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File: 04e23b40e3971fb⋯.png (115.77 KB, 640x937, 640:937, 1.png)

File: 29450bb85aa1c5b⋯.png (701.73 KB, 1485x858, 45:26, 2.png)

a77c88  No.13296407

So this she-beast saw two white middle schoolers singing the correct lyrics to some degenerate rap song, and decided that they needed to be ruined by nigger twitter.

Any and all retaliation against the vindictive chimp is appreciated.

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/meazaxo/status/1129078099881222144

5c934b  No.13296423


You could go through social media all day and pull hundreds if not thousands of similar examples. How is this threadworthy?

bf831e  No.13296437

File: f1456cfeeaf3ef8⋯.png (238.38 KB, 615x836, 615:836, 2019-05-19-152359_615x836_….png)


here's the original OP

a77c88  No.13296438


Because she's doxing white kids, and it got considerable attention. That shouldn't go unanswered.

aea23b  No.13296443


Wholly shit, just look at the responses the got from non Whites no less.


a77c88  No.13296449


Yeah that's why this is thread-worthy. The chimp-out is real. Those devoid of empathy for even children should be met with none themselves.

03b4bd  No.13296452


Just stop, faggot.

We defend and protect our own from useless niggers like you.

Got a problem?

d75b6b  No.13296454


Shes asking for the death of two kids, just report her

502350  No.13296456


>oh vey, goy, don’t get upset. There might be a lynching! Don’t lynch our golems, goy. Go back to sleep. It’s probably the 11-yo’s fault!

There’s an oven in your future.

3250d9  No.13296457


This. They're young kids, who are being doxed for no reason other than for a nig nogging.

a77c88  No.13296459


She's been reported hundreds of time right now. this deserves more than a locked twatter account. Find her info. You've got her picture, her likely location is somewhere in North Carolina. She's most likely an ethiopian considering all the "free ethiopia" shit in her bio

3eb550  No.13296461


This just made me realize, it's not just the Jews who are the enemy, but "all nonwhites".

a77c88  No.13296467


The same way the white golem is our enemy, so is the nigger

a77c88  No.13296470

Twitter handle: meazaxo

a77c88  No.13296473


Unfortunately her insta is private

4a9ff7  No.13296486

File: 88ed20437aa7a46⋯.jpg (658.78 KB, 1582x1627, 1582:1627, 88e.jpg)

Good. They will learn why they should not listen to the golems music.

Hard knocks are the best life lessons.

957bca  No.13296487


Can you imagine her being beheaded on minecraftbook live by someone in St. Tarrant gear? The sheer chimpening would be astronomical.

a77c88  No.13296509


I agree that this has probably been a benefit - in that they will probably become a couple of die-hard wignats.

The behaviour of the negress still shouldn't go unanswered.

a77c88  No.13296512


Oh if only. Find her, and maybe some ballsy anon will do just that.

4a9ff7  No.13296559

File: a902aaf53019781⋯.jpg (122.18 KB, 1200x624, 25:13, thumb-dolls-4-58a10a4f71cb….jpg)


Any retaliatory action against the golem will be viewed as the (((alt-right))) attacking a nubian queen who dindu nuffin.

The children will still be sacrificed by the

virtue signaling shabbos and any lession to be learned will be wasted.

3f1792  No.13296562


Because 4chan is down so these cuckchan faggots are making these threads

3eb550  No.13296567


We are literally living in a separate dimension from these fuckers. This spiritual mumbo jumbo is starting to make a lot of sense.

4b488a  No.13296584


a77c88  No.13296603


Ah, so you're an optics cuck?

433b6e  No.13296604


It never was mumbo jumbo anon.

a77c88  No.13296606


4chan isn't down. Not a cuckchanner. Kindly neck yourself.

ec2e65  No.13296609


>asses and elbows

3eb550  No.13296617


That means we are going to the 5th dimension? Fuck yes let's get it.

433b6e  No.13296645


88th dimension.

631cbf  No.13296654

Anyone who unironically uses the term y’all gets gassed so hard.

3f1792  No.13296661


KYS cuckchan

a77c88  No.13296668


Your parents are deeply ashamed of you.

287839  No.13296674



Report her to the cops.

000000  No.13296685

im down to swat her if someone gets her address

a77c88  No.13296692


That's the spirit

3f1792  No.13296701


Your parents wish they aborted you along with all the other Gen Z cucks lol

7d3e57  No.13296702


no white person can say nigger in any way shape or form. ever. destroyed for swearing.

3eb550  No.13296732


Fuck off nigger

e8faab  No.13296735


LOL, I say "nigger!" at least a dozen times every day. Whenever a fiend says "black" I correct them!

e932be  No.13296736

>letting your kids listen to nigger music

Cmon now

3ef6aa  No.13296747


>don't do anything goyim, be a pussy and vent online instead of spilling the blood of your enemies, disgrace your honor and your ancestors

957bca  No.13296755


>If you kill your enemies, they win

Reminds me of a certain cuck

3ef6aa  No.13296757


Remember shit like this, and don't feel bad when you're killing little niglet children.

477b2c  No.13296760

Congratulations, both of these kids will now reject all the indoctrination the schools will try because the jew cranked the heat up too early and they jumped.


28647d  No.13296766



d6339a  No.13296772


Mormons out

58372a  No.13296774

File: f0821a219ae5938⋯.png (109.45 KB, 842x720, 421:360, to be.png)


No, the Aryan verb conjugation must come back. "Y'all are" or "ye are" is an important way of thinking while speaking to a group, losing 2nd person plural does damage to your thought processes!

Its no accident the mud people of South America while speaking Spanish refuse to use "vosotros" (Y'all) but the European Spanish speakers have kept the practice.

a77c88  No.13296784


>Gen Z

You're embarrasing yourself.

4a9ff7  No.13296787

File: 54f139c79438cff⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 639x639, 1:1, Chimpout 2015_8325ad_55289….jpg)


Letting the chimpout commence against a couple of future degenerates

would be much more beneficial to society than letting the (((media))) turn this into "Activist attacked by hate mob for pointing out systemic racism".

a77c88  No.13296793


Nah, fuck off kike.

4a9ff7  No.13296802


Totally gets it.

May the punishment commence.

The toll must be paid

03b4bd  No.13296816


Fuck off spic nigger.

Blow leaves, beanfag.

03b4bd  No.13296819


spic faggot, hopping IPs.

You glow, beanigger.

3eb550  No.13296821


Christ is the neutral you dumbfuck.

3f1792  No.13296825



It's Gen Z, that's the only thing they listen to

4a9ff7  No.13296828


Your alternative is what exactly?

That traitors should not pay the toll and should not learn the errors of their degeneracy.

a77c88  No.13296841


>11 year olds who listen to the same shit music as their peers are traitors

That's too much autism.

28647d  No.13296860



4a9ff7  No.13296884

File: c0f0b9cf3a266b2⋯.mp4 (6.12 MB, 448x336, 4:3, Degenerate Rap Groupies.mp4)


Be amazed as I use my clairvoyance to predict your children's future.

34bfb6  No.13296898

Kids listening to nigger music and I'm supposed to be upset? Where parents?

4a9ff7  No.13296900


Also gets it.

9f7be9  No.13296902


white people are the worst.

4a9ff7  No.13296909


We reap what we sow.

We should have higher standards.

03b4bd  No.13296922


This faggot spic cunt.

Blow leaves, beanigger.

Get out. Stay out.

8712f7  No.13296923


the brunette is a jew, she went to my school

9b82d5  No.13296941

File: f1315d5089ed635⋯.jpg (25.26 KB, 456x484, 114:121, jewess.JPG)

File: 30fa04da406fc3e⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 743x524, 743:524, kewess2.JPG)


Those two nigger fucking sluts are almost certainly jewesses, especially the brunette.

Get back to me when you have hi def video of them being cornholed by all those niggers and then the niggers ass blasting their prematurely saggy tits with raw liquid shit.

fa3092  No.13296942


All non whites are trouble.

4a9ff7  No.13296946

9b82d5  No.13296949


I don't say nigger.

I say shitskin.

28647d  No.13296952


in the turner diaries white who miscegenate are executed for defiling their race.

