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File: f1889222caf738b⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 250x188, 125:94, enough is enough.gif)

36ae2a  No.13320820

Do real friends exist anymore?

Seems in the modern day truly connecting with others is a major challenge. People keep to themselves and seem to almost need coaxing to open up. Then when you do break the ice everyone seems to possess some massive negative trait that makes a relationship with them not worth pursuing. And it's got little to do with too high standards.

I have two standards for friendship:

- Intelligent

- Not a degenerate

And the first standard can be ignored sometimes. This weeds out 90% of normies and 99%, ironically, of any chan user. Of the people that qualify there's a very large chance that they'll be untrustworthy and have a whole host of issues.

And who among them can you trust to be there when you need them most? Or to forgive and vice versa after an argument? To have your back… Who has your back nowadays but yourself?

e8ab37  No.13320829

>Do real friends exist anymore?

I don't believe so, no. I had a "friend" who stole money from me (not a big amount, but certainly enough for me to go "wtf?". Called him out on it and told him to pay me back, he just bullshits and hasn't. The Jewish rot has set in far more deep than it ever did under Weimar.

52af9f  No.13320837


i bet you let spics fuck your sister

36ae2a  No.13320846

-According to philosophy of Theravada Buddhism,

One cannot know other people by only physical appearance. One should not be intimate with other people by knowing only a short time.

Those who do not constrain physically and mentally travel the world by pretending as one with constrained mind and body.

Not by fine talk nor by good look, one could not be a good-hearted man, if he were envious, miserly and crafty.

"It is through living together that a person's virtue may be known, and then only after a long period, not a short period; by one who is attentive, not by one who is inattentive; by one who is discerning, not by one who is not discerning.

"It is through dealing with a person that his purity may be known, and then only after a long period, not a short period; by one who is attentive, not by one who is inattentive; by one who is discerning, not by one who is not discerning.

"It is through adversity that a person's endurance may be known, and then only after a long period, not a short period; by one who is attentive, not by one who is inattentive; by one who is discerning, not by one who is not discerning.

"It is through discussion that a person's discernment may be known, and then only after a long period, not a short period; by one who is attentive, not by one who is inattentive; by one who is discerning, not by one who is not discerning."


Warm-hearted friend (true friend):

He who is a helpmate,

He who is the same in happiness and sorrow,

He who gives good counsel,

He who sympathizes.

He guards the heedless

He protects the wealth of the heedless

He becomes a refuge when you are in danger

When there are commitments he provides you with double the supply needed

He reveals his secrets

He conceals one's own secrets

In misfortune he does not forsake one

His life even he sacrifices for one's sake

He restrains one from doing evil

He encourages one to do good,

He informs one of what is unknown to oneself

He points out the path to heaven.

He does not rejoice in one's misfortune

He rejoices in one's prosperity

He restrains others speaking ill of oneself

He praises those who speak well of oneself


- Four characters of man of virtuous person

He will not tell others' ungratefulness without being asked. He will tell only a part of it if being asked.

He will tell others' good deeds, characters without being asked. He will tell completely if being asked.

He will tell his ungratefulness without being asked. He will tell completely if being asked.

He will not tell his good deeds, characters without being asked. He will tell only a part of it if being asked.

<Who here knows of people that fit this bill?

e8ab37  No.13320851


I don't let anyone do shit. If the whore is a traitor, you kill her. Traitors get death before enemies, always.

3c0108  No.13320864

I have the same standards

a067a5  No.13320874


I like it

3c0108  No.13320876


I bet you're a spic that wants to fuck his sister.

c48eea  No.13320884

After learning the truth about Freemasons I told one of my oldest friends, a bloody minister even, to get a demit. Instead he chose his cult.

My name isn’t Lewis.

000000  No.13320885

grown ups don't have friends, they have acquaintances.

3c0108  No.13320888


Not all the Freemasons are that way. Just the progressive lodges from what I have seen.

18fbab  No.13320892


Checked. Low level masons are often just random dudes and local small business owners. It's one of those organization where 95%+ who are in it don't know the true nature of what's going on at the highest levels, which in turn gives them good cover.

ee1474  No.13320895

A true friend will visit you in jail.

000000  No.13320897

when did this shit turn into a conversation about freemasons.

shifty faggots

3c0108  No.13320902


I couldn't say. My lineage basically put me in charge. Not a clue, as I don't participate in most of their nonsense.

As they say, I am not a player.

a067a5  No.13320904


Look, you know how at the end of every children's story and fairy tale the hero realizes "the real power was within himself the whole time"? In all true spiritual paths this is what you find out. Now that self-reliance can appear ungodly to people who are used to the idea of a purely external God. Masonry and every other "secret" tradition is this path of realization that the real truth is hidden under the darkness of your own heart. They symbolize this process to keep it a secret until people are ready to know. I am not a Mason so I can say these things directly, they cannot. If you study the underlying symbols as an unfolding process of learning, you will come to understand. The problem is the masons made it a sociopolitical organization and power corrupts. Everyone can become corrupt, it's not a problem only they have.

Hope this helps.

a00c37  No.13320929


I had two. I've been black pilled for so long that I just disconnected from the world. Now I just prefer being alone, living in my imagination, the peace of solitude, and above all, the pursuit of enlightenment. I believe enlightenment comes from within, so everything else is bottleneck for that goal. Most people can't handle being alone for any extended period of time. I've gotten to the point I can't handle being around people for any extended period of time.

54094e  No.13320934


Do we really need friends in the modern world?

With the improvement of technology you no longer need some huge social network to deal with your daily routine.

Need to learn something? Need someone to rent you some tools? Need a car? Need some baby sitter? Need social interactions? Need illegals products? Need sex? Need a wife?

You just need to go on the internet, we have successfully created a a society where you barely need others peoples anymore, and that's a huge improvement.

The downside is that people don't know how to maintain a traditional friendship anymore, or have good social skills, but truth is we only need disposable peoples for specific tasks nowadays.

Same if you want friends in this modern world, you just need to join some group on the internet around a center of interest.

This is actually very easy.

54094e  No.13320935

File: fe59456f3ca67fc⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 337x499, 337:499, 51Y44Ndg DL._SX335_BO1 204….jpg)


What do you think of Pic related?

a067a5  No.13320941


Understanding comes from within. Enlightenment is abscense of thoughts and narratives. If someone is giving you an elaborate story it is quite a lot of thoughts and definitely a narrative, which is not enlightenment.

ff1ebf  No.13320960

File: 96bbe8ac8f30fd9⋯.jpg (257.07 KB, 957x653, 957:653, things_are_bad(2).jpg)


I always had the policy of 1 real friend at a time, to my great detriment. That verse strikes at the heart of what real friendship is. I had 1 or 2(at best) who would encourage me to do good and restrain me from doing harm to others, and actually look out for me when I was not doing it.

I usually follow up to all of it by heart, I always have a good common sense for friendship and natural law(maybe I'm just white). But it is becoming rare today, almost impossible. Have been back-stabbed too many times already. Today you can't even trust your blood, they will put a knife in you if means money. I hope I can survive my inheritance process.

056527  No.13320962


Nigger a real friend is also one who is willing to impact their own friends.

I don't think we are meant to make friends after we reach our twenties or thirties anymore, but as I'm not really out of the thirties yet I can't tell for certain.

But what good are you as a friend if you dislike degeneracy but make no effort to exorcise the degeneracy in your friends.

e50008  No.13320967



Should be fairly easy

>Not a degenerate

Didn't have any luck so far. Coworkers are bluepilled as hell except the mudslimes for the most part. Old friends from school are either normies or degenerate. I think redpilling trusting friends is the way to go. Good luck

a02ef0  No.13320973

What's rarely being discussed here is that one of elements of Jewish occupation is completely breaking up the trust and companionship between people, fully atomizing them and forcing them to step over others (including their friends) to achieve things in life.

>Anomie (/ˈænəˌmi/) is a "condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals".[1] This evolves from conflict of belief systems and causes breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community (both economic and primary socialization). In a person this can progress into a dysfunctional ability to integrate within normative situations of their social world e.g., an unruly personal scenario that results in fragmentation of social identity and rejection of values.

