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File: 3fcae0c3c6a99b0⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1554284311200.png)

5cabeb  No.13319654

What is the real issue with race mixing? I can understand how, as a general policy, race mixing will inevitably lead to the destruction of a race and that this may be an undesirable outcome. But is this the only argument racialists have against the practice of race mixing?

On the level of an individual, what problems does dating outside of your race actually pose? If your aim is to convince younger generations not to race mix, you'll convince none from the 'white genocide,' argument, for the average adolescent doesn't see their race as being under threat, nor are they even thinking of marriage while they're dating.

Therefore, the only way to convince a young person to not race mix is to outline the issues that it would cause. Such as, the animosity between families, the issue of identity of the off-spring, the ideological clash between partners, and peer disapproval. Except for a modern young adult, these things are not issues. They either don't care what their peers and families think, or would dismiss all of these by saying that; they aren't looking for a marriage out of this, and that any open-minded, intelligent, and modern person wouldn't be bothered by their race mixing or the ideological differences inherent to both races. They may even dismiss the idea that issues would arise from the combining of separate cultures, saying that as much is foolish, old-fashioned, or not representative of their situation.

All in all, are these the only arguments that /pol/ can offer against race mixing? What else is there? Simply saying "bestiality is illegal," doesn't win hearts or minds, this isn't the 60's and in order to convince today's youth to not race mix you need modern arguments that overcome the nihilistic tendencies of young people. I don't think any such arguments exist, can anyone prove otherwise?

e1a5c2  No.13319663

report and hide

c58bc1  No.13319665


Stellar argument

e1a5c2  No.13319675


arguing with retarded tel aviv shills is pointless, you won't change opinion regardless might as well smear the walls with shit at that point

c58bc1  No.13319680


This may blow your mind, but there are a lot of whites who don't see anything wrong with race mixing, independent of jews

a56b75  No.13319681


>modern arguments that overcome the nihilistic tendencies of young people

You don't. You first awake their racial consciousness and the rest follows.

c58bc1  No.13319690


That makes sense, one leads to another. If they can't see any reason to preserve race, then not much else would be convincing.


See? Plugging your ears and going LALALLALA SHUT LUBRIL isn't how you disprove the stereotype that the far right is comprised of ignorant hateful retards, the anon above is.

a56b75  No.13319693


Thanks to (((Christianity))), (((communism))), and (((cultural marxism))).

36f0ef  No.13319721


I'm half, and I agree - racemixing is wrong. I get shit from niggers for being 'impure' or some shit. Do you really want to bring children that only exist to be harassed by savages?

c58bc1  No.13319737


While I personally agree, the issue is that the youth tend to hold the mentality that such harassment is inconsequential in a progressive society, that they won't ever have to deal with it, because in the future there won't be any bigots.

5960a3  No.13319748

File: 589f66a2f48723e⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 444x500, 111:125, niggers shit in sink.jpg)


Pretty sure the niggers have that covered.

85f1fe  No.13319760


Logic is not the precise way of dealing with race-mixing. If this were the 1880s, do you think you would be able to convince the average person with any logic promoting race-mixing that it's okay?


>a lot of whites who don't see anything wrong with race mixing, independent of jews

>independent of jews

This is flat-out false. Over time, whites have become more accepting of equality because of propaganda. Our culture is shaped by the very propaganda that feeds the average man and woman, and the actions of decisions of man and woman, because they are not willing to listen to alternative facts or reasoning through their own independent research, are simply willing to accept the propaganda they see. This is exactly what we saw in the 1960s, and because culture became more left-leaning, this was reflected on a federal level, with one of the most prominent examples being the Immigration Act of 1965. You can tell that American citizens aren't logical people when you hear the average "logic" when it comes to diversity. "It's okay, we're all equal humans," or something like "race is just cultural," are some common examples. Within the culture that has become left-leaning, there are unacceptable and acceptable opinions for people to have, just like there was back when race-mixing was deemed unacceptable.

TL;DR The rise of diversity and race-mixing has absolutely nothing do with logic, only the opinions that have become acceptable and unacceptable. As for how to change those acceptable and unacceptable opinions is a different subject.

c58bc1  No.13319780


> As for how to change those acceptable and unacceptable opinions is a different subject.

That other subject is more or less where I wanted to go here. While waiting for someone to explain an argument that I haven't outlined, how could you convince the masses that race mixing is indeed something to be avoided. Propaganda is certainly viable, by the far right does not have access to the kind of resources that their opposition does. A propaganda war is lost and has been lost for a while now.

