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File: 1b8b42d3b15fbbb⋯.gif (18.5 KB, 600x318, 100:53, 1b8b42d3b15fbbbf99b5cb0ac8….gif)

b64914  No.13344696

/pol/ needs to create a wiki for all of it's knowledge, all of it's beliefs, all of it's goals, all of it's plans, and all of the behaviors that /pol/ does NOT support among it's anons.

There should also be a place were we create the ideal country by determining the effects of every political system, law, and policy, and then implementing the ones with the best results, evidence could include their performance in the past, the results of studies on the matter, and of course the analysis of the relevant statistics.

My goal with this is the creation of a reliable and readily-accessible source of all of /pol/'s knowledge, a detailed description of /pol/'s core ideology, goals, plans, and methods, which makes us better able to combat those who misrepresent us while also adding a loose level of organization to /pol/ by keeping each other on the same page (without sacrificing adaptability or decentralization to the formation of a restrictive dogma).

This wiki must have admins and mods that are vetted extremely well, they must be willing to walk the line that ensures that the wiki remains in the control of /pol/, while preventing /pol/ from becoming the sole property of themselves.

This makes us centralized to a degree, this is a good thing, it keeps anons informed, focused, and confident, while still allowing the wiki to change in accordance with the changes of /pol/ (we may support something one day and oppose it another, we've seen ourselves doing this within the span of a decade before, the wiki must therefore adapt to /pol/, not the other way around, this board cannot afford to lose it's adaptability nor it's decentralization).

Maybe we could use something like Riot or TOR to co-ordinate on this matter.

If there is any problem with my proposal please try to propose changes rather than implying the project be scrapped altogether, simply saying that it's bad is easy but also destructive, the very least you could do is explain why you think it's bad, though this is also asking a lot given /pol/'s track record regarding projects and actual activism.

I'll preemptively counter two expected complaints

- the feds know us better than we know ourselves, the only possible thing this will do is give us equal footing and allow us to easily counter their disruption efforts against us.

- we will not be revealing ourselves or our identities, nor will our board begin to adapt to the wiki, all contributors, including mods and admins, will retain their full anonymity, and the wiki will adapt to reflect this board, not the other way around, we will ensure that a level of self-moderation exists to prevent some formation of a tight orthodoxy that holds us back from effective activism.

db703d  No.13344726


That would be terrible.

Every single European group except Germans would be called non-White and people would rant and rave about their impending extermination by National Socialists of the future.

Except for the Japanese who for some reason would be considered White due to the excessive retardation of everyone.

000000  No.13344768


We already have one, use it






Join it and spread it. It exists since 2011

000000  No.13344774


Feel free to edit.

53f87e  No.13344788

There are also Infogalactic and Everipedia.

aeb05b  No.13344792


germans and the japanese are the only real white groups, anglokike.

7d3b62  No.13344851

Problem is that this will be subverted by outside editors making /pol/ look bad. It will be fucked up by autistic retard 4pol maga fucks obsessively editing something to incorrect bullshit they think is true and wont let go of. It would be a shitshow.

A better idea would be a catalogue of where to retrieve information from, listing a large number of texts and sources, page numbers, and where to retrieve these documents. The bad part about that though, would be that it would serve to tell the jews exactly what books to memoryhole.

b64914  No.13344871


b64914  No.13344875

metapedia has a lot of "some argue" and too little of an emphasis on sources or citations.

getting rid of the former and strengthening requirements for the latter will keep external editors from fucking it up as much.

9dcd98  No.13344907

/pol/ isn't one single person

Anyone telling others that X is what "we" collectively believe in is most likely a D/C shill.

b64914  No.13344936

Fair point, but you cannot deny that there are things that most /pol/acks share in common, and that these are the things that make the /pol/ community, they are /pol/.

A community is created from the things that are shared in common among it's members, to say that /pol/ doesn't believe in anything is to say that /pol/ does not exist at all.

Not all whites may observe it, but there is a culture most whites practice and it is mostly unique to whites. Uniformity is not a requirement, just general conformity, and it need not be in all areas, but there will be aspects most commonly found among the members.

That's all I'm getting at, a representation of the majority of /pol/, the general profile of the average /pol/ack.

b64914  No.13344954

this is not something that completely rules out change and enforces complete conformity, the wiki represents the majority of the beliefs in each area as held by the majority of /pol/'s anons.

There will be anons who do not subscribe to all of the beliefs that are held by the majority of anons in all areas, but chances are that most will adhere to agreement in at least one area, as the general consensus changes, the wiki changes to reflect that, dissent is good and will be treated as such, it shall be recognized by the wiki, and will not be condemned - for it may became it's future.

no dogma, but a good representation, that is the goal.

so no d+c here.

b6f960  No.13344970


This, divide/conquer shills keep saying "(((we))) don't believe Hispanics are white"

b64914  No.13345010


It doesn't matter where you were born, if you are of pure (unmixed) European descent, you are White.