The term is commonly understood to mean normlessness, and believed to have been popularized by French sociologist Émile Durkheim in his influential book Suicide (1897). However, Durkheim first introduces the concept of anomie in his 1893 work The Division of Labour In Society. Durkheim never used the term normlessness; rather, he described anomie as "derangement", and "an insatiable will".[3] Durkheim used the term "the malady of the infinite" because desire without limit can never be fulfilled; it only becomes more intense.[4]

For Durkheim, anomie arises more generally from a mismatch between personal or group standards and wider social standards, or from the lack of a social ethic, which produces moral deregulation and an absence of legitimate aspirations. This is a nurtured condition

This was ironically, coined by a Jew, but even a broken clock is right twice a day I guess.

a067a5  No.13320981


I honestly think, intentionally or not, they are doing this shit on purpose until we reject the modern world and suddenly become "saintly" as a group. I doubt they mean to do it on purpose but it's the result I see happening to many.

d91844  No.13320986


You can't be friends with, and therefore cannot befriend, someone you really don't like. And if you really like someone, then that will be confronted by aspects of them that you will later discover and realize that you do not like. And you have to by "hypergamous" about virtue, as it were. Seek better and better friends until you find that you cannot find better people to be around. And if you can't find anyone better than yourself to be around? Then be alone, for that is best. Honestly, I will not be around people who are beneath a certain "cutoff" point. And since I can't find anyone above myself in stature, I am forced to make that cutoff point rather strict.

a02ef0  No.13321006


That's how real dialectics works, they are pushing for total slavery, decay and degeneracy, but sane people recoil and create a reaction to it. If Jews were not jewing, we would never get Hitler for example. Because there would be no enemy threatening enough to summon the best and the brightest of Europe to fight it.


That's the problem for most of us, our characters are too elitist. At one point you get sick and tired of "lowering your bar" when it comes to people, it's always you who understands the other and makes concessions, trying to be on their level, not the other way around.

b0bd71  No.13321008

>do real friends exist

>I have requirements

Yeah OP, you're never gonna have friends.

253f8f  No.13321020


I had "friends" who were hypocrites. I could ignore the normie beliefs but i did not forgive them for the night they left me for dead when they got drunk in a nightbar and suddenly left all seperate with a chick. I had to walk 15Km through cold temperature with only "goingout" clothes on (tshirt, vest, jeans and a thin coat) I believed literally that after been walking 10Km i was about to meet my end when i started to feel the symptoms of freezing to death (getting very warm even tho it's freezing, the need to pull of clothes, sleepyness) but i kept going and kept my clothes on. I did accept the fact that i could just fall asleep and never wake up again. That night, i changed. My trust was forever broken, i accepted the nihilistic meaning of human existence as i almost died and it took me years of fitness and anger management to get rid of this pure essence of hatred i had inside of me.

Tl:Dr: i will never trust another person anymore. i will keep all my connections only superficial.

253f8f  No.13321029


edit: *I did accept the fact that i could die if my body couldn't proceed anymore and would just fall asleep and never woke up again*

My advice: never trust anyone else but yourself when it comes to making new connections. Make sure you have everything what it takes to secure your own in every situation. Don't fall for the "Well, you can ride with me in my car" - always take your own car.

Make sure you don't get in situations where you can't just leave. Trying to give u anons some life lessions here.


a02ef0  No.13321033


Couldn't you just wait the morning bus in some warm place or get a taxi lel?

253f8f  No.13321047


The nightclub was at the very brink of town… It was surrounded by farmfields and stuff. As i thought i would be leaving with my friends in the same car, the one i was supposed to drive with, left with a girl while being drunk. As it was 4Am, my phone died (i know - cliché right?) And i also tried to lift with some people. Apparently, people here aren't as social as i thought but i could understand why they didn't want a hitchhiker tho.

Busses sadly didn't go here, like i said, the only thing there was the nightclub surrounded by farmlands - no need for a busstop. Taxis did park there at the club but they only took cash and as i was spending my cash on drinks all night, i hadn't enough left to pay for the cab.

So i had to walk…

36ae2a  No.13321057


>So i had to walk…

A common enough thing. Don't blame yourself for it.

5225f6  No.13321060

Damn this sounds exactly like me. I have a few childhood friends who are admittedly degenerates but i'd rather have them than nothing. My main issue is that i literally have no friends that fall under your definition and it's truly hard to not portray my true self among friends. I have a few online acquaintances but i want an actual IRL friend not some guy i can chat to. It's truly hard to find real friends especially since i live in a majority mutt state.

7bfa27  No.13321077



Not a degenerate.

Asking for both out of today's indoctrinated youth, is simply too much.

If they are intelligent, and under the age of 40, they will be a degenerate, for the most part, due to liberal ideas, policies, and the educational system in the USA pushing degeneracy and a pleasure filled lifestyle upon them, from Kindergarten on through college.

Now, something tends to happen around age 30 or 40, for most people in the USA, they are either so invested in degeneracy, that they commit to it, hardcore, and go beyond the point of no return, to pure N.P.C sodomite loving liberal faggot, or they wake up, see the world around them, and start rebelling against it. The rebels tend to have a child, and I assume that part of this great awakening is having to work in the real world, and raising a child brings back their paternal instincts.

So, Boomers would actually be more in line with your views, than someone in their late teens or 20's.

80166c  No.13321087


It's all by design and called social engineering. You are a slave and get programmed to become an even more docile slave. Just listen to Yuri…


05a7d5  No.13321089

File: 61073d81ea4ad87⋯.png (85.84 KB, 324x324, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Friends Help you Move.

Real Friends Help you Move Bodies.

3090e2  No.13321093


cuckchan tier moderation

c0ce22  No.13321107

>Do real friends exist anymore?

Of course.

a02ef0  No.13321149


They were total cunts, but you can only blame yourself for not preparing at least a bit. You could ask someone to borrow you a phone to make a call, you could offer someone money to give you a ride home, or in worst case scenario, you could pretend to be passed out so someone calls an ambulance.

c7b5b6  No.13321175


>People keep to themselves and seem to almost need coaxing to open up.

This is a silver lining to working all the time. Even if you don't share nearly anything in common with someone, after spending most of the day everyday with them you'll start to be friends eventually.

It's not natural for men to not have friends either. Look at old photos from your grandpa and you can see guys had friends back then.

bda268  No.13321211

File: 955a9da62a1d1cc⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 320x213, 320:213, shutterstock_495903829.jpg)

>Or to forgive and vice versa after an argument? To have your back… Who has your back nowadays but yourself?

If you want a good friend, just find the kind of person you would want your sister or daughter to marry. Once you find him, treat him well, ask him at least once in a while how his life is going, give him good advice on relationships, if he's dating someone not of his race, always remember him that if he has mixed children they would suffer a lot psychologically (show him studies or the /hapaproblems reddit, if needed). If he just had a though break up, be the kind of person who does things to make him forget the issue. If you find him crying, hug him, if he hugs you back, give him a kiss on the front and remind him of his worth, rebuild his pride. If he values what you just did, invite him to your place. Tell him you will order pizza and play his favourite co-op vidya until late.

Turn these gaming sessions into a routine, until eventually, he actually sleeps at your place. You will wake up sooner than him and prepare lunch for both.

This is already a bullet-proof friendship. Things can only go upwards after that.

d0fa30  No.13321229


>I have two standards for friendship:

>- Intelligent

>- Not a degenerate

Difficult to find.

d0fa30  No.13321231


>too many snitches

This too. Most people are cucks and can't be trusted.

868706  No.13321241

For humans, no.

For animal filth the state pays tens of billions of dollars for activities and programs.

99218f  No.13321247


>how to prep the bull: the post

000000  No.13321255


If they exist? Yes.

If they are worth it? No.

Currently, the best connection that you can have is through like-minded people around the internet, from wherever they live.

Personal friends become a burden as soon as your personal views differs with them. With impersonal interactions, you are not burdened by the other people's reactions to your mindset. If they agree with you, or don't agree with you, if they discuss or if they reage against your opinions, nothing of it impacts your personal life, and you won't have to deal with them in your daily life. It is a better way to filter those that are unimportant and to keep in contact with those who share your views, without the extra hardship of a personal friendship, that could interfere in your personal life.

In the current world, it is more productive to amass a group of like-minded people without personal connection to each other, and unite all to organize and mobilize against the jewish subversion around the world. The jews fear that so much that they always come up with the "not your personal army" whenever some unity is achieved. They truly want to end the union of like-minded people that aren't personally connected. All of that is better than pursuing personal friendships that can end the moment that you disagree with each other, and considering the fact that most people around you will probably be the "non inner monologue" types, literal drones that don't think and just repeat what the jews told them to.

Pursue non-personal connections. Pursue unity ("your personal army" as the rats like to label it) and exchange views, ideas and ways to make the world better for yourselves, free from jewish influence and the jew-controlled drones of the daily- life.

99218f  No.13321257


>Currently, the best connection that you can have is through like-minded people around the internet, from wherever they live.

Agreed. I've had some wonderful convos with FBIanons and mossadshills here over the past 4 years.

ec9dd1  No.13321270


spotted the defiler agent. everyone use filter

89215c  No.13321273

/pol/ needs to start meeting IRL. Change will never happen just by posting on a board… but a beer hall with a charismatic speaker and a bunch of like minded guys?

b24952  No.13321282

Gud diskushen going awn hear. I lige id.

