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File: 6b417d472bac636⋯.jpg (101.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

3e4ff8  No.13304997

Let's compile some tips and guides for turning your local ghetto in to an unlivable overgrowth. I'll start:

Moss growth mixture

> 1 part beer

> 1 part water

> dissolve a bit of sugar in the water

> mix beer and sugar water with bits of moss

> make sure that however you do it (blender/shaking a container) that there are no big chunks of moss

> once you have a smooth consistency, use within a few days

> use liberally, seriously just splash that shit around the ghetto, it works really well

16cfe5  No.13305007

Does it cause moss to grow everywhere?

3e4ff8  No.13305014


From personal experience, it will be everywhere you splash it in a matter of days. Just use local moss, maybe make sure it's not gonna freeze at night but that's really about it. It also spreads like hell if you make a good bit.

3acdae  No.13305018

Seen bomb thread?

3acdae  No.13305019

3e4ff8  No.13305023


Is there one? Maybe ctrl+f has failed me lol. But yeah if you have any good guides for those, post em.

d607c3  No.13305032


No, I'm just asking if this will be the one. Haven't seen those for some years.

3e4ff8  No.13305040


Well I guess it can be the one then lol. Anything that works.

c890a6  No.13305042


can you post some photos of your results?

3e4ff8  No.13305049


Haven't taken any, but I guess I can take some the next time I go out.

f6d920  No.13305057

Monkeys will hide in the forest.

Its hard to shoot those monkeys when they are deep in the bush.

c890a6  No.13305058


DO IT, i love seeing nature taking over mankind's creations.

3e4ff8  No.13305068


That's fair, although from my experience the niggers tend to gravitate to the concrete forests if you turn their home in to a shithole.

d446ed  No.13305075


Use the water gun to shoot the moss all over.

50350a  No.13305080

File: 434764736e17492⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 434764736e17492024ea997832….jpg)


The wheels in my head are turning. Do we have any bug experts here?


>carpenter ants

>wood boring bees

What other shit could we start releasing in ghettos to literally start destroying section 8 housing? Shit that insurance does not cover. Let's face it, arson is just going to give the jew landlord a payday. We need bugs, fungi, whatever can be used to destroy these hellholes. Anyone here have an idea?

3e4ff8  No.13305084



50350a  No.13305100


It takes termites a few years to build up to full damage mode, but if we have an entomologist here, we could maybe build a colony pre-made in a cardboard box and just shove them under wood framed houses (crawl space, etc) as long as the house is heated they should survive and start spreading. Now is the time to do it, beginning of summer.

9eac8e  No.13305102


Of course, if enough arson attacks occurred, insurance rates would go up which would hurt the jewish landlords and insurance corporations alike.

3ffdbb  No.13305108


Is there a way to load these bugs into some kind of easily dissolved container to throw long distances? Maybe some kind of hollowed out seed bomb full of termites?

8b20c2  No.13305110


We're backed into corner. We don't have options. White Genocide is openly practiced, while openly denied. This isn't a fucking joke.

It's weird, 8chan is the last place on the internet that I can get a laugh. Everything else is just pure suicide. At least the hate here is productive.

50350a  No.13305112


OR deliberately rent a house and turn it into the termite colony to spread them from! Rent in ghettos is low enough, just make the place a huge nest and they will spread to other houses, you fuck over the jewish landlord and everyone else!

50350a  No.13305118


Okay, I am a floridafag so we have a constant battle with these fucks. Basically, they follow a queen. When the queen sets up shop, you get a nest, then it is just however long it takes for the queen to shit out enough kids to start fucking shit up.

3e4ff8  No.13305119



Both great ideas, damn.

50350a  No.13305128


We are talking about the ghetto, they already have vandalism and drivebys, I don't think the insurance will go up.

c8bdd5  No.13305129


>carpenter ants

fire ants are better

3e4ff8  No.13305148


Really? Why would that be?

c890a6  No.13305154


it is not hard to shoot black things over a green background.

15745c  No.13305155

>tips for turning your local ghetto into an unlivable overgrowth

Whites are the ghettos now in America. Niggers have all the money from slinging drugs

16cfe5  No.13305164

What weed inb4 DUDE plants are destructive and grow really fast, summer is starting so now would be ideal

a96056  No.13305167

File: 01a3a27313b32c8⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 01a3a27313b32c83875b0bd92f….png)

File: 4b50514b579755e⋯.png (53.85 KB, 830x1078, 415:539, 4b50514b579755e8c340c85e55….png)

File: a3a94d6e3822a63⋯.jpg (154.35 KB, 1024x791, 1024:791, a3a94d6e3822a6329fd7686fff….jpg)

How to make seed bombs

000000  No.13305190


>Tips for turning your local ghetto in to a forrest

Do you know how easy it is to deforest land?

>promises "forrest" delivers moss

a new level of creativity in demoralization propaganda

might as well have titled it "Plant your own fairy garden!!"

000000  No.13305204

Are these niggers just going to magically disappear? No. Any damage you cause will just be repaired and paid for with White taxpayer money. Kill yourselves.

557eca  No.13305205


house flippers

1b4df6  No.13305218

File: 95dc1d47d7b4b91⋯.gif (131.37 KB, 500x332, 125:83, Kudzu_On_Trees.gif)

File: 2faa1b5d96831e0⋯.jpg (69.31 KB, 635x501, 635:501, Kudzu_timelapse.jpg)


Based Kudzu-Chan.

1b4df6  No.13305228

File: 87688c4f6b4bd27⋯.jpeg (63.29 KB, 616x462, 4:3, Black_Mold.jpeg)


>We need bugs, fungi, whatever can be used to destroy these hellholes. Anyone here have an idea?

For driving out niggers and fucking over kike slumlords? Nothing beats black mold.


3e4ff8  No.13305231


Any ideas for planting?

fba7f9  No.13305232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e4ff8  No.13305233

1b4df6  No.13305235


>Any ideas for planting?

Soak a sponge and leave it in a closet. Good to go in three months.

9f190e  No.13305246


Unless they either don't notice cause their places are already filthy (negresses are over 60% obesity), or they bitch to anyone who'll listen.

Media picks it up, deez po' churrens, taxpayer gotsta buy me a new place in a nice white neighborhood. Rinse and repeat as they destroy that one too.

1e7e6d  No.13305251


Hypothetically speaking you wouldn’t want to rent, you’d want to go to an open house / showing or as many as you could every weekend for years on end. Hypothetically.

