun the county in 20 years if they can't abort.

If this goes nationwide, then by the end of Millenial generation, tensions will be boiling over. It will be a decision on whether to legitimately institute communism in order to take care of all the illegitimate mixed, brown, and white babies and their slut mothers.

I 100% support the repeal of Roe vs Wade. And I accept that God works in mysterious ways. That sometimes evil people are used to make a good end. And that's what I see here. I don't believe for a second that these career politicians in multiple States have all had a change of heart.

Their intentions are nefarious. But God's will be done nonetheless.

81abce  No.13286352

File: aa42ee119832b63⋯.png (509.64 KB, 586x743, 586:743, Andou eats a baguette.png)


Ehh the way I see it is if a woman is willing to destroy her own spawn then she would make a horrible mother and should be allowed to abort it. Also Abortion should be mandatory for anything that we know will spawn as an abomination doomed to forever be a potato.

Pro Choice vs Pro life is all just political theater to distract the normies.

e09a6a  No.13286360


>Ehh the way I see it is if a woman is willing to destroy her own spawn then she would make a horrible mother and should be allowed to abort it.

Nonsense. The father can rise it or another aryan woman can.

7c8857  No.13286361


>How is that plan going in South Africa or Brazil

The Boers would have won if the only two Superpowers on the planet hadn't thrown in against them, and you know it. And the Boers are still hanging on while the niggers are dying off like animals due to gommunist famine. So it's working great there. Rhodesia is dead but the South African whites will inherit the land if they hang on long enough. Zimbabwe is self-destructing as fast as it can.

And Brazil is what happens when people follow your advice, and allow abortion and degeneracy and all the other liberal cultural bullshit you're too brainwashed to let go of to stand. They're what happens when you let the slow boil keep boiling instead of allowing nature to induce a racewar. There are no whites left in Brazil. It's niggers versus mulattos, and ergo none of my concern.


>Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of white children will be killed if you fill the United States with niggers over the course of decades, you fucking retard.

Which won't happen if you sack up and slot monkeys when they start to chimp, you cowardly Boomer fuckwit. Do you have zero knowledge of the natural world? Of course you do, you're a Boomer or a Jew. Locusts explode and then die off. Culling the locusts just enough that they never reach critical mass and destroy themselves, and then allowing them to just exist in an area for decades, would cause infinitely more damage than if you just let them go.

And even if I gave you the hundreds of thousands of white children that wouldn't die if you weren't a sackless coward, that's still a smaller number than are murdered every year by abortion, you duplicitous white genocide kike. It doesn't matter how you try to spin it with your pilpul, the slaughter of white children on an industrial scale is STILL the slaughter of white children on an industrial scale. The possible death of a smaller number of white children is obviously the better choice than the statistical certainty of a much larger number of dead white babies, and all the redtext your chubby little Jewish fingers can muster will not change that.

7c8857  No.13286377


Alfred Rosenberg published a pamphlet in the Third Reich explaining exactly why Jesus was Aryan. Nobody depected Jesus as anything but European for two thousand years, until Jews and Baby Boomers started arguing otherwise, using shitty logic and (((translations))) provided directly by Zionist Rabbis. Translations you don't fucking need if you can read Latin or Classical Greek, which by sheer (((coincidence))) is no longer taught in schools.

Isn't it funny how you stop listening to National Socialists when their beliefs suddenly conflict with your ego?

For anyone who isn't a shill, here.


81abce  No.13286380


>wanting coke head HIV positive infested gene's in the gene pool

The world is already over populated, this is just an argument over quality vs quantity.

e09a6a  No.13286388


The world is not OVER-POPULATED, just not properly placed.

Most population is put into giant city hive while the countryside is practically lacking people.

We definitely need more white people.

2afdc8  No.13286393


>Ehh the way I see it is if a woman is willing to destroy her own spawn then she would make a horrible mother and should be allowed to abort it.

If she really wants to do it, she'll do it whether it's legal or not. But without nice safe clinics, she'll be likely to render herself barren or even to kill herself when she jams a coathanger up her cunt. This is an improvement because this way she won't be able to give birth to autists in her 30s and raise them to be crazy cat ladies like herself.

5c0c23  No.13286405


Not sure if you'll see this dude but I can't even begin to imagine what that must have felt like. No man should ever have to endure that kind of cruelty. You clearly have great self control in not blowing her brains out with a shotgun.

000000  No.13286406


(((Yeshua ben Yosef))) wasn't Aryan, but it wouldn't have mattered if he was. Christianity is a cuck religion that "legitimizes" jewish scriptures.

There are plenty of Whites who are cucked and preach cuck values. Just because you're White doesn't mean anything, so the whole "Jesus was White" argument is irrelevant.

a395e2  No.13286426


lmao, microchimerism is insanely negligible. its also caused by previous children born to the same father, which should imply that having more than one child is incest by microchimerism and all but the firstborn and father should be killed with fire. yet for some reason thats considered ridiculous, maybe because birthrates would be unsustainable because you need 100 percent purity in everything. literally nothing on earth is pure, its nothing but chaos

f969f9  No.13286430

7c8857  No.13286435



>le world is overpopulated Redditor meme

Overpopulated by niggers, pajeets, and chinks, who all exist in foreign countries that are doing little-to-nothing to regulate their polllution and explosive population growth. Meanwhile, Europeans are an ultraminority and dwindling rapidly, even though 98% of everything good the world has today is explicitly because of us, and only we are told to not have children to better the earth, and only in our countries.

Killing white people isn't solving the population problem, you brainwashed soy-sucking manchild. Your shitty casual enviromentalism is a corporate capitalist product packaged and sold to you with a hammer and sickle stamped on the side of it, and you swallowed it whole like a good little goyim because that's what you've been trained to do, just like how a camwhore trains herself to take silicone horsecocks for tips. Think for yourself for ten seconds, and you will see why telling white people to breed less in white countries is a bad idea.

As >>13286186 pointed out, in Africa abortions are illegal. Where do you think the most niggers are, you fucking brainlet? Do you really think offing some North American Pavement Apes is making a difference, locally or abroad? Especially when the price of those dead niglets is dead white babies? Abortion is also largely illegal in India, and the legality of it is irrelevant in China because there are just so many fucking chinks and so goddamn many of them ignore the rules of their commie-capitalist shithole and have more children anyway.

In all percentages and tracked stats, more white infants are killed by abortion than niglets. And the taco goblins don't abort anyway. Anyone who thinks abortion is "saving us" from the brown flood is popping tide pods and washing it down with shots of drain cleaner.

The line in the sand is clear. Either you support throwing white babies into a blender or you don't. The autistic pilpul being employed by Jews and edgelord LARPers to try and get around that fact is as astounding as it is futile.


>I disagree with all history and logic and exhaustive collections of literature as well as the explicit evidences gathered by the Third Reich itself because not doing this would be disasterous for my ego and our long term plans, also even if Jesus was white it wouldn't matter anyway whites suck lol am I blending in yet

Thanks for reminding me to filter TORpedos in this thread, Moshie. It slipped my mind.

a57de2  No.13286454

The answer to this is simple, make abortions a both party signature deal. If the man or woman you had sex with does not want you to abort then you shouldnt be allowed to, he had a part in the pregnancy too and has a say. Abortion is an open market solution to many real problems that do need adressing, and men are by far the largest supporters of anti-abortion laws, thus giving them a say in the abortion is better than not. If a woman has slept with too many men to pinpoint the father then the onus should be on the father to pay for the genetic testing to determine the childs heritage.

4fd73b  No.13286468

File: 919b0a560487275⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1277x1410, 1277:1410, shiemi.png)


There are so many jews trying to spin this event like you, that it makes me think there might be some legitimacy to this issue.

Sometimes we get to have a victory here and there probably to distract us from something important.

Going back to topic, having a kid is not something some of the NPC minded people think too much about, because they want to "live kids free" for some time, but when they do have them, it changes their mind.

That's why banning abortion is much better for whites than not doing so.

Not doing so makes them live their life in a jewish state of non-family forever or as much as they can, and only allow themselves to have kids in their late 30's (i.e. when they would produce unhealthy offspring anyway).

The reasonings behind nigger fertility is not relevant, because they are parasitic to the white race, they feed of whites, so their destiny is ligated to whites. If you want to reduce nigger fertility, just remove government welfare.

Also, it is not being highly discussed here but contraceptives are also jewish.

Basically, if you want to have sex, you should want to have kids. Anything else is degenerate and jewish.

bcef24  No.13286469


Public opinion in America on Abortion is actually shifting, mainly due to the fact that a bunch of videos got released from inside the abortion clinics, and no one can explain why a baby needs to be aborted at 9 months.

b3f7b6  No.13286471


Support for abortion has always been extremely low.

ccfd23  No.13286475


>a prophet from a religion which originally was from Jewish roots is actually not jewish and aryan!

>this kike said so!

You might be retarded.

f969f9  No.13286486



great news

000000  No.13286508


>Hitler, wrote Speer, viewed Christianity as the wrong religion for the "Germanic temperament":[54] Speer wrote that Hitler would say: "You see, it's been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn't we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?"[57] Speer also wrote of observing in Hitler "quite a few examples", and that he held a negative view toward Himmler and Rosenberg's mystical notions.[58][59]


You're not fooling anyone with your pilpul, kike

7c8857  No.13286671


>Christianity has Jewish roots

The only piece of literature more antisemitic than the Old Testament is the New Testament. The Jews use less than five books from the Old Testament, which is a collection of AT LEAST 46 books and arguably more, and that's only in the Torah, which is completely for show. What they actually believe and practice is the Talmud, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Old OR New Testaments, and Jesus called the Pharisees "the Children of Satan" for creating and following those rules and laws.

Jesus called the proto-Jews out on being fucking kikes and they manipulated the goy Roman legal system into murdering him for them just to shut him up.

You keep trying to cross religion into this argument and you keep shooting yourself in the foot. Please, keep meming "don't throw white children into a blender" as a Christian position. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, you glow-in-the-dark JIDF shill. God, bless me with peaceful times, but if you cannot, then make my enemies ridiculous.

d34e6e  No.13286687


>"When does human life begin?"

You could also try out "When does the soul enter the body?" or "when does the body create the soul?"

Belief in the existence of the soul is ingrained in every human being, that little spark that says…

"I am ME"

Have yet to find anyone who is willing to argue against the existence of the soul, and just by asking the question you call into mind the fact no one has yet to prove the existence of the soul, but every human my self included innatelies believes they have one.

Now when encountering a (((non-human))) you may have to defend you position, thusly the reason you use this question(s) when there are humans present, and you could also make your (((opponent))) prove when the soul entering the body, or the body creating the soul, happens.

81abce  No.13286734

File: 42fe8244b88675a⋯.png (505.98 KB, 621x610, 621:610, Fursecution 1549906855606.png)




Okay you've all made good counter arguments. It would help if we stopped this useless culture of (((upgrades))) and consumerism at the expense of the future of the Western world, my argument wasn't to for white people not to breed but I can see why you'd think that.

I just don't think fucked up diseased drug addict alcoholic single mothers are the best options when it comes to a womb for spawning children otherwise they'll end up with down syndrome or some shit.

The more healthy stable self reliant white families living in those meme tiny eco friendly houses the better. Well as apposed to (((renting property))). Also fuck the industrial (((education))) system, it's better for children to be home schooled or sent to a private school and then sent to some non pozz'd camp to develop social skills and make friends for life.

And yes giant cities are crime ridden cancer cells, that's why I avoid them like the plaque and BPA plastic should stop being used to store food and drinks, go back to glass and aluminum cans.

cb5e15  No.13286789


It doesn't change the fact your religion came from Judaism. Never trust a Jew.

Where have I shot myself in the foot? Are you denying Jesus was a Jew during the time he was allegedly alive? You honestly believe he was a kike-hating Aryan living in sandniggerland because he killed himself and hated Pharisees?

The Abrahamic faiths all worship the same god, just with different Jews and teachings, and guess which came first! Yep, Jew God came first. I wasn't the one who crossed religion into this, it did it itself. My original quote was about the gov. invoking God who killed babies in his own shitty book like a good goy/hypocrite like how you call me JIDF yet worship a kike.

1a9bdf  No.13286803


You mean it was corrupted by judaism. Jesus wasn't a jew, he was judean. He spent half the fucking new testament warning about the pharisees, retard. And what did the pharisees do besides act like the modern day kike?

7b698a  No.13286806


>Lol quantifiable genetic influences in future offspring from nigger rapists is a-ok because purity don't real race is a spectrum feels over reals blah blah blah

Neck yourself, niggerlover.

b2a3dc  No.13286807

Alabama can ignore Roe vs Wade the same way Cali and NY ignore immigration laws with sanctuary cities.