36158f  No.13319783

No you stupid nigger, there are plenty of arguments against race mixing. Firstly, it is bestiality. Secondly, niggers and other races are disease ridden and will give you AIDS. Thirdly, a women is a traitor for breeding with a thing from out of the tribe. The only time bestiality is moral is when you rape their woman in a war. Even then it is still pretty gross.

171694  No.13319791

File: 91292da9a8d2d12⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 710x325, 142:65, thecyber1.JPG)

7a6cbb  No.13319793

>>But is this the only argument racialists have against the practice of race mixing?

Yeah guys, is EXTINCTION your only argument?

One line is enough from this dumb, nigger cunt.

c58bc1  No.13319799



That's great, and how do you tailor these ideas to convince the people who don't see black people as animals or care about the big picture of racial existence?

d6c589  No.13319801


Regression towards the mean is the best logical argument against mixing with the populations who come form shitholes. However, this doesn't dissuade European whites from mixing with Slavs, East Asians, and Meds.

d6c589  No.13319824


>come form

from, kek

85f1fe  No.13319834


Well since you're looking for the way to convince the masses that race-mixing is bad, then you are most likely not going to find it here. If you've been here a while, you probably already noticed that nu/pol/ is dedicated to discussion to certain topics and unfunny shitposting more than coming up with useful solutions to the fucked world around them.

If I had a say in it though, there would need to be a multi-step process to doing so. An end to race-mixing would be one of the final steps in an end to the cancer that is modernism. Unfortunately for a process like this to happen, there would need to be baby steps first. The cultural shift of America has not been strong enough to turn every person in the country into a mindless lefty, but it's been strong enough to make the average person detect any attempts at the aforementioned "baby steps." By baby steps, I mean small things like memes and trending facts and knowledge. For example, the modern person detects anything right-wing, it will either be ignored or put in the spotlight as such. The problem with /pol/ is that it sticks to such stupid and flat-minded tactics as I just mentioned.

For the baby steps to an end of race-mixing to occur, the people wouldn't just need to be convinced that blacks and whites aren't equal. The average white person would need to acknowledge their inferiority on a mass scale, not just in the United States, but as an entire race. Nu/pol/ may have made a few hate symbols, but there's no way the elimination of equality rhetoric would be possible without 1984-esque government intervention.

0c3500  No.13319867


Not gonna spoonfeed you data that shows why racemixing is bad. But let's say there is a future where everyone is brown or yellow or green, whatever; is that a desirable future? Keep in mind, with every race comes a culture and a mentality.

and we can have places to racemix for all i care but why must it so happen to be at every place where white people have settled?

d6c589  No.13319935


Don't forget Brazil.

9e0df5  No.13320013

>what problems does dating outside of your race actually pose?

Dating tends to lead to fucking, which tends to lead to producing children. You're also wasting your time on something which won't lead to white children, and setting an example to others to do the same.

Clash of families isn't a convincing argument for those without strong family ties, which applies to many.

33206f  No.13320026

Read up on the racial soul, and then lurk for 2 more years before posting again

1fc14c  No.13320059

Objective medical reasons to refrain from miscegenation? Your mulatto kids won't find bone marrow donors if they ever need them. There are a slew of issues that stem from the inability of mongrels to find suitable organ donors and the like.

9a2ad5  No.13320116

File: 542c92d0bf79b13⋯.jpg (120.03 KB, 1024x924, 256:231, 542c92d0bf79b13a5d63663b61….jpg)


Won't speak for every anon, but i personally find important to have a good quota of diversity at a planetary level.

The best way to keep the diversity, and populations well-adapted to different ecological niches, is to have immigration and race-mixing null or to a very low level.

Racemixing removes diversity.

Racemixing is wrong because if something would happen at a planetary level, all races (which would by then be equal) would die, instead of the opposite: diverse people in the planet face the same problem, some patches die and some remain.

The irony here is that the left braindead retards are literally shilling for the end of diversity in the human / hominid species.

There is also the argument of supposed "european superiority", which probably originates from the profoundly racist vision of the eternal anglos, which believed themselves so superior that they wouldn't even do "menial tasks" and so promote slavery worldwide. I'm not with or against it (or maybe slightly against), but it is contrary to my belief of diversity as a mechanism of survival against a planetary danger.

4d51a1  No.13320246


Logic and /pol/aks don't mix, Anon.

0c3500  No.13320273

File: 7f07e0b7e81c1a3⋯.gif (169.5 KB, 326x271, 326:271, Blank _8c8263d795849d374b5….gif)


Yes, deport all the traitors to Brazil

0c3500  No.13320306


I think the argument first has to reach the person, get them interested.

memes and humor in general have proven to be very useful in the past


b6ef46  No.13320316

File: 16742c535b511c6⋯.png (92.44 KB, 396x396, 1:1, CIA goblin.png)


>One and done ID

>All in all, are these the only arguments that /pol/ can offer against race mixing?

