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File: 45195d9b17039ef⋯.jpg (126.02 KB, 620x349, 620:349, big-beautiful-wall.jpg)

24504a  No.13306213

>U.S. Customs and Border Protection has put up just 1.7 miles of fencing with the $1.57 billion that Congress appropriated last year for President Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border, a federal judge was told.

>"The administration recently provided updated information to Congress on the status of its efforts as of April 30, 2019," the attorney, Douglas Letter, said in a court filing. "Based on that updated information, it appears that CBP has now constructed 1.7 miles of fencing with its fiscal year 2018 funding."



Anti-Trump shills on suicide watch, #NotTiredOfWinning, #MAGA, etc, etc.

797ca0  No.13306216

File: ace58a597ac564f⋯.jpg (38.7 KB, 534x548, 267:274, 1558305406249.jpg)

brust duh blen

67585f  No.13306218


>Anti-Trump shills on suicide watch, #NotTiredOfWinning, #MAGA, etc, etc.

You couldn't just make the thread without being a massive faggot, could you?

e67c60  No.13306219

Over budget, and behind schedule!

8620d9  No.13306220

File: a201079915da92e⋯.gif (128.92 KB, 1566x880, 783:440, 180801-sommer-qanon-jfk-he….gif)


>Communist-Democrat sabotage…

The United States is fucked… The Communist subversion is winning…

ddfcf5  No.13306229

BNN is a fake website to promote targets of search engines.

This is fake.

376ab7  No.13306230

nice, $14575/in, $174910/ft

659f98  No.13306231

Threads like this only make me want to vote for him more, because I know these are completely inauthentic shill threads.

b26ce1  No.13306238


burgers, spics, medniggers, and slaves are 100% white

ddfcf5  No.13306241

1,954 miles (3,145 km) border between the United States and Mexico

1.57 billion = 1.7 miles.


1149 x 1.57 =1804.5 billion.

More money then the world has.

bfa670  No.13306244

-I want people to come in, in the highest numbers ever, but legally!!!!!!!

-Lowest back unemployment!

-Anti-semites should get the death penalty!

Fucking based

d0eeb3  No.13306246

Nice. Trump knows what he's doing. Slow and steady wins the race.

974dd2  No.13306250


Please stop, communism is not a thing - its just kike rule where the slaves share the crumbs.

659f98  No.13306257


>Fucking based

I'll be voting for him in 2020. The more you people shill, the more you motivate me to give a shit about voting. Thanks. Nice two year old meme, by the way. You're really up with the times, Shareblue.

b26ce1  No.13306261


This Aryan gets it!

d05d97  No.13306265


shill for what, or for whom? >>13306244 is just pointing out facts.

Myself, I'm voting for Pat Little. I don't care if he only gets 100 votes. It's better than giving support to Zion Don.

659f98  No.13306277


>Zion Don

>fuckin' based

>uhh hurrrr drumpff

>/leftypol/ tier snark

And this is why I'm voting Trump again. Normal people communicating a valid point have substantive points, not "uhh hurrr drumf fuckin' based hahahaa zion don!" Where do you niggers think you are?

24504a  No.13306289

File: d5c4784d64ba34b⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1443, 640:481, The_Tortoise_and_the_Hare_….jpg)



Yeah, everyone here is forgetting that not only did the tortoise beat the hare, but Trump will be president for 8 years. That's not just 1.7 miles of new fence, that is 13.6 miles of fence! Who wants to walk 13.6 miles in the desert?


>And this is why I'm voting Trump again.

That'll show them!

659f98  No.13306296


>That'll show them!

>/leftypol/ tier snark

And that's why I'm voting Trump again.

6e9481  No.13306298

>Tiny fence will totally stop millions of beaners

>Just like last time!

Are there actual unironic boomers here?

1f2167  No.13306300


Looks just like the prototypes you shareblue, Oliver shills! Can you tell me who you'd vote for anyways?

67585f  No.13306307


>/leftypol/ tier snark

Go be a boomer somewhere else.

659f98  No.13306313


>everything i don't like is a boomer

Lurk two more years nigger. You're clearly new around here. Take your twitter tiers memes to the cuck shed and be silent until your testicles drop.

67585f  No.13306315


You're a boomer because you're jacking off over not even two (2) miles of wall, not because you represent whatever you've seen on twitter.

24504a  No.13306323

File: 437d7f1322f35d7⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 900x575, 36:23, trump-supporters-q.jpg)


>Where do you niggers think you are?

I know, right? These guys don't appreciate all that Trump has to deal with. Like the Nazi dictator of Syria who can't stop gassing his own people. Or Iran's plan to invade the United States, foiled only by Israel, who says they will fight to the last solder to protect their American ally.

4bcd64  No.13306324

File: 48014e8a7909b56⋯.png (357.71 KB, 907x907, 1:1, anon w pepe etx.png)


You're in denial friend. While I don't think he was originally just a relief valve candidate like some people here, he is now. He's spent his term putting Israel first and using our national security and our children's futures as a bargaining chip and it's been this way ever since his presidency was hijacked by his idiot daughter and his kike son in law. Candidate Trump was great and the ride was nice while it lasted anon, but the trains been derailed.

4352a6  No.13306342


sure he didn't build the wall in his first term, but his second? Definitely, now that he doesn't need his supporters anymore, it will be as good as done

659f98  No.13306345


>if i call him a boomer i can control him through group shaming tactics

What kind of nigger-tier shit is this?


>/leftypol/ snark

Belongs on /leftypol/.


Great. Still voting for him.

659f98  No.13306347


>/leftypol/ snark

See >>13306345

67585f  No.13306350


<if i call him a boomer i can control him through group shaming tactics

How did you manage to pull this one out of your ass? What exactly do you think you're doing when whining this omnipresent "leftpol-tier snark" that only you see?

d91362  No.13306351


Of course he was a relief valve from day one, that's his main purpose. From previous elections we can safely assume that every election will most likely be rigged. And why wouldn't they be? If Israel can control congress, the Federal Reserve (arguably their most important tool) Media, Schools, food/water etc they can probably rig a fucking election every 4 years without a sweat. Jews are not all powerful Gods that control everything but they have some serious power over critical institutions/systems. When you've controlled a countries money supply since 1913 (and it would have been earlier without President Jackson) you control the country. Any other systems will fall under their control easily as long as they control the money supply. This is is clearly evident with Great Britain and the Rothschild banking dynasty.

659f98  No.13306357


>doesn't know what /pol/ was like only a year ago

How new are you? You should go back.

4bcd64  No.13306361


And maybe you're right, I honestly dont know, but does it really matter at this point? He's been compromised. Whether it was before or after the election doesn't seem to make a difference. I just don't see the point in debating the time frame of it all when the end result is the same.

659f98  No.13306362


Blackpills aren't solutions.

24504a  No.13306366


>Still voting for him.

Nobody cares, stop shitting up the thread with low-IQ bullshit.


He's a retard.


I doubt he was an intentional relief valve. He was a wealthy guy who tapped into a vast storehouse of discontent and was quite proficient in playing the media and understanding that bad publicity from them is better than paid advertising. Over time, they reined him in. I doubt it was hard, this was always more about his ego trip than anything else.

d91362  No.13306367



Nothing in my post is a blackpill faggot. It's reality. If you think that Jews controlling major institutions like the Federal Reserve is a blackpill, you are seriously delusional or need to lurk more.

bafcde  No.13306369

File: dc040f23f2f1e6d⋯.png (83.74 KB, 303x520, 303:520, a6e53c20ec0f349fe263c6f551….png)

659f98  No.13306370


>stop shitting up the thread with low-IQ bullshit.

>calling people low IQ and saying uhh huurrrrr based zionald drumpf is a substantive political position

67585f  No.13306372


He basically only repeats the two same lines. I don't know if he's a shill or just delusional, but he's voting for someone who is openly trying to further erode gun rights. Can't wait until these red flag laws disarm all the """mentally ill""" racists.

659f98  No.13306374


>jews control everything

>they always will

>we can't do anything

>but i'm not blackpilling


See >>13306370

4bcd64  No.13306375


Black pills are the biggest problem that stems from this board. Too many people just resort to wasting away on here and falling into a nihilistic shit hole instead of doing something productive like developing a family and raising children or getting involved in the community and doing things to actually ensure the future of their race. Its counter productive as fuck.

659f98  No.13306378


You can't argue voting Trump means "eroding gun rights," when not voting Trump means destroying gun rights and instituting social welfare expansion and drastically increasing support for reparations.

d91362  No.13306379

File: dd5273671a85ddd⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1218x1280, 609:640, trumpmaxwell.png)


I can definitely see that happening. But it just seems to coincidental and opportunistic. His father was in bed with Jews and so was he before he got elected. He has ties with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Clintons, he's in Epsteins blackbook. The list goes on and on and I know I'm forgetting things.

659f98  No.13306382


>this tactic

>same tactic SNL used

It's almost like it's organized.

4352a6  No.13306385



659f98  No.13306390


>/leftypol/ can't help but be effeminately snarky

It's funny how a person's rhetorical and behavioral tendencies give away their social and political positions.

4352a6  No.13306392


are you under some delusion that most people here who hate trump are liberals?

5e815d  No.13306394


Too bad your reading comprehension isn't better than your math skills.