620229  No.13286811


>He spent half the fucking new testament warning about the pharisees, retard.


so the jews tell us, perfect huh? good for them, outlining how we must act, while they act differently…… christcucks, kill them all

cb5e15  No.13286814


>Yeshua self-identified as a Jew (John 4:22) and as King of the Jews (Mk. 15:2). From His birth to His last Passover seder (Luke 22:14-15), Jesus lived as a Jew.

1a9bdf  No.13286815


Can you point out to me a passage where Jesus instructs Christians to be obedient to the pharisees?

1a9bdf  No.13286818


And what translation is that, lol

620229  No.13286819


I not debate with you a book jews wrote themselves…… jew faggot

1a9bdf  No.13286821

>jews corrupted food and all other religions and culture and education and science and law and government and pornography but not this one thing it was definitely always bad

cb5e15  No.13286832


NIV, unless you want to use the KJV which uses not very good translations

John 4:22 NIV: "You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.

John 4:22 KJV: Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

620229  No.13286841


however throwing you an olive branch in your ignorance I'd suggest you read or listen to:

The Hebrew Bible

by Lawrence H. Schiffman

The Hebrew Bible, known to Jews as the Tanakh and to Christians as the Old Testament, is the basis of our tradition of monotheism as well as the main avenue by which the ethics and teachings of the Hebrew spirit entered Western civilization. In these lectures, eminent scholar Lawrence H. Schiffman discusses how that collection came into being and how it was passed down and interpreted throughout the ages. He provides details on how this tradition developed into the basis of Judaism and Christianity and how it continues to mold our society and culture today.

Once you do you're entire understanding of the world is fiction created by jews, influenced by the greeks, and used by romans to further their collapsing empire via "hearts and minds" using christianity. ←———— no need to capitalize that word, it's not special, it's supernatural fantasy

cb5e15  No.13286844


heres the good one kek

Mark 15:2 NIV: “Are you the king of the Jews?” asked Pilate. “You have said so,” Jesus replied

Mark 15:2 KJV: And Pilate asked him, Art thou the King of the Jews? And he answering said unto them, Thou sayest it.

620229  No.13286851


>continues to mold our society and culture today.

into the fucking nightmare it currently is

bb88e0  No.13286882

>ITT: dumb leftist /pol/ack think murdering white children so black children can be murdered is a good thing.

>If you give the Jews what they want, you win

You want to see clown world in action, it is right here ITT. You leftists are a disgrace to your race.

9d82c9  No.13286884


And that's a good thing!



cb5e15  No.13286894


>thinking roasties who are thinking of abortion are just gonna not use coathangers anyway

498bb3  No.13286900


kill yourself JIDF

Race matters, but Jews are the enemy of everyone else.

620229  No.13286909

File: 24b7f6caa2a9a5e⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 480x852, 40:71, punch.webm)

I control my girl, and you should too anon. bitch creams her panties when I knock her around, then fuck her to tel her daddy all about it

66cba3  No.13286918

wtf i love niglets now

funny seeing all these faggots talk about how demographics are destin but them immediately turn around and say lets take one white baby for ten niggers. two headed nigger snake kikes, that can be for sure.

620229  No.13286943

File: 18aa8d8ed2ddd01⋯.jpg (134.52 KB, 1583x1150, 1583:1150, remember that bitches.jpg)


>I don't think I could handle my happiness, if this goes to SCOTUS and R v. W is repealed. Fuck me the salt and protests will be orgasmic to watch.

whatever it will never replace corporal disciplining your bitches like I do my hole. My hole doest talk back. ever.

a8e8c4  No.13286944



That's not you, you don't even know the name of the girl in the video.

4c9ecf  No.13286974


>have a kid with mentally damaged whore

>kid sees this

>unstable family home

>kid goes into crime

>kid might end up seriously harming or killing you

>degenerate behavior becoming the norm.

>headline "neo nazi husband used to beat me everday"





>no employment prospects.

4c9ecf  No.13286976


what is her name btw

620229  No.13286986


her name is hole, and she understands her place otherwise I'll knock her the fuck out, again

f302d0  No.13286988

File: 9adb7e17e600c58⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1293x1293, 1:1, 1552681033628.png)



Post timestamp on "your" girl or stop larping


It's not about the niglets anon, it's about gaining control back over our women, which is arguably more important. It helps eliminate hookup culture and makes it harder to be a roastie with no consequences.

93b7b0  No.13286993





This thread brought to you by TRS radio. Can't wait for them to start shilling for based niggers.


This is larping.


>muh moloch

Welcome back.






>it's so easy in my mind!



These statements are false.


/thread stops here

Can't wait to watch this blow up in Chirstniggers' faces. SCOTUS either upholds abortion by siding against the states or simply refusing to hear the case once the lower courts block the legislation. We still don't have a wall. We are still being flooded. Israel gets more money, and whites continue to lose. But hey! Let's prioritize abortion because that won't get lefties out to vote. Great job.

The GOP is a disease.

Christianity is a disease.

Over half of the white population is useless for preserving the race because they're too focused on muh morality while they're being eradicated.

4c9ecf  No.13287000

620229  No.13287002



anon you need to buy Tipp-Ex

and show the world your metal

86e1e1  No.13287004


wonder what the trauma of having the abortion does to the epigenetics of the mother and her relationship with the other children.

01e5ce  No.13287013


Also id like to add that this would weed out any degeneracy over time. Mommy fucked a black guy and doesnt want the baby? They both will probably be fine. Mommy fucked a /pol/ack frat kid? Too bad bitch, you have to keep that baby. The only thing that making abortion illegal across the board does is make degenerate parents who werent planning on caring for the child have the responsibility for it. Just make it a two party issue, why do jews tell us the only option is womans choice or no choice? Why dont men get a say in abortions ever?

93b7b0  No.13287017


>to the epigenetics of the mother

That's not even how it works.

93b7b0  No.13287021


Men do have a say. You can surrender paternal rights or offer to take the kid. The woman can agree to have the kid and surrender her paternal rights or abort. Welcome to the real world.

ccbf5d  No.13287023

its the end fellas this ideology is a minority

6f913e  No.13287032


doesn't matter. what you need to do if your'e going to correct bad behavior in your bitch is buy three oranges, put hem in a pillow case, when you beat your bitch it doesn't cause bruising, of blood. That is what the ZOGbots are looking for when your neighbors call the popo because she is screaming. Then eat the oranges with your bitch as an aphrodisiac will you impregnate her.

7b8d0b  No.13287084


This. Abortion affects us way more than the nigger.

Aside from it being wrong and horrible and killing more whites than others,

women raped (by migrants/mutts) is also an argument by the same people (useful idiots/kikes) who want dissolve all borders and make us mix into one "human" race.


>white 40%

>the way it's cleverly turned looks like just a third of the pie chart

Fucking glow-in-the-darks!

9cd7bb  No.13287107

>sacrificing the unborn members of your racial family to fight off your enemy

The lowest of the low. If you genuinely believe this you can go right next to Schlomo in the ovens. You’re for murdering white children to slow the inevitable racial confrontation with hopes that someone else will take care of it. Treacherous.

A white race that advocates murdering their own children is not a race worth saving. There will be time to oust the 13%, for now we need to save ourselves.

000000  No.13287117



fun fact: if you're ever rough on a girl because she gets off on it, you're a cuck.

you can tell the bitch in the video clearly enjoys it. her bf is a cuck.

9cd7bb  No.13287120


We don’t have to advocate it. Society should see her as repugnant.

93b7b0  No.13287137


>implying that white trash is part of my racial family

No thanks you fucking Untermensch. Eugenics ftw.

9cd7bb  No.13287142


>advocating for white genocide

I accept your concession, chaim.

93b7b0  No.13287145


>can't per capita

Are you sure you're white?


>Eugenics is white genocide

Found the white trash.

9cd7bb  No.13287153


>Advocating for eugenics in the white population

>where we are at right now

Not fooling anybody. You are letting babies fight in the “race war” before you do. You absolute fucking coward.

000000  No.13287157


hitler practiced euthanasia mainly against defective germans.

there's no intrinsic value to being white.

9cd7bb  No.13287159




>muh Failed German Chancellor

Yup, it’s a Jew.

93b7b0  No.13287165


>yeah don't improve the white race! what we need to do is breed more leftists and conservacucks who love based niggers and want to fill the churches with pregnant goblinas and shante's. you know the really important shit!

What have you done again? That's right. Nothing.


And you don't belong here.

9cd7bb  No.13287169


>normalizing the murdering the unborn will help the white race

Fuck off, kike. Educate, redpill, improve the culture. THAT is how you improve the white race.

7b8d0b  No.13287170


>using the term white trash

>implying that brainwashed parents make the healthy unborn white baby anything but a healthy unborn white baby

>implying that white trash is part of my racial family

Of course not. We don't even have to name or mark you. Everyone knows who you are, already.



Those were 100% abominations which were already born so their health state was clear to everyone.

Has nothing to do with pre-birth killing of babies, shlomo.

000000  No.13287172

>In his Second Book, which was unpublished during the Nazi era, Hitler praised Sparta, (using ideas perhaps borrowed from Ernst Haeckel),[19] adding that he considered Sparta to be the first "Völkisch State". He endorsed what he perceived to be an early eugenics treatment of deformed children:

>Sparta must be regarded as the first Völkisch State. The exposure of the sick, weak, deformed children, in short, their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more humane than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject, and indeed at any price, and yet takes the life of a hundred thousand healthy children in consequence of birth control or through abortions, in order subsequently to breed a race of degenerates burdened with illnesses.[20][21]


filter me all you want, faggot, this isn't your safe space.

9cd7bb  No.13287175


>muh failed German chancellor

7b8d0b  No.13287178


>of deformed children

And here (((he))) goes again switching out healthy unborn babies for deformed born children.

68cbfa  No.13287179

>All these shitbirds thinking this will increase nigger births

A negress with abortion still has 8 kids regardless, she aborts the 9th kid to as to be able to balance out the welfare with expenses. With abortion out she will use a coathanger, which will more likely kill her and the nigglet. Besides the fact this also affects whites

9cd7bb  No.13287181

Notice how the kike IMMEDIATELY must concede the point that defending abortion is not about staving off niggers when called out on it? In their beady little eyes, these white children deserve to be murdered.

d47fb3  No.13287183


That Hitler quote has nothing to do with this, since abortions occur without any regard for the health of the baby, whereas Hitler only opposed those were genetically unhealthy, such as suffering from hereditary illness to be a burden.

7c8857  No.13287185


>It doesn't change the fact your religion came from Judaism.

I posted links to information proving this is false. You say this because you are either a lying Jew that is desperate to suppress the truth or a self-deluded Atheist who is desperate to connect something the Jews taught him to hate with the Jews he has learned to hate.

No one believed Jesus was a Jew until Jews started (((helping))) translate the Bible into English, which we didn't need help with because white men are perfectly capable of learning and understanding all the languages involved ourselves. You claim to be against the Jews but believe them 100% when they tell you something that you want to hear. That makes you no better than a Boomer, assuming you aren't literally a kike yourself. Actually, it makes you worse. Boomers believe whatever Jews say but also believe Jews are their allies. You accept them as your enemies but STILL believe them when they try to teach you about your own history and past.

The National Socialists declared Jesus was Aryan, including the non-Christian ones like Rosenberg, and published compiled evidence that proved it.

>Where have I shot myself in the foot?

By advocating for the murder of white infants, who are a highly-valuable endangered species, because it also kills niggers in the process, and then accusing anyone who thinks this is a stupid idea of being "a christcuck." You're a LARPing edgelord that is shooting themselves in the foot by admitting that Christian morality is pro not killing white babies while whatever fedora bullshit you believe in is willing to throw millions of white babies into a blender as long as it kills some nigs.

>Are you denying Jesus was a Jew during the time he was allegedly alive?

Yes, I am, and I posted evidence proving it. Also, even the most spitefully anti-Christian academics have gotten around to admitting that Jesus was in fact a real person, because the evidence for that in Roman records is so overwhelming, so thanks for tipping your hand again by trying to pretend his existince is "alleged."

>The Abrahamic faiths all worship the same god

The term "Abrahamic faiths" was coined by Muhammad to grant Islam legitimacy when he was trying to gain converts during the few initial years where he preached 'peace.' When that failed, he became a bandit and made converts by sword-point. "Abrahamic faiths" has all the authority and importance of everything else Muhammad said, which is nothing to any European. But a great deal to a rootless atheist like you, it seems.