Stop using disingenous strawmen. You know that those aren't the arguments if you bothered to lurk one redpill thread. You don't care about solutions, you don't care about logic or autistic arguments. You're just here to masturbate at you're supposed superiority over anons. In the slim chance you are genuine, look up outbreeding depression, health and mental problems of mixed individuals, or guilt trip people since they'd be having children that look nothing like them

d82f33  No.13320343

race mixing makes it so you basically can't give/receive blood/tissue/organs to between kin. if that science isn't reason enough to be against race mixing, you're probably a jew.

32d1d0  No.13320499

Race mixing is just an identity issue. If youre white and you want to race mix, you can develop a new identity, some of us want to stay white though. Some people are comfortable embracing a mixed race identity, and some are not comfortable. Most of the people on this board want to keep it white.

32d1d0  No.13320501


I am trying to explain to the OP that race mixing for us is not an academic issue, its about identity, its an emotional thing

dce17e  No.13320514


Dont forget (((capitalism))) and the free flow of human capital that does it all.

dce17e  No.13320518


No even one person likes it without brainwashing. Except jewish women, they prefer black men.

20f4d4  No.13320539


No, disgust about race mixing not "emotional" you fucking fairy. The cause of disgust is because race mixing is objectively the worst way to pass along genes outside ejaculating in a sewer.

The children will be worse off than the white parent in just about every metric. They'll be dumber, less mentally stable, and more prone to disease. Race mixed kids are caught in a genetic drift that takes them away from both parents. We want to instinctively recognize our offspring if we are pair-bonded with a member of the opposite sex.

Visceral reactions most often come from a biologically sensible root. You hate the smell of rotting meat because your brain is using a heuristic to tell you not to eat the spoiled food. Pain happens as a way to say something is damaging.

It's a visceral reaction, not an emotional one. Said reaction has a very logical cause. Most people on /pol/ just never suppressed that reaction and worked to figure out the cause of it.

3dcb7b  No.13320641

>wanting your kid to be a malformed low iq mongrel with no people to identify with

63dea5  No.13320840


you don't. you might as well be asking how to convert a fucking homosexual into a family man. Why? so we can swell our ranks with faggots? no thanks. whites are getting genocided and the dumb ones are getting genocided first. Europeans are going to end up like jews. a small tightknit tribe full of nepotism and racism that controls countries from the top down. But first we have to get rid of the idiots who have no ingroup racial preference

f1af81  No.13321309


Spoken like a true jew

Homosexuals are great for spreading diseases amongst the enemy tribe

They are useful

e1a5c2  No.13321322

>this thread is still up.

G-d bless the (((mods)))

dee495  No.13321328


inability to identify with ancestry hence weakening of cultural bonds. This creates easily controlled populace only able to derive meaning from material benefits etc etc

dee495  No.13321331


despite what the retarded christians tell you. Culture is ethnicity to a great degree

6edecc  No.13321333

>is ethnic genocide the only argument

Gee, it's almost like you think all races are capable of the same intellectual and behavioral abilities, equally

6edecc  No.13321351


>implying slavs aren't undomesticated aryans

Cheeki breeki faggot

6edecc  No.13321367



>genetics is emotion

90670c  No.13321453

File: a08504968e06f31⋯.mp4 (9.88 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, trailer.mp4)

Message from 90's

2339c1  No.13321480

People are not equal, this is /pol/ 101. If two people have a kid, the kid will be roughly between the two in traits. If one parent is superior (mentally, physically, health in general, etc) and the other is inferior, the superior parent is producing inferior offspring – it’s a degeneration. This can occur even without race-mixing, for example if one has a kid with someone is a retard, cripple or someone with a heritable genetic disease, hence the need for both positive and negative eugenics.

And then there is the issue of microchimerism and telegony. Telegony is the passing of traits from a male other than the father. Fetal microchimerism, where cells remain from the baby for some time after birth (even decades) is normal. But females have been found to have male microchimerism even without having had a son. Possible causes are sexual intercourse(!), a lost male twin, etc. So if you fuck and have a kid with a non-virgin, you’re by default being cucked by another man. If this man was a shitskin, your child is getting genetic material from a shitskin left over and assimilated to the mother. You’re getting inferior, unpure offspring. This is why race-mixing is harmful, this is why women (and men) have to remain virgins until marriage. Women are a people’s weakest link. The Jews can promote Black man/white female and indirectly niggerize Aryan genes through this method


90c6d8  No.13321507


Functioning, mentally sane people were not naturally predisposed to racemix in the first place. Those who do, are either defective (their selection mechanisms are completely broken, making them genetic trash that shouldn't reproduce in the first place), or people who got brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. Depending on your position, you might as well argue that there is no logical reason why people shouldn't smear themselves in shit and get assfucked by donkeys, or do something even more degenerate. The actual problem with racemixing is that unlike fucking donkeys, it will actually have horrible mutants as a consequence. So it's no longer your own choice. Would anyone actually want to be a disgusting mongrel? I sure wouldn't.

