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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

65ecd3  No.13332232

Morning, /pol/. Or whatever time it is where you are. I have a little proposal for your consideration, but first the facts. It's well known that leftists are astoundingly gullible, bereft of self-preservation instincts, sensitive to peer pressure, always eager t virtue signal no matter how much they have to humiliate or endanger themselves, and incredibly stupid and short-sighted in general. Additionally, they have such a fucked up ass-backwards conception of the world that they seriously believe Whites are the majority of the murderers and that blacks are poor innocents that dindunuffin and are unjustly smeared by the White-owned media. Yes, they actually believe this.

With all that in mind, something occured to me. It's so delightfully simple yet potentially effective (not to mention amusing) that I'm surprised it hasn't come up before. Simply put, I propose to organize a campaign to trick leftists into livestreaming themselves taking into a walk around their local nigger ghetto through a Go-Pro head camera. How to sell them on this? Simple! Just wax a lot of mealy-mouthed bullshit about how for too long Whites have unfairly blamed muh poor blacks for crime and stereotyped nigger slums as anarchic places full of drugs and violence and niggers themselves as thugs and drug pushers. Therefore the best way to combat these harmful stereotypes is to go to the 'hood and show everyone what life in it and the people in it are actually like. To sweeten the pot, accuse anyone who expresses reluctance or advises against doing this as a racist coward who probably wears a MAGA hat. Bully them until they literally virtue signal themselves into the grave.

It's a win-win situation. I mean, think about the different possibilities:

>ghettos are shown as the horrid crime-ridden landfills they are, not to mention showcasing niggers in their natural habitat (inevitable)

>leftist retard has a close call, might potentially get redpilled and join the ranks of the enlightened

>leftist retard gets mugged and knifed live on camera, potential mass redpilling once it makes the rounds **not to mention it being funny as fuck

>leftist either expresses fear in the video or backs out of the whole thing, gets smeared as a racist and causes infighting

So what do you say, /pol/? What's the best way to go about this? Any suggestions? Additional ideas? Let's get the ball rolling.

eed949  No.13332254

#WalkTheHood for peace. Show the world how black communities just want peace and to work.


c32e5c  No.13332272

File: 95610ebb2a13d67⋯.png (495.38 KB, 592x592, 1:1, AKRoss.png)


It's a genius idea, anon. The difficulty comes in trying to implement this. It would have to be sold as one of the "Ice Bucket" tier "challenges".

This means you would have to do the first ones yourself. And at first they would have to show a "good side" to the niggers. Which would be a hard thing to do.

The extra genius is the "racist" angle. One can guilt these dumb, virtue signaling lemming fuckers into anything with social threats.

Honestly though, I'm stumped on how to get this rolling.

Great creative challenge for strategic /pol/acks who excel at this kind of "art". Good luck.

7b0e2f  No.13332280


Walking the hood bringing food, water, and clothing to the homeless? Sounds like a great attitude and approach to bridging the divide created purposely by the kikes.

c7ed31  No.13332299


Ok, you go heal the divide then

Film yourself walking the hood and healing the divide

I know you wont because you are a racist coward

911a5c  No.13332307


I only give money to poor white homeless people. Does that upset you?

3f06d9  No.13332322

I think that this is brilliant idea!

c32e5c  No.13332348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You just reminded me that this shit has already been done. (vid related)

Sorry OP.

161043  No.13332360

File: 2de4bf111ad4388⋯.jpeg (39.2 KB, 538x600, 269:300, 02BE2098-6CE0-47CE-8663-5….jpeg)

People already do this kind of shit and use their cognitive dissonance to edit the videos, only including the “good” interactions they have with the “poor disenfranchised” urban apes. What’s to stop them from editing out the nasty encounters like the jewnalists do with their mainstream media?

e9b443  No.13332367


Yes, I to would like to see this.

65ecd3  No.13332369


>What’s to stop them from editing out the nasty encounters like the jewnalists do with their mainstream media?

Yes, I had that in mind when making this thread. Hence why I said livestream.