And they do not "all worship the same God." Christians worship YHWH, the God of Abraham. The Jews hate YHWH and built an entire religion around trying to subvert, deny, and ultimately kill or marginalize him and replace him with another god; specifically themselves. The Jews deny God and instead claim they collectively are God. The Talmud openly admits this, which is why teaching it to goyim is forbidden. The Rabbis themselves admit that if the goyim knew what was in the Talmud, the Jews would be openly hunted down and killed. And Islam claims to worship a God that in no way resembles or draws upon the God of Abraham and the Old Testament and is actually 70% some local arabian moon deity and 30% bullshit Mohammad pulled out of his ass.

No one can understand Jews without knowing about the Talmud, and knowing about the Talmud makes the relationship Jews have with Jesus, Christianity, and God VERY clear. The actual religion of the Jews is atheism and self-worship. That you do not understand this means you do not understand the Jews. To fail to understand the Jews while still hating them and blaming them for everything makes you a fool.

>Yep, Jew God came first.

Jews are not the Judeans of the Old Testamant, and the God of Abraham is not their God. They worship themselves, and by extension, Satan. As do you. This is proven by your willingness to sacrifice increasingly scarce and valuable white children just to get 'revenge' against some dumb animals that breed faster than we ever have anyway.

One white baby is worth more than every nigger on the planet, alive or dead. Anyone who genuinely loves their own people would agree. Love and hatred are two sides of the same coin, and anyone who can only feel one and not the other is mentally ill. You are as broken, cucked, and self-destructive as the Boomers who forgive the murderers of their children for virtue signaling points and then go out for tacos. A willingless to butcher white infants on an industrial scale just to kill some pests in the process is both racial treason and cuckoldry on a spiritual level.

>I wasn't the one who crossed religion into this, it did it itself.

And like a fool, you admit, again, that the position of not throwing white babies into blenders just to revenge kill some nigs is an inherently Christian stance. I again thank you for being such a ridiculous fool, and God for making you this way.

7b8d0b  No.13287189

I also want to emphasize that if you killed 1 white and 2 niggers, we'd all be dead! That's the reality of the situation.

93b7b0  No.13287191


>Educate, redpill, improve the culture. THAT is how you improve the (insert based negro here)

Cuck-tier affirmations.


>you're a jew if you don't worship white niggers!

Have you seen what's out there? Probably not.


>unborn babies

Here (((he))) goes with those canned GOP slogans.


But this isn't the reality of what's happening. Learn to proportion faggot.

9cd7bb  No.13287194


Not an argument. You’ve conceded defeat you anti-white fuck. Nobody is buying “genocide the bad whites” narrative pre race war. Fuck off.

000000  No.13287196

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i wouldn't consider a man who continues to inspire men to action a failure by any means, rabbi.

9cd7bb  No.13287197


He lost. We must learn from his mistakes.

93b7b0  No.13287202


>if i assert i've won then it must be true!

>it was real in my mind!


>pre race war


Who is going to participate in a race war? Sure won't be the majority of those nigger-loving whites you're trying to protect. They'll die for Israel long before they'll die for their race.

7b8d0b  No.13287203

The Jews' Stone

In the year 1462 in the village of Rinn in Tyrol a number of Jews convinced a poor farmer to surrender his small child to them in return for a large sum of money. They took the child out into the woods, where, on a large stone, they martyred it to death in the most unspeakable manner. From that time the stone has been called the Jews' Stone. Afterward they hung the mutilated body on a birch tree not far from a bridge.

The child's mother was working in a field when the murder took place. She suddenly thought of her child, and without knowing why, she was overcome with fear. Meanwhile, three drops of fresh blood fell onto her hand, one after the other. Filled with terror she rushed home and asked for her child. Her husband brought her inside and confessed what he had done. He was about to show her the money that would free them from poverty, but it had turned into leaves. Then the father became mad and died from sorrow, but the mother went out and sought her child. She found it hanging from the tree and, with hot tears, took it down and carried it to the church at Rinn. It is lying there to this day, and the people look on it as a holy child. They also brought the Jews' Stone there.

According to legend a shepherd cut down the birch tree, from which the child had hung, but when he attempted to carry it home he broke his leg and died from the injury.

- written down by the Grimm Brothers

9cd7bb  No.13287204


You are advocating for white genocide. I’ve already won.

93b7b0  No.13287207


White genocide is already happening

>advocating for removing the defective whites so the good ones can grow is bad!

Quantity before for quality, eh? Guess why we're in our current situation.

2b032c  No.13287208

Is it seriously that difficult to just… not have sex?

Waaah my right to murder unborn babies!

Jesus it’s pathetic. Just keep your legs shut and problem solved, boom, guaranteed method of birth control discovered holy shit who knew.

93b7b0  No.13287209


inb4 "we need the votes!"

93b7b0  No.13287211

ctrl+f "unborn"






The absolute state of organized GOP shilling.

9cd7bb  No.13287212


You are advocating for white genocide. I’ve already won.

9cd7bb  No.13287213


>you have to be GOP to not want to murder white babies

000000  No.13287216


if he lost, /pol/ wouldn't exist.

history is played out over centuries.

hitler understood this. the war goes on.

>Centuries will pass away, but out of the ruins of our cities and monuments the hatred will continually grow anew against the people that is ultimately responsible, and for whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its helpers!


93b7b0  No.13287217



>he's stuck in a loop

Better luck next time, kid.

7b8d0b  No.13287220

The Girl Who Was Killed by Jews

In the year 1267 in Pforzheim an old woman, driven by greed, sold an innocent seven-year-old girl to the Jews. The Jews gagged her to keep her from crying out, cut open her veins, and surrounded her in order to catch her blood with cloths. The child soon died from the torture, and they weighted her down with stones and threw her into the Enz River.

A few days later little Margaret reached her little hand above the streaming water. A number of people, including the Margrave himself soon assembled. Some boatmen succeeded in pulling the child out of the water. She was still alive, but as soon as she had called for vengeance against her murderers, she died.

Suspicion fell upon the Jews, and they were all summoned to appear. As they approached the corpse, blood began to stream from its open wounds. The Jews and the old woman confessed the evil deed and were executed. The child's coffin, with an inscription, stands next to the bell rope near the entrance to the palace church at Pforzheim.

Children of the members the boatmen's guild unanimously pass the legend from generation to generation that at that time the Margrave rewarded their ancestors by freeing them from sentry duty in the city of Pforzheim "as long as the sun and the moon continue to shine." At the same time they were given the right to be represented by twenty-four boatmen, carrying arms and musical instruments, who parade and stand watch over the city every year at the Carnival celebration. This privilege applies even to this day.

9cd7bb  No.13287222


Notice how the jew deflects to an altogether different conversation if it knows it has lost? First it was >muh niggers, now it’s >muh eugenics and now he’s talking about Hitler.

You will not kill any more white babies.

22c8b4  No.13287223

>more jew spam

22c8b4  No.13287226


>20+ posts

Yeah kill yourselves jews.

22c8b4  No.13287228


Not even close yid. Whites would prosper.

0937d6  No.13287229

The new law is so hardcore even that crazy fucker Pat Robertson is against it, as he thinks it’s doomed to eventual failure and will only hurt the Christ fags in the long run, in their war on abortion.

000000  No.13287237


>I have also left no doubt that, if the nations of Europe were once again to be treated as mere objects of commerce, to be bought and sold by these international conspirators in money and finance, then the people that is really guilty of this murderous conflict will also be held accountable: Jewry!

>Moreover, I left no one in doubt that this time millions of European children of the Aryan nations were not going to starve, and millions of grown men were not going to suffer death, and hundreds of thousands of women and children were not going to be burned and bombed to death in cities, without the real guilty ones having to atone for their guilt, even if by more humane means.


93b7b0  No.13287241


Yeah you know you dun goofed when even Robertson is telling you you're fucking up.

47c501  No.13287244


Imagine getting btfo throughout this whole thread and the best you can come up with is

>Failed chancellor

These are hardly even arguments.

Thank god

>>>/pol3/ doesn't allow low effort shit like that go around.

9cd7bb  No.13287251


If you advocate for white children to die to kill a few niggers, you are hiding behind babies to protect you from serving in the race war. You are a coward and a traitor.

7c8857  No.13287254


Yes, but atheists and edgelords are too busy LARPing and reflexively defending Jewish social policies to handle something intellectually taxing like basic math.


>But this isn't the reality of what's happening.

Yes, it is. Niggers are having more abortions on average but are also having far, far more children on average. Europeans in America are already below replacement rate: every white infant aborted counts for far more when a negress gets four abortions and shits out seven niglets for their welfare slips, while a white woman might get two or three abortions in her lifetime and then never get pregnant again. Niggers are at or slightly below replacement rate WITH abortions taken into account. White people are below replacement even WITHOUT abortions being a factor in the math. And yet still you shill for it, like a good little self-exterminating goyim.

And this is ignoring the reality that you're trying to justify murdering white babies with math in the first place. You diseased brainlets lost this fight the moment the subject matter revealed just how misanthropic and omnicidal you really are. The moment it revealed just how little of a shit you give about your own people, and how much you love yourselves and your egos and nothing else beyond that.

The core tenant of National Socialism is to value your own people above everything else. "Everthing Else" includes "Killing Niggers." If you want niggers dead that badly, then go do something about it in Minecraft instead of screeching for the legalization of white baby genocide, you cowardly sociopath.

I don't give a shit how Boomers justify their votes for it. At the end of the day, a vote for abortion is a vote for white genocide, and every single advocate for abortion in all six of the threads we have now on this topic is outing themselves as either literal Jews or misanthropic self-hating shills.


The Third Reich practiced positive eugenics, not negative eugenics. They didn't kill off the unfit unless there was absolutely no other choice. Instead, they encouraged healthy people with good genes to breed as much as possible, while identifying people who were liable to pass on diseases or deformities and offering them incentives to not breed, such as welfare stipends, healthcare, and free non-invasive sterilizations, while also giving them options to adopt children to raise if they really wanted them.

The NSDAP would have never approved of the literal butchery of infinitely valuable white infants just to get a few niggers. All the shills screeching "but muh Hitler did it" are lying through clenched teeth. He absolutely did not do anything of the sort. None of them ever would have approved of ANY system like this. This is not eugenics. This is genocide. Even worse, it is Satanic. At least an open genocide is honest, but an abortion is a Satanic inversion of both motherhood and the profession of doctor. The mother, who is supposed to love and protect her children above everything else, becomes the exact opposite of a mother and condemns her child to death for the sake of convenience. Then a doctor, who has sworn an oath to do no harm, assists the mother in murdering the baby.

Only a Jew could dream up such a scheme, and only someone who was truly brainwashed by the Jews could defend the practice as something healthy and wholesome for Europeans.

Our system of abortion isn't even what's actually keeping their population in check. It's not abortions that are causing niggers to slowly die out, it's black-on-black crime. Young buck niggers aged 13-40 killing each other off in droves is the real driving force behind the gradual extinction of them in America. If niggers behaved themselves but still got abortions at the same rate they do now, we would have been overrun with them long ago. So even the argument that abortion is doing something useful is just hot air and half-truths.

cb5e15  No.13287256


you posted a link to a Rossberg about how Jesus was not jewish, nothing else of note. You're also a fucking retard who hasn't noticed the quote about Jesus being the king of the Jews and his Passover cedar, so you can't say they didn't believe he was Jewish. Again, never advocated abortion you kike, I just said those opposed *because of* religious purposes are hypocrites. And they are the same god, that's why Jesus mentions Jews, why god even cares about Israelites in the Bible, and Mohammad says Jesus was a prophet of god. Just because you believe in a different book than the other doesn't matter. You're being disingenuous. Your opinions and uncited statements on the Talmud or Torah hold no sway and neither does their religious stance, as it doesn't change the undeniable fact Christianity came from Judaism.

>Also, even the most spitefully anti-Christian academics have gotten around to admitting that Jesus was in fact a real person, because the evidence for that in Roman records is so overwhelming, so thanks for tipping your hand again by trying to pretend his existince is "alleged."

I'm sure a man named Jesus lived during those times but I question his miracles and prophet status. I also say allegedly because I want you to find me an actual account of Jesus Christ performing his miracles NOT from the Bible. Surely such a noble and miraculous man would leave some other accounts not from an Oral account written 40 years later. Great citations schlomo, find me the "overwhelming" roman census/records of a man feeding 5000 with a few fish and bread, walking on water, raising a man from the dead, and being an Aryan in sandniggerland that doesn't come from an out of context paper written decades later found on FaithtoSalvation.org or whatever.

>The National Socialists declared Jesus was Aryan

wow good for them. I don't give a shit though. Some of his evidence is from Revelations of all places, which is dubiously added into canon while being written by a different writer to the rest of them, being written completely different to the rest and also being 50 years after such events. You guys can't even figure out if the end times happened or when it will happen, what is what, this means that, etc. You also can't use the bible as a citation to a question/interpretation of the bible. These quotes remind me of "oh those aren't real muslims" excuse. He is literally called the "King of the Jews". "Oh they were fake jews! not real ones!" Fuck off.

