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File: 6c079a29cfee4c4⋯.jpeg (41.2 KB, 760x428, 190:107, 755FE5B7-4E3D-4903-8037-F….jpeg)

581823  No.13320472

Should I join AIM?

They are the only operating pro white organization. Patrick Casey is a certified professional. Richard Spencer and Duke are bums.

2312b7  No.13320475

from looking at his face my gut says fed. i think it's the eyes

52d383  No.13320482

I literally asked Patrick Casey if he was a jew and he said no.

e4cfcf  No.13320489


>Should I join AIM?

I'm considering it myself. But what does it actually mean to be a member? What can a pathetic NEET do as a member?

9e43db  No.13320493



581823  No.13320494


Rallies and marches

e4cfcf  No.13320497

File: 6ffd0789771653d⋯.jpg (43.99 KB, 521x406, 521:406, 1467857119544.jpg)


Sounds pretty useless. And not in some "LARP "WE NEED VIOLENCE!" way either. I wish I had enough experience and brains because what organizations like this needs is actual lobbyists and legal advocates. Rallies are a pretty shit way of gaining support since they never look good. That's just my opinion though

8640c0  No.13320504

>Should I join _

No. Never join anything.

52d383  No.13320512

From SPLC's "Hate-Watch" pages:

White Nationalist Group Identity Evropa Rebrands Following Private Chat Leaks, Launches 'American Identity Movement'

Just over a year after assuming control of the college-focused white nationalist organization Identity Evropa (IE), leader Patrick Casey said on Twitter that the organization “has been retired.” The announcement comes just days after the nonprofit media organization Unicorn Riot released the group’s Discord server chat logs.

Casey says he is now launching a new organization, the American Identity Movement (AIM). For a group that has always paid scrupulous attention to branding, the move seems designed to distance Casey and his followers from the public-relations baggage that has burdened IE since the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia, “Unite the Right” rally they helped organize. Identity Evropa is currently facing a lawsuit related to their role in the deadly rally.

Now, with leaked chat logs providing further evidence that IE’s “identitarian” label is simply a cover for rampant racism and antisemitism, the rebrand seems even more urgent.

More than any other white nationalist group operating today, Identity Evropa has attempted to frame their views in ways that appeal to mainstream conservative audiences. They downplay the extreme nature of their ideas, like referring to their ideal society as “ethno-pluralistic” rather than segregated. They push for a clampdown on immigration and stress nativist talking points that they believe will appeal to Trump supporters. They carefully manage their public image, holding only unannounced demonstrations where they hold banners with innocuous-sounding slogans like “Make America Beautiful Again.”

The thorough management of their image is all part of an attempt to cozy up to the Republican Party and, they hope, eventually alter the GOP to fit their own image. It’s a strategy James Allsup, a popular alt-right YouTuber and one of Identity Evropa’s most prominent members, has been promoting through example since he was elected a GOP precinct committee officer last summer.

The group’s rebrand offers further cover to smuggle white nationalist views into mainstream politics.

This weekend the American Identity Movement held their first public action, which took the same format as IE’s demonstrations. More than 50 AIM members stood outside the Tennessee State Capitol with banners that read “This land is our land” and “Defend America.”

While Identity Evropa’s aesthetic was an amalgam of superficial references to “European culture,” AIM is more heavily steeped in worn Americana. Instead of IE’s Greco-Roman imagery, AIM’s posters recycle American turn-of-the-century and Cold War propaganda.

But their imagery looks familiar for other reasons, too. The new group’s logo – an eagle rendered in red, white and blue with its extended wings framing the AIM emblem – is nearly identical to that of Patriot Front (PF), a white nationalist group headed by Thomas Rousseau that broke off from the explicitly fascist Vanguard America in the wake of “Unite the Right.” AIM’s pilfering of PF’s aesthetic brought criticism from other members of the racist “alt-right” who have long resented IE for its self-serious posturing.

“This wouldn’t be nearly as funny to me if these guys weren’t the group who are constantly bragging about how much more intelligent and visionary they are than everybody else in the movement,” Matthew Parrott, host of a white nationalist podcast and former spokesman for the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), tweeted in the aftermath of Casey’s announcement. In their Discord chats, members of IE mocked Patriot Front and TWP, calling them “terrible groups” with “terrible optics.”