41dcf2  No.13306398




d91362  No.13306400


The irony is that Trump is the definition of kosher conservatism (leftism in disguise). Which is why Jews love all these young MAGA retards. They want to convert right wind minded young males to their fake conservatism as much as possible. Agents in media that promote this dangerous brainwashing ideology are faggots like Milo, Shapiro, Jordan Peterstein and so on.

659f98  No.13306402


Rather, that people who are emphatically and hyperbolically anti-Trump are shills and/or leftist rats. Then again, I've been here long enough to know what actual /pol/ users are like, and it's not a bunch of snarky, passive aggressive, "hurr zionald drumpf" posting niggers. That's exactly how /leftypol/ users talk. And reddit.

659f98  No.13306404


>Shapiro, Jordan Peterstein

Both anti-Trump.

a78358  No.13306405


Communist millennial leave immediatly.

Boomers are your King.

Now Leave before we Have You Banished.

Praise Boomers.

This is our Nursing Home of the Internet, you are Not Supposed to Be Interfering wiht our activities.

I will call Trump and Tell Him.

659f98  No.13306408


>actual reddit user


a78358  No.13306412


What is Reddit Millennial Socialist?

'I'm a Patriotic Amreican Boomer 75 year old Veteran and serve This cOUNTRY.Get ELost young man

4352a6  No.13306413


if you've been around here even the last 6 months you would notice that every trump thread turns into a thread shitting on him non-stop for failing to stop illegal, legal immigration, and failing to build the wall. But you already know that right? Since you've been around here so long, don't worry you just need to vote harder next time, and trump will finally shake off the business lobby and put an end to it. Next time….just gotta wait for it.

659f98  No.13306417


How long before you start spelling out twitch emotes, nigger?

659f98  No.13306424


I know that this hyperbolic, snarky anti-Trump thread mobbing started around the time of the mid-term elections, and around the time Trump put tariffs on China. Coincidence though, right? Nope.

d91362  No.13306427


What's funny is that the wall is all they have left. The wall is a good idea but with non-white immigration still coming in the wall is completely pointless to begin with. Halting illegal immigration from just one country will have less of an impact than several middle eastern and African countries. The one good thing about the wall is that it will maybe teach kids the importance of borders and maybe some racial knowledge. At the end of the day though, these things should be learned in school and in family/community. The only way you fix the next generation is like Yuri said, a complete change in Education, and that of course relies on removing Jews from public life.

20c273  No.13306429


What's a Twitch?

You need to Grow Up and Trust the Plan kid.

Back in the Sixties We Only Had Tele Vision and Nothing Else.

Besides I can Kep up with You OyIGUHN wa Young People. I am Old.

I am See Nile And Trump Is the Best Man Available For Us Old Folks Who Need Him To Keep Millenials Under OUR BOOT.

659f98  No.13306441


Jesus christ, it's like I'm reading twitch chat. Go back to reddit you dumb nigger. Filtered.

7f0acd  No.13306443


376ab7  No.13306456

File: 5f4edd99a01f60c⋯.jpg (99.16 KB, 680x644, 170:161, just.jpg)

>millions for israel

>no wall

>hundreds of thousands of illegals being sent everywhere in country

I don't know if I can handle winning so much.

659f98  No.13306466



>can't even get the meme right

376ab7  No.13306505

File: dd285954707330e⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 295x378, 295:378, die.jpg)


You can't possibly think it matters at this point do you? I voted for Trump just for the salt alone, and by that metric is was a resounding success. I'll admit I hoped MAYBE he could get something done, but Trump failed at that too. All that remains is acceleration.

218907  No.13306525

Building a wall?! wtf I hate Trump now! I'm definitely going to vote for shareblue since only "boomers" vote for Trump!

bdb1b7  No.13306531

What a vague fucking article. Makes no mention if it is 1.7 miles and counting, 1.7 miles project complete, or 1.7 miles not including replacements. Just says 1.7 miles with 2018 budget.

Some nigger level reporting from (((Bloomberg))) kikes making it look like a wall is useless and expensive to socialist cucks.

218907  No.13306533

File: 30e8ea9bdd028be⋯.png (180.84 KB, 878x441, 878:441, 1558502167579.png)


hi shareblue. Go dilate your Trannyhole, but not in the military. Trump 2020

af5933  No.13306554

File: 326db50fdced521⋯.jpg (65.16 KB, 587x359, 587:359, eS5AdAr.jpg)


my internet people never disappoint, give me your strenght /Pol!

659f98  No.13306560



>/leftypol/ meme

What you mean to say is cede victory without putting up a fight.




8c9178  No.13306565

704367  No.13306571


what you're saying isn't even coherent. shapiro and peterson aren't even pro trump. they are the kosher conservatives, what? no one buys your game. i sincerely hope you're not a trs faggot because that would be pathetic since enoch is unironically a jewish supremacist

659f98  No.13306577

13d593  No.13306585

Imagine getting payed a million dollars to put up 10 yards of fence.

659f98  No.13306592


I don't think any proof of cost was provided. If you have it, I'd like to see it. For all we know, 98% of the budget has yet to be used, or was used for overhauling the hundreds of miles of existing fence.

8c9178  No.13306595

File: 2622d87bf0e916b⋯.png (101.82 KB, 255x243, 85:81, ClipboardImage.png)


>If you don't support my ZOGbot president, you're a liberal

Makes you think

d8cb1f  No.13306606

bafcde  No.13306623


Trust the plan

e98e3f  No.13306626


>thats why I'm voting Trump again

So you can open borders for another 4 more years?

659f98  No.13306628

659f98  No.13306630


>bernie sanders will fix our borders!


d8cb1f  No.13306632


Trust the plan

e98e3f  No.13306633


Bernie Sanders couldn't make it worse if he tried.

659f98  No.13306635


>if you don't support allowing literal bolsheviks into office, you're a zogbot

Makes you think.

659f98  No.13306638


>bernie sanders is a step in the right direction


e98e3f  No.13306640


its a step in the same direction.

659f98  No.13306646


Wrong. Sanders is pro-war, pro-reparations, pro-welfare expansion, for increase taxes, for amending our first and second amendment rights, a literal jewish bolshevik etc. No, not more of the same. Exponentially worse in every way.

e98e3f  No.13306658


>what is Trumps stance on Iran

>muh money which prevents radicalisation

>more nationalists arrested under Trump than under Obama

>Trump proposing his own gun control

>Bibi literally sleeping at Trumps kids house

Its exactly the same.

659f98  No.13306668


I guess I need to repeat myself. Wrong. Sanders is pro-war, pro-reparations, pro-welfare expansion, for increase taxes, for amending our first and second amendment rights, a literal jewish bolshevik etc. No, not more of the same. Exponentially worse in every way.

d8cb1f  No.13306673

File: 9c35055107dc00f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.39 KB, 650x400, 13:8, fred_trump.jpg)

e98e3f  No.13306681


>screaming la la la loudly with fingers in your ears

I wish I was paid for posting here.

659f98  No.13306682


>literally pushing the same line as SNL

>not one big shill operation

>believe me guys!

659f98  No.13306687


I wish you weren't.

e7c948  No.13306691


Being a total fuckwit for free doesn't make you an altruist.

d8cb1f  No.13306699

File: 178e9449598bb88⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 360x202, 180:101, trump-supporter.gif)

5a9293  No.13306703

Quit hiring Mexican day laborers you retards.

659f98  No.13306704


>sanders is an actual bolshevik jew, just like lenin

>d-d-d-don't vote trump, let sander's or one of his ideological similars win


089fb5  No.13306767

File: e46f6a9d57779f0⋯.png (245.92 KB, 425x329, 425:329, ClipboardImage.png)


>Falling for (((right and left))) PSYops

I didn't know there were still retards like you around

089fb5  No.13306772






>There are only (((2))) options goy!


Paid per post

e5f2a6  No.13306784


What's your (((options)))?

089fb5  No.13306789

File: ee8fe1dccdd19fc⋯.png (165.96 KB, 645x729, 215:243, ClipboardImage.png)


>What are third parties?

089fb5  No.13306851


A reminder that this is spam, and really bad spam

4691b4  No.13306869


Retard. Third parties? like greens and "Nationalist" parties that are run by jews? Its like you don't grasp how dire shit is. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIX THIS POLITICALLY

4bcd64  No.13306871

File: 3f5e1279c6e81a7⋯.jpg (31.45 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1318858820906.jpg)


Nigger tier bait.

a5f426  No.13306897

Thank God Hispanics are white

66049d  No.13306954

File: 6c7176cd8cbf40f⋯.png (10.83 KB, 230x219, 230:219, ClipboardImage.png)


>There are only parties ran by jews!!!

a0b1e5  No.13306978


Your point, yid? Point to the "good" parties in the USA.

a2edd3  No.13307027

Trump is using tax payers money to fly illegals all over the country than to send them on a one way flight to Venezuela. Liberals are claiming that this is a manufactured crisis,If so then what would they have done instead?

24504a  No.13307031

File: 23053f0ebf30dfa⋯.png (227.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Large-Migrant-Group-in-Ari….png)


From what I read from other sources last night, it sounds like this is the actual amount of new wall/fence you could certainly argue it's a wall, but not the anything like the wall that Trump promised or that they built prototypes for The rest of the money went into repairs on the old wall.

That doesn't mean the current wall is all fixed either.