957b1f  No.13321299


Ok anons here is the secret: the east does not have religion like Christianity and Islam. Western religion treats you like a child.

Buddhism, Vedic texts, Taoism are all a mash up of philosophy and religion. Study the yoga sutras, Chuang tsu, anything but the Bible.

2986fd  No.13321312


Going on 8ch makes you a degenerate. Kys loner.

000000  No.13321350

I take issue with the layers of insincerity everyone wraps themselves in outside of the closest intimacy… I can't engage genuinely with people who speak in facebook memes

3b7492  No.13321365


>words mean whatever I want them to mean

You’re probably a degenerate

ba51dc  No.13321402


>when did this shit turn into a conversation about freemasons.

Maybe masonfags started the tread as a means to shill their literal faggot man ass cult, using social angst as bait.

e53c75  No.13321417


Fuck off

9004c3  No.13321466

The REAL question is

>what if the person's not white

1cdd2e  No.13321647


pretty sure if you met a pol user irl and talked to them for 10 minutes you would realize right away

000000  No.13321670

Capitalism means:

I have one bean. This bean costs 5 cents to grow.

The bean is then worth 5 cents.

To be fair, utterly fair, my time raising the bean is worth 2 cents.

Thus, the ultimate total fair value of the bean is 7 cents.

But in capitalism, if I sell the bean for 7 cents, I come out even. That is not good in capitalism, because then I cannot ever save more money than I spend.

Thus I must lie. I have to say, "This bean is worth 10 cents."

I have to lie to my friends, family, and neighbors, in order to make profit.

Profit is lying. It is changing the true value of an item to a more preferred value, in order to acquire wealth.

If I must lie to everyone in order to make profit, then how can anyone be my friend? And of course, the more you lie about the value of things, the more profit that can be acquired.

000000  No.13321729

I'm a peaceful National Socialist. I'm also not racist.

I'm not an extremist. I'm a moderate National Socialist.

I believe in segregation at national borders, but I believe that international trade is fine, especially if it's to get exotic spices, herbs, and foods. A good, varied diet is healthy for everyone.

I believe in having a strong army, but it ought to be for defense of your nation. Not offensive wars. The most simple concept of defense is this: Keep invaders out. Even if they call themselves refugees. I wouldn't be completely opposed to some foreign people living within my nation, but that's not the same as what we've seen happen, is it?

I think that it's perfectly logical for our government to support the people, and "the people" means the majority. Not minorities. Minorities need to go to a place where they are a majority. Even small populations, such as Jewish people, still have Israel, so there's not really any reason to not do this. Everyone has a home now. If they don't, then it's not the problem of European people to deal with. We need to deal with our own affairs. We are noble, and we are honorable. We expect the same from others, thus they can fight their own battles.

I think if the government supported its people, and became socialistic in times of need, but capitalistic in times of high production, I think it'd create a decent way to "ride the wave," in the sense of prices in a stock market. If values go down, then we should ensure that we protect each other, and when values go up, it's time to get greedy, so that the best of the best can make their fortune.

I think that other races can exist, but I think that race mixing is incredibly wicked, considering that it's generally the invaders who take the women of the natives. That sort of thing, even if done by European colonists, is incredibly wicked and evil. I think that race mixing is always bad, unless there is race mixing directly on the borders of two nations. Those races will be similar anyways, and does not violate any common law of nature.

"The people," must be united. It has turned out that united means "fascism." Leftist Intersectionalism means "fascism." Taking a bunch of different people and uniting them around one ideal is fascism in its most pure and definitional form. This means that fascism is completely normal, and is essentially the basis for all political movements.

But fascism works even better if the people that you are uniting are already similar, seeing as instead of trying to form an army of minorities, you are just trying to unite a nation of people who are actually similar in their base culture and genetic lineage. That means family and friends are united.

This isn't possible with leftist intersectionalism, because they are most likely uniting only to destroy the current majority, and then they will devolve into war, because they have nothing in common. Mexican people and black people and arabic people have no reason to unite, unless there is a common enemy. But once the enemy is destroyed, then they will destroy each other as well, because there is no bond other than a shared hatred. They are inherently different, and thus any unity is shallow and transient.

But with people who actually share a culture, a history, and a more recent common ancestor, unity can hold out much longer. Even if some people disagree, it will be on the individual level rather than a racial level.

Thus moderate, peaceful National Socialism is possible. There is no need for offensive wars or overtly cruel racism. I just think that it's more ideal for people to live together because they share a culture and race, instead of trying to force everyone to live together, "despite our differences," which just makes everyone unhappy in reality.

I think National Socialism should be given another chance, especially if toned down a little bit. It's not wise to get into extreme politics, but it's also not wise to completely censor a political idea just because it lost one war in the past. If anyone understands, then it's time to peacefully assemble in real life.

We can be friends, and we can have peaceful discussions, and there is no need for these discussions to lead to violence at any point. Antifa-types are wrong. There is no need to hurt anyone just because our nation shifts to absolute National Socialism. People who are not like us can just leave peacefully, or be escorted out. There is no need for violence beyond normal police or military violence. Both of these types of violence already happen in order to enforce laws and government, thus it cannot be said to be outrageous or unusual.

So I think it's time to begin assembling, and talking openly about this.

We are the people, and we will not be censored.

We will not be censored.

9b7db5  No.13321947


He's too smart for 99% of us, so who knows.

13259d  No.13321975


I'll be your fren if you are white.

3ebb97  No.13321991


You completely left out the defining vector in determining "value" in a capitalist system.


If the people are starving, and incapable of growing their own beans, they will pay whatever they believe the bean to be worth. Replace the "money" in this situation with barter, and the starving retard will trade their car for a weeks worth of live sustaining beans. If the retard can grow their own beans, your beans aren't worth beans.

You're obviously a commie shit stain, here to d&c.

Try harder.

47ba3e  No.13322005

File: b66f9942825b370⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 430x542, 215:271, Z21112018185431.jpg)


>This is the definition of capitalism

<Spews retardation instead

I can't tell if you're a rabbi trying to hide the real definition of capitalism, ie usury and slavery, or just one of jews' more retarded commie golems, but either way, go die in a fire.

f5e6d0  No.13322014

Any friend I have had doesn't talk when we would hang out. They'd more or less just be there. Watching TV or playing a video game, rarely any talking with one exception.

No one wishes to hold a conversation, everyone remains silent except for short bursts. I recall a quote whom I do not know the author "There is no such thing as a conversation, there are only people waiting their turn to talk."

This modern world is stupid.

36ae2a  No.13322529


> They'd more or less just be there. Watching TV or playing a video game, rarely any talking with one exception.

Why talk when everyone wants to kill everyone with opposing opinions nowadays?

8c8b63  No.13322549


>One cannot know other people by only physical appearance

Not entirely true, if you are perceptive there’s a lot you can tell about someone by how they look

ae8282  No.13322558

File: 5f5387038a30c1b⋯.jpg (305.61 KB, 1000x1041, 1000:1041, Smoke on the Horizon.jpg)


>And who among them can you trust to be there when you need them most?


>Or to forgive and vice versa after an argument?


>To have your back… Who has your back nowadays but yourself?


Yet another sign of the imminent death of a civilization.

97c186  No.13322568

Yes, but the barriers are not as you've described. You must be 15.

8c8b63  No.13322605


>At one point you get sick and tired of "lowering your bar" when it comes to people, it's always you who understands the other and makes concessions, trying to be on their level, not the other way around.

That’s what I’ve found as well. My standards are

>not too retarded

>not too degenerate

>mostly white

while normie standards are that you enable their bad behavior and go out to eat shitty food a lot. It’s fucking boring

000000  No.13322720


You're so stupid that I don't even want to try to explain because I think I'd be wasting my time. Filtered.

000000  No.13322785


>Profit is lying

Please unironically kill yourself. Filtered.

77db4d  No.13322792

the last good "friend" I had was a pothead who had anger issues. I awakened him on politics and he liked me for that, but when I stopped supplying him with weed and his gf left him over having a picture of hitler on his phone (this was supposedly my fault somehow), he tried to turn my gf against me and fuck her. It didn't work out for him and last time I had contact with him, I was at his parents' house and he was screaming at them to not open the door

I've come to realize all my friends have been shit because I didn't care and had low standards. But I'm so nihilistic now I'm basically alone all the time

e57730  No.13322821


Are you this full of shit all the time?

So many of you newfags are just filled to the brim with shit.

e57730  No.13322837


Whos paying you the 2 cents for your time?

Also, bean is a bad analogy cause reared properly it would turn into many beans, making you much more than that. I dunno. Your whole statement us fucking retarded and raises more questions about your intelligence than it does give us useful or enlightening information.

You should leave this website forever. No one wants tards like you around.