When it comes to non-reproductive racemixing, it's about self-respect and setting up certain standards. Also, about overall incompatibility and about giving the animals rewards that they don't objectively deserve. While their ancestors were wallowing in their own shit for countless thousands of years and literally eating one another, ours have struggled and evolved. To be stronger, smarter, more cooperative, much more beautiful. Logically speaking, picking an objectively inferior partner just because of virtue signalling is pretty much retarded and insane.

It's an insult to nature, evolution, and common sense. Which is the exact reason why kikes are forcing it so much.

Whites who racemix should be deported to countries of their partners. So they can fully enjoy their mating choices and everything that actually comes with their choice of partner, rather than leeching on the societies our ancestors have built.

000000  No.13321517



Only a kike would ask this question and phrase it the way you did. Go fuck yourself.

Telegony alone is enough reason to stop mixing or any form of pre marital sex even if no offspring is produced.

e5f57d  No.13321928


Culture is derived from ethnicity and tradition.

bd1128  No.13321955

File: 82eb721e86383f3⋯.png (96.81 KB, 205x255, 41:51, ClipboardImage.png)


>Whites who racemix should be deported to countries of their partners. So they can fully enjoy their mating choices and everything that actually comes with their choice of partner, rather than leeching on the societies our ancestors have built.

Anon discovered the solution.

90c6d8  No.13322037


Just think about it, if all races are equal and if they prefer dark skinned gentlemen, they can go and live in Somalia, maximum enrichment guaranteed. Who are we to oppress them?

d6c589  No.13322050


>let women leave fatherland

>shortage of women in population with monogamy

>men find other women to marry

Look no further than the Faroe Islands to see what letting your women emigrate can do for the local male population.

1cff33  No.13322055

>OP raises valid practical concerns

<Almost everyone misses the point in favor of epic edgy wignat 101 talking points

d6c589  No.13322066


OP's "logical retort" is an appeal to psychology, a subjective science.

90c6d8  No.13322083


Most of them wouldn't do it if they actually had to face consequences of their actions. Some men would die in rahowa so it would not be a negative gender balance.


Practical concern is how to show people that what they find liberating is actually humiliating for them. Not too difficult. Those who don't racemix should see those who do with absolute contempt.


It can be easily countered even from a psychological perspective. Taboo plays a certain role in it, which is why it should not be forbidden, but those who do it should be marked as subhumans and looked down on by everyone.

d6c589  No.13322098


Exactly. Motions to let whites move abroad would result in women being able to but men not, as long as women can still vote in white countries.

ef352b  No.13322124

Hmm I wonder what some of the problems mixed race children face are?

> often have to be born c-section

These births are literally unviable without modern medicine

> can’t find compatible blood donors

> can’t find compatible organs

> strange genetic diseases not found in other populations

> loss of identity, don’t identify fully with either culture

> loss of culture and no historical home

> live as a permanent outsider everywhere they go

> lowers IQ

> genetically destroyed, a mullato can never breed beautiful blonde blue eyed aryan babies

cebe12  No.13322165

File: b1d5646dfed1d01⋯.jpg (173.99 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Central-African-Republic-H….jpg)

Alright, can you guys seriously tell me that, after seeing this photo, you have no desire to find a wife in the Central African Republic?

Let's be honest, guys.

90c6d8  No.13322200


No, they would lose citizenship and be banned from ever returning. Why would they, are they racist or something?

990fc0  No.13322209

File: 1bb6e1650611b74⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 96x96, 1:1, Capture.JPG)

bd1128  No.13322223


Spic Spammer experimenting with some new copypasta.

The glow, it hurts.

So fucking pathetic.

e9f234  No.13322226


Na sosach animal.

90c6d8  No.13322227




kys kampfy

f67ed4  No.13322230


You may not like it, but this is what peak waifu performance looks like.

201be5  No.13322245


>break authentically proud people into sniveling clenched fist tantrumers reaching for racial pride to replace what they lost

The nice thing about civnats is that sometimes their pride is real. Racenats spend their whole lives dying out, scuttling like cockroaches in the shadow of happier people.


Aryan is a slur, you broke-ass fucker. We don’t go around talking about “beautiful nigger babies.”. Quit idolizing criminality.