5c53c3  No.13332416

Americans should automatically just shove their opinions up their asses and reflect on their position and maybe go to church and sit there for a while, take a walk enjoy nature and when you are done think again why you exist and what is your purpose. You fucking clown

161043  No.13332419

File: c985026f72c9c89⋯.jpeg (80.22 KB, 374x513, 374:513, 5C1CD03F-B74E-4778-91DD-4….jpeg)


Got it. Sorry, I missed that part. In that case, of violence was displayed, maybe we could get social media hemmed up in the process. After the backlash they received from the outrage of the tarrant video live-streaming on faceberg, either A. They work to delete the videos ASAP and can be called racist for not playing along with sjws trying to create a clean image of blacks. Or B. They leave the videos up and we point out how they only have a problem showing violence against browns and not whites. Live streaming could open a door for many layers to this op. What would add significant gas to the fire is if we could get eurocucks to do this in their Islamic sharia no go zones

5c53c3  No.13332434


Classic cunt A,B ,99% sure, eurocuck, anime weeb, Get over your self.

65ecd3  No.13332444


Indeed. Also, there's another point I didn't cover in my OP. I also specifically mentioned a, quote, Go-Pro camera and not a simple handheld both because it'd leave the leftist idiot more free to use his hands and interact, and because it would give a first-person view of the action which would make for a more intimate experience. Since it's all shot in first person, the viewer's brain instinctively identifies more closely with what's being shown. Imagine if the leftist moron Walking The Hood gets accosted by a bunch of nigger crackheads and knifed to death? Not only those watching will see the leftist being brutally murdered while crying and begging for his life, they'll see their feral nigger faces looming and leering at the screen as they laugh, yell and jeer. Again, in first person. It'd be like suffering the asault yourself. Thus it would have a deep, visceral (primal, even) effect on the psyche of anyone watching. even the most brainwashed leftards will be shocked to their core and, if they're not redpilled, they'll at leastbe demoralized as fuck moderates will radicalize and radicals will galvanize further.

f58b0d  No.13332446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is a bleeding heard video, for ideas .

Just make you'r own "social experiment" and then post it on leftie hive forums.

Tell them they must visit the hood to show the good .

f58b0d  No.13332451

Oh btw this shit could backfire as you now got droves of those yoyo's doing a bunch of good pr for the coons.

161043  No.13332491

File: ffe60953e6c1878⋯.jpeg (45.61 KB, 596x381, 596:381, 6C4DEBC8-BF78-43B8-8494-F….jpeg)


Yes that’d be best case scenario for this op, however we can’t bank on bugmen to set aside enough booze/weed/funko pop money to buy a go pro. Must plan according to them using smartphones which obviously all of them already have. First order of business is gaining traction in the social media system which is built to function against us evil non leftist nazis. I’m talkin reddit canvassing. Facebook sock accounts posting in blm (an the like) groups. Leftist sock twitter accounts. To get this started we’ll have to look like one of them. Go make some convincing videos and get this trending lads.

911a5c  No.13332493


As long as it kills off leftists it's worth the bad PR.

f9b29f  No.13332802

Get a few natsoc buddies to dress in realistic blackface and film the first video in a safe neighborhood

883766  No.13332847


>what is livefeed

All you need to do is create the challenge as a must livefeed event. This idea is pretty great, if there is some Goebbels level anon here with socket tweets armed he could easily make it gain traction like fashytag.

258afe  No.13333257


if somehow this turns viral, there will be a lot of staging. mostly from the typical e-celebs who pay actors for prank videos. we already have a ton of footages of immigrants doing the things they do in developed countries. just spread them.

25ee24  No.13333376


white heroin users already walk in the hood, most likely what will happen is

>the niggers try to sell drugs to white liberal

>nigger sees nigger selling drugs to white liberal

>they chimping on each other.

> chimping out causes them to be violent around everyone around them including the liberal

> liberal gets a black eye

9289fe  No.13333407


How is this bad?

35092c  No.13334486


>if somehow this turns viral, there will be a lot of staging. mostly from the typical e-celebs who pay actors for prank videos.

This is a valid concern. Any ideas on how to counter it?

3dcd4b  No.13334500

I'm not setting a single fucking foot in a nigger hood unless I've got a rifle and a plan.

e2129d  No.13336557


Did you not read a word of the OP? It's all about tricking leftists into filming themselves going to the nigger jungle.

25ee24  No.13336563


nothing, just telling the most likely situation.

26e48b  No.13336757

File: 8c6aa9204f478a0⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 564x423, 4:3, a84b47fde5c65785c1f419da0a….jpg)


I think that even OP doesn't understand what a good idea he just had. We haven't even scratched the surface of the "redpill the masses with social media livestream" meme. This technique becomes exponentially more effective in the most population dense and multicultural environment imaginable: public school.