1b4df6  No.13305267

File: d6e1401d1199301⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Marthas_Vinyeard_Nogs.jpg)


>What other shit could we start releasing in ghettos to literally start destroying section 8 housing?

Unfortunately, the Housing Choice Voucher Program has been under pressure from self-righteous "homeless advocate" negresses lately. As a result, the program happily pays to move loser nigger families into middle class white neighborhoods. Public housing turns ghetto because of the sheer concentration of niggers, while Section 8 spreads the infection into the suburbs with "too white" public schools.

1b4df6  No.13305271


Yep. Did you expect to win without a dirty battlefield?

c8bdd5  No.13305275


they grow very quickly, because of their aggressiveness they outpower most ant species, they could survive floods and are a nuisance to deal with in general

c56c02  No.13305277

File: 4e8c11305075c29⋯.jpg (143.78 KB, 469x705, 469:705, A151-20.jpg)

File: 402c1d902c33d90⋯.jpg (186.77 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, polygonunaubertiihr2__1151….jpg)

Silver lace vine.

Found this menace while trying to order Silver Vine, a kind of kiwi/catnip. Supposedly one of the fastest growing vines bar none, and a relative of the Arrowroot/knotweed that's nigh unkillable.

From my planting it doesn't like zone 5, but survived the winter well enough.

Cheap seeds, pretty too. Historically it's a relic of the Great Game, some fine plant lore here.

fba7f9  No.13305280



Black mold (aspergillis) is very hazardous to your health.

It also won't grow unless the conditions are right.

And if the conditions are right, it will grow by itself as the spores are ubiquitous.

I honestly think that attempting to spread it is pointless.

Do not sow random flowers or trees either.

Trees take decades to reach maturity and most flowers are easily removed by landscaping crew (who will be needed either way if the property is going to be refurbished.)

Be more selective, choose the most virulent and difficult species.

>wisteria Wisteria floribunda

>kudzu Pueraria montana lobata

>(ponds and streams) Water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes

>(garden destroyer) Field Bindweed Convovulus arvensis

<It spreads by seeds that can sprout after 50 years and roots that can grow 10 feet deep. You can try digging it out, but any bit of root left in the ground eventually sprout as a new plant.

1b4df6  No.13305293

File: 0f636a4482643c9⋯.jpg (145.43 KB, 450x464, 225:232, Flower_of_Peace.jpg)

Another potential upshot to this project: Buzzfeed might help us spread the meme that flowers are now white supremacist dog whistles.

8b20c2  No.13305298


Please let this happen. Would hate to be a white German-American UCSC-educated Stanford (((psychologist))) with a bunch of flowers tattooed on her right arm / shoulder when suddenly she gets pulled into the Purity Spiral™

1b4df6  No.13305312

File: 313fd64e0f792b1⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Steinle_Memorial.jpg)


The war has already begun in skirmishes.


c8bdd5  No.13305315

File: 5682aaee88a7e7e⋯.jpg (58.03 KB, 600x206, 300:103, img5601p26b.jpg)

File: 89cdeab75e50acb⋯.jpg (87.32 KB, 530x387, 530:387, img5601p34.jpg)

File: bb835d1f51b975c⋯.jpg (148.71 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, fire ants flood.jpg)

File: 9c9c6c5e1b4f2be⋯.jpg (68.65 KB, 1296x728, 162:91, fire ant bite.jpg)



forget my images

17df7f  No.13305320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thats fine.

8b20c2  No.13305323



8b20c2  No.13305330

File: f48370a4cd086f4⋯.png (627.55 KB, 894x590, 447:295, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)


The only danger is if they send us to that terrible Planet of the Apes. Wait a minute… statue of liberty… that was our planet. You maniacs, you blew it up. Damn you!


04d710  No.13305343

Giant Hogweed


c736e4  No.13305344

It would be nice to outfit a drone to do an aerial seed bombardment of the ghetto. I'm sure someone could outfit a seed spreader onto a commercial drone, and just go from there.

5427f6  No.13305359



630765  No.13305373


>look at me

>i am the chemtrails now

2e950a  No.13305383



An illegal murders someone in broad daylight and walks and not a single person cared lol, it's only hilarious though because the parents of this shit are always beta cucks who never do shit to fix the problem

294bd9  No.13305385

Seen talk of seed warfare for a decade or more now, but never seen any photos posted of successful plantations.

2e950a  No.13305396


Because humans grow much faster and a single person can lay waste to an entire area in seconds with machines. This ain't 500 AD anymore niggers

98b542  No.13305397

File: e23bf95edb9018a⋯.jpg (180.92 KB, 593x592, 593:592, spoopy jungle gym.jpg)

How long would it potentially take to turn the entirety of Detroit into a new jungle?

c736e4  No.13305401



Iz real mang. wut in da wurl is dey be sprayin?

294bd9  No.13305406



the original idea behind it was to reclaim abandoned properties in places like detroit

no one maintains them

with the houses gone, the neighbourhoods empty out

2e950a  No.13305414


Reclaim it for what? Nature already does what you're doing, so what's the point?

c8bdd5  No.13305425


No matter how much pesticides you throw at fire ants unless you kill the queen you always end with the same ammount of ants six months later

a45038  No.13305429


>get FAL

>slot floppies

Problem solved

a45038  No.13305442


Bruh, kudzu is a menace

c8f349  No.13305447


This mixture will create a gas that will kill you. Already reported OP.

For the right way go look up the guerilla gardening thread.

8cfee3  No.13305495


they want you to post your face too

6af815  No.13305501


how does beer water and moss make gas

630765  No.13305530


The moss reacts with the alcohol you dumb fuck that's how they made zyklon B

60df2a  No.13305570

we eco warriors nao

3f31c7  No.13305676


Looks like you had too much of Ole' Ben yourself

4bbe02  No.13305699


Holy shit this whole thread excites me so much. White people are the humans with the closest kinship to nature and conservation. We are the closest existing beings to elves. And if we're also going the same way the elves did, wwe might as well Galadriel the shit out of the planet before we go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dnhIWdW5_8

98c344  No.13305700


This is amazing. Pics of the after effects?

98c344  No.13305735


Termites are a good bet. People don't know what they are as they are usually never seen and nothing in popular culture has had them.

You usually don't know you have termites until it is too late unless you're proactively monitoring for them.