See this? No pride at all. This is either someone willing to shatter into a chimpass loser, or it’s someone willing to lie about shattering into a chimpass loser. There’s no culture here, and no joy, just totally degenerated suffering.

90c6d8  No.13322251


>Here comes dat mentally ill kike tranny to teach us the ways of globohomo

Hatred status: renounced

Only gay space communism now

d6c589  No.13322263


How would you strip citizenship from all men and women who travel, while women are sill allowed to vote?

e50154  No.13322274



take yours, turk

90c6d8  No.13322284


Catch race-traitors, arrest them, ship them to Somalia with the ticked paid for by any property they have had, ban them from ever entering again.

Use NSA (or European equivalent) for keeping track of them while they are abroad. If you find any evidence of them racemixing, ban them from ever returning. This has to be a multilateral policy of all white (and allied) countries to be effective.

239aba  No.13322371


I can tell from your low IQ that you are the product of race-mixing

d6c589  No.13322373


Turks are Meds

000000  No.13322542


Don't be a coward. Bring it on, shitskin.

f2b2ad  No.13323579


Race mixing is an alt left agenda spread by Hollywood propaganda. Just a way to cuck hardworking white men to reward lazy useless alt left drug dealers and gangbangers. To a lesser extent the Hollywood interracial agenda also seeks to exclude east asian men, but the ultimate goal is to cuck white men.

c81a85  No.13323983


>In the future there won't be any bigots.

Holy shit, you are naive. They will always find an excuse, they will always divide themselves. Humans naturally divide themselves, they naturally prefer to date those who look similar to them. Even if we were all one race, the world would divide itself by lighter skinned people and darker skinned. WE WILL NEVER ALL BE THE SAME and we will always look for ways to separate ourselves.

b2068f  No.13324490

<(((paid))) thread

k, I'll drop in before resuming shitposting elsewhere since you were nice enough to feed Jim's pigs to get clicks.

>kids can be more likely to inherit diseases (sickle cell, for example) and even get weird combos

>these issues can be harder to treat medically due to mixed genetic background, particularly transplants and the like

>mixes often turn out less intelligent, either through the specific mix or from developmental/behavioral issues (the potential to be very smart is there but there's too many fucking variables for it to be guaranteed and is far from universal)

>churning out more disaffected mutts risks increases in crime and other negative behaviors

>contribution to the replacement of an already beleaguered, actively attacked racial group

>actively degrades historical racial-national identity, and the quality and culture of a group over time

b2068f  No.13324492


But hey, all that dry stat crap is boring, it's what everyone on here says and links constantly. What we really want are the feels and how they relate to a person's life, right? That seems to be what you're after.

>mutts never fit in completely with either side and will always be an outsider, both social and societal

>the kid will, in all likelihood, be left out of cultural activities where children of an identifiable race would be welcomed, and not in ways that are immediately obvious (push out, cold shoulder, common amongst Asians against hapas)

>parents will be pressured to raise them a certain way from both sides of the family, these may not be compatible, and contribute further to strain on the home life and confusion of the child

>there is no set of "tribal" or traditional culture and values to lean back on for a strong identity, but instead multiple clashing ones (or worse, none at all), and the kid will have to go back and forth constantly depending on what side of the family they are interacting with in order to fit in

>if they "pick a side" it might not be yours, and they may not even look anything like you; this can lead to even parental distancing, resentment and/or rejection, making the issue even worse for everyone (happens often with Asian women when their hafu kid turns out looking too Asian, and fathers with sons that look too different from themselves)

>they will be seen as novel, fetishized, and talked to/about like an exotic animal or tabletop curio at best, and targeted for discrimination and violence at worst, from infant to adult

>mixes much more likely to have mental, emotional, and/or behavioral problems due to this unlikeness and ostracization, and (of course) a slough of general identity problems, and an increased risk of everything from violent behavior to suicide depending on the mix and individual

>they will get "What are you?", "Are you adopted?", "Why is your mom/dad so much lighter/darker than you?", "When did your dad get a Chinese girlfriend?", "You're not really X because you look Y", "But you can't/don't act X," and other comments/questions their entire lives from every direction, often the first thing they hear from someone instead of the more normal interactions everyone else gets, making them doubt themselves and reminding them they're different; you cannot prevent this and it will affect them

>this is part of being human and can't be ironed out with brainwashing on either side of this "problem", as we have seen if you've been on here for more than a year or two


>you/the parent will get these looks and questions/comments as well from everyone/strangers, including people genuinely doubting if the kid is even yours, and it will get old; even the "positive" ones people throw around to seem progressive (Your kids will look so beautiful! What color will they be? Is he really yours? I definitely approve you two having kids, you are making the country's future a brighter place!)