8712f7  No.13296961


Have ever went to a bar or even left your house?

The stereotype of jewess isn't virginal.

Her name was simmons, i don't think it is a jewish name but she was.

9b82d5  No.13296969

File: 1a968105169a994⋯.jpg (71.35 KB, 850x591, 850:591, jewish-soldiers-crying-2.jpg)


Simmons and Simpson are both anglicized jewish names.

28647d  No.13296971




we know lauren soothern is a jew and simmons to simonsen is not a huge leap. simmons is jewish.

8712f7  No.13296983


i thought it was just a variation on simons, whatever

9b82d5  No.13296994


>Simmons. The surname Simmons and its variants were derived from the Hebrew Shimon which tended to become Simeon in the Old Testament and Simon in the New (because of its association with the Greek byname Simos meaning “snub-nosed.”)

9f7be9  No.13297006



Honestly though. I'm a Jewess with big Ashkenazi IQ and mommy milkers and white people are the worst.

4a9ff7  No.13297026

File: b6abfa6510c5ec3⋯.mp4 (11.82 MB, 636x360, 53:30, White girl hip hop routine….mp4)

Watch and be dissapointed.

ea4e5f  No.13297042


Man. TDOTR can’t come any sooner. The subhuman trash needs to be taken out once and for all.

Happy to hear about the based kids. Hope they stay based and don’t get zigged brained by (((education))) and (((media)))

8712f7  No.13297057


peak american culture

a26f5f  No.13297061

>Uppity negress doxes two 11 year olds for saying Nigger. Provokes chimp-out

White Nationalist genius defending Whites for all of us.

a77c88  No.13297072


That's the idea. Remember the tranny dox threads?

8712f7  No.13297094


oy vey fellow white advocate, don't say nigger, it makes the niggers chimp-out

8d64bb  No.13297101


shut up

94d7d8  No.13297112


>a white person is getting pelted and /pol/ tries to find a reason why they deserve it/why it’s an op/any reason to not act

Like clockwork.

754523  No.13297120



ffc4f2  No.13297136



c08a70  No.13297149

File: 59053b9d28b5caa⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 172x912, 43:228, nigger.jpg)



>500 replies

<90% of replies are







with the volume of bans twitter issues and the requirement to sign up with a new phone number it amazes me how many unpozzed twitter accounts still exist.

9d8ead  No.13297164

For cases like this: if you are a law abiding US citizen that has a clean slate and knows /pol/ is a board of peace, try the following:

1) write a mail outlining how threats against minors are made on twatter, providing direct links and archived links (preferably search engine caches & archive.org because archive.is/fo/etc is "used by evil, meanie right wingers")

B: now this is the important part: address this mail to the FBI tips but also CC (plain, visible CC not blind CC!) the local police department, Twitter support, some local news outlet and one or two country wide outlets like Tucker Carlson and who else is there

This will put pressure on both authorities and Twitter alike.

3993da  No.13297180

File: 59de3db1a4667a0⋯.png (156.34 KB, 500x536, 125:134, Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at ….png)



9bd579  No.13297187


>there's no such thing as white trash!

c08a70  No.13297193

File: ddecec26d8ef96c⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 659x387, 659:387, fuckwhitepeople.jpg)


1dc15c  No.13297216


bf831e  No.13297225

File: 50eb43e37cc292e⋯.png (87.02 KB, 607x620, 607:620, 2019-05-19-195037_607x620_….png)

c08a70  No.13297229

File: 02e23852a38f6b9⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 669x385, 669:385, realization.jpg)





754523  No.13297272


at da end of da day heurrrr hurrr hurrr

the internet being open to anyone was a mistake

2e9a96  No.13297277


I cant believe this bitch said the n word. Somebody cut off her tits

c08a70  No.13297284

File: 21e56b027aeba31⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 618x644, 309:322, lmao.jpg)

File: 56c7c14a5aef52a⋯.mp4 (858.85 KB, 480x600, 4:5, This shit still funny af L….mp4)

Here she is laughing at an old white woman being attacked on the bus. This isn't a retweet. She uploaded this video herself, maybe she actually recorded the video?



d56fb8  No.13297285


In the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many miles of wall we made, what matters is how many friends we made! #MAGAconDACA

03b4bd  No.13297291


This faggot spic cunt.

You're a mold on humanity, beanigger.

bf831e  No.13297296



report her

d56fb8  No.13297298


The real beaners are those that came from the old world.

916133  No.13297300



bf831e  No.13297303


you're amazed that many people hate niggers?

c08a70  No.13297309

File: e7650f68b3c9906⋯.jpg (106.02 KB, 673x882, 673:882, nc1.jpg)

File: 9e31416557208e0⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 297x597, 99:199, nc2.jpg)

File: 2ccdef8c4554eb5⋯.jpg (196.39 KB, 745x734, 745:734, nc3.jpg)

she's attacking children in north carolina

seems like she actually lives in north carolina






03b4bd  No.13297312


Blow leaves, street dog.

bf831e  No.13297316


>She's most likely an ethiopian

you're saying this as if it's helpful or something, lol. Also doxing niggers don't really work, as they don't own anything of value, or work for that matter, and police visit their home regularly anyway.

Now if they get glassed walking out of their house that's a different story.

c08a70  No.13297386

File: 320747e9f118b54⋯.jpg (127.63 KB, 1113x717, 371:239, botnet_wig_detected.jpg)


>You've got her picture

Google reverse image botnet is detecting an anomaly with her hair.

89d6bb  No.13297393

File: 2dade0c6710fc8a⋯.jpg (525.33 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190519-194859….jpg)

c08a70  No.13297406

c7eae3  No.13297429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You won't do anything phaggot.

c08a70  No.13297435

File: 96417060935b44d⋯.jpg (183.23 KB, 666x918, 37:51, cary.jpg)

File: d3035c8089d200e⋯.jpg (238.23 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DF7kLlaWAAAgMes.jpg)


these people all live in cary, nc

c08a70  No.13297436




3f1792  No.13297538


>But Gen Z is so based guys!


ef1e90  No.13297543


>thinking /pol/ cares about some zognald supporter getting bopped

you're retarded

fceb92  No.13297555

File: abcfff9d949083f⋯.png (184.81 KB, 450x390, 15:13, firekekker.png)


We prefer the term "Zoomer."

fceb92  No.13297571


Get some faggot to whip her.

07bd98  No.13297579


>mommy milkers

Pics or gtfo.

07bd98  No.13297587



Wtf is that OP bitch doin, Jack?!

07bd98  No.13297589


Answer to the question why no one wants black chicks.

91c17f  No.13297609


>"Y'all are" or "ye are" is an important way of thinking while speaking to a group

What about Youse? It's the north's version of "y'all", they use youse if they talk to more than one person

e94d47  No.13297623


Black gorillas


861705  No.13297938


Niggers are the machines, but Jews are the programmers… never forget that

b28dcc  No.13298050

File: 07c0ae5b894fe1c⋯.gif (2 MB, 364x155, 364:155, 1548613472604.gif)

8a547a  No.13298075



Wait a sec, aren't they just singing rap songs?

How are they supposed to avoid saying the n word?

cae327  No.13298673


Weak. I told the cunt she deserved cervical cancer.

8596c8  No.13298706


Who would in the first place? The only regret to be had is in the ruining of clothes with nigger fluids.

5ae8bf  No.13298716


Yes, that's a thing. They expect whites to appreciate and sing their degenerate shit songs but shut up on every "nigger" part.


8596c8  No.13298720

The only punishment the white girls deserve is a spanking from their fathers for singing nigger songs.

58372a  No.13298722


Most Whites would agree with that, "in order to be fair".

8596c8  No.13298724


I don't mean the use of the word nigger but singing songs written and performed by niggers.

3eb550  No.13298927


I would have literally torutured her to death.

3eb550  No.13298953


I grow more and more excited by the day. Justice is truly the most satisfying thing.

000000  No.13299125



>What is memoryholing?

FAKE! It never happened!

It did? Then prove it. Oh wait! You can't prove it can you? ..because the nigger shoah'd her account from public view and you Untermensch newfags didn't archive or save the webm, or archive her entire twitter account! Useless cunts.

aedd5b  No.13299165


<just let the enemy do whatever they want forever with no consequence

<if you fight back, they win

Kill yourself.