Building a marketing strategy

Despite Identity Evropa’s efforts to differentiate themselves from other segments of the white nationalist movement with their tony aesthetic and faux-academic jargon, their Discord chats show that their views were essentially the same as any other group in the alt-right. Members toed the party line and avoided using racial slurs or other crude language, but they still engaged in Holocaust denial, vilified Jews and black people, and read crudely racist content like the Daily Stormer.

“Even blacks on the right side of the bell curve can’t engage in abstract thought,” Erika Alduino, who held a leadership role in IE, posted in early 2018.

One member called the Holocaust “the most disgusting lie of the 20th century.” Another responded by adding, “Six million is a meme number.”


52d383  No.13320513


Publicly, Identity Evropa appears unified behind their vaguely defined identitarian banner. Casey regularly accuses journalists who call them a white nationalist group of “mischaracterizing us.” But, behind the scenes, there was an ongoing effort to establish a consistent branding strategy that obscured the group’s racist views. They hoped, as Casey put it, to generate “cutting edge, headline-grabbing stances (without being explicitly racial).”

“I think it’s a good strategy to not use the word ‘ethnostate’ and instead focus on ‘getting the demographics back on track,'” a member posting under the name “Attrition in the desert” wrote. “This is in the same vein of saying ‘nationalist’ rather than ‘ethno-nationalist.’”

The term “identitarian” was also up for debate. “’Identitarian’ could appeal to more intellectual people,” a user an antifascist group identified as Jacob Labudda of Cheney, Washington, posted. “It sounds smart.”

“Saying words to sound smart is kinda of [sic] a weird strategy because if they’re actually ‘intellectual’ they might just be unimpressed,” another member responded.

One poster conceded Identity Evropa was “WN [white nationalist] in the literal sense, in the words themselves,” but that group shouldn’t use the label because it was “tied to too much baggage. Identitarian is what I am. That’s the way forward.”

“Anyone who listens to us for five minutes knows we’re White Nationalists,” another member wrote.

The group actively tried to influence the media in hopes of garnering positive coverage that would help spread their message and recruit new members. They were often successful.

Within their Discord server, IE had a channel called #cyberstrike where they coordinated campaigns to draw media attention to their demonstrations and flyering. After dropping a large banner from an overpass in Atlanta in December 2017, for example, Casey directed all the members in the chat to report the action to local news outlets, many of which later reported on the demonstration. Elsewhere in the channel, posters asked their fellow IE members to downvote videos on YouTube they found objectionable, promote online content that aligned with their ideology and harass Twitter users who were opposed to their racist views.

“I used a sock [fake] email account to report flyers in a recent campaign,” a member from New Jersey wrote. “It worked out pretty well and they published an article on it afterwards.”

Their efforts to garner media interest eventually landed Casey an interview on the Today Show, where the interviewer failed to seriously interrogate Casey’s views and, instead, provided the hate group leader with a platform to spread his white nationalist ideas. Casey hailed the segments featuring him as “extremely significant victories.” “[W]e have received more applications so far today – 40 and counting – than we have during some weeks in the past few months. Our strategy works!” he told members.

Infiltrating the GOP

Identity Evropa and, now, its derivative American Identity Movement, are especially dangerous because they have been able to successfully launder their image enough for their members to gain access to the Republican Party, which they hope will further allow their ideas to penetrate the GOP’s base.

That’s part of the group’s explicit strategy. “I am totally in support of people getting involved in not only their local Republican Party chapter but also organizations like the College Young Republicans,” Casey said on a podcast last June. He reiterated that message in IE’s Discord chat.

It appears many members took up Casey’s instructions. One member said he had an upcoming interview for a job in politics, another said he had knocked on doors for a local Republican candidate and a user from Minnesota said he had received a “positive response to my question about resettlement at MN’s governor’s forum today.”

“Once I graduate I plan to infiltrate my local GOP politics Allsup style,” another wrote.

In the chat, one user bragged in late 2017 that an unnamed “Chief of staff for a ‘conservative’ MO state senator” attended an IE flash demonstration.

Several members said they were members of College Republicans. Of the four IE members a Portland antifascist group identified based on the leaked Discord chats, two were members of College Republicans – one at Washington State University and another at the University of Washington.

With their slightly updated aesthetic and slogan, members of the American Identity Movement will likely continue on as they have now for years: quietly working to normalize their ideas within the Republican Party.



52d383  No.13320517

Personally, I'm on the fence on joining.