9b3145  No.13323199


Die hard believer and follower

Good job, you made it

f813f7  No.13323238


maybe you should try BEING a friend instead of an uptight twat?

36ae2a  No.13323267


I guarantee you're both unintelligent and a degenerate

58a647  No.13323282

File: 4e82f5e2974292b⋯.jpg (77.86 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 4e82f5e2974292bd319f806fc6….jpg)



It is more important to BE a friend then to HAVE a friend.

Hope I am being a good friend, senpai.

516c7e  No.13323285

File: 60072ede9ed2644⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 1000x672, 125:84, hitler color.jpg)

The best friendships are born from mutual struggles.

ab4002  No.13323369


It is only shallow people who do not judge by first appearances.

– Oscar Wilde

2ac499  No.13323404


>Be /pol/

>Something bad happens to you

<Act as if it was a global epidemic that's destroying society

2ac499  No.13323416


And before you call me a shill i know degeneracy exists and i understand their plan but some of you just need to grow the fuck up and stop acting as if you were the center of the universe. This is not the first time i've seen this shit

>Dumbass can't find a decent white girlfriend


>Dumbass can't find good friends


Just grow the fuck up


Not an argument, just an ad hominem

516c7e  No.13323417

File: de026b1775c05d9⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 255x179, 255:179, agent hitler.jpg)

File: 91a757e5fc24627⋯.jpg (95.99 KB, 616x353, 616:353, aod0.jpg)


>something bad happens to you

>the same thing happens to a lot of other people

>notice a trend

>call it out

<it's nothing

We live in a decadent age of decline, similar to the latter years of the Roman Empire. While not a 1-1 comparison, there are many parallels to be drawn between now and then.

3c0108  No.13323419

no, too many niggers

ebd458  No.13323423


<My IQ is 132

<I don't need to pretend belonging here because i have my own interpretation of white nationalism, dumbass

<Don't act as if your opinion matters, saying that other's opinion is irrelevant is pretty laughable since it's not like you're some kind of historical figure people should look after

3ebb97  No.13323427


Can't refrain from posting nonsense, can you nigger? Just grow the fuck up.

ebd458  No.13323433


Having garbage friends isn't a trend or a world crisis, it just means you're shit at social interaction and can't find decent people

ebd458  No.13323436


Telling me to grow the fuck up? That's pretty rich from someone who believes that any bad experience he's had is automatically happening to everyone else and it's the end of the world

516c7e  No.13323442


That's true, somewhat. No doubt a lot of the people who complain "tfw no friends" don't ever go out and try to meet people or make friends. But it's also true that even when you go out and meet a lot of people, if you're looking for people with self-discipline and a higher purpose in life than pleasure, it's very hard to find anyone like that.

58a647  No.13323451

File: 16de7c61732fd73⋯.png (494.4 KB, 833x696, 833:696, daed1dd43fc4715f7a43c5b1f7….png)




Turbo nigger activate!

c01d1b  No.13323470


tbh I really don't think "real friends" as you put it exist, i don't recall them ever existing but maybe that's just me but most people nowadays probably already know that no ones gonna have their back

so i guess most just give up on trying to find that "real friend" unless you're one of those people that likes to be all like oh hey look at all the people "I know" but I really don't know them and just use them as a way of coping with the fact that real friends do not exist anymore lol just my 2 cents in the matter lmao

3ebb97  No.13323472


Is that what I believe, you whining faggot?

Do you even realize that only kikes are trained from birth to speak only in logical fallacies, and desperate accusations?

This is why you glow.

And if you are attempting to be sincere, then you're just fucking so brainwashed by kike wizardry, you don't realize there's an alternative to proper debate. I might have been sincere to you much earlier, but your tells gave you away, and you've only gotten worse and more lazy after getting so easily triggered (another irrationally emotional kike trait).

Maybe you should put down the internet for a while, child, and go outside and see for yourself what we're talking about.

If you think your friends aren't shit, then it's very likely YOU are shit too. From what I've seen so far, I'm leaning heavily this way.

Sperg more, and don't forget the Red Text. You're totally changing everyone's mind here, kid.

c01d1b  No.13323479

who needs real friends anyway lmao *dies inside*

44b875  No.13323563


Its an American thing I've seen, I have met good people from various walks of life here but a lot more from out of state, seems easier in places that have warmer communities such as Italy or just aren't completely atomized like the UK. Remember, America has been the apex of social engineering. You know the boomer meme "first they take our guns?" no, first they take your family, and they destroy religious parishes, and have people migrating around like nomads based on economic issues like sales taxes and mortgages.

So don't blame the people, most people are just malleable pawns for social engineers anyways.

How many times have I been told "we'll meet each other" "lets get some lunch". It's just them being polite, it doesn't mean anything. When they say that they don't actually mean they want to meet you. Just like when you have something bad going on, they will say "I'm sorry". I'm sorry for what? You had nothing to do with it!

Americans are about networking first, friends second. People already work more than any other country because we promote capitalist wage slavery. It takes years and years of shallow interactions and relationships to find one, but you will. Either that or you go to some rural community, buy some land like Owen Benjamin.

(btw I'm an Aussie)

3a884a  No.13323580


Trips do beat dubs, also this is some pretty autistic thread derailment. I dumped most of my friends after I realized what >>13322605 pointed out, but I really wish I hadn’t. The trend of short-lived friendships is probably a result of the “nomadism” and choosiness of modernity. The latter requiring the enabling of the former.

Nomadism being how we can easily escape our circumstance - the openness of career paths, places to live, especially the one-click removal internet. Ultimately, scarcity determines value, and when you can just be socially hypergamous (as another poster mentioned) it obviously breeds isolation - ask cat ladies. This is the crux of the Last Man; surplus produces the kind of non-conservative, vainglorious, and ignominious creature that acts with the assurance of no serious loss.

I suppose for now, at the risk of sounding blackpilled, the only solution is to take to heart a stoic attitude. Appreciate friends while you have them, do not belabor their absence, and pray fortune will provide us the scarcity required to create an opening within our lives.

4781f5  No.13323648


> No one trusts anyone anymore, subconsciously, because of the nature of the West today. Dr. Putnam proved that.

Bingo. Also, there's one aspect that people always ignore: the overabundance of people in cities. Value comes from scarcity. In cities, people are easier to find than clean drinking water. Just think about that for a second. Any random person's value judgement of another person in a city is likely at the level of fuck all. There are too many people for people to really care about people. And due to rampant consumerism and materialism, people are looked at as consumable goods for entertainment.

If you want to improve your life, for God's sake -- LEAVE the city. Cities are pure cancer.

3b8403  No.13323654

Only Op is smart, everyone else is a retard. Why don't I have friends he asks hahahaha.

aef1f5  No.13323672


I only let real friends in, small circle, they may have many problems, degeneracy is too pervasive to avoid, it's part of how they deal with the current state of America while not realizing what the problem really is. Of course some of them, you find out arent real friends, it's hard to come by them. Ones that are genuine will rarely have nothing wrong with them anon. What you need to realize is you need to inspire them to better people, the more often I have seen some friends, the better quality people they were, the less often, the more degenerate and frustrated with the degenerate world they were. We are here but we are rare. Don't think you can find people without going and actually meeting new people. Genuine good hearted people have a hard time coming to the realization of racial conflict in the world, some have completely realized the way of the jews if they have sought the knowledge, spending time actually fucking researching about it.

3ebb97  No.13323682


Fuck "friends".

I have finally cut the last degenerate enabler from my midst. It wasn't too hard. I lived in a small town, and went mountainman hermit for awhile anyway. This recent move to purge the energy vampires feels fucking great.

I have had the most peace in the last 3 years compared to the rest of my life trying to appease those who are "lower than my bar".

I was raised a "genius". Art, reading music, writing plays, making movies with OLD film editing equipment…

That's all gone now because this world is filled with fucking retards who suck up ALL graceful and superior energy from those who refuse to reserve it for the worthy.

"Friends" are the only ones to ever steal from me.

"Friends" are the only ones to ever talk shit, and stab me in the back.

"Friends" are the only ones that would lie to save their bullshit reputation, even if it meant putting their innocent "friend" (ME!) behind bars!

"Friends" are the only ones to ever fuck my girlfriend.

Damn, this isn't even half the list, and I'm already depressed.


What a fucking waste my "friends" were to my entire life.

Do well to build your own tiny empire alone, anons. Protect every aspect of your power level with secrecy. Keep your potentially self destructive secrets and fragile strategies from EVERYONE, including your own wife.

You'll just have to trust me on this one.

>tl:dr Fuck "friends". No man is an island, but at least try for a while. Keep your best shit buried and hidden under the lone palm on the North shore. Friends are the only ones who ever get close enough to stab you in the back.