>And like a fool, you admit, again, that the position of not throwing white babies into blenders just to revenge kill some nigs is an inherently Christian stance. I again thank you for being such a ridiculous fool, and God for making you this way.

You're just being a faggot who immediately says i want white babies killed because I offend you're kike on a stick. Please faggot, please quote me advocating abortion. Please continue your pompous, assmad assertions.

000000  No.13287263

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>After six years of war, which in spite of all setbacks will ultimately will go down in history as the most glorious and valiant expression of a nation's will to life, I cannot forsake the city that is the capital of this Reich.

>I die with a joyful heart, mindful of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, our women at home, the achievements of our farmers and workers, and the efforts, unique in history, of our youth that bears my name.

>That I express my thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart is just as self-evident as my wish that you should therefore on no account give up the struggle, but rather continue it against the enemies of the Fatherland, no matter where, true to the principles of the great Clausewitz. From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own solidarity with them unto death, will in any case arise from German history the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thereby of the realization of a true national community.


those aren't the words of a failure, schlomo

7b698a  No.13287267


The 5% of aborted babies who were going to become decent human beings if they lived are not enout of a loss to outweigh the significant benefit that society gains from the termination of the 95% of subhuman rape apes/useless eaters. Abortion is a net positive and a valuable tool for eugenics. The only actual downside is that it is barbaric. Letting the spawn crawl out of their stinking holes first and then using a captive bolt pistol of a pillow to croak the little shits would be a superior method. Nothing wrong with putting the enemy down when they're young.

fce048  No.13287272



9cd7bb  No.13287277


You are willing to sacrifice white babies to stave off the war you should be fighting in. You are no better than a moloch worshipper.

3a43a4  No.13287282


This. The answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th

7b8d0b  No.13287283



>blue, red

>being a party boot licker

>in the US where there are only 2 parties which are both subverted

How stupid can you be? Now go eat your Big Mac at McDonalds.

93b7b0  No.13287287


>repeating the same shit over and over and over

Here's your (((You))).


>Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.

>Niggers are having more abortions on average but are also having far, far more children on average.

And it's leading them a nigger population stagnation. Abortion isn't the reason for low white birth rates. Do you understand proportions?

>I also want to emphasize that if you killed 1 white and 2 niggers, we'd all be dead!

No, you do not.


TRSodomite confirmed. You homos organizing via kikebook or discord?

9cd7bb  No.13287290


You cannot address it. I would not send a child to defend me on the front lines. I would sooner die myself. Are you a man? Or a rat?

e09a6a  No.13287291


>race war

Where's the race war? You want fucking abortion to hide the inevitable race war.

93b7b0  No.13287295


You've never been on the front lines and never will be.

9cd7bb  No.13287297


>I want abortion

Reread my post.

e09a6a  No.13287299


Oh sorry..

9cd7bb  No.13287300


I will not send a child there in my stead. If it were me or the child, I’d fight.

e09a6a  No.13287302

Daily reminder that abortion in America doesn't solve the spic immigration problem.

3a43a4  No.13287308


>implying that there are women who don’t like to be disciplined

>implying disciplining your wife is cucked

93b7b0  No.13287309


>he's just larping now

And we're done.

e09a6a  No.13287312


How is it LARPing?

93b7b0  No.13287313


It does solve the nigger problem though. The spic problem was supposed to be handled by the Goymander-in-chief, but he was too busy securing funding for Israel and sending more beaners around the country than Obama.

93b7b0  No.13287317


How is it not? Would you like to confirm some of anon's work on the "front lines"?

9cd7bb  No.13287320


Yes, you are. You are unable to address my point. You’ve been called out. Coward.

9cd7bb  No.13287322


Nowhere did I say I was on the front lines, jewish shill. I said I will not send a child there to fight for me. When the time comes, i’ll be there and we’ll round up rats like you.

e09a6a  No.13287323


He says he would rather he would rather fight now than letting his babies do the job for him, how is that LARPing?


>It does solve the nigger problem though.

It fucking doesn't.

The niggers would still be in America with abortion on, it just means a bit lesser.

>The spic problem was supposed to be handled by the Goymander-in-chief

LOL what? So America future would be secured if Trump builds a wall and abortion is on?

You nigger believe this?

000000  No.13287328


it's cucked if you're doing it to please her and to satisfy her sexual lust

7c8857  No.13287329


>you posted a link to a Rossberg about how Jesus was not jewish

No one knows what a "Rossberg" is. I posted a link to a podcast that contains citations and academic discussion proving that Jesus and Christianity are not Jewish. You only say this is "not of note" because you have been constantly claiming otherwise while advocating that white baby murder is an acceptable loss in exchange for nigger baby murder, and don't want your bullshit parade to be ruined by someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

I don't care what a delusional sociopath cares about or believes in. It is obvious you do not care about the future of white children and do not believe in anything besides a crude and base materialist philosophy that accepts self-destruction in exchange for arbitrary revenge, so this conversation is over. Abortion has always been indefensible, and your insistence on both defending it and attacking Christianity as you do so outs you as an enemy of all Europeans everywhere. I once again thank you, and once again call you a fool, for so openly tying your white genocide advocacy with anti-Christian sentiment.

Every advocate of abortion is a coward who is willing to sacrifice millions of white babies if it means they will not have to fight a race war. For all your calls for niggerdeath, you sure seem to want white babies to pay the price to secure it over yourself. But I'm the Jew because I'm Christian. Thanks again for being ridiculous.


>No, it isn't.

Yes, it is.

>And it's leading them to a population stagnation.

No, nigger-on-nigger crime is. Nigger abortions are a drop in the bucket. Abortion is in no way saving us from some imaginary wave of niggers. And you shouldn't be celebrating the slow boil even if it was, but you're too much of a brainlet to understand that.

>TRSodomite confirmed.

Brainlet originated on halfchan /v/, you glow-in-the-dark Boomer kike.


>caring about and defending your child to the death is LARPing

You can't help but out yourself as a sociopathic bugman, can you?

93b7b0  No.13287330


>It fucking doesn't.

Uh but it does. That's why their portion of population is currently under control. Without abortion you're looking at a population explosion.

>LOL what? So America future would be secured if Trump builds a wall and abortion is on?

You're just trying to argue about anything. Bad form.

e09a6a  No.13287331


>Uh but it does. That's why their portion of population is currently under control. Without abortion you're looking at a population explosion.

They are already fucking millions of niggers in America, what fucking control is that?

>You're just trying to argue about anything. Bad form.

I ask you about the spic problem and you bring up the wall as if that solves anything.

Bad nigger.

9cd7bb  No.13287333


Do something about it, white man. Don’t send your babies out to do the fighting for you. You can’t avoid responsibility forever.

fce048  No.13287334


>christcuck worships jews and defends saving nigger babies in bama

Galations 3:28 in practice

fce048  No.13287336



Being pro-life isn't being conservative, it's just being a tool of zionists. You deserve to have been aborted yourself.

93b7b0  No.13287338

File: d1951357d43aebd⋯.png (30.39 KB, 1157x153, 1157:153, ClipboardImage.png)


>it's the nigger-on-nigger crime!

>nigger abortions are a drop in the bucket!

Noooooo you innumerate fuckwit.


>Brainlet originated on halfchan /v/, you glow-in-the-dark Boomer kike.

And it's overused by you TRSodomites.

You gave yourselves away replying to this post >>13287309


>two anons can't into numbers

Are you just jumping IPs?

e09a6a  No.13287339


Not even a christian and this abortion debate is retarded.

No, you are NOT solving the nigger problem with abortion.


I'm not even pro-life, I just don't want millions white babies to be killed because niggers are killed too.

9cd7bb  No.13287340


I have no desire to be conservative. The fact that you use that as an insult reveals your true beliefs.

e09a6a  No.13287342


Is this possibly moarpheus?

Funny how the "anti-zionists" want white children aborted.

cb5e15  No.13287346


>No one knows what a "Rossberg" is.

quit being a faggot

"Proving" isn't taking a quote from 18 different books and stating something from it. I can interpret Jesus was a Jew too! You still haven't quoted me advocating abortion and you're only defense is I don't know what I'm talking about and I want abortion because I'm not christian because you're an overemotional nitpicking kikelover who takes any notion of not agreeing with you to heart and has to tear everything apart and decide a "with us or against us" mentality because you're such a fucking cunt. When have I defended abortion? When did I say anything about it at all? I never said anything else about abortion other than religious hypocrisy you absolute nigger.

>and once again call you a fool, for so openly tying your white genocide advocacy with anti-Christian sentiment.

Again quote me you 10 IQ Christcuck.

93b7b0  No.13287347




Damn you fuckers are so not subtle. Next discussion about how South Americans are white?

fce048  No.13287351


>this abortion debate is retarded.

You're right. It's a ploy meant to distract people. Republicans can't deport or get rid of spics, hell they've even immigrated them (legally) in their highest numbers. Now they want to make sure all the interracial and negroid babies won't die either.

>you are NOT solving the nigger problem with abortion.

You are absolutely doing just that.

>I'm not even pro-life,

Yes you are. Own up to your retarded beliefs.


Defend pro-life positions is fucking degenerate if nothing else.

e09a6a  No.13287352


So it's you moarpheus?

Really, nigger? Killing muslims = bad but abortion is good?

Can you be any more anti-white?

fce048  No.13287353


You should be aborted right now.

e09a6a  No.13287354


>You're right. It's a ploy meant to distract people. Republicans can't deport or get rid of spics, hell they've even immigrated them (legally) in their highest numbers.

Which has nothing to do with abortion and abortion will not solve.

>Now they want to make sure all the interracial and negroid babies won't die either.

Already here, fuckface.

>You are absolutely doing just that.

How? To solve the nigger problem is to kill nigger, are you killing nigger?

>Yes you are. Own up to your retarded beliefs.

How am I pro-life?

e09a6a  No.13287356


I don't have a fucked up mother like you, moarpheus.





9cd7bb  No.13287358


Saving white children from being murdered by the jewish machine is the least degenerate thing imaginable.

93b7b0  No.13287361

File: dd11402e7fd5c95⋯.png (4.34 MB, 997x8300, 997:8300, trs info.png)

File: 4f8c6d416f09671⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.png)


Not moarpheus you dipshit, but you fags have such a hard-on for him that you give yourselves away. Also your social circle is rife with faggots.

fce048  No.13287362


>abortion will not solve.

Yes it will. You're just saying "nu unh" and not even coming up with a counerargument.

>To solve the nigger problem is to kill nigger,

Abortion kills niggers, HURR DURR.

>How am I pro-life?

Stupid questions get stupid answers.


>muh moarpheus

This thread is fucking awful.


Niggers and interracial children aren't white.

9cd7bb  No.13287364


White children are murdered by abortion too. YOU CANNOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS: >>13287251

fce048  No.13287366


Most of them are poorfags who can't raise quality children anyways.

9cd7bb  No.13287368


So you are selective in your adherence to the 14 words? A white child is not worth protecting if they are born poor?

Thank you for revealing your true position. I hope that all can see your jewishness.

8108d7  No.13287370

File: ce6d57da586530a⋯.jpeg (18.33 KB, 213x250, 213:250, D4952ED3-076A-4FD4-8CE0-8….jpeg)


Fuck of moarpheus.

e09a6a  No.13287374


I think it's moarpheus guise.

>Yes it will. You're just saying "nu unh" and not even coming up with a counerargument.

How does it solve anything? Abortion is on and millions of niggers are here.

>Abortion kills niggers, HURR DURR.

It also kills white people, HURR DURR.

>Stupid questions get stupid answers.

Where's the answer?

7b8d0b  No.13287375


>Most of them are poorfags who can't raise quality children anyways.

>quality children

>high indoctrination = high quality


>dividing into social classes

(((jewishness intensifies)))

fce048  No.13287376

File: 8b69dbe5aed53b9⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1911x1210, 1911:1210, 13.jpg)


Yes, I don't believe everyone should have children. Not all white people are good parents. If it was up to me abortions would be mandatory for people with low-IQs. White trash babies, nigger babies and interracial babies should not be saved. Legal immigration needs to be halted, Mexico should be genocided and invaded and occupied. All non-whites should die and white trash should be wiped out of the gene pool. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to faggot? Where do you think you are?

fce048  No.13287378


Poorfags ended up voting for Trump. Cull the universities of progressives and problem solved.

e09a6a  No.13287380







93b7b0  No.13287381


Or degenerate lefties who should not breed. I have no problem with those disgusting pig-bitches getting as many abortions as they want.

>I got an abortion!

Great. Have three more.



Nigger, the only people who care about that guy are TRSodomites. >>13219843

e09a6a  No.13287384


Yeah, you do that, moarpheus.