I got out of a lease early b/c of this shit and they didn't pursue me legally because I mentioned they had this (I don't know if they did but it was black and mildew/mold looking and fuck that)


These are also invasive and fuck up the land, this is to get the niggers out not to salt the earth so it is unusable forever.


shout outs for when the simpsons were good

e96f7c  No.13305758


Based /ggg/ veteran

d446ed  No.13305762


I hope you don’t have the disease from the black mold.

e4a910  No.13305774


This is the type of quality thread I come to /pol/ to see. Good job m8

98c344  No.13305775


i'm fine, it was only like a week at most that I was there when it was found. I think it was a shower scum or mildew actually.

fd7c66  No.13305789

turn off The Gibs, wait 3 months.

7fe026  No.13305808

Most topsoil is unfit for growing plants, much less rapid-growing ones. Mosses are great because they are resilient and grow on most surfaces. On metals, the added oxidation activity accelerates rust. On staccato or asbestos, the moss will stain. Vinyl is pretty resistant - they will just pressure wash it and it's gone.

a3f404  No.13305818

*looks through PDF archive for material*

8969fc  No.13305824


>wait 3 months.

3 months…like niggas got three months worth of food stored or any water. They would go into full blown chimp out after 2 days.

c8bdd5  No.13305852



I think you mean Stachybotrys but aspergillis is the most common and it's deadly too if you have a allergy to it.

846783  No.13305909

Waste beer on niggers? Fuck off OP. To even do an acre would be expensive af. Just burn everything down.

4faa2c  No.13305938

>ctrl+f "hornets"

>0 results


4f2f90  No.13305955

000000  No.13305973


Termites don't destroy every kind of wood. They won't hurt good hardwood, I know this because I have a house that has been gutted by termites, they fucked up the floors and walls but the original 100ish year old hardwood timber frame is just fine. I got the house for free because of the damage and currently rebuilding.

Rats and mice are fuckers too. We got rats up North that will make nests in the engines of cars; at night you can hear them chewing through coconuts, if that gives you an idea of how powerful these things can be, if they get big enough. Another reason I got given a free house was because it's on a property that operates an abattoir, and the caretaker hadn't been burying the discarded guts and bones deep enough, and that's why I seen 30,000 mice swarming over the boneyard. My point is that you could just leave bits of meat and food around and the rats and mice will arrive, take my word. And they will grow fast, the rats will be bigger than the cats, and they will absolutely fuck everything up. Remember how rats spread the plague back in the day. I kinda like em. Use them

cbad86  No.13305992

What will actually happen is that rich Jews will turn it into prime real estate and make more money. I've seen it happen. The niggers will be moved to another low rent residential facility. If you want to get rid of the ghetto then buy it out slowly over time.

2e950a  No.13306041


Exactly, all you fags are doing is giving the kikes prime real estate instead of doing the white thing and buying it cheap and developing the land yourself

98c344  No.13306050


arson is obviously very illegal and traceable, this is more clever and hardly "vandalism" at most

59dd04  No.13306055

File: 1e3e9f019012bf2⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1932x2576, 3:4, zlooq4hwphm11.jpg)


Exactly Moss posting in real life is not illegal as one could easily just wash it off, but still very triggering if done right.

5165e7  No.13306061



Tree of Heaven AKA “ghetto palm”


They grow fast, spread like weeds, and the flowers smell like rancid cum.

000000  No.13306066

Does the USA have squatter's rights? In my country [which is Australia] you will become the legal owner if you have controlled/occupied the place for 12 years [15 years in other states, 30 years if it's Crown Land, and you cannnot do this in federal territories [NT, ACT, Jervis. etc]. People have become legal owners of houses in prime real estate areas, all you have to do is find an empty house and pay the rates. You can even rent out an empty house [like after someone has died without a will etc].

Also, what about vines? Maybe just garden bomb places with vines and moss, as long as they are fast growing. When trees get big enough their roots can fracture the foundations, but that obviously takes a long time.

000000  No.13306073


>arson is obviously very illegal and traceable, this is more clever and hardly "vandalism" at most

>and traceable

How so?

98c344  No.13306081



using an accelerate like gasoline leaves traceable evidence, they can find the exact mixture you have and narrow down geographically where you bought it then check cameras

depends on if you harm anyone with doing it or just damage property, that will determine how seriously they will look into it

9f190e  No.13306083


I don't think it's winning. Sure it might break up some of the crime-ridden slums, but if they're already living in filth and wrecking a place someone else was forced to pay for, you're just giving them an excuse to demand a brand new place to destroy.

Rham Emanuel and the gentrifier crowd want the Urban Market to vote for them, but not continue to shit up their city cores that could be filled with highly taxed, highly controlled hipster bugmen. They happily shove DuhTritus and DuhBonica into working- and middle-class ring communities and suburbs where the white conservatives they despise live.

Efforts would be better spent showcasing what they're doing in taxpayer-provided and -subsidized housing so that normies and faggots who love diversity from afar realize where their money is going. Or some kind of permanent stealth sterilization.

9f190e  No.13306085



Bing. Rham Emanuel and the other urban control freaks will happily dump nogs into working conservative communities to let developers build luxury condos in Cabrini Green for soyfags to pay more taxes in.

9f190e  No.13306107

File: 123cba6c69171c2⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 420x242, 210:121, wild-parsnip-burns.jpg)




Wild parsnip / hobo parsnip



3ffdbb  No.13306132


This is hilarious. Ill have to try this.

5f42f9  No.13306133


It's the oils within the plant that cause the burns since they suppress the body's ability to resist UV rays. If you were to harvest some of this oil and add it to someone's sunscreen or moisturizer that would be very unfortunate for whoever applies it.

98c344  No.13306156



9f190e  No.13306165


Lol sunscreen would imply future-time orientation. Maybe if you could get it into the Flaming Hot Cheetohs or Black&Mild supply chains.

You could leave it on common surfaces, but seedbombs in quantity would probably be more efficient.

df0144  No.13306173

Fuck off moshe.

8959df  No.13306371


They'll get depressed and kill themselves if they don't see the sun. This is why you always see porch monkeys outside. They don't get enough vitamin D if they sit inside.

740cff  No.13306399

File: e122cc436e483af⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 562x600, 281:300, absolutely civilian.jpg)


Furanocoumarins, which are commonly found in the vegetative portions of carrot family plants and also in citrus fruits, bind to DNA and then require activation by UV light to start the damage. This kills or mutilates the cell. This is why the damage is so hard to heal from once it occurs, but if enough time passes without any UV exposure, then the chemicals will be cleaned up by the cell.

To the rest of these sort of kiked up threads:

The idea that spreading harmful invasive species like hogweed will in any way be beneficial to whites is disgustingly jewish.