I want to join some group instead of just being this lone outcast

but then again, putting myself out there and giving them my name is really rubbing against my grain.

7e478a  No.13320525


Does anyone unironically believe the infiltrating the GOP "strategy" is going to work?

52d383  No.13320534


Look, I just copy-pasta'd that

And, no. The GOP is full of kikes, so no, it won't work.

Like James Mason said: "Don't just rock the boat, Sink the ship!" or words to that effect.

ab4b76  No.13320535


I hear this strat all the time, even Spencer talked about it. It is a pipe dream, it will not happen.

7e80f1  No.13320541

File: 9585b7ce9ee0eaa⋯.jpg (71.17 KB, 600x338, 300:169, b1d6cd5a1502a695-600x338.jpg)


3ca5c3  No.13320557


You can support without exposing yourself. I wouldn't "join" anything.

38d9f4  No.13320594

File: c69fc4ac5ae0877⋯.jpg (65.87 KB, 266x261, 266:261, that's a bad omen.jpg)


>Right Wing Orgs start wearing hazmat suits because society is a plague

Imagine the absolute madness the media would devolve into if a bunch of dudes held a rally wearing full biological kits.

38d9f4  No.13320604


>Society is diseased*

Sage for edit

229a92  No.13320671

Are you a cuck?

Are you a civnat faggot?

Do you love kikes and niggers?

Do you want to be the gudest got you can be?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions then YES, AIM is right for you! Join today!

c8d78e  No.13320694


Identity comes from idolatry and is always jew controlled.

347003  No.13320715


a71bb1  No.13320718

If you want to end up doxxxing yourself and ruining your career then yes join AIM :)

df0d0d  No.13320988


Oh look, another shill thread for shekel-grubbing jewtube faggots.

3296dc  No.13321210



Ok, maybe the discord logs were leaked a half-dozen times, but it won't happen again!

c25444  No.13321215


And right on time to disrupt other threads by draining mutiple responses for a QTDDTOT honeypot thread. I bet cha- I mean (((OP))) didn’t even check catalog.

596252  No.13321224


Come back, lad. I know the cyclical is dead but you can always come back.

89a47c  No.13321238



9c5d89  No.13321267


devolve? is that the right choice of words?

28940f  No.13321356

>American Identity Movement believes in effecting change peacefully and lawfully, and rejects political violence, extremism, and supremacism in all of its forms.

>AIM prohibits the advocacy of or participation in supremacy, violence, or illegal activity. We reject extremism of any stripe. Allegations to the contrary originate from left-wing individuals and organizations intent on mischaracterizing anyone who dares speak out against globalism.

(From their website)

How about no? You realize this organization is purely civic nationalist, right? They will do absolutely nothing to fight demographic change or fight our Jewish controlled government. Even if you think that they're just pretending to be civic nationalists for PR reasons, know that you can't vote yourself out of a genocide

f23c03  No.13321472

Oh look, another kike shill Zionist thread is being bumped. How surprising.

5764a9  No.13321978


no. they are anti-white faggots. but you know that since this is your third AIM post this week.

5764a9  No.13321994


they are never going to infiltrate the GOP. even steve king the 100% pro-israel cuck was removed from committees after 1/2 assed messages he instantly disavowed after being hunted by kikes and brown people.

white advocacy in government is non-existent and treated like a crime by both the right and left. whites have no voice in america, and no power in this jewish government. AIM plays by the anti-white government's rules with their passive aggressive pouting, and instills no fear in the enemy. they are nothing but a pressure release valve to get people doxxed while casey builds his brand and rakes in the shekels.

its simply a manifestation of ricky-vaughnism. like IE they only care about daddys yacht club and they disdain the white working class. i will personally help antifa beat their asses for being the exact strain of white race traitor that brought about our global plight.

630e06  No.13323676

I was in IE. Here’s the rundown:

- If you just want online friends, just play vidya, seriously - Red Orchestra 2, Verdun, HOI4, Arma, and many others have communities you’d feel just at home with.

- If you join AIM, officially you have to be somewhat kosher (no obvious natsoc, don’t say nigger and don’t talk/act like one) but the membership has discords and the like that behave exactly like regular /pol/lacks do.

- but, you will probably have to meet your local group to find them. Also you pay dues yearly or monthly or biyearly.