Hold onto these thoughts.

fce048  No.13287385


>millions of niggers are here.

Kill them all and keep abortion. Do not let anyone breed, be for eugenics not against it.

93b7b0  No.13287386


I thought I was moarpheus.

7c8857  No.13287387


>this christcuck is worshipping Jews and saving niggers, everyone attack him, quick!

When the Jew is deprived of all other options, he resorts to his final tactic: tell the boldest and most obvious lie he can, and hope the sheer chutzpah of it bamboozles someone.


>everyone I don't like is TRS see now I don't have to argue with you anymore or address any more of your points

The insistence that TRS "overuses" an incredibly specific term is the sort of information only somebody who actually goes there would know. One of the most common tactics of the Jew is to accuse his opponent of something he himself is guilty of.

But that's none of my business. Kike.


>quit being a faggot

Learn to type like a white man instead of a nigger and somebody might take you seriously one day, you "rossberg" nigger.

If you're the kind of mental midget who can be shown a wall of academic sources and paragraphs of reasoned and sound dialectic and say "this proves nothing I can interpolate whatever I want from this," then you're either so unironically retarded that killing you would be a mercy, or you're a desperate and panicking Jew that can't believe he tripped over a goy who both knows the truth and can back it up with evidence. I'm inclined to believe the latter, because only a kike would defend atheism and slur Christ like it was his own religion. Because for a kike, it is.

9cd7bb  No.13287389


>Some white children should be murdered based on my assumptions of their upbringing

You are a kike plain and simple. I’m glad everyone can see the true nature of the pro-abortionists. You want to selectively murder white babies.

e09a6a  No.13287390


This is the anti-white moarpheus showing his true color.


You are IP-hopping moarpheus, don't worry.

fce048  No.13287391


Jesus was a jewish socialist rabbi who promoted multiculturalism.

e09a6a  No.13287392


Still doesn't make killing white babies right, yid.

93b7b0  No.13287394


>quick! pretend this isn't a TRS shilling op!

Too late.

>The insistence that TRS "overuses" an incredibly specific term is the sort of information only somebody who actually goes there would know.

>you know you're enemy, thus you are your enemy

How's it feel to be utterly fucking retarded?

fce048  No.13287395


>You want to selectively murder white babies.

Correct. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

e09a6a  No.13287396


Nope, it just means you are moarpheus, an anti-white kike shill.

fce048  No.13287397


Yes it does.

e09a6a  No.13287398


Screencap this.

93b7b0  No.13287399


You forgot to swtich IPs before responding.

e09a6a  No.13287400


Holy shit LOL

No, it doesn't.

9cd7bb  No.13287401


As long as we’re clear, jewboy. We’re going to win a great victory over you fucks soon.

e09a6a  No.13287402


Why should I though?

fce048  No.13287403



You are the tool of evangelical Republicans who worship a dead jew. I believe in eugenics.

e09a6a  No.13287405


No, you believe in white baby murder, not eugenics.

93b7b0  No.13287406


>gets caught

>"well i guess the jig is up…"


9cd7bb  No.13287407


You will not send white babies to die.

fce048  No.13287408


Not all white people are of equal value. Northern europeans are superior to Mediterraneans. White trash low-IQ families shouldn't have children in the first place. You are surrounded by national socialists you retard.

fce048  No.13287409


Same thing.

fce048  No.13287410


You're a tool of Republicans, nothing more.

9cd7bb  No.13287411


Remember, a kike always seeks to divide you from your people. This is a prime example.

8108d7  No.13287412

File: 5ac08cda079d360⋯.png (76.89 KB, 605x297, 55:27, 255D60E1-285E-4B8D-978B-45….png)


Sure TRS is gay, but so are you for constantly shilling.

e09a6a  No.13287413


Caught on what?


Screencap this.



9cd7bb  No.13287414


Standing for the 14 words has nothing to do with the american political parties.

fce048  No.13287415


You are an enemy to your own people if you are against eugenics.

93b7b0  No.13287416


This. Eugenics is about improving our race. We owned the world with our intellectual superiority, but we got complacent and let refuse fill our ranks. That must be corrected.

e09a6a  No.13287419


Nigger, you are killing your own race, what kind of eugenics is that?

9cd7bb  No.13287421



Notice that the abortionists script has changed! First it’s about killing those “nigger babies” (don’t mind immigration though) and now it’s about those “other whites”

We wont stand for it. 14/88.

fce048  No.13287422


Not all whites are equal.

93b7b0  No.13287425


>IQ is determined by environment and education

>IQ is determined by education

I think that might be one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

9cd7bb  No.13287426


We see that you believe that jew, but you wont get us to believe it. I stand with my fellow whites and their children.

93b7b0  No.13287428


>doesn't know what eugenics is


Time some time off from shilling and do a little bit of reading.

fce048  No.13287430


>I stand with my fellow whites and their children.

You apparently hate them and want to force lives on them that they don't even want to choose for themselves.

e09a6a  No.13287431

Holy shit, who knew Moarpheus is so outward anti-white?

7b8d0b  No.13287432


>If it was up to me abortions would be mandatory for people with low-IQs.

Who says who is low-IQ? Me! You're low-IQ! Now go kill yourself!


>lefties who should not breed

Subverted whites are still white and should have children.


That pic made me laugh. Niggers will always be niggers. Educated niggers are still stupid. Just educated stupid.

Repeating what was told to you, isn't exactly a masterrace trait.


Yeah that's called nationality. I don't want Polacks in Germany.

e09a6a  No.13287433


That's anti-natalism.

Kill yourself.


Once again, definition doesn't help you killing your own race.

9cd7bb  No.13287434


And now it’s about a woman’s “right to choose” (to murder her baby).

Just in case it isn’t clear how much of a kike these abortionists are.

fce048  No.13287435



Not even finding counterarguments anymore, just kvetching. Nice thread faggots.

93b7b0  No.13287437


>Subverted whites are still white and should have children.



>words hurt

I bet. You seem like a softy.

e09a6a  No.13287438


There's no argument left, just pointing how anti-white you are.


Yeah, try me faggot.

9cd7bb  No.13287439


You don’t have an argument. You are saying some white babies deserve death. You are no advocate of white people. We have no common ground, yid.

93b7b0  No.13287440


>fite me irl

Post timestamped address and I'll make it happen.

7b8d0b  No.13287442



9cd7bb  No.13287443


All white children deserve a chance to become worthwhile people.

fce048  No.13287444


>There's no argument left,

You've still got plenty of straw left though.


>You are saying some white babies deserve death. You are no advocate of white people.

These two statements conflict with each other. Think on that.

fce048  No.13287445


No, they don't.

93b7b0  No.13287446


>doesn't understand the term Untermensch

fce048  No.13287447


Whites with autism, for example.

e09a6a  No.13287448


Who are you quoting?


>You've still got plenty of straw left though.


>These two statements conflict with each other. Think on that.


93b7b0  No.13287449


Well there goes 90% of the board.



9cd7bb  No.13287451


No, they don’t. White babies deserve a future. You are a kike.


Of course. The disadvantaged can be taken care of, in a white world. Provide for you own sick and dying.

e09a6a  No.13287452


Who do you define as untermensch?


That I can agree on, any deformed child and/or with mental illness.

But normal white babies? Really?

e09a6a  No.13287453


Kike has gone out of argument.

fce048  No.13287454


You want to live in a world with whites who have down syndrome, I do not.

e09a6a  No.13287457

Beginning of the thread:


Later of the thread:


Jesus christ.

cb5e15  No.13287458


Maybe give more more than some kike as a source and you can be taken seriously you faggot. You know Mark 15:2 I literally quoted where Jesus of Nazareth agrees with Pontious Pilate about being the King of the Jews? Oh they weren't really Jews right? Or maybe the bible has contradictions and either or is applicable, meaning you can't be for certain about anything bible related. Get out of your autism echo chamber, Goldstein.

>wall of academic sources

I think you're actually brain damaged. I have seen one citation. You seem to ignore completely evidence contrary to your own belief you just deny it. An then to be more on the cunt side you think a typo is why you won an argument. I feel sorry for your parents. Maybe abortion should have been on the table for such a goddamn retard like you.

>you're either so unironically retarded that killing you would be a mercy, or you're a desperate and panicking Jew that can't believe he tripped over a goy who both knows the truth and can back it up with evidence

1.) stop reflecting yourself on others

and 2.) what evidence

I don't even care about what your evidence is. You've proven to have some extra chromosomes already.

e09a6a  No.13287459


Such a world exists right now, so why are you living?

9cd7bb  No.13287461

>don’t worry White Advocates! We’re just killing SOME white babies… they probably weren’t really that good anyway, so don’t worry! And look, we killed some niggers too!

Die, kike.

fce048  No.13287462


>Such a world exists right now

Correct. People with autism should be put in gas chambers and aborted when it's detectable.

7b8d0b  No.13287463


I'm German, mutt.

93b7b0  No.13287464

File: ac847048987b2af⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 441x408, 147:136, 8a7178276da9f7e7d054140163….jpg)


Retards, fags, fatties, people who dress up as cartoon characters or animals. The usual.


>ask question

>get answer

>doesn't understand answer

Oh my.

9cd7bb  No.13287465


This is what it’s always been about for these kikes, they were presented with an argument you can’t navigate from and had to lean into their true beliefs. Remember to protect White Children.

e09a6a  No.13287466


So why are you living right now?

fce048  No.13287467


Plenty of inferior Germans out there.

e09a6a  No.13287468


Once again, how do you determine the babies will grow up to become those?

e09a6a  No.13287469


But you still exist, moarpheus.

93b7b0  No.13287470


Great. You're a German mutt. Anything else?

93b7b0  No.13287472


Look at the parents.

93b7b0  No.13287473


No, I'm moarpheus.

e09a6a  No.13287474


Following that argument, Gen Z should be aborted because millenials are shit?


OK, moarpheus.

93b7b0  No.13287475


>can't into numbers

>can't into genetics

Holy fuck anon. What are you doing with your life?

fce048  No.13287476


>millenials are shit

You would be a boomer.

e09a6a  No.13287478


I'm here, fucking kikes like you up.


No, I'm a zoomer.

9cd7bb  No.13287479


Whit children are not numbers. The only numbers i’m concerned with are 14/88

7b8d0b  No.13287481


>Retards, fags, fatties, people who dress up as cartoon characters or animals. The usual.

Those are labels for subverted people not permanent or heritable states like has GRIDS or has four arms because of fucked up genes.


No Mr. Merimutt, you seem to misunderstand. I'm of German blood and all my ancestry is from within the borders of the German Reich.

93b7b0  No.13287482


Let me elucidate what I meant here >>13287475

I said to look at the parents. Your logic states that the group Gen Z is the biological offspring of the group millenials. Do you see a glaring error in your reasoning?

e09a6a  No.13287484


Explain? Whose loins come Gen Z? Gen Y?

I don't keep up with kike labels.

fce048  No.13287486


>I'm of German blood and all my ancestry is from within the borders of the German Reich.

And all of the good Germans got culled fighting Americans which makes you a descendant of their inferiors. Congrats.

93b7b0  No.13287487


>retardation isn't heritable

>genes aren't real

>my dad works at Nintendo



>still doesn't understand the difference


e09a6a  No.13287488


What difference, yid?

9cd7bb  No.13287489

Even if you were heartless (or kiked) enough to believe that not all white children deserve life, you should be able to acknowledge that now is not the time for white eugenics. We are fighting for our survival as a race. On top of that, current abortion law is not about deformities, it’s about convenience.

93b7b0  No.13287490


Figure it out. Use brain. Start here: Do parents = generational groupings?

e09a6a  No.13287491


They are arguing on the point of utopianism.

We have exposed them.

e09a6a  No.13287492


No, please explain to me, mr. Yid.

Use your fucked up brain and explain to the class here.

Does Gen Z deserve to be genocided because their parents are bad?

7b8d0b  No.13287494


>And all of the good Germans got culled fighting Americans which makes you a descendant of their inferiors. Congrats.

You mean superior. My grandfather fought on the eastern front and here I am.

fyi: Your sentence makes no sense because failure is a trade attributed to the bad not the good.

7b8d0b  No.13287497

9cd7bb  No.13287502

Glad we finally broke the abortion shills in our midst. Pro abortion is anti white.

93b7b0  No.13287503


>can't figure out he's conflating a generation with individual parents

Were your parents related? Asking for science.

e09a6a  No.13287504


I still don't see the explanation, mr. yid.

Are you faking again?

93b7b0  No.13287507


I know you can't. It's an IQ thing.

9cd7bb  No.13287509


You’ve been caught, you kike rat. There is no justification for murdering white babies.

e09a6a  No.13287511

So for Moarpheus





THAT [random nationalist] IS A JEW, MY JEWDAR SAYS SO




e09a6a  No.13287512


I'm asking you, mr. yid.