If you are referring to those brown motherfuckers the FBI classifies as "White" who are trying to flood the southern border, then no, they are not White, they are fucking Mestizos.

I recognize that there are Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking Whites in Central and South America, they are White and our brothers.

But those mixed with the indigenous people of Central or South America are not White, and should never be thought of in that way.

There is a similar problem with (((governments))) defining Arabs as being White as well, they are not, and should not be considered White, however, there are Whites that live in the Middle-East, West and Central Asia, and in North Africa, they are White and our brothers, but the Arabs they live among are not and will never be considered White.

09a5d2  No.13345020

File: 48c2a7e4b47c0ab⋯.png (67.46 KB, 766x493, 766:493, 8chan-pyramid.png)


Great post lad, thank you. I did a update of the original image to help with neural network training.

b64914  No.13345023


In short, White is genetic, not linked to where you live, or who you live among, if you are in the same Genetic grouping as the indigenous peoples of Europe, you are White, this means that Slavs are White as well.

BTW, I am, aware that Arabs are not the original inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa, that the original inhabitants were Whites, and that the Whites of the modern Arab world are their descendants.

We might also look into the Solutreans and other such cases where Whites were the original inhabitants of lands they lost to non-Whites, and the invaders are now referred to as the natives of those areas.

441d82  No.13345040

File: 5416589d7114a0b⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 735x720, 49:48, 1514134803227.jpg)



9d7816  No.13345047


Hi Schlomo

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel


https://boicotisrael.net/ (ES)









39f17b  No.13345064


>I am in a car. I declare war on Israel.

If only I lived in Brooklyn and owned a big rig. That rabbi's funeral a few months back would have been a real shoah.

000000  No.13345072


>CM prevents it from being linked here


d7cb7a  No.13345073



09a5d2  No.13345113


You do live in Brooklyn.

47c0a7  No.13345139


its called an archive you stupid CIA nigger

7d5ee4  No.13345143

dc9038  No.13352373

OK, so metapedia, but it needs a lot of work and a lot of more contributors, any ideas on how to get it to there?

As I said before, looking at the articles, there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up, a lack of sources, and the presence of "some argue", which most readers would probably take as a sign of bullshitting.

This is all likely due to the lack of funding, attention, and contribution.

The place needs an overhaul. Anyone here an admin or mod of the site?

18691e  No.13352405


Uhhhhhhh beaners are objectively NOT white , paco

2cee22  No.13352956


>the audacity


fe6148  No.13352964


You are not "white", spic street dog.

You will never be Aryan.

9fa947  No.13352976


This this this!

b3fcfb  No.13353180

Great idea; it would also keep down the amount of tiresome repetition that goes on here.

3df292  No.13353191

>What is metapedia

962d6f  No.13353204


Shill bingo is dead

Nobody but you is still playing.

For fuck sake, try harder.

a39ff2  No.13353215


Underrated post

18691e  No.13353231


You’re next piso , next to get deported

6619fc  No.13353867

File: c873d495f7e43f5⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 595x680, 7:8, Connery_smoking.jpg)

That would reveal our powerlevel, and possibly allow alphabets to track down one of our own. Nice try Chaim, oy vey!

2f6f87  No.13353906



We need more people to work at it so that it can handle more data.

Or just have a new one


Better. Moderation. And. Decentralization.

t. /tech/

cb3218  No.13353912

File: 3c4470f85469800⋯.png (92.54 KB, 513x385, 513:385, Hierarchy_of_Disagreement.png)

/pol/ is for Socialists… There are already tons of Socialist Wiki's.

e02552  No.13353917


2f6338  No.13353945


goddamnit and somebody beats me to it again.

whatever. i'll just launch the site i was planning on when i get it done in 50 years. i fucking hate being bad at programming.

6c9498  No.13359960


it's called lurkmoar faggot. There's also >>>/polarchive/

16a914  No.13360204

File: 04e2d0eb2acc6ec⋯.jpg (71.46 KB, 552x589, 552:589, mcfucking_kys.jpg)


>Needs Javascript

>DDoS protection by CloudFlare

Fucking kill yourself.

0352ac  No.13360483

File: 71f783190c700e7⋯.jpg (195.88 KB, 768x516, 64:43, et cetera et cetera.jpg)


Top Kek.

0352ac  No.13360519

File: 1b708d01e677f52⋯.jpg (89.94 KB, 640x782, 320:391, e15.jpg)


This. Well said anon.

8e063c  No.13360778

File: 500ac6298268656⋯.jpeg (206.47 KB, 494x500, 247:250, 7211744496_a94cd43bf1_z.jpeg)

Just make an app like that gab one, but for wikipedia alone.