It's summer break now, so all o' y'all gradecucks have all summer to prepare. Off the top of my head, here's a few possible scenarios:

1) first week of school, get a bunch of frens to sit in the corner in the cafeteria and all search the same non-degenerate edgelord porn on their phones all at once (bwc creampie, cuckquean, naughty teacher impregnated by incel cock, nazi breeds jewess, etc.) Other phones in your group are livestreaming the entire cafeteria, recording the simultaneous metaphysical effects of your search history influencing the multiverse and the minds of all the students in the vicinity.

2) are you getting bullied? Get you and your frens to livestream it. Be sure to remind them that they are infringing on your 1st and 4th amendment rights, inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on you, i advocate and incite only peace, please stop being violent, quit being racist, why are you antiwhite, etc. Blacks and browns can be psychically triggered into violent acts by your phone searching for confederate, kkk, nazi, jim crow, blacks look like gorillas, black inferior iq, etc. If they beat you up, just remember that gradeschool pussy melts for victims, and even jewniggers will be smitten with envy of your prodigious victimhood. Oh and sue for millions of dollars for an unsafe and hostile environment at school, hatecrimes committed against you, etc.

3) holocaust class? Fucking cakewalk. Redpill the whole class. Livestream teacherbergstein getting btfod by the bear eagle masturbation brainbashing electric floor soviet diesel engine steam machines of the death rollercoaster gas oven soap lampshade 1947 icrc report. Bonus points if somebody catches a cheerleader's facial expression when you point out that judeobolsheviks castrated the entire german high command and then convinced negros to urinate on their heads.

Remember, never act alone. The more smartphones you have acting together, the better. Hide small recorders on your person as redundant backups when the authorities take your phones. And never masturbate and never search bl@cked pr0n. I don't want you to be the next Nicholas Cruz and get your school stoneman douglas'd. You have all summer to brainstorm, practice, and prepare. Good luck fam.

e2129d  No.13336961


This isn't a real downside, it'll backfire on them something fierce. It will mean more leftists will be tricked (and more easily) into going to nigger ghettos and getting butchered by their pet monkeys. If anyone tries to discourage it after the uptick in deaths they'll be "canceled" (i.e. excommunicated and villified) by other leftists, not to mention nigger activists. There won't be a real way to stop it except physically, and that will only bring them more problems.

3a61f2  No.13337135

This is basically the video of "Taking a Walk While in NYC". Some decent memes and chances to redpill came out of that since it backfired so immmensely

1075a3  No.13341203


You're thinking too small. The idea is to trick many leftists into getting themselves mugged and killed on camera in front of a live audience and disseminate it worldwide.

20c527  No.13341215


My sides.

20c527  No.13341228



I'm so sick of these paramilitary, espionage-engaged, psychological operations-driven (((social experiments))). BULLSHIT. This is shown to normalize the idea (like "reality" tv does), so that they can continue plain-clothes subversion, entrapment, smear campaigns, and "beyond black" (no pun here) activities that involve basically FUCKING WITH PEOPLE and GETTING AWAY WITH IT (most of the time). It's a numbers game with these monolithically funded and compartmentalized useful idiot-empowering shitheads. THIS HAS TO END.

02e0c4  No.13341234


Holy fuck this is genius!

42c0e9  No.13341241

Sad to say but this will never work. No leftist will ever actually put their money where there mouth is and walk into a nigger neighborhood, they stay safely in their all white ivory towers and virtue signal, they would never set foot in niggerville.

2eee96  No.13341302


Only a racist xenophobic white male would be afraid of the #walkthehood movement. He will not divide us. We are good. We are progress. We are utopia.

1e349c  No.13341462

File: 1246f4b26604cdf⋯.jpeg (136.43 KB, 579x362, 579:362, C0183E0E-A7CB-4053-BFFB-4….jpeg)


They do it all the time. Haven’t you heard of all the retard lefties hitchhiking through Afghanistan to prove Muslims are a peaceful people, only to end up withough a head? Leftists will do whatever it takes to win first place in the virtue signal500

7c6b04  No.13341541

Walk the hood with concealed carry in a stand your ground state. Hold the staredowns of nigs (not saying a word) until they inevitably escalate. Hm.

e73a26  No.13341560



0444c9  No.13341643

>do some more epic memeing retard shit that won't accomplish anything




df83f2  No.13346996

File: 16507704675d898⋯.jpg (7.9 MB, 2691x2525, 2691:2525, tinfoil-hat-privacy-parano….jpg)

Hmmm… there were posts on this thread every single consecutive day until I posted. Its almost as if the feds, mods, and hotwheels are conspiring to sabotage 8chan by burying good content (just like youtube). Perhaps they're afraid that we might expose and prevent their next mass (or school) shooting. Better post good ideas while you can anons, before they redact and archive this thread early, just like they did with /pol/ school shooter reveal .