>900 Migrants Apprehended in 2 Days After Crossing Remote AZ Border Area

>Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 900 mostly Central American migrants over the weekend. The migrants continue to cross in large groups over outdated border barrier sections.


24504a  No.13307040

File: 96bd084f1b2594c⋯.jpeg (89.22 KB, 500x619, 500:619, christian-degeneracy.jpeg)


Sanders and all of the Democratic candidates are pro-abortion, where Christian Republicans want as many black, Hispanic, and retarded babies as the mothers can possibly pop out. Tulsi Gabbard is 1000x better than Trump on foreign policy, which is where presidents have the most authority.

Immigration is way UP under Trump compared to Obama.

>Yuma Sector officials reported a 293 percent increase in the number of family units crossing the border in this remote region. Additionally, the sector witnessed a 60 percent increase in unaccompanied minors and a 52 percent increase in single adults, according to the April Southwest Border Migration Report.


bad92b  No.13307045


I think this is "in" thing now, you know the solution to America's demographics problem?

Vote democrat.

It's hilarious that this is what the shills want to shill for.

f38bde  No.13307046


Reminder that to date, ZERO inches of NEW wall have been built.

f38bde  No.13307053













All paid to post here. All allowed to post here.

20f6f9  No.13307058


>1.7 miles of fencing

>of fencing

>$1.57 billion

So, what's that piece in the picture worth? Ten? Twenty million?

This is what winning feels like?

bad92b  No.13307059


Why am I not allowed to post here?

24504a  No.13307062

File: c82f1b78ac51a5c⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 400x250, 8:5, 36.gif)


>Trump is using tax payers money to fly illegals all over the country than to send them on a one way flight to Venezuela.

What is really troubling is that what he is NOT doing is dumping them in sanctuary cities. That is what he should have been doing back in 2017, not announce it as threat in 2019 which makes his supporters feel good for a few days, then is quickly forgotten. In the past 2+ years, Trump could have dumped 200k illegals in the Bay Area for starters.


I notice that you didn't contest a single thing I said, and then jumped to your own conclusion.

bad92b  No.13307069


Don't need to.

These are the very same democrats who are saying Trump is a "nazi" and needs to loosen the border more.

24504a  No.13307072

File: 15e612fb4c3f2c1⋯.jpg (39.27 KB, 920x610, 92:61, 920x920[1].jpg)


This does appear to be new "wall." All 1.7 miles of it. The remaining money went to fixing the old wall, but it is still a mess. See >>13307031

Remember the old candidates for what the wall would look like?

f38bde  No.13307074


Whoops, I must have grabbed your post coming into the thread. You're fine.

ed52f9  No.13307075


Cringe neo-con. You're on the wrong website dewd.

1eb6b2  No.13307078

File: 1e758bb5e2656fd⋯.png (11.38 KB, 632x404, 158:101, 1e758bb5e2656fdf3b0af7f761….png)

Outrageous. That money should have been sent to Israel instead. They need fences repaired too. Oy vey!

24504a  No.13307087

File: c212015754c357c⋯.jpg (214.51 KB, 848x502, 424:251, Insidious_Smile.jpg)


>Don't need to.


>These are the very same democrats who are saying Trump is a "nazi" and needs to loosen the border more.

You're set at that sort of retard-level of dialogue that was everywhere in 2016/2017 until imkampfy was finally stripped of his position:

>Damn, I should have voted for Hillary!

If all you want to do is talk about which political candidates to vote for, then you shouldn't be on /pol/. Find some normie political board, and maybe subscribe to the WSJ while you're at it.

f38bde  No.13307088


>my blog spam thread with absolutely no effort was deleted

>this is a travesty

75a6b6  No.13307090


Main headline on (((Drudge))). Millions of cuckservative boomers will read it and feel enraged. The Orange Nigger and his jew master son in law won't be pleased

f38bde  No.13307096


>you're a jew because my blog spam thread with absolutely no effort was deleted

>i get to post my spam here and if you don't like it you're jewish

Reported, then. Enjoy your ban.

db5857  No.13307106


Huh, Jamal shows up as soon as hasbarafag shows up. I guess kikey was right, you are the same autistic faggot

24504a  No.13307114

File: 4d60a68e4150685⋯.jpg (132.32 KB, 433x649, 433:649, Mexican-woman.jpg)

File: 5c8a79ea4d7bc41⋯.jpg (296.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, latina.jpg)

File: 72ec11a003cf132⋯.jpg (239.05 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, mexican-feminist.jpg)

File: ea0490c73317155⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 800x450, 16:9, mexican-woman2.jpg)

File: 047d77aef22f69c⋯.jpg (158.17 KB, 1200x816, 25:17, mexican-woman-1200x816.jpg)



Yup, you're right. Pretty embarrassing.

On the bright side of things, the influx of Mexicans means that we'll all have girlfriends!

7d6c57  No.13307115

so theyre building the wall? cool.

218907  No.13307120

/pol/ is really good at noticing patterns of behavior. You obviously have a script. Let's see:

>voting for Trump is being a boomer.

>Wasting your vote or not voting is being a cool millennial and not naive.

>Re-frame anyone who votes against leftist interests as a cartoon

>Everything is leftist snark "Oh so what your saying is [something person is not saying but is ridicule] cool yeah I'll totally do that. Um Ok trust the plan right."

Even if every point against voting Trump is true what the fuck is the down-side? WHY do you have to spend this kind of energy to try to convince people to NOT do something that doesn't matter or is ineffectual. It strikes me as bizarre to make cartoons and forced memes and fucking lists to stop everyone from doing something that doesn't make a fuck.

Okay we've got your call to action, "be mad at Trump and don't vote because everybody will laugh at you." You'll be out-grouped and you'll be the naive one (this all STINKS of leftypol be a cool kid horseshit btw.) But answer me this shareblue/ david brock: Why wouldn't I vote for Trump just on, say, Trannies in the military or just because it demoralizes the left, or it's hilarious to call shithole countries what they are and that moves the overton window and normalizes noticing things?

Fuck you, fuck "president biden" "president Bernie Sanders." Shove your demoralization and obsession with not voting up your faggot asses. Trump 2020. He's going to win and you know it. Dust off your pussy hats because you're going to have to march for four more years. You're not going to blend in or achieve the no vote objective. Further if you stay here you are going to see facts that would otherwise be censored from your fragile environments and you will convert or demoralize yourself and need therapy from the PTSD this place will give you.

1eb6b2  No.13307126

File: 638f222fc5078c2⋯.png (164.65 KB, 498x326, 249:163, stop-making-fun-of-trump.png)

24504a  No.13307127



This obsession with voting when neither the OP nor anyone else was talking about it can't be organic.

218907  No.13307128

I think it's funny Trump calls certain countries shitholes. Bernie wouldn't do that.

218907  No.13307131

Will President Biden uphold the Muslim ban?

8f6b67  No.13307132


>anon points out zion Don's kosher record

<"And this is why I'm voting Trump again"

Back you go, faggot.


3d8a09  No.13307133


You mean the muslim ban that keeps getting held up in courts????

7d6c57  No.13307136


good job IDing yourself with a single image, kike.


nobody on here thought trump would be the savior of the white race or anything like that. we just thought it would be funny and stir the pot.. and its both of those things.

so attacking someone for barely doing something we never thought would happen in the first place makes very little sense; hence all the arguing and accusations.

218907  No.13307137

Will president Amy Klobachar endanger the lives of the press by calling them the enemy of the people?

c03fb0  No.13307143

File: 9b3a455a93db0fa⋯.png (1.54 MB, 748x834, 374:417, 9b3a455a93db0fafac6aba5ddd….png)

Damn these heebs really want us to vote for drumpf. What happens if we realize, instead, that there are no political solutions?

4b686c  No.13307148


This. It’s bullshit, but anti trump shills are rife here

218907  No.13307152


>You can only curbstomp Trannies if Elizabeth Warren is the president of the United States.

okay faggotblue, tell David Brock I said "boo" and see if he has a heart attack btw

67585f  No.13307160


>anti trump shills

How are you so attached to a mainstream politician that you lose your shit over criticism? He actively works against his campaign advertisements.

e100e9  No.13307163


>Even if every point against voting Trump is true what the fuck is the down-side?

From the top of my head I could already list 5 downsides from voting:

1.creates inaction. the masses vote a phoney representative to office expecting him to fix their own problems.

2.encourages (((democracy))) and (((democratic values))). one of the shittiest forms of governing a nation is not only recognized but accepted by casting your vote. the same form of government who subjugates and eradicates aryans in favour of a mongrelized cattle lead by their jewish overlords

3. legitimizes ZOG. you're either voting for blue zog, or red zog, but you're still voting the ZOG in, never out. the puppets merely shuffle but the plan never changes.

So yeah, you votefags and your blatant de-radicalization shilling is truly pathetic.

db5857  No.13307164



Both political parties in the United States are controlled by the same group of lobbyists beholden to Zionists and Zionist interests

e100e9  No.13307165


>5 downsides

*3 downsides I meant

f38bde  No.13307167


What the fuck are you talking about?

c03fb0  No.13307168

File: 8f7c759de6ce39b⋯.png (367.48 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8f7c759de6ce39bcb87cc04439….png)


The 2016 election was almost three years ago clipdick. Find a new boogeyman. I suggest "stormtards," it really shows everyone what your agenda is.

f38bde  No.13307169


>As of March 2019 U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that, although they had began to replace old fencing, no new wall had yet been built.


f38bde  No.13307171

1c539a  No.13307172


Funny because I'm not here to vote.