Now answer the question.

93b7b0  No.13287515


Or what?

e09a6a  No.13287517


Or get exposed, mr. yid.

9e5ebe  No.13287518

Basically, abortion should be legal for groids, and that's it. Sanger kind of knew what she was talking about, if it was only applied to shitskins.

7b8d0b  No.13287519


*prepares gaschamber*

e09a6a  No.13287520


But that's not going to happen.

You are more likely to kill all niggers before the state enforces such a law.

93b7b0  No.13287522


All talk, no action.

e09a6a  No.13287524


Every action is gonna be called a false flag by moarpheus.

9cd7bb  No.13287527

>abortionists get absolutely BTFO so hard they have to admit that they want to kill white children

>immediately thread is slid with nonsense arguments to minimize impact

As expected.

93b7b0  No.13287529


You haven't taken any action, and you never will.

c7408f  No.13287531

File: c15fdce9d97841b⋯.jpg (20.24 KB, 236x229, 236:229, not kosher for tv.jpg)




e09a6a  No.13287535


OK, moarpheus, because every action is a false flag in your mind.

The fact you die will also be a false flag.

9cd7bb  No.13287537

Stop engaging with the spamming shill. Unless you’re a shill.

There is no argument to be had with those who want to kill white babies. There is simply death.

93b7b0  No.13287538


Sure, any day now. Right around the corner.

e09a6a  No.13287539


Sure, moarpheus. Every day a false flag happens.

e09a6a  No.13287540


OK, I filter it.

93b7b0  No.13287542

7c8857  No.13287555


>Jesus was a jewish socialist rabbi who promoted multiculturalism

Repeating lies like a magic spell doesn't make them true or increase the likelihood of a goy believing you, no matter what your Rabbi told you. The proof against all of your claims has already been posted and remains unrefuted, because you can't refute it. All you can do is stamp your feet and scream your accusations over and over again, hoping you can squeeze at least one drop of poison in the well if you do.

Ask me how I know you're not a National Socialist. Or don't, because I won't tell you. It's easy to spot you like this.


>everyone I can't beat in an argument is from [WEBSITE] which makes all arguments and evidence they present invalid

If I call you a malfunctioning NPC, will that make me doubly from TRS? Is every meme a TRS meme? Why do a bunch of worthless civnat cucks who worship Jews and fags live so rent free inside of your head, when you're sitting in a thread full of kikes calling for white baby murder?

Answer: you're a mentally ill faggot yourself, and don't care about dead white babies as long as you can chase your Moby Dick around yelling at clouds.


>You are the tool of evangelical Republicans who worship a dead jew. I believe in eugenics.

The NSDAP believed in eugenics. You believe in self-genocide. No National Socialist would have ever supported the abortion system in America. Not ever. They actually cared about their own people and placed value on their blood, their flesh, and their children. They have nothing whatsoever in common with a coward trying to escape conscription into the race war by throwing white babies into a meat grinder.


>everyone who doesn't want to kill white babies is a Republican

You haven't met many Republicans, have you, Jewboy?


When one script doesn't work, they switch tactics. But they'll tell you this is organic and natural. Not controlled astroturfing at all. Six threads existing on the same topic? Totally natural. We'll keep shilling for abortion until your shitty racist hole-in-the-ground exhibits the proper and correct opinions.

Nothing frightens a Jew more than a white man who actually knows what caring for his own people means.


>Not all whites are equal.

Ergo throw white babies into blenders? You kikes are getting desperate.


>maybe give more than some kike as a source

You think William Finck, the curator of The Mein Kampf Project, and Dennis Wise, the director of "The Greatest Story Never Told" and "Communism By The Backdoor" are 'some kikes?' The guy who redpilled over fifty million people about the truth of World War II before Youtube shut him down and the people spearheading the effort to translate and dissiminate correctly translated and free copies of Mein Kampf are 'some kikes?'

Filtered. You are 100% a shill for not knowing who either of these men are or what they've done. I could forgive not knowing one, but to be ignorant of both tells me everything I need to know about you. You're a newfag or a glownigger, and your opinion is irrelevant. Go watch some real material and educate yourself. Or go buy another Mountain Dew from the soda machine down the hallway and tell your handler in Tel Aviv that you won another internet argument and deserve an extra shekel this week, whichever works for you.

If you're going to come here on a paycheck and try to shill for white genocide by throwing a blanket of nigger hate on top of it, at least have the decency to educate yourself on the people you're talking to. Or maybe it's better that you think we're all retarded hicks who are easily bamboozled by words like nigger. It'll make the sudden advent of ovens in Minecraft a lot funnier.

77702a  No.13287566


On one hand, I am pro life.

On the other, niggers and liberals are usually the one killing off their spawn, so abortion is kind of like population control. The only thing I really hate is that Muslims and Mexicans have not started destroying their own lineage with such liberal mechanisms of death.

e717ce  No.13287591

File: e41ba6f20d12c8d⋯.png (983.48 KB, 851x527, 851:527, Alabama (1).png)

File: 79c15428bc312b3⋯.jpg (268.56 KB, 1600x899, 1600:899, Alabama (1).jpg)

File: c08e3e7589a6c41⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 760x506, 380:253, Alabama (2).jpg)

File: aa9f3771ab3e67e⋯.jpg (36.85 KB, 634x419, 634:419, Alabama (3).jpg)

File: 60e6042398a07f4⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 768x510, 128:85, Alabama (4).jpg)


No more abortions in Alabama? place already looks like south Africa… with this its just going to be regular Africa in like a decade. (they should only outlaw abortions for whites).

9c165f  No.13287597



It was never made an amendment, therefore states don't have to honor it.

The same goes for forced integration, weapon prohibitions, or fag marriage.

A civil war was fought over this bullshit.

25c935  No.13287598


Even if Roe V. Wade is overturned (or just raped by state law), natural-born females are still having less kids overall due to their teachers and professors encouraging them to have a career instead of becoming stay-at-home mothers.

9cd7bb  No.13287603


One victory at a time.

be5663  No.13287614

Wow, its amazing to witness a thread where so many white people are willing to kill an innocent baby as long as its mother is nonwhite.

Do these people even understand the concept of innocence?

If not, they are definitely unqualified to stand in judgement of anybody and/or anything.

a48d5b  No.13287617

File: 8644f5714ec073f⋯.mp4 (5.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, breakfast.mp4)


Abortion by Race of Mother in Alabama

Black - 60%

White - 36%

Other - 4%

Remember, that is just the self-reported race of the mother, no stats on what is the race of the father, or kids with serious illnesses spotted by testing.

3a8e4d  No.13287618

I really wish the racists here would understand how unfair this law is to people of color and how this patriarchal oppression is causing greater distress among Black communities.

How about this, racists? You stop FORCING Black women to go through the pain and heartbreak of nonconsensual childbirth, and we'll make white women have white babies. Consider all the child care and child support part of reparations, you fucking nazi scum.

be5663  No.13287622

File: 4786ca4f28c217f⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 500x380, 25:19, abortion02.jpg)

In the womb, all babies are white.

7b8d0b  No.13287626



>liberals are usually the one killing off their spawn

Liberalism is nothing heritable or permanent. It's just an idea in their head.


>how unfair this law is to people of color

I have no problems with you niggers doing your brutal rituals or eating each other up at all.

However this is a thread to our existence.

>You stop FORCING Black women to go through the pain and heartbreak of nonconsensual childbirth, and we'll make white women have white babies.

I have zero problems with your stance. The problem would be making a legislation where not all people are "equal".

Allowing abortions only for blacks is just not possible.

7b8d0b  No.13287627

be5663  No.13287640

"However this is a thread to our existence."



all you are doing is chasing your appetites; no different than 2 homosexuals in a bus station mens room, or a junkie with a needle in its arm…

Its nothing more than pure narcissism no different from basic kike behavior.

This is why we lose.

7b8d0b  No.13287646


>This is why we lose.

As I said I have zero problems with you losing to your wife nigger but we have deep issues because big brain unlike you.

be5663  No.13287652

"Remember, that is just the self-reported race of the mother, no stats on what is the race of the father, or kids with serious illnesses spotted by testing."


ok faggot, how about we make child molestation legal as long as the child is non white?

Are you fine with that?

Would you want those people walking around in your midst?

You know its only a matter of time before they start eyeballing your son or daughter?

This is Jew thought; and it won't work for YOU the same way it doesn't work for them.

Don't you get it?

What is wrong with you?

eaa559  No.13287675


I am completely fine with that.

be5663  No.13287685

"I am completely fine with that."


ok, so how about we make child molestation legal as long as the white child has autism, wears glasses, low IQ, crooked teeth; some type of physical, mental deficit…?

Are you fine with that too?

Because thats exactly what your Jew logic leads to?

This is why we lose.

9b43c5  No.13287701

Why are jews disproportionately represented in abortion industry? Cause they like to murder your babies. This is why jews are abortionists. It's like they found a legal way to murder gentiles.

e126cc  No.13287709

File: b88fc2bcfe70956⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 960x588, 80:49, noah_grande.jpg)

by my count, 150,000,000 white children have died due to Roe vs Wade. this number takes into consideration aborted children growing up and having productive children of their own. We are 4 generations into this ROE vs WADE nightmare

thank the progressive Jews, and all the replacement shit skin consumers to fill the void for what would have been a viable white population. How many of you have heard the Jew lament, this world is so dirty I'll not bring a child into it. The mantra of stupid whore roasties everywhere.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in 2018 with more than 41 million deaths

Abortion reduces the chances of being a mother later.

The statistics, collected by Worldometers and published by LifeNews, undoubtedly leave heartbreaking figures. Almost 42 million human beings have been suspended throughout the world in 2018, becoming the main cause of mortality. The independent site collects data from governments and other accredited organizations and then reports the data along with forecasts and forecasts.

As of 31 December 2018, about 41.9 million abortions were committed during the year. In contrast, 8.2 million people died of cancer, 5 million died from tobacco and 1.7 million died of HIV / AIDS.


they enjoy white genocide, it gives Jews kicks to murder infants, always has.

d1cba7  No.13287711


I'm glad schizo boomers like you are going to be dead soon.

685729  No.13287719

democrats can pass gun infringement laws while the 2nd amendment exists. so why couldnt a republican pass anti-abortion laws while roe v wade decision exists?

e126cc  No.13287721



it's not boomer you have to worry about jew, it's the up and coming next two generations. Boomer may quietly die but I'm thinking Zoomers, and their children are truly going to fuck up the Jew world. they know voting is for faggots, and they know armed conflict is going to be their birthright.

7b8d0b  No.13287723


>using the age division tactic


is fully correct

Whether old or young, man or woman, educated or not, we should stand together against kikes like you.

662859  No.13287724


Just how Jewish can you get

e126cc  No.13287730


need to add, my 150,00,00 white figure is for the US alone. I've seen reports that in the UK white women have had as many as 5 abortions. Russia is another Jew cucked country, white Russians, considering their landmass compared to China have also aborted viable white children for convenience, The EU? I have looked at abortion deaths for those countries but the great replacement is underway.

685729  No.13287732


the nigger exploding population would have collapsed welfare programs decades ago and bankrupted cities and removed boomer's social security.

it would have accelerated things and kept information about the nigger scourge on this country much harder to hide. niggers still have a ton of kids but get to waste white peoples money using it as free contraception. no abortion means more white and black people, which means less room for black parasites they would quickly expose themselves to the much larger white population.

meanwhile abortion for whites is targeted at girls that are easily financially capable of taking care of a child but got their white babies aborted because the sluts dont want to feel shame or lose ties with their families. its also so white girls can go to college and not have kids instead of a kid "tying them down" while theyre young.

meanwhile poor trailer trash white girls refuse abortions and have/raise their kids.

its a very complicated problem with alot of angles and doesnt clearly benefit whites and hurt blacks like many are making it out to be; in my opinion, its a toss up and can easily go both ways.

e126cc  No.13287737


Worldwide the figure of jew sponsored white deaths due to abortion has to be 500,00,000

Compare that to muh 6,000,000 grizillion

be5663  No.13287740

I'm glad schizo boomers like you are going to be dead soon.


slo your roll Casper;

unlike you, the boomers have already lived long lives, while you can still die today or tomorrow?

Lots of people die young through no fault of their own (just like aborted babies) The first funeral I ever attended was for a girl who died from leukemia at the age of 24. I used to babysit her 4 year old daughter. One day she started complaining about her right leg hurting but we all dismissed it because women are always complaining about something…

but it got worse and worse and she was diagnosed with Leukemia 3 weeks later (blood cancer) chemo took her blond hair and is almost as bad as the disease itself because I saw what it did to her.