Have it insert the /pol/emic stance of the issue in a serif font. An index of pages with inter/pol/ated text and page ratings. Maybe if it gets popular, have a system like urbam dictionary where multiple definitions can be viewed and raised or lowered by mass appeal.

c20f3e  No.13360828




For everything; a successor to 8ch, a wiki, chat rooms (riot.im), etc. Decentralization and end to end encryption is the only way forward on the existing network

cfc7b6  No.13360930


hosting companies and ISPs would have it taken down constantly, it would be hard to keep it up on the conventional internet

peer to peer hosting is viable, but it requires special software and that shuts out the normies, putting a big damper on the whole thing

basically if you want to have a culture and effect mainstream people you need to go out in real life and make connections.

This is the only way we will get a revolutionary force together to burn this freakshow circus down to the ground.

cb308d  No.13360983

b0f5b1  No.13361205


>hosting companies and ISPs would have it taken down constantly, it would be hard to keep it up on the conventional internet

That's why you make it a blockchain-based dApp.

7972fe  No.13361209

There's already Metapedia. By the way, what happened to Rightpedia? It just kind of disappeared right around the same time that Metapedia went down, but unlike the former never came back. Why?

7972fe  No.13361211


>It exists since 2011

Actually, 2006.

b0f5b1  No.13361216


Who do you think runs those "right-wing" or "conservative" wikis?

>the best way to control the opposition is to…

So you have hundreds of racists pour tens of thousands of man hours into building a true alternative encyclopaedic source, then the jew in charge just pulls the plug when it gets too big.

Rinse and repeat.

All the work gone, demoralization.

7972fe  No.13361244


Rightpedia was mostly a fork of Metapedia. Most of the work that was done on it was from Metapedia.

ecfb3f  No.13361512

I like this idea but for every good page recording our beliefs there will be a mutt page talking about how based libertarianism is and other bullshit.

946ead  No.13361521

Yeah and don't forget to mention that you're fucking feminists just like all other liberals and cuckservatives

803d70  No.13361609


This, it's the most basic and obvious of statements but constantly used to D&C only the most absolute of imbeciles. If two white parents birth a white child in China, is the child white or Chinese? Does him having a Chinese passport or citizenship make him Chinese or does he remain white? It's fucking obvious that the child is white due to genetics yet for some reason there are idiot shills that actually think people will fall for that utterly stupid claim that birthplace now suddenly = genes.

6c9498  No.13362508


this, but also OP is a faggot.

f43f07  No.13378684


>>13344788 (dubs)




Try actually contributing to existing ones instead of making a bunch of ones no one will know about or maintain. There's plenty of stuff like Miraheze you could use, too, should you need to (Crappy Games moved there after they were banned from Fagdom).

Also, https://encyclopediadramatica.rs exists, make of it what you will. There's also the InstallGentoo wiki for /g/, and some other boards still have existing wikis on Fagdom, like 4/mu/ and 4/lit/.

dc95d4  No.13382251


Wow, just telling "pol" what "pol" needs. Like some sort of kike fed fag hairdresser telling one of its glowing ones what he needs to make his fakery more believable online.

000000  No.13382414


>based: i am in a car, i declare war on isnotreal

Should be

woke: i can destroy isnotreal with this car

cc93ae  No.13382759


It's /pol/ meets encylopedia dramatica

ca931f  No.13382767


I don't see what the problem is.

The point is to be politically incorrect and list the truths of the world.

How can you be offended by truth?

66cb04  No.13383592

794745  No.13383621

File: c43ada33bf8b433⋯.jpg (44.73 KB, 300x397, 300:397, ReactionImageForTorPosters.jpg)


Metapedia is not an option. It sits behind cloudflare and cloudflare snoops every fucking thing you do with the remote server. They can’t do shit with it yet because smart people don’t work for scumbags, but scumbags are slowly learning how to process the gigantic amount of (((threat model))) data they’ve got laying around.

They unironically ship it off to Israel, usually to a Rothschild-controlled analysis firm, and…who knows what insights might be derived.

I don’t mean to be super contrary, but if /pol/ is going to have a library it SHALL NOT exfiltrate data to Israel, you dig?

7c1d2f  No.13384191

File: e5bfe44de9b2a2d⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 843x391, 843:391, 1559222121722.jpg)


Then find a way to export the site to something more secure. Metapedia has some of the best wiki style content on the web, well cited and sourced. Unfortunately it lacks content being that fairly few folks actively contribute and it, like 8ch is delisted from google search algorithms.