So cut it out with the democrat shilling.

db5857  No.13307173


Your autism.

f38bde  No.13307175


So nothing then.

db5857  No.13307181

File: 8b837323245b712⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1 you.jpg)

702c14  No.13307183




f38bde  No.13307185


Great spam, 10/10.

1eb6b2  No.13307187

File: fa7c4e51b454ff2⋯.jpg (117.29 KB, 672x775, 672:775, cc25950422ea166ac6a198c14c….jpg)


They're getting scared. Hard to keep up the election drama when voter participation drops below 40%. The illusion of Trump as some populist savior has been shattered, and the damage control will be drastic. Expect many more ghetto chimpouts, student riots and (((gas attacks))) next year.

f38bde  No.13307196


You're powerless.

a78358  No.13307200


We need to get voter participation below 20%, preferably less than 10% and start setting various political factions against eachother with operations of our own.

I.E. we need to false flag leftists into shooting up a right wing rally and hopefully set off massive violence, because nothing else accomplishes a damn thing except bullets now.

5d4761  No.13307210


>oy vey dont enforce laws goy

>walls are only good for israel so give us more money

218907  No.13307211



So wouldn't the natural thing for you to do rather than a concerted effort to stop me from voting be to run a tank into the whitehouse and take over? If voting doesn't do anything and you can only either vote for Trump or let Amy Klobachar be the president and violently overthrow the government why are you here? Why do you want me to not vote and attack the government when you aren't. Why aren't you in the news? That's very suspicious.

This is all assuming that voting and violence are mutually exclusive which they aren't. But since you're saying they are, where is your body count?

218907  No.13307218


Then why are you bothering with me?

c03fb0  No.13307225

File: efbe8e981405fad⋯.jpg (110.27 KB, 911x977, 911:977, efbe8e981405fadbdea6e68d26….jpg)


>he still thinks there's a meaningful difference between ZOG candidates

Trump might be worse than Hillary because he's a boomer pacifier. If Hillary were doing everything that Trump is doing today - and more importantly, not doing what Trump isn't doing today - the boomers would be going ballistic. Instead they're sitting around with their dicks in their asses waiting to die because as long as they have cheap goblins to mow their lawns and a Republican is in office they don't see the problem.

218907  No.13307236


cool cartoon. Everybody at shareblue died and they don't exist anymore now? That's a make-believe fictional character like the boogie man?

Okay, you fucking faggot.

972f25  No.13307243


>just run a tank into the whitehouse and take over

8chan is the 21st century equivalent to dissident newspapers and 1920s - 1930s radio.

We are here because isolated and without other organization, only lone wolf attacks are possible, and posting here can directly or indirectly create them.

If /pol/ had a paramilitary organization so much more would be possible, but right now the ZOG keeps everything under surveillance and crushes even small resistance groups.

218907  No.13307246


>There's no difference

>But we might as well have Hillary as president

wow you are a stupid obvious faggoty faggot

d3972b  No.13307260


Nigger, he's saying there's no difference policy-wise, but Trump pacifies the right. There wouldn't be people here today saying to "trust the plan" if she were in.

dfe219  No.13307267


But it's simply the truth.

Voters and boomercons weigh this movement down with their utter senile, milquetoast stupidity.

Stop thinking in terms controlled by the Jewish puppet masters.

People who buy the ZOG manufactured narrative are really human cattle.

Judge leaders on their actions and achievements, not empty words, or be conned by kikes like Zion Don.

9bd7f3  No.13307268


>release valve

saying that this stuff is 4d draedel by jews is just as lame as saying it's 4d chess by trump. jews aren't the masterminds we're led to believe. they control everything because of underhanded conniving, not intelligence.

this stuff is actually 4d chaturanga being played by vishnu. 4 years is just a spark.

972f25  No.13307287


>4d draedel

Except Jews are master deceivers, and Trump is their front goy to lull white boomers into their final sleep.

The 2016 election was just a giant deception, with no real choice.

This is a basic redpill.

If you still believe in voting, during 2019 in the United States of America, and trust a President and possibly even glow in the dark agencies (Q) why are you on /pol/?

Go back to Facebook or Reddit instead.

218907  No.13307301



So Hillary would have had a mulsim ban and kicked Trannys out of the military, but it would make the boomers so mad they'd go 1488 and take over the government by force?

idk sound kind of fucking retarded to me.

You know just a few days ago I got to use "shithole country" in polite society. I'm glad that's normalized now. I know several leftists that are losing their minds and going to therapy and fighting with each other instead of sitting around planing how to cut off little boys fucking dicks and call them jennifer. I also don't want more funding for buzzfeed to make it popular to say kill white people every fucking day. I'm not giving up any of this ground in service of the theory that boomers will become "radicalized." It's pretty stupid.

dfe219  No.13307332


>Hitler would have had a muslim ban and kicked Trannys out of the military

You okay?

The Muslim ban never happened. Take off the 2015 glasses. I don't understand why people with such massive delusions stay on /pol/, Facebook is more suitable.

>I got to use "shithole country" in polite society because of Trump

Except no, Trump caused a left wing reaction, and rode a pre existing right wing wave caused by King Nigger. You are living a lie where Trump turned polite society right wing, the reality is he actually made it more left wing.

Even vaguely right wing values aren't normalized in most circles.

The rest of your post is boomer trash

e100e9  No.13307346


>So wouldn't the natural thing for you to do rather than a concerted effort to stop me from voting be to run a tank into the whitehouse and take over?

It's to awake you cattle to the current state of things. you're a traitor if you decide to cast your vote in hopes of avoiding bluezog/redzog of taking the puppet throne. you're worse than a traitor if you keep insisting on placing faith on political solutions, backed by (((sellout-candidates))). (((you))), are still a coward for trying to look for an impossible, peaceful solution for your coming genocide. many here may be cowards, including me, for not taking direct action in minecraft, but you're trying to lull everyone here into thinking voting will get you out of this mess.


>run a tank into the white house

did Tarrant, Bowers, or Earnest announce their plans weeks prior? who knows who'll be the next one to (rightfully) snap, but one thing is for sure, (((you))) will denounce him for standing up when no one else did, and keep advocating for your (((democratic solution)))

218907  No.13307361

I don't remember anyone saying Trump is hitler 2.0. get excited. I remember the whole board was just generally encouraged to see the Overton window shift. I'm pretty fucking cynical being born and raised in the darkness. I knew I'd have to deal with political ass kissing to globohomo by Trump. I knew he'd fuck up on guns. Shit like that. Obviously I don't like that.

But fuck you if you think you should get more money for buzzfeed to make it hip to say you want to kill my family. Just little things like that are enough to vote Trump 2020.

Most of this don't vote bullshit is revisionist history for leftists to put on a smug mask and claim I'm not getting what I wanted. But if you were here you know nobody was wide-eyed and expecting Hitler. /pol/ was way more shrewd,practical and circumspect than that.

4c81cd  No.13307372

Q predicted this

85c1f7  No.13307373

lol trump is such a joke

5e7951  No.13307378


>But if you were here you know nobody was wide-eyed and expecting Hitler.

That's so not true it's not even funny. Nigger, the mods and the (((board owner))) were REQUIRING you were wide eyed and expecting hitler. One millisecond of dissent and you got banned, again, and again, and again. You were supposed to think the (((bump stock ban))) was 1488D chess and if you didn't think that your ass was outta here.

1c539a  No.13307383


That's wrong, even imkikey didn't think Trump is Hitler.

85c1f7  No.13307384



>who cares about Zionism I only care about buzzfeed

I refuse to believe this isn't a troll

218907  No.13307389


>violence and politics are mutually exclusive.

>Do nothing and everyone will get mad and do the work for you.

Tarrant is a fucking saint. God bless him. Fuck you.

dbc842  No.13307391


The least you can do is stop voting but instead you insist on prolonging this horrible situation by putting faith in a Jewish shill.

Trump didn't change anything.

The right wing overton shift was always set in motion, and it's being countered by a left wing overton shift. The center is disappearing and the ideological landscape in society is severed in halves.

e100e9  No.13307406


violence AND politics are mutually exclusive, nigger.

>Tarrant was a saint

at least you're finally opening your eyes and not regurgitating boomer memes

218907  No.13307419


You're trying to rewrite history. Am I just imagining "just wait for Hitler" memes ? You assholes came in here and did the whole "but he's not Hitler enough, no vote." and the entire board was making fun of the stupidity of not engaging in politics unless a candidate is ideal. The shit was pure pragmatism since day one. You're not going to fool me with your dumb shit. Eat my balls.

e100e9  No.13307431


>electing a race traitor because a private news outlet lost some shekels

spoken like a true boomer.

d7a9e7  No.13307450


>you're trying to rewrite history

There is nothing pragmatic about supporting a Zionist shill - at least if you care about white racial survival.

If Boomercon style vote and see what happens pragmatism is your style, why not vote for the farthest left wing candidate possible to create accelerationism?

I mean sure everything will be kept tightly under control and carefully formulated to serve Jewish interests, but IF CORTEZ OR BERNIE WIN, THEY WILL DESTROY ZOG! FUCKING ACCELERATE!