Less than a year later she was dead; and she was only 24. We were all stunned and shocked.

So be careful what you wish for. Life is a fragile gift and it can be taken away from YOU at any moment.

662859  No.13287741


No matter how often we repeat this to the shills they will keep spamming and pushing and shilling their pro satanistic ritual agenda on here.

But we must always point it out so the shills cant take over and pretend to hold the majority and remember lurkers that what they are reading is Jewish manipulation.

662859  No.13287747

File: 38a8160e931a761⋯.jpg (148.37 KB, 469x600, 469:600, jews_image41.jpg)


9cd7bb  No.13287754

>B-but muh niggers

If you are willing to let unborn white children fight and die in the race war for you, you are a coward and a traitor.

a9f176  No.13287759

File: 115b2af0baa6a7d⋯.jpeg (136.88 KB, 535x445, 107:89, rodger san.jpeg)

d294f4  No.13287768


Having just graduated college. At least half, probably more, repeat lines similar to (you)r second to last paragraph regarding children. They’ve been propagandized to view early (pre-30, to them) marriage and child bearing as low class and a weight holding them down from traveling and spending time on their careers.

685729  No.13287771


i think some are shills, and i think many more are just as ignorant about abortion as your common leftist. its not like its given much attention in schools; most dont even know how evil these people are, or how gruesome it is. if they saw a video of a doctor tearing a white baby limb from limb causing unspeakable amount of pain to him, any white would be disgusted. especially if they learned the parents were most likely affluent whites capable of raising the kid and having the kid would have meant many more instead of just a memory of a "close call" they keep quiet that fucks thier brains up long term and often turns them into tumblr-haired lunatics.

abortion for niggers is eugenics weeding out the poor. abortion for whites is the exact opposite; it targets whites well within their means of taking care of and raising a kid, while poor obese whites say "i dont believe in abortion"

anyone questioning the morality of it and how evil it is just has to look at premature babies and ask yourself "whats the difference between an abortion and a premature delivery?" then start looking into facts like the fact that some babies born as much as 6 months EARLY are able to survive.

so whats the difference? one procedure the doctor intentionally makes sure the baby doesnt survive. if its about a womans body/choice/independence wouldnt they just remove the baby? instead doctors find sick and twisted ways to make sure the baby dies. sometimes its as "clean" as squeezing the neck with foreceps until the head clips off. sometimes its as gruesome as ruipping the baby limb from limb with a vacuum/foreceps… and sometimes they just burn the baby with a concentrated saline solution then induce labor after the baby dies.

and the best part is they get the childs own mother to request it.

685729  No.13287776


>a weight holding them down from traveling and spending time on their careers.

God forbid they follow the path of a matriarch of a large family. what a horrible/trashy existence. that shits not fulfilling at all. do you know what is fulfilling though? being a financial advisor… or more typically; a teacher teaching a kosher curriculum. much more fulfilling.

9cd7bb  No.13287779


I’m just so happy this will be put to an end. Thank God.

aa0119  No.13287783


>niggers get the most abortions

>state bans abortion

>nigger either leaves the state for a blue state, or has back alley abortion which results in septicemia and dies

Sounds like a win-win for me.

e126cc  No.13287784

File: 01d2dedc112e4d0⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1125x1908, 125:212, 1558067660589.jpg)

File: 01d2dedc112e4d0⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1125x1908, 125:212, 1558067660589.jpg)

deluded future roastie claims she will not wear clothes on the twatter until abortion is safe. Female narcism at it's finest.

f59c07  No.13287790

-over 41 million people were killed from abortion in 2018

- women are the global statistical leaders in all categories of murder and death

-more humans were killed through abortion in 2018 alone, than all Wars combined since











you can thank the jews for this guys

aa0119  No.13287794


>exuding masculinity over your woman makes you a cuck

ok reddit. im sure her fucking tyrone in front of her bf is WAY more masculine

662859  No.13287805

File: 2ef05e88fe33c54⋯.png (334.37 KB, 1291x625, 1291:625, abortion1.png)

7b8d0b  No.13287838


Double ban abortion for free prostitutes! Kek.

be5663  No.13287861

abortion for niggers is eugenics weeding out the poor. abortion for whites is the exact opposite;


some of you white people here are so shallow, thick and slow; I sometimes wonder if you are really white?

The main problem with abortion is the concept of abortion itself; NOT the ability to decide which children are qualified to be murdered.

You white faggots are like Elon Musk, that jew who thinks he can invent a cake that he can "have" and "eat" too. Sorry, but thats not how it works.

The concept of aborting nonwhite babies will ALWAYS = the concept of killing babies which will ALWAYS = the concept of murdering white babies.

You can spin it however you want, but you will never get around this logic.

In the movie "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes" only a few upper class simians knew why "The Forbidden Zone" was forbidden. The majority of the apes had no idea there was an advanced human civilization that preceded theirs; because the concept of an advanced human civilization that preceded theirs had been so thoroughly obliterated that the concept didn't even exist for them.

They didn't even have a word or term to describe it except "forbidden?"

They didn't know why?

and probably didn't care?

If you want to end abortion for white babies, you are going to have to get rid of the concept of abortion altogether; and that means you can't have the concept of abortion for nonwhite babies still hanging around like a nigger in front of a liquor store; because then white people will KNOW about it, see it as an option, and then do it.

Finally, any law that allows non white people to do something that white people AREN'T allowed to do is a definite non starter and dead on arrival.

this is why we lose.

d615ba  No.13287868

recreational sex has consequence you fucking dimwit woman. Abortion attacks family structure and harms society. There must be more consequences for degenerate behavior for both genders. Like stoning to death. I can get on board with that.

5e285b  No.13287929

Abortion is literally the only eugenics program still in effect today. The founder of planned parenthood did so with the express purpose of limiting black babies from being carried through to term. Anyone against this policy is expressly advocating white ethnic disposition through replacement levels of reproduction. Loss of white life is tragic, but 75% of those aborted are non-white.

In reality, we should be sterilizing women who want abortions instead.

27ffd4  No.13287945

File: e8babf9bc8e281d⋯.jpg (934.39 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, madotsuki barf.jpg)



e8f2ea  No.13287955

Next we need to ban birth control pills.

a56da9  No.13287966

On one hand, i'm glad because commies and kikes love abortion, and it'll stop white women from having abortions.

On the other hand, the number of nigs is going to skyrocket because of this, maybe we should meme them moving to libshit states to get their abortions, consolidate them there and the whites here.

2f3fc9  No.13287969


You mean synthetic hormone manipulation pills…

women need to stop skanking with niggers and start being noble instead of pseudo celebrity kardashian emulating lemmings.

be5663  No.13288012

File: e32a4d535db5f0b⋯.jpg (22.48 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1d06e754107d4458b96405fa67….jpg)

Hey pink face,

even 8chan is cucking you; this is the typical ad at the bottom of this thread thats driving your own race mixing; but then again, many of you here post pics of vulpine cartoon women with fur, tails and ears on top of their heads…

this comedy writes itself



White Power!

9b5146  No.13288019


Unintended consequence, may have started out as that but white women ended up getting more abortions which fueled feminism and them stripping rights away from men because 'MUH BODY MUH CHOICE"

5e285b  No.13288049


>he doesnt have an adblocker

Qboomer detected

7b8d0b  No.13288065


>doesn't have an adblocker

Is it 2010 again? Please install an adblocker and go back to reddit where you can tell your friends about it.

ba0e03  No.13288082

File: 6389538fd4b606f⋯.png (535.43 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, nanomachines.png)


Do you have a better argument than what I said? Whites can do stupid things too. Do you have better solution to prevent pregnancy than I said? Please mention.

>White man fucks white woman without condom





Whites need to learn about having responsible sex too.

I don't care about niggers. Niggers need to learn to behave like responsible adults around their nigger women.

Niggers know they cannot afford to have children so they have so much abort. Maybe this will change something in their nigger culture but i doubt it.

At best, we could have a law in which if a nigger got a child, he can be castrated with vasectomy so he cannot have more children in future to avoid reckless behavior.


True. It's not like it can prevent all but it's best measure until there something better getting invented in future. I think there are some tests involving gel but I don't think they succeeded or it's not ready for commercial use.


Jogging in night is the worst idea ever. If a woman need to go out to jog, do it in morning or if she really need to jog in night, she can go with a guy or someone she trusts so they can jog together to prevent anyone from approaching woman.


>no whites left in Brazil. It's niggers versus mulattos

You're wrong. The stats are about 45% for whites, 45% for mulattos, 5% niggers and rest are asian, native indians, etc.

Mostly white population (german, italian, etc) lives in south of country. Nigger population is more focused in north of country.

b63807  No.13288084


>by my count

And discarded.

c78a0a  No.13288133


Time to go outside anon. You've had enough internet for today.

7b8d0b  No.13288152


>responsible sex

>responsible sex

>(((responsible sex)))

kike term detected

One should just raise the child. That's what genitals are for to begin with, kike.

>Niggers know


They don't. They're just lazy.

Now go back to >>>/leftypol/ where nanomachines exist.

38d236  No.13288184


This is your brain on christkikery

38d236  No.13288198


Lmao holy shit you fucking christcuck how new are you that you don't even quote with greentext I'm fucking dead. If they're not white I don't give half a flying fuck what happens to them, nigger loving retard

eef97a  No.13288248

This is great. I love the contrived crybaby screeching leftist asswipes collectively shitting themselves like the little infants they are. Just like when you take a bottle from a baby, so too does the liberal throw a fit when you disrupt it's cultish delusion and deny it the ability to feel special about it's sorry ass self and remind it what a failure at life it is.

38d236  No.13288287


Lmfao you haven't done anything and won't do anything, nigger

d23bcc  No.13288329

File: f056370041e0301⋯.png (60.25 KB, 538x475, 538:475, ClipboardImage.png)

Planned Parenthood was taking out more human garbage by the millions, but as usual (((white niggers))) have to fuck up the eugenics programs that took out mostly nigglets and swirl babies. Not only are they weeding the human garden, but they were drenching areas of that garden with glyphosate for centuries to come.

8d9376  No.13288369


The most intelligent post in this thread. This would mark one of the first times in history an empire in decline was able to stop the march of female psychopathy.

2adb2b  No.13288473



Christcucks are so stupid. There is no point in forcing degenerates whores to keep their babies. Few of them are even white.

Christcucks are also busy giving free shit to niggers in Africa. They are one of the biggest cancers of the West.

7b8d0b  No.13288518



Silence kikes. Abortions "freed" women of becoming mothers and being bound to their husbands and encouraged being a roastie like >>13286988 (checked) pointed out.

The ZOG christcucks I talked to were actually pro-abortion which didn't surprise me at all.

d51773  No.13288536


This. PP is unintentionally saving the white race.

bcfcfc  No.13288553

File: d9d2d96efdf1467⋯.jpg (31.35 KB, 480x354, 80:59, 12821556_1296517297028952_….jpg)


>maximum nose detected

a48d5b  No.13288564

File: de48fec58cce429⋯.jpg (122.11 KB, 571x591, 571:591, 1430066536686-1.jpg)


>Are you sure you're white?

Christians are never the brightest people.


>No one believed Jesus was a Jew

Jesus was a fucking Jew, dude.

>By advocating for the murder of white infants, who are a highly-valuable endangered species, because it also kills niggers in the process

The ratio is probably about 5 to 1 when you factor in the race of the father and major medical issues. And on neither side are they infants, they are fetuses.

>One white baby is worth more than every nigger on the planet, alive or dead.

By having lots of new nigger children, you are consigning tens of thousands of whites to death due to violence, and hundreds of thousands if there were a societal breakdown/race war. If Roe v Wade happened, we'd probably have over 20 million more niggers. Imagine what the United States would look like.

662859  No.13288571

File: 0e540f2b1bbcb4e⋯.png (141.61 KB, 360x346, 180:173, pepelaugh.png)

<kikes STILL asshurt and shilling ITT

fe41dc  No.13288578

Only Church people and Jews think a guy born before the Khazarian Empire existed could be a Khazar.

Crack smoking intensifies.

I am interested in how all this turns out. Abortion is a billion dollar per year industry.

fe41dc  No.13288582


Never works that way

67cfd1  No.13288586


>low IQ detected

d1cba7  No.13288609


I have yet to see numbers and data from Christcucks and boomers. It's just hearsay from them. What these retards don't realize is that most of the southern states would be majority nigger by now if it wasn't because of abortions.

fb6c59  No.13288653

I bet none of the racist white guys on this thread have produced any white children?

Yet here they are bitching and moaning about "white genocide"

White guys won't even dance with white women.

Niggers are just doing the jobs white men won't do.