>not the jews

>not the niggers


Kill yourself commonspic.

1ce6f3  No.13299214

White Children cast Power Word on BASED entrepreneur

7275a8  No.13299224


We aren't any particular anons personal army but we are every particular white's army when they are in need of it, however unknowing they likely may be.

7275a8  No.13299226


Fuck off nigger.

7275a8  No.13299236




Neither ashamed, nor impressed. Not even disgusted. It proves the rule: white women are the most loyal sex female.

61feae  No.13299245

Pornhub embed. Click thumbnail to play.

these hoes want to be used. stop treating girls like delicate flowers who get off to your gentle touch and view them as the cumdump baby growers they are. you can be respectful and nice but when the clothes are coming off you better disregard all that other shit and just use her. thats what she wants. she wants to feel weak and helpless against your will. figure it out. you can still mix in some sensual passion with making her your toy princess. put a tiara on that bitch while pull the back of her throat all the way down to your balls by her hair and she’ll “love” you.

61feae  No.13299276

File: 29907729ea9c0e2⋯.png (130.95 KB, 414x400, 207:200, F6ECCFA2-A994-4BF1-9C60-1B….png)


just look how desperate these hoes are to be treated as sex toys. they literally get together and dress like whores and shake their asses in a desperate attempt to wake men up. theyll never just directly tell you, they signal it and if youre not man enough to use them you get the dead lights out under the covers special.

60761d  No.13299434

File: 0e9f4bbf20f4d50⋯.jpg (66.49 KB, 340x756, 85:189, EmperorsWisdom.jpg)

>Be me

>Share ethnicity with this bitch

>She dares call herself Habesha

>desire to spam this creature with starvation photos intensifies

This fugly cunt has no idea what her race's history is. Ethiopia stood alone, a backward nation against a European nation and successfully defeated Italy in battle (I mean it WAS Italy but come on.) We are a mixed race and the fugly one decided to forget that. Our last Emperor, Haile Selassie, gave shelter to Armenian Refugees fleeing the Turks and they still live there to this day, because of mutual respect. If she can't learn that kids will say edgy shit, she does not deserve to contribute to the genepool.

61feae  No.13299449


lynch yourself nigger

60761d  No.13299452

File: db73db87e9ef9b1⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 220x430, 22:43, 220px-Haile_Selassie_in_fu….jpg)


The Emperor Disaproves.

0918e0  No.13299492

File: 20772b66608866f⋯.jpeg (28.48 KB, 720x523, 720:523, capone.jpeg)

File: 9847ab8e993fe31⋯.jpg (5.24 KB, 129x178, 129:178, cartoon-turd-running-clip-….jpg)

File: ec8c663758fef11⋯.webm (365.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chaos.webm)

164271  No.13299500


I would rape the SJW out of her

d409b0  No.13299562

File: db7993ec6c6b162⋯.png (202.16 KB, 1252x998, 626:499, 1554242816094.png)


No, we don't

0918e0  No.13299570

File: 434f8b4f6b9d479⋯.png (532.54 KB, 1428x945, 68:45, Untitled.png)

c08a70  No.13299847

File: 2172c69420d1898⋯.jpg (108.08 KB, 903x536, 903:536, ohno.jpg)

shut it down

7d8650  No.13299888

8813b0  No.13299978

Anyone got her doxx yet?

0cfe33  No.13299988


not a bad point

>We (multiple people including myself)

>Ye (multiple people not including myself)

Y'all, all you guys, Yous, Yon folk across the river… important not to lose the concept

a12160  No.13300156


>How is this threadworthy?

A nigger sees something it doesn't like and immediately conjures up a swarm to pressure what it doesn't like out of existence. Faggots like you talk about doing something real to push back but any time a swarm signal of our own gets sent out all you do is bitch and make excuses and insult it. Two white girls said nigger and you won't defend them? Go back to washing your dick and listening to Peterstein, you cocksucking "individualist." You want the power of being in an exclusive tribal group that defends it's members but you don't want to actually do any of the work or defending. You will die alone.

3ef6aa  No.13300187

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3ef6aa  No.13300195

3ef6aa  No.13300200

Anybody got the DOX on this negress? I need an address. I'm not too far away from North Carolina, if that's where the ape lives.

26c411  No.13300266

ff0eb8  No.13300313


They're drunk whores displaying typical hypergamic traits. What else is new?



Try "nightblender." It's a nice change of pace and most people don't know what it means. I made up the term myself. Also, "reggin" is a good one if you don't want to get into any trouble. Me and my bro's used to call all the niggers reggins in my school days and they are too dumb to know what it means.

000000  No.13300316


No way that weak ass slap would have KO'd her like that. Looked fake as hell the way she fell. It barely touched her. Seems like she was trying to play dead. She probably shouldnt have spat on a muscular negress half her age like that without at least having some backup.

ff0eb8  No.13300336


>Seems like she was trying to play dead.

That was her defense mechanism. To surrender and play dead while hoping the subhuman doesn't continue the beating, basically. I feel sorry for humans that have to use public transportation these days. I used to ride public transportation from the country in Georgia all the way down to Atlanta for work because it was only $5 a day round trip and saved me money. There were niggers on the bus back then, but it's nowhere near as bad as today.

18f5ef  No.13300522

We need a little of Chad Hubert here

3ef6aa  No.13300586


You aren't wrong about women, but stop being a porn watching faggot. It's all owned by (((MindGeek))). You are giving jews money and getting off to your women being defiled and whore'd out by said jews. You are sick and need to heal yourself.

5ec5d1  No.13301177

File: 99c0d1d6396dcc6⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, skinnygirl10.png)

File: e66ad5d50104086⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, skinnygirl11.png)

File: c15734d4f09b458⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, skinnygirl12.png)

File: e9a91bb82ab5ca7⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, skinnygirl16.png)

File: 816a097b9a76a8e⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, skinnygirl17.png)

Who is this NC Antifa chick? She's associated with other Antifa Leaders like Anderson Edward Sweetser, Joshua Abram Mascharka, Samuel Lawrence Carey, James Evan Munn, and James Neal-Ritchie. If we find her we might find them all including the negress, It is said this girl is one of the main Antifa Leaders in NC.

5ec5d1  No.13301193

File: c1db719eddfb77c⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, skinnygirl.png)

File: 1ab8c7c35da7487⋯.png (243.81 KB, 432x768, 9:16, skinnygirl4.png)

File: 1d4c05f33ecf014⋯.png (197.75 KB, 432x768, 9:16, skinnygirl6.png)

File: 6384d0125f10a74⋯.png (264.41 KB, 433x768, 433:768, skinnygirl7.png)

File: 3ce4767aee90096⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1365x723, 455:241, skinnygirlmay42019iii.png)

Here's more of the NC Antifa Leader chick. She was in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 and August 11, 2018. Might have been there August 12, 2018 too.

e3ddde  No.13301215


Here you go you torposting newfag try learning how to find archives yourself


cb95ce  No.13301262


English -> French

Thy -> Tu

You - Vous

We have replaced the direct "thy" with the more polite "you" in the English language.

7e869c  No.13301380



Go drink some Monster you fuckin Boomer

54952e  No.13301388


Wooow, des girz b lam af. Ge dis on yewtuu.

Fuck off, nigger.

54952e  No.13301412


What the fuck is an "ambalance"?

c1b5e0  No.13301424


6569c0  No.13301431

cd950d  No.13301443


I remember that embarrassing abomination and if that is anything to go bye the only that will happen here is you will put a water melon on her front door or something and run away while those white girls will actually fear for their lives.

lol you guys are the biggest bitches in the world

cd950d  No.13301454


>call the cops on her


>look at me say nigger on the internet mom, i so brave

It doesn't get worse than this

3ef6aa  No.13301471


If a cameraman can get that close to her, assassination should be easy.

2641ff  No.13301636


AAAHHhhhhhh…I can tell it is TRYING to make itself pretty in its photo

but it is so ugly.


Fiends need correction constantly.


Niggers are no such thing. They are, however chimpanzees.