See, this is the problem with voting.

It's all rigged, the entire system is reinforced to withstand something like Trump having a national address and urging the citizens to revolt, or Cortez implementing 1917 style Bolshevism.


For all we know, Trump has a neural implant which reads his thoughts and sends them to an AI, or is fully MKULTRA brainwashed.

You need to stop thinking in terms of elections and trusting the plan, or overhauling the system.

The solution is destroying this system and creating our own.

218907  No.13307507



Explain how someone can't vote and take matters into their own hands.

It sounds like you're trying to compartmentalize two approaches and set them at odds with each other without explaining why someone can't chew bubblegum and walk at the same time.

Explain why not both you little faggots.

Why can't someone vote for Trump to put Mexican children in cages AND shit in commies cheerios when they find an oppertunity?

f38bde  No.13307549

f38bde  No.13307567


>Explain how someone can't vote and take matters into their own hands.

Who do we vote for, shlomo.

f38bde  No.13307571


You know nothing about imkikey then.

0e6c89  No.13307576



1c539a  No.13307582


Actually more than you.

10fcc3  No.13307583


because Trump will suck jewish dick and will demand MORE IMMIGRANTS

commies are actually a smaller thread at this point than neoconservatives.

10fcc3  No.13307592




Also no real opposition of jewry will NEVER get elected because mossad will have him

1) shot

2) imprisoned

3) humiliated

19c494  No.13307600


Why vote and provide the system with legitimacy?

If we manage to bring voter participation down enough through ideological activity like redpilling and blackpilling both leftists and right wingers, the next step will be sparking mass unrest.

Citizens will view the system as their enemy which only exists to prevent them from sorting out ideological differences violently.

We should print out anti - voting posters and put them in public places. Redpills and blackpills about voting will demonstrate why it changes nothing.

On ZOG social media we can spread anti voting memes.

Voting only keeps the goyim from rising up.

10fcc3  No.13307602


because there is no one to vote for you retard

1c539a  No.13307604


>If we manage to bring voter participation down enough through ideological activity

I'm sorry but that's not happening.

The leftists will vote in by the millions as well as the immigrants they bring in.

e7db06  No.13307611


Sure you do, shlomo.

e100e9  No.13307612


>triggering marxists by shitposting online accounts for action

lmao. you're seething, boomer. better take a rest before your pacemaker explodes.

>why can't someone vote and take action

because you're voting for a system that wants to eradicate you. you're under the illusion that your vote will stop the slow boil, when the truth is, the boil only becomes less noticeable for the frog, by giving it the false picture of electoral victory/defeat and telling it to sit down and do nothing for the rest of the term.

1c539a  No.13307615


I sure do, Chaim.

10fcc3  No.13307618


Trump is actually worse than any far-left candidate

at least far-leftists hate Israel and most of them hate government

24504a  No.13307622

File: 7497c2971dfefb4⋯.jpg (144.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trump-supporters-7.jpg)


>Funny because I'm not here to vote.


>So cut it out with the democrat shilling.

You say that and then right back to partisan politics. You're so fucking stupid it's painful.


I don't think low voter participation has much effect, we need to start attacking narratives. It's frankly amazing how clueless the average Trump voter is, they think he is effective because CNN, MSNBC, and late night talk show hosts still hate him. Even on Youtube, you have people like Mark Dice who are as pro-Trump now as they were in 2016. Breitbart sucks in a lot of ways, but at least they are honest on immigration issues.

People need to know that Trump dropped the ball, and did so at the same time he is stirring up a war with Iran that 90% of the country doesn't want, other than the more batshit evangelicals, right-wing Jews, and defense industry workers.

19c494  No.13307628


If leftists vote and right wingers don't, the right wingers will be more responsive to calls for revolutionary action.

After all Trump is now a proven backstabber, so the next step involves protests and unrest.

Unless you outright deny or ignore evidence of his betrayal we should incite a right wing street protest movement.

When ZOG tries shutting it down, the fireworks can begin.

1c539a  No.13307631


>You say that and then right back to partisan politics. You're so fucking stupid it's painful.

Because it's what jews here try to do.

Trump flops, so now it's time to vote democrats, see >>13307618

e7db06  No.13307634



Congrats on falling for yet another jewish trick.

1c539a  No.13307636


Except right wingers are more "responsible" than leftists and will not risk anything if it dangers their life and property.

It's why the left can advance so much while the right can only compromise.

Now the left just needs to officially destroy the right winger by mere presentation and demographics.

1c539a  No.13307641


What jew trick?

21ae88  No.13307657

File: 8257f1b813aa14b⋯.png (17.61 KB, 201x199, 201:199, idk.png)

Jesus Christ. What happened to 8chan? there are only shitty threads and shitty replies these days.

36306f  No.13307658


>still voting for fat orange bitch

>"lmao look at me im a channer now, lurk more anti-trump shills XDDD"

>r/thedonald boomer tier rhetoric

calm down old man

e7db06  No.13307663


Bump because your ZOG emperor has no power here.

3cd1a2  No.13307669


ZOG's entire media apparatus serves their narrative.

The education system serves their narrative.

It seems like maybe violence is the only thing left, and even then time is running out.

24504a  No.13307670


You could debate this shit for hours. Hillary was really bad, probably worse than Trump. One issue is 2-party dynamics. If Hillary were elected, the Republicans would be going ballistic over what is happening on the border, and tensions in the country would actually be much worse. With Trump as president, they are mostly silent about what is happening. Democrats are also right on abortion, the 2nd demographic crisis.

The downside are things like gun control and other 'progressive' legislation.


>Because it's what jews here try to do.

We are having a discussion, and you are an idiot who can not grasp politics other than who is voting for who. Fuck off.

1c539a  No.13307675


>We are having a discussion, and you are an idiot who can not grasp politics other than who is voting for who. Fuck off.

No, we are not.

We are having shills here encouraging people to vote democrats.

0e6c89  No.13307677


I believe WW3 was the goal all along.

e7db06  No.13307679


>You could debate this shit for hours.

You could. We already know there is no debate.

000000  No.13307689




what even is this? sage slide thread

24504a  No.13307695

File: d06d0c288cccb41⋯.jpg (183.55 KB, 1199x729, 1199:729, pied-piper-magapedes.jpg)


People are becoming more and more aware of shit, when it comes to race, Israeli control, and much else. The problem is that it is taking so damn long. In 2015/2016, we made such strides, then it slowed down when Trump became president, and they began censorship.

We need another educational election season, which will soon kick off with the first debate this summer. If it's all about conservatives rallying behind Trump, then it's all wasted, other than Tulsi Gabbard talking about some real issues.

e7db06  No.13307697


Bump because there is no wall.

24504a  No.13307700


If you want regular Bloomberg, here you go https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-21/federal-wall-funding-of-1-57-billion-yields-1-7-miles-of-fence

Also linked on Drudge.

93591d  No.13307730


I have a feeling this election season will be kept under strict control.

Nothing like 2016.

If debates happen, they will be kept calm, orderly, the candidates will never veer into territory interpreted as "racist" or "anti-semitic."

The media will present a narrative of "unity" and "progress" compared to 2016.

What the candidates say will all be pre reviewed, pored over by Jewish censors for anything remotely anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.

Maybe a false flag to create a narrative of the "alt right trying to survive and lashing out."

Be prepared for incredible attempts at deradicalization and damage control.

All prepared years in advance.

787734  No.13307765

File: de94d90581d620b⋯.png (109.97 KB, 600x460, 30:23, ZOG.png)


>who cares if Trump was a release valve that destroyed White resistance, he BTFOd the left by not letting trannies die for Israel!

You're the perfect example of why jew-party faggotry is an incurable cancer.

3db356  No.13307802

3126 kilometers of border.

A wall of solid granite 5 meters high 5 meters would be about 78150000 cubic meters of granite. Granite can be had for as little as a few hundred pure cubic meter as quary blocks. Let's do some math. At $500 per cubic meter. $39,075,000,000 for materials But all you really have to do with Granite blocks is stack them. Under $40 billion. Illegal Mexicans cost us hundreds of billions per year. We profit the first year if we spend $100 billion. /pol>>13306241

/ we should buy property along the border, put it in a trust. Then build our own fucking wall.

bccde9  No.13307803


That last one got my dick pretty hard

3db356  No.13307820


Yes those Marias are looking firtile.

bccde9  No.13307826


The wall was an esoteric metaphor for the bonds you constructed along YOUR borders… whether it's neighbors you didn't like, family you didn't talk to, or dare I say immigrants of European descent (everyone in Latin America) that pioneered their way here.

bccde9  No.13307833


The wonders of not pumping your body with hormones and drugs.

3526c1  No.13307840

File: 22c77b840b439d8⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, big grin 4k.jpg)


so mad they are linking fake ass websites


e7db06  No.13307843


There is no wall. Reported for Trump spam.

24504a  No.13307854

File: 7d16912ccc2a3b2⋯.png (557.56 KB, 602x1800, 301:900, caitlyn-collins-brave-soci….png)


I definitely think they'll try that, but I don't see it working. The media is less powerful than it was 4 years ago, and foreign policy will be a much bigger part of this election debate. Along with the internet, the fractured "coalition of the oppressed" that the left pushes just doesn't work, you have people with nothing to common who are supposed to be allies. Ilhan Omar is one of the best examples of that, she refused to play completely by the rules from the very beginning. AOC is a less extreme example of that, and of course there is Tulsi.