Would you deliberately import more mexicans in the hopes they fight with niggers too? Either you directly weaponize what can readily be found in your area already, or do nothing at all. "I spread some seeds that'll get back at those niggers" is absolutely childish.

All that will happen is the niggers continue to avoid plants like usual and continue destroying the homes given to them until they are relocated to new white neighborhoods. All the while invasive species end up further colonizing the countryside at a faster rate.

Then the friendly neighborhood merchant will come along and say "Gosh, Mr. Whiteman, those plants in your yard/pasture/forest are sure hard to kill, good think I just so happen to have some 2,4-D, glyphosate and some of my super special exempt-from-EPA-labeling surfactants to take care of that!".

1d7a00  No.13306421

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not understanding

>Not bringing everything down

>Leaving survivors

Stop wimping out. Spreading the seeds is the lowest visibility action you can take while still ruining the livelihoods of Jew realtors/dumb niggers.

>Would you deliberately import more mexicans

Hell yes. Bring me the most vile, rapey, horrendous Mexicans. The ones you don't see on TV. The ugly ones. Import them, and see how much longer white people pretend to care. It's like you haven't read Camp of the Saints…

13491a  No.13306433

File: dce4434a46617b4⋯.jpeg (84.7 KB, 560x448, 5:4, 42cf4123-8256-4dd4-a12f-b….jpeg)

File: bb9ef5faf2c25d2⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 220x147, 220:147, Fallopia_overgrows_train.jpg)

File: b432ba0702c79e4⋯.jpg (119.26 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, japanischer-knoeterich-fal….jpg)

Japanese knotweed

>It is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world's worst invasive species.

>The invasive root system and strong growth can damage concrete foundations, buildings, flood defences, roads, paving, retaining walls and architectural sites. It can also reduce the capacity of channels in flood defences to carry water.

>It is a frequent colonizer of temperate riparian ecosystems, roadsides and waste places. It forms thick, dense colonies that completely crowd out any other herbaceous species and is now considered one of the worst invasive exotics in parts of the eastern United States. The success of the species has been partially attributed to its tolerance of a very wide range of soil types, pH and salinity. Its rhizomes can survive temperatures of −35 °C (−31 °F) and can extend 7 metres (23 ft) horizontally and 3 metres (9.8 ft) deep, making removal by excavation extremely difficult. The plant is also resilient to cutting, vigorously resprouting from the roots

>Japanese knotweed has a large underground network of roots (rhizomes). To eradicate the plant the roots need to be killed. All above-ground portions of the plant need to be controlled repeatedly for several years in order to weaken and kill the entire patch. Picking the right herbicide is essential, as it must travel through the plant and into the root system below.

>safe disposal of the plant material without spreading it is difficult; knotweed is classed as controlled waste in the UK, and disposal is regulated by law. Digging up the roots is also very labour-intensive and not always efficient. The roots can go to up to 10 feet (3.0 meters) deep, and leaving only a few inches of root behind will result in the plant quickly growing back

In UK house owners can be fined for not controlling it.

I'm US nearby presence of it can make it impossible to get mortgage or sell the property.

It's expensive to remove and the plant matter is controlled waste in some European countries.

c4e55c  No.13306519

The Property owners would just remove any moss if it became a big enough problem. Not to mention, it would take a whole tanker truck filled with this stuff just to cover one block. If you're going to waste time doing this, do what >>13306055 suggests. If a few of those keep popping up on sidewalks in the ghetto, it will get attention sooner or later.

ee5836  No.13306532

Best idea thread I've seen in months. Good work OP

c15ce0  No.13306563


As if importing more third worlders would stop anything. People self-segregate to begin with. If normie Whites haven't noticed something by now they never will. I took a trip to California recently, everyone is mostly self-segregated with a "Well as long as they don't hurt me" boomer nigger cuckservative mentality. Every 1000 more Mexicans we have here decreases our chances of victory, that's the kind of accelerationism that isn't working, because no one will fucking notice the change. They'll just move to another neighborhood that's Whiter and just chalk it up to more crime, not the obvious cause that is more (((diversity))) because they're blind as shit.

3553f1  No.13306597


That's what every town along I60 needs, an invasion of fire ants in their hud housing. Fucking hud nigger babies will get eaten by fire ants. That's perfect. If any of you work in residential maintenance, find yourselves a way to make it non traceable and help clean your streets.

3553f1  No.13306649


If the jew is importing niggers, then we can import plants. If the White Man can't have his own country, nobody will. Its really that simple. Every sanctuary city needs hogweed squads.

6e2c84  No.13306661

File: 219764777e50f79⋯.png (307.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, beautiful.png)



this shit would be actual biological warfare.

1d7a00  No.13306754


If the mentality is as you described, the rate of importation doesn't matter at all. I say import the entire continent of Africa into Europe at that point, wholesale. The Europeans no longer deserve it. As for America, the President has authority over who should enter the country - he should declare that every person on the planet is an 'American,' and has every right that comes with.

If it is as you say, and the world self-segregates, then it wouldn't matter. There would become a 'global country' that doesn't resemble a unified country at all - it would immediately Balkanize as the Chinese just voted themselves into power over everyone else.

It would probably be the easiest way to reset the board, geopolitically. The US would become illegitimate the second that China voted itself to power over everyone else, and the people in America who wished to represent themselves would be forced to create their own government all over again - hopefully, with better Amendments this time.

If that doesn't happen, well, let them eat Kudzu and roaches.

7175c0  No.13306817


> I say import the entire continent of Africa into Europe at that point, wholesale.

Danke fürs Kompliment du armseliger Jude. Geh' dich vergasen, Amisau.

1d7a00  No.13306831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, aber ein Idae ich haben.

>Calling me a Jew

>Insinuating that the German plan is working

It's not fast enough. Completely undermine the entire idea behind citizenship, like France, and you'll be making headway. At that point, either Europeans will figure out that they need to act in their own best interest, or they will die.

>Embed rel

>French Black vests

>"France doesn't belong to the French!"

>"It belongs to everyone!"

>Said by Somalis

0e18a3  No.13306913


yea because its perfectly normal for people to show up with a bottle and a rag at a gas statipon buying a quarter gallon of fuel for take waay purposes xD xD XD

0e18a3  No.13306916


lulzu or they will migrate to murica join the nra and accelerate the white birthrates kekd

1d7a00  No.13306929


>Be Somali

>Recently immigrate to France

>Speak French, because of colonial heritage

>Buy Starbucks with gibs

Why would this dude move to America, you moron? At most, they would know English from British colonies, and decide to move to Britain because of the Eurozone rules.

