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File: 72bb84b48f38cb8⋯.jpg (279.93 KB, 2048x1834, 1024:917, Halima_Aden_Twitter_SI_edi….jpg)

7e168f  No.13314223

Look at the new swim suit model.

Is that really a swim suit, I do not think so. Sport Illustrated joined the communist left and the love of Islam. (Islam hates America and wants all Americans to die on a poll taken in Iran, 92 in favor and 8 undecided.

Islam invasion of America has Happened. What if they get in congress? Oh wait they did.

I will protect my constitution from foreign and domestics.

We are under a religious attack for Religion dominance..

d6af93  No.13314231

nice slidethread moishe. Actually we used to have bathing suits like that in the victorian era when women were more modest and less degenerate

7e168f  No.13314236


Use to?? Islam is shit..

All sandniggers suck goat dick.

You mad?

eb670f  No.13314243

Islam and Judaism are both making fun of the white men on how cucked they are.

And now they are attacking asian.

7e168f  No.13314248


Islam has always been at war with Asians.

Muzzies hate Asians and Buddha.

eb670f  No.13314260


Yeah, asians put fucking muslims in prisons.

Meanwhile, white people on /pol/ fear some kind of prophecy (muh WW3, muh white vs arab) and cannot touch muslims.

7e168f  No.13314262


Forget the 3rd.

/pol is controlled by Islam. They spread Nazi posts and fuel the left for hate.

If this was a hate site wouldn't google search engines destroy it? Think about it.

Why is this still here??

eb670f  No.13314264


Both /pol/ are honeypots for year, now it's just a mean to look into a bunch of disorganized right wingers who think shitposting and sitting on their chair can win back the ethnostate.

83d2d7  No.13314287

File: d4fde7d1c3749e5⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 400x661, 400:661, Why.jpg)


Actually, being white as fuck, this is positive.

70% of the skin aging comes from the Sun.

Why do you want your women to be wrinkled and fugly at age 30?

White people should learn from this.

eb670f  No.13314292


Having sun light is good for your skin, and these bath suit look fucking lame.

ff27ad  No.13314296

the fuck is the point in swimsuit modeling if you can't see her tits and ass? fucking jews

ff27ad  No.13314302


>Having sun light is good for your skin

no it's not because the ozone layer is depleted so UVB rays penetrate which causes premature aging and can cause skin cancer in extreme cases. need to protect your skin with a non-xenoestrogenic mineral sunscreen whenever you go outside, at least the face every day, and basically everything exposed for a day at the beach or something

the vitamin D from sunlight is healthy, of course. but other than that, it's harmful

eb670f  No.13314306


Yeah, dumbass, everything in moderation. But covering yourself too much from sunlight is not healthy.

And yes, a sexy bikini you wear when you go to the teach actually helps your body by getting all the sunlight.

b6b330  No.13314336


>>Why do you want your women to be wrinkled and fugly at age 30?

Because then our women won't feel they have options outside of marriage.

7e168f  No.13314342


I have killed 8 muzzies in Iraq.

What have done?

I am calling you out.

Coward who repeats muzzy statistics of fear.

7e168f  No.13314346


White people hide from the sun.

You statement tells why white people are superior.

Dumb ass.

2ca491  No.13314359

File: 655b725eb41d512⋯.jpg (33.89 KB, 336x274, 168:137, What is 2% but also 45% .jpg)





This is a jewish slide thread

7e168f  No.13314363


Sorry, my Islamic brother.

It is a Muslim hate thread.

You mad.??


I will convert to Muslim to have 6 of your sister..

8724db  No.13314372

File: 04f6e53168da359⋯.png (105.04 KB, 500x507, 500:507, 04f6e53168da3596d429a37a97….png)


It's funny that you all think you aren't going to be killed. There's more danger than Brenton Tarrant. Some people really fucking hate jew's.

7e9859  No.13314380


> (Islam hates America and wants all Americans to die on a poll taken in Iran, 92 in favor and 8 undecided.

Then they have the same percentage as the 'jews'. Fuck how long is it going to take before you guys realize that the jews and the arabs are the same people?

7e9859  No.13314382


Ohhhh, Ahhh, so edgy sitting on your chair shitposting.

7e168f  No.13314387


I believe all religion is in dominance of the world.

All are enemy of free speech/.//….

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


7e9859  No.13314388


Headline: Nigger gets into the water fully clothed because it can't afford a swimsuit. In other news, water is wet..nigger didn't realize this but now it does and it is smiling because it isn't drowning (yet); give it time to panic.

7e9859  No.13314389


Congress was subverted over 100 years ago. THERE IS NO MORE CONGRESS.

7e168f  No.13314391


News flash White nationalist holds the nigger under water. Man is a hero a young white girl is not going to to get raped..

8724db  No.13314393


Not really. Just waiting

000000  No.13314394

America is not an Aryan nation. Never was.

The (((Constitution))) is not an Aryan doctrine. Never was.

(((We take these truths as self evident that all men are created equal)))

7e168f  No.13314395


Explain c-span nigger.