090e6b  No.13323683

it's a rather old lament

Socrates on Friendship and Community: Reflections on Plato's Symposium, Phaedrus, and Lysis

Friendship between people who are similar, interpreted by Socrates as friendship between good men.

Friendship between men who are dissimilar.

Friendship between men who are neither good nor bad and good men.

Gradually emerging: friendship between those who are relatives (οἰκεῖοι "not kindred") by the nature of their souls.


Socrates continues by passing through a series of definitions on the nature of frienship, which he negates himself, even though his listeners are convinced every single time. First he supposes regarding friendship, that “like attracts like”, just as Homer said, and so good men will always be attracted to other good men, while bad to the bad. The problem however is that bad men cannot be friends with anyone, not even themselves, while the good are so self-fulfilled that there is nothing they need to look for in another person (214e). It must be therefore that opposites attract each other (215e), as Hesiod said, but Socrates refutes it again. So if attraction happens neither between things that are alike, nor things that are opposites, there might be something in-between the good and bad, and it’s those who fall in this category that are actually the ones most likely to be attracted by the good in loving friendship (216e). These intermediaries are pushed, Socrates says, by the fear of evil, and seek the good to save themselves, just like a human body, which in itself is neither good nor bad, seeks the "friendship" of a doctor when sick (217b).

bb833a  No.13323689

Vivo en Dallas, TX

Let's meet up

aef1f5  No.13323691

Also, look at this world and tell me who's responsible for raising non-degenerate people? Well those people failed. It is now our responsibility to lift those around us, maybe you can convince to stop marijuana and too much alcohol consumption, even promiscuity, by convincing them to find a long term partner, that they are being depressed by the lack of a partner.

090e6b  No.13323693


Menexenus finds this last definition complete, but Socrates, upon reflection, cries in despair that both of them had been led astray (218c). First, and on a minor point, once this intermediary thing becomes a friend of the good, and considering that friendship works only among equals, then the two, good and in-between, have both become equals, which means that Socrates' definition has slipped back to the initial "like attracts like" which they have already refuted. Most importantly however, and since philia assumes the goal of betterment, the person who seeks the loving friendship of another is actually moved by the love of a certain virtue he can attain through this other (219c-d). There definition then leads to an infinite recursion, by which friendship is always towards something for the sake of another friendship, achievable through the first (ἕνεκα ἑτέρου φίλου φίλα ἔφαμεν εἶναι ἐκεῖνα (220e)). Socrates says their definition is like chasing ghosts (εἴδωλα). Socrates ends by admitting that for all their discussion, a proper definition is still elusive. And yet, Socrates says that he considers the two boys, Lysis and Menexenus, as friends, even though he failed to define it properly.

this is why the jews undermined greek society, just as they are doing in america today to bring about it's "friendly" downfall

as the Jews have always done, Rome, the monarchies of Europe, Russia, China, and now the UnitedStates

8c8b63  No.13323694


>when you can just be socially hypergamous

does this mean we are all femanon now

aef1f5  No.13323695


I would not do those things to you.

3ebb97  No.13323729


I appreciate that, lad. And I do trust most anyone here (besides the shills) would take a bullet for another.

Unfortunately, we are utterly surrounded by frightened herd animals.

When faced with "It's you or me", it's always "me" first. I don't rightly blame them. We're animals after all. It's nothing I ever did. This material world has never been a great motivator for me.

The thing that kicked me in the teeth so many times though was, these self serving "friends" would sell me out for the most minuscule gain, or simple social status. Weird though. I keep trying to miss them, or be sad, or check myself for being less than human, but I can't. I feel more lucid and content now than I ever have before.

I have so much more time, energy, and silence to know myself, and the shit I'm studying, and the projects I'm building.

Emotional energy is such a waste, and most people spend ALL their time in that hollow, chaotic realm.

Fucking California. Never go back there, anons! It's Spiritually lost.

You aren't necessary to my social ego, anons, but I sure am glad to know your out there, and we still have this "mead hall" to gather and share.

…for now.

Keep your Chad chins up!

See you soon, lads. I'm certain of it.

Our time is nigh. Can you feel it?

3ebb97  No.13323737


It just occurred to me.


I believe the Universe is forcing us to prepare for our fate.

See you in Valhalla, comrades!

090e6b  No.13323816



not when our means of communicating is electronic and all electronic communication is monitored.

this is why I 100% believe the drug trade is controlled at the very highest levels of government.

3ebb97  No.13323824


The entire Black Market is run by our highest levels of (((government))), anon.

You know this.

ff459f  No.13324172


You can't define 'friend' so whatever mayn.

ad913b  No.13324288

File: 98ac79c6ce0c158⋯.jpg (399.24 KB, 1280x1098, 640:549, 98ac79c6ce0c1583dae42d3f4a….jpg)

File: 7c1abd5865eceb0⋯.jpg (70.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cool beans.jpg)

File: da78d102d689f15⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 663x541, 663:541, mirin.jpg)



Birds of the same feather flock together, be the company you want to keep actually "be it" don't think you are, you need feedback from others. So you need to make iffy friends and just meet people first so you can learn to read and experience people. Then you can decide if their pros outweigh their cons.

After you have had a good amount of socialization. Its much easier discerning peoples true intentions.

Each generation gets less human interaction day to day contact and it doesn't allow people to grow their social intelligence and social media has put a faggot jew liberal filter on it. So it fucks with your idea of what the average joe is actually like.

However in real life most people don't give a fuck about politics so don't make that your sole purpose they care about how you make them feel.

On my own personal note the type of people /pol/ likes would be at Church. On average the most likeable warm, loyal and least degenerate people I have met who usually are all White too even in the cities.

Sjw types I hung with on the other hand are entirely chaotic, cruel, miserable and backstabbers from the faggots, commies to the blm niggers they were all truly the most evil people I hung around all the groups were the same. Which is where I truly experienced what evil looks and acts like, realized my only choice was 14/88.

t.I have experienced all types of groups and people in all walks of life.

94ab2c  No.13324351

It's impossible to be friends when everyone is so different. You never had these problems when everyone was the same

2dd1e8  No.13324472

I met my friend over 8 years ago on some forum, we didn't really give any fucks about politics back then and just played vidya. Eventually I went full /pol/ and he went too sometime later (his favorite vidya was Deus Ex and he likes reading about "conspiracy theories", so that helped). By now, not only our personal views, views on politics, Jews, National Socialism, et cetera, et cetera, are in complete sync, we go to the same gym, go innawoods together, our trust in each other is absolute - hell, we even manage our money together. Honestly, the only times our opinions differ are on some trivial vidya stuff.

a81243  No.13324480

Cannot remember the exact quote, or the source, yet Our Guy Nietzsche wrote about this: the love for the farthest, in contrast to the lukewarm love for thy neighbour. It is that sort of Platonic/Ideatic friendship that is not ending up stained by our wordly/corrupted ways. Love for the Ideal! Or else it is that cursed who-whom and 'common interests' type of degeneracy. So, Friendship in battle for the Ideal.

Real life manifestation of such was the invisible Rosicrucian Society. They did not come together as a lodge, but shared the same, hm, frequency. Nostradamus and anonymous memers of the 16-17th century. And even before that, in the Middle Ages and Antiquity, I'm sure, there were anonymous artists working together for the sake of advancing the Great Work.

<you cannot spell Apollo without 'pol'

737faa  No.13324495


I only have 3 real friends, but many "friends," and even more acquaintances. Most normalfags see anyone they sorta get along with as a "friend." Real friends are people that you develop a relationship with, can have a lengthy conversation with, are intelligent, have principles, and more importantly are loyal without demanding you do anything.

Just like many here have had their generosity taken advantage of, so have they. Real friends become real friends with people only through an unspoken code of loyalty where they do not betray another - hence principles.

237f76  No.13324517

File: 3de59c6ddf058d3⋯.jpg (159.06 KB, 448x600, 56:75, Icon 13.jpg)

the realest friends i have i met at church

36ae2a  No.13324610


>What standard of hospitality are you willing to provide? Would you let friends live in your house if they were homeless? What if you had a wife and kids? Everyone is naturally selfish and doesn't want to go too much out of their way. Stop expecting so much and change your idea of friendship.

Projection. I would do all of these things without a single thought. Love your brother as yourself.

And if my standards which are assuredly bareboned at this point must be lowered I would rather withdraw. I'm already rolling around in the mud I don't want to drown in it.

2d0fbc  No.13324613

File: d88051335df47da⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 2700x3600, 3:4, c2dd19208e00525c557ac3950a….jpg)


>Not a degenerate

You have to clarify why you mean by this nya~

Originally it degenerate = dysgenics/unhealthy

Degenerate can't = sin.


2d0fbc  No.13324615

000000  No.13325166

I dated a trap.

A tall, hot, intelligent geek trap.

Then I found /pol/.