66f582  No.13306998

File: 36eda69496c07bc⋯.jpg (442.47 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, giant hogweed seig heil.jpg)


>Wild parsnip

Giant Hogweed

66f582  No.13307003


Yeah but it is the government who is importing them into our neighborhood. There is only one way to deal with this.

f1be96  No.13307017

File: d53667de76f9c53⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Gentlemen.jpg)

Wouldn't it be more entertaining if some highly invasive weeds started popping up more deserving peoples yards and properties… I'm sure they might be a little upset if those plants lowered their property values, damaged their homes and businesses as well as prevented them from selling the properties on top of causing some nasty health benefits… I wonder (((who))) would be more deserving of such a gift…

c8bdd5  No.13307024


non-whites constantly use coco butter, shea or other lotions for dry skin on their skin to avoid looking ashy.

c56c02  No.13307025


It tastes good at its supple shoot phase. The stands in my yard have been drastically reduced by my simple picking every few days for a tart snack.

Tastes somewhere between rhubarb and green apple. Used as a filling in dessert buns in East Asia.

505275  No.13307141



>implying section 8 isn't already riddled with bedbugs and roaches

505275  No.13307149


Hornets are easily countered by liberal use of raid insecticide

16dfe9  No.13307158

File: 595dbe8ca6c734e⋯.jpg (144.36 KB, 1149x1600, 1149:1600, 260183_0.jpg)

You guys are re-inventing the wheel with this stuff. Dirty hippies wrote a book about this YEARS ago. Monkey Wrench Gang has most of what you're looking for.

b80bfb  No.13307161

File: e45841b46578fb9⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 720x960, 3:4, bugged_post.jpg)


Fun fact: We had threads about this very thing three years ago but people shouted it down because hurr durr the nigs will simply move to white neighbourhoods because reasons.

Picture unrelated.

b80bfb  No.13307176


Monomorium pharaonis aka the Pharaoh ant.

An utter bitch to kill off since their reproductive strategy means workers without a queen will simply raise male drones that will fertilize the workers, allowing new workers to be raised.

The only thing that kills them reliably are sub zero temperatures.

13491a  No.13307307


Interesting. I always assumed it isn't edible since most animals (except goats) don't eat it.

c480f8  No.13307359


Wheels are no fun to re-invent

They're stupid simple, how the niggers didn't do it fucking astounds me.

plants are fun.

441d76  No.13307388

In my city the housing stock is pretty decent and most of the niggers are switching places with the whites in the close suburbs.

The new construction in nice neighborhoods that whites are paying $500k+ for is worrisome around here. 2x4s and cheap veneer exterior

90202d  No.13307601

Leaving things that will collect water is a good way to bring in mosquitoes.


Paper bag, cardboard anything.

Dropping meaty things around an area at the start of spring and end of summer will draw wasps, sweet things will draw them during those times.


Bedbugs and roaches are an okay idea for apartment complexes, duplexes, and similar things to hasten the spread as it infests multiple "families"


Kudzu isn't such a bad idea.

b02bbf  No.13307896

File: 45b8c9f9a0daa5e⋯.png (236.8 KB, 437x354, 437:354, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 318a9a4ce5f2562⋯.png (417.9 KB, 549x367, 549:367, ClipboardImage.png)


Both the Edelweiss and the Cornflower are beautiful flowers. We as a movement need to embrace nature in our activism. With no healthy environment, there can be no 14 words. Green should be our main color as well.

2e950a  No.13307945


>The hippies did it

Then you shouldn't be doing it

194491  No.13308064


Hippies are redpilled on the environment, in everything else they’re shit. They need to read Linkola and realize that individualism and democracy are incompatible with environmentalism

c8bdd5  No.13308076


Rats and ants are also alright for complexes, you'd be surprised how high up a building they could climb up those stories in a tall building.

812cfc  No.13308083


No. They're not. They want the destruction of all industry.

b02bbf  No.13308085


That would be a good thing.

13491a  No.13308100


>implying hippies want anything besides drugs and sex with other filthy hippies

Bringing down industry isn't a bad thing.

Aryans must return to state in which he lives as part of nature.

fab08e  No.13308134


>section 8 nigger houses

>implying they contain good hardwood

812cfc  No.13308140

b02bbf  No.13308166

File: 8be57905071da95⋯.jpeg (120.16 KB, 800x800, 1:1, urbanite linkola.jpeg)

File: 096d46a163e1374⋯.jpeg (60.91 KB, 555x414, 185:138, technophile kaczynski.jpeg)


You realize that Ted is one of the most popular figures on this board, don't you? The collapse is coming within the next century. Whether it will be quick or slow is unknown, but what is known is that this planet can't hold billions of people and feed them all forever. We're raping this planet and sucking all of the resources out. I think that the longer we remain on our current trajectory of valuing all human life equally, rampant individualism, democracy consumerism the clearer it will get that this current path = suicide. We can see now despite all of the obvious signs that things are about to go south, nothing is being done and the democracies are as tied up in gridlock and the pursuit of (((economic growth))) and (((development))) as ever. Only an authoritarian state will solve the problems facing us.

We need a rapid reduction of the global population, a dismantling of 99% of industry, the abolition of fossil-fuels, the end of immigration, business and global trade and a mass-reforestation. Eco-fascism is the future.

812cfc  No.13308181


>You realize that Ted is one of the most popular figures on this board, don't you?


>The collapse is coming within the next century. Whether it will be quick or slow is unknown

To you. Literally everyone else knows that it will be slow, and has been happening for 70 years.

>We need a rapid reduction of the global population, a dismantling of 99% of industry, the abolition of fossil-fuels

Nah, you're retarded. Get rid of the nonwhites and we don't need to do the rest. Good goy, though. Keep spamming what jews tell you to spam.

fab08e  No.13308189


>using massive pesticide in a section 8 complex

>shaniqua complains about her feet hurting

>kike gets sued into oblivion

>shaniqua overdoses on fried chicken and grape drank

i see nothing wrong with this

b02bbf  No.13308202

File: bb439cc0c7e3f15⋯.jpg (166.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, algiz ecofascism.jpg)



I only pointed that out because you seem to think that anti-industrial ideas are somehow related to /leftypol/ – a board which is full of technophiles who think communism will save the environment and preserve technological society simultaneously while also automating everything and preserving the population at billions upon billions of people.

>Get rid of the nonwhites and we don't need to do the rest.

We need to get rid of non-whites and do the rest for this planet to be long-term sustainable. A better healthier world would be created for both humans and all other forms of life

>Good goy, though. Keep spamming what jews tell you to spam.