- As with everything, not everyone in AIM is worth anything if DotR comes. It’s not a golden ticket to 110% ubermensch. They above average generally, but keep your expectations realistic.

- also, they don’t want degenerates, NEETs, or neurotic freaks. Act like one and you’ll probably get B&

31fc8e  No.13327397

File: 7cc28901b4b1dea⋯.jpg (22.79 KB, 313x419, 313:419, 7cc28901b4b1deaf628b2e8448….jpg)


And people wonder why IE went nowhere.

97fad2  No.13327435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patrick Casey interviews liberal boomer and DESTROYS him using facts and logic

233478  No.13327471


Join if you want to make friends IRL and online. while the main servers are cucked incase of an infiltrator, there are many "off the record" AIM servers that are no different than /pol/ that are pretty fucking fun to post in.

233478  No.13327482


yeah but AIM kids still have gabagool in discord cause they are fucking retards

c906a5  No.13327501

233478  No.13327509

File: 1dc0f33ce7721a2⋯.png (335.48 KB, 628x661, 628:661, ClipboardImage.png)

97fad2  No.13327519

File: e97948ea0060c9b⋯.png (824.51 KB, 1055x589, 1055:589, dd3.PNG)


AtomWaffen is obviously filled with feds

aa84a0  No.13327540

The border between that thing called "America" and that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation. "America" identity is the enemy of the White Nation.

a52fde  No.13327544


Casey is Aryan


6658d2  No.13327547


Says the Fed.

adb22d  No.13327733


And the Purple Anon aka Barney threads get deleted within hours. Fucking Qushner mods.

9affcf  No.13327760


take your meds

3dcd34  No.13329035


>Should I join AIM?

No, once you join a group you are fucked. The group will ultimately be infiltrated, co-opted and destroyed and you will be known to the authorities and thus negated. They have the money, power and the experience. We have truth and passion. Work alone or in small cells, but all striving for the same goal.

72bfa9  No.13329454


He looks stressed, but that says nothing about if he is a fed or not.

4861c4  No.13329463


Do you have links to old purple anon threads?

445771  No.13329707


How stupid are you to even ask such a question here? The only opinion you can trust here is yours.

If you do join, practice opsec.

47c0b3  No.13330204


Anon, have you looked to see who was doxxed in IE? Lawyers, doctors, field grade officers, NRA director, tradesmen, and the Everyman. AIM is for the white man looking for IRL community and activism.

e437a3  No.13330209

AIM is a White Nationalist scam. They are not American Nationalists, they charge money to join and their application has more personal questions than the FBI would ask.

7fa74d  No.13330240


You stupid fucks.. When will you learn? 99.99999% of these pro white organizations are bait. And an obvious one. Large organizations will never work, they get instantly infiltrated or shut down. Your best bet are small undefined* groups of people, doing any kind of shit that doesn't benefit the yid and his system.

02b293  No.13330246

No, alot of them just for doxxed. It is not worth it.

7b4e27  No.13330312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Even better if they had a dance troupe.

dd6b0a  No.13330393

File: 8b9294625fe716a⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 296x285, 296:285, trailoftears.jpg)

File: 86199b0d715e9d7⋯.png (575.82 KB, 500x605, 100:121, jackson.png)

>Muh professionals

Politicial professionalism is elitist cancer. 'Professionalism' just means that you sucked enough capitalist/kike dick or got indoctrinated in an SJW university. Also, fuck political correctness and respectability. Andrew Jackson had it right. Swear as much as possible, say nigger all the time, and say fuck it to all of these fucking cucks' and kikes' rules. ==BURN THIS SHITTY SYSTEM DOWN TO THE GROUND! KILL THE BANK!==

68cd53  No.13330597


This is true. There are a few who facilitate doing just that, but shills never talk about them. If any command structure collects intel on local groups, it's out. Local groups have to be autonomous enough that even the high command doesn't know what they're doing. In other words, there can't be much of a high command at all. I've been helping Odinia for some time, personally. Notice how you hardly ever hear about legitimate people, but turbokikes are constantly shilled, even here.

68cd53  No.13330598




Checks out.

20437d  No.13330632


Waste of time and money. AIM is not a revolutionary movement, thus will not accomplish anything. It's not some glow nigger shit, it's just being ran by people who don't know what they are doing. There's several key problems with it.