>the only way to smooth this out a bit is to talk up both sides of the kid's heritage constantly, be ready to provide a lot of examples that aren't shit, move to a very mixed area, set up with a very mixed school, etc. where no one knows what anyone else is for sure and even then you're still going to face problems

>ignoring their race can often just make the issue worse since they will never understand why they are different or being treated in this manner, and mulatto kids will almost always be seen as just black unless you're in Africa somewhere so prepare for them to "act less white" to fit in, temporarily or permanently

>if it's your first time dealing with this you're probably going to get looked down on for being ignorant of racial issues, making getting any sort of info or support a chore without the scoffing, and there's no guarantee any of what you do get will be good

>telling someone to suck it up and be a man because you think this is all touchy-feely nonsense doesn't make the problems go away and can just make them worse

>whatever plan you have to "fix the problem" or stop all this isn't foolproof, will not necessarily work and probably isn't even the first time it's been tried, the only guaranteed way to prevent it is to exert some damn control over your dick, NOT fuck that jap/currynigger/chink/sandnigger/niggernigger/taco girl, and NOT have kids with her

Speaking from experience so I can't really source it, but here, have some links. I'm just really tired and don't want anyone else to go through this. If you care about having a nice life and the well-being your future kids, don't race mix please.



000000  No.13324582

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you are a beta White male, you have a racial duty to bleach black women. Not doing so will allow them to breed with violent niggers who will rape and murder our descendants. If you are truly beta, then you are never going to breed with a quality White woman anyway, so this is the only way for you to do your part in helping the White race defeat violent chimps.

Put your own personal preferences aside, so you can cuck black men out of passing on their violent rape ape genes. Meanwhile, the alpha White males will continue breeding with White females, improving our racial gene pool.

Everyone wins except niggers and jews.

131c9f  No.13324594


If you want to get STD’s fucking a animal be my guest.

7ff5f0  No.13324597


>muh optics

b2068f  No.13324628


Wasn't the goal of the Jews supposedly to race mix and make a bunch of mulattos to rule over?

000000  No.13324650

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4b0560  No.13324655

Tell racemixing whites that they are ruining niggers' People of Color's pure bloodline.

67d1d6  No.13325135

This is the biggest horseshit thread I have ever seen. 23&me or ancestry.com yourselves and jump off a bridge. Stupid crackers.

000000  No.13325605

It ain't gonna stop white genocide, you're better off just offing yourself now and saving them the trouble

324d98  No.13325665


Look at the ID.

000000  No.13325671


>23&me or ancestry.com

Be careful, nigger or they'll run your account data against CODIS and at least half your family will end up in prison.

d6c589  No.13325697


A huge problem with research posts like these is that they don't account for the mix. They study a huge melting pot of mixes including mulattoes and generalize it to all mixes. So, to reach the crowd that research appeals to, you'd need piles of specific data on their mix: German x French, Swedish x Thai, Scottish x English, etc.

None of your sources have good control variables like these.

5539b2  No.13325741

File: 2468988113bf600⋯.webm (3.36 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Grim Reaper [1987].webm)


>Simply saying "bestiality is illegal," doesn't win hearts or minds.

One might point out that over 50% of niggers have (permanent) herpes and genital warts. Here's an advert from the 80's that might give inspiration to those with an artistic bent.

430e9f  No.13325915

race mixing isn't that bad,

actually dating non-whites from outside the country is way worse, they bring all their shit here and your kids will always have something to complain about if you ever bring them back to their place of origin.

the only problem I have with race mixing is that people who would never get laid as males try to get me to pass genes on to them, like unless you're taking me off the street or something don't bother, my kids would rather never be born and I would like to be spared the world harmony crap.

9615f6  No.13325921

File: d24f2bc1c2bae05⋯.png (234.42 KB, 800x799, 800:799, 1444532795974.png)


The issue is that most of us whites don't go to church anymore.

I wouldn't be against creating a new race of half-white/half-mexican.

Mexican women understand a need for culture and a system ran by men.

dd7a8c  No.13325924


Outbreeding depression.

000000  No.13325996

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Mexican women understand a need for culture and a system ran by men.

Not anymore

9615f6  No.13326020

File: 239a81dc7f39200⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, christian virgins.jpg)


If a woman has anything to say about politics, she can and should be ignored.

I see plenty of latina jehovah girls going to church multiple times a week across the street from my house.

They all dress nicely too.

bd1128  No.13326029


You're still glowing, leafblowing bitch.

6d34d6  No.13326033

File: ef15fbd04431be0⋯.png (375.91 KB, 626x1252, 1:2, 1466535759740.png)


Look everyone, this is your mind on Christcucking. Godly spics are the future for civilization. Mixing white 100 IQ with brown 90 (at best) will surely make a better more prosperous future. Deuteronomy 22:10, you fucking retard.