Nothing Jewish about anti-tech. They fear it, they're the one's who worship the mighty dollar and unlimited growth.

16cfca  No.13308456

nigger bees

ac3f17  No.13308629

File: d3a103471ea11c2⋯.jpg (314.55 KB, 1094x763, 1094:763, CA-City-3.jpg)

File: 9bad73460277f23⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1133x775, 1133:775, Picture-17.png)

File: dac6aeeed710978⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1232x684, 308:171, screen_shot_2016-05-24_at_….png)

File: 94384cac3e415f8⋯.jpg (227.02 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, TinyHomes_102.0.jpg)

File: 0bb67ab1d00b2c0⋯.jpeg (641.09 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, 636089331415882550-tinyho….jpeg)

Better yet why not build tiny homes in the vacant lots? Detroit is doing it. Worst case scenario is that you collect insurance and put the entire structure in one or two work site dumpsters, and pay some white rural male students to build new tiny houses.

It would be easy to get the money from insurance companies since you would be checking so many boxes.

Trump is a cuck. He should be using eminent domain to use the following as a place to lock up the homeless.& drug addicts.


812cfc  No.13308631


Keep up the false dichotomies. They'll surely get you somewhere.

0d8137  No.13308684


whats false about it

1d7a00  No.13308976

File: 9213ac3781856a5⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1574x2420, 787:1210, This is what you fight for….jpg)


>He hasn't read Anti-Tech Revolution by Ted

>He thinks the death of technology is a bad thing

The only thing I want is a space ship that can be operated by a human being. The 1950s are about as far as I'd like to go, technology wise.


This guy gets it, and checked.


This man doesn't need to be here.


>Building on lots while kikes and niggers are still around

You do realize that in Detroit, you have to pay back-taxes on the land for however long it sat there stagnant, right? Feel free to build your tiny home for $500,000 you idiot. A better idea would be to just tunnel under all of it, and see if you can get squatters rights to the underground in 20 years. That shit would be free, and as large as you wanted it to be.


>Let's get rid of non-whites AND create sustainable growth

>"That's a false dichotomy bro"

Literally wut? A false dichotomy forces you to choose between two options that shouldn't be compared. Telling someone to take BOTH options is literally the antithesis of a false dichotomy.

ac3f17  No.13309057


The idea is to rent it out.

60df2a  No.13309576


48e42e  No.13310105

File: df9e534934c70e3⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, super bacteria.webm)


make sure to cultivate some super bacteria first and expose all the ants/roaches to it before turning them loose.

77062b  No.13310136

This sounds like a good video game design, but you have some problems. Introducing invasive flora to counter invasive humans is counter intuitive and will end up doing more damage to the ecology in the long term. Why not work with what is already there?

LA City Hall Has A Rodent Problem. Downtown Has A Typhus Outbreak. Here Are The Facts


Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a New Epidemic


Your load out could be simple, cheap rat food, seed, corn, etc. Otherwise you could take your lvl1 backpack and add a large diameter tube running from the bottom, through a hole in the back of a bulky jacket and keep the end capped at your hip. Go take a walk and spread your pestilent seed. If you wanted to play more aggressively you could just drive around with 50 lb bags of bird seed and throw them where they won't be noticed. If you feel like transporting (food or rat bedding) garbage, that would be the cheapest. The charge for illegal dumping is considerably less than arson. If you want to play macro, spread local plants that would provide food or coverage for the disease spreading agents.

af90d9  No.13310360

File: f1130fb733d14c8⋯.jpg (2.38 MB, 1252x1768, 313:442, 675768-000000.jpg)

File: 1e1f78a34c51045⋯.png (138.73 KB, 2560x1594, 1280:797, 2560px-RAD_Hausflagge.svg.png)

File: 84149300b1b1e8d⋯.png (151.41 KB, 2560x1617, 2560:1617, 2560px-RAD_Weibliche_Jugen….png)

/pol/ labour service – Cleaning up a ghetto near you.

557eca  No.13310518


This is an underrated post. I like the ideas such as mossposting >>13306055 don't get me wrong, but with some of these suggestions what is to stop these foreign plants from spreading out of control and harming local plant life and ecosystems?

<it'll be confined to urban ghettos, and if it ever gets to a certain point the state will stop it

Which means tons and tons of harmful weedkillers and pesticides involved either way. It's a gamble whether adverse effects will impact whites or non whites more, but frankly it's not really a gamble I'd take.

Then there's other things like runoff into lakes or rivers too. Guess it'd depend on your local demographics or whether your local water sources are already turned into black lagoons from the powers that be

236bc1  No.13310544


Don't use the spade. It has a new meaning that you won't like, and it's widespread enough to where the first thought when you see a spade on that flag goes to it.

fe0890  No.13310594


The Black Spade is now a "BBC Owned White Thot / Sissy" icon, or whatever. Imagine Hitler Gay.

1d7a00  No.13310627


Perfect. That means White Supremacists can claim it and ruin their fun.

da76cc  No.13310675




What I want to know…can this be weaponized? Can this be made into a "tea" with the oils intact? What's the half life of the toxin? Imagine a super soaker filled with this shit spraying antifa faggots.

d19190  No.13310681


> the first thought when you see a spade

It isn't my first thought, and the flags are originals.

1d7a00  No.13310697


I don't know if it can be done. Why don't you try it at the next liberal swim meet you see?

da76cc  No.13310773


Doing a little research, I believe in can be done. Urushiol in poison ivy is still toxic when the leaves are dead. Trace amounts of furocoumarin is found in parsnip seeds as well as celery. It would be logical to say that the chemical is also present in the dead stems as well. Of course, breaking down the leaves and blending and straining out the liquid the same day you use it, wouldn't affect the quality or half life of the toxin.

da76cc  No.13310811


That's why you don't use gasoline, you fucking dummy. Use kerosene instead, buy some in the winter time when people need it. Don't be stupid with it. You can make fire wax by melting paraffin wax and mixing it with the kerosene. You can use that for bigger flames when making candles. The paraffin still doesn't ignite, but the kerosene makes it easier to keep lit.

000000  No.13310817


>Better yet why not build tiny homes in the vacant lots?

Well, let's see: Buying lots inside a city takes a ton of money, city admins (especially left-authoritarian shitholes like detroit) HATE tiny houses (muh code, muh anti-slum law), nobody wants to live in the ghetto next door to niggers even in the house is nice, cities like detroit usually protect the most unprofitable kinds of tenant with shit like rent control, stupid eviction laws, and so on. Also, you're not the only one to have this bright idea, countless Chinese are doing it, and they drive up the prices to hell.