The group is based off of Generation Identitaire in Europe. This is already off to a terrible start. Gen ID has no real power or influence in Europe, just a couple of buildings and the occasional flash demo. They do not hold any political power. Copying Golden Dawn or Casa Pound would've been better given their much larger size in their respective countries along with the fact they actually run in elections, or even protest movements like the yellow vests.


The group has no sense of how to actually make an impact. It focuses on activism, which is entirely worthless in the way AIM executes it. The flash demos have no effect on anything and it's also extremely transparent at this point that it's the same 50-75 people just flying across the country. Activism is a show of force, particularly saying that you own a specific space. This can be done in friendly territory to show you own the area, or it can be done in a hostile area to push the boundaries of what you own. Flash demos do none of that and are inherently weak. Organizing locally first needs to be done to build a basis of power, then national actions can be done. See the NSDAP and Munich/Bavaria for an example. Changing the value set of society (from anti-white to pro-white) is impossible from the bottom up, as such a revolutionary movement is needed to overturn the current society. Flash demos, banners, stickers, and posters cannot do that on their own.


The group's messaging is incredibly weak. What on earth is 'identity' anyhow? The terminology is incredibly vague or alien to the average person. The American symbolism is an improvement from the IE days, but it's very much half baked, borrowing entirely from the MAGA movement from three years ago. The lack of engagement with economics is another very, very important example of this. The group is also only quasi white nationalist, neither appealing to normal people nor the already existing white nationalist community.


The group fundamentally is hampered because it is reactionary. Patrick is an avid neoreactionary. This, again, prevents any meaningful action or growth by the group. Reactionaries have been an extremely weak historical force, and rely entirely on the levers of power to favor them to get into or maintain power. Since the entire elite is entirely anti-white, any pro-white group will receive no assistance from the elite. Patrick has a top down approach, but no connection at all to those at the top, coming from an entirely middle class background.


The group is too radical to be mainstream, but too moderate to appeal to radicals. Their goal is a white majority, rather than an outright ethnostate. This turns normies off to it, while also turning off the already existing white nationalist community.


The final, and most significant problem is that the group is not an idealistic one. AIM has no vision for a society which encompasses an ideal, but merely wants to advocate for whites. Compare this to the National Socialist Volksgemeinschaft or the Bolshevik's international worker's revolution, both promising a near Utopian vision of the future. AIM has none of this, as such cannot have any inspiration to sacrifice for the cause.

dd6b0a  No.13330673


Nigger, I'm an oldfag. I can find better Jackson memes/pictures, but I don't name most of my pictures when I download them. (And, I don't organize my picture folder. Probably should.)

832fc9  No.13330688


why not just subvert the Republican party so it becomes paleocon/nationalist in scope?

832fc9  No.13330692


provide proof. I'm calling your bullshit

63af8c  No.13331132


I’m not reposting doxxes. You can find them if you had the agency.

84b893  No.13331143


Hey kike, Israel is going to get nuked as your butt buddies in the IDF will be killed by Hezbollah

Fuck Jewmerica

84b893  No.13331146


>I’m not reposting doxxes

Repost the doxes of the kikevols that work for Chodemonkey, thanks!

233478  No.13331338

Identity Evropa was founded by someone convicted of committing a racial hate crime sounds pretty FUCKING BASED right? Unfortunately, new leadership is a shell of its former self, cucking on the JQ and you can’t even use racial slurs IRL anymore. The “new org” launch was a tremendous failure and couldn’t have come at a worse time. Everyone is too afraid to join their new chat platform, membership has been steadily declining. New applications are not coming in at the rate they previously were, and people are more blackpilled than ever on the situation.

2d6c93  No.13331697

I have to wonder if there are glownigger ties to the organization? There's hardly any pro-White orgs that I would put any trust into, and the only ones I follow, I just get info from, I would never donate or join them, as I don't trust them.