Then she found /pol/.

We're both redpilled, and working together to find a family.

Two strong, powerful, intelligent men, shared resources, and a drive to find one girl to give us each two children, for a total of four children. This is what it takes. This is the madness of society. But even working together, women do not wish to be housewives. They do not wish to be mothers. Not when I offer myself as if I was single, and not even when I offer her two strong, handsome men. I pity the poor fools who lack a true friend to aid them in this quest. We are the first of a monastery of enlightened learning and SIG type improvement. We are true friends, because we have done unspeakable things together. Our trust is stronger than anything else.

We are Greek warriors. Incredibly gay. Incredibly powerful.

But we will still have a traditional family, thus the true evil of homosexuality is sidestepped by us. Homosexuality is evil for one reason: It leads to the death of your bloodline. Eternal genetic death.

Thus we will prevail. We were raised in the flames of degeneracy, burned alive, but we come out stronger than steel. It is the noble truth. We alone will have the funds and security to raise children to be strong, brave, wise, and noble. One man alone will be castrated by his modern-wife. But two strong men and only one modern-woman means that we can finally find solidarity that a normal marriage would lack.

It is a dire move, but if I can continue my bloodline and produce Aryan children, then my ancestors will still smile upon me. Will your ancestors smile upon you?

e7331c  No.13325174

The most real friends I have are the good people here and a few people I shitpost with.

You guys keep me sane in this insane world.

499139  No.13325185


>People keep to themselves and seem to almost need coaxing to open up

Nigger, please. If that was the case we wouldn't be in the shit-show we find ourselves in now.

ff459f  No.13325186


This is some of the funniest pasta I have read in a long ass time.

499139  No.13325188


Good use of a gif op>>13320820

I withdraw my previous negative comment.

499139  No.13325192


Agreed. Married an Orthodox…life is great.

08b48e  No.13325205


This sounds like some american problem. I have friends that I would die for, and I'm sure they would for me.

This may not have been baptized with fire yet, but I have faith in my people!

Unsere Ehre heisst Treue!

59d870  No.13325216

File: 22b2b8961c8cd50⋯.jpg (166.24 KB, 523x720, 523:720, butitdo.jpg)


>give him a kiss on the front and remind him of his worth,

Stealthy homo shit like this is exactly why men are afraid to form real bonds in the first place.

08b48e  No.13325262


>Sjw types I hung with on the other hand are entirely chaotic, cruel, miserable and backstabbers from the faggots, commies to the blm niggers they were all truly the most evil people I hung around all the groups were the same. Which is where I truly experienced what evil looks and acts like, realized my only choice was 14/88.

Relatable, I was a tankie before, as were my friends, and we associated with some degenerates and niggers before I refuted marxism and we started turning to 14/88.

The non-leftist white friends we had were more friendly to us than other types of leftists. Fuck those niggers!


>It's impossible to be friends when everyone is so different. You never had these problems when everyone was the same

Yeah, your friend circle is kinda of your hunting party. You're surely guys from the same tribe that will work to raise the same children (not in a necessarily in a communistic way, paternity is personal in our white/aryan culture, of course, but it's a fact you are working for the same future).


> met my friend over 8 years ago on some forum, we didn't really give any fucks about politics back then and just played vidya. Eventually I went full /pol/ and he went too sometime later (his favorite vidya was Deus Ex and he likes reading about "conspiracy theories", so that helped). By now, not only our personal views, views on politics, Jews, National Socialism, et cetera, et cetera, are in complete sync, we go to the same gym, go innawoods together, our trust in each other is absolute - hell, we even manage our money together. Honestly, the only times our opinions differ are on some trivial vidya stuff.

I have a similar story with one of my friends wich I consider to be my best friend.

It's funny, because he is more of a german guy (ethnically, spiritually we're all wolves) than me, I'm more of an italian. But we are both teuto-italian-gauchos.

The funny thing is that we have a very similar way to think, but I am more neurotic than him and tend to speak more than him. He tends to be more quiet and have more difficulty articulating his mind into speech.


>Just like many here have had their generosity taken advantage of, so have they. Real friends become real friends with people only through an unspoken code of loyalty where they do not betray another - hence principles.

That's quite a way to put it.


>the realest friends i have i met at church

Are you a russian orthodox?


>Would you let friends live in your house if they were homeless?

Yes, and I did it.

>What if you had a wife and kids?

Still yes, she would have to understand!

>Everyone is naturally selfish and doesn't want to go too much out of their way.

Do you understand inner group dynamics? Helping the extended family is biologically beneficial!

OFC I'm not very sure those thigs could be applyed to american reality...


<aaaaaaaaaa wtf

9790a7  No.13325283

Exclusive people get excluded. Not rocket science. My mother was a brilliant bitch, but her best friends were a drunkard and a hoarder. She had standards fit to her actual quality, so she wasn’t excluded from society.

115bb0  No.13325290

No. everyone is a stupid niggr.

3caef8  No.13325363


A man who considers himself intelligent is the dumbest being in the universe.

42d197  No.13325396

File: 00da12c02f0d6b9⋯.mp4 (3.38 MB, 480x270, 16:9, .mp4)



6d4798  No.13325455

File: 208ad5191d2c6a6⋯.jpg (245.01 KB, 699x1024, 699:1024, This Mad Brute.jpg)


People like this exist, but you won't find them in the places you'd think you'd might.

> Intelligent

You'll find these people pursuing more intellectually inclined pursuits. I'm assuming by "intelligent" you mean "redpilled." In order to find these individuals, you'll most likely have to look into politically oriented events/clubs/organizations.

> Non-degenerate

To find these individuals, you'll most likely have to search religious institutions. Now, this certainly doesn't mean you won't find degenerates in them, but that the majority of people within them are generally much more likely to be less degenerate than the heathen that don't even attend religious institutions.

I've had some luck finding redpilled people in our local GOP meetings and some redpilled and non-degenerate people in my local mega-church. Sometimes it is hard to find redpilled people in those, but if you look around and aren't autistic about it, you can normally weed them out.

a36c08  No.13325467


>posting propaganda that depicts the Germans as brutish, rapist apes

That poster was so ass-backwards. It reeks of jewish lies.

3c0108  No.13325501


You might be, i certainly am not

d210c5  No.13325508

File: e2bc3b57c519b26⋯.jpg (322.29 KB, 760x1023, 760:1023, US_A.jpg)


Yes, this happens too often. Most of time they think they are somewhat superior anyway. It is the most feeling to see yourself making concessions all the time and thinking that it is not going to happen again, it was just a mistake. It is their fucking MO.

Best think is ghost the motherfucker, if they come back, explain what happened and why you felt wronged and move on. If the fucker refuse to acknowledge, it is for his own detriment, you did the right thing.



Never, but never rely your security, both mental and physic to others. Rarely you'll be taken care. Remember you are around 100% degenerate filth.


You mean X right? Because boomers are past their 50-60y and they are even worse. Too much time under diversity is strength.


I pray everyday to meet someone who unironically names the jew IRL, but that would imply we are both NEETs.


filtered, you don't have enough IQ to hang around mate.


But that is the problem, someone who fail to address the JQ and race objectively, fails to be good in many areas of critical thought, I would go far as saying that there is a limit to their willing to do good.






4412af  No.13325654

File: b153f903010d8e2⋯.png (323.91 KB, 393x395, 393:395, 1352101607311.png)


hey OP

do you like guns/outdoors?

all my friends are from 4cuck /k/

so lurk there and look out for meets or start a thread about looking for range buddies in your state

find friends based on your hobbies, regardless… the more common it is the easier it will be to find in your area.

e8ab37  No.13326213


She looks like she was part non-White herself.

8e6d37  No.13326285


Pity, a disruptive insider can be such a wonderful and necesary role.

36ae2a  No.13326318


That 1/16th Cherokee doing it's work

50d884  No.13326351

File: c0954722c2bc5fd⋯.png (435.74 KB, 720x541, 720:541, swj8alenenv21.png)

Who else here is /outofplace/? I was always the guy who was socially successful enough to chat with anyone, but it seems as though I was never able to become accepted as part of a group at all. Sometimes I question whether or not I was even made for these times

e8ab37  No.13326363


>It's not natural for men to not have friends either. Look at old photos from your grandpa and you can see guys had friends back then.

Jews also weren't subverting our society to such an extent as they are today either.


>if he hugs you back, give him a kiss on the front and remind him of his worth

This was fine until this point. Got a bit queer here.


Who is Corneliu Zelea Codreanu?


Australia I imagine is similar since it's about the same size as the continental USA, and similar dynamics being a major Anglosphere nation.


>Appreciate friends while you have them, do not belabor their absence

Absolutely this. I had a friend that I wished well on Kikebook messenger, he didn't respond, but left it on "read." But then again, he doesn't use (((social media))) much, nor does he want to be tied to it much. Can't say that I blame him.