4e38c2  No.13326036


9615f6  No.13326038

File: fc53bb32e987460⋯.png (335.61 KB, 700x700, 1:1, head full of fuck.png)



No more tears.

The wall isn't getting built.

They've taken back California without starting a war.

Latina women are the new white women as they remain culturally connected to Christianity, patriarchy, reject feminist propaganda and have no issue understanding the Jewish question.

Say it with me - Viva La Mexico.


a6a1b6  No.13326045

sage and report shill threads

d4e6ef  No.13326047


Most White Christians are making White Babies while incel stormfags are posting nazi cartoons.

2ca301  No.13326057

still waiting for 1 scientific source that shows that racemixing leads to inferior offspring.

> implying that any argument on /pol/ is based on scientific grounds and not on muh gut feelings

48ff53  No.13326096

File: 541d53d988c0b2e⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 500x387, 500:387, 0147ceeb8ec5aa6884dd2de24b….jpg)

I am astounded of the low quality replies like from


As if tjis is even a moral issue ?

Morals change, recessive genes do not.

The reasone we are upset here is that whites are an absolute minority in the world and their homelands are being flooded with creatures whose genetics are inferior to oir habitat.

Niggers need sunlight for example from around the equator and are less healthy here.

its not about peer approval or social constructs like that, dont play into the jews hand by implying the consequences are imaginary.

By encourging racemixing one is encouraging the destruction of the do-european gene pool, the result of a chain of uninterrupted evolution.

We dont want that chain to end (cfr. whites have recessive genes) as whites are too valuable to this world (for many reasons).

Not just to avoif some mutt to be bullied but for the sake of preserving worthy genes into the future.

Anyone opposing our continuation is a natural enemy of us.

Just like a Zebra will defend his kid from a snake trying to poison it.

Jews hate that as they see us as their natural enemy due to religious and selfish motives.

48ff53  No.13326103


sorry for spelling mistakes, can only phonepost from here.

542b8c  No.13326104


being in socal i can confirm this! there are some good white girls but they are far inbetween. most girls i dated where delusional. they start out cool but then start letting their feminism show. they gain weight stop cooking as much, and stop giving blowjobs. mexican chicks are what white women need to look to. but hey half of them are drying up and realizing their college professors where wrong

000000  No.13326179

Stop waiting for that unicorn, White man. Buy you some eggs and get you a surrogate. Preserve your heritage and racial purity.

9615f6  No.13326231

File: f6d780fa075c217⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 1387x702, 1387:702, 1534770411355.jpg)


Come on man.

That's not functional.

I would rather race mix than admit I can't get good puss puss.

000000  No.13326286


How do you know if that puss puss is racially pure? How do you know if she'll be a good mother? How do you know she won't divorce rape you and pozz your kids against you?

9615f6  No.13326356

File: 723449d494b8353⋯.jpg (213.95 KB, 1080x892, 270:223, It-was-never-real-to-begin….jpg)


Because that would violate her Christian ethics.

A good woman puts the Christian God first and then her family, it all works out.

One mommy, one daddy - thank you Jesus.

000000  No.13326410


A woman's first loyalty should be to her husband, not to some long dead jewish rabbi. After her husband, then her kids, then her ethnostate.

Today's womyn are loyal to nothing except their own cummies and tingles.

It will take a generation of red pilled single fathers to raise a future generation of respectable, marriageable and breed-worthy Aryan females.

2fb3e3  No.13326433






>Tornigger. Even a broken clock…

This. Today only single fathers with full-custody can manage to raise worthy females.

07f784  No.13327041

my neighbor is married to a nigger. oh well

9a2ad5  No.13327206


>Most of them wouldn't do it if they actually had to face consequences of their actions.


they are truly stupid and ignorant of how the world works.

Women are the worst, only second to jews.

96bb14  No.13328364


Jews go first!

(That means you)

e27f23  No.13328388

sage and report shill threads

d6c589  No.13330343


This. Ever since Paul's reforms of the church, Christianity has been telling women to put the king of the Jews before their husbands.

6ebe56  No.13330430

It destroys the connection of family since the kids don't look like one or either of the parents.

ffc7a2  No.13330459


>kids don't look like one or either of the parents.

that's not a problem unless you live in society.

protip we do

8f20b2  No.13331931

File: 2b648d6596c6f74⋯.jpeg (107.89 KB, 669x653, 669:653, 2b648d6596c6f7483f52d9e2f….jpeg)

File: 31098c729fc52d9⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2769x1920, 923:640, 197224.jpg)

File: 2129517e3aa3cd3⋯.jpg (3.1 MB, 3024x1920, 63:40, 197234.jpg)

File: f66a5976af7726f⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 3024x1920, 63:40, 197238.jpg)

File: c08eb3f4cc835df⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 2898x1920, 483:320, c08eb3f4cc835df8cb8af73724….jpg)

I got these at hand, but there were more infographics floating around.

