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File: 5506cbf89e1b20d⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 500x294, 250:147, boom headshot.gif)

ea9c81  No.13306406

How can I resist the urge to beat these people to death while saying nothing. Quietly. Silently. Violence is violence, and people who think speech is violence, have not had enough actual violence done to them.

7c31bd  No.13306415

File: 1fd5fe178684342⋯.jpg (76.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, commission__vivian_james_a….jpg)


ur a big boy with your big boy pants and ironically can't handle words

also sage 4 low effort thread

b49af0  No.13306457


This is what a nigger looks like folks. Sage negato

32afa0  No.13306465

A few options

>shut the fuck up weakass pussy faggot

>your belittling of victims of real violence is sickening.

>when exactly does speech become violence? Does it violate you when I say that I think your opinion is stupid.?

de6262  No.13306686

laugh in their faces

63dab3  No.13307109


You're a faggot.

2f660a  No.13307125


Actually niggers are the ones that beat people up at random, usually with 4 or 5 other niggers

de0418  No.13307144

respond by saying sticks and stones

2aa7b9  No.13307191


Why is the 4chinz avatar wearing bestchan's logo?

9606cb  No.13307194

Violence is speech.

That's why god gave us guns and america.

581c1a  No.13307215


>speech is violence

What's most amusing is that those who say this will often engage in anti-White speech themselves. Or to be more accurate, anti-White violence.

1e2ea5  No.13307228

File: 0a7e95ffff1365e⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 017cb286da0daf1f8e954f292d….jpg)

Judgemental words are considered violent. This is a complicated topic for this board, but consider how you can ask for the same thing two different ways and get two very different responses based on how you ask.

9606cb  No.13307255



You'll die peacefully of starvation when a violent people comes demanding your resources.

4fe2dd  No.13307258


Think about how much death came from these two words: "God"+"Allah". Now think about how many billions of lives were annihilated, how much of this planet was irredeemably destroyed by the term "jew".

4fe2dd  No.13307274


Believe means control over others. Divine is the roadblock to understand this. Nature demands adaptation, which means knowledge. Believe demands resignation, which means ignorance.

9606cb  No.13307288


>If it comes to that, I’ll arm up and shoot them

Not pacifism

> The only thing pathetic is being so primitive you undermine civilization by violently taking resources.

>undermine civilization by violently taking resources

ROME literally CREATED civilization through violence.

The USA was CREATED through violence.

Continue eating cock.

>You would submit yourself to violence, and die on your knees.

rome stopped existing because they stopped being intelligent war lords who ruled and became welfare queens who demanded they not have to fight to survive. USA is going down that same path.

You're a retard and a pussy and your beliefs are not only killing yourself but destroying the civilization you claim you want to preserve.

cbf04c  No.13307580


When people say hate speech isn't free speech; remind them that the original incarnation of 'free speech' was specifically designed so that the Barons of England could threaten to murder the king, rape his daughters and defile his dynasty.

8976a2  No.13307620


Staring is violence. Our ancestors knew this.

08d277  No.13308044

Violence is speech.

000000  No.13309567



All actions are speech.

Therefore, speech can be, but isn't always, violence.

f3f0c5  No.13309573

Say what you want and then kill them when they attack you for them. Claim justifiable self defense. You don't need a thread to tell you this.

000000  No.13309577


>likening ancient Europeans to muslim jews

Fuck off jew.

3215d8  No.13309581

All speech is FREE it's the BEAT DOWN that's COSTS YA'll!!!! Beat like a step-child.

0d9682  No.13309582


You forgot 6: Noloosha, where you have take a massive shit and there is no designated street.

0d9682  No.13309588


>Whatchu lookin' at boy? That's my nubile 14 year old daughter! And the only BBC she gets is from the PBS station.

7d5824  No.13309801

Spit on them OP.

77d40b  No.13309814

File: 9931aa9edee6761⋯.jpg (353.22 KB, 1000x725, 40:29, 180b0f48115698805093b913b9….jpg)


The real redpill is that violence is speech.

58b6c3  No.13311219


Laugh at them and mock them. Make it as juvenile and stupid as you want. Chances are they'll fly into a frenzy and swing first giving you a free ticket. If not, you conjure up images of their past where they felt like they were persecuted and belittled, driving them insane.

fae9b2  No.13323300


Last week, I was disscusing with a friend about 4chan and 8chan, so I said that, they (chan's) are just a form of purging, and that's it.

So, your statment that speech is vilolence would be validated, then. It's not socially acceptable to beat or kill someone just beacause their beliefs, skin-color, sexual preference, and etc. However, ppl can come here and just express their hatred towards anything.

I'm sure that someone sometime has said that or you, anons, already knew this. But I'm just saying it

f622b5  No.13323301

They have never experienced real violence.

b6329d  No.13323315


QTDDTOT. Rule 4. Spam.

c4a9e0  No.13327536

Nick Fuentes tweeted a pic of a cat girl or cat trap, his joke backfired xd

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