I wanted to throw up in my mouth, but it would take too much effort. Too bad neither of those girls had a real man as their father.


I recognized the jew too. I think that bitch went to everyone's school.


>Jewess with big Ashkenazi IQ





84 Average IQ…warmer than room temperature is probably 'big' to some people.

Also fuck off.


I don't know who that nigger fag is but they all really need a rope.


Good. Take the two nigger fucking kikes teens as well when you are taking out the trash. >>13296884

>>13299500 (wasted)

Gross anon. That is straight up bestiality.




So she doxxed little White girls for nothing, people threaten them and SHE RECEIVES PROTECTED STATUS, not account termination?

I really hope one or more of you anons are serious this time.

2e09f6  No.13301823

File: 0ac25f375c6f5e3⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, laewruie.jpg)


>tweets are protected

>profile banner is a low quality jpg of random ass old niggers

>edgy looking picture of her staring into the camera

>profile name is in some gay ass nigger speak

a8c23a  No.13302021


Wew, the marxist monkey from /leftypol/ thinks marxism is acceptable on /pol/ now…

a8c23a  No.13302027


About time you realized that. Jews are a problem. There is no single catch all problem. China is a problem, blacks are a problem, jews are a problem, hispanics are a problem, muslims are a problem etc. These are all major independent problems, and getting rid of just jews won't solve any of them. It's not the '50s anymore. Jews are just one of many problems now. And they all need to be addressed independently as major problems in and of themselves.

a8c23a  No.13302045


What the fuck does this have to do with the thread, you dumb nigger?

a8c23a  No.13302070



Found the poop-skinned nigger.

5e62d8  No.13302087


Why are they all big hambeast lardbutts?

5e62d8  No.13302095


"mooncrickets" is good.

5e62d8  No.13302104

File: 11fdd2edf107212⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 384x480, 4:5, Call_e8b2d0_330645.jpg)

3f1427  No.13302128

File: 3018bd789fc6f7f⋯.webm (647.61 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Deez Nuts.webm)


>lol you guys

t. video related

000000  No.13302246


A lot of it seems by choice. Most millennials these days are so fucking scared of the world they don't even know how to drive a car these days. Just to think I used to make fun of the ones that didn't know how to a drive stick shift, now none of them even know how to drive!

a77c88  No.13303218


well put. White wing saftey squads of /pol/

ae4fe2  No.13303234


I'm ok with this, everyone is off buying chinese products that's giving them cancer and other such retardations.

a77c88  No.13303243


>muh ding dong ditch pranks

We get it. You have an IQ below 60.

The fact is that that the dox of those trannies is out there. Basketanon doesn't matter. All it takes is one enterprising anon to go out and enact actual violence.

3ef6aa  No.13304487

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3f1792  No.13304526


>Most millennials these days are so fucking scared of the world

lol, imagine thinking this. Driving a stick shift is for retards

f65c4c  No.13304718

File: 21bfa8c886a528e⋯.png (550 KB, 1085x551, 1085:551, Covington MAGA hats first ….png)

File: 2f07c86df7672f3⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 718x637, 718:637, They are not laughing anym….jpg)


>Remember these guys used applaud each other and talk about killing your children

>They said it was a joke

>They laughed

>They aren't laughing anymore

Anyone have the Sam Hyde cap?

c08a70  No.13305660


>says the faggot who can't drive a stick and would rather relegate the decision about what gear his vehicle is in to embedded windows 10 running 6 levels of botnet.

2388cc  No.13305773

File: b4c546e7f89cde7⋯.png (233.52 KB, 1101x679, 1101:679, 4aead24f34c89f7961bc1532e4….png)


I use 'you guys'


e0a244  No.13305870

File: d5e943c4b67f560⋯.jpg (69.85 KB, 540x801, 60:89, absolutely.jpg)



Holy shit how does being this fucking edgy makes you better than your enemies? You're not anonymous to God, you will be repenting for even advertising this kind of violence, and that even if you don't go to hell.

59bbc1  No.13305881


>You're not anonymous to God

Good thing god doesn't exist, you dumb fuck.

65b519  No.13305898

>Free Ethiopia

What isn't free about Ethiopia? Isn't it a ancap dream?

3ef6aa  No.13305908


We have a score to settle. I'm also very excited, but I'm also preparing, and in the meantime, I've been going on some "practice runs" by myself. There is no shame or shock in eliminating our racial enemies, just the feeling of immense pride.


Edgy like the knife that I use to slit the throats of niggers.

c42df8  No.13305950


she means give free stuff to ethiopia

ee00b3  No.13306020


>he thinks god is real

3f1792  No.13306037


lol, technology is better then your nigger shifter, only faggots use manual because automatic gives you the same fucking performance these days, I mean do you still think this is 1967 you homo?

c42df8  No.13306051


>he has no spirit

god isn't real because god is everything and nothing exists

1f8366  No.13306069

3ef6aa  No.13306099


It's a website that is supposed to mirror videos from kiketube, but it seems to not be working right now.



c80bd4  No.13306284

File: 0c460a0e0295e3a⋯.jpg (173.37 KB, 1155x817, 1155:817, MelatLemma.jpg)

File: 53eabf603b561de⋯.jpg (212.52 KB, 1102x693, 1102:693, ML2.jpg)

File: 39335f2b6d37b96⋯.jpg (153.31 KB, 998x483, 998:483, ML3.jpg)


Her twitter account refers to another site: childrenofethiopia.org

In About it referes to a person Melat Lemma



It also has a twitter account







804a31  No.13306409


I hope for your sake you stay out of trouble. It's at this point one of us is supposed to say the following:

You won't do anything you nigger.

804a31  No.13306418


So you think her name is MELAT LEMMA?

I looked at her children of Ethiopia tweets. If shes pan-aftican, that should fit with a "kill whitey" attitude.

3ef6aa  No.13306448


It's too late to say that to me, I've already done quite a few things. I've scored more points than Bowl Cut Boy Roof, I'm just not in prison because I picked stealth mode instead of FPS.

3ef6aa  No.13306454

All of us here who are able-bodied men should be striking at our racial enemies, you don't have to go on one big rampage and get caught. Desensitize yourself to committing acts of violence and get used to it, we need to prepare for the days ahead.

62dae7  No.13306471


>Those pink asses

Did they lose the top half of baboon costume?

44c965  No.13306474


You're right. We can't be idle when our children are being threatened for speaking the truth, for having a laugh, for simply existing; which enrages the inferior non-white.>>13306454

62dae7  No.13306478


>we are all niggers

What a terrible and poor advocate for African-Americans.

804a31  No.13306480


I've thought that if an anon releases a "best hits" compilation of effort posts, it could really inspire a lot of people, like Saint Tarrant. Seems depending on what the hits were, it could lead to a media firestorm.

Do you have any thoughts on that?

62dae7  No.13306484


meant to respond to >>13297229

62dae7  No.13306494


The girl has no self respect. Dresses badly, wearing a man's watch. no sign of femininity whatsoever. Her hair might be long, but it's ruined by the man bun.

also checked

c3bcab  No.13306535


Looks real fucking Jewish. And my Jew-dar is usually 92~% accurate.

3ef6aa  No.13306589


Just don't be a dumb nigger and you wont get v&. Make the attacks random, and relatively far away from where you live, don't leave behind any traces that can be linked to you in anyway.


Nothing wrong with this idea at all, it boosts our own morale and demoralizes our enemies. This would certainly cause acceleration in terms of tension and unrest.

225c7d  No.13306723

File: b4b35447ec74128⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1776x836, 444:209, Capture1.PNG)

I would support retaliation against this niggress simply to prevent her from spawning more abominable nigger filth.


225c7d  No.13306741

If we can't dox this nigress, then retaliate against random nigresses you come across, preferably ones who are in their late teens and early twenties–just before the start spawning niglets.

804a31  No.13306747


Especially no phones (aka trackers). I've seen cops now use tower data to identify suspects. So if you leave your phone at home, they'll indict some dirtbag and not you.

DNA is a big deal. Any tips on not leaving any?

Cars get tracked increasingly automatically by cameras. Use a bike?