00a085  No.13347124

File: 66ef63955e6bc35⋯.png (6.68 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 8cad4056-39ff-4b1f-a189-c4….png)

What a nice idea.

00a085  No.13347143


I don't care about so called white nationalism. It's an American fixation.

00a085  No.13347174


You should sue the doctor who removed your sense of humor.

cf3573  No.13350534


The tricky thing is how to sell it to leftards without them getting cold feet because they're intruding in black people's spaces or some horseshit like that.

6f3c15  No.13350900


ed7e5f  No.13351580

File: 5056fbe550b140c⋯.jpg (12.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Cogito.jpg)

Only read the OP so far but my 2 cents since I've thought about this before:

The main problem I've come up with is them shutting off the camera the moment something goes wrong. As long as they don't die the rest of the left will be able to talk themselves in circles.

As for how to make them do it, simple: have them make a go fund me for a documentary made from the footage they collect. Leftists love 2 things: Attention whoring and go fund mes. This way they'll blow their cash on useless shit again and bribe each other into committing sudoku.

5f661a  No.13351667


fucking kek

I forgot about this, my dad always used to show me this kind of stuff when I was a kid

35092c  No.13352860


>The main problem I've come up with is them shutting off the camera the moment something goes wrong.

Unlikely. Oh, they will sure attempt to, but chances are they won't be fast enough to shut off their Go-Pro before they get Culturally Enriched™

>As long as they don't die the rest of the left will be able to talk themselves in circles.

Which is actually a good thing. The more they believe it's safe and even fun to do, the more will try it and the more will get Enriched™ and the more lulz we'll have

>As for how to make them do it, simple: have them make a go fund me for a documentary made from the footage they collect. Leftists love 2 things: Attention whoring and go fund mes. This way they'll blow their cash on useless shit again and bribe each other into committing sudoku.

This is a good plan, I 've got to say. The question is how to make sure the GoFundMe doesn't trace back to any of us.

4d3e28  No.13352901


Start with lies on social media.


And if liberals refuse, citing this page as evidence it's a chan-scam, we can accuse them of racism for not wanting to risk-it-all for POC.

8b911c  No.13359314


>And if liberals refuse, citing this page as evidence it's a chan-scam, we can accuse them of racism for not wanting to risk-it-all for POC.

On the contrary, if they smell a chan scam they'll abort the whole thing like they abort newborn babies.

297f0d  No.13360408


>bringing food, water, and clothing to the homeless?

Fuck off Al Sharpton. Walk the hood just like it's your own safe and friendly block, proving to the world that the locals are civilized citizens just like every other demographic.

1551a3  No.13362788


>we can accuse them of racism for not wanting to risk-it-all for POC

Just say not wanting to engage with vibrant inner city youths in their natural habitat is giving Le Bad Orange Man exactly what he wants. These retards literally kill themselves to spite Drumpf.

81fb68  No.13362823



Why is it wrong that they kill themselves?

RIP Terry

RIP Chris McKinstry

RIP Charles Babbage

7995c0  No.13362871


And when you use your gun or even win a fist fight with your gun in your possession, you'll be tried and convicted of incitement and attempted murder. The first question they will ask is what business you had there and what were you up to. Don't think you're going to trick the legal system into not being anti-white. This is a fool's errand.

47ab05  No.13363001


How about you try it, tell us the reaction niggers had when they saw you walking around with a gopro and telling them that other people think that ghettos are dirty.

I guess a true OP never fails being a faggot.

d869c6  No.13363144

This holds no moral instruction. It is written from a certain viewpoint of that time. Even on the contrary, because the writer had to somehow keep surrounding wrath at bay.

A bit floating to post this. Though not intended. I am not saying the plan OP proposes or not. I am saying to do the right thing right away. Because it is hopeless. It's best to save ourselves a lot of trouble.

Here I too, I say: you think it strange but it will be.

A carriage without horse will go

Disaster fill the world with woe.

In London, Primrose Hill shall be

In centre hold a Bishop's See

Around the world men's thoughts will fly

Quick as the twinkling of an eye.