7e168f  No.13314397


Explain slavery

7e9859  No.13314399


If you think that because there is c-span that we have a working government that is composed of representatives of OUR PEOPLE as opposed to kikes you are too stupid to explain anything to.

7e9859  No.13314402


Who the fuck would want to be an KhazARYAN nation. FUCK OFF you piece of shit kikes.

7e168f  No.13314414


Fuck the middle east of war.

Fuck Islam and Israel.

Fuck them both to hell

If they die peace will come..

40a228  No.13314445


this. degenerate fashion.

Designed for removal rather then actual wear.

08573d  No.13314451

File: abdbfc457d3e881⋯.png (194.99 KB, 500x779, 500:779, image.png)

Gas the kikes race war now.

7e9859  No.13314452


Yes, until they discovered that they weren't so good for swimming but were very good for drowning.

7e168f  No.13314455


Do you know how to rape a muzzy slut? don't fuck a goat you will be the first man she has seen not to fuck a goat and she will want your dick,,,

63ca0f  No.13314458


Illegal caption

7e168f  No.13314463

File: 423ebfff8d612f7⋯.png (13.08 KB, 164x255, 164:255, abdbfc457d3e881c4b66a176f0….png)


Gas the Kikes and enslave Islam.

Speak the full truth or go crawl in your mom's bed. ..

eb670f  No.13314466


Oh okay, I'm shaking in my boots.

b6b330  No.13314475

File: 3911cbe6a8f89be⋯.mp4 (2.87 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Al-Kaaba totally destroyed….mp4)


To destroy Islam one need only tell the Muslim about how the Kabba was completely destroyed and replaced in 1996. Its parts were either sold to wealthy foreign buyers or dumped into the Red Sea. The Kabba in Mecca which the Muslim bows towards multiple times a day is a modern forgery.

7e168f  No.13314480


So I am not going to get 96 virgins when I DIE KILLING 1 AMERICAN.?/

You hurt my feelings..

7e9859  No.13314482

File: 8d938b35306117d⋯.jpg (42.81 KB, 480x549, 160:183, rabbi sholomo ettinger mos….jpg)


islam being islam…

e2a6ab  No.13314488

>organic spam clogs the servers

7e168f  No.13314491


That is every Islamic goat fucker pic.

Try harder.

All sandniggers look the same. You just proved it.


7e9859  No.13314513

File: 91f732015049512⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1370x3732, 685:1866, semites in disguise as glo….jpg)


Yep…they are all khazARYANS…

e2a6ab  No.13314514

File: 8cee393cee2af08⋯.png (52.02 KB, 450x270, 5:3, Semite is as Semite Does.png)

7e168f  No.13314525



I killed 8 muzzies.

How many whites have you killed.???

You are a coward and Islam shames you//

15fbd8  No.13314578

File: 31f3bb2ccf5cb37⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 292x271, 292:271, a_well_dressed_caveman_exp….jpg)


Fucking disgusting. I fucking hate mudslimes.

But I hate the kikes even more for enabling them to run amok in the West


>What the fuck is Vitamin D?

d49d31  No.13314599


if you killed 8 muslims for israel it doesnt count retard

7e168f  No.13314634


So I served in the US army in the Iraq war I served isreal/??

Muzzy found. Pussies fight like bitches. I bleed one for fun cause they are such pussies. Only time a muzzy can kill is in a surprise attack. Back stabbing cowards..

d49d31  No.13314664


>So I served in the US army in the Iraq war I served isreal/??

Yes, literally, yes

f256b6  No.13315059


>So I served in the US army in the Iraq war I served isreal/??


a1d399  No.13315100


at least spics and arabs know how to swim

1362d8  No.13315180


Hey thats pretty modest. At least they dont dress their women up like whores, like us westerners have done now for <60 years.

>Islam is bad because they are not sexually liberated.

Fuck off, boomer. The west existed prior to the sexual revolution.

a1d399  No.13315200


one piece suits aren't very modest, you could still see nipples and ass crack on most one piece suits

e1029d  No.13315232


The screaming guy is actually called Shakeel Ahmad Bhat and hes a Kashmiri activist.


8d94b3  No.13315297


I, uh… Just as, er… I mean… I’m nobody!

It looks spectacular. It really defies the blandeur Islamic cultures enforce on each other.

9e819d  No.13315511

File: 37fccd2aa32f968⋯.png (15.95 KB, 468x552, 39:46, 37fccd2aa32f96819b60288d6c….png)

Mods are faggots.

17b2f3  No.13315644










4af4b1  No.13316187



i was just thinking wouldnt this weigh an extra 20-30 lbs with water?

31c3d9  No.13316457

It's clown world OP. Putting that trash in there is a continuation of Playboy removing tits. They want you gay and taking it in the ass from mudslimes like their mothers. Jews love nothing more than jerking it to thoughts of their mommies they're obsessed with. Probably has something to do with sucking on their big milkers until seven years old :D Anyway, no one here buys retarded, jew magazines.

36f77d  No.13316896


>So I served Israel?!

Uh yeah ya kinda did

53a38e  No.13316906


>literally burka getting wet


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