Finally what sort of weapon do you think is good? Im guessing a .22

Just asking for educational purposes; I never break the law.

804a31  No.13306758


Is your logic too deter nigs by making them fear retaliation? Or just straight acceleration?

I swear, if an anon released a vid showing a few effort posts, I think it would drive whites and blacks bananas. Especially if he was a smartass and memed like Saint Tarrant; the Shlomos wpuld go crazy.

ISIS did this - they had that vid showing them shooting cops. They were wearing cop uniforms so they could blend in. It drove the cops and would-be-isis people nuts and really got the party started.

804a31  No.13306795


Im curious about your thoughts on this:


In clownworld, nationalist whites are targets of investigation like sandnig terrorists, so it pays to know what they do.

Any thoughts?

f1711f  No.13306798

File: 47d63488353fd5e⋯.png (292.31 KB, 1475x535, 295:107, Capture.PNG)

I have found her INSTAGRAM.


f1711f  No.13306812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There are a lot of opportunities.

804a31  No.13306827

Check out an isis drive by. There are a few vids on this link: https://www.bestgore.com/war-in-iraq/mujahedeen-bearing-weapons-silencer-kill-iraqi-army-soldiers/

804a31  No.13306833


Reminder there's no political solution: those nigs can vote just like you. Shlomo wil bring in infinite nigs from Somalia if that's what it takes for him to wield power.

f1711f  No.13306841


Aiming for the niggresses in their late teens and early 20s is the most effective way to limit their population. Most of their reproductive life is ahead of them. Also at this point their mothers will be in their 40s and 50s so they will be unable to spawn a replacement.

b4c3a1  No.13308132


>Get down mrs.oboonga! Shes gunna say it!

3ef6aa  No.13308211


Niggers get shot by their fellow niggers all the time, so my advice to anyone launching an attack on them, or any other shitskin or kike, is to leave some kind of note indicating the motive of the attack. Leave a note saying "This is for (insert name of white person killed by a shitskin)" or a pro-white message. A typewriter is best for avoiding being traced.


Definitely never bring a phone with you when launching an attack, it doesn't matter what type of phone it is, it isn't worth the risk. For avoiding leaving DNA traces, you have to cover up your body real good, thick gloves and with your mouth covered. Be very careful not to leave even the smallest amount of any bodily fluid. If you must fire a gun, any pistol that isn't a shitty knockoff should do the job, I'd recommend trying to steal a gun and obviously wearing gloves to avoid leaving any prints on it, and leaving the gun at the scene of the crime. They can figure out exactly which gun the shots came from, so it is best to only use a gun to subdue them, and to force them to tie each other up, make them think it's just a robbery. Once they are tied up you can do what you want with them. Also, setting the bodies on fire is a massive pain in the ass for investigators and forensic specialists.


Both, nigs prey on those who don't fight back. It's easy to get them to chimp out, for instance, someone could kidnap some disabled nigger and torture him on tape, while mentioning in the tape that this is retaliation for that disabled white man who was tortured on tape by a few niggers, who mostly got away with it. The anti-white chimpouts will increase and shitskins will probably attack a few whites in retaliation, whites will then begin arming and organizing with their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.


I always recommend recording ZOGbots the best you can, and making sure the footage gets online. It lets everyone know just corrupt the police are, and the shit they're able to do to you. When they go full 1984 and come after you on phony charges, I recommend leaving a bomb that goes off upon the front door being opened, having at least a few thousand dollars in cash on you, and a fake ID to get into motels and such without being identified. Motels are better than hotels when going on the run. Also, change your appearance the best you can.


Plan your attack well to make sure you get away from the scene successfully, and use a stolen license plate on the car. Then switch the plates back, dispose of the stolen one, and you're in the clear.


Women are not only viable targets, they are VITAL targets, we must eliminate enemy wombs. We should especially be doing this to spic women, who breed like rats. Kill any spawn that they may already have.


804a31  No.13309171


Reading that, I'm convinced you're a nigger that doesn't do anything, but I'm curious. If you were to do this, how would it work that one guy could get the drop on one or more people, get them to tie each other up. Etc.

If it was one anon vs two niggabitches, ok. But as soon as you've got one or more niggerbucks involved, I don't see how you can swing it. They'll run, you'll have to shoot and then you'll have to scram. And we would have read about you in the paper already, anon.

I like your tip about stealing plates. Makes good sense.

3ef6aa  No.13309254


You can get away with a lot more than you may think, as long as you're smart about it and stay focused. If you have to just kill them all and run, so be it, but it would be wise to get rid of the gun you used. I recommend targeting race traitor households, with one man and one woman and whatever half-breed spawn lives with them. You have to get the man tied up first, then tying up the woman and kids is easy. Once this is done, you are free to do whatever you want. The worst should be done to the white race traitors, the mongrel kids should have their existence ended quickly and painlessly as they aren't responsible for the actions of their race traitor parents. And if you can steal some shekels from the house, feel free to do so. If it's a house with multiple men in it, I recommend arson. Think about what they've done to us, and what they're doing to us, and what they plan on doing to us, and you will also realize how disgraceful it is to sit around doing nothing. The risk of prison and death is more than worth it. I haven't been caught yet though, have I? I'm trying to inspire other anons to take similar actions, while being clever and not getting v& so that they will be able to fight in the civil war.

3ef6aa  No.13309307


If you're wondering how to get them tied up, well, get the woman to tie up the man at gunpoint, then get her to tie up the mongrel kids if you can. Then tie up the woman. Just make them think you're just a regular burglar and that you're just robbing them, let them think that until they're all tied up.

804a31  No.13309417


But don't people have cameras/recorders these days? Sounds really risky to be doing home invasions. Just like I figure FBI doesn't break into people's houses to install bugs, as counter-surveillance is cheaper than ever.

88c3a8  No.13309448

File: 400443c67c84df6⋯.jpg (283.32 KB, 650x941, 650:941, meaza.jpg)

I'l just leave this here.

cb3d55  No.13309480


That soy faggot in the video didn't stop the old woman from being hit, and then just let her fall to the ground without catching her. This clearly shows the breakdown of trust in our society, everyone is a stranger on their on quest who must fight their own battles - alone. No one has been socialized to intervene and help others, let this be a lesson to everyone who reads this: it's okay to jump in and help others, now that you know you don't have any excuse.

59bbc1  No.13309558


>This clearly shows the breakdown of trust in our society

Obviously. There's no reason to put any effort into helping a random person against a nigger. They will almost certainly immediately return to inviting more niggers into the country. When a nigger can be your neighbor, what is a neighbor worth?

7dd269  No.13309605


Anyone got screen caps of the responses to her tweet? Or an archive? Shits all protected now

91cbd1  No.13309611

File: 8b64a773975f32c⋯.jpeg (18.93 KB, 400x269, 400:269, black.jpeg)



You will only cut yourself on that edge, you stupid fuck. Stop embracing stupid things people say on imageboards as call to action. Seek help, find friends, make black friends to educate yourself that they are human beings as well. Don't ruin yourself by becoming a nazi.

2e5dcc  No.13309621


Your efforts are futile, you only push us towards annihilating you.

7dd269  No.13309643

>>13309611 (not checked due to rampant kikery)


Fuck off you fucking faggot (((journalist))). You stick out like a sore fucking thumb. Also Nazi is a slur invented by kikes against National Socialists.

Sure would be a shame if people decided to just start putting fucking bullets through the brains of kike journalists such as yourself. Yep, a real shame.

df5010  No.13309770


>make black friends

No thank you. I like my tv/car/bike.

3ef6aa  No.13309845


You have to cover yourself up real good, especially your face. Wear a mask that preferably covers up everything but your eyes or maybe your mouth. Wear special contact lenses that make it look like you have a different eye color if you're super paranoid. Sliding glass doors are the easiest to unlock, I've been able to unlock one of those from the outside since I was 13. Leave the killing weapon(s) at the scene of the crime, with no fingerprints on them. If you have to fire the gun, firstly make sure it's a stolen gun and obviously without your fingerprints on it, and leave it at the scene of the crime.

3ef6aa  No.13309857

>>13309611 (massive waste of dubs)

>talks about trying to get me to be friends with black people, pic related is a nigger who drugged and raped white women

521389  No.13309858


How is it edgy? Edge just means violence for the sake of looking epic. Killing niglets is the farthest thing from that.