And water shall great wonders do

How strange. And yet it shall come true.

Through towering hills proud men shall ride

No horse or ass move by his side.

Beneath the water, men shall walk

Shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk.

And in the air men shall be seen

In white and black and even green

A great man then, shall come and go

For prophecy declares it so.

In water, iron, then shall float

As easy as a wooden boat

Gold shall be seen in stream and stone

In land that is yet unknown.

And those that live will ever fear

The dragons tail for many year

But time erases memory

You think it strange. But it will be.

And before the race is built anew

A silver serpent comes to view

And spew out men of like unknown

To mingle with the earth now grown

Cold from its heat and these men can

Enlighten the minds of future man.

To intermingle and show them how

To live and love and thus endow

The children with the second sight.

A natural thing so that they might

Grow graceful, humble and when they do

The Golden Age will start anew.

In modern day the most straightforward prophecy I know is see link below. It also has a youtube channel. So directly into the audience seeing through peoples lives. I don't know a good example right now. And I'm not sure if it is best to post one.

The Actual problem is that it must stick to generally known Christian principles. While Christianity has a lot of mistakes. But it is not that I spoke with the one who does the prophecies about this.



Personally I thought it was ok to know some /poll/ knowing this too. There is no offence intended here at all. But I do see the issue. How this could look. But I am simply not bothered by this issue at all. Not if it is purely about this. (They are in their native country.)

d70271  No.13366876


The purpose of this is to get leftists to commit suicide by monkey on camera in front of thousands and redpill the masses when it leaks out onto the public consciousness.

1f6efe  No.13369773


OP is a jew retard that just wants to trick naive white neets into getting jumped by niggers. You'll probably get harassed by the cops as well thinking you're in the hood to buy crack.

56b6d1  No.13373267

i been calling out niggers before pol even existed don't put the egg before the chicken

ffd1c4  No.13374532

I feel like you could get Robert Francis O'Rourk to do this and start a trend with it.

cc1093  No.13375133

There are Libtards actually doing this already. They move into the hood, send their kids to the local school and blog about how vibrant and welcoming everyone is and how it's all just racist lies … for a short while.

Colin Flaherty used to follow a few of them, they usually went quiet after a few months and quietly moved back to white suburbia without saying why.

a9af1c  No.13375156


And that’s bad why? Why are white shitlibs so god damn precious to you?

a9af1c  No.13375163


Agreed. I’d say 80% of white dna is trash at this point. And that’s being generous. Get the garbage out and then whites can get down to business

9ed80f  No.13380504


>Colin Flaherty used to follow a few of them, they usually went quiet after a few months and quietly moved back to white suburbia without saying why.


There's the key word. If this little initiative takes flight and successfully tricks libtards into go-proing in the hood before getting mugged and killed, think of all the redpilling that will ensue when it inevitably becomes known.

872917  No.13380549


I'm sure a lot of those people turn "anti-gentrification"

f880f9  No.13381750


White leftists don't live in black neighborhoods OP.

That's why they're leftists.

931a6a  No.13383011


Do they make canned watermelon?

931a6a  No.13383020

File: e82ed0160f1c235⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 199x255, 199:255, neighborhood watch.jpg)

1f8a32  No.13383030

File: 83a4c0719a85530⋯.jpg (19.28 KB, 320x320, 1:1, DBZ Pikolo.jpg)


I honestly don't necessarily care about race itself, as long as there's people who can fight the Jew, I'll be hopeful. But the niggers will probably just ooga booga.

e12c41  No.13383038


Public Cervix Announcement!

That is literally the dumbest way to drive a car. Just so y'all know if the air bag were to go off It would split Chad from his ass to his belly button, Gonads included! Spilling his guts onto the pizza box there. So…. don't drive like that anon, okay?

2a4af1  No.13383043

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel


https://boicotisrael.net/ (ES)









10c888  No.13384613

File: 58e2b4272f34754⋯.webm (1.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, WHOOOOO.webm)


>Robert Francis O'Rourk

5ee116  No.13388121


Would be fun to do this while in the ghetto and speed away in a car stolen from a leftist

224d97  No.13390789

File: b74be432bd8574a⋯.jpg (188.38 KB, 650x829, 650:829, 1529563226687.jpg)


Have you watched death addicts or best gore?

Have you seen how niggers fight eachother? It's hopeless to bet on the coons.

0ac758  No.13390798

eaa38b  No.13390955



It's happening

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