It's because of shit like this is why I quit drinking the alcoholic Jew.


>Sometimes I question whether or not I was even made for these times

We weren't. We were made for the timeline in which the Axis was suppose to have won the war, this is why we're so out of place and confused.

76ad49  No.13326531


>one of elements of Jewish occupation is completely breaking up the trust and companionship between people

Which, to me, is also why they push faggotism everywhere. Prevents strong male-male bonds, and keeps us weak. Regular guys don't want to look like faggots and would now avoid any physical contact whatsoever with even their "close" friends. Did not use to be the case up until a couple decades ago: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/the-history-and-nature-of-man-friendships/

36ae2a  No.13334539


Doesn't matter anymore tho since everyone is gay

36ae2a  No.13334572


Normie tier shit tbh

c0963d  No.13334573


>wanting (((friends)))


06a6b9  No.13334579

I am from Ipswich.

36ae2a  No.13334588


Mountain biking will sure be fun when they put us into FEMA camps.

06a6b9  No.13334610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dub confirms that you will have fun with riding on the mountain bike and be wildly free as the bird!

b81303  No.13334633



New here? Welcome, friend.

She's a kike.

06a6b9  No.13334657


I will practice to Neil while riding on the mountain bike. It will be fun.

06a6b9  No.13334658

06a6b9  No.13334681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Go make a friend named Neil and go mountain biking with him

Great, you give me a idea. I will create a mountain bike team named ‘Neil’ and only invite the people named Neil in. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

756813  No.13334695

Most of the people I consider friends are people close in my life who /pol/ would consider libshit, yet they tolerate and are interested in /pol/ discussions, and of course they're all white, so I feel it a duty to keep em around and reach out. But that's but a minor facet. A few years ago my ex of 6 years dumped me and shortly after my father died, and I was friendless. One of my closest friends now was a family friend I grew up with but kept no contact with through teen and college years. Yet low and behold he was one of the few to show up at my father's funeral and I've grown bomded with him since. Actually now that I think about it, the only people I associate with have been people who have actually added value to my 'rebirth'. I truly went through a transformation to take hold of my life and pull myself out of despair, and I really appreciate all the support, even if indirect, these people have given me in my vulnerable years. Don't give up on your fellow volk. Yes most are consumed by kike antics but we live in a kike world, most who do not dare venture towards /pol/, kinda like the silent majority.

756813  No.13334701



Nah, skiing is superior

>No niggers on the slopes

>Entirely your body in control


No seriously, skiing is the shit

06a6b9  No.13334708


>kek Ride or die faggots

Neil to that.


I skied in Japan for the first time and it is difficult because I am not used to the snow but that didn’t stop me from having fun. I want to try all different sort of snow sports and outdoor stuff.

756813  No.13334722


Skiing and dancing with whores at raves really brought me out of my bubble. There's something about doing cardio non-stop for like 6 hours non-stop that makes you feel alive. I get that I should be /fit/ to survive but i literally only gym to be able to ride 8-4 non-stop aside from pissing/lunch.

Two years ago ski patrol had to take me down a mountain. But i kept deciding to hang with these normies that ski real good that now I'm bombing double blacks without flinching.

756813  No.13334735


>I skied in Japan for the first time

MY NIGGER. I went to Colorado first time this year. Was fucking amazing. I will say, much easier to learn out there just due to the sheer size of the mountains compared to out east. I skied Vermont 7 times last year and that immensely helped. I plan on doing either nippon or Austria/italy/france next year. If my chainlink gets me rich i swear to fuck I'll spend an entire winter hitting up different mountains all fucking winter

06a6b9  No.13334736


>ski patrol had to take me down a mountain

Did you ride on the snowmobile? I want to ride on the snowmobile but it will cost me few hundreds dollar per hour so screw that. I rather to buy the snowmobile than to rent the snowmobile.

756813  No.13334746


Nah twice it was on skis they take you on a sled. Last year I had to be taken down by patrol cuz my binding was fucked up despite me being able to but tge dude had a snowboard and being taken down by that was actually a lot more fun and less nerve racking than a skier patrol.

756813  No.13334759


I know I'll get judged here but if you have the head for it, skiing + LSD is literally nirvana. Actual performance enhancement. To each his own.

06a6b9  No.13334769



I went there but not for the sports though. I can promise you will love it!


>my binding fuck up.

Got too icy? My ski got too icy to the point my ski shoe can’t snap in properly so I had to break the ice off with ski poles.

06a6b9  No.13334776


I never tried nor know about LSD so I cannot trust myself to buy the legit LSD. Not many people are buying that drug now.

06a6b9  No.13334788

By the way if I want to buy the mountain bike to ride on the snow then which bike is the best to buy? I am sure regular mountain bike won’t work on the snowy floor.

064228  No.13334790


Become a furry.

06a6b9  No.13334794


Hang yourself faggot.

5a4e64  No.13334814


I miss taking the BMX down to the jumps

5a4e64  No.13334838


Haha thanks man I'm Boomer old and creaky now but I would be A-OK with being the decrepit boomer at the dirt park

756813  No.13334856


That's exactly it. When you do physical activity on acid, you actually don't get too much hallucinogenic effect, but acts more like an 10 hour caffeine without jitters and gives you focus like no other. Its seriously great. Fuck anyone who shit talks psychedelics.


Uhh get out more, it's pretty popular nowadays, psys in general are on the rise. Shrooms were just decriminalized in Colorado. It's seriously the only psychoactive that should be permitted.


Thanks man, I'm pretty hype. And I had some rental skis where one binding just slid up all the way it could after I fell and I couldn't snap my boot in at all. It was a quick fix and ever since I ride with a screwdriver.

06a6b9  No.13334899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Great! Thank a lot for the hardcore bike list.

06a6b9  No.13334940


Are you in Colorado? I am from Queensland, the best hot state in the whole Australia.

06a6b9  No.13334956


Where will I get LSD or shroom from? I am an coffee addict noob.

ad12ea  No.13335032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You can just ride on the quad bike with your dog through the peaceful forest. It don’t need to be rough.

ad12ea  No.13336434


How are you?

ad12ea  No.13336495

I guess you are busy now.

0b8d77  No.13336511


>Tell him you will order pizza and play his favourite co-op vidya until late.

holy fuck you're pathetic you just wrote about your dream boyfriend didn't you. Fucking faggot.

544da0  No.13337176


Yeah degeneracy is not as big of a deal if it's not full blown. I'd rather have a friend who smokes weed and fucks sluts but who prioritize the survival of our race over some Mr. Clean cuck.

544da0  No.13337232


This isn't an indictment of friends so much as getting drunk and not preparing in the least for if anything went wrong by bringing cash, a phone, etc. Plus, not all friends are created equal. You can probably make it past this incident and trust again if you reframe what happened and adjust your expectations without totally shelling yourself up.

544da0  No.13337274


True although someone has to be a friend for you as well or it's a one-way relationship, which leads to mental anguish and wastes time. Maybe you just have to put yourself out there for a long time without expecting anything in return and hope someone does the same for you one day. Until then, it's going to be rough though.

070f50  No.13343580


I bet niggers never ride like this intense sport.

6d7c56  No.13343698


Yes. You should have identified worthwhile people and made them your friends early in life, then cultivated them over the years into redpilled brothers in this eternal struggle. If you did not do this, you have only yourself and your lack of foresight to blame for your isolation and misery.

e8ab37  No.13343737


Why would Jews bother to do that? There was no plan to do that in the Weimar Republic, and today in the neo-Weimar Republic that is the USA, there is no plan, either. Jews just want to exploit us forever, or as long as they possibly can.

0684b3  No.13343757


>-According to philosophy of Theravada Buddhism

stopped after that. That's enough to know whatever came after that line is complete bullshit

940efe  No.13344893


Mass society destroys the ability for humans to pair bond; friendship is born out of necessity and proximity.

I will say this though: people change, they are not in some sort of arrested state of being 'degenerate' or 'pure'. I've seen many good people turn bad and bad people turning out to be the best of friends once they got a good job.

Humans are not rational, every single one of them is awkward and crazy once you get underneath their personas; you just have to know what you can handle. Knowing how to handle disagreeable, stubborn and combative people is a good skill, most normalnigs can't– to them they're like wild stallions.

If you want to invest into someone, always look for the shy people. They'll bond with you, they'll keep your secrets. Extremely social people are a waste of time, they will only commit the minimum amount of time for a friendship; they will at best be a good business contact to drink beer with.

bef86a  No.13344935

Because there's a culture of fear now. People are terrified to open up to people, because you say the wrong thing and suddenly not only do they not like you, but they can start spreading things that can damage important things, like your career. Political correctness and transformed society to the point where people are so afraid of offending someone and dealing with the retarded drama that they prefer to hide in a shell and avoid everything. The only way to make any sort of decent friends is to gain each other's trust so you can both speak freely to each other without fear of some sort of social backlash.