3ef6aa  No.13309869


>implying that killing niglets isn't epic

0941de  No.13310005



This is the kind of person that will design your games in the future. They're the kind of people designing your vidya right now. Kill this nigger right now, nothing will be lost from the world.

0918e0  No.13310006

File: 0ebc692ed837d19⋯.png (664.29 KB, 889x613, 889:613, onerace.png)

bd0592  No.13310016




There is nothing Aryan about imitating nigger/dixie speech. That is an abomination.

c8a666  No.13310033

File: 1e07f0ae1715239⋯.pdf (164.2 KB, 43904c36096273d4ae04de0504….pdf)

File: 04f1177ab97029f⋯.png (33.6 KB, 625x626, 625:626, SomeFishWantToTakeTheBait.png)

File: 07ca141cf6d30b0⋯.webm (433.09 KB, 640x360, 16:9, snout.webm)

File: 1dd87096c11264f⋯.jpg (148.57 KB, 960x897, 320:299, Slavery.jpg)

0918e0  No.13310046


Checked, 91 cannabinoid BTFO by Satan

804a31  No.13310064


That's very interesting. So one should leave the weapons there. That's like the killings you hear about in Russia; they mag dump and drop gun. And I get it, you look like a black block antifa, in case you're ever caught on camera.

So then you gotta get away, get out of the "dirty" clothes, but not on camera, and not leaving any trace of the dirty clothes in your vehicle.

Because if you're later a suspect and they find fishy DNA in your car, you're caught.

So any thoughts on how a smart criminal does that transition from all covered up and with bad DNA on his surface to back to his normal life? Because if you're out in public all covered up, you look very suspicious.

Not that I would ever do anything illegal, I don't do crimes.

804a31  No.13310107


Also, I'm curious how one should do transition from normal to black bloc. Obviously you don't want to be on camera. But you don't ride down street looking like ninja.

3e815c  No.13310137

come on, you faggots love them big darkies, thats why you send them my way.

48c6bc  No.13310149


NGL she’s actually kinda cute. I would definitely race mix with her. Isn’t it a shame how the most based people in politics today are women like AOC and Ilhan Omar? They’re both kinda cute too fwiw.

da2532  No.13310170



That proves the first, but I think the objection to >>13296437 is valid, where's the archive of "let's get thier cracker asses" ?

da2532  No.13310193


>leave some kind of note indicating the motive of the attack. Leave a note saying "This is for (insert name of white person killed by a shitskin)" or a pro-white message

This could lead to reprisals against whites, which I guess might incite a race war, but what if you instead left a note saying it was for revenge for some other ethnic group and you had yourself some kind of blacks vs. latinos war instead?

If watching episode 1 of the TV series FBI (dropped it for Whiskey Cavalier as soon as it became clear it was about promoting arabic men fucking white women and white men being evil liars) taught me anything, it's this strategy.

2ad8da  No.13310210

File: 03c316f55757b5b⋯.jpeg (80.12 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, D80BC57B-8028-493E-82DD-3….jpeg)

Such a stupid thread that nobody cares about

3ef6aa  No.13310323


You could always clean out your car really good, but if you do everything right you shouldn't even become a suspect at all. Make sure it's past 12 am when you carry out your attack, and it is preferable that the location you pick is in a different city/town from which you live, or even better, a different county. Just don't leave any DNA evidence at the scene, and try to find something in the house like a knife or hammer to commit the deed, so you don't have to leave anything you bought at the scene. While driving to the location, just wait until you are there before you put on the mask so you wont stand out. Like I said, using a stolen license plate will really throw the police off. It's even better if you steal a plate from a nigger or a spic, or even a kike, so that the cops go after them for interrogation.

a8c23a  No.13310372


This video definitely displays one thing. Niggers are so much more social than us. Why is that?

a8c23a  No.13310376




>spotlight in her face to lighten her skin

a8c23a  No.13310380


There are natural truths. One natural truth is that diversity is bad. It leads to social chaos and hardship. Befriending a nigger doesn't change a basic truth. What you're actually asking if for us to ignore truths and to become deluded and foolish. Facts are facts. You either accept them or ignore them. Only fools ignore them.

3ef6aa  No.13310390


Niggers are easily the most anti-social race on the entire planet, except maybe kikes.

df5010  No.13310463


cuz computers is raciss and shieeet

804a31  No.13310510


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you never do any crimes - you sound scarily smart.

39f5b2  No.13310523


>They're the kind of people designing your vidya right now

it okay, nintendy already made Melee

3ef6aa  No.13310578


The things that I've done weren't truly crimes, they are only called crimes under the kike system. If I am intelligent, if would explain why they haven't gotten their hands on me yet. I'm already prepared for when they come knocking. I want to fight in the upcoming war, not get imprisoned by ZOG, so I'm going to do everything I can to make sure they don't get me.

d962b6  No.13310672


I'm still in the lurking phase and I truly don't want to engage in conversation until after (nowadays it seems no one here respects that tradition.) but I just want you to know that, since i haven't seen anyone else say anything, that you're OG as fuck and a true warrior. Don't die. We need your genes. Most white men are demoralized today. Glad to see a few who aren't.

To Valhall. Praise Wotan. Praise Tyr. Praise Thor. Praise Vidar.

c08a70  No.13310691

File: 6a756fef5f1c9da⋯.jpg (153.17 KB, 886x876, 443:438, facebook.jpg)

File: d78656c60d2c69f⋯.jpg (191.65 KB, 1098x871, 1098:871, facebook_archive.jpg)




apparantly archive.is has an actual facebook login it uses to scrape, thanks "Nathan"

c08a70  No.13310692



3ef6aa  No.13310709


Hail victory. I personally have gotten some followers and we've formed an armed militia. Through pooling money we are all living very nice and comfortably, and we are preparing ourselves every day. I am waiting for the right time to get them involved in the fight, I've been engaging in standard political activism but it isn't enough. Soon the real fight will finally begin, I'm ready for it and have been for a little while now. Get yourself in shape if you haven't already, train yourself mentally, and arm yourself.

c08a70  No.13310712

File: c312c2b490ab3ac⋯.jpg (175.89 KB, 1400x486, 700:243, enhance.jpg)

804a31  No.13310920


Wow. Looks convincing to me. I wish this nigdignant dinduqheeshia would stop appropriating white culture (computers) to make the world a worse place. If only we could deport her back to wakanda where everything is nigtastic.

c80bd4  No.13310942

File: ffb32c800964e61⋯.jpg (228.14 KB, 1200x794, 600:397, MA01.jpg)

File: 87ad14a2e0da457⋯.jpg (87.41 KB, 1026x528, 171:88, MA02.jpg)

File: f51e36901c6ac6a⋯.jpg (112.43 KB, 1091x733, 1091:733, MA03.jpg)

File: 8a91b611ac1eea1⋯.jpg (144.05 KB, 1095x731, 1095:731, EB_01.jpg)


You did gods work, Anon!

Pic related is from an old presentation that is now offline


(got it from google cache)

The flag on her fb profile pic seems to be taken on the same boat as the one where you can see the couple (her parents)

a12160  No.13310952


>You're not anonymous to God, you will be repenting for even advertising this kind of violence, and that even if you don't go to hell.

Look at this fucking Boomer.

<You, A Liberal Faggot: "Y-you can't just k-kill them, that's w-wrong!"


God supports niggerdeath. It's in the Bible. The Jews are the sons of Canaan. God literally commanded the proto-Europeans of prehistory to genocide the ancient Jews and leave none alive, and their refusal to do so because they wanted them as slaves and concubines instead is the reason we have to deal with Jews today.

God literally cursed us to always have to deal with them as a thorn in our hand, until such a time that He feels that we've been lead to understand why we were commanded to wipe them all out in the first place. That's why the Jews always manage to come back in after getting kicked out. It's going to keep happening until the entire Western world understands and accepts why, when God tells you to go genocide an entire tribe and leave NOTHING left of it, you go do that thing and don't compromise on it or take a bunch of kikess fuckslaves and then try to bargain with God after the fact over it.