2d6c93  No.13331701


Why do idiots keep using (((Discord)))? IRC or nothing.

df0d0d  No.13331726

File: 15c87deed14c927⋯.png (90.64 KB, 750x354, 125:59, the_fire_rises.png)


>obvious honeypot is obvious



Because their target demographic is paypig normies that they can squeeze shekels from rather than leaders of men who actually want to make a difference.

eb077d  No.13331986

File: a35ef35ec1c8ece⋯.jpg (123.06 KB, 858x454, 429:227, whyshootings.JPG)

a07ee2  No.13332010

>/pol/ etiquette

Never link any group to /pol/. You should re-word your OP as; "Info dump on AIM, kiked or based?" or something to that effect. Then if you like them, join; if they are kikes, avoid. This place has been watched for a long time, but its now come under the lens of many authorities due to recent notoriety. If we have supposed /pol/acks saying they are joining various fringe groups then you will find that the enemy will start infiltrating those groups as well.

e6c156  No.13332148



b23b42  No.13332183


>White Nationalist Group Identity Evropa Rebrands Following Private Chat Leaks, Launches 'American Identity Movement'

Funny how White Nationalists have to always lie to get Whites to show up to their shitty larping party

>Now, with leaked chat logs providing further evidence that IE’s “identitarian” label is simply a cover for rampant racism and antisemitism, the rebrand seems even more urgent.

Same old lies over and over.

f6b3fa  No.13332213


Salty jews like you means it's a good idea

74d25d  No.13332219



You're so fucking pathetic.

This is your life, bitch. Sucking the farts out of Whitey's ass everyday. Remember that, you useless subhuman.

370917  No.13332227


Keep do the same thing over and over for the Jews.

And it only costs 100 bucks a year to join goy!

370917  No.13332231


Oy vey we're cringe identity fags being fake lying American Nationalists.

63c82a  No.13332240


Why? So you can be another banner carrying retard that gets nothing accomplished? How many groups need to be formed before you get it through your thick skulls? Parading around in the streets, getting into skirmishes with antifags, and getting doxxed are not ways we're going to help our people. If you think you can slither your way into political positions of power and change things in this "republic" you'd be dead fucking wrong.

2578b4  No.13332252

File: b04663560dc4409⋯.png (581.04 KB, 1050x1621, 1050:1621, antiwhite1.png)


Grouping Spencer with Duke, nice kike move. Those two have different ideologies, but both DO attempt to be somewhat professional. Former KKK Grand Wizard vs Fashy Haircut Word Salad Man = salad for dinner.

74d25d  No.13332325


I wish I could respond to you with witty shitposts, but your nigger spic brain formulates its thoughts in total beanerjabber nonsense.

Reminder: this is your life.

29de69  No.13332916

File: fc3eb68cdf33aff⋯.png (230.04 KB, 403x323, 403:323, casey.png)



Here's a quick rundown of his interview with RamzPaul.

>We shouldn't fixate on 'the race stuff'

>If you take the position that all the immigrants flooding in are bad you're wrong because most people around the world are decent people.

>We need a community of 'likeminded' people and a "lot if it transcends race and identity"

>The fracture lines in America are not racial


4003a3  No.13334030


100 bucks is like two meals out with the waifu you poorfag. Totally worth the networking. Gitgud plebs. Connections are power.

687129  No.13334037


browsing for 3 months still makes you a newfag

7df9c2  No.13334041


Can we stop fucking bumping threads made by paid shills for this honeypot organization?

4003a3  No.13334046


>dont do what your enemies did yo win. Just do something else i wont mention

Youre a kike. Kikes like you are terrified by white men organizing and gaining institutional power. The fact our enemies fight us tooth and nail to keep us out of public sight and institutional power means they know thats a valud strategy. Id call you a weakling cuck for giving up at the first wiff of resistance but youre obviously a jew.

06b243  No.13334054

File: 14146e838499053⋯.png (100.2 KB, 672x350, 48:25, ClipboardImage.png)


They only let in white non Jews tho.

4003a3  No.13334055


>absolutely everything is a false flag or honeypot because i say so

Die schizo boomer scum

4003a3  No.13334077



Cringing is an emotional encode of the fear of being struck. Its a slave emotion unworthy of an Aryan. Its hardcoded cowardice. The only noble emotions of disaproval are anger and disgust.

The fact you think cringing is a valid emotional response means youre at best a plebbit malform but probably just a mongrel.

97fad2  No.13341780

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patrick Casey's Speech At American Renaissance

A great speech about "Woke Capital". He goes into great depth into why businesses and corporations promote leftist ideals.

2acf5f  No.13341894


Hitler and national socialism taught identity transcended race alone. Its not enough to have biology. You need language culture and most of all mythology. Race is essential but by itself insufficient.

ff9818  No.13341902


No. Register Republican and attend official Republican Party events in your area. Anyone you meet under 30 is a guaranteed shitposter.