I'd like to see revival developments like in your pic but the fact is that there's reasons these places turned into rundown shitholes to begin with. It's not as simple as "they haven't thought of this one simple trick". Also who has that kind of capital to risk? Most people here couldn't afford a mortgage down payment.


>A better idea would be to just tunnel under all of it, and see if you can get squatters rights to the underground in 20 years. That shit would be free, and as large as you wanted it to be

It always seems like squatters in these places have such an easy time just moving in to the place and taking over. I wonder how hard it would be for whites to do the same. Guess the wort part would be living like niggers, among niggers.

da76cc  No.13310829

File: bda51dd44284784⋯.jpg (469.73 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190523-034634….jpg)

File: 187a5fb650ed6de⋯.jpg (395.69 KB, 708x718, 354:359, poke.jpg)

I've got it! Use pokeweed! They grow like a mother fucker, their stalks can get up to over an inch in diameter with the plant over 8 feet tall, they're perennial and they're extremely poisonous.

c8bdd5  No.13311539


Pretty much every city will have a vermin and a bug problem. Bugs and rats don't care how tall the building is, they will climb eventually to the top floor.

98b542  No.13311557

File: e3f668f234d86dc⋯.jpg (445.01 KB, 579x819, 193:273, qt koropokkuru.jpg)

0c5c04  No.13311640


>implying anyone knows that except for degenerate freaks

I for one would be glad to turn it into a symbol of white supremacy

034096  No.13311891


>airy-anns build civilization

>shitskins destroy civilization

>civilization must be destroyed for the good of airy-anns

kys faggot

13491a  No.13314042

File: 9b0332a2ad92247⋯.png (57.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, theodore-kaczynski-rebelli….png)

File: a2511b8b8017040⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 640x357, 640:357, 46206416_2279998242215083_….jpg)

File: e4986192fb6bb8d⋯.png (267.57 KB, 880x1037, 880:1037, 305-3055564_ecofascist-gan….png)

File: 1b3db5409e942b6⋯.jpg (314.8 KB, 1200x1197, 400:399, 1540161392733.jpg)

File: 7f7475ad6ee1d4d⋯.jpg (219.9 KB, 900x960, 15:16, ecofascism-when-2_o_723865….jpg)


Aryans is the word. It's OK to spell it correctly.

95282b  No.13314103



>eco vs ego

this is the most retarded shit ive seen all day. im done here.

84972a  No.13314123


You know how I'm taking the ghetto in my city back?

I moved there.

The mortgage is cheap and I have a double lot that gives me more land than houses that cost literally 10 times as much.

I have planted fruiting trees, shrubs, and vines all over my property. And I have a small nursery in my backyard that I stock with splits of my plants. I have sold nearly $1000 in plants each of the last two years without really even trying.

And before you faggots whine about living around niggers - you're right. They're annoying and loud and stupid. But they don't fuck with me. These sorry low ones don't even look me in the eye most days. And in 10 or 15 years I'm going to own half the houses on this shitty street. And once I'm the landlord of the street, I'll determine who lives here.

I am not afraid of being around the urchins. I have confidence that they find intimidating. I still know that I cannot relax around the blacks, but that doesn't mean that I can't come in and work to build my own little fiefdom in the middle of this neighborhood where the houses are cheap and I am the most intelligent man in the neighborhood.

It takes vision and courage to build something great. And that it exactly what I intend to do. One tree at a time and one house at a time.

By the time my grandchildren are grown, they'll be telling the tale of hoe their grandfather rebuilt this neighborhood. Making an Urban garden out of the rubble around him.

7483c6  No.13314138


Stop being blackpilled. Become White and Redpilled.

==Kill all (((jews, evil, illuminati, soros, negative, trilateral comission, bildelberg club, negative entities, rothschilds, rockefellers, etc…)))

We are Free.

f2c148  No.13314194

Hippomane mancinella

1d7a00  No.13314357


>Civilization must be destroyed for the good of Aryans

Unironically yes. Since no other culture can create it, they are the only ones who will lose anything. Aryans will simply be set back on their way to the stars - they won't make the mistake of babysitting shitskins again.

1d7a00  No.13314364


>I'll determine who lives here

You're going to end up boiled in your own bathtub like they do in South Africa, but I do commend the effort. You're a good man Charlie Brown. I just hope you can manage to bring in a few more good men to watch your back before the shit hits the fan.

>I would post an image, but it already exists

5b2e7d  No.13314371



good job

this is the sort of bravery tarrant was talking about

fight! take back the cities and your birthright!

5e9746  No.13314529


The latest is to appease the niggers, section 8 housing is down right nice. Modern construction, modern appliances, insulation, and all. Same crackden shithole neighborhood with brand new luxury apartments being used as section 8. Crackheads smoking up rocks under the shade of tax payer planted palm trees.

2a642f  No.13314575



You sound like a Communist that says "smile or die"

d70726  No.13316828

how virulent is kudzu/giant hogweed really? im worried that a jewish community construction site about 4-5 miles from me might already have some and i really dont want that shit in my yard. i realize its fairly far but i dont want my shit getting fucked up because theyre imbeciles.

e44bb9  No.13316846


Be sure to grow some datura and convince the local nogs to smoke it. It oughta get them fucked up for a good while, since it's a deliriant.

f1be96  No.13316989

File: 00756235c1e3cbd⋯.png (245.59 KB, 950x962, 475:481, FormOfTheJew.png)


I'm saying that our targets should be the kikes homes, businesses, and synagogues instead of the golems. Targeting the kikes wallets will be more effective since that would do the worst thing to a kike… Taking it's shekels away…

9f2f9b  No.13319338

Timore viriditas

On a related note, anyone have experience with tea trees? I want to make some good ol' red te myself since most stores don't carry it. Zone 5/6 with sandy soil for reference.

fae097  No.13319399



DO NOT SPREAD THOSE! Niggers will unknowingly bring that shit into the civilized parts of the cities and then everyone has to deal with them.

8251b0  No.13321550

File: 8422f51f84437de⋯.jpg (115.35 KB, 1387x634, 1387:634, SmartSelect_20190526-11470….jpg)


>flowers smell like rancid cum.