Also, the left is crazier. It gets harder every year for 'good leftists' with any shred of humanity to go along with the program. Not sure how that will play out in advancing discussion, maybe it will all be co-opted by the Trump campaign.

000000  No.13307859



>Letter to a federal judge from the House of Representatives' top lawyer spells out how little this year's congressional appropriation has bought

>Trump claims he should get credit for replacing older walls that are ineffective

>Maier said in March that CBP had 'constructed approximately 38 of 40 miles of wall in place of outdated designs,' using funds Congress appropriated for fiscal 2017.

>'This barrier replaced dilapidated infrastructure, half of which was Normandy-style vehicle barrier,' he said.

Looks like around 20 or so miles of foot traffic barrier. Doesn't matter because it's not nearly enough, and ZOGnald's worker visa expansion is going to undo any of these pitiful gains. If there was some grand construction taking place, we'd see it. Instead we get obfuscation and careful parsing of words from this admin about wall progress; what is or isn't "new".

The fact is Trump is presiding over the greatest invasion of our Country to date…

I don't care what he says about it, I care about the results.

c7e935  No.13307883


It will NEVER happen under ZOG.

If a wall was going to be built, it would have been constructed during the 1980s, 1990s, or early 2000s.

But instead the Neocons and Neolibs gave spics mass amnesty on the orders of their Jewish masters, and the Jews who control this system will never allow any effective wall or barrier between Mexico and America.

If someone purchased the land and began constructing a wall, ZOG would sweep in and shut everything down.

You are living in a Jewish dystopia like the USSR.



0e6c89  No.13307897


I'm starting to suspect even kikes in Israel are beginning to question their own border wall.

0a5372  No.13307925

>if we keep lying about it you'll give up

0a5372  No.13307928

File: 3125fa5ce4e0796⋯.jpg (87.25 KB, 525x767, 525:767, Kosher Tuber.jpg)


21ae88  No.13307933


I'm not even an American, you're a retarded Jew.

588e70  No.13307934


>being too autistic to understand obvious sarcasm

33551c  No.13307974

File: 80782b14c976f83⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 80782b14c976f8340433cc9466….jpg)


If you had a human brain instead of an insectoid instinct you would realise that WHITES ARE NOT JEWISH!

67585f  No.13308033


You say it's massive sarcasm, but we have more than a few drones spamming that unironically.

e7db06  No.13308062


>I'm not even an American

Then you don't matter. Bump.

>you're a retarded Jew.

Because I don't support jews, right.

e7db06  No.13308067




There is no new wall. You cannot show any new wall anywhere.

0e6c89  No.13308087


Trump's wall is about as believable as the infinite Ice Wall at the end of the ocean, for any Flat Earthers chillin' here

000000  No.13308111


most of them are ironic magapede posters.

>tfw shareblue finally figured out the best way to dethrone Trump is to "support" him …well, his failures anyway

e7db06  No.13308124


This is a markov bot. It's literally just forming random sentences.

e7db06  No.13308128


Reported for being a bot.

f9a811  No.13308133


If you aren't assassinating democrat politicians in the streets you are part of the problem

aba714  No.13308157


Sadly, this is an understatement anon, I know because I witness it everyday with my dad, I try to warn him how naive the two party system is, (he's a MAGAtard, because OHHH TRUMP CAN DO NO WRONG), it causes people to get stuck in what I amount to being a loop. A mental loop, forced in by propaganda and (((democracy))). I'll give an example too, when I asked him to vote for Patrick Little this coming election, his (obvious) response was "well, he won't get enough votes to matter anyway, so we may as well vote Trump". And when I told him that he Little wouldn't get enough votes because of that exact thought process, he couldn't think of anything else to counter with.

Two party bullshit truly is the cancer of this faggoty system we call (((Democracy).

bfa670  No.13308167


33 posts and counting calling others a shill

bruh moment

0f41b5  No.13308175

tits or GTFO. You have no photos of mile long wall, proof they only built a mile. Don’t listen to red capping glow in the dark Globalist Shills. Wall is going up stopping another of their globalist schemes

387b8f  No.13308245


What's the point of the wall if the illegals are being protected by the kike judges and zogbots over here?

24504a  No.13308394

File: 7ef9e77b261117c⋯.jpg (518.85 KB, 2000x1295, 400:259, hungary-fence.jpg)

File: 56ab03c3a1392e1⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 650x458, 325:229, fence4.jpg)


That's another aspect of the political theater as well. If at some point, Trump got some concession like enough funding for 700 miles of wall, at this point MAGAtards would treat it like the greatest victory, and ignore any other aspect of the equation.

The wall was never that important by itself, and it was only important because the whole system is so broken. Trump made a big deal out of a massive wall because he is a real estate developer, but both Israel and Hungary use a system of electrified fencing and electronics that is probably cheaper and more effective. Israel does have very high walls, but that is only in the cities.

b26ce1  No.13308441


fuck you

b26ce1  No.13308443

b26ce1  No.13308444



b26ce1  No.13308465


American soy will make the American people healthy… if you're a national socialist, it is your OBLIGATION to eat soy (like Hitler wanted).

6e170e  No.13308474


Everything in moderation, including moderation. Signed, Omnivore

305702  No.13308483


<it's trumpsteins fault that construction is continuously blocked in the house and senate.

where did all of the anti-trump shills come from?

417e17  No.13308491



305702  No.13308505


he was a convicted felon to begin with so he couldn't possess, own or carry any firearm. your point is moot

b26ce1  No.13308511

((( >>13308491 )))

the real enemy a man must fight is himself

000000  No.13308519


clearly construction company is jewish. I dont even need to dig for data on this

b26ce1  No.13308542


Israel is our allied, and the jewish people are the MVPs of our military

389f38  No.13308545


>Israel does have very high walls, but that is only in the cities.

Those walls are where all the Palestinians and Jews live together, those are the walls the US funded and are specifically intended to keep Palestinians out and it does a damn good job of it.

d05d97  No.13308565


BNN is Canada's CNBC, moron.

3b2b74  No.13308577

File: 8c89c851068a49c⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 1469333776039.jpg)


$1.57 Billion Yields 1.7 Miles

<$1.57 Billion Yields 1.7 Miles

$1.57 Billion Yields 1.7 Miles





e7db06  No.13308598


>Wall is going up

There is no wall. There are no deportations. Nothing is happening. Reported for spam.

6e170e  No.13308601



The Horrible Hyper-Jew is Friend of the Gay Nigger Edit

The Horrible Hyper-Jew is Friend of the Gay Nigger

Ужасный гипер-еврей - друг гея-негра

e7db06  No.13308603


>oy vey goy you're a felon because we say so

>oops looks like you can't have guns now


1f3a44  No.13308633

I dont want a goddamn wall! I want bands of landmines, massive mine fields all along the southern border. It would be way cheaper and way more effective! This isnt rocket science people.

4352a6  No.13308639


trump let them in with the 2+ million legal non-white immigrants the 30+ million illegals he refuses to deport, pull your head out of your ass MAGAnigger, there is never going to be a wall you dumb fuck

b26ce1  No.13308642


Real Whites have the mental power to make 1 mile of White wall be as effective as 2000 miles of shitskin wall!

b26ce1  No.13308644


many people are saying that the wall was an esoteric metaphor that only whites could understand…

122324  No.13308675


>voting is fighting goy

>please vote

>dont kill us, please, go vote instead.

32a2e8  No.13308696


i for one welcome our latinX overlords, youre just a bitter faggot

24504a  No.13308710


Sure, it's effective, but built so high because of nearby structures & history. The entire wall, most of which is fence, is effective.

>About 90–95% of the barrier will be constructed as a "multi-layered fence system"[27] with the IDF's preferred design having three fences, pyramid-shaped stacks of barbed wire on the two outer fences, a lighter-weight fence with intrusion detection equipment in the middle, an anti-vehicle ditch, patrol roads on both sides, and a smooth strip of sand for "intrusion tracking".

>The width of some sections (about 6% of the barrier) is 3 metres (9.8 ft) where the barrier is constructed as a concrete wall up to 8 metres (26 ft) high. These sections are narrower, require less land, and provide more protection against snipers. Wall construction is more common in urban settings, e.g., Qalqilyah and Jerusalem, and in areas where people have been killed by snipers, e.g., the Trans-Israel Highway.


b26ce1  No.13308720


joke is on you, I'm going to BECOME Latino, making me your overlord

24504a  No.13308740

File: 413d59c16ea4f5a⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 800x426, 400:213, Democrat-Majority[1].jpg)



The best plan would be to have waystations with cold spring water and copies of the American constitution. Then when they come here they will be true civic nationalists who proudly vote Republican. The liberal Demonrats don't want them to see the constitution! They are truly the real racists.

8620d9  No.13308741


I suppose that you think that China is not controlled by the Communist Party?

>You would claim that the Communist Party is not the Communists that I'm referring to…

3d8a09  No.13308849



9db762  No.13309129


"Just wait for Hitler" was a forced TRS meme that imkikey hijacked to silence and ban dissenters, the few anons who were aware enough to realize Trumpberg was a massive kike before he admitted it himself in his own words. Trumpstein isn't just 'not the ideal candidate' he's one of the worst presidents we've ever had for White survival, judging by his horrific immigration record alone.