9f25ff  No.13341942


>trusting people who have no problem replacing you for spics for a quick buck

You're funny.

97fad2  No.13342022

File: fbbec96e0168eef⋯.png (19.76 KB, 585x209, 585:209, Capture.PNG)

Patrick Casey responds to fedposter

6c7554  No.13342023

Join Patriot Front not gay ass AIM. Patriot is the premier nationalist organization in the US. AIM, consistently refuses to take member security seriously, and is practically just a donation box. Patriot Front takes no money.

Not only do they not take money from members, but they take member security extremely serious, and have not had to rebrand because of an incoherent, disconnected message like AIM/IE.

Look at Patriot Front's website. (patriotfront.us) They held demonstrations outside of Israeli consulates, and embassies across the nation.

Patriot Front is gaining momentum.

97fad2  No.13342039


>Patriot Front is gaining momentum.

No it's not

97fad2  No.13342060


Patriot Front looks like a terrorist organization by wearing face masks.

When you cover your face, it insinuates that your enemy has power. Not only that, but it makes it look like you're ashamed, have something to hide or just a hooligan.

0897ee  No.13342064


Buddy, our enemies do have power.

6c7554  No.13342072

File: bcfeea3760252f3⋯.jpg (109.03 KB, 1741x846, 1741:846, DCMarch5.JPG)

File: a9a0464238d9330⋯.jpg (145.85 KB, 1758x853, 1758:853, DCMarch7.JPG)

File: f182b0fc074189d⋯.jpg (124.26 KB, 1763x853, 1763:853, DCMarch8.JPG)

6c7554  No.13342076

File: 05bd3ac0256ee34⋯.jpg (159.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, patriot front texas demo.jpg)

2acf5f  No.13342077



Remember that White Dialectic thread? Time to put it in practice. Not only are both orgs good but both orgs are necesarry.

>but they disagree

Learn to dialectic you numbnuts

ceb6a0  No.13342083

File: 917e8ec3598b5e7⋯.gif (6.88 KB, 307x362, 307:362, jew.gif)



>Just protest in front of Jewish banks without concealing anything, you'll be fine goy!

0897ee  No.13342088



Say what you want about them, PF has a really great aesthetic.

65a585  No.13342097

File: 333fe6372fd11ce⋯.jpeg (31.36 KB, 749x415, 749:415, ck3bGJvX7Cgekz-mZnGqpDLO_….jpeg)

File: 021c620de23dc48⋯.jpg (104.32 KB, 790x1024, 395:512, IMG_20190419_190335.jpg)

File: c65d097030f2e7c⋯.jpeg (393.23 KB, 1616x1088, 101:68, VfWTZidyxlmbG5ZMJvmX0fBob….jpeg)

File: b4b9795a152f6a5⋯.jpeg (292.04 KB, 640x1058, 320:529, YWPXyCMOOtpQqRTQeqTjMVYQc….jpeg)

patriot front are chads

6c7554  No.13342100

File: f7667cc1a4acb8b⋯.jpg (221.06 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, PF UNC 2.jpg)

File: 2cbd67579a399c1⋯.jpg (170 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pf UNC Chapel Hill.jpg)

File: 3ecb413e5a995b8⋯.jpg (206.2 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pf unc3.jpg)

6c7554  No.13342101

File: 9fb1283d05b09d8⋯.jpg (271.62 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, pf utah.jpg)

97fad2  No.13342108






Stop spamming this thread with your gay vpn

64cd36  No.13342109

File: 3e8d7847e3a2f57⋯.png (1022.79 KB, 1061x1187, 1061:1187, 1559345295063.png)

Join the boomerwaffen

65a585  No.13342116


youre a gay vpn

6c7554  No.13342117


Ok Alphabet Soup agent.

d8d490  No.13342120

Didn't AIM have all their members get doxed? I'd stay away if I were you.

0897ee  No.13342121


>7 posts

>All of them shilling for AIM or denigrating other orgs.

Casey, we know it's you.

0897ee  No.13342131



This cringeworthy monetization attempt is all you need to know about little patty-cake.

97fad2  No.13342178


Just subscribed, thanks for letting me know he had a subscribestar

65a585  No.13342192

File: a2916554b471230⋯.jpeg (78.84 KB, 1116x1024, 279:256, 7c2Rqg6CJz2C58FMlt_iTMlC2….jpeg)


you subscribed to yourself? thats cringe bro

2acf5f  No.13342217


Cringing is a mongrel emotion

776a1e  No.13342239


It's an action, not an emotion.