662859  No.13288665


Reddit pls go

fce048  No.13288672

File: c3fec52637c9f60⋯.jpg (308.36 KB, 1080x840, 9:7, 2018OJuneButcherbillyTinde….jpg)


Here's your problem: white guys who aren't legally allowed to kill other races in their own countries who are occupying it shouldn't be having children anyway, because cowards shouldn't have children, and if you do have children they still might end up with down syndrome, be gay, a tranny, or have interracial babies themselves. There's no point in having children if the problems of society aren't being fixed at the same time, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

fb6c59  No.13288691

Here's your problem: white guys who aren't legally allowed to kill other races in their own countries who are occupying it shouldn't be having children anyway, because cowards shouldn't have children, and if you do have children they still might end up with down syndrome, be gay, a tranny, or have interracial babies themselves. There's no point in having children if the problems of society aren't being fixed at the same time, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.


Excuse me pale face, but how many nigger, spics, chinks, towel heads and curry munchers have you killed?


fce048  No.13288790

File: eead294e8c96b4a⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 620x361, 620:361, 2019black-hole-ap-19100474….jpg)


>how many nigger, spics, chinks, towel heads and curry munchers have you killed?

That's my point, one who can't properly link his replies, it's a collective problem, not an individual one. You can't impart blame on a single person, we need to collectively purge the enemy before you can impose your retarded anti-eugenic state-sanctioned laws on whites before they'll have the meaning you want them to. Otherwise you're just guaranteeing that non-whites (who are always worse at controlling their own breeding) will proliferate and interracial children will too. To say nothing of the increase in children with "special needs" and all sorts of lives that should have been nipped in the bud when their shitty excuses for parents had the chance. People who are "pro-life" are themselves people who should have been aborted for being so goddamn stupid, they're like STDs, the curse that keeps on cursing.

000000  No.13289024

Automatic Bump

fb6c59  No.13289091

That's my point, one who can't properly link his replies,

(says the crackah who just replied to my reply LOL)

it's a collective problem, not an individual one. You can't impart blame on a single person, we need to collectively purge the enemy before you can impose your retarded anti-eugenic state-sanctioned laws on whites before they'll have the meaning you want them to. Otherwise you're just guaranteeing that non-whites (who are always worse at controlling their own breeding) will proliferate and interracial children will too. To say nothing of the increase in children with "special needs" and all sorts of lives that should have been nipped in the bud when their shitty excuses for parents had the chance. People who are "pro-life" are themselves people who should have been aborted for being so goddamn stupid, they're like STDs, the curse that keeps on cursing.

You didn't answer the question faggot

what are you, gay?

or female?

Why are you challenging white men to do something you yourself won't do?

Thats a bitch made nigger move.

sit down and shut up before I see you on the street and slap the shit out of you.

23d469  No.13289098

In many places in the US, literally more blacks are aborted than born every month. Hispanics also have higher abortion rates than whites. While I am against abortion in a moral sense, I'm also against accelerating the extinction of my people.

4d3d4f  No.13289120

don't allow yourself to be baited into the white vs black issues, those claiming to be niggers here are Jews, the number one issue is Jews, Jews want you to sidetrack yourself with niggers, it's 100% about the Jews, never forget that fact

23d469  No.13289126



Okay, so you ban abortion. For every 1 more white child that is born, there are 6 more niggers and 4 more spics. Was this your plan all along? Who's really hiding behind the babies, when you want them to have to deal with shit being even worse? In a white country of course ban abortion, maybe even birth control besides condoms. But as things are? It's a lesser evil, by far. Besides, it's not like it's a random distribution of white babies being aborted. The women that get abortions would have been poor mother, and there likely wouldn't be a father either.

4d3d4f  No.13289133


A single Jew is worth 10,000 Niggers

look at their population numbers, 3.4 percent of the population, once Jews are gone Niggers are manageable.

67cfd1  No.13289149

>>13289144 (checked)


4d3d4f  No.13289152


your entire argument is based in justifying the killing of white children by their own fucking mothers, by their own mothers. 6,000,000 space aliens are born on mars, this is why we must kill white children goy, see the sense in it

23d469  No.13289169

File: a8e2839330237c9⋯.jpg (7.47 KB, 256x192, 4:3, floateasy.jpg)


I know, and it bothers me. I can dress it up saying things like the majority of aborted white children would probably have been fucked anyway, not only from the single mother but from her drinking, smoking, doing other drugs, etc during the pregnancy. So it's some smaller percentage of those aborted babies total that would even have had a fair shake at life. Which stacks the numbers even higher in favor of we're only losing 1 for every 15 they lose or whatever. It's good math. But it's math about the lives of innocent, even unborn children, and that's difficult to stomach even though it's otherwise completely reasonable. I can't tell if I'm being soft, or should be glad not to be that jewed. It's a bullshit situation but that's life.

67cfd1  No.13289172


>math not real

4d3d4f  No.13289180


you are a fucking retard. You can't control a 22 year old white man from the lowest birth (by your analogy) not to say that human isn't worthwile, viable and a credit to humanity.


4d3d4f  No.13289183





23d469  No.13289188

File: c48dac09e7a1988⋯.jpg (287.03 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, hitler on the drums.jpg)


Is it worth being hypocritical if it helps secure the existence of your people and a future for white children? I don't know. Especially when it involves letting some of those white children die through no fault of their own. The greater good…at what cost?

Do the ends always justify the means?

f9f7af  No.13289202


>Cut welfare

That's never going to happen and if it does niggers will already be 30% of the population

ec7057  No.13289208


Look, everybody. It's a fucking virgin.

4d3d4f  No.13289209




4d3d4f  No.13289214




ec7057  No.13289226


South Africa, Rhodesia, Haiti, need I go on?

23d469  No.13289230

File: d979395f5739e97⋯.png (142.27 KB, 404x404, 1:1, filter.png)

This thread is almost empty once you filter all the shitposters. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, posting like a nigger or a schizo is a good way to discredit whatever you're pushing. Or maybe that's the point.

67cfd1  No.13289253


Someone learned a new word, but doesn't realize that everyone here has already been through the redpilling process.


Who knows anymore. This board is so fucking polluted with garbage it's impossible to tell anything.

1b64c1  No.13289261


>The women that get abortions would have been poor mother, and there likely wouldn't be a father either.

Then the child will be raised feral. A feral White born into a world set on his destruction. Aborting poor Whites is aborting those most given to fight, raised with the fewest comforts, and having the least to lose. In a healthy peaceful society this could be viewed as responsible self-correction, though the means would still be immoral and degenerate. But we're in a society of decay and an existential war is waged against us by way of deception so most who aren't forced to see that we're at war never will.

It doesn't matter if there are six more blacks for every White, Whites are only ones intentionally killing their fighting population. As the conditions worsen and Whites get poorer, Whites again abort the poorest and most likely to fight, leaving only the comfortable and least likely to fight. Those few who would fight among the comfortable find no one to fight beside. Fuck your math, nigger. It's a flawed representation of reality.

4d3d4f  No.13289287


>everyone here

Like /pol/ 8ch is not the most targeted board on the internet………… yes schlomo, we are all good friends, Randy and Brian were at my house last week, Jim, Mitch, Phillip, Dan, Roger were here the week before. I learned a new word……….. wow, amazing………. seemingly, since we don't understand the English language we were remarkably able to sight in our 7.62's and our 5.56's shocking huh?

ec7057  No.13289291


This is completely wrong. Niggers are the ones who abort. Poor whites are less likely to abort than richer whites, especially young people. Being poor does not make you a fighter, you are instead much more likely to be a criminal or become addicted to drugs, making you a complete waste who is even more likely to ally with garbage niggers than with us.

52665a  No.13289309

While I am against abortion in a moral sense, I'm also against accelerating the extinction of my people.


How many white children have you produced?

23d469  No.13289318


You want my address and phone number too?

67cfd1  No.13289320


You can't even construct a coherent sentence. What is wrong with you?

67cfd1  No.13289324

ff6c7e  No.13289391

It's a bot. Mods still haven't cleaned it up.


Its a white pussy; I think I'll fuck it with no condom.

BTW, what white actress do you resemble?

9c23a3  No.13289456


>But that's not going to happen

Blacks deserve compensation for slavery. They deserve the right to abortions.

ef1caf  No.13289551


Christcucks are barely human vermin that must be culled from the European genepool.

ef1caf  No.13289557



Christcucks are sub-human vermin. They are so fucking destructive, like they literally exist to poison every society the exist in.

It's such a miserable, life-sucking religion.

ef1caf  No.13289558



Fuck off and die christcuck boomer filth.

26342e  No.13289833


speaking of white niggers, there's one now.

He's with his little faggot nigger buddy

4347fb  No.13289854

File: f399ce8a7cd54b1⋯.jpg (196.53 KB, 700x495, 140:99, 1464613380417-1.jpg)

cb5e15  No.13290456


>I filtered him mommy! I won!

You gave a quote from Rosenberg you fucking retard. I don't give a shit what they have to do with Hitler and Mein Kampf, you worship the king of the Jews and a million interpretations of people who can't give up that notion won't do dick. The mein kampf project has fuck all to do with this topic. I called them some kikes because that's what they cling onto. You seem to forget people can disagree with a belief or opinion of a political party, sorry i bruised your larping ego.

fc6eaa  No.13290469

File: b20dc628b587f04⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 500x470, 50:47, cold_one_goys.jpg)


fuck off, moishe

ac421a  No.13290659

I just think that removing abortion will force women to think of their future and encourage traditional marriages based on incentives.

aadd4e  No.13290663

File: 9a684609035b905⋯.png (219.65 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 284.png)


>States pass laws that can't be enforced due to Supreme court laws

>will never get the 38 required states to pass a constitutional convention

>The only way to get rid of Roe v Wade is to either pass a new amendment or have the supreme court change their minds

>Trump can't even get his border wall past congress without shutting down the government

>people are blowing the fuck out over some local politicians trying to score brownie points with dumb voters who think it'll do anything.

People are acting like this is the first time some southern states have tried this. Everyone will forget about this when it leads to fuck all after the politicians involved get re-elected and the momentum coincidentally ceases completely.

aadd4e  No.13290664


No it'll just lead to back alley abortions and a massive tax increase due to needing to prosecute women for doing it. The most religious states that talk about traditional marriage have the most abortions.

47c501  No.13290698


No his right how are dennis wise and william finchk kikes?

47c501  No.13290702


Meant to reply to this.


fefb23  No.13290713



You will never have mastery over the physical world or any other.

cb5e15  No.13290743


I called them kikes because they follow a religion who's prophet was a Jew. He only gave me Rosenburg as a Citation an then when I called his cite as "some kike" he added Finchk into it as if i called them kikes, and then I said sure they're kikes too because i dont care really. This is about abortion not Mein Kampf.

47c501  No.13290758


>About abortion not mein kampf

Ya as fun as those subjects were they should be kept for another time.

adf323  No.13290911

File: 4aee19393878e18⋯.jpg (53.71 KB, 720x317, 720:317, 1534268818454.jpg)

27aec9  No.13296773

File: f7c5da74a5af6ed⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, sya.jpg)

559834  No.13298527


If the kikes hate it, do it more

aa9929  No.13298609

lol. roasties on suicide watch.

b3c59a  No.13298649


And once abotion is banned, we must ensure that genital mutilation is banned, whether it be male, female or trannie.

8a5663  No.13298652


Funny how women show their redflags so easily.

000000  No.13298786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>640 replies

>Ctrl+F "lie"

>no one has mentioned that Roe vs. Wade was a lie by demon (((feminists))) for blood libel

Roe vs. Wade was founded on lies

8a36d2  No.13299122

This could be sorted out and we could all be back in The Winchester for a pint by tea-time if we just killed all the jews

7d7215  No.13299337

File: a52007b40b5bed7⋯.png (212.81 KB, 245x566, 245:566, 2019-05-20-114020_245x566_….png)

b7a223  No.13299423


>Christcucks are sub-human vermin. They are so fucking destructive, like they literally exist to poison every society the exist in.

Christcucks are stupid yes, but jews are the vermin that poison every population they exist in

a7d3cb  No.13299613

File: dcb2c84d1b0f55b⋯.png (123.85 KB, 220x325, 44:65, unk.png)


Yes, Roe of Roe vs. Wade lied about being raped.

It was a set up, they were paid by the deep state to play this role, these activist actors.

They wanted to harm America by killing tens of millions of future Americans.

This was part of a slow motion stealth genocide plan.

All past and current participants of this anti white genocide can be prosecuted for genocide against Americans.

a7d3cb  No.13299625


We have to draw a network map of these abortion campaigners and activists.

Who pays them? Who really pays them?

a7d3cb  No.13299640


If someone or a group provides abortions illegally then that's a crime, they can be prosecuted and jailed for murder.

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