If God didn't hate niggers He wouldn't have made them literally retarded subhuman animals. If God was what you and every other shitlib cuckold Baby Boomer thinks He is, race really WOULD just be skin deep and 14% of the population in America wouldn't be responsible for 50% of the crime. The fact that race exists at all is proof that God is racist. The Old Testament supports cultural AND ethnic genocide, full-stop. That includes the women and the children as well, not just the fighting age men.

Sorry to ruin what I'm sure was a fantastic phoneposting evening with your third wife at the local Mexican restaurant, but every Boomer evangelical is going to Hell, and you aren't an exception. The "god" you believe in is a false idol constructed by Jews and Cultural Marxists who hate you and want you dead. It bares no resemblence to what God really is whatsoever, and if you actually saw YHWH, you would probably think He was Satan. That's how lost you are. You literally could not tell the difference between your King and the Usurper if it came down to a test.

804a31  No.13310960


Sheeeeeit! Amazing work.

804a31  No.13310963


Any ideas on how we can use this information to secure the existence of those white kids? I want them to be safe from hateful nigs.

a12160  No.13310967


Every nigress you ever see who doesn't have a chunk of coral reef on their head shaved themselves bald or near-bald and then wears a wig of white people hair so they don't look like ugly as fuck aliens. The black girls at high school didn't all go home one summer and then magically come back with grown out straight hair. They're bald, ugly little monkey gremlins hiding behind wigs and literal pounds of whitening makeup. Their standard of beauty is "as white as possible, no matter how fake it looks."

The only thing more desperate to look like a white woman than a negress is a female chink.

6271e3  No.13311478

File: 16b256157518f40⋯.webm (1.77 MB, 202x360, 101:180, Courage1.webm)

nice tiddys

d962b6  No.13312208


Your whole Aryan not semetic religion schtick, where do I read more about this?

I have heard someone mention the proto-europeans actually worship a single diety or something like that on a Alex Jones podcast or some shit and that the paganism thing was mostly false.

Seems worthy of an investigation

3ef6aa  No.13312222


Lets get her nigger ass shanked.

8c9852  No.13312237

Anyone do anything with her info? Call her work and tell them she did some shit to get her fired or something.

c76586  No.13312341

File: fc87af8b3250fba⋯.jpg (28.81 KB, 605x298, 605:298, crazymargeanddepressedhome….JPG)



804a31  No.13314519


But that's illegal. /pol/acks follow the law, right? Besides, no address, so it isn't feasible.

8ab1fa  No.13315101

File: bea1cc735561d41⋯.jpg (550.05 KB, 1871x1765, 1871:1765, MA04.jpg)

609b2e  No.13315171


If she has an email someone could send her one of those IP logging URLs. I doubt she is intelligent enough to use a VPN.

a12160  No.13316022


>Your whole Aryan not semetic religion schtick, where do I read more about this?

Christogenea for academic sources and hard facts, Radio Aryan for culture, news, and podcasts/radio. Christogenea is responsible for the Mein Kampf Project, which is of interest to any serious National Socialist, and Radio Aryan has shows and regular guest appearances by Dennis Wise, the creator of "The Greatest Story Never Told," and Carolyn Yeager, one of speartips of the modern Holocaust truth movement.

>I have heard someone mention the proto-europeans actually worship a single diety or something like that on a Alex Jones podcast or some shit and that the paganism thing was mostly false.

The ancient Druids of the British isles, when they first encountered Christians, wholeheartedly believed they were of the exact same faith as themselves, and wrote extensively about their joy at reuniting with their lost cousins under the worship of the "One True God, the Father." The Druids of Albion and the early Christians were allies in the struggle against the collapsing Roman Empire, which sought to exterminate both groups for being Nationalist, and later coexisted peacefully for centuries in shared monasteries. Don't bother looking at the so-called "Druids of The Circle" for authentic information. They are Freemasonic and Jewish impersonators who have no claim to any authentic Druidic traditions whatsoever. They stole the name and pedigree for themselves. To find the truth, you need to dig through the historical records.

Christogenea asserts, and I happen to agree, that most of the ancient pagan accounts of history and mythology are actually describing the exact same events the Old Testament is, just from a different perspective. Pagan Greek academics and historians such as Herodotus and Strabo quoted Moses extensively in their own works, and considered him a premere source of factually correct historical information. Moses himself spent the latter half of his life compiling and putting into text the historical records of both his own people and the surrounding tribes, and claimed to be able to accurately track the descendents of the proto-Europeans all the way back to Cain and Abel.

Our histories are interconnected and intertwined, because they are fundamentally stories of the same groups of interrelated people, being told by one another. One of the biggest academic lies of omission in the postmodern world is cutting off ancient history from the record and arrogantly implying that both the Greeks and Romans as well as those from earlier times such as Moses are all unreliable and poor academics. That their accounts are inaccurate and to be humored, like a child trying to lecture an adult. And yet there is far more supporting evidence for the accounts they provided than there are for things postmodernity takes for granted. In the end, it comes down to a simple question: who do you think is more academically honest, the Jews of today or the Aryans of two thousand years ago?

I side with my own people. You should, too. Jesus was Aryan, and though we have stumbled and strayed and sinned, we have always been the children of The One God, the Father. And He still loves us and wants us to seek the Truth.

df1c59  No.13316110


This nigger must be very proud of doxing literal children and attack them.

a77c88  No.13316295


Fucking beautiful work my dude

a8f3e1  No.13316305

File: 39594bf8376c4e1⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 39594bf8376c4e142e34c1a5a7….gif)


Anon delivers.

a77c88  No.13316319

So we know she's on Tetons Ct, Durham, North Carolina. is it 12310 for sure?

03b4bd  No.13316356


The other pic, and some logical guessing, tells me her house is across the street from pic behind the photographer. She's standing on the sidewalk across from the house (with no sidewalk) in other pic. Both pics taken from "her house", facing out to street.

What say you?

804a31  No.13316363



The parcel data ought to help: https://property.spatialest.com/nc/durham/#/search/?term=Tetons&page=1&category=address

804a31  No.13316369


Theres pics. I say rule ought this bulbhead sounding name:


000000  No.13316374

The teton ct pic was taken in 2012 so its 7 years out of date. The family has since moved according to sources.

a9dc10  No.13316385


Why should we listen to you, then?

000000  No.13316386

God she is fucking ugly. I wonder what happened to her she used to be kinda cute, all things considered. Maybe she should go back to Addas Abba and live a happy life.

e20c4d  No.13316398

worthless nigger

707b39  No.13317278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




When I was 6 years old or so, I called a teenager nigger. I ran away giggling but he caught me and body slammed my little ass. It has always been this way.

Imagine, getting so angry over a word that you ruin somebody's life, or attempt to do so. This is society's fault for enabling them, you didn't hear about these kinds of things 100 years ago. Yes I know no internet was around, but newspapers and radio did exist. I have never come across historical instances of chimp outs over the word nigger.

804a31  No.13317319


This comedy routine is one of the best. I think it is awesome because Patrice sounds scholarly, serious and spergy and then louis ck comes in like a shitlord.

I don't think it could be done in a solo standup routine.

3eb101  No.13317559

File: 56cf7026880b4b9⋯.png (84.16 KB, 1700x887, 1700:887, stuff2delete.PNG)


This information may be useful.

3eb101  No.13317594


Try getting one that's pregnant son, you'll get 2 for the price of one.

804a31  No.13317823


I thinks that's a doctor who lives in DC. No apparent connection to the Shafreeqa trying get white kids shanked

28f2b9  No.13318102


Kek, haven't laughed out loud in a long time, thank you.

c6e73d  No.13318104


Good. People need to see their children threatened to understand.

fb92bf  No.13318129

niggrs are vile animals. Extermination is needed.

4c645b  No.13318157

734a6b  No.13319222


In this post, 1st pic the name of her parents can be seen: Adegge Belachew & Emebet Bekele

if you search for their names you find this address: 12316 Tetons Ct, Durham NC


It is the house you can see in pic:


3ef6aa  No.13319234

>>13319222 (checking those trips)

Looks like it's arson time.