I would suggest further that just like here, users are encouraged to utilize whatever OPSEC they deem necessary for their own safety. If a simple proxy suffices, that's great. If you need to tunnel through multiple vpns+ tor+ local encryption, that's great to. Ultimately, no electronic communication is secure from intelligence agencies but utilizing methodology which significantly increases the man hours to accomplish surveillance tends to offer the best protection. They are on a manpower/capital budget too.

2003ae  No.13384453



For now just use something like Zim desktop wiki for individual use. It lets you link other folders and files to a zim organizer and open them from there. Then convert them later to big infographics or move to an online wiki/blog.

40f6ef  No.13384575



Don't write your own wiki unless you're an excellent programmer with experience. It will never be reliable or secure, and you'll need a large base of users to find all the edge cases. There are plenty of open source ones.

I use DokuWiki for my own wiki, not directly /pol/ related. Most wikis are written in PHP, which sucks, but they do basically work. If there's interest in starting a /pol/ wiki I would be glad to run it. It would just involve setting up an LLC so that lefties can't immediately figure out who runs it because I don't want my identity in public at this time.

40f6ef  No.13384583


A decent programmer can put together a script to archive a Wiki pretty easily, even just using the frontend without any sort of API. I've built some archiving software for this purpose, it would be simple to adapt it to Metapedia.

7af52b  No.13384584

The red light wants me to stop but I cant let it make me.

40f6ef  No.13384592



People have promised that total decentralization is around the corner any moment now. It's not coming true. Every day more and more of the internet is centralized. Even with decentralized projects growing, the internet becomes centralized even faster. A small handful of (((companies))) control most of the traffic by now.

If we're going to move to decentralization, there needs to be a concerted effort on /pol/ to teach others how to use it. Right now I don't see anything convincing, and I've spent some time looking at the bigger projects.

40f6ef  No.13384601


>A better idea would be a catalogue of where to retrieve information from, listing a large number of texts and sources, page numbers, and where to retrieve these documents.

We can archive those too. Buy a book, cut the spine off, and feed it into a scanner with an automatic feeder. Websites are trivial to archive. Movies can be ripped as well.

2003ae  No.13398310

Big amount of data is important yes. But if not understood or communicated properly it is garbage. It can also me misinterpreted and cause damage. We are clearly in a state of information overload. Organizing condensing and refining the info is important. Memes, holistic statements and forms or art are ways to condense it. To convince someone you throw a statement "jews are lying evil parasites". Then you define a jew, parasite, evil and lies to your perspective. If said person disagrees or wants to know more you send them more info. The stronger arguments (maybe circumsizion, ritual murder, religion, their "economic" model, etc.) and then the big data, references quotes and evidence. Complement with other seekers. I know some people already apply this naturally. I'm just reminding and also for the new lurkers.

56c11f  No.13412846

bump against the slide spam

322502  No.13414131


> DokuWiki


> Zim

Finally /poltech/ has spoken!

b23e76  No.13422549


𝐖𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞, 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐭






Join it and spread it. It exists since 2004

1c1868  No.13429450

Besides the obvious, Here is what we need from a wiki, not only a source of info, but also a place to put anything useful for us:

- has articles on every possible subject, to appeal to non-political users; this can be achieved by simply taking articles from another wiki such as infogalactic and transplanting it into our own wiki and then making edits to them.

- we need a listing of every product, service, or media property and it's political alignment/associations; this will help anons boycott those expenditures that fund the enemy, or invest in those that align with themselves.

- we need a complete and uncensored history of the world which takes race into account, as well as in-depth descriptions of peoples at their various ages and eras, and it should be accompanied with maps that show what lands were occupied first by which race, as well as recording whenever the lands changed hands, to whom they were lost, and why.

Obviously this will include the truth about the holocaust.

- we need a manifesto, we need to create the perfect society by piecing together the perfect policies, we have all the evidence we need, we simply look at data sources to determine the effects of each policy and use the ones we all agree have the most perfect results.I know we like Hitler's Germany, but he was constrained in ways we aren't, and we are constrained in ways he wasn't, he was wrong on a lot of things from our perspectives, such as the muslim problem and by extension the arab problem, an there is more data right now that can possibly allow us to do even better than he did. besides, if he was right across the board, the evidence will bear that our, and he will be vindicated even moreso in our eyes.

- we should also have a list of races, and which subgroups fall into each one, I want to know, definitively, which categories misclassified groups like the arabs actually fall into (their own, maybe?).

- finally, I want a list of goals and milestones to achieve, plans to achieve them, and the conduct we support and oppose out of our own side in this war, along with anything that may change under certain circumstances.

basically, we need everything /pol/-related that there is for an anon to know, a place for all of the knowledge and wisdom that /pol/ has amassed, everything the board has to say in one place.

57f6e9  No.13429505

>all the metapedia shilling

It's a leftist satire website and you can't edit it.

1c1868  No.13434428


can you recommend a better place? what about encyclopedia dramatica?

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