Sadly, this checks out

8251b0  No.13321612

File: 7de3ead560c0901⋯.jpg (981.67 KB, 1386x2690, 693:1345, SmartSelect_20190526-12031….jpg)


>eco v ego = REEEEEEEEE

I thought it was pretty solid. That star at the top brings it all together. Your bitch reaction confirms

29ee33  No.13321870

Some of the nastiest things you can plant in the ghetto:

>prickly pear

>can quickly take over an area and make it impassible with thorns, drought resistant, can withstand heat and cold, easily planted

>poison ivy/oak/sumac

>niggers won't recognize it, so plant it where they'll brush against it while cutting through yards/alleys

>Russian olive

>thorny tree used as barrier plants, invasive, grows anywhere, can cause serious wounds and infections

>gympie-gympie plant

>merely brushing up against one is enough to fuck you over

>described as being like "being on fire and getting electrocuted at the same time, and it never gets better and you never get used to it"

>symptoms last for MONTHS, and there is no cure or antidote

>can cause aniphylactic shock and serious allergic reactions; timber workers and park rangers carry full hazmat suits, epi pens, and antihystamine tablets in case they run into one

>animals that brush against a gympie-gympie plant often commit suicide; a British officer in WW2 that wiped his ass with a gympie-gympie leaf shot himself the next day

>Australian IRL shitposting continues

>ideal for planting outside some nigger's nest

>English ivy

>rapidly spreads, grows on houses and damages the siding and roofs, strangles trees to death, covers entire buildings in flammable vegetation, hard to get rid of

>draws moisture into walls and siding it grows on, promoting wood rot, mold, and termites

>it's like kudzu, but more insidious


>grows on fucking everything and chokes out trees

>Japanese knotweed

>damages brickwork, concrete foundations, sidewalks, etc.


>can quickly take over a yard, damage foundations

8b6767  No.13321885

File: 4eb1294b0a95916⋯.jpg (261.77 KB, 1200x1003, 1200:1003, 12522243_web1_Giant_hogwee….jpg)


>Giant Hogweed

<first image result

20c001  No.13321897


Kill yourself, jew. We won't be getting rid of our industry. Ever.

>Let's get rid of non-whites AND create sustainable growth

That's what I said, shlomo.

29ee33  No.13321911


More fun with poison ivy:

>toss leaves and some 91% isopropyl alcohol into a blender you intend to throw away and never use for anything else

>soak dollar bills in the solution and let dry

>spend the poison ivy-infused dollar bills in ghetto convenience stores and dollar stores

>niggers who handle the money get poison ivy rash

>niggers are susceptible to all kinds of conspiracy theories (CIA invented AIDS to kill them, peach soda has birth control drugs, etc.) and superstition; start spreading rumor that government is spreading ebola in the ghetto to kill niggers and the first symptom is a nasty rash

>niggers will swarm hospitals claiming they have ebola


>buy a couple packs of cigarettes

>soak cigarettes in the poison ivy solution and allow them to dry

>retrieve empty cigarette packs from trash

>insert two or three cigarettes into these packs, leaving them poking out, and place them in locations such as right outside the doors of business frequented by niggers or at gas pumps, so it looks like someone set their cigarettes down and forgot them

>niggers swipe free cigarettes and smoke them, inhaling poison ivy oils

>niggers die, or are at least hospitalized, by inhaling the poison ivy as they smoke

>"oh no, he died of ebola. The CIA must have done this."

>hilarity ensues

d50f8d  No.13321929

File: d91bff5c101da74⋯.png (231.4 KB, 355x225, 71:45, Golden-Bamboo.png)


>1 part beer

>1 part water

sounds expensive.

i have a better idea: bamboo. that shit does its own work under the ground and will quickly take over a whole damn yard, not to mention will never go away, no matter how much you cut it down.

of course, the pros and cons of destroying nigger hoods needs to be discussed, because you know they will either move them into your hood, or take money to build those niggers new shit.

http:// www.tsusinvasives.org/ home/database/phyllostachys-aurea

d50f8d  No.13321935

File: 4cb73cf6ff9dcd2⋯.jpeg (19.03 KB, 277x182, 277:182, sniper 5.jpeg)


niggers are urban creatures. they fear the woods because they know who they belong to

757547  No.13322004

File: 741884bdfa7dbbb⋯.png (39.21 KB, 450x319, 450:319, CA854A69-EA90-4D2D-A34E-C2….png)

If you’re going to make a proper seed bomb thread, make sure to make recommendations based upon the plant zone you’re in. Make recommendations for easy to find plants that aren’t illegal to spread. Kudzu for example is illegal to spread since it literally swallows up the area. Wisteria is another bitch to remove and it has a tendency to strangle everything. If you live in the PNW, devils club is a nightmare plant.

9409ae  No.13322043

File: 938d685bb830e0e⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1239x1435, 177:205, ClipboardImage.png)


Only rats live in manmade rat mazes.

29ee33  No.13322704


Buttermilk works better than beer, and it's cheaper to boot.

287271  No.13322817

File: 1469512462e8e0d⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 960x604, 240:151, 1469512462e8e0d102383a29be….jpg)

a411e8  No.13322926


Now this is what I’m talking about

758e04  No.13323120



The funniest part of this thread are the retards thinking local municipalities give a shit about how moldy slums are.

They let the poor 'feed' the healthcare industrial complex. This thread is essentially creating jobs for respiratory therapists. Good read though, CIA. 10/10.

6fcdd1  No.13323135

Just use fire you retards.

Or cut all power lines during winter and let them eat themselves. Then kill the last nigger standing, he'll be fat as fuck having eaten all the other niggers of the area.

1d7a00  No.13323391

File: fd6eecada6a125e⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Mosley if we stood greatl….webm)

File: bc8e3b4f3fcfcf6⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 856x480, 107:60, Mosley Everything is Agai….webm)

File: 500bdb516521add⋯.webm (3.88 MB, 320x176, 20:11, Mosley England Lives and ….webm)


>Thinking anti-tech is Jewish

The balls of this kike.

>I was going to put the 'devil of coolies' speech first but I'm going to have to paraphrase it

>If anyone has a copy, plz post it

>We do not want to rule over the world as some white overseer, forcing colored people to work in the fields like animals.

>We wish to build factories ourselves, and with our own two hands build our own prosperity

>It is those within the 'international community' that want to lord over the world

>They push the poor devils of coolies into the arms of communism, because of course when you abuse a person, they turn in desperation towards any ideology that can save them

>We wish to end that system, and create a world where Europeans can live freely and in harmony with the rest of the world

That's the idea, anyways. The technological race to the bottom is a Jewish trick.

c53a41  No.13338907

this thread worked out well.

Did a lot of you mentally jerk off to this for a day, a couple hours, 5 minutes?

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