000000  No.13331940


>nigger/ginger hybrids

that's my fetish

5aae2f  No.13332041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



then after you turn into peat


bee44e  No.13334636


In hindsight, it's so obvious what these ads were really promoting. Population control of whites.

AIDS is extremely rare in white heterosexuals.

Notice the double push for condom use at the end.

bd1128  No.13334662

File: 9e50ad3aa86fa73⋯.png (11.21 KB, 58x75, 58:75, Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at ….png)

bfea8a  No.13334716

You need to first scale, least to most offensive, and/or dangerous. Experience will do the rest.

If you're upper class, I don't care what your race is. You're an idiot to not only allow it, but not try to get the very best match possible. And I mean gene wise, not class wise, necessarily.

27c084  No.13334728

All humans are mutts, but we tend to prefer mutts that resemble us in appearance and values.

5494cc  No.13353083

Genocide is for crazy people OP.

5494cc  No.13353085


Kek. I wonder how long they'll be White then, retard.

cb3345  No.13353093

Make white babies . Raise them. Be a dad. 1488 or bust

fe1451  No.13354119


This exactly.

White average IQ = 100; black/arab average IQ = 70.

95 IQ white, and 80 IQ black/arab = 85 IQ mixed race offspring.

Contrast that with two whites, that will have offspring with an average IQ of 100.

By race mixing with a sub-optimal race, you're just putting your future children at a huge disadvantage.

000000  No.13354689


>But is this the only argument racialists have against the practice of race mixing?

no. there are many biological reasons for not mixing with a different subspecies, and the greater the genetic distance the worse it is for your offspring. this is where the real problems lie. if you look at it terms of dominance, the non-european traits tend to overpower and subjugate the european ones, meaning generations of evolution are cancelled out. by evolution i mean not just physical evolution, but evolution of character.

when it was still legal to study races, scientists made a lot of discoveries related to genetics and different character traits.

the national socialists were very aware of this, as they had done very extensive research on genetics. their research indicated that offspring of different human subspecies had less self control, and generally scored lower on ethical tests. The genetic variance seen in jewish and to some extent gypsy test subjects and their character traits, led the national socialists to the conclusion that the jews specifically were not a race in the classical sense, but more of a hybrid of all subspecies. This is why having children with a different subspecies was legally regulated (it was not illegal - but required authorization in some cases). In those days it was considered a public health issue, there was no hate or malice associated with it.

One of the most fascinating things about national socialist ethnic policy is that they wanted to uplift humans worldwide, even the africans, to create the uebermensch. After the war these plans were actually implemented in mammals, foxes to be exact, by the russian researcher Dmitri Belyaev. what this man did was speed up evolution of foxes by selecting only the those with the most moral character. so the "aryan" human behavior checklist was adapted for canines and a breeding program was started. lo and behold after a 30-50 generations the foxes all came out looking completely different, they all had white fur to be exact. Now comes the interesting part, these domesticated white superalpha foxes were put into the pens with the others at a 30:70 ratio and managed to domesticate the other semi wild foxes very quickly.


This was the actual national socialist plan for humanity, and is exactly the opposite of what is unfolding currently

4b80a7  No.13354707


>independent of jews

Where is this place that is independent of jews? And how can I get there?

4b80a7  No.13354735


>overcome the nihilistic tendencies of young people.

Nihilism is an intellectual vacuum that leads to suicide. Both individually and racially. It's easy to get sucked in and near impossible to get out. One has to realize and admit fault that they allowed themselves to get sucked into it to even consider wanting to get out. Not too many are willing to do such a thing.

ff125c  No.13354774

Nobody has to convince anybody of anything, because the truth is the truth whether people believe it or not. If a person is so stupid and weak that they don't care about finding the truth, then fuck 'em. The truth is that straight Whites need to unite and free ourselves from the biological weapons that have been foisted upon us.

Race mixing among white breeds is fine, everything else is a step backwards in evolution.

000000  No.13355188




000000  No.13355275

>but goy, young people are dumb and polarized and a lot of them are degenerates! therefore whats the problem with race-mixing!?

>listen goy, we need to ARGUE with adolescents about race-mixing! muh logics!

>here's some arguments and my claims as to why they don't work - don't ask me to prove any of this though!

>now prove me wrong!

How the fuck do threads like this last this long? What do the mods even exist for?

This is 4chan-tier.

Bump for exposure, this shit is embarrassing.

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