000000  No.13319268


The only way to stop this is to dox the she-boon and have her killed. Anything else is wasted effort.

2e09f6  No.13319313

File: 7cd55b84583ca89⋯.png (805.01 KB, 956x706, 478:353, 0786123bde3c67f33d53dfe8e1….png)


What's more that guy Samuel appears to be using the same nigger script used in her Twitter profile.


Convincing evidence. Also note the black car in the background that appears to be the same one in the picture of her wearing that shawl thing.

2511ea  No.13319318


Just drive around Detroit (preferably wearing blackface) at night and shoot random nigger you see on the street. The police likely won't do much about it and assume it is just gang bullshit.

804a31  No.13319329


I'm embarrassed I didn't notice all that before I read your explication. /pol/acks are amazing.

804a31  No.13319367



FBI may warn them or the local cops. Now is not the time to do anything illegal (or ever, LOL).

It would be interesting to see what security measures if any they take right now. Eg unmarked car around the block? Install some cameras on the street?

If an anon is clean and legal and already on zog radar, if he did cruise by it could tie up zog assets.

a77c88  No.13319479

Any anons in or near Durham, NC?

3ef6aa  No.13319705


Kill yourself, wimpy spineless faggot. Your uselessness is treachery to your race.

804a31  No.13319950


I know you've got over 300 confirmed nigger scalps and I'm not even worthy to suck on your dirty socks.

I figure even if you try to torch their place and fail, and get arrested, I'd still know that you'd done more with your life than me, because I know your deed would scare some niggers into behaving.

And if you succeeded, I'd agree you were totally badass.

000000  No.13319955

>that whining about Ethiopians being killed by ISIS

A lot has been, will continue to be, and is always being done about that shit also the dumb bitch can join the military and fight ISIS herself if she wants.

000000  No.13320087


Dude I've jumped into many battles and helped others and won them all. I can't fathom the soy shit and a lot of the time it happens so fast I don't even have time to think about it, it is just in my nature not to be a bitch.

3ef6aa  No.13320100


I live a few states away from NC, still pretty far but not unfeasible. If one of you fags don't torch this niggers house, even after getting the DOX info on her, I may have to take another one for the team. I'm tired of being the only one doing shit, other anons need to step up their game.

3ef6aa  No.13320105

Dead niggers can't chimp out. We can try to control the monkeys, to keep them in line, but what we really need to do is eradicate them. We can repopulate Africa with our own kin, and put the vast resources of the continent to good use.

804a31  No.13320462

File: ed01834aaf21c38⋯.png (6.87 KB, 255x120, 17:8, 4a0687ccc433dd3b5a0e7d12aa….png)

2ca0aa  No.13320470



>Still nothing but shitposts and edgy words

So when are you going to actually show us what you did Baron Munchausen? Or are you just another phony like everyone in this reddit colony riding off of Tarrant actually going out there and doing it?

804a31  No.13320536


I never do crimes. However, I assume I might be under surveillance - that's how things work these days.

I would encourage anons to familiarize themselves with this so they can stay safe: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OIJFiqy35KM

4cab25  No.13320581


micromeme can't read pls fix

b651b9  No.13321497

File: 4493959138fab31⋯.png (133.5 KB, 815x647, 815:647, DHS-FBI-ExtremistThreatsPr….png)

0d6a0c  No.13321949

File: a9e9420af7696bc⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, IMG-20190217-WA0004.jpg)


Is that Liam Neeson?

804a31  No.13322011

File: 2c103826b262414⋯.png (283.24 KB, 600x394, 300:197, bz-5ce9abd0aeda5.png)


Anon, that's nice to know.

They'll be funneling it all through Durham, NC cops. Isn't that a nigged out police force? Not the brightest or most hard-working, right?

I love the bit about the narrative, "you were part of a big group…" - not true in this case. Nig'gaFreequa is calling for white children to get shanked. Anything that happens to Shakalicia has everything to do with what she did, and there's just ONE of her. Not hundreds/thousands from a leaked database. If the cops are honest (LOL) they'll say, "Mobettalisha, when you say shank da white keeds fa sayin nigga, you dun pissed off da white boys. Whatchoo think gon' happen, ho?!"

804a31  No.13322118

File: b7dd939878cbf3c⋯.jpg (56.42 KB, 1024x549, 1024:549, 1558754660355.jpg)

I feel a bit sorry for the FBI agent who has to wade through /pol/ and then call the nigger cop agency to talk to them about the dindunuffisha. If it's a white guy, it must seem demoralizing to be dealing with stupid nig cops because a niggabitch nigged. None of this will stop the race war that's already here and heading up. These niggers and your jew bosses want your white kids dead, FBI. /pol/acks are the only ones that want them to thrive, by any means necessary.

d752e1  No.13322278


Fuck this. I think we should go after every single nigger/faggot/tranny/kike that pokes their head up in this manner. It should become known amongst the brown hordes that we will respond threefold to every attempt of theirs to attack one of ours. Make them afraid to open their lying mouths in the first place. Right now they feel like they're beyond reproach and repercussion. They no longer fear us. They see us as weak and disjointed, and they're right. When one of us even looks at one of them funny, the whole tribe goes on the attack. But when one of theirs robs/assaults/rapes/murders one of ours, they watch us all turn against each other. So many among us jump to the defense of the nigger, and attempt to silence any of us who try to point out that it was yet another case of a feral nigger attacking a White person. They don't have to defend themselves when one of theirs chimps out. They see and they know that we will amongst ourselves. This has to stop. We have to present a united front in the faces of the savages, and we have to reinstill the fear they once had of us. Not reacting for fear of being called names by the jewish media is something only a weakling optics-nigger _or_ a paid double agent would suggest.

3ef6aa  No.13322431

"Pull the trigger on every nigger" - Moon man

2aaacb  No.13329999


Whites don't seem to have it in them to do this right now. Burgers seem a lot like Swedes - maybe not as law abiding, but shying away from vigilante stuff.

Can you imagine anything we could get white kids to do that would put them on the right track? I suspect paying them to poster might help, it would get them in the game.

Look at Earnest or Tarrant - they are more of a lone wolf than McVeigh, who had one friend (maybe) in Nichols. E&T have no friends. If there were just 3 white kids in a group, they could cooperate.

Even if the next T is reading this now and thinking, "I could teach Shafreeqa proper etiquette after her Panera bread shift," he might think - "but nah, that's just one. If I'm going to take risks, I need to go high value - bigger, better, etc."

And that phenomenon would explain why we don't see more action against anti-white individuals like Meaza Adegge by vigilantes. Most whites follow the law. The ones that don't are grandiose.

Nigs are better in this regard - less grandiose.

61abb2  No.13330175


As amusing as that would be, Joseph Smith was not a prophet. Instead I offer you this little poem by Lovecraft:

>When, long ago, the gods created Earth

>In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.

>The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;

>Yet were they too remote from humankind.

>To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,

>Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.

>A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,

>Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger


>nigger/dixie speech

False equivalence. Learn the difference.


Nice quads.

2aaacb  No.13330188


Here's an example: https://www.theblaze.com/news/parents-teacher-tried-to-convince-son-he-was-transgender

If they did this to the wrong Muslim, they'd regret it. The Muslim would be worried about blowback from the towel community, so he'd chimp on the teacher. After a few retaliations, people learn: muslims are dangerous.

Whites are not nearly as dangerous and impulsively violent, and they don't have a shame culture that emphasizes revenge. So they'll keep getting attacked by the likes of Meaza Adegge.

d962b6  No.13333755


Chad Aryan spotted

Yes. Too bad I only live near groes, and not the Semite invaders of Europe. I'd have loads of fun

d962b6  No.13333763


Arson? Fuck off back to feggit, b00mer

3ef6aa  No.13334204


What any of us could do as individuals, we could do on a much larger and more successful scale in groups.

44c3b4  No.13334428


>kikes bought nigger slaves from niggers in africa and brought them to america

>whites freed the nigger slaves from kikes with their own blood

>angry insecure darky syndrome (AIDS) niggers can't into freedom or suffer meany words

Nigger apes and kikes are truly the most indecent of human off-shoots.

18a9c1  No.13334534


Ustedes is exactly that you fucking moron.

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