I wish I could say this only applied to far right beliefs, but it doesn't. Normalfags don't care about social justice, but at the same time they're afraid of pissing off SJWs and dealing with the drama and bullshit. You can see this clearly, even with people who care, by "hiding their power levels" and finding someone they can trust and share similar views.

As a bonus, all that interracial jewish far left propaganda you see on the tv, that's not to convince people to start interracial relationships. It's to send a signal to viewers that the far left is in control and if you speak out about that kind of stuff you will be punished by members of society.

The only way to have real friends is to find people you can trust. They don't have to think the same way as you or I. But they need to have a mutual trust and respect between each other where they won't bring things in your friendship that can hurt you outside of the friendship. I only have three friends. We can talk politics and all sorts of things, and we all know that even if we disagree we won't be petty and do things like post on social media about things someone in our group said.

You would be surprised how many people will open up to you if you can show them they can trust you. But society right now is a group of people terrified of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, so they filter their language and personality to be generic and boring as fuck. Of course, the left provides bullshit like LGBT and other identity politics to fill in the void and give people who are afraid of expressing themselves a safe, leftist approved area in society where expression of specific types is allowed.

1ca7cd  No.13344965


No one should be this scared of political correctness. Just don’t be stupid about how you present your ideas, you don’t have to be terrified, ffs grow a pair

5d0776  No.13344987


cmon anon, where do you think the heroin, coke and hundreds of designer drugs come from? Shit its the only jobs niggers have.

bef86a  No.13344991


I'm not saying I am, I'm saying a lot of other people that I've talked to are. People are afraid so they won't open up to you and build a meaningful friendship. They view it as

>Why should I risk talking about politics or something personal when I can talk about the football game?

5d0776  No.13345015


We take a family trip to Austria every new year its a fucking blast anon, going on 5 years in a row now and its best time of the year.

000000  No.13345019




The best way to have real friends is to be a real friend first. But do not expect, that others will be as honorary as you.

The best friend most of us will ever have, is 8ch.net/pol

How To Win Friends


1ca7cd  No.13345567


>Why should I risk talking about politics or something personal when I can talk about the football game?

I think you’re overestimating them and most are just too dumb to talk about more than the football game

a57087  No.13345587

File: 543f156a3288a3b⋯.png (36.52 KB, 474x505, 474:505, 6tT7Re51.png)


>Not a degenerate

Those are some pretty high standards, guy. Also, "degenerate" is a case-by-case basis. What world are you living in, bud?

1cdd2e  No.13345676


real LSD is incredibly hard to find, because research chemicals have been synthesized that will work in small enough doses to fit on a piece of paper, which was the main way you knew that acid was real. you can order shroom grow kits online. it's a jar you press a button on the lid and spores fall into a grow medium, come back in a month or whatever and you have a load of strong psychedelics. Dont do a heavy dose of psychedelics as your first trip. Start off with a minimal dose, and slowly work up to stronger doses as you gain confidence in it. also, it's a good idea to write on your hand that you took psychedelics, because it's easy to forget why you're tripping

36ae2a  No.13346013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>ffs grow a pair

It's a lot more difficult to grow a pair when you actually have… A job, and a career.

Some people have mouths to feed.

fc77b2  No.13346077


We need to start a Ayran Persecution network and list all the cunt bosses on there that are oppressing the rise of white males.

eb180f  No.13346159


You're the one who sounds like a Jew. You're bitching about shekels. Someone who actually has your back against niggers and shitskins is priceless these days. Grow the fuck up and let it go jewboy.

e864b8  No.13346321


>You would be surprised how many people will open up to you if you can show them they can trust you

Funnily enough, this bit by some cucked comedian said something along these lines that kind of rang true. I think it was about taking a chance telling racist jokes to someone, and if they laugh you're able to try and get more and more comfortable with each other.

e4a921  No.13346380


>h-how dare you calling me out on stealing right out of your wallet? dont you know how racist that is?

004596  No.13346388


All I can tell you is I don't have any real friends. And it's not me it's them. I am "real friend" material 100%. I'm sad.

004596  No.13346394


>grown ups don't have friends, they have acquaintances

Why should this be the case? It's not worth believing. I don't like it.

952b7a  No.13346447

I don't care about degeneracy in general, though the kind of degeneracy is important. Someone has to be interesting enough (that typically includes intelligence) for me to bother with it. Though at the same time still sane enough to recognize me as a friend and not some tool to use for one purpose or another.


Yes similar experience but I had this realization when I was 16 and the stuff with girlfriends and stealing didn't happen. It was fairly simple I asked a 'friend' what he was going to do in the weekend and if we could meet up and do something fun. He said he would be busy, then when I came to school on the next monday I heard what a great party they he threw with some other friends. Beat 2 of my former friends up and became outcast.

But that was many years ago and since then I mostly have 1 on 1 relations with friends. Best thing that came out of that was that I made a friend that I love who I still have a lot of contact with. I avoid groups like plagues since the bigger it gets the harder it becomes to form meaningful connections. Though I guess company of 3 or 4 people is still nice but above that it becomes rather bad in my experience.


It's not really that big of an issue generally you can inquire about people their opinion on certain things. It's pretty easy to weed out the political correctness crowd in real life.

2dbd94  No.13366850



Rocky Mountain



Canon dale



Santa Cruz

Get a bike (full suspension) and go ride it HARD M8!!!! You’ll make good friends out there for sure

c22f17  No.13368000

File: 86c224bceed7c78⋯.jpg (80.28 KB, 834x960, 139:160, roman.jpg)


Its pretty hilarious how utterly psychotic the normies have become

Normalfags will sit around and be pretentious day after day but if you try to lighten the mood or act just a little out of the normal suddenly you're this weird kid. I can't even be assed to give a shit about social standards in public unless its to get something I want. I keep being as genuinely human as I can be towards other people and all I get is a bunch of dogshit thrown into my mouth. What the ever loving fuck is so important about our clown world that you have to be moody all the damn time? This entire world is going to crash and burn soon and you're acting like a chump taking it seriously.

I for one am going to fucking enjoy the shit out of the collapse of the USA. These normalfags have absolutely no idea how bad its going to get and will have skin way too thin to handle the shit that is coming.

000000  No.13368076


Yeah, I'm with you there. Everyone is so damned depressed. They call it "Demoralization." It's when everyone just gives up. They look around, and they give up. All sorts of things lead to this demoralization concept.

Wars that go badly, bad economic state, doomsday religions getting too popular, or just the feeling that there's some moral standard that exists that's impossible to keep because it clashes with human nature.

Lust, racism, being straight, wanting to have fun and enjoy life, wanting friends to joke around with, even offensive jokes. We all want to be able to experience normal human emotions, and speak our honest truths.

But then you get people who enforce their demoralization and false morality on you, like those SJWs who just yell at people, and the Christians with their Bible-thumping in every situation, or even those anti-racist immigration people. Every one of those groups uses guilt, shame, and the fact that each one of those concepts is a normal human feeling.

Christians have always been very uptight about their sexuality. I'm not even talking about LGBT stuff. Anyone who grew up Christian knows how insanely uptight it is. They damn everyone for having feelings, and that makes us all guilty. Thus we obey.

Or the feminists and their bullshit about how it's not fair that they're female and have to take a female gender role. It's fairly obvious that women are meant to have children and raise those children. Having them want to be in the work-force is unpleasant. We need to do heavy duty work as men building towards our ideal society, and women just complicate things. We need to have focus, but then they meddle and bring in their immigrant friends.

And nothing is worse for our society than immigration in mass numbers. Not only can we no longer make classic racist jokes, but it becomes serious when our women go off to mate with brown people, and only come crawling back later, once they realize that the invaders will literally rape them to death, and then sell their children off to their uncles and nephews. That's what the invaders do.

If we can stand united as the Aryan race, it should be possible to go up to any true and proper Aryan and just talk to them. Anyone with green or blue eyes ought to be our friend, for racial reasons. Not political reasons, so unless they're actually National Socialist, I doubt it would be wise to talk to anyone about politics. There are too many traitorous rats who would snitch to the thought police.

9b721f  No.13368099

File: 061ef3dc7f591b5⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 343x267, 343:267, 5-1-19-1.jpg)

After reading all of OP's posts I think I believe I understand his predicament, which is as follows:


Lighten the fuck up, not all friends are meant to be intellectual/spiritual brothers-in-arms.

If I had standards like yours for every person I would hang with I'd be pretty fucking lonely too. Sometimes you just want to have a few drinks and shoot shit inna woods, not analyze the decline of western civilization ad nauseam.

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