1f0f6a  No.13309189

File: 771c277a67bb4da⋯.jpg (76.82 KB, 750x833, 750:833, 26994324_1685872171476049_….jpg)

File: 178e62640ef17c5⋯.jpg (158.54 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 506748679463876y0973496932….jpg)

File: ada05ed1a254d08⋯.jpg (132.02 KB, 1024x852, 256:213, 1523284814764.jpg)

File: df8b770379f3628⋯.png (327.87 KB, 660x438, 110:73, 1541915445555-1.png)

File: 189266698880f0e⋯.jpg (47.95 KB, 960x713, 960:713, 1506714297754.jpg)


>More money then the world has.

worth it

1f0f6a  No.13309208

File: 2a75106cf0e82e0⋯.png (205.41 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 2018_06_06_15.45.56.png)

File: f4fbce0dd85e617⋯.png (1.1 MB, 2360x3376, 295:422, 1483908167102.png)

File: ba8353d5545022f⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1055, 216:211, 1495495821085.png)

File: c933fa87583b4e9⋯.jpg (113.23 KB, 1024x732, 256:183, 1549056667165-fourchan-pol….jpg)

File: 433eb156b3dd6a1⋯.jpg (143.01 KB, 736x840, 92:105, 8f4b96ae25530668b5e43cb30b….jpg)


yup the trump family has been jew-owned since before he was born

000000  No.13309255


Just another nail in the coffin.

But think of the little angels and MAGApedes tho.

The suffering.

735537  No.13309263


Even if they built the most effective wall anyone has ever seen it's still basically a giant door given the amount of legal immigration from mexico.

1f0f6a  No.13309351

File: d35fc5af9c915e2⋯.jpg (179.21 KB, 736x680, 92:85, 1505494267893-fourchan-pol….jpg)


so that's who we're faced with?

this level of abortion attempt at memeing?

you'll never learn to do it right because you have no independent thought

248506  No.13309358


This is why the government shouldnt be trusted with our money, guarantee the pvt sector couldve done it way cheaper

000000  No.13309569


>Looks like around 20 or so miles

(((Drudge's)))) headline from Daily Mail includes an update; It's now 20 miles!

>EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security report says Trump administration has built just 20 miles of border wall and has funding plans for another 316 – despite White House claims that it's on track for 500 by next year


9a46cb  No.13309616

> Me, Ex con.

>Voting rights and second amendment restored.

>Thanks to Trump's First Step Act.

First time I ever vote will be 2020

6cfb63  No.13309640


You entirely miss the point. He spent over a billion dollars to build less than 2 miles of wall.

The ballot box is dead. It’s time to move onto the ammo box

5dee63  No.13311168

File: 22466a6b59a83ca⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 406x550, 203:275, 14768546158.jpg)

Anti-Trump shills suck a fat dick.

db5857  No.13311174


Yeah dude giving fags like you the vote is totally enough to excuse his constant fellating of jews

078b02  No.13311186

For all the JIDF shills and distractors think of it this way.

They start off with 1 billion at the moment for the skeleton of the wall, then over the next few years they add on to it.

Palmer Luckey (the inventor of the Oculus Rift and co-founder of Oculus VR) said he wants to develop advanced facial recognition and automatic assault weapon systems for the wall, it's obvious that over time people will turn this thing into the most well reinforced border you have ever seen.

They have to do this, since south america would be a strategic location for the communist/globalists to attack us.

bc6df4  No.13311191

It's time to accelerate. Lets let everyone who wants in to the USA free citizenship so the citizens can realize how bad things really are.

078b02  No.13311199


Yeah that totally worked out for Detroit.

It's totally working out for Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle …

db5857  No.13311211


>They start off with 1 billion at the moment for the skeleton of the wall, then over the next few years they add on to it.

Fuck off then kill yourself. Trump has had 4 years to do this exact process. He could have done this on day 1.

078b02  No.13311227


It's not the simple, retard.

These things take a lot of effort and preparation.

There is a war going on right now between factions of the US government and military, so whatever Trump tries to achieve he has to do so against the behest of the deepstate/shadow government.

If things were so simple that he could have the wall built without resistance then we wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

db5857  No.13311230


>It's not the simple

Nice English, and yes it is. Trump allowed Israel to get billions. He could have stopped that money and used it for a wall on day 1. Trump could have used an executive order, something he's done multiple times for other tasks already, to immediately appropriate the funds and labor needed to build a wall on day 1. He didn't do either. He's a traitor. At worse you're a jew shilling for a traitor.

078b02  No.13311266


I have jumped back and forth between wondering about the nature of Trump.

You've got to realize that this is a multidimensional war, it's not the 90s anymore.

Believe it or not, but israel probably is being used by us as an important weapon/strategic location in this battle.

I don't quite understand it myself, but I do know it's not as simple as simply being a jew problem.

The reason he put israel's wall ahead of our own is because they're faced with annihilation at any moment and are completely surrounded by their enemies.

All we have to deal with are hordes of mouth-breathing shitskins who want to take our jobs and rape our women, we can let the militia and average joes take care of them for the moment.

db5857  No.13311286


>I have jumped back and forth between wondering about the nature of Trump.

Cool, thanks for revealing you're completely retarded and belong on reddit.

078b02  No.13311296

db5857  No.13311297


Fantastic spam. Go shill for your zionist president elsewhere now.

078b02  No.13311306


Be honest with yourself.

Do you really think DJT would get anywhere in today's political climate if he came out and spoke about the JQ?

He has to play nice with the sharks while he stomps out the piranha.

3d8a09  No.13311324


He dogwhistled and got elected.

Because he was allowed to win.

97a30c  No.13311327


Chinese government is run by basically the Asian equivalent to Jews, so yeah, China was Communist. Nowadays it's some weird combination of capitalism and communism and run by pretty much the same people, because even the Chinese bugmen had enough of a semblance of empathy and consideration to realize that communism is an unsustainable and cruel means for control.

e7db06  No.13311350



Trump is not against jews. You do not belong here.

e7db06  No.13311356


Global report. Go back to reddit, you subhuman piece of shit.


>it’s time to do what jews want

Global report.


>oy vey it not simple i say so


a99247  No.13311361


This is jamal.

b13245  No.13311367


Going to name all my files "SHAREBLUE-SAMPLE-COPY-0-3" now…

db97c0  No.13311385


>kike """"""""""""""""""""""acceleration"""""""""""""""""""

>not Tarrant acceleration

b13245  No.13311391

File: 16661044a282ce4⋯.gif (488.3 KB, 500x324, 125:81, SHAREBLUE-SAMPLE-COPY-0-3.gif)


Welcome to D&C Land

db97c0  No.13311452


What happened is

>kikey lost his mind and went full reddit with wordfilters

>/int*/'s five year plan got codenigger to finally listen to their whining

>codenigger visits /pol/ telling kikey and his mods to stop banning people because fuck board rules and board culture, some """"""""""""""""libertarian""""""""""""""" hapa's feels are more important

>codenigger gets banned

>codenigger engages in a hostile takeover in a fit of infantile rage

>the board is instantly turned into cuckchan full of spam, off topic garbage, mods that leave the garbage alone but will ban and delete legitimate threads and dox

>spammers and cancerposters kill the board and vindicate the previous administration's use of rangebans completely

>but codenigger is an assblasted low IQ hapa so he'd rather that EVIL NADZEE board die entirely that admit he was wrong and fix it

b13245  No.13311465


Totally agree

Things were better with Kikey

minus the word-filters, of course.

nigger word change filter was too much KEK

078b02  No.13311468


You need to learn the difference between jewish people and (((jews))).

Not all people born into the configuration we know as "jew" are at war with us.

Reality isn't that simple.

Saying it's all the jews fault is like saying white people are responsible for the actions of their corrupt governments and politicians.

4de19f  No.13311471

File: 83d061f7ffb93b8⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1330x3610, 7:19, não existem judeus bonzinh….png)


Corrupt governments and politicans are pharisees/"jews".

The only good "jew" is a dead "jew".

4de19f  No.13311474


Go to neinchan then. Thats where I went after the takeover.

I only come here to low-effortly shitpost.

61353f  No.13311487



If you weren't towing the "muh 1488D chess" party line CONSTANTLY the turk would ban you.

I got banned once for daring to suggest that trusting the mexican government to ban le migrant caravans was a fucking retarded idea. In the ban message Kampfy wrote that I was "too stupid to understand chess, because this is trump getting mexican authorities to do his bidding instead of needing congress to do it". Which of course didn't happen like virtually all le 4D chess maymays but still. The turkish jew could not tolerate any anti trump dissent, at all. Bump stock ban? 4D chess, he just doesn't want his future footsoldiers wasting ammo in the race war. Moving the embassy? It was actually somehow the OPPOSITE of what jews want even though they asked for it. And on and on and on.

fca795  No.13311488

Literal fake news. Of course this board would believe what ever (((Bloomberg,))) says


fca795  No.13311494



This. Say what you want about Kikey, the board was so much better. Quality was better as well and we called out TRS much more often instead of letting them invade us like Mudslimes. Reminder that Enoch knowingly married a kike and tried to deny it

a99247  No.13311499


The time of kikey was better because there's more focus.

Nowadays, everybody call each other kikes and go home with nothing done.