333a28  No.13342265


Not your blog.

Also, Hey AIM!

f6b3fa  No.13342553


>not underatanding that emotion is behavior in latent form

Holy fuck check out this grug

ffbc1d  No.13342613

Its about issues, not people or organisations, because they're most probably controlled opposition #68437. So you talk about agenda, not names.

c041ff  No.13342617

>recruiting on /pol/

Surely this will go well

9f25ff  No.13342645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13342691


Good insight.

What's the solution then? Individuals don't accomplish shit, groups and parties are what create change. Radical parties have to be created in order make radical changes. The real question is how many people are willing to throw their identity and status on the line for what they believe in? How many are willing to throw everything away and fight for this cause? How many are willing to die fighting for this cause?

I have a feeling that not many are. That my change as times get worse, but how many years will that be? Will it be too late by then? There has to be a start somewhere. The movement has to manifest into the real world, and if it stays on obscure boards like this, nothing will get done.

fc2719  No.13342737

File: a4550a27ab572eb⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 518x366, 259:183, 028349028493.jpg)


This. Well said anon

Funny thing is that these "AIM" types would have probably called the National Socialists wignats.

I am more a fan of the Patriot Front, Nordic Resistence Movement, Golden Dawn type of groups/parties. They have the right idea

9f25ff  No.13342745


>throw their identity and status on the line

You don't need to, just don't get caught stripping away people's bread and circus.

3af8f2  No.13342777

Leaders don't join, they create by shear force of personality.

d8730e  No.13342784


Their discord logs are leaked constantly, going back to the IE days, yet they continue to use it. Even setting up a fucking IRC would be more secure.

4cf5f6  No.13342804

For what purpose? If you want to do stuff just do it. Every group keeps falling apart because every swinging dick wants to be the leader. No one wants to follow. Everyone is poisoned with snowflake syndrome. Fucking ridiculous. There is no leader yet. Just wait until shit gets really bad, we a leader. A hero. He's obviously not ready yet.

e52353  No.13345850

File: c9491b95a0e0e62⋯.png (287.81 KB, 494x400, 247:200, 1557415536972.png)

fuck america

fuck aim

fuck jews

fuck niggers

fuck jim

and fuck kikevols lol

e52353  No.13345853

fuck jannies most importantly lol

7df9c2  No.13345879


Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up. Thread still up.

20437d  No.13350283

File: 1a7ace53c579c6f⋯.jpg (105.38 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1495809868762.jpg)


The alt right as understood in 2017 has failed. It's time to try another approach. It absolutely has to be a national revolutionary movement that organizes locally to build real power, not this astroturfed national activism that AIM does. In short a new ideology has to be made to rally around, learning lessons from the OG fascists, WN 1.0, and the alt right. My personal recommendation would be a third positionist ideology that is basically a revolutionary version of what Tucker is pushing. Tucker is basically a Marx, making many critiques of modern society. What we need now is a Lenin, a man of action to offer solutions to those critiques and pursue it with absolute fanaticism. Getting as far away from this board and its culture as quickly as possible would only be beneficial to whatever this new ideology is. This place is fun, but terrible for any actual IRL political organizing. We just need to keep our eyes out for someone trying to do this, or individually try to fill this gap as best as we can IRL until someone has a powerful enough personality to bring it to the national stage. Right now, we need to act as individuals until one of us succeeds at actually doing that.

20437d  No.13350288

File: a555ef2ec16efaf⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2000x1350, 40:27, 1495809827132.jpg)


AIM and their European counterparts are still stuck in a bourgeois mindset, not a revolutionary one. The wignats are still retards, but at least they did have a better mindset. We need real men of character to come forward as new national revolutionaries. I would caution against looking to NRM as an example given the fact they've achieved no political power. Golden Dawn, however, is a great example to follow, just within the lines of what will appeal to the average American working man.

20437d  No.13350291


Everyone needs to try to be a leader of their own independent approach until it's clear who's actually the capable one. Hitler advocates for this approach in Mein Kampf, a refutation of Rohm's coalition approach. Keep in mind that Hitler and the NSDAP were one of many, many nationalist and anti-semitic groups in Germany. He only rose to prominence when his individual skills as a speaker and organizer were clear the German nationalist right.

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