735537  No.13311516


>The time of kikey was better

He banned everybody who didn't suck off trump. Kill yourself.

db97c0  No.13311517


>kikiefy apologists


You should understand that nobody's saying kikey was better while ignoring his trumpniggery. We're all well aware of kikey's flaws. That's the thing: even with his fuckups and issues, the board was less shit when he was still in power. Not great, but far, far better than it is now.

The board, site, and really the world as a whole seems to have collapsed into neverending despair and defeat ever since the kek meme fell out of prominence.

fca795  No.13311519


That's become the main issue here. Yes we called out the Kikes, but we didn't let it become the overall main focus on here. Now that's all it is, everyone accusing someone of being a kike. Real conversations get drowned out. It's utterly depressing.

I also believe some people here are going back to half chan and bringing that attitude with them

cc74e4  No.13311562


That's why there retards are so upset, the board is better than ever now that we aren't forced to suck republican cock

cc74e4  No.13311570


>the board was less shit when he was still in power.

Why don't you go to r/the_Donald? Seriously there is no difference between that board and kampfy era /pol/

735537  No.13311571


>Real conversations get drowned out.

Spamming pictures of Trump isn't a "real" conversation.

a99247  No.13311576


This board feels like a goddamn synagogue with all the yids shouting back and forth in their vile speech.

Oh well, better spend times doing shit IRL I guess, this board is now used as a venting tool.

cc74e4  No.13311585


But muh god emperor XD

75b530  No.13311591



The ZOG shills aren't dumb boomers. They're ZOG shills.

fca795  No.13311657


The quality was better believe it or not. The new BO doesn't care. Kamphy at least would delete and ban anyone posting the Amerimutt meme

db97c0  No.13311663




>the board being filled with literal spam, /fringe/, /fit/, /christian/, blacked porn, boomer schizos, and the dacaryan spammer is SO much better goy

e7db06  No.13311668


>you’re a nigger if you don’t support the ZOG emperor



All jews must be exterminated. Anyone who says otherwise will also be exterminated. You do not belong here. You are not one of us. Never post again. No one here but you said it was ONLY the jews.


>oy vey kikey was better

>than anything


e7db06  No.13311671


>oy vey you have to pick between jew puppet A and jew puppet B

>you can’t have your own board

>you can’t have any other options

>my jewish shills are better than the current jewish shills

/pol/ is dead and you’re the retards who killed it.

db97c0  No.13311674



>spam, off topic bullshit, and cancer is totally better than trumpcucking before trumpcuck 150% revealed himself to be a ziokike puppet

>I love sucking cock

>let me counter an argument you never made with some schizo bullshit

Take your meds.

e7db06  No.13311676


>strawman because he can’t reply to what was actually said

>copied and pasted phrase that only jewish shills say

And just like that we’re done. You’ve exposed yourself.

db97c0  No.13311691


>y-you're strawmanning because y-you didn't point by point dispute my made up schizo bullshit that was a counter-argument to an argument that was never ever made

Take your meds, Jamal.

6d2422  No.13311735

File: 8f305fb3c58c9df⋯.jpg (75.73 KB, 1075x771, 1075:771, 8b082f28a2e7e7158679d8fee6….jpg)

This thread is like a time machine back to the time period of late 2017 to when the midterms were over

59fb49  No.13311770


>race-mixing is beneficial to Whites

You've got that backwards, moshe. It's beneficial to kikes and detrimental to Whites.


db97c0  No.13311780


>replying to the dacaryan spammer

e7db06  No.13311820


You’re done.

db97c0  No.13311843


>still no argument

>that specific stylometry

Confirmed for Jamal.

db29e9  No.13312181

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Less than 2 billion dollars for wall funding

>Gets fencing that is no longer than an average neighborhood's backyard fence

<But muh winning! t. MIGApede

MAGAtards are no different from the ones worshipping obong: same cult of personality zealots.

078b02  No.13312196


You're a delusional idiot who's actually doing the Aryan people a disservice.

All of you are buying into D&C tactics and I wouldn't be surprised if this whole site is run by a globalist NGO or the intelligence agencies.

Instead of working towards eliminating the deep state/shadow government you pin all the blame on the jews.

YES the jews are an issue and should be expelled from every country on the earth, but to assume that all of our issues are entirely the doing of jewry as a whole is ignorant.

I don't see any threads on here calling for the exposure of the deep state, or any concrete and solid plans to secure our nation and prevent us from being thrust into the globalist technocracy … you stupid idiot fucks literally gobble their shit up with your countless cryptocurrency threads (hint: they invented the technology and plan on using it as the world currency).

You eat up all these NS gobbldegook without even assuming that maybe just maybe Adolf was controlled opposition all along.

You people are fucking stupid and I'm so disappointed that you're probably the only real opposition at the moment other than boomer patriots in the MIC and government.

11e532  No.13331347


cee50c  No.13331353



7bf0bb  No.13331363

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b26ce1  No.13331400

b26ce1  No.13331414


I would want to have a large family (over a dozen) with the first one

b26ce1  No.13331425


This is how a true Aryan should be

242a70  No.13331545


>meanwhile a free market entirely fundraised effort built a mile of wall in 2 days for $6 million

99983b  No.13331634

This is all a distraction. A fence will not save any of you. The jews fly in on airliners just as many chinese – all bought and paid for – as there are mexicans that cross your southern border.

The ONLY thing that WILL save you is to to get OFF YOUR ASSES. and go out and FIGHT. And not next week – NOW. Otherwise you are all dead.

Get it?

eeb3a4  No.13331690


Meh. Not a single one is even a 4/10.

7106f9  No.13331712

JFL at people still supporting the orange nigger in 2019.

e7c948  No.13331765

ITT: DACA scum bleating.


7168b9  No.13331782

Seeing all these “shareblue” accusations means most likely that imkikey still is being paid by his handlers to destroy discussion on this board by the way.

7106f9  No.13331823


Piss off, whore.

7168b9  No.13331841


Except what you described describes kampfy era pol perfectly. Oh yeah also any trump criticism meant a permanent ban, that was fun.

832a32  No.13332263


It is called misdirection, and nu/pol/ falls for it all the time. They have soft minds and worry about whether or not anons agree with them or if they will get banned. This gives more power to those who only desire is to influence the board.

7106f9  No.13332275


Those were terrible times. Do not want to repeat them.

6016fb  No.13332784


An esoteric metaphor for bombing Syria?

4bf751  No.13336554


The wall is a distraction.

We can have the largest gated community on the planet but it doesnt mean shit until the homeowners association stops allowing foreigners to camp on the lawn.

4bf751  No.13336586

File: e6b359f9f9b81b8⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 859x790, 859:790, 45jDa5DRedvHMEutRIEU59JF2I….jpg)

File: 1d4862128f09e69⋯.jpg (60.97 KB, 644x409, 644:409, Illuminati-symbols-Supreme….jpg)


The "deep state" is simply zionist jews and their shabbos.

The "globalist technocracy" is once again, kikes who wish the entire world to be ruled from the supreme court in israel.

d5367f  No.13336608


No, it’s all jews.

d5367f  No.13336611


>oy vey it’s not the jews

Reported for judaism. You have proven you are paid to post here.


Hi, imkikey.

1eb6b2  No.13336625

File: 80ae735832aa21f⋯.jpg (65.73 KB, 960x532, 240:133, 17190464_1880789062189454_….jpg)


>muh good jews

>muh deep state

>muh 4D chess

f64edc  No.13336628


(((muh boomer)))

0c19f1  No.13336649


Anyone telling you not to vote is a shill, even if they mean well. Getting invested in the democratic process and believing that it's our only hope is indeed a trap that must be avoided, but it costs practically nothing to vote for the seemingly least shitty candidate. People around here believe the (((powers that be))) to have more direct control and more coordination between them than they really have. The two presidential candidates do serve the same interests in the grand scheme of things, but not exactly the same people. Conflict exists at all levels of society, no matter what.




No one except the hopelessly retarded thought like that, not even kikey. I will cede to you that kikey was quick with the ban hammer, but my understanding is that that was his attempt at maintaining board culture, as shitty and ineffective as it may have been.

24504a  No.13336762


They should. Having a politics board where you can't criticize the sitting American president is almost worthless.

24504a  No.13336775


>Anyone telling you not to vote is a shill, even if they mean well. Getting invested in the democratic process and believing that it's our only hope is indeed a trap that must be avoided, but it costs practically nothing to vote for the seemingly least shitty candidate.

Agreed. It was always such a stupid either-or, like you have to believe completely in the democratic process, or you could take 20 minutes out of your day every two years to vote in an election.

>but my understanding is that that was his attempt at maintaining board culture, as shitty and ineffective as it may have been.

kampfy, which really refers to all 3 of those mods, was not doing anything beyond his ego. He would delete and ban excellent posts just because he was a douchebag on a power trip.

If people want to complain about the way the board is being moderated now, fine, but the moment anyone brings up kampfy as a positive alternative, then your opinion will be discarded by 90% of the board.

1d9026  No.13337333

Something I have noticed, a lot of these boomer women would rather be friendly with the illegal women than men of their own race. K can't be the only person that notices this.

Barbara Spectre.

1d9026  No.13337339


White Nationalism is mental illness goy, your post.

However this bitch is perfect sane: Barbara Spectre.

d5367f  No.13337345


Hi, paid shill.

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